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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's going on? Unknown Speaker Have you heard of Samuel Bellamy? Speaker 1 Bellamy? Yes. Really? Samuel Bellamy Why do I know this name? Say it again, Samuel. No, that's three times and I mean he's gonna appear Unknown Speaker here. I want to do something we've never tried before. Unknown Speaker I don't wouldn't like whatever you're going to do. Go ahead. I thought it'd be fun Nice. Yeah, I know. That's why it's gonna suck. Unknown Speaker That'd be fun if we let a robot do our intro. Speaker 2 So I asked chatty btw to write an intro for this. I haven't read this. But here's what it gave me Speaker 3 Horry me Hardee's. Welcome to our podcast on black Sam Bellamy Did you Speaker 1 did you ask him to write an intro for the podcast as if I work at a pirate themed restaurant? What are you talking about? Speaker 2 He literally said to the podcast about black Sam Bellamy, and this is what I got. Alright, ready let me finish. Speaker 3 legendary pirate who made waves in the 18th century. In this episode, we'll be exploring the life and times of black Sam, also known as the Robin Hood of the sea and his infamous raid on the wider galley one of the largest slave ships of his time so grab your pirate hat and let's set sail oh Speaker 1 oh no you can see my girlfriend she's a ghost quit making that noise in the microphone I swear if you do it again but I'll call the principal people died 10 throw up Unknown Speaker a died two years ago Speaker 1 they're ghosts can hear this kids kill little stuff with bucket knives serial Unknown Speaker killers DO NOT normal kids. Sorry Unknown Speaker things I learned last night Unknown Speaker here's here's my resume. Unknown Speaker Hoping right now let Unknown Speaker me tell you what I was hoping. This is my dream mine. Unknown Speaker I have a dream right now. That Unknown Speaker that there's somebody somewhere Speaker 1 on the other side of chat GBT who reads your inputs and goes okay. Oh holy Metis Speaker 2 didn't even say means you said sent me hearties which was weird to me. It was my dream. Speaker 4 Here's what I'm here's what I'm hoping I hope there's some someone and I don't know, Columbus, Ohio, on their morning commute. Speaker 5 It's a beautiful day there. Toyota Tacoma. Their names like Daniel, windows are rolled down there. Listen to this podcast. Just enjoy a red light. Yeah, next to them. Just listen to Unknown Speaker him. And like they're, you know, someone next to you. Like it's a red light. Well, it turns down a little bit and they just, you know. Oh, boy. Metis All right. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I also make sure your ex girlfriend's dad Unknown Speaker he's listening to it. He's watching the other room looking at some q&a and stuff she hears Oh, she goes are you watching? SpongeBob again? So weird. Unknown Speaker I'm running my peloton. Get out Unknown Speaker Oh, okay, so I need a name sound familiar? He's a pirate. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we've never covered a pirate on this show. Speaker 1 Yeah, we did. Name one principalities. Principality of Sealand Speaker 4 that's not a pirate we that's that's different. That's a modern pirate. Okay. Pirates and past pirates are two totally super modern pirates and past pirates are two totally different things. Speaker 1 The pirates were talking about past pirates. This is a Palestine what's what's the what's the BC ad here? A pre post? What's Speaker 4 I'm gonna say like a defining 1820s at 20 That's where the shift is anything pre 1820 Because that was a different era. Unknown Speaker That's pre 1820 Speaker 4 Yeah, if you're pre 1820 You still got the wooden pirate ship with the sail and your sword and your Unknown Speaker girls to you. Hmm, what are the eras to you? Is it depending on what we're talking about? Speaker 4 Yeah, there's pirates. And then there's pirates, you know, like the amount of pirates or they're riding around in their, their inflatable boats with their engines. And engine you can't be a part Start with an engine. Okay. I don't know. But that's not this. This is Samuel Bellamy Yeah, it's black Sam, one of the one of the greatest Pirates of all time, one of the wealthiest Pirates of all time. And this is a story on a pull up chat GPT script. Speaker 1 So he's pre 1820 At least. Speaker 4 Yeah, so yeah, so he was born in 1717. And at a really young age, he joined the Royal Navy. He was born in England. And he served in the Royal Navy, and was a part of a couple of battles. An important part of his life. I mean, I guess somewhat important, you know, he learned about boats, I guess. And then he say, he after after getting out of the Navy, he sailed to Cape Cod in 1715. Um, to seek out some of his relatives is similar. Someone got him like you had to actually go it was ancestry boat. Unknown Speaker Okay, so you had to go to Cape Cod, to try to track down some of Speaker 4 his relatives. And we know he spent a decent bit of time there. But we there's there's some details that are foggy. The legend says he met a woman named goodie Hallett and they fell in love. And her father was like a local wealthy businessman. But he would not let her Mary Samuel because he didn't have enough money to provide