Lake Lanier Haunted? History of the Deadly Georgia Lake


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What's up hey man, what's going on I'll, try to beat you to it? I know I noticed you were doing that. Have you ever heard of Bro were only like four second sin of this. You can't be man already man, because you got coffee, you didn't get me any okay have ever heard of lake liner. Oh yes, have you really yeah? Actually it's in Atlanta right like linear, IT'S NEAR ATLANTA! Well, it's actually a four Sive County Yeah! That's like forty five minutes outside of Atlanta. Yes, I have heard of like liner. Why do you act excited? I just because I heard the ghost stories and stuff for is that what we're talking about sorta sort of Lake Lanier is a public pool that some people call like just big enough. It's actually isn't it. The largest man made lake in the country. No, no, because like os are waiting, are you tring a picture me? I ran to get a picture of me twenty dollars. Nobody wants to have some days on a pretty way just a little bit outside of a Lina, I'm in the point where I'm ready to start hunting. Some people, first of all, galaxy goes sounds like the type of person who will wear your shirt is like a twitch streamer things yeah. So, like the axis ninety three square miles like liners fifty nine, so it's a little smarter than like of the ozarks, but how big as table rock? Let me look that up so annoying, I'M gonna. Do It ever turn tight? Let's see I'm trying to annoy you out of this friendship. Let's get in clear know today feels like you're on edge today and what there's just a few times where I'm like doing a little bits and I'm like, but it's hard, because it's either hit or miss with you like it, either its real hard yeah like a funny bit I'll, do or I'll do it and you look at me like I am the dumbest person you've ever seen in your entire life with zero in between you know, here's the reason for that, at least on this show there's a lot of times where you'll set up a bit or he'll, try to say something and I'll be looking up like my next segment like and I'll, be like kind of focused in on it, so I'm not paying attention to use what happens right. If I look at you, you lay trying to frame that on my fault, you were Livin like no it's because you're trying to do something. No, I wa! I was not trying to Franion you a sea. It's easy! You Talk! It's not that I didn't think you're funny is that I didn't think you're worth paying attention to that. So I'm confused okay, how big is Tawero table rock according to the Internet, the Internet is a hundred, an seventy four square. Kilometers it doesn't on. We could pet US save the score miles which is kind of annoying will do the math then, and so I did the math, and it says it's supposed to be a hundred and eight square miles which would make it bigger than like the Ozarks, which I think right, not right, no taper bigger. Is it really yeah? How is that Table Rock? Was Small n like these arks, based on what this base on it Ranson just based on. I thought no man fro, I'm really surprised based on it was in Branson, so it has tinoir. I mean they're about the same size they're. Pretty close, I mean I guess that blows me away. I always thought like the s Aris bigger than table rock. That kind of annoys me. I don't like that, see where I mean right there. That's where you are today. Is You just got annoyed by the size of lakes? You know, because I don't want and that's where I'm like, I don't. I don't I'm not, I don't feel I here's the thing and Alex I maybe we can go home. I don't feel comfortable doing an episode with you, because you're just so on edge today, you're just not just anxious. Oh my gosh you're, just like man, I hate that I then he's gone a weird attitude. You're annoy that annoying yeah interesting. What's going on your personal in Tom, what's wrong with you, where you ontroo annoying to you, the table rock is bigger than like the LEA. You know I find myself getting pretty angry and traffic sometimes, and I really want to look at it. It's because I've got an underlying thing like the times, I'm getting more angry, I'm like man, there's just something going on in my soul. You know so leglen is this lake just a little bit outside of Atlanta just a little bit outside of Atlanta? This, like here's, a thing it's one of those lakes where it wasn't there a while ago, and we just kind of put it there yeah. What's why I call it a pool, I'm O calling alse works of water, big pools and just yeah. So so y yeah, that's exactly right. They just said: Let's just put a bunch of water in this valley until it's a lake and now it's a lake, here's a thing about a long time running a garden hose, but they really got it. Some God left his host on for six years, and now it's likely now they were like I mean the damage is done an then it's a lake. Now I know that it's pretty sketchy yeah, so he's his he's. What's interesting about this, like let's to it from the top of the story line in one thousand nine hundred and fifty six, the United States state of Georgia, I I'm gonna. Let you pass on that one. I M not even we're too far into this to keep doing bits. I need information, that's what wicket media, that's how they wrote in the United West State, but your okay, US state of Georgia. There may one be complisance that it was anyway. It makes sense because what, if you're reading this from the country of Georgia and you're like where is this like I've, never heard of Lake Laner or Atlanta anyways, so they built a dam called Bufford or Buford Dea Bufford Boofer, damn the Bateta on the Chattahouchie, which is