Tesla Bot – Did Elon Musk Really Just Announce A New Robot


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Hey ma'am, you're heard of CNN. Why? I don't know you told me, there's a new story: Yeah Yeah! He man start over hey man. No, we keep all that in okay, hey man. What have you ever heard of Telaba? I knew it was going to be Elon, musk corelated. I just knew it when you were like there's a breaking news story that happened last night we got to put out an emergency episode. I was like this is either due you I was like this is freaking something Elan did and whatever what happened, what you? What blew up? What nothing did he want die? No he's still Teshio wake up and kill them in the middle of the night, no, no pessel what he calls his wife things or his kid yeah it like the whaten, no tess Ebat. How do you pronounce his kids name? Oh Gosh. I have no idea O O. I don't think they know how yeah I think they were just like this is quirky yeah they're like this is cool. No yeah, tess Labat is what they buy. No, they didn't buy anything Tesla unveiled there new robot. Yesterday, no, this is his wife. I get it shot of it's literally an I robot. I know they're just like you know that movie. That will spell you know everyone's talking about how I am legend is like literally what o thousand and twenty was and her whole paid, the Mian people getting vaccines to become abbies, whatever yeah the whole conspiracy. He goes. You know what ether will Smith move is about to come. True, I robot as like. Let me let me make that happen. Yeah so say. Yes, Independence Day happens, I'm out I'm yoh my gosh okay! Well, I don't know, I mean if blink an a to, has anything to do with it. I guess not blink, but Tom. Then yeah independence days coming to I'm just trying to pursue happiness. You know, okay, I'm just trying to live out the pursuit of happiness. This is getting. This is getting old. That was a good will. Smith movie, I know, but this bit is getting old, there's nothing new kind of like well Smith. You know he's in his like S, O Gosh, it's not fresh anymore dude. The bit was over. I spent the last three words I said was. I was trying to tea that up for you with being less obvious, and then I was like fine, I'm just going to have to take it yeah and then, Oh, I hate you. Okay, so test a announced, a robot yesterday they yesterday was there Ai Day, so they were talking about an aid aid. Yes, what are ther semis? I saw the video to semis a couple years ago and I've never seen one out of the road well they're not released yet they're in development, okay, and so that was like the early development. Like Hey, we've got this: When do you decide to release something? Are His wife and kid released? Are they allowed to be outside yeah? Okay, I think keep my girlfriend in the basement: She's not released, yet that there she's in development, the kids. Definitely Development Yeah, I don't know about the wife. Well seems like it anyways, so telaba is a robot that they're legitimately making yes, so they did this whole aid talking about how far their ais come and how much better their self driving cars are, and they release this new thing. They call the DOJO program the DUGAL project, which is essentially what they did is they took they've built their own ship. That is like a learning system. That process is at nine Tera lops. What this is a dumb word go ahead, sorry, which is really fast. Yes, this is our super advanced computer that would probably take over humanity, and it's made up of a ton of terra clops sounds stupid. Okay also, why can scientists never get like they're scientists, they're literally professionals than just making stuff out of nothing, and they can never have glasses that don't slide down the bridge of their nose that, like bender glasses, dude, like? What do you want me to? I think it has something to do with brain size like they're. The slope of their nose is a little more sloppy than most other Peopleso. It's you got a slope nose go on slope, nose! Okay, so the TARAFA is really fast, basically without getting too far into it. If you could complete one calculation, a second so like, if you can sit down and calculate something and do one a second, it would take you. I think it's like thirty one thousand years to do what a Terri fop could do in one second, so they're fast, Jeez, they're, very fast, and so this has nine terra flops, which is a lot, but it's not so I can do thirty one, no more than thirty. One thing do thirty, one thousand years of calculations worth of calculations every second nine times over in one second, so it's very very fast. The thing is a it sounds crazy, but that it's not that processing speed isn't crazy, like, for example, the place as run a whole sequence of decisions. Yeah yeah, it's really really fast, but it's not it's not unheard of like the play station. Five is ten TARAFA. Supposedly, if you over clock it, the fast compute of the world, I think, is one ex plot, which I'm pretty sure is a M, which I think, I'm pretty sure I just so. I'm really mad that they made these words up. You know, and they didn't choose something better. I think I think it X. Flap is a thousand pedophile names, which is a thousand tents like one. Whoever was like you know. Timothy is a good name is just like you made that up. You could have done something better. You know, okay, I in so hot a fight yesterday and still then pronouncing j wrong wrong. You pronounced Jaron, yeah