for her. Okay, and so Unknown Speaker so this is a real Santa music situation, right. Unknown Speaker So he Samuel Speaker 1 shows up, and he's just the little soldier boy, right? Yeah. Daughter, the Von Trapp family says no. Well, actually, you know, and so then they're out there dancing in the garden. Yeah, you smell 1317? Yeah, this is all little we hear Unknown Speaker Bri. Bri threatens me often. To like, get me to watch that movie. Speaker 1 She threatens you with the sound of music. What do you what do you mean? So if you I swear if you don't put your phone away right now, I'm gonna make you watch The Sound of music. Yeah. And that works for you. Not watching this movie is a motivation for you. Unknown Speaker It really is. Okay. I've watched a little bit of it and it was hard. Musical guy. Unknown Speaker I'm not a music musicals, musicals. Speaker 1 I love musicals. They hurt me. I love I mean, make a dune on Apple TV. If you watch me make a dune tweet about this today. Oh my gosh, man. What a phenomenal Do you like music theater? Unknown Speaker Some but not a whole lot of it. Okay, well then. Unknown Speaker Don't want it. That's what you were listening to. And when I walked into that, oh, Unknown Speaker Disneyland soundtrack It was what they Speaker 1 didn't look up the Disneyland's like I wasn't like sounds of Disney. You know? It wasn't a Harry James Unknown Speaker Repetier nobody knows what Harry James is. Yeah, cuz I'm a hipster. I'm cool. Unknown Speaker Oh my god. I Unknown Speaker have his records at my house. I don't believe you. Okay, I'll show you prove it. Speaker 4 So, so you met this girl goodie. And is that her dad was like, No, you can't. Yeah, he Speaker 1 very classic. Yeah. Love Story trope. The rich father says you're not good enough for my daughter. Yeah, yeah, they met and he goes I'll show you. His house. Speaker 4 Handshake was former firm enough. But then he asked he asked him and he's like, how much time do you have for my daughter? And he's in the world Speaker 1 know any guy in his 20s he can't have any free time. And that means he's not working hard enough. Unknown Speaker In here's where the story gets interesting. Unknown Speaker What do you eat for breakfast this morning kid Unknown Speaker you sugars in your diet Unknown Speaker don't let that boy around my dog Unknown Speaker is a couple of couple of interesting things happened with the story here. Speaker 4 For some reason, so we're pretty sure they run away together that the woman he met her name was Goody Hallett we're pretty sure. Okay, there is a biography that came out in 1934. That called her Mary or Maria. And so there's now accounts that color. Maria, Maria, Mariah, Mary or goodie. And so we're not sure who she is. One of those names has been attributed to the witch of Wellfleet. Okay, which was a woman in Cape Cod, who got accused of killing a baby, but she did it. Unknown Speaker They were like you're a witch. It was the time when witches were like a Unknown Speaker thing. Yeah, they're like you're a witch. And so then Speaker 1 what is a rough couple centuries for just women in general? Yeah, Speaker 4 that's true. Yeah. Yeah. And so she, she, it was as the story goes, they kidnapped her and then they tortured her for a long time, and then eventually killed her. And then her ghost haunts the seven season kills all the the men who are out there trying to stop witches. Okay, and so that might be Samuels lover. Maybe okay, we're not sure. But anyways, when she Unknown Speaker was a person or a ghost Unknown Speaker he would eat sale out to the sea. Speaker 1 Oh, no, you can't see my girlfriend. She's a ghost. It's not even she goes a different school. She's on a different a different plane. Unknown Speaker You want to be on this year? Speaker 1 plane. So yeah, it's like a whole thing. No, she's real though. Unknown Speaker He every night like while they're pirates. Unknown Speaker Believe in my girlfriend. This is yours. Speaker 2 They're all pirates. He's got his crew and he makes his pilot's pirate crew drive out to the certain latitude. And he's like, Alright, everybody go to your quarters. And that everybody goes into the deck. And then they just hear him. He's on the on the deck. And he's like Speaker 1 he's really sad the next day. Like what's going on? He's like, I think she's ghosting me Unknown Speaker was right there the whole time? It's such a dumb joke. Speaker 2 That so much anyways, would you Speaker 4 so, so the relationships get blocked by the father because he didn't have enough money. So he says, so he says, Fine, I'll go I'll go start a career. Unknown Speaker So He robs him of money now. I will pirate Speaker 4 news is I'll go off and they'll start a career. I'll make a name for myself. I'll make enough money. And then I'll come back and marry your daughter. And he said lol I'd like to see you try. Speaker 2 And so word for word. He goes off he because it was a stand up comedian that goes primarily to churches as a podcast, Unknown Speaker another time Unknown Speaker I know he got a job as a treasure hunter. Gotta use Speaker 1 a breast though. To be honest. He pulled it off. Do you have any exes that you're like, I kind of hope the parents, you know, keep up with what I'm doing. And they go could have been. You know? Speaker 2 I