Jose Canseco – The Man That Took Steroids Mainstream in the MLB


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Same Old Studio, it's going to be back in the same studio, you're to be back in my home or we record every week. You know in the same place same exact as nothing's different. I don't know if you could look around if you're listening look around it looks the same wherever you're listening is probably the same. I don't know unless you moved nowhere in a new space. What, if someone's listening in they're in our office right now like they're, they're, listening yeahs is weird I'm here. Let me hear well yeah we're in a new space. We just moved in go if you're listening go. Look at on Youtube. It looks really nice right now yeah. We should turn the lights off. I us do in ever some in the dark till in in the dark till in after dark he right, anyways we're working on it. It's going to we're going to add some stuff we're working on. It were anyway, so yeah T, blankets, okay, yeah, that's tims blanket from home on the walls. That's just blanky. He actually is not even first sound. He was just like man. I would just feel more comfortable yeah. If I had. I wanted to wrap up in it, but Janson hanging on the wall like an adult. What Graeco your childhood blanket be a man hanging on the wall. I hope this topic is an interesting because, if someone's here because of the topic, we are again wasted, the first two minutes being idiots. Well, hey man: what's up, have you heard of Jose Canseco, Jose Canseco, Jose can say co? Okay, we can start over if you want to be less racist, inspired him because he was like. I want to live forever. The book was called Juice, wild times, rampant, Royd Smash Hits and how baseball got thin pure tell me o Boma's, not juicer, I'm just looking for equal treatment of a raters, I'm a bidding to a lot of stuff. I beside S, everybody that I've murdered people and got away with it things Oscans Jose can Seco is what some would regard the father of steroids in the MLB, what a name due the father of steroids yeah? Is he like the Guy Yeah Yeah? He made steroids, he invented them, and I don't know if you're joking or not I'm not well, I am you're an he basically okay, so it's hard to pin it down because, but he got into the League at the birth of the steroid areas, a player yeah he's a player got a league at the birth of the steroid era. It's hard to pin down who started it when, as the Lloyd years, when was the late s through the s? Okay, all of the s yeah s were Royd right rage, re rage, nine Royd, rage; okay, I like road, rich yeah, so the roaring roads, so a lot of people say can say, go it's hard to say he was the first who did it because it's just like which than to play for he played for the Oakland Athletics and then about a dozen teams after that was his long is run was with the athletics. Was He playing with the athletics when they were doing their money? Ball thing? I don't know about that. You Know Money Ball, the movie, No, that Jonah Hill money ball. I don't know about that. What yeah, where the athletics did like a different strategy for picking players, and then they ended up winning, like everyone thought they were dumb, and I have never heard of it you nor heard of this. So basically the strategy. The strategy was, we don't like every all. Er teams are spending big money on like star players right yeah and the athletics there was like a finance guy who came up with this system. That was all you need is players who can get on base. Oh I've heard about that yeah I've, and so they end up winning twenty two games in a row just off that system. They start losing. After that yeah I mean they haven't, won a game since you know, but it worked for like to game. I looked it up. This was in two thousand and two was when that happened: Oh okay, okay, so yeah! I was a little little bit after his time. Yeah they did that without steroids. Can you believe it that I thought of that? No roads, yeah didn't need run, thinis really unfortunate. The steroids like were such a big deal in the MLB, because all these dudes from the s hold these massive records and it's like a lot of people. We have so Serois, definitely stars yeah, so w a what I was saying was it's hard to pin point who was the first person to bringing rods into the league because it's kind of an underground thing: yeah, it's people are they're shadowy about that. They don't want you to know. I heard it was a high school chemistry teacher Diana Cancer. You know, is really trying to feed his family and you know anything he got he he got swooped up and I and then he was like hey berry. You know: Hey Bar bear okay, so but a lot of people say he was definitely the one he was the Godfather. It happened, okay because he was the kind of guy who was like hey check this out and someone will walk over and he just jab on hey watch this. It's crazy now he's on vaccine just out there at around this tree, he's the dude. So Hey! Look at this hey! Look this. What is he like, a street magician? What is he that David Blane of steroids re he's like yeah? You just got roaded pick as Syrans any three. She is pretty graze this tree, for I just Juglans a jab up some that twenty times in a his hands are jacked brother's. Like people like that, though, there was a guy who came and spoke about Middle School, who won the world's strongest competition for his lungs, you know, he's a Gran, the start yeah. He got a blow up, annibal anima balloons and stuff with his lungs, and the whole speech was like don't smoke. That was his whole thing. Where he's like you want to be like you want to have the world's strongest lungs, you know. All you got to do is like ruin, your marriage and divorce, your wife and start speaking at middle schools. You know and then just blow forty balloons a day. How do you? How do you stretch for that? You know. That's insane anyway, do had trouns, never heard of that. So I would not. I would not put it past the strongest man competition to have a fingers strongest hand. That's got on fingers, you so Jose Yeah. He was the kind of guy he'd hang around the locker room and just juice, his friends and then all of a sudden, everybody in the League was pretty clearly on steroids. You doing finger pushes yeah. I was trying to get my hand yoked. You know just really working I hate to so. It's spread it's Ben here. Let's pack it up. Let's look it. There was like a Herod Pandemic, yeah, a tandem, so back it up. Jose anemic seems like something that a youth pastor would would be like hey guys we to stand up for our faith. Oh God, we just start a stand. demicentennial, my Gosh, that's you know a hundred percent yeah. I bet it's happened. I bet O for sure. You know got a google. It will back it up through his history he's born in Cuba. His Dad worked for a like a manufacturing company in Cuba and when