and, first of all, nobody else in the world pronounces a Jarret. No one says j Ronnie or you big, old Adia, often pronounced Geran. Are you trying to say Jeran? No, I'm tried to say jar. Nobody says that Loko looks like at the Dofia who looks like the terra flock now, thank God that joke terra, flopped, okay, so here's the thing. It's really fast is up. It's super fast and it's fast we're putting up this episode. Apparently the thing about it, the thing about it, though, is it's not it's. Not It's not insanely fast compared to a lot of other stuff, that's out, but passion, our brains. What it's set up to do is: Are they going to kill us now we'll get to that, because they didn't talk about it now, we'll get there. That doesn't seem like a get their conversation. That doesn't seem like a a we'll talk about that minor details. Okay, fine, we'll talk about it. I do you think. Okay, I'll do my thing. So it's it's really really fast yeah, but there's a lot of other computers on the market that are running a comparable or faster speeds. That issue with those is they're doing general calculation. So they're doing a lot of a lot of things we what they're doing is their system. The DOJO system is supposed to do one thing and that's learning, so it's nine terra flops worth of processing power to only learn new things, so the way that comes in is they're puting it in their cars. So the cars can learn road networks and learn how to avoid accidents and how to drive really really quickly is the idea, and so in that processing of putting this in the car they kind of just realized they like Hey and I'm pretty sure the exact quote hey. I know this robot shaping a car right now, but guys hear me out what if we can make out with it, what if you shape like a human person, what do they call us? A woman? I don't know the we've been trapped in this basement, making computers for seven years for a full time. I haven't seen someone who's, not Kenny. So what? If we made a robot yeah, I mean yeah kind of pretty close to how that went. They were like we companions, so what what Elantra o this is. My girlfriend Tara and you're, like Oh Kenny, canny, what Elon said in his best conference, he said we realized. We were kind of already making semi sentient robots on wheels, and so he said what that's a saying. I guess it just kind of makes sense to put them in a humanoid form yeah like that's exactly exactly, but that's a that's how my brain would go to it's like this has four wheels. What if it had for a Pendaran four legs, I mean they didn't they do the weird dog thing didn't they who made the dog that looked exactly like the one from Black Mayor Boston Dynamics, because that's looky, Yeah Boston Dynamics has some weird robot of AMIS was like yeah. We liked that little dog that shanked people, and so I think, I think, honestly, I think, what's going on here- is tessos trying to build something better than Boston Dynamics fast than Boston Ima damage, because what o Pasta Dynamics is doing. Big Rat dancing, robots, yeah and I honestly, like they're making robots, should go viral on tick, Tock and Elan hates that you know like Gosh. Do Gins is mine. You get the next generation, but I get the weird kids. We so there's a thing, Boston dynamics. I could be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure their biggest contractor in terms of like who's paying them to do their research is the US military, and I think that freaks a lot musk out, because he's always been really outspoken about how AI is a pretty big risk for us yeah. That is, he thinks that the military is going to get it and then they're going to kill everybody basically he's like he's like if this gets him the wrong hands. This thing can learn things, and he said it's totally within the realm of possibility that they just try to have soldiers do well it totally in the relabelled on what was that sentence. He said it. He said over and over for years that ai it's within the realm of possibility that AI turns on us, and so he says what we need to do is we need to be very careful about how we engine near it to where they do limited things and they're limited in scope. So that way they don't have the capability to destroy us, because it's possible that they turn on us. Okay, what's just on to this E, not saying it's likely he's saying is possible. I understand what you're saying yeah, I'm saying, let's run through the because more possible than a Zombie apocalypse right. Well, Yeah Yeah! What do you do if your robot turns on you? I mean it depends what rob hot you're talking about right I mean I go say my little vacuum turns on you right just step on it chasing you around the house. Well, all you have to do is go over where the cat toys are, it would suck one of those up or get stuck. What happens every single go to the lip of the carpet and let it flip over yeah real, like let's say that the humanoid things yeah. Let's say that that let's say they replace law enforcement with these with these ais, they want it. Well, they don't want to do a Elon. Elon isn't be saying, like here's, here's, what Elon's doing all right well, the justification will be that it's safer for, like bomb squads, already send little. You know those little robots that they made for the. What's that Spike TV show where the robots wrestle each other robot wars rob or I don't know, what's that show called Bay blade sure, that's not it no something anyway, but they send those in for