don't really want anyone to keep up with what I'm doing. That's weird. Okay, but Speaker 1 I want everyone who's ever been in my life has left my life to regret that decision. You know, saying like, I want Why did I leave? Lee I should have kept up with that friendship. Yeah, you know, yeah, I should have bought him a better birthday gift Unknown Speaker Why don't get them away on Speaker 4 a Thursday, June 29. At 630 we are doing a another patron hangout. These are super fun opportunities for us to just hang out on a zoom call with our patrons get to know you a little bit better find out what's going on in your life. And it's and have a lot of fun. Sometimes you might have seen some of these clips. They are absolutely wild. You guys do some crazy stuff in these videos like pull ups or eat pizza. It's bonkers. And we'd love to have you on there. Thursday, June 29 630 text toe into 66866 to become a patron and join us Unknown Speaker Yeah, man, Unknown Speaker I used to know the President. I got him away it didn't work. I Unknown Speaker hated it. Speaker 1 I would never be president Yeah, I bet of the vice president though. We got nothing for oh, I don't know if you'd have you seen what Kamala is doing these days. It's not that she's just lounging around hanging out you see the Unknown Speaker video of her March Madness. Unknown Speaker i Oh, it's my it's the thing that I can use it as Speaker 1 crazy as her walk into her bus. You know, say oh my favorite study with Joe when Joey B was vice president just eating ice cream everywhere all the time. her alma mater. You could tell me one thing Mike Pence did in the last four years tell me where he was. And no idea not a clue. Speaker 4 No her alma mater I don't know I think it was the Elite Eight round they lost Unknown Speaker Yeah, we both that's good. Go ahead. Unknown Speaker Whatever shutter stupid Unknown Speaker it doesn't matter. Unknown Speaker For alma mater Speaker 1 What's that tow truck in in cars Unknown Speaker matter? Go ahead. Speaker 4 Wasn't I think the The eighth, and they lost in the Elite Eight and she's, like 20. And so she was there. And for some reason, they were like, Hey, let's have the vice president come down to the locker room and say something. And so she come in, she has, Unknown Speaker I don't know a lot about losing. Unknown Speaker She came in, she walks through the locker room doors, and she's clapping and she's like, Unknown Speaker You guys did so. Good. You were so good out there. I am. So Speaker 1 like, shout, she was like, she's like, Yeah, like before the game they like your other locker room afterwards. And she's and she was like, Yeah, of course. And thinking of course, if they lose, they won't make me do this. And then they lose and she goes, Oh, I you still want me to still want Speaker 5 me to go in there and get Yeah, yeah, I'll Unknown Speaker go I'll go. I'll go I wrote a speech. I say that still? Speaker 1 Guys, I really only prepared for you guys to win. So I had Chad GBT right Unknown Speaker we better fact let me just Unknown Speaker be like us we used to the losing team Unknown Speaker Kamala Harris Speaker 2 to the losing team. A basketball game was it the men's or girls team? It was the men's team even worse it feels like Unknown Speaker during March Madness nearly date that make your chocolate Speaker 1 I'm saying if your vice president you could do whatever you want. Can I read it to you? You can't Can't let me read it. Can you just put it on the screen? Put it on the screen let me read it. I'll read it out loud and not you try to survive Speaker 1 Oh no. Here we go. Oh boy, he made his of the losing team. It be Kamala Harris speaking to you. I know you'd be feeling quite down in the dumps after that game. You fought hard. But alas, the ball did not bounce in your favor. Tease to Bella, let me tell you. The most important thing be that you gave it your all. You left it all the court. And that be what matters most. It takes a whole crew to make a team and you all played your part. You can hold your heads high and be proud of what you've accomplished. Now, I be not a basketball expert, but I know a thing or two about adversity. As a woman of color and politics, I faced my fair share of challenges. But I never let that stop me from pursuing my goals and dreams and neither should he. He may have lost the game but you have not lost your spirit or determination. So I encourage you to take this defeat and use it as motivation to come back even stronger next season. Keep practicing hard working together never get people dreams. You never know what you might achieve with a bit of hard work. Perseverance. Thank you for playing your hearts out and keep sailing towards your dreams oh there's a whole lot of lion hole and pull it back up. I know you lost but please don't storm the building that's all there Speaker 2 it's there that's part of it. That's part of what she said. Speaker 1 Like a fire I hate that it's like but I the hard pivot of as a woman of color and politics. I know a thing about it versity Chad GBT is so pandering what's hot what's what's crazy about AI is that this episode is not going to come out to like may right? It's gonna be archaic. And this was a jet chat GBT will not be a thing by May I just love the I mean there's so many days before May I love