Nolan Bushnell – The Father of Video Games and Robot Pizza?


Nolan Bushnell pioneered so much of the world we enjoy today. His crowning achievement, a company called Atari, brought video games into every household. Often he is credited as creating the world’s first video game, pong. Even though video games, albeit nothing like the games we think of today, existed before pong. Along with his long list of successes, he’s also the only person Steve Jobs ever worked for; Jobs spent time at Atari before founding Apple. Bushnell’s unconventional management style and his strange workplace philosophy laid the foundation for the office culture that is prevalent today. As if all these things weren’t enough, Nolan also started Chuck E Cheese. That’s not a joke. After Atari, Bushnell made a pizza arcade with mice robots. Nolan Bushnell is wild. This man is a genius.

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Nolan Bushnell – Wikipedia

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