Anthony Curcio – The Tale Of The Craigslist Bank Robbery


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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of Anthony? Anthony Laur troll? You don't know how to say his last name. You just guessing? I'm gonna be honest. This isn't even close to what I expected. It's how's IT spelt? They're saying Kurt show. I would say Curtsey. Oh, how's IT spelt? Seeuur CIO, Oh, Kurt Chow, Ker Chow. Okay, we'll call it Kurtchow, Anthony Kachou. That was the joke I was trying to make. Anthony, Kurtsho, Kurtio, Kertcho, Kurtcha, Kr Show, Kersho, Anthony K Kushell. Have you ever heard of the HMM? Well, call him. Sounds like all men. Happened? I don't know. We will call him, call me Anthony. Will just call me Anthony. Will forget the LAS. Anthony car curb, Kurdish show. We are so American. Well, I want you to find all the valiant for things. Will meet US in the Bank of America parking. What do you do this? My bag seriously regrets what he did in Vegas. Oh, I'd love to break your favorite. You just think it wrong. By a ghosts this guy's got dumb ideas. I'm thinking he thinks twenty feeds feign things. I learned last night, you know. Okay, so Anthony He is an American author and pub speaker who's been featured and Gq, esquire two thousand and twenty, Fox News, NPR ANDBC. Also a convicted bank robber who nice. Now it was all those features before or after? It was after. Yeah, it was that really he turned his life around? Oh No, we didn't know. He just figured that a different way to rob. That's something about all these like you know, saying like so this is going to be a little targeted. But the my pillow guy right here, I was in barns and over there to day there's his stupid little book on the thing. That's like, have you seen his book? It's a Hologram on the front or whatever that things called, where you look at it one direction, it's one picture. Oh yeah, holograph, and it's like from crack addict to CEO and it's like, dude, you just figured out a different addiction and now your addiction is insane conspiracy theories. Yes, yeah, yeah, same thing. Yeah. So what I'm saying is there's people who were like did illegal stuff, you know, and then they went into the corporate world and did different illegal stuff. Yeah, I mean relatively class, actually relatively okay, great. So, Anthony Kur chow, Anthony Ktoo. So so. Yeah, so he was a he was born in Monroe, Washington, and, as I as a teenager, he was kind of your like your star of the teen movie, not the Star, the villain of the team movie. Oh, like, he's the captain, the of the football team. He was dating the head cheerleader. Yeah, super popular, you know. And what years is? I don't know, like when was he born? It would have been men S Z R age. Know, when he was in high school, in the midnight. Oh, okay, sorry, howl. Do you are? No, I asked. I asked two different questions. That was my bad. That was my bad, you know, and this is and this is me taking responsibility for my actions right now. Is there anything you would like to say responsibilie for or no, I mean, there's nothing that's happened recently that I would have to like for. So, m I mean, are you alluding to something? Not, no, I guess not. I guess not. I mean, you said, you said, all right, here's that our sty issues in our office. We have a shared office and there's been some issues because I have paid for everything in here and Tim keeps use for the stuff I've paid for, like what all this stuff? So we're having a little bit of a riff over here, and this is me saying that I asked two questions, you answered one of them and that you know. And this is me saying I did exactly what you told me to do and now you're upset about H I feel so. Anthony. He played football and it was kind of his life, Lart right here. He'd loved it. Yeah, he loved it. He ends up going to the University of Idaho, which had been his dream to play football at the University of Idaho. He went from Monroe, Washington, yes, small town of Oshto to University of Idaho and in unfortunately, he didn't last long in his college career. Okay, they got arrested for robbing a bank very close. No, in practice he was returning a punt and he tore his anterior crucial ligament. They need to read his last name. They named it after that is it's your Acla Tours Asa. Okay, wow, how do you run out of a bank with a torn ACL. I'm very curious with the bank robbery. And after he tours ACL it ended his is college football, cur sure, and it's kind of what year in college that happened like immediately. He was first year. Has He even played? His First Day pun practice? No pads. Yeah, yeah, they're like trying to show off. It was like tend to show how a watch that good idaho girls. HMM. Like he's like, Hey, check it out, this ligament is named after me. Yeah, he's just out there day one of practice. MMM, here's his ACL and this called foot earlier. He's freshman year then. That's what I'm HMM. And so he still go to school there, though? Yes, it's gone well. He wasn't on with a scholarship. He wasn't that good. He was just on the team, you know, okay. It wasn't like this guy had like an opportunity to go to the NFL or anything like that, but like, okay. Well, when he tears ACL he gets preside prescribed by it in Oh good, which he gets got it very addicted to sure, and over the next few years this addiction begins to kind of cripple him. Right. He all he does is pursuing more and more like it in to the point where he starts creating fake identities and going into the pharmacy to try to get some more like it in under these fake, fake identity. Same Pharmacy, though. Yeah, they were like like hey, we