also fed by the chest, had t t just just a de Castine, the Chastity River. Are you serious right now? No, I think it's just. I think it's just tapias before you get to a microphone read through Google pronunciation before we sit down to a professional podcast. We have people who listen to this. Now. This is some four years ago by here. You know when we started this podcast. You know it was whoever I was dating at the time listening and now we got people who trust their lives with us. To I don't know if there's a far like man, if I remember in the cash cab I'm going to need to know this they're gonna. Remember I remember so. I'm gonna BRING UP Lake Laner they're, like Oh, my God, there's a killer episode about this. Let's see it's connected to the Justitia. I hope that happens actually, so they you end up on the cash cap. Please call us as your help line yeah. Please, please, please! Oh jees. I wasn't that aggressive about it, but ten seriously needs it. Apparently so here's the deal so they built this dam to control the from the rivers of yeah, the Chattahooche. If they damn it, a just Tita river explain how lakes are made to people yeah, so they just put a lot of water in this one spot and that a a like they just channel the river. There is a t same it off so that they damned off one end. So that way it flooded, and now it is right I like, and the purpose of this was was a couple things one to control the flow of that river to to get energy from the dam three to provide drinking water to the rapidly growing city of Atlanta, which is near by this, was in the ES, and so it was done by the US Army Corps of Engineers which, as you would expect, they didn't really care about the you know, people that they harm. By doing this, so they just kind of bought up a bunch of land and then force a bunch of people to move out and just flood at this region. So there's like farmers and towns that just got footed, I mean some of the like those arcs, it's just they flooded it and with no regard of you know the property, did they imani domain them or do they buy it from them? It began as purchasing, but I mean they were purchasing. This property is in the fifties. They are purchasing. This property I mean, is farmland that they're buying for like forty five thousand dollars. So it's I mean they're, not giving them what it's worth right, and so most of these people ended up having to move out not just out of that area, but out of the entire region to find somewhere cheaper to live because their business or their livelihood was destroyed and their home was taken away from them and they weren't given enough money they live off of, so they had to go, find somewhere else, so really pretty awful situation there and they flooded it. They filled it up with water and I skipped over an important detail. The people who moved out were they predominantly any kind of grant people I mean it was. It was relatively mixed at this point in time. Okay, it was. It was relatively multicultural at this point, but so flooded this out made it a lake and the whole purpose of the lake was like I said, energy and water yeah. It wasn't meant to be I this like it wasn't mentally a table rock or or like the ozarks that wasn't the idea that wasn't meant to be Bible studies that you know chain eld math across the region. Yeah that wasn't the idea. I do they film Ozark on like liner. I think they do. I don't know I thought I or maybe the yeah. The TV show Netflix series Y- A I don't know, I don't know they don't feel in him as Ori the FO. I know they don't film as they do in Atlanta. I didn't know that I thought it was in ally. No, the lakes look different at ly: Yeah they're, salty yeah, the sea monsters in Los Angeles, are like it's. It ously rapidly the last few years that the lake monsters and know it. You know how like there's a lock ness monster, and it's like this big. You know gigantic dinosaur. Looking thing the ones in La are like influencers and it's pretty like annoying. You know how we can't. We can't find a lock nest monster the the lake monsters in Los Angeles, like you, can't not find them. It's yeah, you walk in the area. You pull out a phone and they're posing they're. Like are you trinita picture of me or trying to get a picture of me? Twenty dollars print oars picture me and it's like, I think, you're the knock off. I don't even think you're the real celebrity twenty yeah there's like pretend lake monsters walking down Hollywood boulevard anyway, Yeah Yeah Yeah. Exactly so. We should do that by the way we should walk down Hollywood boulevard dressed as like, not because you know how on Hollywood blvd they got this spiderman like a really bad spirea costume to like not a good one. Yeah we should just dress is something that no one we make it up and just see how many people are like yeah, it's from that Makin movie be like yeah, I'm in that movie, I'm an Jarnan Tim one. So so they before they flooded this, they moved all the people out. They mow all the fly. People are, they sent construction crews in and they cut down a bunch of trees. They left tall tree stones, but they kind of cut it down like half way. They're like well go half way the water will be deeper than there's not mean to be yeah, it doesn't matter, and so they cut down some trees. They levelled some some houses and some buildings. He was the really spooky thing they did, though they relocated all the graves. So there was a bunch of graveyards from all the towns in the area. I don't even think about that, so they just dug up the corpses and move them into a new graveyard which, if you think about it's, really freaking