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Unknown Speaker Hey ma'am, nothing. I'm doing nothing. Good. Nothing going on. Unknown Speaker Have you heard of? Have you heard of Joel Ortiz Speaker 1 Joel Ortiz. Is this what Osteen is real name is? He was like Osteen sounds better. Speaker 2 I was dean. I thought it was Olsteen. It is higher life, Unknown Speaker isn't it that it's Olsteen. Unknown Speaker No, it's Oh, Unknown Speaker is it Osteen? Unknown Speaker I thought was Olsteen my. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you're dumb. It's Joel. Yeah. And Osteen, Speaker 2 Joel Olsteen I was Joel Olsteen. That's what I've always thought Joel Osteen. Joel Osteen. Joel Stein. No Joel or it's bots Speaker 1 all stain you know? All stain all Stein all spice. I was going for the Berenstein Unknown Speaker Bears. Oh, yeah. That's confusing. Now, Joel Olsteen. Oh, wait. Unknown Speaker 40s 40s Unknown Speaker dolor DS. Who is this? Speaker 2 Well, first of all, it's not the rapper. If you're listening to this, you're like, oh, sweet, an episode about the rapper. It's not the rapper while I'm talking about the rapper Joel or Ortiz. Yeah, Unknown Speaker yes. That was my master plan. Unknown Speaker Now this is this is an infamous hacker. He's an important hacker and hacking history. Okay. Let's let's take it from the top of the story. Speaker 1 That's how I got my wife is I hacked into her Instagram account, responded to my own. I made $17 million last year from selling methamphetamine. Here's how you can do it too. How stupid are you catch your breath? It's okay. Waterboarding myself. Things I Learned last night Speaker 2 Joel Ortiz, he was a teenager in the Call of Duty area era of Xbox Live 2014 up to that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. 2010 To 2015 ish, something like that. And he he was the kind of kid I don't know. You know, you don't game a lot. So you probably didn't see a lot of this. No, I had Unknown Speaker like friends and girlfriends and money. Speaker 2 You have friends that you call friends. But everybody else was like, I was just the guy that comes around sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 2 So, Joel Ortiz, he was? Unknown Speaker Why did you say that? Speaker 2 What you know? Right. Clap Pac Man. You made the joke said I had a friend you know, because because you were trying to throw Speaker 1 me heard about a study this week that loneliness causes exhaustion. Did you know that? If you're exhausted, it might just be exhaustion? Yeah. And that's why I asked you and Brent to hang out that one time because I'm just so tired all the time. You know, maybe it's maybe I'm just lonely or whatever. And we hung out and still didn't change anything so Speaker 2 my life it didn't help you guys didn't help at all. It helped me at all. No whole bummer. So I think they Joshan is related to I don't know something else you're doing in your life right now. That's pretty exhausting. Holding the line so, Joel, he was Speaker 1 he was are you really going like he's a hacker. So he is what is he freaking on Call of Duty gets so what is he rage hacking? Where he's just like, you're gonna kill me? I'm gonna destroy your financial future. Where you want to you want to you want to be a camper? You're gonna live in one Do you know Speaker 2 kinda ish. Not really. He was one of those there was an era of Call of Duty. Yeah. Where there was all these YouTubers. Yeah, it would sell hacks but it was like it wasn't it was more like mod rank up your level really fast or like, like Aim Assist things that made you like a little bit better at the game. And then how would they do that? So they would make YouTube videos of them doing the hack or doing whatever it is and get 10,000 15,000 views. They would sell it for like X Box points. And so like you would have to transfer then your points on Xbox, and you would get access to their hack. But their hack didn't exist. Well, it did exist. It was a real thing. Unknown Speaker Like I'm saying, like, how did they hack the game like that? Speaker 2 Well, there was people who just knew how to code and stuff. Oh, Joel was one who he didn't know how to how to hack. He didn't know how to do it. But there's other people he bought the hack from and then he was making the YouTube videos, and then selling that stuff with you. Yeah, so he was kind of like a middleman. Sure. But like, but like a middleman who was like, not supposed to be a middleman like it's like if I went and I bought at Costco at 24 pack of Doritos. And I went outside and I saw the thing that said not for individual sale and I just wrote over it with some red sharpie for individual sale right? Yeah, that sell it to market Unknown Speaker but not it says individual Speaker 2 individual sale How much $15 A bag and people aren't that sounds like Speaker 1 burritos cost. Outside seven years. Here you go young man. Did you know kids are running Doritos stay in standby Costco, Unknown Speaker and they're the best Doritos I've ever tasted. Yeah, I Unknown Speaker bought some Girl Scout Doritos today. Cool Ranch. Unknown Speaker Girl Scouts. After marketing Doritos know you're Unknown Speaker dressed as a girl scout. Unknown Speaker figured it'd be easier to sell this Speaker 1 guy goes. Ask I see this grown man dresses across town and I can't be like, your 12 year old. I can't say that. Unknown Speaker It feels offensive to not buy it. I have to I have to pay your girls. Unknown Speaker I have to buy your jewelry. He got a Speaker 2 person like the cops showed up. And he's like, I got a perfect I gotta cover like, Oh, we're like we can't do anything about this. Sorry, Costco. You just gotta get off Costco property. Speaker 1 So you're talking about like these, these these middlemen that are doing the wholesaling stuff on Amazon. Like there's no reason for them to do that. Speaker 2 Yeah. And it's technically against the rules. I mean, but for this hacking, I saw Speaker 1 a tick tock today where a guy was like, it's so easy to make money. Look, I go on Etsy, and I look look at this design. And they sold 50,000 shirts of this, so I just copy it. And I was just like, bro, you're just straight up telling Tiktok I just stole it. Yeah, and then I just made my own version. And I sell T shirts and I will show you how if you buy my course. Yeah, Unknown Speaker pay me $1,000 A month I'll show you how to do it. Speaker 1 And if you didn't sell a T shirts, then you idiot. Yeah, we should. We should I did buy a shirt though. Unknown Speaker That gives me an idea. But we can't talk about it. Speaker 1 Oh, all right. Add that to the long list of sketchy moments in this show. of Tim going gives me an idea but we can't talk about it. Anyway, Joel Ortiz. Speaker 2 So he was making these videos and what he was doing is he was third partying so Unknown Speaker why don't you do like that as you go so hard like Unknown Speaker yeah just take a sip bro Unknown Speaker What was that Unknown Speaker I thought of it Unknown Speaker How funny would be if I just threw Unknown Speaker just chugged Unknown Speaker dad. I couldn't get to it that was a lot man you could do the whole thing right now Unknown Speaker Oh, dang it I'm so close. That Unknown Speaker is a lot though Speaker 2 oh my gosh. How big is that joke? How was that Unknown Speaker 60 ounces Unknown Speaker Catch your breath It's okay. Unknown Speaker Waterboarding myself really good audio content. I need to go throw up. Unknown Speaker You need some help. I got you. Speaker 1 Oh, Mike, that gif of that kid on Tiktok was like all right. Yeah, it was great because water. Unknown Speaker Yeah, it's just water. Unknown Speaker I didn't think that through that doesn't feel good. Speaker 1 All right. So he's thought of You're hilarious. It was hilarious. Speaker 2 He's he's selling this stuff online, but he has no idea what it is or how it works. He's just making these videos of him like downloading this from some torrent website, okay, and then selling it to kids and kids are buying it from him. And so he's kind of like, Hey, this is interesting. But there's a there's a reputation that doing this for like in the hacker community is pretty lame, because you're not actually hacking like you're just taking other people's hacks and like, Speaker 1 you're not actually selling. You're not designing T shirts on Etsy. You're just stealing Oh, yeah, Speaker 2 yeah. And so he's that he wants to learn for himself. So he starts learning coding languages, and all the hacking tools and the cheat codes to do it himself. Sure. So by the end of high school, he's home hacking, if you will. Yeah, yes. But in high school, he's there. He's doing this hacking. He's doing the hacks by himself. And he's developing his own hacks. He's selling those online. And all right. Speaker 2 And so he's, meanwhile, he's really successful in his education career. He, he becomes valedictorian of his high school. He's the captain of the robotics team. Like he's, he's, he's a smart kid, right? And he taught himself how to hack a nerd, if you will. Yeah. He taught himself how to hack games, and he's hacking all these games and stuff. Um, he ended up getting a scholarship and going to school in Boston, to study. Not hacking, but computer sciences, but study it well. It wasn't on paper hacking, but that's what he was learning. Like it was he was learning computer science, but he's learning to hack. While he's there, he learns about a better way to make money that's a little bit easier, because there's this new thing. That's, I mean, that's super, not super new, but still pretty new, called Instagram. Unknown Speaker And I couldn't hack Instagram. Speaker 2 Yeah, there was a market on Instagram of people who wanted the short form usernames. So like, the number zero, or the number one, or rice or like, or just the name, James, you know, like people those those usernames were really coveted because obviously, like you had to be early to the platform is their number one. Yeah, I mean, there's got to be and so but I Unknown Speaker can't see this content this time. Speaker 2 Oof. Well, I can probably explain why I was here. So at the time there was a big market for these people really wanted to have him it was like a status symbol almost in the Unknown Speaker sorry I'm watching a real right now. Speaker 2 Oh big market for there's a status symbol is a status symbol in the hacker community if you had one of these short form usernames because it meant like you were early to the platform or to got it you know, like you you got it you got it. Yeah, you took it Yeah. So there was a method to it if you this Unknown Speaker day and he Speaker 1 Shaggy. Yeah, it's a barrier Unknown Speaker your ear while you're doing this he's ghost. It's bubbly. Okay, grab Speaker 1 man up and chug it. I'll be quiet. Unknown Speaker I'll be quiet. It was Perrier for Unknown Speaker me. All right, go ahead. Chug it. Keep going. Keep going. Speaker 3 You're about to do. Very Hey, come on. Chug. The Perrier Come on. Content April 30 and may 7 in Joplin, Missouri. Speaker 3 I towel I did a whole town. People don't come to the show. I'm so mad. Oh my gosh Unknown Speaker I also sell shirts on Unknown Speaker you getting by and I didn't design Unknown Speaker you okay Speaker 1 oh man, Sir David Ortiz Jolla. David Ortiz played for Boston anyway. Speaker 2 Um, yeah. So how do you remember where were we in the story? What did I just tell you? Unknown Speaker I don't know. So Speaker 2 trying to get those short form Instagrams, Instagram handles. And what he's doing is they there's a community of hackers that figured out if you could get access to the account, then what you would do is you just change the name of that account. Okay? So you would change it to like one, one rep. And then that account, the one is up for grabs, you have another account that goes and snags the one handle, right, but right when you so you're not, you're not stealing that account? You're just stealing the username, right? When they change the username, you can grab the username on a different account. Speaker 1 So okay, wait, you're saying you would create an account? Let's bubbles man. Yeah. And then you would wait for someone to change their username? Speaker 2 No, you would you would create an account, you would get access to that one. You would create an account that had just some dumb name. Jaron Meyers. Yeah, so dumb name like that stupid. And then you would go, if you wanted the number one to be your username, you would gain access to that account, you would hack your way in, and then you would change that account to one dash rip. And then when that changes the other account, you would change your username to one because now it's available. Unknown Speaker Okay. Speaker 2 So this person who was one didn't lose their account, but they lost one. That's why Unknown Speaker my Instagram is now Jared Meyers dash rip. Speaker 2 And so it's this method that they were using, and what they would say what they would do is they had on like, the dark web, you could buy these usernames. Is that accurate? Dark Mode? Yes. Yeah, that's exactly. It's just Instagram with the dark mode on. A Thursday, June 29, at 630, we are doing another patron hangout. These are super fun opportunities for us to just hang out on a zoom call with our patrons get to know you a little bit better find out what's going on in your life. And it's and have a lot of fun. Sometimes you might have seen some of these clips. They are absolutely wild. You guys do some crazy stuff in these videos, like pull ups or eat pizza. It's bonkers. And we'd love to have you on there. Thursday, June 29 630, text toe into 66866 to become a patron and join us Speaker 2 he was selling these usernames on on the dark web. It was kinda like Fiverr. Like, you're like you want this username that somebody has all get it for you. Speaker 1 Sure. And for how much did that cost? How much money are you making? Speaker 2 Well, it started out he was charging only a couple 100 bucks and they started learning. He's like, Oh, I can do 1000 bucks for these. Speaker 1 How does this is a total tangent. How does GoDaddy. Get the domains? How to domains work? I mean, do you remember right? Like what I text you the other day? And I was like, why is this one like $3,000? And why does GoDaddy have the ability to get it? But I don't. Speaker 2 So if if there is a domain that hasn't been like that doesn't exist yet? Yes, then they are able to just create it and tie it to the IP address on the server where it's going to be. So if that's simple, if it does exist, then they have to go get it from the first part. But the one I say he doesn't exist. Yeah, but that's where it's interesting. If it doesn't exist, then they have like an algorithm that watches search volume, how often is that getting searched? But also the phrase in it like what are the odds that that is like, easily memorable? Or is that like, Sure, a short like how long is it how Like what's happening outside in the world? Is there other stuff that could make this become a thing now? So like AI, like anything with AI now that even though it's not, like, even though that domain hasn't been used, if it has AI in it, it's automatically because the algorithm is like, well, that's hot right now. So those are gonna cost more. Okay. And so this is just a bunch of it's an algorithm. It's a bunch of factors. Speaker 1 Okay, that didn't answer anything for me. Like, if they got it listed? Yeah. So they've claimed is what you're saying? Like they've attached to an idea or good IP address already? Speaker 2 Maybe I don't know how that works on their end, I would assume. But like now, Unknown Speaker yeah. That's why I'm saying like, why can they charge three grand for it? Like, can Speaker 2 you search it? The algorithm knows, I understand how much this would cost. That's the value of this domain? Sure. Speaker 1 But I'm saying like, why can't I attach that domain to an IP address? Apart from that? Yeah, I'm actually not sure on that. That's all I'm saying. Like, why, like, what? I'm not sure I'm not part of, Can I cut the middleman out and go and just get it? I would Speaker 2 assume you got to be able to write but I actually don't know. I don't know how that works. What I do, what they're doing is Speaker 1 I hack the address that I want. And then I just make it dash rip. Speaker 1 And then I get that so like, I tried to find free Was I just you know, and it sucks because it was a it was a really sweet website that they give a lot of money to charity and stuff. And I was like, This is my now this is mine. And so I took it. It's not I wasn't I did the Speaker 2 same thing. That's how I actually got my job. I I took Google and turned it into just some dumb basic search engine. I did this like 15 years. Yeah. Speaker 1 Yeah. That's how I got my wife is I hacked into her Instagram account, responded to my own. Unknown Speaker Right, and then gaslit her and then Speaker 1 you don't really responded to me? You said yes. was actually really, really, really rude of you. To say yes, I just say no, if you don't want to do it. Unknown Speaker And now we're married. It was serendipitous. Really, it really was. Speaker 2 That's it? That's, that's our first rom com We're gonna shoot. Speaker 1 Okay, so there's water on the table. And I don't know if it's been in your mouth or not. Unknown Speaker Alright, so Speaker 2 the way he was doing this, yeah. Was through a method called sim swapping. I don't know if you've heard of this. It's kind of crazy. So the concept, the concept of this is, you will figure it out. Okay. If I try to log in to the Unknown Speaker for 15. Do you need to get on your call with Alex? Unknown Speaker Yeah, sorry, I gotta go. Unknown Speaker Sorry, I gotta leave you alone. Tell the story. Speaker 2 Yeah. So sim swapping, what he would do is go try to log into the account that he wanted. Yeah, say forgot my password, and then say, claim through the phone number. And what it would do is it would give you the phone number in the way it does. The way Instagram works is it says the phone number but it like blocks out a couple characters. All he would have to do is figure out which character that is. And he had some algorithm or something he would use to help them narrow down what it was okay. And then what he would do is he would figure out what carrier had that phone number. And so if it was AT and T T Mobile, whatever it was, he would then call T Mobile and say, Hey, I'm this person he found he would find their name tracked. And the same way you do your Facebook stalking stuff. Unknown Speaker It's me. Hi. Speaker 2 I'm trying to log or I'm trying to get my new phone connected. I got a new SIM card. I got this new phone. I'm trying to get that connected to my number. He would just steal their phone number. Yeah. And they would say okay, well, they would ask the security questions. He would go through all their stuff to figure out what their security question answers would be. Because like most people share, like, what's your first car you most people, you can go back through their Facebook and see the first car that they owned? And so like he would Speaker 1 go through this and so much effort for he would go through and find Speaker 2 those answers. And then he would buy their social security number for like 20 bucks on the dark web. Because everyone's was on the dark web for like 20 bucks. And so then they would ask for Speaker 1 you heard it here, folks. It's out there. Speaker 2 And so then and then they would ask for the last for the social he would give the last for the social. How do Unknown Speaker I find the dark web Unknown Speaker You go to work Speaker 1 Yeah. Where do I go for quick? You know, Dark Web dark, find the dark. Speaker 2 That's not available. No, but it's you. It's taken. But GoDaddy says we might be able to track it down for you for only 70 bucks $69.69 99. But Dark Web dot social is available? Should we get Speaker 1 that? I've always wondered about college, Dark Web dot Speaker 2 anyways. And then you would just say, Yeah, can you connect the SIM card? And then they would be like, cool. Yeah, it's you. You answered all the questions. So let me just connect your phone. And then they would go back to try to log in and select the phone number. And now they're getting your tech because they have your SIM card. And so your phone will get disconnected from your service. On your end on their end, they now have your phone. And so the phone number comes through, they would know your whole phone number. Yeah. And so then they would enter in the security code that comes through and now they're in your account, and then they change everything. Speaker 1 So you got to steal someone's entire identity, just to get the username. Yeah. I mean, I just feel like if you've got their social security number to get their Instagram account, there's more money to be made. Speaker 2 You know, saying, Well, that's what happened. He was doing this Speaker 1 way many cells back the way he's like doing all this process. He's like, Wait a minute. Yeah. He realizes for $200 when I could just steal from this person. Speaker 2 Yeah. So that's what he realized. So he's in college, he's doing this, okay. He's just He's smart. That's good. He's doing this Instagram, seeing he's in college, and then he realizes, Oh, yeah, wait, like the pinches take their money. So he goes, here's what he does. He goes to a Bitcoin Conference, and he just meets on the woodshed and 13 This is probably 2000 At this point, probably 2017 Oh, that's Speaker 1 early Bitcoin still. Yeah. What was the first time you heard about Bitcoin? The first time I heard about it, yeah. Who was the first person like tell you about Bitcoin? I don't Speaker 2 remember who the first person was. But I bet I do. Probably knew about summer probably 2017 2018. Speaker 1 Ex girlfriend's dad. It was it was it was a it was Patrick Phelan. Who was the youth pastor? At the church? I was going to Yeah, who in I remember the night very specifically, yeah. Where he was. We were in the back parking lot. And he's like, bro, have you heard of crypto? Unknown Speaker I remember he told me he made a lot. Speaker 1 He did. He did he I mean, he he cashed out too late for what his birthday? He if he had written it out? Yeah. Then he would be a multimillionaire. Yeah, if he had cashed out 21. But I think he cashed out in like, 2019. I still made some some change on Speaker 2 that. That's crazy. But yeah, he went to his Bitcoin Conference, met a bunch of people who were Bitcoiners and then stole the scheme, is it the same swap with them, and got into their Bitcoin accounts and just drained their accounts and send it to him? And a little thing about Joel Ortiz, he was he grew up in a home where his mother was disabled, and his father worked menial jobs. So he grew up very, very impoverished. And so he gets to this opportunity, and he starts pulling out $40,000 70,000, not 90,000, not big cash outs. And it's, it hits him fast. Unknown Speaker Where do you live at? Unknown Speaker Well, now he's in Boston, because he's going to school. Speaker 1 And he doesn't think through how sorry. Yeah, he's like, 90 is not thinking through how the government knows his transactions. Yeah, he's Speaker 2 like, 19. He has no idea. See how that works. He's, he's young. He's, he's young to be trying to do all this. And so him and his happy friends blowing 40 grand on it. And 19 He tells us hacker friends about this. And so they start a group they call it the community. Speaker 1 We buy at 19 $40,000. Speaker 2 I probably would have bought a car. I bet. You think so? Yeah, that'd probably be the first thing I buy. And then I could see I could see us. I could see us pulling our next door neighbor in Springfield. And buying Oh, yes. Living in this house together. And like the house is like find Speaker 1 the guy that was I don't think he bought that house. I think he was renting. Yeah, he might have been Tony. Yeah, he was he was renting. And we know he'd same company that owned the house we lived in. We were paying each 250 in rent. So the whole house was $1,000. Yeah. And our neighbor next to us in that neighborhood had a Lamborghini Unknown Speaker while he had a Lamborghini. Unknown Speaker But he had a Lamborghini. A pickup Speaker 2 truck. Yeah, he had a Porsche. He had two motorcycles. He did Unknown Speaker window tint. Yeah, that's what he did. Speaker 2 Yeah, it was. It was not believable. Yeah. And he but he didn't even live there. He lived in Kansas City. And he came down to Springfield on the weekends. Oh, is that true? Yeah, I guess I didn't realize that. I came down. He came down in Springfield to do the stuff that you couldn't do a window tint around his family, I guess I don't know. It was very sketchy. Anyways. Yeah. And so they started living him in the community, they started that group to call the community and they all started doing this. Like he taught all his friends how to do this, there's sim swap, and they're stealing Bitcoin. And he, it goes to his head. And he's like, he's like, I've got the he went, and he got the Instagram handle zero. So he's zero on Instagram zero on Twitter, which in this hacker community is a huge deal to have that as your handle. And then he's now got, Speaker 1 well, you also gotta know that everyone's trying to hack your account all the time. Unknown Speaker I guess if you're a zero. Yeah. I guess Yeah, it's Unknown Speaker a big deal. Everyone's trying to hack you. Yeah. Zima on RuneScape Unknown Speaker if you play RuneScape RuneScape. Lord, that is Speaker 1 a that's such a good reference. And I know we will have plenty of RuneScape listeners. Yeah, that's such a good reference Speaker 2 that yeah, I don't get it. I played Runescape but I didn't play RuneScape you know, like I played it, but I didn't Speaker 1 play your sixth grade heart just burst out of your chest when you heard that name. What a good time. So, so freakin cool, man. Speaker 2 So he's living like an influencer lifestyle. He's going to clubs, he's getting bottleservice He's fine rent and private jets, like flying all over the states to go to these parties. I post these pictures in like, Balenciaga. He's got designer clothes. Like all this stuff. Like he's like, he looks like Travis Kelce is Instagram. Like, that's the lifestyle he's leading. And he's like, he, he got into it. Right? And everyone's like, Oh, yeah, this costume all of a sudden. That's interesting. I wonder what happened? Or how you did that. Meanwhile, his YouTube channel where he was posting stuff that all the quality stuff. He's now posting how to Sim swap, like videos teaching you how to do the hacking stuff. And he's selling online courses. No, he's not. He's not selling online courses. But he is, is doing these YouTube videos training. Now these hacking methods and techniques. I Speaker 1 made $17 million last year from selling methamphetamine. Here's how you can do it to How stupid are you bro? Speaker 2 And then he's, and then he's tweeting asking questions about how to to hide Bitcoin transactions from the IRS on how to work tweeting. Speaker 1 How do I hide transactions from IRS? He's like, he's like, get girl to like me for more than my money. Speaker 2 He's like, he's like, I feel like I'm gonna have to pay taxes on this. I don't know how to handle it. But what do I do? Do I have to report that? Can I not report that like tweeting these questions? Speaker 1 You're telling me you have the access to the entire dark web? Yeah, you've got a password to dark dot web. And you're having to tweet for your financial advice. Yeah, iron. Speaker 2 Let's be honest, though. None of us know how to deal with taxes. Yeah. Speaker 1 CPA, find the Saul Goodman of CPA. CCPA. A criminal. CPA. I don't know what CPA stands for. Certified Personal accountant, criminal personal accountant. Unknown Speaker What does CPA safeguard against certified person? Unknown Speaker I don't know. A lot of money. I'm pretty sure that that just shows how stupid I am. Speaker 2 You don't need to know what it means you probably isn't real. That's the point of the job is you don't need to know Speaker 1 what they do. That's like the whole purpose. The whole market where she goes, Speaker 2 there's no need. You don't need to know there's no need to. I've got you covered. You don't need to know you're not gonna go to jail. You don't need to know I'm protecting you. You don't need to know. Yeah, yeah, Unknown Speaker I won't go. She's just tweeting. I won't Unknown Speaker go to jail. No, you need to say you won't go to jail. Speaker 1 No, I know. I hear what you're saying. You're saying you say saying i Okay. I won't go. No. I don't want to go to jail. Yeah, but Speaker 2 what you didn't say is you won't go to jail. You won't go to jail. No, but I know I'm the CPA. I won't go to jail. Unknown Speaker Okay, so you need to find Speaker 2 a criminal CPA. He's just putting stuff out. Yeah. And he's living the life stuff. Speaker 1 And so he's drunk at these clubs, and he's yelling it to random people like the music's rollout. Yeah, it's like, how I commit tax fraud Unknown Speaker How do I help me commit the fraud? Unknown Speaker What is embezzling? So, Unknown Speaker I are one please. Speaker 2 Please give me more. And so Oh, what is IRS several so they go to this party him in the community that in LA they fly to LA they're doing this party in LA. They do bottle service during the club. They're posting all these videos on Instagram of them throwing literally $40,000 around. And they're talking about like, like we got $40,000 tossing like literally just just tossing Speaker 1 it back. Yeah, I guess that's what we would have done for 40 grand probably Unknown Speaker $40,000 Unknown Speaker Go on. Should we pay off our debts? No. Unknown Speaker Let's play football with the money. Speaker 1 Now there's any money $40,000 You got to specify how much it is. Speaker 2 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly. She was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 2 And so they were leaving the club one night in LA. And somebody had seen that video that they posted. And they got held up at gunpoint and taken back to Yeah, taken back to the Airbnb they rented and they sold off a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff from these kids. And so they post this video as follow up video the next day. Guy Rob last night. Yeah. And they were Speaker 1 Hey guys, we got Rob last night. Subscribe to see how you can get robbed. By my course of how to get Rob Subscribe Speaker 2 today to have enough money for robbers to be interested in you too. Speaker 1 I guess we could do we could do a whole YouTube channel that is just like, instructional videos on how to make bad things happen in your life. Unknown Speaker Yeah, hey, guys. Speaker 1 Today's episode is all about how to be thrown in jail for tax evasion. Unknown Speaker Hey, today we're talking about how to lose your job. Unknown Speaker Smash that Like button. Speaker 2 Yeah, so they post this video and he's like, shaken up. And he's like clearly shaken up with the video. He goes and he files a police report to because he's like he's like yeah, we got robbed. So stupid all this so all of this stuff I bought with my stolen money was stolen from me. And so the police are like interesting Where'd you get this like 740,000 to buy all this stuff? And that raises some red flags for them Sure. So they handed over LA Speaker 1 police beat cops are like are like huh something's going on here. Speaker 2 So they handed over to react which is a YouTube Unknown Speaker channel Unknown Speaker hey guys hey reacting to this video hey guys Speaker 1 got LA Police Department called us and said we've got some fish here and we're here to check it out Oh, looks like another murder Speaker 1 oh well no react got its click Beatty Speaker 2 React is like a it's like an FBI that I don't think a lot of people know about I don't know about it sits for regional enforcement allied computer team. No, it does. And basically, what we call ourselves Unknown Speaker played Runescape together the regional Unknown Speaker enforcement allied computer deep. Unknown Speaker Doesn't seem like React. Speaker 2 Yeah, and each kid says a different word. Regional enforcement allied computer team. Speaker 1 Yeah, I like to watch this computer fight Unknown Speaker for kids to go killer Unknown Speaker Yeah, seems to be a fifth one. Unknown Speaker Oh, that's another murder Unknown Speaker this week on React taught me the T and react was murder. Here's how I get through it as a team Just saying the word. But let's solve this murder. Can you see? Speaker 1 See, this is what this is what loses us sponsors. You know? Unknown Speaker This is where our we've said the word too many Unknown Speaker word. Oh, Unknown Speaker we can say it. Clarify we're let's get out of here. Please keep going with the story we got to keep going. Speaker 2 So this react force gets together. Okay, start doing some recon on Joel. And they realize that he is going undercover in his community, posting a bunch of hacking videos to YouTube. Yeah, posting all of a sudden a bunch of money person things to post Speaker 1 money person. That's why you'll never be a money person right there. What you just said Unknown Speaker is the money person is all that money Person. Speaker 1 Person. All right. Speaker 2 And then, and so they start following some rabbit trails. Yeah, trying to track them down. And they end up getting these reports of a bunch of people who are like, Yeah, I had like $2 million stolen from my Bitcoin account. And so they start looking into that, and they are Speaker 1 What do you mean they? Oh, line. They they start tracking it down? And this person casually goes, Yeah, I had like $2 million stolen from my Bitcoin account. That wasn't a police report. Speaker 2 Well, okay. So I should back up, I should back up. The people that this happened to that he was stealing from no went and did the reports. God, and now the React force knows about this, but they have these billboards, they have no Who is this? And now this guy shows up because of this police. Like I bet this guy did it. Yeah. And they're like, so they go to T Mobile 18 T the groups where they got that information from originally. And they said, Hey, can you connect us to the device that they connected to? And so they got access to the SIM card, and they remotely access his phone. And they found this picture that he used to verify his identity for his Bitcoin account, which is just a picture of his face holding up his ID with all of his information on it. Obviously, it's an ID. Speaker 1 This is such a sad picture. Unknown Speaker And that's how like, I don't want Speaker 1 to move on from his signature. I want to know, Can we zoom in on his signature by chance? Can Unknown Speaker you zoom in on this? Speaker 1 I don't know. Because that's just squiggles. That's I don't know if you can his signature looks like he drew it in that PENGUIN GAME. You know, I'm talking about line The line drawing Yeah. Where it writes. Yes. That's what that he looks like, logged into that and was like, I'm gonna go Speaker 2 for it. Yeah, that actually is what it looks like. Or on a little extra sketch thing. He's an organ donor, though. So good for Hey, yes. Speaker 1 You know, he's not all bad. It is a vertical card, which means he's under 21. Speaker 2 Yeah, yep. And they're like, alright, we got our guy, and Unknown Speaker we got him for underage drinking. Speaker 3 And also embezzling millions of dollars. But we're gonna charge for sure. Yeah. Speaker 2 Yeah, they show up the frickin ETF shows up to tank everything. And then also I hear underage drinking. And then there's another thing Speaker 1 Oh, so the other stuff but really we are the DARE program they bring a real live Speaker 3 and they're like really near and dear did drugs and alcohol we were gonna let the lion EU we said that from the beginning rather than the jump. Unknown Speaker Darren the dare Speaker 2 dare lion. Oh my gosh. So they're like we got a guy. And typically, what happens if we got this picture is on every phone? Well, there's pictures on the phone that he was using to do these things. Oh, God, he kept putting the SIM card in and sim swapping it and then pull that SIM card out and put his back in? Yeah, I was shocked this Speaker 1 to where he's like holding a little. Yeah, yeah, that's a really good time. Speaker 2 So typically, what the React force would do in this scenario is they would sit on it for a little while, let him perpetrate some more crimes. They're in his devices. So they're watching. They're gathering evidence. So that way, it's easier for them to get a conviction. But after he's already cried enough, well, after he got robbed, he was like, he's like, I think that's it. He's going back to Boston. And he's just Unknown Speaker normal life and the reaction was watching him. Speaker 2 Yeah, man. Well, well, he says that and they're worried that he's got Going back to Boston, they know he had a an appointment on the calendar to go to Europe soon. And so they're like he's gonna He's gonna, he's gonna run. Yeah. And so what they did is they went they knew his flight was going he was flying back to Boston. So they went to LAX and they were not that Unknown Speaker guy Unknown Speaker to f 16 brought her down. Unknown Speaker This kid was underage drinking. Speaker 1 Bravo Delta the air. And what I'm pretty sure it was an undercover cop brought on an emotional support lion. And I was like, I appreciate it. Aaron the dare lie. For my emotions. It was wearing a t shirt. Unknown Speaker Such a big T shirt. Unknown Speaker Like 20 sea lions or Speaker 2 like seven rows. And that'll put a buffer to them for comfort plus a lion, Unknown Speaker a lion dude. an underage drinker on that plane. Speaker 2 So I figured out the time of his flight, they called the airport and we're like, when's he fine? And then yeah, we can get you that information. And what they figured was aid and probably be smart if we wait for him to go through security. So we know he's clear. And so they let him go through that's Unknown Speaker not that smart. Speaker 2 So he wants to, he walks through the metal detectors. Unknown Speaker We know he doesn't have any alcohol on him. Unknown Speaker He walks to the detectors and prints hands and walks around the corner Unknown Speaker like why don't you ever see Joel? Unknown Speaker I've got these textbooks. Speaker 3 Oh, speaking of tailors, it is I forgot. Okay, so there was this one person who Unknown Speaker scammed and took their money from Speaker 1 but then he fell in love with her. And he was like, oh, no, I can't scam this girl. I gotta, Speaker 2 there was there was this one person where I can't remember exactly why this happened. I forgot about this story. I can't remember exactly why this happened. But for some reason, he couldn't get into their Bitcoin account. Like he had a second layer of two factor authentication or something. So he Unknown Speaker was like, Hey, will you text me that verification code? Well, Speaker 2 I don't know. I don't know why he thought this would work. He tracked down his daughter's phone number. And he texted his daughter and what he texted his dog guy he's trying to scam. Now the guy is trying to steal the money from he's there. Okay, I Unknown Speaker gotta get in touch with his daughter. And he Unknown Speaker he texted his daughter and he said, tell your daddy to send me Bitcoin. And why you thought that was? I don't? I don't know. But he tried that. They didn't work out for him. Unknown Speaker She responded. Unknown Speaker I don't think she did. I'm pretty sure she was like what? Speaker 1 For sure. She was like a 12 year old. She's been like, what's Bitcoin? What's Bitcoin? So imagine your kid comes to you and is like, hey, got this text? Yeah, what do you do? Speaker 2 I mean, you probably start with calling the police Sure. Put it in a police. Speaker 1 I escaped the police. I go straight to react. Hey, guys react here. Hey, we got some guy texted this chick. They do say that, don't you? That's how they talk about when we reverse this chick. Unknown Speaker Daddy's big. Unknown Speaker I'm really uncomfortable. Speaker 2 Very uncomfortable. Okay, so Joel gets arrested. Yeah, they he goes to court. He pleads no contest, which is essentially guilty. Yeah. And they were able to track $7.8 million Speaker 1 to him that he stole Gee, and he's like, What? 19 Speaker 2 He's 21 at the time of his like, actual like, court. He got arrested when he was 20 by the time his hearing goes through, he's 21 They were only able to account for $400,000 restitution 400,000 He claims he spent the rest Unknown Speaker a lot of money Speaker 2 on whether or not that's still out there somewhere and he's got hidden in some of their Bitcoin account. They don't they have no account is Robinhood Speaker 1 account. Oh, I've got $7.4 million in Robin Hood. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I mean, it's worth a lot less now. Speaker 1 True, but it's gonna be worth a lot more diving. So yeah, I saw a tweet today that says that Bitcoin is going to hit 100,000 by 2024. So I put in I put in 10 grand Unknown Speaker I'm putting in 100,000 I'm so Speaker 1 pleased no content. No I did. I there was an interesting stock move I made this week though. So virgin orbit went bankrupt. And I'm thinking about buy their stock for me selling for like two cents right now. You know, so I was like I could buy $1,000 for this. Speaker 2 I don't know how many shares a virgin orbit I have right now. How many do you have? 775 Unknown Speaker What's it? What's it trading at right now? Unknown Speaker It's gone up a little bit. It's trading at Unknown Speaker six cents. Oh, dang, we could have tripled our money. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we would have actually got in there early enough. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna go buy it today. Speaker 2 I actually put an order in on Saturday because I forgot. And so it came through today. So I think I bought it for $1.08 a pop. Dang it today. Yeah. So I mean, that's really probably nothing's gonna happen with it. But there's a chance. Anyways, Unknown Speaker I'm really glad I discovered that though. Go ahead. Speaker 2 So he pleased no contest. Sure. But he's the first person that they got on this sim swapping thing. And he stole seven and a half million dollars, you know, kind of a big charge. And he was enraged. And so, Unknown Speaker because he was a penalty in Boston, Speaker 2 they actually throw you into the Boston Harbor. molasses and the T minutes go Go for it. Yeah, good luck. Speaker 1 Let's see you swim out of that. It's thick. Fight. The monster is down there. Ben Franklin. Unknown Speaker Still alive at the Boston. Alright, he's a monster. That's all they need to Boston hot boy Unknown Speaker Ben Franklin. HBB. Baby. Speaker 2 So say please don't God does. Yeah. And they they sentenced him to 10 years in prison for it, which seems a little low to me. Sure. But everything I read says acted like it was high. But he gets out now. Right? Well, now he got convicted in 2019. Oh, 29. He's in there. Yeah. And so okay. So he went to prison. And every article I read said that they were like making an example of him. Because like, there's a lot of people that were doing this, but that seems like a low ish sentence. Yeah. Speaker 1 Example of a first shot. And then they used Speaker 2 his contact list to get all of the community so all of his friends that they're staying with, they ended up going and catching them. And they all started serving, like three, four or five year jail sentences, depending on how much money they stole. Worth. Only a handful of them were they able to repay even part of it. One of them and one of them in particular had stole $14 million. Geez. And he paid back the full thing, which is kind of crazy to me. Because I feel like he probably spent some of that. So unless the value of his Bitcoin went up enough to where he could just cover that 14 Or if he saw some more to cover that 14 I don't know how he paid off. I paid it all back. But he did pay it all back. Is he still in prison? No, he did two years because he paid it all back. Wow. And so Unknown Speaker he's like, that was pretty worth it. Speaker 2 Yeah, I do it again. The interesting thing that I would not do again, I couldn't Speaker 1 imagine you get convicted in 2019. Right? For stealing all his Bitcoin, you get in you, you pay back your 14 million but you've still got like, a couple million dollars in Bitcoin. Yeah, you serve two years when you get out. It's 2021. Yeah, that's worth an insanely amount more. Yeah. Because 21 was the boom if you still haven't, and then you sell it. And you're like I did two years in prison and still made. Yeah. $28 million dollars. Speaker 2 Yeah. I mean, could have been a good business plan. Unknown Speaker Yeah. He's gonna be at the right time and a Ponzi scheme, not the Unknown Speaker timing, timing. couple important lessons. Speaker 1 That's why it's crazy that right now you can get in on Patreon. You're saying like both years from now, a couple years from now? We're not going to do this Speaker 2 $100,000 A tear. Yeah, yeah. And you can sell those tears. Speaker 1 You could sell those tears or you can have something in your eyes. Yeah. What do you want to do? Speaker 2 Would you rather sell it here or be a TV person here for the theory, you want to beat theory? So anyway, so yeah, important lesson. The experts because of this, and these schemes, say whenever possible, if the service you're using allows it, do not use your phone number for your two factor authentication. Use what am I supposed to do a different account, use an email account or to use a authenticator app? Because those are harder for people to gain access to then your phone number. It's still really easy. If someone can go get the information, which is it takes work, it takes effort, but if someone's willing to make the effort to go get your phone number, they can just get your phone number from the carriers. There's, Unknown Speaker I'll give you my phone number. Unknown Speaker And they'll just take it from you. Hey, if Speaker 1 you've tried to hack me just ask ask me all you had to do was ask ask me nicely and they'll give it to you. That was was were really funny moment. Jury Duty. How far have you watched? Speaker 2 We've, we're on the finale. Okay, we're Morrison's like, guys. Speaker 1 If one of you needed money, just ask. No, it was before as the as I don't know, apparently, someone paid the paparazzi to show up yesterday. Oh, yeah. When he needed money just asked why did he Yeah. Can I ask for money? No, no. It's good times. Good times. Speaker 2 Yeah. So it'll be interesting to see what he does. When he gets out. Some of the community has gotten into ethical hacking. So they're doing that now, which is good for them, Speaker 1 where you just hack big companies or what? No ethical hacking. So like Speaker 2 Google has hacking bounties. So like, if you can find bugs in their code that like, are security risks, then they'll pay you to expose those so that way, they can then patch them. And so depending on how big the vulnerability is, you're gonna make pretty dang good money finding Yes, but you got to you got to know your stuff. Sure. So a lot of those guys got into Ethical Hacking after that. Speaker 1 But I mean, I make YouTube videos about ethical hacking. Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah, I ethically hack I unethically I Speaker 1 steal YouTube videos about Speaker 2 it Yeah, it's pretty ethical you asked me do on ethical is make an ethical right. That's what I've heard. I've heard the same thing. But yeah, so moral of the story is the guy in the last episode if he would have tried to come up to this guy probably could have built a business. Yeah, because this guy wasn't covered his tracks very well. He's not he's no anonymous. Or was he? Speaker 1 Please don't ask us. Please, I'm begging you. Please don't do it. That would be a bummer. If you would like to support us. TEXT tilahun Dash rip Speaker 1 just joking, just chillin. 266-866-6686 is my phone number. Unknown Speaker That's my personal Speaker 1 things on last night is a production of space. Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tellen podcast that's T IO in podcast leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night Transcribed by

In the realm of cybercrime, the name Joel Ortiz reverberates with notoriety. With a trail of fraudulent activities across the digital landscape, this article sheds light on his most infamous scheme – the sim-swapping scam. Dive into the intricate world of cybercrime as we dissect Joel Ortiz’s modus operandi and explore the repercussions of his actions. Understanding the Sim Swapping … Read More