Castro came into power in fifty nine, his dad lost his job and they were permitted to leave the country, so he can find work so the kind of got out in the neck of time. Okay, move to Miami. He was one of a twin and they both have baseball. They pay baseball, their hornbooks won yeah. His twins name is Ozzy Josea, Azi Censeo: He went into high school, played a lot of Basel on high school, but was never great played junior varsity where they moved to Miami Cure. Was He played university and he actually was the VP of the JV team in his junior year. So I got a chance to play senior university and needed pretty good, but it was like. Was He juicing? Then he was it's like yeah, this guy's like four times the weight of everyone else on the team, pretty crazy. It's nuts, I don't know how I did it, but but he was like generally good at baseball, yeah yeah I mean he was decent like it wasn't like he was. He was like a prodigy, hmm yeah, because I mean he didn't start varsity until his senior year and even in that and his senior year, he was only right for older yeah. He was only decent, but he was good enough in eighty two to be drafted by the oaken athletics and shifted into their feeder, leagues, okay and so like he went straight from high school to the pros, a'll be at minor leagues, but we still playing in the pros, and so, but he was shifting around all of their their feeder teams for the athletics sure and he was not inspiring in the slightest like he was like okay, you know, you'd sit around them and you be like what do you think about the future and he's like I don't know, doesn't look great you know doesn't like this is an inspiring man. His other teammates were out here, like hey dude. If you work out your lungs and you never smoke, you can have the strongest lungs in the world and he was over there just like. I doubt it not very inspiring to be round. You know the kind of guy that you sit around and you go a man. This is bleak. This is leges. He he he would have had a decent career in the miners is kind of where he was at it was like you could play in the miners. You would never be the don't get a iners, though do they. I don't know. I don't know what the miners look. Quite, probably not in the S. I don't know, I really don't know, but it was like, as like, you're going to you're to pay a little bit you're just living on you're living on twenty four thousand a year and the hope and yeah promise of maybe hope of Ma wasn't very inspiring so s he was like well, he missed part of the beginning of his eighty five season. Okay, because his mom was on her death bed, so he flew home and she ends up dying and it inspired him because he said you know. I want to be the best player of all time figure more. It inspired him because he was like. I want to live forever. He hes a fame member Dian. He's like that's, never going to happen to me, you have to be now. He wanted to honor his mother, and so he wanted to become the best mlb player of all time, her name and her name, so he started doing drugs. I know how to do it. He said he said. I want to honor my mother's memory. Anybody got some R and they were the there like tars the hospital like we had a lot. We know it yeah like so. This is on. This is all that's actually what we do more, that's great, the US! No, I that I that they're going to be like well, you know you could grieve differently yeah, but you went the rout of yeah. They've got them and doctors is righting scripts yeah. What do you mean? Yeah he's a new drug called oxy. He a love it. So he goes back. He comes back from this trip, Royd it out, and it's like a hundred and eighty on a season like almost immediately he's just playing super crazy or the whole team was like yeah. This is like yeah, his mom's death really inspired him. He went off not inspiring to vary. All he talks about is how great he's going to be. You know it's contagious, I feel so. He earns the nick name, which is the most ironic nickname ever herns the nickname this season, the natural I don't know what I was expecting for that wasn't it he's a natal dude a, but that fine specimen what you just hit puberty you're, he might have you know he might have Fu. You know he's what twenty one at this point yeah. I don't know Man Yeah, probably about twenty one, a he just gratia gross spurt and twenty one wow, that's crazy, dude, and so towards the end of this, the eighty five season. He ends up getting called up to the major yeah he comes on with the Athi. We got a prodigy down there, and so he plays twenty nine games an for the Oakland, a a as at a these. They just call their Myer Ling, tea, they're, just the devil, because that in a one of the the Oakland das down there, what are they? It's a? He only plays twenty nine games that season, but he ends it with ninety six at bats and comes up with five home runs thirteen r bis and a batting average of three o two so has a pretty pretty good season. His next season is technically his rookie year, since he it's his first sure for full season full year and he wins a rookie of the year wookiee and woke okay. He Cos o the season considerably huge like when he cuts out they're like Wow Tho. You Got Jack the off season and he's like yeah. I he's like yeah. It's all natural call me the NAT come wit the natural, that's weird. If someone gives themselves a nickname, you know it's fine, as someone else says it yeah. But if you come out n you're, like I'm the natural you're, like, I think, he's unnatural. I think things yeah. Something is trying really hard to convince us that he's naturally so in eighty seven is his second full season. Marco Maguire joins the League, who he got called up from the minors as well. Yeah Mark McGuire is pretty visibly juicing as well. Ye Look at him and you say: They're, probably juicing, and so now dreot at it's pretty wild at that's still a thing, though you know what is that like there's steroid use, you know, because I mean you look at on Instagram Theer Day there was two sixteen year olds who are jacked, but you can always tell because they're vain s too big right there and it's like it's like about to like burst e all day, yeah yeah it s like the rock steroids, yeah, Ena Yep. Definitely Steids, definitely right, but it's interesting like body building and I went up because Kurt The guy who owns the gym. He was like into like actual baldy body building yeah. You know a wile ago, but he was talking about like Arnold Forten Egger. You know not a steroid user, at least back in the day yeah, because the whole point of those competitions was to get your measurements exactly the same yeah, and now it's just about be as big as you are and lift as much as you can you. You know you strong hands, yeah, you know strong, but but back then like so compared to modern day body billers. Arnold worten Egger is not impressive, but what wasn't like