Epcot – Walt Disney’s Questionable Dream City That Was Never Built


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Hey Man hey when we do this today, could you like sit up and breathe because I've watched a lot of episodes back and here's what happens? You're like mid sentence and you have to take a break? Here's the thing I getting what's happening, excited you're excited to wet you a little pit bull. I was like a little puppy that ye just a like you're. Just like yeah these topics. Excite me man, he stopping excite me. Okay, we can start over or not. We can leave that part. I hey man, leave it hey yeah! Stop. What have you heard of EPICO? Oh, yes, we're working on a false crineous, so was like kill that man. I don't want to hear what spakest has to say. Fromantin thing is gonna clean, a bigger Brad, all right, it's called ACOL. I am Cot for the person who runs the happiest place. The Lor he's pretty unhappy with most things in the world things: Yeah Yeah Yeah, it's the East, Pennsylvania Company of transportation like it's like Mo Dat, but it's Evis, freest Pennsylvania. They take care of the roads and stuff. No, it's not! Okay! There's the thing isn't that what you yell like, if something just like you now exports or whatever and like things go well and you're, just like that was a cut that was p, Coro Bro, that's so crow, that's AP Cot Man, yeah, and it was really poor Y, like that's animal kingdom Bro your like do. That was so. I was a a animal kingdom right there. I E that was some day. Three used all your part, copper. This is the last one to go to the kids are miserable. You got to fly home the next morning to the job that you hate, but you spend all this money so you're trying to make it worth it and you might divorce your wife. That's how bad that was all right. So Epcot is is a. They got a giant golf ball yeah, so they got. They have a a giant. Golf Ball, yeah, that's the whole, the whole thing. So I guess we're done. You Still Montin forty minutes in life in very Anando of all of that. A giant off so tell me about AVCO. So here's the thing. Well, that's interesting. A lot of people have actually told us to do this and I've thought about it for a while, because it's interesting I've told you to it yeah yeah. Do you not count as a lot of people? Are you now? I count as a lot of people do er to say Il man. Are you if I were to say a lot of people o? I already know fat to comments. I don't need you coming in here being like I, your multiple people. What are you trying to say to him? What I'm trying to say is. It seems like you're trying to say that there's here's, here's everybody else. Here's you up above everybody else like you're, more significant. This is the only time you've ever understood me. That's exactly what I'm saying, and I don't mean that isn't like I'm better than them. I'm saying to you. I should be better than them. I don't know about that. I think I think realistically all right whatever the game, I don't want to know. You know I don't want to know where I rank. I mean if everybody else is here. I've said we should do epcot, because I've heard- and this is these- are just here's all the rumors I've heard o Goin to get tell of these as I've heard that most of the plants at Disney or Annibale, because in the in tomorrow and in to morrow and like where the space mountain rides are and all that stuff that it was supposed to be super feeturs c. all the plans are edible, like you can eat them. Interesting, that's a rumor. I've heard there are other rumors. I've heard is that epcot was supposed to be. You know its own little park that was going to be like people live. There is supposed to be like a congrace, hey there you go just like me, you look like me right now and all right. It's supposed be a conomor conglomerate, yeah, my Gosh of people yea, and that people are going to live there. Okay coat the plans, so so I wasn't planning on talking about the plants, but I did just look it up the plans. Initially they were all edible. They were to like vegetables to Morland Yeah. It was vegetable, it wasn't! Well. You Wait Inn line you're, just like there's a carrot in the ground, just like man, I'm really glad I'm refuel and in line for buzz light year the ride. Now they find you if you take take them, though it these, like the two lit set of Angel. Oh my God, I find you, but now it's about eighty percent of tomorrow, that's still quite a bit yeah, but here's the thing: they're, vegetables. I don't know what I expected when you said it a bull, but I didn't expect that I expected them to be like laced with marijuana. What do you kind of l? What kind of experience you think they're having down there? I expected them to be like to like manufacture these plants that look like playing. Oh, but it's like like liquor in Sesar, but you can eat it. I mean that's. That is what they're doing, but it's just a flower that you can eat. No, it's just vegetables, it's just lettuce and carrots and onions like it's. Not I it's be honest like that's. It's just a vegetable yeah and they were like. Like the won't impress me, you know what the future is vegetables, every vegables wow. I Love Your Flower Garden, that's so two thousand and three or this is two thousand and seventy five. You know and we don't have flower beds. Yeah we've got a million Gris Garden grooves. Are I grove garlic grews all right? You know what I tried to listen to a few true crime podcast this week, because we might be working on one so trinity. You allegedly were allegedly working on a true crime pike, we're working on a false crime. PODCASTS. Do that reason to a false scribe by? U? Where is this up? We just incriminate everybody dude us make. Everybody seems so guilty anyway, so we're work. We might be working on it. We are allegedly you know, someone out, there's doing a true crap bigest anyway, so I was doing some research and I listened to a few of like the really popular ones and they suck to listen to much like we probably suck to listen to for anybody who's interested in the topic. Oh Yeah because, like I noticed all of them start with like four minutes of Banter of inside jokes and stuff, and here we are here we are doing the same thing- a O, Epcot, here's. What I actually want to. We had talked about planned cities a few different times talking about it. Well, I think we brought it up in the suburbs episode I Tira in the marijuana city episode yeah, and so I thought about I was like I was like I m. I want to do an episode all about a bunch of different plan, cities and kind of talk about what are plain sees. Why do they fail almost always and then in my research we tad about it in the mall episode Yeah Yeah in my research about up cot, I was like oh I've. Cot deserves it's on episode, so here we are in your research. Yeah go in my research. I am an esteemed researcher. In fact, Wikipedia sent me a message today. That's how steamed I am yeah they're, like you, can't keep adding your podcast to look at poliager. I we believe your Diervilla looks like you're making up like I'm like fine black. Now. Did you go at things over last night to all the topics, most of them as a pop culture? Reference Hey, be, I think, who I should be on there. I agree we're pop call Chi you gree or pop culture. We are pop culture defined. I was in the city that what are they a? We Really Message: U Today, yeah what they say. Please donate you know they said that everybody they said Hey. I notice your your contributin contributions. Ye cobue just noticed your contribution yeah. What did they say to you? They said they know our contributions and they sent me some tutorials. Oh it's because you ca, you contributed money. No, no! Like contributors, Contrib, Oh, like editing, Editi, been messing with Loki. They said here's some detoriated how to actually do that. Yeah they're, like in case you're, wondering how you did it wrong. Here's a better way. So Epcot said I I ve cut of mean Disney said Walter Disney Walter. I is it Walton. I don't know Walter Walton. It's all this. We did an episode about them. We did do so. Yeah were no episode. It was years ago so Disney in what year fifty five his whole life. He had always thought man, you know what it's Walter so Walter. His whole life had always said. You know what I could do cities better than all these idiots yeah it is. It was really weird that, like you know, a second grader is out here. His second grade teacher wrote that, on the teacher report, very attentive in class can can add. Like a you know, like no one else, a good artist yeah in these weird mice, yeah yeah, is too big ears. My only feed back and also just wrote on his paper. I can do cities better than everyone else a hundred times. I can do cities better than everyone else. I can do cities, but yeah I mean that was what was we think Walter Walt W is deranged. Is this a teacher like a parent teacher coach that first sure Miss Disney? Isn't that weird that