Spooky Huh yeah. So that's pretty dark, I'm. While I was reading this as curious, if they did, that for like the Os are because I know like the ozarks was the same situation and I'm sure there's graveyards in there right yeah do you think they miss some? Oh well, the army core of engineers actually came out and was like Shirley. We miss them because they said that this has been an inhabited region since antiquity thecae when when and we'll get to this in a second, but when America's colonized there was a large Cherokee, Oh yes, yes and so they're, like there's, I mean almost guaranteed graves at the bottom of this that we didn't know about like on Mark Graves or situation right I they said they tried to move everything that was in a known grave yard. They try to move all those corpses but yeah so anyways. That's still really I mean that's just weird, that's weird, to relocate that anyways. So they did that they moved all the graves out, flood the water, and then it became like this popular tourist destination for that region, where there are there roads underneath their then yeah yeah, there's actually a highway that ran along the shore line that had to get dug up, but they dug up the road. Well, they dug up that one, because I was along the shore line, but I'm sure the other ones that went just I'm sure they just let the other ones get flooded. They dig up that one, because I was right along the shore and they like that, would kind of make this for look weird. You know, so nobody wants to be sun, bathe on on on a pavement on yeah on the free way, so, but that wasn't their intention and so a bunch of local lanion, Freeway Bay, Freada, that's actually kind of cool, but a bunch of local Landin's kind cool that you know people had to get out of there and stuff. It's o. We should flog more regions. Freeway base sounds cool though okay, so all the Alanis were like Hey. We have a lake now free way, based ounds your car wash but go ahead, and so they all started like buying up lake, how like front property, yeah and building all the stuff there and people start going out there for vacations and to do boating and all that stuff. Here's the problem since it was completed in one thousand nine hundred and fifty six, I think, is when it was finished. Yeah, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six over six hundred people have died in this lake. Oh my and many many more have been injured. How many you have died, a table rock. I don't know I just for context in the same time span you know, because if it's also six hundred, this is less shocking. But what are you going to type on my yeah? You got so annoyed last time. Don't know if I wanted to do the bit or not yeah, but I mean you said you were going to and then you just did it so you're annoyed that I did. Oh so you're, not if I do it now, you're in order, if I don't do it yeah. What is the right answer for you, Tom? There is no writing. I just think that maybe we did see the break from each other. I mean think about it. For the last three of US odes in a road, you've ward, this shirt, it's a cool shirt. I actually own. Seven of them aren't every to many people that a year, so I'm not looking at table rock because Taber ox on to give me news on the duck boat accident- oh yeah, yeah. So that's the second time today, I've been in a conversation about the duck boat accident. By the way it was that the batter mine, half phenomena is that where that is yeah when it's like once you start thinking about something you see it everywhere, we're here at everywhere. Well, I don't know if I ever pertains to conversations I don't know because you're the second person to bring it up today, I don't, I think, that's different than just being like Oh yeah. I you know, I think, about a yellow jeep and then you see, yellow jeeps everywhere yeah, but I mean that's different, then someone being like the duck boating accident yeah all right. This is the time he's not listening. So me, woul'n cut to me- and I can just give you a quick second about merchandise, on our podcast while he's doing whatever he's doing. Oh, she can see if you're, washing a video you can see the screen. You know he's littly, nothing. It's just he's not looking at anything. We have merchandise, we have stickers, hoodies shirts, all that stuff. It is available on our store. If you text tell into six x eight six six we're not trying to get rich we're just trying to help pay for our show. So thanks for supporting it and you can we goin to wear our dumb designs out in the wild anyway text till in to sin, six, six, he or o a look out for you in the state of Missouri. This is the best I could find in the state of Missouri. There were thirty four persons killed in two thousand and eleven. That's the best that I can find for the whole state and misery's got a lot of lakes, and so so over fifty years over fifty years, that will come up to a few thousand. But that's in every body of water in the state like liner, is in a single, a single lake, six hundred deaths, six hundred deaths over yeah sixty years. So it's like about ten a year, so I mean pretty pretty sisal amounts and a lot more injuries. The reason for it is most most likely. The reason for it that's interesting is this lake was was flooded and there is supposedly just a ton of debris, a yeah and it wasn't as wasn't flooded, to be a place where boating would happen, so they cut down trees, but they just kind of cut the tops of the trees. So that way they want it stick out of the water. So there's points in the water where the trees are coming up to the surface, but you can't see him so