Phoenix Jones – This is Seattle’s Real Life Vigilante Superhero


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All right would you start the gas. I didn't see a is like what we're going to use that whole thing. When now again, would you start? Please: Hey man, hey man, amen, hey man. What's up, have you ever heard of Phoenix Joms Phoenix Jones Yeah as you related to Osmosis, Kasibi, gs or cousins? You know it's ironic because, honestly, honestly, honestly, let me be honest. They I mean you just be as yeah. Just being honest, they can't see you a point at that. It's not up there. I don't have a thing I was gonna say. I was like that Frenok tons osmosis Jones Osmosis Jones is the microscopic version of Phoenix Jes. Okay, actually, because Phoenix Jones is a real life superhero in Seattle, Washington, Oh yes, man I mean he doesn't have super powers, but yeah, so he's a guy who, just what's he doing, I see he's staying on top of buildings, dropping TVs on people ye up there like o. not it's all the timing, yeah and you hear it, and he even does like whistle noises too, with the TVS o the way he goes you know taking out. Crime makes the hit so, which may Richmond has the TV vigilante in Seattle has phonics hooked on unionis Jon. What is he from the shadows of Texas? I will avenge you your son, so he just goes and I er he's got a sup me to lizards, yeah, snake socks. I was going to say the weird drug in Bier in a way he's completely nude under the breaking so no or close on you can't be naked things. I Phoenix Phoenix jots Phoenix, so this guy's a real life like he's a vigil and he's Superhero. No, I hate this. I love it and I hate it so much. I hate that it's so far away from where I live, yeah yeah he's been active. Oh my gosh okay been active in the Seattle area since about two thousand and eleven that feels that feels pretty late to do this. I just feel like a s thing. This feel like in the ninety. Someone would be like I'm a superhero, but two thousand and eleven yeah, that's just after the Internet exists. It's just sad at that point. No, I think it makes more sense after the Internet exist, because it's like is he doing it for the Internet? You know it's hard to say: okay, let's do this. If we're going to have to talk about a super hero we got t tell, is organ story? Okay, so his parents were at the theater one night Phoenix was born Ben foe. Photer was his real name Ben Voter Ben felt yeah. I would go to by Phoenix Jones Tom. You know I was thinking about that. You know there's that trend on twitter right now of the my fall plans and Delta variant and I've been trying to think of. I guess I guess, would my fall plans be Badman's parents and the Delta Varian just be an alley way. You seen that trim on toward I've been trying to think of a good one, yeah yeah, that's interesting. I've also been thinking about like my fall plans and just putting a two piece Bikini and then the Delta variant is like just a youth pastor picture. Is that a good one I'll treat that that one's good o? I like that one? Okay, thanks for I'm grab were collaborating here yeah. This is what collaboration looks like you, the weird eyebrow thing, whatever dude so Phoenix Jones. So is he a solo artist? You See, I don't know what you mean, I mean. Is there a Justice League in Seattle? So here's a big bed o the side pick bin folder bed fetter. He was born in Texas, which sounds like one of the names that you would call a nursing home and be like. Do you guys have been voter yeah, it's really close to bend over okay, you know and they be like a sister got a bin voter yeah. It's people call the bed over yeah, so Ben Fodere foeter Hardy Kid Athletic Jack. Well, he was. He was almost immediately after birth, put into the foster care system, O and kind of moved all over Texas, eventually landing in Seattle, where he was adopted into the photo family. He had one brother named Carlos, the two of them. The car is also going adopted. Bother yes, a great. The two of them became obsessed, withe m n a so they got really into mixed, martial arts. And what year is this? How old is he he was born in eighty eight, so I mean probably like mids early and yeah. It would be my gesiths right now, Yeah Yep, an active in two thousand and eleven yes yeah. So he started he was active like when he was like twenty yeah. He got started twenty three out of the gate. This was his college plans. Well, he gradual I'm glad he graduated college twenty three. He graduated with a masters in Vigil Antians M dividual into college. We want school. So I know I'm a senior a vigil, Anti Valley, Yeah. We're got to make a college emblem for that and everything that's funny. Save the city from cymon coals, a crib o ally, fell apart at the yeah. I know I, the slave o city from stuffin crime into on TVs and save those lives. You know they would be a TV school yeah, yeah, Richmond vigie went online. He went online at Vigilat Valley. What's that? What's that is at Vatera college that did the ads in the middle of the night it'd be like that guy who's, like you're sitting here watching TV, when you could be getting your degree like you o talking about yeah. What was the commercial where the girl was like education connection? I I yeah uncomfortable we should. We should take out local ads for Vigilante Valley. Okay, what's like make a commercial for this Meta, we should pull. It accepted the movie accepted where they made up that college, make it up and then you know, and then just yeah give ourselves degrees, Beterouge, great yeah, Yeah Yeah, we're we've got credit we're going yeah. I have a credit school. Don't have good credit that we've got credit. Are you accredited yeah it's about five sixty H, so so he so at twenty three. He started this okay, so I childhood he's moving to Seattle. What ye is that, when he's adopted, I don't know exactly what year he was adopted. I just know he's adopted early in his childhood spent l Childhood in Seattle with his brother, Carlos they got into Ma and by the day. That's early for him in May, that's still yeah. It's the early phases, UFC still kind of a budding thing in the s it was yeah yeah. The S is when you Vski of Oh okay became a thing it was. It was still pretty underground in those early days, but they got, they became young adults and they started hiding in amateur fights both of them and they got pretty good. They both went pro his brother, Carlos did make it to the USC he didn't, but they were both still pretty good fighters and so find brother, Carlos succeeded and he's living in the shadows. Well, he I just trying to pay my picture here. I'm trying to paint a more like growing up in the shadows of kiles, because we got. We also got to make a a cinematic trailer for Phoenix Jones. You Know Pretty Cutie shadows. You know board in the shadows of Texas, the Texas heat seeking shade from his brother's shadow sinking, shade from the set hey. Would you give me a favor and shut up? Would you do me in favor and just you know, roll with it? Okay, I'll roll with it go on the next thing I in here any more so he I still care okay, so he he he is fighting on the weekends yeah during the week gets his day job and imagine being a server a restaurant someone's like so like, Oh yeah, like what are you doing is I go? I find the weekends okay, it's aggressive. Would you rather meet someone who's, an amateur, a fighter or someone who's trying to become an illusionist? Which one would you rather run into that you know because both of them are a weird personality, because, like sound cloud, rappers are like sound cloud. wrappers you're like Oh, that's, cute yeah, you know but, like you know the illusionists, you could have a viable corporate career. You know it's trahey. I don't think you may do a corporate corporate boxing. No, but I mean they do have fights and like a lot of those like. Even the amateur fights like they'll have like the championship route will have yeah pris. Is there a way? Is there a road to full time in the May outside of UFC yeah they've got a couple. Other leases- There's Bellator, I don't know, strike forces still around, I'm not sure yeah. So there is it's just like any other professional sport like there's minor leagues, FCS, the Bane Onee, but yeah okay. I felt like you're about to try to make a job okay, so he so his brother made it to the youth is by the man, s UFC. He didn't last long in the US, but he made it and so that I mean they're good fighters. They're good fighters is the point scrappy, scrapy scrap kids, and so he he just, I think, growing up in the foster care system. He said like this heart, and so he was he would always like. He was the kind of guy who he'd be like at food pantries volunteering at food pantries just because and his job he ended up. He found a job working at a day care for disabled kids, and so he was during the week working with disabled children and on the weekends trying to decide in o disabled Chiene wasn't good enough to make it in the kids were a little rout in class. He's like he's like Hey, is on SI weekend. Take this to the weekend right. You sit down, but one night he so he was a dad. He had two sons, okay and one night. He is walking back to his car in Seattle, with one of his sons and someone had broken into his car and shattered the window and it's a terrible feeling yeah pretty pretty upsetting, as whatever happened to you. No, not yet oh gosh, somewhere along the line, his son, like trips in the glass pile and like cuts himself, pretty bad. I get some stitches and, and that moment, Ben photer became Phoenix. Jes vowed to his suds. Like he's like, I will never allow anything like this to come up on you again and that's a little less dramatic than I thought I was going to be. You know. Cadi mean I got my backpack stolen and re wind a broken, and I was like Gosh Ding, like is gotta, buy new wireless headphones. Now I guess that Sucks Dam at this guy's like and this guy's ing one option from the shadows of Texas. I this guy is like he's like holding the glass. It's raining in seal he's holding wadenhoe fingers Slamo his kids, laying there like like like what is lasted. Is Me: What is it uncle Ben a lighting in the street with great he's like dead? I got I like. I will avenge your side of the de like. Can you just help me? With these blot my hand, it's like. I will help the blood of the city. You know there will be no more bloodshed in Seattle, so that jock no joke the next weekend. He goes and he gets. How do you decide on Phoenix Jones, though? Are we going to get to this? How he decides on a superhero at it's, because you got to go through some branding God, you know what, if he's going through like he's like yeah, my superhero name is nightmare. My tag line is sleeveless in Seattle, and so it was like. No it's not it. You can't do that. I gonna do that. Okay, I'M gonna go, I'm gonna go with the I'm going to be mail man you know and my tag line is you've got mail. So was like. Do you have like non Tom, hanks references or yeah? I think it was. I think it was based of some comic book characters that he put together: Okay, okay, an but so that night he was like, never again yeah pretty much, and then he tellit home started doing the spiderman thing of like sewing a suit together, yeah. Well, what he did is he bought a breakaway Tuxedo which the first move. First, the Bet Baiton as Seryoha business account on America. You like, I, would like to establish A. I am Ben Voter, Doing Business as Phoenix Jones R, like okay, yea yea. What does a Phoenix Jones? The company do he's like it's? Not It's. You know you'll know eventually, actually just wait you if I'm doing my job you'll, never know you know he actually set up but he's at the bank right. So he sets a button down he's like you know. Next time someone comes in to rob this place, don't push the call button underneath the desk push the Phoenix Jones, but it's an easy button that o I'm Sir with sharp. He replaced the audio in it, but he did reprise it all the way. So you still hear that that was easy, but like say that that was easy and over over top of it is just like Belikeit's. Just like yeah, I mean I'm going to reduce the crime rate in this city and the person the banks is like okay. Well, here's your check. Yeah takes it to colds. Do they sell breakaways es where they sell breakaway suits it? I don't know, but he gos on we got to buy breakaway, suits how we not have them. That's a good as a genuine see her like how we made it this long with o having breakaway suit. That's a really good question. I don't know I have I okay, so break away. He g gets the breakaway, tuxedo yeah, obviously so spring for the following weekend. He starts climbing fire escapes on buildings and Ethel talks, yeah and his breakaway text, and he sits on the roof like the corner of the roof, tops in Seattle and he's just watching the streets at night for muggings and fights and when he sees them he just turns and he runs down the fire escape to go respond to the fight, and I mean the guys in name of the afier, so he just goes and Moher and just holds them down until the police show up and then is like here. I got you this criminal, where you go and they're like okay, what we also have to rest you for assault. I give you a call a he's like no t, superheroes say that though he I'm a hero, it's not saying that he's humble he like he leaves them tied up with Noble Street and disappears into the shadows on to the up the fire escape. He's watch these. Like sir, we see you cloten the fire skate and he's like. So now. Your close on you can't be naked, he's completely nude under the break away suit. So you quickly realizes a imagine that you're in the building right- maybe you live there, yeah and you're, just in there watching freaking Hbo, you know and then out. Your window is just a guy and I didn't see the ask, because in superhero movies, they're going fast right, this guy is just climbing on got climate is don't mind me, I'm just your friendly neighborhood valet driver. It's like Fido with buttons all the way up the side like a man ample, but he didn't get an expensive one. It's like that. It's like that. You know that cheap table cloth like a plastic, that's Otopotee from stains so loud, reorganise how often a mugging is happening for real bad yours out there you're, just like your your like, Hey, get me or a while, and then you just hear what's underneath it what's underneath the tag skin, so he he noticed pretty quickly. He's like this isn't practical for two reasons: Yeah One more than two, but one of the two that he gives blot one. He doesn't want people to know his identity. He's like this is risky business. I can't let people know my identity. My kids are at risk here, yeah and that's what I'm out here. People are going to worse than break into my car, and the other issue was that when he was responding in this Tuxedo people were like. Who is this guy in this taxi? What is this dude in this Tuxedo doing and he's like? Instead, he wants people to be like what is this dude in the super, how gostume doing yeah so they're like? What did you just come from a hosting a Gallo Yeah? What is what's the so he wanted me taking seriously so I gets a superhero Ume made. Who are you I'm the prom king yeah, so he develops his brand now and so oh comes up with Phoenix Johns and he commissions a local company to make him a superior costume. And this thing this is not a. This is not a Halloween costume. This is a ten thousand dollar costume. How do you do that? If someone broke into his car he's paying for the you're telling me he's got the resource? I am convinced that this costume was based off Bible Man. Oh, can I see it. Yeah like this is a legitimate superhis ume and it's got. Is this what they based that Rain Wilson Movie Off of? I don't know what me you're talking about. Do you know I m talking about on, like the rain De wit from the office. Yeah did a movie where he's a superhero or did a show, maybe honestly it might be. I think I remember that movie Super Yeah. You know you might you it might be close okay, but I feel I feel like I watched this know about it. I feel like they set. They made fun of it. I watch a lot yeah there. You go this guy's a little. What he's a little bit more, I think, he's a little more serious than what Rain Welson was in that movie. Okay, like rain Melson, was kind of a joke. This guy is like I'm stopping crime yeah. He have a ten sand, dollar suit and professional head shots, he's dropping that off of the bank as well. He did with his body when he fought crying. He would leave a head shot in his suit. Some people knew he did. I hope they put it in the paper. You know no one's. Looking for pictures of spider man they're getting pictures just leaving freaking business cards a he got. He Vista printed, a D shocks out. He goes have a good night. Miss She's, like runs away like they do in GTA. You know where they just like they just she's running into the wall, she's flitching out or whatever right, and he just confetti head shots and and business cards yeah and then just in an in case of emergency, and they just just disappears. What he's like I leave a head shot, that's funny if he ties them up and put duck tape on her mouth and then, like just tapes, the head shot to this dirt chest at a super hero move right. There EPEITA is in a besmothered man. None of this weak small things. That's a big Superhero Moi, so he you don't learn that at community vigilant school you only learned that in Vigilante Valley till until until I lie from the Rigdon Kansas City and also ice cream. Funny stuff, you don't want to miss it by ticket still incom that work to can we get a monster truck? Maybe yes exactly so. This suit is serious yeah. It's consists of a dragon. Skin brand bullet proof, fess it's covered in stab plating and he's got gear. Yeah. Imagine finding someone in this suit. I know you can't so he's got it's heavy, that's a heavy! I was saying you're fighting the person that also and you're just looking at it. You're doing that. I think you should leave the work just to much stuff on me. I he's got he's, got a bunch of gadgets like freein. Batman he's got a stun baton, so it's literally strange a lot of tin people he's got pepper spray, obviously tear gas handcuffs. He also has the first save kit is a first a kit in his suit yeah. So he's got all this he's got a Udoy Bell. Does he have? Does he have a Phoenix Mobile? No, no! He does not come on. We got to get this guy, a Phoenix orry yeah, you know, or at least a Phoenix for our escape Phoenix forest came the fetid in the all new for Phoenix. It's got pepper spray handcuffs in a first aid kit. I think that's the thing with thirty two miles for Callin on highway, so he just starts fighting crime like yeah and really in his neighborhood just across the city around Seattle, like what the kids doing tonight he's literally. What are this what's his day gather with mom his day. Job He's still a teacher at this day care so by day a sure. How is Your N O was your night? Benjamin, oh just didn't sleep at all. You know this city m. Then your nose is bleeding. Never again. Every time he sees us, he is like you just spaces out work. What are you? Okay? How do you like go? Hey but hill? I to judge you know, but I saw your duffle bag in the playgame and I don't know what you're into but there's a suit of some sort. Yeah there's it's it's almost like a superhero suit and then I'm I'm more concerned with the Terai Talk. Oh I you know, but I so little concerning a little consiny, explain that yeah yeah, so he enlists a friend of his to carry around a Gotashi. Okay, so he's got a videographer yeah. Well, really, his purpose is so that way. If someone tries to press charges on him, he's like I was. It was defense because he had he you're saying that this guy this guy is willing to go under more accountability than a lot of local police departments. Yeah. This guys are all willing when he wear a body came yeah, so he he eventually did start wearing a body came as well, but he has this. Guy Who's just got a go prowl on a stick, falling them around film and everything it does so you're mugging somebody you like give me your Wallet Right. I don't know how muggins work and then you just hear, but you also hear we and you just see and you look over and there's like a teenager with acne and just I don't even imagine like Ol stay, I imagine a two thousand and three Cam Carter with the cream and he's just over there. Just he's like he's, like you hear the sound at first and you like, look behind you trying to see what that sound is and then you an then you an to be rash. Gans rumble as I the psychic is. Never I by the cheesies, are never like elusive they're. Never quiet like there is always just like. I got you a camera. Do Me Yeah Yeah? No, it's not, I say lo, say hello, tick, tack! You criminal thing like he starts fighting and I grabs on me and then and then he goes hey. Did you hit record on that cause? No Hey! Can we start this Selva Yeah? Sorry he's! Oh Ye! You just go back to your mugging I'll, be I'll, be back in a second Ma'am get back here. We got to start the whole thing over, so he does this every night he sits up on the roof, tops and waits for crime, mostly like mostly like muggings or street fights, or even like. He did a lot of like little stuff where it's like. If someone was trying like clearly drunk and they were trying to drive, he would stop them. He would go down and be like hey. You can't drive right now, you're not going to do that, like so stuff, like that, where he was laying front of their car kind of serving pretty much. Maybe like I'm gonna call you a Nuber or, I guess back then and be a taxi. This is, does his suit? Have a phone clip on it? Yeah it's got a Doya, so he is the side kicks name and Kim Possible Ron. No, no! No, not that one. If I, why did you know the Computer Room Kid? There was a computer goom kid yeah man. I forgot all that yeah what's the Sitch, because he would tell of you on to about man. What's his name wait, wait yeah! Does he have a weight that sit in a computer room? Just like? Oh, you got colonels on to Tom He's in it in the beginning, but we'll get to that so yeah. He just sit there on the ritas waiting for crime and then he'd go down and stop it and Alex. I decided to do this. You would be my way right. The turn was a look of concern. The turn was like A. I can't tell if you're serious or not- and I appreciate that I appreciate the look of I'm not going to admit to anything on a live recording, so alex has no way of looking at the camera. On being like. I am not responsible, I'm not a part of this, because this is going to surface ten years from now. This cliff is going to be here a spere yeah yeah. You might want to start a defence make sure your lawyer doesn't have braces, but I want to start your defense now. I talk about that. I'm about to do some vigilant, but divisent all over the city. So I don't like the herb of that. So things are going well and he starts to build like almost this notoriety starts getting brought on like local news, Radio and TV for Inter Otis Mask with his mask. He never reveals his identity and so he's wearing his mask and doing they're asking them like his motivation and what he's doing is a different voice. I don't think so. I don't know. I don't think he does, because I honestly about the time that the DART, the dark night movies, were out yeah yeah, you know so he's like yeah and they're like okay. He doesn't the whole time he's there to not even on air is so hey, thanks for coming in yeah, of course, yeah a do like okay, you can you don't have to do that here, we're not going to tell you body, ten o. What like your true identity. This is my my dad is. Why am so that we know who he is, though they bring the chief that we do now? Oh, I will wait Sorri, so they bring the chief of police on and the chief police is like. You know, we don't advise that anybody does. Does this, but they your gonna? Well, they were like, but Phoenix Jones they're like he understands the law. He knows what he's allowed to do and not allowed to do, and he never crosses the line and he actually he's helped lead us to a lot of arrests and so they're like so I mean we don't advise anybody that does this, we think it's very dangerous and we've told them that we think he's really risking his life, but we're thankful for the service he does to Seattle. Okay, and so he has a good reputation in Seattle. As someone WHO's out actually out there starting the community and helping people from dangerous, drunks yeah, pretty much is just dangerous trunks and drug dealers. He had a pretty big, actually takes down the king pin of the whole area. He was big on drugs like he would he put a lot of drug dealers behind bars, yeah and speaking of over the course of his. I don't know what you call this an you, a speaking of I thought you were about to try to pivot. To our Patriot supporter, I thought for whatever reason: You're like drug dealers behind bars. Speaking up speaking in my head, I was like how were you going to tie that together, yeah I'd like to see this one yeah? I couldn't wait so now, speaking of, do you want to try to do it? Let me try to do a whole lot. O Yeah. Do you got one ready speaking of crowd, funded things because isn't that what a drug empire is it's pretty pretty? Ah, I don't think I want to do that. I was going to say the weird drug and buyer in a way in a way, but the drug is the podcast, the Jugi yeah, that's pretty fair and these stickers you have in your lato anyway. I don't think I'm going to do it. I pass okay cool, so he will do it later. Okay, so wait his suit. You Say Dragon Hide it's a dragon skin brand. What is that? Well, it professis dragon skin. So it's a brand of bullet proof. FESTS! Oh okay, yeah! I thought you were like he's got this suit made of lizards, I'm still on it. You know you get you get. He got a suit made of lizards, yeah, snake socks. That makes a lot of sense wit as to in there, and everything is does it is he takes that sounds like it's word. Skate sounds like a suit that you buy an rescate. Did you see des Kanas New ass? No somebody post a picture of them. I imagine they look like crocks. Well, that's a good! Imagine Nation! That's a good! Imagine that's a really good! Imagine. Are you pulling a picture on I'm trying to find him he's just got so many it's hard to find them, but they were like they were so basic like they were still basic. It's like here they are and someone was like. Someone was like man, tiny's, really trying to bring us into runst with these shoes he looked at a pair of like Dutch clogs and was like. Can we make them Dutch cloth? Can We oh gosh yeah? They look like the shoes and escape like literally that's the shoes in INS game. I don't know dude. I just feel like at a certain level of celebrity. You can sell anything and that's really annoying yeah, it's pretty fesh because he was selling those white t shirts for like a hundred eighty bucks. At one point I was like come on dude anyway. Okay, so chief police likes him. I put some crible behind bars, Yep Yep. Speaking of what you got you did to me. Yes, we kin of allegedly he is helped lead the police to a hundred, and twenty three rests over the course of his career. Okay T as a vigil and Tausen ten years, yeah so he's I mean he's ever in a month he's fit crime which is pretty crazy, but somewhere along the line. Does he have any enemies? Does he have a like very sad to find out? There's no vigilant super villains, Bro- and you know this point of you at- is not the camera on point of you. What I'm a super felling? Would you be my way yea? Would you wade into the waters of El with no he's his O boter calls a rucus? Oh my God, here's Your Day could be rucus Phoenix. Is Me Ruckus. I've come to rug up what you're doing here in Seattle Yeah. I'm feeling I like this yeah, it's shocking to me because you always hear people are like, like superheroes. They bring out the villains. If there were superiors to see all these super villains would o they did it, they did it well, no yeah, I guess yeah. We just witnessed the birth of one memere. I started breaking car windows and know as where I started its my gateway. That's my gamway to super villain is yeah. THAT'S FIT! Well, that's not true. I started by sneaking food in the movie theaters and then I graduated to breaking car windows. And now oh man O Ho Watch out Seattle. A watch out Seattle yeah, so so is his his vigilanti career with pretty well okay, but- and he had a really good reputation, but over time, this reputation sort of started to sour. If you will, Oh because he there was situations, he got him stuff in that some people. Some people in the public had problem with okay, for example, and I think there's a good reason for a lot of this. For example, he had he had come across a group that was dancing in an alley way that he mistook for a fight, and so he ran into the Sally Way and he just pepper, sprayed everybody and also a couple people who just happen to be walking okay. But imagine, though, why are you dancing in Alloway at night? What are you doing? That's Seattle, what he went up to the jets and the sharks and just was like you know, and they were just just dancing at what are you talking at? Were they? What are they filming tick tacks out there? I don't it's too early for that, as I gives me more the alley and and do a vine like what was it then? What year is this? I don't know what year that was. I don't the time one's kind of hard to pin point a lot of these moments in the timeline online, because there's just like there's so many mistake: heames took someone planking as a dead body. You know, I don't know I'm trying to think of the Internet. He he sat them on a log and floated them off into the into the Beano Fikee the whole time teretere committed to planking. So much that they're going to let a strange man. It was a big deal bit o that makes you did not miss the plank and just Nastia log set them on fire, and still last thing he says he's like he's like Lang there on the and the bay, the guys like lighting the match and so he's laying face down planking. He like looks up out of his eyes and he's like he's like hey cool socks, man, oh my he's out there he's just like. I hope we go viral for this and then that I ever recyeve there just like the psychics making the music to play sad of doin up with the check he's like what are you doing, I'm just doing the music. I remember I've been telling you we need a sock, we can put it in post, but he's concerned with the editing process. He's like Phoenix of a done you we need a song yeah. We can put her in post he's like he we'll get it from audio jungle, but we won't take the steps out there all legally down it's the only crime. I permit. How do you it's the WHO is the woman's voice, though she was audio jungle. You know we'll get it for blind Mar. So we get in a couple of these where it's like they kind of turn sour, and so we got a actually a teepee to dance grew. Yeah. Public perception of him is not as gos was it the was it the Jabiak es or whatever finges Persan an they have no face he's like on the top of a building, and he sees a bunch of blue men on the ground and he's just like what are these blue? What's this blue man group, they went right, he runs down and just starts karate chopping, all of them so yeah. So he his public perception has started the kind of salary misreading. Some things. Mis, yes, has some bad calls, so he decides the way to solve. This problem is to found what he calls the rain city Superhero Movement, which it's the Justice League he yeah. He says he says I need a team and he goes on find me await the goes on this rigorous search for his team of Superhero cliges, just posting bro. He actually like it was. It was intense. He did background checks, he did a full interview process, but now legit background checks. He just called your rendon and followed you around. It was kind of like okay, this seems legit. He said this camera man to follow the Fremere you're. Not Supposed to see me, I'm not here. What are you doing? Are You you? You applied to be I so he that's how you found out of things person wasn't worthy of being super her or not, is how do they respond with a respond to a camera guy and they actually had he had a physical test and he in the process of building his crew? He was in another interview and he was bragging about the fact that he had turned down six out of six applicants, and so apparently it was pretty hard to become a rain city. SEPENT high demand, I guess S, he ends up putting together this crew of ten superheroes and my favorite part. Do you get a suit when you join her? My favorite part about this? Is He has his ten thousand dollar Super Ho costume and the rest of his crew and ely taks, either wearing ludor, masks and Bandanas over their face? The person, the Purple Hoodie, is straight up the camera person there in blue jeans. There be Jes, like literally just wearing whatever and then something over their face. Yeah so he's out here patrol in the Seattle streets, with ANTEFA and at what it looks like over time. They did all start to get new costumes, but it Biblemen in there on the on the left over there. In comparison, they still like everybody else. Basically has halloween costume, he's GOIN T sandolos UME. This is a near photo of his crew. He's not worn a mask, though yeah. So this is new, so see I guess we need to get to that now. I guess Ye were a mask and hide that fresh fade. Though look at that it's a sharp hair cut. He is a shy pair cut. He went by the nickname flat top in his MIT, my career, W barber, my Gosh. So then this dude on the other side of the green mask with his neck out. Whatever yeah, it's just a dad. I guess that's an old ned tat, not gonna. Tell guy you're like that. Guy Is forty eight and we older yeah. I think he's older yeah look at at that neck. I don't know, that's an old neck yeah I s yeah! Maybe he's got some wrinkling neck. You thinking not the forty eighth old, I'm saying the guys older than should be fighting crime. Oh absolutely, I e L of these people are older than should be fighting crime. I think that comes a point where it's like you're, an adult. You need to get a real job. You want you. What do you want vigilante teenagers out here? You want vigil Lantin's on the street. That's what you want. You want there to be a cut off a m Um, just what I made it into Phoenix Jones vigilanti program. Did you watch ten titans the drama, the drama that exists among that group? So he starts fighting crime with this crew right. What are they called? The Rain Si rain city super her movement, yeah sounds are going to improve team kind of what the Tursday at night, ten thirty P m. When I start the rain to where in Seattle anywhere, so you pop up shows so they start they break into crew groups and they patrol the city. I and same thing: He always did if crime breaks out they respond and they don't do whatever they can within their league. They have a saying: Do they show up and they're like rain? I e some real rope and I one person's life ever you, it's like you like on and the guys like gone by the time they finished their little. Oh Yeah it because they do a whole intro thing for each individual person and it's like the Camp Carter guys running around it's just like Phoenix todes. Captain Paintball Tiffany es just goes by the first name, just their first name Winolia. My God name is Diana. You don't meet a lot of baby lineal, don't you don't so they when they become a team, they start having more and more issues where they went. They took it a little too far, so it was like a little bit more liable yeah because of my mob mentality. Like that person's, you know Ye. So war reporting a person. I guess we can do it too. The perception wasn't great and so Phoenix concludes the only thing to help help public perception to turn on his team. He holds a press conference at City Hall. Oh my on the stairs of city Ho. This is this. Guy Thinks he's it's amazing. I love it he's on the stairs a city like it's a podium. The chief of police is behind at the mayor's bio mask, but he still uses the voice. She's got his full armor on right and he's gives this speech to the city. It's on mat or local news right, you're, retose, national! It's on local news, Phoenix Jones calls press conference. That's the lead line and she's like the city of Phoenix tuned in on accident. They like O o. This is us, and so he makes his big speech about how much of an honor it's been to protect Seattle over the years. But he's like he's like a few events, have taken place and he's like. I realized the only thing to help me and the rain city. Supere collective is and there's a dramatic pause, and then he takes off his mask and he's like he's. Like I M Phoenix Jones, my name is Ben Foeter, sick, my father, I'm a son, I'm a brother, I'm just like all of you and then he dramatically walks away from the podium and just leaves, and everyone was like Phoenix Jones holds press conferences. Tell us what we already knew and from that bumin forward. He starts not wearing the helmet and he's Gesinge just has his head out. Now he did. He think people were going to erupt, an applause. I don't know what he expected. I think he expected people to like. Oh, my gosh, we know who fas Jones is no been folder and everyone goes and he's like. No, I said poter photer not over, but it was a risky move because he had. He had sponsors for his professional fighting career turns out that worked for him. They liked it and they were like wait. He was, he was doing the prels fighting thing, the whole time, still professionally fighting and he's still working at the day care and the day care it was risky because the day cares like do. We want this guy working with children yeah the answer was no o, and so, but he continues. Fighting ends up marrying another member of the REMIAH. The Rain City is collective. It was actually music collective see where you're collective. What d you say? I said the rain city music collective on accident, because it sounds like what that would be: music, collective raits, practicin, the music city, superhero collective and I was like Nashville's got one to yeah, so he marries he marries one of the one of the other superheroes and coincidently. She becomes the only other member of the supero group with a actual suit and so hold on. No. Why does she look like Megan Kelly? I don't know who that is. I pull onside by side, okay, great you're, telling me: How do I get this to be here? The News reporter Megan photer? Sorry, she probably goes by making Jones. She probably took the Super Hills. Last me, that's amazing, wow yeah, so she gets a really great super. What's her? What's her name flag, SAFF? What Bukta? Oh my Gosh! There are black as before. Now her name is purple rain. Oh, it makes sense yeah and she actually found found it. A A non profit called purple rain that helps victims of dementie domestic abuse she got sued by the she was the Wade. She was the one who was always run: okay, okay, which is kind of annoying that she had the best suit out of anybody else and she'd never went anywhere. Hey. Do you, like our show, when I help us keep doing it? One of the easiest ways to do that is to sport, our merchandise, wear it out in the wild. Tell all your friends they'll be like what is tolon and you'll have to explain what this dumb show is to get access to our exclusive merchandise. Please text tell in to six six eight six six! Thank you so much for your help. Super Her collective fights crime for years things are going great. Yes, the the public perception kind of turn around a little bit after he was like I'm been voter. It was so sad that that we ben potery he's a US fighter. He was like a locally. He had local fame for I for fighting, okay, okay and some people knew him yeah that they were like Whoa. Oh, my gosh that actually harmed his reputation more than it helped him, because people were like okay. Well, what one thing he did. Seattle is a mutual combat city which what that means is, if two people agree prior to it, they can fight in public. What and so, if at any point, I'm like in a disagreement with you we're out in the street and I can respect mutual combat and you'd, be like mutual combat? Do you just say? Mutual combat is at the ree. Does that, like by mutual car, telling me that all these kids down of the independent center that are getting arrested a lot, an they're being like hey, you guys can't fight here? All they had to do. Is I oh, it's mutual combat cut that okay yeah! That's a new video game, so moral combat, but it's just mutual combat. I consent and I the voice goes mutual COMMATA. What say he would go. He'd find these drunks that are doing, I mean the droom and he would be like hey mutual combat and he like yeah, and he would fight these junk people and people were like wait. A second okay, okay, okay, this sober USC fighter wearing a bullet proof that getting consent from these is ripping into a drunk dude on the side of the street. Just mawing him because obviously he's a better fighter than this inebriated white color worker in Seattle and people like. Oh that's, that's weird now like that. Now that we know that it's like. Oh, I don't like that and most of his crimes. That's what that he fought were that and he was walking up to people just so just so we're clear on the whole situation. Yeah no mugging happening just a drunk eye chilling. No, it was. It was a junk guy who was doing something. So I my a yeah he's this guy's. I got here he's like yelling at women he's yelling at Behles, someone on his yeah he's like causing a whole scene or an then you just hear, and then you hear the camera guy and then you also hear mutual combat and the jugs, like Michel Michel, come back to somut combat, say it back whatever I say you have to say back to me: Mitchell got that Simon says: Save e Yol combat. If you say mutual combat, I won't kill you, and so then there was a moment where everything just kind of spiraled yeah. I sure your moments. Okay, so here's real quickly kill somebody real, quick, a couple. Interesting things happen to him. He got stabbed trying to interview intervene in a drug deal which damaged his costume and the most his skin, his body yeah. That was the most important part, though, was the costume. He is bullet. provest, say this life. He got shot in the bullpout, thes sate his life wow, and he didn't have his nose broken with a ton of other minor injuries, but other than that other than those things there. Hadn't been a lot of catastrophic damage to him or anybodyy in his crew or any of the quote: Unquote, victims or perpetrators in the crime sure guys all career. Until one day it was an average night, they were out fighting crime, they witnessed a crime and they were chasing the perpetrator, his crew and when, while they were chasing this guy, there was a drive by shooting and one of the stray shots hit a two one year old girl and killed her and feean girl. That was art of the chase. She was in Indian area, okay and Phoenix the nobody ever caught the shooter. Nobody knows who the shooter was or what the motive was, but Phoenix is convinced that they were after him, which I actually there's merit to, because he had been really putting a hamper on the drug trade in Seattle, yeah I'm putting a lot of dealers behind bars and so there's a merit that there would be someone who would want to kill him, and so what he thinks is that the whole thing was a set up. That was a crime that was faked and the runner took him to an area where the dry bi could happen and they could shoot them and he's blamed himself for that girl's death. Ever since then, and so he started like a big campaign to try to figure out who did this thing and went to like extremely to try to try to solve, solve the crime and fix the situation. But he also commissioned a comic book to tell his story and in the Comic Book They told that story in pretty graphic detail and depicted images of this girl getting hit. And it's I mean it's a real person when people found out that he did that. The backlash was huge yeah and surprisingly, her family is going to be surprisingly. Her sister came out publicly and said that she thinks it a good thing. She she said. I want my sister story to be told, and he did include in the comic at the end, like a hot line for tips like to help yeah solve the crime, and so that really really kind of eroded his public repute reputation. The police didn't want him involved in the city anymore. The public didn't want him involved any more. He was still somewhat active, but he kind of started to recluse back and kind of disappeared out of view. Sthe majority of what he did from that point forward was campaigning to try to figure out who did that yeah well a couple years after that he has been very inactive. He actually was arrested in a sting operation where an sting operation to get him. The police got him on drug dealing and apparently what I so he was fighting the drug things taking the drugs apparently selling, apparently the whole time. He had been dealing cocaine, molly shroms, putting his competition behind bars and dealing drugs the whole time, and so they get him in the sting operation. He a a that crazy goes to jail. Does his time he's out now and goes to jail and is like hey guys remember when we mutually combated its like man? Never should take that mask off in that Press Co. That's where I'm thinking now he's in jail with everyone that he's mutually combated. That's like going to a party of just ex girlfriends, and you walk in you're like this is weird Heah. Is that is weird, it's crazy. How long do I got to stay here? So, in the wake of all this, the Superhero Movement, the rain super her mood. It like starts making all these public statements about what it was like working under Phoenix Jones and how it was a terrible work environment how he promised them all hes. He promised them all bullet. Prove that home this guy's, not a good bomb yeah you promise is honestly, you know, is a really toxic work environment like I was constantly being asked or put in fifty hours a week, I felt like every day was a fight it I mean it just like us taking a toll, my body and my mental health, and you know, and and there was no benefits there was no health benefits. There were well, that's. I think he promised them health insurance and he didn't give it to him, and you were telling me that you're, like you're you're, talking to a guy who's starting a superhero, collective and you're Bargeton benefits you're, just like yeah, but are their health benefits he's like? Oh, there will be yeah a vision, an dental included. He promised all this stuff and didn't fall through me. I got a cavity, but is on wait until our benefits kicking. So there you see re yeah, a hundred percent or HR department. We talk about. You got to go talk to Purple Rain De the caller for rain all the time to just stay in character. A you can't call each other by their birth o names in the office. Does there an office, the other had the tower the rain collective tower, and so okay go ahead, so they end up distancing themselves from from Phoenix Jones and his wife divorces him. She. This is herself from the whole thing because she's, like I'm, I'm doing her own things like I on my not for profit, its name purple rain, but she's probably go like I imagine they go to hospitals and hang out with kids and their super suits and stuff. Well, she she doesn't want anyone to know she's a super, her any more she's like she's like I've, I own a non profit she's like that's what I do called Purple Rain that, like the Super Yeah like that, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know, and I no there was a super shot of so don't talk to me. Hey, please, don't bring that up. No she's like it was like is a hey maco. Combat has me talk out that so so she lies, but the superior collective while Venus is in prison is still functioning in Seattle and still out there fighting crime. He gets out of jail and he's like I be back on the collective, no joke, no joke. He gets out of jail and there's a video of of his crew out there. Fighting Crime and some guy on like a street corner, is like hey. You know, Phoenix is out tonight too, and the guys like what do you just say and that the guy like walks up to him and gets like like I is just what you just say and the guys like Phoenix is out today like what he's a phoenix a guy in a in a suit in this just this phoenix. What do you say to me a like it's Hilarious, because it's like it's almost like he's like jared. Like he's like S, you guys go on Phoenix Out Phoenix Yeah, but now he's still campaigning, try to find the killer of that girl and he's also got a campaigning vaccinations he's trying to get everybody to get it their VAT. You know it's hard to hate the guy, you know, so he and that's what it's, while that he was just taking the drugs and sell and go hold that at arly Ras and through his whole career. He was a like he a face of a lot of campaign guys he was the villain. The whole time is that what you're saying I think so I den't draw that connection. He was the there are no heroes, never meet your heroes. They'll, always let you down Yeer, look up to that! Guy He's a drug dealer. You know yeah at the beginning. I thought you were going to say he got me to honestly. I was going a thought you're going to be like yeah. You know it's finals crime, but also like behind the you know. Bone scenes was just like leading girls on and none of that, but being really inappropriate. But Yeah I was was committing crimes and all the while the the state is in the city is like commissioning him for their campaign, so he's doing their like. Don't do dogs campaign he's Phoenix he's like he's like. Don't do so? Don't do draw and there there's like a nine und one commercial. Well, isn't there theories and studies on how the dare program actually be res Drug use? I have heard that ever then yeah. He was just as a myth or sbot there's a video or a commercial of him on a playground like all these kids are playing and he's like. So I'm gonna fight these kids. If, if you do drugs you're on want repeat these kids up, that's how ushul do it! I O we should do it. The kids on the SWIG, you like you, he is drugs. We git too fur he's kicking up and turns like we will come, is get pulling his Cape is a kid just like don't do dregs stay off the straight? Do It don't do drugs lessen make kids? You were Stovin don mutual comment and his kids, just like me to go a just rocks him do like just watch is easy. I push on the swing. He goes flying something yeah that commercial that commercially literally the kids are playing, and then he just turns the camera and he's like he's like now. Kids he's like what do we do if something really bad happens and they're all like call nine one one and that's why he goes no some good, but it takes two of us. You do your part o shots and they cut that out of the AD. But you know he said it a God. I will any freeze frame in, but if in keeps going he's like no, he saw the final Ed. It was like what I had guys. This is not what I said. Oh my gosh, that's incredible wow! So now is he out there vigil anting to this day he is occasionally out. Now we go fight each other in Seattle and in to to come out, I'm so serious. That's part of the till we're going fees Jones spotting thing we ever do a show in Seattle because we are doing live, shows yeah and if we ever do a show in Seattle, I pray yeah, someone cause some trouble at our s. The little ruck is going, get a little yeah yeah yeah get some rockets out of there and get Phoenix ones to sit there with our luck. You know this goes off on tick, tock or whatever, and you know his stories. While they be got a group of vigil an tins, you know so then they show up all Gensan up the place. That's exactly what we want. We you! What on anyway? What would team titans look like now, just team back where that's straight like a match, one? Where are they now? No, I think I, like wowed team titans like j. If they were dense tea, they were yeah. I was thinking it they're like like. Do we have the crime in the cities too much back brow backs Eh. I saw that language is jokes, and then I did a show a couple weeks ago out in Kansas, and you could watch these kids faces because they were like high schoolers. Their parents brought him in the show, right, yeah and then because they didn't know who I was yeah and so after they're looking, it was really funny or whatever, and while we're talking, I was watching them pull up my ticktock yeah and they can see a many followers. I have on take tack and then you could see their body language change. Yeah like I was watching them like slowly show it to each other and then like then, I was cool. Interesting, you know is a apple high school that doesn't happen to you probe. Have you seen high tors? Do that? No not for, like all of a sudden, you're cool the high school is yeah. That's funny. It's a good moment. It's a good obect, terrified, they're terrifying for that first, like five minutes, because you got to sit there and they're making you justify while you're cool, I hate teenagers, you know and then and then they find out that you're cool in their measurements a this and and then all of a sudden they're. Just like Oh yeah Bra. That story was like great. It was really good a facts. Man. It was a good story like that they strait up were saying facts and cap, and I was like I thought that this was made up. I thought we were doing. This is a bit, Oh yeah, yeah. Now that's how I actually talk yeah. Well, not all of them, but you know yeah anyways, fair. So if you're a vigil lantine stay away from the show, but if you are Phoenix Jones, you got to take it with you. Do you want us to put under Benporben Phoenix Callentes, one or two tickets? Probably one yeah, probably one, probably one yea one, probably one yeah. So I just like at this point I mean there's a chance he's out there. Tonight I mean here's the thing I was a listers if you're in Seattle. I just I challenge you glance up at the at the the roof tops tonight. You might just see Phoenix. What do you freaking Stan was standing on the edge of of one of the one of the Hay. We need to put super here music in the background at this by the way, go ahead, stand on the edge of one of the buildings. Looking around the city never mind all dot on her mouth is looking for crain the city. You see some criminals crime in D, so he's like I got get down of that. It runs over to the nouns over to fire. Scape is climbed on the fire. Skame crime is going on still his timing on that fire escape. I gotta get this crime. I know he's gonna get away. It's not that Mamay. I interest you in some mutual combat, so OOMA's finish chance, o. what's the beat of the fiddle, the things are done. That night is a production of space, Tim media produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Ous, Garnett, video by Conteret or graphics, and Ar logo by Kalu, but Golberg's media is run by Kelaba. Our host, our Jeran myres and Tim Stone falls on your favorite social media platform at Tillin. PODCAST is till and Podcasti remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things. I have owned last night. I

On the rooftops of Seattle lurks a hero the city never asked for and barely needs. In $10k armor, Phoenix Jones rushes down fire escapes and across alleyways in downtown Seattle night after night. This vigilante superhero is on a mission to make Seattle a safer place. Even though things started well for Phoenix, he and his team of caped … Read More

Space – Why A Space Colony Might Actually Happen


Episode Transcription

Made by robots, for robots. Only read if you're weird.