saying there's like 60 days before May Speaker 2 that just that intro just only made easy losing team in big calm layers speaking. Speaker 1 I do like that. She has to say that to you know when she walks because I mean like they lost so we're seniors bro. This was their chance you know? And she's like, me all murmur ah dear. Oh holy mates. it be me, oh my Kamala if they want you is it gonna go in and be like, wait? You know, I was gonna hold her whole speech. She said, Yeah, I wrote a speech for if they want and you look at it and go, you did it. You did it, Joseph. Speaker 4 Oh my gosh. Okay. So Samuel went off, and he's like, he's like, I'm gonna make some money. Sure. And I'm gonna win the heart of goodie, or Mariah or Maria or Mary. And so he's like, I'll be a treasure hunter. And so he joins the Spanish treasure fleet, which was the thing apparently. Do you get to do that? Yeah. And this was this was a genuine Korea at the time, because at the time, there was a lot of treasure. Well, at the time, what was happening was, there was a lot of ships that were traveling across the Pacific Ocean got sick, and they would sink and they had tons of gold on them, because that was money. And they didn't have like a banking system. So you just had to go find sunken ships. Yeah. And so there was there was a genuine job where they would go around and they would look for sunken ships, and then they would try to scoop up gold because it's still a job. I mean, we're not spilling as much gold in the ocean anymore. So Unknown Speaker there's definitely some undiscovered ships, right. Speaker 4 I mean, there's still like Nick cages of the world that are out there looking for treasure, but I don't think it's like a okay, I guess you could get a grant from like a museum if you tried hard enough. Speaker 1 I'm gonna say it for some scuba gear, and a voyage to the deep, deep sea. I mean, what is there someone still stuck down there in an air pocket? Unknown Speaker It's been three days, hasn't it? Uh, something like that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker three days for me. Unknown Speaker It's been three days for me since this conversation started. Speaker 2 I gotta believe how much I just got done. efficiencies are. Speaker 1 So okay, so he's becoming a treasure hunter. Speaker 4 He becomes a treasure hunter. And he does this job for like a year or two. And then while he's treasure hunting, he realizes Wait a second. I'm out here. And I'm picking up a bunch of gold. And Unknown Speaker she's at home. She could just follow somebody else. Speaker 4 Well, what he's saying is he says I'm picking up all this gold. There's so much gold down here. And I'm just giving it back to the people who lost it. Oh, yeah, that's dumb. Finders keepers for sure. He's like, this should be mine. This is Bella mine. And so so he says, I he's like a thief now and he's looking around all the other like crew members. And there was a there's another guy on on his team who his name was was weighing again. Okay, but they like abbreviated his name like because he gains a lot a long name to shout out across the ship while you're looking for treasure again. And so he one day he's out there picking up a treasure. And he he's having this epiphany Speaker 5 and he's like, Oh, yo, yo, a pirate's Unknown Speaker life for me Unknown Speaker that's where it came from. Unknown Speaker So you can furnish the pirate ism Unknown Speaker Okay, ecommerce, the Speaker 4 buyer does a and he finds a couple pirates. Benjamin Hornet gold was the captain of a ship called the Maryam. His first man Edward Teach who Edward Teach would eventually take the name Blackbeard, which is a Speaker 1 black beard, which I'm gonna be honest with you is the more infamous pirate. Speaker 4 Here's here's an interesting thing. I found out while researching these. I thought most of these pirates were made up. Oh, the returns on most of them are real. Yeah, I thought they were like Pirates of the Caribbean. Like they didn't meet up and we're like just fun names for our pirate. Oh, sure. Sure, sure. But not Blackbeard was a real pirate or it was a real pirate. Yeah. Squash is real too. Unknown Speaker And so he joins you watch Speaker 1 that HBO show? The this flag means or our flag means death? No, no, it was centered around black beard. Oh, maybe. It was it was a Speaker 4 funny show. That's why That's why I never watched it because you've told me about it like that. You were like it was Speaker 1 just I finished it. I was like, it's pretty good. You know, interesting. It takes a turn near the end that I was like, That's unexpected, but good. Speaker 4 Interesting. 