his measurements? Measurements were identical. You know so he's also really strong, well yeah yeah, but you're. Also what the art of it was. You know if this one smaller. I know I need to work out this and do different things to make all the things the same yeah and then now it's just. I mean it's why I was looking at the like the because they came up on the discover thing, and I was like this. This kid looks his face looks too young to have his body yeah and I clicked- and he was like you know, home coming and I'm like pro what the heck me like wild yeah Jose gave them the yeah he's Yeah, you love my dad hose. Can Sako so mark McGuire, Jose quickly become two of the biggest names in the lake O, thou, you're, gonna, say pals a cothy look across each other, the team. They go you by sensor, fake natural, like giving each other the not across the field and they're just incredible yeah that year Jose and pretty well their performance. Would you say it was enhanced this season Jose his thirty one home runs? Oh my God, Mark McGuire Hits Forty Nine, Oh yeah, I mean and honestly I grew up a cardinal's fan yeah. So I was fine with it yeah I was like this is great. This is, and so they they got. They started doing this thing. That's like I mean you see it all the time now, but it was that they were like. I think, the pioneers of that thing where it's like, instead of like high fives, you do that thing where you, like Hook your arms, have you ever seen that were like like two dudes? So if you were, if you were right here, I would take your arm and come a yeah. You did come right there. I can't do it because it this arm is because you don't buy, set to do it. Yeah my arms out fate or your okay yeah. It was I you can't do it by yourself, not like you, don't have the arms for it now yeah, you don't have the arms a, but so they did that thing all the time and they got the nickname the bash brothers, because that's what they called it. They called it the bash that they did so McGuire Jose would do that to yeah. Yes, they would do that thing. Every time they'd hit a go, runs, yeah they'd run out and they link arms like that, and they got the nickname. The Bash Brothers en one call bachots, because they're bastion, baseballs and fashion arms and so and the marketing deportment for the ass saw an opportunity in them yeah and they start branding them as the bash brothers, but modeled after spatose. No, that wasn't out yet. Actually the Blues Brothers, Oh bus, Roers, pre, popular E, and so they had him. They had M in the photo. shoop swear these pay. What brand will never stop doing is just taking other people's self. They jus go where the Oaklana, and these are the the as brass, so they wrote a song that was like musically to the tune of one of the songs front of the Blues Brothers, but it was one of the bash brothers and the best part about the song was the hook. Was Don't waste time with a high five? Do the Bash Yeah don't ways sin with a high five. You know that time could be spent Jusan. I just love that that's your secret! Well, I just eat healthier and work out all the day. I Bash a lot and also the steroids Hell Yeah Erota big party. That's probably honestly, should listen. That first set of should have led with that. So anyways. Do you use steroids? Did you ask it? I need new steroids of us, the Rock staff and I think, stuff that this dude in my neighborhood sold me and I do off it's working that well. So I think this is essential oil, but I'm injected it. Every day an in it's just lavender I got mains full, even yeah do the rash. You know I'm saying I e rash for just break it out in hives, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. That's right, that's where new episodes drop on patroon patrons a way to get early access to episodes and other content and exclusive merchandise, and we're not going to stop there, because we have a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right! That's five! As a month, you two can be a patron supporter and not your advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore text, till in the six, eight six, six, otherwise I'll come to your house. I will find you. I will destroy everything, that's good in your life until we're the only thing left anyway. Here's another advertisement so they're, just dominating yeah yeah, the two of them people are like this is a wonder to bash brothers. Mark in Jase are running running the league they're, giving each other shots in the bathrooms coming out, Bashin and Bashan Baseball. I know you made shots, but I for a second, I was like shots in the bathrooms they're, just like you, they were, they were literally. They were the best players in the world, Oh yeah, I'm undisputed, and so they were all stars everywhere they went, they had he the star treatment and they lived like very live fast die. Young lifestyles came out pretty quick, though, that they weren't as good a friend. Ashbrook live fast, do Yo, that's their new campaign and everyone's like that's worse, like a song, hasn't even come out. Yet I with that, and I'm really glad you did because we're going to call that back in a minute, so it came out that they weren't as close as their yeah brand, wanted them to be. They were just teammates, yeah busy and so it's kind of a cross, but they they had to act like they were closer than they were. There were attentions. Meanwhile, Jose we do here. Mark Mark is in a relationship where he thinks Jose's, giving him exclusive shots in the bathroom. Jose is shooting everybody up in the bathroom. I say it's like marks like hold on hold on you. Do this your meeting on me and the MLB you're Jus, a cheater all around and so they're they're, having an incredible run on the field. Yeah thirty forty home runs of season, both of them sons, which is insane that two people on the same team are hitting those kinds of numbers, stealing so many bases a great job in the Outfield, oh, except for one moment, oh, except for what, except for one moment, there were well actually all throughout his career, how they had these moments that were just like. Are you a professional baseball player? Like my favorite, my personal favorite? He was, he played the in the outfield and there was this ball that was going to like it was going to be a close call. Is it going to go out? Is it going to be in the line sure, and so he jumps to get it and he hits it with his head over the fence, and so it was a home run. He headed it like it was suck dude. I felt that way watching the chiefs play this season so far like the stuff that, like Mahom's, has done you're just like are you. I had a dream about it. Last night I've been watching that dope sick series on Hulu yeah about Oxi cotton and in my dream someone was like yeah dude patrol home is like a day the oxy now, and so that makes so much sense actually put that out there. So