bomb squad. I send humor ods in God like like that bomb threat. Yesterday, probably yeah they probably would use it for that kind of an AP. Imagine that you're that guy did you see that bomb through yesterday? No, you didn't see that the guy literally drove up and on the library of converce sidewalk, with a bomb in his hand now, and then he was live streaming on facebook. I mean he is the most deep North Carolina Woods like I'm here to talk to Joe Baden. Oh my God. This whole thing, but imagine you're that guy who is an idiot yeah he surrendered. He was like I'm gonna go home to my wife and kids. You know you're not now you but let's say you're that guy and then imagine like in a distance. You see you're like hope they got someone running toward me. Yeah there's a dumb person right and it's just like a like. It's a terrifying one of those hun faces got like the eyes and then the mouth just turns to a frown. It's got the angry emotion on its face. Were you talking about like they were like? We want this to a take down terrorists, but also be kind of fun. You think it's like a little light. I got on my car like that, like you cut me off and trap, but that you got your little taxi driver right in the Tesla who turns with a middle finger emotion his face. Just you think the things are a humanoid robot running into battle, hundreds of them and just the red tint or the LASSOS like shooting the steam of the no that's after it gets a kill, il somebody stands or with her body, and then it's Elan who made it so just doing squats over the body. You know, like you, do in the video games and he's just with that, and it's just like a like. Like a a notification tone, it's like plan changes the face it switching between that Moti and the one hundred, and it's like dude. These things don't have feelings. They don't know hey thanks for being here for things alone last night, if you want bonus, content, early access to episodes and a whole lot more, including a discord channel. I we have that available to our patron supporters to sign up for that and for or info text till in to six six, eight, six, six, that's what I'm saying. If that happens, if they turn right, yeah do you fight, so he I sure, don't here is what Eelin's addressed this and the press conference. He said he said in the conference he said now he said were as they're made for love, not war. He said we're engineering them to be friendly and he said and that's why we wanted to do it because he said if we realized we said: Hey, we put this technology to the world. If we don't do it, someone else is going to do it and who knows what they do with it, and so he said we want to be in front of it and be the ace once the technology exists. It doesn't matter well, he said we want to be in front of want to be the market leader, so our robots are the populated one and the dangerous ones are. Super rare is kind of the idea, and so he said we're engineering them to be friendly, but he said just in case he said we're we've designed them to be something you can outrun and depending on who you are probably over power, and so they have a top speed of five miles an hour there on AL, though there s o y pounds, how long till it's a you know used Tesla on facebook marketplace, jail broken, you know so Salingen jail, broken telebos m and they just made them like yoke. Yeah, Oh yeah, ripped telaba modified. I mean it's, I mean definitely possible, definitely within the Remoosh, which is why it's a little scary. When does he say that these release is going to happen? So he says they should have a working prototype within a year. Oh my gosh, okay yeah, so they had the the like shell of it at the press conference. They also they opened it with this, like really. The best way I could describe the opening is a like: A Spider Man, villains company press conference like it was like techno music, and it was like all this like an intense video footage of the robot Shell and then in, and then it was the stage, and it was this robot walking out onto the stage like super like robotic like you know, and then it when it took its mask off and it's even on what no literally it just started like break dancing basically and doing all these like crazy dances and then Elon walked out, and he said that was fake and he said, but what we're doing is real. Wasn't a person in the thing. First, a a that's like one of those more suits. That's probably funny. That's pretty funny. Have you seen what they do for the spider man exhibit at Disney now, where they're they're using an animatronic and I'm a Tito spinam yeah? No, so you know the actor goes over the Little Ledge or whatever, and then they sling shot and animatronic like one that takes a form. Instead of just sling shotting, instead of their sling shotting a dummy yeah like there, it takes a form like a as it. So it's like you know like it's, so they just shoot a robot across their stage. Yeah, that's and then it lay. And then the actor has now moved over to that spot. Behind the scenes comes over the ledge yeah and then he lands and he catches it and throws it by backstage. Well then he can overpower. If that's the whole thing, you know it's not designed to be overpowered and that's kind of the fail safe. I hated their fail safe is you could beat it up, though? You know they're like an there's, a chance. The robots are going to try to take over, but you, but you could be in good, beat it up. I mean, if you can't that's on you, you