know it's Anthony. You can't just there's not this many people in this town. A limp, you know, we know all the limpers in town. This is this is a CBS. Anybody who limps has been here. Yeah, we actually have a corkboard in the back for we do we take a picture. Cole limps. Look out for these local limbs. WH look out for him. What is the employees like? They need to look out for them. He's up, just so you know. Hey, CBS, we're glad you're all the team here. Real quick before we go anywhere. Yeah, take a look. Memorize. We have a SIS big limping problem in this town. All right, we only want street walkers. If you see someone limping in here, hit their other leg, even steps. All right, we don't take any of this weird gates. Okay, because it's a medical thing and and it's honestly, that's not even CBS policy. That's just ours here at this store. You know, yes, yes, but it's so he went to school and Idaho. Is He still in Idaho at this point? Yeah, okay, so he just stays and then he's, you know, trying to do different IDs, go in and trying to con his way into some more typical drug outic behavior. Yeah, it got so serious the point where he, and you're gonna hate this, he took off his shoes and he went to his concrete like wall in his basement and kick the wall to injure his foot so he could get more of like it in. That is not so pretty, pretty serious addiction. Yeah, eventually his parents were able to talk him into going to Rehab. He goes to Rehab and he turns his life around and opens up a new business. People couldn't see people hit Tim do the finger quotes do they could hear me. Well, but I wanted to clear off. You know, it's great. So turns. I feel like they couldn't see you do it. HMM MMM, that's great, cool. So I'd love to break your favor. So he tried to open up a casino they called Tony's gaming. Okay, so it goes by Tony sometimes yeah, sometimes, and so he tried to open up this casino but it ended up getting shot down by this state of Washington because he didn't have the proper permits for back to Washington this point. Yeah, he's back in Washington and after attempting to do that and try to find other work, he ends up relapsing, falling back into his drug use. But this has been years now of him dealing with vicad in and whatever he needed. Up marrying in the interim. His high school sweetheart has a couple kids and he's hiding his Vicadin addiction from her and secretly going around and getting his vicat in. Obviously this is very expensive and it's causing a lot of financial pressure on the family and he's trying to have to explain where the money's going and it's creating a big issue in their marriage. Right. One day he's at Bank of America in the NINDIES. This would be early two thousands. Okay, he's at Bank of America and he notices, Hey, the brink armored car rolls up in here and just the guy walks in, which is all kinds of money. Yeah, and there's a moment where he's outside alone he's like, I bet I could pull this off, and so for months he poses as a gardener outside of bag of America. So we're are so this is a is a heist that he's planning for months? Yes, yeah, or he's like I am going to be so this. He's better really hoping, he's really banking on this brink. Officer. Yeah, just being like a dude. I mean by of America really cares about their landscaping. I mean like this guy's out here every day, every day he's working on it. Yeah, trying to make sure. Yeah. So also hoping no one inside catching notices. My I just did the show in Jacksonville. Yeah, and the pastor was telling about how he used to work at a bank and he used to work at a bake America. His first day at the bank, you know, he's just bride eyed, ready to go do some good customer service. Walks out to the lobby and I guess there's this guy that came in every day with a million dollars cash. You know, my God, Duffel bag, that's and was just sacked. Yeah, getting money orders for this cash, like they're just washing this money. Well, he's just, you know, bright eye just like yeah, I just really love, you know, new position of the bank, whatever. Papa. Papa goes there, because that's the guy. Goes, hey, how can I help you? And the guy just flashes his homeland security badge and it goes, don't look okay, and then, yeah, they bless the Duffel bag guy and then he has to sit there for like six hours as they're taking statements from every single person. No one's allowed to leave. Wow, so if you see some one of the bad just get out. Before I got bad. I gotta get out of her. I have some gardening to do actually. Yeah, Hey, if you just talk to that guy outside, he like I's been planting stick out with the weed eater. Yeah, I don't think he's a any weeds yet. I mean noticed that we don't have any bushes at this location. Yeah, we didn't gut acres three months gardener, not a single plant outside, and I used were CBS. Actually, I've seen this guy before. YEP, so he spends months watching, yeah, W lanning heights. Yeah, Watching Bank of America, watching the security vehicle show up, drop the money off and their their root, their system. Yeah, he's also like he is listening. To police radio, like figuring out watching live PD every night. He's listening to Qr twenty one police radio. We see that on tour, though, when we'd see like you're really that weird. See like the time we got passed by like seventeen police cars. We'd pick up the we ha a n APP. Yeah, we had an AP for it, but well, he was listening to you were listening to Qr twenty one police radio. Another News Duncan donuts close early this evening. It we're bad. The qr Tony will have pullis radio A. Your listener to Pol. I see plce pl. You're listening to