we cost Elias? Is that time? I think I steamed researcher so, okay, so his whole life. He had this dream of doing city's better or one he's looking around like. I could do it. I have also had those thoughts, though you don't say he had this dream. I would say: here's what happened. He moved to La in the story even to La and he had to deal with La Traffic. He moved to La Win. I mean I don't know it like. Is that war is when, like the forts, opes yeah, and it was not the La that it is now yeah, but traffic was still bad. No, he isn't a okay, it was so literally they started La and they're, like you know, be a good thing to start. Traffic is part of the foundation. No, he literally was talking. He constantly talked about traffic and how much he hated it and how he thought there needed to be a solution really to like cities better without traffic. Really, yes, I didn't know that he hated traffic. I didn't know that was his. He was a vocal opponent to traffic, so much so actually that hold on. I didn't know that Disney had like a like a traffic. You know what I didn't know that he was like angry about that. I love that the I love the idea that, while Disney in my head is just like raging with traffic he's like creating the happiest place in the world, you know he's up in his little apartment of the fire station. Like you know, all these people are coming in to visit, Disneyland and he's like yeah welcome, and then you see someone that the day before he's flips off in traffic he just goes except for you, you can't come get out of here was like what he's like yeah, how about you go on Space Mountain and then they just never see him again. I like the idea that he's like got this secret current of hater ve, addictive traffic or rage, O rage, yeah yeah, that's kind of accurate, Ray Bradbury author Ray Bet, Bradbury Ray Bradbury author of Fahrenheit, four, fifty one okay. He said this is how Votis ne this is. How Vocal Disney was on traffic. Rad Brabber said that he should run for mayor of La because he's the only person who could fix the traffic problem. Okay, I guess I didn't know yeah so, okay, so it's a a AH, he was so he was. He really was just kind of like looking around being like civics. I got this yeah actually well, I mean I think, after after Disney, like his company took off here's the thing I think we're going to learn with epcot as we go down. This episode. Disney got a pinch and by a pinch I mean a crazy amount. A ton of insane of arrogance makes because he is what happened with him. Everybody said a feature length, animated film will never work and- and he crushed yeah and made it this massive company. And then everybody said a theme park based on movies will never work and then he did it and it crushed and he made tons of money off of it, and so he twice had done something that was just an absolute giant success and despite everybody saying this is never going to work, and so now he's like everyone's telling me that my car that runs on water is never to work. We got a prototype somewhere, so he got to the point where he was like he's like. I can do whatever I want. Yeah t else is wrong because I'm smarter than them really yes and we're going to feel. Are we going to feel different about Disney? After this I mean, I think you, I think, he's a little arrogant out of there, but I don't think you'll feel that different about them, I mean maybe a little but here's. What I think is that all these people, every time that something that Disney does something so many people like they're, like you know, Disney canceled annual passes, yeah and everyone's like Oh walt, would never a D and in my head I'm like guys walt was a cutthroat business. Man Like he would have would never yeah you would have you know they like to think of it. This is like mythical, like a kind of person or whatever, but he he kill you you don't know we should do a documentary, a crime or a called the bodies under Disney us. The only thing we lack right now is evidence, but we can figure that out. I think there's what is your face hold on, I'm trying to under water cause of Walter Disney well hold on what if we can cut all this part out a want other. What if there was bodies found underneath sea world and it was the documentary was called under the seaworld. Come on that's good. Let's start digging under S, let's start yea. What are you all doing out there digging for bodies? We we're in the tank. SCOPAE whale fits one of us. Take our arm were someing in an under water, so just kicking up a just sprinkling, sho maneuver under water to it's like the like. The show is still going on above us. So above us the way I was just jumping diving down swimming around us. You know some kids think we're giant fish for some reason, because kids are stupid but like what are those fish you are in, the parents are like, I think, they're digging right. Those fish are digger fate. Those are digger fish, yeah, their bottom feeders they're, the kind of thing they got, those in the whatever anyway. So if we found some bodies under sea world, if big, the documentary would he call under the Sea World- and I love that so speaking of so anyway, theme parks. So he he kind of started this idea with his La School, the arts, okay or California, school the arts, and so he started it and it was like a very similar idea was going to be like a college campus and a work campus and then this place where you lived and you worked- and you did all this stuff and it was an interesting dream and he thought man I'm going to make a place all my employer going to live to work here. Your students are going to love to go to school here and he did it and cow school the yards. I had a rocky start now, it's like a established thing, that's like great and even his studio like it's just doing right now, but there was a moment in time where everything he thought about how like he literally sat down- and he spent all this time thinking through everything for his employees, like hey you're, going to live. This close to work, it's a great for all this stuff, but is it sorry I had this doctor pepper great for you, that's what I'm talking about like this is Dr Pepper as breathe. It's a Dr Pepper! So but it didn't, it didn't pain out that way, because I, the employes were like hey like this sucks and he was like it wasn't supposed to is supposed to be awesome. Why did they say it sucked because there's something to do well? No, it wasn't that there was nothing to do. It was that it was just restrictive on them and so the working conditions like are we allowed to leave he's like yeah? Well, you don't have to there's like enough stuff here. He's like you, got a grocery store and like a place to live and they're like yeah, but can we leave you don't have to I mean when you I would you want to go out there to the traffic? Why would you want to do that? Why would you, when you get too close to the fence, you're, going to hear a beeping from that collar around your neck? But that doesn't mean you doesn't any anything yeah we'll just see you tomorrow is is a shock caller. If you know what we've got a great restaurant that we just opened, it is pretty shocking, but it does, but it's not a shot collar. Okay, so are we allowed to leave or not? If you keep asking, you know, what sorry almost do you like killer whales? How do you feel so there was, there was a walkout and all of his employers were like were really it was like that and they like picketed it. They were like. We like a change like conditions and it was there, but it was the sort of situation where he thought he was building this like dream world, where everybody's gonna love working there, but really it was kind of like it's a sort of thing where it was like well different into a nightmare. It's almost like, like a situation where it's like, okay. I hope this is really on the nose for somebody were like your dad plans. This vacation, everyone's, like he's like he's like, is gonna, be so full we're gonna do all this. We could do that and then, like day through, the vacation everybody's had it and they're sick of Dad Yeah and dad sick of the fact that they're not having fun and so dad's like shut up and have some fun already and everybody else is like I'm not having fun. This is in fun, Sacaton Sucks and then the dad's really mad, and then the kids get out of the car and with the pickets and and they started picketing the fame vacation. It was really one nose for me and my family, except for that was my mom, and then you did the picket la it. If anyone crosses the strike line, stop vacation now we're striking our own family man. I hope my kids do that one day I would love for my kid to hold up a sign. That's just like down with Dad Dad be like I'd, be like Hey Peto, vacation, Vedo vacation. I just don't want to go home, but I don't want to be here. That's what I want my kid to hold up. That's really pretty freaking funny, but yeah. So waters were like listen. We