know you can. I mean hit the gym, I don't know sorry you're a was. You should be able to run at least five miles an hour yeah that was pretty much their defense, actually exactly what they were saying were like I mean and really isn't it. The fault of the Boy Scout, so there's not enough of them to defend these old. Ladies Getting beat up by robot. I'm saying you. If you see an old lady getting beat up by one of these robots, she can't overpower it. Yeah call the scouts. Somebody called the other. There used to be just boy scouts, waiting on street corners to help all ladies across the street lets it yeah. That was like there. That's what they're invented for hey scouts on or you're, going to hang out here all day start a fire. If you have to that's where force fire started to its war, the scouts are band in California. Just all these kids every block just yeah, and that's why they went so liberal. So he thinks that within a year, they'll have a prototype of it. Yeah they'll have a working prototype of the test, Laba and so what he says he said the application is, there are slaves, they do boring, repetitive or dangerous task for us. So I think what to what your point was. They probably would do bomb squad stuff yeah. But now, let's go by to the scenario where he's running five miles an hour: the guys lives to he's like he's like hey this roll up. It's a long three, but it's slow is like that. Thing's moving, I'm telling you what these things e on You more on that's kind of how he was a little bit of an India. Well, a lot of IADER congress of a boom you're, a idiot art, yeah, so yeah. He we didn't see that he live stream for thirty minute. I can't even face see that that's crazy yeah, so his applications are. It was barely a new story. That's crazy to me! Yeah! That's too bad! I think I think they do stuff like that, because it's like they don't want other people to be like. Oh look at these good God famous doing that right, and so they just don't advertise it. Yeah facebook, disabled, his page and live stream. They should yeah that's good, okay anyways, so they should also disable your page, my Gosh. Why in our show? Probably One? Okay, I don't know parents not going anywhere okay. Nobody ever said that. I just realized. I neither of US said that people have said that in the comments people have said, this show is not going anywhere. Definitely won't be back. If, en I'm factual to say no one said it so you're saying that within a year, they're gonna have a pro type. They think that how long till it's market ready, he didn't say that he what he said he talked about. Where are the similies? How long do the semi on market ready? That's a serious question, because I remember I watched the video and I was like that's freaking cool. Did you see how much the test all semi can pull a lot? Okay, so Tessa said that it should be released were on twenty, this semi Elon three years, so it's twenty ring out. The truck at least day is two thousand and twenty two and I think the mine yeah it's three years delayed and I think a lot of that is because of Ovid. What about the Tesla trucks? Have you seen any of those yeah? Those are persons, those are release, but nobody wants him because they're ugly, that's true, yeah. I think those are all. I kind of want them. Do you yeah? You have bad taste then so. Well I just want to you know. I want to drive a really expensive car with the assurance, knowing that someone's going to try to break my windows when you make that the best selling point of the truck people are going to be. Like you parking anywhere like that, every single day someone's like I bet I could do it. You know you park at downtown Kansas City, there's going to be some drunk guy who's. Like guys, I saw this a line. I could bunch a lot, but I can do it. Yeah people do the same thing with the robots when they come out to like you now o I could beat this up overpower it. I got this robot just to fight it. It's like I've got it in my basement. I just come down now. There's an application of this robot. Imagine how I Mutho terrifying that it would be. Let's say that this room right when we move into our office space. All I have is my gym. Now, it's my workout room right. I've got a Peloton bike and a robot and stands facing the corner facing the freaking corner. Just over there. Just and every morning you just sprint in from the door, just flicking a hammer fist in the back of the head. Angry a moy turn the light, an you a turn around his head, just spins, and then you fist fight this robot every morning, but you weld Bro. I mean I'm telling you what like do you look great yeah? I mean I've been staying hydrated and been fighting my robot every morning. Every morning I get a bet. You know the key to my success every morning I get, but I this is a Gary, be quite whole Bas waters, a Gary B quote yeah. I make my bag as it's important to have. You know I have a success in the morning drink a full glass of water, and then I fight my robot. I overtake it. You know- and I honestly what I do is I imagine the robot is all my problems and I overcome them, and then I, when I'm in the shower, I picture a relative getting be up by that robot. So tomorrow, I'm motivated isn't that weird that Gary vis is like I picture a relative getting shot in the face every day. Yeah. Have you seen that clip yeah he's a psycho? That's a real ye he's just like yeah, I'm emotionally healthy, because because every morning I