CEOP. You're listening to CEOPE P one hundred and one hundred and two point seven C coeop up. Next we got the new single from the police. They only play rocks, and not even not even like no deep cuts, just their hits. You know, man, I wish they would play other stuff. And he's a side. Not they're just garden and just it's gonna be Great. Yeah, what is with the guy outside with a limp and he's always humming rocks? An WHO's that limping gardener? Someone calls CBS find out who this guy is limping around out front, but they didn't know. Is it CBS? The CIA OF CBS? Right, they've got their own internal investigation network is following this to around right there, like we need, if we need, to keep tabs, keep an eye on that guy. Yeah, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, that's right. That's when new episodes drop on Patreon. Patreons a way to get early access to episodes and had their content and exclusive merchandise. He and we're not going to stop there because we got a private discord with our hosts and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right, that's five dollars a month. You two can be a patreon supporter and not here advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore. Text till in a six, six eighty sixty six. Otherwise I'll come to your house, I will find you, I will destroy everything that's good in your life until we're the only thing left. Anyway, here's another advertisement. So he, he's he's listening to police radio, figuring out their roots. He's studying out how quickly their response by himself, sponse time is. Yeah, all know. No one knows. He's doing, figuring out their response time. Yeah, figuring out, okay, here's, here's where the call is, and then he would go try to get beat in there and figure out how long it took them to get that Geez and sighs, figuring out how quickly they could get to the they were like robberies reported and none of the police where. Like this guy's here every time. Hey, you with those you can see we're really overplaying. I'm much at this guy's got. You know, he doesn't have a lip. It's been like eight years. Yeah, probably got to Fel. You know, we're really overplaying. Probably, Hey, you with that fake mustache and the limp. Where are you going? I'm just guarding. We need a statement. Yeah, he saw the bad my garden company has been guardening in this district. What's Your Garden Company called? Garden HGTV, lows lows. Yeah, limp and lows, Limpid. All right. So he he builds his plan. He builds a get away plan. He says, okay, there's creek right behind the bank, so what I'll do is all attack the guy. All take the Duffel bag of money, physical attack. Physically attack the guy, take the Duffel bag of money. I'll run out to the creek and I'll have a jet ski in the Creek and I'll jet ski to freedom. And in the Word Creek is important. How deep is a creek? I mean not deep. So He tests the where's he get a Jet Ski? Tests the jet ski idea. I don't really know actually that never mentions it. But he tests, test the jet ski idea. It's a creek. So it doesn't go well. So he's hitting rocks, yes, flinging crawfish where, like what? So he he's like, he's like, the jet skis not going to work. So what he ends up doing is he gets an inner tube and he puts an he stores an inner tube back there. and here he builds a pulice. He's gonna Float. Now hes a pulley system down the creek so he can pull to can pull himself all the way down the creek. And nobody anywhere is like, that's right, I'm doing the banks. Like what's that guard doing set up all those pulleys doing back there in the creek? No one hears one. Here's a it's no one. Season backer jests through them. I mean covered in scratches and tree branches. Yeah, my guys just doubt for afternoon, beautiful jets. Yeah, I love one of life. I like the ideas gonna float away. I like that with no polly system, he's just out there on an inner tube with one of those floating coolers right full of Miller light and he's he's just gonna be out there dug and Lazy River. That's exactly what I'm picturing. And then he's just try if the police roll up, like Hey, we saw a guy roll out of here, run away for it. He attacked the brink guy. Yeah, which, first of all love them. We're assuming it's brink. Well, we know it's break. Okay, he attacked the brink guy. Yeah, and made. Did you see a guy run through here? No, I'm just out here. For All whoat. I'm just Tirre for a flow. You guys want to Bush light? Like yeah, yeah, kind of. Her voice is really familiar. Do you do you work for one or two seven the CEOP? Well, yes, I do. whow. It's funny brought up run in the radio station, getting cops to call in and tell them all their secrets, telling their secrets on air on here. Hey, hey, hey, for this, saying that we want all the cops of the area to call and tell us what you do if you were at, I don't know, bank robbery. Yeah, all the cops. Why you call it and give us something we can use as leverage to, you know, to make sure that you won't turn on me, you know, and also your yahoo email passwords. She's putting this plan together. He's like. He's like, okay, I think the best poly system. How long? I mean long enough for him to get away, like this is what's a way, though? That's my eyes wore. I'm asking. I don't know exactly how long it is. There's nothing that has. Guy's got dumb ideas, I'm thinking. He thinks twenty feet is far enough. So he started saying, okay, well, he's aid. I'll pepper sprayed the bring security guy and take him down, take the bag, run to my pulley system, float to freedom. Where does the neg blood out and get away? I don't know, somewhere else in town. Okay, so we can pull