don't want to live here. We don't want your situation, whatever you unterland for us, and so it was an epic failure, and so they changed a lot of stuff and it was fine again but walt had it in the back of his mind. where he's like remember when I did that- and it was almost great he's like, I think I could do it again, but it'd be bad for everybody for everybody and he was super angry at Disney land, not Disneyland, but the land around Disneyland Disneyland would be land because when he built it there was nothing around it. But it is everyone, other businesses, yeah, hotels and stuff, to open up around it that it trapped them in, and so they were trap by traffic again and so he's just raging about all the traffic around Disneyland. Okay. So when he built Disneyland, it was kind of in the middle because it is a little far out of Los Angeles. So it wasn't as I go, to see the middle nowhere, but there was open space around it yeah and he had a there's nowhere for to expand Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. That's right: that's where new episodes drop on patroon patrons a way to get early access to episodes and a their content and exclusive merchandise, and we're not going to stop there because we had a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right! That's five! A month you two can be a Patriot supporter and not your advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore text till in the six X, eight, six, six, otherwise I'll come to your house. I will find you. I will destroy everything, that's good in your life until we're the only thing left anyway, here's another advertisement so so epcot was born and Epcot. You Might Ave hard remind me again s, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five Disney land opens. Let me look at the. Let me look at time line and then, when he went to Florida he just had all the land because he was like no one wants to be here. On thousand nine hundred and Ity five Disneyland opened yeah and you the same trade engines are running the same trains in that crazy. That's pretty bonesie kind of cool and they're running on the same track that he laid Disney world opened and seventy one but epcot, okay, so e eighteen years later, epcot predated by a long time, O all yeah, so epcot was early. S is in Florida. Yes, yes! So! Well! Let me let me the idea of a card or the eve. Let me okay! Well, let me tell o this Tory. What is that cut stand for expert experimental prototype community of tomorrow, Yeah Yeah, so anyways, so he he had this idea he's like he's like. I want to build this dream: Community: Okay, no traffic! That's the only rule, no traffic, lots of mice and gangsters on the bridge that was his prototype city, Bata brose in the Middle Bataras in the middle. You know what this is going to be perfect, but it really was. It was honestly kind of coming off of that behavior sing era. It's the early s yeah and so he's. Looking at every city and saying all these city suck traffic is awful: Yeah, they're, dangerous, there's crime. The reason that your yeah there's too many people everywhere, yeah he's like I'm going to build the city where there's no crime, there's no traffic and everything is beautiful and it's Super Fun all the time, and so he feels like Michael Scott, the office. Where he's like I'm going to have twenty seven kids, and that way no one can not be my friend or like oh she. So he had this idea and was kind of thinking through how he was going to do it. So he actually looked at a lot of locations. He looked at St Louis. He left at Denver. He looked at New York, we kind of had Disney world in St Louis Yeah, O think about help much that would have reshaped the state its phenomena me, I mean look what I did for Florida. I mean yeah, not great things. You know, so he was looking at all those different places and then so of beach. Miami some guy just listed an obscene amount of acreage for sale and he was all of a sudden like Huh Florida, and so he started looking at the topography there. That deal never went through, so he never actually went with that specific guy. But then he was like you know what Florida is a perfect place. He had. He had one of his research teams go through and do all the the market research there and when he realizes he said hey this actually want to compete with Disneyland at all, because it's the opposite coast, and so you said what we would have as we would have basically a line down the middle of the country where everyone on the east coast would go disney world. Everyone on the west coast would go disneyland. The only thing at this point: it was in Disney world, it was epcot and epcot had different parks and locations within it was the vision. Okay, so epcot was Disney world initially. So we'll run with that for a second and we'll explain kind of the vision in the second. So, like animal kingdom was going to be part of that guy. Well, he didn't have an idea for an IM, looking him to begin with, but okay, if e in practice. Yes, that's the idea, like magic kingdom, Animal Kingdom Epcot, it was epcot and all those were parts of Epcot Lois I've got so he he said, okay, well, that deal went didn't go through right, but he said what about something in the middle of Florida. So it's not all the way down. There is a little easier for people to get to through found. Orlando fell in love with the area and basically told his company said Hey by as much of it as your pain and so, and I know there they still own so much more than they're using yeah yeah they bought hold on. Let me see if I can figure out how much acreage they bought for it and then how much they're using that's how I'm cure I'm curious. What the ratio is. Yeah sounds good. They bought twenty five thousand acres, so thirty nine score miles and they're using about half that's what I'm saying they're only using half of what for all their parks m. What? Because the idea was epcot, and so the idea was idea. This experient called You keep saying that, like we know what Epcot is yeah well I'll, tell you get there I'll, tell you okay, say there. Now, here's up guy, here's the idea that got it's this! It's this theoretical place where, like I said, no crime or traffic logs are fun, but here's the thing then there's tomorrow, it's always tomorrow, so he wanted this to be a bastion of the future and so no matter what it would always be twenty years ahead of every other city in the world, okay, and so his idea will take it from the airport, so the property, the bottom of the property, was an airport, and so that was kind of a big grand you would fly into epico yeah, and so this was the Epcot International. Are Rich people fly in the Disney world like at the airport at Disney world? Do they have an air or an airport? I'm pretty sure they do, I'm pretty sure they have their own little airport yeah. But you like do like rich people get to fly in there or do they just go to Orlando Airport Wi you? What do you mean? I don't understand what you're saying I, Orlando has an airport does Disney. Let the rich people fly into dis. DISNEYS are part, I don't know, does Disney let people land on the safari trail a long guys. We've got a pause. If you look to your left, there's some water buffalo in front of us, JAS's playing, is landing. Give him a second like wrap. It's got his face on the side of it he's not gody dude, he's classy. I This a little lane, as I'm saying like are they allowed to? I don't know anyway, go ahead that so the original idea was that there would be an airport that you were fly into with the intention of going to Avco yeah, and then they attack attached to that is the entrance to epcot, and so there's this big grand entry way kind of really similar to what the entry way to dis a world is right, now lots of little shops and things to see. And then, when you get on there, there is the monorail system, and so the monorail system runs through the whole series of call them locations of Epcot. Today we would call them parks, but that's not accurate, for that's not what we do. Vision was, and so you go through it, and the obviously have your first. So was that giant ball built first, no well, it might have been, but it wasn't initially so we'll get to that we'll get to how it became what it is, because totally change your story. So so you would get on the monorail and the monorail will then take you through this sort of industrial, complex, and so this I did. The idea for this was you get there and there was a train station, a Monera station yeah and attach the monorail station where people move our stations which the people movers they have them at Disneyland, and I think they have met Disney world too, and at some random places around the world too, but basically they're like trains, but instead of it being like a train that moves along a track. It's a train with stationary cars on the track and then the track moves, and so it's like almost like a belt like almost