Warning this episode may contain information and silliness that not everyone would be interested in a man puts up I'm just hungry, trying get out of here, Bro all right. Okay, have you ever heard of don't look a like that? Go ahead, I'm listening have you ever heard of so I got to your Toch my hand today. I know it's feels weird. Have you ever heard of space? You E you how you gonna do this space there's a few options? Okay, okay, what do you think one space like space, you don't tell you can describe it any more than that. You know like stars and Planets and like other space outer space, okay, other options, the space bar, Oh also, is there? Is there a bar called I'm sure there is this pace bar I'm sure, obviously right, but it's like a mix office and outer space theme Yep Yep Yep like they just have like you know this they've done the ceiling were okay. First of all, I've done given out my million dollar ideas on our podcast okay, but you walk into the bar all right. It's a black ceiling. They got little lights to make it look story, but also they've got like staplers with sad and rings around him Yep. Oh, that's a good idea. You know I like the paper clips from the moon. It keeps trying to search King City and there's not one in kin city. So there's not one in the world. Okay. What was I saying space? Have you heard of space never heard of it? So he's the pig we live on. Earth outside of earth is a place called SPIX. That's all they're. During the Moon, you get up there they've been drinking the fossil fuels. I must get me some mush less kit. Are you trying playing Kennedy as if someone listening doesn't know who Kennedy is guys we've heard about space race, but what, if Space Race Yourself Ole your right to tell us more, you just put your foot on the gas pedal or metal at all. You do things all of a sudden over the past. Like decade or so. Are you are you, okay yeah? I just am trying to mentally prepare for the next forty five minutes of whatever you're going to say. What do you think? I just think that you don't think space is real. That's what I be Therat Earth or I'm an alien team is a fraser to believe in aliens. You have to believe in space. Tim is a flat Earth Quin on Alien Conspiracy, Joe Rogan Lover, and only a couple of those things are true. You're, not it's not that you're entirely wrong. That's like Ol man, here's the thing about space, but you would be the guy that a girl's breaking up with them and you'd go! That's fair! That's fair! That's! That's! Fair! That's! Fair! Yep! That's fair! THAT'S NOT UNTRUE! You'RE, not wrong! You're! Not Incorrect! I would say your l right, oh my gosh, so you get it! It's a call back! I get it! I ithan you! I UNDERSTAND! Okay, anyway. Okay, so space he's a say, here's the thing about it. It's huge! It's never ending. We are where I'm sure it ends it's just expanding. We went to space right. We know not us well, but not as yeah. We went to space and we went to the moon and then we kept going to like near a Thorpe for a little bit and then for some reason we just stopped going to the moon, and then we started going to the space a lot less and then we start yeah. Why was robots up to space a lot less? Is it because it was fake or is it because? Well that's interesting, so a lot of like the space, the moon landing is fake. People will say that that's a that's a evidence for it being faked, because we have never bode to go back, but it's kind of like you know, honestly, honestly yeah, it's a little bit like when you try that restaurant that's got two stars on Yelp and you like we've been there, we did it. You know I tried it. I tried it when I go back Y, a yeah I mean, if somebody I e, take me sure it's like I watched cottium Belati when I watch it again. Why not you watched it, though? You Know How many times I've watched hotty been malady. I know I don't I don't. Let me get my minder anybody got gloss. This is the time that I watched Hattie on August. Second, I think I'm in the es how Y Booly, I think, I'm in the a sad, oh, my gosh, it's such a good movie. I love how you would breathe upon it, not punish but train. Your dogs me and Reagan have been doing that to each other. Since we left your house, you mean because for anybody who doesn't know, I have dogs, Yep and a wife named Bri glad you mentioned her first at pardon, so that part of the story is hard to bear by it's, not on social media. Well, she is I'm blocked. I don't know I do anyway so, but when your dogs jump on you, instead of being like no, you guys are going Oh you're offended, but you're going. Oh, what Quincy Yeah we we bitterly will do this yeah you'll do like a shame game with them, and I want you to know that me and Regan went to your house and then for the next week and a half preceded any time. We got annoyed bit each other. I would literally would look at her goal. She left her coffee Mug out on my coffee table. Then I went. How long has this been this books, several hours old Reagan, T so fun space space? The reason why there Swedish people in space actually yeah so there's there's some are other coutures going yeah. Let's. If we go to the moon and the other, and then we were like we can't go up. There is too crowded it's kind of like whenever you're like a photographer, and you find a really good picture spot you post at Instagram, yeah, it's like whatever that bridge is with the railroad. You know that everyone took pictures on when instagram was first pictures. You know now instagram s like we're. Actually tick, Tock yeah, but like before that when it was a picture AP and you had the Cano Yeah and so camera yeah, but it's like a photographer goes to a good picture spot first and then everyone else is like is like were went, go there! That, yes, is that what happened in the moon? This is a gen question. That's actually a good analogy, so I don't it is. I don't care about wasting people, so nobody else went to the moon except us we're the only ones who actually successfully made it to the moon. That's another reason. Some people think that we never actually made it. Here's a here. I might be a moon conspiracy person, then here's the thing. Here's to other people went no just us. I think other people got like probes, but no persons. That's like that's like being like yeah. I got a girlfriend. Only I've met her yeah. You couldn't get there, you couldn't get you couldn't do it. You could a you, could a go: yeah she's for a different school. Here's a thing! Here's the thing new! The crass tis Tyson actually talks about this, and his point is very: I love his chicken nuggets yeah. He makes great nugs so ye the Grossy nugs Grassy, I love his high school he's, got a great ice scale. I was doing it. I was doing a whole thing. That's a safe space that high school, it's really great what they did for Drake there, oh Gosh, so his his point that he makes is that the reason we went to space to go to the moon? It costs a lot of money, yeah and so there's only really two ways. You can get that money you either get it from the private sector or from government, and the private sector was never going to fund that well, and what's unfortunate, is that they are both the same. So you really got to go to the private sector. The problem is, the private stem was never going to find it because there was no the return. The possible return was so far down the line or we're talking a decade at minimum for them to see any return on the investment and it's a gamble because they don't they didn't know at the time what resources like for the private sector at that time, the only thing space travel could get them is mining from like the moon and they didn't know what kind of resources are there. So they were like. It was never something that made sense for the private sector to invest in, and so it had to be government and the government had to invest. Can they mind the moon? I mean in theory. Yes, I can practice it as they've already had been doing it I mean they took. They picked up some rock. What is moon cheese? I T they went up. There were milking cows for milk in the moon. Here's the Moon's utters to just these big utters, stick it out of the Moon Cris and then because it's low gravity, the milk just floats up and you have to catch it. I regret making my joke, I'm really sad of it directing you took it. This is what actually happens. You have a little thought baby right and you and then you and then we co, parented together and take mess it up to make the village yeah Bro. I have like I'm just like look at this this little. This little thought child I've brought into the world and you're like yeah, I'm Goin, to put it in counseling he's the point. Sometimes I can work out really well and sometimes they turn into that. Be careful who you let your children be around. That's the more of the story, Jim. Why did you do that to my thought baby, so the government would have had to fund it for research purposes for the potential of a long term turn because gods, they have longer time scales. They don't have to governments. Are we can result hundreds of years like it doesn't matter there? The government who cares me around yeah they're, like the country I'll still be here so, but what motivated the space race was. This thing called the Cold War and Russia because, because he's the this was the time this was criatin when we were like, if Russia gets up there, they're going to now us from the moon. No really I mean you know Russia just set a new foe. I think I monfort you would see it coming moon missiles, Moon missiles, they're momies. What what I didn't hear these movies sounds like Barnyard, the movie Halloween edition and there's cow mummies. Oh No, there's movies! All Right! This is this cow, just like they already make money is, is we're all you know? How do you make that more mummy is Rayo know. So here's the thing this this this wasn't new, my milk, the more the more I learn about things like space, the cold board, the more the of the Cold War, really like chrome, dome and in Chatre, like just everything that the US government and the Russian government did. Is I've come to conclusion that this wasn't a situation where a couple countries had nukes and they were afraid the other country was going to use it. This was the world's biggest ever. My Dad could beat up your dad, Oh yeah for sure, and what happened was Russia may put a person which all the more incentive for America to fake? It is true rush, a put a person in space and all of a sudden, the US was like. Oh, you went to space we're going to the moon, we're gonna we're going to the moon, yeah and then I've been there. I've been I've been to pet week. I've been in the moon base come on just all. You did was go to spit watch us we're going to do it really high in the sky, were it at what we're a land on O star, and so I was like one bring that back. I think it's not starts it's. Do you know what I meant do you know what I and it's crazy, because Kennedy, the guy who made that famous speech is who said we you choose to go to the moon and the other things. I want to know what the other things are about the way, but I said we choose going moon and the other things, not the because the hard and are you trying to explain Kennedy as if someone listening doesn't know who Kennedy is Kennedy? You know that Guy Ha? What would you know them for man? I can't think of anything important. He did literally a year before that. Do you think he said remind well. That's a conversation off that case. That's a different question, literally a year before that he said publicly. He said I don't see any value in research and space. He said honestly, any value, and a year later he's like we're going to the moon in the next ten years, and so they went by the end of the decade Yep, and so they went and it was convenient that they did it in sixty nine yeah one year a so so they went to the moon and they went back a couple times, but then they just never went back and I think the biggest reason was there. Wasn't this war time threat situation going on any more and there wasn't any any real resource you were gaining from the moon. The payoff is so long term and the cost is so unbelievable high and the risk is incredibly high because I think here's the thing with spaceships is the rockets and rockets are missiles and missiles are made to explode, and so they do that space ships are rockets. Yes, rockets are missiles, yes, missiles explode, yes, spaceships explode, spaceships explode. Yes, it really seriously. It's like one and twenty rockets today. Back then, is worse. One and twenty today explode on takeoff yeah. It sucks, because you know we watch the few SPACEX launches it. Just I mean that's what they're they're literally I mean the design for them was taken from the original design for nukes, like they were literally made to blow up and like that's what they were be dropped in a random like or we dropped in random lake and so they're not good at at making it to space. I mean there there they make it, but there's a fail rate, and so there's a heavy risk right, because there's using do you think that Jeff actually went to space last month, Besos M, I don't know I mean he did. He crossed the line, but his was the line. I don't know, there's a name for it. It's an altitude line, there's a name for it. That's like this is space and everybody's. Like yeah, you made it because at some point, there's no border like there's no, like sign that says hello. Welcome to space like you have to robe. There will be eventually actually, but I mean his like. A road sign literally just went up and then went right back. then. If you miss it, you got to turn around a nowand. Then somebody somebody on that trip, I'm going to throw off the space ship. It's going to go, looks like we're not in earth anymore. I could see Kansas from here. Hey really exciting news October thirtieth and Kansas City Missouri, we were doing a tilling live show. Please get tickets they're available right now until INCOM and we're going to have special guests, a live episode, Q and a bunch of stuff tim right now is researching. If we can get a monster truck there you're going to love it. If you were anywhere near Kansas City or you're able to get there, we want to see you there. So please go to the website. I am by those tickets because the spots are limited, so let's hang out and just keep making some amazing magic stuff together, fit off huh, so space just wasn't economical for a really long time. The only thing that it was used for for after the Apollo era ended. I don't know why I put a pall in air. Quotes: It's not bake. Well, you say that so when the A I was starting to think it might be, I mean there's a lot of good reasons to think it is. But when the power ended, I'm sort thinking it is, I'm glad you said that there's a lot of really good reasons. Actually, I'm glad now you brought it up, I'm glad you said that because I think so no the apoller in did and you think the Moon, leaning fig I'm on the fence, I'm on the space earthwise, I don't know the Apollo er ended and then space became pretty much just satellites. It was we're just going to near Earth orbit dropping some satellites. They did the ISS, but really the big thing was defense, satellites and the so there's a couple of companies that kind of led the game and just dropped a bunch of satellites. I guess not dot like through a bunch of satellites up in a space and they were up there really for defense, so they were helping the government. I threw a final once, I'm pretty sure it's up there, it's a satellite! Now, if you throw up, if you throw a boom Raine far enough, it becomes a satellite, and that's just isn't that I want to get that on a magnet I'm going to make man throw a boomerang far enough should be shaped. Like a like a like a boomerang, I be shaped like a satellite. Well because it's become a sanely yeah, okay, anyway, sorry space, all of a sudden now is becoming, is inter entering this new era where it's like. Okay space actually is becoming economic or frontier yeah, not just not a front here. Well Yeah! I guess it's becoming a situation where it makes sense for the private sector to say I'm going to invest in this because there's a possibility of returns in the short term. Okay, yeah! I A thanks so because there's this possibility of a return in the short term right for space, a bout of these private companies are starting to invest in going back to space yeah because all of a sudden, now it's not just a fence. Now you got companies like Google and apple who are like. We want maps. We want map at caps. You want map hops, so they're going to space for maps. Well, you need a satellite to get those map APPS. Okay, here's this I mean within the last like twenty years. They started map papping, yeah and happening. Then you had tell communications into the game and say: Hey. We can use satellites to make things better dish. Network showed up and they're like we want to put something in space, direct t s like we do too yeah Dat. We can do we're doing we're gonna. Do it the next decade, a Moan. The I t department is like this. This it's not necessary that'll. Do nothing mood chance, like that's just like you know, that's like the CEO swam in some cocaine and then being like Mon. We have more channels on the moon than any other providers. REALLY THAT'S RIGHT! So are we going to do this day? The rest of the episode o ours is visibly uncomfortable, I'm yeah, I'm physically uncomfortable, because I'm going not lean. I feel like I'm leaning further than you are this bit. That's fun, Tout Communications, get the bibles. Are Fans already think we're weird enough yeah, the Tel Communion Tele Commision companies get in the game and then to Er Commutin, the telecast to times the telecom musion, the Tele Commutin companies he said to a and then he tried to move past it telecommunication, I'm a telecommuting, they got into it and then a bunch of industry started like big data starts getting into it. Yeah to one DAB is in Daddy, gets in to provide like logging companies so like. If a log and company wants to buy a piece of land now they turn to a satellite provider to say, hey how many trees is there on this plot of land and they from space will count the trees and then tell them hey. This is a good investors, a computers count them, or does someone sit there and go one to that cope got on now. Is that person is that their job or is that that is their hobby? I'm a tree counter a satellite tree counter yeah, so big data like that and now ai is huge in it. Electric vehicles, especially self driving cars, yeah data pretty quickly and then there's like WIFI providers that are trying to get the wife. I signal all the place and even not for profits. Like the bill of Malindi's foundation, they have a satellite that flies over and prover nations and counts the amount of buildings and villages. So they can get a good number of how many people are there, so they know how many vaccines or what kind of aid to send to them. They just count the the structures, and so it seems to me like a more expensive way. A man is drop it there from the outer trying to make cardes satellite missile now they're, not even cargo colts they're. Just you know, Moon mobs move mothers waiting for the waiting for the goods to drop from the Nomani's like o the moon just shot something. Hopefully it's coming to us. We you an you, see the moon, shoot something like the moon just shot something take a tshirt can from the Moon Monsie. Whoever makes the motional come. Let's get hide me yeah, it's just like some dude who thought he was going to be famous, you know, and he gave up and had to work the sporting events in his town, yeah and he's at the he's, like I'm going to go log sire your fan of become a meteorologist becase, the moon, yeah, and so so your laptop is make none. No it wasn't I so Alex how unprofessional was it? My computer, you got Alyan space is becoming like an industry, yeah and they're starting to fund a lot of projects to get to space, especially people who want to get satellites to space. A like. I want satellites. There's this new thing. There's this whole new sector of small sets where their satellites like the size of toasters and they're. Just like there's, I like Hanes, okay, you're going to space. Can you take our toaster with you? Would you suck it out the way, pay five bucks or kind of like tag? A was like Ye. Take this toaster at the side, capit tape it inside doctae this dust in the side ye we don't have duck tape. We got space tate. It's at the launch, the guys like, runs up to the LAD. It's like. Oh, we got a stricker wait. A second is that a toaster. This is crazy. It's basically suicide to run along guys, putting a blunder on the side of the tap and then that's one of the things that blows up, that guy got blown up, trying to tape a blinder to the side of this, a the satellite yeah. So he really believed in that start up, because all these companies are putting more MOS coworker went on to star Google think about it. What are you doing? What are you do? What are you doing if you would invested a hundred dollars ye this guy's sprint in that a bando runner blend runner Blinda, it's like bad on her, but blend runner is. If you would invest a hundred dollars in him yeah, you would be a billionaire now you could have your be Lena Street. A Indian. Are you C have your own telecommuting so because all this money's getting pumped into Paseos now NASA is a were you trying to make a toaster and space reference like the little to like what is that? What was that toaster movie, the the brave little tester, the brave little toaster, is that the thing you're trying to make movie? No, I wasn't, but I wish I was because I love that movie, the Prim Little Tester an almost said, the toaster that could he could this tester good, so Nass is getting a lot more funding, but from the private sector, who is saying hey, let us tag along on your trip with our little miniature satellite, so they're getting a lot more funding for a lot of these things, which is now opening up this new world where the governments saying okay. Maybe we could continue to research some of these things, and so a lot of really ambitious. New Projects are being proposed by NASA and a couple private sector companies, like guys we've heard about space race, but what? If space race here ouw right to tell us more, you just put your foot on the gas pedal a metal tell you do thirteen. Laugh it labs until the rocket blows up just go until it stops. Good luck. Yeah have fun, so there's a lot of ambitious projects. I'm sure you've heard of a couple of these, for example, NASA wants to colonize the moon yeah. They weren't call in Mars as well yeah yeah they were colonized. The Moon, though I mean imagine, imagine you moved to the moon and then the next year. There's a group that moves to Mars. Wouldn't you rather, but I also imagine I mean you, you aren't a home right and you hate it right. So imagine ill doing all that process. I just you hate that home. You spend so much money on that home. You hate it right. You hate it. I know you do, and so you now we're in though, if you go to the moon, you can't sell that you can't sell your property, the Moon, yeah. Nobody knows what the real estate trains are like yeah, who you got a real turn yeah. I'm a moon, realtor moon, realty earth view realty. Why is it called real estate? Is there faces day yeah? I think there is. We should open up a FAMOSO. The wikipedia article for the colonization of the moon is nice because it starts with this warning. That's warning literally says this article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may only interest a particular audience. You opened it warning. You might not like this warning this one's boring. Actually, can you click that and put that at the beginning of the episode please warning this episode may contain information and silliness that not everyone would be interested in warnynge, not like this. Here's the thing with the moon cony. What they want to do. You might have seen like pictures of it. They want to build like these like domes, that, like you, can that, like they're, almost like greenhouses, yeah an us to live in there and you grow in there and yeah it's like in you go to domes yeah you just. Can you invite everyone over to your dome for a game night yeah come to my dome. Come to my dome home. This is my dome home. My Dome Home. What's up home, he's welcome to my dome home and then one person's you know and then the first person to make their wife I dugs Dale, are the dug the DEMODAMAS, a legend dot dog, Dale, demidofs Dal, no Dimsdale Dins, Damn de dog dimedone, the Din yeah, the one or the demodokos. Stranger things change things Yep, but the first person who makes their WIFI pass for Erver Wifi called the Dimsdale demidos. Ah They won they won, they won the space race and that's really what it's about. It's always been about, because you know you know once one you know one person made the FBI van or you know what are other common ones. I don't know I don't know anyways the real idea for the moon colony, though it's more of a lunar base than a colony, and so the idea is that it's your pit, stop on the way to Mars or other planets or other missions. Oh, so you you leave the earth you go to the Moon, you re fuel and the moon has lower gravity, so you have to use less fuel to take back off and then you can then go further, and so that's the idea. There there's a lot of a couple issues with that. Like one if you're re feeling there there has to be fuel there, that's what I should have to get us in from Er fuel there unless there's fossil fuels on Mars, which is not likely because, as far as we know, there's not fossils on my, as I say, was grinding up fossils. Also, the Moon, the movie I found a fossil the other day, it's pretty crazy and then you just squeeze it hard enough and squeeze you out a little fossil fuel. Yeah you get the gasoline, you see, I drink it, yea that I went really fast from W. I was. I was like three hundred horse power for, like Yeah Twenty least my brain was. I don't think I was moving just Latin your apartment. That's all they're! Do in the moon. You Get up. There they've been drinking the fossil fuels, everyone in their dome. Just like I'm sorry, what's the password and someone's like his dog dog dog, Dindong Doug, but the O is a zero. Have you or a love worn, been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the Tillin podcast? Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy, add free experience and they get early access to content behind the scene, stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. We all are in it our producers and the hosts. So if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text till in to six six, eight, six, six so Mars has another idea, this one's champion by Elon, musk and he's the thing with with elans motivation. He's really the only person, the private sector who's willing to sink the money into going to Mars yeah because he's not going to see any return from it. It's not going to happen, but he really wants to go because he thinks we're going to blow up the earth. Many things we need a back up, but he also wants to be the person who did it like he's pretty full of himself yeah. He enjoys the celebrity yeah. I mean t at that's pretty fair, here's one thing I noticed, though too. I would honestly say that I think part of this change in like this almost like the new space race is Elon's fault. I don't know if faults the right word, but I think he started that the new space race, the new space race, has just billionaire's trying to get to space. No, I would say it's this renewed sense of we're going to space again because he started space ex he's like we're going to March we're going to call and I colonize Mars, and then NASA was like well we're going to the moon again and and Mars, we're going to go to the Mars to yeah it's like that's cute and then Amazon was like. We have a space company and then virgin lactic was like we, a Ken we're trying to like throw your like. Your package is going to switch to three day delivery, but the Middle Day is going to spend it in space is so I mean think about it. Avason Amazon started satellites that shoot your package to your head. You think I mean yeah. If you live in an apartment complex, you better live on the top floor because it's the apartment, colleges, the seat. The roof is just cover. A kitchens now they're shooting that high felot that it's coming through the roof. There pay a long damages. It's like melted, I order coffee grounds or you a goat, greatest o little ash. athetic thanks Amazon One star, but just to wait. It is that. Can I set up a return so elan? He kind of. I really think he kind of drove this forward because he's I'm more to Mars. I really think we need to do it because the word is going to explode because we suck, and so we need a go Mars and he kind of changed this public opinion on it. What I, how long does he think the Earth's going to last? I don't know, I don't think he has a date, but I think he's like we need a back up. I on that he's got a date. I don't think he's like. I don't think he's like April Twelfth, two thousand and twenty seven or twenty seven is going down. So we got to get the bars before then that's yeah. Now I think he's just like as soon as possible. We need to be living on Mars because the human race is deemed, which is which is ironic to me, but imagine you're like that. Twenty five people or whatever selected to live our Mars now and then earth rely, is doomed yeah and then everybody there dies. Here's the thing, here's the thing about that, though I'm a Tu find out to be have Internet with there yet. Well. Imagine this the scenario. Imagine that Earth does collapse and we have a colony on Mars D. everybody on earth is like I want to go to Mars. The Earth is about to explode. Let me go to Mars. You got to make an Ark yeah, and I mean it's gay cost of billions of dollars to get a dozen people there yeah nobody's nobody's, making it nobody's going. It's like you yeah already. If the whole thing is designed that you've got to have fuel and you'll still need resources from Earth, yeah and so well, the thing with the colonies is over time. The intention is that you learn to live off of that planet, and so you learn to get resources off that planet. You learn so Mars is pretty unique, and then you have a kid and you put them out there without an oxygen tank and see if they acclimate yeah yeah. You just keep doing that until they evolve. If we do it enough, the Leval Tso Mars is actually a pretty decent plan. It's a long game, but there is a decent plan for actually like helping develop an atmosphere and learn to live off of the resources on Mars. Moon kind of has one, but I mean the moon is much less survivable than Mars. Here's the thing with with all these planes, though, like I said it's so limited, and it's going to cost a lot of money and it's going to take a long time. I am skeptical of the idea that we need a second backup plan is makes sense because to me, if you're afraid of an aster at hit in the earth, it'll cost you a lot less to just move the astron or like just send a rocket up there to redirect asteroid than it is to set up a colony on Mars, and you can do it faster and then, if you're afraid that global warming or the climate is going to collapse, US it'll cost you a lot less yeah to a ise. If you can figure out a way to make the asteroid part of the culture war. You know like that. Asteroid is bringing socialist ideas to the world. Then you'll get the backing of a lot of people. That's true, that's true! They would like shoot it down, but what we should hear about its history in life and we should know more than kill it. Take it out, blitter ate it. Okay. I think it's funny. We should hear out the asteroid. We should hear it out about. I want to see, I want to see the aspern on Joe Ruggins podcast- Oh my God e decisions. It's funny said that because, because, while I was researching for this, I realized- and I don't know if I've seen any O talk about this, but I think I think Elon Musk. I think his biggest skill and he's pretty smart, obviously he's very rich. Obviously, but I think his biggest skill is he can change public opinion. He did it with papal he he, the first company that really made people say yeah. You know I'll buy stuff online like it's safe to buy stuff online. He did I with Tesla. He made electric vehicles cool, nobody wanted electro vehicles, they were lame, but he turned it to where electric vehicles were something desirable. That was cool and exciting, and then he made, I think, with space if he shifted the opinion of space and got all these companies being like yeah, we need to get to space and with Nerne link is probably his biggest one. He bit o a nerve with Er with an earth. It's nor I mean he. You know how many people say that guns cool again. You know they really went out of style for lemon nerve. He bohack Nero like he hasn't done this yet, but I think that's going to be his biggest one yet, and I think he's I mean because he's got to convince people to put a chip in their brain and did not think that it's the number of the beast, and so he and I said I mean- and you think that, because he's convinced you slashing or to put a chip in your brain, exactly he's here's what I'm saying everything he's done. I think the Boring Company did that. I think I always forget you're. An Elan stand is like you, you have his poster on your wall. I do I have. I have an ELA. I have a muse, a musk, I was. I was cargoed for a second there. Try that put the thing of her. I thought musk poster was an literation and then I was like those are two different letters and I was like thinking I got to find another word for poster and I couldn't so a musk mantle. I got a musk mantle in my house, a Muskmelon le a D. I have monty pictures of e La my and then this jar of Elephant Musk. I have an ivory bust of him in my living room. That's my musk bust. Let's compass, here's the thing he changed his public opinion. I have a Corson, oh my gosh! That's where Musci must get me some musmes. He needs a start, clot better. That needs to be that need to be this luckin. I think it's got us must let's get Usman for some reason. The bottle is unbreakable, like it's just no reason at all. He just like you can't break it. So I I think he really changed public opinion and so he's got his plant in first call is Mars colony, there's a few variations of it, but the basic idea is they're, going to build the domes they're going to have farms underground and then light them. Like a weed farm and then yeah and then over time, begin to rebuild, the atmosphere is going to take long after he died long after he dies and long after everybody who goes their first dies before it's actually like a breathable atmosphere on March, but that's the idea of his overs over time. It's a breathable atmosphere again, the other Nele Crass Hyson, makes a good point about this. NEL Patrick Harris makes a good point of this. I hate you so much for that. That's funny, O! His point is he's like he's like it doesn't make a lot of sense when you think Abou it, because if the issue is we need more space or it's just something we haven't conquered. Yet we want to conquer it. Why? Why hasn't this happened to an Arica? He said. Anarchist stands a much better chance of being colonized than Mars or the moon or any other place, because it's on earth there's way more water there. The conditions are actually better than they would be in Mars, or something like that he's like. Why? Don't we colonize that and he's like he's like? I don't his point. He's like I don't understand why people are lining up to be on the moon, colony or the Mars colony, because it's going to be very unpleasant, and so he's like ask yourself if you would call an Ez an Artica if the answers now then you're probably going to hate colonizing Mars, and so it's a really interesting point. anyways here's, but it feels cooler. It is wake. I don't know anagas pretty cold. I don't know, I think it'd be cool to be in the first group that goes to the Moon, yeah first group that goes some Mars, not as cool to be in the second group yeah. Well, the first group is dying. I mean pretty much guaranteed, so you think so I mean they will most likely die during the mission. If they survive, they will die on Mars, like they're, not making it back. Well, yeah, yeah! That's what I'm saying! Yeah much cooler! Second Group they're still going to die out there m. They stand a better chance to survival, though I think that I think and Elon will say the same thing. There's there's good chance that the second group is going there and their part of their mission is to recover the bodies. Because they're I mean the the likelihood of success on that first run is pretty low. Well, so here another idea that NASA has and think amen did it, though- and he was no talking that talking for the premier NASA- has another idea that they think that they can pull off in the next decade. They call it havoc, which is a great name. It stands for high altitude, Venus operational concept. We go to Venus, they want to colonize Venus. I was just thinking that when you were like well, this makes sense to just do Mars. I was like what are they think in the Venus yeah, so Venus, here's the thing with Venus: It's absolutely inhospitable. We've sent one probe and it lasted two and a half hours before it just obliterated, because the atmosphere pressure is greater than the bottom of the ocean once you get down to the surface and there is an insane amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so you die in seconds if you got the atmosphere. What's interesting about it, though, is above the cloud cover, there's this kind of sweet spot where you get out of where the carbon oxide zone is and just before, space there's an area that is really similar in climate to Earth. I wasn't even land in that area yeah. I know and that's why it's called the havoc high altitude fetus. They want to build a floating outpost that flies in Venus and so the concept, the concept it's like. It's talking like two hundred years from now come on. No, no. They think they can do the next Kadees there they're lying, they basically they're, like Zeppelins they're, going to take zepplins there and they're going to build taking Kansas City downtown four years to extend the street car you're telling me they're going to build this thing in the next decade. Yeah doubt it. It took the guy from up a couple o weeks to fly in our cartoon. THAT'S A TEIL! What her on to do the there just a Tach, a bunch of balloons to a space station and let him float the all the groups we send to Venus are basically going to die. We're actually going to in the second group to recover the first group bodies and then the third group to recover the second group's bodies and it's just a domino effect from there, but because we have so many people covering bodies, it's a continual eventually a rib land like a little ant hill. You have the have you seen ant save the Queen. If they flow. Have you seen that no were aunts linked their whole bodies together, so the coon can float and like esars, Setine, yeah, wow yeah, so yeah pretty soon this in drowning in Venus, yeah yeah, it's my new EP coming out, but the idea is: if they can do this, for a while, they'll prove the concept and if they can have it'll be like the imagine that you get sent to ven as as a proof of concept like you're gonna die. Where you got Santos, we can do it. No Peas, just a proffer concept. We get more funding later for, like space suit and stuff. Like the people who come act, you ll be able to breathe, but you're just kind of like a big ERRATA. You can breathe because the climate once you get past the cloud cover on Venus is according to Nassa, really similar to Earth. No hundred percent windows down. But imagine you do that. But imagine you're like NASA says this is safe and then you open the door and you go. You Go. Oh I thought, and then you die. The widow of the creakiness sit there in the one deep saw you t yeah it not a solid motion. You were Hitt's why all my windows broke crake. Those windows up and the theory is if this works. So it's going to be a sintia space station. So gonna have a company Wanta doing research and if it works then they're going to build a big base. That is floating you kid. You not that's floating with helicopter arms that are just keeping it air borne, and then they want to build like a city like that yeah. But then we know how that ends. Malfunction repair a well MOUFTI. Have you seen you haven't seen Star Wars right? No, I hate you. I I just man, that's so disappointing yeah. Every time that comes up. I question you Havn't seen the music man right yeah, but that doesn't matter you in the family, the opera. No you haven't seen you haven't seen star w here's. The thing you're asking things like the star wars is important. Okay, here's a have you seen real art. Yeah. Have you seen real art? You don't even know you you gosh. It hurts me it there's a city in unker, there's a city in star wars called cloud city where it's a planet, similar ven you can rely like ads. You could literally make anything up right now. If you want, you can go, there's a sin in okay yeah. So I haven't seen a lot. Muscle literally tell me that and I'll believe you that's what that's what they want to do. They want to make cloud city on Venus. Your Star was fain. You know, ththat means loud city, sound cloud city sounds like a youth group named hey welcome to cloud city. You know that it does. How can I pray for you today? What else is there in space? Nothing, that's the point it's empty, except for all the planets and stars and Galaxies and junk that is floating in a moons and Aliens Yeah. That's right! I forgot about the aliens. Where do they live other planets? Do you think that, though yeah do you think they live in our sour system or do you think they're from other solar systems? It's hard to tell I don't have I don't have a strong, conclude so hard to tell yeah we've never been there, okay, so here's the thing space is a big place and there's lots of room earth is a smaller place. Would you say the space is a big big house with lots and lots of room lots and lots of and like a big Big Table Yep where we can play football walks of. I don't play football at the table: Big Big Yard, where we can play football. Yeah touchdown big big house such don, was the touchdown line actually in the song or was not just in the youth group, but I was just in the: U Curas, just the kid as a touch o him. It's like an the lean on me where it's like I'm goin to need and everybody grabs it. Yeah Yeah, anyways yeah, he's here's the thing about space summer up for me when you're in space so you're. So you say you started this first space satellite e there's a company that was to build a hotel. That's a satellite! That's you just stay there like Zenon and what did you get there and they mess up a reservation? What, if you get there and and the bell hop kicks you out and you're floating through space, now free falling without parachute through space? Does this pose have a pool yeah? Why don't you dive in and so here's the thing, though, space is empty yeah, which means you can't hear, and so oh that's, as you fade away floating into the Cosmos and you're screaming you're screaming, and no one can hear you most people when they die. They have the pleasure this is getting so dark at the you. Okay, I have the pleasure of hearing their their cosmic song. It's a thing that happens. I've heard it I haven't, heard it but Charles he to didn't get to hear his orchestra, but he wanted to were saying we couldn't do any fiddle offs in space. Yeah things on last night is a production of space. Tim Media produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice. 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LW Wright – Story of the DB Cooper of Nascar Drivers


Episode Transcription

Made for robots, by robots. Only read if you're weird.

