Bob Lazar – The Area 51 Engineer that Exposed Secrets of Aliens and UFO’s


Bob Lazar has been noted as making some of the most audacious and outright unbelievable claims in recent history. If you can believe what Bob Lazar claims then it could change the way you think about everything. It was his claims that put area 51 in the limelight after all. UFOs and alien life were both popular topics prior to Lazar, however, his stories have given steam to conspiracy theorists for decades. This is the story of Bob Lazar’s mysterious former employer.

Bob Lazar’s Story

In 1989, Bob Lazar went public with a story that, if it were true, would be one of the most shocking tales of all time. According to Lazar, he started working for the Air Force in 1980 at a base near Area 51 called S4. It was during his time here when Bob witnessed and worked on some pretty amazing technology.

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Lazar’s job description was to reverse engineer extraterrestrial spacecraft. He was given a collection of documents regarding the craft that he was studying. The specific craft that Lazar was working on was allegedly a part of an archeological dig. That’s right, he’s talking ancient aliens. At S4, scientists were split into research groups based upon their area of study in regards to the craft. For example, Bob was in a propulsion group and studied just that propulsion. Other researchers studied flight controls, or navigation, or lift, or any other matter of technologies. Bob Lazar recounted what he saw at S4 detailing the craft he worked on, another craft that he saw on the base, a supposed live alien, and other wild claims.

Going Public

Bob found out that the Air Force would test their reengineered craft over Groom Lake in the middle of the night. So, he invited his friends to come out to the desert and watch the show. After a few of these trips, Lazar’s employer learned of the UFO watch parties and let Bob go. Not long after Bob was terminated from the Air Force he went to a local CBS affiliate in Las Vegas where he was interviewed by reporter George Knapp. It was in this interview when Lazar provided information about what he experienced at Area 51 for the first time.

After going public, Lazar remained inactive for quite some time. It wasn’t until Jeremy Corbell directed Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers in 2018 that Lazar found himself back in the public eye. The new documentary also landed him a guest spot on the Joe Rogan podcast. Lazar’s interview with Rogan has become as prolific, if not more prolific than his original interview with George Knapp.

Evidence for Lazar’s Claims

When trying to legitimize the claims made by Bob Lazar a few things stand out. First, prior to Bob Lazar going public with information about Area 51 the public had no knowledge of the secret testing that occurred at the base. It was his claims that brought it the attention that it receives today. Remarkably it has been disclosed that secret projects have been tested at the base and have lead to aircraft like the stealth bomber. Bob even has taken groups of people to watch these tests that only a few people knew were happening.

Second, Lazar claimed to have used a very unique security access system to gain access to the base. Bob’s account describes a hand sensor that analyzes the bone density of an individual to identify them. The Air Force disclosed that such scanners were in use at Lazar’s alleged time of employment. At the time of Bob’s initial interview, there was no public knowledge of such technology.

The most interesting proof for the legitimacy of the claims of Lazar is element 115. He talks about a core piece of the propulsion system on the craft he was studying called element 115. This element has a seat on the periodic table of elements and is now known as Moscovium. Russian scientists synthesized element 115 in a lab in 2003 and named the element Moscoium. This element was unknown until 2003. 14 years after Lazar claimed to be researching the element for the U.S. military. Oh, and the country that ended up publicly discovering this element? Russia, you know, the other country obsessed with space.

Issues with Bob Lazar’s Story

There is some pretty compelling evidence to show that Lazar was telling the truth about his experiences at Area 51. On the other hand, there is some equally compelling evidence that Bob is fabricating the entire story. First, Bob seems to have some difficulty keeping his story straight. Between his first set of appearances and his second set, there are some details that have changed in his story. Originally Bob claimed that he saw a live alien being interrogated by a couple of agents, later Bob said he saw a mannequin that was made to look like what the aliens might have looked like.

Lazar also claimed to have a rather impressive educational and professional background. However, when checking with his past employers and schools there is no record of him ever being there. The only exception to this being the Air Force. While the military organization does deny that he was ever on their payroll, there are in circulation employee phonebooks that include Lazar and his contact information from the time. A group of behavioral analysts studied Bob’s body language in his interviews and determined he was lying.


Bob Lazar’s story is phenomenal, to say the least. If it were true it not only changes history, it changes the future and even changes today. It could be the most monumental discovery in human history. However, due to the nature of the story, we can’t yet know for sure. There is ample evidence to either believe or choose not to believe the stories put forth by Lazar. So, the question remains, do you believe Bob Lazar or not? Click the share button below and let the world know what you think!

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