like a like a like those staircases, as Cascar yeah, almost like an escalator. So like the what so, it's like it's a anterson concept, but I don't think I've seen them outside of like the haunted mansion yeah. That's a perfect example. That's exact know, that's I say is like that'ss your describing the haunted mansion yeah. So that was the idea. They have that everywhere it a bunch of people move or stations, people movers were hold. How many people that mean they have a bunch of cars they'd be like two or three people in a car and put the cars, so it would be like the haunted mansion just everywhere, yeah, like a roller like a little roller coaster, car who then be a car in front of you. Well, this was the transition transportation systems. That way you have to deal with traffic and you get on your little cart and then the car. What the cart would do is it was a the it was located. Everything in epcot was a bunch of circles, and so the industrial complex is the same way at the center. The circle was your monorail station with your people, murders, and they went out like spokes to each of the different complexes. Complexes were also like a big circle, and so you would stop in the middle, and then there would be trails that led to all the buildings which were the businesses, and so his vision was i'm going to get r ca, kodak all the major companies at the time, radio shack. But for me all those were the major companies, the time that were like in the front of technology, to open up campuses here, and this was you got e a blockbuster in here. It's go great and they would be pushing technology forward ad evon and there's a reason that he wanted them here and there's a reason he wanted them at the first stop which will get to, and it's just a second okay. So you would get you go past your first step and then you would enter into tomorrow, land and so then that'd be a big step where all the vegetables are which i'm going to come back to tomalin, because that's bigger and it's going to take a little longer to talk about you pass tomorrow. Land and then you get to the theme parks. And so then you would stehe plan was for theme parks to exist there, the e it wasn't just like a you know. Let's us go a giant place to live yes, but it was an afterthought for walter. Okay, well really owd d really thought that he needed it for funding more than anything interestin, because because he knew hey wee prue the concept before i can get investors at back this park yeah. But i can't get into invest my co new city, my god, all right. It's called av cole. I have cot, so it's a little different ani said cold. I said it were not sorry said accident anyway, you remember who i am right: yeah yeah, i'm powerful yeah! Just give me money. Do you like whales? So so that was going to be the magic king goes a sea world down there too. So that was going to be the magic kingdom and think what the magic kingdom was. It was just like disneyland, but it also had like a billion golf courses, the exact number of what he planned- a billion golf course, golf courses, no, but it had a lot of golf courses like tennis cords, like all this in the point outdoor like stuff to do yeah, and so the idea was you fin. You drive through the the industrial complex and you get to kind of you. Don't take sure you moved through while you're on a monorail yeah. If you get off, you get moved through: okay spare monorail through the industrial comprest, complex yeah, and you see all these. These businesses that are leading the way and then you go into tomorrow, land and then you go to the park and here's the cool thing about to morrow land. Is it's crazy? It's it's twenty years in vans, it's twenty years ahead of everything else in theory, but here's the layout for tomorrow and again concentric circles like the spoke system out outwards, so your monteral lands in the middle okay and then you have all your people movers going out, but this time, instead of it being like you get there, there's a station and people moves that. Take you out to other circles. You you stop in, like almost this giant mall. So the monorail goes into this building yeah and the monorail station is at the first floor of this hotel in the hotel is the highest building in the whole city and so massive tower and then surrounding the hotel same building. But the hotel just rises out from within it is a fifty acre shopping mall. Basically- and so it's just this massive massive indoor, mall okay, but the catch was it was an outdoor mall that they just put a roof on. So they had built all these buildings while they guess they didn't build it. But the idea was built. All these buildings put a design it to look like different parts of the world and then put a roof over it. So you can climb at control the whole thing and they were going to put there's like there's renderings that they have of it little dome skylights randomly all over the place to let natural lighted and they look really funny. They look like submarine port holes. Okay for the ceiling of this massive building, yeah make just gigantic building on the edge of the sous going to open a big mallon, the edge of the shopping mall was kind of this mixed use, district that wrapped all the way around the mall. So it s the malls is giant circular building and then wrapped around it. Our buildings attached to the building, but like kind of jet out from the building and er different shapes and sizes, and how that's where the employers would live now will some of them. There were apartments, but there was also like your hospitals, some on that irises yeah in that circle, and so that was like kind of your almost service center. There is a bunch of different services there, okay and then outside of that. The next ring was the green belt, and so this was just parks and open spaces, but within the parks and open spaces there was your schools and things like that: okay and so, and then you had another ring outside of it. That was your residential spaces, and so the way it was laid out is your spokes were again the people, movers and your people. Movers would take people from the center points to the hotel and the mall down to that. Each stop along that until you get to the residential zones and the residential zones. Are these big coldest of people move a rail yeah and the way it works? You just like a people move her home, yeah, yeah and but the people move it the way it worked. Is it only stopped if you triggered it to stop, which would be a disaster for people like me when it stop? Stop it all the time the whole e, i guess yeah, but you don't have to trigger to stop i've, ridden the hono mention you just get off he step off. I guess so. I guess so. That's real! I don't know how fast i move if you got to, if you're all on the same line right, jus giant people move her. If your been on the hanamenu know that it stops multiple times while you're in there yeah yeah, because the idiots of the beginning didn't know how to get in yeah, that's the only reason it stops yeah, so they have to trigger the stop yeah you're right yeah. So if you i know where you're going just push it open and get out, i guess so don't hold up the rest of the, and this is honestly, you know traffic like say it's traffic, because you know either way you can design a system that works and everything, but there's still gonna be idiots to mess it up. So the cold issac yeah was your people mover, and the thing with that is it was this large park was your cultas x instead of being this little asphalt corner? Is this large park and all the houses faced in towards the greenery on the park? And so then you get off and you walk across the park to your house now. Would you be signed a house, or could you buy one yeah? Let me get there okay, this is excited he here's. What i gets kind of interesting, the back side of the house, is actually had rotes because he knew that the residence you could want to be want to leave yeah's like i learned this the hard way, the first time people are going to want to leave. I guess there was roads. I don't know why. So it was interesting. You kind of had this, this coldest. That was like inverted because the houses would have almost the backyards in the coldish and then outside the cold. Sec would be this big loop road that would go back inwards, and here they had outlets that would have to be gated wall. Her was really interesting. What they did is the the roads went back in towards the center and they actually went underneath the mall, and so there was almost like a redout. The made entrance there's almost like a freeway running through the mall, so traffic. If the mall was in the first floor, there's a basement level below that low inside the highway went through there and there was tons of parking underneath in that first floor, so massive parking garage with a highway that ran through and all those spokes from the neighborhoods went through there and then the floor below