just sob, I let it all out. Oh yeah, that's a that's a crazy person thing to do. Imagine that you tell your wife that you're, like a like she's, like you've, been really emotionally vulnerable. Lately Yeah. Every morning I picture you getting shot in the race Ethan's. Why I'm so healthy? So can I come out now you're still in development, no yeah, so he's basically like. So what this will do is this will do the boring jobs that nobody wants to do. It'll do the meaningless jobs that don't fulfill people or like just stuff, like your choice like he'll, clean your dishes or pick up your groceries, where you can at least to as society stuff logo. I've got some cultural ideas on that, though, so if your job has to have a meaning, so one thing he said one thing he brought up was: he said down the line as per was we're pretty far from this, but he said I envision a future he's always been a universal basic income guy. I says so I envision a future where work becomes optional. You only do it because you want to and the robots are doing all of the work to sustain our society and then we all survive of universal place of income. That sounds terrible to explain. I guess I have a different view of work in a different view of I think that humans have an innate desire to create community and to be involved with the world. I think all honestly, a lot of our problems is that are not not enough. People are having jobs involved in their local community. I think not, and I'm saying like now all the problems in the world because of this, I'm saying that when you create a vocational distance between you and your physical community, you know because we got people who work remote. We got people who you work from home. I make an attempt to go to starbucks every day and work there, because I'm able to become friends with the workers who are at starbucks and create a little bit of a pocket of a community there, but and even my job isn't directly feeding or creating an impact in my local community. So I don't know I've just been, and this is a I don't have a theory. Yet I don't have any kind of thing. I've just been thinking on the importance of local community lately, because I think that part of our mental health struggles is our knowing about like. Why do I need to know about what's happening in this part of the world? Yeah like every single day yeah. You know we're and I'm not talking about like Afghanistan, I'm talking about like. Why am I burdening myself with the injustice it's happening here and meanwhile ignoring the injustice, that's happening as the street over here yeah yeah, and so I think that the more disconnected we get from our physical things it just creates A. I don't think we're made for that yeah and then what you see happening is people start to go. People start to do local stuff within themselves, which is why you get a bunch of health nuts, a people who are like, oh well. This is you know. Eventually everyone accepts the limits of their body because, like I can't be here and also in Springfield yeah like my body is here, and I think that you start to see the little bit of that disconnect folding in or itself when people become so obsessed with body, and so obsessed with. I can control this health. I can you know I can do this kind of thing is because they're folding inward looking for a local connection, yeah. This is a theory. I don't get a lot on it yet, but I don't like the idea of a society where no one is working well, I think there's a merit to it, but I think that's. I think it actually is similar to what Elan is proposing, because he's saying he's not saying nobody works, he's saying nobody does work or we got think don to war. Do Yeah. So it's like nobody's pooping Burgers at McDonald's. What people do is they say: Hey here's the thing I'm passionate about and the thing that I actually want to build or make change in or be a part of. That's the work that you're doing. I'm saying that I don't think humans are wired and design. That way. I think that's a very western idea. Yeah. I think that long term, that's damaging to our psyche, is what I think interesting. Have you read Garden City you right, yeah right. I do think that there is one that goes against all ancient wisdom yeah, but I do think that there is not just like a b biblical like this kind of thing about work about. You know what you're doing and what you're creating, but there's a very western idea that, if I'm not passionate about it, I don't want to do it sure, and then what that creates is a lot of selfish people who are in relationships yeah. That translates to our friendships. If I'm not passion about this friendship, I so I'm not going to do it anymore and the whol that's what I'm saying is that the whole point of community the whole point of not the whole point, but I'm saying like a big aspect of being in a relationship with other people, is sacrificing and making changes and giving up what you want to do for the other person. Absolutely true, absolutely true, I don't disagree with you. I think I think the one thing I would say is: I think that would be. That sounds like a very you know. I think it's built on the idea that Western ideology and then Western practices and technology will usher us into a utopia, and I think that that's one reason that Jenk is so burnt out. Yeah Yeah is because they felt that in the s yeah you know there were all these ideas about what the future would look like and now we're in the