117 15 he joined the ship and becomes a crew member of the pirates. And in 1716 The crew they said a coup because The captain of the ship, Benjamin Hornet gold. He was of English descent, like most of them, but he was loyal to England. And so he wouldn't raid in the English ships. And then everyone was like, we're pirate want Unknown Speaker to? Yeah, we should write them. Unknown Speaker He's like, No, we're gonna kill you then Speaker 4 he's accused me, but I'm a patriot. And they were like, Yeah, we're gonna take over the ship. And so he he was just like, alright, well, you guys can pirate without me. I guess I'll take a boat back to shore. And he just left. I think he was hard. Because they're like, oh, oh, like, is this really? Like, is that big of a deal to you guys that like, that's cool. Rather do all this without me. Well, I mean, I won't. Okay, I Speaker 5 heard. Yeah, there's I mean, I could go fire. There's other boats. Like I've had. I could cry. Unknown Speaker I guess I'll go get a job at a church somewhere. Yeah, there's a couple of years. I'll be back. Yeah. And Speaker 4 I'll come Yeah, just Yeah. All right. I'll see guys. Later, I guess. So they voted for a new captain. And they voted for Bellamy Oh, who was pretty fresh. Yeah, they voted democracy in that boat. Yeah, that's where democracy came from democracy came from pirates. It makes sense. And so they voted for him. And he became the captain. And then things got crazy really fast. And so he said, he was a passionate man. He was all in it for the money to get this woman. Yeah. But he was also realizing pretty quickly that he hated the establishment. Sure. And he hated that there was all these super rich people making a lot of money off of a bunch of other people. Yeah. And they're not really doing anything. Yeah. And so he he was pirating, but he was pirating different than the rest of the pirates, right? He's only taking from the rich. Well, I mean, all pirates were only taking from the rich, because if you had a boat back then yeah, you were pretty dang rich. And so all pirates were exclusively stealing from the rich. But what he was doing was a couple of things. One, he was trying very hard, whenever possible to not kill anybody. And so they would take over the ship. And he'd be like, Hey, it's me. I'm the good pirate. You guys are all fine. I'm not gonna hurt you. But give us your boat and everything in it. And you can swim. Speaker 2 Or the middle of the Pacific. It goes out that far. You're not gonna die. It's just me. Unknown Speaker He killed him. He doesn't want to watch it. It just didn't Unknown Speaker kill him. Unknown Speaker You know? Yeah. Yeah, no, no, he Speaker 4 let him come on board. And he took them back to shore. It dropped them off. And he's like, by he's like our college YouTuber. Yeah, that'll be here any minute. Good luck to you. By all right, Speaker 1 I just the nicest robbery I've ever like I I kind of want to give you the boat. Okay, Speaker 4 and then he and then he's like, fairly distributed the winnings with the pirates. Most pirates were like, Yeah, god, did I get my stuff? But yeah, he was fair with it. And then he would, he would he would sometimes donate the stuff that he got to two different 513 Okay. But he Speaker 1 quit making the noise in the microphone. I swear if you do that again, but I'll call the principal. It's where you go. Yeah, it's gross. Speaker 5 I don't even know what you're talking about. Okay, I'll tell you I've done that at all. Because you did it Speaker 1 in unison with me. So it seems like you know exactly what I'm talking about. So you can't play that card I don't know why you did it with me Unknown Speaker just I just couldn't make any sound I guarantee you I can make it easy to sit with you so pick us out all right here we go. Move on Unknown Speaker All right. See I can review that well Unknown Speaker it's crazy anyways Speaker 4 so he in the crib, they start taking over the chips. Speaker 1 Reagan hissed at our cats last night sorry. Sorry to interrupt you real bad. You doing that reminds me then Reagan is but like not in a jokey Unknown Speaker way did they started but the his first. Speaker 1 They're like they're there isn't that each other? They were trying to introduce them all. So now her cats are staying in my apartment because she's your work. rhyming word for cats. By the time you read this, we're only the time you read this by the time you listen to this, you're only weeks away from you know, just ending it. It's like, like it's over. I hope so. Now, I mean, so we've been trying to introduce our cats to each other, because we're all gonna live in the same place. Yeah. And so they're, you know, they're just like, hissing at themselves, basically. Yeah, I'm I got scared by the phone charger today. Yeah, I was trying to take my nap. I'm a grown man. Yeah. And he saw that he saw the phone charger. You know. But she the other day one of the cans hissed. And she just went, like right back at it and wasn't joking. We were like, we were talking. We were having a conversation. And she's. And I was like, I don't know what that was. She was I don't know, either. Where were you looking up over there. Unknown Speaker I was looking up some reminders that I set up that I didn't get. Unknown Speaker Oh, sorry. Unknown Speaker Put that. Put that away right now. Speaker 1 You were sending me a message on Instagram. Did you send that to me right now? Speaker 2 No. Yeah, it's a real I was watching while you're talking you? Know, are you doing what your parents wanted you to do? My dad wanted me to be a cop. School teacher. Speaker 4 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly. She was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun on that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 1 Okay, so yeah, we already checked my phone to go ahead with the episode. So you're doing right now you're pirating my time. I have other stuff to do. Speaker 4 Okay, deal. So