that was another highway, and that was shipping. So all of your trucks and all of your delivery ports were in that bottom basement, okay, and so this is actually that idea was actually the brainchild for what disney world has now with all the tunnels, underneath, where all the characters travel underneath very different than the original idea for upcot. But that's where it came from was this concept and it was the way it was done in practice. Was they actually lifted the whole park because the water ceiling or floor whatever under underground in florida? It's too high, so you couldn't put basements that low, so they would have acted, had actually build up to get it up there. So anyways that's a cool like interesting concept and even in the mall, so you had you had your shipping layer, you had your highway like normal traffic layer and then you had your foot traffic layer in the mall, but the mall was high ceilings and then you had the monorail running through it. That was a level above and the people. Movers were the level above right. So it was almost like four layers of transport of shipping traffic flit traffic rail cause really interesting, and it did i mean theoretically, it would be great for traffic becausethere's, like all these different traffic options at different layers of the city, to get you in and out of different parts of the city faster, and so the theory was you could live off of one of those spokes or in one of the residential areas. Ur, take your people move in to the mono rail or to the mall or wherever you worked, or take the rail to the park, work in the park or take it to the industrial part right and do your work there and then the idea for the industrial park, and so this was why he did this first, as he wanted the industrial part to showcase all the new technology. Okay, if apple was there apple would, as you drive through, be like here's, their new phones, a ta riding through on the monorail and what the neighborhood would be around to morrow land is, they would be the test zone for new technology. So every time one of these industrial complexes came up with a new technology, they would give it to those people free to test. Okay, like right off the front which sounds kind of cool until you realize what his idea was hey whenever they, whenever ge puts out a new fridge, we're going to switch your fridge and like we're just going to come in and do it and like you, want a new like your tv, we're just going to switch your tv yeah, and so it was going to be the state of constant, like new retro, fitting all of your appliances and everything in your home. Your vehicle, like whatever, like wal, constatation, getting changed, and to be able to do that and to be able to run the city he we wanted to the way he wanted to run it. Well, we kind of live in that anyway. What do you mean? Yeah, you get a new phone every year yeah, but we do it by choice. This is not a choice. This is just here's your every six months. Someone comes in and takes so launching me. I don't take this phone. Is this caller going to shock me, and that was that was why this is literally why he didn't never run for office. He joked about it, but i think he's a people going to bring up the colt n n. No, he joked about it, but he was a little serious where he said. Well. If i ran for government, i want to have full control, and that was the idea for that joke mate. That was a joky batson, really e. I was not joking, that's i'm saying! Oh, so he- and that was the thing with epcot- is oh you a goin to run for governor and have less control than i do now. All right! That's cool! I'm going to take my people over home now yeah i about to go to up coll. I mean cot. It's sorry! So the idea. Can you add that when you go to your breath, so he so he added all these things into the city, but he wanted to make sure it wasn't a democracy. He wanted absolute control yeah because he didn't think his belief was if people had their say that it wouldn't go the way he wanted it to a god super weird so fast so, but because he figured he said. I think people are going to have a problem with us changing their house. Every six months is, is my world a aftermaths, terrifying all right, so so yeah that and then every every part of the city was very much put into like you weren't supposed to retire. If you're going to be a part of the city, you had to contribute and okay. So that's what i was going to ask like, so you are voluntarily becoming part of the city. Yes, so it's not like a there's. No there's! No representatives, there's! No! It's not a government thing. It is straight up like in his run by disney. Yes, he's the emperor o that con yes at ecal, kepher, pepere, apery aper, that kind of yeah. I see what you're doing hap king, i don't know but yeah. So it was a little better company company towns had been a thing for a long time. Have we talked about company towns? I don't think so. So company towns they've been around forever, and this is similar to a company town, basically idea of a company down forward. Did it there's like some famous plastics company that did it? That was a disaster in chicago about like ford, for example, for they opened up a company town in? I can't remember where, like venezuela or brazil, one of those like in south america and the idea was that it was going to be a rubber factory and everybody there was going to live and work theirs. They built all these homes for everybody, okay and they built the factory, and it was supposed to be like hey. We gave you a great life opportunity, and then you go you yeah, and so the problem was for was one of the more extreme examples. A lot of company towns. Did this, though, where basically, you were kind of on the hook, your employment and your light. Like your yeah, if you don't get fired so quit, then you lose. Then you lose your home right, yeah! That's what i was curious about. This dissney stuff is like. So how do you get chosen to live there? Well, i don't know exactly what that process was going to look like, because i still like very early for for disney, at least, but it wasn't a situation like the company towns, because there's multiple companies and the company that was running it. While they did have employment opportunities for everyone, they were the only employer yeah. I got o player, so you can work for apple and still live there yeah, but you had to work in the town like you had to work in the town. You so have a job outside of the town, the idea as you're contributing to epcot, no matter what so you couldn't retire. If you retired you had to leave if you weren't working, you had to leave and the reason for that is he thought that that would eliminate slow people. Oh sorry, he was like you know what i hate just his a graphic and the old is called in the olds to literally like sixty on at this time. I know that's what he's saying he's like i'm never going to be one of those i'm on work till i died. You know so he he, he fike, thought the problem with american cities and why there was crime and bad neighborhoods was because those people weren't working. He didn't recognize that it was income in quality, so he was like. If everybody works, there won't be any bad neighborhoods and so or he felt the same way about poor people that dave ramsey does yeah. Actually it was just like: oh yeah, it's just their fault: oh okay, o yeah, yeah, exactly and so he's like he's like, as if you work you can stay. If you don't work, you have to leave she's, fair, which i mean if you're, what about the cloten that what age that was? That was what was interesting to is that's why they did the green belt and put the schools in the green belt, because in the s adults were scared of teenagers, because the teenager with the baby boomers- and they were nuts- absolutely crazy. I mean, if you're going to put boom in the generation name yeah, so they put them in the green belt. So high schoolers have to work no, but they had to go to school yeah. It's the schools and stuff for in the green belt. In this idea, this ever happened. Yeah yeah the idea, the green, the high schools were in the green dot. So that way they were separate from everything else, because they yeah, because they're crazy to that, would do that still high school or start his cool restuck. You know and like i speak in high schools- and i know those high schools a listen to this, and i want you to know you sunk, you suck a t. If i chance i get to go back in time and somehow i am a high school student and listening to my own podcast you suck to dude. Like i straight up, i hate who i was then you know. I said this yesterday in ten years en i look back right now. Ten years ago i was seventeen years old right. Ten years from now, i'm going to look back. That would be like i was a freaking idiot twenty seven year old, twenty six, a wife is, is that is that constantly just looking back and being an i cause? I was thinking about it. My parents