up a map. Well, I was just wonder give it. Let's out at like a pond, I don't know, and just say you're out there fishing afternoon and some guy starts floating to the poll button down on an intertube. So he he yeah, this is a tiny creek. Okay. Anyway, so he he rides, he rides, he's gonna ride down the creek and then get off the thing with his duffel bag, changes clothes and just walk to freedom. Right, right in theory. as He's thinking through this, he says he realizes that the police response time can be pretty good. Sometimes it's not always, but can be pretty good. And so he's like, he's like, I need plan B. Well, he said, he said, I need to confuse them, I need to throw them off the sin. This is going to be your favorite part. So what if? What if, when I get to the creek, the jet skis facing the other way and then I just rubber band. What's the world looking for? The throttle, the throttle, throttle, I remember being the throttle down. Yeah, and there's just an empty jets it's he's just flight up. Do just make it wrong by a ghost. It's got demon robbed. So so he says, you know what, I'm gonna make away with a decent chunk of money from this heist. Right, is he going to handl and Gretel the police so what he does is he hops on craigslist and opens up a classified Ad for Twenty Day laborers and tells them a uniform to go pick up and like has links to lows like the exact items that he wants them to wear. So it's like a vest a, white t shirt, jeans, the same pair of shoes and like a little face mask because they're going to be doing like like work with drywall or something, as we like what he told them he's gonna Wears Waldough these police. So he hires twenty day laborers. So Day of the Heist there's twenty of these dudes dressed exactly the same, standing outside than America, and he says, just wait for me to show up, I'll tell you what to do. And so there's twenty of these guys. I'll just kind of hanging out and like they have. I Gu said I was gonna hate this. This is it's gonna idea. So hold on. Questions, I have a lot. Did he put like a body type description on here, or is it just like I think there's some big white dudes right, there's some, you know, darker skinned guys, there's there's women shown up like what you know, I think. I think it was pretty like. I don't know if it was just like hey, show up, or I like he had like interviews with them, or I met them before twenty of twenty of them showed. I'm saying, if you put a craigs, if you're going to let's say you're on the other side, all right, let's haven worried about what he's doing right now. You read a craigslist ad that is so descriptive. It's like I need, I need a five eight, dark haired. Okay, listen to this. That average build. This is September thirty, two thousand and eight. The housing crisis is booming right now. So jumber thirty, what day of the way? Two Thousand and eight, I don't know. Let's look it up. And he's offering twenty eight dollars an hour. Now. Originally what I thought was that he was going to go to leave little. He's going to just was a test. He was running. He's taking out. was O Tuesday. I was a Tuesday as he's running. He's just taking dollar bills out and like leaving a trail. I thought I was going to Hancel gretable away from that way. They've got there followed up hole. This is the uses way to find the criminal. You know, he did it the night before. Just love dollar bills to a different directions exactly. It was like creek, that's what I thought. So up they're like why are you going to the Creek? So then this idea is better. Yeah, his idea crew work. So He's got twenty people just kind of meandering around outside Bank of America. No one's like this. So let's now. Let's go through the brink driver who pulls into a park. About that? That's where I'm saying. If you're the brink driver through got a think you pull up it is is suspicious. What's happen it here now? Is he just standing among them? Yeah, so he's in there with them. He's just super spray in there in his head, like the way he said. In there with them, all right, and he's just standing around outside Bank of America. Did he tell you when he was going to show up? Shut up. Is that he says? Here's what he's doing. Yeah, he was just kind of acts like let we do here here. What's your name? Are you the guy in charge? He lets the brink guy get out. The brink is the police show up, would you say you're in charge. was trying to cover some faces of food and who to point them to if they showed up? Hey, man, you got a pretty bad lip. No, I don't now he did. He's me gappy. Everyone has lips. Everybody's just lipping around there. But you do it like four or five and the rest of them kind of catch on the wait for like they're like, all right, pretty bad John. They knew right. So now you got twenty something people. Yeah, he's almost he's right there with them. He is going to among us, the police. Exactly. So the brink security guy gets out and he's got his duff ad I and he's walking across the sidewalk through this crowd of twanky through a crowd, through the crowd of twinny workers who look like they don't know what they're supposed to be doing. And one of them they look like they it looked like they were going to a costume party and the in the theme was the village people, and they all chose to look like the construction worker. Nobody chose other one. We all did the same cy hey, guys, this is the only one that's not culturally offensive. I think. I'm not sure what the dress as anymore. So. And then all of a sudden one of them empties an entire can of pepper spray on the security guard, just and Anthony's like, wait, I was supposed to do that. What