Bellamy. They were they were taking ship after ship after ship. Yeah. And they were rolling up and they were just like, hey, we're pirates. So that's ours now, but we're not going to hurt you. Like you just get on our ship. And we'll send a couple guys over two years more ship, or you're not gonna hurt us. Yeah, then no. What do you mean? Speaker 2 threat here and Sayville was like was like, Well, you're not getting it. Like I'm on like a nice pirate. Like, like, I'm Speaker 4 like, I'm gonna take it but like, I'm gonna be nice about it, like, you know, like, and so if you could just respect like, I'm respecting you if you're taking it. Like, I'm showing you some respect. And so I would just ask you to show me some respect back and give me your boat and everything. Unknown Speaker But I'm keeping the gas stove go and take it. So Speaker 4 he ends up coming across the way to galley, which is a ship that was coming back from Amazon in May. its maiden voyage. So it was returning on his maiden voyage. Okay, back to the US from Africa. And it was flush with with gold. Yeah, lots and lots of gold full of cash. This was a state of the art ship. first of its kind. They didn't have armored boats back. They did not. But this was fast. It was a fast boat. It could go up to 15 miles an hour. unheard of at the time. Super fast boat. And so they spotted this and this was all over the news. Everybody's been Yeah, everyone's known about this. Everyone's known about how fast this boat is. And he was like, I want that boat. He's like he's like can you imagine how many boats we could sail up next to and ask politely for them to give us everything they have if we had that boat. Unknown Speaker I hope that's what happens with that red light. I'd like your car because you don't get it I'm a pirate. I'm just Where are you going? All right. Unknown Speaker My boat goes there Speaker 1 asking you guys give me your car I saw it. Today there was a guy being like you're stolen a police car. You didn't know how to turn the lights on. That's a bummer. Let me show you how showing the panel Speaker 1 so I've never stolen it please Car, I politely asked a polite No, let me take it Unknown Speaker politely dazedly. Unknown Speaker He was really nice about it. He's like, he's like, Hey, man, like, I'm Unknown Speaker just like, I gotta do I gotta tase you, bro. Speaker 1 I was like, I'm not even running. He's like when I welcome it. Speaker 2 I think you're being so nice about it. I'll be nice to like it as long as we're respecting each other. Mutual respect here. Unknown Speaker That's okay. No, I appreciate you, Kamala. So, Speaker 4 that's all she does. This ship, though, was different than most of the ships that they were writing. Alright, because it's faster. Well, it's faster. It's also got 618 cannons on board. Oh, boy. And so this is a warship and it's on its maiden voyage. So you know, pretty stuck. They're like, they're like, ready? Unknown Speaker They're like they're like, I Speaker 4 hope sword here. So let's see what happened, you know? And so he follows this thing for three kid Speaker 1 with a pocket knife jig gets his first pocket knife and he's like, I hope I see a frickin frog somewhere like Unknown Speaker that. You're gonna say Unknown Speaker oh, what do you think I was gonna say? Unknown Speaker I thought you're gonna say like, Speaker 4 I hope someone tries me. Oh, but yeah, it's different Speaker 1 practicing Yeah, no kids kill little stuff with pocket knives. Serial killers Unknown Speaker DO NOT normal kids. Sorry. Unknown Speaker Yeah, I've never done that. Speaker 2 I haven't killed the frog. It only in science class. There's only plays I've done it. But so they killed that Speaker 1 we used to learn third graders into this little tunnel. Do you know I'm saying back when we were in the scary kids and Unknown Speaker you're that age or you know you're scared Speaker 1 on the serial killer bro Go ahead. So they grow to the ship. They Jesus shipped for three days because it's so fast they couldn't keep up with it. Or the ship eventually is like hey, that boats fall on us. Yeah, Unknown Speaker and they slow down they're like hey, are you following us? Glad you asked. We're pirates were they door to door pirates script like Hi Hello Yeah interested in being overtaken by am I doing this right my first day Yeah, first day handling the tract just shorter shore salesman sorry. Speaker 4 know they finally get close enough in rage to shoot at them. And so they shoot a cannon blast at them. Speaker 1 The pirates and Bellamy Bellamy shot at them. Yeah, they Speaker 4 shot one one. First. Yeah, they his first. Okay. And that boat. The way to galley let them immediately surrendered. The one day's shot didn't even come close to them. And they immediately surrendered. And they said, Hey, you can have the boat. We don't want it. Unknown Speaker Yeah, it's too fast. Unknown Speaker You can No, we can't Speaker 1 control. Honestly, I felt that he was I felt my hair go with the wind a little bit. Unknown Speaker Too much. It's too much. Yeah, Unknown Speaker it's too late. Never move again. They just surrendered. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so they surrendered. That's a lot of buildup. They Speaker 4 gave the boat to them. But this was a massive, massive wind. Yeah. They were overnight millionaires. And so he took the boat. And he started heading back to Cape Cod. Presumably, to go to this guy's and be like, Look, I'm rich now. And then he probably be like, how do you get that money? Speaker 5 I was like, Well, I just asked for it. Like I didn't like I know what you're thinking. That No, I didn't kill anyone. I never killed anybody and never even fired a shot. Well, I fired one shot people died but I didn't see him. See them die. So it's not it doesn't count. If I don't see it. Didn't I close my eyes. Speaker 4 I close my eyes all time, so I had to see it. And along the way they did invade a couple other ships that took over a couple ships. They actually invaded another pirate ship. One pirated by Captain beer was his name. And him and Captain Bellamy got into an altercation there because Captain beer was pirating, but then selling his treasure back to like the powerful and Captain Bellamy was pretty upset about this like no. And so there's a speech that has been memorialized from Captain Bellamy. This is real. I'm not Unknown Speaker like, oh boy. Speaker 4 This is a speech that's been memorialized. From Captain Bellamy. I'm not going to read the whole thing. But he basically just lit this guy up. calling him a crafty rascal. Scoundrels. Oh, so if you hear pirates say, and I'm gonna be honest with you. I've read this like six times, and I'm not certain what his point is. So I asked GPT to take it and make it more Gen Z. Unknown Speaker So here's what here's the speech. Speaker 1 I knew who's gonna do this. I knew he was gonna do this guy's it's not even cool anymore way to not even like it's like oh just chat GBG things kind of new and neat look at this. This has been months. This is like not even like a relevant thing to do anymore. Go ahead. Yeah it was. It was me reading the speech sorry. Speaker 2 Oh yeah it says they won't let you have your sleep sucks but honestly I'm not trying to cause trouble unless it benefits me forget the stupid boat let's just sink it. Those people who follow laws created by the rich for their own safety are such weaklings, US pirates. We take what we want with our own strength and our own courage. Why work for those cowards when you could join us? You're such a wimp for following the rules. I'm a boss, and I can start a war with anyone. Anywhere. You're just a sniveling little puppy who lets others push you around. So that's that's Gen Z. Speaker 1 Do you think that's very Gen Z? I don't know. I don't Speaker 2 think it's very dizzy but you don't know that the bots? Really that's very Gen Z. Speaker 1 You're a wimp. That's actually what I've been called a lot on tick tock I wish that was the only thing they said they're ruthless. Okay, so he gave a speech Speaker 4 so yeah, he gave the speech embedded a couple other ships now they got a compliment boats shirt back to Cape Cod to go presumably we don't know this for sure but presumably went back the heart of this Yeah, this woman that he's gone off to do all this for it's only been like two years. And so he's he's on his way through the trip the trip and in outside Wellfleet Massachusetts. Overnight, a surprise nor'easter hits them and sinks the boat and kills everybody onboard except for two people. And it was such a major event that the bodies of most of the crew were washing up on shore the next morning along with a lot of gold and so people were like rushing the shore yeah on Massachusetts trying to get some of this virus booty Unknown Speaker people died Tim Unknown Speaker died 200 years ago. Unknown Speaker They're ghosts can hear this. Unknown Speaker Sorry, you're right. If you're Speaker 1 a ghost, why don't you leave a five star podcast review and support us on Patreon Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah, support haunt us on Patreon. We should start Speaker 1 I would love some ghosts supporters. You know and that's honestly you know, I did a theater show a couple weeks ago there was a lot of empty seats and well to the to the AI in this realm in this realm. But I know that you guys were there and I appreciate that about you. So sold out baby. Unknown Speaker That Unknown Speaker interesting thing does Bellamy was never found and Unknown Speaker in my head I say the Jason Bourne music Yeah, probably it was never found Unknown Speaker Bellamy became like a legend. Yeah a pirate legend everybody talked about him he spent like two years ago for Unknown Speaker a haunting more money Unknown Speaker Yeah, they're out there. Yeah, singing that song Speaker 1 Oh, okay. Yeah, but I am dad. So are you we should spend eternity together Yeah, you got to age does and Matt are now that are day Unknown Speaker What if it does go cycle How long have you been dead Unknown Speaker oh my gosh, she would have been dead for Oh 30 years. Unknown Speaker Call me back when is 1000 Speaker 1 This is a groomer. Oh quarterback when you're at the age of ghost can say this is weird. Is a bad bit. Speaker 4 So he was a legend for forever right? As like the richest quickest to success and then also they they acted like he was a good guy because he kind of was like he was just like a friendly pirate. That was like your boats mine now, but I'm gonna be really nice about you know, sure. So you got payments for it? Well, in July 1984 He became famous