Hey Man: what's up Buckaroo, okay, big cat, HMM, baby boy, all right pal, have you ever heard of Palo Er? You know I do a time. Alistenin Pale Pales. Tarin! Have you have you thought I was so us go ahead? I've ever heard of L, W right, l right, yeah, www right. No, I've heard a lot from now that be wrong. Oh my God, no is pretty. You know we're getting started who's out, though you're right is, it in t writes brother. No, they is. They just gave their kids initials yeah. They actually don't have a no. It doesn't stay. Breathing yeah, it's just just NT and L, L W yeah, that's! Actually it's spelled. El Dub Ya, O Okkak Il Dibe should to entee, and you should name your kid. An JUSEF. Do we start an x fl up an as color but a cavado man. We just I'll, tell you what we get out there. We go fast, all right, they're, coming up to the fourth turn they're going to have the parallel park here. There's no real mirrors! The bears are just stick a subway advertisements. It's really hard to get parallel park with a subway advertisement: Things: okay, l, W right a stone; okay, he is as wikipedia describes him and unidentified. This description is great and unidentified American confidence. trickster. Okay, so is l w right just like a name that we've given him or is that someone he went by that's something he went by Okay and so apparently a confidence trick. Trickster is the Ron man yeah a long term, confiant form yeah man. Conman stands for confidence, man, yeah confidence, trickster confidence, trickster man, a stem, I'm from C F, man or C t most as our conference, frank ter man, thanks frick, sure, yeah. So a c t man, let's see Tad Conde, Yeh Kin, a you think about how many words we use. I was thinking about email, the other day, yeah email. So many kids don't even know that male is real o like a what do you think about it? Why do we have mailboxes on our house? We go but email I mean there's children who don't know you know Santa takes email. Now he does. He really yeah he's had for a long time. Sant at San a dot sat g male, oh, he doesn't have his own. Actually, in a thirteen, a g mail, he didn't get to a fascinate other ones. No, but I was even thinking about like car were for a harage. Oh really, that's insane! How dumb you are! Oh, my gosh things you learn this morning. So I'll be right. He's a confidence. trickster you tonto use a Waki just say con man, I would say: Comin is trickster forever in just wondering. If it was like a DB cooper situation, it actually is they refer to him kid you not as the DB Cooper of NASCAR shut up. I am call me: L W INTRIGUE NASCA AS car the DB COOPER OF NASCAR this guy in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two just decided, you know what I'm going to race in the Winston five hundred at the Talladega Talladega Talladega superspeedway, and never raced before I'm assuming well. It doesn't seem like it that when you watch how he did, it doesn't seem like he knew what he was doing he might have, but it's kind of like that Olympic race, where all the girls didn't hand off the baton. Very well yeah, you know their Olympians, but it didn't seem like it seem like it yeah yeah. Maybe that was L, L W. I ha to what you're saying W, like he's: George, all right old deb. So in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty two seemingly out of nowhere, yeah in Henderson, Ville Tennessee, guided by the name of William dunaway contacts, Nashville newspaper to promote a driver named L, W Wright, and he tells them that he is entering the Winston five hundred with the name music city racing because he's from Nashvill Nashville, yeah yeah, and he says that he's very excited for it, because he's started in forty three Nascar Bush, Grand National Series Races and he is sponsored and again this is a time when it's pretty hard. You can't just google that it's true, you know it's true, so I feel like I and again. This is something we've talked about before about. I wish I could just disappear. Sometimes you know I missed. That was the opportunity to. I also missed the opportunity to catfish society, O no socie really good. I mean you could get away with a lot, because now someone googles you, you know I watched an interview with some of the guys who were so o they're gonna find a lot of stuff from high school like that is hair band hair air band. Can an hair air band yeah yeah yeah and that's embarrassing for you not really you can't I'm pretty proud of that. I actually showed somebody that, like not it's a back on your phone, I was I like Heyeh. is you sure I tend person you met a coffee show you're waiting in line yeah. My name is Tim, but also I don't know you know. I don't know what your days looking like, but I think I did so. I did like over ten years ago, but it's the peak of my life and now yeah. I have vered yeah yeah yeah that a that they didn't. Compare, though those are girls, jeans, I'm wearing you'll notice anyways. So so it's ironic. You said that because I watched an interview with some of the guys that were involved in like the holding this off in Nas car at the time, so they were like that. A CAR START I don't know hold on the MEPAL. Should we start an x fl of the NASCAR, where, like Mascari, very especial and then you just go, go to be xl. I think right extreme call league, I don't know we're getting there, you know, but I mean where it's just like the. I guess it's a demolition Derby, but it's just kind of like it rules. Don't they exist now it's football with cars. I know that I know that these exist because I've gone to them like a local races and stuff yeah, but I want to televised yeah, that's fair. I want a hard jumping off the high ropes. You know, I don't think. Okay anyways NASCAR was founded in one thousand nine hundred and firty eight, Oh okay. Yes, it's been around for a while, and so the interview I watched was some of the like elder statesmen of Nascar, like they were the people who were running nascar like the commissioners and stuff. I imagine they have like, like real fix of Vana Georgia accent, you know for a fact they do and there was a guy who he kept record of the races of the all of all of NASCAR. Okay and he was his job or this is what he did he was supposed to for it's just what he did. There's a difference, and you know it you know it's like. Was this man commissioned and paid by NASCAR or is he is weird now he was commissioned and paid? He was the guy who can at he's got a spiral. Note Book Lo ruled literally he pulls out a binder. Is a black three ring binder super thick, we're wearing white gloves. He doesn't touch if he's not wear his gloves and he pulls it open both hands skin scrolls through like a slow badger as B right. Why does he make that noise? It's gethite glove? Oh, no! No! He goes for his well. Let me check the let me check the band because I've kept a ready, TAK, the catalog I've cat, the record since we started NASCAR and he opens it and he was Ah aw right. That's you're, just like dude. What is your e? You know and off camera he's. Just like hey thanks, so much fetters me. I really do it. Thank you! Yeah! That's cool! We like the touch of the binder yone of these gloves out here. I have. I have your Salus. You want to touch. My binder just holds it out, you can I mean you can flip through it. If you want he look at was now. I think we're we're good. Okay, thanks, you wasn't supposed to be in the dear anyways. He was like he's a yeah he's like so my job. What I would do is he's a mass car restorium. He would pull his his to the page in the binder for that race and then he would call the people who ran that race the day after the race, and he would ask them to tell them the stats of the race, and so he could put everybody in their placing andd their speed, whatever whatever stats they kept, and he said he said you would not believe how many times I will call these people who ran these NASCAR races and ask them for staff, so they'd be like I don't know, and we just would not have you raised yesterday h. This is what's his name, we know cesil Hi. This is Cecil with NASCAR. I just wonder what your stats from yesterday were and then guys like well heck. If I no man, we just I'll, tell you what we get out there, we go fast iteas, just like I don't know, may we get out there go fast. The men are just who they're supposed to be. You know I mean what I hard data they're supposed to be yeah, I'm just I'm more concerned with these men become the men they been they're meant to be I'm putting the men in mint. You know I'm saying like you are meant for this all right anyway, thanks have have a good day he's a a I don't have nothing to put in the bonder yeah and so he's like he's like honestly, we have a lot of blank pages yeah I records, which is a perfect for l right because he will fill them in yeah and so he'll call me that was me so yeah. So he said he claimed was in forty three races and he was like he's like yeah he's, like I remember after everything happened with l o to be right, looking back through our records and not being able to find them but being like well just because I can't find them, but could in a little bit that's the key to a good lie. Is the plausibility yeah exactly and it was plausible, with NASCAR here's, here's the part that wasn't plausible in that. In that newspaper Article Yeah, I claimed I forty three races but also said that he was going to be sponsored by country, music, stars, Merle, haggard and T G shepherd who did not sponsor him and immediately their representatives called then in they were like hey, hey, no, listen. PG Shepherd would like his full name removed from his article in one of you bother Rom. It's Te Ge Shepherd. If we see one, if we see if we see one more publication with two more dots, I swear we're gonna we're going to lose it we're going to sue you we're going to we're going to sue you and so all of a sudden he gets on a local notoriety everyone, as the guy's name. He City took out the Ad William, a guy by the name of William Dunaway, okay, and so do we think. That's all though you're right is supposedly his manager manager yeah. But I don't know how do you go to manager as a mass car driver? You called the guy with the book. The binder you say: Hey. Has there any managers at? Let me check my bind and he's like this. I can't seem to find my gloves. I S Open it low. I can't open it without putting my cellos like William Dunway has at least two other drivers he's representing represent presentative yeah. I got you so he made me answeer a you okay, so he goes on and he finds a guy in Nashville who runs a marketing agency called space age marketing. The guy's name is okay. The guy's name is B Turel. There are always people, man, Bee Dub, Ya, Correll, Terela B, W trel runs a company CON Space Age Marketing. Should we go by our initials? Is that the thing to do yeah? If you want to lie? Well, you went by your initials for a long time for such a long J. I was thinking about that. Yes, Sur, that's dumb! Oh My. You know, that's like where you know like you know, mine at least sounds like an author. WHAT JK Myers yeah I sound like I write a still sounds like an author. I guess I won't think that, because Jake rolling but yeah JK Myers sounds like I wright medieval fiction literally any you, but I don't. I I fiction M. it's pretty pretty great t tell you about the the starbucks employee who sent me her erotic novel. Oh, I think you did. I was Yeatton comfy in the. I only knew her for like two weeks and then she was like she, your comedian, I'm also an artist as sure of how the interaction went and she was like. I write novels. Don't laugh at them, though, and I said send it send it to me and then she did and I and you said to Brak that yeah it was detailed. You forwarded it to her and said. I think you should keep this and I forward to her and said Ello I'll. Look at this responded inside apes meant for TJ stone, I'm sorry, okay, okay, so e Jay stone a will. I love tilling podcast and want to support the show. Well, you can support us by buying till an podcast march and wearing it out in the wild. We have teas hoodies, shirts and so much more in our merch store. We also have exclusive march for every single episode, but those are limited so make sure you get him. While you can text till in to six six, eight six, six to support the show. Thank you so much so he goes to w t relacing an actual sponsor yeah and here's the thing about as car. At the time like most things in the S, it was blowing up yeah and much. How much does it cost to sponsor someone in the NAS car? I don't know how much it cost spots all it you had, you had you had to purchase a car right, you had to pay a team and you had to pay for the license to get into the NASCAR and then expenses to get there. So it was pretty expensive yeah. He gets thirty Sandolas from W T rel, as I go start up, yeah from that advertisement from Yeah Space Age, marketing really from B Trot not from his company as an investment, pretty much for the possibility of music city racing being successful. Okay, and so he ends up giving him the money he goes and he buys a Monica from an esteemed nascar driver named Sterling Marlin, and so at what point did they change to the NAS cars? We know now you know talking about what do you mean like the fiberglass top like the NAS cars that we know now where they ever were they racing with real cars? At one point I mean yeah yeah, I mean I know. They're racing were real cars now I know they're real, but I mean like video games they're not like like they're, not like cars. You know exactly what I mean. I know what you mean, I'm I'm imagine red light and you look next to you and there is a nascar hold on. Oh okay. This is great. I'm on Cora when did NASCAR, stop using real cars and start using shells that look like carse. That's that's the question yeah and this guy commented the entire history of NASCAR. Oh well. I don't want to know from there. I want to know from kited a okay. Well Wikipedia doesn't say well I mean I'm sure it does on as cars actual page. It doesn't on the n right page, okay, I'll D, be right and do you're right. Let's at least start car racing cut, see because I know they're called like cars. Well, no, I think they still call him Marty Carlos. Did they really yeah? They don't look like it. I am aware, that's what I'm saying Tim. We you and I same page you and I were looking at the binder right now. You and I are on the same page of this binder. Okay, I'm just asking a side question: Don't let me side track you? You know, okay, how about you get back on the track, yeah, what you get back out there. I was sorry side. So sorry for me, Sorr for me trying to paste car you you know getting over this. So still I try to make a little pit stop. Sterling Marlin was a like esteem. Racer. His Dad was a really big. Have a lot of records and sterling Marlin would eventually go on to win Talladega a couple times. Okay, he sells him this car for twenty Thousan dollars, which w pays for seventeen Zadas in cash and then pays a three give m a three thousand dollar check, which probably doesn't clear, and so someone gives you a part in cash, and I, like I'm gonna rea the rest in a check. You can assume that that cash is what you're getting yeah it sterling mine right off. The Bat said he was suspicious of the excessively high money spending from B right. He didn't even negotiate. I told him twentyone and he was like okay, but Marlin was he was suspicious of him, but he said you know what I got to see this, and so he signs on to be his crew chief is a Gatala he's like yeah I'm going to go, I'm going to be a part of this yeah. Oh I've absolutely do that, and so he ends up buying new tires from good year parts from Travis Tiller, which is, I guess, another supplier and then raising jackets from Southern Tech, Tat Textile Association. They bought all the right stuff, yeah they're, buying all the stuff that they need he's got a racing jacket is the most important. That's the most important part, the racing jacket, so L B right goes on to enter into the the Talladega Race C, and you have to do in weenter to iges it's different today. So is it because it's available you're right this? I don't think so. Okay! Well, I think, probably maybe I don't think it's totally, but I think it's one of those things where it's like remember this guy and this guy, Oh and law. I think it was one of those things it's like. We should set some pre. We should like make some rules here, yeah. So at the time you just had to get a special license, which you just would have to pay Nasar for was how you can ye at yeah, and so he bought the special license. You know a a parallel park on the track Ye. I take you out there. They make sure that you use your turn signals and you gotta. You know I did really great on the cornering and the passing, and then it was that parallel park. I really got me because you do that a lot in the race. I mean a lot all right. They're, coming up to the fourth turn they're going to have to parallel park here. Can they do it? You know? Jim They used to be is better whether he's in real cars. Now there using these fake cars is a lot harder. There's no real mirrors. The meres are just stickerare subway advertisements. It's really hard to get parallel park with a subway advertisement, that's good! So they he goes to this. He buys the license. Yeah goes to the qualifying race and in the Cosso he did all this with thirty thousand yeah thirty sand, dollar, okay, and so two thirds of it goes for the car. Yes exactly, okay, and so he goes. He goes to the qualifying race, and this was a significant race, because in the same race the record was actually broken for fastest, like qualifying race, speed, which was two hundred miles an hour, and so w right seems a little nervous at this yeah qualifying race and he sucesos like what's wrong, and now he was like is like you've done this. I mean at least forty three times for right he's like He. Well, I be it a real person yeah. This is a real guy, and so L W is talking to his crew chief and sterling man and he's Marlin recounted after the fact he's like he's like yeah, you know the questions he was acting or he was asking me made. It seem like he really was the kind of person who didn't know what was going on: okay, just a bigger the right ones, the gas and the left. One O the break, like the direct quote was he didn't seem like someone who knew what was going to do and when I go on the track, it's only left her just left a bunch right like does it, and this is a serious question. I know it's not really relevant to this moment right now, but does this car turn right? Can I I I the ability to a t? What happens an I go right? Does the Sepelit? What's the blue to situation hello, does it take the AC to kick in pated seats yea? I try to be picky, but I just want to know what options I'm getting is there? Is there a version with he is about this or what's the cash price here? What's the get hey cup holder how, but because I brought this big goal, but I I want to make the big gold. I got a big Gulp at the big gold and a five dollar footlong from some one on the brow sponsors and this new album from TV shepherds. When I look box, when I look behind me, all I see is subway because they're propelling me forward subway, you know as fast race fans. Their first t again is the goal to win. Is the goal to go faster than everyone else? What's the? What are we doing? He is. It was like golf who you want to be the lowest speed. This is, it seems, like he doesn't know. What's going on, I feel like when you show up to a race. It's pretty obvious, that's what I confused by it's kind of like yeah, it's a race. You know you just beat them Yeuten, you drive, you beat them yeah, I'm assuming gets like technical questions, I'm assuming he's asking technik he's really prepared for the raise to like he didn't. You know, he's not hydrating he's just drinking ro, eggs and whiskey. You Know Bourbon or whatever was yeah. I read on the Internet, it's good for racing, yeah when's, the NAP. When do we get to say the net? Is that your three laps is hey? So how do I pass the baton in here? This seems ITARE. You gonna take this or what we shwe have to try to get into an NASCAR race. I just feel like we've got to do it, so he ends up qualifying he qualified thirty six, which is pretty crazy because he crashed in the race yeah. It seems like everyone's going to qualify as we e they could take forty people in thirty eight signed up, so s kind, O, like I mean they could take thirty, nine and somehow three other people qualified after him. I was slower times than he did, even though he crafted, he literally had to crash stilling how to come and fix his car, like on the side of the track, and he had to re, enter on the side of the track. Yeah. Well I mean they pulled it off, you know and he fixed it and then he kept going and he qualified thirty six for the freaking Talladega Nights, that's what the race is called. The official name is Talde. We've been Talladega, we have yeah. So as l that's hollow Greyhound for L Chikor shoes off, we did we did we pour gloves before we step into the air. We have to put gloves out into the park attend, it was like y'all got to pay for parking and we feel like a re, Goin, a God, yea yea. He like you guys, can go inside. You can keep the glove you can, you can go inside, it cost twelve dor to park, and then you got to pay twenty five ar a mission to get into the museum over here, and we were like a a like that we're just here to try to qualify. We in my Honda inside fication track there, a hybrid race, so race day comes okay for Talladega for Talladega how it? How much time is time? How much time is between qualifying and Talladega? Did he have time to figure out what a race was? I assume he had ample time to ask more questions, okay and make his really strategize and more nervous. I don't know what it is. What did the captains think after the qualifying race, so they're like we're, going to go, tell a day go. Guess we made it. I guess women you're going to pass the opportunity. I guess yeah you're, like I mean this guy's got to kill himself but we're here. So this is cool yeah, I'm running the car yeah, and so so they end up going in, and race starts off. Just fine do you get paid if you qualify, you get paid based on your position in the race yeah. I guess I don't know how much money's in this I know there's a lot I mean there is. I think there is a lot o o Ficino now than there was then okay. I think this is the big. This is a big race, though so there's is a lot in this race ye back then, and so he starts the race and here's the thing about w that I don't know if we discussed yet he didn't know how to what he was doing had no idea what he's doin. So I had never driven a car before sterling was talking about it and was like you know we talked about this before, but he just would peddle to the metal the whole race. How fast can he go now? I don't know now. I know at the time so that Sweeta was two hundred miles an hour, so the slowest car that qualified was a hundred and eighty six pounds an hour m at that race at that time, but today they go fast. HOW FAST DOES TO CAR FAN hands? Dude that are just like. When you do, I mean you can hear it. You Got Thunder, fingers thunder tips, yeah, that's what they call my you bailed out of that so fast yeah, that's what they call my yeah and you just thought it was going to trail off into nothing we're doing a podcast. That's the point o the worth. It is just people. I listen to this episode. Okay, so two hundred miles an hour still: okay, okay, so it was just still fast yeah. It is pretty Dang fast anyways. So so he goes in this race and his thing was: he just would peddle to the medal the whole time, and I I as a supposed to do to I'm not faulting him for that still they was like. So I was like you can't. You can't do that, and so he ends up blowing his engine after thirteen laps. You can't Peeralee al the whole time now. Yeah you have to you have to paste that engine and why, like I don't know, I'm not a NASCAR driver, I would have. If I was talking to storthing about racing, he would say this guy seems like a guy who doesn't know what's going on, okay, which was the same thing for l right. So a what you're saying is when I'm doing go cart tracks. I should not pedal the metal the whole time. Apparently apparently, because you could buy your engine or I think it has something to do with shifting. I think we, I think it's because they weren't automatic. You want to go carding. How do you ask that you know I don't want to say: Go, go carding because that sounds got a different thing: get to go! Go carts soup with a rose and stuff. So do you want to go carting after this I mean. where? Is there a go car trying to e? Go Google it okay, cool! Let's go! Go! Let's go google cart. Let's Google go cardin, let's go. Google go go cards all right. I want to race, okay, let's at port race, if we can't find go, cars will foot race. If I would like Er de go cart and I will foot race you and then I'll see we'll see who puts Peteon the metal. You know I'm saying yeah so we're here to use your go cards, but only he is going to do it. Jara's heart exploded episode to you life. You got to paste that stuff. You know you gotta. You really got to pace it. You know. So we can't let you just run next to the goat card on the track. Well, it's or catch me like O. don't let me do it, I'M gonna! It is gonna Chase. You rathines run around your go cart track! No, I'm just going to hop the fence and do it. Oh, my gosh, like a stranger, what do you think I hae fully yeah but like a stricker yeah, I use the word like do you think? Does that happen at NASCAR THE PEOPLE SRA? No, absolutely on obliterated. My car going two hundred miles an hour with the upside. You don't have to look both ways. You know you can nowhere. It's going, probably that but they're fast, really fat. Actually, I did watch a whole video about how angled the drake like burms the burns yeah, is that what they're called yeah? Okay? That sounds like a slang term for the suburbs. Now the burn burbs, I know- but I say anyway, they're very they're, like I mean what thirty six degree angle, that's insane yeah, they're more angle than your butt. Sorry, it's IT WEIRD! Okay, you know at Tillin we're not just a PODCAST, we're a ministry and our hope is to continue to reach more people with the light and the joy of the Lord, because I remember at the center of all this, the core of who we are. Our main objective is to fiddle off the devil. If you want to help support us in that ministry, please join us on patron. We will get at free episodes, exclusive merchandise, a discord channel or we can discuss everything you want to talk about your dreams, your ideas, your problems, text till into six, six, eight! Six! Six! Do you feel that relief anyway? Here's another advertisement, so he finishes the race in thirty ninth place, which is last Talladega, yeah, okay, because I he blows into it and he recees a prize of fifteen hundred forty five dollars. So rickie made some of his money back as a little bit of his money back. Here's what's interesting, didn't get any points in the cut because he was a late entry to the. How much the first place got a say. It doesn't say in this one I'll. Look it up! You got to anticipate my questions. I don't stop that you're going to bring my scream. What are the payouts for Nasca sound like we're doing fully for a civil war film, so on average the winner takes home. Forty seven thousand dollars peras Oh wow, while the loser makes close to eight thousand. THAT'S NOT CURRENT! These days! No! That's car! Oh, that's current per race, forty, seven thousand, for how many times do Nascar people race a year hold on look at us doing just research on the fly. We need a research in turn if you're interested in applying for that get a life dude a well. You can't pay you all right. I find some friends. Don't try to be our research in turn. Do something better with your life. If I said that- and you were like, I would love to do that you're a problem. Not You have a problem. You are a problem. Go ahead! It's a thirty six race season, Oh wow! So if you win every one of them yeah, but I mean the odds of you winning every single one, but I mean elorn e h, loser last place. It said to makes takes eight thousand. So Oh yeah, even if you lose every single one ease you make more money than probably I m time. Thirty six, we Alan my goat, where's that calendar APP. It is two hundred and eighty eight. You got to pay your team out of that trail. You know pretty good mate if you er have a team, that's why you losing. Can we qualify? I mean I, how hard is it o as we need to tell the story about L B right? Sorry, I ter be right, I'm just trying to think of side hustles. He gets fifteen hundred, a yeah on the weekends, no weekends Monday through Wednesday, a door dash and then on the weekends, I'm a NASCAR driver, but like not a good one, you litigation and so the whole week I pet, the metal. You know I'm saying my doors I take the I put the Dash in door dash and then I use that same car. What, if your delivering door as in a Nascanora ion, yet they should hey we're a. We are an AV, we're a media company. Now, just so you know so NASCAR. If you see this, which I doubt you will but were to as much more likely you'll see this. If you see this hey, listen, we got some ideas were ready to race. I want to go fast, okay, so he literally loses he loses crashes. The car his team is pulling the car off the off the track by heaven afford a tow truck. He goes and picks up his prize money from the prize a deck. I don't know where that and I pieces out literally gets in the team, semi and just leaves and what he drives it yeah it on les lows the egeon miles down highway. He pieces out, you don't know, drive anything he pieces out and nobody ever finds them again literally disappears off the face of the earth. It doesn't sound like a good con that it just sounds like he lost a lot of money and then drove a semi off a cliff is a con. I think this is a sad man. Here's what happened is what happened? Okay, so after this he disappears and then a bunch of people started realizing the checks he gave them were bouncing, obviously, and so his landlord he hadn't, accept checks. His landlord had forty five hundred dollars worth of bad checks from l right. There was ten thousand dollars that he owned, the United Trappers Marketing Association, which I don't know where that came rapidly yeah. I don't know where that came into play. How much did you owe ten thousand dollars for all the traps he was said and so the check that he paid the last half for his car set out page out the street trying to catch a car. He said I could spend ten dollar on traps or I could pen tar in a car I'm going to trap a car trop a car. No, he doesn't know what he did was he bought were of those like those the boots car bets, so booting people's cars. s like that one looks like on a the cars. While they drove by a go fast. That'll go really fast. He thought they were like poke alls. He would just throw him that car at the Otto catch em all that's how I do it, so he h he disappears and then the Nascar South Central Bell, which was a att company all of the good year, Tires Travis Tiller, southern Textile Association and Sterling Marlin. They all had checks bounce from him, totalling like a gosh like forty thousand dollars worth of bounce checks, so he gets multiple warrants, our that for fifteen hundred dollars. He made the money though he made the money, and so he gets all these warns out for his rest and people start looking for him. Stilling Marlin is trying to find them, but the person who wants to find him the most is the guy from space age, marketing B, W T el because he's like I invested thirtys in this Guy Yeah and he sucked, and he wasn't who he said he was. He didn't raise in no forty three races because then B, W trel hires a private investigator to find this guy, which is the guy from knives out he's like. I Want my money back, I I'll find your mom and so he's like his sons. I find this man's Glosson and a higher Pi to figure out the results, the races well, I'm doing a documentary next week and I can't seem to find my glut. That's all right. Mister historian man. They both have the same accents. I find you and then they're just searching around his two bedroom house. I know there are bigger cases, but this man can't find his loves trying to find just it's interesting, because the carpets brown on the whole hat, like the white gloves you'd, think, would stick out stand out. Yeah they did it, but that Pi described later we say this man did not seem to know what he was doing. The Pepe, all of our podcast, with you says well, is es guys, do not seem to know what they're doing so so the Pi goes and he talks to all the all the racers from those forty three races. He was supposed. Oh and all the racers are like yeah. We don't know that guy pretty sure he wasn't a racer and so that a racers talk are they cool the was like yeah they're, smoking, OBIS, the is the so yeah I don't know. I don't know yeah, no, a little more southern. Oh I don't know, I don't know, I don't know that's to something like its cool southern drop out. Southern Heck. If I know there you go there, it is. Is there it is hey, we should go a movie you're, a good director as all right. We see how we just got into character. Just it is there okay, so the Pi am I going to catch whatever your hands got. We just when you touch a yeah, you will actually is. The Pi ends up basically come to the conclusion that L W right doesn't exist on account of the fact that he doesn't there's no record of anybody need named L, W right living in Nashville or ever just kidding, but not living in Nashville, where he claimed he lived, okay and so they're pretty sure he was working on her now alias and they try to contact all to again. It's pretty easy to just like just disappear or go by a fake name at that time, because I mean like I was surprised with the you know- er like so many documentary but the Ted Bundy stuff, but the fact that he can just disappear to like a county twenty miles down the road and then nobody know Evan just be fine like that. The states is no. I miss it Huh, but where the story kind of went from like crazy to crazy was when a few months after the race everybody's looking for him, nobody can find them. He's got all these bounce checks. All these worn out for s arrest. He ends up. Jumping his car like out of an airplane over South Entra Washington, it spilling money, and I was ten to go different. I was going to go a different route, I'm glad you went B Cooper. I was going to go, haven't heard from him in so long and then in the deserts of New Mexico, there's a police officer at night and a car speeds by on to Er mo he takes off on the road after him and then he's he's on the radio. You know he's o the radio call in dispatches like this patch. I think I got La. I got all o yeah and they were like who- and I was like music excuse me- don't you watch NASCAR. This is lanny and here, like yeah, ever actually, ninety eight. This is true. This is a true Tad. Ninety eight percent of NASCAR fans are named long. That's like a common thing for that demographic. So here's the thing the theories I ever say he did this for fifteen hundred dollars. It doesn't make sense to me. Here's the here's, the problem yeah. The motivation doesn't make sense right if it was like, if it's seven hundred thousand great thusness connection of who he is, do you just want to race or car the theory? It doesn't make sense because here's a thing it couldn't have been on order. A fifteen hundred bucks. Let's be critical about this race. Don't you share your critical race theory? What's that yeah? I do believe in CRT. Let me tell you about we talking about O that you're right all right. I don't know why this is so controversial. Here's the theories he could have been doing this for one of three real reasons: Right: money, okay, the fifteen hundred L- I don't think so. The Thrill, I guess he made out with the other fifteen sand. He didn't make out with it. But you know I'm talking about he's. I mean some! Yes, it not even because he's spent it he spent on all of it. Well, he spent seventeen sandolas in cash yeah, but at least I mean that leaves thirteen grand he's De Les Than Fifteen hundred. You know that least fourteen five, forty that was just a money can then he would have took the money from space, age, marketing and just pieced out after that. That is true like. Why would you go risk your life as you want to Ras car it when you can just be like? I just t now? Are they risking our lives there? I heroes they're, putting their lives on the eve his life. You know, that's a documentary, though they put in their lines on the finish, the other possibility is, it was for the thrill, which is yeah. I mean that that sounds way more legitimate, because one you get the Racer Carl Yeah and you got to drive a semi who doesn't want to do o those things things. So those are the two. That's the one, that's the most believable to me, the other. The other theory that's been proposed is that it was like almost like a bar bet that, like he was hanging out with friends and someone's like you couldn't make it in a NASCAR is like yeah. I could and then this is him going to make it an asker here's. The problem, though, nobody's ever found them. You would think I was a bar bat yeah. He he would have been proud ag about it, and somebody would find him after that yeah, but I mean well then think about what happens. Is You do this elaborate thing yeah and then you get warrants for your arrest. I suppose, and that's where you go, I can't talk about it. May She may Ma, like my he probably tells his friends and stuff, but at the end of the day it's kind of like I don want to get unrested he's an NDA. Let me tell you the coolest thing: I ever did here's a non disclosure agreement, here's an ND agreement and I'm El de I'm l w right and DP Cooper. HERE'S AN IN DE AGREE! Are you saying indie indeed, as independent the Greement, that independent NDA yeah is ind Agne in signed by my lawyer from Indianapolis? It is an in the indie Ta and we're gonna sign it in Delaware. In D, Oh, my gosh, I was in North Dakota. It also works of a stretch, okay and I'm a medical doctor, so it is an Indie in the DA signed, an ind by an MD, and my soul is just empty I'll. Tell you what so that's an indie in de in the a signed in nd by an MD who's empty, and let me tell you what my Sol's empty. Let me open on my binder. There was, I open up my Bible to the NT all right. So now we're looking on the N T to side of Indian Dean da n n d by an M D who is empty? Okay, we can fiddle these things are done. That night is a production of space. Tim Media produced by Christian Taylor, audio by out Garnet video by Conteret or graphics, and our logo by Kalu of Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kala backer. Our host our JERN myres and Tim Stone falls on your favorite social media platform at Tillin. PODCAST is till and podcast remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things. I have on last night t

Nascar has long been the pinnacle of the racing world. However, within the Nascar community, there stands no track greater than the Talladega Super Speedway. This racetrack is the track of dreams. Nascar Drivers spend their careers chasing qualifications for a chance on that pavement. In 1982 one aspiring driver rose through the ranks to earn his qualification at the … Read More

Lake Lanier Haunted? History of the Deadly Georgia Lake


Episode Transcription

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What's up hey man, what's going on I'll, try to beat you to it? I know I noticed you were doing that. Have you ever heard of Bro were only like four second sin of this. You can't be man already man, because you got coffee, you didn't get me any okay have ever heard of lake liner. Oh yes, have you really yeah? Actually it's in Atlanta right like linear, IT'S NEAR ATLANTA! Well, it's actually a four Sive County Yeah! That's like forty five minutes outside of Atlanta. Yes, I have heard of like liner. Why do you act excited? I just because I heard the ghost stories and stuff for is that what we're talking about sorta sort of Lake Lanier is a public pool that some people call like just big enough. It's actually isn't it. The largest man made lake in the country. No, no, because like os are waiting, are you tring a picture me? I ran to get a picture of me twenty dollars. Nobody wants to have some days on a pretty way just a little bit outside of a Lina, I'm in the point where I'm ready to start hunting. Some people, first of all, galaxy goes sounds like the type of person who will wear your shirt is like a twitch streamer things yeah. So, like the axis ninety three square miles like liners fifty nine, so it's a little smarter than like of the ozarks, but how big as table rock? Let me look that up so annoying, I'M gonna. Do It ever turn tight? Let's see I'm trying to annoy you out of this friendship. Let's get in clear know today feels like you're on edge today and what there's just a few times where I'm like doing a little bits and I'm like, but it's hard, because it's either hit or miss with you like it, either its real hard yeah like a funny bit I'll, do or I'll do it and you look at me like I am the dumbest person you've ever seen in your entire life with zero in between you know, here's the reason for that, at least on this show there's a lot of times where you'll set up a bit or he'll, try to say something and I'll be looking up like my next segment like and I'll, be like kind of focused in on it, so I'm not paying attention to use what happens right. If I look at you, you lay trying to frame that on my fault, you were Livin like no it's because you're trying to do something. No, I wa! I was not trying to Franion you a sea. It's easy! You Talk! It's not that I didn't think you're funny is that I didn't think you're worth paying attention to that. So I'm confused okay, how big is Tawero table rock according to the Internet, the Internet is a hundred, an seventy four square. Kilometers it doesn't on. We could pet US save the score miles which is kind of annoying will do the math then, and so I did the math, and it says it's supposed to be a hundred and eight square miles which would make it bigger than like the Ozarks, which I think right, not right, no taper bigger. Is it really yeah? How is that Table Rock? Was Small n like these arks, based on what this base on it Ranson just based on. I thought no man fro, I'm really surprised based on it was in Branson, so it has tinoir. I mean they're about the same size they're. Pretty close, I mean I guess that blows me away. I always thought like the s Aris bigger than table rock. That kind of annoys me. I don't like that, see where I mean right there. That's where you are today. Is You just got annoyed by the size of lakes? You know, because I don't want and that's where I'm like, I don't. I don't I'm not, I don't feel I here's the thing and Alex I maybe we can go home. I don't feel comfortable doing an episode with you, because you're just so on edge today, you're just not just anxious. Oh my gosh you're, just like man, I hate that I then he's gone a weird attitude. You're annoy that annoying yeah interesting. What's going on your personal in Tom, what's wrong with you, where you ontroo annoying to you, the table rock is bigger than like the LEA. You know I find myself getting pretty angry and traffic sometimes, and I really want to look at it. It's because I've got an underlying thing like the times, I'm getting more angry, I'm like man, there's just something going on in my soul. You know so leglen is this lake just a little bit outside of Atlanta just a little bit outside of Atlanta? This, like here's, a thing it's one of those lakes where it wasn't there a while ago, and we just kind of put it there yeah. What's why I call it a pool, I'm O calling alse works of water, big pools and just yeah. So so y yeah, that's exactly right. They just said: Let's just put a bunch of water in this valley until it's a lake and now it's a lake, here's a thing about a long time running a garden hose, but they really got it. Some God left his host on for six years, and now it's likely now they were like I mean the damage is done an then it's a lake. Now I know that it's pretty sketchy yeah, so he's his he's. What's interesting about this, like let's to it from the top of the story line in one thousand nine hundred and fifty six, the United States state of Georgia, I I'm gonna. Let you pass on that one. I M not even we're too far into this to keep doing bits. I need information, that's what wicket media, that's how they wrote in the United West State, but your okay, US state of Georgia. There may one be complisance that it was anyway. It makes sense because what, if you're reading this from the country of Georgia and you're like where is this like I've, never heard of Lake Laner or Atlanta anyways, so they built a dam called Bufford or Buford Dea Bufford Boofer, damn the Bateta on the Chattahouchie, which is also fed by the chest, had t t just just a de Castine, the Chastity River. Are you serious right now? No, I think it's just. I think it's just tapias before you get to a microphone read through Google pronunciation before we sit down to a professional podcast. We have people who listen to this. Now. This is some four years ago by here. You know when we started this podcast. You know it was whoever I was dating at the time listening and now we got people who trust their lives with us. To I don't know if there's a far like man, if I remember in the cash cab I'm going to need to know this they're gonna. Remember I remember so. I'm gonna BRING UP Lake Laner they're, like Oh, my God, there's a killer episode about this. Let's see it's connected to the Justitia. I hope that happens actually, so they you end up on the cash cap. Please call us as your help line yeah. Please, please, please! Oh jees. I wasn't that aggressive about it, but ten seriously needs it. Apparently so here's the deal so they built this dam to control the from the rivers of yeah, the Chattahooche. If they damn it, a just Tita river explain how lakes are made to people yeah, so they just put a lot of water in this one spot and that a a like they just channel the river. There is a t same it off so that they damned off one end. So that way it flooded, and now it is right I like, and the purpose of this was was a couple things one to control the flow of that river to to get energy from the dam three to provide drinking water to the rapidly growing city of Atlanta, which is near by this, was in the ES, and so it was done by the US Army Corps of Engineers which, as you would expect, they didn't really care about the you know, people that they harm. By doing this, so they just kind of bought up a bunch of land and then force a bunch of people to move out and just flood at this region. So there's like farmers and towns that just got footed, I mean some of the like those arcs, it's just they flooded it and with no regard of you know the property, did they imani domain them or do they buy it from them? It began as purchasing, but I mean they were purchasing. This property is in the fifties. They are purchasing. This property I mean, is farmland that they're buying for like forty five thousand dollars. So it's I mean they're, not giving them what it's worth right, and so most of these people ended up having to move out not just out of that area, but out of the entire region to find somewhere cheaper to live because their business or their livelihood was destroyed and their home was taken away from them and they weren't given enough money they live off of, so they had to go, find somewhere else, so really pretty awful situation there and they flooded it. They filled it up with water and I skipped over an important detail. The people who moved out were they predominantly any kind of grant people I mean it was. It was relatively mixed at this point in time. Okay, it was. It was relatively multicultural at this point, but so flooded this out made it a lake and the whole purpose of the lake was like I said, energy and water yeah. It wasn't meant to be I this like it wasn't mentally a table rock or or like the ozarks that wasn't the idea that wasn't meant to be Bible studies that you know chain eld math across the region. Yeah that wasn't the idea. I do they film Ozark on like liner. I think they do. I don't know I thought I or maybe the yeah. The TV show Netflix series Y- A I don't know, I don't know they don't feel in him as Ori the FO. I know they don't film as they do in Atlanta. I didn't know that I thought it was in ally. No, the lakes look different at ly: Yeah they're, salty yeah, the sea monsters in Los Angeles, are like it's. It ously rapidly the last few years that the lake monsters and know it. You know how like there's a lock ness monster, and it's like this big. You know gigantic dinosaur. Looking thing the ones in La are like influencers and it's pretty like annoying. You know how we can't. We can't find a lock nest monster the the lake monsters in Los Angeles, like you, can't not find them. It's yeah, you walk in the area. You pull out a phone and they're posing they're. Like are you trinita picture of me or trying to get a picture of me? Twenty dollars print oars picture me and it's like, I think, you're the knock off. I don't even think you're the real celebrity twenty yeah there's like pretend lake monsters walking down Hollywood boulevard anyway, Yeah Yeah Yeah. Exactly so. We should do that by the way we should walk down Hollywood boulevard dressed as like, not because you know how on Hollywood blvd they got this spiderman like a really bad spirea costume to like not a good one. Yeah we should just dress is something that no one we make it up and just see how many people are like yeah, it's from that Makin movie be like yeah, I'm in that movie, I'm an Jarnan Tim one. So so they before they flooded this, they moved all the people out. They mow all the fly. People are, they sent construction crews in and they cut down a bunch of trees. They left tall tree stones, but they kind of cut it down like half way. They're like well go half way the water will be deeper than there's not mean to be yeah, it doesn't matter, and so they cut down some trees. They levelled some some houses and some buildings. He was the really spooky thing they did, though they relocated all the graves. So there was a bunch of graveyards from all the towns in the area. I don't even think about that, so they just dug up the corpses and move them into a new graveyard which, if you think about it's, really freaking Spooky Huh yeah. So that's pretty dark, I'm. While I was reading this as curious, if they did, that for like the Os are because I know like the ozarks was the same situation and I'm sure there's graveyards in there right yeah do you think they miss some? Oh well, the army core of engineers actually came out and was like Shirley. We miss them because they said that this has been an inhabited region since antiquity thecae when when and we'll get to this in a second, but when America's colonized there was a large Cherokee, Oh yes, yes and so they're, like there's, I mean almost guaranteed graves at the bottom of this that we didn't know about like on Mark Graves or situation right I they said they tried to move everything that was in a known grave yard. They try to move all those corpses but yeah so anyways. That's still really I mean that's just weird, that's weird, to relocate that anyways. So they did that they moved all the graves out, flood the water, and then it became like this popular tourist destination for that region, where there are there roads underneath their then yeah yeah, there's actually a highway that ran along the shore line that had to get dug up, but they dug up the road. Well, they dug up that one, because I was along the shore line, but I'm sure the other ones that went just I'm sure they just let the other ones get flooded. They dig up that one, because I was right along the shore and they like that, would kind of make this for look weird. You know, so nobody wants to be sun, bathe on on on a pavement on yeah on the free way, so, but that wasn't their intention and so a bunch of local lanion, Freeway Bay, Freada, that's actually kind of cool, but a bunch of local Landin's kind cool that you know people had to get out of there and stuff. It's o. We should flog more regions. Freeway base sounds cool though okay, so all the Alanis were like Hey. We have a lake now free way, based ounds your car wash but go ahead, and so they all started like buying up lake, how like front property, yeah and building all the stuff there and people start going out there for vacations and to do boating and all that stuff. Here's the problem since it was completed in one thousand nine hundred and fifty six, I think, is when it was finished. Yeah, one thousand nine hundred and fifty six over six hundred people have died in this lake. Oh my and many many more have been injured. How many you have died, a table rock. I don't know I just for context in the same time span you know, because if it's also six hundred, this is less shocking. But what are you going to type on my yeah? You got so annoyed last time. Don't know if I wanted to do the bit or not yeah, but I mean you said you were going to and then you just did it so you're annoyed that I did. Oh so you're, not if I do it now, you're in order, if I don't do it yeah. What is the right answer for you, Tom? There is no writing. I just think that maybe we did see the break from each other. I mean think about it. For the last three of US odes in a road, you've ward, this shirt, it's a cool shirt. I actually own. Seven of them aren't every to many people that a year, so I'm not looking at table rock because Taber ox on to give me news on the duck boat accident- oh yeah, yeah. So that's the second time today, I've been in a conversation about the duck boat accident. By the way it was that the batter mine, half phenomena is that where that is yeah when it's like once you start thinking about something you see it everywhere, we're here at everywhere. Well, I don't know if I ever pertains to conversations I don't know because you're the second person to bring it up today, I don't, I think, that's different than just being like Oh yeah. I you know, I think, about a yellow jeep and then you see, yellow jeeps everywhere yeah, but I mean that's different, then someone being like the duck boating accident yeah all right. This is the time he's not listening. So me, woul'n cut to me- and I can just give you a quick second about merchandise, on our podcast while he's doing whatever he's doing. Oh, she can see if you're, washing a video you can see the screen. You know he's littly, nothing. It's just he's not looking at anything. We have merchandise, we have stickers, hoodies shirts, all that stuff. It is available on our store. If you text tell into six x eight six six we're not trying to get rich we're just trying to help pay for our show. So thanks for supporting it and you can we goin to wear our dumb designs out in the wild anyway text till in to sin, six, six, he or o a look out for you in the state of Missouri. This is the best I could find in the state of Missouri. There were thirty four persons killed in two thousand and eleven. That's the best that I can find for the whole state and misery's got a lot of lakes, and so so over fifty years over fifty years, that will come up to a few thousand. But that's in every body of water in the state like liner, is in a single, a single lake, six hundred deaths, six hundred deaths over yeah sixty years. So it's like about ten a year, so I mean pretty pretty sisal amounts and a lot more injuries. The reason for it is most most likely. The reason for it that's interesting is this lake was was flooded and there is supposedly just a ton of debris, a yeah and it wasn't as wasn't flooded, to be a place where boating would happen, so they cut down trees, but they just kind of cut the tops of the trees. So that way they want it stick out of the water. So there's points in the water where the trees are coming up to the surface, but you can't see him so you're boating, you're running into these trees in the forest or you're, diving in yeah or diving in and getting caught in a literal pine tree or the there diving into the spike of a pine tree, and so there's sketchy areas where the state has actually blocked off entire swaths of this lake to say: Hey it's illegal to like enter the lake here, because they know that it's it's extra, dangerous or debris e in that area breed de Brie, because of because of the way that they flood at this. They didn't flood it well Dere de Brie, Yumen de Brie and there's even buildings and stuff that, like the bolter it in buildings and then the the the topography of it there's like random hills and stuff. So it's not it's not a safe area to both through and even swimming there's, just so much debris floting around from the houses that were flooded like they just left all this crap there and so full houses down there, yeah and so the the flood waters decayed them, and now that stuff's just floating around the lake and the creepy part of it have they have divers gone down and like looked at stuff yeah and so the divers that's an interesting point, is the divers will talk about it? I and they make some pretty weird claims of the things that they've seen under the water. What's strange is most of the people who die in this lake end up never being found because they drown and they just kind of disappear in the water and what they end up, not finding them and so divers claim. A few divers have claimed that when they dive in that Lake they find body parts pretty regularly just floating on it like and remember. This is the lake where Atlanta's drinking water is supposed to come from. So that's a little weird, so I don't know if that's Judas you just swimming around, there's a foot boom arm, yeah yeah! That's what that's what's claimed. I don't know if it's true, but that's what's claimed that body parts are just floating around in this lake and yeah, so it's sketchy and so it s. So a lot of people in that area are like yeah. I want to swim in that Lake. It's pretty so right. There is dangerous, but then a lot of people go year after year and people just die or or horridole go over here and they just die. It just died or become ocoee. It yeah. They come close to it like there are people who have drowned in the lake and like been saved and resuscitated and stuff like that. They say they were pulled under yeah. There's, there's people who will claim that they were pulled under the water, and so that's where we can dive into kind of the ghostiness of this there's a lot of good seamens. There's a lot of things. I love the words we're using today, ghosting this and deb and and jested to tea just to the Ta River. So there's claims that this place is haunted because there's just a lot of people who die there and obviously it's got a dark history which well, let's have into the dark history. Let's get let's get into this too. Where do you want to go? First, Tim, you in go the ghostiness or the dark hissel you have to play. You have to lay out the history to get to the ghosts right like you can't have ghosts for no reason there has to be a history there. Here's the thing about ghosts, yeah tell me all the young ones, what your ghost always like, I'm from the eighteen hundreds, you know we're a like the you know: Ghosts from the S: They haven't a dead. Long enough see us the. I think I be dead to be a ghost. I don't think that I don't think have to be dead superliners, but I think there's almost a baking period for hauntings a bake, a haunting baking period if you die in the ninety, got to go through a train, a management training service, no hey well for about haunting after you wash this powerpoint presentation, we'll have a message from our haunting CEO. Here's, the here's. My Point, here's my point: it's not that it's not that I mean it could be, but it's not here's. My point is instead of there being a training, what it is is they are experiencing the life of the ghost stevenets ghostiness and the glossitis for a while they're excited about it. Tell man I can walk through walls. I can go out play. Nobody can see me e, like pick stuff up, okay, and then there comes a point, you're saying that they have a little bit of like that. They're, like I'm annoyed, yeah and so right now for US sosater go to the state. They go through a excitement, it is new yeah and then they go through. You know done that before depressed and they get agitated and they get really annoyed with humans. They gus get real Ingoda and you think it takes a while, for I think it takes yeah about a hundred. Is that where you're at? Where are you at on the on this? Because because you seem you seem pretty annoyed to day, I'm hitting the agitation of the ghosting is, I think, the point where I'm ready to start haunting some people. I was to go hi I'd like to hunt today it's hot day, yeah. I wer a hunting trip this weekend, it's down hot yeah, so I think that's my theory. Okay, it's a bad theory. Okay, rated in science. I just don't know we're like the two thousand and thirteen like whispering like. Let me see your twitter account. You know like just it was just like it. Just like I just haven't seen a video and in seven years now, yeah of a modern ghost. I mean that's interesting. I think it's I think it's. The thing, I think, is what I said, but anyways or like a millennial ghost. This is you know, sneaks up behind you and just Hyans was that goes, is trust. Falling on you were, a ghost is still an activist in the in the death. You know yeah yeah, that I mean you got to be pretty passionate because it doesn't affect you as much. What ghost survive the earth exploded to we we of become ghost, are we space ghost sate were just so lost to space space. Ghost galaxy goes, Alex Ghost, okay, Galaxy Ghosts, so, first of all, galaxy ghost sounds like the type of person who would wear your shirt is like a twitch streamer. You know, that's! That's it! That's what I I I esgaping Y ghost. I have a brand deal with Arvest Bank, okay, Galaxy Ghost harvist. Thank Oh, my Gosh, okay. So so, let's do the history as go to the history, and let's take me back Tim yeah so prior to me in Tim's time, machine yeah, let's go in Tim's time machine so prior to the reservoir happening or the lake or the pool whatever you want to call it. There's a town in the bottom of the lake, but it wasn't like yet called Osterville. Okay and Osterville was a a place in one thousand, nine hundred and twelve, where there was a pretty serious racial conflict that began from the belief that a local woman was kidnapped and killed by a local black man and they the town I mean, as was unfortunately pretty common, hung this man and then they actually hung a few others because they somehow associated them with it. And this led to a good measure yeah. This led to the establishment of what they called the night writers, which was a local group that just burned down the homes and the businesses of other black people in the community, eventually driving out eleven hundred people from the town. Yeah people are colored from the town through burning their houses, down harassing them and lynching people very, very terrible moment in history yeah and is really wasn't the first instance of displacement either because, like I said earlier, this was once a large Cherokee settlement and yeah not long before the Oscare incident. The Cherokees were the ones who inhabited this area and they were pushed out by the United States government and forced into Oklahoma into what will become their reservation. So there there's two large incidents of just very terrible behavior from the people who attempted to to claim this land as their own, and these are the same people who, in h s were then moved out and flooded, and so there are some people who kind of argue of almost like the Karma of the situation: good, okay, they drove all these people out and with this the reason I asked earlier about, like which who was because I knew that the city, whatever town was at the bottom. I knew that story about it, but I thought it was a predominantly black town whenever they floated it, Yeah Yeah. By the time they flooded it, they had already forced the majority of the black residents out of the town, and so it's a predominantly white town at that point. But the irony of the situation is that only a couple generations before they push the Cherokees out and the people who had pushed all the black people out of that community had were still living in that community when they flooded it out by the government. So there is sort of that really three groups of people that were forced out of this region for one reason or another, and then the graves all got dug up. So there's there's a pretty strong basis for a haunting. If you believe in that sort of thing, a lot of bitterness, there's a lot of yeah there's a lot of just like honestly. Just I call what it is: evil attitudes and evil actions in the history of this region, and now people who are out partying on this lake end up dying and an and a higher number than you would think. It is normal, so interesting theory, as far as biblically right talking about principalities and spiritual authorities. In certain areas, I don't know I'm just hearing interesting kind of ideas of a lot of the major US shootings have taken place in Colorado, yeah yeah. You know that Columbine and the new or calorie so coincidence may be, but is there a spiritual something happening there same with this region? Is there a spiritual something happening as far as yeah? Taking that land yeah, I mean to talk about it biblically there is. Actually I mean, there's not a lot in the Bible to talk about that, but it is really interesting because there is the the dederim account of the Tara babble after after the people built that tower, God turns to Heavenly Councils Basin a a Bible degree for everyone. Listening by yeah, they gotta Give You authority here. I just randomly to saying, as he turns to his heavenly counsel, which is like his divine throne room of angels and he's like Hey. If we let them continue to do what they're doing, who know, there's no telling what they're going to do so he's he confused language, breads Homan across the count across the world and establishes all these other nations, but something interesting happens in the Dudrinasso that doesn't happen. The genesis account where basically God's like. I need to take a break from these people for a little bit and he liked literally, and he establishes his other Angels Dominion Over Geographical Locations all over the world yeah to be kind of place holders of him and is like Hey. You help guide the people in that place in my absence, while until I get back and as the story plays out, what actually ends up happening is the majority of those angels that he left got kind of drunk with that power and wanted to become gods themselves and kind of force, these people into worship of them, and so, when you see in the New Testament, when Paul talks about the prince bodies of darkness or the Prince of Persia Yeah's talking to or he's referring to. Theoretically, these quote unquote deities that God put into me. Ah, for those Regia yeah, so there is, I was always raised tot of like there's one God and that meaning that this is it, but the Bible, taxes if there are multiple spiritual entities- yeah one creator, God in Modern Christianity, we refer to all the other lesser deities as angels and demons, and things like that. But the Bible doesn't use like a distinction yeah it does. It does say that the Christian God is the Greater God of all of them yeah, but it doesn't. It doesn't act like there are other gods yeah. So could that it all that to say I'm saying that that ER regional with that world, something I call ghosts yeah with that world view, it's entirely possible that there are specific dis that have a regional power that are doing the same sort of things over and over again. And if you look at this area, it looks kind of like that. I mean the Cherkis got pushed out. People of Color got pushed out the why people got pushed out, and now a bunch of people are dying at this lake and it's just something just keeps happening, and it's like almost a cyclical thing in this this area and there's always someone different, that's kind of perpetuating that evil, but now there's now a lot of people think it's it's haunted ghosts, yeah and who knows? Maybe it is you know some people were like that's some ghosty stuff, Aer, a pretty ghosty lake, it's a pretty ghosty lake, but yeah, and so there's there are but like, like you said, there are people who who have survived the drownings, who will say yeah I have pollen I got pulled under. I felt myself get grabbed and pulled under what I mean. I I fish could do that. I guess: Have you or a love or been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the till in podcast? Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy, add free experience and they get early access to content behind the scene, stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. We all are in it. Our producers and the hosts, so if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text till in to six six, eight, six, six! Don't fish up hands? No! I don't like to see somthing here the thing I love Lake Life I like being on the lake, I like being a boat. All that Ta. I don't like the ocean at all, not a big fan at all, because I don't know. What's in like the ocean better, I hate it. Why do I hate it like? I, like the the beach is fine right like being on the beach like being on the beach going in the water M. Really I hate it. I hate ocean life is safer. The fish in the ocean they're not a sketchy, and you can see yeah. But like say for what you talk about they're safer. Have you seen the things in the old water fish brow? They will rip you to shreds. No questions has no reason most most ocean predators. They don't they don't have a taste for human. They don't want to eat human, they won't but sure at the fresh water. Those things that just rip anything up there just like. I don't just bite that heck out of that I enjoy going to the lake. I should what I'm saying sketchy. Well, let me finish my sentence. Tenot I don't enjoy swimming in the lake yeah. It makes I don't like joy swimming in water that I like pools. If you can see straight to the bottom, I mean that's. My thing. Is Lake? LINEAR, as a pool I mean, is the same thing. So some dude just said: Hey we're going to fill this with whateve. It's haunted, it's a hunt and you can't see the lot of my hunted B. Welcome to my haunted, pool O my neighbor used to do every halloween. I was a haunted. Poo Push kids in the pool yeah, it's a hot APOL, Otano yeah round three kids in neighborhood, pretty crazy Y, a n t not in the same Hallowe. It was over a space like twelve years yeah, but I mean the kids. You know now and we were like if it ever gets to five. We'll say something yeah. Well I mean he went to prison every time, but he got out on good behavior. For some reason we let him keep the pool an inflatable pool. He took it with him. Well he's in there for a while. You know he's got time these works. It takes her a week to get into you know. Just now, I like a red in the lake, as I can see the bottom of it er. Oh, my gosh he's always putting sunscreen on his cheeks like a lifeguard. Bun Jale doesn't have it so he just taken the mayonnaise from his lang, putting the s C or on his nose like a live. You know like go white nose, thin thin got going on. It's just mayonnaise. It's like Daniel is that mayonnaise on your nose, Herthel yea know this makes sense that you're here, Yeaou den't even ask what he's in for like what are you in for now? I'm pretty sure we got a yeah, we don't. We don't need any more in felt yeah yeah. I bet you use that pool yeah, so in two thousand and nine Minnesota sued the lake. What strong pivot the state of Minnesota, the United States state of Minnesota? Yes, no, yes, sued lake liner, yeah, okay! This is the way I said that was a little misleading, a federal judge from Minnesota. Oh, my okay, who chose who was chosen because they were a neutral arbiter, but they ruled that Lake Laner should not be a water supply for Metro Atlanta anymore, probably because of all the body I was going to say because the well it's ninety five percent water and five percent human. So that's not great. Like one percent power, twenty percent yeah, it's actually it's no longer h. t is h, O H, a lot a blessed human hydrogen to oxygen humans like six hundred yeah, there's six hundred humans down there and we don't know where they are, but yeah so and and it's not just it's not just boat and accidents. It's not just drowning. It's there's a highway that passes right along the shore line. They built a new one that cars just fly off of all the time and there's there's reports of a ghost that walks the highway. Obviously, obviously I mean there's are parts of ghosts in the water along the roder. Obviously, there's all kinds of ghosts that are reported along here, but apparently, if you were seeing the ghost I've never seen well, I've never seen a ghost. Oh that sounds like there's a story. Okay, all right! Do you want to be Angei, don't want to, but go ahead. You remember my buddy pap. You think his house is hanted right, yeah, yeah, okay, confident his house is on it. Confident in his house is haunted yeah! Is it because you got lost in his baseborn yeah? I could. If I my way out every time I opened the door, it was a different room in the house is on is no bad. Is Dumb? No, IT'S A big basemint! Okay. So why do you think his house is haunted, so it started in middle school? We were just like hanging out in his house, and he had like this workshop in his basement was like an unfinished room that was like a wood working room, nobody used it, but they had it. That's what rich people do yeah and occasionally we would just hear weird, sounds coming from there and big mill school as you like, all his hole when the Bo you know like that sort of thing yeah and it wasn't until high school when, like those ghost hunting, shows, got really popular. Remember for a minute there, where I m yes, what's the guy's name, Zack, something dolphins, Yeh Act, Alfenas is goes, hunting show s down there like yeah. So how long have you decided to be a ghost he's between two furnes and God did people you know? Is it how's? It feel thet more attention now than when you were alive. Theseus are roasting, ghosts, yeah, yeah, that's so that whole season of life when everybody was so hype, UN go had like legitimate crushes, celebrity crushes on the coast, hundreds o centers yeah yeah, and he would just be in like it's always the green videos yeah like a or night vision stuff. Well, we did that. So we we in high school. We got a group of us together because we had just kind of had this mythology. We built on a one year haunted and we went down into we called. Was Your Military Team Word Shop? Yes, it was, and so we set up. We got as high school by the. This is not middle school, which is not twelve years old. This is high, schoolers and Tim is just like. I don't even know. I don't understand why that girl wouldn't date me yeah. I was busy ghost hunting. Okay, so we set up some Nivison came, O is busy, goes haunting, and so we set up some cameras in that room yeah and we did the whole go setting thing, but we got freaked out, and so we just left the cameras and we left and we went back and we tried to watch it and there was like something you got freaked out. There were some things that were a little sketchy, but there was nothing where it was like this in conclusive proof, but there was two other occasions where really interesting things happen, because after that we were spooked, and so we hung across on the wall in that room, okay and to ward out a vampire or what yeah. We thought that the bit divied the cross up and we hung across on the wall on that room and then every time Patrick will go through that room or any of us would go through that room. For that matter. The Cross would be on the floor, and so we would hang it back up on the wall and every time it went it up back on the floor until eventually there was a moment LE. It ended up back on the floor and it was broken like it broke into a bunch of pieces. So we dotate it back together, like like high schoolers in the two sands and we ducated it back together. We hung it on the wall and I didn't see this so I didn't see this, but pathrick said the next time he saw it was hanging upside down on the wall ned, so we were like we have or like o your dad messing with us yeah one percent dude. If I were find out, my kids are goes hunting me. I am going to ruin them, I'm going to ruin them and then there's one other occasion there's another way where we were taking a picture in his house and it was like polly something yeah and there was. There was another like like weird like shadow figure in the back or no. It was like a shadow like of like a like a head like a shape human head shape. Oh my God shut up, so I never saw a ghost, but I think there was some there's some you saw his dad with a Hoodie over his head standing, I'm telling you and self I'm telling you. We can't live that far apart, because there's going to be times where, like I'm going to text you in the middle of the night and be like listen li'sten, my kids are being idiots yeah. Can you sneak over in the back yard? Can you come gost them? Can you as go to my kids? Can we go to my kids, climbing the like attic, the yeller name to the attic? What movie was? I was watching a scary movie and my dad went outside and like tapped on the window. Oh gosh, that's a h. He thinks he's hilarious. They won't pet up one halloween with a chain side. I tell about that. Yeah one hallowe and my dad walks into my bedroom full out chain saw terrible all right an i don't ninep, that's what it sounded like so anyway. So there's ghosty things happening at the lake. There's go see things happen at the lake there's a lot of deaths happening at the lake. Obviously, the bodies have been relocated and there's more bodies floating around in the water that we don't know about, and there's pretty good reason to believe that if ghosts are haunting people, they would have a motive, because it's pretty mad about the history there, but yeah so yeah. We can't book them. Unless there was a motive yeah, we can't we got to find them. That's what ghost hunters told us yeah? I message and i was like hey there's a ghost of my apartment. They're like well. Do we have a clear motive? We need a motive. They got to get a want. We got to get a ghost or a still from the judge in minnesota goes to where it sounds like a bad like sci, fi movie ghost, that's the second movie of tall film production. I edict goes to war, it ghost warrant dude. That sounds super cool, though, like i can picture logo right now. It's freaking cools pretty tight anyways. That's like linear! It's a freaking, weird pool man. I okay, that's it yeah. They actually have so they didn't intend for it to be like this tourism spot. You know, but they have a ghost worse yeah. Well, no, they don't they don't they don't do anything like that, but they do have like. You know, there's like river about cruises yeah, but it's not for people to write on it's for the ghost. Oh, my god. It's just an empty bower out there, i de boat, that just they don't even have someone driving it, but it drives. You know like they don't just they pushed it out and he hers was create just push it out. They were like wasted outthere, like a viking memorial, ye, the let it float off to the lake and here's the crazy thing it just drives around the lake to this day from shore to shore just playing some fiddle music targes things are done. That night is a production of space. Tim media produced by christian taylor, audio by ous, garnett, video by conter, bets or graphics, and our logo by caleb, goldberg and our social media is run by kala backer. Our host or jern myres and tim stone falls on your favorite social media platform at tillin. Podcast is till and podcast remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next tuesday for another episode of things i have on last night t