do you do? That's my bag, my plan. So anty's pretty pat spray paints and they like nupper sprays. The pepper sprays the guy. Yeah, takes takes the money. Oh, well, before he takes the money, takes off his clip on tie. I'm not gonna need this anymore. And well, you're gonna like this, I know. He takes the money and he had retro fitted his gear that was matching everybody else's. We tear away, yeah, shot. So he runs behind Bank of America and he tears away all his gear and leaves the lover of good tear away, leaves it all behind Bank of American, runs down to the creek with his bag, hops on his intertube. What do you where? Just regular stream. So for suit. I don't know. Why not? Why are cool big? Just regular streak close and then he just intertubes his way down the meanwhile, a crowd of twenty witnesses sands by, Ding by the creeks in there, like, what are you doing? What do you guys think? That was the guy in George? Yeah, officer, he's on that intertube in the creek right there. You can see him. Yeah, it's new. Creek is very slow moving. He's still over there. He's right next to the CD right there, the one's real messed up, bottomed down. See do over there. Yay, but they really are all witnesses. So intertubes his way down the down the creek, which he actually earned a nickname for the intertube portion of this, HMM, which was DB tuber. Shut up, your's make that up. That's funny. If he made that up, different serious it's somebody else. Get it up. They renamed they like dv Tuber. He's been referred to as the craigslist robber and the D and dbt. I enjoy that so much. DB Tuber rolls down the creek and when he gets the other end of the creek he quickly realizes a couple issues. One he says, crap, I don't know what to do with all this money, like where am I going to hide all this? Yeah, and then too he's like my shoes are soaking wet. And so I'm leaving like footprints and also like I'm afraid someone's going to see them and be like, why are your shoes so wet and such is a common question. I get it a lot. Are you looking to see this? Girl was like, why are you so? It's the limp. Yeah, sometimes would you if you have a lip, you shoe your feet sweat. You're heard a broken foot. You know well you're about to. So why are your shoes so wet? It gets on the other side, the creek runs in this little office building. Asks if he can use their phone. Oh, I say, he's a kin of your shoes. Your shoes asked if you can use your phone, and I watched the interview with them and he said that this was the most stressful point of the whole heights for him because he's standing there looking at the selful bag of cash. Duff, a bag of cash and soggy shoes. Yeah, and he's a can I use your phone? It calls his wife and asks for her to pick him up and give them well foot band it, and so his wife picks him up and drives them home. He stops by friend's house, leaves the cash and does she know what's going on, no clue. She okay, like why are you see your shoes so wet? She probably even ask why is it? Here's what I think is ridiculous is that she just goes okay, now, if you're picking up your spouse now, I'm saying this if my girlfriend called me from a random number and was like hey, I'm at this building, come pick me up. Yeah, and then I just go pick her up and she got a Duffel bag, hmm, and wet shoes. Yeah, Yep, I'M gonna ask questions. Yeah, that's pretty fair, I I would think. Yep. Yeah, wife was just like okay, and she was like Oh hey, how's your day? And he's like I was just it's just so on to the bank and trying to get my jet ski out of the Creek, Lazy River Down Your jets. We don't have a jet Ski. Well, see, do different brand. Yeah, so she picks them up, take some to a friend's house, drop some money off. He drops the money off, he's like I gotta take this Duffel bag to Jack Jack, the lip for limper. So and he leaves it in Jack's safe, which why his friend was like he's a he's like hey, can I leave this Duffel bag in your safe? His friends just like sure, man, like why are your feet so we would you also like some shoes? Too many complicit people along this? That's what I'm saying. That's where I was going. Yeah, and so the police show up to the bank and they're like what happened here? There's a twenty suspects. You guys, you guys all fit the bill of what we're looking for and you can go though, sir. All right, wes, like one, like huge guy. We're pretty sure you're not the one. You can go really fit. Yeah, and so they interview all these people. They find out that he hired all the guy mess hired all these rights. They get paid? I don't know, actually, probably not. I don't think he paid in advance. I think he was like will pay at the end of the job. Yeah, and so they end up finding along around the side of think of America, his mask which he had ditched, and they're like hey, we could get some DNA this mask. It's two thousand and eight. That's right, two thousand and eight. It away with Steph anymore. HMM. And so they took that back to the lab but for all intents and purposes at this point they have no idea who did this. Hey, do you like our show? Want to help us keep doing it? One of the easiest ways to do that is to sport our merchandise weird out in the wild. Tell all your friends. They'll be like, what is total loan, and you'll have to explain what this dumb show is. To get access to our exclusive merchandise, please text telling to six six, eight hundred and sixty six. Thank you so much for your help. So he says, well, Hey, I got four hundred thousand dollars in my friends safe. That's all would be. That's all. It's in those Jafe backs for hundred grand. Yeah, so he has. He's got four Hundredzero. It's