you're boating, you're running into these trees in the forest or you're, diving in yeah or diving in and getting caught in a literal pine tree or the there diving into the spike of a pine tree, and so there's sketchy areas where the state has actually blocked off entire swaths of this lake to say: Hey it's illegal to like enter the lake here, because they know that it's it's extra, dangerous or debris e in that area breed de Brie, because of because of the way that they flood at this. They didn't flood it well Dere de Brie, Yumen de Brie and there's even buildings and stuff that, like the bolter it in buildings and then the the the topography of it there's like random hills and stuff. So it's not it's not a safe area to both through and even swimming there's, just so much debris floting around from the houses that were flooded like they just left all this crap there and so full houses down there, yeah and so the the flood waters decayed them, and now that stuff's just floating around the lake and the creepy part of it have they have divers gone down and like looked at stuff yeah and so the divers that's an interesting point, is the divers will talk about it? I and they make some pretty weird claims of the things that they've seen under the water. What's strange is most of the people who die in this lake end up never being found because they drown and they just kind of disappear in the water and what they end up, not finding them and so divers claim. A few divers have claimed that when they dive in that Lake they find body parts pretty regularly just floating on it like and remember. This is the lake where Atlanta's drinking water is supposed to come from. So that's a little weird, so I don't know if that's Judas you just swimming around, there's a foot boom arm, yeah yeah! That's what that's what's claimed. I don't know if it's true, but that's what's claimed that body parts are just floating around in this lake and yeah, so it's sketchy and so it s. So a lot of people in that area are like yeah. I want to swim in that Lake. It's pretty so right. There is dangerous, but then a lot of people go year after year and people just die or or horridole go over here and they just die. It just died or become ocoee. It yeah. They come close to it like there are people who have drowned in the lake and like been saved and resuscitated and stuff like that. They say they were pulled under yeah. There's, there's people who will claim that they were pulled under the water, and so that's where we can dive into kind of the ghostiness of this there's a lot of good seamens. There's a lot of things. I love the words we're using today, ghosting this and deb and and jested to tea just to the Ta River. So there's claims that this place is haunted because there's just a lot of people who die there and obviously it's got a dark history which well, let's have into the dark history. Let's get let's get into this too. Where do you want to go? First, Tim, you in go the ghostiness or the dark hissel you have to play. You have to lay out the history to get to the ghosts right like you can't have ghosts for no reason there has to be a history there. Here's the thing about ghosts, yeah tell me all the young ones, what your ghost always like, I'm from the eighteen hundreds, you know we're a like the you know: Ghosts from the S: They haven't a dead. Long enough see us the. I think I be dead to be a ghost. I don't think that I don't think have to be dead superliners, but I think there's almost a baking period for hauntings a bake, a haunting baking period if you die in the ninety, got to go through a train, a management training service, no hey well for about haunting after you wash this powerpoint presentation, we'll have a message from our haunting CEO. Here's, the here's. My Point, here's my point: it's not that it's not that I mean it could be, but it's not here's. My point is instead of there being a training, what it is is they are experiencing the life of the ghost stevenets ghostiness and the glossitis for a while they're excited about it. Tell man I can walk through walls. I can go out play. Nobody can see me e, like pick stuff up, okay, and then there comes a point, you're saying that they have a little bit of like that. They're, like I'm annoyed, yeah and so right now for US sosater go to the state. They go through a excitement, it is new yeah and then they go through. You know done that before depressed and they get agitated and they get really annoyed with humans. They gus get real Ingoda and you think it takes a while, for I think it takes yeah about a hundred. Is that where you're at? Where are you at on the on this? Because because you seem you seem pretty annoyed to day, I'm hitting the agitation of the ghosting is, I think, the point where I'm ready to start haunting some people. I was to go hi I'd like to hunt today it's hot day, yeah. I wer a hunting trip this weekend, it's down hot yeah, so I think that's my theory. Okay, it's a bad theory. Okay, rated in science. I just don't know we're like the two thousand and thirteen like whispering like. Let me see your twitter account. You know like just it was just like it. Just like I just haven't seen a video and in seven years now, yeah of a modern ghost. I mean that's interesting. I think it's I think it's. The thing, I think, is what I said, but anyways or like a millennial ghost. This is you know, sneaks up behind you and just Hyans was that goes, is trust. Falling on you were, a ghost is still an activist in the in the death. You know yeah yeah, that I mean you got to be pretty passionate because it doesn't affect