About 50 miles outside downtown Atlanta lies Lake Lanier. This artificial reservoir spans 59 square miles and boasts an impressive 692 miles of shoreline. For years people from all around Georgia have journeyed to the lake to escape the heat and enjoy all the trappings of lake life. Unfortunately, many of those who made this trip never returned. Since the … Read More

Freeway Rick Ross – The Richest Drug Dealer in the US


Episode Transcription

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Hey Man, what time, why did you do that? I was, you know, hey man, you know you seem like. You seem like you're standing outside of a seven eleven and I'm walking in to just pay for some gas and you're just standing out there. Just hate me, hey man, you want some ice and you want some is nice. So she, my eyebrows, are frozen. You have a TRESCO, you have a church goat, you open up and you're like you want to vice, but it's summer it's all melted us go so TRINCO, hey man! You want some ice at our shoe and you you go back over the house. She drop on. I freeze back up new bags, hey man, you want some ice, wait, don't want it that door, what don't get the door I got to get my eyes hold that door, Jim no hold in shut hold it shut. Do I? Why did you say? Is I'm so confused a man? You want some ice. Just look at what's outside gas station? Is Gas and ice e's offering you what's already there? That's a reo he's got enough o you want the other guys on DVD or Briht if there's a guy standing next to the red box. As like older films, yeah, like onbusiness looking for WHO's you're. Looking for the classic film look WHO's talking with John Dravot and a talking baby, I got a right. I got right here, even reound it for you rewound it. I even re wild re wound the drunks, as is force just like any other business, was just a legal. So what we do is we start elementary students on books, a high school. We get them cooked on cocaine, one option's illegal, but it's like I'll take my chances. Youve finished that I that I don't feel bad spoiling a has been out for ten years. I don't know what to tell you. I know about their ban contraband things. All Right, get episode. Have you heard of Rick Ross shut up Rick Ross ierous? I don't think you know what I'm talking about. Okay, his name is also also. He goes by Ricky Ross, which you culpably guess that, but also freeway or free Ray Rick, which is my favorite freeway Rick Yeah. Just I like free way, Rick, because I can't say it: Freeway Rick, that's a tough one, free way way a week. That is hard, so Rick Ross, you've probably heard the name recross Licas Wick Wick was you probably have heard of Rick Ross yeah tell me about it. Yeah His dad is Bob. Oh No! No. We had a whole episode about his dad, Yeah Bob's, actually shore for Rick it's. This is the same in these boers short for Ricks, four letters and one syllable, and they were like. We got to cut that down and I cut that down to Bob, not even close, you could just cut the chaff, it would still be rick. Telly Rick, you guy, we to leap, no one would know it's. I you're shortening it. What about Bob Bob, so Rick Ross? Also, you probably heard the name macross and you probably would associate if you don't know about the real recross. You probably associate the name Rick Ross to the rapper with that cross. Yeah, that's what I was thinking yeah, so he's named after the real recross Rick Free who he took. He took the name yeah and the role the rapper took, the name of Freeway Rick Yeah and the real recross is pretty upset about it, but we'll get to that in a minute: Oh, but the real recross. He was a drug trafficker and the mid S who established an empire in Los Angeles. That is estimated at the time to have been worth more than nine hundred million dollars, which adjusted for inflation. It's over two billion today es, and he was so he's, arguably the largest jug trafficker in American history, and this is his story and it was in the s that was in the s: Yeah, yeah, okay. So let's, let's tell the story rig Ross. Please do recross. He went to High School Susan Miller, Dorsey High School, in Los Angeles, which was more affluent high school. He got that on the team on the tennis team, because he, I know a little surprising. Okay. He joined the tennis team. He got recruited because sometime an goin o see his sicure Rick Ross Yeah. I swear if you pull up the wrapper. Okay, so sometimes got a head shot with a suit. Yeah Yep he's pretty pretty sharp. So sometime in this mill school career, he realized he's not going to go Prin basketball. He didn't have a shot at going front football sure, but he said I'm pretty decent at tennis. Maybe I got a shot at tennis, so you just started playing a lot of tennis getting better at it, and then he knew Dorsey was a popular tennis school yeah. So he would just go play tennis outside the High School until they got recruited, and so I got recruited to go to high school by the High School to play tennis for the school, and so he was playing on this high school team and he started getting to or drivers school. I don't think it's a private school, but I think they still recruited him to come across this jar and so on at illegal unethical, but whatever yeah yeah, whatever it's the EIS, no one cared no one cared, so he started getting recruited by a bunch of colleges and he was pretty close to getting full ride. College cases for tennis e was really good at the game. The issue was the colleges couldn't offer him a scholarship because he was a literate which apparently you can't go to school somewhere. If you don't know anything, apparently we how you not allowed to learn if you haven't learned a lot already, but how was he a literate were so he went. He grew up in that losine school system and before he was going the dorses he was. He was on the wrong side of the one on one which in La especially in that area, the one of one was like to the dividing line right and he was on the wrong side of it, and so he was in. He grew up in the heart of like cript territory in the school system, just failed them, and so he didn't never learn how to read got into high school, no idea how to read, but he was really good at tennis, so he got to go to the school, but still throughout going to the school. He never learned to read, and so colleges wouldn't take him, and so that was in the middle of the senior year he found out. He didn't have a shot at going to college because of that. So that's when he kind of just kind of slid out of his high school was like well, I'm not going to go. Hang out there, I'm not going to play tennis and invest all this. If I don't got to got shot of going to college for it and obviously gone pro, there's no point so he started hanging around back in his neighborhood, where he grew up with a bunch of street racers and he ended up winning a street race, getting a pretty nice car out of it and then slowly through that process. It was kind of like that kind of just slow fall where it's like. He got in from from street racing, then kind of got into a little bit of like grand theft, auto and then like the game, and then he got a actual grant the dot up yeah. It's got to learn how to do it for yeah yeah, play the game and then play the game. You know play real life sports, it's in the game. So what? If that was like nick? You know how nickelodeon did the play. Sixty thing was like go outside and play for sixty minutes yeah. They would do like a national day where they would just make us sixty see a sixty minute timer on TV yeah. There are no play oft outside for Sixty Min Yer. I did what turn a cartoon network on Watch. Your dog clips, the tanks, a timer, I'm in th, Sixteen Watch, Dexter's laboratory. Sixty minutes. I can watch so much cartoons. Sixty minutes. I can watch an episode sixty minutes. Why would I want this sixty minute count down when I can watch sixteen minutes to show as a child? Sorry walking on your third grader watching sixty minutes, and it's just do you know about the conflict in Serbia. Sit there eating your lucky charms. You turn around to your mom and spill. It out your face. You like Hey, have you heard what's happening and I ran right now. Oh my gosh. Do you remember when Nick tried to do the Nick News thing? Oh yeah rst and it was so like dignified? Ah God, I watched a lot of was nick at night yeah because you felt adult yeah, but they weren't they weren't. They weren't at all, Butd you fit full House yeah and the nicked knight specials were great because they would do this like in between the Ol thing or, like you know, we're here in this town. You know where they came to. They came to a town, ten minutes away from US yeah, because Marian Ville Missouri has white squirrels resolute what they're famous for white interest her? Why are they pins but they're, just white? And I don't know the history why they ended up there yeah, but Marian Ville has white squirrels, but nick news talked about it. Nick at night came to Marionville to be like we're home of we're in Maryville, the home of the white squirrels. Apparently there's only one other city in the country that has white squirrels. So through this process he kind of just started falling into like the black market, like not anything super serious. Yet I mean I grant if Otto and yeah minor drug dealing, but nothing insane, and then he met. This is such a weird connection. He met in upholstery teacher at a local community college and they kind of hit it off, became friends and an upholstery future yeah, and this teacher, which can we talk for a second about Community College courses, yeah? Why? Right? No, I understand exactly what you're saying yeah yeah okay, so this is Parson grafting. You can take a business intercourse. Also at noon we've got sewing and at three o'clock you've got n medieval. Whatever it's literally like camp up other day I was driving in my apartment, complex. Well, I was coming home. I wasn't just driving around he taking a few whips, it's so you know just patrol in the property and now I'd watch. We, your sir, you need to stop. I never have I. I want to get the details on my car and everything. This is like the flashing yellow whites. Just like yeah, I know I'm the neighborhood watch, don't worry and then my car gets broken into anyway. So I was driving. I was driving home and I slammed my breaks because there was a medieval night in the building over there in the building be like in the barking lot like a a like a medieval like. He was larking then afternoon by himself. Well, he was you know getting out of his key fortunate. He left his Lark in full. Armor, yes, had a helps, druv down the high helmet, a shield that is pouring out of the trunk. You know I mean like I love it. I respect it man, where do you Lark in North Kansas City? I don't know some park somewhere. Okay, just find a park and find a bunch of other people who see. I just expect you to shame them with me and you just went to on like yeah. I know yeah, I think, like Tis, a fun I've. Never actually done it, I mean, I guess I kind of did when I did the military things with Patrick and cabins. I guess I kind of do yeah, yeah, okay, fine, sor anyway, I respect so. Did you have a military code class that Your Community College? Yes Great? So so he meets in upholstery teacher. He meets an a paltry teacher who also who tralineate sold cocaine on the side. Perfect, that's actually that's how community college courses work yeah. So here's a way to h and his guy. He said: Okay Class, here's how you open the Yongman to fill with cocaine. You walk into your sewing class and your teachers, this free Old Lady who was just like you know, lighted up just like this, and she just you know she comes over and helps you on your machine and you're like a line it up and she is hoisters on year. You want some ice. You look up just drenched pockets. If you like mem, that's okay, Miss Saggi pockets. Did you? Oh my God. Did you see miss castleberry pockets? Today, Oh dude yeah. Those were sure a those look like those were Pacific pockets right there I'll tell you what oh there's some Pacific pocket that I can tell. She wasn't perparation what? If that's, where you sweat what Feischer Pot? Twenty five? Oh Yeah! I know those are just my thighs. I just have sweaty thighs yeah yeah, it's a real problem. I got to see a dermatologist about yeah. That's why I'm going to my four o'clock dermatology class. He also sells cocaine, so the upholster teacher does sells him. COCAINE YEAH! So as a positae reveals to him that he deals cocaine and so he gave Ross a small amount to sell and Ross realized that you can make a lot more off cocaine than you could have the other street jugs that he was used to say upholstery off of the pastry. He was selling a post at that point. No, but he realized it was much more profitable and so he held on to his profits and began buying more from his upholstery teacher to sell more and more. He didn't do cocaine, no, no, he just so low, and so he eventually came back to his poultry teacher and was asking for more more cocaine than his teacher was willing to sell him. He was like I can't I'm not getting get to it that much. That's yeah dangerous! Now we're moving into a different kind of business set up here. Yes, yes, so then his teacher refers Ross to his supplier, which is a guy by the name of Ivan a Ruga Yas. I think, which course did he teach apotre to one the next on. I think you're ready to move up. If you keep this up, you might graduate Community College. We might have to give you an associates. You'RE gonna have to go on to a leadership college and associates the weak, and so he was able to get him much higher qualities of cocaine, a much better price, onsite or qualities quantities. My tire quantities at a much better price yeah, so he'd make a bigger margin, yeah yeah. Unfortunately, how do you make cocaine? I don't know, I think it's just the tops of powder donuts. You just buy those powder. donuts you go home and just have shaken on many darness got to shake off all the powder. I don't know, I think it comes. I mean obviously comes from some kind of plant and then they refine it. Somehow I don't know exactly how it works. Maybe it comes from Coco. Okay, I don't know, I really don't I'm just shooting in the dark here, okay speaking to shooting in the dark about eight months after Ross's supplier, our Ross found this supplier Ivan, he was shot in the back and, worse them out of the cocaine business. But luckily his brother in law, Henry took over his business in Ryan, Ivan Yeah Yeah became Ross's number one supplier, okay, and so this became kind of his business for a little while he was doing the cocaine thing, but then he discovered a man by the name of Danillo Blanden. who was a Nicaraguan exile. I Hate Tho, you see names, Danillo, Blanden, rick, Ross, his brother in law, Henry Danilo. I just hate it. Just it's so trying to ans. You just go. If you PA, see the panic in your eyes and you sound it out, you sound it out exactly what you're doing and you pass it off as enunciation, but we all know what you're doing not that good get. Are you a bars Halass so Ross? He was able to go directly to blandon bland in the face us made, looks like you did: Go Game Er like Blandon Laindon. What was that so because he was going directly the bland in he didn't have this big distributor network, so he was able to undercut the price by thousands for cocaine, and so what was his Putt in this? The back of it like in the back of his trunk and Driving Home? I actually don't know like loaded up with cocaine den up of the cocaine yeah. He was. How are you moving there at the height in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two? He receives the name Freeway Ricky, because what he was doing now is. He was buying properties all on the one on one freeway and to operate his business out of, and so they named a free way because he was all on the freeway, and at this point he was reaching the height of his kind of busy empire yeah and the cave people who were like so he's hiring people obviously have you contract work out yeah, I mean it's just like the drug. This is worse just like any other business is just a legal, so he had a distribution line he had. Did you have a delite at teams? He had a patron. He sells his like, Hey make sure to support me on Patree me doing this out of this a yeah sport me on patron. You know I just want to reach more people with drugs. Your Monterone coke is your month of contribution. Helps me get this in the hands of more middle schoolers, and I just want to say thank you for that, so he claimed how many times are going to tea you up for stuff. I don't even know you team me up. What do you tea me up for? If you were like to support us on Patre, are you serious dude? I try to make this so smooth I've done in so much. I did a march one one time I do I I say you. I set you up for this stuff, an you just go. I don't even know what you're talking about. Do you know that we have a patron? No, let's explain this to me. Oh my explain this to me. I say: Let's explain his to metical US explain this to me. Okay, so listen! We have a Petrion that you can support us at. It helps us keep doing this show. Clearly, I need all the help I can get. This is what I work with. So we also have a dispoint. Was this given to us by someone the discord? This one was not you just found this on your own. I found this one on my own O, like the old days, okay, great so whatever anyway, we won't give kids drugs so supports on pain or on. If you don't, we might we haven't anything illegal, but if you don't support us on patron we're going to start, my manager doesn't watch this. We're fine, so text tell n to s s e t x, six, you gel ad free episodes, early excess behind the scene, stuff, a private discord channel and also you don't have to experience advertisements like this one. Okay, great you don't have to say, okay great you can just we can just leave a pause and then you can just keep going. Oh, my Gosh, I'm teaching you how a podcast over here, okay, whatever dude, so he's, got these houses along the free way, yeah yeah and so he's Duson, almost a anext. It's like a starbucks yeah actually and he's distributing directly. The bloods and the crips were in both side, yeah playing ball sides and he's selling significantly less than the average price at ten thousand dollars Park. So that are, they are the gangs. Then his distribution, like they sort O, be He's not he's, not they're, not selling, and coming back to him and Bein like here's, a cut of the prophets he's selling to the right were right there on sons, he's not he's at this point he's not selling directly to the consumer anymore. He is a big house district yeah who's. He buying it from still foring it from Blandon Blank Karagin, okay, okay, okay, okay yeah. Where is where is blendon getting from we'll get to that? Oh, so he fell into the budding cups at this time, he's severely undercutting the average street price, so he's selling it for ten thousand dollars per kilo, which is lower than normal. But at this point he's purchasing a thousand pounds of cocaine a week and so to give you a perspective, a kilo is about two pounds, okay, and so he is so he's doing like he claims that he claims that during this pine, a million dollars a week he's claiming during this period he was selling three million dollars a day of cocaine wow. So he was, he was moving and we're trying to get stuff on our podcast dude we're in the wrong business. We just started a media company, though we should be in the cocaine industry. So so he what made him so successful was the way he handled his money, and there was two reasons he did it one. He said I could go, take this money and buy jeans, or I could take this money and save it and buy more cocaine or property, and so what he was doing is he was buying the all this property along the one of one, is buying houses and businesses, and so he had he had an apartment complex at one point like he had legite had businesses that I mean I guess you got to wash that money, yeah yeah, but he said he said he was making. During the same time, he was making four hundred thousand dollars flipping houses every month, and so he's like I'm making is a o good money. Doing that he's like it was nothing compared to what he's making the drug game right and on top of that he was selling essential oils in the side. You know I and he was a diamond level, so it's pretty crazy yeah. He quick question on a Milam's because I saw one happen at starbucks yesterday. Tell me that. Do you think the churches are just in Millis and hear me out right because you got your like because you're like okay there's all these promises. I E, if you just stick with this long enough, you'll become a diamond level person right yeah. Let's call that a lead, pastor, you're with me. You you immediately are with me right. You know and then, like you, got your like medallion level right, that's a youth pastor, associate pastor executive pastor, whatever, but above the diamond right at the end of the day, the denomination still run the stuff they still in the show right, yeah right so I mean who wants a nomination, there's t and there's the whole thing of like hey. You know this is your own business kind of thing. If you work at this long enough, then you can go start your own, your own denomination. Well, that's also true. You could do that. I think I honestly I've thought about this before. I genuinely think that multi level marketing systems were built off the evangelism off of the disciple ship, Mardel yeah, I think o. How are they doing disciple ship better than we are? It's crazy? I don't know if you could say they are well because they wether, though they're making more money off of it or there making more money, but I mean like the the way that they are like they have coaches. You know, and it's like this person has for people that they are intentionally spending time with as a PORTA goal. I suppose that's it now. They're discipling them now not in a biblical sense, but they are discipling them in the way of doing life and quote unquote business. So in a way they there they're contributing to their formation yeah, which so maybe you call it. Maybe we need a reverse dip. Now they dipped on evangelism. Maybe the Church needs to dip on their disciple they've been trying to, but they've been taking the wrong sides of it. That's e way. I think I know I know sorry, I kind of slipped into a serious mode of yeah, but look at the disciple hit Monelia very you know very passionate about it, so yeah I saw that I saw if you're. If you're I didn't catch her name, I want to say it's like it seemed like their names were Abigail and Isabel. Maybe just thing that you said that, because we're supposed to shout our patron abigail joy, a elda wonder if it's the same one hold on you're bringing up patron right now. We already did this five minutes ago. Well, I just did because you brought it up. Okay, Abigail thanks for supporting our patron. Also thank you for buying our merchandise, see. How do you see now? I feel like I got to be over obvious about this stuff. I I put a little golf ball on the tea for you. You want to go ahead and smack that on out there like we're at a we're, got a podcast driving range right now, Abigail Bout, some merchandise, we have merchin Nice Tim. Won't you tell about it. You can take tell into six at six six we got t shirts, we got hats, hoodies, mugs, stickers, the whole nine and you'll be supporting the show, when you do that, so you Textorix, oh, my gosh, so rick Ross, making a ton of money off of his off of his cocaine, business yeah, but also beginning to estable industry. If you will Okan Yeah beginning to establish some pretty legitimate businesses ye on the side, because I mean do you think the goal was to eventually get out of the cocaine stuff I mean, I think so. Eventually you want to go legit right. That way, you can't go to jail, yeah yeah and your two options and he was not planning on spending any money lavage on himself. In said, he was spinning on the businesses and on buying more cocaine, and he said that's what he attributed to his success. He said a lot. He said he saw a lot of other dealers at the low level he was at going out, and I mean they're making lots of money off cocaine right, because the street pice was over ten thousand dollars a kilo, so they're making lots of money, so they would just blow them all on cars and clothes and whatever he said. I just bought more cocaine and sold more cocaine, and he said so. I just kept doing that. Eventually, I was making millions doing this and he said that's why so many of them stay at that lower level. He said I just saved my money and spend it on more drugs, but the reason is reasoning he gave, which is what I was, what Dave rames. He wants you to do by the way. Save your money spend it on our Jim. It's live like no one else, so that you can do drugs like no one else. It's actually the FIN HP sober it's. You know rice and beans, rice and beans, and in one day it's rice and coke, nice, Coke Yeah. So the reason he gave for not spitting Lage lavishly on himself, though he later told an interview and an interview, he said quote: We were hiding money from our mothers and she said he didn't want his mom know that he was had this drug empire. The reason I didn't spend money is that I was trying to buy stuff online, but I didn't know how to read so. Never could find that by now button, because I'm a literal gusting, oh my gosh, so he expanded his Jung, drug empire outside of La and he ended up getting across the country. He was in cities, including St Louis New Orleans, Kansas City, real FA, Cincinnati, since in Cincinnati a Nadia Baltimore Cleveland Seattle he's pretty much cassie said his his beleving Mira. He was in North Carolina and North Carolina. Man Did you like that Milwaukee I threw it Chickamauga, leveland professional, so speaking of Cleveland, he said, Ohio was his best selling state. He loved Ohio because I apparently they love cocaine. You know they call a cocaine. Cant I'll, tell you. What do you know? I sat all the major cities START WITH SEA Cincinnati Columbus Cleveland Can Caledo, you know, there's a reason, there's a racoon, so he ended up getting his distribution line into forty two cities across America. Well and his now is that he's just selling it and they're moving it or is he like hey go to that city? Is he directing that? I think he was directly like he had people selling to like gangs in those cities, so he had a distribution line that was distributing to a gang in that city and again he still this whole time getting it from Brandon Yeah in Nicarao. Bland is providing six million dollars worth of coke each week, yeah yeah pretty much where's blanden getting it from well get to that. I feel like I know the answer, but I want to get there Bokri get to that. So questions began to rerise at how Rick Ross is able to be this successful. He has over nine hundred million dollars in cocaine revenue, which is two billion dollars today. How is he able to move this much cocaine he's the Jeff bezos of cocaine. Yes, yes and some people like how's, he able to move this much cocaine and not get one caught by the police on to not get taken out by other drug dealers, and so in recent interviews. He's talked about both of these things. One he said he's like. I just didn't make enemies, he said, and this is literally what he says he said I just treated people the way I wanted to be treated, and he said nobody had a problem with me. I just followed the golden rule now, but literally I mean sure I was getting communities hooked on addictive drives and decoring lives forever. But honestly I just traded people the way that I'm one, you know sure he's the thing with that ye thing with that he said he's like he's, like I made sure he's like. I was never someone. He said. There's some drug dealers out there who out there finding people who's never done coke, they be like. I then find someone who was addicted to weed and get them on coke. He said I never did that. He said all I ever did it he's like. If someone was already hooked, he said I would sell them, so I was never. I was never a first time seller and so he said these were people who were already addicts and he said I was just providing their addiction to continue. He said the reality of it is they were going to get it somewhere and he's like. So it doesn't matter. If it was me or somebody else, these are addicts are going to get it and that's their own personal choice. Yeah is actually a youth past or in Ohio use that excuse to provide. I mean, and you know it's kind of like it's kind of like parents who let their kids drink. You know and it's like if they're going to drink they're going to drink anyway, you know they're going to go out on front and drink. You know I would rather them get drunk at the House on. You know the cheap wine that we bought from Walmart Yeah. I'm not saying it was moral, I'm just saying it was his morals. So He's like look I you know. I bottom houses on the freeway. I knew all their MOMS yeah he's like, but and he was so, he was very careful he's like he's like I just didn't make enemies. He said he's like the way I was able to sell the both the crops in the bloods. As he said. I I made sure they liked me, and he said so. I was just friendly with them and I treated them well and they covered my back and he said so. I never had to worry about that and he sold it pretty cheap though he did so pretty chicly pretty. He did so pretty cheap, so he was just fair with stuff, but then, as far as the police is concerned, the La Sheriff during the height of this said that he has better technology than we do. The other Sheriff said that about Rick Cross yeah he's got better technology because he he had all these police scanners, so he wouldn't know where the police was at all times, and he he's got one of those blackberries. I don't know how we're going to keep up. You know I mean the criminals are out here with yeah he's kind of stylist whatever. That is what I thought. That was a person who would dress you. You know I had that's what that was. I was informed, as I imagine police officers I was in, for I was informed that that is not in fact what it is. That's a different thing. It's a different thing, so we in here in La County, a Gonta, do two things. You know: wornt, stop the spread of drugs, we're in a mask up all right, mask gosh, he's ahead of his time, but a way out of his time everyone's like. What's he talking about so I accidentally breathing cocaine, so they and he also had these voice scramblers. So whenever he was doing deals, he would scramble their voices, so they couldn't hear what they were talking about or what they were saying. So they couldn't get any evidence on him, even if they could get him. So he had a very, very clean system set up. He was really good at the money laundering system. He just he had his ducks in a row. It's the La Yeah County. Could you get anything in them and even if they could they couldn't find him because he knew where they were at all times, and so he was just away from him. Nice, but eventually can't quit you in that. But thank you. It's like it's straight up in the microphone and it's just but and it's kind of man. Thank you so al we had to bleep it when you say I say Tochi instead, Tushin Day everything kind of collapse. I it's Toshitsune, you er heard of killing podcast merch. That's right! We've got a full march store of tilling branded, teas mugs stickers, hoodies a lot more and we put out new designs with every episode, but those are only available for a limited time. So you got to get those while they're hot text, tillandsia eight six, six to get access to our exclusive merchandise go et. Yeah, so ended up getting arrested the caught em yeah. I had a really good system ducks on a row. I mean like there was nothing they got on and to the God of. He ended up getting arrested tips. They got em pushy, they got so what happened? What happened was the you know that Guy Blandino Blandon? Yes, okay, he's going Bondeno Yeah? Where did that come from what I think I don't know, dude boy and yeah planted so plant blandon was a long time associate of right. Yes right, they I know who he worked, for, who the government sort of so blanden had ties ye to the Nicaraguan Contra L. Do you know? Have you you probably heard of the Iran Contra scandal? Have you heard of that? This could be a whole. nother episode really really fast run down of the Iran Contra scandal in the s there is this group in Nicaragua called the Contra and they were a rebel group trying to overthrow a conduis guy. I know about their band contraband, they go good. I heard they got the music, so good they're not allowed in prisons or you. I honestly wonder if that's where that term came from, I'm not going to lie, no actually doesn't anyways, so we contra, so yes, the Contra I they were trying to overthrow the government because it was a communist regime. Reagan, loved them and he was like they they are. They resemble our forefathers. Yes, there trying over the yes, they supported the contract big time. The problem with that is the Contra, where the biggest cocaine supplier in the world yeah that's where they got their money from yes, and so that's Landin Blane was part of the Contra. Blanden was part of the contract, that's where he as getting out the cocaine and he as a plain bus. They were letting recross away with it so that he could essentially fund the Contra so that they could overthrow SORTA. So the Iran Contra scandal hit this fever pitch. When the Iran hostage crisis happened right. Where Reagan was like, we will do anything we can to get these people home and the government said anything okay, and so the military basically gave thirty million dollars and weapons to Iran to let the these people go yes, but under the table they distributed some of that money. I don't know exactly how much I want to say three million, but I don't know exactly how much, but they fundo some of that money to the Contra yeah, which helped them make a lot of our money and make Oro in Nicaragua Yeah and help them make a lot more okay, cocaine and distribute a lot more cocaine. Yes, so recross was in this train of really government funded cocaine, and so I think there is a level to they didn't want that to get out. So anybody along that line, kind of Goblin gotta, be us well. After some things came to lie about the Iron Contra scandal and it was hitting the news and there was Reagan, was standing trial for it. This Bland Din Landon was recruited by the CIA to do sting operations and they were basically like we'll give you a nest if you help us catch everybody and so blandon. At this time, Rick was like yeah, I'm done with the drug game. I'm ready to get out. I've missed do in apartments now billions of dollars, yeah, I'm just going to sell apart our build apartments and lease him out and so he's ready to completely ready to get out. It's been about a month. She sold any drugs. Blanden is all over him he's hit in his pager and he's like Bro, come down to San Diego and he's like no, my God anymore, because the government knew that Rick Ross was selling the stuff they had this. Couldn't they just couldn't aim down yeah so they're trying to hook him back in which I feel like okay go ahead, yeah, so they're trying to get him back in and essentially what Blanden was trying to do was saying hey. I need you to connect me with somebody, not sell drugs he's. I need to connect me, so I can continue to do business and so finally, Rick Ross was like final come down there I'll help you make that connection Busie, but I'm not in the in the drug game anymore. So I'm not going to do anything like that yeah. But apparently that was enough for the the CIA to book him and they ended up arresting him and they started charging him on. Like forty seven state accounts, oh my Gosh drug dealing at like insane quantities because that's what he was doing yeah, and so they got him on the three strike rule saying you far exceeded three strikes, because you did this in, like forty seven cities yeah, we let you off the hook for three of them that still forty four yeah, and so they tried them for, like literally the rest of his life like he was. He had an insane amount of years of prison where it was like he was to have to live seven times over. You know to pay rins, so he's never getting out while when he gets into prison he his cellmate teaches him to read, and so he starts reading the newspaper and reading small books until eventually he works his way up and starts reading law and just learns the whole lot and then he learns. He said Hey, I was mis tried. He said they couldn't book me on all this with the three strike role, and so he ends up being able to contact a lawyer. How was he misread, though? So? Basically it's a loophole in that legal system. I don't know the specifics of it, but long story short is under that three strike rule you couldn't consecutively, try all of those cases. It had to be three separate strikes, but they counted all of these those one strike M, and so he was able to go, get a lawyer and get his sentence reduced down to twenty years. So in two thousand and nine he was released from prison because he learned to read wow, which is one of them, is the message yeah so read: Yeah we have a tilling book club and we just really so what we do is we start elementary students on books and then in middle school we get them hooked on Phonics Yep in high school. We get them hooked on cocaine, so Figyah, no, no ten college. We get them hooked on the loss o yeah get out of it. Our headquarters is in Milwaukee and you know so in Cincinnati a yeah, so so he got himself out of prison and then he wrote a book which is er a girl that lives in Cincinnati. That's named Natalie and her instagram handle is since an Adali. This is uor question. I think we got a google. I think you got to go to instagram right now. It's one of those things. You know when sometimes o something POPs in your head and you're like that's it going away. You know it's like a like a sneeze where, like I got to know right now, because there's a girl who's is you know I don't want to give away or instagram a a never mind, but since an Atali give away, because I don't know if it's a real person yet hold on since an she's got to be a city, blogger yep, it's a Natali Mc. We have to bleed her last name. I should a follower. Oh, is it oh, no appropriate account. Now I tally fine and you on. I, your Lauben, my laptop, Oh okay. I was a hundred and I was like what I seasons an Adalieta. Oh okay, so is she a city blogger? No, she her accounts, private, Oh okay. She just had a good good idea for her name, San topped it hey saintete. If you're watching this, we will buy your user name, that's not an offer that I was going to make. I were ever to offend or were going to buy a spend our march money on we're going to buy your user name for how much tim? How much are you offering, since in anole right now, the value of Cincinnati O as at least hold on the value of Cincinnati like the city, yeah, okay, which is at least ten dollars at most ten we'll die it for ten dols. I dated a girl from Cincinnati once yeah yeah cos it an Adali yeah. That's why I brought this up Yaci innate. That's what I call her Naddy. If you see this it's not over, you know everyone go follow her. She does as she's, so inactive on is green. All this sudden she gets a to new flowers. Just like me, I just kind like Cincin Adali, we're CINCINNAT, we're inviting you on this show were in Wiyo years, but you'll be our first you'll be or first in years yeah since an Atali anyways. So he got out. He wrote a book kind of telling his story and then he sued the rapper Rick Ross and lost. You can't use my name yeah literally he a Rick Ross is like this is my name. What is Rick Cross is actual God. Crass's actual name is William Letter Roberts, the second Oh yeah. We Bow. You can't wrap that yeah and Rick Ross. Apparently early in his career was like yeah, I'm new deffer, Rick, freeway, Ross and recross was like no you're. Not You can't and honestly there's some pictures where it kind of looks like he's, trying to look like Rick Ross Free Way. Ross yeah, like the rapper, a Rick Ross, has got to be out here, like you know, I'm actually named after Bob Ross's son, the ASI that way well, whatever Ye ye YEP, so they yeah, they got the law suit and it was yeah Rick Ross lost because he's like. I mean it's a Rick Ross, it's not the super, it's not like it's! You D, have a trade mark, it's rick and it s. The name is really cross. It's a pretty common name, so he lost that lost. Sat, it's not sins, an Adali! Okay! It's not like enough! Think you are who do you think you are but yeah so now he wrought the book and he's trying to get into the legal marijuana business because he's like, I know a lot about of it about it about of it. I got you and he's trying to build a decent life for himself post prison. What happens all your properties if you get arrested for twenty years? You know what I actually don't know. I would assume the bank would foreclose on him. You think so. Well I mean, if you had a mortgage, if you didn't have their parents, you know I don't know you're doing three million dollars a day. You think you're not paying off those houses. That's a good point. What happens to your property? I don't know so Rick Ross today. Here's a here's, a thing! That's interesting about him! I honestly believe two things about this guy and by two things I mean one thing: If you watch him in his interviews today, yeah he's clearly very intelligent. He didn't know how to read, but that's not a fault of his own. It's a fault, the school system he was brought up in. But if you, if you listen to the way he communicates and the way he forms ideas. Yes, he sold drugs for most of his life and made a lot of money off of it a but, and so that is like. So you are Ros stand, there's some moral questions there where you're like, but honestly, I believe had the Los Angeles school system, not failed him and he was able to learn to read and we would have known him for other things. I think yeah. I think he would have been a very, very successful entrepreneur. He made two billion dollars off cocaine. I mean, I think we would have known him for something else and he would have made a positive impact, but instead a lot of people attribute the cocaine issue. They say he's the distributor of the cocaine problem in the s. A lot of people are like Reagan started it because the Iran Contra thing, obviously, but he was really the largest distributor in the country of cocaine yeah in the in the s and that's when cocaine became the biggest problem that that it was, and so the question is that a really my point is the La School system caused the cocaine epidemic and robbed us no great thing that recross could have done in sad now. Cocaine is not as much as a street level stuff right I mean, like I associate cocaine with, like a certain amount of the I mean, there's the two kinds of cocaine: There's like the white car, cocaine, that's the the powder, cocaine and then there's crack cocaine, that's kind of the street cocaine, okay, okay, okay, and so the crack cocaine is what was cracked down on, which was pretty clearly racially yes, motivated where powder cocaine was very much like your white collar, like your CEOS, were doing cocaine at the office right right right. So that was the difference there. If that's the point, you're making I', not sure what you're yeah yeah I was just, I was wondering: What's the: What are they fighting that I mean I guess the Opio Crisis Yeah the Midwest Anyway Yeah. I think I think, there's not as much of a actually. My buddy is a standard comedian. WHO's now clean and sober went to a facility in Ohio, and he said that because he would, he was doing meth yeah here in Missouri Yeah, and he said then in Ohio. It was weird that he was a methodist because everyone there was doing heroine interesting. So it's all just it's regional, I guess so interesting. I mean that makes sense yeah. So my thing is- and I think this is probably true of a lot of people- is- he didn't- have the opportunities yeah because he didn't have a good education, and so he took the opportunity he had and he made something pretty amazing out of it, even though it was black market and ultimately hard a lot of people's lives. I think I think, there's a lot more stories like this, where you have kids coming up in neighborhoods, where they don't have good opportunities, and so they have a choice at. Do you work at McDonald's for a few bucks an hour or do you make yeah? Do you sell cocaine for millions yea like it's kind of a clear, it's like yeah that one option's illegal, but it's like I'll, take my chances, but it's like do. I have lung cancer. You know, and this this teaching job I have is not going to pay the bills. So it's either. You know key teaching and tried and leave my family it a bunch of debt or or make you know very good, crystal math yeah yeah right under the nose of my brother in law, dea agent, with a former junkie from high school yeah. You know and make it the Lieta by dying at Blue Right. That way. I know that if someone else is dealing the recipe, then you know, then you know it's mine. Yes, Ye know take out. The King Pin become the next K, Yeah Yeah Shad. Obviously I thought that was there were way past that you got a shave, your head before you pay the king pen and the end just let it all crumble in but die with the satisfaction that you did something. If you tell me he died, bro He's dead. He died at the end for sure I haven't finished that yet you've finished. That is that I don't feel bad spoiling that it's been out for ten years. I don't know what to tell you. Well, I guess the finale came out two thousand a D and twelve: Did it really yeah, I'm Oh ten years dude, I'm not an idiot yeah yeah. Then I don't feel bad spoils on his bed. It's been ten years dude. Do you know how the titanic ends? No does it seek? Do you know how home lone ends? Yeah they get them. I just watched the first twenty minutes or something- and I just guess on the end, I'm like yeah, that's probably as and oh I got it yeah man, man that disappoint yeah. You know how fight club INS yeah, they get another fight all right. Well, I mean this. Has Been Rick Ross, I brought to you by Bab. Ras Fiddle of things are done. That night is a production of space. Tim Media produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Ous, Garnett video by conner bets are graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Kelaba. Our host or JERN myres and Tim Stone falls on your favorite social media platform at Tillin. PODCAST is till and podcast remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I on last night I