after after that play half he knocked it over the yeah, he headed it account for his home run record. Do they give assists so after you did that a professional indoor soccer team called the Harrisburg Heat, sent him a contract? Oh my God, for a bit, though, as a joke right, a hundred percent of yeah yeah, that's Hilarious, to the like, hey you want to do that in our team, we're goin to ever. That's funny! Man would you I mean that would suck, though, because you know he's just mad all the time because of the steroids, but you know then you get like roasted and luckily the Internet didn't exist in because twitter would have destroyed his self esteem. A hundred percent, but off the field mark is whatever like he has his roy rage incidents but they're, not terrible Jose, on the other hand, murdered three people is a man madman. He does he murders from him. No, he didn't. Okay, I was gonna say I make a joke about that. He didn't murder anyone, but we know of he had he had a lot of Roy rage incidents where he did freaked out on reporters screaming yelling throwing stuff you know whatever, but he also had some crazy other incidents. Like one time the cats tried to pull them over for going a hundred forty miles an hour and he led them on a fifteen miles police chase and that that is were like Bro. You CAN'TI. Do that he's like. Why he's like give me one good reason. Another time he was in a fight with his wife, so he went outside and he ran his car into her BMW yeah. But who hasn't you know what was the fight about? Let's hear it out at your mom. I don't know what the fight was another time and he actually was charged for hitting his wife, but those charges were dropped by her. But it's you know so. There's a lot of a lot of scountrel happening, an interviewer I rammed his car into her car yeah. He just ran his car and I thought about doing that to you so many times and like not even in an angry way. You know just for fun, it'd be funny. If I did this for fun later on down the road, it came out that he was on steroids after his retirement and an interview were asked him about all these things. That happened, and I like do you think, that's because of the steroids, and he said he said you can't blame steroids for every angry out person that burst from a person. He said: What do you do if someone goes crazy and murders? A bunch of people and they're not on steroids, you can't say steroids of the problem, and so the interviewer is like. So are you saying you're the problem? Hey, hey you're buying he sarod. Have you met my wife? She sucks she sucks. You know I either a sin. Fellow person now he's like a suck. You know you on and like you like, it just seems like you're uncomfortable with this question herods. You know so after after in the middle of the ninety two season, Yours Ben, this has been happening a lot. Maybe that's what is needed, though you know it finally got him to some introspection. You know where he's like. Maybe I am the problem. Maybe I am the problem and and that's that is why I suggest, if you're having marital problems, steroids might be the solution. You know, because you can't find Jesus until you reach the NELF. You have to get some Royd rage in there. You have to get a testimony. You got to get yourself a tested money. I do a testimony Ye, I'm out. Looking for my test, that's why we call it when we walk. Someone through you know, Romans, three, twenty three O in six, twenty three, it's called the Romans Royd, so I was trying to make a man stero jokes, like an that's my job in this. So after after in the middle of the ninety two season, the as were basically like you know what this is getting too much lit on to you, yeah. Well, it wasn't so much we were on to you. They were cool. Turning a blind ed to the steroids yeah. I then it was more of a you're, a liability because of the cop chases and the beating your wife thing like, if you could stop doing all this crazy stuff, we're happy for you to break the rules and the mall be just don't write the rules in real life yeah. We didn't like that. You, you know shanked that second basement, but we love the R bis. You know yeah, if you're going to shake someone, do it with this arrange and someone on our team. It we get it. You got to shake people, sometimes yeah it I mean we get it. You Know E C MLB you're, not in the double as anymore, so he goes and he jumps around for the next, like ten years plays with the Rangers, the Red Socks and Oh hold on play the Rangers, the Red Sox for a few years, and then in ninety seven. The athletics management t was like remember, remember the past brothers Yeah were good times weren't, they those were great, and so they called Mark Maguire and they called up. I was at consecon like he just want to read night bring back the good old days, and so they did it. They brought them back and it would he they had a good year. They did well, but it was still the same kind of drama and they're like yeah. We shouldn't have have done this, so they end up letting them both walk. He goes to the Blue Jays. Then the rays, then the Yankees and the white socks and then ends up going to the miners and plays in the minors for yeah pretty much until now, he still playing shut up. Yeah, you know, I think we, your career is his last okay, so his last time he was on a depth. Chart He's, I think, he's still trying to play his last year on a depth. Chart was two thousand and seventeen. Oh wait. No thousand and eighteen, two thousand and eighteen he'd also play in a couple amateur leagues in two thousand and even and two thousand, and sixteen which is really funny to me, like he just went out for the wreck league is a sixty year old man. Over here I got his bices are gigantic the O. nothing else to I mean his legs are scrawney. Walk, looks like frame pop ye out there, so anyways, so he's had he's up having this career, where it's like I mean he should go to the hall of fame right He's had yeah s an insane most, his average home run count every throughout his whole career was forty average average, which means he got like fifty some seasons. Well now he was like forty. I think his highest was forty, seven okay, but still he was like in the S S and at the lowest in like the ties most seasons unless he was injured, and so he had just a really incredible career granted. He had some help from WHO I don't know man. I think the front office yea so anyways. When did he get found out? Well in two thousand and five he wrote a book called. I I did it. The book was caught juiced wild times, rampant, Royd smash hits and how baseball got big, and in that book he outed everybody. Oh Ye, just like yeah yeah. I gave that yer the back an that Guy Royds. Okay, that guy realise I just call them my name like practically have Bele and he's like he's like he's like yeah everybody did rods is like he's like we all did