not even that much. Got Four hundred thousand dollar. I could pull this off. Into their cities, tells his wife, Hey, I got a business trip. I gotta leave town. Goes to Vegas and goes hard and Vegas, gambles a ton of money. Actually things up cheating on his wife. They're sees Britney Spears live life well, not just out of the Strip, not as he saw her, which he definitely didn't he just saw a blonde girl that he was like, I'm pretty spears. Yeah, tells maybe what he tells everyone. I saw Bredi's version Vegas. Yeah, yeah, sober's Reson is where? Yeah, the banks, Sobberg, yeah, in Vegas. Who? Yeah. And then he gets there and like they have you review, went to Freemont, right, you know, the Old Vegas, right, because you're a sinner and you've been you and as an accountability Partram, and there's the people on the ZIP lines above and he goes, oh, that's it's just, it's it's what I did with no water. No, you know, he's in the hotel in the Lazy River. He's just like this is this is what the light should have done. I should have done so he went to Vegas. Went. How much did HE LOSE IN VEGAS? Please say all of it. Not all of it, but he lost a lot. He lost a lot in Vegas. And then they've got the serial numbers for those dollars. Yeah, yeah, they do. They don't track him from that, though. He comes back. He comes back home seriously regrets what he did in Vegas, very upset about it. Right the seeing the Brittany Spear show that's what he was regretting. He was like, I should not have died, I should have watched David Blaine. Whoever, I don't know. For Angels ways of a trip to Vegas, I'm going back. I think Jeff Donham was also there as the heighted. Jeff done it. So ironically, his undoing came a month later when a local homeless man came forward who had a camp by the creek. Oh No, and the guy said every day. I watched this guy go the pulley system and I actually watched an interview with this guy and they said with the homeless guy. Yeah, and they in the thing. He said, yeah, I saw him running down with a duffle bag and like these like worker clothes and he tore them away, like just tore them off and hit him in these bushes. So I went over and I was like, well, this looks like something illegal. And so he took the suit, he took all the Pearl clothes and he put them in his tent and he called the police, like he went into town, called police and said Hey, I know who just did that. Cry. And now imagine you work an office, right, you're not just normal day. You know exact growing saggy shoes made. Comes in duffle bag. All right, he says, I need to use your phone, call my wife, and so you go. Okay, here you go. Car Pulls up. It's before Huber. You never seen this before? CAR PULLS UP, guy gets in, drives off. Yeah, two minutes later, I can believe this. Almost man comes in with torn up clothes. Are Enough, because I need to use your phone. Really dry shoes, just super dry. I mean the dryest shoes you were seeing your life. Bone dry shoes, right, shoe, dry shoes, sir. Why are your shoes so dry? Yeah, it's pretty humid out side. They should be worse. There's that keep that take care of him. The police didn't take didn't take his tip seriously. So they ignored it for like months until finally, yeah, until finally they were like, I'll remember remember that. First Him with that day one. They go track him down. Oh yeah, but he also told us some other crazy things on the phone call. He's like I saw a guy right into the creek with a deffel bag and tore off these clothes. Also, he had a tale, right, Oh man, yeah, he's he told me. Coming me and you could be one with the gators. I was like, well, I'm, you know, the gators. Everything is watching them. Already committed to be part of the water buffalo tribe, right, and so I couldn't go against my water buffalo family and joined the gator gang. So I watched the movie with the police and the police said, the detective said they tracked him down, they found his little encampment and he said he came over and he knocked on his tent and he said that. He said, I didn't know what to do. I just kind of knocked on his tent. The fabric just hello, it's the police. Why does you say hello? Why do you gonna Knock? He they said he came out. He said it's about time. We just handed them the stuff and he said here's your guy. And they tell they were like there's no man in here, because here's your guy. He said, look closer, it's real tired. He's looks in the pocket, just crazy dude. Jim Jam Jim the guy each other real well. So they take it. So now they got two great piece of a mass like a that. Yeah, and they've tried to down. They've got a pretty strong idea that it's anthony, but they don't have enough DNA proof based on what do you say? Yeah, they just grabbed it off. These have all of our DNA. I don't know. Probably. How does it work? I don't know. So it roll although they follow him around and they end up waiting for him to get out of his car one day, walking to the gas station, throws a gatorade bottle in the trash. They come behind him, grab that gatorade bottle, get the test. It is good enough. It was good enough to match, and so they knew it was him. They end up booking him. He goes to prison for six years, gets out and now he's a motivational speaker. That's DP tuber. Okay, you can't just go now he's a motivational speaker. What are his topics? Prison, Ben Grobery, he did a he did Ted Exile Idaho and he said thanks, are can to talk about? Let's see, terra wick, clothes, gardening, CVS. We'rever monsters and see do see you do. Lessons, lessons learned from crashing my jet skis. I was best selling book. Yep, Yep. So, yeah, what happens? All they're back in