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Unknown Speaker We gotta get started. Okay, yeah. Hey man. Hey man, no talking to your store. Speaker 1 I'll finish it later. Okay, amen. Have you ever heard of Aaron bar? Unknown Speaker Aaron bar? Yes. It's the bar exam. Speaker 1 Close. Maybe Maybe you've heard of HB Gary. Unknown Speaker This is dead bill. Unknown Speaker No bar. Bill Burr. Speaker 2 Bill Barr exists. I'm not a guy that wasn't as really as that. He was attorney general. Unknown Speaker I only know about Bill Barr. Unknown Speaker Bill Barr was the attorney general for whatever. Unknown Speaker I'm not interested in that. Unknown Speaker I am not either. Unknown Speaker No HB Gary. Have you heard of HB Gary? Speaker 2 HB Gary? Yeah, no, I don't know. Perfect. Well, this is great. And you don't have to do this Dr. Waterboarding first they liked that part. Someone using your Twitter account to tweet your social security number. Should we sit in charge and say my ex girlfriend's dad's rich? That's pretty funny. That's pretty you know how sometimes toasts doesn't come out as dark as you want it but then other times it comes out like two dark things I learned last night Speaker 1 Aaron Barr he is also from the top of the story he Jeremy that sounds his mouth there's no can he just did that alright refreshing Unknown Speaker like we did to clarify this Unknown Speaker need to clarify. Oh man. Aaron in Regina Speaker 1 area. Theory HB Gary HD Garin Parr Aaron bar. So we'll Unknown Speaker say in person. Unknown Speaker Yes. Speaker 2 Sorry to ruin your story. space just for audio listener. His face was like, Why did you do that? He's like, Yeah, they are. Okay. And I was gonna do a big reveal. And you mess it up. So Aaron variables got some weird energy today. I want to fight. Speaker 1 Yeah, you do. What do you were fine. You should have been in that crowd with me last night. Then. Get all the bruises. Unknown Speaker From where you're at a concert last? Yeah. Speaker 1 Okay is the ABR that was? There was a there's a listener. They're a fan of the show. And I pointed Alex out and she wanted to Alex's autograph. And Alex refused. Yeah, she did. Actually. She said, Unknown Speaker she said Alex goes, Speaker 1 she says, she said, Wow, he looks way cooler than you guys make. So Speaker 2 oh, she must have been looking at somebody else. Well, the lighting does that. You know, if you see Alex in a dark crowd, it's kind of cool. Speaker 1 I mean, you see him in the lights like we do. This is a cool guy. And I will say Alex, Speaker 2 your lights? Did you do Alexa, turn on the podcasts? Oh, good Speaker 1 catch. I will say to Alex was working. So like he was like, I mean, he's making lights happen? He ran on stage and fix something. Okay. Speaker 2 If you did you watch him more than you watch the concert? Because I absolutely would have no. Are you a second? Unknown Speaker time so I couldn't see him. Speaker 2 Alex, are you the type of sound guy that's back there? And you're just like, or are you just because there's multiple kinds of sound guys Speaker 1 answer that by Mike answer that by doing whenever Unknown Speaker groovin. And then one is just which one are you? Okay, anyway, yeah, so Unknown Speaker depends a lot on how wrong things are going. Unknown Speaker Oh, that's fair. That's good. Speaker 1 But yeah, they want to Alex's didn't even ask for mine to ask for Alex's. And I just didn't give it to him. So I mean, Unknown Speaker you. You didn't Unknown Speaker ask him for an autograph last night. Well, no, he Speaker 3 came over said hi. told me that story and pointed at generally a crowd. I pointed you out to that person. Sure. I don't think they exist him Speaker 2 you could have you had an opportunity to do something funnier. What which is that person doesn't know what Alex looks like. You could have pointed and Alex is here right now. And then be like, go ask for his autograph. And it's just someone I didn't know that person would be like, I asked Alex and Alex was super weird. He was like, shirt. Speaker 3 You had the opportunity. If he actually sent the person over. I was gonna sign his name. Speaker 1 That's good. That's good. Well, I was gonna I was gonna try to bring them to you after the show. But security is trying to kick us out. Yeah. If you're not buying merch you got Yeah, that sounds like I'm trying to find out like, yeah, they want or whatever, get out here. Anyways, so Aaron Barr Aaron, he he started his career in the military, he joined the Navy and was working like naval intelligence. So there's a few tours going on. You're all over the world early 2000s going all over the world doing naval intelligence, recent story finding dolphins and things I don't know, Navy does. The other tracking down dolphin hackers just travels all over the world ends up in the late 2000s 2009 2010 finds himself in a combat scenario, which is not what he bargained for, which is just join the military. After getting that, he was like, he's like, you know, I liked the intelligence side of this. I don't like the like, combat. Yeah. Aereo that getting shot outside of this? Sure. And so he said, I want to get into civilian work. So you can still get shot out there. But it's not as hot as Yeah, it's it's a little more rare, a little Unknown Speaker barely more rarely more rare. Speaker 1 So he quits his job in the military. He calls up one of his contacts who's like a big big money. High Rollers. Guy. Yeah, you know, one of those guys. Unknown Speaker What? Yeah, so he calls his ex girlfriend Unknown Speaker says, Hey, I got an idea is Unknown Speaker I got this financial play, you gotta do it. Speaker 1 And so he says, he says, Here's what I want to do. He says, I've been working for the Navy, should Speaker 2 we sit in charge and say my ex girlfriend's dad's rich. That's pretty Speaker 1 funny. That's pretty funny. So he's like he's accused the play. Alright. I've been working for the Navy for like a decade. And in my time in the Navy. In intelligence, what I did was I would track down high value targets and figure out where these people were located. Yeah. By tracking their online footprint, and be able to figure out who these people are not only who these people were, where they are located, and so the military could get their hands on. Sure. And he says, I think this would be something that we could use as a contract. This is what I do as a party trick. I know he Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Literally. Facebook stalking is like, he's like, Facebook stalking business. It's my favorite like little you're weirdly good at it though. I feel like everybody can Facebook stalk I know. And every everybody's done it. Everybody's Facebook stop. Speaker 2 It's my favorite thing. You sit across from someone and go, you know, what, you know? Is this your grandma's house? That's my favorite thing to do. It's very, it's very spooky. And it's like I'm really good at it Speaker 1 takes him like 10 minutes. Tops. Yeah, well, we'll meet someone new at dinner. And he'll just check out the conversation on his phone and he'll Speaker 2 find people think on social media and I'm bomb sleuth, and Speaker 1 he'll find pictures there first dog that died when they were like 11. And I'm Speaker 2 sorry about freak is a million separate. Okay. Cry at the tape. It's really it was a sad time. But I do it for the thrill. Unknown Speaker As a stranger's your Unknown Speaker ex wife. Sorry about that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker looks like things are going well for your ex wife's Unknown Speaker dad. Speaker 2 Didn't know we weren't married that long. Long enough to get to the meet your family part of marriage, saying Speaker 1 yeah, that's the second week. We didn't make it past week one. Sometimes people don't make it so that you don't make it. Yeah, so his business model is Facebook stalking. And he wanted to sell that to corporations and the government to be like, Yeah, we could track down high value targets. And his investor Buddy was like, great idea. And so I mean, to be fair, it's 2009 2010. So Facebook still young. I think a lot of people hadn't figured out that they could just do this. And it didn't take a lot of like, you don't have to spend 10s of 1000s of dollars to have someone do this for you. Speaker 2 Hey, yes, you do. And you also have to buy our course where we teach you how to do it. You want to find people's grandma's house. Find my grandma's For my five step course. This is it. Listen, now I'm into business. This guy I'm in now right? Find my grandma's Speaker 1 How you spelling grandma's house. Like grandma's house g r a n d m a s okay? Just make it What else would you spell it? Go ahead, GER, I am a grandma. Unknown Speaker If you're stupid, I Unknown Speaker guess I'm buying the domain. Unknown Speaker Is it really free? Is that mean? Is it not? I mean, it's available. Yeah, yeah, it's Unknown Speaker standard price by my Unknown Speaker grandma's house doc. Unknown Speaker Oh, five. Sorry, by grandma's house, Unknown Speaker find my grandma's Unknown Speaker It's on the screen for Speaker 2 my do it like a like a really bad infomercial from, like, 2008 Speaker 1 like, rolling across the screen. Just really invasive, all of Speaker 2 my grandma's right now for a five step plan of how to how to do this, you know, and you can sign up for my course it's $5,000. Unknown Speaker And you learn how to learn. Speaker 2 It is crazy that there's a whole side of tic toc. That's just people selling courses on how to sell courses, Speaker 1 you know, saying yeah, is bonkers, like, every course on selling every single Speaker 2 time someone goes, here's a side hustle is gonna make you $200 an hour. It's like no, it's not. No, they're not making the money doing that. They're selling a course. Speaker 1 Yep. Yep. And that's one of the Do you want an email with this? Was that I'm checking out do you want an Speaker 2 email with this? Fine. Fine, my grandma's Unknown Speaker Yeah. Do you want to jaren? Unknown Speaker Creeper. Find my grandma's house. Dad, Speaker 1 let me tell you about error bar. I'm going to abandon the cart for a second. We'll come back to this. Speaker 2 If it's purchased by the time when we're done, that's on you. Unknown Speaker Okay, finally. I'm ready. So. Speaker 2 Okay, so he basically is like, All right, we can use this define high value targets. And the idea being that, you know, with this investor, we assemble a team, we go find these high value targets, we turn them into the FBI, we get the reward money. Yes. Okay. I figured it out. Yeah, great. Grandma's address was. Thanks, actually, you know what? Speaker 2 Hey, I wanted to give you a heads up that our Taylan patron hangout is happening on June 29. At 6:30pm. By the time that happens, I'll be a married man. So I'm taking time away from my beautiful wife to come hang out with our $20 patron supporters. So maybe like, you know, be thankful, okay, is what I'm saying. But for real, we're very thankful for our Patreon supporters, because without you the show doesn't happen. So every month we do a hangout for a $20 tier and the next one is on June 29. At 630 Come hang out with Tim and married me, you know, it's gonna be great Speaker 1 so, yeah, so he talks to this guy and he he's pitches the idea to him and the guy's like, Yeah, let's let's go for it. So they find found the company, HP Gary. Okay, so was it technically him? Eg the company's HP Carrie. Oh, the company's HP. Sure. Yeah. And Aaron Aaron bars the CEO Gary is the name of the investor who invested in it. I don't know what HB stands for. Hot boy Speaker 2 it was the trepat boy I don't know what he stands for. First thing you think of Ra is for HB boy Unknown Speaker Okay Unknown Speaker go ahead. Speaker 1 So let's get started trying to sell their services to the government and mega corporations. All Speaker 2 these government's like, Hey, we're doing this like this. This is like our thing. Speaker 1 And they're like, did you learn that from us? Yeah. And so yeah, no one's buying everyone's like, yeah, we're not interested. This is not something that we should pay for. We can do this ourselves. Speaker 2 So he turns on him. He finds personal information about them and then goes I will release this if it says blackmailing people close. Ish hot blackmail. Gary. Speaker 1 Gloves ish. So here's what he did. He was like, he's like, I need to build up a resume. And to show that this is something that we can do and we're good at it. Okay, it's not just like some dude off the street who's like Facebook, stalking your friends? Like finding sure grandma's house. He's fine. Doing grandma's house. Speaker 2 Anyone can find grandma's house. I'm hunting down, grandpa. Unknown Speaker Well, let me go get another domain, hunting Speaker 2 And you know that it's gonna be some old man in Montana, who's like I love I love shooting elk or whatever. But I mean it like I'm hunting. Unknown Speaker Let me get that in the car real quick. Unknown Speaker Is it available hunting? Unknown Speaker And now how is grandpa? Unknown Speaker He's hunting, Speaker 1 hunting All right, yeah, it's available. Make it yours. Here we go. Speaker 2 While we're doing this, please support us on Patreon, I would say good 50% of the support that we receive goes to domains these days. You know, you can support our show on Patreon or you can just go to GoDaddy and give them money either way. Go Daddy's getting it. You know? Unknown Speaker Go to Unknown Speaker We don't have a sponsorship. But you can try. Speaker 1 You can try it. It'll probably redirect you back comes out in five weeks. We got time. Yeah, we'll call them. Anyways, so Aaron, Aaron says, I need to build a resume. Yeah, I need to start. I'm gonna start sleuthing. Yeah, yeah. And I'm gonna show that I'm capable. Well, I guess you could Speaker 2 do that though. Like if FBI has got targets and they've got rewards out for people. You could? Unknown Speaker Yeah, you could make some money doing Unknown Speaker that. Yeah. Speaker 1 But he wasn't trying to go find bounties he was trying to like, get government contracts. Yeah, for sure. Not like bounty work. Speaker 2 I'm not sure. Yeah. But isn't trying to be like your neighbor. The Bounty Hunter. Two jugs of tea. Unknown Speaker Hey, it was sketchy behavior. Okay, Unknown Speaker one Jugger justice. Unknown Speaker What episode that we talked about was the apartment. Speaker 2 I want to say black Tom explosion, but I'm not sure on that one. Speaker 1 That could be it. I mean, it wasn't the apartment. So that was dog boy. A long time ago, too. Anyways, um, so he's, he's trying to build up his resume. He says he says I need to find some high value name that I can expose. And show that I know how to do this. Okay. Now it's, it's late 2010 At the time, says look it in the media. What's a big name in the media? He says, You know what, Brock Obama, no one knows where he lives. That's a joke. No, he says anonymous, everybody's talking about anonymous. No one knows who they are. No one knows anything about the structure about who's a part of it, where any of them are located. And they were out wreaking havoc doing posting their creepy videos online and stuff. You know, Speaker 2 yeah. What were they doing? You should do an episode on them. Because I don't really know what the deal was. I mean, they were hacking. Are they though? They Yeah, they've been posting Twitter videos and being like, we've hacked this person, you know, Unknown Speaker the videos were probably that was the best part. Speaker 2 I just think about somewhere in a basement. They're filming that, you know, saying like, like, Sure, they're getting crazy information on people that they don't want that out there. Yeah. But then they go, we need to sit down and record a video and they're in a basement and suburban Ohio. We have uncovered a video you know, and your mom's at Unknown Speaker the top of the stairs like a platter. You guys fish Unknown Speaker sticks are ready. And so Speaker 1 I mean, most likely, most likely, that's the scenario. But anyway, so he says he says I need to find out I need to write down anonymous and make them non Anonymous. Speaker 2 Anonymous is not fine an hour this is Fine, ominous gotta find her. And those fish digs, dude. Speaker 1 So um, it is that's a mom and it's a mom I'm gonna go on Unknown Speaker dude. I'm doing too many tangents Speaker 1 so so he I'm standing in the way he finds their their dark web chat room where they're doing all their engagement is their Slack channel or their nonnamous Discord. And he he's like I'm, I want to enlist. I want to be a part of anonymous and they're like, cool. Welcome to the board. Welcome to the team. What are your skills? And he says, here's all my skills. And they're like, none of them relate to what we're doing here But welcome, I guess. Speaker 2 What are your skills? Oh, yeah, I got a lot. You know how sometimes toasts doesn't come out as dark as you want it? But then other times it comes out like too dark I get it just right Speaker 1 on any toaster, put out any toaster, I can give me. I can touch on a cheap Speaker 2 toaster. One of those little rolly ones that you put it on it was, you know, like a little. I've been saying this Unknown Speaker for years. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Toast. That's that was a lot of my time. Unknown Speaker That was most of my last 10. And I don't want to reveal this to the public but I I did figure out where yields come. I was just the thing. I interested in that. Yeah, I've put it in the toaster and it Unknown Speaker toasted the yield. They told me Speaker 2 to do this carb waterboarding first they liked that part. Yeah, they really? Were they drew the line. I'm a family. I'll tell you where they are. I'll tell you. More importantly, I'll tell you how they came to be. That's what you're after. Okay. Speaker 1 So he joins us and he creates a username. cog, a non cog in a machine. Okay. Coggan on. And he starts like just kind of being a part of the board, not really doing a lot, not really engaging, but just kind of paying attention to all the conversations and what they're doing and things like that. Sure. Over time, he starts to piece together a hierarchy and figure out who are the people that emerge? Yeah, in running the show. And what he begins to do is he goes to Facebook, and he finds everybody on Facebook, that is likes anything that has to do with Anonymous or is reached are sharing things or posting articles or some what seems like they're interested in anonymous in any way. Yeah. And he adds them on Facebook, because this is 2010. This is yeah, when you add a final question. Oh, this is cool. Let's be friends. Unknown Speaker Yeah. A lot of people Speaker 1 I don't know. It's so weird. That was a weird time. So you started reading all these people? And what he would do is he would get on the chat room. Speaker 2 It was like some people would have like 5000 friends. Yeah, that was where it was kept. Speaker 1 And you'd be like, you don't know that many people. And I know this. I've gotten a lot of friends. Yeah. Yeah. But they would he would watch them on the on the chat room. Yeah. And watch the all the conversation. And then when they would sign off, he would go check Facebook and see if anybody signed on. And he would keep checking that. And he said if I got enough data points of here's a person who likes anonymous. And here's a person in anonymous chat room. And if, if it happened enough times, I don't know what the number was. But if have enough time where it was sign off sign on. He's like, that's probably then. What seems kind of clever, but Speaker 2 it also seems like you're sitting in front of two screens all day and just being like, sorry, being like Unknown Speaker Alex, oh, Speaker 2 that was a call back to a joke I made maybe, maybe 15. And Unknown Speaker you didn't call it because you said are you the guy that goes are you the guy he goes? Uh huh. There you Speaker 2 you were you were doing this one. So you know what? One of us pays our bills with like comedy and stuff. And the other one gets stupid tattoos. So Unknown Speaker are you talking about right? Yeah. Unknown Speaker You can't you can't say that. She listens to this. Are you wanting to cut it out? Or will she be my wife by the time this comes out? I Speaker 1 don't know. I think we might be there might be there. Alright, so well. We'll see if she calls it. I think we know your first marriage. And it's not bad. That's a good that's a good first one, you know? Speaker 2 Yeah. I imagine our first marriage fight will be the day after the wedding. And she sets six alarms and I go no, that's over now. And she'll go well, why don't I go because I'm the spiritual leader of this Unknown Speaker was one alarm in this house? I Speaker 1 chose not to wake up but she sets an alarm to reminder of everything throughout our day, dude. So like all day is just an alarm going Speaker 2 Reagan's morning routine is to sleep through four alarms, not sleep through show wake up, turn them off. Yeah, whatever. I Guess. And then she's got them set every five minutes to show that she knows where she's at. Yeah. Speaker 1 And the different alarm tones. Yeah, like each one. It's like, oh, yeah, it's that one that I need to really get. Speaker 2 That's when she's no no, because like, this is like during her like, you know, morning face routine and stuff. And then she the way this is how she explains it is that she's like, well, now I know when this one goes off. I've got like, 15 minutes left, and I go that sounds like torture to me. Yeah, that does. Speaker 1 I agree with that. Just get up. Yeah, just yeah, just like, oh, Speaker 2 so my, my solution is I just had to be I used to be awake before every day on every day, Unknown Speaker I have to leave before she would have to get out Speaker 2 of bed. When I did, my solution is I'll stay. We'll see how we'll see how that goes. You know, that's where I imagine our first fight is going Speaker 1 to be I'm looking forward to it. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly. She was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun on that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 1 All right, so Gary, they, Speaker 2 he he's done this obviously he's got his two screens. Yeah. That's a lot of work of just moderately, like, just, yeah, snacking, and just watching. Yep. Status. Its intelligence work right there. Speaker 1 That's not but okay. And so he's he's taking notes. And he gets to a point after a few months of this where he's now figured out it not only the hierarchy of anonymous, but the identity identities of a lot of people who are involved in anonymous by using this method. Speaker 2 It feels like they wouldn't be that sloppy, though. But, sure. Unknown Speaker So it is 2010. Speaker 1 So he, he's got this figured out. So he writes a white paper and submits it to this conference, this like cybersecurity conference. And he's like, I want to be a guest speaker. And they're like, Wow, this is cool. Okay, yeah, come on. And he's like, he's like, he's like, I figured out who Anonymous is, and talks about his methodology, and then reveals everybody, and then post conference, Unknown Speaker this conference. And the conference leaders are just like, somebody shoot that guy. Unknown Speaker The compensators are anonymous. None of them on the screen. And they're just like. Speaker 1 So he finishes this conference, and he uploads that white paper online, logs in as Coggan on and posted it in the chat. And it's like, Have you guys seen this, like acting like, he's not him? Speaker 2 Actually, like, they've done it to him. And they're, like, cut the crap, Aaron. And you're like, Speaker 1 yeah, so he posts that and it's like, a people interacted with it whenever it wasn't like a crazy thing. Sure. And he, immediately later that day, starts getting emails from all these corporations from the FBI. And everyone's like, hey, let's have a meeting on Monday. This was a Friday the conference, and he starts getting all these email these meetings scheduled with all these big players that he's targeting. Otter day. And so he's like, hey, it worked. Speaker 2 And they're like, hey, the FBI is like, so we're anonymous. So just so we're clear, just so you know. Yeah. Just so you understand here, and we're gonna kill you now. Speaker 1 You are. You don't you know that thing you do about toast? We're gonna have you do that to yourself. Golden brown, but enough to be dead. So he, he, he goes into the weekend yelling, okay. On Monday. Yeah, he's like I got means the FBI got me. There's all these big banks and corporations that I've been trying to get meetings with Sure. He's like the businesses. Speaker 2 Fargo here we go baby. I got the FBI. One. I got Wells Fargo it to you know, pretty stacked Unknown Speaker day and I got Toys R Us at Speaker 2 Circuit City for 2010. They're still around. You know, Unknown Speaker companies are the companies that are about to collapse. Unknown Speaker This VBS is like let's do this thing. So he, Elizabeth Holmes is there somehow. Speaker 1 So he's got these meetings scheduled. He goes on the weekend now knowing I just targeted anonymous and so they're probably are gonna clap back try Unknown Speaker to fight. Yeah. So he moves. Speaker 1 So he's like increases as his internet security at home. He changes all his passwords, right? Speaker 2 Yeah. Yeah, start using Duck Duck go or whatever that browser is. He logs Speaker 1 into a VPN watching Netflix in Spain or something like that. He's like, That's a cool side effect of this. Unknown Speaker Yeah, this security guy Netflix before everyone else. Is a cool side effect. Speaker 1 Crazy, man. Yeah, there let's internet. Netflix was out in 2010. Right? Speaker 2 Streaming? No, surely it's 2011. No way, Speaker 1 because he was like, Colin, by the time we got to college and college was 2012. Speaker 2 I don't think it was that common by the time we got to college. But yeah, Speaker 1 interesting. Anyways, so he, he's watching, he's watching the situation pretty closely. Sure is a Super Bowl weekend. So on Super Bowl Sunday, he wakes up in the morning, or what year 2011? Oh, maybe isn't Netflix. So it's Super Bowl Sunday. He's paying close attention to everything that's going on with the Super Bowl and also with his internet security. And he logs on to cog to the cockpit on an account. And he's got a message from one of the people he thought was the anonymous leaders. And the guy's like, Hey, are you open for some work? And he was like, depends what kind of work he's like. It's out in Washington, DC. And he's like, he's like, okay. He's like, what's the job? And he's like, Well, there's this cybersecurity company that's been meddling in our affairs. Could you help us out and take him down for us? And he was like, what's the company? Because his company is based in DC. Hot boy, Gary. Boy. It was a competitor. And so he's like, Oh, he's so he is he's like, okay, cool. They don't know. Like, they're not. They're not on me. And then he's like, he's like, sure. Yeah, he's like, to me over the details. That guy sends him all the details. And he's like, he's okay. Also, by the way, the guy from Anonymous is like, hey, check your Twitter. Unknown Speaker And that's a power move, dude. Speaker 1 It's patrons log into Twitter. And he's locked out of his Twitter. Yeah, so it gets on his computer. And Google's itself, finds his Twitter. And on his Twitter, the last tweet was just his social security number. Unknown Speaker As a good time, Speaker 1 and so he goes, and all of his accounts, his email, his social, his World of Warcraft, he's locked out of all his passwords, of course, you Speaker 2 I hate you threw that in there. His World of Warcraft, probably the most devastating loss, honestly. Speaker 1 And so hopefully, wow. What am I gonna do? And so Speaker 2 that's a power move. I do like that. That is very much like the me turning the laptop around to reveal your grandma's house. It's the same in my mind as someone using your Twitter account to tweet your social security number. You know, it's not the same level at all. Yeah, but it feels like it. That's it's such a good moment. I love that. I love that for them. Speaker 1 He goes, he jumps on HB Garry's website and is changed literally just a message that says HB carry has been owned. And then he jumps back to the chat and jumps on the chat. And he's like, he's like, Hey, do you guys know what's going on with hp? Gary? And the guys like, yeah, that's that's the that's the company we are, we know who you are Aaron. And, and then he notices that his router is blinkin. And so they're on his local network. And his iPad gets wiped, his computer gets wiped literally all of his devices, all of his accounts got hacked. They leak all of his emails up online. So they do all your posts that they do with their video, Rick Speaker 2 dude, if my emails got like, likely oh my gosh, man. It's just all the Stitch Fix newsletters Unknown Speaker stylish, Speaker 2 he opens all of them. He opens every 100% open rate. Speaker 1 So he he they leak all of his emails. And all these companies that have had meetings scheduled with him are like oh, man, maybe not then actually this seems like you're not very Speaker 2 good at this here. But was the was the identities that he said were anonymous. Were those legitimate? Speaker 1 No. Yeah, they they in their video they posted the list of the people that he said they were in there like that's not not a single one of them is us. And also there is no hierarchy we have no yeah, that's none of this. None of these. You didn't get us. You didn't get a single one of us lol and they said there's not a laugh out Unknown Speaker loud. It's to Speaker 1 a point. Yeah. Yeah. And so they And they said, there's no hierarchy and anonymous. Like if he outlined this flowchart of leadership, he's like, we don't have a leadership hierarchy. We're just a community of hackers. That's just like, someone's like, hey, there's the thing I want to do. And everyone's like, cool. Let's hack him. Unknown Speaker Back. Yeah, dude. Unknown Speaker And obviously, this was also Speaker 2 the era of time where like, hackers were like, the coolest character in every movie. Speaker 1 Yeah, they had the hoodie. Yeah, yeah, the vigilante ism thing. Yeah, Speaker 2 you did a little bit of a hacker thing. For kids Speaker 1 that are on Patreon. Yeah. Put that on our Patreon, for sure. And then kids got scared. Yeah, we had to change it and change the pitch of the voice. Yeah. Because it was Speaker 2 like Christmas has been it was really bad. Tim was like kids are loved. Speaker 1 The kids did love her. She did love it. I mean, that the ones that were scared. Unknown Speaker They loved it. I mean, most of them. Yeah. Some of them love some nerd 10 of my freakin little torps. Speaker 1 Yeah, the kids who liked it actually weren't an anonymous. And so they were like, Speaker 2 hey, my youth group didn't have a hierarchy, though. All right. No hierarchy. So Speaker 1 obviously, this was detrimental for Aaron. Sure, all of his information was leaked. And then his business wasn't going to work anymore. Because now everyone knows he's bad at security. And also didn't do what He said He was going to do, like didn't actually identify anyone. And then everybody started to realize too, oh, your methodology was just did they sign off here? And did they sign on here? Yeah, it's like that. That's the dental like you have, there's no real good reason to link those like, sure. Maybe if you have millions of times, but it's like, you got to, I got to substantiate that. Probably more than just that link to be like, That guy's hacking people as a big claim, right? He's not hacking anybody? Yeah, he's just yeah, he's just getting on Facebook. So I learned a lot of how Unknown Speaker does one hack Unknown Speaker I mean, there's a lot of ways that I can let's do alright. Unknown Speaker Pack my grandma's house. Speaker 1 But anyway, so HP, Gary ended up getting sold. They sold the company for pennies on the dollar, because they didn't never did anything. Except for Speaker 2 if you buy space to medium for the right price. But the wrong price. I'll sell it to you Unknown Speaker at the wrong price, but you got Unknown Speaker to got it you got it really sucks. I'm taking a huge loss. Speaker 1 But this was an important lesson to anybody who decided they wanted to take on anonymous that you got to get to because we don't know anything. Other than that. No, we don't. I could do an episode on I can do some research and do a full episode honest on anonymous, but this was Unknown Speaker one of their more do one on a mom and Speaker 1 a mom and then and see him into money. Yeah, so they figured out some stuff about Aaron they hacked AWS accounts and destroyed his business. Speaker 2 Can you do me a favor? Go ahead and put up a picture of Aaron bar on the screen because I just found a picture of him. And he looks like he would get taken advantage of by a group on the discord you know, saying like he if you had to guess a man this man. This man plays World of Warcraft and gets owned by a chat. He Speaker 1 had a good system didn't they? Don't you think? Speaker 2 He looks Yeah, he is. Yeah. exact picture I was looking up to Yeah, he Unknown Speaker was very good at it. So Speaker 2 this is a recently divorced man to the church directory. You know, saying like that. You see like, the logo was smaller there where he's just like, he's like I'm in the single's ministry. Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah, he's volunteering in the right area that Speaker 2 you know Yeah, cuz that's a smaller that's not his idol. is one of the Yeah, one of his eyes ain't bigger than the other one. Speaker 1 Yeah, he's doing that on purpose. He's Yeah. Yeah, so they got him they got him they're still out there they're still doing their thing. Nobody's tracked them down and they ruin this guy's life so well his Unknown Speaker grandma lives two to three Speaker 1 don't hit don't fall off yet. I got something else important to say You idiot. No, I do have something important to say what here's the thing Unknown Speaker you were engaged in the episode voice Speaker 1 we Gary was getting this. He Gary had a decent idea. But targeting Anonymous was not the way to go. Because Anonymous is sophisticated. Anonymous is not the kind of group where people that are a part of anonymous go like anonymous on Facebook. Yeah, like they're smarter than you can't be Speaker 2 a long john Silver's person and attacker Red Lobster person can do that. Speaker 1 Here's the thing though, if he would have attacked attacks on less sophisticated Did hackers this strategy might have worked for him? And he might have had a business? Yeah. So he shot went way too big. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And so I want to I wanted to take a second to highlight someone that he probably should have targeted. Okay, but that'll be in next week's episode Speaker 1 things other than last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by ours Garnett video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taillon podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Welcome to this intriguing blog post that uncovers the captivating story of Aaron Barr and HBGary. It provides a deeper understanding of the events that unfolded and the confrontation with the notorious hacking collective Anonymous. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey into cybersecurity and its unforeseen consequences. Who is Aaron Barr? Aaron Barr, a distinguished cybersecurity expert, significantly contributed to … Read More

Black Sam Bellamy – The Treasure of The Whydah Galley

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Made for robots, by robots. Only read if you're weird.

Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's going on? Unknown Speaker Have you heard of Samuel Bellamy? Speaker 1 Bellamy? Yes. Really? Samuel Bellamy Why do I know this name? Say it again, Samuel. No, that's three times and I mean he's gonna appear Unknown Speaker here. I want to do something we've never tried before. Unknown Speaker I don't wouldn't like whatever you're going to do. Go ahead. I thought it'd be fun Nice. Yeah, I know. That's why it's gonna suck. Unknown Speaker That'd be fun if we let a robot do our intro. Speaker 2 So I asked chatty btw to write an intro for this. I haven't read this. But here's what it gave me Speaker 3 Horry me Hardee's. Welcome to our podcast on black Sam Bellamy Did you Speaker 1 did you ask him to write an intro for the podcast as if I work at a pirate themed restaurant? What are you talking about? Speaker 2 He literally said to the podcast about black Sam Bellamy, and this is what I got. Alright, ready let me finish. Speaker 3 legendary pirate who made waves in the 18th century. In this episode, we'll be exploring the life and times of black Sam, also known as the Robin Hood of the sea and his infamous raid on the wider galley one of the largest slave ships of his time so grab your pirate hat and let's set sail oh Speaker 1 oh no you can see my girlfriend she's a ghost quit making that noise in the microphone I swear if you do it again but I'll call the principal people died 10 throw up Unknown Speaker a died two years ago Speaker 1 they're ghosts can hear this kids kill little stuff with bucket knives serial Unknown Speaker killers DO NOT normal kids. Sorry Unknown Speaker things I learned last night Unknown Speaker here's here's my resume. Unknown Speaker Hoping right now let Unknown Speaker me tell you what I was hoping. This is my dream mine. Unknown Speaker I have a dream right now. That Unknown Speaker that there's somebody somewhere Speaker 1 on the other side of chat GBT who reads your inputs and goes okay. Oh holy Metis Speaker 2 didn't even say means you said sent me hearties which was weird to me. It was my dream. Speaker 4 Here's what I'm here's what I'm hoping I hope there's some someone and I don't know, Columbus, Ohio, on their morning commute. Speaker 5 It's a beautiful day there. Toyota Tacoma. Their names like Daniel, windows are rolled down there. Listen to this podcast. Just enjoy a red light. Yeah, next to them. Just listen to Unknown Speaker him. And like they're, you know, someone next to you. Like it's a red light. Well, it turns down a little bit and they just, you know. Oh, boy. Metis All right. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I also make sure your ex girlfriend's dad Unknown Speaker he's listening to it. He's watching the other room looking at some q&a and stuff she hears Oh, she goes are you watching? SpongeBob again? So weird. Unknown Speaker I'm running my peloton. Get out Unknown Speaker Oh, okay, so I need a name sound familiar? He's a pirate. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we've never covered a pirate on this show. Speaker 1 Yeah, we did. Name one principalities. Principality of Sealand Speaker 4 that's not a pirate we that's that's different. That's a modern pirate. Okay. Pirates and past pirates are two totally super modern pirates and past pirates are two totally different things. Speaker 1 The pirates were talking about past pirates. This is a Palestine what's what's the what's the BC ad here? A pre post? What's Speaker 4 I'm gonna say like a defining 1820s at 20 That's where the shift is anything pre 1820 Because that was a different era. Unknown Speaker That's pre 1820 Speaker 4 Yeah, if you're pre 1820 You still got the wooden pirate ship with the sail and your sword and your Unknown Speaker girls to you. Hmm, what are the eras to you? Is it depending on what we're talking about? Speaker 4 Yeah, there's pirates. And then there's pirates, you know, like the amount of pirates or they're riding around in their, their inflatable boats with their engines. And engine you can't be a part Start with an engine. Okay. I don't know. But that's not this. This is Samuel Bellamy Yeah, it's black Sam, one of the one of the greatest Pirates of all time, one of the wealthiest Pirates of all time. And this is a story on a pull up chat GPT script. Speaker 1 So he's pre 1820 At least. Speaker 4 Yeah, so yeah, so he was born in 1717. And at a really young age, he joined the Royal Navy. He was born in England. And he served in the Royal Navy, and was a part of a couple of battles. An important part of his life. I mean, I guess somewhat important, you know, he learned about boats, I guess. And then he say, he after after getting out of the Navy, he sailed to Cape Cod in 1715. Um, to seek out some of his relatives is similar. Someone got him like you had to actually go it was ancestry boat. Unknown Speaker Okay, so you had to go to Cape Cod, to try to track down some of Speaker 4 his relatives. And we know he spent a decent bit of time there. But we there's there's some details that are foggy. The legend says he met a woman named goodie Hallett and they fell in love. And her father was like a local wealthy businessman. But he would not let her Mary Samuel because he didn't have enough money to provide for her. Okay, and so Unknown Speaker so this is a real Santa music situation, right. Unknown Speaker So he Samuel Speaker 1 shows up, and he's just the little soldier boy, right? Yeah. Daughter, the Von Trapp family says no. Well, actually, you know, and so then they're out there dancing in the garden. Yeah, you smell 1317? Yeah, this is all little we hear Unknown Speaker Bri. Bri threatens me often. To like, get me to watch that movie. Speaker 1 She threatens you with the sound of music. What do you what do you mean? So if you I swear if you don't put your phone away right now, I'm gonna make you watch The Sound of music. Yeah. And that works for you. Not watching this movie is a motivation for you. Unknown Speaker It really is. Okay. I've watched a little bit of it and it was hard. Musical guy. Unknown Speaker I'm not a music musicals, musicals. Speaker 1 I love musicals. They hurt me. I love I mean, make a dune on Apple TV. If you watch me make a dune tweet about this today. Oh my gosh, man. What a phenomenal Do you like music theater? Unknown Speaker Some but not a whole lot of it. Okay, well then. Unknown Speaker Don't want it. That's what you were listening to. And when I walked into that, oh, Unknown Speaker Disneyland soundtrack It was what they Speaker 1 didn't look up the Disneyland's like I wasn't like sounds of Disney. You know? It wasn't a Harry James Unknown Speaker Repetier nobody knows what Harry James is. Yeah, cuz I'm a hipster. I'm cool. Unknown Speaker Oh my god. I Unknown Speaker have his records at my house. I don't believe you. Okay, I'll show you prove it. Speaker 4 So, so you met this girl goodie. And is that her dad was like, No, you can't. Yeah, he Speaker 1 very classic. Yeah. Love Story trope. The rich father says you're not good enough for my daughter. Yeah, yeah, they met and he goes I'll show you. His house. Speaker 4 Handshake was former firm enough. But then he asked he asked him and he's like, how much time do you have for my daughter? And he's in the world Speaker 1 know any guy in his 20s he can't have any free time. And that means he's not working hard enough. Unknown Speaker In here's where the story gets interesting. Unknown Speaker What do you eat for breakfast this morning kid Unknown Speaker you sugars in your diet Unknown Speaker don't let that boy around my dog Unknown Speaker is a couple of couple of interesting things happened with the story here. Speaker 4 For some reason, so we're pretty sure they run away together that the woman he met her name was Goody Hallett we're pretty sure. Okay, there is a biography that came out in 1934. That called her Mary or Maria. And so there's now accounts that color. Maria, Maria, Mariah, Mary or goodie. And so we're not sure who she is. One of those names has been attributed to the witch of Wellfleet. Okay, which was a woman in Cape Cod, who got accused of killing a baby, but she did it. Unknown Speaker They were like you're a witch. It was the time when witches were like a Unknown Speaker thing. Yeah, they're like you're a witch. And so then Speaker 1 what is a rough couple centuries for just women in general? Yeah, Speaker 4 that's true. Yeah. Yeah. And so she, she, it was as the story goes, they kidnapped her and then they tortured her for a long time, and then eventually killed her. And then her ghost haunts the seven season kills all the the men who are out there trying to stop witches. Okay, and so that might be Samuels lover. Maybe okay, we're not sure. But anyways, when she Unknown Speaker was a person or a ghost Unknown Speaker he would eat sale out to the sea. Speaker 1 Oh, no, you can't see my girlfriend. She's a ghost. It's not even she goes a different school. She's on a different a different plane. Unknown Speaker You want to be on this year? Speaker 1 plane. So yeah, it's like a whole thing. No, she's real though. Unknown Speaker He every night like while they're pirates. Unknown Speaker Believe in my girlfriend. This is yours. Speaker 2 They're all pirates. He's got his crew and he makes his pilot's pirate crew drive out to the certain latitude. And he's like, Alright, everybody go to your quarters. And that everybody goes into the deck. And then they just hear him. He's on the on the deck. And he's like Speaker 1 he's really sad the next day. Like what's going on? He's like, I think she's ghosting me Unknown Speaker was right there the whole time? It's such a dumb joke. Speaker 2 That so much anyways, would you Speaker 4 so, so the relationships get blocked by the father because he didn't have enough money. So he says, so he says, Fine, I'll go I'll go start a career. Unknown Speaker So He robs him of money now. I will pirate Speaker 4 news is I'll go off and they'll start a career. I'll make a name for myself. I'll make enough money. And then I'll come back and marry your daughter. And he said lol I'd like to see you try. Speaker 2 And so word for word. He goes off he because it was a stand up comedian that goes primarily to churches as a podcast, Unknown Speaker another time Unknown Speaker I know he got a job as a treasure hunter. Gotta use Speaker 1 a breast though. To be honest. He pulled it off. Do you have any exes that you're like, I kind of hope the parents, you know, keep up with what I'm doing. And they go could have been. You know? Speaker 2 I don't really want anyone to keep up with what I'm doing. That's weird. Okay, but Speaker 1 I want everyone who's ever been in my life has left my life to regret that decision. You know, saying like, I want Why did I leave? Lee I should have kept up with that friendship. Yeah, you know, yeah, I should have bought him a better birthday gift Unknown Speaker Why don't get them away on Speaker 4 a Thursday, June 29. At 630 we are doing a another patron hangout. These are super fun opportunities for us to just hang out on a zoom call with our patrons get to know you a little bit better find out what's going on in your life. And it's and have a lot of fun. Sometimes you might have seen some of these clips. They are absolutely wild. You guys do some crazy stuff in these videos like pull ups or eat pizza. It's bonkers. And we'd love to have you on there. Thursday, June 29 630 text toe into 66866 to become a patron and join us Unknown Speaker Yeah, man, Unknown Speaker I used to know the President. I got him away it didn't work. I Unknown Speaker hated it. Speaker 1 I would never be president Yeah, I bet of the vice president though. We got nothing for oh, I don't know if you'd have you seen what Kamala is doing these days. It's not that she's just lounging around hanging out you see the Unknown Speaker video of her March Madness. Unknown Speaker i Oh, it's my it's the thing that I can use it as Speaker 1 crazy as her walk into her bus. You know, say oh my favorite study with Joe when Joey B was vice president just eating ice cream everywhere all the time. her alma mater. You could tell me one thing Mike Pence did in the last four years tell me where he was. And no idea not a clue. Speaker 4 No her alma mater I don't know I think it was the Elite Eight round they lost Unknown Speaker Yeah, we both that's good. Go ahead. Unknown Speaker Whatever shutter stupid Unknown Speaker it doesn't matter. Unknown Speaker For alma mater Speaker 1 What's that tow truck in in cars Unknown Speaker matter? Go ahead. Speaker 4 Wasn't I think the The eighth, and they lost in the Elite Eight and she's, like 20. And so she was there. And for some reason, they were like, Hey, let's have the vice president come down to the locker room and say something. And so she come in, she has, Unknown Speaker I don't know a lot about losing. Unknown Speaker She came in, she walks through the locker room doors, and she's clapping and she's like, Unknown Speaker You guys did so. Good. You were so good out there. I am. So Speaker 1 like, shout, she was like, she's like, Yeah, like before the game they like your other locker room afterwards. And she's and she was like, Yeah, of course. And thinking of course, if they lose, they won't make me do this. And then they lose and she goes, Oh, I you still want me to still want Speaker 5 me to go in there and get Yeah, yeah, I'll Unknown Speaker go I'll go. I'll go I wrote a speech. I say that still? Speaker 1 Guys, I really only prepared for you guys to win. So I had Chad GBT right Unknown Speaker we better fact let me just Unknown Speaker be like us we used to the losing team Unknown Speaker Kamala Harris Speaker 2 to the losing team. A basketball game was it the men's or girls team? It was the men's team even worse it feels like Unknown Speaker during March Madness nearly date that make your chocolate Speaker 1 I'm saying if your vice president you could do whatever you want. Can I read it to you? You can't Can't let me read it. Can you just put it on the screen? Put it on the screen let me read it. I'll read it out loud and not you try to survive Speaker 1 Oh no. Here we go. Oh boy, he made his of the losing team. It be Kamala Harris speaking to you. I know you'd be feeling quite down in the dumps after that game. You fought hard. But alas, the ball did not bounce in your favor. Tease to Bella, let me tell you. The most important thing be that you gave it your all. You left it all the court. And that be what matters most. It takes a whole crew to make a team and you all played your part. You can hold your heads high and be proud of what you've accomplished. Now, I be not a basketball expert, but I know a thing or two about adversity. As a woman of color and politics, I faced my fair share of challenges. But I never let that stop me from pursuing my goals and dreams and neither should he. He may have lost the game but you have not lost your spirit or determination. So I encourage you to take this defeat and use it as motivation to come back even stronger next season. Keep practicing hard working together never get people dreams. You never know what you might achieve with a bit of hard work. Perseverance. Thank you for playing your hearts out and keep sailing towards your dreams oh there's a whole lot of lion hole and pull it back up. I know you lost but please don't storm the building that's all there Speaker 2 it's there that's part of it. That's part of what she said. Speaker 1 Like a fire I hate that it's like but I the hard pivot of as a woman of color and politics. I know a thing about it versity Chad GBT is so pandering what's hot what's what's crazy about AI is that this episode is not going to come out to like may right? It's gonna be archaic. And this was a jet chat GBT will not be a thing by May I just love the I mean there's so many days before May I love saying there's like 60 days before May Speaker 2 that just that intro just only made easy losing team in big calm layers speaking. Speaker 1 I do like that. She has to say that to you know when she walks because I mean like they lost so we're seniors bro. This was their chance you know? And she's like, me all murmur ah dear. Oh holy mates. it be me, oh my Kamala if they want you is it gonna go in and be like, wait? You know, I was gonna hold her whole speech. She said, Yeah, I wrote a speech for if they want and you look at it and go, you did it. You did it, Joseph. Speaker 4 Oh my gosh. Okay. So Samuel went off, and he's like, he's like, I'm gonna make some money. Sure. And I'm gonna win the heart of goodie, or Mariah or Maria or Mary. And so he's like, I'll be a treasure hunter. And so he joins the Spanish treasure fleet, which was the thing apparently. Do you get to do that? Yeah. And this was this was a genuine Korea at the time, because at the time, there was a lot of treasure. Well, at the time, what was happening was, there was a lot of ships that were traveling across the Pacific Ocean got sick, and they would sink and they had tons of gold on them, because that was money. And they didn't have like a banking system. So you just had to go find sunken ships. Yeah. And so there was there was a genuine job where they would go around and they would look for sunken ships, and then they would try to scoop up gold because it's still a job. I mean, we're not spilling as much gold in the ocean anymore. So Unknown Speaker there's definitely some undiscovered ships, right. Speaker 4 I mean, there's still like Nick cages of the world that are out there looking for treasure, but I don't think it's like a okay, I guess you could get a grant from like a museum if you tried hard enough. Speaker 1 I'm gonna say it for some scuba gear, and a voyage to the deep, deep sea. I mean, what is there someone still stuck down there in an air pocket? Unknown Speaker It's been three days, hasn't it? Uh, something like that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker three days for me. Unknown Speaker It's been three days for me since this conversation started. Speaker 2 I gotta believe how much I just got done. efficiencies are. Speaker 1 So okay, so he's becoming a treasure hunter. Speaker 4 He becomes a treasure hunter. And he does this job for like a year or two. And then while he's treasure hunting, he realizes Wait a second. I'm out here. And I'm picking up a bunch of gold. And Unknown Speaker she's at home. She could just follow somebody else. Speaker 4 Well, what he's saying is he says I'm picking up all this gold. There's so much gold down here. And I'm just giving it back to the people who lost it. Oh, yeah, that's dumb. Finders keepers for sure. He's like, this should be mine. This is Bella mine. And so so he says, I he's like a thief now and he's looking around all the other like crew members. And there was a there's another guy on on his team who his name was was weighing again. Okay, but they like abbreviated his name like because he gains a lot a long name to shout out across the ship while you're looking for treasure again. And so he one day he's out there picking up a treasure. And he he's having this epiphany Speaker 5 and he's like, Oh, yo, yo, a pirate's Unknown Speaker life for me Unknown Speaker that's where it came from. Unknown Speaker So you can furnish the pirate ism Unknown Speaker Okay, ecommerce, the Speaker 4 buyer does a and he finds a couple pirates. Benjamin Hornet gold was the captain of a ship called the Maryam. His first man Edward Teach who Edward Teach would eventually take the name Blackbeard, which is a Speaker 1 black beard, which I'm gonna be honest with you is the more infamous pirate. Speaker 4 Here's here's an interesting thing. I found out while researching these. I thought most of these pirates were made up. Oh, the returns on most of them are real. Yeah, I thought they were like Pirates of the Caribbean. Like they didn't meet up and we're like just fun names for our pirate. Oh, sure. Sure, sure. But not Blackbeard was a real pirate or it was a real pirate. Yeah. Squash is real too. Unknown Speaker And so he joins you watch Speaker 1 that HBO show? The this flag means or our flag means death? No, no, it was centered around black beard. Oh, maybe. It was it was a Speaker 4 funny show. That's why That's why I never watched it because you've told me about it like that. You were like it was Speaker 1 just I finished it. I was like, it's pretty good. You know, interesting. It takes a turn near the end that I was like, That's unexpected, but good. Speaker 4 Interesting. 117 15 he joined the ship and becomes a crew member of the pirates. And in 1716 The crew they said a coup because The captain of the ship, Benjamin Hornet gold. He was of English descent, like most of them, but he was loyal to England. And so he wouldn't raid in the English ships. And then everyone was like, we're pirate want Unknown Speaker to? Yeah, we should write them. Unknown Speaker He's like, No, we're gonna kill you then Speaker 4 he's accused me, but I'm a patriot. And they were like, Yeah, we're gonna take over the ship. And so he he was just like, alright, well, you guys can pirate without me. I guess I'll take a boat back to shore. And he just left. I think he was hard. Because they're like, oh, oh, like, is this really? Like, is that big of a deal to you guys that like, that's cool. Rather do all this without me. Well, I mean, I won't. Okay, I Speaker 5 heard. Yeah, there's I mean, I could go fire. There's other boats. Like I've had. I could cry. Unknown Speaker I guess I'll go get a job at a church somewhere. Yeah, there's a couple of years. I'll be back. Yeah. And Speaker 4 I'll come Yeah, just Yeah. All right. I'll see guys. Later, I guess. So they voted for a new captain. And they voted for Bellamy Oh, who was pretty fresh. Yeah, they voted democracy in that boat. Yeah, that's where democracy came from democracy came from pirates. It makes sense. And so they voted for him. And he became the captain. And then things got crazy really fast. And so he said, he was a passionate man. He was all in it for the money to get this woman. Yeah. But he was also realizing pretty quickly that he hated the establishment. Sure. And he hated that there was all these super rich people making a lot of money off of a bunch of other people. Yeah. And they're not really doing anything. Yeah. And so he he was pirating, but he was pirating different than the rest of the pirates, right? He's only taking from the rich. Well, I mean, all pirates were only taking from the rich, because if you had a boat back then yeah, you were pretty dang rich. And so all pirates were exclusively stealing from the rich. But what he was doing was a couple of things. One, he was trying very hard, whenever possible to not kill anybody. And so they would take over the ship. And he'd be like, Hey, it's me. I'm the good pirate. You guys are all fine. I'm not gonna hurt you. But give us your boat and everything in it. And you can swim. Speaker 2 Or the middle of the Pacific. It goes out that far. You're not gonna die. It's just me. Unknown Speaker He killed him. He doesn't want to watch it. It just didn't Unknown Speaker kill him. Unknown Speaker You know? Yeah. Yeah, no, no, he Speaker 4 let him come on board. And he took them back to shore. It dropped them off. And he's like, by he's like our college YouTuber. Yeah, that'll be here any minute. Good luck to you. By all right, Speaker 1 I just the nicest robbery I've ever like I I kind of want to give you the boat. Okay, Speaker 4 and then he and then he's like, fairly distributed the winnings with the pirates. Most pirates were like, Yeah, god, did I get my stuff? But yeah, he was fair with it. And then he would, he would he would sometimes donate the stuff that he got to two different 513 Okay. But he Speaker 1 quit making the noise in the microphone. I swear if you do that again, but I'll call the principal. It's where you go. Yeah, it's gross. Speaker 5 I don't even know what you're talking about. Okay, I'll tell you I've done that at all. Because you did it Speaker 1 in unison with me. So it seems like you know exactly what I'm talking about. So you can't play that card I don't know why you did it with me Unknown Speaker just I just couldn't make any sound I guarantee you I can make it easy to sit with you so pick us out all right here we go. Move on Unknown Speaker All right. See I can review that well Unknown Speaker it's crazy anyways Speaker 4 so he in the crib, they start taking over the chips. Speaker 1 Reagan hissed at our cats last night sorry. Sorry to interrupt you real bad. You doing that reminds me then Reagan is but like not in a jokey Unknown Speaker way did they started but the his first. Speaker 1 They're like they're there isn't that each other? They were trying to introduce them all. So now her cats are staying in my apartment because she's your work. rhyming word for cats. By the time you read this, we're only the time you read this by the time you listen to this, you're only weeks away from you know, just ending it. It's like, like it's over. I hope so. Now, I mean, so we've been trying to introduce our cats to each other, because we're all gonna live in the same place. Yeah. And so they're, you know, they're just like, hissing at themselves, basically. Yeah, I'm I got scared by the phone charger today. Yeah, I was trying to take my nap. I'm a grown man. Yeah. And he saw that he saw the phone charger. You know. But she the other day one of the cans hissed. And she just went, like right back at it and wasn't joking. We were like, we were talking. We were having a conversation. And she's. And I was like, I don't know what that was. She was I don't know, either. Where were you looking up over there. Unknown Speaker I was looking up some reminders that I set up that I didn't get. Unknown Speaker Oh, sorry. Unknown Speaker Put that. Put that away right now. Speaker 1 You were sending me a message on Instagram. Did you send that to me right now? Speaker 2 No. Yeah, it's a real I was watching while you're talking you? Know, are you doing what your parents wanted you to do? My dad wanted me to be a cop. School teacher. Speaker 4 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly. She was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun on that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 1 Okay, so yeah, we already checked my phone to go ahead with the episode. So you're doing right now you're pirating my time. I have other stuff to do. Speaker 4 Okay, deal. So Bellamy. They were they were taking ship after ship after ship. Yeah. And they were rolling up and they were just like, hey, we're pirates. So that's ours now, but we're not going to hurt you. Like you just get on our ship. And we'll send a couple guys over two years more ship, or you're not gonna hurt us. Yeah, then no. What do you mean? Speaker 2 threat here and Sayville was like was like, Well, you're not getting it. Like I'm on like a nice pirate. Like, like, I'm Speaker 4 like, I'm gonna take it but like, I'm gonna be nice about it, like, you know, like, and so if you could just respect like, I'm respecting you if you're taking it. Like, I'm showing you some respect. And so I would just ask you to show me some respect back and give me your boat and everything. Unknown Speaker But I'm keeping the gas stove go and take it. So Speaker 4 he ends up coming across the way to galley, which is a ship that was coming back from Amazon in May. its maiden voyage. So it was returning on his maiden voyage. Okay, back to the US from Africa. And it was flush with with gold. Yeah, lots and lots of gold full of cash. This was a state of the art ship. first of its kind. They didn't have armored boats back. They did not. But this was fast. It was a fast boat. It could go up to 15 miles an hour. unheard of at the time. Super fast boat. And so they spotted this and this was all over the news. Everybody's been Yeah, everyone's known about this. Everyone's known about how fast this boat is. And he was like, I want that boat. He's like he's like can you imagine how many boats we could sail up next to and ask politely for them to give us everything they have if we had that boat. Unknown Speaker I hope that's what happens with that red light. I'd like your car because you don't get it I'm a pirate. I'm just Where are you going? All right. Unknown Speaker My boat goes there Speaker 1 asking you guys give me your car I saw it. Today there was a guy being like you're stolen a police car. You didn't know how to turn the lights on. That's a bummer. Let me show you how showing the panel Speaker 1 so I've never stolen it please Car, I politely asked a polite No, let me take it Unknown Speaker politely dazedly. Unknown Speaker He was really nice about it. He's like, he's like, Hey, man, like, I'm Unknown Speaker just like, I gotta do I gotta tase you, bro. Speaker 1 I was like, I'm not even running. He's like when I welcome it. Speaker 2 I think you're being so nice about it. I'll be nice to like it as long as we're respecting each other. Mutual respect here. Unknown Speaker That's okay. No, I appreciate you, Kamala. So, Speaker 4 that's all she does. This ship, though, was different than most of the ships that they were writing. Alright, because it's faster. Well, it's faster. It's also got 618 cannons on board. Oh, boy. And so this is a warship and it's on its maiden voyage. So you know, pretty stuck. They're like, they're like, ready? Unknown Speaker They're like they're like, I Speaker 4 hope sword here. So let's see what happened, you know? And so he follows this thing for three kid Speaker 1 with a pocket knife jig gets his first pocket knife and he's like, I hope I see a frickin frog somewhere like Unknown Speaker that. You're gonna say Unknown Speaker oh, what do you think I was gonna say? Unknown Speaker I thought you're gonna say like, Speaker 4 I hope someone tries me. Oh, but yeah, it's different Speaker 1 practicing Yeah, no kids kill little stuff with pocket knives. Serial killers Unknown Speaker DO NOT normal kids. Sorry. Unknown Speaker Yeah, I've never done that. Speaker 2 I haven't killed the frog. It only in science class. There's only plays I've done it. But so they killed that Speaker 1 we used to learn third graders into this little tunnel. Do you know I'm saying back when we were in the scary kids and Unknown Speaker you're that age or you know you're scared Speaker 1 on the serial killer bro Go ahead. So they grow to the ship. They Jesus shipped for three days because it's so fast they couldn't keep up with it. Or the ship eventually is like hey, that boats fall on us. Yeah, Unknown Speaker and they slow down they're like hey, are you following us? Glad you asked. We're pirates were they door to door pirates script like Hi Hello Yeah interested in being overtaken by am I doing this right my first day Yeah, first day handling the tract just shorter shore salesman sorry. Speaker 4 know they finally get close enough in rage to shoot at them. And so they shoot a cannon blast at them. Speaker 1 The pirates and Bellamy Bellamy shot at them. Yeah, they Speaker 4 shot one one. First. Yeah, they his first. Okay. And that boat. The way to galley let them immediately surrendered. The one day's shot didn't even come close to them. And they immediately surrendered. And they said, Hey, you can have the boat. We don't want it. Unknown Speaker Yeah, it's too fast. Unknown Speaker You can No, we can't Speaker 1 control. Honestly, I felt that he was I felt my hair go with the wind a little bit. Unknown Speaker Too much. It's too much. Yeah, Unknown Speaker it's too late. Never move again. They just surrendered. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so they surrendered. That's a lot of buildup. They Speaker 4 gave the boat to them. But this was a massive, massive wind. Yeah. They were overnight millionaires. And so he took the boat. And he started heading back to Cape Cod. Presumably, to go to this guy's and be like, Look, I'm rich now. And then he probably be like, how do you get that money? Speaker 5 I was like, Well, I just asked for it. Like I didn't like I know what you're thinking. That No, I didn't kill anyone. I never killed anybody and never even fired a shot. Well, I fired one shot people died but I didn't see him. See them die. So it's not it doesn't count. If I don't see it. Didn't I close my eyes. Speaker 4 I close my eyes all time, so I had to see it. And along the way they did invade a couple other ships that took over a couple ships. They actually invaded another pirate ship. One pirated by Captain beer was his name. And him and Captain Bellamy got into an altercation there because Captain beer was pirating, but then selling his treasure back to like the powerful and Captain Bellamy was pretty upset about this like no. And so there's a speech that has been memorialized from Captain Bellamy. This is real. I'm not Unknown Speaker like, oh boy. Speaker 4 This is a speech that's been memorialized. From Captain Bellamy. I'm not going to read the whole thing. But he basically just lit this guy up. calling him a crafty rascal. Scoundrels. Oh, so if you hear pirates say, and I'm gonna be honest with you. I've read this like six times, and I'm not certain what his point is. So I asked GPT to take it and make it more Gen Z. Unknown Speaker So here's what here's the speech. Speaker 1 I knew who's gonna do this. I knew he was gonna do this guy's it's not even cool anymore way to not even like it's like oh just chat GBG things kind of new and neat look at this. This has been months. This is like not even like a relevant thing to do anymore. Go ahead. Yeah it was. It was me reading the speech sorry. Speaker 2 Oh yeah it says they won't let you have your sleep sucks but honestly I'm not trying to cause trouble unless it benefits me forget the stupid boat let's just sink it. Those people who follow laws created by the rich for their own safety are such weaklings, US pirates. We take what we want with our own strength and our own courage. Why work for those cowards when you could join us? You're such a wimp for following the rules. I'm a boss, and I can start a war with anyone. Anywhere. You're just a sniveling little puppy who lets others push you around. So that's that's Gen Z. Speaker 1 Do you think that's very Gen Z? I don't know. I don't Speaker 2 think it's very dizzy but you don't know that the bots? Really that's very Gen Z. Speaker 1 You're a wimp. That's actually what I've been called a lot on tick tock I wish that was the only thing they said they're ruthless. Okay, so he gave a speech Speaker 4 so yeah, he gave the speech embedded a couple other ships now they got a compliment boats shirt back to Cape Cod to go presumably we don't know this for sure but presumably went back the heart of this Yeah, this woman that he's gone off to do all this for it's only been like two years. And so he's he's on his way through the trip the trip and in outside Wellfleet Massachusetts. Overnight, a surprise nor'easter hits them and sinks the boat and kills everybody onboard except for two people. And it was such a major event that the bodies of most of the crew were washing up on shore the next morning along with a lot of gold and so people were like rushing the shore yeah on Massachusetts trying to get some of this virus booty Unknown Speaker people died Tim Unknown Speaker died 200 years ago. Unknown Speaker They're ghosts can hear this. Unknown Speaker Sorry, you're right. If you're Speaker 1 a ghost, why don't you leave a five star podcast review and support us on Patreon Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah, support haunt us on Patreon. We should start Speaker 1 I would love some ghosts supporters. You know and that's honestly you know, I did a theater show a couple weeks ago there was a lot of empty seats and well to the to the AI in this realm in this realm. But I know that you guys were there and I appreciate that about you. So sold out baby. Unknown Speaker That Unknown Speaker interesting thing does Bellamy was never found and Unknown Speaker in my head I say the Jason Bourne music Yeah, probably it was never found Unknown Speaker Bellamy became like a legend. Yeah a pirate legend everybody talked about him he spent like two years ago for Unknown Speaker a haunting more money Unknown Speaker Yeah, they're out there. Yeah, singing that song Speaker 1 Oh, okay. Yeah, but I am dad. So are you we should spend eternity together Yeah, you got to age does and Matt are now that are day Unknown Speaker What if it does go cycle How long have you been dead Unknown Speaker oh my gosh, she would have been dead for Oh 30 years. Unknown Speaker Call me back when is 1000 Speaker 1 This is a groomer. Oh quarterback when you're at the age of ghost can say this is weird. Is a bad bit. Speaker 4 So he was a legend for forever right? As like the richest quickest to success and then also they they acted like he was a good guy because he kind of was like he was just like a friendly pirate. That was like your boats mine now, but I'm gonna be really nice about you know, sure. So you got payments for it? Well, in July 1984 He became famous again because they found them alive. No, they've they found the ship though. The wieder under the sea it was 15 feet below water, so it wasn't even that deep. Okay, and then five feet below sand, sand. So it's 15 feet of water, five feet of sand. They found it. And they found roughly four to five tons worth of indigo, ivory and gold and 20 to 30,000 pounds of sterling. And they found the bones of many of the pirates that were never Unknown Speaker recovered, never wash up. Yeah. Speaker 4 And they have been testing the DNA of these bones for years, trying to try to track down Samuel Bellamy Sure, and they haven't found his in 2018. They found one that they expected was Sammy Bellamy's and they check the DNA competitors living ancestors and it was not a match. And so they're still down Speaker 1 there a part of the podcast where you start to talk like this at the very It's very serious part of the show is where no one can find his calves perfectly in the mold that we have his little dainty dancer like friggin we're trying Unknown Speaker to find his Speaker 1 ended episode nobody nobody cares about you do you? Every episode No. And you start like no ones, but this is the important part of the story. I know. That's why I'm saying speak and enunciate clearly um, Unknown Speaker and then saving just fine. Unknown Speaker You can hear me just fine. Speaker 2 I just put a little bit of baseball I got this is this is just Unknown Speaker nighttime radio. Oh, hi. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna make you watch Sound of Music. Unknown Speaker Okay, okay, sorry. I'll be different so they started a Speaker 4 museum in Provincetown, Massachusetts, okay. Dedicated to Bellamy and the ship and they've got all the artifacts there was the ship owns they the only like recognizable picture in there. Like it's all like just like here's a hunk of wood that was underwater for 300 years. But the one cool part is they do have the bell which didn't know they had belts Yeah, it was so everyone knows. Unknown Speaker So everyone knew that service was starting Speaker 4 but yeah, so this is this is the bell and on it this is how they knew that this was the ship because it says the WIDA on that bell. Wow. pretty beefy Bell. It looks like it in this picture. I don't know. Maybe it just is deceptive. Tiny. Unknown Speaker Sure. Yes. A really close up picture. Unknown Speaker Yeah, but Bellamy the most successful pirate of all time. Here's his bell. Wow. And I don't know maybe maybe he reunited with Mary or Mariah Maria or goodie Unknown Speaker Khomeini's it'd be me. Kamala Harris. We made it to the end of the episode. Voice actors so much information. Unknown Speaker I'm so proud of you. Speaker 1 But now it's time you did so good. It's so good so good. Speaker 4 Things that are last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by ours Garnett video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taillon podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Black Sam Bellamy, also known as “Black Sam,” was one of the most notorious pirates of the 18th century. He is known for his infamous piracy career and his successful raid of the Whydah Galley. In this blog post, we will delve into the life and legacy of this legendary pirate and explore his impact on the world of piracy. … Read More

John Harvey Kellogg – The Man Who Invented Breakfast Cereal

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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's going on? Unknown Speaker Have you ever heard of John Harvey Kellogg? Speaker 1 Yeah. Yep, he's the he's he's the other guy in Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell Will Ferrell and John Harvey Kellogg. He's the guy who does the space. You know talking about he's that gift. The Yeah, what's Unknown Speaker his real name? Speaker 1 John Kelly. Kellogg. John Harvey Kellogg. Unknown Speaker Yeah, John Henry Kelly. Yeah, yeah, that's not his real name. I Unknown Speaker think it is somebody else I'm not here to get him a different Unknown Speaker Oh, are you want to talk about John C. Reilly? Unknown Speaker Yeah, thank you. Unknown Speaker We're gonna let it go. You're gonna Google it. Speaker 2 I was just shot you brought it out and my brain couldn't let it go. Alright, I've had to Unknown Speaker lose John Hardaway too much caffeine Unknown Speaker today. Speaker 1 I'm gonna slap you. There's a vibrating chair and also some weird stuff. We do a yogurt. I do agree with that, though. That captain crunch is responsible for the downfall of our society. Unknown Speaker Don't you dare, don't you not titled but to send you the principal's office. Unknown Speaker Things I Learned last night Speaker 1 All right, you've had I want you to know, just so you know. You had 200 milligrams of caffeine today. Yeah, baby. Yeah, that's what this does to you. So far today, I've had 550 milligrams of caffeine. Yeah. And I still have another 150 to take Unknown Speaker you have a problem and here's the deal. It's because of all this running, you're doing Speaker 2 it deal it's because I'll just write it. Okay. It's because last night I was on the phone with you at like 10pm And you're like, can we get up at five to go run a bunch? Unknown Speaker I do that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I know. You do that and you don't have to brag about it on camera. Speaker 1 I didn't. I wanted me to you bring it up. You're the one who I was mentioning could you bring up naturally about the fact that I was reading this statute and I did though I did take a nap right before this. I feel pretty energized. Yeah, yeah. Took it Unknown Speaker out of the 500 milligrams of caffeine Speaker 1 combo I think powerpod to say I'm going to Yeah, it's a good it's a good nap and then just followed by a gallon of energy drinks Yeah, Speaker 3 that's what I have a new energy drink. That's zero milligrams of caffeine. It says on it works best after a full night's rest. Y'all energized with this and philanthropist works every time me too. Unknown Speaker John Harvey Kellogg, you might know him from Kellogg's Unknown Speaker cereal. Yeah. Hi, is this Speaker 1 gonna be like a bad thing about him? Because I might may or may not have like a brand partnership with them. Speaker 2 It's not about him. What's that about? Well, well, here's John Harvey Kellogg isn't Kellogg's. But he is Kellogg's, if that makes sense. Speaker 1 Okay. He's good. Sam. This may or may not ever see the light of day. It's the caffeine talk. And don't worry about Speaker 3 it. It's okay. Well, actually, it's funny you say that? Because today I actually did. Nick, another topic about another brand that you're working with because I said that's too. This is too bad. Unknown Speaker So we can talk about that. Unknown Speaker Pet stroller. Don't know what you're talking about. Unknown Speaker You're not gonna believe what they make. Unknown Speaker Another brand that I'm working with? Yeah, we'll Unknown Speaker talk about it the good. Okay, okay. Yeah. So Speaker 3 John Harvey Kellogg. So he's, he's the Kellogg guy, but not the one you're thinking of. So here's what he did. He was born 1852 Sure. And he was born and what are you testing right now? Unknown Speaker You're good. You're good. Keep going here. He was born and what year did your IQ Unknown Speaker 15 Do you want to put that Florida? Did bro Unknown Speaker Okay, okay. Sorry. Speaker 3 Born was born in 1980 finitude, Tyrone Michigan, okay. And he became a devout or his family was devout seventh day. Adventists. Do you know much about the Seventh Day Adventist Church? Speaker 1 Is that are they a sect of Mormonism or No, Speaker 3 no, no. They get they get I feel like they get confused with Mormonism a lot they do. They're a sect of Christianity. Very extremist. Unknown Speaker Super fundamentalist Yeah. Speaker 3 denomination. They believe, like, all of they believe your diet is really intertwined with your spirituality. They believe an unhealthy diet makes you sin, and sort of lead you to all sorts of other vices Vices if Unknown Speaker you live in sin. Speaker 3 Well, it's not the diet that sinful, the diet makes you sinful, is what they believe. Okay, so like, if you have too much red meat in your system, then it makes you want to murder somebody. That doesn't make sense. Yeah, it's like it's like I ate a lot. I added a lot of greens today. So I've been feeling like stealing. Speaker 2 merge with green beans. g green Pete's. Speaker 3 But they also are really big on the Sabbath. That's why they're named seven day event, right? I actually did a high school project about the seven day event. So I know a lot about quiz me real quick. Unknown Speaker How many days are in a week Speaker 2 six. But this is a special day. It's a bonus day. Don't count it. Six days. Okay. That's all I can tell you. Speaker 1 My days are six hours. Right? I wake up at 5am by 11am. The first day is over 11am I'm starting day two. By 6pm. I've lived two whole days and you're one okay. You multiply that over a week. I'm freaking Alright, sorry. Three weeks out. Are you sorry to the steroids? We're talking? Speaker 2 Yeah, you're like, like 49 then? Well, no, you're older than that. 130 Unknown Speaker Oh, I go on Martian time. Oh, okay. Yes. You're still 20. Souls maybe? Speaker 3 No. So in high school, we did this project on Saturday, Venice. I might. Speaker 1 What are you doing? Hey, guys, I just want to let you know real quick. I April 30. I'm doing a show in Bloomington, Indiana. Live right. I am also doing a show in Joplin, Missouri on May 7. Do you know better time? I just wanted you to know that please. Please think about Unknown Speaker don't go to his shows. Vacate Unknown Speaker here you Oh, sorry. Unknown Speaker Just inappropriate times to advertise. Speaker 3 Is that what you were trying to do earlier? Yeah. Gosh, I hate you. I hate your guts. Speaker 1 Yeah, like six more to do though. So this is gonna be a long episode. Speaker 3 No, in high school. I might go, here's what here's what happened. We had a project we had to write about the seventh day of Venice and yeah, presentation, as everyone got a different denomination, okay. And it was a group project as me and for my friends. And the we chose to make a video, like explaining you how to explain the foundation of the denomination like how it started. Where is it? And and so we made a 15 minute video. And maybe one minute, there was a speech I did in Asana, about why I wanted to start the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and it barely touched on why the guy who started the Seventh Day Adventist Church actually didn't start it barely touched on it. But we got to be plus, because the guy was like, honestly, our teacher was like, honestly, you did not complete the assignment. But it was entertaining. So I'll give you a B plus. Speaker 1 There was a day in my history class where we were supposed to do presentations. Yeah. And presentations, were instructions are pretty clear. You got to cover certain topics and all this stuff. And there's about three minutes long. Yeah, one kid in the class misheard that. Because he thought that it was supposed to be 30 minutes long. So he shows up, he's got like costumes, then he's got like, he's got your whole, like, set prepared. He's trying to get an A on this project. Right. And he's in the back of the room. Someone goes up presents three minutes wrong. And the teacher goes, thank you so much. I was great. And you can see him start to go. What he's like, after the third kid I try he's in the back and he's like, freaking like, he's trying to hide all of his props and stuff. And he's like, free to tear in pages out of his script. You know, like he is editing on the fly. Yeah, he went up still 15 minutes long. Afterward the teacher went Unknown Speaker okay. It was a good day for all of us, was it you know, I'm not an idiot. Unknown Speaker But uh, I do have that I have that video on a DVD. We there's a lot Speaker 1 DVD, there's a lot of music, I wouldn't even know where to put a DVD. Speaker 3 I can, I can figure it out. But I'll get I'll get a release from everybody else in the video and see if we can put it on Patreon. We can put it public because it's the we we'd have to get the rights to a lot of music. Okay, we broke a lot of rules. So Unknown Speaker what does that have to do with anything at all? Speaker 3 Oh, this Saturday Venice. So he this guy. He was a devout seventh day of Venice. Speaker 1 Was he in a sauna? And did he start to seventh day Venice? Or did you just want to tell a story? Speaker 3 Well, no, I just I was like, oh, yeah, the Seventh Day Adventist. Okay. So he was a devout Seventh Day Adventist. And he wanted to become a get out of here with that. I don't Hey, guys, Unknown Speaker I am April 3. There's no no show April 30. Speaker 3 No, he's not. He doesn't even like Bloomington. He doesn't know how to spell it. Yeah, he can. Yeah, he can wait, but Speaker 1 that's not important. Okay. He's gonna do this doesn't even come out. Unknown Speaker He's gonna be in the middle of the show. Speaker 1 That actually is a good time to do. I've been speeding a lot lately. I've been trying to get pulled over. Cuz I want to do an inappropriate times to advertise. I just didn't like the first take. I did. Speaker 3 Yeah, you're gonna like that one a lot less? Oh, no, that's all I gotta Whatever, man, Unknown Speaker I might have the true dama redo it again. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna take my shirt off the next time. Unknown Speaker Is that promise? So I wasn't listening. Go ahead. Speaker 3 So he was at about 17 minutes. Yeah. And instead of going and being like a missionary and like teaching people stuff, or whatever about seventh day, Adventists are what they do. Instead, what he did was he was like, I'll become a doctor. And I'll trick everyone into thinking this is medicine. And so that's what he did. And so he became a doctor. And then he started what was called the sanitarium. Which sounds a lot like sounds Unknown Speaker not a great place, Speaker 3 like what it is. It was a weird cross between a like mental institution and a resort. So it was a place where you could go, and there would be this variety of treatments, you could receive that were supposed to make you more healthy, like electric Unknown Speaker shock. They didn't have any electric shocks. Speaker 3 But they had so they they did have a chair that could shake you 60 times per second. 60 times per second. So it was just a little wooden chair, not a massage chair. Not a comfortable massage chair like 60 seconds. 60 times per second. It's just like yeah, speed that up. I guess shakes shaking you real fast. Speaker 1 There's a vibrating chair. Yeah, yeah, I wouldn't say shake I would say vibrate pavement sir. And what? What pace? Is it not shaking anymore? And it's just vibrating. Speaker 3 I mean, I think at any pace, it's also vibrating vibrate and shake is no sending Wrong. Wrong vibrate and shake is our cinnamon All right, another another treatment. Speaker 1 Synonym and cinnamon are synonyms. cinnamons m&ms, you're an idiot. Go ahead. Speaker 3 So they had the light treatments. And so they were like the showers that you would get in and they just had a bunch of light bulbs. And so you would soak in all the light. Weird. They had they had this one treatment where you would eat half a pint of yogurt. And then you would get the other pint and a mud. No, yeah. And that was supposed to because you're going both ways it would clean you out real well. Speaker 1 You're going both ways. Never say that again. Never in your life Say that again. To talk people into this like you're a doctor you know got like your lab coat on. So the Welcome to the resort. There's a vibrating chair and also some weird stuff we do with yogurt Unknown Speaker this is I'm pulling up real quick. Speaker 1 Oh, I'm sorry. I ordered two pints. I know this is only one I know you'll get the other one was the egg? Speaker 3 Yeah, they this. This was like a parfait Unknown Speaker shop Unknown Speaker Oh Okay. I mean, this this, this was, what year is Unknown Speaker this? This is like the Speaker 3 1910s when people die when they were 14, bro, no, no, no, we do stuff like this now. It's just this is the same stuff that you see like Hollywood actresses and actors do they're like it's this new like treatment that like sounds all this stuff like it's the same concept is just they make it sound a little bit more believable now than they did back then. Like instead of saying it's yogurt, they're like, Oh, it's this, this steroid cream or something like that, like they they changed what they call that it made it sound more medical, but it's yes. Thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly, she was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did, we had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately just thanks for being here Unknown Speaker but but they their their their patients Speaker 1 can either say, Oh, it's a steroid cream, please. Speaker 3 Thank you. They had presidents and athletes and like looking through their notable patients, Thomas Edison, Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford, the what's the I know I heard this in a different list. They're not in this list the the rail yard people Unknown Speaker talking about tugboat people, Speaker 2 people, workers, no, not rail workers, the Rockefellers. So like they had they had a Speaker 1 notable list of people had like the 1900 influencers. Yeah, Speaker 3 the really wealthy people will come and they would spend a weekend here, and they would get all their treatments. Well, I almost forgot my most favorite treatment. They had a slapping machine, which is exactly what it sounds like. It was just a piece of leather, that would just slap you in the face over and over again, like but it was a machine. What's the Speaker 1 idea behind these things, I get the blood flowing. But this is this isn't like an like this is this is like a luxury. Speaker 3 They were it was supposed to be holistic treatments. So here's I've got some pictures I'll show you. So here's, here's the grounds of a class that they're doing. This is like a yoga class or something. And they're teaching them whole body health. And that was that was his thing is he thought that a lot of what like physical health was at the time was just garbage. And so he taught a lot of like aerobics class type stuff, and then diet stuff. And then weird, random things that were like your natural medicine that was not proved and didn't really do anything. But he said, cured everything. Unknown Speaker These are breathing exercises. Unknown Speaker So he built this massive campus. It's just where's this hat? This was in let me double check. Battle Creek, Michigan. Speaker 1 So this doesn't exist there anymore. No, yeah. This has been before they turn to the mall. Well, Speaker 3 there actually is a couple. I think that back building that back tower is still in there. But this whole part was torn it down and like they used it for something else for years. And then they tore it down and now it's gone. That's a huge building. But anytime you could see John Harvey Kellogg, just riding around the property on his bicycle. Speaker 1 That's John Harvey Kellogg. Yeah, okay. He would ride around. He's a cross between Colonel Sanders and the guy who's Jurassic Park. Like the perfect balance of those two characters, he's not one way or the other. He has. He's He's Colonel Sanders. Unknown Speaker He's right on the line. And Speaker 1 what's his face? Yeah. Jurassic Park, man, Jurassic Park guy. Speaker 3 But yeah, you could just find him at any time. Oh, riding his bicycle around the around the campus. And Unknown Speaker well, I'm a bike. Unknown Speaker You also accidentally started a call. Speaker 1 I did extra sort of what do you do? You know, like if you find yourself being the leader of a cult. Unknown Speaker I can't give you advice for that. I've never been there. Anyway. Speaker 1 Say with me guys. Jared. Ally is my Speaker 3 mind might Sorry, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Put it away. Don't put Speaker 1 so yeah, excellent. Started a cold. Okay, so he's just riding around. So yeah, he writes up the bicycle if I was if I was to make this place, yeah, I'd be like, I don't have a slot machine. My whole job. So there's enough revenue coming in to build this giant place though. Speaker 3 Oh, yeah. He's making bank any celebrities and stuff? At the weekend? It Speaker 1 would be so fun to just be like, I don't really slap a machine. I'm gonna slap you like to convince someone that slapping them is good for them. That itself is is terrorism. You know that is that is so sketchy. It is but it's like that, man. Yeah, gaslighting everybody how many people were like, dude, no one lived there. Speaker 3 I mean, there might have been people who had like residences there like because they weren't, Speaker 1 but it was it was meant to be like a common state. Yeah, you stayed there Speaker 3 for a weekend, got all your services, people viewed it like like a spa. Like, I'm gonna go get my treatment. They're gonna do the stuff and then I'm gonna head back to my to my wife in Michigan. Yeah, in Michigan, rolled out to Battle Creek, Michigan. But yeah, you could see him running around on his bicycle and he would go up to where people were getting the treatments. And he would this is my favorite part about him is he would ride around and his little brother William would be on foot following him on his bike taking notes like writing down the notes that he would alright to him. And so he'd be writing his cycle. Speaker 1 Notes are terrible, because he I don't know. Have you ever tried to walk and write something to save time? I mean, illegible you know, say like, it was so bad. Because I don't know what you meant by cinnamon synonym and Speaker 3 in them. That's why they got it. That's why they ended up with the stuff that they had, like the slapping machine was just the his team's attempt to read the handwriting. Like slapping. Yeah, Speaker 1 he shows up on a bike. What? Because what is this? It's the slapping, vibrating. Unknown Speaker No, it's no It's shaky. Oh, supposed to vibrate. Unknown Speaker You're putting the yogurt where Speaker 2 that's not even close to what I said. That's not even close. Speaker 1 But it's already people are paying for it or paying for it. So you can't walk it back. Like, you make the Rockefellers look stupid to their boss. You can't be wrong. Unknown Speaker Sorry, that was a clerical error. Speaker 1 stuck with it? Over clarify, do not try this at home. Is that a thing? Oh, no. So he started reading books Speaker 3 about like Seventh Day Adventist stuff, and how the health world relates to it. And the Seventh Day Adventists started reading his books and the like, organization of the church was like, Hey, this isn't right. We don't like this. Like we don't like that you're writing this stuff. And so he ended up Speaker 1 getting who but he got I'm not writing it. Willie, if you don't Speaker 3 like William, you're fine with me. Williams the problem. Speaker 1 He's still on his bike. He's just riding conference room. He's just riding around the table of the car. He's like that kid and Breaking Bad. Everybody's just like, okay, and he's like, it's not it's not big enough for his bike either. Like he's bumping into the wall. He's got herself off his you know, Speaker 2 ringing the bell. Like if someone doesn't think he doesn't like he raised Unknown Speaker sorry, excuse me. Just sorry. Speaker 2 Could you slip up? Yeah, he just looked a little tired. It looks sick. Yeah, there's a middle fight the germs and steel so Speaker 3 he got it. He fellowshipped Oh, okay. Well, I kicked Speaker 1 him out that bad bad, huh? Yeah, they kicked him out into they disagree with the yogurt. Well, Speaker 3 I think I think it started with them being like, that's weird. Everything you're doing is weird. Yeah, I think that's where it started. And then he got into a little he dabbled in some pantheism stuff. And that's what I like. And they were like, no, they're like, Get out of here. And so yeah, he got he got disfellowshipped and then after that he got really interested in food. And so he's like, he's like, I wonder if I can make food. Like I make health services at the sanitarium? Okay, started a little Sanitarium bakery. And he started experimenting. And so he had like a little kitchen, like an industrial kitchen and on the grounds and we'll experiment with stuff. So we started making peanut butter substitutes. And that that got successfully started having that on the grounds. He started making meat substitutes even impossible burgers that they actually revived that that was something No, but he was making some meat substitutes similar kind except with like, different remedies. So let's try to figure out Yeah, yeah. And then one day he was making this is one of the weird things that he believed it was very, very passionate about. Yeah, was that the more the stronger the flavor profile of a food that you eat, the more it triggers things in your body that are going to lead you to sin. So you need to eat bland. He said your food needs to be bland to make you more bland also, Speaker 1 you're saying that this is the this is like Kellogg's cereal Kellogg though? Like this eventually becomes like catalog. Unknown Speaker I mean, eventually. Speaker 1 Yeah. I'm saying he would lose his mind if he knew the captain crunch. He's a good yeah, because that's way too many flavors. Unknown Speaker Yeah, there's a lot of flavors in there. And he's Speaker 1 okay. I do agree with that though. The captain crunch is responsible for the downfall of our society. And he did to us like he's like, I want to experiment with flavors, and I want to be bad. Speaker 3 Yeah. And so he started making this like, this was also happening at a time in the country where there was this this condition that was going on. I'm gonna double check this and make sure I get this right. dyspepsia. Have you heard of this? Speaker 1 Yeah, that's what that's when restaurants only have coke. Unknown Speaker What is this dyspepsia? I'm limited. Speaker 1 Pepsi in society. Yeah, to dyspepsia novel. It's just the normal life it's just it's very boring. The only thing is that Pepsi was never created all right. So there's no Pepsi man to save the world from getting freakin demolished you know? Where would you get jet World World Without Pepsi? Unknown Speaker Yeah, he would never get to school on time, you will never make it. So Unknown Speaker Pepsi were disposed. Unknown Speaker This was a Speaker 3 common issue in this era, because it was one of the it was the first era really in human history where jobs became stationary. Okay, and so people were starting to work jobs where they were seated or whether they were standing in one spot all day Sugar Factory and for the average person throughout history breakfast was something that either they didn't do Unknown Speaker did us brush past was dyspepsia actually is Speaker 3 well, I'm getting to it okay to breakfast was was that is something you didn't do? Or it was leftovers from the night before? Yeah. Or you woke up really early and made like these grains. Would you eat for breakfast? Unknown Speaker And you're a kid when I was a kid? Yeah. Speaker 3 I think I mean, it depends on what time frame you look at. Cereal was very common. Okay. eggs and toast is very. Unknown Speaker I don't remember eating a lot of cereal growing up. To be honest. Unknown Speaker I had a lot of cereal. Yeah, Speaker 1 I had a lot of cereal when I got to college law through college, a lot of Toaster Strudels through circles. Speaker 3 I did love me some types of shows Pop Tarts, big streets guy shoots. Those many waffles where they were like a waffles. Yeah, Eggo waffles in general. Speaker 1 When I got into high school, my breakfast was a pack of ramen noodles. This is not a joke. You're gonna sit back Oh, yeah, we were all eating. Yeah. All right, guys. Guys, we're all eating cigarettes. No, I would eat ramen noodles, but I let go by Barbaro, but I wouldn't cook them. I need to dry noodles. Yeah, yeah, you did that before? No. Oh, dude. I would like crush up the whole bag. And then you open it. And you've put the powder in there and you shake it up. vibrated up. at it. You just eat the dust covered dry news. Speaker 3 I've seen that I've seen that. I never did that. I was never a huge fan of ramen. Okay, but it has to rich for that Unknown Speaker well, not all of us had screen doors do sorry. It was class. It was locked all the time to four. Unknown Speaker there to be a weird Speaker 1 person who locks his like screen door and his door door. Unknown Speaker Yeah, why not double layer? Speaker 1 Because no one's breaking into your home. They saw your car dude. They didn't they were like there's nothing valuable in your house. Unknown Speaker I took a picture with my Honda Civic today. Unknown Speaker Why? Why did you do that? Unknown Speaker Is it on a timer? Got down at like Unknown Speaker okay, you should put that on some missing posters for 2002 Unknown Speaker do the three legged very well. Oh man. Speaker 3 Thanks for checking out our show. If you like it and you want to support it be a part of what we're doing. You can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community, we have a discord with our hosts and producers, we have a lot of fun. We're super active in there every day you get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out, we eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast. And there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that, that are super cool. If you want to be in that you can just text HiLine to 66866. And that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here. And thanks for watching our show. Speaker 3 No, but dyspepsia. What people had was honestly a very heavy breakfast is what people were eating at the time because it was stuff from the night before our grains like heavy grains. And then they would go to physical labor all day, and so their body would be able to break it down. Well then when people transition to stationary jobs, their bodies weren't breaking down their breakfasts like they used to. Okay, so people were having the same diet, but then they were having this severe abdominal pain, belching, bloating, heartburn, nausea and vomiting. That's the list I just read. Got it. So people were burping on the job a lot. And everyone was really, it was just Speaker 1 what you do every day. It's just your life you have. Speaker 3 But it became it became like this epidemic that people were concerned like what's happening with our bodies? Like why are we all of a sudden, all like, stomach sick all the time. And it was because their breakfasts were too heavy. But nobody had quite put words to that yet. But there was a community in medicine that was starting to realize that's what was going on. Sure. And Kellogg was like, oh, that's what I'm trying been trying to tell everybody. But you even say this for years, you eat like a bunch of animals. And that's why you behave like a bunch of animals. And it's like so and so if you eat Speaker 1 from a judgmental low in a very loving way, you eat like Googles and therefore you behave like Google. Come to my resort Speaker 3 garbage in garbage out. And so he started making this this patty. That was just like a grain patty. Was all it was was it was just some grains that was hardened into a patty. And it was disgusting, right? It was what it wasn't rice. It was closer to like a chunk of granola but it was so hard. Oh girl, that it was like impossible to eat or to you're just stuck on Speaker 1 it. Yeah, people but you can't even break it. So this granola bar, stick it out your mouth like a cigar. Speaker 3 I'm just waiting for it to melt. Well, that was one thing that he was really passionate about too, was chewing. And he actually shouldn't have to do that. He actually had a song that will play in this cafeteria. That was a rhythm for chewing. And so you are supposed to chew 40 Choose before you Speaker 1 swallow. Turns out it's staying alive. How how fast. It's the same thing for CPR. Speaker 3 Yeah, so he was really big on chewing so he's like, that's okay. Like if this is really hard, because you're supposed to chew a lot. It kind of encourages you to chew things already juice. Yeah. Isn't that crazy? Speaker 2 Right, you'd run up on his bike, and then he'd see you at 39 and he'd stop anyway. Speaker 1 I'm trying to do 40 Right now it is taking so long to even get to 15 He's Speaker 3 like you. You only to 38 times before that swab. You're counting. Unknown Speaker William was taking a tally behind me 40 times. What are you eating that needs to be chewed. 40 Speaker 3 He wanted his He said your your food no matter what it is. Should be a paste before you swallow. And that's the word he used to use the word paste. So I don't like that. So he was making these these patties and everybody hated them. They were like, they're like, hey, like we get like, this is like probably good for you. But it's gross. And he was like, let me try to make it a little bit better. So he crunched it up into granola. And that's where it all kind of started. And then some other people were like, hey, what if we made this not suck and that's how granola happened. But he kept making Unknown Speaker yogurt. Why he didn't know the yogurt Unknown Speaker not the one you want Unknown Speaker okay, so Speaker 3 he was making a batch of these one day Sure. And they got away from him and He left a batch out on the counter. And Unknown Speaker that got away from me just crawled away. Well, Speaker 3 the day got away from Okay, so something happened he got to walk away left a batch I'm gonna do right Speaker 1 aways. Oh, he's in the kitchen like Unknown Speaker rolling things out on this bike. His balance was crazy Speaker 1 you doing these, like BMX things on the back yeah, he's core was insane. He was ripped. Unknown Speaker Yeah. And that was because of his diet. Not the Speaker 1 all eats or what he calls grain patties. I call it grain paddies. Maca like you're not good at marketing. Speaker 3 So he he made his granola out, or they get burnt out overnight. On the counter came came overnight oats and they were so fermented. And he was like, that's weird. But he was like, I'm gonna try it anyways, it's sure the batch is probably fine. And so he cooked it anyways, and it came out. flaky and weird. And but he was like, but this is much easier to chew and swallow than what I had before was cornflakes. And then he he subbed out the wheat for corn and corn flakes were born. Wow. And people at the sanitarium loved them. And he marketed them. As he said, This is a bland enough breakfast item. And he called it cereal. This is what it was. So this is a bland enough, like breakfast cereal, where if you eat it, it'll help you maintain your chastity. That's how he marketed it. Unknown Speaker What he said, he Speaker 3 said, if it's he said his plan enough where you're gonna go the whole day. And you're gonna be Speaker 1 maintaining your chastity. He said that will protect you from sin. Did he say maintaining your chances? Yeah, he's specified. Speaker 3 Yes, yes. Yes. And which was something he was very passionate about? He just me. Yeah, he strongly believed that. Even if you were married, procreation was the only reason. And so he was he was very adamant about it on the grounds. Like they had some strict rules. So he made Speaker 1 at a forum, he had a cereal that he was Speaker 3 like, yeah, yeah. So he was marketing it that way. And the sanitarium? His brother, on the other hand, sure. His brother has been with him this whole time, William. And William, though, is a pretty smart business mind. Well, yeah. Was been kind of the engine behind running the business for for John, this whole thing was evangelism. He's like, I'm helping save the world from their sins. For wheeling, Speaker 1 I made a cereal that makes you not it's so bland. So boring. It's so just cereal. Like, I can't imagine eating something that's like, No, I'm good. You know, I don't understand. Speaker 3 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That's the God set. William the whole time. He was the business mind behind that. He's like, I gotta give this as a public. So John, John was working on on the sanitarium. stasher. And William was like, I will make it profitable. I will make it yeah, I'll market it. I'll make it grow. But they had a they had a rough relationship because William didn't market things. Yeah, he also is like, Can I get a bike? Yeah, he's like, how are you going to take notes if you're riding a bike? Yeah. What do you Unknown Speaker know William William wanted to make things more marketable a Unknown Speaker unicycle and he Speaker 2 show up to the spa. Colonel Sanders rides out on a bicycle, followed by a guy on a unicycle. Let me show you what his brother Speaker 1 is. Get him aside. His brother looks like a villain. Because brother looks like a frickin Batman villain. You know, I'm saying he does. He looks like pig but this guy looks like he wants a cereal that goes the other thing. You know? Like he's like, Yeah, give that to the public. That's a bad picture of Joseph or John Kellogg. Unknown Speaker Was it is? Yeah. Speaker 1 his moustache statue in that picture. Yeah, yeah. And his clothes are drawn on. That ties a little suspect. No, that's a real picture. Okay, Speaker 3 is is it anyways, so his brother, his brother was like we could make this more marketable this there's something to this. There's this dis Pepsi thing going around. And he's like, he's like, he's like, we can take this to the market and sell it outside of the sanitarium. And he's like, I guarantee you we can make a killing off of it. And John was like, no I'm not he Speaker 1 has it like in stores not like out front Sanitarium lemonade stand. Okay, I'm with ya good. We can take this when he sells outside the gates. It's the roaring 20s getting into trouble, right? We got cereal, take your kids personality stretch either like cereal and they're boring as heck Speaker 3 well what he said was he said he said we could take this public, there's something here. This dyspepsia thing is a huge deal. Everybody's looking for better things to eat for breakfast that are good for them. You just made it. And you did it. And he's like, so we need to take it to market. We'll make railings in it. John says no, I'm not in it to make money. I'm in it to save the world. And he's like, Well, we can save. Save the world. And he's like, he's like, William was like, okay, but one thing now, what has to change? And he was like, it kind of sucks. Like, it's not good to eat. And so people are not going to eat it because it kind of was sugar and it's like, well, we got put some sugar in it. John Unknown Speaker lost his mind. Yeah, he was like he was like he's like that defeats Unknown Speaker the sugar will make people the opposite Unknown Speaker of chested. Yeah, got chastised. Speaker 3 He's like the sugar will send them down the wrong direction. You can't you can't put that into people's system. Because it'll it'll that's that's what's wrong. Or what you're saying Speaker 1 is John Kellogg created a cereal. That was like, designed to save society from itself. Yeah, his brother put sugar in it. And that's how we get the 60s. Am I understanding you correctly? We're pretty. Pretty much it. Unknown Speaker You're pretty close to right. Yeah. So Speaker 3 his brother broke off. Yeah. And he started doing anyway. Yeah, he started Battle Creek battle. Speaker 1 Were there other cereals that existed or is this this is cereal? This was the beginning of Speaker 3 cereal. A bunch of copycats came out. Sure after this. But yeah, he started I can't even remember what it was called. Is it Battle Creek, like bakery or something like that. And they started making Kellogg's cereal. And the cornflakes they added cereal to it and added sugar to John. They added sugar to it. And John disowned them. John was so mad, and they actually got into a fierce legal battle. He's like, I bet you work on the seventh day too. I would never do that. Unknown Speaker I would never do that brother. I just put sugar in the cereal. He's like, he's like I had to get another brother to take. Unknown Speaker It's a slippery slope. Well, they got another brother. Unknown Speaker He's like, gotta get it. Yeah, they Speaker 3 got a lot of brothers. This is the 1910s Okay, sorry. Is it gotta get this guy gotta get Jeremiah to take this guy. Speaker 1 That's how close they were as a family to get this guy Speaker 2 Jeremiah to take notes for me and he can't keep up. He's he's he's too far from me. He can't read. He's like he's like he's like you know what you came up with with your bad handwriting. You can't wait to see what he came up with with his bad writing and his inability to hear me he's too far away. Got his fears legal battle Speaker 3 sure on is still making his cornflakes and selling them at the sanitarium. And they're very Speaker 2 I see that look in your eye. I don't you dare, don't you titled to send me the principal's office? Well, I Speaker 2 just say to me, I don't know I just needed to up the ante and let you know how the Speaker 1 principal's office. What are you talking about? Speaking of that, though, Ray's been substitute teaching and she's grading a test. She sent me a picture of this test today. Where it was like you know, Carlos is doing this on a camping trip. Describe what he might need to whenever it's like I write a paragraph is teaching kids how to write paragraphs this kid wrote now there's too much that was his answer he submitted that he submitted nah this too much. He did use the correct with two O's though you know saying hey, I love that that's too much Nah, it's too much Unknown Speaker whatever film your your promo or whatever man for me literally not doing Speaker 1 I'm texting right now. I was I was just texting I got a grade zero idea you will you assume and stuff dude? Speaker 3 I whatever bro. Whatever, bro. Okay, so all right. Speaker 1 Hey guys, I am not even filming on my phone now. Go ahead. Speaker 3 So He started a company and Kellogg's was in the name he was selling the studio with Kellogg in the name. The Sanitarium is the Kellogg Sanitarium. The Kellogg is also selling cornflakes, but their names are both Kellogg their brothers. So they're both called Kellogg and they're selling a very similar comp product. Kellogg? Yeah, one one leads to salvation. Yeah. And so it becomes this decade long legal battle to find out who gets to use the name Kellogg, okay. Which was an interesting situation because they were both Kellogg Kellogg, when when William went and started the cereal company, Kellogg became a household name really quickly because it was like a massive success and everybody was eating Kellogg's cereal. However, John was using the name Kellogg for decades before that with the sanitarium. And he created the cereal, but he didn't patent it or anything. Yep. What ended up happening is the the courts eventually ruled in favor of William because William had greater notoriety even though he was second to the game. He had greater notoriety so he got to keep the name Kellogg's and they Yeah, renamed the brand Kellogg's. And he started making all kinds of cereals and built an empire selling the sinful cereals. And that's what led to society being the way it is today. So the cereal with all this sugar, it's destroying us on the inside. And it goes against everything that John Harvey Kellogg ever wanted, which is probably a good thing because he was a pretty bad person. Great. No, yeah, John, John Harvey Kellogg ended up being like, after this, he went down a spiral. His the sanitarium eventually closed in the 30s got shut down without his brother there to run the business side of things. They went steeply in debt, and then the President hit and then they went even deeper in debt. Sure. He started a couple other foundations that were deeply problematic, dealing with like eugenics type things. And so he ended up really really tarnishing his reputation, while William built up a great reputation for himself. That is really the reason why breakfast looks the way it is today. Him and a battle with the dairy and pork industry basically, is the reason why breakfast is what it is. They all kind of got. Yeah, because bacon bacon. Yeah. And so in Kellogg, and then those two industries got into this battle, because in the dyspepsia era, everybody was like, fighting to be the solution for breakfast. And so everybody was was finding these people to help write these medical journals and reasons why this is the best thing to eat during breakfast. He ended up patenting or not patenting but trademarking and using in his advertising the phrase that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it's been in our vocabulary ever since. And he'd kind of, I don't want to say won the battle, because obviously, like, bacon and eggs are still a staple and breakfast. Sure, but I mean, cereal didn't exist before him. And now it's something that is in Yeah, you wake up every breakfast. Yeah, so that war was a big deal. He actually hired Sigmund Freud's brother to help run his marketing. Okay. And his brother, I might do an episode on him. Actually, his brother was a marketing genius, because he just tricked everybody psychology. Oh, sure. He knew how people's brains worked. And he he manipulated them. Yeah. So that can be an interesting one. But yeah, so John Harvey Kellogg, pretty bad person at the end of the day, good person through at the start of the day. Unknown Speaker His motives were just really, Speaker 3 yeah, they were skewed. Yeah. And then Unknown Speaker his brother took the, Speaker 3 you know, took the concept and built a pretty good, good company out of it. Yeah. Kellogg's Unknown Speaker like they own Speaker 3 like, a lot. Yeah, they they own Pringles. Yeah, they're a modern Empire. They own a lot of stuff. Pringles were the same thing. They left it on the table for three days. And that curd Yeah, yeah, just a whole potato. That was it was actually the seventh day it was the seventh day and it's Speaker 1 what they used to do was they were like you know, hands lead to since we gotta get rid of those tubes over there are really it was like, I could put some potato chips in those, you know. Unknown Speaker It's like you can see a lot better if you have Hey guys, I Speaker 1 letting you know that in the end of May. I will be fiddling off the devil in Georgia. So just want to give you guys a heads up about our Speaker 3 things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah As in Tim stone follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilam podcast is Ti ll en podcast remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night Transcribed by