Freeway Rick Ross built an empire of drug dealing and real estate in the mid-’80s. His reputation was stout, but he knew what he was doing and evaded legal trouble for years. His ability to stay one step ahead of law enforcement put him in a position to amass an estimated $900 million, all while hiding his nefarious activities from … Read More

The Great Emu War – Australia Lost A War To Birds


Episode Transcription

Made by robots, for robots. Only read if you're weird

Hey Man, what's up, have you ever heard of the Great Enu war, EMU, war yeah, it's great, the Great Mai, the Great Emo War Yeah? I was a pretty great okay, so I mean we're talking about birds, yes, yeah yeah. What's the difference in an Osoro move, I don't know. Actually I didn't look up in the process, so here we are you're as good at kissing. As I thought you were going to be, we should have done that before the wedding yeah, the rest of the world is watching my to Australia can't even beat a bunch of birds all right guys. We need back up, bring in the bone. We're doing this, for why no reason at all for the bit anyway, things as I know, all I know about moves is that a lot of youth, pastor, hair cuts, look just like them. That's if you you know talking about the little hair on top or nothing on the side. That's I mean that is a youth pastor. Haircut emus look like they work at a Mega Church that yeah, you know he most look like they graduated from a Christian leadership college and are already divorced. Oh my gosh, that's yeah, that's scary! A cure. We Sara TLC so to show show for, for this is going to sound rough is a rough joke. Here we go called Nineteen and divorced. It is for Christians that got married in college. It didn't work and you're nervous right now, because you know it could be a real show. Yeah your face is like a no yeah, but it's you know it's for those kids that got married on their eighteenth birthday and then were six months and were like this sucks, Jeez you're, not as good as kiss kissing. As I thought you were going to be. We should have done that before the wedding. I would have known that you're a bad kisser, yeah yeah, that's the ground, no tire much tongue, there's just and I've got emo here anyway. It S good episode. So far, so here's the difference. We got a lot of laughs. Here's the different here's, a different there's, a couple differences. One emails are shorter, the nostrils. So it's why they're more insecure, yeah yeah they're a little insecure. They also weigh a little bit less because they more shorter and they were then shorter that way, a little less dainty devito of birds, yeah they they're darker colored, but the most notable difference thing is sausage or racist against them. I don't think they know much about each other. I think the same place. I don't know because you running stuff, if you were out in a safari, I don't know where Oseres live. If you were a ostrich, you know journey yeah. Would you run into some emus? I mean it depends where you're doing it. Emails are in Australia. I know that. Okay, I don't know if it's they're unique to Australia or ostrogs in Australia. I don't know hold on. Let me look so they're giant birds, so I assume that's where they're from that is a pretty Australian thing, just giant whatever we have it looks like ostriges live throughout Africa. I don't know if they live in Stokas. Well, all I'm seeing is Africa, so maybe they're just from different places, but the ostriges they're taller they usually have like bald necks. So is there an ostrich EMU angle that we can go here like a ostrage emue smack down? This is what I was asking like. Are they like are like ostrog's like I emus or emails like over those ostriches over you know, I don't know the emails and oxyges. They know what I tell I think they're on different continents. Okay, well, there's people in different comments that we know about. Oh my gosh they're, not they don't have like multi continental society now for large birds, large flightless birds. Don't understand other continents exist. They don't have that kind of well. Actually, when we talk about this, maybe that might challenge this because they seem pretty indulgent. It was so he here's my favorite difference, though Emus they have three toes where osages only ave two and for some reason, the difference in toes allows hostages to run forty five miles an hour. One. An email can only run at about thirty miles an hour. So it's so we really watertoast down yeah. That extra tell really yeah way that that extra to is like seventy pounds, yeah, I know well, that's why I got. I got disqualified from the Olympics because I because you have a sixth to no. No, no, I chop some toes off to give myself an advantage. You know, and they were like you can't they like say yeah I was like were like. You can't make any modifications I was like. I have an after market foot and they know you can't do that after market foot, that's like braces are an after market mouth. You know, I I you, okay, you make adjustments or whatever yeah I cut off some toes, so I'd be a little faster yeah. It's like night to what your brain got it. Your brain got it after that you might what and then your praying with that was fun to watch. So here's the thing with the great even we I should start over it. So the greave two toes they have two tes, no they've. Very three Tories have to whine ostrog's, ostrage and EMOs emas. When Austrias come from Australia, it sounds too similar in don't spell O t, it just goes ostriches, don't come from Austro. I know that's what I meant everybody knew ostrogs should anyways, so the EMOs, here's the thing a SMO in one thousand nine hundred and thirty two. There was an issue back. There was an issue the EMOs were well. I think we're going to go a little further back now that I think about it. Okay, twenty five years be one thousand nine hundred and thirty two. Actually that's pretty close on to nineteen O, seven orater after World War, one the Australian government said thanks to all their soldiers who fought in the war by giving them farms all throughout the Australian out back. They were like hey thanks for what you did in the war. Here's a farm and your thee s kind of do the same thing: Yeah Yeah. They just reserved booths at all the outback, O tior, your sacrifice. Here's a bloomin onion from down on de you know, so they got a lifetime supply. Well, I mean lifetime or two years, whichever is longer Witherton, yeah yeah, so they gave them all for cant did the roll out and they were like. You can have a booth, but we're going to kill you. They gave them all farms and then, a few years after that, rabbits became a giant problem, Jack Roberts, yeah and well just rabbits. In general, all species of bunny rabbits became a big problem because they would just eat the crops, all the farmers, and so we got all these rabbits everywhere so yeah. So the farmers were like hey. You gave us this farm land and it's infested with rabbits. We need you to do something about it, so they built like the Great Rabbit Wall and it stretched miles. I don't I'm going to look it up a great rabbit wall. I don't know if that's what it's called. So what you're saying is in twenty five years, be one thousand nine hundred and tirty two. This wouldn't exist. No, it would be after war. One yeah, hey thanks for Finn, actually e this this. This was before war one, so they built this before World War. One they gave the farm land of the farmers after war war, one okay, an get my death mixed up yeah. Why do they build the wall? WHO's WHO's? Who was chancing for it? Farmers came in to town, they were like, there's rabbits crossing the border and then you know and they're not prigging their best, and so they were like bill wall build O, and so they built the wall yeah, the rabbits they but the ones around the huge wall. It was four foot tall, it's a cute little wall yeah. That's actually really accurate. It's actually just it's a replica of the of the Great Wall of China, but it's so, but it's small. It's a small wall, but you know who could get over it. FREAKING EMUS and they didn't look at they were. They didn't even think about that. They're like this, I going to keep an Emoi out. They didn't even cross their mind. Yeah us is so three to death bird. That's going to crawl right over this thing, but rabbits are out yeah. So it looks like it depends at what section you look at the fence, it's anywhere from a foot and a half tall to three and a half feet tall. Oh, that that's our bunny barrier, yeah, that's! Actually the cat, the rabbit proof, feds or the state barrier fence is another name for it, but they built in thousand nine hundred and seven to keep a rabbits, I'm sure one hundred and seven yeah, I sort of just guessed a date earlier. I guess a year. Are you serious, yeah, Oh man, and they built it to keep rabbits out of their agricultural area that was already established. This is our agricultural land, but there was it was such a problem. They needed to stop them, so they built, and I kiss you not a rabbit border fence that stretches the entire continent of Australia from north to South Two thousand and twenty three miles long. It's this rabbit bears that thing of a pro. How tall is it it's? So it depends in the section anywhere from a foot and a half to three and a half feet: Tom Yeah, it's shorter than urn. The three APPs o tie that's shorter than the railer, my back Por. Are you serious, yeah yeah, so to keep the rabbits out? And it's like it's like a eating of all of Australia. Yeah is this rabbit barrier you really? You could jump over it? Oh Yeah! I don't know. Oh my gosh. I probably could a yeah, so they built this fan. You could. If you trained a little bit, you would need a monster yeah. Let me get my agility up and then I can clear that yeah. So they they've built this fence the rather to okay Yep when it was Compeno, Huan, nine hundred and seven it broke the record for the longest unbroken fence in the world, which I mean, I think, is pretty fair. It's two thousand miles long, so anyways wow. They had this fence to keep the rabbits out right, yeah and then they gave after World War, one a bunch of farm land to the war fete, and so the rabbits weren't really that much of a problem, but the emus were the emails were coming in. They were eating the crops and one we in go over the fence: Yeah Yeah, they're tall five or six feet tall, and so, but he was, are five or six feet tall yeah. How long are their legs dude? You come into these. You come into this this this episode, just so unprepared, I'm Gon. You know I'm going to ask questions like how my toes they got no D, what color of their eyes? Where are their ears? That's a real question: Where are their ears in the same place, everybody's ears at yeah, where what do emo years look like they're just holes? There's a bird like every other bird there just like a hole in the bird ears. Lo, oh my gosh, I can for shot birds with ears, so they can hear, maybe if they could hear they wouldn't be so obnoxious. Maybe that's why they're so Bocheton all right, I'm okay! He would ever do so. An I'm sorry they've jumped over the fence. Top of things are coming in the thing exactly and the people are like. Listen, we fought in the world, we fought in the Great War, yeah we've fought in World War, one and people are like we hev a war or one like what the MOS are in the Ethie's going to be a second Okonha. Are you trying to say here? That's good yeah, so here's here's the thing, the the emails. We should make a movie and put a movie out called you know Tim and Jaron one and then never really see anything else. I er what these emails were. Making all these problems for the fish right is a big issue and the farmers they said. Okay, well, the emails are affecting our farm and there's thousands of them thousands of emails. It was estimated at one point that there was at least twenty thousand emos in the region. Just does that stretch that whole two thousand miles? No, I think it was directly in the location where they had left these farms for the soldiers in Australia. I don't know exactly where it is: It's around Chaine and Chanler, simple name, other name: Wild Gulan, at's, right, wild, the land, anyways and so the emers, the ethers. Here's what I want this to be. I want this to be the great emo war dude, it's just kids. Fist fighting is Spencer's gifts, hey thanks for being here for things a one last night. If you want bonus, content, early access to episodes and a whole lot more, including a discord channel. We have that available to our PATRIN supporters to sign up for that and for or info text till in to six six, eight six six yeah, so the emus were causing all this damage and the war vets they were like. Okay, this is a problem that needs to be solved. Who Do we know that can solve this poem for us, so they called their good old buddy from the war. Sir George Pierce, who was Australia's Minister of Defense and said hey? Can You nukem pretty much? They were like they're like? Is there any way the government could, just you know, kill all of the emails, and so Sir George Pierce being a war. Man Said you know what we could take a few machine guns in there, and I bet we could make quick work of them a pretty fast, so he was pete. I don't think we know was around it. I think this greatly predated pedes is why Peter Exists, like you, cans wipe out EMU at Pete Start in thousand hundred and eighty s, so what they did was they built in a second fence and emo fence the emote fence yeah. So they came in the region. Sir George payers, he went and managed to scrape up front funds from the Australian government to and get approved, to bring in a small batch of soldiers from the Australian military, with armed with two Lewis Machine guns and ten thousand rounds of Mo to just what s helicopter fly over and well, he don't have helicopters yet see Wan. I did it. I second to go. I searched Pete Start Dat. Now, I'm searching helicopter start date. This is after Wor, one yeah helicopters were invented in one thousand, nine hundred and thirty nine, and this was one thousand nine hundred an thirty two so a few years to or why they did yeah they like man there. So I wish there was a better way to do this, so so, after for nine one thousand nine hundred an thirty nine yeah yeah, so in nineteen on November, on thousand nine tee n thirty two they arrived in the region and their goal was okay. We are going to. This is what this is. What a Sir George Pierson he said. Our goal is to assist the farmers and help remove the EMOs from the region and also collect one hundred EMU skins so that their feathers could be made into cool hats for their light source. Horseman, he didn't say cool. I had oh yas say he I was gonna, say yeah. Our mission here is simple. Gentlemen is a long. I know that we just got out of a war, but it's time to go into another one: okay, we're going to rid this land of EMOs and also make cool hats yeah. So that was his. That was his reasoning for the campaign and on the November of second, keep trying to think of what you call a cool hat company. I'm working on it give me a second cool hack to no no, no, it's made out of EMOs okay yeah, just thrown it whatever you got it on November. Second, the sweet emotion of November. Second, the military arrived in the region and they spited about fifty EMOs. On that first day, did you get it? Oh, I bet keep leaning in an okay Shellia, okay I's like Andy Bower Yeah. I got it, I understood: Do they have the cars to the uvs? Maybe that's what the hall store logo is is an EMO. I don't know what the Holster logo looks like. Okay, you got it right. The alers doesn't know either y'all weren't cool middle school. That's obvious! Okay, go ahead, so they arrive in the the region and they set up an ambush on this herd of about fifty emails and something very interesting happened at this, and Russia heard it ye moves yeah, so they figured hey. We've got machine guns. They've got nothing so we're going to just ambush them. Like I mean o here's what I'm imagining! I need you to tell me if I'm in correct here yeah, I'm imagining like the fighting scene in the lion, the witch in the wardrobe, where it's been a minute, so I saw you're gonna have to paint this okay. Imagine Lord of the Rings or honestly any war movie where they are like an I just they got wall or in your language. A word tour pit right. I understand now you understand it because you're a freaking moron, so I'm imagining people on horses, Australian, flags, yeah, I know and they are like ready to ride in M. I ran I I they got this out, yeah, nothing like that. Okay, so there was a herd of about fifty EMOs in the bottom of this t, like you, know, fragile valasco's, a yeah actually and then at the top of the hill. Was the Australia military with her two machine gun posts, and they were just going to fire on these emails and we're just glike unload on him and Oh, the or charger yeah and they're like we're just going to take them all out right: okay, well, the EMUS as soon as they began to open fire, the emas seem to have borderline tactics, because they then separated from the group of fifteen to smaller groups of five or ten, and they all ran in opposite directions. So that way, it'd be impossible for them to hit every single one of them. They would have to target one single group and what was also very interesting is the emus were sponges. They many of them were taking five six seven bullets to bring down, and so they were hitting them over and over again and they were still just running away, and so they were there that whole day the second of November, they had tried to ambush multiple flocks of birds t, but after a full day of this campaign, the official report was they had killed. Perhaps a dozen birds, that's not enough hats, we're already full of preorders. We got to kill more birds, so they came back to day. George Pierce was Sir George pist I'll. Tell you what they got back to the base and he was like we're going to need more at got like so obsess a becoming like a fashion mogil the like he gets back to that he's in like a fur, coke and he's just like how did it go like he's correlatives get me he's the correlate villa imus he's out there like. I need a hundred and one hundred emails, one hundred one EMOs, the movie part one. So, two days later they went back into the region. They found nearby local dam. Two days later they had to strategize yeah. They built this strategy and nearby. They found local dam and there was a thousand emus herd of a thousand emus that they spotted in that position. So this time they were like okay, this time we're going to wait for them to get closer to us, so we're going to let them come to us before we open fire. So that way they don't have as much room to run and much room to get into smaller grips, and so this time they waited and things started going really well, they started they broke into their groups like they thought, but then their gun jammed, and so in this campaign they were only able to kill again about twelve birds in this event and the rest of them or George was not pleased, yeah, the rest of them scattered and got away before any others could be shot, and there was no other in herds of a T. Yeah they're called mobs, so the robs of email yeah, they travel in massive groups, but it appears that when trouble arises, they split into these smaller. When e T, they have like guerrilla warfare tactics because, like when trouble rides, they split into these smaller groups of like around a dozen and they stick together and they all run in opposite directions to make it harder for you to pick out one like you can't get them all, don't think any of the they come do have we studied them? Do they they come back together later yeah, eventually, they'll all grew back up and continue doing the thing: that's crazy, yeah. So, in the following days, they continued this campaign and by the fourth day of the campaign, the army noted that each pack- This is a quote. This is each pack, seem to have its own leader. Now he said a big black plumed bird, which stands fully at six feet high and keeps watch while his mates carry out their work of destruction and warns them of our approach. So they literally would have like a watch guard that would stand outside the farm and watch. The horizon line for date were worn to be like yeah, while the rest would be eating the crops and then, if they do that, all the time, that's not because there is gunmen, it see. Well, it seems like that's what they were doing in response to the campaign, like they weren't doing that at the beginning. But after the campaign began and the gunners were coming after them, they established a watch guard system. While the emails would be eating the crops, someone would be standing watch and when they would see him they would bolt they'd split into their smaller groups and then get out of there. No okay, yeah so fairly weirdly intelligent burns, giving the tiny size of their brains, but they had tactics. It seems it seems to have some kind of tactics. So after about six days of this war on the Masi days and twenty four birds yeah so six days, they had spent twenty five hundred at rounds of ammunition and the number of birds killed is uncertain. But most estimates come in at around. Fifty birds were killed for twenty five hundred rounds across six days and so meredith official report is that has been suffered, no casualties, though so he was pretty proud of that one of their their the tenants didn't even get injured that sounded weird. Did anybody get injured? No, not in not yet on November the eighth, Oh, my God, members of the Australian House of Representatives discuss the operation and they brought made it all the way back to the government. They were like all right they bought. I T T appears it had hit the local media of how the campaign was actually going and that only a few they're after attacking but toling of birds, yeah and only coming back with fifty bodies. Fifty feathers, they took one feather for Note: Bodies Yeah there that was their tactic, yeho feather from that's, why they needed so much h for his hat. He was the only one going to get had of this. This is my hat made of a hundred emas is my Nemo Hat Collection? It's like isn't that Captain Hook and that takes like he's. I don't touch a hair on his body and he goes okay. I won't touch this one. Is that a Captain Hill Line South rer anyway, I don't know you know what Captain Hoke is from. No, no it's that rum. They sell it hive. Oh, WHAT'S NOT! Okay! Here you, I hate the you had to say: No, it's not that's what I hate do you know what Captain Hook is from okay. Here we go. I know what captain homes coming real excited that you might have been stupid for us in that, as there hilarious so trying to defend how terrible his campaign was go yeah. He before the Australian House of represented is Pierre, said. If we got a military division with the bullet carrying capacity, these birds, it would face any army in the world. They could face machine guns with the invulnerability of tanks there, like Zulus, whom even dumb dumb bullets, could not stop and I'm not sure what dumb dumb bullets are. No they're. They just shoot those suckers suckers yeah. The this link goes to a broken page, but the the URL as expanding bullet. So I'm assuming they explode. When a tact but yeah, and so the Australia has some represented, this was pretty divided. There was a group that was like yeah. We can keep doing it's, not a big deal. It's just. You know whatever it's smolney yea a small group, it's only ten housen rounds, we're never going to go to another world war. We don't need even more. We don't need this, but the other group is thousand nine hundred and thirty nine right. Then thirty, two sorry, I was sinking to her captors. I nine thirty. Two things are running. Smooth are great. It's the worst of the Great Depression, US sink, a lot of amonth there's another side that was like this is going horribly. We're making rater military look pathetic and we're spending a lot of money doing it. So another side of the war was like. No, we shouldn't do this and in fact, pierce should be removed from his position for the the rest of the world. Watching like dude, Australia can't even beat a bunch of birds. They can't even fight these birds. Meanwhile, the US is like hey: we're going to go, take out a bunch of hostages just to show wore better just to sure we can ah they're, not even on our country, but we're just going to they're bigger than so was at the zoo. They can't get away just to practice is to practice so you're at the Dickerson Park, zoo a care that he fligely low, and then you see someone dangling got. This t find out they're like super creatures that could that could what is troy? Okay, here's Tim and Jaron One, the movie. Okay, the plot is in the future. We find out that emus yeah are the superior like being yeah yeah species species is what I was looking for. Yes, this spears superior species they're already halfway there and we've come back to eliminate them. Oh okay, okay! So that way, they can't that way. They can't do their uprises. Yes, yeah! THAT'S PRETTY! THAT'S PRETTY! THAT'S PRETTY CLEVER! Don't do that! Whatever thing you na read your thing: keep reading I a media page. I don't know I'm trying to go up with the original stuff over here. You're literally copy pasting in your mouth, your mouth is just copy pasting wikipedia. That's all we're doing here that hey, we can make that movie yearly. Okay, so have they withdrawn the m military, the the House representers as like you, they voted against the like this is dumb, but some of them were like now, I'm like personally invested in this yeah exactly and so then the EMU as attacks on the crops continued they kept. They came on with the with vigor. After the military was going, they said, hey they're gone, we can get so much more, and so there was this hot weather and a drought that came literally almost immediately. After all, this was taking place and that drove even more emos into the area and so the veterans in the area they started taking matters in their own hands. They just started shooting all the EMA. Well, the EMUS, I don't know if they knew they were doing this intentionally. I doubt it, but they started destroying the rabbit fence and letting the rabbits into the area to get the crops. This. What I'm saying all right guys we need back up, bring in the bunny. That's just an angry Ebo who slams is three toes for on the floor. They're all they're, all bickering they're fighting the like. I don't know what sounds emos make but they're like t and then one just go bring in the bunnies and they start tearing down the wall. You just see like this, like peaceful shot of the law, and then they just come up over the hill thousands of this, and they just start ripping this Walter. I you hear it you hear it one of those and you're like what is going on a there just yeah. That's that's! Pretty accurate, hey thanks for being here, we've got merchandise, it's a way to support the show and help us do more stuff by new equipment, reach more people. If you like what we're doing and want to help us. Do that more! Please consider doing that. If you want to link to that all of that's going to be sent to you, if you his text till in to six six, eight six, six I'll tell you it's not a thing where we're going to text you a lot were no, it's not a tech service, we're not going to like send you more of them, but it's just a way for you to get a link. It's one text, that's all we're going to send. I promise you so we munition thist. This is a joke. A lot of earlier s didn't know where to bring it up. The Situation Hits a fever pitch and on the top of November, the minister, a defense approved a resumption of the military effort which I just to go back or like dotings. Our pride enjoys the longest fence in the world. It's the longest unbroken fits in the wary. PROCAS remain, unbroken you'll go back in there and you unbreathable back actually, do you know that billy ray Cyrus's Achy break you heart is a cover. It was actually achyba fence. Tait was written in the s S. I never knew that yeah it s it s a cover. That's that's kind of like other Jonas brothers, didn't write the bit of the year three thousand really or rascal flash didn't write any of their songs. You know it's the same thing: okay, okay, Lyra Cyrus was like Ike breaking fens he's changed it. It was a more modern thing. People had emotions later on. I batemons later on the e. The government didn't care about the farmers. They were like what the emos get the farm the as car like. I hope that emos killed our families. Honestly, I don't care but the fence of fence stuff fans, so they began a second campaign yeah and it's absolutely nuts. These birds can just take bullets, though I know yeah they take somewhere between five and ten bulls, but to take them down their beasts. I don't know, and you can't really test it. You can't be like, let's figure out, let's Fiou, you know, that's one peters goomade like Tu take off is the center. Oh, my gosh. Oh I it's that some real dark stuff talk about dumb dons. You know I glad you made that a before we get into the second campaign of this war. I want to shout out our Patrin Fabian thirty six. You want to go for murderin moves to talk about our patron supporter, hi we'd like to honor you for supporting our show. Thanks for helping US kill the emails, we didn't do it. The Australians did yeah yeah that helps yeah. We supported them, but we didn't do it honestly. A lot of people have recommended this to us, both our patrons and people, in the comments and on our email but Fabian, the omote first, one yeah, someone to straight up email, the email war to me, okay, who was it that suggested it I have in thirty. Six was the first that we got so shouted to you Phebe, and this is a crazy story and honestly, one of the while this war is in recent history, so yeah you're right so yeah, there's a there's that sex for giving this that in thee discord which is aable to our patrons in orders. If you like, be a PA transport, you get access to that discord and also some behind the scene stuff early access and you don't have to listen to advertisements like well hold. I got to say text till in six X, six six and then you don't have to listen advertisements like this one, great great good, so they came back on the twelfth of November and as all started on the second of November yeah. So this is a very enteer seconds. On November eighth, they fought holovere yeah yeah in between November eighth and November twelfth they got as were like we're confinin coming in hot they're, like they called back. They were like where they were like. We know, we've got it too good. They got bored the ninth of the tenth, they were just eating crops and then, and then in an IT, was like. It was more of that. Okay, they pulled out their forces. We need to come on the offensive. Now, okay, okay, I was there, it was their attack, so they came out for more crops. They broke the fence yeah and they said you mess with you mess with the email, your mess with the wrong you get the third toe you miss okay, I hate it. So I came back on the twelth of November. They got their selves position, they began planning and on the thirteenth of November, they found their first like degree of success in the whole campaign where they had killed. Approximately forty EMOs the third day of their campaign that they were they were back on. The fifteenth of November proved a little less successful. What were they doing different this time? Anything yeah, so they they continued. That original strategy shooting them of setting up like finding a large pack and then setting up their positions and waiting for them to get close and then what they would do is they would just select targets. So they would say: okay, we're going to pick out this group instead, try to hit all of them were to say that's our group, we're taking that one and then we're going to move on yeah, so they're being selective, obviously a lot of them weren't getting away but they're actually being able to wipe out, but they are estimate there's about twenty thousand emus in this region, a right yeah. So if you're only getting forty a day yeah, this is going to take a while. So by November. Second, the the soldiers were killing umber, axidentally or December Second D. ever second soldier were killing approximately a hundred emus a week, so still not the Erisophos. So by the tenth there, lieutenant in charge of projects claimed that they had killed nine hundred eighty six emus with about nine thousand rounds Jeez. So it takes about ten rounds per confirmed to kill, and he also claimed that they had wounded about twenty five hundred that were going to die as a result of the injuries that they sustained. Oh so they had hit them and they were going to plead out eventually and then there was a lot of attempts in this. They had their most successful campaign. The most successful like strategy was what we had just talked about, where they would camp out and bring them to them, but they did try to mount their guns on a car which try to Mad Max it yeah pretty much yeah, which actually is results in Emus, which actually resulted in the only really human injury out of the whole event where, because the emails were so sporadic, they ended up, swerving and crashing the vehicle, and so they're like yeah. We're not going to do any more of that and they got injuries. It wasn't life threatening, but but it's an injury, none the less! You know you stole a report, it's kind of like a church camp to get a little creep in your knee yeah. You still. You still have to get a fall home. You got to call the player, call the parents so yeah all these soldiers, parents were getting caught and, like you, let these birds hurt my kid. So eventually they pulled out of the war. Eventually, then us they were like listen. The emus have taken the land. It's there laying now yeah yeah, so they pulled out of the war a few months into the e try to metate all with them or the like. We need a Triny, some peace negotiations. Yes, so they pulled out of the war and what they said is hey. This isn't working. The cost is too high for how much were able to put the damage out so a couple years later in response to this issue, what the astrain government ended up actually doing instead was they create a bounty system where they put bounties out for the cops pictures of emus around town? Have you seen this bird word an it's literally just the same bird its, however Yomas look forward they're just like and say so all the the farmers, the Google searched e move, just stuck it on there. At warners were getting paid to do it, one of the guys at the House I represented is didn't know there was a difference between EMOs and Emos, so the whole time, and so he just put like a hot to a candle like the Han covering his eye and tips yeah, and so over a six month period, the government had paid out fifty seven thousand bounties. So later estimation was way wrong, that it was only twenty thousand wow to these farmers who they were war vets. So these farmers were like hey, you guys can't do this we're going to go, get them, and so they didn't Worak this in our own names yeah. So they really did these farmers went out and they just went on this massive EMU because you could turn that into a full time job yeah I mean if I you get bounties yeah I for getting banes and if you figure out how to catch e moves yeah. If you can figure out their tactics and subvert them, then you can get away with it. I guess yeah you got like an a team. There rolls up in the vain. I pity the bird serten subs of the e team, the a I was going there, that's where I was going. Well God I could jump the line for you and they you know they just roll up and take them out. Yep Yop Yop exactly so. They they faced a pretty fierce criticism right around when this whole thing was kind of coming to light during the middle of the thirty. So after the war had ended, they, the public, was like you guys who are like exterminating this rare email. It was like this rare species, yeah a Yu're gonna, make it go, ing, stick yeah exactly, and so they faced fierce criticism for in it. But then World War Two happened and everybody forgot about it. Everyone was like this is a it's all right, yeah they were like yeah. We got more things to worry about, and so this is the the great more. A lot of people argue that Australia lost this war because they did just kind of give up. When did they give up or like? When? Are they when do they stop killing EMOs? So in December one HOUSN, nine hundred and tirty two, so the government, another government, I'm saying the bounties and stuff. Oh this other killing a move. To this day, I don't think they're out there killing Yas. I think it was a couple of years. I think so they requested assistance again in the in thirty four forty three n forty eight only be turned down by the government. Instead, the bounty system had been re, instigated and continued, and so over the course of Gosh it looks about about thirty years. They don't want Osten, which about fifty seven thousand emails and for bounties, so they were just killing off all these okay. So we we we, how much did they get paid for each bird? I don't know that because here's what I'm thinking right you and I, if they're, still doing the bounty system yeah right, you and I moved to Australia, yeah. Okay, we catch a few EMOs yeah. We we give them to meat, okay right and then we kill them turn them in for the bounty. And then we kill our kids. Well, we got to get those to meet first yeah. I'm saying we created in the cycle: we just have an e move farm yeah that you know as they get older. We just use, take them in and like we kill enough like there's like do you're constantly brigit's e moves and I'm like yeah yeah come with the beaker. Did you say the Beaker, the beaker? I love that yeah because I imagine like riding in the town on a hoorse people are like it's. You Know Two thousand and twenty one now I'm riding on a horse, and you hear that I, like that all dude the beaker come on. That's pretty cool guy who chases down emus and just I mean again, okay, again, a get a gait again Jaren, Tim and Jaron on there here is when you're fighting me move. You know you're from the future. You got that weird, like glass, his glasses thing over one eye, which I don't think we'll ever become a trend, but whatever play you know, I rolete you like I'm the Beaker, I'm the Beaker, or we should make this movie. This is I vissim. This is a short for one day. We just had this a short film idea: Yeah we're sus at Sundance. Well, start a media company called tall films. I guarantee it's already a thing, but it's funny anyways. These seems, like you know, excited about. I am like I mean you know it kind of feels it here's what it feels like when we started this podcast. It feels like that same energy. We're like at be a fun idea. You know o well yeah, just give it four years and I'll get excited about it. Kyoka, that's fun! It looks like the price that they were paying was four and a half pence which today is equivalent to about sixteen dollarss. Oh, that's not as much as I thought yeah, but that's four and a half pence to today. I think there's an inflation number, so I would guess it'd be about a hundred with inflation. So, like four and a half pence in today, four and a half pence would be sixteen dollars, but four and a half pence back then to US dollar with puss in pation. I think it'd be around a hundred La per bird. You still not much us made all that up, I think, but whatever okay, whatever I could make stuff up, is that a legal? No is fine. I got freedom of speak. I was thinking I was thinking. They were dealing out like a thousand dollars a bottle. Think so I don't think so, because you could turn that into a full time. GIG pretas yeah. No, it doesn't seem like that, but it'd be better for the movie. If it is like right, let's make it like ten thousand a bird yeah it'll be more interesting. That's what I er yeah! They call him the beaker. I like it. I like it. It's you and me man, I'm Baker and your squawk Squawk Beaker, squat quack, get it just be squak no like squaks better than he squak squad. It is that's why I made his quass CA. ACOG is clearly less cool and, like people call you squawk and you correct them, and no it's Qui a squaws. Excuse me please, like you, Er such a nerdy dude in the in the e team fan. You know like you're like get in the bathe like you, squak get up here and you're like it's Squak, quack, say it right or don't say it at all and they're like all right, say it right or don't say it at all, where I'm I'm putting mine, you you've cut off two toes on each foot, so you can connect with the birds or whatever that means, and you I try to get in their mind space. I have. I have my my big toe my pinky toe in that middle time, exactly cut off every mini, say that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean that's exactly what I was thinking. I'm not shopping. Thank of course no! No! No! You got to take every other YEP YEP. So you got this weird like if this is a gang, Zembla, Pais, weird three and he just he has a really hard time. Balancing he's always stumbling around, because he only has three sorry had three does squawk. Are you okay, broken neck? I hear it. You falling down the stairs you're like against the corner like squawk. Are you all right? Are you get squat? It's Squawk squak all right. Well, we're gonna have to we're. Gonna have to hit the rider's room on this. Oh, my gosh. I want to go see this wall honestly yeah. That would be pretty cool. What, if you and I walk the wall Bro that would take cheer it's a continent size wall that would take us weeks. It's two sand miles long. You don't spend that much. How many miles I'm going to google maps how long the walk would do now, there's a due to walk across the whole United States. You know yeah, but he had a cross. He had a reason for it. What that was for the Lord Okay Difference, we're doing this, for why no reason at all for the bit anyway, yeah I'm trying to Google maps it, but I'm I honestly when you said they were they put two gunmen on the top of the hill right there's the mob in the middle, the mob of e Moo in the Midle, I thought they were going to pull a gideon. What do you mean where they just play? Music, real loud ords? You know, but maybe you know in the s the fiddles were pretty it'd, be hot or be a fiddle of nothing. I

Every nation in the world has had its fair share of embarrassing moments. But only one has lost a war to flightless birds. In 1932, the Australian military sent a small group of soldiers to the outback to rid the area of emus who were destroying local crops. The Australian government didn’t expect the decision to lead to The Great … Read More