thousands and that future did not pan out for them yeah and so what they grew up with being told the future was going to be like that's where I think our generation is going to get stuck with is a well. I thought it would be better and different by now, because all this advanced and technology- Oh, I mean, I think, that's that's totally fair. I think it's. I think I think the the this became a much more serious podcast. I Apologize. The motivation has to be. What's your motivation behind your work? Do you want to be the dude on top? That does something amazing, or do you want to do something that actually contributes and helps other people like? I is it selfishly motivated or as I selfishly self listy motivated, and I think I think, you're right. I think there will be a lot of people who are like. I just want to go. Do something awesome and be the guy or be the person who did this thing, but I'm saying I think that even that puts a value on work as far as a if you're not passionate about it than what you're doing doesn't have meaning and that's what I'm saying is that we've created a society where we're telling people who do work at McDonald's who do work on front line jobs? Who who do the things that rich people don't want to do, yeah that their job doesn't have meaning yeah? And I'm saying that instead of feeding into that and growing that ideology, I think that's a dangerous ideology. I think, rather instead of saying that your meaning and purpose, because that's what we've been selling, that's, why I'm saying I don't think the society will work? Is We've been selling over and over that you're meaning and your purpose comes from your work, yeah yeah sure, and so then what we're saying is go find something that's worth doing, yeah! Well, what's going to happen, yeah people are going to implode with anxiety and stress and they're not going to figure out what they want to do and and go do nothing imposter syndrome yeah yeah yeah. I think that I mean, I think, there's man, I think, if you're listening to this and you work a job that and your whole like when I were to subway, you know I would listen to podcast on my way to work in subway when I was twenty years old and I think that they're still meaning and purpose to be found yea even in that job, and I think that if we're telling people that that's just a temporary thing until a life, that's different and has more purpose and meaning yeah, that's just never going to come. You're never going to find purpose anyway. Oh I'll get passion I'll start preaching. I apology I'm sure we can talk about that later, but I have a lot of cultural ideas that very passionately disagree with that ideology. Yeah, that's fair! That's fair and I say that as a person who is self employed and it has my dream job, so I'm speaking from a different position but yeah yeah. I hope I think that I'm in a mental and emotional healthy space, where, if I were working a different kind of job, I could still find you know, quality friendships, relationships and meaning, apart from my job anyway yeah. I think the reason that you're in that healthy position is because every morning you fight your robot, you fight a vacuum. Every morning, yeah yeah my vacuum, not even like the robot back, an just straight up. My back your over you get your old old boot. I make it look at the replacement. I look at Bo Back N. look what I teethe do it every way I e to do it. I have a button and it cleans the whole apartment. What did you do and then I just feedeth empty it? I don't. You is bad. I have to take the bag off it's because I've plugged it in torn, and then I pull the cord toward me and I go don't do this? Don't do it don't do it in closer and just I have to er defend my family and I in my liberty I got to defend my rights. I A self defense. This is a standard ground stake. I kill Ma, thank you and then I take it back for the warranty a bed after beyond, and I said this is the third so like to you're here. Every in this month I walk in. They go hey jaron have a bad hero, actually have one read: They have a new box at the desk, a ready, yester wor, all right thanks, Minny, hey one day, you'll find a job of meaning. I probate robots. Titus coming for you coming for your job is gonna. Take Your Job Yeah. Do we have merchandise, yeah, very cool? How do I purchase them? You can go to Tilloch there. We have mugs t shirts hoodies, I mean anything. You can want stickers. No, we do have stickers. Do we yeah to com, slash March yeah? So basically we could go all night about is dis, Ena, okay, we can go on night talking about the potential dystopian future. These will bring because, honestly, it's very likely because he's a deal because I d, I think and and I'm I think that this could serve to be a bigger announcement than the iphone was. I think that this is certain to be a moment that we remember the five for announcement yeah. It was amazing when he was like it's an I et al right. You remember that, and I pass em Siehe was like it's a it's a music player yeah. He goes. We are releasing three new products today and releasing a music player phone and a personal computer and a personal compete. Yes, yeah kept a penge music player phone personal computer, yeah, music player phone and is: Are you getting it? These are all one device and everyone if you have a go serious o go look up yeah, because it's so surreal to watch that because it was two thousand and seven yeah and it looks primitive. Like