Do you start your day with a bowl of cereal? If so, you have John Harvey Kellogg to thank. Kellogg was a physician, health advocate, and inventor who played a pivotal role in the development of breakfast cereal. But Kellogg’s impact on the world went far beyond breakfast. In this blog post, we’ll explore the life and legacy of John … Read More

Frank Abagnale Jr – Scammed His Way into a Movie

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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's going on? Unknown Speaker How Not much have you heard of? Frank Abigail Jr. Frank Abigail. Abigail. Abigail Auburn Avenue Abigale abig nail abig nail I think it's APPIC nail Czapek nail. Yeah. No. Oh man. Has can be fun then. Okay, Unknown Speaker I was a little worried. Speaker 1 Episodes just so excited. You come in episodes. Hey, have you ever heard of her Gabriel Jr? Speaker 2 I'm excited. I have so much excitement right now I want to sound again fun Unknown Speaker because like TSA is having a soup party tonight. Unknown Speaker No, I saved kids. Cancer. Personal makeout tomorrow or something? Unknown Speaker Yeah. So then we're like, Speaker 1 so he has a little mini call. And she wanted me to text her her female friend. Yeah. And I was like, Well, I get two girls phone numbers out of this. There you go. Unknown Speaker Things I Learned last night Unknown Speaker hey, man. Hey guys. Speaker 1 Have you heard of Frank Avigail, Jr. Welcome Unknown Speaker to Dylan podcast. Speaker 1 Jeez. Yeah, let's do let's do a whole episode as if we're like, kid, YouTube creators, not children, YouTube creators, YouTube creators for kids. Unknown Speaker So we're adults. Yeah, it's Unknown Speaker a weird time. Yeah, Speaker 1 you know guys, check out my house make sure you subscribe. I saw one that came up on and I do you click on the you watch the Mr. Beast videos on the Taylan account. Because anytime I go to check the tail on YouTube, the suggested videos are like Hello youtubers. And one of them was like I built a secret gaming closet. Astrix no one knew. Like yeah, yeah, they Unknown Speaker didn't know. Yeah, like Unknown Speaker Yeah, I turned my garage into a pirate ship Unknown Speaker doesn't work. The amount of money Unknown Speaker that goes into those YouTube videos is legitimately insane Speaker 2 and the amount of money they make is literally insane. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the highest like net earnings on YouTube as a kid YouTuber. I think it's that toy that unboxing that toy Ryan Speaker 1 No, no, I think that no, I think Mr. Beast is the highest I thought as far as like earning. You're saying Unboxing with Ryan out earns Mr. Speaker 2 Maybe Maybe Mr. Beast overtook him. Maybe this was a few years ago but I thought at least at one point. He was the highest earning. You know, he Speaker 1 was the highest earning I think it was just an article about how insane it is that this seven year old $22 million in a year Speaker 2 maybe he was the highest earning single YouTube channel like single that might be true not because it's because Mr. Beast has like 40 channels. Okay. I don't know. But I know. I know. I saw something where it was like he was the highest at one point. He was the highest Speaker 1 and we have one if you're listening we have a YouTube channel Speaker 3 we have we also have a kids you still in for kids? Yeah. It's really It's weird. Yeah. We do the same episodes, but we're just really weird about it. Hi, guys. Just a voice dub. Speaker 1 That's what it is. If you really want to go down that path. I I have all of the footage from you being a kids minister. Oh, Speaker 2 gosh. I do. I do actually have a kids YouTube channel essentially. Yeah. Yeah, it was fun. Unknown Speaker We made some fun. Subscribe. Speaker 1 Anyways, speaking of speaking of juniors Am I right? Speaking, speaking a little kids. Speaker 2 Frank Frank Avondale, Abigail Abigail, Jr. He was one of one of the greatest con men of our time. Okay, very successful at it. And this is his story. He was born in 1948. In the Bronx, New York City. To his parents is his dad. Speaker 1 His dad's name, huh? Where he gets his desk. Ready to write his dad's name right, right. Unknown Speaker Okay, let's see. All right. Speaker 1 I'm blanking. Think of a single name. Name. Get to Shogun give him a name. All right. So he's born to Frank. And what's his what's his dad's name? Oh, My mom's name Unknown Speaker Joe, okay, still Unknown Speaker nothing. Speaker 2 Yeah, so frank Frank's dad on like a textile company in New York and they're pretty well off. Like it wasn't like a company but as a company, you know, they were doing well until he was 12 years old and his parents split up. Because his dad was spending too much time on his job and not on his on textiles. What is textiles? It's like, like fabrics and things. That's what I thought. Yeah. And I just like, man, you Speaker 1 throw away a whole family for this for this good velvet. Saying, I just love my break away from from the textiles. It is. Have you felt this cashmere? Unknown Speaker Yeah, so she left him honey. Speaker 1 What am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to leave the store. I can't just leave it. Have you felt? Have you smelled the new fabrics? The new. We just got a new shipment in. Well, actually, what do you I know my kid? His name is Frank. Frank, they're offering is that why they divorced? Speaker 2 Yeah, he was just been too much time. And then they Well, they didn't divorce. They separated. And then when he was 16, they they formally divorced, Speaker 1 pretty long separation it and here's here's where your separation. They decided residential term. Speaker 2 They said Alright, it's time to finalize this. Yeah. Whenever they finalize the divorce, they did an unhealthy thing. And they told the kids, they said you can choose who you live with. And so the kids all got to make their own decisions. Unknown Speaker How many kids were there? I think there was three. Speaker 2 And they all chose to live with his mom, except for him. He was like, I'll stay with dad. And I also Unknown Speaker love fabrics. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that's exactly what happened. Speaker 1 What are you talking about? They let the kids pick what they like Lateline the parents up like a dodgeball? Yeah. Unknown Speaker Do you want to live? Oh, take my Unknown Speaker break, man. Don't put your kids through that. Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah. So that it's a pretty good way to create some trauma in your child. And it shows with the life that Frank went on to lead. So he moved in with dad. And when he was 16, at the time, so he had just got his driver's license. And he started, you know, doing what 16 year olds do driving his car around everywhere hanging out with his friends, meeting girls. And he realized he didn't have the money for how much gas he was using. Okay. And so he went to his dad, and he asked his dad if he could get a gas check card. And I guess a lot of gas stations at the time had what was called the gas check card before credit cards. Yeah. Which was essentially a credit card that you use just at the gas station for gas. And then you would go pay off your bill. And his dad trusted. And he said, yeah, just be responsible. Don't use too much gas. Yeah, and have this gas check card. And so he started doing that for a little bit. And then he realized that you didn't have to use the gas check card on just gas. It can be used on anything at the gas station. And he Speaker 1 snacks. Yeah, dude. Unknown Speaker I could get chips with this too, bro. Speaker 1 That's a game changer. Yeah, that's what you know, I used to be friends with the clerk at the gas station by my house when I was in high school. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you were friends with everybody at your leisure. I say there was like seven people there. Speaker 1 Yeah, I was friends with him. We had to because he's my cousin. No, I was friends with the you know, I'd go there and I'd get my two Mountain Dew is a day. Yeah, I would drink without a not a day, just the ones after school. I drink way more than that. So but I'd go in every day, and I'd get the big. Yeah, it was and then the Mountain Dew voltage came out. And now there's no one that wasn't on the machine. So you gotta get to put it on my checker. Speaker 2 Like assays and check card. And the guy was like, you know, this isn't real, right? If you can't, you know, it's Unknown Speaker 2011 Right? Like you don't Speaker 3 you don't have to have to use a checker. You can just steal you can just do blind right. Speaker 2 Coincidentally, when he moved into this data, I mentioned this yet, but coincidentally, they moved to Mount Vernon, New York. So same thing Unknown Speaker I knew that Unknown Speaker so they moved there. Speaker 2 And he realized I could spend this on anything at the gas station at the time. Gas stations were often Alright man, you seem like you just don't know a little bit. Speaker 1 No, I was just kind of looking down at this at the label that says don't exceed more than two as I've just finished my My third. Yes, yeah. It was like a little bit of like a fear that kind of goes over you. Unknown Speaker Smashing energy drinks today. Unknown Speaker I'm fine. Yeah, he'll be good. I didn't, I didn't sleep last night, but I'm just sitting here going like, Speaker 2 that's the problem. If you sleep dude, basically, you've been up for 48 hours. So that means you can have four of those today. That's what I'm thinking Speaker 1 when I say clock reset. That's a real question. But no, bro. It was one of those times where like, 130 in the morning, I was pleading with God and I was please God, please let me fall asleep right now. I literally prayed last night and I said, God, this is not a joke. Kneel down. Read the book by prayer right now. I said, God, would you please make this two and a half hours of sleep? I'm about to get supernaturally restful. I don't know how. But if I can feel like I got a full nine hours asleep. That would be wonderful. Did it work? No, he doesn't answer my prayers. Unknown Speaker Celsius today. Yeah. Speaker 1 Yeah. Yeah. He's like, I've given you everything you need. And to the abundance? Yeah, no, I just had I'm sorry. I had a moment of fear where I was like, oh, man, is it my neck sore? Or? Yeah, I feel Yeah. Oh, my eyes pop out of my face. Just keep going. Just push them back in motion back in and call it good. Sorry. So he got his check card. Yeah. Speaker 2 So he realized that he could spend it on anything and most gas stations at the time. lottery tickets weren't? No, they were also a mechanic's. And so he was like, hey, I'll buy some tires. And so he bought a set of tires. And then he took those tires to another shop, sold them for, like 100 bucks or something. And because he wasn't paying off his card, he got free gas and like 100 bucks. And he just started doing that Unknown Speaker every time he got gas who's paying off the cart. Unknown Speaker I mean, it's his dad's check card. Unknown Speaker That stresses me out. Speaker 2 So he's doing this every time he gets gas for a few weeks. And then his dad Speaker 1 goes, Hey, this is exactly like when I was in middle school. And the girl behind me in science class didn't have a little bit of texting. Oh, yeah. And I was like, I have unlimited texting. And she wanted me to text her her female friend. Yeah. And I was like, Well, I get two girls phone numbers out of this. There you go. So she would use my phone. Yeah. to text her friend in a different town or whatever. Yeah, at the end of the month, my mom and for me, that I also don't have Unknown Speaker Oh, I thought she was I did. Speaker 4 $200 worth of text messages. And that was a bonkers time. Speaker 1 Oh, dude. You know, they were they were always like, yeah, we're never gonna have unlimited internet. It's never gonna be an option. They we make way too much money on internet. Yeah, like the commercials. The rollover minutes. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Oh, my God. What a nightmare. Yeah, Unknown Speaker we've lived through the caveman era of praise God. So I'm saying like, so is does dad find out? Speaker 2 Yeah. So eventually the gas station comes and he's like, Hey, you owe us $3,500. You know? Unknown Speaker He did this 35 times. Yeah. Well, I Speaker 2 mean, it's yeah, probably less than that. But I mean, this is like, the 1950s So probably, I don't know. I don't know how Speaker 1 much $4,500 is a lot of money for the 50s It's a lot of money. Speaker 2 Now. My dad my kid spends $3,500 500 on it was supposed to be spending 40 then I'm like, bro Speaker 1 you're just like me. You are my kid. Oh, man. Yeah. I do this fun thing where I just kick it down the road to that's what I do. That's future Gerrans. Unknown Speaker That's your issue. Not right now, Speaker 1 to be honest with you. In a couple situations. I'm future Jaron and I don't think it's very funny. Yeah, I'm a little frustrated. pretty ticked that I did Unknown Speaker that about that. Yeah. Unknown Speaker But that's future. That's not my love. Yeah. Yeah. You are. The gas stations like, Hey, you owe us $3,500. Yeah. And Speaker 2 so he goes to Frank Jr. And it's like, hey, hey, you've been buying tires. Why'd you buy 30 sets of tires? Because I was like, you want to see my garage, do it in the garage. Speaker 3 You don't understand one day kids. You told me you really big Speaker 1 pirate ship with a garage out of tires. No one knew. Unknown Speaker And so his dad said, I'm Unknown Speaker training I'm training. I'm training. I'm like, lined up. Speaker 2 Ya know, his dad sent him to boarding school like this Catholic boarding school, okay. And it's like a behavior modification. Boarding School is like one of the ones where your parents are Unknown Speaker thrilled to do that to you. Now Yeah, mine either. Speaker 3 Like I said, you get here we'll sit in the back. There'll be good just like dogs will do your kids or your dogs once you need Unknown Speaker now for whatever reason, like some Unknown Speaker dog get a kid half off. Yeah. Speaker 1 Now like sometimes when my when my dad's eaten, he'll actually make a noise. Like, stand up for summary. I Unknown Speaker don't know what's going on. I can't like I can't Speaker 1 my legs, my legs. Look, it doesn't matter what's in my lap. Unknown Speaker Just like I'm sorry. I don't know why. Speaker 2 I can't understand why I'm standing. So he gets sent to this boarding school Sure, immediately hates it. Yeah, runs away. And he never sees his dad again. That was the end of his relationship with his dad. He didn't see his mom for another like 15 years ended up seeing finding his mom later in life. But his dad passed away before he could track him down. Oh, really? Yeah. So super sad. And so as a now, just like a 16 year old kid sure is out on his own. He realized pretty quickly that he doesn't know how to get money. And so he tried working a couple different jobs. And because he was only a 16 year old kid, he was only getting like two bucks an hour from all the jobs he was applying for. Yeah. So he said, Unknown Speaker this isn't gonna pay for the tires. How am Speaker 2 I supposed to buy tires? On two bucks an hour? So he is so he forged his license? Instead of saying 1948 He changed it to 1938. So now he's a 26 year old guy, instead of a six. Yeah. And everybody started paying him more. And he's like, Hey, Unknown Speaker that was easy. $3 now? Speaker 2 Well, it was a couple bucks more, cuz he's an experienced adult now. Sure. But even realized after that, he was like, he's like, this isn't the kind of work that I want to be doing. It's like, I don't like washing dishes at this restaurant or whatever, like, Sure. And so he quit his jobs. And he got a better idea. forging checks. And so he just started doing a little bit of light checking like, yeah, and realize, if I'm writing a check in New York City, for a couple 100 bucks for some individual. No one asks any questions, then if I go over to Jersey City, do the same thing. And then I go back over to the Bronx. Thanks. Like if I go to all these different towns, if I just keep moving? Yeah, if I'm all over the place, he's like, a gets hard to track. No one realizes that I'm doing it. And even if someone does catch on and catch me Speaker 1 well, and by the time they've by the time they realize, yeah, it's been a week. Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah, I spent the money. And he's like, he's like, No, during the day, if I get caught for one of them, a couple 100 bucks, they can't connect all of them. They don't know that. It's all happening. Sure. And I'm, it's not that I'm using it all Unknown Speaker the same name. Like he's doing the same check. Or Speaker 2 it changed over time at first, like he was using the same name. And then he started getting a little bit more sophisticated and doing some minor identities to 16. Yeah, yeah. Smart kid. So he's going around doing all this, and he realizes Unknown Speaker I also did this in high school. Unknown Speaker But everybody knew me. Speaker 1 Where I'd wear weird disguises and stuff came in with this basket. Where it wasn't like, I was like, Man, if I just spent all the time I'm spending on this makeup. And, you know, faking these checks. I could just earn this money and Speaker 2 real checks. Yeah, yeah. Well, there you go. That's this. So he, he, meanwhile, his friends, were like, Hey, if you wear a suit, and we leave, like, and we all skip school, and you drive us around, then people will think we're on a field trip, because he's like, six foot tall, had a touch of gray in his hair. And they're like, if you just wear a suit, people will think you're our teacher. And we could get away with skipping a Unknown Speaker field trip, and I was like, What's he driving a bus? Okay, Speaker 2 now, they would just go somewhere and like, they'd be out in public. And people would just assume there's a bunch of kids that are skipping school on they're like, oh, that's an adult. And they must be Speaker 1 here to the 50s that people were like, I think, hey, there's back again. Shouldn't y'all be in school things? Really important? No. Unknown Speaker I do think sorry. Do Speaker 2 you think at the time that you could get a legitimate ticket for not being in school during school hours, I think that was a thing up until like, the 70s or 80s. Really, I do think that was a thing. I don't know if that's accurate. But I think that was a thing. Okay. I could be lying right now. And so because of this, like they had been using him for this for a while, his friends were using them to get out of school. Sure. And so he realized he said, I pass for a grown up. And so he devised this plan. And what he did is one day he He called pan-am The airline, and like copter switchboard and was like, Hey, I have a weird issue. He said, I've got a flight and four hours. I'm a pilot on a flight. I've got it in four hours. But overnight, I took my uniform to the, to the cleaners to get cleaned overnight before this flight, and I just showed up to pick it up and they lost it. And he's like, I've got this fine for hours. I don't have uniform. I don't know what to do. And they were like, well, don't you have a spare? And he was like I do. He's like, but I didn't bring it with me on this trip. It's in San Francisco, I have no way to get it in time for this flight. So they're like, Okay, well patch you through to employee services. And so they patch him through this guy and employee services, he tells the whole story to him. And the guy was like, Okay, give me a second. And he's like, he's like, I'll be right back. So is on hold for a little bit. And the guy comes back, and it's like, hey, we have a distributor in New York in Manhattan. Here's the address, they know you're coming. Just go tell them what's up. They'll fit you and your uniform. And I'm saying, Man, they said because because this was your mistake, not ours, you'd have to pay for it. But you can get it in time for your flight. And he's Unknown Speaker like, I'll write a check. Speaker 2 So he fully planned Yeah, you fully plan to pay for it with check shows backup shows up to this place, gets fitted in this uniform. And it's like, okay, I'll write you a check. And the guy's like, Oh, we don't take check. And he's like, That guy's like. No. And he's like, Okay, I'll pay cash. And the guy was like, Oh, we don't we're not going to get cash for this either. And he's like, he's like, what's Unknown Speaker it like? I only take trades. You gotta you gotta chickens. Speaker 3 You gotta pardon me for this. No, he said, he said, he said, Unknown Speaker he says, Do you happen to have any tires? Matter of fact, Speaker 3 I do. We are the number one seller of paying them uniforms and tires. Speaker 2 No, he said, he said no payments, just gonna take it out of your paycheck, dude. And he's like, even better. Unknown Speaker And so what's his? Unknown Speaker What's his goal, though? Is he just trying to fly somewhere? Well Speaker 2 hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes, we have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly, she was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did, we had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 2 So remember, remember I said he noticed if I go to different towns, yes, he's just trying to get to different state. Like if I could figure out how to fly for free. He's like, I could just go all over the place and be untraceable and just get all these checks and also get to see the world at the same time. And so okay, he gets his uniform. He puts he suits up in his uniform picture, go ahead a picture of him in his uniform. And he really, really, he not only gets taken selfies he wants, he not only gets his this uniform, but he sits down and he says okay, I I'll grab model airplanes, like man pan-am model airplanes. And I'll take those and I will they have like the stickers that you stick on the side of the airplane, you know. And so he took those stickers, and he pre Photoshop, photoshopped it, like actually, like cut and paste it into an ID badge. Like a Panem ID badge. And he got it like, copied and made it look professional and like copied What the pan-am What ID badges look like, just like you did when you graduated. Yeah. And then Taylor, and then this is this is him in his uniform. Speaker 1 He had someone take that picture of him. Someone else has to take that picture. Speaker 2 He's like, Hey, can you take this picture of me in this uniform? And they're like, oh, yeah, sure. What's this for? Halloween Unknown Speaker for my calendar. Okay, Speaker 2 and so, he then goes to LaGuardia, and it's like, Alright, I'm gonna figure out how to fly. And so he says, the first day he did this, he Unknown Speaker figured out a fly. Speaker 2 He's like, I spent four hours just walking around the airport, figuring out how to get on a dang plane. Like he's like, What do I do now? And so he's just walking around the airport trying to find a way in. Finally, it's dinnertime so he sits down on a table to grab some dinner at the like the concession stand. Speaker 1 Popcorn No unnatural basket or concession stand Unknown Speaker I realized that word was Speaker 1 just there just like give me a hot dog please. Unknown Speaker You're waiting. kid. He's Unknown Speaker a 16 year old. Unknown Speaker Give me a hot dog please. You're waiting at eight gate 834 This guy cuz he's like I Unknown Speaker do not even put past airport hot dogs I've seen people bring them on the plane. You know? Someone asked me on the flight had a bowl of soup. That's not plane food. Unknown Speaker Where did you get that? Listen, it Speaker 1 was not airport soup. That was they had home soup on that plate. They are wrapped it from it, you know looked like the serie like this saran wrap. Speaker 2 Oh, so they Tupperware that and they carry ounces. Unknown Speaker It must have been Wow, Unknown Speaker security. He's like, Oh, that's Speaker 1 more than three ounces total. But it's in seven different Speaker 3 tubs. It's a bunch of different so you can't take them. You can't take that. Speaker 2 I think I was like what kind of supersize, like broccoli cherries. Like that's my favorite. That's mine. Unknown Speaker I have six. Unknown Speaker I've got so much progress. It was like TSA is having a soup party tonight. Unknown Speaker How they made it. Unknown Speaker That's crazy. Maybe it's chowder Speaker 1 cuz maybe sees different maybe Speaker 2 maybe he had it in the can. And then in the airport, he opened it up and heat it up, carry around. Speaker 1 Can't bring your Canada soup to the airport. If it's sealed, no matter what have you never been to the airport? Speaker 2 I thought as long as it was sealed, a sealed container of liquid can come through now. If it wasn't sealed, then it's the limit. No. Interesting. Well, I don't know then. Yeah, maybe you're one of the people I hate was powder soup. And other people I hate like he powdered it. I Speaker 1 see you guys. You'll try to take the morning flight even if you do not fly. You belong on the 9am and so you'll be there on my 530 and we're walking through security and your argument of security. Do you like it sealed and they go I don't care. And because they they suck and they do they do they're really nice if you just go through and you do what you're doing the interview they soon as you come through with a can of soup. They lose their freakin minds, bro. Unknown Speaker How many kids soups do people Speaker 1 have? You know, I see in the case of stuff that TSA stopped they wanted. God's but it's just it's Speaker 3 just soup. It's cans of soup. That looks like BS a TSA stands for soup. We don't like soup on our plates. Okay. Oh, okay. No Frank breaks and Frank's walking around this airport. He finally gets the concession. He's got his dogs, and he's sitting Speaker 2 down eating. And a couple of TWA pilots are walking by than eat. They sit down he goes, Unknown Speaker Hey, how do you guys get on? Unknown Speaker This random question. Unknown Speaker Islands go Yeah, where Speaker 3 did the kids go? And they like the sky. What do you what you're asking? Now they sat down with them. They're like, Hey, can we eat Speaker 2 with you, man? And he's like, yeah, and they like exchanged pleasantries. And then the TWA pilot is like so. So what's a payment on pilot doing at LaGuardia? And he was like, what? And he's like, Panem doesn't fly out of the cardia. And he was like, Speaker 1 he's like, Yeah, I know. I was just checking out the other airports. Just making sure you guys are flying. Unknown Speaker The airport inspector. Unknown Speaker You guys got any soup? On your Unknown Speaker fake good. Unknown Speaker You got it. You got any score? You mean super score. Speaker 2 So he thinking quick on his feet was like, Oh, he's like, he's like, yeah, he's like, I'm actually not flying today. He's like, they just got me a flight out to Chicago. I'll fly from there tomorrow. And he's like, but this was just a quicker, a quicker flight. C book. This one was like, ah, and then they asked him a question that you didn't know how to answer. They said, What equipment did you use? Which apparently at the time was a very common phrase that pest used to ask what kind of planes do you fly? Sure what equipment, okay. They said what equipment to use. And he didn't know what that meant. And so he was like, well, he's like, I know a lot of planes. Like, I know, General Electric is a normal contractor that like, manufactures their engine careers and stuff like that. And so he says General Electric, and the pilot was like, What do you fly washing machines? And he was like, he's like, he's like, Ah, Unknown Speaker he's like, 50s Unknown Speaker He's like, I gotta catch my flight. I'll see you guys later. Unknown Speaker I was like that guy flies. I Unknown Speaker thought I'd beat a washing machine Speaker 1 to your two to nine, seven tower I've got a refrigerator inside Speaker 1 proceed to runway one nine. The Okay. Follow the refrigerator in. Yeah, it's fine refrigerated fun Speaker 2 this fridge around. And so he kind of escapes his conversation. Apparently those guys didn't say anything to anybody and weren't like there's something sketchy about that pilot. Or just like that was a normal pilot. Yeah, but Unknown Speaker you know Unknown Speaker he had a uniform he had an ID card. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Nothing bad's ever happened. Yeah, at the concessions. Unknown Speaker You know Unknown Speaker it's 1950 something. Speaker 2 I mean, probably the 60s at this point, you know, 16 It's late 60s. Yeah. Because he's born and 48. So it's a mid six you Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Nothing. Like nothing like yeah, people. The hijackings haven't started those days. Seven days. Yeah. dB Cooper Speaker 1 has happened. Yeah, like all this is things haven't happened yet. Yeah. So he No, no need for alarm. Speaker 2 He starts walking around the airport trying to find okay. They did mention one thing in that conversation that kind of teed them off. He's like, I need to figure out what that is. They said, Oh, when he said that he was flying on another airline ticket to Chicago. They're like, Oh, you're deadheading. And he didn't know what that was. He's like, I need to figure out what that is. Yeah. So he found out that deadheading is something that I don't know if this is still a thing at the time. You could fly on just any airline, you could show up and say, Hey, I'm a pilot. I'm fine. This other thing? Yes. You got any open seats on this flight. And they would let you sit in that or sit in one of their open seats in the cockpit? Yeah. And take you out to Josie whatever. Yeah, whatever your next flight is, is still a thing. Yeah. Um, and I don't know. I don't know how it works now. But at least at the time, what they would do is they would just keep track of all their deadheads for the month they have sent a bill to the airline for the pilots that they deadhead with. So like de Haan TWA, here. There's one deadhead here. And at the end of the month, they would just send it off. And so pan-am would get a bill for like 20 grand of from all the deadheads that matter and they want to know who deadheaded that was just like we just had a bunch of dead heads. Speaker 1 How many times you're gonna say it. It's a great word. Great, man. Speaker 2 Great deadhead. And he was like, perfect. And he's like, so that's my Unknown Speaker Sacramento word. Speaker 2 is like, that's my so he would just put on his uniform, waltz into the airport, walk up to a flight that was the most interesting, and he would just Unknown Speaker don't know, what do you want to watch? That one sounds interesting. Speaker 2 And he would just deadhead. And he's flew all over the world. Yeah. And he would land. Where is uniform? Did Speaker 1 he eventually learn? Like, because if he's sitting in the cockpit, Speaker 2 yeah. So he picked up enough words to be able to sound like he knew what he was talking about. Like he was one of them. Like he started to pick up the lingo. He's Speaker 1 like, Yeah, I know. I know about wings and stuff. Unknown Speaker And so he would land and he would find it near the airport. The other day I jammed oil or on was sorry. Unknown Speaker The concessions to Speaker 2 get out there, you got the plane, stay in uniform, bring his little luggage, go to a bank, close to the airport, and then forge a pan and paycheck. Couple 100 bucks, sure and just traveled around doing this. Over the years. He did this for about 40 years. And over the course of three years. Yeah, over the course of four years. This is his full time gig basically. No one's noticing. Yeah, no one's picking up on it. Okay. And of course of four years. He travels to 26 countries. Panama passport, Panama. Yeah. Panem went back Unknown Speaker to get for Japan. I'm sorry. Speaker 1 That was stupid of me. Yeah. If he's forging a pilot, little tag or whatever. Yeah. You know, he could forge a passport that was done with me. Sorry. Well, I mean, he Speaker 3 probably had an authentic passport. Yeah, 1717 years. Unknown Speaker Like, Speaker 2 maybe I don't know, maybe he did. I haven't seen anything about his passport. Maybe he did for the passport. He must have Sure. PNM estimates that he traveled over a million miles in the air doing this. And okay, so he was out a lot. And he would just in all these different towns do a couple $100 paycheck. Yeah. He was using all these different names and aliases. And over the course of those four years, he made $2.5 million on bad checks, raise Speaker 1 taxes either. And he saw Yeah, of course. How many years in prison would you do? Speaker 2 None. Okay, that's not worth it, isn't it? How many would you do? Unknown Speaker Oh, can I listen to our podcast? Unknown Speaker So he's Speaker 2 year four, though. Yeah. FBI knows what's going on. And they're watching him and he feels the heat. And so he says, I gotta Unknown Speaker how do they? How do they know what's going on? Because there's this guy on Speaker 2 every flight. Like which one that's fine like wearing air Unknown Speaker marshals. Last night familiar. Speaker 2 Yeah, I've never seen you fly. But I see you flying all of a sudden. Oh, Unknown Speaker sure. I can fly. I can fly. Prove it. Unknown Speaker Okay, we can just sit. Yeah. Speaker 2 So he starts to feel the heat. He's like, I've been doing this for a while. I made a lot of money. Like he's like, he's like, I just laid low for a little bit. Okay, so he moved to Atlanta. And he rents an apartment. He's got tons of money. He has a nice car has all these nice clothes. And he realizes as he's renting this apartment, there's this the form he has to fill asks his occupation. It's like Frick, I have to have an occupation that justifies my nice car, all my good clothes and all that stuff. And he's like, I can't put pilot because the thing occupation Unknown Speaker millionaire. Unknown Speaker Entrepreneurs hadn't come out yet. So you can just say that Unknown Speaker entrepreneur for the movie. Unknown Speaker Inspector Gadget Unknown Speaker How did you do that? No. Idiot. Unknown Speaker Shrike to Unknown Speaker blank check. Speaker 2 No, no, I did not. Remember that. No, but Speaker 1 this kid on the bicycle guys back out in the parking lot and hits him on the bicycle. And, and like wrecks his bike. Yeah. And he's like, he's like, come on, Mister, you got to pay for my new bike or whatever, you know. So the guy writes him a check, but then gets distracted by something and gives them the check without filling it out all the way. So now this kid has this blank cheque. And he cashes it for like a million dollars. But there's some weird storylines in that. Because he, he bids against that guy for a house. So it's the guy bidding against his own money basically buys this house for half a million dollars. And it writes like a 90s. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like it's that wasn't the storyline. That's a little weird, though, is that there's an adult female. Yeah, who? I believe they kiss him. He's like, 11 Dude, Unknown Speaker but he's a millionaire. Unknown Speaker A millionaire? Like he bought a house. Yeah, Unknown Speaker yeah, there's a lot of holes Unknown Speaker in the story. Speaker 3 But Disney Channel movie, it was absolutely original. It wasn't original. Sounds like a Disney Channel Original. Speaker 1 Sounds like I know, it feels like it was Yeah. Anyway. So anyways, Speaker 2 so he, he he's like, on the occupation form is you have to put your occupation but you also have to put your supervisor the place of employment, their phone number, their address, he's like other kind of contact them. Yeah. And he's like, so he's like, supervisor. Oh. Speaker 1 So what he does, oh, you know, he's just working on his voices. Speaker 2 So what he does instead is he says, oh, no, I'm a pediatrician. He's like, I just sold my practice in LA. And he's like, I'm going on a 12 month sabbatical. And then I'm gonna take it from there and see what I want to do next. And he's like, but right now I'm in between, but I just sold excuse me, Unknown Speaker my hero. Yeah, my hero. Thank you. No, I save kids. Cancer. No, I'm a hero. So Speaker 2 and so yeah, the apartment was like, Yeah, that sounds legit. And so they let him rent their hay. Coincidentally, his neighbor his next door neighbor also. Speaker 1 Of course. So equipment do you use Speaker 1 scissors and it's gobbles bedpans bedpans. It's bedpans X ray, X ray or electric. General Electric. Just General Electric. Unknown Speaker What do you do to get surgery to wash your seats? Speaker 1 Yes, but only if they're new. Under under Unknown Speaker five, young, Speaker 1 only Yeah, yo, sorry, your pediatrician. I'm sorry. Dima machiney trician. Unknown Speaker Misunderstanding So luckily, that first conversation a lot of money, Speaker 2 that that first conversation luckily she didn't talk a lot of shop with him. Cool. Like she was just like, Oh, me too. That's crazy. He's a great, here's some cookies I made. And so he goes to the library and he rents a bunch of pediatrician bucks and starts learning as many pediatrician words as he can. Unknown Speaker Pediatrician words talk about Unknown Speaker this learning pediatrician words Speaker 2 so that they create this friendship, and they talk pediatrician stuff all the time together. Speaker 1 And he's got no cards. Like, oh, Unknown Speaker yeah, yes. Scalpel. Unknown Speaker Yeah, I love Scotland. Okay. Speaker 2 So they sparked this friendship best six months in. She is going on maternity leave. And this is gonna take Speaker 3 care of your baby, she will deliver your baby. She does the overnight shift Speaker 2 at the hospital. But they don't have any other pediatricians that are available to the overnight so they have to hire someone else. So she says, Hey, I know a guy who's not working right now. Who's a pediatrician. Yeah, he loves Unknown Speaker hot dogs. He knows what scalpels. Speaker 3 He knows a lot about washing machines actually, which is crazy. Speaker 2 And so she recommends him for the job and they bring him in for an interview. And she had such a strong Unknown Speaker recommendation. Yes, well, she Speaker 2 has a strong reputation at this hospital it didn't matter who was interviewed when the interview they had no technical questions. It was kind of a just get to know you make sure this person is like a person Unknown Speaker so you brace then try to get rid of her get some more boys as you go Unknown Speaker Wow, crazy. That's crazy, man. Speaker 4 Hey, it's me again, thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this. And so just think about that. You know, that's it. We have Patreon supporters. And it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to the show. But there's, there's people who want to make more of it happen and so they financially support the show. And you get a lot back for it. You get our private discord where we chat every day we're hanging out and just getting to bond and hang out. We also do live zoom Hangouts for our Patreon supporters. You get exclusive merch, it's a good time, there's a lot there's a lot in it for you. And it's a lot enough for us because we get to know you better. You know, you're not just a number and a stat board or whatever. But you know, you're our friends and we appreciate you a lot. So consider doing that. If not, then you can listen to this dumb little ad, because that's how we're gonna get money from you. We're gonna leech from you either way. Speaker 1 We're gonna get paid. We're in this for the cold hard cash baby. Unknown Speaker Anyway, here's an ad. Speaker 2 How do they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh, dang, we're doing Yeah, Speaker 1 they can text Tillandsia 66866 Thanks, Jared. Unknown Speaker Okay, so he's now is Speaker 2 the attrition at the game for like three months to take over for her on maternity leave. And his plan was honestly a lot like Unknown Speaker watching the ER, it's not even on, you know, yeah, Speaker 2 it's a lot like while the DiMera he had like 10 nurses on his team, a couple of doctors that were on residency, like learning how to do it. And he just leaned on them for like three months, walked around. He's like, What do you think he's like, I would scribble some stuff on some clipboards I'd sign off on some things scribble some Speaker 1 turning around is just straight. Unknown Speaker He's a doctor doctors writing. Speaker 1 Just writing garbage did turn around. It's drawings of Mickey Mouse. He's also just just a big fan. wanted to go to Disney World. So Speaker 2 and then and then the same thing leaning on his doctors. Like he'd be like, Well, what's your opinion on this? What's your plan? I agree. That's a good call do that. And he never actually did any, any procedures or anything while he was there. He just signed off on stuff and said yeah, that's good. That's great. Do this for the full maternity leave, while at the end of the maternity leave the pediatrician and she decided that she wanted to be a stay at home mom, and like this kid too much and so it left an opening and they offered him Unknown Speaker the only one I've liked Unknown Speaker I'll stay home. They offered him the full time role and he took it Speaker 1 like salaries getting paid a legitimate paycheck. Yeah. Unknown Speaker And they took the lead he Speaker 1 did he, like when you go to a doctor's office, they've got like their diploma and stuff. So he forged Speaker 2 all his documents. Oh, so he turned in documents. Yeah. So he forged all that stuff. Sure. I think you said he went to BYU, I think is where Speaker 1 Brigham Young. Okay, great. Good for you. Okay. Unknown Speaker So are you Mormon? What's the what is washing machines? Do you pray? Speaker 2 So he does this for a year. And he ends up quitting his job because a full year, yeah, because at the end of the year, the reason he quit his job, he was on an overnight shift. A kid came in with a broken leg or something to the ER. And so they asked him to come down to the ER and help out with it. Yeah. And so he shows up, and it kind of scarred him. And he's like, he's like, I can't, he's like, he's like, I'm just out here doing a little bit of fraud. He's like, I don't want to mess some kid up because I get the wrong treatment. And so he quit the job and was like, I'm gonna go be start a business or something. I'm done with this. Okay. And so he leaves. And then he's like, Well, now I gotta figure out something else to do. Over the course of this year, like he made a lot of good contexts in Atlanta, and one of our other, Speaker 1 he's just choosing just to high stakes of jobs. You know, like in the emergency if he's got a pilot that plane he's killing everybody. Yeah, it's in the emergency. If he's got a BD Ettrick, he's gonna kill a kid. PDSI. He's got a PD, PD IDs, SIDS? I don't know. Yeah, he's gonna He's gonna hurt somebody. That's Unknown Speaker true. It's true. Okay, so he leveraged his new relationship Structure Manager, Speaker 2 he leveraged all the relationships he had, and was like, it was like, I'm really good friends with the Atlanta da. And so he's like, he's like, maybe I could be the president. And so, they were like, yeah, he's like, they're like, if you you have your Speaker 1 doctor owes you this point? Because I mean, what's the what's the time when he's early? 20s? Yeah. Speaker 2 Yeah. 2322, something like that. And so he goes to the DEA, and they're like, Well, you already have your doctorate. So if you could just test the bar and pass the bar, then you could be in a turtle. Speaker 1 He's still using his documents from from that because he was around, okay. Yeah. And they're like, he's got his doctor. Doctor. He's got his doctorate doctorate. Speaker 3 Yeah. And so he's like, he's like, Okay, Unknown Speaker I'll take the bar. It's like took the bar three times to failing. How, Unknown Speaker how was he forging these things? Speaker 2 I don't know. It's the 70s. It's easier to forge. And I'm imagining like Speaker 1 freaking magazine clips, like a ransom letter. You know, like, just as Brigham Young and it's a bunch of different fonts. Like he's at least doing it well enough in the checks to like, he's at least doing it well enough. Speaker 2 Yeah, it's passing. He knows he knows how to forge a document. He's been doing it since he was 16. So he knows how to forge a document I guess. Yeah. And so he he takes the bar three times keeps failing finally passes the bar. Like legitimately passes legitimately passes the bar, and does it because he took it over and over again, learned what to study. Allegedly, he has a photographic memory allegedly. Unknown Speaker Grew him. Okay. Which I mean, he was getting Speaker 2 away with all this stuff. So that you have to assume he at least can memorize smart. Unknown Speaker Yeah, he's got a big brain. Unknown Speaker Right. That's a cool hat. Speaker 1 You got thank you so much for bringing it up. So our job hats for large heads for big brains. You know, if you got to PDX knee high job hats. That's their slogan their Speaker 1 kids react Preact job ads for that dude. Oh, I was wondering where I heard that word before. It's odd job So Speaker 2 so he gets the job at the DEA. And he becomes an assistant attorney. For the district attorney. And does this for a couple years, was on like 30 different cases. was never like the attorney. He was an assistant. He was just a part of his just a part of it. He was doing sure he got to play Put me in coach, right. And then, Speaker 1 but he's getting paid a legitimate paycheck. Yeah, yeah. Not forging checks anymore. Speaker 2 No, well, he's still doing that on the side. Like he's still doing that sometimes. A little access point. Speaker 1 Okay, so it's all predicated on him having these fake degrees. Okay. Okay, so he's still doing something illegal at this point. Oh, 100% Speaker 2 It's built on an illegal foundation, but he's doing something legally. Unknown Speaker Legal ish. Got it? Yeah. Speaker 2 He has a legal job illegally. If that makes sense, it sure. Does it for a couple years, ends up saying I think I've cooled down enough I can go back to the flight thing, because that was fun, more fun. And so that puts the pilot uniform back on. And he says, you know, what would be more? He said, you know, it'd be more fun this time, actually for the plane. He said if I had a crew, and so he goes to Arizona State University. And he wears his uniform. And he says he's recruiting flight attendants. Unknown Speaker What? What purpose he puts together Speaker 3 to Aussie flight attendants. Unknown Speaker I want an entourage. You know, Speaker 3 it was together like a team of like six flight attendants to fly with him everywhere. Unknown Speaker What are they going to do when they get to the airport? Unknown Speaker I don't know. Just Unknown Speaker know me and the seven gals. I really have two seats over on this flight. This Speaker 3 is my flight crew. They have to come these are my this is my crew. Yeah, they're like they're like there's no flight. That's Unknown Speaker flight attendants. Listen, Unknown Speaker listen. You can't Unknown Speaker buy sad faces. Unknown Speaker Let's be about my hat. My hat Unknown Speaker use code pilot. Speaker 1 I heard your fat your hair person takes PD action. What do you talk? Why? What's the purpose of this crew? Speaker 3 Oh, he's like 20 something. He just wanted a bunch of girls cameras around. Yeah. And so he starts flying all Speaker 1 the time when like, flight attendants was like the thing to do. Yeah, yeah. All the pretty girls became flight attendants. Well, now they become influencers. Speaker 2 Yeah, that's the thing. So he started traveling the world again, did the Speaker 1 tech show, but I'm on the I'm on the flight attendants stuff. Yeah. Because at some point, they gotta realize that they're not flight attendant. They're not attending any flights. I mean, they're attending to the flight. I think that some point this whole thing. How do you hit them uniforms? How did you know? Also they never been trained anything. You know, say me trade them. He was talking Speaker 2 about this fights and then being like, Okay, now look, see, see what the flight attendants doing right now. That's what you'll be doing? And like explaining, like acting like he's training them on those flights. They would get somewhere. And I don't know. He put them up in a hotel. And then he'd be like, I'm gonna go fly somewhere tonight. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. We'll Unknown Speaker make out tomorrow or something. Yeah, some weird like, so he has a little mini Colt Speaker 2 kind. And they're traveling around. And this is when Interpol starts to realize, hey, now your checks are legit. And also you're flying all over the place with all these people but you're never fly. That's Speaker 1 very dangerous to have that many people involved what I'm saying you know, I is getting that's that's quite a bit of attention. Speaker 2 Yeah, he's getting very careless. So I mean, you're exactly right. The in Sweden, they caught them. They were like, they're like, hey, yeah, you you're not real. Yeah. Like you're not real. Unknown Speaker Feel you can feel it right now. You're feeling touch my hands Speaker 1 come on, or is it like Tomas, Tomas? What do they say in Sweden? So they he in Sweden, it's stupid names. Unknown Speaker He tried to get Speaker 2 deported for the crimes. And they were like, No, you committed crimes here. You deserve a prison sentence here. And so you served three months in prison there. Oh, wherever the girls. I think they I think they sent them home because they weren't doing any crimes. They were like, Unknown Speaker what's going on here? And they were like, no. Speaker 2 I like that guy's not a pilot. He tricked you. And then Speaker 3 why? Us? They had Unknown Speaker to have no Speaker 3 Yeah, they were just getting a trip around the world for free. Yeah, at that point. It's one of those things where you like keep your mouth shut? Yeah. You know, don't say anything. Yeah. Unknown Speaker You know what's going on? Speaker 2 Yeah. And so, so yeah, he says three months at Swedish prison, which was apparently the conditions were terrible. And then after he does his three month sentence, the UK was like we want to and and so they shipped him off to the UK. And he served six months in the UK. And then after that the US was like, we want them to ship them off to the US. And he gets booked in this prison back in Atlanta, actually. And he gets booked in this prison and when they got him to the they took them to Lafayette took them to the prison. And this peculiar thing happened when when they got there he He was he, Unknown Speaker I'm the warden. These cuffs off me right now. Unknown Speaker In the ward. It was like, I'm really, Unknown Speaker that man's a fraud. Speaker 3 And everybody was like everybody was looking at it. Like which one? Unknown Speaker They look similar. Unknown Speaker You're on both. The right one you're not going. Speaker 2 So, so he's in he, this peculiar thing happened, the FBI came to drop him off. Agent forgot the paperwork. And so they were like, we can't actually book him without having like, the paperwork of his crimes. And so they said, Here, what if we've got like, like the airport like, waiting area? Like, what if we book him in there? And we can't, we can't print them. We can't put them in his suit or anything? Sure. But he can wait there while you go back up to DC get the paperwork, come back down and get up. So it'll be a few days while you're here. Unknown Speaker At the just hanging out the airport Speaker 2 yet not not the airport, the prison. So he's in the prisons like waiting area, like in the United States to go yeah, in Atlanta. And so while he's there, he still is able to get a visitor like all this stuff. And so his girlfriend, he calls her has her come visit him who wanted to get a girlfriend. Well, this was from when he lived in Atlanta. So he's got Unknown Speaker a girlfriend later girlfriend, she was just fine with him flying around. What Unknown Speaker was the title that she knew about the flight is? Unknown Speaker Probably not. I don't think she knew about him either. Unknown Speaker I don't think she knew about any of the lies. Unknown Speaker I think she was in on it. Unknown Speaker And so he asked her, he said, he said, Hey, Unknown Speaker we got we've got to come tell them. I'm a pediatrician. Speaker 2 We've got a chance here. Because he's still in a suit we haven't got he hasn't got booked for anything. And so he says, here's what I need you to do. He says, I need you to go to this print shop. Tell him that your dad is this FBI agent. He knows this FBI agent by name because it's the one who booked him. And he's like, he's like, I need you to go. Go to this print shop. Tom, your dad just got a new job. And that you want to get him his new business cards for his new job as an FBI agent, like surprise him with these nice new business cards and put your phone number on that as the phone number. And she's like, okay, so she went Unknown Speaker she got these cards printed. Speaker 1 This is what Ray would do for me. This is no questions asked. Just Sure thing. Yeah, got to potentially mess up a phone number is what she would probably put the number on it dyslexic she was. Speaker 2 And then he's like, he's like, also make one from a different shot, make one for a prison inspector. And he's like, put my name on it, put my phone number all my information on it for a prison inspector. And he's like, she's like, okay, so she comes back to the visitation drops them off these two business cards, Speaker 1 or you can withdraw from like, Oh, she's got the business cards in her purse or Speaker 2 something. Yeah. And so she sneaks him and he's not even in a cell. So it's like, she's just waiting the waiting room. And so she shows up, and it's like, Hey, here's your and so Speaker 1 did you. Did you need these? Are you a prison inspector? I didn't know your prison inspector. You know, Unknown Speaker he was like, I was in Sweden. Unknown Speaker He's like, Yeah, Unknown Speaker I was in Sweden. I got into it. Unknown Speaker I was like, Man, this love these prisons. And so he's been all this time getting trained. Speaker 2 And here's the deal. When the FBI dropped him off, they didn't have the paperwork, and the FBI agent left with out him and he stayed in this suit. And he said immediately, the rest of the prison guards at this prison, thought he was a prison inspector, that was a common thing at the time, because the prison conditions were so bad. There were like, basically health inspectors for prisons that would go undercover and be prisoners, to see what the situation was like in the prison, and then expose how bad they were. It's like 60 days in. Yeah, but these were like legitimate jobs. Sure. And so everybody was again, okay, prison inspector, like you're a prisoner. We'll, we'll put you in once he comes back with your paperwork, like, and then five. So he got these cards back. And so he finally like, went to one of the guards and he's like, Hey, you guys were right. I'm a prisoner inspector. Here's my business card. Can I speak to the warden? And he was like, I knew it. And he's like, yeah. And so he took them to the ward. And then once I could write, he's a, he's a prison inspector. And the warden was like, Oh, really? He's like, Yeah, he's like, he's like, I actually, here's my business card. He's like, I actually need to talk to that FBI agent. There's an important matter. We're handling just out of the news. I can't talk anything about it. But I saw a report about it that he and I we need to have a discussion about. Here's his business card. Can you call him for me? So I can have a conversation with him? And he was like, he's like we knew it. We knew you were president spoke to the whole time. Yeah, let me call me calls. And it hits his girlfriend, right answers. That's like reception at the FBI. And he's like, Yeah, can you pass and she's on it. Can you pass me through to this guy? And she's like, Yeah, and so she like, pretends to patch him through and the guy hands the phone to him. And he just has a conversation with her for like 10 minutes and pretends it's something. Yeah. And then he's like, Okay, thanks. And he was like, Yeah, he'll come by tomorrow to pick me up. And they're like, Okay. And so then the next day, she rolled up, and she was like, Hey, I'm with the FBI picking up the FBI. Yeah. And then they just go, okay. They were like, yeah, the prison inspector, did Speaker 1 they go to his right to go get him? Open, it sells empty. Behind the poster on the wall is a tunnel. Dug over the three days now, yeah. And they Speaker 2 just let them walk out and get in the car and drive away. And then he's like, where's the prisoner out there? Like he was a prison inspector. Speaker 1 Yeah. You picked him up. Your assistant came and got him. Yeah, blonde girl, probably not seven out of 10. And she said she came and picked him up and you talked on the phone. Speaker 2 And you guys talked on the phone for a while. And they were like he conned you. He's in prison for being a con man. You You remember that? Right? And he was like, That's my kid had cancer and he had to go alright. You pediatrician? Speaker 3 Oh, the pediatrician. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So Speaker 2 he ends up getting caught and gets put how much later? 12 years, couple months, couple months later, because a 12 year sentence serves five years gets put a letter on parole for good behavior. Come to find out part of the terms of his parole was an FBI contract to help them track down scam artists. White Collar fraud. Oh, and that went so well, that after his parole ended, he started a business called avenel, Avondale and Associates. And they do consulting for banks and businesses to help find possible frauds and their organizations and protect themselves from from fraud. And he's built like a 10. Speaker 1 Better Call Saul. And he's like, who better to know felons than a felon? How do you do felons? Speaker 2 And here's the deal, his business did so well, that a biographer approached him. I was like, I want to write your story. Sure. And so the biographer writes a story. And lo and he Unknown Speaker read it actually, I'd Unknown Speaker read it. Yeah, Speaker 1 I read it. I knew this whole story, because I read his biography, you know, a couple of times in it, he accidentally typed me instead of Frank, he wrote a book, he wrote the book, it's an autobiography, Speaker 2 the biographer wrote it. And then very important person read this biography. And in 2002, produced the movie Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It was Steven Spielberg book and adapted it into a movie Unknown Speaker Spielberg couldn't read. I thought he made movies because he couldn't do that. Speaker 2 And so it became this huge deal. And he started getting booked on all these speaking events. He's speaks all over the nation, dude. Speaker 1 That's exactly why Wolf On Wall Street guy. Yeah. Was like, you know what? Got Frank Abigaille back on track. Yeah. Was a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. He goes, What if you guys what did you guys told my story? Speaker 2 My story and a movie, then? Yeah. And now he's gonna Speaker 1 play you. No, no, no, sorry. I can see your brain working as if you're talking about a movie about you. No one will watch. I'm talking about who would play you in the movie about me. Unknown Speaker Yeah, I knew what you said Leo. Speaker 1 And you would be John C. Reilly. You know, just because you don't gotta look anything like the guy. Frank Avigail again. Speaker 2 Here he is with one of his stewardesses. Mostly, I think he looks a lot like the fire fest kid. Or whatever it is. Yeah. Oh, which is kind of crazy. Here he is. He actually had committed a lot of different frauds that he was a professor for a little bit here. He is a pilot here he is in the doctor's office. And then in the law school. Here's Speaker 1 the headphones. He's in the cockpit. That's him behind the Yeah, Speaker 2 he ended up on Johnny Carson like he got famous because he was so good at this crisis. This is post Crime This Is post crime so he got caught he got out and then which one is he? He's the host. Here he is with Leo. Leo played him in the movie. Here he is why. Speaker 1 Why is Leonardo DiCaprio looks so psychotic in this picture is Speaker 2 young So yeah, those are scary. I think it is actually. Here's the deal, though. Unknown Speaker Was that Martin Sheen behind him too? Speaker 2 I think it might be. I actually think it might be okay. Yeah. Here's the thing, though, after the movie came out, an independent journalist was like, huh, verified any of this? Unknown Speaker No. Speaker 2 This journalist went and looked for the paper trail, and was like, there's a lot of major organizations that were involved in all these scams. And he's like, let me look into this. And so he traced it, and eventually wrote this article and a bunch of other independent journalists came and verified on their own. We're like, Yeah, that we've we found a paper trail to this story is the true story. And here's what actually happened. What, let me tell you what actually happened. So when he was 16, he ran away from home. And he committed he committed Unknown Speaker fraud fraud Unknown Speaker your way into a Spielberg movie. Speaker 2 So he, when he was 16, he ran away from home and he attempted Grand Theft Auto did not succeed. Attempted Grand Theft Auto got three months in jail. Speaker 1 Oh, got arrested, okay. I didn't I didn't know if he just didn't know how to drive. You Speaker 2 know, he got arrested, got three months in jail, got out and realize real crime was too hard. Yeah. And so he started doing tech fraud. He tried Unknown Speaker to murder a company that was too hard to pediatrician. Unknown Speaker And Unknown Speaker then he went to check fraud. Speaker 2 So he went to check fraud and he was just defrauding friends and family members and small businesses. And he got caught lots like he did like a three month stint six months doing all these different stints in prison. Oh, he like got caught. Yeah, often he kept getting caught for his check frauds. And after a few years, he was like, Oh, the reason I'm getting caught so much is because I'm targeting these individuals and small businesses where they noticed when $200 Yes, it makes sense. He's like, I need to target something bigger. So he went and he got a fake Pan Am uniform made, just that some like seamstress. So he didn't actually. And he never took a flight. What he did was he just walked into the bank wearing that uniform, and fate the checks. And he was a picture of him in the plane, though. That was after. So after the story came out, he went in, like did this press tour? Is it? Yeah, look, I'm in the plane. And they're like, and they're like, yeah, let's get a picture of you in the plans, get a picture. You're like a hospital. And then they said, she never did any of that he went and he cashed about $3,500 worth of checks for Pan Am and Pan Am noticed and called the FBI and the FBI arrested him and put him in jail for 1012 years. Same thing happened here, though, five years later, he gets let out on parole for good behavior. He gets out on parole, tries check fraud again, and breaks parole, goes back to jail, does another six months in jail, gets out and says, You know what? I think I've got a better idea. And so what he does is he goes to a local bank in Oklahoma City. And he tells them, Hey, I just got done with a contract with the FBI. I'm a former felon, I spent time in prison for check fraud. I can help you spot check fraud in your bank. And he's like, here's what I'll do. If I don't find anything. You owe me nothing. I'll walk away. And he's like, What if I find something? Pay me $50. And just promise to tell your friends. And so he builds a business where check frauds for small banks. Speaker 1 But then what you could do is you just send somebody in with a fake check. Speaker 2 Yeah, and make it look like you're catching the check prods. I don't know if that's what he was doing. But he was just going to small banks. And he was a contractor for them consulting, helping them spot check fraud because he really didn't know what like the signs of what check fraud was because he did it did it. And so he built a name for himself in Oklahoma City as this consultant spotting, check fraud. Well, he wanted to expand his business. So he hired a biographer to write the story about his life and told the biographer the story, and the biographer was just like, okay, and wrote it, and it hit the New York Times bestseller list. And he got the movie. And it made him Uber famous. And he started getting all the talk show stuff. He got a press tour. Companies like Google at&t, we're hiring them for speaking in dense and started hiring his company to like consult on fraud and like security and all this stuff. And he was just like, yeah, we're doing it. We made it. Here's the craziest part of it. Unknown Speaker I used to be a liar. I used to be a very big liar. Speaker 2 Here's here's the thing about the story. They highlighted this in the early 2000s. And he's still doing it. Because the story like if you go to their website Having an Associates, it tells the story. As he told the story, if you look at the book, it tells the story is the book and a lot of people see the book, they see the website, they just believe it. They don't go look any further than that. And so they keep hiring. He keeps getting hired on these consulting gigs. He keeps getting hired for these speaking engagements in 2018 Amway. And now are not Amway. AARP announced him as their fraud specialist agency, and they are monitoring all of their members for fraud, but it's a fraud. Unknown Speaker I mean, he's good at it now, though. Speaker 2 Ah, I mean, kinda. And so for the greater part of the ease Unknown Speaker and the 2010. Let's be honest, though, Unknown Speaker he's good at it. Unknown Speaker I mean, I guess he's brought it Unknown Speaker Spielberg. Speaker 2 But yeah, the greater part of the 2000s, the 2000 10s. He was like the face of financial security, and what do conferences and speaking engagements, probably making six figures off these? Each of these engagements because they're for Google, they're for Microsoft or for Bank of America. Google has a Google session still on YouTube with him that actually has a disclaimer on it now, but they're not taking it down. And he did like a full career as this expert and built what's probably an eight figure business, Speaker 1 so he's frauding around about fraudulent fraud. Speaker 2 Yeah, just say I can protect you from fraud, because I know how to fraud better than all the frauds fraud, Unknown Speaker but by him fraud. Speaker 2 He's potentially stopping fraud. But, but here's my theory, though. Honestly. The AARP partnership. I bet he's check fraud in that. I bet he's also frauding that because he's been a fraud fraud. Unknown Speaker He's the fraud father. Unknown Speaker Honestly, though, that's 100% what his next book is called fraud. That's freaking funny, Speaker 2 and he still backs it up. He still says hey, there's a lot of misconceptions about me there's a lot of things that like a Speaker 1 lot of lies out there true stories what happens me airport hot dogs all right. That's what you got to know. Unknown Speaker Sweeting? Yeah, I got caught. You know, I was in Atlanta. I was in Georgia. I had a throttle off the devil. Speaker 1 Things one last night is a production of space Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tellen podcast that's ti LL IN podcast, leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night Transcribed by