you as much. What ghost survive the earth exploded to we we of become ghost, are we space ghost sate were just so lost to space space. Ghost galaxy goes, Alex Ghost, okay, Galaxy Ghosts, so, first of all, galaxy ghost sounds like the type of person who would wear your shirt is like a twitch streamer. You know, that's! That's it! That's what I I I esgaping Y ghost. I have a brand deal with Arvest Bank, okay, Galaxy Ghost harvist. Thank Oh, my Gosh, okay. So so, let's do the history as go to the history, and let's take me back Tim yeah so prior to me in Tim's time, machine yeah, let's go in Tim's time machine so prior to the reservoir happening or the lake or the pool whatever you want to call it. There's a town in the bottom of the lake, but it wasn't like yet called Osterville. Okay and Osterville was a a place in one thousand, nine hundred and twelve, where there was a pretty serious racial conflict that began from the belief that a local woman was kidnapped and killed by a local black man and they the town I mean, as was unfortunately pretty common, hung this man and then they actually hung a few others because they somehow associated them with it. And this led to a good measure yeah. This led to the establishment of what they called the night writers, which was a local group that just burned down the homes and the businesses of other black people in the community, eventually driving out eleven hundred people from the town. Yeah people are colored from the town through burning their houses, down harassing them and lynching people very, very terrible moment in history yeah and is really wasn't the first instance of displacement either because, like I said earlier, this was once a large Cherokee settlement and yeah not long before the Oscare incident. The Cherokees were the ones who inhabited this area and they were pushed out by the United States government and forced into Oklahoma into what will become their reservation. So there there's two large incidents of just very terrible behavior from the people who attempted to to claim this land as their own, and these are the same people who, in h s were then moved out and flooded, and so there are some people who kind of argue of almost like the Karma of the situation: good, okay, they drove all these people out and with this the reason I asked earlier about, like which who was because I knew that the city, whatever town was at the bottom. I knew that story about it, but I thought it was a predominantly black town whenever they floated it, Yeah Yeah. By the time they flooded it, they had already forced the majority of the black residents out of the town, and so it's a predominantly white town at that point. But the irony of the situation is that only a couple generations before they push the Cherokees out and the people who had pushed all the black people out of that community had were still living in that community when they flooded it out by the government. So there is sort of that really three groups of people that were forced out of this region for one reason or another, and then the graves all got dug up. So there's there's a pretty strong basis for a haunting. If you believe in that sort of thing, a lot of bitterness, there's a lot of yeah there's a lot of just like honestly. Just I call what it is: evil attitudes and evil actions in the history of this region, and now people who are out partying on this lake end up dying and an and a higher number than you would think. It is normal, so interesting theory, as far as biblically right talking about principalities and spiritual authorities. In certain areas, I don't know I'm just hearing interesting kind of ideas of a lot of the major US shootings have taken place in Colorado, yeah yeah. You know that Columbine and the new or calorie so coincidence may be, but is there a spiritual something happening there same with this region? Is there a spiritual something happening as far as yeah? Taking that land yeah, I mean to talk about it biblically there is. Actually I mean, there's not a lot in the Bible to talk about that, but it is really interesting because there is the the dederim account of the Tara babble after after the people built that tower, God turns to Heavenly Councils Basin a a Bible degree for everyone. Listening by yeah, they gotta Give You authority here. I just randomly to saying, as he turns to his heavenly counsel, which is like his divine throne room of angels and he's like Hey. If we let them continue to do what they're doing, who know, there's no telling what they're going to do so he's he confused language, breads Homan across the count across the world and establishes all these other nations, but something interesting happens in the Dudrinasso that doesn't happen. The genesis account where basically God's like. I need to take a break from these people for a little bit and he liked literally, and he establishes his other Angels Dominion Over Geographical Locations all over the world yeah to be kind of place holders of him and is like Hey. You help guide the people in that place in my absence, while until I get back and as the story plays out, what actually ends up happening is the majority of those angels that he left got kind of drunk with that power and wanted to become gods themselves and kind of force, these people into worship of them, and so, when you see in the New Testament, when Paul talks about the prince bodies of darkness or the Prince of Persia Yeah's talking to or he's referring to. Theoretically, these quote unquote deities that God put into me. Ah, for those Regia yeah, so there is, I was always raised tot of