steroids. I think Barocco Bam will be president without me. He just I gave him road to the bathroom right before the primary yeah. We thought you were talking about a different barry. Now it's Berry, Ani doused, Barry, bonds, Obama. Here an tell me O bom. It's not you so, and so, and so he writes this book and obviously so many mubby players are really mad at him. After this yeah they like what do they do? They deny it bro Yeah, they all denied it. Oh really leading to this like congressional of hearing where freaking ones there like no, no we've never done steroids. Not Us not do I look like I do sterol like so sorry like us, like you got a guy running to lie playing demolition Derby in the parking lot with everyone's cars windows down just like I don't do he's just demain and everyone's just like looking at like yes, this guy's, I e does deros pretty obvious right, like it's pretty clear. We can convict this one. So in this congression I hurt my voice to do. Every other player denies their use in steroids. Yeah. Obviously Mark Maguire is my favorite, though, because Mark Maguire every question his response was. I don't want to talk about the past, which is a pretty obvious way to say yeah. I did I just wars. I want the is dude if I ever go to N for murder, which I will I ever go down for it, then that's how my in my interrogation there were like what did you do? Baki? Don't real talk about that? I don't talk about t. You know. I just feel like how's the point talkest with you officers. I just feel like you're dwelling in the past. You know- and I just really would love to push you guys to the future yeah or off a cliff one of the two would love to push you somewhere, though she somewhere. So in two thousand and seven afters book came out. He got six votes, six hollow fame votes, which is one percent of the bounce. You need at least five percent to stay on the ballot for the next year, so he missed his shot at the hall of fame and from that point forward he claims that the mave was black, balling him and say we're keeping you out. You can't be involved and even like he wasn't invited back to a lot of different events like back at the stadium until the they won a world series in eighty nine I didn't mention that actually went to a world series three years straight years. They honed an eighty nine and at the anniversary of that, the twentieth anniversary of that he went Mark Maguire didn't come because he knew he was going to be there. He don't want to se him so mart Magar and him are like moral enemies. Now, the Royd Enemies. It's tough to see the Bash Bros Yeah, you know yeah become the bash foes. I was what every where you got to go at that O. I was wondering to all I didn't see it in as like we whersh, I came up with it and said it was I was I was I trusting that my brain was going to get there by the end of the sentence, and you know what came through that time, because of all that practice, you do N. I practice comedy what about it. So so he misses this chance. The hello fame what she deserved, I mean he did a lot of Sarod. He deserves to bring the hall fame. Here's the thing: here's the shot. Are you kidding me ring here's a his thing. Everybody was juicing, that's the thing I new yerthe he deserved to. I don't think they should be in it. If here's my thing, if, if you're going to say this guy can't get in half fame, because you dosed, then everybody that in that era has the whole fame, but we don't get to put him by Jose. Canseco he's got to go in as the unnatural, unnatural, look hers, I'm saying if we want to take if we can set up a juice era, hall of fame he's a p. He can be a part of that hall of fame is a separate hall at the hall. So you're saying to me the second day hall, it's an offshoot hall, wouldn't it just be, like the you know, the hall of in Fame. You know the hall of blame, the Hall Yeah, you know. Just like I mean I mean here's the thing I will say it is cheating clearly, but it's a went agree on it, it's hard when you're like okay, so many other players who did it are in the hall of fame and he had an amazing care. He was the best in the world at the time. Why is he not getting recognized for it because he cheated, I mean yeah, but some of the other people who cheated are in the oecus. It's fine. They can mace themselves over it, but dad everybody else did it. Everyone was doing it. That's the message, your setting, I'm not saying you're, saying everyone thing it's: okay, because everyone was doing it actually. Can I nance, I would like our finances. If that's possible, I sort to make sure that you know because you've been doing it, but I would like to take over that if, as on say, if everyone else is doing it and they're getting re everybody's doing it everybody, I want I'm not saying it's. Okay, I'm just saying this guy deserves to get the recognition that everyone else is getting the same recognition because he godfathered it. I believe that everyone else deserves to get the same recognition that he's getting, which is not in the Holla. I'm saying that I'm saying the same thing, I'm saying if these good people are in the hall of fame he deserves to be into. But if he's going to be out, they all need to be out to I'm just looking for equal treatment of Royd ragers, okay, love tilling podcast want to support the show. Well, you can support us by buying till an podcast march and wearing it out in the wild. We have teas hoodies, shirts and so much more in our merch store. We also have exclusive march for every single episode, but those are limited so make sure you get him. While you can text till in to six six, eight six, six to support the show. Thank you so much. Here's what he said about it, though he was. He was asked about whether or not he thought he should be included, and his answer was. His thought was for the coming generations, and so he's like he's like. I really don't think they were like. What do you think about future years and he was like I only wanted to talk about. The past is like he's like these kids. He s the kids coming up now. He said they don't need steroids to become good players. Yeah we took enough home so now our kids just naturally have steroids in them. They don't need the duce anymore. He said he said this is a quote. He said we over emphasize the steroids and and not the afflict and skills of these people. He said we're taking away the hard work and athlete puts in and saying he became great just because the steroids, let me give you a perfect example. This is a direct quote. This is a direct what he says. I have an identical twin brother, Ozzie he's the closest thing to me genetically and in my prime I was a super athlete. My twin brother used the same chemicals same work as the same nutrition. Why didn't he make it in the Big Leagues? That's the perfect example that we are giving steroids way too much