money, right. Well, yeah, they'd seize it. Yeah, he's by me. We're about money. Last in Vegas. Does he sure? Yeah, I'm sure. He got to find for it. Let's see right here. Two hundred twenty thousand was recovered from him. He went through a hundred eighty thou how long? So he did this on September thirty. Yeah, he did on September thirty. was arrested almost exactly one month later. Wow, you blew through a hundred eightyzero dollars in a month. I went to Vegas, bottle luxury SUV. Had A pretty good time. Six thousand dollars a day. Yeah, and bought a lot of I can in. But Hey, is that worth it, though? No, let's see. No, hear me out, though. Let's say how how much gl time would you trade for thirty days of just ridiculous spending? None, literally none. You wouldn't do one day. No, no one. That's one night in jail ABS thirty days of just spading our money or where we work. Have you watched that show? Thirty days in or sixty days in, whatever that is? It seems horrible. Okay, great, ever want to go. You wouldn't do one nine for thirty days. Thirty days. I'm just a limited spending you do whatever you want. Way, I don't need anything else. I'm content. You wouldn't even use any that money to buy a power strip. Absolutely not. I've got what. I've got, a working one that my friend told me I can use. How much? How much? How much? You'll tell would you do for thirty days? At least one. So I'm already the game. Isn't fun if we just go okay, you wouldn't at all. What's the longest you would do? Oh, man, for thirty days. Thirty spending. It's been. Yeah, what's the longest you would go? I don't know. Year. Think about dude. I'm saying, think about thirty days. I'm a limited spending. You need to watch more prison shows. Man, that's not worth it. Bro, I be you know. Geez, all right, I guess I would do eleven months to make it a solid, you know, just book end it. Yeah, you thirty days, one month to just is a great yeah, a year of awful, yeah, and then just eleven months of like this is pretty rough, but I mean like a great thirty. You know, do you doubt due not? How your think? Do you get to keep all the stuff you bought in the thirty days. I mean I think you have to like it, like there's no to make that worth it. Yeah, there's no way you would do it if you wouldn't do it for what? If you got to keep all the stuff you bought in that thirty days, you wouldn't do one night in jail? I don't know, man, I don't think so. All right, it seems pretty awful, Bro. No, it's obvious that you've ropped a bank and you're trying to cover it up right now. Yeah, so he goes to prison. I watch this Ted Talk. He said that in prison a lot of people ask them for tips on bank robbery and he said, I don't know why you're asking me. I'm here too. How did you do it, man? Well, I got caught. So let's start without the interview. Yeah, but I mean, like if you can kind of, you can kind of, you know. Yeah, learn from other people's instay. Right, we're right. So, yeah, so he travels with his like school assemblies and like does like like don't do drugs, don't rob banks, like, don't do sketchy craigslist ads, stuff like that. So it's a book I really built a good career out of it, repaired his marriage. Is Happily married still to the same woman. They've they've patched it up and now he's resuming his life of his kids and crazy hard. He actually enjoyed having wet feet. So every morning he just takes a pitcher of water and just just and then you just hear him. Yeah, it's pretty gross, but hey, everybody's got their weird day, but he's a little weird. Yeah, I recovers Anthony Soggy sketchers still where it's Ketch yeah, yeah, but the more of the story from him. He talks a lot about how how it wasn't worth it, how he spent so much time in jail. He said, Hey, I missed everything. He said I miss so much of my kids lives. That missing my time with my my family, so I could get a little bit of money and some B I could in. He said it wasn't worth it, but he's famous now. So I mean, let's be honest, he's got a built a pretty decent career out of it. So capitalized on that. Yeah, what happened to the brink security guard? He still doing it. He's just really cautious about instruction. Where girls? Now another question. Let's say you're a bring security guard driver, right, yeah, how many times would you allow yourself to be pepper spray before you quit? How many times in any job, any job, would you allow? Well, okay, okay, what's what's the maximum and salary you have to have that be able to sting you getting pepper spray? Wow, then you're go like if you're Gett pepper sprayed every day, if you work at a pepper spray factory, all right, really, cash, just scooter a coffee shop. There's a guy sitting at the table just he's not scup, he's fas ripped. Should you hate the doctor? No, it's one of those tick tock videos. Hey, what are you do for a living? He's like, I'm a cute quality control not even looking at it. They're over here quality control, and you see those pig peppers brays it. I make sure they work it, because that's not something you want to sell a defective you never product, need it and they have it not work right, Yep, yeah, yeah, so much more fun to work for like the girls scout cookies places like Oh, we got a new product. Let's try, you know, sit out. This guy's like we got a new product. Let's what makes you think you're qualified to work at girls? Got Some there? Yeah, I make a lot of money doing it, though. Yeah, I haven't seen my kids in four years, but man, doesn't seem much of anything in for years. That was the joke grid. You went there, you know. So, I mean, yeah, that's Oh, I should I almost forgot. This was recommended to us