I mean the features he taught it's like, and even the display it's plugged in and it messes up, Yep and, like their presentation, met it's so weird to watch that presentation on your iphone. Knowing what we know now yeah and that's what I'm scared that, if that was thousand seven and Nous to thousand and twenty one, you know we're. Fourteen years later, yeah and we've watched the the IPHONE experiment, playoff and it's like most of US could agree. I don't know if this was good, like it's nice there's a lot of good, but there's a lot that it's like, like. I think, there's a lot that the phone has done to connect us in a way that has had negative results we have, but I don't think social media is a part of the Itom experiment, though Oh totally not, but I think even just having all kinds of knowledge at our our finger tips. The camera like there's been so much stuff that it's like it really has messed with our psychology having the ithon yeah. We don't remember stuff anymore, no, no, when. Why would you that I think about that? A Lot when I'm out with friends and we'll like we're all joking about something you know I have friends that we hang out with, and you know, but we'll be alike dinner or whatever, and someone will go. What was that movie and- and I almost like I'll, see someone pall their phone and I almost want to like no no stop like just like. Remember No, don't Ma US guys. Let's run that on Peut, not in that way, but just like a if we can't remember it it's I don't know I like: Whenever the other day did you grow up, man is race, brothers, a local thing. No I've never heard of that. Okay, so it must have been a local thing. It was a commercial that goes raise, brothers, farm man, home supply and those are a little horse whip and it goes and western ware yeah and the other day I just kept going and western where I was like what was that I couldn't her the rest of the song and- and it was like a you know, my brothers pulls my brother pulls out the phone to Google it and I was like Ol hold on. I was like I can't get this. I can get that and it took me like three hours, but then I was in there fireman home supply and Westerns ikes farming home spy, okay yeah, but I I don't know we never have to. We don't have to do that. It's Manful to me to can't lie any more. You know you can't just make stuff up. People can check, people can look at it yeah! You can't. You can't just be like yeah, my cousin's M, a stone and someone's like excuse me what no she's, not I dude, shut up. I'm not impressing. People he's the thing Emma stones from Phoenix, which is where all my family is froma. She's in a strange cousin, look it up yeah, I added it to her with an get page. Should that's funny hey, do we have a compete pages? We don't? Can you create them? Do you have the build? I looked into it. I just haven't done it. You've looked into it if you're looking at wikipedia a wikipedias like up to their way whatever so here's what I think. I think that the robot, this robot will be a moerder going to look back on, and I can you imagine in fifteen year remember what we used to think of when we are on a live tour and there is an audience full of robots will be a lot like thin and it's like laughing face cindee there and I'll be like do you remember like? Do you guys re you don't remember. I mean you were there, but not really really like. This is like the new society where all we exist, for is the roles etaient dying robot to come to your theater is the same as buying followers on instagram. I was like yeah, I sold it out and you're like do you just paid a thousand robots to show up there's like one a human in like row. Thirty, six p like excuse me, you're in my Seyo, want to fight robot the rob I goes. I'm sorry, the robins goes. Mutual Combat! It's, not a legal. If you SAOIR is the best part that episode not out yet call back to an episode we haven't released. Yet because you you you this morning, this everyone knows that's hilarious. THAT'S HILARIOUS! That that's! A call back to an episode is rat out this morning. Tim Calls Me, and this goes hey man. It was breaking news last night. This is very crazy. There's breaking news. We need to an episode of a lease today. I said so as Bro Class. Okay broken honestly, when you called me- and you were like some news broke last night- I was in here and- and I sat down and you're like you're like, Oh God, e me, you're supposed to be on your way to my apartment. It doesn't sound like you're driving at was jarge an my car and I go shut out and you go. Some news broke last night and I thought you were literally going to be like yeah man. So you know there was a scandal at the church I was at and I'm located and where I literally thought that you were about to be like Yeah Dude, I've got like I'm going to jail. I know cause you a you. Did this thing where re just like yeah, Hey man, you sounded so solemn about it. You're, like hey man. I this freaks me out. You were like hey man, you busy. I was like I S. I mean it's eight thirty in the morning lunch real quick! Are you anything right now? Can we go get lunch? That's a Eletto know how my mom breaks bad news. Yeah text messages, my dad got a car accident. I got a text that said Your Dad's been in a car accident going to the hospital. Now I M, I think that's that's pretty common yeah, okay, yeah, so anyways you'll understand that joke on September. Twenty it when that have. Oh, my gosh, that's Hilarious! Well, sorry