credit. If steroids are that great, it would have made him a superstar too, but Ozzie sucked. I added that last pro as he would have been a superstar to but ozzy suck. You know and Ozzie's there for the interview and as he's just like also gigantic- and it's like he's like yeah he's like he's like it even gave me the hundred forty million hours police chase. I ran to BMW with my car said we did all the same is like I did everything he did, I'm serving twenty years in prison right now, speaking of other things that they did together. Oh they got in a fight out of a nightclub outside of a nightclub in Miami with each other. No with some random dudes, okay, they beat the tar out of them. Oh yeah, because the other dews weren't on steroids, yeah one they were on steroids to we haven't mentioned this yet but Jose can say, O s a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, also a self Polam nun, chuck expert Ho. So here's the question right they k everyone's listening is having you're saying that the nun chuck expert plays a role in this, a fight outside the club, which means that he did. He have his nun jocks at the club. I don't think so. It's unsubstantiated just like you're sitting here. Ye like I got, got the go, go no take in a buttall right, don't mention the checks he's on steroids, right lots of STA, maybe he's Hidin, maybe he's hiding the syringes inside the numb job. That's where it is he's. Just like a freaking appy pin on steroids has an appy pin joke for Michael over here. So after after his after his professional baseball cart, I guess not professional, because I still was playing professionally but after MLB career ended, he did the same thing. Logan Paul did after he was not relevant. He just started changing you tubing. Now he just started challenging a bunch of face some famous people to fight, of course, yeah and so hey. You Me No chucks outside this club, so he calls he calls up a former. What year is this two thousand and eight? He calls up a guy by the name of VI SICAE. I was big in two thousand and eight. What's he called up his ten of the people who called that up, so you called vis Sikham who was a fighter as the new Manuma guy from Youtube Brit, two thousand and seven new, my new meste video, all the rest of us, like he's watching alone, three am in his boxers in his living room. You know that movie seem where's. Just the glow o come in his nun took so hard, like dentin finger prints in his nut. Cuts. Calls this publicist. The next morning is like give me the new maneuver, like, though the no Manuma I haven't seen that. Yet let me send you a lake. I want to fight them. He broke four laptops because this video t I so he he challenges this guy in a fight Vice Sikombo. I agree not sure. If I'm pronouncing that I took place on July, twelfth n Atlantic City Challenge fight with the prize of thirty sand dollars. Is it a boxing match or is it just? This is okay. He got knocked out in the first round. I love that so then I love we watch the UFC fight, I loved whatever that Dude's name was the street Jesus Guy. It was just like I'm. The Best Piter in the world was on and his like the guy. He was fighting against it cut to his interview and the guy was just like. He is no competition to me and I was like that. Guy's going to obliterate this man like his yeah, I mean like I love. What one fighter is just like: Oh yes, O and then the other one is just like. I have not even trained for this fight. I will win so after after he lost that fight the following year in January, he challenges Radio Personality and former child actor Danny bonaduce yeah. What's that kid from home alone, doing he's listening the radio like a a fit that guy I want to fight the kid from hold alone. Give me the kid from Second Hand Lions to Haley Joe Osmond. Let's get hit, he just name it. What so he ends up. He ends up fighting Danny in a soasage. Let's fight, we go a Lanzo, what's his face to Carlton. Is this like doing it cousin I'll fight? You have you seen Alonzo. Whatever his face is now look up, Carlton go he he definitely got connected to Jose Canseco. Oh my gosh, let's see, let me look up biceps on your search history. Your search is tragic, fresh, Prince Carlton Bis. That's getting sent to your accountability, partner, freaking freaking, coveted eyes is like that's messed up Dere. I we got to send this to everybody. You're, getting you're getting your age. stufft me over fresh, Prince Carlton biceps. They are pretty big. Thougha yeah sat okay. So who else is he fighting just give me a list ice, so he fights one more guy. Just as another fighter, he loses all of them that actually the Danny one was a draw, so doesn't have a great fighting career. Meanwhile he gets a divorce. It was pretty nasty falls into some financial issues ends up getting his house for closed on and goes into a kind of a bit of a spire in yeah. A bit of a spiral ends up Gosh. I was laughing so I'm out of breath the cartel, not a road user, so and then in October of two thousand and fourteen yeah, he actually shot off one of his fingers and then in in two thousand and nineteen he opens up a car wash in Las Vegas which, on every Wednesday he does autographs, can get out or was in big still yeah yeah. So you go, get your car wash get yourself a hey. You did your honeymoon in Vegas. Did you go? I didn't know it was there. Actually. My honeymoon was before that before the car watch open the COM, he opened that Cosein the last two years yeah I open it. I to Hosann nineteen and actually, at the beginning of this year he fought billy football. The Bar tell full sports guy got knocked out in the first sound. I lovely went back one back. Would he fight me, I'm sure counte, hey how's, they can say, go all right. I I want a fight I'll, tell you right now I'll fight you with one finger tied down. So it's a fair fact. I cut one of my s e it kind of finger off for the bit. He had a handful of well panful had a handful of legal problems throughout the two thousand, some like vehicle stuff, a couple allegations that ended up being dropped and then he did have to spend a month in jail because he was on probation and he tosas Tive for steroids during that period. So he did do some jail used. Ter Words on probation also use a beproven on probation. What can a boat? Can you not do? wheres the hardest drag still lie: Yeah, that's kind of a serious question we just want to know for when I'm on probation yeah, I'm admitting to a lot of stuff on the podas. I've been maning that I've murdered people and got away with it. Put that out there so and then he he had a few reality TV stints yeah obvious. He had a show in two thousand and eight Callosa Canseco last shot chronicles. You got a show yeah. He got a show about him, trying to make it back into the nil, be from the MS at what like forty seven? It's a long shot