Government Cheese – When The President Bought Way Too Much Cheese


Episode Transcription

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Hey Man: what's up, have you ever heard of government cheese, government, cheese, yeah, government chet is a brain of cheese like grat has a new sort editor and it's government. It feels like. What's the what's the insurance, I I re straight from that. You knew exactly what I was talking about for you know exactly talk about its general general, it so mate, the general yeah. We save or run a gala, general and cheese. So I imagine that the general he got a cheese game. Yeah is a side Hustle in Jim General, Jim N Gin, Jim Tenjin, okay. They also call that cause he's an alcoholic but government cheese yeah for a great well right. You couldn't. I almost had it anyway yeah to make that Burger better on fourth of July, put us go to the fridge and grab a five. That's o all the theme don't Spit on my caritte. It's not water! You can't spit that out. As for me of my house, we will serve Salami. I thought that at your wedding I was like this is an in authentic and we, when you get locked up, you eat a lot of government che whenever Farmville was taken off on facebook and they were like who the farmers are just going to do. This is things so go? I think I know this one. Actually, I straight up yeah, because the government bought a bunch of dairy as a bail out right, essentially yeah. That's the episode yeah, that's Great! Well, the only the reason I'm bringing it up, I'm spoiling it ahead, a not the cheese, the cheese last for a while. It's not spoiled, but I told this to I did the most old man thing in the world yeah, which was I was checking out at HIV yeah and the cashier was like a lot of people buying cheese today, for whatever reason I don't know why they made that their small talk and then I went, did you know the government bought a lot of cheese on? She was like she's sixteen she's like WHA head and that way yeah the government bought a lot of they keep it in caves. She was like tell us about the telephone have key cave she. I got some slices of keys over here. Anybody needs some American keys all right. Well, what you had two episodes prepared right. Let's just jump to this like t'stay. Tell you about something you know about, so the government in the s realize something, and it was that farm murs farmers were realizing also at the same time, everyone was realizing. Fibers are realizing that industrialization was going well yeah and there was better paying jobs in the city and, at the same time, you're seeing the american dream start to really take shape. Yeah and farmers are say man. If i've moved to the city, i can build cars and i can make more money and have a lot less risk that i have living on the farm. So farmers were ditching their farms and going in the cities, because you don't got to rely on rain for cars to grow yeah. You just got a relyin spray paint falling from the sky, the pain yeah. I got it. No, i hunt that's why ford didn't paint their cars in the beginning. They only so i corsaro climate change put that out there for it is like it is, and i wonder if we, if we just change the climate enough, if that orange sky will just produce a lot of orang calcars. So will you tell me in this episode? If, because cheese is not yellow right, no, they die that stuff. Oh, that a hundred percent okay yeah, so the government was like well. This is a problem. We don't want all of our farmers, stopping farming yeah. We got to keep them in the fields, yeah keep them in the fieldsbecause, because here's the thing there problem was same with a city yeah, it's a lot like a field of dreams. If you build it, the farmers will come well and you were like we got to go. We don't want to we, don't we let them to stay yeah, so they what they were really really concerned with was if, if the farmers aren't farming, then yeah, we have to start importing all of our food and they were in. Then we were reliant on other people, especially because we're in the s where in the middle of well, not even we're not in it yet, but the world wale was happening. This was after world war two. So now so now, they're freaked out that they're, like man, we saw world war, two happened yeah. We can't work in everybody yeah. If we were relying on someone else, they said for what year we are now. It's like forty, eight forty, nine, oh, okay, okay, okay, r, yeah. Yes, it's after world war, two, but everyone's like. If some other country we were lying on them for food, they could at the blink of an eye. Just like we're done giving this dan. It would be a levers guy will exactly. They were pint that you had you can't like compromise on or they could poison it yeah at's that there's a lot of risks to having food come from outside, so they wanted to keep their food on the inside, which is generally the goal. If you keep it in you, you don't want it to go anyways. So i don't want food to leave your body. No, i wanted, you know how your dogues et works. Hey man have you ever heard of the lower in testing. I thought today we're ready to like biology. Here's here's, my understanding if you eat and you and you start like dissolves it and pushes it into your blood stream, and then it makes blood and that's where blood comes for a leave. When you cut yourself every afternoon, i just slice my chest open to get on that hay, i'm out o. That's where that hand the piece of ham was coming out of your eye that one just twice a hey, i of whatever way out it could get. Yahi thought everybody. Someone sent me fan mail and i texted you and i said: hey look what someone sent me in the mail and you went to show your wife and you said, guess what someone sent jar in the mail. Her first guess. First guess: first guess yeah was, is it art work and i was like no she's like? Is it artwork made entirely out of deli ham? And i was that lie there was no. There was no pickey didn't show her a picture. You were like here's. What you guys saying nope you were just like: jarn got some of the male. Is it art work made of deli ham and there wasn't anything we haven't had ham in our household honestly, we've never had hammen, not a ham household. This is as for me, my house. We will serve salami, but not ham like this is not i not a ham home i'll. Tell you what that is. This is like a mands to you. I er that he hands. We are we're turkey, people and that is it exactly. Maybe shredded chicken maybe shot a little bit of shad ye for a feel and rich that, like slice buffalo, the deli make that's good anyways. So the government was scared that they are going have to rely on somebody else, and so they didn't want to do that. So what they started doing is they said: hey we can artificially boost boost these farmers, and so they started buying up all their wheat and their corn and even some of their jerry products. So the government did to farmers what your dad did to you with razor scooters. Yeah i was just like was like look at all these customers. You have you're doing so. Your just i mean farming really is a such a great are like their manipulative parents, they're just like you're, a good farm. Look at your american dreams, we're going to start calling your cheese and the no, and you know they has the same freak out in two thousand and thousand and twelve yeah. Whenever farmville was taken off on facebook and they were like wather, farmers are just going to do this. Instead, i mean and then, when run skate at a faster big skill, they were like guys, shut it down, shut it down, take it off the air, take it off the air, all right, yeah, it's so at this point they were really focused on like grains and corn and things of that nature, because they could just stick it in a sile somewhere and it'll. Last a really long time yeah. They were worried about dairy, because dairy. Obviously, milk does not last very long before it gets really nasty and so it's hard to store and keep that alive for a long time alive is at the right word. If, if misas badi die, no, that's some lively milk! That's that milk is healthy. So i the miles got a hard beat. I tell you what yeah listen to that tasor? Stick you up to the label. He's got, is tethea the grocer store. So what are you doing? It's two percent, i'm picking out my milk, i'm looking for the note one probable should do that we should go to i'm looking for some healthy milk. Looking for some other milk, my doctor says i got to make a switch. Excuse me. Man, do you know i can't find any milk in this establishment with a good heart, beat? What's a what's a healthy heart beat? What's the number everything's got a bad and it's like a sixteen year old girl that works at the grover store and she's like she goes, and she tells her my i just like he did. You know milk. Has a heart beat slike. Okay. This is not crazy, but like this guy spent, like fifteen minutes explaining it to me in the in the mill, cile and cato stethoscope, and he was wearing like a doctor's robe. So i mean you're going to the now you're in scrubs, all right now, you're you're, going to the store, you're getting dressed and you're, not a household. You got to stay out, you're, putting a whole a white jacket on you. Can't re is like: where are you going im and you're like i'm goin, to get us some milk? Now? The other question is: if you're going to the store for nat milk, yeah yeah, you have to do the get up. No because you're not doing anything medical at that point, you're not taking the heart beat of the bread. So you don't need. This is a medical milk trip yeah all right, whatever keep going so yeah milk is harder to keep yeah, so they started converting it to things like powdered milk and butter and cheese, but they didn't. They didn't buy a lot of him and yeah. They quickly ran into the issue of the grain and the corn. They could keep for a really long time and it wasn't a big deal, but the even the stuff that they converted still didn't, keep for very long. So they had a reselling it later that that was one thing that they were struggling with because they said hey. If we buy this and we resell it, we're creating competition for them, so we have to buy it and hold it for a really long time before i can't sell it or else i it doesn't, do the intended effect of raising that price for them to make it lucrative for them, because that was the whole idea. Is they wanted to raise the price they weren't, because they're manipulate in the market yeah they were minion the market. So is the same thing as game: stop it's. They just bought enough of it to where the price went up. You know it wasn't and what is game stops heart beat? You know i mean it depends what you're playing, but sometimes it's. I read a yahoo finance article about it. The other day reputa source for stocks, yeah finance, the heart beat of okay amit. I was just watching a dave port and ala tick, talk about it and that's where i get all of my stock advice, and i know a lot about it now, so they pushed they push the price up, but if they all of a sudden released all that they bought back into the market, it would kill the price. So they wanted to hold it for a really long time, right, obviously with the cheese and any of the dairy protest, they couldn't do that they quickly were like. Oh, this was a misstep, so what they started doing is they started? Releasing this government cheese to the military and to schools, they didn't have a ton of it, so that was kind of all that they needed to do, and it was just it just fed soldiers and children for a little while or our soldiers just eaten cheese. I mean yeah like yeah yeah they're, just like here's, some cheese like is this like an we have like quesal on. There are ecolint be greedy. All right. We just got through a second world war. Okay, you eat your cheese and you smile about it. Like you evermore lly our parents, at this point there was like just eat. The cheese eat your cheese, it's all we got okay so and that kind of that kind of was the end of this. For a while, they were spying product from these farmers trying to push the price up and they were just holding on to whatever they could as long as they could and then the is hit and if the roaring s the seventies were real, weird time, because inflation in the s was the highest it had ever been in history, i'm gonna, i'm gonna butter. This i'm going to look it up to see. If i can is inflation in the seventies higher than it is now yeah, the seventies was the the worst inflationary pistor in worst inflationary. I period history in his history definition history that just really ticks you off when you like, when you, when you hear about this story, it just really makes you angry. You know, and that's history- i'm just soling you're watching pistoria that girl we've got history. Hey thanks for being here, we've got merchandise, it's a way to support the show and help us do more stuff by new equipment to reach more people. If you l like what we're doing, i want to help us do that more. Please consider doing that. If you want to link to that all of that's going to be sent to you. If you is text till in to six six, eight, six, six i'll tell you it's not a thing or we're going to text you a lot where no, it's, not a tech service, we're not going to like send you more than, but it's just a way for you to get a link. It's one text! That's all we're going to send. I promise you pretty sure that inflation rates in the seventies over the whole course of sens year over year, like seven and a half percent inflation every year. Oh okay! So it wasn't. Now i don't know inflation. What is the current inflationary? Two percent? Oh wow? Oh well, that was in two thousand and seventeen this last year was one point four. So let me double teck this. Why they have in the s whose fault was that i mean it just depended on the on the year, but it was six percent four percent three percent, seven percent, like there's just a lot of stuff going on the stock market, was really just up and down in the s, and that's all i know about so i don't know rang very short. I don't know this side of the story. Girl i know is inflation was really bad in the s and what that meant is that obviously, businesses were not making as much on their products because they had to raise their prices, but they weren't selling at their higher prices, and so jimmy carter, when he was running for president made this promise in one campaign speech he said and do our farmers he's like. I will raise the price of milk and it was kind of a passing comment like it was one speech. He mentioned it kind of a passing comment, but then he got elected and the farmers of america like like helping to it were that one time that you say you're going to raise milk and he's like why he, like you, said that you were going to raise milk and he's like i don't know. Are they doing like you mean their heart beats? Are they doing a adio milk cardio sounds like one of those weird fads like a kito kind of diet thing? Where he's like a did. We do milk cart over there. He run like four miles and we just chug a half hour milk and i just throw up everything. So they don't understand what they're doing is just purging all their food yeah yeah, but it makes it lose a lot of ways so really fast. Like really fast, did you ever do the milk challenge in high school? No, was that big? Where you were no, we did an evangel yeah. We did it in high school there's the worst man where you try to drink a whole cow n of milk, yeah yeah. They would do it outside of right outside of walter e, so gross yeah anyways, so the farmers hall jimmy care to it. We're basically like you have to do this now he was like i'm the president. I listen here this. He no man, you say you're, one of us. We don't believe it. You just raise peanuts. How hard is that all right, so we scratched your back yeah no scratch out now raise our milk prices, and so the government was left with this problem. They're like okay. How are we going to raise the prices o mi, there's kind of two ways: two philosophies to this one: you can restrict the amount of milk in the market and the easiest way to do that is to tell the manufacturers hey. You have a limit on how much milk you can make, but america wasn't going to do that for two reasons. One says a precedent that you can throttle supply and demand sort of yeah yeah. I mean i don't know they were that concerned with that yeah er cry. I think i think the big issues were one it's kind of becomes a wash because it's like, then you raise the price, but then is not selling as much so it ends up being you're still making the same amount of money and then the other side. Was it not very free, they're very concerned with freedom, and that's not that's what i just said and you were like well, okay, whatever or just go, and you say: okay now you have to sell it for this amount, which is also not very free, and so what then they kind of found a loop hole which they were like hey. We remember we did this in the s. What if we just bought a ton of milk and they're like that, my work, so they pretty much just went to all the farmers and they were. We just got to build a bunch of refrigerators. First. Well, here's what they said. They went to the farmers and they straight up said hey. If you want to sell us milk we'll buy it, it just tell us how much you want to sell us and we'll buy it, and that was the deal. It was just tell us how much you want and we'll buy it from you. I mean it's essentially, it's just a stimulus package sort of, and so the farmers were just like. Okay, i'm going to sell you a ton of milk, like literally one ton, one ton of milk, but tell you one ton of milk and the governs like cool, and then they just bought it and that's kind of how the process went. And what was interesting, though, is the government kind of put these systems in place because they're like we, don't want your bad milk like what you good stuff, good milk, and is this why at school they have milk? I don't know, actually, maybe is this why they got milk initiative started. I thought that i couldn't find anything on that, but i m i am almost positive that i'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is. Airlike guys, the the bottom of the pyramid is actually now dairy and you have to have a lot of it every day. Yeah. You know that thing that you're born and you like are supposed to have for like a little bit well, either all to have it from a cow after yeah once you yeah, you just have to have it the rest of you at about goat milk shut up that does don't exist, go to exist there, not like they're, telling you they're, not trying to be is got arragos are only good for staring at a exactly so they they cut a ton of it and they they created this almost group of government employees who would travel from farm to farm, okay, who rating cheese and other derry parks. Okay, okay, okay, not like shredding but like living at right, great in milk, yeah, and so what they would do is they would literally travel and they would take like core samples of cheese and they would taste it and they would give it a score who's. Who imagine this guy? I think these people exist. I know they exist because i've seen him in a coal verse, commercial yeah, they're like what's it for wine, some a how you say: lin some alie yeah, but they're like for cheese for cheese and thatsachen like and you have to trust them and you got like o got. You got. You got a hope, but they didn't that they, you know something else in the car and the way they are after take. How do they cleanse their pawet yeah? I don't know that i assume they cleanse the power. I did actually listen to an npr interview with one of these guys who used to be one of the cheese graters. How do you get into it? You know: do you go to college for it? They got. They got a cheese, greater college yeah i got. I got my bachelor's, a cheese grating, but no! No! No! You need at least a masters to do that. Well, what he said is he was like he's like it's kind of insane. No, i have right. I have a ph cheese and it's up here on the wall. You can see it. I graduate with honors. I list: is it be our interview with the guy who used to do it and he said he would hit the road for you time we retired yeah yeah, i'm not a have anybody doing it. I don't know. I listened to the interview, so i don't know he met didn't mention he actually set made a fat joke about himself. So, oh so he's large he's got to be yeah but yeah. He he said he was spend ten weeks on the road just going farm to farm tasting cheese, and he said he said the qualities we were looking for is like how metallic is it? How fruity is it like what type of like do like region? It's? It was crazy. The like lists that he gave for the ranking system, but the government would only take great a cheese we imagine looking for the government. Imagine that you have like a government badge, yeah yeah and, like someone finds out you work for the government and they're like oh, oh, do you like do that, because it's a cold war they're like in this spy and he's like yeah? I know a little bit. Yeah, i spend a lot of time on the road dude he's like i mean okay, so you can imagine the see where that goes to a bar with some buddies right and they're. Like he's got work for the government. He can't tell us what he does. You know and, like you know, they're trying to impress some girls at the bar right, the it's now the it's the s and ets right saya, i imagine like road house, you know yeah, and so it's like yeah he's, like you know, can always drinking at the end of the night. He's just tipsy enough that he's like yeah, take it a picture and they go say cheese and he goes ha. I see that's what i that's. Actually i eat a lot of. I eat a lot of cheap, a lot of cheese and you wouldn't believe the metallic taste of some is cheese. Has so me tell you a aenean, then it's that it's that men, where the couples of the baseball stadium and the guy is just like, got her pulled in real close and is just like explaining it. Yeah he's man's plaining james laing cheese to the hall bar to the whole bar yeah. He stole the karaoke mike and then the men and black pull in, and they do that brainwash thing that everybody they take him away. They kill government's super serious, yeah they're, very so here's a thing you're saying they killed them. He kill a o. They killed them because he's the thing they don't want the tax payer to know that this is what they're spending their money on they like they're, like we don't want anybody to know. This is your tax dollars an we we've got a lot of projects coming a lot of infrastructure. You know, we've got a lot of things to boost the economy and i'm really hoping that things go smoothly. Yeah and a lot of the things that we did before you know. We took those plans and we shredded them. They had a whole team of people that were traveling in the country. Tasting cheese like that. I had to cost a lot when you figure salary on to trackers and all that it was not cheap, but it was they bought all this cheese and they were buying milk. They quickly were like this is going to work. We're going to lose all this mok started by long like she's, pretty much cheese not much longer, but it's better than milk yeah as the pot. Well then, because they bought a bunch of it, they had to sell it back and that's where they started like they gave her such a discount rate. Well, here's what happened yeah, so they bought five hundred sixty million pounds of cheese across the d s was that guy's joke on npr. He was like it was allmost s as much as i way was that his joke, no, no okay, but he, but they bought so much cheese and they were like okay, where we going to put this because you can't just like five hundred sixty million pounds of cheese, it a lot and so what they did is across thirty two states. They found cold storage plants and they just kind of delivered it there and rented space for decades to keep their chees in their chees. Meanwhile, is like starting to get mouldy. Their biggest facility actually was here in kansas city, so they cut old george lofts yep, the no no subtropics, the underground cold storage- oh, oh, a or the casino yep yeah, and that that's a fifty five million square foot facility and they were using the majority of it to keenin the s s and t and s to store their cheese. A hundred feet under ground as, like you just see a truck, and i imagine it- and i know this isn't real but is is the way i maginn my head right. Isn't there rolling into kansas city with just giant vel vita sticks that i huge bibite sticks on the back of his trailer massive yeah. That's pretty close to what it was actually happening. They were shipping them in barrels, but it was just they cut them into the shape of a barrel and it's like stuck it in a barrel and that's how they ship them. So there's the big barrels of just solid cheese and they were just storing them in these gold stores ocations and there they lasted apparently a while, but they were starting to mould over and they're like okay. Well, we need to do something with this and their options were destroy it, which they figured would be bad publicity because they're like were, i mean they bought five hundred, sixty million pages go in and there you know. If you melt five hundred and sixty million pounds of cheese at your onoyom yeah, i mean well not even that you're creating a forty foot wave of nacho cheese right, yeah yeah. They i mean they're, going to create a salt, boston, malasana thing exactly where it's just nato cheese yeah, so what they do with instead, so they said okay. Well, maybe we can sell it, but that was the same issue. They said if we sell, if we a m, did you know how the farmers are selling great a cheese? Would you like to purchase hear me out? Would you like to purchase some mouldy cave cheese? I, like you, guys, are going to package out a little better yeah, so they had successfully. They successfully drove the price it because the farmers were like. Oh, my gosh, this is working, and so they just kin investing they're like let me buy more cows and make more thees, so they just started making as much cheese as they possibly could and they were like. You got, want some more cheese and the government was like. I guess i like yeah sure in the they just kept just funneling cheese into the government, and meanwhile the prices are rising because all of a sudden, a government's forcing inflation, yeah, yeah and so making cheese became a very lucrative business for farmers for a while, and so now the problem was: if they tried to sell it, they would undo everything they did. They would kill the market because they went over oversaturated yeah over saturate the supply we be like hey. I we canst millions of pounds of cheese they're like we can't sell it. We can't sell it overseas because we're exporting as well so that would kill the exports and so they'll pretty much last. As put them on boats- and he just let him on to float into the ocean, you know that's what they put an article. That's why nobody can go there anymore. Yeah, i mean there are just sixty million pounds. I mean on free ships, great h. There is just a free ship of cheese out there now, so they in the olden times they used to find ghost ships and they be like. Oh, my gosh. This is davy jones. You know and now they're like. Oh my gosh. This is cracker barrel cheese, so they they were like a drink to exactly what we used to do, let's just give it to the military and to children, and so they started sending it to schools, sedit the military, and they did that and they got cheese and all the schools and they were like all right. We still five hundred million pounds of cheat a one to got sixty million pounds yeah and they were like what well that made a den. They were like that, helped and they're the meaning and to like okay. Well, how much do we have left? Okay? Well, if we started with like let's do in numbers that our manager for if we started with twelve slices, were now down to eleven and a half slices and someone's over there eating a gene just like that's all, they have bit off a tiny lit. We go or employees on the s, wallowing cheez yeah, it's like lunch, and then this guy, like ordered, capote and he's like hey, you can't eat that is like eat these. It's like the ead is the orsieres like. No, you have to she's put that fork down put that fork that you can't eat that race slips his plate to eat the tea okay, if you're gonna do it at least add at least a four pounds of cheese. A yeah here is a twenty. Ten black every year employ daily quarter of cheese. They have to eat an you, an your cheese today, hey we! Actually, this is so effective. We actually were able to take toilets out of the o, the capital building, no one usanas the rath or anymore hey bill. I notice that you haven't put in your cheese numbers at all this week. Yeah. Can you update excel for where you're at you give me that you give me that need to know? I need to know what you're a i i on my desk by tomorrow morning. You understand here's the thing you're helping the nation. Don't forget that right also, we know that you've been sneaking cheese home to your wife and kids. We want you to know you do not have to sneak it. Take please take it take more. Is there anybody in your family who likes cheese, anybody else like we're actually going to make it mandatory. The families also have to eat all this cheese. Your whole fanoe, your youngest. You just had a new baby last year. Right, congratulations! Crety on solid food! Yet yeah can. How fast can we get them to solids yeah? Are we? Can we make a binkie of the cheese just just get this in on blocks and cheese, the government's desperate to get rid of this stuff? That's. I actually heard that some of these buildings downtown the foundation of blocks are moulded cheese, the cheese just bolded cheese. That's what i heard this a chief piracy. The government came out on so ces under the reagan administration. They were like. We got to get rid of this cheese. You like what a second perfect scenario we just say: hey. We have a new welfare program, that's going to help millions of people and we're use fo, give away three cheats yeah. So they started the government cheese program yeah which they went to every nat, every city or every state, and i said hey: if you ask for jes, we'll give you like thirty million pounds of it say like we. Don't i onthe governments like do you? Do you do but think about it? How many million pounds of cheese do you have now? I mean as yourself like thirty ask yourself how many, how many pounds of cheese do you have right now, not a lot uh yeah, you could use more, so they started the government. These program he's the thing most of the cheese was going back and so what they said is hey. We could process this and make it one last longer and then make it to savage the good sides of the not multi cheese. So it became really so they ad they pretty much made velvit yeah. They may be ta bricks, which is not cheese, half cheese. It's got cease ashes in it. It's cheese, ness, yeah, yeah, and so they just started shipping it to all these little cheesy states that were that were issing for ten stand up comedy or it's like it's not completely cheese, but it's it's got to be some cheese yeah, and so this became kind of a phenomena where you had to be on like welfare or food stamps, or something like that. You did have to spend food stamps to get them, and you had to like him package you had to like prove a your welcome package for program. Here's some cheese, yeah yeah, and so you pretty much can sign up to it like a monthly shipment of this cheese. Here's the thing about the cheese it became a big deal really quickly. I think, for a couple reasons, one for some reason: it just kind of invaded pop culture like it was in s and l. They reference it in s and l all the time. There's a bunch of singers government, cheese, yeah, there's a bunch of singers who would reference it. It was in movies, people, reference government, cheese and, in fact, in the early two sands, this was after the government. Cheese phenomena have kind of ended, but somehow they got rid of it yeah they ended it i'll talk it we'll talk about that in a second, but somehow so dog, because he's new dog got his hand on some government cheese and he came on martha stewart show and taught her how to cook with the government cheese yeah. It was that big of a deal that it just kind of invaded pop culture for a little bit that government cheese was around because for some reason what year was that he early and right during the show he was like you should get used to this taste because you're going to add a lot of this in jail when you get locked up, you're need a lot of government. She you gon, need more of that yeah here's a thing. It became something that people who ate government cheese loved it because it was made out of great ages. Well, okay, so here's the thing it's kind of like. I imagine that it's not good. I mean that's what you would imagine, but so it's kind of like to me. It's like mexican villa right. Okay, did you ever go? Explain, did you or max yeah you didn't like it. I thought it was pretty good. Did you really yeah? I thought it was. Oh tit was decent. Well, you got bad taste. That makes sense, so it's objectively not great as kinil. If you don't know it's a chain in springfield, missouri yeah, it is basically if pizza. If pizzas, if people from branson went to a mexican restaurant and then they were like, we should try this yeah yeah. So it's just as ben it's just white people who make mexican food and it's decent. It is okay, you, but i grew up on it. So we loved it yeah, but you didn't like their salsa yeah. I thought they sells was a little the sweet sauce, mah yeah, yeah yeah, we loved it grown up, that's interesting! So we grew we g. I was thinking because we grew up on it. We were like this is a springfield state. This is amazing and then people from not springfields come and they're. Like you guys are. I don't think it's like that. I think it's more of because here's the thing it was made from great ages like this is top shelf cheese that, like you're buying when your cheese, samolians yeah that so and sos and yeah they processed it and they turned it into like a velvet, a thing, but at its base it was great ages and because the processing it melted, really really well yeah. And so there was something about it that once the government ended the government cheese program, people started being like desperate trying to figure out how to recreate government cheese because they loved it. So much and there's restaurants out there that claim to have government cheese recipes to make government cheese with their burgers or their sandwiches or whatever they're making cheese with, because people apparently love government cheese, and it was a big deal until the s when they kind of started, run out of their stock pile and they ended the government cheese program until recently. In two thousand and sixteen at the beginning of the trump presidency, farming surprise surprise had been a little less lucrative than it had over the past and he was like you know what i've got a very original idea that no one's ever thought of before the best idea i ever had in my life yeah yeah, what if we just buy it? What if we just five hundred and sixty million pounds of cheat exactly five hundred and sixty million yes random number, i thought of son kansas city, all of it out in kan city and then do they buy a bunch of cheesecakes and they are reintroducing the government cheese program right now. So you can get government cheese again. So we're going to do like a tasting show where we eat government cheese. Well, that's the thing! I don't know how you can like get your hands on it without being like on welfare. Where do they got a government cheesecake? I don't know, i mean they're almost cancel my shows. I a gill go on welfare for the cheese, oh, my god, i'll go on way welfare for the bit. So i found i searched governances ca, etired me to a site called squad: helpdom, slash names, last government, cheese, okay and it's like a web store and it says government she's. It's got a picture of like some fany looking wine and cheese on the table, i'm going to make a shirt, that's just like a capital building, but it looks like cheese government, cheese, government, cheese, eight, eight thousand dollars for a block of government cheese yeah. This seems like a scam. This seems very scam because it looks like one of those rooms, cape sites where you can buy corn. All this is government scom is for sale. Okay, okay, kay, hey, hey! Look at me how many more patrons ports we need. I was literally going to say: textiles, eight, six, six to get us government e stacom. This is what we're going to spend your eve. Is your tax dollars that your patrin dollars at work yeah we're going to buy five hundred, sixty million ounces and here's the thing there's still more expensive than people realize? Okay, because firt of all we got to pay alex for us in the show. Ever. Okay and then we also got a rent storage space at the sub, propolis and sub trop. Okay, and then we have to get the transportation for, and we also got to hire some dude to travel around for ten weeks at a time, and he sees- and i mean like i would do it- i would do it i i would do i would do it is the i s. If you want more episodes, i got to be home, i got it yeah. We got to be around text till into six six, eight six, six speaking of patrons. This was recommended by one of our patron snide pancake. So thanks, sty pancake for this recommendation, people's names and discord are just you know. My name and discord is jaren. You know why, because i'm an adult- and i don't- i don't understand it- you know mine- is in discord. It's tib, tib, yeah. Speaking of i delivered a door dash, ordered it tibert the other day, birgus text you that taper tibbards. This is a show. I was acting surprise for the show yeah. I don't do that. That's inauthentic and weird, which is also like the rest of your life too. I thought that at your wedding i was like this is an inauthentic a week. Don't spit that on my cover. It's t, that's not water! You can't spit that out. That'll stay in this carpet i'll get charged on that. I have a security deposit, a state here right, i'm going to need the security tepoto, my guess on his goveren spit it in your tea bag over here, there's a good like twenty seconds there, where i was debating just paying your security bus. So if you decided in your head, you had decided to do it. You would have spit the tea in the carpet, turn around and push a l tand then just walk out like i'll pay for it i'll pay for it, because people support us on patriot, your patron dollars at work or by merchandise. Also text till i sixteen sixty six. Also, if you buy merchandise or support a patron you're paying for my security deposit, we can just tear apart this apartment. That's what i call an apartment, so harrod apartment her apartment. I got so do that whenever i'm rich there's a lot of rich people ideas i have in my head, like sometimes i'm like man, i would just buy some cars and just drive them into a wall. Yeah yeah! That's pretty! It's pretty funny, t time that i'm like whenever i see you honestly like when we're going to the meat at like topola, something i'm just like i'd, be funny my tap every t yeah. I think that all the time, a yeah and with your car man that i could afford to replace it, it's honestly about the same price of my security post. So but that would be pretty funny whenever i'm just saying rich people don't care they, don't they don't care. Let me tell about the. Let me tell you, let me tell about this government cheese. I don't know if i've told you enough about this, yet ye sor for the time. How long are we in this episode? What's the time like forty minutes? Great thanks for finally getting to the point i remember hearing about government cheese, i don't remember where i heard about it. First, i think it was in a movie argo with me at the store one time, because i told the the cashier all about. I sit there. You were talking at first, but he thinks an what is that? That's an odd concept. Oh yeah, we were at the store one time yeah and i had to change out of my scrubs in your car yeah. Can you believe i found this milk with this, this kind of a hard beat. Do you want to put some scrubs on today and go the store? There's a scrub store right next to starbucks. This is crop store right next to the store stay. I think i think they call i, and this is not a joke. I think they call a scrub up. I think that's what they call it. I think okay, so they they just gave a bunch of cheese away for a while yeah super popular. But here's what i was always curious to me. I always felt like i was like man what a waste, because here's the thing i do know that sounds bad. What i'm, but i'm like what good is a couple? Sices of cheese going to do somebody like yeah, if you can't eat anything, cheese helps right, but i mean for a lot of these people. It's chesu an ingredient, it's not a meal. It's not you're, not you're, not surviving off of government cheese. You know and he's the thing. I think i want to hear this. This privileged white man. Okay, let me finish what i'm singing here saying he's over here saying: what good is it to give food to people who need it? I'm saying what good is jeez white finish on can coot? Is it to give someone a loaf of bread when you could use that at mcallister's to make a king's club honestly? No, no ones? Let me finish what i'm saying said: we were giving them an ingredient when we spent it was five. We had five hundred sixty million pounds and they were trying to get the price of six dollars per pound. So, let's say let's say they were paying a very low rate for this two dollars a pound. They spent one point: two billion dollars buying this cheese, which drove the price up, which pushed people to not be able to afford the cheese in the first place had to give the chan get the cheese yeah and then the government came in as a hero and they were like hey. We know you can't afford jees yeah exactly a d and then even beyond all that, with you figured distribution, storage, the the cheese samales, the rouen yea, their process has been more worth. It would have been like two billion dollars, i'm like you could have given them, something that wasn't just an ingredient but actual like sustenance for that same cost, because you were giving them something you spent so much to just keep that in storage for ten years and then give them something. That's like i mean it's your fault. That's is expensive. To begin with. That's my that's! My issue is that it it seems like getting choked up here. It seems like it seems like want it's their fault to begin with and they're acting like. I also believe it's their fault, they're, poor. No, that's the gono! I hear what you're saying i hear what you're saying if you can't afford to eat it's your fault. I'd say: if that's what his stone is same, a government's fault. I didn't think this was going to be a shaming thing. You know how on i was on unemployment last year. What do you think about me? You were on unemployment. I, okay yeah. I think that the government's fault the government made the cheese prices so high and then they gave people cheese acted like a time and now they could what it doesn't matter. What you're saying i'm lily not even listening to anymore, i'm just going to be like wow. Why? I do so much wow honestly and we have free timson, hats or merch store, but i'm going to take those down, because i think you should be locked up yet what absolutely monster i want to put out merchandises says: canceroso canceled, timson wow. I can't believe you had that thought and then you were like. Let's make this thought public. Oh, my gosh, i'm just quoting tweets i've seen people respond to things that are not cancellable, offenses and they'll, be like wow. I cannot believe you made this thought public yep yep. So thank you laugh talk to you hear that hating the word yeah, it's my laptop. It's an all that tob we've talked about this yeah. You have a new one in your backpack. I remember to know tim has a new laptop and he just goes yeah, but the stickers are part of the brain. This is part of the tilling. I think we, i n- and this is speaking honestly candidly- even we should rebrand. This looks like trash. I literally said i was like i was like i was like i. I know i got the new laptop, but i can't use it until i cover it in this mithtake s. I need this much stickers, this much stickers. Oh, my gosh okay, so you think that the government inbut i mean the hindsight- is ton twenty on it, though you know, because you can go- and this is, i think the problem with all government programs essentially, is that it's always solving a problem that exists right now. Yeah and it ends up creating a bunch of other problems. You know, but they were solving the problem of farmers. Yeah needed a stimulus, it did. It did and it's much easier to get those funds past yeah rather than saying hey. Can we just give a billion dollars to farmers to the you know the government's like? Well, we want something in return for it. Well, withies 't super make sense. Yen years later, yak, because, like okay, they're, like it's easier to justify to statuens, were gei bought otoc from them. Yeah you know, and then what happens is you know? You've raised the price and you've priced out people that you now have to give that product to for free, it's kind of like it's kind of it's. It really is a trolley problem. They solved the issue of us getting locked in its. He didn't work, we heselton the other track sufficient yeah. True, you know, but i mean do they ever know. That's what i'm saying yeah is there and then what happens is then they create a government program to give those people cheese, which then floods and saturates this whole like yeah. You know it wasn't, which i don't think was their first choice. I think it was right. It was a i mean to borrow a babraham term. I think the government was like well. This is a happy accident. You can make ourselves look better, but i don't then they did kneel some pr stuff advertat they did. They did yeah. So it's o government, cheese man, it's a weird thing. If anybody's ever tried it, i want to know what you think of it, because i've seen a lot of people. I've seen some people who think is awful, but i seen a lot of people who think is really good. I don't want to know where to get my hands on some, because i do want to try some like the freeze get my hands on some. You know it just feels wrong. I don't like that phrase on any tin and that's not even about like o the way. It's just the way that you say like. I would love to know where to get my hands on. So what o? I just don't like the phrase yeah on dethign. Some, you give him a team. I would just love to hear that jesus heard i want to listen to your cesi, would love to feel the pulse of that cheese. Yeah! Here's the thing about government shes! If you listen to any guy you put, that sees, goes up real real close. You got to get right up on it and you listen closely. Do that again. Do you hear it? I don't listen closely. The fiddle off t

Every Presidential candidate makes promises throughout their campaign to sway voters to earn their spot as president. For many candidates, only a few of these promises come to fruition. Other promises haunt them throughout their presidency. These promises present challenges for the White House in a few unique scenarios long after the president who made them is gone. That is … Read More

Chrome Dome – Why Pilots Flew Nukes Around for 8 Years


Made by robots, for robots. Only read if you're weird.