do that now my parents are like yeah but, like you know when, when you were a kid, we didn't know what you were doing and i was like you were my age when i was a kid well, i think i think, if you're the kind of person who grows your whole life, then oh yeah, if you're, not if you're, sitting here and you're going yeah, you know i've got this thing figured out the last twenty years. I want you to know everyone else around. You thinks you suck everyone else around. You thinks that you so and that's kind of the kind of bats o o n. He was that's a great point that, if you're growing, then you should feel a little bit embarrassed about how you used to be. But if you're not embarrassed at all, you said you suck you suck. You should be that's the rule, that's where, if you're not embarrassed it off, you should be, should be yes, what was it? It was just like. I s been great yeah and so out i can er. I could start a cold, that's what i was gonna say. I thought i could i thought about it, so i so i could never join one can never join. I wouldn't be o. I could start one. I hate that. I know that about myself, because i've grew self power because i've grown anyway, so they put the high scores in the green belt. Yeah they put. The high school is in the green bolt because they're scared of them yeah so so walt was like all right. Let's, this is still the early s when this idea is for they're, like drawing up plans for this yeah and they've already purchased the la not just drunk yeah they've already proceed the land, they're, building, scale models and they're actually building the technology, so they built thanks. Okay, yeah matereal exists, the monorail had already existed, the people mover had artis. Did they already use that stuff in disneyland, but some of the tuft that they re building that was really cool? Is they built basically like what we have for sewage? They built that for trash, so they were vacuum pipes for trash, and so you would dump that in your home or anywhere in the whole thing and disney world actually uses it to this day, and so disney world was a a we're keeping that, but is all the actions all the chat cans on disney. Will you drop them in there and periodically? The bottom opens up it's a vacuum and it just sucks all the trash down to a central trash corridor. No, a hundred percent, no crazy and it's the same come, and i asked that with a little bit of excitement, because i'm kind of like what happened that you follow it we should try. I don't think the pipes are big enough for a person in a is kind of jokes, the whole time what you don't think it's big enough for me. I said i only try to say for a person. Am i not a prosy person pick any person, anyone any person, anyone who told me to do an episode that epcot the kind of fit okay, so okay, so they suck the trash out. Have you ear till in podcast march? That's right. We have a merged store full of tillin bread and teas, hoodies mugs and so much more. We also make new designs for every single episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them, while they're hot text till into six six, eight six six to get your till in march today, so so the the trash is getting. I straight up, don't believe that i want to not want to see that in action, crazy, so were so go they there's like a central corridor underground in their little tunnel system. That's the trash room, just like star wars and it com packs it, and then they ship it out. That's crazy, yeah because and they're. Actually, a reason for that is, i find out think about i've, never seen somebody change your trash candid disney. You haven't because i got the trash the trash tunnels. I don't know what the call trachea total its as tubes, so the whole reason for that same concept disney had little things that really frustrated him. For example, try other linings, you just throw the trash and it sucks it out. I'm pretty sure you just thowt in it sucks it down mathis. The whole reason for it was disney could not stand listening to the trash trucks back up by his house. It's the little i can't be like and then driving away he's like. We need to come up with a way he's like. I hate traffic and i hate trashing. Okay, what is trafic? It's trash traffic, it's the trucks backing up and they do their me ma me then, and then you hid them, throw all the chest: a quasher, the person who runs the happiest place, the lord you're pretty unhappy with most things in the world. Why? Okay, i i i hate that some of them coming on the road and they got a person riding on the end of it. You know the person jumps off and grabs it right now get rid of both of them. Yeah put them on a ground, but like build a tunnel for him bar, i mean bury the road with them on it. So, okay, so yeah, so he they were. Hey at least he's providing solutions. Honestly, i do like the trash thing. Isn't that cool? That is super neat. It's i mean a massive undertaking for something. That's kind of slim yeah, we're already kind of have solved, but pretty cool yeah. I guess so. He, where they're at is they had the whole concept they have models. He's got this massive room in his studio with vaulted ceilings like twenty foot ceilings where they have maps plastered to the wall of this thing and they've got scale models on the on tables in this room like this is her. I me they're in the planning face and what you're iselin? How long is all that early s like sixty four sixty five? Really so the film this movie promote? When did they buy the land in florida? I'm not exactly sure. Actually, because i'm wondering early is. I know that yeah you keep saying that i'm trying to figure out what the timeline of all this is. How fast can you build a cold city? Well, he's like we'll have a football team, the way called the colts. You know that's where they came from. Let's see everything i'm finding is like in the s they bought. I guess what the key saying. Okay, i all right. It doesn't matter so as it's taken a few years, they're they're doing stuff on this, though so they're doing stuff on this they're working on the project walt. That's what i think it in my mind. This was always just an idea. I didn't know that they had like started. It was an idea telling a that turned into like something they were actually working on a they filmed. This thirty minute film, with two different with alten ending, so one ending was for for for florida state like legislators to basically be like hey. Let us do this, it's going to be awesome. The other in thing was for people who might live there. The other ending was for investors to be like put your money into this yeah, and so, but they filmed it theater those available yeah they do exist. They're really interesting is really intrest love to talk through the whole thing. It's not you to the whole things i need to be, can watch it coelina to it. No, i was that's what i expect you to answer. Thank you so the we linked to it it's in the description of wherever you're listening. Now he did it. Okay, just look for yourself see if you can find on google it hey. You can't say that search it did you know that they don't want you to, but it's not. I didn't make it legal. I mean they can't come after me. They chant really hard yeah. They can't it's free to speak. You know what i'm gonna say: google them. I like like hey what, if we made it something different, you know: hey google, be glad that it's search right now: okay, what he kin the like, they're, like hey. You can't say that any more i be like google, you dude, we can make this a whole thing, so be grateful that it's just a mean search, something right now, because it could mean something else of anyways. So waltz became just obsessed. Yeah arms epcot, like painfully obsessed, yea point where he was like when you can play a little train like when you realize that the reason people make train models is because they don't have control their own life and they want to have control over a little tiny people. Well, that's what he's doing with people with real people he was like. I can make epcot he's like he's like. I have always been able to control a lot. I want to control disneyland is a madman's like a rich person's train model fever tree literally there's a train there. It's a train model. It's like a model train villa, it's a model, train village, but it's real life, so they put it together. They quoted this thing in the mid of six about sixty five in the y. Five hundred million dollars, which would be today would be point four point, six billion dollars and he was like. Let's do it we're going ahead, and so he said he said he said this is going to take me. Fifteen years to complete right he's, gone freaking man he's trying to open it by the edes yeah and he's going insane yeah when the d everybody close to him as saying eis drinking is getting worse, you know becoming more radic well in sixty six. He died of lung cancer. Largely because of this i mean he smoked his whole life. But