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Lake Peigneur – They Drilled a Hole in a Lake

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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's up? Oh nothing much Speaker 1 have you ever heard of like 10 year? Can you pin your pin peg near 10 pin your pin your pin your your like when you do you're making that Unknown Speaker up. It's Pino let's just say Pina Speaker 1 now you want me to respond to you like you pronounce it right Integrys yo P e i GNEURPEIG And in here you are. You are. pin, pin, pin, pin your pin your pin your pin your like pin your like P Unknown Speaker Leakey P I've heard of some lab grown up at Stockton lake you know sometimes Unknown Speaker I had my the boats are starting to get sucked into the Whirlpool as well isn't one Unknown Speaker skier out there it was like this way again, I cannot get over how just not drown a bowl this lake is I love that there's an inside joke here. There weren't things I learned last night Unknown Speaker No, have you heard of like, Speaker 2 obviously not why what do you need me like? What is this like a freaking What is this? A sales call where you need me to affirmatively say yes, yes, Unknown Speaker yes. Yes Speaker 2 are recorded line. I need a verbal yet. What am I the exit row right now? We're learning to verbal. Verbal. Yes. From Speaker 1 you. Can you just talked about here it is. So you'll notice in this map, Brad outlined, like I do, like talking about it's a little south of Lafayette, Louisiana. And so Louisiana. Yes. Just like that, that kind of Louisiana. That's where it is. And it's near the city of Earth, spelled arap era, Louisiana. So this is a lake that's not a huge lake, but it's not a small lake. And it's connected to this canal that you can kind of see in this map that runs out to the ocean and runs all the way to the ocean. Okay, that's an important fact to remember Speaker 2 occur. So this like, I'll write it down. Speaker 1 Yeah, write that down. Don't forget it. This lake was a significant Lake because beneath the lake there's what's known as a salt dome. And so this is a graphic of what a salt dome looks like. Okay, and so basically many feet below the surface like 1000 feet below the surface of the bottom of the lake. There's a dome Speaker 2 have so this is not the lake this is a different salt dome. Yeah, yeah. So in our situation instead of those trees up there if we were to have water Yeah, it's like how deep is the lake? Speaker 1 So the lake is interesting. It's a pretty shallow lake at the deepest point it's 11 feet the average depth is three feet so 11 feet tall and this is a shallow lake but it's pretty long it's it's larger than a pond in terms of surface area no Unknown Speaker diving signs. You can't dive with that. Speaker 1 I guess you can't dive in the the three feet one but its surface depth is 100 or 1100 acres. Is it surface depth so it's not a small lake by any means. You can call upon but it's shallow. It's a shallow surface depth. Surface area that's what I'm okay with this area. Unknown Speaker You said it twice where I was like, Are Unknown Speaker you nervous area because a lot of stuff Unknown Speaker are you saying it's okay, so underneath this 11 foot Lake Unknown Speaker is a salt salt dome. Yeah. Unknown Speaker And as the water touched the salt, no, there's Speaker 1 about 1000 feet of Earth. Okay, salt dome and Unknown Speaker why even talk about the lake. Even on this graph, the lake would barely matter. Speaker 1 Yeah, it's true actually. Here's the significant thing about salt dumps though. So salt domes obviously they're a big area that's full of salt but it's like hard salt. Like it's like rock salt like Speaker 2 arteries to my sodium intake Gray's bro, I think about that sometimes I think about all the McDonald's I used to eat and that's just straight up sodium. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you know, so I got my things wrong. Unknown Speaker I got the salt life sticker on my car. And it'll also be on my death certificate. Speaker 1 They got a Texas Roadhouse. I just got myself to get some salt because there's steaks enough salt. Unknown Speaker See, you see how it makes it weird. I look over at Alex and I was like, What are you talking about? Speaker 2 Are you suggesting let's say on it. The Alex's schedule is clear. We don't gotta get out of here. You're saying that you are going to take the steak knife, and you're gonna gas your arm open, and then let it drip on your steak. They think, Unknown Speaker like, how's everything did you cut into that mix? Speaker 2 Well done. There shouldn't be any blood on that. You shouldn't be read at all, and I can't get you anything else. Unknown Speaker And you're like, oh, there's no salt and pepper, please. It's okay. I Unknown Speaker brought my own. I do want some pepper. Unknown Speaker Cut your hand like it's one of those rituals. Unknown Speaker I have fresh ground pepper and fresh cut salt. I'm so imagine that. Why did you so weird? What are you doing? What are you talking about? You slit your own throat. What are you talking about? Like you're just like, Speaker 3 it tastes better? Yeah. blooded by steak. Don't worry, I got Unknown Speaker so there's a salt dome. Unknown Speaker Like it's a bunch of salt, but it's hard salt. It's rock salt. But it's still salt. In the thing about salt domes so Speaker 2 that that salt dome, right there is a solid piece of salt is what you're saying? Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah, it's solid, solid salt. Okay. The thing about salt domes, it's significant is nine times out of 10. If there's a salt dome, there's also an oil deposit around it. So you'll notice to see the gas graph. There's some gas and oils near sugar, salt, and there's also green bricks. That's where we get green breaks. theorising green bricks. That's near soft down. But oil means money. And so in the 80s 1990. Okay. On November 20 1980, Texaco had contracted an oil rig, from like a local oil company could begin looking for oil in the salt mine. Unknown Speaker How do they assign the salt though? Speaker 1 That's a good question. Oh, no, there's, there's a we have a repository a little Speaker 2 like a little salt detector. And there's some old guy out there looking for salt on the beach. P. It's Speaker 1 everybody who's got a big salt content in their blood. They go they cut themselves. I'm magnetized toward it. You walk up all day. I'm like there must be a salt dome over here. Is there a salt? Anyway? I don't know how they know. But we do have like record of where these are. There's a lot in the Gulf area. Yeah, all of them are mined for oil. Sure. And so I don't know how they found out about it, but they knew that this was here. And so they they said hey, let's go let's go try to see if there's more on there. And so because this isn't a lake they had to bring an actual oil rig out on this lake and this is a big fish lake but it's not a big lake you know? And so like can you imagine like like, Unknown Speaker you can stay goes up to your knees Speaker 1 and can you imagine like this is like this is right next to a town I'm gonna take a screenshot of the map this is this was a like a campground D like like there's a campground right next to it. There's a town right by its contain your Dell Cambray pen your finger. And so like entrepreneur, paying your Yeah, this gives you a good idea of how big the lake is to like your size the town. Yeah. And they just put an oil rig out in the middle of it. Unknown Speaker Oh, Rip Van Winkle gardens. Okay, yeah, that's Speaker 1 what that is. I heard of that. So the, they bring this oil rig out there. And they bring their barges into this lake to set up the oil rig, they set up the oil rig and they start doing the testings to try to see if they can find some oil down there. And this was November, what I say 20th Yeah, November 20 1980. They they're digging at several different levels trying to find this this oil deposit that they think is there and they're about 1500 feet into the earth looking for oil when the drill gets stuck and which is a fairly common thing and these are these are expert oil drillers sir. So they start trying to unstick this thing there's spent about two hours trying to unstick this drill. And then I hear too loud pops. Unknown Speaker This is the earth drill now. Speaker 1 They're too loud pops and the oil rig starts to tilt. And so they all evacuate the oil rig Speaker 2 so it doesn't doesn't fall over in the 11 foot deep water. Again I cannot get over how just not drown double this lake is I'm like, Unknown Speaker Well, that's one of the most significant things in Speaker 2 Mount Vernon, Missouri had a depth of 13 feet in the diving area, deeper than the deepest part of this. I hate this. It took a boat on that. Well, you Speaker 1 did. There's plenty of people who took boats out. They had barges out on us because they brought this thing they brought this. Okay, all right. So they decoupled the barges and they loaded in the barges and they left the rig and they you know, Unknown Speaker that's the legs rig now. Unknown Speaker Yeah, they took the they took the Unknown Speaker what is it the leaning oil rig? Is that what they got out there now? Speaker 1 So they got it their ships and because of this lake, I mean, this lake is a decent sized Lake. Sure, but it's not huge. So like they really just rotated though the barges and then they were about bland and they all unloaded. And they watched as something very peculiar happened. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly, she was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did, we had a lot of fun on that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately just thanks for being here Speaker 1 the oil rig instead of just tipping over and stopping sunk all the way. And they were confused because this is an 11 foot deep lake is sunk, like the whole thing got swallowed by the lake. Maybe the entire oil rig sunk in to the lake so they're on land Unknown Speaker this is starting to sound a little drown a bull. Speaker 1 They're on land beginning to become pretty concerned about what's going on here. Because they were pretty confident that this is an 11 foot deep lake and that is a 170 foot tall oil rig that has now sunk all the way into the lake. Meanwhile, so they're on the shore they're watching this happen very peculiar scenario. Don't can't understand that either. Either. This is a telescopic oil rig where it's like folding in on itself or their rows or they just missed a zero on the lake. Yeah, something strange is happening here right. Meanwhile, a few 1000 feet below Unknown Speaker where they cave in one of the below their Speaker 1 feet. Is the diamond crystal salt company's salt mine. Yeah, they caved in. So there was a mine that was mining the lake and this went down 1000s of feet below ground where they were mining the salt and they had shafts because so this Unknown Speaker tower is is what is the salt mine? Or is this the oil, Speaker 1 the lake and the oil rig in the lake? Okay, and so there's people mining salt in the salt line. Miners, if you will, adult adult miners will adult miners mining some salt, and they begin to notice there's some water flowing through the mind. And so one of the foreman and the mind sounds the alarms and is like we probably should leave this is not normal. We are in a salt mine that is below a lake. And so they they sound the alarm, they start moving back to an elevator shaft. So on the far end of this graphic, you'll see this big shaft that goes all the way up to Jefferson Island, which is not an island. They call it Jefferson Island. It's up in Azure Speaker 2 where the air shaft and the left side are like the long shadow. Foreign Okay, Speaker 1 at that end of the mind, there's there's an elevator. There's about 50 Miners working in there at the time. And they start heading towards this elevator to evacuate. The problem was this elevator was only only eight people could fit in the elevator. It's pretty slow. You're at 1000 feet. Yeah underground. So people start loading in they start they start filling up meanwhile the foreman is driving his his golf cart around I don't think there's a golf cart. It was a sure mining cart. But golf Dory Tim Speaker 2 oh my god picture golf cart. Here's the thing. Get to an exciting part of the story. Like something that matters. He always just goes to a golf cart. It's like a It's like one of those like you put like big wheels on a golf cart. It's like forever which is mine as well. be like an RC car. Because like, you're like, What are you? And then when he gets to like boring parts of the story, he's just like going on through. And I try to make a dumb joke to maybe lighten up a little bit. And he's like, Yeah, we're still talking about this boring crap. And then it's like, oh, there's 50 Miners whose lives are in danger. And there's only eight people who could fit on an elevator at the time. Now they're on a tie Unknown Speaker lift kit of golf cart. He's just driving around. It's got a little Don't tread on me flag, you know? Unknown Speaker And he's asked if anyone wants to play golf. Unknown Speaker Are you stupid with the story everyone's Speaker 1 like, I don't wanna play golf. Can you give me a ride and so yeah, he's picking up he's finding all the people who didn't know that the alarm was going off like cuz there's Unknown Speaker a Deaf people or what? Well, there's Speaker 1 there's parts of the mind where that dog far enough but they haven't installed them the fresh mine area for sure. And so he was finding all these people who maybe didn't it didn't be here at or weren't aware that the alarm was going off. And so he's going around trying to find all these people. Meanwhile, up at the surface, the oil diggers Yeah. Unknown Speaker riggers Speaker 1 the oil drillers the oil people. The oil oil man Oil Man the oily boy oily boy the boys were watching their rig had completely sunk and a a quarter mile wide Whirlpool had formed in the center of this lake. Speaker 2 Oh, it's all draining into the mind right? Yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 And it's becoming so intense that it's spreading out to the edges so Unknown Speaker that's what's underneath the Bellagio fountain it's just a salt mine is like bubbled up yeah, that's Speaker 2 that's a guy with a golf cart just down there doing donuts and it's like it makes the water go you know it's him and halfway down there Unknown Speaker and if it's never enough, he's like, Hey, can Speaker 2 you go jog it's not how we how he got that job. Not so how he's obviously he got the job is celebrity Yeah, how I made this form. I got the job because he was actually one of the case people on Speaker 1 on dealer Nadella. Yeah. And he had experience. Yeah. He's he did it at Davis. Crazy. Unknown Speaker So Speaker 1 the Whirlpool is getting so big that it's now like running up against the coast of the lake. And it's ripping parts of the coast Unknown Speaker where all the water is just Yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 And it's like ripping parts of the coast and pulling entire buildings on the coast. Whirlpool and so these people are backing up because how strong what I mean if you think about it, like you remember Unknown Speaker was here where this goes? Unknown Speaker Remember you're a kid Unknown Speaker i i love that there's an inside joke. That we're not gonna Unknown Speaker blow you remember when you're a good Unknown Speaker story. This is something relatable Speaker 3 remember, when you were a kid, and you were building your train town. And Speaker 1 you needed a lake in your train town. You built your train town. raft over the bathtub with some Lincoln Logs and you put it over the bathtub. Yeah. And then you fill it up with water. So yeah, your lake and your train is going around and your mom sees you and she's like you can't put a train and electric train in the bathtub. You're gonna fry yourself Unknown Speaker you're like the risks I take as a city builder Yeah, it's Unknown Speaker talk to OSHA like what am I supposed to do mom? Yeah, my time to do my job. You know, I love Deal or No Deal. Do this. Speaker 1 Just like wherever you learned. Okay, so she pulls the plug, and then Whirlpool form it does pull out pulls the buildings from your town down the drain in your town. Unknown Speaker You turn a drain tell Speaker 1 your mom you said that was my home I've been building that home I've been saving up for it for 30 years. I haven't even insured it yet. I don't Unknown Speaker trade town more like Unknown Speaker Welcome to drain Speaker 2 Oh wow. All right. So yeah, so start credo is not gonna fix that by the way. Like you got to Lincoln Logs and I train in there. It's it's called Speaker 1 you gotta call a plumber. It's good thing Her house was was insured because yeah, backed up the sewer line Speaker 2 or that plumber stole her book. Tim had some plumbing work done in his house and that guy destroyed one of the bushes in his front yard. Speaker 1 I came in didn't mention it. I came home didn't say a word came home and one of my bushes was just God. Yeah, I was like, I think this guy just stole one of my bushes. It wasn't even like it was it'd be Speaker 2 a really fun calling card as a plumber to go fix someone's sink and then just take a yellow bush. You can you know, just because you can get away with Unknown Speaker it. Pretty sure my plumbers stole my bush. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you're you're playing a game a clue cable. Yeah. Well, your mailman and your plumber. Anyway. Unknown Speaker Have you seen any wheesh lately with what's Unknown Speaker going on his house is on his bed. Already bushes. Unknown Speaker What is jabs? jabs? Speaker 1 That's one of the jabs. Jeb Bush. Oh, gosh. Okay. Speaker 2 Hey, it's me again, thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this. And so just think about that. You know, that's it. I'm kidding. We have Patreon supporters. And it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to the show. But there's, there's people who want to make more of it happen and so they financially support the show. And you get a lot back for it. You get our private discord where we chat every day we're hanging out and just getting to bond and hang out. We also do live zoom Hangouts for our Patreon supporters. You get exclusive merch, it's a good time, there's a lot there's a lot in it for you. And it's a lot enough for us because we get to know you better. You know, you're not just a number and a stat board or whatever. But you know, you're our friends and we appreciate you a lot. So consider doing that. If not, then you can listen to this dumb little ad, because that's how we're gonna get money from you. We're gonna leech from you either way. We're gonna get paid. We're in this for the cold hard cash baby. Anyway, here's an ad. How do Speaker 1 they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh, dang, we're doing Yeah, Speaker 2 they can text Tillandsia 66866 Thanks, Jared Speaker 2 so this I mean, so this thing is like destroying the coastline Speaker 1 of this like ripping apart the coastline and like you've got this massive whirlpool in the middle that is gonna leave Unknown Speaker a huge hole. Yeah. You got oil rig is just Speaker 1 flipping and rolling. Yeah, ripping things apart. The bolts aren't getting the bolts are starting to get sucked into the Whirlpool as well. Yeah, it's it's one Unknown Speaker skier out there. Unknown Speaker It was like, you gotta suck it up. This way. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so back underground. Unknown Speaker We haven't seen him since so. Unknown Speaker You could still hear him screaming. Speaker 3 Oh, bro, I can't believe this wave man. Wild dude. You get this on tape. Speaker 2 He's Louise. Yeah, so be like, the GAO logo or whatever that is like whatever. Unknown Speaker Roi does Raven. Give her Unknown Speaker All right. So it drains into the salt mine. Speaker 1 Meanwhile, yeah. Meanwhile, on the salt mine, Everybody's rushing, trying to get out of there. And finally the last group of miners makes it to the elevator to go up. And the water is waist deep. Yeah. And so they get out and they ride the elevator up to find that the lake is over half empty. And they're like what happened here? Unknown Speaker And the drilling company is also like Unknown Speaker hear oh my gosh, who did? Just like what is going on? Speaker 2 We have no idea. We're gonna get to the we're gonna I don't want to say to the bottom of that sounds instead sounds like we're jinxing it. But we're gonna but we are. We're gonna find out. We're gonna Unknown Speaker we're gonna we're gonna dig deep. We're gonna Speaker 1 we're gonna discovery has too many holes. We're gonna go all we're gonna go down every layer. Yep. Yeah. Look through every tunnel and overturn every rock. You figure out what happened here. It was probably Speaker 2 some people's life mission is different stuff. This is mine. Unknown Speaker This is yeah, we're going to know Unknown Speaker right after our lunch break Speaker 1 so by the end of the day, yeah, the entire lake drained and there's just a massive crater in the ground with a big hole in the middle of it. And the shoreline was radically three pictures of this. Yeah, we the the shoreline was radically changed from Unknown Speaker a shoreline. Yeah, from Speaker 1 things ripping into it. So here's the bottom of the lake as for the ad, so it's a little strange looking, Unknown Speaker still higher quality than a lot of the images you use. Speaker 1 And let me see. So I'm fine. We have a lot. Back to the graph. The one I put that I've got this one here. Here is this is during the training. Kind of early on in the training process, somebody's got their helicopter picture of Unknown Speaker the of the world. Speaker 1 You can you can't really make out the world in this. I mean, you kinda can. Unknown Speaker Oh, you can see that it's definitely circling. Speaker 1 Yeah, definitely see the objects. Yeah. And you see that those are the barges that all those gets sucked into the? Yeah. So I think there was 13 barges on because those weren't in the image. Yeah. And those, I think, I think it was nine of them were total losses. A couple of them ended up resurfacing after the event. What is significant is if you look at the the original map, well here, let me see this one. There's this canal that's running from it, that goes out to the ocean. Unknown Speaker And wondering the whole ocean. Speaker 1 Well, what was interesting is the force from that Whirlpool was so strong, that for the first time in history, it reversed the course of that canal. And that canal was then running northward. And over the next 40 hours a full week that formed the largest waterfall in Louisiana history temporarily. Were right on the edge of the lake. And so that waterfall started filling backfilling and over the course of the next week, it refilled the whole lake. The thing is nature's Speaker 2 crazy nature's like, it's like it's like if you think of the Earth as a whole the earth of the person and there's this little mosquito drill and some oil out and it just goes no or that it's like it's just like Speaker 1 refilling refills that spot yeah kinda clunkers. So what's what's interesting is a couple things a couple of significant things were were going on here one when they dug you can kind of see in this graphic, they dug and they they dug into the salt mine yeah, and they busted through the salt mine so water started flowing into the mine itself. Yes. When that happened, it caused the water the moisture caused the rock salt to soften into salt salt and collapse to the dome. And so the dome began to collapse in on itself and get moisturized into like saltwater because it got wet. And so this whole thing filled with that water and when the lake when the water from the ocean filled in it started filling that first and so filled became this saltwater Aqua for so now saltwater so yeah another saltwater under there because it mix with a lot of saltwater but also it's from the ocean. So it's also saltwater. Unknown Speaker So that like is saltwater. Speaker 1 Yeah, so that lake refilled and became a saltwater like Musiah freshwater lake refilled with saltwater from the ocean. From that backfilling is now a saltwater lake here's the significant thing when they when they dug that hole that drill was only a few inches wide right but the force of when they broke it and then everything started collapsing in on itself. It it got wide Well yeah. So now swollen barges Yeah, so now that deepest point in that lake is 200 feet deep. It's the deepest lake in the state of Louisiana because of this incident it Unknown Speaker considered a manmade lake Speaker 1 that's actually a good question. I don't know what they consider it. I mean it was there naturally. There are still portions of it that are only three feet deep. But there's this drop off in the middle. So Speaker 2 what do you do if your assault minor though, you know, and now like what do you know like if this I guess we shouldn't say if this place flooded? Because that's happened. Now while we've been here, you haven't 70 years ago? Yeah, 80 years ago. Speaker 1 I mean, you you cleaned it up and you move on? I guess here's a shot of the canal it looks like a road but there is there's part of the in the canal is refilling you see all that water rushing in. Wow. And so yeah, this this took about a week. What's significant is it refilled some areas where the the shore It used to be like it filled up further and deeper. And so now to this day, there's this chimney in the middle of the lake with a fireplace that nobody's bothered to move. It's just, it's kind of like a local landmark. Unknown Speaker They go decorated at Christmas time. Speaker 1 They stood out there, they probably could walk, it's probably two feet deep. And walk out there and hang some Unknown Speaker swim out there. Someone still tries it though. Just like Unknown Speaker guys, it's so shallow. Unknown Speaker It's just them crawling and dragging their legs. Speaker 1 But yeah, it and the ecosystem and Allegra radically changed because it was a freshwater lake. Now it's a saltwater lake. And so the type of fish that are in there is different. The type of plants like underground plants, underwater plants that were going in there are different. Everything about it has drastically changed from the lake. It originally was also 200 feet deep. And there's there's a bunch of barges and stuff at the bottom. After this happened, they were like, huh, that was weird. You guys want to try to explain what you did there. The government said that that was a quote from the government. The comment was like, Unknown Speaker well, Rick was like, God did it. Speaker 3 I'm pretty sure that was Jesus. It was a warning. God said Unknown Speaker God said Don't drill. Speaker 1 I'd said no more drilling here. Yeah. He said, he said, That's what I hit the covenant I want you to find out. He told me he gave me a dream. And he said the salt miners are about to find the Ark of the Covenant. I want you to drain the lake. And so Unknown Speaker I know it's gonna be hard for you to believe that's crazy. Unknown Speaker I know. It sounds crazy. But I got these golden goggles like, Don't you Unknown Speaker believe it text for friends? God's Not Dead? Speaker 1 Yeah, so they went to court. And everyone was like, it's the salt mines fault. It's the it's the drillers fault. What it came down to is they looked at all the evidence, and they said that there's a lot of things at play here. One, there wasn't really any good maps of the salt mine that were publicly available. Sure. The, to the Texaco to the Texaco contracted company that was sure. And so they use, they use what they had to try to map where this the salt mine was, to make sure that they weren't going to dig into that. And they were off the the map was off of where it said they were going to be. On top of that the engineer, they were accurate, according to the map that they had. No, on top of that, the engineers math was wrong. And so they were off, according to that map as well. Great. So the map itself was off to begin with, and then they were also off because their math was also wrong. And and then there was the Fluke accident of this thing getting stuck and popping the the salt mine, so the depth of the salt dome was they were wrong on that as well. So there's a lot of things were a lot of different surveyors, yeah, made mistakes, and they all came together, those mistakes all came together to create a bigger issue. So they basically were like, like, no one's really at fault here. But they were like, but Texaco since you're the biggest company involved, we think you owe everybody money. And so Texaco settled outside of court, and they gave diamond the diamond crystal company. Let me see through Unknown Speaker Moe's Southwest Speaker 1 welcome mouth they gave him to Texaco gas station gift cards here guys. You can't use it on gas though. You can use them on like like burrito next and stuff. No, they gave him they gave him $32 million to the diamond crystal salt mine coat because it's all ended up having to close that's not to say yeah, your job is there their minds done so yeah. And they gave 12 point 8 million to the botanical garden that you saw on the map because they were right on the shore and rip the garden to shreds and so we take out 12 point 8 million million dollars and then there was a bunch of other smaller settlements of people who had homes in the area Speaker 2 yeah that person's chimney on the thing house get taken care of or Speaker 1 well I mean the chimney still there. But they they got a settlement for the ordeal like Speaker 2 we're gonna give you what's the cost of your house is about you know, $302,000 or we're gonna give you 300 Yeah, because you still have a chimney Speaker 1 you still have and the chimney from what I hear chimneys are the value of the home if you can go grab that actually, you should you should salvage that walk out there and get it Yeah, yeah, it's not that deep trust us and Unknown Speaker my home like salvage title. So Unknown Speaker and so they paid out overage Unknown Speaker deed, Speaker 1 salvage deed. So I paid out a little bit to all the people who were in the area like to add property in the area event, but miraculously, nobody was injured in the whole ordeal. Unknown Speaker So whatever that one surfer Speaker 3 except for Yeah. Hey, girl Bolga are Carter Gerber cupboard. Speaker 1 So yeah, massive destruction. The lake is now 200 feet deep the deepest in the state of Louisiana because someone did the math wrong. And there's also just a bunch of junk at the bottom of the lake. Yeah, and dirt rocks and trees and barges and barges. If you if you if you're doing something where you're bringing a barge to a lake this big Speaker 2 and you're just a barge 13 bars Yeah, Speaker 1 like you 13 Like there's not enough room for all these barges that your maps already looks like the bathtub when you were a kid. There's too many barges. There's not enough room for all these barges. You got to get one of these barges. honestly most of these barges out here you can have one barge and this lake how many times you gotta say bars say one parsley barges barges. Yeah, you can have this many barges barge like because otherwise someone's gonna barge in. Oh my gosh. No more barges Speaker 2 to this day there's a barge at the bottom Yeah, you would also at the bottom what's at the bottom a very tall Russia marching straight across the bottom short phase Nellie and she's going straight for that skier. Yeah, she's trying to catch him who is still world poor. She's just he knows how deep this all mine is. Yeah, he's like he's like I'm gonna get to the bottom. Whatever he says Speaker 2 things on last night is a production of space. Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tilam podcast that's T IO in podcast leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night Transcribed by