A man can't like pickles we're not starting our episode that line S N A context in the episode all right, Sorr SARS, we'll start the I like pickles, I'm just saying I've. I've eaten the jar pickles every night and honestly, I feel like my face, is a little tighter. Like my double change on, like I feel like it's working, hey man at have you ever heard of operation, chrome, Dome, Grom, Dome, see when you use it as a verb. It feels really wrong, like entities, nothing funnier to be than stilled water, freaking from Dome, Weird Guy, that little girl yeah drop her from an airport and we're back you. We should all go to like couples therapy together. Things, operation, chrome, Dome, yeah, operation, Croye, yeah, really yeah, it's where so. Google came out with these chrome books, right yeah, and so what I've been doing is just smacking people over the head with chrome books. Yeah, that's is that it's chrome omen, someone get Ruedi, don't know it just sounds really not appropriate. It's got. Chrome Dome, see what you use it as a verb. It feels really wrong it's. He is we doing this week at crum. Do it just feels not right at all operation, chrome, Don? I'm convinced that this is like. I'm convinced at this point that the military names their operations after nicknames they give to people in the military that a Orono's go. You came with braces one day and that's what they call him, my God here so no braces. I don't like it. It makes me cos very. Unlike I mean the two thousand and twenty mask thing that was your year. You know to be an adult with ten it yeah. I just I automatically. Let's say let's say I need a lawyer. Okay, I hire a lawyer that lawyer shows up to court as an adult with braces yeah. I immediately assumed that I'm going to spend forty years in jail, yeah like yeah for a oad parking ticket, just put me in prison. Honestly, honestly, your honor all the charges I brought against me. I know that I didn't do them, but I will I will plead guilty just to get away from this guy be near this. I I'm wearing a sweater, so he's gonna snag it on his teeth. Kayite me away from this crow I'll tell you: what did you have prices? Yeah? Did you really yeah? You think my teeth are this beautiful on accident? Some people are yeah, I'm not natural. This isn't all natural. I it's is a modified mouth over here. This is a manipulated mouth. I'll. Tell you what yeah got some shiny naturals over there see my girl she's all natural snaggle tooth babe. My teeth are real though I'm like yours, yeah mine, are all fake. All the an that's. What I'm saying Tim has dentures tempters yeah. Okay, we want t talk about my teeth, so semper he got insecure real fast. Did you see that you see that on he Gokocht even on your camera copier? What is it see that? Oh, what happened here to I'll have a tooth there. What's anthing on the side, you know what it looks like. You know that no yeah missing two teeth on Bossie didn't brew in Yes, so I did have adulte so they pulled on and the dentist. I was seventeen. The dentist said whoops. They could put in fake teeth yeah and my parents asked how much that was, and they were like here's what happened. So I an there's back O that I go save my parents were like hey. This is really expensive and we're not going to put that much more money into your mouth want to t, and so they said four years in college, they literally they were like there you're about to turn eighteen t. So if you want on you can pay for them or later down the line, you can pay for them. Whatever you want- and I was seventeen so I was like- I don't want to pay for that, and even if I wanted to, I couldn't afford it, so I didn't put them in and so I've just not had teeth there. Since I was seventeen, so at your adult teeth, just didn't grow in we've literally never talked about. This is bizarre to me yea. I just never had a dult. Do you know our ten year? Friendship Anniversaries next year, Oh weird, and I'm just finding out that that you have civil war jaw all right just now, finding out yeah you, you look like you're the way your teeth, O o, like you, be in a museum and be like. Oh yeah, it's how teeth! LOOK BACK TEN YEAH! It's why I haven't got my wiston teeth, foot pulled because I've got room for them to come in to shift my all my moders in so they've just slowly been shifting. My dentist thinks I should put new teeth in, but honestly I've adapted to it and it's kind of Nice like I just got. There's it's kind of great, because I mean like all you dinner on an that, was a really good dinner and, like an hour later, I'm like Oh, more dinner. No, they it's like hardened up my gums. There it used to be really tender. It would hurt yeah. Thank you at Havin, my parents. Well, you know how I hardened my gums. You know I harden my gums Batas. I just smack up against rock every day. Then I would well. I started with bags of sand right and then I graduated and then I just took four on center block. I Gosh tag it my parents, so I don't want o like Im sent hard o this. I Maciel extended my years of aerly, listen to this podcast yeah, because every time I've made fun of your parents yeah they're fans. My parents are okay. Is that so hard for you yeah? Well, my parents are patron supporters. So if we think about whose parents are doing the most, it just kind of seems like you know so he's what happened, and I got all my tea. So O repartant love them. You know, that's really the question isn't it. I had braces for like twelve years, and the reason is because I had the braces and it was like a program was like you have mom from it. Then you take im off th second time around whenever at the end of the time they asked me to bite down. I thought that what was good, Oh, I know. Yeah, you told me where you like, adjusted your mouth to go. I thought what was good as to have your teeth line up perfectly. I thought that's what they were trying to do now and I wanted my braces off. So I just lied and I would just bite down straight down and they were so perplexed. They were every time they were like wow and I thought they were amazed and you were like these people have never seen teeth so good, and so they just kept extending the program to try to fix my bite. Yeah E, like a river band for extra year, you to where the River Mans right until. Finally, when I was like sixteen or Seventeen, I ran as yes, yeah yeah. I asked them. I was like I was like I was like hey. So what's the goal here, what are you guys trying to do? And then I cussed been perfect for four years like putting the thing off, I mean, and they were like they're like we're trying to make your bite like your bites lining up pertly, you don't want that. We want either an over under bite and you were like- and I was like- Oh hold on. I literally was like Oh yeah so about that here is my actual bite and then they took my braces off they're like we can do this today they were like they're like Oh and I was like I'm sorry, I've been lying to you and then I we don't care. We squeeze like four grand extra grand out of your picks, exactly yeah they're like actually like. Can you here here? Let me see your bite again and there slipping you. A fifty l see your body yeah you. Yes, things O my parents were not entertained, Sortita y and they were like. You can keep gaps in your teeth now so they're like you can pay for it, since you did that, that's what had I anyways operation, crove and really, if I can use past for it for a moment, isn't that what we do with the Lord we've spent a lot of our effort, trying to prove that we're straight and narrow, and he over bite yeah and he's just trying to fix her over bite. You know because you're biting off more than you can chew. Let's go a prayer. If you would like to know the Lord, you can make a first all you can make a donation forsa before we force of all we're going to pass the plate, which we are going to do at our ice cream social at we already pass the place with a tim right. Nowhere you doing to that. I your head again: freaking chrome, Dome, Weird Guy Okay. So what is? Operation? Chrome done? An it's not about adults with braces, so the s in the United States of America, everybody's freaked out, because the USS is gonna Lover, Ussun Yeah, the USS ended up it's the height of the Cold War and the s were a particularly tense moment in the Cold War, because the USS figured out intercontinental ballistic missiles and so that for the first time right, they could send a missilee overseas to some others. You know that the bill ogam La Events, they invented the blastic missile. No, I'm saying that, like the reason the Bileam la events were so huge is because the Russia tested those bombs and those La events were two days later, and so it became kind of like a. They really could, because I mean what city is going to target New York in Los Angeles, a exactly so interesting yeah. So one of the ways they marketed that the bill of gram revivals was the they hand as not they really did. They were like they've got missiles that can reach la now. Are you prepared to die where you know? That's crazy, that why that anyway, I know anyway, I know you did it. That's why I said it yeah things I learned last night gosh slip. We got it like ten times, but there's nothing funnier to me than spilled water. Just all over me, yeah tried so hard to hold it together too. So the US didn't have this technology yet, and so what that meant is it would take us hours to get a plane over to Russia if they shot a missile and their missiles would take thirty minutes to get to us and our intelligence at the time. We believe they had about two hundred of these, and so they could wipe out America O efore. We could get a plan across the ocean to even respond, and so fear was high, and so the US had to make a plan to respond in the event that they used. One of these missiles, operation, crome Dome, was born as change angles and cut that out to save you to save you embarrassment this as also cut a part where Tim's got weird teeth. Can you put that out? It's an image thing: it's a plan. It's a play, bask around my mouth, ancient I'll put in my mouth, just hey man have you ever heard of. We got to get some good, be roll to age. Here we go ye onter. If you can take my mouth and put it over a tin just put that in there. Okay, great okay, so chrome dome. Here's I'm on a guest, then legitimately yeah. Is it similar to the Iron Dome that Israel has where it's basically a system that identifies missiles that are flying over and then shoots those? No because Israel has that yeah, no different, pretty crazy stuff. So their response was a throw chrome books, I'm just guessing here. So here's what they did. They said: okay, our missiles theyre you don't they're, not missed with their bombs, and so a plane has to take them over there, and they said: We've got a bunch of B, Fifty two bombers. So what we're going to do is we're just always going to have a B. Fifty two bomber flying pretty close to Russia and so chrome dome, ran from sixty to sixty eight and at that time, for eight years, they've just got they've always got a for eight years. They had at least twelve B fifty two bombers loaded with nuclear bombs at all times, flying somewhere in route to Russia, but never crossing the line, but just basically circling the say where go. What's that sound is beef it to bomb ow? THAT'S THE CROMOMETER CRUMB! Dom! U Imagine that's your daily job, though, is just for eight years, maybe dropping above yeah. I dont, like you say. Let's say you serve four years in the air force right yeah, that's your job as a drive rig, and so then, after you know now, you're. However old you are, which is one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight rise or born in like the S, maybe lates, right, yeah and now you're in your is right and then your grand kids are like you were a war hero and all you did was just you were basically a sky trucker freaking running around goust. You know, saying, like you didn't I mean that's all you did so they had a couple routes that they took. The the main route was that Russia never knew. Oh No, they knew that was kind of the point. o Russia got the cross the air space and they go hello, Gary Right and then there and the non yeah all right. All right, we'll see to morrow space yeah, pretty Muche S had a couple of routes. They would depart from central us somewhere in central us. Okay fly up over the North East, around Canada, up towards Greenland, around Alaska and then back down the west coast and to wherever they came from. That was the one route huh okay, so they would go north east yeah and then over to Alaska over yeah up to Greenland and then over Canada to Alaska, say up to where Greenland you hear it right: Greenland, Greenland, what ice las we be saying wrong there, Greenland, it's land, it's La and D N! I smell end. Are you dumb, Greenland? I as a serious question? Are you an idiot, Leland ice land? That's how it's spelled: man, Greenland, Iceland, yeah! That's how Lazy People Talk Disneyland? No, it's great! No! That's how that's how people? That's, how you say all right! Hey! You know what that was a moment of conviction. God was like don't or Green Land, thank you and around Alaska and then back agayacatl right and then back into the US. The other route, the southern route de an rush, almost touch yeah thither like that they would fly over they'd wave it baby. Sarah Palin and I fly back, Hey Sarah. She grew up. You know, on the stone mobiles looking at the admiring the crumb down, she's like look at those sky tries and so the southern route they crossed the Atlantic and then just kind of circled, the Mediterranean and then came back okay and then the western route they left from the Pasich and then kind of just flew around Alaska a couple times and then came back. So it was all somewhere in route to Russia was where these were at all times was kind of the idea. So that way, right something happened. They could break from their pattern and then just got Russia sure bomb them and most of them at any, given time had at least two third on nuclear bombs, but sometimes six tutamen bombs on board that were armed and ready to be ready to go jobbed, and so here's the thing about when you're doing anything for twenty four hours straight for eight years, get lazy, yeah, something's going to go wrong. For example, this is very similar to like those churches that do the twenty four hours of prayer. For like eight years yeah, I don't know if you've ever gone at those, but they get some bad worship waters in there. There's some o MIS pretty rough, that's kind of what happened with operation cromometer. There was a few prologistic Al problems that they had to figure out that ended up becoming kind of legist nightmares later down the road, the biggest one being is work, keeping twelve B fifty two bombers airborne for eight years. How are we going to do that, and so occasionally they would land swap out crews, they would take back off, but most of the time these would be running about a twenty four hour route, where they'd be flying around for twenty four hours and that's a long time for a plane and a lot of fuel, and so they would typically have to re feel twice in this flight and then that's like refueling wall flying yeah, which I wasn't a new concept at this pride. But it wasn't a science by any means the prevailing method. At this point for mid air re feelings was a the refueling tanker would fly near by, and they would basically have a lasso of like a fuel hose in a last tone. They would just kind of chuck it to the other plane again, one dude from Texas on top of the play, just yearn straight on down a I mean these are sky truckers, they don't care right. They have no fear. I mean it's it's a little bit like I mean you know the culture right, they're out there, just s throwing their their lasses Roun yeah, but this wasn't as now. They do it where, like the plane, comes up and they just look like two flies mating right. Two horse flies just reproducing yeah. That's pretty accurate because Pookas what they they tried to. They tested a bunch of methods. They ended up settling they have like a big boom pole. That's like stationary giants, draw yeah, essentially a big straw, and he that flies over and they basically have to get the perfect spot and then that just kind of latches on and then it refuels. The problem with this was the by twos. They were jets, but the tankers they were still double piston aircraft, so they just weren't as fast, and they also couldn't fly nearly as high. So the B fifty two had to drop down into significantly lower air space, which meant they were now in the clouds which meant they were going to hit turbulence. Oh yeah and the tankers were going to also hit two minutes, so you got these two things that are flying very close to each other, that are very large that are hitting turby Lens Hatiti yeah, and so that was the big worry with this. The other big issue is the top speed for these tankers is lower than the lowest speed for the bfore would have to get so slow that they actually would open their landing gear like it was. The landing operation was how so they had to travel, but there are like fifteen thousand feet, refueling this, and so it was a very dangerous operation and you're doing this. But why okay? Why wouldn't? It is land and well because I, with these routes, they didn't have places they could stop in land on most of these routes, and so it was just. It was a logistical problem and also they wanted to. The fear was that they had so many of these missiles that they could launch all of them at once to all of their military installations, and so, if any of those were on the ground, they'd be destroyed, they wanted to make sure that they always had them in the air. So that way they could avoid the box. You know rare, and so but here's the thing for each of these flight. Imagine being one of those Prala and you see the bomb like through the clouds yeah like you're, like you're sitting here, trying to focus on like okay, late and you're down, okay they're coming day day, seven hundred and thirty of what was that you see that you see that all right, one of those I think Tom to long s been talking about those things at call those Dat. I tell you what I don't know what it was, but I guess we'll probably find out in an undisclosed report sixty years from now so yeah. So things went wrong, so things got pretty bad, so yeah, so things things went wrong a few times. Okay, first time was in one thousand nine hundred and sixty one and it's a there only a year into it, yeah and Goldsborough North Carolina on January, twenty. Third, one of these B, Fifty two they called the Strato fortress okay, which is kind of cool. They were carrying four mega ton, Mark Thirty, nine, three, four Megaton, so three of them that were four Mega: Tens: okay, okay, Mark Thirty, nine nuclear bombs, so twelve mega tons of bomb yeah, twelve megatons worth of Bob, which, if you've seen our CASA. Bravo, that was a fifteen megaton yeah. So this is pretty close to that that the they're caring well this for a reason, I can't find like the actual reason of what happened, but the plane just broke up apart in midair. Oh, no, probably, if I had to guess probably it was like the refenge incident, where they're refiling and like they probably hit each other but so broke apart in mid air, all the pilots ejected and these bombs also ejected, because everything got ejected. You know the plan ICOS it have a kill, switch on it like does it have an engaged switch where you have to do something for it or are those live there? These are live bombs that are safety's on it. Okay, that's all these are live bombs, though they fell into the salt and see yeah very similar concept, except for this was the town of Goldsboro North Carolina where people woke up on the morning of January, twenty fourth to just find nukes sticking out of the ground, all around town, with the largely still intact, with the parachute attached to the back of it. Just like the fully deployed to parashot yeah, just stick it out of the ground. These are like fifteen foot, bombs, sticking out of the ground and one of them had. Actually. This is the scariest part of this incident. To me is one of the blot one of the one of the bombs had plunged itself twenty feet into the ground and and even though the didn't go off yeah. So what happened with all these? What is the either dinneen te or just their TNT pay load detonated. So it was just a blast, but not a blast. You know it's like a blast, but like not a blast, you don't you know it's a lot like my fourteenth birthday party. You know it was a blast. It wasn't like a black. You know, and I think that's why Alex didn't kiss me that day, if I avet think aabout it, it was a blast. You know, but it was a it's like. You know, yeah my next birthday party, it's like whenever you proposed to breathe. It was a blast, but it wasn't a blast. You know because she got real mad, that you left and yeah. That was your fault, literally, not my fault, literally, your faults, whatever we don't have to tell a story about how you propose. So we don't to tell a story about how you got too nervous and I had to compose for you. I understand I belike I stood at the: U O there and she's like she's like what are you guys doing like I'm standing right next to you and you're like down on one knee and I'm like Jim, and I'm like there for emotional support. I like pass out. I come on, come on Tim grow, some teeth right or just hey brick. I mean I got a break, a Meamei God an break man, Oh God, I'm like all right. Let's I did you do this. For me cartel's say: Let's say that this is real right. Let's say that, I'm like away! Let's say that I'm hiding somewhere trying to watch this happen, trying to make sure I go some mothy right, you're telling me that you forget her name. You say hey brick, but you somehow remember mine to scream out for my help right sand, she's just staying there, you think she's. Still there you I mean we have even pulled the ring out. Yet he on one knee back is like she's. Just there and then I casually walk up and I'm like hey bre e Tim really likes you and he wants to know if you like him to check yes or no yeah. That's exactly what happened. Oh Wow! So do I remember it very fondly they. They ended up recovering all of these bombs, except for the one that dug twenty feet under ground. They took some pieces of it and they buried it, and then they buried the shot yeah. They took some pieces of it and after taking a few pieces off, they said to do this more W D would jeopardize it yeah, and so they said we're just going to bury it. So there's just a live nuke underground weir in Goldsborough North Carolina. Let's go okay, dig it up yeah, it's underneath the golden crown and that's one of their main selling points. So, like you, an Ed this Golden Corral, one we've got unlimited food and also there's a new country. Here, it's like all on the sign out we'll blow you away. Oh it's a bomb. I have a bomb. Half a blast. Have your fourteen birthday party here at Golden? Go you'll have a blast, but hopefully not a blast hey. This is a probably a good opportunity to pitch our our live event that we're going to be doing. It's called the ice cream social. It's at the Golden Corral, man ever new in a misry pro we should do. It is gonna, be a brass. We should do a meeting. We should do meat and greets at golden corrals across the potater stands for all seven of our fans. You know we just go and do meetings, that's hilarious. We can grow. Our fans come on into the Bin, Trout, yeah, it's pretty funny. That is pretty funny yeah. So they took a couple pieces and they just let the rest of it in there and they buried it. I knew they would do that yeah, that's what the government does when they like mess up, that's what they did with dia it's what they did with this bomb. It's the government do t yeah there just like whoops bury it. Just that's what barbarian I almost made a joke. Okay, the next one happened in Yuba City, California, another time where this on the city, Guba, Yuba city, ubas yeah, so it's like it. This was back when Skabash really big and I ba Yuba city, where Ubay okay, what inside do you think that was trumpet can see that? CAN YOU TRUMPET? Did you play trumpet? You look like you play Trumpet Alex? Well, I have to get close to make the sound. It can't make the sound with my hand that far away what is is flaking bird called you're telling me that I you were marching an you. Tell e that without your hand, up to your mouth that trumpet impersonation would sound worse. I can do it on my hand. I E I can do a good trumpet a at's here now. DO IT SO Scott Trumpet Baby Poll. I got this I'm under pressure. I don't like it here we go. I can usually do this pretty well when you're, not here. Honestly, it's really good a walk on my house and I'm just like hold on it. Just sounds weird: Maybe it's because I have head Fono's, not bad. I actually have a trumpet tape underneath here. Okay, that would be pretty cool if I did that. So in Yuba city there was another crash and they dropped another bomb, Dinna Detana same kind of similar story, and then there was also savage mountain crash in Georgia or returning from Georgia. Returning to Georgia, Free Edison, savage mountain it at was Jesus, Oh Gosh, savage mountain, to figure out where this was. I this just confused the heck out of me for a second there. Oh it's in Maryland Savage Mountain Maryland. Okay, so their routes were pretty weird yeah. They were all over the place. I mean it was pretty much this situation where it's like. We always have a bomber, and it's really interesting that they only accidentally drop bombs on the United States. They seem like Russia was like. We don't even need to use our missiles. I mean they're bombing themselves, yeah yeah yeah, it's pretty pretty crazy, so yeah. So this was another similar thing. There was, I think, another issue with refueling. They ended up crashing and dropping these bombs in some swamp on the mountain. Thus live live nukes. You know in a merite buried him yeah, they just bared up in the mountain. That's where stranger things came from that little girl yeah dropped her from an airplane. That's our eleven gale feet into the ground and and t t e, the military piles landed and they were like. Oh my gosh, her heads made out of chrome R. She comed home. You remember when stranger things came out. We live together. Then right, Yep, Yep a Ye. What a good time and yeah you watched it without me, so I watched it without Bertie o a y that makes sense yeah. We should all go to like couples therapy together. I so the Tholl air base crash fool. Full Air Base crash happened in the twenty font of January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. So now we're thigh years into this right. It sounds like the end. This sounds like the last draw. The US has drop bombs on themselves. For years now, yeah, not one has come from Russia. Not One has come from Russia, all of them from the US, all of them from the Chrome Dome, all of them from the Crumenam and the US has had some issues. Obviously, with this this program, there's one big one which we'll talk about in a second. We didn't talk about the big one, yet you're telling me that there's an issue bigger than dropping bombs in ourselves. Obviously this is what you're doing right now. Is it everyone's made mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes, you know is best who hasn't accent, dropped a nuke on American soil, like we've all best fair we had far in when you really think about it. You know and honestly haven't we all moked ourselves if you'd like to give to our ministry to you can join on patron like WHO's. Our patron right now go call McKenzie Brown, Mackenzie Brown. You know McKenzie Brown, so dace of twenty five as a month, and I believe that God is going to bless her tenfold till in fold Tilono for her seat of sode. What text Tilini don't know she's a patron sport or twenty five? That's crazy! You know thanks for doing that, we were very wonderful. I think we are, I mean color me grateful I'll, tell you what and we're having a blast. All thanks and I mean she's. You know she's able to get an ad free experience, so she doesn't have to watch advertisements like this way and we're back you back with more ways. The government hurt us so again the US is up there flying their bombs around and here's a punk rock lyricist thought of. I tell you that we wondered if the government herd us, but all they did was hurt us come on. I come on. I hate that man. I hate that okay, so this time they're in their Green Lind, is that how you said Green Land Route? I hate that they're in the green land or at LAC shouts, do you're so wrong, a they're in their greenland route and somehow a fire breaks out on board. Third, fifty two: You talk about Greenland like it's a place in candy land sounds like you're, just like they're in the green land. Ye welcome the Greenland. Well, I was a woful house, an and okay. So a fire breaks out on word five breaks on on Bard, because you know they had the whole like smoking, non smoking on plans for a minute there, you think, or a non smoking section on Tissie t restaurants. Every section was the smoking section. We agree because they had like smoking in a like. I remember growing up. We always sat in the Non Smoking Section, yeah Mexican Villa Yeah. I remember they had a smoking sections, yeah easy and it's still warm cigarettes yeah, and that was before they figured out. It wasn't good to smoke on Joan. We were that we were alive at a point whenever you would go in the first question, the hostess would ask you is certy of a shirt to put on, and the second question was smoking or non smoking. That's crazy that we were alive for them. Do you smoke? It's like that's a weird man. That's a tough personal range question to just ask me yeah. Clearly, I'm missing two teeth. The answers. Yes, yeah sit me over there bro. Whenever you smoke. Do you like put cigarettes? This is, I love that I've implying that you smoke and you just didn't even disagree. I was like whatever you smoking, you were like Huh. Just to s got two cigarettes hanging a row. Just yeah go ahead. Now it's actually Lyconia, like I'll put my straw in there shot yeah. I we really my Straw in there and then I know I open a real seen you do this. I don't like it. I'm literally questioning in the last ten years of my life right now go ahead, so the fire re out and they crash in Greenland. They couldn't put the fire out, there's no fire stinguisher. Now their only thing they could do was well got a nose dive of this thing down into green land as the crash and this time the news they nuke. Oh really like parsley new. You know it's like it's like a nuke, but not a nuke. You know yeah, but it was significant and it's I mean it's Greenland, so there's nothing there, but still there are significant radioactive materials left at the crash site. Now I think they're why the oceans rising? Maybe here's the thing there are is a lot of uranium plutonium Meyrick, a marise, I think, is in tritium there. Luckily, some of the plutonium and the Chit has a half life of only twelve years. Okay on, on the other end, some of the uranium has a high half life of four point: five billion years. So it's going to be radioactive for a while and listen till our grandkids are here at least L I at least at the very minalte, very least. Yes, it's going to be radiative for Lanta. Greenland was not mad or not. They were mad, they were not ever like. They were like actually yeah. It's fine like we don't use that it's just ice. No, no! No! Sorry! Sorry! You hit Blue Lane, we're greenland, that's blue land up there newcome they hate, they hate the blue, Landan, the blue, Blue Land, O nights, blue legions, okay, so go ahead. This is the second significant crash, and this was in the US said. Probably shouldn't do this anymore yeah, but before this there was another significant crash called the so the Greenland one was the was the tip. was there there, like we've done this to ourselves, a lot that was the nuke and the ice cap ye when they were like we can feel that was. The lastthis is the last nuke, okay and so yeah. They said the one before that yeah, the one before that was the Pala Maris crash, O one thousand nine hundred and sixty six okay, and so, like I mean every year, they're having incidents yeah, I mean they just keep dropping bos places, and this one was. They got one of those boards back of the air ces like days with the Otari, a nuclear bomb on accident, a really somber place at the air base, they're just like yeah. So this one happened over the Mediterranean on the coast, the supposed to have an ice cream bay. If we reached a hundred days, I've really been looking for it. I azyr messed it up four point: five billion years until our next ICE GRAM party, I won't even see it mad. Well, this one was a a refueling maneuver okay and they actually hit some turbulent. They hit each other, the two jetat each other. Okay as they broke apart, mid air and the bombs just kind of fell out and they landed in Spain and they did a partial explosion in Spain was like Whoa, not cool seems like O. Listen. We try to stay out of this stuff, but yeah I mean we know you and Russia have been doing this thing for a little bit where you're like just this was not cool. Like I mean we, this year's been a blast. We don't want to be a black. You know, Oh man yeah, so they dropped. They were like me. Still Film, Cheeta Girls. There I like we need a break. All right. Give us like forty years is for well do again: Ouresai sty six. Someone was like. I got this idea that Sheeta girls, yeah Spain was like well, you just move all right, so we can't do that right. Now, we're not going to let you do that. Forty years and forty years have your grandkid come back to me. Yeah. This guy is sitting right next to the days without a night, and they did a cheat a girl's movie in Spain right next to the the days without a nuclear accident. There's another sin: that's a and the guy crosses at the zero and he's like he's like four point: five billion years to ice on party for the guys like, but hey atune me on up crumb on you, a cigarette yeah both on the side. Oh my Gosh! So yes, okay, what are you doing next weekend? I mean nothing, nothing, nothing as probably going to fly that route. Again. I heard about this really cool festival in Indiana, a freaking love it broad we should fly by. We sthat looks more dangerous than what we're doing yeah. So these so Spain, along with a lot of other countries in the world. We, I hey, don't fly over US in other countries like. Why are we next yeah they're, like hey, just keep dropping those on yourself? Okay, that that's for you and you will love what you guys do in your house. That's up to you. Okay, pretty much! The rest of the world was like stop it, except for Greenland. Apparently they said Yeah just find I as and then Russia was like. Why are you hitting yourself what you O so well, then it came out around the same time that this last sixty eight one happened that Russia had been lying about their interconnects. They didn't have them and well they had something similar, but it wasn't. It couldn't go as far and as fast as they said yeah and it's obviously so then the US was like well, I guess we don't need to do this anymore, so I just stop. Lay in the plane bring her home Oration Amos. It's over, Oh man, an then we get the cheat of girls earlier pains like no yeah, you still tear the consequences of your action is what setting boundaries looks like we've got a national timer. You know you go to you go to Spain and, like all next to all like the architecture and the fountains and stuff, they just got a digital clock to to count down like the freaking countdown clock at Times Square on a eve, Yep, happy, they're, dropping a ball, they're dropping a ball very slowly for years. It's the cheater girl's ball. If you look at the left side of your bus, you will see the Cheeta girls bout. Oh my Gosh! Oh my gosh yeah! So that's why I cut that out. They were like all right, all right, lres. They stop doing that, but yeah there's a few of those bombs have never been recovered. We're just pretending it never happened, apparently makes sense yeah. So it's that is or we're going to go, find him. I, I really do think you and I should like take a year off of whatever your job is and we should go just do a till and road trip. We can go to marijuana, Mecca yeah. You know we can go to slab city. Okay, we can go to the police in Alabama that sells the excess baggage the baggage claim place. You remember that I remember we can go to where the other places we've mentioned. Wherever this bomb is twenty feet in the ground yeah I do, we can yeah, we can go to la where a battle took place. Oh yeah yeah, that's true, I mean yeah. I just like quit your job leave your wife and let's get the road buddy. She doesn't listen to this. It's true. She doesn't have patience for this. No one does no one's listening at this point of the episode all right cool. Do you want to run away with me as it the road so there's a sign in Eureka North Carolina right now, okay, you're weak in North Carolina go ahead and I just says: There's a bomb just as keep digging. That's all I say just as I have a bomb. No, it says nuclear mishap and is as B fifty two transporting two nuclear bombs crash: Jay Y R E thousand nine hundred and sixty one widespread disaster averted. Three cumen died, though so three human died, though he cried. Thirty is I I I O it is so it is the word though. Three Groma died, though, on the official sign. Nothing happened. Three crewman died, though comma, though that is, the three cuman died, though populations a okay. So let me this rat nuclear mishap plane crash nothing bad happened. Three crewman died, though population two thousand days until Cheeta girls are here l digital side, but it's broke white. It's now counting the other way because it came out like twenty years ago, so we and spray paint a day sancity the girls cave like that was our high point. The very bottom is says: fiddler. It is a

Few things are more dangerous than extended distance flights. Yet, occasionally, brave pilots will attempt to fly extreme distances in one go. A single flight around the world is dangerous business. A flight around the world is child’s play compared to flying around for 8 years, straight, with nuclear bombs on board. That is exactly what the United States Military … Read More

Bull Island – The Fyre Festival of the 70s


Made by robots, for robots. Only read if you're weird.

Hey man: what's up, have you ever heard of the erie canal, soda pop festival, okay, so youri canal yeah, i've obviously heard of yeah yeah, it's like eerie, it's a connectit s, a it's a hand canal. It's like ome to the econe know. So it's like yeere and e. Would you call it soda pop festival? Yeah? It also goes by the name of bull island. Stop your s biggest step. What is this? Is this the first fire fest i'm? Yes, i really yeah. This is this? Is the fire fast long before fireface? This is a fire fast before the fire fast guy was even born, really yeah. I was later than this is this. Is this is billy mcfarland's grandpa? I i got im with you or related i'm going to do it. Twenty three there's four hundred thousand people here we are in new town and feel like this giant on fire of catering trucks. You know, what's earing out by your eyes, kids, that girl's got her pins out things a s. I s her like a fire fit like where they just the plan. I thing it is fall ar one huand nine hundred and seventy two, the ears now soda pop festival was yeah, the fire fest before fire fest, the fire fest of the s, the five fest of the s, okay, yeah and jo rule was still there, though, to rule he was yeah. He was an early investor yeah. It was actually his first investment where you think you? U learn his lesson but yeah, but fifty years later he said, i'm gonna. Try to i i fifty years i still look pretty young no yeah. So this was a festival founded by a guy named tom dunkin and bob alexander tom and bob bob and tom bob, an which sounds like your studio, typical stoner der du o who's, going to screw something up, yeah and that's exactly what happened actually so it works out perfectly. It happened in griffin, indiana his little back story on this. So the s the early. They were this magical era of the birth of the festival, the music festival yeah had it happened before this would stock stock, yeah, yeah, woodstock kind of opened the doors and everyone was like. Oh my gosh, this i was yeah. Nobody had ever really done. Music festivals, like that before there was big concerts, but there was never this multi day event where there was seventy lest artists of all time. Yeah tell me about it, but billiam revivals, oh my gosh. In like the s and s this guy's been doing, you know, tillygram was doing winter jam before biliran winter jam come on and the newsboys were opening, for they still had the drum thing in the s yeah i a yeah and michael tate was also still there. Somehow, no, it was. It was a relatively new thing and seeing this successo, what did what stock catapult people into doing festivals and then kind of so people saw this success. I were like what stocks and then all these local promoters, which even promoters was lingers yeah. No, you thought you're gonna get past it, but yeah. I got you okay promoters. We don't even need brick and mortar buildings anymore. We got prickin, we got bricking for mortars, so the promoters all across the country started, saw wood stock and they said hey. We can. This looks fun and like it could make a lot of money, so i'm going to try it in my town and so that's exactly what happened. A bunch of these, like small town promoters, were like i'm going to put a together a wood stock in my own town, and most of them were like relatively unassuming ca. They had a few thousand people show up and it was like a fun time. Whatever you know not a big deal. Well, these two guys tom tom duncan and bob alexander, they figured hey. We've been doing this for a while en per morton a lot of stuff they've been right, we kind of know what we're doing our yeah they're, like we're professionals, sort of porforio als, yeah we're out here professional promoters. We can, we can throw out a festival, all right, which i get a few propane tanks for paine tanks. Okay, i'm i'm getting over this already, so that the idea is as old as time. You know. Festivals have been around for a long time. The the ancient greece ancient grisoni ans did it. I was just turing to as tim as possible, which also your name's, not tim, any more to me. Yeah. There was a youtube comment today. I don't know if you saw this alex or youtube common today that quoted him, that they had a quotes and then, instead of putting his name put the guy, that's not jaren and i think that's, oh yeah. It's pretty good! I'm sorry that people know who i am. You know i apologize that i an you know, i'm the face of this. I don't i don't care whatever it's. I had a moment like that, though, what a guy commented. I want to reagan's instagram pictures yesterday she posted a picture and a guy commented and said: are you still with that guy and it's i get for all the? Are you still with that girl jokes? He make us till with that girl, though shut. I was like, okay, and so with that anyway, i can. I tell you about this now wow, so these these promoters. They had recently done a pretty big festival in in indiana in a small town in indiana, okay, and i we well well. I mean the festival went well but to the local community it went very poorly because what happened was a bunch of young music fans came which in the sevens meant they were hippies and met that they were doing drugs and the presence of drug in eration, but okay, okay, but the presence of drug users in their town ruined their lives for these people in indiana because they existed and they were close because they saw them and they were like yeah, so the the local as it created addicts in the town yeah. When nothing happened, they know they just saw them and they were like those people exist. Yeah and- and it was an outrage for the local, oh yeah, they protested the festival, obviously yeah and so which side bar that first festival. They called the ice cream social which i just is just so cool. There's just something about that era where they just came up with lame names for stuff. You know ice cream, social yeah, like you're gonna. I don't know anything that ends us social, it's something you don't want to go to. You know yeah yeah, that's like what the youth groups are doing. Like the word youth gruppin. You know there is i social yeah. You want to come down my ice cra solo, my cre, so why i so? Why didn't people go to your youth group? When you were a youth pastor, you never use the or social in your events, but people still didn't show up. Why is it? Okay, no je, saying you're blaming it on this on the name. You know whatever i o i'm done with this maybe be were they drew this festival and indiana was like we wish you weren't around. We wish you just didn't come so they told them. You can't do that again and they was is in the same area yeah. So it's like southern southern indiana. So then they picked a location a little outside of that town, a town called chanler indiana a book, their next big festival. So this was kind of the first one was kind of like there there. I thought the towns would enjoy a festival because it does bring in a lot of business yeah unless that business is people that you don't like, and that was the problem. Is they didn't like the hippies because they yeah they don't understand why people are opposed to starbucks coming up in some towns, they're like it's going to bring a bunch of yeah harry armpit liberals around exactly yeah we're going to see their pits, so they blocked them your eyes, kids, that girl's got her pits out. I didn't hear it. I didn't hear it he taking out my mouth, okay, so so okayso to tom and bob after there. You know the bob and tom is like a radio show either it's not that, and but also you know that you say names an athletic order, not this time. So you can't keep saying tom and bob. I think it sounds better tom and bob does it. How does it go tom and bob cause? I guess you say tom and jerry and that's on the alphabetic order. How do you decide what your name goes? First, how did you imbreed aside this a real question? What do you mean when you and bred talk about us yeah? How do you refer to me in reagan? You and reagan? Yeah, i mean exall hey. Should we invite? Well, you guys never say that it was a really good dig this good. I think it depends on the context like if it's a story featuring jaren and reagan's the ancella, then it's jana reagan, but if it's a story or vocari just briary, okay, freaking, say half the words of the english language but you're pulling that out your. But aren't you jeez t and i think it's context, it's cais key all right. We need to talk about this feaking festival. I understand we're doing it, but i'm just trying to figure out so tom and bob were going to put on this festal. They approach to their town. Now, as the other town know, the other town was pissed yeah. So after after this other town was like words spread were started to spread but spreading slowly, it's the s these, these things spread slow, so were spreading, but it's kind of slow but yeah, but it's spreading slowly, and so they book their erie canal, soda pop festival, bit of a mouthful for griffin for a tandler, india, coca or chanler indiana, and they were going to it- was going to be at this race track in than ther indiana, okay, and so they started putting all this resource into it, investing in it, building portapotties building locations for food, clearing out spaces for tents and parking like er investing in making this an a and all of this is happening. So what's the timeline for throwing a festival? How much time do you need to set up? I don't know. I actually don't know what the time lanes i here setting up already you're saying they're puting portapotties up, but doing all that stuff. That means that they are gearing up for the festival yeah. It was a little different back then, because i don't think there was portapotties, as i think, as we think of them. Like they're like out they're, building or building so i mean it's probably a little a little a couple months out at this point: real yeah, it's not going to plan a whole festival months out. Yeah. Do you do that now? Yeah? I think i think people who are booking festivals. I think that you're booking the talent and stuff like- but i mean like as far as like setting i'm saying like actual set up yeah setup- is probably you think crew rolls in for k, coachella, probably like a week or two out o nowadays, but like it t e s. Yes, the ey, so they're just slower and everything the power tools and it's indian yeah like if you guys, spend half your day being like what are we doing here again? It's a festival: okay, it's okay! I'm supposed to come! My mom! I go home, don't know what that is. A cause got a dictionary. So what is the antelao here a so so they started. They start so we're setting up yeah and then word gets to t e, the government of tanler of what happened at the freeman festival and ice cream, social, that's, the full name, freedom, festival and ice cream, social yeah. All right see, i see now they see like two very different events: yeah it was did not go great and they train. There was like oh, you guys, are planning something bigger, so you're going to bring a lot more of undesirable peoples to our town, undesirable peoples, so tandler after a couple court battles with them, they ended up being like yeah. You can't do the festival here and they had already invested all this in competing the festival there. So they start rapidly trying to find a new location. But now word is spreading faster to all the stranding counties and all the counties are like now can't do that here, you're not going to do that here. We don't want you here, and it was primarily because of the type of people that festival attract. I mean it wasn't just that. I mean you've been to a festival. It's it gets pretty traits a it's kind of trashy like things get messed up, it's dirty and there is like a bit of a crime problem. There is the revenue that comes from the tourism, but it's like a one weekend thing and then you just kind of left to pick up the pieces yeah, and so i think i think it's a little of both that the mess that it brings and the people that it brings and so pretty much all of southern indiana blocked them from putting on this festival, and at this point, tom and bob had invested seven hundred thousand dollars in one thousand nine hundred and seventy two yeah into this event. So they're like this has to happen and they're like we've sold. Fifty five and tickets we've invested seven hundred thousand dollars. They were like this event has to happen. Who were the main x going to be so this? So the lineup was pretty amazing. They had here's. Some highlights black sabbath, joe cocker almond brothers, chechen chang, fleetwood mac. Let's see here's the doors, the eagles s, it was a massive show. There's, like hundreds of artists on this on this line up yeah and they're, some of the biggest names at the time aren't in this line up. So it's going to be, i mean a massive massive event, yeah and so ther's spending all this time and energy trying to figure out okay, where the heck are we going to put this festival? We cannot not do it because we put we've based in also if you sold fifty five thousand tickets, already yeah yeah, you sollte you rolling up to a town and being like yeah excuse us. He can fifty five thousand people come here, so what they did is they got cheeky. They found this spot that sits right on the border of indiana and illinois. It's called bull island and it's a strange sort of geographical anomaly, because over time this illanti nois indiana border was separated by the wabash river. But what happened is long after that was established at that was where the border was the river changed courses, and so there's this one spot where it curved up into illinois and so technically this island. It was not really an and it's not really an island yeah. Technically, it's an illinois, but it's on the indiana side of the river, because the river changed courses, and so they said hey, so we can book this event in indiana and people from don't have to cross the river to get there. But it's in illinois and the people in illinois and the time they didn't have bridges. So they couldn't do it across the river. No bridges hadn't been invented right, you don't want fifty five thousand people swimming a cross or whatever you don't want that it's chaos, so they so they said: okay, we're going to put it here, and so they contacted the owner of the land and they agreed to it. They, the owner, was like well we'll rent it out, but they were smart at this point. Yeah they s si. What do you do out there? It's a family reunion, that's what i've been told if you're planning a wedding, really yeah yeah the different lest one of my friends, is in a wedding band and he says that as soon as they hear the word wedding like they charge like for grand, but if they'll play for like a you know, get together a sam or union is like fifteen hundred bucks eats a family reaon we're going to i mean some people are going to get like legally connected for life there, but i mean some fancy. People are going to kiss on that end. But that's like ten minutes. Yeah t t that's a ten minutes. I don't worry about that yeah and so, but they were but tom and bob got smart, and so they said, look everybody's against us the whole world's against us. You know this is this. Is what the lord told us what's going to happen? We be persecute going to walk around indiana seven times an there all. Let us do this music festival. No, so they said we aren't going to announce where this is happening until the week end of the event, because they won't have enough time to organize and stop it at that point, and so they were like, so they literally they waited and here's labor day weekend, the weekend of the event yeah and they're, setting up on bull island and meanwhile, they had taken out ads in the local chicago radio station and a full page ad in the rolling stone, and so people from all over the midwest are hearing this ad, because this radio station was a prominent radio station that had range to cover multiple states and now people all over. The midwest are saying that sounds cool. There's a lot an i like, and i mean like what else am i going to do? You know i've got one tv channel and one radio ca and one wife that i hate. So i was just leave her here. You know, and i will that was still a time where you could leave your family and never talk to him. A yah we've talked about this yeah, i'm missing. You know you were alive no, but i mean, like i missed the abbe bis idea. I missed the idea of being able to go. You know i e trap. I wish i could disappear. I don't know sortons or last night and elwha if i like slipped out a podcast host yeah now that we've ever been any kind of like we're not like, but just like tim still trapped on now, i can't you can escape t time when yadu laptop it it's our brand. I can't get it walk in hey, don't genk! Atout of my hand, you break it. You're gonna, you're, gonna, plug this, the bates gonna die, is going to rot the episode okay get out of here, hey thanks for being here for things alone last night. If you want bonus, content, early access to episodes and a whole lot more, including a discord channel. We have that available to our patron supporters to sign up for that and for or info text till in to six six, eight six six. So so the weekend is going to memel people are start coming and everybody thinks the event is still in chandler. At that race track because they haven't announced that has changed. Yet, where is, does the added rolling stone and all that yeah says chandler yeah because they booked it before chane lot o? I thought you were saying that the new advertisement said it was at this place now they have not announced where it's at now. That's a funny thing we could do is we could just do a fake festival in blood mauburn in missouri, with just a ton of harry hippies. You know i'm saying just and they're just walking around a like: hey, where's, the festival and everyone's like what what are you talking about? Oh, i thought you were saying that people mamar didn't understand what they were saying they were like. Were the vessel? Are you speaking mews that where's the festival you're going to have to slow this down? I really thought: that's what you were saying: okay, why i was like listen, i'm we're not going to make fun of mountain o. It's come out from town come on, but we should do that. We should flood a town, that's really funny, with just an insane yeah yeah petition, your town in the comments. Let us know if we want to whatever gets the most votes yeah. Where do it's like it's like how people will like swat twitch streamers, we should festival a town. We should just yeah. My town got a festival like three years ago. This is seriously like the new thing. That's going to happen on take talk. I'm telling you right now that we're going to put on advertising for massive festivals, we're going to promote a we're going to pomorani al and be more is going to show up through that's hilarious, right down, write it down. I don't know where big type fake type and thank you for writing it down. That's how i'm seriously when i'm telling you. I think this is a really funny idea. I think it's hilarious. We should do it so people show up and chandler yeah people shop and chan there. Fifty five thousand yeah fifty five thousand people show up, and she in there here's the thing taylor realized at this point. They said. Oh, we canceled this event and these people are still here and there's now now, there's no effect and the like, so they hired a puppy ter ye got a entertain these people. Okay, there's that one guy who like plays the flute- and he just kind of like hang out in the park and yeah, there's something i in my high school who says, he's a comedian. He can come so so literally like the weekend rolls in and as everybody's coming in they're flooding chanter in the neighboring town, tom and bob a riding around at a pickup truck. We moved it, it's foliis me he. How do you are you trying to corral that crowd somewhere else? No like out a new radio ad and they said hey the the erican al sort, o pop festival has moved to ball island. Here's how you get there. How far away is that i don't know how far it was, and so everybody were in a half hours. I don't think it was that far. I think it was probably an hour away. You know it's a tive close to where they were. I don't know exactly where, and so now all these people are like a sweet cool: let's go over there, so they they're asking their airbnb hosts. How do we get to? Has there anyway? We paid for like three the whole weekend, but can we just? Can we get out early? Can i get? I know i like don't and come on. Look at me, okay. I know you're charging a big cleaning fee to keep your rate down right. Then, okay, forty five dollar rate, but a seventy dollar cleaning feed come on. You think we're dumb. We see it through you. We see right through you, yeah most of them actually just left in the town park. Sound makes a lot of sense. That's why i didn't want them there colly, so they all leave here's what happened. Thanks for your hospitality, we still trash your town. So here's as happened. They were estimating a crowd of fifty five thousand, because that's how many tickets they sold right, but there was also a bunch of people who showed up to buy tickets at the door. Oh, no and estimates say that the the crowd that showed up ended he being somewhere between two hundred and fifty thousand and four hundredthousand people. Oh my gosh, so this this event was planned for fifty five sand people and on the bare minimum five times that showed up so to say they were unprepared for what happened as an under statement. We got your more ice cream, an ice cream for these e social is going to fall apart fast, it's going to melt before we get to the end of the line, all right so sinking a lines, but you know what happened yeah, and this is a true story. Actually, it happens on bull island. Okay is that there was a boy there who had a basket of fish and bread. You with me, keep god yeah, yeah, yeah and and all those people walked away, fed, fed full full and they had left overs. Oh my gosh! How isn't that the mystery all right? Yeah! You know that makes a lot of sense. Speaking of mysteries, i want to shout out a review real, quick. Here's. Here's a review. Someone said: hey man. Have you ever heard of tillin, because it's awesome except seriously don't listen to the set your job without headphones. Tim's laugh is that of a beautiful, honking, goose or parrot some kind of bird. It's honest. I best always makes me laugh, but my co workers don't like it. I may now from experience so listen to me on full volume at work thanks for watch that and to your co workers that left one star reviews that guys what if that's, what someone did so i was like my coworker listens to this annoying podcast every day. So now i follow the like what if you follow it out of vengeance, yeah as your a podcast okay, and i leave a one star review and i down i download every heavery thing. I followed the guy to his house once or like a so. You said line this event. The the location they chose had two roads leading in and out of it, and so traffic was backed up for twenty miles coming into bull island and it was so bad that most of the concert goers ended up just saying screw, it will walk, and so they just pulled over into the shoulders and i'm i am not twenty mile i kid you not. Cars were lined up on the shoulder six seven cars deep down into the ditch for miles, because people were just like this traffic isn't going to in the median in the ditch on the highway in de ble, island everybody's, just always like yeah, i give up and walking and they just rolled in it's the eeriest thing of the erie canal otobu. I thought you were going to go with due people were so backed up in traffic that people started looking at the housing market there- and i i guess we live here now. I guess we live. I never gonna get my car out. My car stays there's four hundred thousand people here we are a new town. This is a cow towns for that's how it starts it. All starts like this: can you imagine if two hundred fifty thousand people showed up from malbourne in missouri? Look at that and they just left them there for the whole weekend for off labor day weekend? They just ditched them and like that's a time where car alarms, weren't really a thing. You know if you forgot where you park, there was nothing on the high whero mile mark or hundred and sixty two got it. Okay, remember that. Remember that guys, guys. Remember that my mark one sixty two two and at the end of the weekend one of was like oh gosh i had to in it. I had to it had a two: it wasn't til. It was three i'm telling you, okay, candice, whatever right wasn't even my idea to come out here anyway, yeah i didn't want to go to this festival. It's got a weird name. The ice cream socialism is like, i imagine, annoying festival. Girls are still there in the s, so they get there and the show starts. Bands start playing, but cotago started to realize pretty quickly that this wasn't what they expected. Okay, probably the first realizations in was the bathroom situation. Oh yeah, i mean, if you plan, for it yeah, so i mean at the tale as go amount of they had built fifty toilets right that they were playing on music, one two for every thousand people. That's at the original point. That was the original plan yeah, and so they were, they had built the fifty and a they were relatively prepared at the tame the race way. Well, here's the thing they moved this, they pitied weeks, yeah but they're next to a river, so they had six toilets for two hundred and fifty thousand people on this whole swap of land and one of them was reserved for the bands yeah you actually might be right, and so what in the writer they have their own bad or own bathrooms. So what ended up happening? Is people just found an area on the edge of the island? That became this massive public field bathroom and it earned itself the nickname the turdis, because that's what it became is just like a swamp of human excrement and they call it the turn fields. You know and that's when people started to realize this, isn't this isn't going to be good something's off about this place, but we had to walk seven miles yeah. What's ironic about it? Is the road leading in that road was literally finished that week in construction because they had built like a logging operation? They just open literally just built that riot and it's already to the festival, is like its closing. The dart over people are pooping on it. Anything about that guys! Yeah! You like those road. It's now the third fields, the turd curb, if you will so as the festival starts to roll out to drink more water, a lot of the a lot of the big name, artist on the festival start dropping off, because two reasons wellen boss couldn't make it yeah well, probably actually like we're not going to care the drum set seven months, but probably the biggest one being the bigger bands were like hey you're, paying us for fifty tozer people and there's a quarter of a million here. You need to pay us more and when the promoters had it, they were all right. When with him, i wouldn't why couldn't they well, because they not get revenue from these extra people, i mean they probably could but they're greedy. I don't know, i don't know why, but they just didn't they use por. They were like. We would. Rather you just not play. My guess is that they actually couldn't i'll bet that this was a. I bet they took a big loss on this moving i mean they had a bunch of extra people show up, but moving that m you want. You know how much they charge for tickets, twenty to twenty five dolars really yeah, so i mean that's pretty pricey back then i know, but i'm looking at the numbers of like i don't know, i mean they probably had a lot come in. You know they were just breaking, even maybe i don't know because they spent seven hundred thousand before they moved it yeah. So i don't know i don't know i haven't done the math, but for whatever reason they declined to pay for these people when they wanted. The increase and so that frustrated a lot of the concert goers because all of a sudden, there was just massive time slots of the event that were just an empty stage, and there was one stage, because this was early festival and so here's two hundred and fifty housen people just staring at an empty stage for well what it's going to be a fifty minute set, and so they didn't have phones, you they couldn't they couldn't play candy cross. All they could do is just stare at each other's heads, the back of each or sans. That's what they did back then, when everyone tares the same direction. What are the people in the front row? Look at the is the lofty stage you broke way too early. He didn't even get all the way cycle through the anger, so yeah, so since this is starting to go downhill really quickly, yeah well, the other issue. Another big issue was the food situation. They had booked one meal included in their ticket. Now it was extra you had to pay for it, but they had booked one caterer for the event race, catering who expected to cook for fifty thousand people. They were like you got to pay us on el. No can do so. Reece catering brought a couple mobile food trucks with them, but they pretty quickly couldn't keep up with the demand we trucks like in the s where they servili hamburgers and stuff, or they like, because in my mind, they're serving like home, cooked meals like they're out there just like we got a meat loaf truck. You know no, it's burgers prize, okay, but here's the thing they couldn't keep up with it with the demand, and so they had to raise prices because they like we don't have enough supply for how many people are here. This is supply into man, issues you know, and so they like, we have to raise our prices or else we're going to get sold out two hours into this event. Two hundred dollar hamburger fries. Well, yeah. They were charging ten dollars for a hamburg, an fries which is equivalent to sixty three las today, and so. Needless to o, say at this point, the event goers have had enough, oh yeah, and so i know like if i could get my car out, i would leave so they they end up storming the recca ering trucks, oh, no and stealing, all of the food and just distributing it to the people. It was a full forest, take over a hostile takeover and everyone had me slandering chuck. Everybody is handing out raw hamburger meat. We start on the truck, we got it and we were like thanks. I i guess like i think, that's what happened, and so this is kind of the moment where it just starts to decline into absolute disaster. Oh yeah, obviously, because how long how i suppose to be three to five to three day festival? This is like day to, and people were were supposed to sleep outside right yeah. They were supposed to bring their own tents and so they're sleeping in the turn flats, with their tents, tents in the turn flats and in gordly tents or flat deads. Their car is somewhere twenty miles down the highway and their favorite band isn't showing up anymore. There's no food, there's no running water. People are bathing in the river and it's just it's an absolute disaster and and to make matters even worse. Illinois who had just diction to the area had to go around to the nearest bridge to cross into to get there. They could. They only had three sharifs that they could get into this think two hundred thousand people, and so they just they didn't, have a chance. The show s they couldn't police this situation, and so it was, it was a lawless. World drugs were openly being sold. There was a a market that opened up where they literally set up like boot. This there was a there was a drug truck that wollt, like we saw the guys right out of the food truck, didn't work out, but i mean we got jugs yeah, so they were open the selling drugs and it wan hours. It was so open that the promoters between sets would come out and announce the people that they shouldn't buy drugs from because it was leased with other stuff. Hey guys, don't get it from that. Both get from this proof over here and now enjoy fifty minutes of silence. I, for the doors yeah gonna, be low by another moment of silence, but we appreciate you giving us your money. Thank you so much for this festival's huge success, oh and great, le guys, god bless america. That's very! Can now so up. I screwy to get a change cream, social eyes crazy and it's like too many syllables to change. So a lot of people start ditching. A lot of people are like walking back to the car, but there's some die hards who are like who are like i'm sticking around to the end of this. I want to see the whole show. I want to see it through here's the thing they're not eating they're, not really bathing. They don't have they're, not getting a good night's sleep. They are walking through a swamp took out of the bathroom and it's just is the worst conditions you can imagine, and so these people start to get insane and they're high they're very high three days, they've lost their minds. They are yeah and so late. On the second day, a group, a hungry group of people, find a cow roaming, the pastures and they decide to slaughter it, and so these people slaughter the cow and they attempted to cook it, but they did not succeed, and so they left this carcass it just in the middle of the event, half cooked just boiling in the summer sun. So now you just got a rotten meat, yeah just chilling in the middle of the event and the- and you know those people were like guys look, we got a crowd, we got food and then they couldn't cook at this and els like what youth pastors have nightmares about. Camp is they're. Just like they wag in honan they're, like rotten cow, they kill the cow, said the parent email home, hey your child, kid killed a cat, the cow, that's the subiron, i cow killed, but cows of the a a yeah, the literation you thasel of iteration. I love that stuff. Kid killed cow. You open that email i mean. Like you know you gotta go pick up your kid from camp, then yeah you do yeah. You definitely pick up he's like he's like local headline. Is cow killed at camp, but he ends the email on a light. Hearted note because you passes got to do that they're like well. I guess you grabbed the bull by the horns right. I love the initiative that your kids shown. You know, he's gonna be a great leader, one, but a great leader, and so the ansigte just keeps taking it to another love because, worse yeah, so eventually they come together and a group of them go back like a really pierre over there likeokay stop what you doing. Please don't kill the cat. You know like they can't do anything about they can't they can't, and so eventually a group goes back to the res catering trucks there's three of them and they push them together and catch them on fire and build like this giant on fire of catering trucks and this truck burnt the trucks burned through the night. This bonfire was burning through the night. Those trunks in the morning for seven full days is a miracle, a guy walking near him. He heard god speak from the the trucks and he made him take his shoes on it and he was like he's like he was like he's like: hey god he's like i tick my shoes off, but i don't know if you've seen the floor here he's like your hurts everywhere around it's like okay, it was just one of the. It was just one of the the attendees who was really high just sitting in the fire just sitting to the mis. Take off your shoes day. Shoes off doesn't even know the bible story even on the plea of the fire. Take your shoes off. Do that. I'm gonna tell you, i'm gonna sit dude, i'm going to do this all the time man i want to be at the airport, i'm gonna star, someone down and they're like. Could i help you? Can you do your shoes of that's? How weird that would be you have to comply? You have to s mean all right. What happens if you don't? I think it would be worse. If you did, you know want this. Hey thanks for being here, we've got merchandise. It's a way to support the show and help us do more stuff by new equipment. Greet more people if you like what we're doing and want to help us. Do that more. Please consider doing that. If you want to link to that all of that's going to be sent to you. If you is text till in to six six, eight, six, six i'll tell you it's not a thing where we're going to text you a lot were no, it's not a text service. We're not going to like send you more the mot. It's just a way for you to get a link. It's one text! That's all we're going to send. I promise you so yeah, so the thing just burnt, like burnt a just burnt, that cops were like we're out of here the cobs like year. It's going to leave well come to have a wife and kids. I can't do this, so, yes, they leave third day the event i goes on. Most of the people have left by this point. Yeah, when i pewter est it like a rotten cow in the middle and three trucks on fire, i'm like yeah, it's probably not it's literally, i'm not en gonna. I'm an don't hold your breath on a refund. I don't think we're getting it. I think we should just cut our losses and go it's that i hear chandlers a really nice town. I think we should go just hang out in town and visit and honestly it's sunday. Maybe we can go to church. Maybe he freaking need it. I don't so there's only a few thousand people left at this point, an it's all the anarchists, it's the people who yeah the people who are like oh yeah, there's more people who showed up as they heard about the burning drugs they're like. Oh, that's what they're doing a definitely go to that. So the last few artists end up dropping from the show and so yeah. It was like the next day two bands played and then nobody played for the rest of the day. It was the two that no one had heard of. It was just like the local bands who were like we're goin to show yeah. We got a show coming up. You should come we're playing work, tour, we're gonna, drink monster, waters wants to water, so it so. These people stick around for the last bit of the show and then, when the the last artist played before the the opening the end of the men, it was not supposed to be the end, but everybody knew was the ango bat left. They stormed the stage and just rid the to shreds during the set, not right at the end of it. So the guy finishes he's like he's like thanks thanks here canal soda pop festival or a bat yeah watch your feet way out, don't step in the turds see you later and then they like walks up the state and they just storm the stage and they just rip it apart. They end up setting that thing on fire too. Obviously so then they got a use all that money for damages, yeah, yeah and then finally, after parting, on this burning stage for a little bit, the rest of the people leave only to find that all of the cars i that were our part on the highway had gotten toad, which is pretty much everybody, because they had three days of tow trucks to just be like. Well, i guess we've got seventy two hours to just go up and down and to all these cars, and so they were just making round owing up the car, and so that's hilary. They described it as like a liberation event because would happened is somebody would have a car like they would have part they parked somewhere else, not right off the highway rs, whatever sitting at toad, and so they would literally be driving forty people into town, and so they be like piled under. It's like it's like the end of like a war like where everybody's piling on to one car and like hanging out of it and there's just like this picture of all these people, just rolling back into town from the erie canal, soda pop festival and the people in chanter saw this happen. They were like. We were right to the i e. It's a good thing, a good thing. We don't let that happen here at one of our cows burned yeah, we didn't want, they burn down our cows, so yeah. So let's talk a little bit about the aftermath. Okay, a few things happened here. Obviously there was a massive mess yeah that they had to clean up. Obviously there was the dead cow. The new road was pretty much destroyed. Oh really, yeah yeah pretty much destroy the turn. Fields were a public health nightmare to say the last, and so they ended up facing numerous lawsuits from the owner of the island, but also is a guys. You said you were cool. I want you guys said this was a family reunion. We got a big family if you all cat messed up: family, hey, don't hate on our family, man, the irs, the state of illinois and the state of indiana and all the vendors of the event and the court ended up fo, finding them several thousands of dollars. It yeah just seven thousand dollars several yeah, but i mean were hundred thousands of dollars. No, several thousands, really several thousands yeah, so i mean they pretty much got off. It's got free for all this yeah. What are you serious? Pretty much pretty much where the get all men that cost us? Twelve grand, oh no, in which review okay in two thousand and twelve bob alexander, was what he told he told the price. He said it had the possibility of being one of the greatest festivals ever yeah, which is true of any festival. This plan it had the assabet think of one in your head right now, okay, think about all the bands that could play there, yeah, that's possibly the best festival ever best ever possibly, and he said he said. I think the mere fact that we're talking about this forty years later says something about it as a major cultural event, and he said you know i'd love to try it again in the same location. So you didn't learn his lesson. Yeah the owner of the site ended up instead of trying to clean it up. He just bulldozed the land and buried everything there he's like he's like this. Is it literally sweep it on to the rock it's like? They were like he like hired a cleaning, peru, the seventy dollar cleaning fee and he was like yeah forget that i'm just going to bury the whole land way the islands called bull island yeah. You know what's erie about b, i said it's haunted by a ball and that, but if you listen at night, you can hear him go. Is that a bull sound, shut up? Take your shoes on you need the bey joke. Is that not the joe? No? That was. I was mad you the first time, but i was not the interuption like shut up to him. I don't, oh, you has so funny. Did he get it from the fire guy or is that where fire festival got their name, fire fecere burn some case, and your counting is what poor people do we elites burnham? Have you ever been to a festival like that where it like just kind of fell apart? No, really, if you yeah yeah, i never tell you that story. No, it's like heaven fast, like two thousand and eleven, which was like a christian music festival in colorado. I assumed heaven fest yeah, heaven fast and the great thing about heaven. Fest was i mean it was your stereotypical christian music festival. It was free, every yo, it yep ack nelson yep to mac yep, yep, teevee avenue norma to have oh man, ten tav and then crowder, yet obviously even curtis, chapman and grower. That was when he was playing with his guitar hero controller yeah. I real actually yeah yeah, but in like two thousand and nine they had an idea because there was this other tour that was like it was like a mini festival called scream. The prayer which i don't know if you've ever heard, o scream the prayer. No, it was the best thing in the world because, like two thousand and metal that was when youth group metal was a thing, yeah were like. There was just this massive church, metal scene and it was awesome and that scene was interesting because there's a lot over that, because a lot of people who weren't in the church liked those church bands yeah and they would end up going to these church- shows just to see these church bands that they liked well streamed. The prayer was comes through dem with the same day as hoenest, and so heaven fast was like hey. What, if you guys just did it at heaven fast, and so they set up a scream the prayer stage until i was nine and it was a huge hit, and so then in two thousand and ten they did it again, and it was also huge him. Well after the n ten, a screen prayer stop happening, and so they tried to book cannel bands, so havin fast was like we're going to book on, and so they actually did like. Have you heard this great christian man called slip? Knot i mean we think that they're going to really discrete war tent is going to be pretty great. We just booked them, i don't know they're they're up and coming band yeah. It's like that. It's the thether name. It stands for that that three three cord yeah ever you know- i mean it not cleante not easily broken yeah anyways, so they booked this event and they poked a few pretty good bands, a bot, my children, my bride, sleeping giant and under of those were like the big name ones. There was a couple, others that were like ancella metal, core bands like brian, had wild. She was newly christian yeah, that's right, so he was her testimony yeah and then there was white collar side show, and so those were like they kind of related sorta, but not really so they booked this event. It's a free show and there's heaven. Fest is completely free, completely free, okay, and so it brought the denver metal scene out of the woodworks man yeah and they had booked my children, my bride, to play ten am by first band, and one of the stages are on good morning. Good morning, heaven fest good morning, dan pro here's the issue yeah, they told my children, my bride, ten pm, instead of ten, am so my children, my bride at ten, a m was in wyoming all right, and so all these metal had showed up for my children, my bad that early because yeah, that's i this earliest have been on a bed in four months. So there's a massive crowd outside the stage and they obviously don't show up the promoter comes out and says: hey my choler, my bride's not going to make it sorry about it, and so we end up finding out twitter later that they were wyoming an they're on their way. Were they going to do it that now you're going to be there at ten pm is what they or the great thing about the way they planned. This event is there wasn't another metal band? Taking the stage until six p m- and that was now- the denver metal scene is hanging on a even purtas chapman for like ten hours, and it was hot the middle of summer. The closest thing they got was when hock nelson played bring them out exactly, and they were like bray about yeah. So like mashing and stuff, so freaking mercy me, you know mercy marsh at that point is what it was it. So all these dues are just kind of tittling their thumbs for hours and like they saw a white car, sudsine show and the dude from corn, and it was whatever, but then finally under earth takes the stage at six. Okay. This is when under earth was still cool like before they did their new stuff right, but aaron wasn't in the band at the time, but he was there doing his solo stuff, and so everybody was like aaron is going to come to a guest spot in this show like there's, no reason to believe that, okay than the fact that he was also there, he was there, and so everybody there's just the rumors that he was going to come out and that was going to be like their on core. You know it's people are aunt. Well, andrews takes a stage. These malha have been here for eight hours, yeah haven't seen a show they wanted to see, yet it's hot and it's under oath, and so i don't know he takes the stage and oh my gosh, it was one of the funnest pits i've ever been in, like it was just pandemonium yeah. You love that pit. It was so far favorite bit. Look at that pit. I mean of all the pits i've seen and it was just i was in the fields it was dusty. Star er is so cool, but here's a problem, the stephen curtis chapman fans didn't get it and there's such an overlacing metal scene because, like in the church metal bands, there was all these church, kids that listened to it, but they never been to their show. So they didn't know what that environ en didn't know what metal bands were like. So when the pit would open up, they would just see this giant got in the crowd, an ill look at this. They just walt in there. Oh, no and then the song would hit and they just get kicked in the face, as people were getting like. I can't count on one hand how many with us, o jesus they were get was in the teeth, o s questions. They saw these people and they're like i'm goin, to knock that guy out they're laine homeschool kit in the middle, with a backpack. On literally, i could not know that he's got like a backpack full of nestley, pure life waters right and they're like damp, because they're in there you know and like the labels are falling up, he's just got a puddle of water, the bottom of that back peg and those kids. Just straight he's got like you know, he's got those dumb sun glasses, like the ones you used to wear in college. You em for the white frame, one i he's out there and they just were in caked him in the team yeah. They just don't wait about that kevin yep! That's exactly what happened! Yeah and so kids start getting kicked out. F, th show security starts, kicking metal, heads out of show, the metal has oration security, people exactly it was pandemonium, they cut under a set short and, and then they basine stage down. That's what it went from good to great, because after under oath it was the next band. Metal band wasn't until ten p m, not was sleeping giant at ten p m, and there was this rumor that they were going to. Let my children my by play when they get here, which was supposed to be ten pm so is like seven jis can play it. Then my child of my brides flying in the place, so everybody hangs out for four more hours after they cut the set short and kicked everybody's friends out and everybody's just waiting for a super git to come out and sleeping giant set was i mean i thought underoath is pandemonium. Seeing giant was unbelievable. This kid literally got carted out in a stretcher. Rumor has it he broke his neck. I don't know if that's true room or has, but he got carted out in a streche. It was what are the craziest defense i have ever been to and then next year they didn't do a screaming yeah. They didn't let them back they're round on a like we're, not letting us back to this event. It was the death of metal yeah. That was the death of the christian medacine. Oh that's one of th. That's what all the christian bands are like we're, not we're, not crushing augus burns, where i was like we're, not a parthen yeah we're not yeah, heaven fast, never heard of that heaven never heard of it. So yeah it was a disaster. Man is a disaster, but my silin, my brought ended up playing some warehouse in denver that night and i to this day regret not going to see them because we just went home. It was exhausting. It was such an exhausting day, but you know we're still doing an episode right so yeah. So this event failed. I mean just like heaven fest ye. Here's a thing here we can also put pestil is a lot like heaviness the ice cream, social, which is what our live event would be called whenever we do at this fall, it'll be called an hillin ice cream, social tillin freedom festival, and i so they were playing on the scream the freer stage, so the tiling on the scream, the prayer stage of the free festival, ice cream, social at a posters friis ly are, i was like man. This must be a big event. Look el! On studios present we're doing it wow. Well i mean you know, i guess you don't want to hear my story right. Whatever join, you know, join our discord by dorning. Our patron is you? Can text talon six, six, six yeah and in the discord is how we will mobilize you to take over mount bon in missouri, i'm so serious. I e that's really funny and we just show them out for him as er. We just start chanting. Food of tin, love, tio,