like there's one God and that meaning that this is it, but the Bible, taxes if there are multiple spiritual entities- yeah one creator, God in Modern Christianity, we refer to all the other lesser deities as angels and demons, and things like that. But the Bible doesn't use like a distinction yeah it does. It does say that the Christian God is the Greater God of all of them yeah, but it doesn't. It doesn't act like there are other gods yeah. So could that it all that to say I'm saying that that ER regional with that world, something I call ghosts yeah with that world view, it's entirely possible that there are specific dis that have a regional power that are doing the same sort of things over and over again. And if you look at this area, it looks kind of like that. I mean the Cherkis got pushed out. People of Color got pushed out the why people got pushed out, and now a bunch of people are dying at this lake and it's just something just keeps happening, and it's like almost a cyclical thing in this this area and there's always someone different, that's kind of perpetuating that evil, but now there's now a lot of people think it's it's haunted ghosts, yeah and who knows? Maybe it is you know some people were like that's some ghosty stuff, Aer, a pretty ghosty lake, it's a pretty ghosty lake, but yeah, and so there's there are but like, like you said, there are people who who have survived the drownings, who will say yeah I have pollen I got pulled under. I felt myself get grabbed and pulled under what I mean. I I fish could do that. I guess: Have you or a love or been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the till in podcast? Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy, add free experience and they get early access to content behind the scene, stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. We all are in it. Our producers and the hosts, so if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text till in to six six, eight, six, six! Don't fish up hands? No! I don't like to see somthing here the thing I love Lake Life I like being on the lake, I like being a boat. All that Ta. I don't like the ocean at all, not a big fan at all, because I don't know. What's in like the ocean better, I hate it. Why do I hate it like? I, like the the beach is fine right like being on the beach like being on the beach going in the water M. Really I hate it. I hate ocean life is safer. The fish in the ocean they're not a sketchy, and you can see yeah. But like say for what you talk about they're safer. Have you seen the things in the old water fish brow? They will rip you to shreds. No questions has no reason most most ocean predators. They don't they don't have a taste for human. They don't want to eat human, they won't but sure at the fresh water. Those things that just rip anything up there just like. I don't just bite that heck out of that I enjoy going to the lake. I should what I'm saying sketchy. Well, let me finish my sentence. Tenot I don't enjoy swimming in the lake yeah. It makes I don't like joy swimming in water that I like pools. If you can see straight to the bottom, I mean that's. My thing. Is Lake? LINEAR, as a pool I mean, is the same thing. So some dude just said: Hey we're going to fill this with whateve. It's haunted, it's a hunt and you can't see the lot of my hunted B. Welcome to my haunted, pool O my neighbor used to do every halloween. I was a haunted. Poo Push kids in the pool yeah, it's a hot APOL, Otano yeah round three kids in neighborhood, pretty crazy Y, a n t not in the same Hallowe. It was over a space like twelve years yeah, but I mean the kids. You know now and we were like if it ever gets to five. We'll say something yeah. Well I mean he went to prison every time, but he got out on good behavior. For some reason we let him keep the pool an inflatable pool. He took it with him. Well he's in there for a while. You know he's got time these works. It takes her a week to get into you know. Just now, I like a red in the lake, as I can see the bottom of it er. Oh, my gosh he's always putting sunscreen on his cheeks like a lifeguard. Bun Jale doesn't have it so he just taken the mayonnaise from his lang, putting the s C or on his nose like a live. You know like go white nose, thin thin got going on. It's just mayonnaise. It's like Daniel is that mayonnaise on your nose, Herthel yea know this makes sense that you're here, Yeaou den't even ask what he's in for like what are you in for now? I'm pretty sure we got a yeah, we don't. We don't need any more in felt yeah yeah. I bet you use that pool yeah, so in two thousand and nine Minnesota sued the lake. What strong pivot the state of Minnesota, the United States state of Minnesota? Yes, no, yes, sued lake liner, yeah, okay! This is the way I said that was a little misleading, a federal judge from Minnesota. Oh, my okay, who chose who was chosen because they were a neutral arbiter, but they ruled that Lake Laner should not be a water supply for Metro Atlanta anymore, probably because of all the body I was going to say because the well it's ninety five percent water and five percent human. So that's not great. Like one percent power, twenty percent yeah, it's actually it's no longer h. t is h, O H, a lot a blessed human hydrogen to oxygen humans like six hundred yeah, there's six hundred humans down there and we don't know where they are, but yeah so and and it's not just it's not just boat and accidents. It's not just drowning. It's there's a highway that passes right along the shore line. They built a new one that cars just fly off of all the time and there's