Lake Peigneur is a beautiful body of water in southern Louisiana known for its recreational activities and natural beauty. However, in November 1980, a bizarre and unprecedented event occurred that changed the landscape and the lives of the people in the area. In this article, we will explore the story of Lake Peigneur and the mystery surrounding its draining. The … Read More

Gregor MacGregor – The Legacy of the Infamous Poyais Scam

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Unknown Speaker Hey man Unknown Speaker what's going on? Unknown Speaker Gosh, have you ever heard of Gregor MacGregor? Speaker 1 Is that is that sounds like Oh man, what am I thinking of? Is there like a weird cartoon character in one of those Spy Kids Movies? You know talking about come down memory lane with me real quick. I can't please name our Spy Kids three Spy Kids three the cartoon that all the kids are white like not a cartoon. It's like a it's like a head thing. Isn't an egg? Speaker 2 I don't know. I don't know. I kind of thought I knew what you're talking about. Like that. Yeah, let me look at those Spy Kids Speaker 1 bro. We have to my brains not gonna let me go by Oh no. Unknown Speaker I can speak cartoon character. Unknown Speaker Not cartoon Unknown Speaker it's because of their in the game then. Yes, Speaker 1 yes. Oh, come on brain. We got this. Sorry for your listener. Sorry for me listening sometimes. I go come on. Unknown Speaker Yeah, this doesn't matter. This isn't important. Yeah, I'm not seeing Unknown Speaker Oh, no. video game character. Speaker 2 And I'm gonna go Spy Kids. While I'm looking at the Killer List. My kids. Gertie giggles Gary giggles white now those are the that's the other family. Unknown Speaker What's the bad guy in the first one? Unknown Speaker Great, Gary. Oh, Cortez? Unknown Speaker No, that's the actor. Unknown Speaker I was at the Tony I've been there as plays. Speaker 1 Dang. Oh, man. Here's the thing. I can't remember the plot of a single Spy Kids movie right now. Yeah. Oh, I know. Stallone is like a transformer or something like that. Speaker 2 Shouldn't be washed if I get three new reaction. Guys. Join us Unknown Speaker on Twitch. For Kids. We do not have the rights to do that either. Yeah, we just Speaker 2 went for it. But it's okay tissue doesn't care. Google would care Twitch doesn't my gosh, Unknown Speaker are we really not gonna we'll find it. Speaker 2 Yeah, I don't know. Man. All right. Yeah, Speaker 1 I'll do it. I'm gonna my workday is over. Yeah, to be honest. We're starting today with this we're recording kind of early in the morning and I'm not gonna get anything else done for us today. So I'm going to figure this out. Speaker 3 I'm going to show you guys how I made a million dollars on top and away selling Tupperware to dummies from the 1560s Unknown Speaker We have so many good ideas on this Yeah, we got us are bleeping the heck out of our marketing scheme. Speaker 1 Wow. And you have a map of this yes, we actually do. We don't say we you cannot say the things I learned last night Unknown Speaker vegan flu Unknown Speaker League and flip flops Unknown Speaker flew Glee's Speaker 2 Oh I do remember the first it's the first one the first that's where I was with the hands I Speaker 1 hated everything about you guys. He said I always like I said yeah kids for some reason I thought it was my kids three but then you were like a Spy Kids three I said look up all of them. And you know what I did? I googled Spy Kids villains. The top result was was feagan fluke and flopper. That's fun for you can floop fliegen, Fluke Fluke Fluke uglies, whatever the big thumb people, the guys that I look like, Speaker 2 yeah, yeah, that's great. Gregor MacGregor? not related at all to fliegen flute Speaker 1 you know, I was on a flight with Julian once. Megan trainers husband, okay, is what he's known for now. Did you know that? Speaker 2 I don't know who Julian is the kid from Spy Kids. Oh, really? Speaker 1 They little curly haired kid he made making. He's all about that base. And so but I was on a he flew southwest good for him, bro. Yeah, good for him out of Burbank. We're on the same flight. And I looked like one of those thumb people. So I was like, this might go down. Yeah, no, say something new. I well, I was afraid. You should have Yeah, he knew I was there though. His watch was like dude, or whatever. He's still wearing a gun. And I was like, I was like, Unknown Speaker I was like, Unknown Speaker I'm a spy kid too. Alright, he's a great kid, too, though. Unknown Speaker I also also it was by kid but two was objectively the best one. Unknown Speaker Object Okay, subjectively no objective or Unknown Speaker best. So Gregor MacGregor Speaker 2 Gregor Gregor MacGregor was born in 1786. He's a Scottish person. Um, I'm hesitant to give him any title. Because he didn't earn it. Any of the titles he got. Unknown Speaker Was he a con artist? Kinda? Speaker 2 Well, yes, exactly. Yeah, he's a con artist, which I was thinking about today. Actually, when I was researching this this morning, Gregor MacGregor, because of the name you did the same connection you connected it to Connor like Gregor is that where the name Connor came from? was the first Connor just a con man and they started calling Connor and now we have all these Connors running around that you probably shouldn't trust Speaker 2 I don't know. I don't have an answer that question I just wanted to throw that out. Okay universe. Anyways, Speaker 1 Connors kind of our video guy. Yeah, got engaged, congratulated congrats. Well, hopefully they're still engaged. Just comes out. Those are you still with that girl? Unknown Speaker Are you talking to me now? Yeah, yeah, it's still with that girl. Okay, Speaker 2 we're still married. Now the past five years want Speaker 1 to know. You gotta check in every once a while, you know? It is the worst. I did that to a one of my Starbucks where he says the other day. Yeah. I was like he has been she was like, Unknown Speaker we've been divorced for 17 years. Unknown Speaker Like Ben's been dead for 30 years. Sorry. Speaker 3 How's Nelson? Nelson Mandela died in the 90s. No, I swear he did not he got released. Okay. Speaker 2 So Gregor MacGregor, he, nothing super important happened in his life until he was a young adult when he joined the military. Okay. And he was he was a Scottish person. But this was one of the times where the Scots and the Brits were like the same thing for a little bit. But they weren't happy about it, you know, like they were, you know, and so he joined the Republican side of the Venezuelan Speaker 1 same thing when they weren't happy about it. Yeah, I was like, yeah, like step siblings. Yeah, like, family birth Speaker 2 family, but like, we're not cool about it yet. Yeah. Later, they'd be cool about it, or while they're not. And so he was in the Venezuela. And Unknown Speaker you're not allowed to go dead. I don't Unknown Speaker that's called a My dad Speaker 1 called him. I called Keith. His name is Keith. And he, he was he was named Keith came along Speaker 2 it wasn't this war in AD in 1812. But he was one of the guys in the army who was what you would call not good. Because he would just hide the whole battle. And he'd come out with s'mores and be like, Guys, look what I Oh, gosh. Unknown Speaker Oh, word here. Speaker 3 Miss that did not get the memo. Just just just in the other room. Speaker 1 He's a practice squad guy who's got the championship ring in his house. Speaker 2 He's like, Yeah, I was there as crazy. Awesome. But he actually was that's a pretty decent example because he was a smooth talker. So he managed to work his way up the ranks even though never actually being in combat. Like he was just around combat. And he managed to like smooth talk his way. Okay, the ranks and eventually get like a commander role where he was commanding troops. And he had a couple of decent victories from his commanding career that led to okay, that led to him eventually, gaining more and more command eventually started having a bunch of failures and flops but but grew his his influence in the military Sure, and became close friends somehow with King George Frederick Augustus, who was the king of the Mosquito Coast, which is now in Central America like Honduras area. They call it the Mosquito Coast because there's a lot of mosquitoes there Sure. Athlete name. Yeah. And this king for some reason. Well, the reason that we actually didn't do have a decent idea of why just gave Gregor Gregor Gregor MacGregor 8000 I think let me double check that number Speaker 1 utos smooth talker. I want to give you 8000 mosquitoes Unknown Speaker Go ahead, Carol. Speaker 2 Yeah, I want to make sure I didn't miss any. I don't want to undercut you on these mosquitoes. I'm giving you lots. No, yeah, he got eight 8000 Oh no. 8 million acres. Way off 8 million acres 12,000 square miles of land. Because this is where Talk on the mosquito territory. I don't think he talked his way into it. Hey, man, Speaker 1 this lady's got mosquitoes. No one wants it. I do. Speaker 2 Yeah. So, and he was because like, I did him the land, kinda kinda he gifted it to him, but in exchange, so he sold it kinda, but it wasn't like it wasn't like McGregor came in was like, Here, give me all this land and I'll give you this. He was like, he was like, hey, like, if you give me some stuff, I'll give you a bunch of land. Okay, but it was land that was unusable. It wasn't fertile. It was overrun in rainforest and overrun and mosquitoes and all other kinds of bugs that carried disease and malaria and stuff like that. So it was it was useless land to him. But he knew that if he offered it to McGregor, he could get some jewelry and some ROM and so he's like, You give me some rum and jewelry. I'll give you 8 million acres of this land that I don't need. Okay. And so, everybody, Speaker 1 time, simpler times. I tried to offer that to Bank of America the last Yeah, you know, yeah, I went in. I was like, cut by a house. Yeah, I was like, I got some jewelry. And ROMs. Like, what Speaker 2 is this a pawn shop? Yeah. And I was like, honestly, Unknown Speaker what's the harm and asking? Speaker 2 Honestly, I can see like a pawn shop where the guy does real estate on the side. Unknown Speaker Does real suicide. He's like, Unknown Speaker Yeah, Unknown Speaker I got something for you. Speaker 2 Like, yeah, yeah, we'll take that Rolex that you found. And why don't you find yourself this nice. 2000 square foot home? on Independence Avenue, two beds. Two beds. That's a lot. A lot of square feet for only two beds, two beds at a bowling alley in the basement. Unknown Speaker Square feet as your home. Speaker 2 We've got about 1600 of livable space. But yeah, we have an unfinished because me and Speaker 4 Alex both were like, Okay, we have an unfinished basement or they don't that mean we have an unfinished so they don't count it. Usually. Always finished space. Yeah, yeah. So you Speaker 1 could have just said 1600 You didn't have to be like 1600 square feet, though. You can survive it. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Mosquitoes Unknown Speaker square feet. It was the fire. We did have a bat. Speaker 1 So it gave them all this land is not usable. not believable. Speaker 2 That's not Liverpool. Yeah. So it's really zero square feet. But 8 million square feet. Also square acres. Very different. A lot of land, which is actually larger than Wales. It was the about of land that's Unknown Speaker not you know, where my brain went? Yeah. Unknown Speaker It's a country that's part of the UK. I was like, yeah. This is bigger than Speaker 2 Well, that would check out because he had the idea. afterwards. He said, You know, Unknown Speaker I've got SeaWorld, he's like, I Speaker 2 got 8 million acres. He's like, I gotta 8 million acres. What makes sense to do with this 8 million week acres is rented out is put some properties up, rent it out. And then cast our note. Yeah, started an Instagram about being a godly. Yeah. Unknown Speaker I love the Lord and exploiting people. Unknown Speaker I love the Lord in the land. You know when I'm say, landlord. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna land King. Speaker 2 So, so he started putting together a plan to try to sell this land. Yeah. And then he went there and was like, Oh, no one's gonna buy this. So instead, I got scammed out of some room. Yeah, yeah, he's like, I lost my room, and I got all this useless land for that. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly. She was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 2 And so what he did instead, as he said, What if this land was useful land? What if this land was, I don't know, the country of pious and Okay. And what if I sat down? And I wrote a book about the history of the country employ us 265 pages and I Speaker 1 are you making it like an ancient country that doesn't exist anymore? Speaker 2 No, no, it's a country that still This great and and what if the King made me the prince of that country and sent me over to the UK to sell plots of land in a new settlement that they're establishing along the coast. And then it's an investment property for people. And so he he did that he made these maps establish the country of pious McGregor made up a bunch of cities all along this land. Which this story is that it was a native nation that the Scottish people settled and built a bunch of things and then they cooperated. And but there was nothing there. Yeah, there's nothing at all there. It's just uninhabited. Right? Okay. And so he said that he made up all these cities and towns named them all created this history, created this government system. He commissioned an artist to create this etching of what the port city of St. Joseph looked like. And then even went as far as to print currency for it. Unknown Speaker A birth certificate. Unknown Speaker It does look like but that's what money used to look like, by order Unknown Speaker of His Highness, Gregor. Speaker 2 Because he's the He's the prince. Okay. Because Zeke. Zeke, which was I like that word for Prince. I like physique. Yeah. So he's the physique of my son that and he went, Zeke. Yeah. And he Yeah, yes. Because these these deeds, where you could purchase the land, and he made this look, super official showed a lot of effort into making this look like a real place. But he owns Speaker 1 it. I mean, he could just do it. Speaker 2 I mean, technically, but if you remember our episode about the Principality of Sealand, there's some things you have to do to get recognized as a nation. He I don't think he wanted to go through all the process of becoming a recognized nation. But he wanted everybody else to think that the healer was that. Yeah, there's had been for a long time, and it was already booming and it was, Unknown Speaker do you just okay. Speaker 2 I mean, it's true. Like if he would have just went through the process. Like it may have taken a little bit longer, but he's already put a lot of money. Speaker 1 I'd rather write a fake book. Okay. Unknown Speaker Yeah. So he spent a lot of money. Yeah. Speaker 2 Opening this up. And basically what he said was, he said selling timeshares. Yeah, he said he said if you buy a plot of land on this island on in the country of pointless, he said I can guarantee a 6% return on your investment, because the city is the country is booming right now. And he says the nice thing about the poor Asian people is they are so friendly. They'll welcome you with open arms, they'll build your settlement they'll and they'll even help you farm the land once once you're in and they'll do it for free because they're just super friendly people like there's so nice they just love go through it for free. They just love gas it's yeah, they're just like oh are you here to did you invest? Are you here to make money off of this like we'll do it we'll help users such nice people yeah, we're just really nice like we don't need you don't need to pay us that you will just we'll just help you out if that's like Unknown Speaker the new history books are talking about Unknown Speaker they were just so friendly Unknown Speaker they were just so proud that they did it for free just accurate Speaker 2 and then and then he he changed his name as well. To Gosh Thomas What did he change it to Thomas No, it was worse it was Thomas MC sneak Unknown Speaker makes sneaky where you Unknown Speaker guys my notes today. Unknown Speaker What's your name? Thomas MC Speaker 1 oh, oh. Such a reputable person to do business with that is that's Yeah chamas MC truth teller. Okay. Speaker 2 I cannot find I had this in my notes. I could not find it. My notes. It's something just just as awful as Thomas Thomas makes something. I think Thomas sketchy was really was. Unknown Speaker No which is sketchy. Unknown Speaker Like for real? That's what it was. Speaker 3 Sketchy that those were before people thought of sketchy as sketchy though. Unknown Speaker Do you think that's where they came from? Unknown Speaker That's pretty big sketchy of you though. They dropped the MC Unknown Speaker Hey, drop the MC Unknown Speaker that sounds like a dance move. Jump the MC Speaker 1 drop the MC. It sounds like someone who doesn't understand what a microphone is. And they're like MC draw. Using MC drops, which is also what you know McDonald's calls when they bring back the the grip grip for the victim Wow, we I have so many good ideas on this. Yeah, we got a sore bleeping the heck out of our marketing schemes wow so just come to me Speaker 2 yeah they do like a Mick drop so McGregor he he starts selling these these plots Sure And long story short he ends up selling the 250 people who were like yeah this makes sketchy guy for how much it's gonna make me make rich he ends up making he makes $200,000 $1,000 a plot yeah probably something like that yeah and and the thing is that was What is this 1820s Sure yeah it's part of it in the UK so yeah this is he's making dough off of this yeah and his whole plan or any of those people actually going to go well here's his whole plan his whole plan as he sells just enough to where they're they can't afford an expedition to get out there but enough where he's got a lot of money What do you mean so that his i So as part of the sale he said he said you can invest in it and once I get enough people to invest in it all finance a ship to take you out there so you can start building you could just you could just wait I guess that Unknown Speaker is that is an option as Yeah, Speaker 1 I'm gonna finance it but you're boarding it to go to your new home and then was it called poor year or whatever it is? Yeah, you just see Thomas book sketchy Unknown Speaker or they're just drilling a hole Unknown Speaker What do you do to fix it the Unknown Speaker boats fixing the boat? Speaker 2 You know the water? Nearby is interesting. Yeah, I'm just Unknown Speaker so friendly. I'm doing it for free. Unknown Speaker Man that makes sketchy is so calm. Wow, Unknown Speaker what a good party. Speaker 2 So yeah, so he he was trying to sell just enough to where they can afford this expedition. Well, then he's old enough. And he's like, Frick, I asked him why this expedition now. And so he goes and he puts together Unknown Speaker they all know you could just not tell him. Speaker 2 Yeah, I don't know. There's a lot of steps in this where it's like, you McGregor year. Speaker 1 You could you could have made this legit. Yeah, yeah. You could have you could have drowned all of them. It's so many I could Speaker 2 have not told him that you had enough for your you could have been like, we got to sell to more. It's a time Speaker 1 to your friends. This is what I'm saying. Man. Now so hard to get rich in the 1800s. If I go back in time, I would be the richest person in the world. Yeah, because you can just lie, Dude, get away with it. Yeah. You just go and be like, I'll tell you this land. You need to own land. You've never even had to been there. Speaker 2 Yeah, everybody. Everybody's been lied to too much. Now. They know. We can sniff it out. It is to be fair, to be fair. People sniffed it out when he was lying to them about stuff. So he wrote a book and he printed some currency. And he made a map. Okay, he got these drawings. He was endorsing this or what? Yeah, he was like, he was like, Hey, he's like he's got this Tupperware Hold on, let me open it up and try to Tupperware its money. Tell me more about that. Speaker 1 Guys and the guys in their 20s Did the Kirby vacuums. Speaker 3 Oh, yeah. It's like I got this vacuum. Let me show you what I've got inside the bag. Money out the bag. Like I want to know more about this vacuum. Yes, please tell me. Tell me more about the vacuum. I don't really care about your country. Tell me about the vacuum. What does that do? Yeah, so Unknown Speaker 1820 interested? They were very shy. So. Speaker 1 Okay, so he's now sending people over there. Speaker 2 I just love the idea of a door to door salesman, selling something like modern but like kind of dumb, like Tupperware like a vacuum Tupperware somehow slipping back in time. And then thinking it's and he just makes a killing because everyone's like, Oh my gosh, what is this? Yeah. Yeah, it's Speaker 1 so I just wanted to see how the supply chain. How does the supply chain work in this scenario? Well, you see have to go back to the future. To get more Tupperware to go back. He's got with the Tupperware to the past. Go ahead. He's got Unknown Speaker a semi truck that has to get up to eight miles an hour. Speaker 1 Yeah, there's also light in the name. They're more aware. They are the CMIP massive transportation vehicle and they go latency you what witchcraft is this? Speaker 2 Yeah. When someone asks him about the chocolate, he's like, Oh, that's just the biggest Tupperware you got to spend a lot. He went back Unknown Speaker and did topper Speaker 3 He's got a YouTube channel now where he's like, he's like, he's like, I'm gonna show you guys how I made a million dollars on top and away selling Tupperware to dummies from the 50s and 60s. And you can do it for Unknown Speaker such minimal effort, Unknown Speaker you know, is his true passive income, Speaker 1 I call this past shipping. And so passive income, passive income. And that's really the only way to do it. The only way to make money in today's society is to not exist in today's society. Really the only way to get ahead, the only way to get ahead is to go back to where you started. Speaker 3 Yeah, is to get behind. And get ahead then. Yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 I liked this concept. This is good. So yeah, McGregor was essentially doing that. He was it was gone door to door telling everybody about all this stuff. And people would ask him questions, and they wouldn't believe him. And then he would show all his paperwork. And they'd be like, this seems a little bit more believable. Now, here's an interesting Speaker 1 thought I had a time travel. Just while we're here. Let's say time travel is real. Yeah, say it, you know, and everyone talks about going back and stopping Hitler. Yeah, right. But I saw a tick tock the other day that said, hey, no matter how dumb or bad you think you're doing in life, just remember, there's no time traveler who came back to stop you from doing what you're doing right now. So you must not be doing that. And I was like, well, shoot. Someone didn't stop Hitler. Yeah. What if they stopped something Speaker 4 worse? Yeah, that's possible. And they Speaker 1 were like, oh, yeah, we let Hitler do his thing. Yeah, because I came back and stop the other thing Speaker 2 because yeah, because there was more important things to worry about, you know, say yeah, that's actually that's a if you want to get alien that's one of the theories because you know how they hang out around nuclear installations who aliens okay that you have as Speaker 1 well you know, how they hang out around nuclear situation stuff. Yeah, that's Speaker 2 where the majority of UFO sightings are near where nuclear missiles are stored. Unknown Speaker Anywhere map of this yes, we actually do is we don't say we the United States government. Value Why do you say we Why do you say we Speaker 2 I believe part of it. Oh part of this country? I get to be a part of it. By the People Timmis MC. Unknown Speaker See? Tim is MC citizen. Speaker 2 But the there's a theory that they've shut they shut off the arm systems they're all the time phase in the alien aliens these honest system Yeah, the system that like actually will arm they, it shuts it down when they're present. Okay. And so the theory goes, that when these things show up around these nuclear batteries, they're they disarmed them because they have some knowledge about what's going on in their disarming them to prevent this nuclear disaster. Speaker 1 Interesting. Yeah, that's how I was saying it was like, the tick tock. I was like, Well, I mean, time travel is real. And I think we would have some other things. Yeah. staffed. I don't know. Yeah, maybe I don't think time travel is going to come back and keep me from Speaker 2 unless unless they have rules like all the time child shows where it's like you can't interfere like it's gonna mess with the timeline. Now, like, Have you watched Umbrella Academy? Nope. That's like a big part of the nerd. That's a big part of the show is like this shirt protecting the timeline. There's like police officers that patrol and stop people timeline police. Unknown Speaker Yeah, protecting serve. Yeah, Speaker 2 I gotcha. Thanks for checking out our show. If you like it and you want to support be a part of what we're doing here. You can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community. We have a discord with our hosted producers, we have a lot of fun. We're super active in there every day you get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast. And there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that are super cool. If you want to be in that you can just text HiLine to 66866 and that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here. And thanks for watching our show Speaker 2 so yeah, McGregor he starts selling all he sells all this land says to 250 people and has to book this cruise. Okay, the place and so he starts with a group of 50 was gonna go first with a ship and the rest of 200 We're gonna come six months later. So he said he said that whole trip up he told everybody about it. He went on the boat and like Unknown Speaker sounding a lot like Yuan and Mars, Speaker 2 where his suit and like shut up and had a cocktail hour and was like so excited for everybody. Unknown Speaker He's just tell a story. We've done too many things. Speaker 2 And then he left. He left the ship and set them on their way. And then he Speaker 4 moved here and go with them. Yeah, he moved to France ship to 50 people ship 50 people to the rainforest. And then it Speaker 2 was like, see you guys later. He's like, everyone is sure the rest of the 200 I'll be with you there in six months. They're gonna leave soon. Speaker 4 You're gonna love the people there. Yeah, they're so nice. They're so friendly. And he losted these peoples where you say, the island and they're that's it. Speaker 2 And then he got on a train moved to France. And the next voyage leaves and they they're bringing 200 people. So after the next for is did go though, yeah, the next voyage to go. So after a 17 week journey across the ocean, to what is now Honduras. They, they make it to the land. And it's there in one of the ships where it's like, there's no dock there. So the ship can't go all the way up. And so they have to stop and they load onto the little boats, and they roll their boats to the shore and the other meanwhile, the big pirate ship that took them out there, goes out back out to the Caribbean to be pirates, or whatever they do whatever they do, yeah. So they left. They have fun guys, and they're like, sweet, we'll have fun. And then they rode their ways to shore and they got to shore. And they realized, there's not a town here. And so they walked up and down the coast trying to find this town. Like maybe they went to the wrong spot. Maybe the boat dropped to the wrong spot. And surely that's what happened. After a couple of weeks. They started to realize there's nothing here. I think we got scammed guys. Yeah, they also realized that this Mosquito Coast was called Mosquito Coast because there's mosquitoes everywhere. Sure. And it was so bad that they said maybe if we leave the beach and try to go further inland into the jungle, there'll be less mosquitoes that was wrong. There's a lot more. And so eventually. Oh, they also realized they also realize that when they started the journey, they're gonna bring all their gold with them that they had amassed over the years, like there's life savings, right? And McGregor was like, Hey, if you bring that gold, like you're gonna weigh down the ship. Yeah. So why don't you you're not going to need it. You can use just the legal point Asian currency. And so I'll exchange it for your gold. And so they all exchanged each other live savings. Yeah, exchange all their money for his fake papers. And so they had all this fake cash with them. There's Monopoly money. They are on this beach in Honduras, literally a different planet. Essentially. They're 200 On their way at this point. They're 200. The other way Yeah. Wow. And they're trying to so eventually they do like they start creating a settlement. They start building places to stay and live. It's a true survivor situation. And a couple people got thrown off the island, but for the majority, stuck around for a little bit. And then the next 200 showed up. But the boat did the same thing. It just came far from shore. And they got them and then sailed away. And they all wrote in. Unknown Speaker One of the boats is like they're saying hi. Speaker 2 Excited to see us already. Welcome. No, they were already they went inland to create their settlements so they wouldn't see him on the beach. So these people wrote in, and eventually they found them. And they're like, Yeah, we got lied to. And everyone's like, Excuse me. A lot. What? Unknown Speaker Welcome What do you got scammed? Speaker 2 Yeah, welcome to pay us. We it's now a country it is now. We just want to know, yeah, so Speaker 1 this is our podcast studio. There's trains there's, we got scammed. So well, wasn't it this refine? Speaker 2 Long story short? Over the next what is this year, these people tried to survive on this island. And some of them did. The majority of them got malaria, or starved, or whatever. Speaker 1 And majority is in like, what? 200 of them 180 Speaker 2 Out of the 250 people that were there died. And eventually a search party came and was like, hey, like we haven't heard from you guys. We expected to get letters back or something. Because you guys are in this like new world where you're supposedly making a lot of bank and they were Speaker 1 just crazy, like, you know, like, whoa, they didn't show up Speaker 2 and they were like emaciated and diseased sores from other bug bites and stuff that they were getting. But, yeah, so the they picked it back up. They took them back to the UK. Sure. Meanwhile, he's gone. He's in France. He escaped the whole ordeal. And so they get back and they're like, Oh, it was a scam. Like everybody. Like he lied to us. And they're like government was like, so close. to this guy like he had ingrained himself in society so well and made himself out to be like this trusted person that nobody believed them. Everyone's like, you probably just landed at the wrong spot. Like they were like they're like, no, he's a good guy. He wanted to do that to you. So like government gasolina. Yeah, yeah. Nice. And so they were trying to prosecute government, your Speaker 1 friend group. That's like, hey, my boyfriend's really mean to me. It was like he's a nice guy. Unknown Speaker Such a good guy. Speaker 1 There's no white guy. You were single and on Tinder right now to see what's going on. Like, you should just be grateful for what you have. Unknown Speaker So, meanwhile Unknown Speaker he sent you to a new world. Unknown Speaker I did all that just, you know, I'm really mean. Speaker 2 So he, meanwhile is in France, trying to run the same scheme. Yeah, again, getting close to McCrone. Yeah, yeah. So there's there's upheaval in the UK. Yeah. But in France, he's selling more land. Yeah. Same spot, same spot. Speaker 1 He's a younger, believe it. He's like, I just heard 180 sponsors opened up. Speaker 2 Yeah, we've got lots of land. Well, he has no idea what's happened. Yeah, he knows. He knows he Speaker 3 doesn't play. He doesn't know. But he knows. He know. He knows. But ya know. Yeah. Speaker 2 And so he's, he's selling stuff. He's selling the same land. But in Yeah. But in France, the French are not believing him, because he doesn't build the same reputation in France that he had built. Okay. And so some, some French officials at the time, the the British government and France they did not communicate at all right. And so they didn't know what was going on. They didn't. Britain had no idea that he was there. France had no idea that he had done what he did there. But they started digging into some things. And they basically weren't able to narrow down that point. This doesn't exist. So they arrested him. They put him on trial. Speaker 1 They figured out, we know what took them off. I think Speaker 2 they went they went there. They were like, Hey, we just checked, that's not real. Speaker 1 Long time. They're like to verify. So that's like a 20. week there 20 week back journey. Speaker 2 Yeah. And then like the like, turns out, you're lying. And so me, I would never lie. So he gets arrested. He goes on trial. And in the trial, they they started kind of digging into everything saying that he made everything up. But his lawyer was able to fight for him and say, You can't prove any of this isn't real. And somehow it worked. What somehow it worked. I guess the government didn't do a good enough job gathering their evidence prove that it's now real. Yeah. And so because because the government didn't do a good enough job gathering and presenting its evidence in court. He got to walk. Speaker 1 Oh, really? It's not real. And how does this sketch exist? Yeah, prove it. Speaker 2 I've got plenty. He had all these documents. He had all these books. He had all this stuff. And the government was just like, Yeah, we went and we checked, it's not there. And he's like, Well, we got all this. And the court was like, I don't know, you guys don't have that much evidence. Like, you're just you're saying it's not real. But like, that's pretty much the Speaker 1 same thing that people in our YouTube comments do find like the valiant Thor stuff. Yeah, they go, look, the pictures exist. They're real. Like, oh, yeah, dude. I mean, there's Hogwarts. And that doesn't exist. I mean, Unknown Speaker you can't prove it doesn't. Sure. Speaker 1 I don't have enough evidence. And I wouldn't take you to court over it. Speaker 2 So you get to walk free. Meanwhile, everyone's getting gaslit in Great Britain, sure, to the point where some of the survivors of the event start to agree. And they're like, You know what, I think? I think I did make this up in my head. No, that yeah, they're like, I think we did land in the wrong spot. And like, it's the chips fall. So they actually go after the captain of the ships. Speaker 1 And he's like, guys took the magnets put in my ear plug in all these holes, Speaker 2 guys. Yeah, you guys didn't see what he was doing before we left. And so these captains actually lost their their boats is their boat license. I don't know if they had those back then. But they lost their ability to be captain Seymour. They got that taken away from them because because they obviously went to the wrong spot. Yeah, because it was their fault. They went to the wrong place. And what is interesting is Wow, at the end of all this he made about $2 million. Then 2 million then right from selling fake stuff to people in France and UK and other countries along the way where he was just driving around sure selling this stuff. What's interesting, is it it led to the 2000 Not to the crisis Speaker 2 it led to the 1826 financial collapse, which resulted in the collapse of 12 banks. And it was the first financial collapse in history that couldn't be contributed to an outside event. It was something within the economy that caused the crash. Unknown Speaker And it was him stealing. Somebody Speaker 2 didn't have value it Yeah, it was him selling all this stuff to people. They were selling their life savings. And eventually it had the same effect that most of economic crashes have were eventually it turned into like this bank run situation. Yeah, all the banks have ended up having to shut down and failing. And it was what a lot of economists say it was the beginning of our current economic cycle of boom followed by bus boom, followed by bus boom, followed by bust. This was the beginning of that cycle. Was this guy going in? Making up a country and selling it to a bunch of people? Wow. Unknown Speaker He believed Canada's real. Unknown Speaker You want to sell it? Unknown Speaker I don't have any proof that Canada is. Speaker 2 Yeah, they're lying to us about that. Yeah, dude, that's a freaking that's a Speaker 1 CNN wants you to believe the candidates. I hate Oh, man. Even the word Canadian Canadian made up. This sounds stupid. It's just Michigan. Go up there, bro. I'm serious. It's just Michigan. Light. Michigan light. Unknown Speaker Misha lights. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Michigan Ultra. Speaker 2 So he, he never faced the music for everything he did. Cause a massive financial disaster ruin a bunch of people killed 180 People really? And Unknown Speaker mosquitoes did that. You can't prove that. Guess I'll defend him, Speaker 2 I guess. And in the early 1830s, he ended up moving to Venezuela, when he lived out the rest of his days as the king of the nation of pious and Unknown Speaker he was shocked when he got there. And it was real. He was like Venezuela. Speaker 2 It was a real place. Okay, I thought you guys were making this up. So yeah, so he got it. And the history is one of the most significant cons in history in terms of its impact to the world. He made a lot of money off of it, but its impact was huge. And also the lengths he went to make it seem believable. He almost for not much more effort. He could have started a real connection. And been like yeah, it's brand new. You want to make more money that way I think yeah, if he would have if he would have just done a little bit extra work and then just said it's brand new. Like you can go start it like it sucks right now. But if you start it you're a settler. Yeah, you're a settler. You're gonna bring in create a new land and it's gonna be on New Frontier. Yeah, it's gonna be a great place. Unknown Speaker We have semis and Tupperware Can you split in both those cases found a nation on top of Speaker 2 Ziploc maybe Tupperware No. So very significant, influential person. What was Unknown Speaker what was their national anthem? Speaker 2 It was interesting. So there's actually a picture of him. I'll show you I didn't have this in. In my list of things to show you. Here's a picture of him. Checks out. Yeah, he looks like he looks like a liar. Speaker 1 It looks like he works at BestBuy. Like if you don't have all the fancy clothes like his face in the sideburn He Speaker 4 does look like a Best Buy. Um, yeah. But like he is Speaker 2 playing the flute. And he's looking a sword. Yeah. What's on the floor? His hat his cap. Oh, I thought that was a bicycle seat. Read. Speaker 1 Yeah, it was one thing he accidentally brought back from the future was a bicycle seat. Unknown Speaker It was like what are what are you Speaker 1 standing on the grave of all 180 people that he killed? Like I'm Speaker 2 so rich. Let me kiss my sword. I don't know. But yeah, the the the national anthem. It was a fiddle off Speaker 5 things last night is a production of space. Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tellen podcast that's ti LL and In a podcast leave a review comment subscribe wherever you are thank you for listening to things on my site Transcribed by

The Poyais Scam: The Tale of Gregor MacGregor Gregor MacGregor was a Scottish adventurer who created one of the most notorious scams in history, the Poyais Scam. The scam was centered around a fictitious country called Poyais, which MacGregor claimed was appointed the Cazique, or chief, of. In this blog post, we will explore the Poyais Scam and how MacGregor … Read More