again because they found them alive. No, they've they found the ship though. The wieder under the sea it was 15 feet below water, so it wasn't even that deep. Okay, and then five feet below sand, sand. So it's 15 feet of water, five feet of sand. They found it. And they found roughly four to five tons worth of indigo, ivory and gold and 20 to 30,000 pounds of sterling. And they found the bones of many of the pirates that were never Unknown Speaker recovered, never wash up. Yeah. Speaker 4 And they have been testing the DNA of these bones for years, trying to try to track down Samuel Bellamy Sure, and they haven't found his in 2018. They found one that they expected was Sammy Bellamy's and they check the DNA competitors living ancestors and it was not a match. And so they're still down Speaker 1 there a part of the podcast where you start to talk like this at the very It's very serious part of the show is where no one can find his calves perfectly in the mold that we have his little dainty dancer like friggin we're trying Unknown Speaker to find his Speaker 1 ended episode nobody nobody cares about you do you? Every episode No. And you start like no ones, but this is the important part of the story. I know. That's why I'm saying speak and enunciate clearly um, Unknown Speaker and then saving just fine. Unknown Speaker You can hear me just fine. Speaker 2 I just put a little bit of baseball I got this is this is just Unknown Speaker nighttime radio. Oh, hi. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna make you watch Sound of Music. Unknown Speaker Okay, okay, sorry. I'll be different so they started a Speaker 4 museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts, okay. Dedicated to Bellamy and the ship and they've got all the artifacts there was the ship owns they the only like recognizable picture in there. Like it's all like just like here's a hunk of wood that was underwater for 300 years. But the one cool part is they do have the bell which didn't know they had belts Yeah, it was so everyone knows. Unknown Speaker So everyone knew that service was starting Speaker 4 but yeah, so this is this is the bell and on it this is how they knew that this was the ship because it says the WIDA on that bell. Wow. pretty beefy Bell. It looks like it in this picture. I don't know. Maybe it just is deceptive. Tiny. Unknown Speaker Sure. Yes. A really close up picture. Unknown Speaker Yeah, but Bellamy the most successful pirate of all time. Here's his bell. Wow. And I don't know maybe maybe he reunited with Mary or Mariah Maria or goodie Unknown Speaker Khomeini's it'd be me. Kamala Harris. We made it to the end of the episode. Voice actors so much information. Unknown Speaker I'm so proud of you. Speaker 1 But now it's time you did so good. It's so good so good. Speaker 4 Things that are last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by ours Garnett video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taillon podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Black Sam Bellamy, also known as “Black Sam,” was one of the most notorious pirates of the 18th century. He is known for his infamous piracy career and his successful raid of the Whydah Galley. In this blog post, we will delve into the life and legacy of this legendary pirate and explore his impact on the world of piracy.

Early Life and Career

Sam Bellamy was born in England in the late 17th century. He became a sailor at a young age and eventually ended up in the Caribbean as a privateer during the War of Spanish Succession. After the war ended, Bellamy became disillusioned with the British Navy and decided to become a pirate.

Life as a Pirate

Bellamy formed his crew and quickly became one of the wealthiest pirates in history. He was known for his cunning tactics and ability to command his crew’s loyalty. One of his most infamous acts was the capture of the Whydah Galley, a large slave ship carrying a fortune in treasure. Bellamy’s crew took the ship by force and looted its treasure, which included gold, silver, and other valuables.

The Whydah Galley

The Whydah Galley was a slave ship owned by the British and sailed from Africa to the Caribbean. It carried a fortune in treasure, including gold and silver coins, jewelry, and other valuables. In 1717, Black Sam Bellamy and his crew spotted the ship off the coast of Cape Cod and quickly took it by force. They looted its treasure and added it to their own growing wealth.

Legacy and Impact

Black Sam Bellamy’s pirate career ended in 1717 when the Whydah Galley sank in a storm off the coast of Cape Cod. Bellamy and most of his crew perished in the wreck, but his legacy as one of history’s most successful and ruthless pirates lives on. His story has inspired countless works of literature, film, and art, and his impact on the world of piracy cannot be understated.

Black Sam Bellamy

In conclusion, Black Sam Bellamy was a legendary pirate who captured the hearts and imaginations of people worldwide. His successful raid of the Whydah Galley and his cunning tactics as a pirate has made him a household name in the world of piracy. Although his life was cut short, his legacy fascinates people today.

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Samuel Bellamy – Wikipedia

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