there's reports of a ghost that walks the highway. Obviously, obviously I mean there's are parts of ghosts in the water along the roder. Obviously, there's all kinds of ghosts that are reported along here, but apparently, if you were seeing the ghost I've never seen well, I've never seen a ghost. Oh that sounds like there's a story. Okay, all right! Do you want to be Angei, don't want to, but go ahead. You remember my buddy pap. You think his house is hanted right, yeah, yeah, okay, confident his house is on it. Confident in his house is haunted yeah! Is it because you got lost in his baseborn yeah? I could. If I my way out every time I opened the door, it was a different room in the house is on is no bad. Is Dumb? No, IT'S A big basemint! Okay. So why do you think his house is haunted, so it started in middle school? We were just like hanging out in his house, and he had like this workshop in his basement was like an unfinished room that was like a wood working room, nobody used it, but they had it. That's what rich people do yeah and occasionally we would just hear weird, sounds coming from there and big mill school as you like, all his hole when the Bo you know like that sort of thing yeah and it wasn't until high school when, like those ghost hunting, shows, got really popular. Remember for a minute there, where I m yes, what's the guy's name, Zack, something dolphins, Yeh Act, Alfenas is goes, hunting show s down there like yeah. So how long have you decided to be a ghost he's between two furnes and God did people you know? Is it how's? It feel thet more attention now than when you were alive. Theseus are roasting, ghosts, yeah, yeah, that's so that whole season of life when everybody was so hype, UN go had like legitimate crushes, celebrity crushes on the coast, hundreds o centers yeah yeah, and he would just be in like it's always the green videos yeah like a or night vision stuff. Well, we did that. So we we in high school. We got a group of us together because we had just kind of had this mythology. We built on a one year haunted and we went down into we called. Was Your Military Team Word Shop? Yes, it was, and so we set up. We got as high school by the. This is not middle school, which is not twelve years old. This is high, schoolers and Tim is just like. I don't even know. I don't understand why that girl wouldn't date me yeah. I was busy ghost hunting. Okay, so we set up some Nivison came, O is busy, goes haunting, and so we set up some cameras in that room yeah and we did the whole go setting thing, but we got freaked out, and so we just left the cameras and we left and we went back and we tried to watch it and there was like something you got freaked out. There were some things that were a little sketchy, but there was nothing where it was like this in conclusive proof, but there was two other occasions where really interesting things happen, because after that we were spooked, and so we hung across on the wall in that room, okay and to ward out a vampire or what yeah. We thought that the bit divied the cross up and we hung across on the wall on that room and then every time Patrick will go through that room or any of us would go through that room. For that matter. The Cross would be on the floor, and so we would hang it back up on the wall and every time it went it up back on the floor until eventually there was a moment LE. It ended up back on the floor and it was broken like it broke into a bunch of pieces. So we dotate it back together, like like high schoolers in the two sands and we ducated it back together. We hung it on the wall and I didn't see this so I didn't see this, but pathrick said the next time he saw it was hanging upside down on the wall ned, so we were like we have or like o your dad messing with us yeah one percent dude. If I were find out, my kids are goes hunting me. I am going to ruin them, I'm going to ruin them and then there's one other occasion there's another way where we were taking a picture in his house and it was like polly something yeah and there was. There was another like like weird like shadow figure in the back or no. It was like a shadow like of like a like a head like a shape human head shape. Oh my God shut up, so I never saw a ghost, but I think there was some there's some you saw his dad with a Hoodie over his head standing, I'm telling you and self I'm telling you. We can't live that far apart, because there's going to be times where, like I'm going to text you in the middle of the night and be like listen li'sten, my kids are being idiots yeah. Can you sneak over in the back yard? Can you come gost them? Can you as go to my kids? Can we go to my kids, climbing the like attic, the yeller name to the attic? What movie was? I was watching a scary movie and my dad went outside and like tapped on the window. Oh gosh, that's a h. He thinks he's hilarious. They won't pet up one halloween with a chain side. I tell about that. Yeah one hallowe and my dad walks into my bedroom full out chain saw terrible all right an i don't ninep, that's what it sounded like so anyway. So there's ghosty things happening at the lake. There's go see things happen at the lake there's a lot of deaths happening at the lake. Obviously, the bodies have been relocated and there's more bodies floating around in the water that we don't know about, and there's pretty good reason to believe that if ghosts are haunting people, they would have a motive, because it's pretty mad about the history there, but yeah so yeah. We can't book them. Unless there was a motive yeah, we can't we got to find them. That's what ghost