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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's up? Unknown Speaker Have you ever heard of Project Blue Beam? Speaker 1 Yeah, let's just roll the theme song on this one. I don't like it when he goes we're going to add another little project to what we've already gotten, you know, Project MK Ultra Operation Paperclip. Now we get project mood beam or whatever Blue Beam Speaker 2 blue Raji BlueBee. Aright, Blue Beam. You're gonna love this one. Yeah, I bet. Don't tell most Unknown Speaker of the cameras away from the toes. Speaker 2 If you put them in a lineup of people and you said pick the guy is gonna have a heart attack at 51. I'd probably pick him. No, no, Speaker 1 listen, it's not that we don't believe in global elites. I'm with you on that. Isn't that you plagiarize this Well, what did we learn? Never leave. Things I Learned last night Speaker 2 so let's just break it down. Let's take it from the top Project Blue Beam. I guess what it is? Yeah. Let's see. I guess. Speaker 1 This is the division of Bluebell ice cream that investigates aliens taking their milk cows. You know, like, wow, our dairy cows are disappearing milk. Yeah, or milk? Mooers whatever they call them. You got a special name trademarked? I don't know. Yeah, this this division of Blue Bell Ice cream to like BlueBee. Speaker 2 That's actually a good question. Like if, if we want to get to the bottom of the alien thing we should look at Blue Bell Bluebell ice creams, profit and loss statement. Because there should if the aliens are actually mutilating cattle, there should be an unexplained loss in there. Unknown Speaker That's why Ben and Jerry's flavor woke up Skinwalker Unknown Speaker you know that they just come up Unknown Speaker with flavors all the time. Like? Speaker 1 Go ahead, no, keep talking. Favorite thing is for me to have a conversation and share an interesting fact. And then he'll on this podcast be like, in fact, I found out it's his favorite little stupid thing to do. Every topic that we learn about I told him about first. Unknown Speaker And he's just he's just, you Speaker 2 know, here's a here's a good friend. Let me tell you, the alien because you're here. And in this scenario, I'm trying Speaker 1 to push the story forward. The alien people are here Speaker 2 with an alien thing. You're so full. I want to understand serious this actually, this actually goes against the alien things. Speaker 1 Well, then continue. You've got my interest. Unknown Speaker It's a Project Blue Beam. It's this. It's this. The idea? Do Unknown Speaker you like my hat? You bring it up really? If you could bring it up? Speaker 3 Okay, I'll bring it up casually later. So Project Blue Beam. It's this conspiracy theory that's been around for a little bit. Here's the concept that there is a group of global elites that are working towards bringing out something that you might have heard of called the New World Order. And the way they're going to do it is through. Speaker 1 This is worse. All right. Let's hear it. Unknown Speaker It's a four step program. Speaker 1 Okay, it's a four step program or step program. Yeah. A admit to Christ, that you are a sinner. Believe that Jesus is God's only son. See, confess your sins, and He will forgive you. D dominate the rest of sinning world. That's what I learned growing up in that cult I was in. Unknown Speaker Let's close. So the first one Speaker 2 is the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. Great. And the way this happens is Speaker 1 they'll does this mix it with a criterion belief a little bit like we don't make as good as buildings as we used to, or say as good as sentences. I mean, Speaker 2 maybe that maybe that's part of it, actually. Okay. Here, maybe there's some background before we dive into deep. This was released, first proposed by a guy named Sergei mon set. He was a monastic, monastic. Okay. Sergei Manasa. He was a poet and author and journalist in Montreal, Quebec, sure. In like the 70s 80s, early 90s. Okay. And he, he was kind of like a fringe writer. And he, early in his career was frustrated that some of the things that he was writing about couldn't get published. Yeah, so he did what any logical person would do in that situation. He found his own press agency called the International free press press agency. That pretty much exclusively published his stuff. Yeah, that No one else would publish. Sure. And so it was all pretty. Speaker 1 Yeah, it's like if, let's say there was a guy who was like, putting info out there. Right, you know, saying he's always involved some Yeah, you know, it's and it's Speaker 2 it's info that's like, nuclear. So you might call it like, for Yeah, you know? Yeah. Speaker 1 And so no one else will tell you. No one else is gonna put this out there. Yeah, no one else will take my info or my supplements and I gotta I gotta put it somewhere. And that's why I established my own brand. Yeah, was to get the truth out not everybody else to make money and scam people. Speaker 2 Yeah, that's that cannot be the motivation of SHINee one like so. Speaker 1 Project BlueBee Yeah. And so Speaker 2 in the early 90s Yeah, I think I think 9091 1994 He releases this book titled Project Blue Beam and NASA. This is pretty recent than Yeah, so relatively recent. And, and in his book, he outlined this project that he somehow had knowledge of, and Unknown Speaker not really recently about 30 years ago now. Speaker 2 Almost nine year old. Okay. So, so he outlined the the concept of Project Blue Beam, and what he said was about to start to unfold, but Speaker 1 what are his credentials? Does he have any journalist? Yeah, but what are his credentials? You know, say, Unknown Speaker your journalism. Okay, I'm Speaker 1 a journalist. You're technically when we, when we dispel this information through this, this media. What are you? Why are you nodding? Like you're in one of the side cameras and that 70 show? Why are you being like, what do you talk? What do you do? I just finish what you're saying. You're technically like, journalist? Unknown Speaker Yeah. You know, I said, I'm a journalist. Unknown Speaker I'm saying Did he have a degree in journalism? Unknown Speaker I don't know. Did they do that back then? Unknown Speaker In 94? Speaker 2 I don't think he had a degree. Hold on. Let me double check what I'm saying, Well, he did a digital by Unknown Speaker any institution other than the one that he founded. Speaker 2 Well, he did do some journalism work. Before he did this stuff. What so he was a he was a journalist. Speaker 1 Yeah, but listen, I went in from the whole Iowa in the park, the whole town showed up, which is, you know, 200 people. And there was a newspaper reporter there. Yeah, who did a whole piece. And in that piece, he included a lot of my jokes terrible. didn't want him to do that. But he did it. And, and so technically, that guy, not technically he is he's a journalist, because he's worked for a newspaper. Yeah. That guy could then just theoretically release a book and be like, here's how the world's gonna get taken over by elites. And I know because I'm a journal journalist. He did like, Speaker 2 I don't think this is him, because he does have, like, if you go through his publications, he has publications that are in like, real publications. I can't read or pronounce any of them because they're all in French, because he spoke French. Okay, but I'm looking through this. Like, there's a big list of things he was published in before he built his publication. Okay, so he was, he was a published journalist. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like. Now, you know. Speaker 2 I mean, I guess technically, I will say, I think that he had, he didn't build a name for himself until he went on. People like Speaker 1 Alex Jones don't have anything on the line to lose. Speaker 2 They actually benefit from different stages. Yeah. Speaker 1 There's nothing for him to you know, does that make sense? Yeah, I Speaker 2 will say, in his case, his career blossom when he went off on his own. Yeah, yeah. Like he had a career before but now so well minded. You're gonna start writing conspiracy blog? No, I Unknown Speaker just think whenever I branch off of my own, Unknown Speaker what does he mean? Unknown Speaker I think you know what, Unknown Speaker you you branched off on your own when you dropped out of college. Speaker 2 And then I came in, what do you call those fish that swim underneath the whales? Speaker 1 What are you trying to say? Are you are you trying to say you're, like one of the feeder feet like Speaker 2 I followed you around on tour for a little while. Okay. And then, and then I was like, I was like, Hey, I'm gonna go do my own thing. And that didn't work out. So now Unknown Speaker well, what did we learn him? Unknown Speaker Never leave. Unknown Speaker That's right, buddy. Unknown Speaker What's the what's Unknown Speaker That's right. That's right, buddy. Unknown Speaker What is it I'm supposed to repeat after you say didn't remind me Unknown Speaker Gerrans light is my might Jerry Unknown Speaker is my cut that part Speaker 1 know, our Patreon supporters need to learn it too. Speaker 2 If we can just have all of our patrons honestly, if you just listen regularly, just go to the comments. Will you comment on? Speaker 1 Also, will you upload a video of yourself standing in your backyard raising your right hand and repeating that, please? Speaker 2 I don't know what's going on right broke this thing. That's okay, Alex. Okay, so project Bluebeam. Let's talk Speaker 1 about Yeah, so I was just making sure I'm saying like he didn't have like an institution that was backing him up or anything like that. Also, did he have like, I guess we don't know what his articles were about. But I was just saying, like, what qualified him to be like, here's the elites. And here's what they're doing is he's spending time around the elites, whoever that is. Speaker 2 I didn't read the book. So I don't know what's in the book. But I'm assuming that somewhere in this book. He was like, he was like, I've been around these people and learned that from these people. I'm assuming that's what he's saying. You hope? Yeah. And he's not just making it up. Probably just make it up. Yeah. Here's the outline of the four steps of project leaving. Sure. Step one, the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. Here's how this works. I don't know how to build a house better. The NASA, this is all NASA is the technological arm that's pulling this off. There's the global elites that are like pulling the strings and making it happen. But NASA is their tool. That's like, we're doing it. Okay. And so NASA, I guess, learned how to make earthquakes happen. And so they're gonna make a bunch of earthquakes happen and those earthquakes are going to as a result of those earthquakes, accidentally unveil some archaeological discoveries that are going to disprove all the major world religions that that are wrong. Unknown Speaker That's a pretty convenient earthquake. Speaker 3 Luckily, we found what we found at the bottom of this earthquake at the bottom you don't feel rushed to the news? Because they're just like do you guys Wow, pretty quick. Unknown Speaker A huge quake. Anyway Speaker 1 Wow, that got uncovered by the earthquake. I wonder what's inside. Unknown Speaker In the green bar of suits. They forgot to like key Speaker 1 green screen them out. It's floating is a big piece of paper that just says Jesus was fake. What does that even mean? What do you mean, Jesus was fake? I don't know what that means. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so that's step one. I guess there's gonna be a lot of those gods Speaker 1 dead and then you hear then freakin Michael Tate's like Unknown Speaker he's surely alive. You know? Yeah, Speaker 2 yeah. That's probably what what happened? And so that they know that they know that's probably how people will respond. They will be like, I don't believe you. Sure. I don't believe it. Yes, I believe in God, I don't believe it. And so step two, step two up, see any? Yeah. See any Speaker 1 masses doing this? NASA knows how to make earthquakes happen? Speaker 3 Yeah, sure. I'm gonna be honest with you, man, you're not ready for step two. Okay, step two of us not step one was great. Step two, the level to which they go all in on step two. This is the second step. The second step, Unknown Speaker I understand how numbers work. Speaker 3 Step two, is why it has the project loop name, Speaker 2 I don't know. So the concept is, there's a series of satellites that NASA has put into orbit, obviously. And they discovered that at about 60,000 feet, there's a sodium layer in this this atmosphere, okay, that is reflective. And so they're going to shine these laser beams, and that roll reflect off the study and labor and fake the return of Christ. Unknown Speaker And their use. Speaker 2 And they're going to do this all over the world. And all these different countries, multiple places all over the world at once. And what they're going to do is, this return is going to be the God of the dominant religion in that area. So like for a lot of Western majority Christian areas, it'll be the return of Christ Christ. But other areas Buddha will show up in other areas. It'll be I don't know any other religions. Unknown Speaker Sure. This was fun. Unknown Speaker So Speaker 1 you'll see all to watch your top Western language and when asked her brain which is desperately searched for, give me another Speaker 3 Lynch anything one more religious. I don't know. I mean, every one of those that I can think of, it's sure it's just Christ. Speaker 1 And it's just God. Okay. So sodium lair and they're going to shoot lasers. Speaker 2 And that's going to reflect and that's going to be that's going to show you Unknown Speaker this is after the earthquake does after the paper this is Jesus was fake and Speaker 3 real. And he said, See Jesus is real. Wow, this is weird, I Unknown Speaker pull out the wrong paper. Three, they have to reveal that they faked it. Speaker 2 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes, we have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly, she was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did, we had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 2 Well, here's what happens in the in the return thing. Not. So what happens in this space show, he calls it the spatial space show, what happens in the space show is that the God returns and then it kind of morphs into all of the gods, and reveals that all the gods were one. And it wasn't like it was just each culture interpreted the same God differently. And it was like, Hey, you guys are close, but no cigar. We're all the same God. And then it reveals itself as I'm this God, it's me NASA Unknown Speaker is pronounced na saw. Speaker 3 Its Captain Planet. All the gods came together, things together. And he's like, I've got these powers combined. Captain plan is yeah, this blue guy in the sky. Speaker 1 So then this one God Speaker 2 gives the world its new religion and says, I'm your savior. I'm God now. For all of you. I'm gonna follow me. And everything's gonna be okay. And then he's like, I'll be back soon. Speaker 1 Say with me. Now says light is my might. Life is my bite. Okay, and so what's step three? If that was step two, if Step one is to let's just recap step one. Let's make some earthquakes happen. Step two, but shatter everyone's religious beliefs. Speaker 2 Your side on on step two. Okay, outside graces. This is why this is like an anti Alien theory. Because what they say is that the UFOs we see everywhere rd test runs its test runs of this laser technology. They're seeing how believable it is. Yeah, NASA was the aliens all along. Yeah. And it's just their lasers in the sky. Right. Making you believe that's what I believe. Yes. And what they're saying is all this stuff that we're seeing now like, like these balloons getting shot down and stuff like that, like these are it's priming, it's priming us to be like, Oh, this stuff is possible. I guess. When we see the space show, we're like, oh, yeah, I think this is real. Yeah, a sensory ready, Unknown Speaker I guess. Speaker 2 Two way electronic thought control. So. Okay, concept here is, it's mind control is what the concept is here. And it's used like mass Unknown Speaker mass mind control, Speaker 2 I suppose. Yeah. So the concept here is, honestly, it's it's kind of taking Elon Musk's neural link to like an extreme. Okay. And so depending on who you ask, I don't know if I don't know if this was what the original like his book said. But I found people with theories going both ways. Either one. You've somehow you like signed up for neural link and you got the chip in your brain and that's how they're putting it in. Or like the vaccines gave you the chip or whatever. Like there's people who say stuff like that. Sure. And then there's people who say like, now you don't Do you need the chip NASA's figured out that we're all just electricity and they figured out how to send waves directly to the electricity in your body and control you through those radio waves. Which is an interesting idea. I wonder if that's Unknown Speaker Oh shirt? Yeah, Unknown Speaker we're working on now. What's patent pending? What Speaker 1 an interesting idea Tim? was interesting idea. That's why every night I make Bri stand next to the microwave for five minutes. Unknown Speaker idea that's why I've been eating batteries Speaker 1 ke batteries and you can drink the battery acid batteries Speaker 3 What's your diet? Well batteries double A side nival in the building Excuse Speaker 1 me? Yeah, can I have a medium rare? nine volt please Unknown Speaker to bring out some branch to oh no a pairs well we've got we've got some aged in French thank you Unknown Speaker oh, yes Would you like some shredded Speaker 2 Okay, yeah, so the concept is whatever however they pull it off they're gonna say electric signals from the satellites Speaker 1 to people okay and control us like puppets Speaker 2 they're gonna make everyone believed that their demon possessed great so these are the demon possessed they're gonna go out they're gonna riot they're gonna do crazy stuff. They're gonna show some people who are not yeah controlled. Yeah. And then there's other people who are possessed. Okay, and they Yeah, so it it scares a big group of people into getting whatever chip or whatever they want to do. So then they can be controlled they won't here's the solution you protect yourself in the demons by this injection or this surgery or whatever. We figured out how to stop the devil in his tracks. Okay. All you have to do is listen to the CD backwards Unknown Speaker batteries that's catchy. Unknown Speaker I saw I saw speaking elicited the stuff backwards. Speaker 2 I started to do to on tick tock. Yeah, he was like one of those like business like entrepreneur guys, or it was like it was like, Yeah, you want to you want to reach your dreams. You want to see what you want and alive like those intense ones. And what he said was he said he said, he said look if you want to know like the deepest desires of your heart, he said record yourself on your voice memos, play it backwards that will reveal to you what you want Unknown Speaker out. It wasn't a joke. No, he was 100 Unknown Speaker Useless. Yeah, Speaker 1 he said listen to your every night I turned the lights off in my bathroom. And I I bring myself to the point of almost drowning in my bathtub. I just put my head under water. Yeah, and I go Speaker 1 I immediately have worked for myself. And then once my body's calmed down from almost drowning Yeah. I turn the water on ice cold. Yeah, right to shock your system as I listen to it backwards, and I just lose money and fame. It's crazy. What a reveal itself to you. Speaker 2 It's crazy because I tried that last night. And I listened back to it Unknown Speaker because I showed liberty. Speaker 3 So clearly sitting in my ice cold bathtub. And I just heard myself say Gerrans might as my Speaker 1 I was in I did this. So the other night. I you know, I'm in my bathtub. I bring myself to almost drowning. That's what you gotta do. I'm picturing all my family members dying. Yeah, brutally. Yeah, you gotta go I looked down. I have grown three times. No, I had all five to begin with. Eight toes on a foot if that's not God, you know, Unknown Speaker what do you do it? Yeah, Speaker 1 it was actually three double A batteries coming out of the side of my foot. Unknown Speaker I haven't even been eaten them in a while either. Yeah, no non AAA lately. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Crazy stuff, man. Speaker 2 So yeah, so it's gonna, NASA is gonna control the brains of a bunch of people and possess for a little bit. Unknown Speaker Do you want to see my toes? Oh Unknown Speaker okay, so Speaker 1 you're gonna pay to see. That'll be Unknown Speaker a statement of faith. Speaker 1 Sure. Sure. Sure, sure. Yeah. What if What if the church was like, Hey, we do need to see proof and she was like, I'll sell you and so the church has to write off that they bought fake pictures Speaker 1 what is this? What is this 100 toys are charged to only do Unknown Speaker the Lord's work good stuff Unknown Speaker Oh, anyway, wow. Speaker 2 Okay, so NASA is gonna control the brains of a bunch of people in the world and make a bunch of people think they're demon possessed. What will happen with that that mind control thing as it dries wanted people to get mind control? Sure. Eventually, they weeded it down to a situation where they've got all the people that have control of and they have all the people who won't give into the control. And then they labor camp, the people who won't get into control. Sure. And eventually let that whole sub sect of humanity Speaker 1 die. Yeah. So you've got a whole this is literally word for word what people posted about getting the COVID vaccine though. Yeah, it's people were like, Oh, they're trying to keep you know, they're trying to get rid of us lions. You know, the people who won't follow the lions? Not sheep. All the rules. Yeah, no. I would like to get rid of you for like different reasons. Yeah, it's just Yeah, way to die. Yeah, it's only near me. Yeah, I just don't. Yeah, like not not for, not for like an unvaccinated reason. It's just, Speaker 2 I just don't like your personality. You are. Yeah, you be less around me that said whatever Speaker 1 your decision was, I don't care. But if you're that person, you know, I'm talking about if you're the person who's like on social media, where whatever decision you make, who's likely a little rude. Alfalfa or whatever you say, you know, I don't need science. I've got a Reagan. No, if you say crap like that. I don't want Unknown Speaker to be around it. That's fair. That's fair. Unknown Speaker I hope you're offended. Speaker 2 I'm offended. In fact, I don't think I can finish this. Hey, you Speaker 1 know what I called you? Yes. This is a this is an actual thing. You can keep it in if you want. I don't care. I called you about the Patreon thing, and I was like, oh, man, we should have left it open so that we can get more paid. I didn't mean to make you feel dumb. Unknown Speaker Oh my god. I didn't feel dumb. Oh, I Unknown Speaker Okay. That's good. Unknown Speaker Do you need it? No. You come later try it again. See if it'll make me feel dumb. Speaker 1 No, no. I'm glad you didn't feel dumb. I'm trying to say you shouldn't have felt dumb. I didn't feel that great. I suppose I didn't feel I wasn't trying to make you feel dumb. Unknown Speaker I the way you're saying this right now makes you feel like you're lying. Speaker 1 No, I'm just trying to say but I wasn't trying to make you feel dumb if you felt dumb that's on you but I'm saying like I wasn't trying it's not Speaker 3 my fault you felt dumb it's you that made you feel dumb you Unknown Speaker personal responsibility Unknown Speaker Geron is my mind and my Unknown Speaker forgotten already? You're getting drowned tonight? All right. No contest Unknown Speaker to do Unknown Speaker All righty then anyway. Unknown Speaker Backwards, it's beeping buttons, Speaker 2 which you can buy on our store right now till whichever is easier for you. Speaker 1 Or be friend. But just kidding. We don't have to buy another domain. We can go to be from Let's see what's available. Unknown Speaker All right. So Speaker 1 so yeah, the idea of Yeah, so you'll have a group that you can control theoretically. Yeah. And then you'll weed out the people you can't control exactly. Speaker 2 hobbies and passions is taken by what it doesn't say they've got a blocker on it. Beef and buns dot cow is available. Even Unknown Speaker That's kind of fun. Unknown Speaker What about beef dot boats Unknown Speaker Hello, apparently that's not an acceptable beefed up, pump man. I just want one Unknown Speaker beefed up Not Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah. Hi, I'm, I'm Tim. I'm co owner of space Tim media. If you wanna get in touch with me, my email is Tim beef doc bonds. Hi, I'm Jaron, also co owner of space in media. If you'd like to get in touch with me, my email is Paul read the actor So, we look forward to doing professional business with you. We're pros. Speaker 3 We're very, very business. Speaker 2 Thanks for checking out our show. If you like it, and you want to support be a part of what we're doing here, you can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community, we have a discord with our hosts and producers, we have a lot of fun. We're super active in there every day, you get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out we eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast. And there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that, that are super cool. If you want to be in that you can just text HiLine to 66866. And that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here. And thanks for watching our show. Speaker 2 All right. Step four. This is the best one kill everyone. Yeah, no. Supernatural manifestations using secret technology. Speaker 1 Yeah, to stick into a snake the whole thing. Speaker 2 I kinda Yeah, it's using technology to show that the gods are among us. And so like, I don't know, you might be like sitting in your cottage, and then all of a sudden your computer turns on. But you didn't have a computer because it's like usually for computers and starts giving you these messages Unknown Speaker from the futurist, hey, do you pray? Speaker 2 Stuff like that? But not as your TV and your phone and your stuff like that? Just like kind of like, I don't know, sending you text messages from God, I'm not really you got Speaker 1 you know, that's gotta be an app. Is that an app that you can text? God? That's gotta be an app already. That's a good question. Like, prayer texts or whatever. And you can get a little push notifications from God. Yeah. That's gotta be an app. Right? That sounds like something that would have when when apps first came out, that sounds like I can picture that notification on like the light blue. You know how iPhone notifications used to work? Yeah, yeah, I can picture that. Like, God says dot dot dot, you know, saying yeah, it was not we should actually Pat we should actually shouldn't make it because every Bible call I'm gonna say bro, freaking Caleb would buy the heck out of that. Speaker 2 So there is a send a message to God. And you can use text. You can test got at 240-776-2323 That's God's phone number. Then Texas phone number. Ask him for prayer requests, I guess or CPR. There's a CPR AED here too. Okay. Oh, and Unknown Speaker think it posts all the texts on this website Unknown Speaker are really great. Okay, so Unknown Speaker people's personal humor to Tim. Thank you about Unknown Speaker our serious mouth. Speaker 2 Okay, anyways, so yeah, so through technology. Speaker 1 Yeah, we'll make supernatural, natural science. I mean, if they're able to make the second coming. I think that they're able to do more than just, Speaker 2 here's the exciting point, though. Okay. It was all kind of leading to this moment. So so they have all these supernatural, whatever with your technology. And then we have a second second space show. The second space show with the lasers. Oh, there's some other space. We had the thing where God became all the gods became god. Yeah, I was like, It's me, NASA. And then all of Hollywood has been priming us for this moment of the alien invasion. Sure, so there'll be an alien invasion. But NASA the God will come and defeat all the aliens. And then that's like the last moment of like, NASA will say, hey, so Speaker 1 you're saying that NASA is going to make a grand entrance as this super guy Yeah, and then they're gonna Harlem Globetrotter around the world and play a team they know they're gonna be Speaker 2 Yeah, that's pretty accurate actually. So then everyone's like, wow, look at what God just did. I mean NASA, NASA. Speaker 1 NASA did NASA just defeated the aliens Speaker 2 afraid of Have you seen Independence Day? We couldn't even do that an Independence Day. It's crazy. Yeah, we're the world's couldn't even pay the world's saw the movies have been priming us for alien invasion. Sure. Now they're bigger and better than us. NASA Speaker 1 can't even get to the moon to do all this than NASA. Speaker 2 And all the while a handful of other things are gonna happen. Like there will be an economic worldwide collapse, and then they'll replace the currency with a digital currency, obviously Bitcoin or would it be Aetherium? Unknown Speaker Be Dogecoin. I got a few days left. Unknown Speaker And I sold on my dollars last year. Unknown Speaker Great diamond Hanes baby. Speaker 2 Oh, no. And then, long story short, it all culminates in this moment where they established the One World Government. Yeah, everybody's Yeah, it's one nation. Unknown Speaker With liberty does this for none. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that makes sense. Speaker 2 And then he talks about how there's gonna be no more families. It's all individual. Everything's individual. And okay, so it's all about just you and your service to the nation, which is everything, the whole planet. So the theory is, basically there's this global elite that's like, it'd be really easy. It'd be really a lot easier for us right now, if we can have control over everything. Sure. And everybody, and whatever we want. So what if we got rid of all religions? We've gotten rid of all countries, and we mind control everybody and to doing whatever we wanted them to do? Yeah, that seems that's that's the idea. So here's critical analysis of this. It sounds pretty believable. I think it's probably gonna happen. Unknown Speaker No, I think what you said is true. Speaker 2 I think this guy has no credentials that are reasons to believe what he has to say. And it's, it's a bonkers bonkers bonkers idea. Three full bunkers. Sure. Unknown Speaker The most Speaker 2 believable part of the story is unbelievable. With the earthquakes, Well, honestly, there's ways even just the super tech God texting you and stuff like that is unbelievable. I don't believe that. Okay. I don't believe that you could do that. And have the public be like, Oh, my God, like this text I got from God. That's all I'm saying. A CBS show about that. Speaker 1 Yes, that feels. I know exactly what you're talking about. Like texting god. Yeah. God Speaker 2 starts texting them and telling them this stuff to do. It's kind of like Touched by an Angel, the 90s. But moderner. Speaker 1 Dude, here's what I say, man. There's so much stuff that gets funding. And I'm sitting over here like, pay me on my way. Barry do Unknown Speaker something. Yeah, I feel that I feel that so. Speaker 2 Okay, um, but here's the deal, though. Oh, sure. There's more to this. Oh, great. Can't wait. I think one of the main reasons this got traction is what happened to surge Manasa after he published this book, Unknown Speaker yeah. He got killed. Speaker 2 So surge. He was a well, how old was he when this came out? 47. Okay. He had two kids that he homeschooled because he's afraid of Yeah. Learning stuff. Yeah. And the public school system. And the Canadian government took his kids from and said that they were emotionally abusing their kids, because of what they were teaching them at home. Sure. And so he lost his kids and he got arrested and served like a couple days in prison. Very like minor sentence, you know, okay. Probably like a couple days in county jail. Unknown Speaker Sure. For teaching his kids weird stuff. Speaker 2 I think so. Sure. And a couple years later, in 96, he got arrested again. And when he got arrested, this time, he's put the night in jail. And when he came home the next day, he had a heart attack, and he died. And he was 51. And he was a healthy guy. Before that. He didn't he didn't have a history of heart condition or any health. Major health concerns. Sure. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna say like, just I don't know. I don't know a nice way to say this. Unknown Speaker He wasn't physically active. Speaker 2 Yeah, like if you put them in a lineup of people and you said pick, the guy is gonna have a heart attack at 51 I'd probably pick him okay. Speaker 1 Yeah, that's that's not an eye Nice way to say it but that's that's okay. Speaker 3 That's probably the you know the speaking of nice ways to say things. Speaker 1 Which of us do you think would have a heart attack at 51 Speaker 3 choose now, you can select on the screen somewhere around here. Which one is most likely to have a heart attack? Unknown Speaker You got 10 seconds remaining we'll just have to wait five years to find out Wow. Yes. Speaker 2 Yeah, so he does his heart attack. Sure. And here's here's the thing. In his in his book there's a lot of crazy ideas in the book. One of the ideas in the book is that at some point during like the mind control era, a way that they're going to kill people is they're going to give them cardiac arrest they found a way to get in the book. Yeah, they found a way to get people cardiac arrest just like through space Yeah, through lasers. Yeah, through light shows. Like if you see a light show Speaker 1 do enjoy the idea of NASA just looking at Earth like it's a big roller coaster tycoon Park. And they're just like they're just texting out hard they're just like sorry about the heart attack Unknown Speaker batteries Speaker 3 Yeah, so yeah, he said that they learned away if you because have you ever been to like a concert that was really good. Unknown Speaker kind of gets up blood Unknown Speaker in the winter jam happy Oh, odd You coward. Pour me on the JM Speaker 3 No. Yeah, it really gets the blood pumping. But as they give you a spatial good enough with the lasers that are crazy enough. Yeah. gets the blood pumping too much. Speaker 1 Shuts you're so excited. That's why celebration city had to close. That theme park in Branson. Seminar city owned another theme park called celebration city. Okay, it's closed. Why? Because they had a laser show that killed people. It's no serious no no laser show but I don't I don't think so. Now there's a church that meets in the castle now that's real. Like, the castle has to go to that church. You got to walk through an abandoned theme park to go to that church. You have to walk through a horror game maze that's real 100% Real and then at the end there's just someone holding the sinuses welcome home the idea or don't Speaker 3 like like 20 years from now Disney fails. Yeah, there's that takes everything into Speaker 1 magic you know? And here's what it is church. God always said he would establish his kingdom there's no magic here. Thanks during dandy your feet except for you. You don't have as many toes as we have. Oh my Good golly goodness. Don't feel most the cameras away from the toes. Speaker 3 They during the altar call the fireworks shoot off across the little pond. Unknown Speaker But they can't figure out how to make it stop looks like Mickey Mouse's head Speaker 1 Tinkerbell still up there though. She's old it's just the same actress is up there. They never got her down on the park close. Park close it left her up there she's been surviving on pasture he goes What was that God Unknown Speaker are you part of NASA? Oh, he tried to lie to me. Oh, hello. Unknown Speaker All girl up there. I would help you but my wife's out of town Unknown Speaker and you hate me and my kids. So you'll you'll suffer Unknown Speaker goodbye now Unknown Speaker why don't you make like a Tinker Bell and ring the church bells Speaker 1 golly, there's a church that mentioned Silver City and Branson. Good for them. That's Speaker 2 incredible. I love that so much. Anyways, so yeah, because there was part of his theory that said that NASA can give you your harass. Yeah. And then he went to jail on the next morning he died of a heart attack when he was supposedly healthy. People have ran with that. He's right. He's right. See, that's that's evidence. What's what's problematic and a little unfortunate, is I don't know if a lot of these things there was like a precedence for at the time. This was like the early 90s. Yeah, but a lot of those, these things have started becoming, I don't want to say things that aren't happening, because I don't think they are. But things that are easier to look at and say, hey, it's happening. Okay, so obviously, we know what's happened over the last couple of years. And we know that a lot of these conspiracy theories are things that a lot of people really believe in right now. Sure. And I don't think a lot of people would know that it came from this. Yeah. And I think Dude, I don't know Speaker 1 man, there's what's her face? Who said that the the space lasers were changing the voting machines. You know, I'm talking about No, but I believe it and that's a you know, that was that's where I thought you were going with the sodium Unknown Speaker layer. No, yeah, that's just a space show. Speaker 1 Great. Yeah. I'm harmless, Unknown Speaker harmless, harmless. Speaker 1 And so as to establish themselves as Lord of the earth. That's Speaker 2 completely different. Some some other conspiracy theorists who disagree with Sergei Manasa pointed out that his storyline for Project Blue Beam goes pretty far is pretty hand in hand with two Star Trek episodes. Unknown Speaker It's pretty he was brought up about Star Trek. Speaker 1 No, no, listen, it's not that we don't believe in global elites. I'm with you on that. Isn't that you plagiarize this exactly where I draw the large plagiarism. Like if you want to steal this Speaker 2 from something a little less known? Like the matrix or something, I don't know. The Matrix bigger than Star Trek that spot and start Speaker 1 easily bigger than Star Trek. Okay, whatever. So it's identical. The two episodes of Star Trek. Speaker 2 Yeah, one of them never was released, though. Sure. It's interesting. The episodes are called the God thing and devils do. Okay. And yeah, they pretty much it's this. It's this story. And they came out before his book. It wasn't NASA. That did it. Because NASA's not in Star Trek. Right. But it was, you know, same. Yeah. You can just pick NASA because, you know, he needed a good kinda know could be controlled by the global elites. Speaker 1 Do you say anything about the global elites who they are? And the rich people? Yeah, they're the Yeah, but I'm saying like, did Speaker 2 he say I don't think anyone. I've seen some concern. I've seen a lot of people who believe in this say it's Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the puppet master. Behind all of it. Sure. Because he wants to be God, I guess. Okay. He had a taste of it with his computer. He had his computer. Unknown Speaker That's why make computers Yeah, this broke yesterday, Speaker 1 I was sitting there and the paperclip popped up. And asked me a question that was a little too personal. You don't talk about like it was a little too close. Did you know that? Unknown Speaker Yeah. Speaker 2 Yeah. You know, you know, I was I was working on something the other day that paperclip popped up. Sure. And it said, fun tip about paper clips that are useful for things not just in computers. And you please his, as it said that as I'm reading this, I heard the drawer in the desk in my desk slide open. And all my paper clips just started levitating. And they short they've, they've formed Speaker 1 space now I looked over. And there were two men in green suits. Holding all my favorite clips. So many forgot to get out. Yeah, that we got to keep. I would love to have just a green more soup person just on our set, you know, saying that we just forget to key out Yeah, but we act like we keep really poorly. So once we have enough money to pay someone justice, it's really Unknown Speaker do you want to see that we have a Patreon. Yeah. The Marine Speaker 1 guy. Whatever that means. So is there anything else that you want to talk Unknown Speaker about? Yeah, you know, honestly, I don't believe it Speaker 2 is According to it aliens can't exist and so I can't buy into this but I also think the basis for it is pretty stupid and the idea itself is pretty stupid. Unknown Speaker Well, I'm really proud of how you grown thanks man. Speaker 2 But if you don't believe you're gonna be dead so all right need some batteries save yourself from Speaker 1 because we're together Bill Gates light is my might Unknown Speaker Bill Gates light is my mic Unknown Speaker oh my gosh oh my gosh Speaker 3 jer has Oh my god. As a result of this earthquake I found this artist Unknown Speaker NASA Speaker 1 things alone last night is a production of space Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at Talon podcast. That's ti LL IN podcast, leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night Transcribed by

Conspiracy theories have always been a part of popular culture, and one of the most controversial theories is Project Blue Beam. Lately, this fringe theory has been gaining steam and doing rounds on TikTok, but it’s not a new idea. Serge Monast, a Canadian journalist and conspiracy theorist, introduced this theory in the 1990s. What is Project Blue Beam? Project … Read More