by one of our patrons. His full name on their hex. Yeah, can you beat that? So thanks for thanks for the recommendation. Yeah, I are. Join our disc word, you know, join our patron. We also read recommendations of people who pay to give them to that is actually true. But the other thing, though, is that we've done a few episodes like so, we did Tartarians. Yeah, we did what was the Rock Wall? Rock walls are yeah, but valiant thor those kind of things. So the people who are interested in those topics, yeah, suck. Yeah, I hate it. Right, they are the alien people don't like us. So if you are listening to this podcast, could you please go to apple podcasts and give us five stars, because is the people who'd like the alien stuff are. They're matterrowing our rating. There matter. They're really they really don't like us. Yeah, and they're they're more vocal than you are. Yes, person who enjoys us, outnumber them, fight them, and I here's what I want you to do. I want you to find all the valiant thor fins and meet us in the Bank of America parking lot. Okay, dress however you think that's would look whatever you think of valiant thord truth or would look like. And I meet us in the Bank of America parking there's a creek behind it. Yep, Yep, B B Right, we're gonna drown. All all right. Well, watching your face hear me say that, it was worth a joke, because you were like, all right, I guess we're wrapping up and whatever. That was worth it. I was a good that's worth it. Yeah, that's okay, okay, cool, let's just I guess little this guy off. Okay, things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by Connterbat social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review, comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

Bank Robbery is no easy feat. Many have seen the dollars that move in and out of banks every single day and dreamt of ways to procure the money moving within bank walls. However, few have gone through with a bank heist, and even fewer have pulled off a successful bank robbery. Anthony Curcio is responsible not only for a successful bank robbery but for one of the most well-planned bank heists in recent history. His plans included craigslist, a jet ski, inner tubes, and so much more. Let’s take a look at the tale of the craigslist bank robbery.

Anthony Curcio

From a young age, Anthony Curcio had been an athlete. He managed to be a star player in multiple sports in high school. It was football, however, that Anthony was most passionate about. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury early in his college career. That injury ended his football career and landed him a nasty drug habit. While rehabbing from his injury, Curcio was prescribed Vicodin and spent the next few years of his life spiraling into a deep addiction.

The Birth of A Bank Robber

As is the case with many drug abusers, Anthony Curcio burned through much of his cash. When he was young, this was hardly an issue. However, in the early 2000’s Curcio now had a wife and kids to consider. Anthony devised a plan to rob the Brink security armored transport vehicle, not wanting to get caught for his abuse but still wanting to continue using. At the same time, it unloaded at a local Bank of America branch.

The Craigslist Bank Robbery

Curcio devised an ingenious plan that was followed by a near-perfect execution. The heist began with Anthony arriving on-site dressed as a construction worker waiting for his boss to arrive at the job site. Before the event, though, the newly minted bank robber hired twenty laborers on Craigslist and gave them a strict dress code with pictures of the clothing required. Anthony inconspicuously sank into the crowd and waited for the Brink security truck to arrive.

Upon the target’s arrival, Curcio broke rank from the crowd, pepper-sprayed the Brink employee, and stole the duffle bag of cash. Then, he ran behind the bank, where he tore away his outfit and ran through the brush to a nearby creek. He hopped into an inner tube that he had stashed there and, using a pulley system he built into the waterway, pulled himself downstream. Eventually, he dismounted from the inner tube on the other end of the creek and found a nearby office park where he called his wife, who had no idea what he was up to, and asked for her to pick him up. Meanwhile, the police arrive at the crime scene to find 20 suspects who match the description of their criminal.

The Crack in the Plan

There was one small detail that Anthony Curcio overlooked. Behind the bank, there was a small homeless encampment. One of the homeless men who lived at the encampment witnessed Curcio ripping off his outfit and jumping into the inner tube with a duffle bag during the getaway. Unfortunately, Anthony underestimated this man to his detriment. The homeless individual gathered the garments and took them to the police, who could trace the DNA back to Curcio and charge him with Bank Robbery.


Anthony Curcio served 72 months in prison for his crime. After his release, he repaired his relationship with his wife and kids. Surprisingly, he has found a new career as a speaker. Today Curcio speaks for corporate and school events, including events like TedX. He covers topics like drug abuse, decision-making, and the value of time. He recounts how much time he lost with his kids thanks to his mistakes and cautions everyone he meets not to make the same mistakes. Even though he was caught, Curcio’s heist lives in infamy as one of the most well-planned bank heists in recent history.

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Anthony Curcio – Wikipedia

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