Oak Ridge, TN


We tried to do an episode over Zoom as part of my new late night show, Morning Show At Night! Tim teaches us about Oak Ridge, TN. A town created during WWII for the purpose of developing the atomic bomb!

Natalia Barnett


Tim teaches us about Natalia Barnett (Grace). We learn about her bizarre story of being adopted into a family as an 8 year old, even though doctors claim she is an adult woman who is a little person. Is she scamming a family into being their child? Or is she really a child, and her adoptive family just didn’t want … Read More

XFL – Xtreme Football League


Tim teaches us about the XFL! A new(ish) spring football league. We learn about their complicated past with television networks, what they did differently this time, and how they’re different than the NFL.

Alex Jones


Tim teaches us about one of our favorite conspiracy theorists, Alex Jones. We learn about what started his mistrust of authority, how he rose to prominence, and the role conspiracy theorists play in shaping our culture.

The Lost City of Atlantis


Tim teaches us about the origins of the Atlantis story and the theories of where it may be located! Tim drank a Bang Energy Drink and can’t contain himself during this episode.

The Battle of Los Angeles


The Battle of LA is an event that took place during World War II. We talk about the details leading up to that night, what we think happened, how the government probably lied (again), and how much we think small children suck!

DB Cooper – Plane Pirate


Tim teaches us about DB Cooper, the only man to get away with air piracy in the United States. We talk about the case, what happened, and who we think did it. Jaron eats Cheez-its from a bowl.

Capacitance Electronic Discs


Tim teaches Jaron about Capacitance Electronic Discs (CEDs). This was RCA’s attempt at putting videos on vinyl discs, before releasing the VHS. Jaron points out how often Tim says “anyways”, and we start bleeping Tim’s normal words to sound like he’s cussing.

Pickle Eyed Boy


This is a excerpt from S3E5 (The Radioactive Boyscout) as Tim and Jaron talk about The Boy With Pickle Eyes. David Hahn handled dangerous materials by putting pickle jars on his hands during his experiments.

John McAfee


Tim teaches us about John McAfee. An entrepreneur who pioneered the software that protects computers from viruses, and then sold his fortune and became a terrifying drug lord who lives in a compound in the jungle of Belize and maybe (probably not) killed someone or at least ordered their death.