guys, but I'm going to go for it so like good, we can use that, but we'll call it last shot and he was on celebrity and prentice ended up leaving early because his father got sick on celebrity apprentice. Yeah, he was on celebrity apprentice. He's met a president yeah, but I'm going to be honest. This all of this pales into the real reason why I brought this guy up. We have ee got through the real reason. Yet one more thing before we Jupati is in a third and is thirty or thirty jumping into another thing. This is a long pea. Second, okay, before we jump it- and this is my favorite quote from him- and his thirty or thirty can ot one of his quotes on the wall yeah. Actually, let's do this one. It is thirrty interview. He called Tommy Lasorda, who was the manager of the dodgers? He seems like the kype Guy who just didn't know what was going on call them a chubby little fat roll. who was the worst Humpty dumpty Pasta, eating more on I've ever satake every, but he just went here'swhat. He did right, he went down to the local bus, stop where middle scores were hanging out. He's i give me your insults come on he water. Now we and they're, like we call this kid humpty dumpty younes, i al right, good goer. What else we got you know. What can you send that to me? I'm, like i have a new titter vile that i would like to i'm literally just get a it's a tweet, so i'll send it directly to you. Did he tweet it? I know somebody quote tweeted him, because it was in his study for thirty interview yeah. I would like to get that as one of those like you know, hobby lobby quotes if we can put that up on. That would be awesome, so he also somewhere after his mob career, got really into it. Is what we're on? Is this a joke? No, he got really into aliens and he was convinced in mossel interviews. He said that the aliens he's been in communication with the aliens and they're trying to teach us time travel, but our bodies aren't. How does it always come to this? How how do you do this? How is it that the whole time i'm like this is a normal episode and in the very and you sneak in some alien stuff dude is to this tis. You got all this o kiting me right now, and he said he said: they've been trying to do. Just have the time travel i'm mad aliens once they were some pigeon bran, humpty dumpties i'll. Tell you that, like what are you talking about, he said, but first he said we have to change our body composition. Our bodies cannot handle time travel with the way they are that's why i've been using steroids for decades. I think that was kind of that was this whole thing was like guys, normal people can't do it. You know he only us naturals. Here's a quote. He said aliens have been trying to teach us how to time travel, but first we have to change our body composition, which we are not willing to do. We've tried with animals and it has failed. I don't know what he means by that he didn't elaborate. We want ireland being what if we try with animal. He later said he later said time travel puts forty two thousand six hundred and fifty one pounds of pressure on human skeleton tressure. Instead of you can detach the human brain from the body and equalize the pressure it could be done, but then it pleats, our science, is totally irrelevant aliens and here's here's my favorite part of of this whole thing is what is today: it is friday, yeah, okay, can we? I can you all look up some flights to vegas for wednesday morning for oce. I've just got some questions. Well, bro wait till year this it is at the time of this recording is october, twenty nine eight. If you're listening to this, i think it's thanksgiving. So how do you thanksgiving? I hope this is benish thanksgiving, okay. Well, this is a blessing tea, but at the time of recording this four days ago, jose canseco was in a plane crash shut up. He was in a play crash and it crashed into the water and he tweeted after this play gras she set from the water. He said in the ocean right now he tweeted flying to new york. This morning. My plane crashed, so i was swimming to my appearance. He had an appearance in new york, he couldn't miss swimming to it yeah, so he crashed to the water and he started swimming piece like all right. All just free. Are you kidding me right out this to the ditch the bilot dishes are, which ways new york. They were like in the water like on the lot sasi think it's that way and to if he s wait. We just put a flare out, but because i don't have time to wait. I know that you regular old humans, we'll just hang out here- is shark bait y, but i'm prime meat down here they're gonna, try to get me first. I got to get out of here. You know which way s new york, cool and then just dives. He goes. He makes a dolphin noise and down he's swimming to his even in new york shut up. What is the rest of the tweets say as i was swimming a light beamed down from space shot up? I was sealions and aliens picked me up and they're dropping me off at my parents at one o'clock today see you guys, then he is on the space craft le the aliens care about my speaking skedule i dove into the water. The aliens were like well, this doesn't match up with this google calendar. I hate that everything with you comes back to aliens. Can i just say it again: are you kidding me right now? Did he make it to a speaking event yeah? He did walking soaking wet just stretched like jose. Why are you just doing wiping all over the sameno? This is evidence. Don't try me of to to ta ra, as he speaking at the same thing, that the blink on at two guy was speaking in a is, is he's just speaking of the american legion hall for like six people who believe in ghosts and aliens. The aliens picked him out of the water yeah, the article the article says. Thankfully his friends were there, and so they picked him out of the water and got him to his appointment on time, but jose blames the aliens. I'm not sure it's unclear to me if jose thinks his friends are aliens if he actually got picked up by alien for if he knows his friends ring a rat. You know, i know you guys are aliens, a disguise he's like bel and that's what didn't make the book in two thousand and five they're like let's e out us to steroids, but don't tell everyone mark becas, i'm alien! Okay, are you kidding me right now? I go four days ago dan i was so happy. Were i delivered to his speaking of it by aliens? That's what we're going with man. That speaking event is a fiddle off. Things are done. That night is a production of space. Tim media produced by christian taylor, audio by ous, garnett video by conner bets are graphics and our logo by caleb golberg's media is won by kelaba. Our hosts are jern myres and tim stone falls on your favorite social media platform at tillin. Podcast is till and podcast remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next tuesday for another episode of things i have on last night. I