guys tomorrow, anyways yeah, so this is the the test about. It is probably gonna go a problem. There not worst case scenario. It kills everybody best case scenario. It really messes up our psychology and make his case are owners who beat up a robot worst case scenario. It kills everybody best case scenario. It just kills our souls. You Know Yeah Yeah. That takes me pretty fair. It's faces a screen, though, so I could see it being like. You could play like xbox off your robots face like a full screen. Yeah like like a what is it gone, shape, screen yeah, it's going to look like buzz light year is going to put a face on it or what kind of yeah actually are ye going to put a face on it? No, it's a screen, so it can do play the screw. The face displays useful information and I've. I mean I guarantee they're going to do the MOGES yeah they're gonna do a MOGIN faces if not pan panting. I don't want a humanoid thing, though I don't like it. It's weird, but here's a thing. Imagine you break into someone's house and they've got one you know, and the robot turns around it's like we've been training every morning, for you have you seen the TIKTOK AV? You see the guy who sets the his echoes, Yeah de Jusos, echo intruder and all the lights turn red and then Alexa goes wrong house Yep Yep. Can you imagine that and then in a a humanoid, robot comes around the corner now and then out of every room. On the second floor, it's like you can see the second floor, all the room, doors open up and it's just these robots and you train is to ran your robot to slam the door to you, know it and then you start running and you look back and they're just like man. These things are slower than I thought yeah I mean I can overpower at least one of them yeah. How many? How big would the group have to be for you do not be able to overpower him anymore, Dad's, a good you know Elon, he that was the most annoying part about the press conference. They opened it up for questions and everybody, as was asking about technical specifications, and nobody asked about my. How many can I take it? One you could overpower one of them all right. Could I overpower to what's the number three four you guys say you're like were me, look at you think I go overpower. Two of them do even bring a bench press. Let me show that I can do you think I re power, three of them, how many tests bought you tiger. I Bet I could do five, let's shut it up. I fought like six Tesla bus last week and I swear. I did it you off on the home they're, not even out yet yeah. No, it's just those street performers on Hollywood, Boulevard dresses a transformer and you just beat that heck out of one of them. It was the dancer at the beginning of the presentation, overpowered kill them, dude, the fake blood you put it. I was pretty. That was a good time I ve good and the screams and the crying yeah that was great yeah, that guy just terro flopped. If you know what I mean. Oh, my gosh, so we're going to get murdered by robots, Yep and that isn't now he's a thing when they do it. There's a cool feature that they added so there's like the destroy feature right, yeah and as they're destroying humanity. They've got speakers on the top of their head. They are going to play this fiddle music, a Fidele Magi on her face to

Tesla held its special AI day yesterday and showcased all kinds of incredible new technologies in its autonomous vehicles. Then at the end of their conference, something strange happened. First, a video rolled on the screen showcasing what looked like a new robot design. Then as the lights came up, a robot came walking across the stage. Tesla quickly showed the live robot to be nothing more than a joke, but Elon Musk then gave a ten-minute presentation about their newest project Tesla Bot. The new robot, codenamed Project Optimus, is driven by AI technology and will theoretically do repetitive, boring, or dangerous tasks for humanity.

The Tesla Bot

Elon Musk and the team at Tesla described the Tesla Bot as serving the exact role we have always depicted as intelligent robots. Science fiction has long showcased robots in this fashion. Tesla envisions a future where your robot picks up your groceries for you and handles all your boring tasks. Thanks to Tesla’s already strong manufacturing systems, the company expects to scale the Tesla Bot to the point that the technology could be readily available to all people and not just the super-rich.

Tesla bot chasing Tim Stone and Jaron Myers

We know what you’re thinking, and so did Elon Musk. He stated early that these humanoid robots are being designed to be weaker than the average human. They only have a carrying capacity of 45 lbs and a top speed of 5 mph. Musk said in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, “You should be able to overpower one.” Well, at least he thought that through.


Since Tesla opened up, it’s Tesla Bot showcase with a joke. Many are still debating whether the whole idea was just a prank or not. Either way, Musk claimed a full prototype should be ready next year. After that, we’ll have to wait and see if these robots come to fruition. If they do, there are likely going to be some wild implications. Watch this special bonus episode of Things I Learned Last Night to learn more about the Tesla Bot and hear Jaron and Tim’s opinions on the new device.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Tesla Bot – CNET

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