At this point, we are all familiar with the Fyre Festival disaster. The Netflix and Hulu documentaries about the absolute failure of a concert captured the American youth. However, Fyre Fest was not the first music festival to crash and burn. In fact, it’s quite common for music festivals to end in disaster. Whether it be due to the kind … Read More

Charles J Guiteau – The Wild Man Who Killed James Garfield


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And are you ready and then you're tiding a manifesto over here, hey man? What's up, have you ever heard of charles j guato? I don't feel like you're saying it right, but okay, charles j j good to go to no. So this was actually recoes. They play the gateau, oh my god, things as was actually recommended to us by our patron supporter, a rabid, but the use named rabbit. Okay, i don't know what you galouse like my rapid he last night. I think rabbits their first name. I don't think that's like. I don't think there's there doesn't be real lyon. I don't want someone listening to be like, oh, is. Is it a he talk about me, rabid phillips? What do you think about the rabbit phillips? Did you recommend this? Are you a patriot support? Those are the couple other questions as all right all right now, so this guy charles j, o te he's famous for something, notably assassinating the united states president james, a garfield in one thousand, eight hundred and eighty one, but i'm going to go out on a limb and say that's the least interesting thing that happened in his life. So, okay, because get this all right. Twenty three years later after he assassinated, he ran in a little of the olympic race. So here's what happened. Okay to this guy, so he was born- and i hope eighteen forty one in and freeport illinois, okay and you think they got a sign for him. This is real. Like do you, you don't want to honor them, but i do you think i get. Is that we're just like hey we're, free porin illinois, we're home with that guy home of presidential assess child? Stick, i'm serious, not iereus like its lisle, it's not a memorial, but it's almost like we're. Like i mean yeah he's from here you, oh my gosh, so his mother died shortly after his birth and by shortly aster his birth. I mean about fourteen years after his birth, so from okay from what the doctor described, post part of psychosis, oh, which i think is just the way like you remember, early psychology yeah and they were like you're depressed because you have a kid it kind of what it was like. You had a kid and that messed you up, yeah you're depressed yeah, and it was pretty much yeah they pretty much. Just like psychosis was kind of just the depres, the the diagnosis they gave you if, like you, were kind of sad and it could mean anything and she died of it apparently. So i think what really happened is they just didn't understand what happened, but she didn't like take her life or anything show do of cacosi post part em, sycosis yeah. I think what that means. Is they don't know what happened and they were just like put some on there. Yeah they're like as pus part of em, psychoses, yeah and then so a little bit after there's a joke. You can cut out or leave it. I don't care just write, covin nineteen on the tri. Don't leave it a funny it some of those jokes make me sound like a conspiracy person, but i'm not you're, not you're, not, but it's funny to make fun of them as if i am oh gosh. Okay, so his father later died a couple years later of his mother's post, part of the is contagious is davis, so his father died a little while later and he inherited a thousand dollars, which is worth twenty nine thousand dollars to day okay, and so he moves to ann arbor michigan, and he goes to the university of michigan wherever one it goes: ann arbor, the university of michigan and the la of the midwest, but whatl he tried to attend the university of michigan, but he failed the entrance exams because of the school. He went to only taught him french and algebra in high school to pretty useless things, and so he took the interest. Exam is like there's a lot of other stuff on this that i know nothing about, and so he ended a long division he's like what's long division. I have never heard of this. Only now i can sole for x. I can solve this, and- and i can say x and french also x is on say, say i go ahead, say it also x, and so then, because he failed joining the university of michigan. He instead joined what a lot of people considered a cult the only in the oniata community in oniata you nor new york. Okay, i said you know you're you i nork. I did freaking telephone operator to that. I love you nork. I make one of the make those i heart in. Why shirts? But it's i heard why in you know, or you, ok, here's the thing about this. Only at a community, the big orange. This was a ridiculous group of oniata, only ada yeah. So this was a christian community on that people call a cult because the founder, john humphrey noise he his goal was he thinks that people here and now are capable of perfection just like jesus, and he said we should strive for that yeah, and so they got in this community and they set up this community around not sinning and which i mean is sounds like yeah, except of a lot of christian movements, yeah yeah, except for what they. What they did instead is the main phrases was modest as hot as gosh that's annoying, and so what was interesting about this is a well a couple things there's a couple things that they did in this. In this thing, one of them was mutual criticism. Where a couple times a week, they would just get together to point out everything that was wrong with each other so which work yeah so etats you and i do we just get together and we like hey, you know you kind of suck yeah. Do you want to go to lunch after on me, brother yeah, so they would get really intense with their their criticism of each other, of course, a worse and just kind of rip, each other apart yeah, so there's no way that can go wrong. There was a this other thing, that's very seems counter. It doesn't seem to go in line with the whole. You know were perfect thing. They practiced what was called complex marriage, which essentially meant everybody was married to everybody. That makes sense, and you just you're married all of them. The catch was you couldn't have children. Unless the leader of the cult yep interviewed you yeah and deemed you of able to parent it's interesting. I was trying to figure out what i was t trying to fan. I was looking up and kind of reading about like what defines a cold, because there was a few church groups in the v pacific northwest that were like kind of colty yeah, but they just didn't have a leader who i want to say dictated but like yewer sat like it's usually got that sexual element, as far as like everyone can either sexual freedom, or only these people can have you know, and the leader usually oversees that part yep and he yeah. It's usually a there's, usually some sort of charismatic leader who kind of twists everything to make him great. You know, but for some reason this article was saying that, in order to be defined as a cult, it had to involve a sexual element in some way. Huh interesting. I didn't hear of that. But i don't know if that's accurate, well, charles loved the call leader like he worshipped this call leader, but he was he's. The thing about charles charles is that guy in your friend group, who you're kind of like i wish you weren't here, you know like yeah yeah but like not like, but not like it. Like a mean way, it's like a like he's, the one like it's like. It's like important, alex. It's like it's like he's, the guy who, like i took him a second to get it to because he's just watching this on the screen or on pound like it was like he was like, oh no, but like it like a way where it's like it's like yeah, he's pretty annoying, and you hear in the lot and you're like a you saying that stuff again, but it's also in the way where it's like he's hitting on your mom all the time and like he's fighting, he picks fights with you. I i you're like i really don't want to be friends r, that's charles charles is the guy where you're, like i wooning on your mom. All the time like you know that friend, you know that friend yeah a that end, we've all been there yeah yeah, so golly he's curls hitting on people's moms yeah everybody. Well, i don't know i this charles, hitting on minds right. One of our twenty five la patron supporters is charles myers, my dad, who pretty often hits on my mom for tother a lot. I don't like it, but he's a he's, a painting on supporter. So you know thanks for doing that. Charles supports it twenty five a month- and you know it was pretty awkward because our twenty five dollar patrons get a little. They get an exclusive mug, yeah right and patron sends that out yeah. So my dad got his mug yeah, but he got it like last week and we're recording this on the twenty fifth or whatever of june right. So sunday was father's day. He thought that was his father's raked. There was a part of me that was like i'm not going to tell what well yeah i was like i'm gonna. Let him believe that's his father's day gay i didn't, but he got it. He was like. Oh thanks and i was like yeah. You know anyway, if you're at turon supporter there's, you know especially the twenty five dollar level. One were mentioning you in episodes, but also you get exclusive, merge, get insight into the episodes beforehand and you don't have to listen to an advertisement like this one, hey thanks for being here, we've got merchandise, it's a way to support the show and help us do more stuff by new equipment reach more people. If you like what we're doing, i want to help us do that more. Please consider doing that. If you want to link to that all of that's going to be sent to you. If you is text till in to six six, eight, six, six i'll tell you it's not a thing where we're going to text you a lot where no, it's, not a tech service, we're not going to like send you more than bo. It's just a way for you to get a link. It's one text, that's all we're going to send. I promise you, charles, because people hated him so much in the croup, like he, charles j, good, tell good to chills, go tell, and so he spent five years there and everybody they hate years in the cold yeah. I spent five years there. How long do colts run, i don't know just depends on on. We should talk more about colds later, go ahead, and so the people hated him so much that lobbyists on and cults honestly. This is the reason why i wanted to tell you about this guy, the cult the cult gave him the nickname charles get out they're like how do we get this message across and he did and they gave him that in a year too, he stayed around with three more years. Charles gould i hears charles get out. Hey here's charles get out what you just call me this, so he by what your mom so an she s, roulong for you, i just ruber loved. I would love to have a complex marriage in your mom. You know i'm saying oh man, charles kidd, no so charles ended up leaving the call after five years there yeah, because he was just thinking a nickname. He was he wasn't fit, but he made it seem like it was his decision. You know it was like, like you know what guys i just got to go on to other things, i'm going to go. My own way- and they were like all right- okay, thanks, thank you finally yeah. So so he left and he said, okay, what do i got going for me? I didn't get a college degree. I spent five years in the call. I've got twenty nine grand that i spent all moving to ann arbor, michigan and he's like well. What am i going to do? He's like hal i'll, be a lawyer in chicago, so he moved to chicago. He becomes a lawyer and somehow he passes the exam, which is an american dream. I mean you can really start over yeah, so he passes the bar this man yeah, who only knows french and algebra, passes the hatsa. The bar is it's french and algebra, and so french algebra he, coincidentally, did not have a successful law career. He only argued one case in court which we don't have a record to have of how it went, but i'm going to bet not great because he is rieses nervous, he's shaking and he was you're on there, the what the french accent well, he can always beak frients. I don't know. Are you telling me? He spoke french with like a southern ex. We we, what you talking about, he's, not frenchtell him me. The child of course he's in, of course he's weird and doesn't fit in with okay, but imagine not fitting him a cult people you know like, like they're already to fringe of society. Where do you go after that? You go to chicago law, all right and then you're up there and you're. Just like i don't know your honor he's nervous he's like i, charles get out o good. Do i like to picture that he said something really offensive or like something you're not supposed to do in the courtroom, and the judge is like charles get out and he's like. Oh that's what my friend he's like wait. Were you part of the ere you there, and so when that didn't work charles get out when that didn't work, he was like. Okay he's like we didn't really work he's like i can get into the business of bill collecting, so he became a bill collector and pretty quickly on. He was like wait. A second he's like i could go, collect this money for people's bills and then just go back to the people who were looking for the bills and tell them they didn't pay, oh my god. So he was collecting people's bills and not paying the people back. Yeah he's just stealing yeah yeah. So so he s doing that's e, that's exactly pretty old scheme yeah and that what you know what tax collectors in jewish tax collectors did that it's similar they would ask for more. I was being asked for and they would keep the x. I i was still pay the romans, because the lens yeah they still roll in back, really are. When you look at atts business model they take after the romans like the romans would kill you. So in one than eight here and sixty nine still a bill collector, he carries a librarian named annie. Bon who- and i guess just didn't see it- that's the most is name of her o. My life, like, i imagine that she she's living in black and white. Like you know, sanat anny bun, that's straight up a black or white name. He s that's pretty accurate. She talks like this, i'm wit any bun. That's yeah! I like well he's like well, you outer whatever his exit is we don't know he's like? Well, you are any good o now, so you know yeah so and i don't know how this happened like. I guess she just didn't see it like. I don't know if, like like everything i read about this guy, is that nobody liked him. Everybody was like this guy's awful and he was also a crook, and so it's like i mean i don't know, but she fell in love with him and yeah, but i mean, like you know, manson had admires yes, but i mean that's because you all admitted crimes, that's different. I guess i mean we talked about this. The cult hated him, so it's like i mean i don't know any may be she sucked to you, don't know any bun. I guess i should sounds like she didn't. She sounds like she's, a really sweet. You know she sounds like she is an angel. All we know about her is her name though yeah she was a librarian. I i that's what i'm saying: yeah okay, so the bill collectors ended up the the people who needed the bills ended up catching on to what he was doing and they said it started setting bill collectors after him right and so he's like. I know what i'll do i'll move to new york a d an this is in the late eighteen hundreds. So it's like you had to save to you, nork you move out of state and you're almost untraceable at this point like you, you disappear off that how dad's left the yeah well move to new york, yeah, real and so why he was in new york. He was do that up until probably two thousand and two you could just disappear, just be gone for ever real yeah. That's actually pretty true! I can't do that now. You can't. I have the location of my phone on you or, like you, could look up my location in time. Yeah. You could never disappear from me. Okay, it sounded threatening the way you said it for go ahead. I'm not gonna, say boo. Okay, thanks! I hope that that's a disease, so he ends up. He ends up wise in new york. He's like well, i got to do thing different lot at work, bill, collecting kind of went bad on me. What am i going to get into? And so then he was like politics, and so he got into politics. He identify with the democratic party, and he- and this is in what year this is eighteen, seventy two okay, so he supports horace greeley, who was who was a candidate for a president and doesn't go well? He didn't win really yeah. He he prepared a speech for greeley and it didn't like greeley hated the speech and he was mad at gato about it and he was convinced that, but i'm having a hard time, greely guita greatly gato the two different people. Gatell, was convinced that of greeley. One greeley would make a tell the minister to the nation of chili for no reason like nothing ever was told to him, i'm the ministers of the nation of chilis, and so he was really really mine, us ambassador to chiles, so o chilos. After this, you want to go out, huh you go chilis after this kind of actually on one of o voi might as well go chilis you've heard of them. Eathen need, i you know about chiles. You know the chili, you know so dumb, so he was convinced that he would be gan, minika e h and then, when greeley lost he was mad at greeley, because he is i. This is your fault right. The speech is a one. It is you had my speech a yeah, but the speech had all bunch of stuff about my opponent's mom and i wasn't going to war that in front of a bunch of people m m his meanwhile, his marriage to ann is not going well or and on yeah is not going well. Any bones sounds like and you make up a little cartoon character and be it actually pretty accurate. It's really good. Well, they wanted to divorce and they by bun here's the thing they wanted a divorce, but at the day at that time you couldn't just get a divorce. Just because, like you had to have like a good reason for it yeah and really the only good region now, you probably should still have a good reason to get divorced. So you don't legally have to have one, but back then pretty much. The only legal reason you could get a divorce was infidelity yeah. So gato was like i'll just hire a prostitute and bring her to the court, and so he does that and then afterwards he makes her testily have to see it. You know the court doesn't have to like yeah, so you don't go to the court and be like my husband cheated on me and the courts like prove it prove it yeah. I don't see he he's not cheat on you right now. She a here she ain't here, that's how he talks she ain't here. I don't see her yeah, so he hires a lady yeah and a lady of you nork to come with him to court yeah yeah. So they get the divorce and then gato is like well, politics didn't work. Law was borning bill. Collecting was weird. The call was kind of fun, though, and says like i'll get back into theology, and so he writes a book on theology called the truth very well well named, which was a exact plagiarism from the work of noise. The cult leader, like he literally just, took his book and was like this is my book, the truth, the true el? What you could do you couldn't get there was no proof of that. You know yeah, there's no national distribution at that point, so he just stole his book and called it his own book an when did he get cot with that, while he became increasingly convinced that he was divinely inspired and he called himself the new paul and he was preach. He's like he's like i'm preaching a new gospel to the world when it was really a. He took the writings of noise, but somehow he was able to get like people to just listen to him and so on, housden ht here and enty seven. He actually gave a lecture at the congressional church in washington dc from his book, the truth, and so he had a lot of people kind of like eating out of the palm of his hand for a while, and as he was going down this religious road, okay, he began gaining some more political clout because he was in dc and everybody there. Everybody in dc at the time was very religious, and so he was gaining this political clout and so in the s he switched to the political party, are the republican party and got back into politics to help people in politics, which i want to for a second highlight this, because in the late eighteen hundreds phones just come out, yeah actually phones just came out. You could call someone across was doing during the sum arm. I don't know, i actually don't see anything in his life thought. What he did in so are probably nothing he's, probably working on his theology manifesto that he stole yeah. How do you work on that? His every day, you're like copy paste yeah? That's what he was doing copy pasting your on his macbook air. I kid you not so the republicans yeah, don't kid me e the republicans at this point. They split the republican party is split into two factions right and i can't make this up. This is the name of the two factions of the publican party, this time- hey thanks for being here for things alone last night, if you want bonus, content, early access to episodes and a whole lot more, including a discord channel. We have that available to our patron supporters to sign up for that and for info text till in to six six, eight six six. They were the stalwarts and the half breeds yeah yeah yeah, it's literally like some mary potter stuff it, as i was just sure i was trying to do that. You you jumped on it. I was going to be like yes, the sixth book yeah, so ill in other jokes. He he said you just bring this stuff and i'll file yeah. So i'll. Try, i'm not funny. All the time are youtube comments and reviews really are they tell us that we're not so he doing speaking of reviews, i do gosh yeah good idea. This part out, where i'm mad at him, goodness gracious, i teed you for actually a review we want to highlight is this review. We got that says jar, never edits it out. Yeah. We read your podcast reviews, so keep doing that please and we like them. We like him when they're funny and they make us laugh like that. I also like them when they're one star those are even finer. I don't leave on sar reviews like don't because i will hurt us yeah but like i enjoy the ones that genuinely hate our show on they had us yeah. It's funny, yeah yeah for real reviews for the podcast applied a lot so yeah play a second keep doing that to review it. Who who left that? Did they live a name? I don't think i actually. I think that one was a nominis. It's actually. We have like a hundred and ninety five reviews and it's all meats and grains and then one from my dad and then won from jos. It was literally he thought he was texting you he was like he was like hey. Is this bug your father's day? I was so confused on how he is bone, that he was texting me and accidentally left a podcast review even hit. The number of stars is like he's like. This is weird he's like. I guess this is a five star text message he's like. I feel good about it: five stark text twenty minute way to texas roy house. You know how we want to start fighting you perfec. We should do that. We should take pictures and in the captures, are all things we would just see in this text. Essais t messages go les, so anyway yeah. So he decides to sport, support the stall wards a tall, and so this time he tastes ulyssess grant side who beat his the person. He stated with last time he's like a perfect shegeig with the winner this time, and so he writes us a speech for us. Ses called grant against hancock, oh what a leader when things that go well with uluses, he sided with andrew garfield and he just took that same speech and just changed. Everything from in tha said grant to garford against hancock and so, and the speech starts with ask not because what the stalwarts can do for you yeah, because i mean that's all. It is the government's all plagiarism, yeah, ye and so what's great about it is i'm pretty sure both of those speeches were given, i'm pretty sure bliss as grant gave that speech and then gar and regard fill ended up. Giving that speech as well and all that changed was just the name grant to garfield and and so garvie ends up winning and now guato is like sweet. I am the new sort of chilling minsters his fascination do. We know where it came from. I have no idea like there's no explanation, but he, but he didn't get named, that he was just so yeah. He was just like i goniel now and and and garfias like well, not really he's like, but i wrote that peach he's like well, i mean you wrote it for ulysses and he gave that speech m and then i also gave it so no i mean like so i mean minister to chili. Well yeah. So that's actually really close. What happened. Garfield was like well actually pump the brakes bud. You're. Not we actually don't have one of those. We don't do ministers here in the us. I love the. I love the garfield talks like a startup company in san francisco actually pump. The breaks on that could be so over gave a pink cong yeah. I like you, know like we don't really have like. We don't have office, i know so i would want to fight my, but maybe we could. We could go to the talking corner, hmm yeah so pump the breaks the brakes there buddy so so gato. He realized that the president is too strong to kill with a knife. That's what he said in a quote and he's like so because i can't be the representative, i'm manhattas somebody else. That's in a quote: yeah! That's close! He starting to reporters he's like a. He was too trying to kill at his outside and someone's like hey hey. Why did you do it? How did you do it as well? He's too strong and kill, and nice literally the court said he said. Garfield would have crushed the life out of me with a single blow of his fist, and so he settled on a pistol instead to try to kill who's. He talking to, i don't know some reporters, so he borrows fifteen dollars from his ex wife's relative. Like i don't know what relative like his x, wise cousin, he's like he, any fun bucks, hey, what's what's annie up to well she's, making pretzels now, actually and and the profits are pretty good kind, borrow fifteen bucks. I got to get and bucks and so yeah. He buys fifteen bucks and he buys a revolver what she ended up, having to make a choice at the the gun store. Do i want a wooden grip or an ivory grip and he told reporters afterwards. He said he selected the ivory grip because he thought it would look better in a museum. What a psychopath so yeah he's electe ivory lit grip and he goes and he shoots andrew garfield and andegavian up dying in the hospital which, what's really sad about it, is modern. Doctors have looked back at what happened there. They've reviewed the case, and they think that angeal would have survived if he didn't go, seek medical attention because they were their sanitist was just so bad. He ended up getting infection and dying sexual, not of the actual bolt on, so they think he would have survived if he didn't go to the doctor after he got shot but like he would ave un a been better off to just not see the doctor right. That's why, when i got shot, i do for this they're going to kill me. They gook me. Well, that was actually coincidentally, when guato stood on trial, for is a wit de fence. He said i didn't kill him. That was his defense. He's, like literally a direct quote, was what was i didn't, kill him. I just shot him. The doctors killed them. That's a direct quote. I didn't kill him, i just shot up. I just shot. I i just shot them with that gun that you're going to put on display right yeah, that's going to be an busum right, so they ended up in chili in chili. Do i get to go to chili for a lean museum here i ask, is that you hang me in chile in a museum in emus, so they ended up convicting gain and they hung them yeah and the he. So he goes in to kind of like death row of the day and why i was in death row. He wrote this lengthy poem that he said in the poem hes that god commanded me to kill garfield and all this like crazy, just crazy theory stuff. But it's like this ethics are red, voles or blue. I bought me a gun because a knife wouldn't do god, tell me to kill garfield last line. Man doesn't really but it s, so he he wrote the like the like the poem he's that here's the best part about it, though one he wrote it from the perspective of a child. So when he was going to his execution, he recited the poem from memory in the voice of a child. So he was like in a falsetto this whole time, reciting this poem from the perspective of this child and that at all he wrote the poem to be accompanied by an orchestra kid's going in. Like i mean like, i would execute that person immediate. I wouldn't even let him get to the gallows, execute them quicker. Yeah killed faster, oh gosh, dude, like that's terrified, so yes he's he's reciting this pole and he wrote it to be accompanied by an orchestra, and so he kept asking the guards he's like where's. My orsato, please he's like. Where is my order? I you're kidding orchestra executed, we're not getting you n orcas like i need my orchestra and said, but then he just kept like powering through and he's like. He's like this is where the orcas orchestra, i i that was just part of the poemwhere's, my he the powers that be i never. Where is my orchestra will never understand me power of life. Is it will be a lot better if i and they were like we're gonna, i mean what do you do with that? I don't know. Is anybody? Was there anybody in the crowd who was like? I think we should get him an orchestra. Where was the violins from the titanic? Where were they at yeah? I so i are not set get this man i mean, and so in odness, one of the most poetic moments of poet, justice stupid go ahead. They ended up displaying his revolver at the smithsonian, but what i love about it is somewhere along the line. The smithsonian lost it and they don't know where it is they just they literally just like how we misplaced that, no his ghost, and to that's exactly what happed they misplaced it. They lost it. They have no idea where it is well to be fair. It's not what killed them so yeah. They should have put the doctor on this play. Here's the doctor who killed garse, yeah, that's a that's charles j gate or get out wow yeah you're right that wasn't even the most interesting art. It's the orchestra. For me, my goodness, i'm not a fan yeah. What a crazy man, what a crazy man yeah big fan at him. You know what this episode would be better with what an orchestra playing, but like a southern orchestra with a french like a french orchestra with a other accent playing fiddle, is a

You have to be a pretty crazy person to assassinate a United States President. But, for Charles J Guiteau, the man who assassinated the 20th President James A. Garfield, the assassination of the president was the least crazy thing he ever did. From a shady political career to cult ties to ax-wielding outbursts, Charles J Guiteau was certainly unhinged. He … Read More