Jose Canseco was one of MLB’s greatest home run hitters, with over 450 on his long career. He had a little help, though. Many regard him as the man who introduced steroids in the MLB. While he probably wasn’t the first, he was one of the first to be open about his PED use. That openness seems to be why he was excluded from the hall of fame despite his storied career. However, his steroid use is probably the least exciting part of his story. Jose’s life is full of fights (both legally and illegally), strange business decisions, and missing fingers. This is Jose Canseco’s wild story.

Jose Canseco Was a Natural

Jose Canseco played baseball since he was young but didn’t get a chance at the starting roster until his senior year of high school. But he played well enough that year to be selected by the Oakland Athletics in the 15th round of the draft. He played for the Athletics minor league team from 1982-1985. However, during that final season of his minor league career, something extraordinary happened, steroids.

Jose began using steroids in 1985. The difference it made in his gameplay was night and day. He was so good that season that he earned the nickname “the natural.” It was very ironic. He became a late-season call-up to the majors in September of the 1985 season. Over the next 29 games, he showed what he was made of and finished the season with five home runs and 13 RBI’s.

Jose Canseco in 1989 in an Oakland Athletics uniform
Jose Canseco on the field with the Athletics
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Say Hello to the Bash Brothers

In 1987, Mark McGwire joined the Athletics, and then it was to the races for the A’s. Together the duo finished the season with 80 homers. They put on a home run derby week after week, and the marketing department for the team saw an opportunity. The duo was known as the Bash Brothers from that point forward, and they were all over the team’s marketing material. The Bash Bros even had a signature handshake and a rap song in their honor. The two were truly larger than life.

A Storied Steroid Career

In 1989, the Bash Brothers led the Oakland Athletics to a World Series title. It was the second year in a 3-year stint of World Series appearances. Over the next twelve years, Canseco won another World Series with the Yankees, won AL MVP, led the league in home runs twice, led the league in RBIs, and won the Silver Slugger Award four times. It was a career that deserved nothing less than the hall of fame. There was one problem, though. He was using steroids the entire time.

Canseco admitted to his PED use in his 2005 memoir Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ‘Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big. He also outed all the players in the league that he knew were also using the drug, which was just about everyone. The claims ended up leading to a congressional hearing on steroids in sports in which many of the players that Jose Canseco called out were questioned. All of the other players denied the claims. Jose was denied an opportunity to see the hall of fame. He is confident that it is due to his steroid use. Canseco continues to fight the MLB since many other players who used PEDs are included in the hall of fame.

Madman on the Field and Off the Field

Jose Canseco’s steroid use and career are enough to make his memory last a long time. His actions off the field, though, make him even more enjoyable. Here’s a list of some of his exploits: he led police on a 15-mile chase at 100 mph speeds, shot his finger off while cleaning a gun, has a black belt and is a self-proclaimed nun chuck expert, owns a carwash where he does regular autographs, is a staunch believer in aliens claiming to be abducted on multiple occasions, and he started a small MMA and boxing career fighting a few professional fighters and celebrities. He’s a bizarre and fascinating guy.


The MLB was never the same after Jose Canseco landed with a bang. He may have exposed much of the league to steroids. He was known to share in the locker room and found himself on seven teams throughout his career. Even if he didn’t introduce the league to steroids, he was a huge part of spreading them. The show he put on while at-bat was nothing compared to the show he put on off the field. The man’s life is nothing short of ridiculous. Find out more about the crazy stories from Canseco’s life in this episode of Things I Learned Last Night. Watch or Listen right now!

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Jose Canseco – Wikipedia

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