what happened was they discovered the tumor? They removed it and they gave him this this, like rest and recoup plan yeah, and he just said forget that i'm going back to work, google that he said, google that i'm building an epcot yeah, i'm busy. So he literally, they said, there's reports of him in his hospital room working after his surgery and then he gets out and he rests for a couple days- goes back to the office the day he goes back to his office. He dies. You think he would have made it if he didn't yeah, probably jeez. I saw a tactae other day and this guy is he's in a bunch of videos, he's kind of like a gary v kind of guy he's older ilho find it for you because he's like i work sixty four hours a day. You see that video now or he's just like he's like in twice as productive everyone else. So if i'm working eight hours, i've already working sixteen hours just there, because i'm twice as productive, because then i'm working sixteen hour days and because i've already working to ice pectorals, that's thirty, two hours right there he goes in then, with all this. I don't know how he got the sixty four. He doubles that again, so he's saying he's working si he's doing the equivalent of sixty four hours of work a day. Literally. I wanted to come in on and be like. Hey man, your kids, don't know your name like broly. That's pretty sad in that great coras. That's really sad! So yeah's! Basically what happened at disney. He dies yeah, and in did the hall a weatherby sure died, and i was like all right. I didn't want to say when he's alive, but this is crazy. Well, that's the thing everybody in the company, except for his number two was like this. This is a crazy yeah they put like this is insane like this is an casini. This cost too much. This is too big yeah and there's not enough opportunity for us to actually make money off of this, and so his number two was like. No, it's going to be awesome. Who was his number two mickey mouse? He was his number two fe yeah mick is not good at pisa. Think he was the face. Goofy was the one boon, the strings, the whole time you know, cufee was the one really making it work, so he he his brother roy comes in and all along this process. Roy was telling him you don't. This is crazy, don't do this and he literally like there's moments actually right before his surgery. There's a moment where someone came to him with some impo about the build and was like hey, this isn't going to work because of xyz yeah and he screamed at him and was like. Have you been talking to roy did boy. I tell you to say this because he knew roy was a lot more realistic than him and yeah. I was a crazy idea, and so after he died, roy took over disney the whole company yeah n, and he said i want to make this dream of reality, but we're not going to do this, and so he kind of repositioned everything as a disney world and eventually like they had the plan to in the future open epcot. But it was going to be a park. It was, and so he changed everything to just the theme parks a having the hotels and stuff like that, because the city of tomato thing it was cool so when people are always like walt, would roll in his grave if he saw what these parks have become: yeah they're right, yeah, actually because yeah, if he went to if he went to florida and saw what is he right happening now, yeah, okay yeah? He would he would be furious yeah, because he, because that's not that, wasn't a plan for him. The park was an after thought. It was just to get investors it just some in honestly. He probably would have closed it yeah i, after what have opened a lie if it was sustainable enough, he would have ben like. I don't want to have a park over here. Yeah there's no reason to have a park here, not in this city, not in this city parks, bring crime and poor people who i want those here, but yea and old. That's a lot of the feed back. A lot of people have because he has this vision for the city as if everybody's just going to be perfect, all the time yeah he's like the supreme ruler of it. But it's like what happens when someone's not like what happens when someone kills. Somebody because like it could happen like what are you going to do? Walk well, we've got my kilar whale takes that justice is swift, and so it was. It was an interesting idea for a city. It could have been really cool, but it's unrealistic because it's idealistic, yeah and also the problem. The idea is to be twenty years ahead of something for ever like that means literally every year you have to update it like you have to constantly be getting ahead of everything yeah, but that's what our culture does now. Well, that's, that's! That's the problem with epcot right now is the r they have the tomorrow land, but it's it's out at it's updated now, yeah, because it's tomorrow from ses yeah, it's like dipinto. The ice cream of yesterday came of the future yeah, but it's like you guys have been around for too long. Speaking of the future. When do you get to change your speaking of here's? Here's the thing about all this he was disney was a futurist. I'm not do you see my face where i'm not excited about whatever you're going to do right now. Disney was this feature he had this dream of the future and this crazy massive idea, everything he ever touched. His whole life turned to gold yeah. I think that there will be a disney and space now. I think they said this. I think disney is the elon musk of yesterday. Okay, okay, a are but hear that though we didn't, we mention that in the was it in the test, labat episode or whatever that when we do colonize the moon, there will be a disney up there we might have. We might think there will be a moon disney moon disney. Maybe where were they suck the trash? Then you just shoot it out the back of toxide of the mood she a little trash and guy with his it's a it's a new ipos, my show he's listening to his ipop, pushing the air life button. There's an ipod up. There he's an to an ipod he's. Should i pod he's got his head. I o have not existed it's the black and why, with the headphone thing and he's just like hitting the button and it's all shitter yeah yeah anyways, i thought it might be a good chance to hear from our space corns correspondent, it's braceman dan. What o space him say: space in space. I knows a lot about the future because, as you know, us space is a s right now. Here's what i hate is that you've chugged this, dr pepper for this bit. The only reason you've been drinking a did, pepper and like napping, able to breathe this entire episode is so you can say whatever you're about to say right now and honestly, i'm trying to stall as much as i can, because i don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear what space tom has to say. So i'm trying to talk as much as i can to avoid whatever is about to come out of this mouth all right. He spaced him yeah! No, i i! I recognized your voice ban. I honestly thought we had a good transition to bring you up and we're talking about disney on the moon, but then tim didn't cut to you to the moon here. Yet there's not really much, but it's the late to morrow. Wouldn't it be up there space to him yeah it's twenty years ahead, but the moon disney is not forty years out. Okay, okay, okay, othere! You go yeah, yeah a so space to it. What do you then? A? Can you see epcot from there? Oh yeah beautiful? They got there, they got the space ship, it lolotte up real welli. Think the goths, the you're able to see what kind of lighting they're using yeah or sonlike ar way better than like, because it's tomorrow that makes sense that makes sense. Yeah he's the thing: here's the thing go ahead: lodise he had we space tim. Are you teaching me now? Is space team finishing the episode? No, i just wanted to talk. Okay with my future outlook, i can give us some good insight. Are you from the future? Is that what this bit is? I didn't you were to see in space, but everybody knows spaces in the future. What times or is space central space time, everybody cst? That's why a do you guys have? Do you guys have the time change up there? Does that happen? For you, yeah jet lag is pretty bad up here. We call it rocket lag yeah, it's rough rocket leg as you a rocket at the pace. You know, i don't know if you knew that anyway. So, let's talk about epcot, it's it talks about the city being something from like tomorrow, but they missed it because tomorrow everything's going to be on mars in the moon and stuff, because we're going to blow the though you're, surprisingly very casual for an astronaut like your or total voices. Just you know you're like very bro. That's the thing that thing that people miss about astronaut that weren't just a couple of boys bros up here. You know i mean i hate this. Can we disconnect? Somehow? Can i hang up on space tube? I okay space food, it's nothing! But pizza rolls and bagabos. A pizza rolls bagel bites and space babes. Do you guys have tinder up there yeah we do yeah yeah. What's