hunters told us yeah? I message and i was like hey there's a ghost of my apartment. They're like well. Do we have a clear motive? We need a motive. They got to get a want. We got to get a ghost or a still from the judge in minnesota goes to where it sounds like a bad like sci, fi movie ghost, that's the second movie of tall film production. I edict goes to war, it ghost warrant dude. That sounds super cool, though, like i can picture logo right now. It's freaking cools pretty tight anyways. That's like linear! It's a freaking, weird pool man. I okay, that's it yeah. They actually have so they didn't intend for it to be like this tourism spot. You know, but they have a ghost worse yeah. Well, no, they don't they don't they don't do anything like that, but they do have like. You know, there's like river about cruises yeah, but it's not for people to write on it's for the ghost. Oh, my god. It's just an empty bower out there, i de boat, that just they don't even have someone driving it, but it drives. You know like they don't just they pushed it out and he hers was create just push it out. They were like wasted outthere, like a viking memorial, ye, the let it float off to the lake and here's the crazy thing it just drives around the lake to this day from shore to shore just playing some fiddle music targes things are done. That night is a production of space. Tim media produced by christian taylor, audio by ous, garnett, video by conter, bets or graphics, and our logo by caleb, goldberg and our social media is run by kala backer. Our host or jern myres and tim stone falls on your favorite social media platform at tillin. Podcast is till and podcast remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next tuesday for another episode of things i have on last night t

About 50 miles outside downtown Atlanta lies Lake Lanier. This artificial reservoir spans 59 square miles and boasts an impressive 692 miles of shoreline. For years people from all around Georgia have journeyed to the lake to escape the heat and enjoy all the trappings of lake life. Unfortunately, many of those who made this trip never returned. Since the lake’s opening to recreation, well over 500 people (more than 700 according to some sources) have lost their lives in boating accidents and drownings on Lake Lanier. The shocking amount of deaths at the lake, coupled with its eerie history, have left many asking; is Lake Lanier haunted? Well, it kind of seems like it. This is the story of the deadly Lake Lanier.

Satellite image of the haunted lake lanier
Satellite image of the haunted Lake Lanier
Photo provided by Wikipedia
Is Lake Lanier Haunted?

For a lake that has experienced this much tragedy, one must ask: Is Lake Lanier Haunted? Obviously, there’s no real way to answer this question. However, the stories that have come out of this lake beg the question. For every death recorded on the waters of Lake Lanier, there are dozens of close calls. Multiple survivors have told tales of ghostly beings pulling them to the depths. Other locals told stories of a mysterious Lady of the Lake who can be seen walking up and down one of the bridges on the lake, still wearing the blue dress she wore the night the lake killed her in 1958. While the stories may be convincing to some, the history of the lake offers even more reason to avoid Lake Lanier.

The History of Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is an artificial lake, which, if you’ve seen our episode on the Salton Sea, you know how disastrous that can be. This Georgia lake is no different. Originally built in 1956, the lake serves as a reservoir for water storage and flood control. As you might suspect, the government had to displace over 250 families, over a dozen businesses, and more than 20 cemeteries to flood the 38,000 acres charted to become Lake Lanier. Needless to say, this did not occur easily.

Many families fought the government tooth and nail to maintain the ownership of their land to no avail. Sadly, such an event had been a repeat of history. Nearly 50 years before the flooding of the region, it had been home to the thriving town of Oscarville. The town was predominantly black, and in 1912 racial conflicts in the area had forced nearly 1,100 black people from their homes. However, the event that took place in Oscarville was not the first displacement in the area.

Even further back in the history books, the Cherokee nation occupied the region that would one day become the site of Lake Lanier. In 1830 the US government forced out the Cherokee people, and Forsyth county, the lake’s home, became one of the southeastern most points on the trail of tears. Unfortunately, if we know anything about history, it probably does not stop there. But, this is as far back as our records take us. Three different groups were forced out of Forsyth county against their will in just a little over 100 years.


Is Lake Lanier haunted? Well, the lake is one of the most deadly lakes in the nation. It’s also the setting for more ghost stories than we can count. If these weren’t enough, the region’s history leaves no shortage of potential angry spirits to haunt the lake. So, if you believe a lake could be haunted, then there are plenty of reasons for Lake Lanier to be haunted. Want to know more? Watch or listen to this episode of the Things I Learned Last Night podcast. Jaron and Tim talked about more ins and outs of this scary lake.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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The Haunting of Lake Lanier – Oxford American

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