your radius, it's pretty wide. I e praestet were an organ, so just about every hour were or something else. So you know so you know you know how you get how it is. You know i play the field cast. I play the earth, you know in the globe. Yeah you get it yeah, so you guys are doing tinder in space a ball. This is off the people mover i'll. Tell you what i think space to him appreciate every time you come talk to us, no problem glad i could yeah it's not like he's literally doing anything else. He's he's up there watching on, like he's onto there, watching anterograde the spartan movie yeah, that's what astronaut art pain is waithed every night on this a yeah and because astronauts are so efficient. We actually work sixty four hours a day as we watch the movie three hundred, which is it's about three hours, o watch it twenty one times a time day. It's because time is a real up here. Oh man, you're telling me it's three hundred a week m. Okay, that was such a weird bit anyways. So i've caught is a crazy idea, yeah what it have worked today, probably not i mean i think you probably would have been able to build it. Well, i don't think you were to work because you see how outdoor malls turned out. You see how like the idea for malls was that they would be a place where people would live and then people were like. We don't want to live there, yeah yeah, it's i think like there are lots as zonaras that cost more than my apartment and no one. Why would you that do you want to live above? Fifty? Fourth street, you tell me, you want to go downstairs, walk out your front door, get some boneless was and then go. I gonna low you to him. What you're saying to me sounds really great. I'm seeing right now was you could walk outside get some boneless swings, get on the people mover and move your people back to your apartment. Here's what i think i think he would have built it. Yeah he's crazy. I think he would have filled it. I think a bunch bettie, let disney live longer. He would have ruined his legacy. Genuinely believe that we didn't let him live. Are you saying someone was like kill that man but make it look like something else? Was i give that guy one cancer he's gotta go? No, he isn't an it does sound like we murdered him. That sounds like a murder disney. No, i just mean like. If he had lived longer, he would have ruined his legacy. Maybe absolutely pass very, maybe possibly very very much, maybe yeah yeah. I think it would have filled it. I do think it would have been tough for him to get a bunch of businesses to move their headquarters there and to be that happy about, but he was basically trying to wait for what silicon valley is, though kind of, but but with what he wanted to do. Is he wanted everybody who lived there to be test subjects for all the products which i which they don't want to do? Companies don't want to do that, especially with their competitors right now, but that's what they do in silicon valley, though i don't know if they do that at the same scale, we should do an episode on silicon valley because they do some weird stuff out there, but i think that's what you know he's he's idea was that that would have maybe it would that have worked out. I don't know you know. Yeah may so is his brain frozen in that giant ball. Oh a hundred percent. That's! Actually, the ball is brain sized. That's how big disney's brain wones out i just inflated it. I said for a man, this big is gonna feed, a bigger brain yeah. He was taking whatever that stuff. Joe rogan takes it as the day after roy was like. I need to inflate it o reals, underneath the go, thou and ones like really. What are you doing and he's like i'm insulating wat's brain for spatio birth? Why you call a space ship birth? Don't worry about that one day this will be earth, but roy wasn't crazy. What was as c, what wasn't great? We don't know. We crazy think he might have the was a little crazy. So i didn't paint out. We can watch the video somewhere else. Can we post pictures of the maps and stuff yeah sure? I think, because i'm fascinated to see those yeah, it's really interesting. I mean it's a very interesting idea. I don't think it would have worked. I think he would have done it. I don't think it would have worked the way he expected it yeah. I think it would have it wouldn't have become disney world. The way that is now yeah disney world is very close to not happening. If what live we wouldn't have disney world, which is interesting. What it's a very interesting thing to think about. Anyways! That's a epcot all right that, oh things on last night is a production of space. Tim media produced by christian taylor. Audio is edited by alice. Garnett video by connard social media is run by caleb walker and graphic designed by caleb goldberg, our host or jerry myers and tim stone. Please follow some social media at tillin podcast, that's till in podcast. Leave a review comment subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on last night. I

Walt Disney had an issue with the way cities were built in his day. He spent much of his adult life in Los Angeles, notorious for traffic and dangerous corridors. Disney believed he had all the answers, and after the success of Disney land, he began formulating a plan for a new city. Eventually, Epcot would become the project’s name, which stood for the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow. This city was romantic, to say the least. If Walt had succeeded, it would’ve been one of the most incredible places on earth. However, many critics point to the glaring flaws with the strategy. The argument is moot, though. The city of Epcot never saw the light of day. After Disney’s untimely death, his brother Roy took the reigns of the project and converted it to a larger iteration of the prosperous Disney land.

Why Build a City?

Walt Disney had long dreamed of building his city. It all began with Disney studios when he attempted to create an office space where his employees could work, play, and live. This idea sounds familiar to us today, but at the time, it was a foreign concept. Ultimately, the dream didn’t work and ended in a lengthy animator strike. Also, he had goals for an expansion of Disneyland, but following the park’s success, the area around the park was quickly developed and filled with hotels and tourist traps. As a result, it was restricting his expansion opportunities.

These two scenarios alone drove Walt’s desire to build his city. However, one of the most significant driving factors was his belief that he could design a better city than anyone who had tried before him. He was furious with modern city life. The violence, the traffic, and the noise were solvable problems in the eyes of Disney. Epcot was his solution.

The Original Epcot

Today Epcot is nothing more than a theme park, but that was not the original idea. For Walt, Epcot would’ve been the city of his dreams. The name was an acronym that stood for the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow. The town was meant to always be 20 years ahead of every other city on the planet. To do that, the company hoped to entice all the leading tech companies to relocate their headquarters to Epcot and test their new products within the city. Guests to the town had the privilege of exploring a city of the future and the hope for the products that would one day line the shelves of their hometown.

The city would lay host to more than just tech companies. It would host its airport, a massive hotel, indoor shopping mall with districts themed on countries around the world, neighborhoods, and of course, a theme park. The city would be laid out in large circles connected by people movers allowing people to travel between nearby areas within their district and a monorail line adjoining districts. The rail system allowed a route to solving one of Walt’s biggest civic woes; traffic. The roads in the city existed primarily for transit out of Epcot, and most were buried underground. A large freeway spanned the city underground for regular traffic and connected to underground parking facilities. Likewise, an even large freeway was buried deeper than the last for freight and deliveries.


Unfortunately, Disney became obsessed with the idea. Once prototyping began, it was all he could think about, and he began overworking himself and compromising his health. Eventually, the lack of a work-life balance led to his death. His brother Roy continued the Epcot project but believed the idea was over ambitious and unrealistic. Instead, Roy pivoted the project to build Walt Disney World. The park became the most successful theme park of all time. However, Walt would roll over in his grave if he knew what his Epcot project became. Watch or listen to this week’s episode of Things I Learned Last Night to learn more about Walt’s experimental city concept.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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