The Fourth Turning – How To Predict The World’s Next Crisis

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Speaker 1 Hey man, what's going on? I don't know. I don't know what happened to see what's going on. There was a B that somehow came out very Louisiana I don't know what happened, guys, we can be immediate. Both of us. Sorry, Connor if you could just put subtitles over me like they do in the swamp shows that would really be helpful. I have no idea what I said. Unknown Speaker David, like a weird swamp name. Speaker 1 We don't got to do this. Jared virus swamp. Swamp boy. That's what they're called. You know? Golly, dude. Anyways, have you ever heard of okay. You're gonna one of those Gator tourists and like Louisiana. Yeah, Unknown Speaker Latin Louisiana. And Florida. Unknown Speaker Yeah, I went. Speaker 2 We went. We went. Have you been in the point? Is it Pensacola Bay? Yeah, that whole bay is only an average of like four feet deep. Which is crazy. And so like he took us out in the middle of the day on our little the little floater saying Unknown Speaker hola dude, Speaker 2 while we were at your honey, we were at Alice beach. And then we drove up to Pensacola for this tour. But Pensacola Bay for the for the Pensacola Bay Gator tour. They got a swab on the backside. Gotcha. Gotcha. So we're in a little fan boat. And he takes us out to the center of the bay leaves the swamp takes up to the center of the bay. And he didn't tell us that it's only four feet deep. What he did tell us he said he said this bay is swimming with a with a bull sharks and then he jumped out of the boat in the middle of the bay. Yeah, Speaker 1 one of my favorite videos on the internet is you don't know what I'm talking about where there's just on that Swamp Boat pitch black middle and night going into the swamp and they see someone in the swamp and they roll up you know exactly talking about he's got a Walmart cheesecake in his hands. And and the guy that vote in the most Louisiana way just goes, Bro, are you eating cheese? And it's that's what the video is. You don't get any context, guys. And he's just barefoot. In the dark. Unknown Speaker Is Gator territory swapping Speaker 1 around dude. Do you think down there they call garage sales swamp meats? Or do you think that's what they call? Do you hear what they call their meat shops when they sell alligator? Speaker 2 Swamp swamp me swamp me? Gosh, I hate that. Anyway, incredible story. But yeah, the guy just jumped out and he and it was like knee deep water. And so all of us were like, he just jumps out and lands and we're like what? Like, maybe later on a shark? Well, that yeah, he's He's like, he's like, he's like this whole bay. And he tells us explains it's like four feet deep. He's in there for 30 seconds. And he's like, he's like, oh, yeah, there's a bull shark now and like jumps back into the bull shark literally like swims right up next to her about. It was crazy experience. Yeah. What do you even see any gainers on the Ghana tour though? Anyway, Unknown Speaker do you see the ghosts of the ghost tour either? But we did see ghosts of the Gator tour. was weird. Those night vision goggles is not a ghost. And then where did that where did this house is we saw cheesecake right? I was Unknown Speaker like the guy was like yeah, the gate. Not a part of the ghost tour. Out of this basement. Speaker 1 gators Dunoon swamp cats bro they're just like okay swamp cat was what my name should be Unknown Speaker on the discord you ran my name. changer, David. The discord right now. No one. All right. I think this whole part should be the intro to the episode Speaker 1 if you're not a Patreon supporter, sorry. If you are you get access to our Discord channel. And Gerrans name right now is Unknown Speaker Paul Rudd, the actor Speaker 1 It is Paul Rudd. The I also changed with no context. Speaker 2 I think mine is lord of the rabbits days right now I forget how to change your name on it to like click on your profile and then go to like change. Speaker 1 User Profile. Here we go. I'm going to go and swamp cat swamp cat. Unknown Speaker Like we don't know what's out there, but Speaker 1 we don't know where you're at. But you know. She says if a guy has taught in his 20s to take me out on dates, he's a loser. A guy tried to pass me on a single lane road today. He was real man isn't where you gotta go in your Chevy. I needed some things I learned last night Unknown Speaker Dude, the whole part in great except for this part that we cut already Unknown Speaker executed flawlessly. Perfect Guy. We're so good at editing this dude. All right. So yeah, we're talking about have you ever heard of the Strauss? How generational theory what you might have heard of it under the more popular name? The fourth turning? Speaker 1 The fourth turning. This is an alien thing. Speaker 2 No. No, actually I don't. I mean, I guess maybe there's a way? No, yeah, the fourth turning. That's this more popular name? Speaker 1 No. So this is an interesting thing. It's just like the Enneagram. Speaker 2 In a way, sort of similar. There's no test that you can take, okay? You got proclaimed. You get to just pick you get to just choose or no, but in a way, it's kind of similar. So this is the fourth turning is comes from the Strauss. How generational theory. Okay, this is a book What are you saying this Strauss, Strauss dash, how, okay, generational theory. Great. And it's, it's found in a book from a guy named Neil Howe and William Strauss. is these two academics, one of them's an economist, and one of them's a historian, okay. And they wrote this book that released in 97, called the fourth turning, and American prophecy, and the concept Unknown Speaker of greed. Speaker 2 This was their second book together, and 91, they released a book called generations. So these guys are really interested in and generations. Have we Speaker 1 talked about this weird book before? I don't think we have Okay, on the podcast, but just like you and I, Speaker 2 I don't think so. Okay. I don't think we have Sure. And it's interesting, because I've been hearing a lot about this concept of the fourth turning lately, especially on like, tick tock. It's gotten very conspiracy II. Yes. Yes. Speaker 1 I want to say there's like a some kind of book from the 90s. Yeah, that like, prophesied a lot of the stuff. Yeah, it's this one. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. And there's like a lot of conspiracy theorists who are late who? And it's like, pretty vague. Yeah. You know, prophecies. Yeah. That then you can be like, well, technically, this does match that description. Speaker 2 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And so I'm glad you have a concept of this. Because what I want to do is I want to outline the conspiracy theory view. And then I want to, and then I want to take it so I Speaker 1 was worried about I was worried about the people who are going to search this topic, having to listen to us talk swamps. You know, Speaker 2 it's always it's always one of these episodes where we open like that. It just happens. There'll be episodes about stuff that doesn't matter at all. And we'll dive right Speaker 1 super into the topic. Yeah, these ones we just go dead swamps. Unknown Speaker Conspiracy episodes. I guess Matt seen Speaker 1 people. Oh, bro. That's a terrier episode was rough. Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah, that always happens. I'm Speaker 1 shocked about the lack of comments we have on the Oregon episode. Speaker 2 That is true. That one just hasn't picked up. I don't know why yet. Yeah, well, I think some talks about it. The full term is so yeah, I want to I want to look at the conspiracy view of it and kind of outline that. And then I want to take it back to the book. Dudes aren't dead are they like they're around? One of them's dead, the other one's still around. So he's still doing interviews and it's actually really interesting watching him as he feeding into the conspiracy stuff now. That's the best part of it. And what's Unknown Speaker interesting is partners dead if you you know, saying Speaker 2 his partner was feeding into the conspiracies, and the FBI killed them for it. Unknown Speaker The FBI doesn't do that. It'd be your right Speaker 2 but yeah, so I wanted to do an episode about this conspiracy theory. And so because I wanted to do that episode, like I did my research and then I realized wanted to look was on Amazon Yeah, what's the word I'm looking for? Not Kimberly noble dot Kindle. We use it all the time to books. Audible audible Thank you. I was trying to blank Unknown Speaker Hashtag add. Unknown Speaker No. And so I was like, Well, I'm just listened to it should Speaker 1 be. We should make an ad service for podcasting called animal called no animal is a definitely a term from algebra victory. Stupid. Algebra victory. It's algebra for Patriots. Except for except for that's a joke for victory. I don't know Google algebra victory. By the time this comes out. We will have Speaker 2 so the Oh Uh, I wanted to do the episode about the conspiracy theory because I thought it was an interesting theory more just because I thought you were gonna hate it. Yeah. But I do. Then I listened to the book and I realized, like most conspiracy theories how far off they are. And so now I want to do Speaker 1 both because obviously they're so far off. Yeah. I know, you were gonna say I realized, like most conspiracy theorists the truth, you're like, Okay, Speaker 2 well, no, I think I think I think the conspiracy theory is like they took they took the ideas and they freakin ran with them. Yeah. And they didn't read the book. Yeah, they they read. They watched a YouTube video about a guy who read the book, right? Yeah. And then they made some assumptions. And then a bunch of people watch those guys assumptions. And it just right yeah, now. Yeah. Unknown Speaker I don't know. I haven't read it. Unknown Speaker But my basket basters. Unknown Speaker I watched the video. Yeah. Speaker 2 That's really funny. No, okay. So here's, here's, here's the way it goes. Right? The concept is that every 80 years or so we enter the fourth turning period. Okay. And the fourth turning period, everything blows up. The political stability of the world starts to collapse the Unknown Speaker good polar. Sure, Speaker 2 and, and there's usually wars and economic issues and things like that. Okay. And it's interesting, if you go back 80 years from now, World War Two, go back about 80 years from then. It's the Civil War, Civil War about 80 years from then it's the Revolutionary War. About 80 years from that is like the beginning of the Speaker 1 similar theory is this. This is totally not off topic. My ex girlfriend's dad. I remember one time very specifically listens. I'm so yeah. Well, I'm so serious is that we were in his little his kitchen. You know, we're sitting there talking about whatever it was 2015 Yeah, right. Yeah. And he goes, You know, every seven years, the economy resets. I was like, what? He goes, it's biblical. And he's talking about how every seven years he goes, he was saying that it's biblical to forgive your forgive debts of? Yeah, no. What do you think that our country thinks that because we're not because they're not. It leads to financial collapse? And honestly, bro, 2008 2015 things were rocky. Yeah. 2022 Speaker 2 It does kind of track. It does kind of track. It's like a little it's a little I was Unknown Speaker like, okay, hey, it's a little hot. Unknown Speaker But you might be Speaker 1 right. You might. Well, if you say in 2000 2008 2009, right. 2015 2016. Yeah. 2022 banks just closed this year. Point three. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know, man. It could Speaker 2 be a thing. Yeah. Could be right. Or you could be totally wrong. Me and him Unknown Speaker flying in my Pepsi jet. Speaker 2 Hey, thanks for flying by me this Pepsi jet. Hopefully everyone repays their debts next year, and they don't have to get this. Speaker 1 Thank you so much. Yeah, so here's the flight. Here's the rules for the flight. Okay, gotta stay seated when the seatbelt signs on. Exits are to the back of the front here. If there's an emergency landing route to get on the field, and also we just don't talk about her here. That's just rules don't really vibe that didn't work out. Unknown Speaker Okay, we're just moving. We're moving forward. And it's, it's all right. Speaker 1 Do you pray? Lots of inside jokes for our listeners there. Anyway, since you're not a listener, conspiracy theorist who stumbled across this, let's talk about the 430 then yeah, let's get back to it. But he did. He really did feel like he was like, It's Biblical. It's Biblical. He was so serious. And I remember these people are serious about it. So I was always like, there's like a similar like, vibe, you know? And so I'm sure it's still track because 878 Speaker 2 It's a it's the number of because he while I'm saying like, Speaker 1 in his theories, correct, you know, yeah, that every every 10 of those is about is a bigger window for turning or whatever. Yeah, that's interesting. So it's not like a strict like ad. Speaker 2 Yeah, it's it's it's a 80 ish. Yeah. Yeah, that's interesting. So the the conspiracy theorists say we've seen war after war over a two year cycle. We're, we're do we're due for another woofers of war. We're due for a big one. And so they look at the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial issues that we've had. Yes, all this stuff. That's as like the beginning of the turning, but it's gonna bubble over into this big war. Speaker 1 Sure. Coincidentally, war is that what they've chosen on to like, it has to be like a world war. Well, it Speaker 2 depends who you look. Sure. There are some who say it's gonna be like a World War. There's some who think that the aliens are gonna invade and we're gonna have a war with aliens. There's ones who say it's Nibiru. Have you seen? Do you know what Nibiru is? Is that a Nickelodeon Jr. Show? Yeah. bluey Nibiru No, yeah, it was something I thought that Nibiru Unknown Speaker was one of those jokes you knew was covered. Yeah. Speaker 2 But Nibiru is, is this concept of thought about doing an episode on bureaus, Unknown Speaker brothers of Unknown Speaker the Bureau, you get where I'm going. Speaker 2 Basically, it's like an idea that there's like some other like hidden planet we haven't found. That's like trying to hit Earth. Like, we don't know it's out there, Unknown Speaker but we don't know where you're at. But you know, we're Speaker 2 gonna be here within the next couple of years, because we're in the fourth turning, and they know that and they know it, but NASA hasn't seen it yet. They've been tracking this giant planet that's close enough to hit us in a couple of years. Speaker 1 Do you think time will work on Mars? Same way it works in here. Now I understand what you're saying. But here's No, like, how long is the year on Mars? Compared to a year here? You know, like for a full rotation of the sun? Unknown Speaker I've I know this but I don't remember. Unknown Speaker Speed of this we should do away with timezones. Speaker 2 Oh my gosh, is this the only reason you brought 687 Days on Mars? For a year? That's right. Yeah, that's like two years that is like, Speaker 1 now. So how do yours work on Mars? Speaker 2 If we because Mars, do we have years zones to not just time zones? Well, Speaker 1 we'll time zones exist. I don't think time zones should exist. I think we should go on Universal Time. Yeah, we've been arguing about this all day. Well, and people were like, well, then the sun would set it, you know? 9am. So the sun says at 9am Get over it. Like, well, you know, we can't just do this because God gave us time zones. It's all made up. It's all made up. We made up time zones, dude. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we did. We made of yours. Yeah, we did. We did. Speaker 1 So how would that work? If they're what I'm saying is if they're in a different planet, here's why I brought it up. Yeah, totally different planet. How are they like, this is at Earth yours? Unknown Speaker Yeah, no, they will probably just change. They will probably just, Speaker 1 they don't really care. They don't speak. They just grunt and do war. Unknown Speaker They would probably just have Martian years. This is a Martian year. Speaker 1 Martian gears. Yeah. Okay. This is two years. I was like when they get here very far away. They'd be like, Oh, the conspiracy theories are getting pretty loud. Speaker 2 It's one. It's one more year. Sir. It sounds like Earth is nearing a crisis. It sounds like the beer is about to hit. For us. We live on Mars. That'll be it. Yes. So some people think the beer is about to hit. Some people think it's just like an economic crisis or just gonna be like a another pandemic or something like that. You know, everybody's got different ideas of what is the crisis, but the leading one is like a World War. And coincidentally, right now there's some geopolitical instability with some major powers in the world. Yeah. That plays we Unknown Speaker did an episode. Speaker 2 And then we couldn't put it out. Yeah, you know, because we record weeks in advance. Yeah. So I'm saying like, we got to be careful when we talk about what I say right now. Yeah. Cuz we don't know what's gonna happen in five weeks. Yeah, that's true. But yeah, there's some geopolitical instability that is stoking the flames of these conspiracy theories. Sure. And so they're getting pretty easy. Yeah. And so. And what's interesting is they use this book as kind of like, the proof to this concept. I look, we're not the crazy ones. Yeah. Because the end of this book closes with some predictions. And they predict at the end of this book, a few things that are very interesting, they predicted that around 2020 they use the word 2020. Around the year 2020. There'll be a communicative virus that spreads across the whole world. They said that there'll be an economic crisis. What, Speaker 1 like when we live, he didn't live in the apartment, I guess. When I left the apartment with Martin Ryan and all them. Yeah. That was 2014 2013 2014. Yeah. And last man on earth. Yeah. Do you know about that? Heard about that? Yeah. The opening scene? Yep. Yep. Says the year 2020. I didn't know that. I don't remember Speaker 2 that. That's spooky. That was a fun show, though. It was alright. It was pretty good. For the first time first, the first season was really fun. Yeah. And then it got they got weird. They had to stretch it a little bit. Yeah, yeah, that's alright. Anyways. Speaker 1 So yeah, there's a lot of weird spooky stuff. Yeah, so that's it. Oh, and we're watching servant. Yeah. And servant came out in 2018. Yeah, when we're watching season one, and he loses his taste and smell interesting. And he's like, he's gonna have some kind of virus or Something interesting, and we're watching it be like, Oh, no, he got it. Unknown Speaker He's early. Yeah, he was the first US subject one, Speaker 1 but it was like in the show it's like some you know, it's like, not witchcraft thing but a supernatural anyways weird. It was Unknown Speaker Boronia virus Morona Unknown Speaker anywhere is a different Unknown Speaker thing. Good says Speaker 2 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes, we have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly, she was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did, we had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 2 Now, and then they said that they said that there's going to be an economic crisis in that during that same time period. They also said that at the very beginning of the fourth turning, that there would be a terrorist attack that would result in the explosion of an airplane. And then they talked about a war a major war happening. Has there been an explosion with airplanes? I mean, 911 Yeah, but that was the beginning of that's what the fourth turning people are saying they were talking about because this book was written in 1997. Speaker 1 That's sure I know that I understand how it works pre. Pre and Post 911. I understand that. I just didn't know that. They were like, that's, that's it? Speaker 2 Yeah, that's the idea. And so they they take these, these, these predictions and say, well, here's all the predictions that they said, We're gonna happen. We can pinpoint. Here's some things that have happened. But then there's some other things that haven't happened, like the war. Sure. And so they're like, Yeah, we're still in in this fourth turning period. And we've got a big war coming in. You better buckle your bootstraps, by your by your bootstraps. And build your Unknown Speaker skills. You're being Speaker 3 basement. You feed a lot of kids of beans. I just did another b word. DEED is what happened being wheelchair big castle. Unknown Speaker How's your dream? Conquer Unknown Speaker debugger? is bonkers. What? 100% being? Speaker 1 Okay. It's the most it's the most structural structure Speaker 2 is perfect because it could withstand nuclear blast. But then once I'm ready to get out, I could just eat my way out. All right. Very weird. So yeah, so here's the thing. Unknown Speaker Okay. Do you listen to it, though? I listen Speaker 2 to the book. Yeah. And I watched some interviews with the author, because he's still around doing interviews. Yeah. Interview number one, I do this. This wasn't me. I didn't do this, though. The CIA. It wasn't me. My my partners of the CIA showed up like, we're Speaker 1 still trying to figure out what happened. I didn't Speaker 2 know he. What's interesting is that into the book that is kind of the basis for a lot of the conspiracy theory. That last chapter was a section that open with them saying, here's how this could possibly pan out. And so they even say that, here's some predictions for the future. Here's a possible scenario. And they gave four possible scenarios. And those four possible scenarios were separate. The virus did not happen in the same scenario as the war. The economic downturn did not happen in the same scenario as the terrorist attack. Speaker 1 But it's also not like not like COVID came out of nowhere. Yeah, we that was that's what all the experts were trying to say. They've been saying was like, we've been saying that we're not prepared for a pandemic. Yeah. Since the swine flu for decades. Yeah. Yeah. So it's not super surprising that a 99 is, it is a little odd. There were 2020. You know, yeah. But like, for them to say, in the next 20 years. Speaker 2 Yeah. And that's the thing is everything that they said was still brought, like if they did say there would be a pandemic, but like you said, like, yeah, of course, a pandemic could happen. Like we have record of those things happening all the time. Wars could happen, economic downturns could happen, possible terrorist attacks could happen. And so these were all really broad things that weren't just like, tragic events that they were saying could happen during this fourth turning. And they weren't saying they were going to happen. They weren't like predicting them. Right. They were saying here's some possibilities of how the fourth turning could pan out. Right. And they've ran with them like these Were prophecies, when that's not what they were saying. Their subtitle was misleading because they use that word prophecy. I feel like they should change that. But the whole concept of the book is actually a lot more interesting than what the conspiracy theorists say it is. It's not this is not this mystical, like the world goes to World War every every 80 years. It's not it's not sure. It's that it might. Basically, the concept is this is that they take seasons, like we all have, every year has a season. And every season, you have different behaviors in that season, you would not try to reap a harvest in the winter, you're not trying to plant seeds in the winter. And so your mindset and your behavior in those seasons is different because of what season you're in. Speaker 1 Yeah, I mean, hot girl summer is different than Meet the Parents winter. You know, those are, those are different Speaker 2 seasons. That's a dry season. Yeah, you're right. And so what they said is that the generations Yeah, follow the same pattern that makes sense that every 20 years has been talking about this, too. Yeah, he honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he's read these books. Because these are these are pretty academic books. These are not Yeah. Speaker 1 Good. I've read it. The, these are pretty academic. These are pretty good read, you want to understand, I read this after I volunteered at church on Sunday. Speaker 2 You have to buy stocks to understand this, but yeah, you know, I got a portfolio now, so ETFs, every 20 years or so? Short end, 10 years long in 30 years, average 20. You know, averages work, but every is a different generational archetype. Yeah. And those archetypes follow one of four. Structure structures. There's the Prophet, okay, which is a time where it's all this generation is big. It could be life consensus around ideals. Basically, there is large figureheads and institutions that guide people forward, there's the prophets of the generation that lead everyone and everyone follows their lead. It's very high value of institutions. Yeah, the Nomad has rebelled against the prophets, the nomads the next generation, okay, they've rebelled against the prophets. And it's almost like, like a spiritual awakening type of situation, but much more internal. So it's, it's less about the whole, and it's more about the me. And it's more about like, taking down the established order taking down the establishment and not listening to what they want from us, because Sure, they are these two right after each other, these two different come right after each other. Okay. The next is the hero. And the hero is one where they have seen a lot of instability that has come from the no man's having kind of tore down all the establishments, and all of the institutions. And so they, they come up in an era where things are, are rocky and difficult. Sure. And so they are, oddly, strangely optimistic about the future, that change is coming, and things are going to become better. And they often become the ones who kind of lead the change. That's why they're called the heroes. And then the artists are the ones who they come of age in a time where everything is radically changing. And they don't, and they're, they're not allowed to be a part of it, because they're too young. And so then as they grow old, they feel this urge to contribute, but the only way they can contribute is through art. And so they kind of describe everything that they were around growing up, because now things are better. Sure, they've got to remember a time when they were worse and they kind of describe and they write this real, poetic. They're writers, they're musicians. They're artsy people. Okay. So yeah, those are the four archetypes. And obviously, everybody is different than those, but that's sure type that characterizes the four, the four generations, the four generations, and they they wrote the book generations kind of talking about these archetypes and really fleshed out the concept of what these archetypes were sure. And they followed them back about 500 years and showed that as you look at culture as a whole, from the American line of culture, so through the birth of the United States, right through colonialism and into the early Unknown Speaker Jesus signed the Declaration of Independence. Speaker 2 that they followed this pattern. And pretty pretty closely. And while doing that, they noticed that it wasn't just the generations that there was this sort of feedback loop of the nation itself was going through this process as well. Okay. And that's what they call the turnings. And so the fourth turning is what we're in very academic so far. Thanks. Unknown Speaker I just want to give our listener a break. Unknown Speaker Do you want to do it no, I'm just talking about swamps Speaker 1 so the so the, the listeners were thanking me for that, dude, they were like, jump give me a freakin haul let me pull up my notes. I guess hold me so there's an anon there's one or we were here last year. So fooling yourself. Speaker 2 Here we talk. We are here we are. Yes. We'll get to that. We'll get to that. So they just got you over here. Speaker 1 You're a hero. I'm a hero. We're all heroes. Now. We're Speaker 2 not all heroes. We're barely heroes. We are barely heroes. Okay, but we'll be we'll still use GZ the artists they're artists. Yeah. Okay. Because it makes sense. Speaker 1 Well, you're so old some artsy here. You're so old bro. I'll tell you what I saw the most millennial thing I've ever seen today. This is a real someone got like so you know there's a lot of the lane closed sources they're piling up and then someone you know does the thing where they cut all the way up here and they try to cut around this person. Anyway, gets in front of this girl. This girl's got one of those lejos octopus things on her dashboard. Those little fluffy Yeah, she turns it inside out. Because it's got a frowning face on the inside. Oh my and I was like is that the millennial middle finger is no one are you freaking kidding me? That cuz it's like once I was happy, that's a good that's how you're telling your mood. Yeah, I was like, Is this like a millennial mood ring? What is going on right here and she has she's reached out she went like this. Speaker 2 But do you think that guy could actually see that? I know I guarantee. Oh, I saw a tweet where the guy was like, to me I would break check. Speaker 1 And then I walk it out. I'd steal that octopus. turn upside down. Are you joking? You saw a guy would do what Speaker 2 Nizar tweet where the guy was like my dad doesn't flip people off in traffic. He gives them a thumbs down and he's like people people seem to like that even less. Speaker 1 They don't like that. We just go. Boo. A guy tried to pass me on a single lane road today. He was real mad. I was like, Where are you gonna go and your Chevy? What was it? Malibu Chevy Malibu. Yeah, that's sad. That's sad. Sorry, Chevy Malibu. Unknown Speaker That's because we're sponsored by Toyota Toyota Corolla. The happiness of my life. We couldn't even do sponsored by one of their better cars. Unknown Speaker It's not sad. It's not sad. Not sad sedan. Speaker 1 Okay, oh, good. All right, back to the boring, the Unknown Speaker boring stuff. Things. Okay, so here's, here's where it gets interesting. You ready? Unknown Speaker Thank God, we're finally here. Now keep going. Speaker 2 Okay, so they noticed that the nation goes through this as well. And so there's these four cycles every 20 or 30 years or so? Sure. Where do you have the the four phases are? Let me scroll down. So I get this right. You the four phases of the cycle or the high. And so that's when everything is really good. Okay, that's when you're excited to be alive. That's when things are going things are chugging along forward, things are going good. But it's double sided. It's not just high because it's good. And that's not just profit, prosperous. It's high because you have a high institutional reliance. Everybody's everybody's relying on the communal. Yeah, here we are. You're in the high. The next phase is the awakening. That's when everybody starts to become, yeah, more introspective more. It's all it's about me. It's not about everybody else. And then you have the unraveling, that's when everything starts to fall apart. It's a very chaotic time. But it's not. It's not explosive. And there's not a lot of change coming out of it, but it's chaotic. And what's strange, though, is it's still pretty good. Like it's it's weird, because it's still it's still pretty good. But there's also Speaker 1 about the safety of the institutions. Yeah. But you can explore different things. Speaker 2 Yeah. And there's, and maybe a good way to put it is there's bad things going on around the world. But you're kind of removed from it. And so Like think things are pretty bad and you know, it's bad, but you're like, I don't have to, like, acknowledge that it's bad. Yeah, like that's the unraveling. Things are bad. Yeah, yeah. And then the crisis is when the unravel kind of hits that fever picture and then you have to get involved, you're stuck in it. And it's, it's, it's here, and things get really, really crazy. And then it repeats and you go back into a high and what they say is that because of the way the interplay of where the generations are at specific points in time when events happen, right, and because of the way that those generations react, when they have the power and the control to events, then it creates this cultural attitude and it dictates how history unfolds and how how the nation gets involved with world events show for example, World War One happened during an unraveling World War Two happened during a crisis period and so the unraveling period Unknown Speaker no that period period Speaker 2 so because World War One was in an unraveling period Yeah, well Unknown Speaker well wasn't a very popular with America. Yeah, Speaker 2 it the World War One started with the sinking of that ship I don't know it's called the Titanic Speaker 1 Okay, is did the cruise it took out carnival dream. Speaking I'll be on Carnival dream Memorial Day weekend. If you want to buy tickets to that cruise. It's just his vacation. He's gonna be it'll be there. Ray's not going to see me till the day. That's right. I needed some cheapest if you want to see me perform with the Spirit Airlines. You can come to carnival dream. You can book Unknown Speaker a show on spirit. Speaker 1 Fly spirit to be honest with you. Oh my gosh, no, I really am on Carnival dream Memorial Day weekend. If you want to come to that. I you. I know. You for your birthday Speaker 1 this is for you. Aubrey. Yeah, one and then you won't have to pay for it. So you guys can have that fight later. But just wanted you to know I'm gonna get you a good gift. You got me a really good gift this year. Yeah, I try. I mean a bad gift. Unknown Speaker That's why I tried so hard. Speaker 1 Last year, it looked like he unscrewed a lamp from his own house. Like a little wall lamp and was like you can have this Unknown Speaker doesn't match anything in my house. I was like okay, thanks. I put it up though. So I'm not allowed to modify things in my apartment. I can't put that up anywhere. Speaker 2 It's importantly, like conveyed stripped to the wall. Like that's why I was like a nice little loud Speaker 1 gift. Is a great gift. I really appreciate it. I bought you a car. That's a Toyota Corolla and I need to be one of the sad ones bro. You went to IKEA Do Unknown Speaker you would cry on Unknown Speaker your cry like have fun? Jeez, bro. Well, I get you for your birthday last year. Speaker 2 You got me a flight that I still haven't taken it bro. I know I need to take Speaker 1 I got him a training flight that he can go learn how to fly. They do that on spirit. Did you know that? Let you sit up there. They're like, Hey, you want to give it a shot? We don't know what we're doing. You can Unknown Speaker book it on expedience. Like first. Oh, man. Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker Oh, yeah, it was Speaker 2 in World War One, yeah. They sent the Fantasia the sea. And it took the us two years to finally decide, hey, we're gonna be a part of this war now. Sure. World War Two was in a crisis period. They bombed Pearl Harbor and the next day we are in the war. Yeah. And so it's it's it's the way that people Power react to things sure that make the things that happen in that Speaker 1 you're in a crisis, very reactive time. And that's the idea is that Speaker 2 the people who are in power in that, and that not very calculated are our crisis. Mind. So Speaker 1 hey, it's me again, thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this. And so just think about that. You know, that's it. We have Patreon supporters. And it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to the show. But there's people who want to make more of it happen. And so they financially support the show. 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So I mean, like you're saying the generation as a whole is certain whatever. Like, we're the heroes, whatever. Right? Yeah. Are you suggesting that we're going to have to be the heroes for the next phase of this? Unknown Speaker Yeah. So the concept is, Unknown Speaker well, that kind of sucks. What Speaker 2 they realize what they realize is that the generations all had these personality types. Sure. And then the nation went through the phases as well in the nation. On target, but yeah, it lines up to where your hero is always coming to age. So in their 20s to 40s, during the crisis, and so they're the ones who have to rise up and solve the crisis. And so that's, that's why Speaker 1 don't want to do that. You don't say like, oh, that's not my problem. Speaker 2 It will be. That's their point is it becomes a situation where you're the one who has to figure it out. Speaker 1 And I hate that. I resent that. I want it to be their problem. It is their problem. Like the bank failure, bro. That's their problem. That's dude, I was so annoyed. Do you know about the SVB bank failure? They not do know about the bank failure thing? Do you know that in 2009, they put a bunch of regulations on banks that they were like, Hey, you can't do sketchy stuff anymore. And it's just an 18 The government was like, hey, narrowminded feels, you know, sketchy. And then it took them less than five years to be like we scheduled Unknown Speaker harder. Speaker 1 I'm so annoyed that crap, man. I don't want to be the hero generation. Yeah, well, you got baby generation that gets taken care of. I want to be ours. I want to do ours to a podcast Speaker 2 while we are on the line. So I mean, if you pray cards, right, you're gonna want to do that crap. You could be artsy, if you want. Change your haircut. I'm just an artist. Speaker 1 I'm so full of hair is whatever that means. I don't know, the kids say. I agree. Unknown Speaker Oh, man, you've been on a youth ministry for a minute Speaker 2 I have. So it's become this feedback loop. Sure of the people behave in a certain way when they're in that part of the generation. The world around them is what has led them to do that. So the world they came up in, created their personality, like, nurtured their personality. And because they came up in that world, when they find themselves in their position of power, they're going to react a different way. And, and that creates a cycle and it's just okay. Because that's yeah, the Speaker 1 same way that like, you know, our grandparents don't do this because they didn't live through the Prussian war, but they are parents. So like, my mom's grandparents saved aluminum foil and stuff, because they, you know, they lived through the Depression. So they they saved everything. Speaker 2 Yeah. Because they, they came up in a period when that was, Speaker 1 even when it wasn't necessarily more that was still who that's what they did. Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah. And so. So they, they, they take this back to the 1500s and illustrate this. Every 20 years or so, you see the turn and they, the whole book is pretty much them going through each of these 20 years to being like, here's everything that was happening in the world. Here's how it went down. Here's how the American culture reacted to it. And it lines up throughout the whole story. And so when they wrote the book, they are at the tail end of an unraveling. And they said that we believe that the unravel this unraveling will end sometime around 2006 and be launched in what happens what's true of the crisis? Almost throughout every point in history that they've outlined, they I think they went through five of these. Speaker 1 A lot of crisis though this is more than just freaking Well, that's the thing Speaker 2 is the crisis is always started. Kind of surprisingly, it's like an overnight thing. All of a sudden, you're in a crisis moment, and that lasts about 20 years. And there's multiple crises. Speaker 1 Crisis lasted. Yeah. 911 the housing crisis 911 Speaker 2 Wasn't the unraveling. It was actually in the unraveling. 2008 was the housing crisis. That was the start of our crisis period. Okay. And so by their numbers, Unknown Speaker I did have a crisis doesn't tend to that makes sense. Speaker 2 I don't think personal crises Oh, that's just that's just you. Speaker 1 Yeah, that's not a part of high school. There was like one level of Temple Run. I couldn't get past your guy broke Speaker 2 my phone. My phone it's an iPod Touch. Speaker 1 I should download tempo run tonight. ashtag ad it's Speaker 2 interesting. He brought that up because I saw somebody played temporarily the other day. Literally out loud said are you playing? Are you playing Speaker 1 that's like the guy in first class. You see it all the time. i You don't because you don't sit in first class. Like I see it all the time. People still play Angry Birds. Yeah, that's that's bonkers. All white guys got that game. Like that's the first thing that download. Yeah, when they get a new iPhone, they don't have a very good download or wife's contact information. Download Angry Birds three. They walk through they go restore purchase. Speaker 2 They walk into the 18 T store and they say hey, well I lose my Angry Birds. Progress if I get the new I got Speaker 1 yeah, there's a guy straight up has his old phone still got some kind of progress on his phone? He doesn't want to lose. Lose but he's got an iPhone. It was it was a different phone and he didn't want to lose so he got the iPhone, but he keeps his old phone. That's so weird. Well, Verizon, I guess Yeah, no. Yeah, we chose you know, marriage and family and this guy chose snake on his 2002 Nokia. Bro, the buttons are gray, you know saying like they're just worn out and he's just sitting there freaking Speaker 2 out of the plane this dude's watching a movie. This dude's eaten five guys and then this dude pulls out his Nokia Unknown Speaker cash dang it Gee Golly. Unknown Speaker I think if you've tried to bring a Nokia on the plane Speaker 1 that seems pretty 2001 No pre 2007 phones are here Unknown Speaker your phone has to have a screen that's full phone or else we Speaker 1 can't bring a break it doesn't need well it doesn't meet the the weight requirements too heavy for the plane Unknown Speaker can take away the whole plane down by Speaker 1 back police for weight and balance with your break phone. Unknown Speaker Hey, sir, your phones too heavy to sit in the front. Speaker 1 Imagine walking through the airport though that huge phone in his pocket. Just freakin pants are designed for that anymore, man. Unknown Speaker Yeah, they had parachute pants back then. There's a lot more Unknown Speaker to do. I don't know how we got here. Speaker 2 But the last 20 or 30 years tend to tend to 30. So on the low end, 2018 was the end, which we all know that was our wasn't the end. So on the mid end, 2820 28 will be the end of the crisis and crisis. Crisis periods are full of crises. And so we obviously don't We don't even have to list them. We know that in the last 10 ish years. Let's learn a lot. There's been a lot. Let's list them. The the point is there's probably going to be more. And there's probably going to be things that we as the heroes are going to have to be heroic for sure. What's interesting, according to their timeline, we've obviously gone through a similar process. Yes, there's a good chance there's going to be more fire with what they say we could be done. Because they say that 10 years, it's somewhere between 10 and 30. On average 20 years is what these turnings are surely can be done. What's important is that during the time of crises, the people in power genuinely Generally not genuinely, but genuinely as well, you will generally make decisions that exasperate the problems and make things a little bit bigger of an issue than they would have been if these things happened during unraveling or other periods. Because that's an important thing to note is that wars and crisis's crises happen in every turning Speaker 1 well, but that's the thing is that wars and crises they can't be dealt with with long term solutions. They have to be dealt with with immediate solutions, which is where conspiracy theorists get all messed up and stuff. Yeah, it's like, dude, the government didn't have all the info we've gotten now about COVID. Yeah, so they couldn't be like, Hey, here's the we're gonna do a two year rollout of all this stuff. They had to be like everyone shuts down tomorrow. Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And, yeah, so So issues happen throughout everything. It's the way that issues are handled, and the way things happen, and the way the society reacts to those issues, during the crisis that makes it a crisis period. What what the really interesting part about this as though is that in the crisis, period, sure. And just like a lot of us do in our regular lives, yeah, is we wait until the crisis to finally deal with all the problems that have been coming up during the unraveling during the awakening, right? That's when we say, okay, all this stuff needs to be dealt with. And then in the high period, you become, you come into an area where the heroes have noticed, I pointed that myself, for you are the heroes who helped usher everyone out of the crisis, sure, create the new institutions, and they build those institutions, it becomes a high institutional era. And it becomes an area of relative prosperity. Because everyone's kind of been like, oh, yeah, this whole, like, trying to do everything by myself. We were hasn't really worked. Yeah. And then the cycle repeats itself. What's interesting is, if you look in war, at the end of World War Two, all of the all of the high institutions that were established are really the high institutions that are running everything today. They're still the ones that are in play. But they haven't changed at all, the world's changed a lot. But they're still operating things as they did in that era. CIA, FBI, United Nations, NATO, all of these institutions that created the prosperity that was possible. After World War Two are still here. Chances are in the crisis period, a lot of those will get obliterated, and new things will be put into place, and everybody will bow down to the new world or new institutions. Sure, Unknown Speaker every knee will bow Speaker 2 and then things will be pretty good. The authors do are careful to note that it's not the highest not a high for everybody. There are people who the highs are high for some people because they subjugated other people to be able to be in a high and so it's not a everybody is everything's great all the time when things are happening, but it is for the most part as far as the greater culture. The majority of the people are in that in this cycle, and it repeats itself. It's kind of that concept. You probably heard it the this is a this is a classic Wild at Heart Conference quote. But it's kind of it's honestly kind of their point of of hard times make strong men strong men make good times good times make weak men weak men make bad times. Bad times. Make strong men trying to make good Speaker 1 researcher that's a you've been to one to many men's conferences. Yeah. Speaker 2 And that's essentially the concept here is that the things that happen in the world are pretty cyclical. I'm Speaker 1 just a weak little man just a weak weak little boy. But Unknown Speaker anyways, we can leave it with this the interview the guy did an interview with Tony Robbins Speaker 1 we're gonna leave it here. So the guy was doing an interview with Oprah you're like come on Unknown Speaker it Tony Robbins came out and he was like oh my god these guys did the 40 Unknown Speaker sounds at all can you do Unknown Speaker he sounds like he smoked his whole life but didn't smoke Speaker 3 Yeah, it's it's definitely a low it's a little it's a little raspy. Kind of low hold on kind of low and rest. Unknown Speaker The rest I don't know what accent he has like Unknown Speaker it's almost our Manian kinda Speaker 1 know guys a little I guess a little close anyway. Or Tony Robbins say? Unknown Speaker So he talked about he talked about Speaker 1 on Audible. This is real. His money book or whatever. Yeah, I'll read that. As long as you're not long. It was like 20 hours. 21 hours, bro. I was like, I don't need to make money. Speaker 1 If I spent all 21 of those hours learning a new skill I spent all those 21 hours instead of listening to Tony Robbins stupid book, if I spent all 21 hours breaking into cars at the movie theater parking lot by my house and stealing their stuff and reselling or Amazon much money, Unknown Speaker if I've spent all 21 of those hours paying 21 rental properties, Speaker 1 bro, okay, I see you see the podcast clip? Golly, man, it's one of the barstool people. It's a girl. And she's saying, she says, If a guy has time in his 20s to take me out on dates, then he's a loser. Yeah. And you're like, Speaker 2 yeah, a guy should not have time for you in his 20s. Yeah, that's her point. That's crazy. Speaker 1 Yeah, I sent it to Ray. And I was like, This is why I hang out with you. I'm busy listening to Tony Robbins. Unknown Speaker Busy succeeding over. Speaker 1 It's just me. Just just sit Unknown Speaker cross legged at Starbucks. With with a Strat to your Speaker 1 group that's on the floor of a long straw. Speaker 1 Actually, I listened to Tony Robbins book in one year. And then the other book I listened to Grant Cardone. Oh, god, oh, my gosh, this is so bad. That was so so yeah. Robbins, Speaker 2 Tony Robbins was talking to him about all these generations. And one of the main points that the authors of this book make is that the reason why things get so bad so often Yeah, is because we we do things in these turnings that are not first turning or third turning actions. And Tony drew the example of saying that one of the biggest moments for the human race was when we figured out seasons was because we figured out that we should not try to reap a harvest in the winter, we should try to plant seeds in the middle of the summer. Because people were doing that for many years. And they couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Right? When they figured out seasons, it opened up a whole new world for us. And so their point is that we need to recognize these patterns and be able to see what part of the pattern weren't in and play to that pattern and not just play act like everything's the high sure and act like everything's great because in reality, it's not. We need to plan for whatever phase we're in. Maybe we're maybe we're planting for a harvest in the high that's going to be 40 years from now. Speaker 1 Well, I guess it's good that like the crisis is almost over. It is kind of like the rest of our life gonna be all right. Unknown Speaker Yeah. I mean, it's true. If we can serve your little Speaker 1 baby listen to this. Sorry, to Speaker 2 your your your childhood is gonna be pretty rough. Yeah. But maybe a week little man, you're gonna make some art. You're gonna make some good artists, some good little drawings, art, and then your kids are going to your kids are going to be crazy or rise up. Yeah, there's gonna be the world's gonna unravel around your eyes. And then you're gonna die whenever everything else was as bad as it was when you report Speaker 2 it was bound to start it is going to be bad when it ends. I'm sorry about that. That's, Speaker 1 that's why I'm saying if you're born like 1940, and you died last year. Unknown Speaker That's rough. That's a rough. That's Unknown Speaker a rough why? Speaker 2 But honestly, though, like you didn't have to, honestly, that might be the best scenario because you didn't have to do to do it when it was bad. And now and then you're old enough to where you don't have to deal with it. What was bad. Speaker 1 I was my grandma's. She was born at 35. Yeah, she's still around. She's still kicking. Yeah, it's not her problem anymore. Speaker 2 Yeah. So she got to live the prime of her life and the world was Yeah, her house at $21,000. That's bonkers. Because for her. Yeah. So Unknown Speaker I bought it for 21,000. Last year. She doesn't know. She doesn't know how How's 1000 for this? I said, let's call it can you Unknown Speaker drive it off the off? Yeah. Unknown Speaker So you drive it off the law? Speaker 2 I'll give you 16,000 For this house. Yeah, that's fair. That seems Speaker 1 to try to buy a car this week. And I was like, let's just see what I can swing for. Elizabeth for 26. Nine. And I said, would you take 21? Do it. No. Would you take for no one I said, I said okay. I'd ask. I've walked in. She goes 26 Nine. And then so we didn't say different number. A different number is about 23. Five. Speaker 2 She said she said 26 nine and then I said oh that was Colin should do. Is that supposed to be your fault? You don't have to do that. Oh, Does your shirt pull your shirt down? Speaker 1 Tom, it was about you tubers. Oh my gosh. Sorry, Tim. Unknown Speaker Oh my gosh. Anyways, long story short. Speaker 1 I'm in my prime right now. I'm in my high time right now, if you will. Speaker 2 Long story short, yeah. The conspiracy theories to tell you that these people predicted that we're about to go into World War Three Yes, odds are we are, but they didn't predict it. And it's not guaranteed we might not we might be done, we might be going through a period where we're going to build up our institutions. One thing I'll say that's really interesting is when I was in Bible school, I did not get credentialed by the Ag because I did not trust the institution. And I did not want to tie myself that closely to the institution. Because I came up in unravelling when institutions weren't trusted. I have recently, within the past year or so, started leaving institutions. I think you and I have had these conversations where I'm like, You know what, I think institutions are important. And I think we do need to bring some order into the world and people need to put some more trust in institutions. And that's just kind of happened. Speaker 1 Yeah, Tim came in the office one day and said, We should rule over our neighbors. And now he's trying to frame that like, put this man walked in the door, I was wearing a fur coat down to the floor. I Unknown Speaker said, like, jumpsuit, Speaker 1 he said, Let's take control of our dominion. I was like, What are you talking? Unknown Speaker What's that? What's that Pax Romana, Unknown Speaker she comes in wearing his fur coat. He's goes Unknown Speaker I'm the hero. Stop. It took me so long to figure out what to do. Speaker 1 YouTube comment, we could talk about it. There's a YouTube comment that said, Hey, you don't have to keep pulling your shirt down. You could delete this. Yeah, read it. Well, let me delete it. He goes, You can believe whatever you read it. You don't. You don't have to be pulling your shirt down. It's okay to have a little bit of belly. And listen, the YouTube comments are not kind to me. Yeah. And they're usually about me. They're like, Oh, yeah, the big guy. Yeah. Right. And I was like, well, that sucks. I watched the clip. And I didn't touch my shirt once. That's about Tim. Yeah. Speaker 2 Shame to have a little belly. I'm not ashamed of my little belly. Speaker 1 So he comes in one day for coat down to the ground, pulling on his shirt. And he's goes, we need to rule over Kansas City. Yeah, they will bow to us. Speaker 2 How do you think we take over power? What are the crisis? We all that's kind of that'd be Unknown Speaker a crisis. That's a that's a cool like, slogan. That's a good album. Unknown Speaker You want to start a call? Well, I was thinking a call. It's like that was the cold slogan. So we are the crisis. You Speaker 1 believe in institutions in a way that's like what you're like, we should make banks still around. What do you what do you mean, you know, it's not banks? I think I think it's, it's important to have oversight, because here's the people. Here's a Speaker 2 great example. There's an episode. I don't remember what episode I know, we shot it. I remember, I vividly remember in your apartment that we did, where we were talking, I think about AI or something like that. Maybe it was one of it made his neural link. Because I was saying at the time, i strongly believed that crowdsource wisdom was better than like, refined academic, like academia coming in. And I have changed my opinion on that. Yeah, I don't think I think that a lot of the things that have happened recently as a Bitcoin, do you think about Bitcoin? It could have been, but yeah, now now i don't i don't see things that way. I think that the Wikipedia model of doing things, yeah, is not the best way you need peer review. You need a control system to say, yeah, that's accurate. That's not accurate. That's an okay thing to say, that's not an okay thing to say, Sure. Here's the rules. And we're gonna enforce them and make sure you follow them. Because that's how you have an orderly society that doesn't crumble and people Speaker 1 will go outside the box. Yeah, but not that far outside the box. You don't gotta think into a different realm, a different circle. Speaker 2 And I think it's like, I think there, I think there's, I think there's room for that. Yeah, but I don't think you publish that. I think you think that oh, yeah, but I don't think you got published it. First. You gotta, you gotta like test and justify it. And you gotta have people who can agree with you and prove be like, Yeah, you're right. You don't get to just go tweet and needles on the internet affects the generation stuff at all. I'm sure it does. I'm sure it does. But I think that do you think Speaker 1 my theory is that we would almost accelerate it that instead of 80 years, we will be doing this every every 30 years? Speaker 2 You know, it's possible. But I think I think I think more than anything, it's just kind of moved that. I mean, to use a word that was used when Twitter was bought a lot. It's moved that kind of marketplace, like city center thing. Yeah, to the internet. And so like it's still engaging. Still doing the same thing that was happening before I saw this thing. On tick tock today a guy was talking about third place. Have you seen that? Have you heard of this? Yeah. Like you have to have. Speaker 1 Starbucks is that's what their slogan is, is nurses won't be a third place. Speaker 2 Yeah. If you haven't heard of it, basically, the concept is that your third, your first place is your home. Your second place is your place of work. Your third place is your place of community. And for a lot of people, that's churches, maybe a cafe or a coffee shop, that they go to a lot. Or whatever, a bar, a club that like it's Speaker 1 the Internet became the third place. Yeah. And so whenever you like, you know, a lot of kids end up isolating in their rooms as an attempt to find the third place. I saw that video. I saw a video like that in the context of Well, we made we made it illegal for kids to hang out anywhere. Yeah, yeah. So kids don't have a third place outside of the internet. Speaker 2 Interesting. Yeah. And that's, that's the problem. The Internet is a lot of people thought the internet was gonna be our new third place. And so all the third places closed down. Yeah, there's so many churches, so many restaurants and bars and things like that. Yeah. But the internet has not been able to replicate what third place has done for people. Yep. So but it maybe or maybe it has done all the worst sides of the third place, though. Like it? It's yeah, I don't know. Anyway. But yeah, anyways, long story short, I felt my opinion change on that. And just organically through watching the world do what the world has done through this fourth turning. I've been like, you know what, maybe institutions aren't that bad of a thing? Yeah, I was very against them when I was younger. And now I'm, I would say I'm leading pro institution. It's interesting. Yeah. Speaker 1 So we as the heroes have to face a crisis head on. Yeah. You know, let's say the banks really screw us over. Yeah. What do you suggest that we do? To fight back? Speaker 2 I think that the obvious thing that I think any hero would realize in that situation is everybody get on a bus Unknown Speaker okay. Speaker 2 All the heroes if you're not a hero, don't get on the buses bus for heroes only the hero bus destination Georgia. We're gonna put a lot of Speaker 2 things out there last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilam podcast is Ti ll en podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us, and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Every generation’s unique experience shapes its values, beliefs, and behaviors. The Fourth Turning, a book co-authored by William Strauss and Neil Howe, presents a compelling argument that generational cycles can predict social, economic, and political crises. The authors argue that America is in the midst of the fourth turning, a period of crisis that requires a profound change in leadership, … Read More

Pole Shift – The Hidden Phenomenon That Might Happen Again

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Unknown Speaker Hey man. Yeah, I didn't have anywhere to go. Unknown Speaker Sweet. Hey, man, what have you got? I'm gonna be honest. I don't know what to call this right now. Have you ever heard of Chad Thomas? I guess we can start there. Chan Thomas Yeah, maybe Chauncey Thomas. John. Yeah. Unknown Speaker I've heard a Chauncey No. Yeah. Don't use this shortened versions of his name, heard their name, her name, their name. In his name, Chauncey. Unknown Speaker Chauncey Johnson. Unknown Speaker That's a punchable name, dude. If someone said to me, they're like, they're like, I like hey, I'm Jaron and I have a dumb name. I get it. Okay, I get it. But they go, Hey, I go ham. Jaren and they go, I'm Chauncey, I would refer like, Whoa, sorry, so sorry. I Unknown Speaker just heard your name and my fist flew. Unknown Speaker I don't know me. And that was like a shadow movement of something. You know. That was a ghost punch is what that was. People have like vibrations with their phone when it's not even in their pocket. Yeah, it's vibration. That's what that would. Sorry, I got chancy trauma. Unknown Speaker sigh yeah, that's, you know, it happens to the best of our Unknown Speaker policy. So Damn, dude. Just give this guy his marinara list. Do you like my hat though? Unknown Speaker I do like your hat. Unknown Speaker Bring it up later. He said to make a change. You got to make some stuff up. Why do you always just drop small facts like that? That made me go? Are we gonna be like fly off this planet? Things I Learned last night? Unknown Speaker Yeah, this is a this is one where you remember when we did an episode on Portaria. Okay, and people still comment on us? Like we're idiots or something like that. Sure. And ironically, that was the episode where I had COVID. So I was wearing that suit. Like it was just great timing. Unknown Speaker It was great. Because we talked about the vaccines. We hit a lot of stuff for that Jhansi one of the people who comment on it and now you don't look to look at the right YouTube comments and you were like, okay, ciao and see. Yeah, Unknown Speaker this is this will be an episode. No, this is will attract the same crowd. I think so well go. Leave a comment below with your job. We want to know what you think about this content. Unknown Speaker Leave your mom's house. She's begging you. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna start from the front. You're not gonna like us. Yeah, but leave a comment. Anyways, Tell us. Tell us about it. Tell us off your Unknown Speaker phone. It's not for you. For normal people who have understandings of human connection, that's how you add love. Be honest with yourself. Cut to my camera. Be honest with yourself. Okay. Get the heck out of here. All right. I'm so serious. Don't comment on the way out. I want to know what you think. Tell me what you think. Okay. Yeah, tell me what you think Unknown Speaker I looked at your camera like your camera could see me just now as like, tell me what you think. Sure. Okay, so, Unknown Speaker how the hell did Jhansi do who is Chauncey Unknown Speaker Chauncey is he chan we'll call Him Chan because that's apparently what he goes by. Okay, Unknown Speaker maybe I don't know if it's pronounced chant. He might pronounce a chant. His name is Chauncey Sure. Shan Shan Shan Shan Shan he was a Unknown Speaker proper chain after 14 Before 14, but maybe it's named after him. That doesn't give me a lot of hope for this episode's gonna go? Great. Unknown Speaker No, so, this guy, he it's kind of tough to nail down who he is. Okay. He's the author of a book. And that book is isn't what we're talking about. Yeah, that books are very influential. Gosh, the Book of Mormon Unknown Speaker No, Jhansi Thomas Unknown Speaker chon is a hard person to pin down. Okay. Because he he used the name chan Thomas on the book. Sure. But you can't find anything about chan Thomas online. Chauncey Thomas. You find a little bit it seems like he was a professor like a small like d3 school. Teaching like Sure. Like a small just beauty. Yeah. Relevance. Unknown Speaker You know, we get the state school D one. All right. And then like the town over you got like that D two? Yeah. You know, Missouri Southern kind of school. This is d3. This is us. Midwest. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Tech. Unknown Speaker Yes Is Crowder Community College. Unknown Speaker It's not even in a town. It's just farms and then this college in the middle of Unknown Speaker college I straight up a format. That's not a joke though. The last college I performed it was in Nebraska. cross the street was like the prison. So it but not just any prison it was a for sexual predators and like that, and it had a sign to Unknown Speaker associate creditors. And Unknown Speaker it was it was like no, it really was it was like sex offenders RS or whatever the sign said. No it was it said it on the side. It wasn't like I found that out. Yeah. And so Unknown Speaker shout out to the marketing team at that college though forgetting anybody that goes to school there. Yeah, I know. Like, that's impressive. Unknown Speaker Yeah. The joke I made and we I don't know if we want to cut it out or not. The joke I made on campus was, yeah, other colleges. I go to just have you know, sororities and fraternities and you guys just have a fraternity I guess. Very funny joke. That's pretty good. Very funny joke. Unknown Speaker So he was a like a professor of, I don't know, maybe engineering. I know like that. Yeah, maybe. Maybe engineering, maybe geology? It's not Unknown Speaker a pretty big difference. It's not clear algebra. Yeah, it really Unknown Speaker God loves out. Unknown Speaker God is in the algebra is what that website is. If you're a Patreon supporter, you'll get that in the after the federal It's Unknown Speaker unreal. I didn't pull it out some screenshots for that for the update for that as well just throw it on the shirt. Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker Okay, so look forward to Unknown Speaker so he. He was he was a professor of something at this college, allegedly. That's about all we know about. Well, actually, there is one of the things in the book, Unknown Speaker bro, we'll get through with the YouTube comments. I'm on your side. Now. You're gonna get to that you swayed me. Okay, we'll Unknown Speaker get to that. We'll get to that. The other important thing about his life is that he had a government contract at one point, allegedly, allegedly what that government contract was. Unknown Speaker He was a mailman. Well, here's how this stuff goes. Okay, you get you get a government contract. And it's like all you did was you showed up and did the plumbing and like, you had a post office. You were a post. You're a plumber. You're a post plumb a post plumber. And you showed up to do a little plumbing job and then technically like you didn't you go to all your friends. You're like yeah, did a job for the government the other day like what was it and you're like, I can't I can't talk about you know, yeah, yeah. But it's also my underground work. Like come on, dude. Like underground wet work. Couldn't couldn't. Couldn't tell you though. Unknown Speaker Yeah. So he got some government contract. And he wrote this book, okay. Called the law. He wrote a few books but the book in question is called the Adam and Eve story. The history of cataclysms. Unknown Speaker Know Bengal tiger press. Put it out. Unknown Speaker He just, here's, here's what's important about this. Okay, he wrote this in the 60s. And for some reason. It's classified or was classified by the CIA. And in 2013, under Freedom of Information Act, they declassified a sanitized version of this. Unknown Speaker What are you What do you mean? Unknown Speaker They so this book was classified by the CIA in the 60s after he released it. Okay. And then for some reason under a well not for some reason, we know under a Freedom of Information Act, it was declassified in 2013. But it was a sanitized version was declared so Unknown Speaker they did there's they're like redacted marks in it. Yeah. There's Unknown Speaker missing pages. Unknown Speaker Bro. Here's the thing, though. We could just put out a book and put bad page numbers on it. Yes. Unknown Speaker Do you know saying it'd be like pending? Yeah. I mean, people who would believe that crap quit this video so long ago. We still have a market. Unknown Speaker Okay, so it got declassified, and is making waves around the internet right now. Cool. Let me tell you a little bit about what this book is about. So there's Unknown Speaker on the first day, cost there's what it was not even Adam and Eve would have. It's the story of that store. The Amazon store. Unknown Speaker History cataclysms. It can all be traced back to the atom in the store. So page one of the book opens real subtly with this cross section of the earth. Listening it's a picture of Earth I guess, but it looks like an eyeball. It was a poorly drawn eyeball. Unknown Speaker It looks like you know, if you cut the earth in half do the old core Unknown Speaker thing. Yeah, there's a diagram of like the core. And then there's a bunch of arrows with numbers pointing at different spots on it with no explanation. And then a bunch of arrows pointing to the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. And the word stat, no explanation provided for this. Maybe redacted. But we don't know if it's redacted. Okay. One of those arrows is pointing to it and has nothing on wash two arrows. 345 arrows. Jesus, I just found so many Unknown Speaker years. Six, that was kind of the point. Unknown Speaker Six arrows all over this. And then talking Unknown Speaker about I can literally tell you what this means. Are you kidding? What Unknown Speaker are the numbers mean? It's the Unknown Speaker length of whatever the distance between the arrows is. So like, look like 1800 has an arrow on each side. That means that the distance from one arrow to the other one is 1800. Then 120. That black 121. We don't know that part. But to say that you don't know what these are. Look at the proportions. And look at the 30 there. Unknown Speaker Yeah. All right. What about the arrows because like the above the 1300, there is an arrow that's there's not a corresponding arrow and then below the ad, there's another arrow that has no corresponding arrow. The ad doesn't have a corresponding it must be in the Unknown Speaker black cord. Oh, it's too dark. Yeah, maybe 1300 is the the maybe maybe you're onto something. They're not even diameter, but the distance to the next level. Yeah, you know, I mean, there must be more than the core which would that Ada Unknown Speaker so dense, we can't see it. That was the point what he's trying to illustrate Unknown Speaker that you can't see it, that's where it is. Unknown Speaker And then and then it starts real subtly. With what reads like a story, honestly. Okay. I'm not gonna read the whole thing. It's kind of long. But Unknown Speaker wow. I really expected you to Unknown Speaker hear let me read the beginning. It just really suddenly opens up with with a rumble so low as to be an audible growing throbbing, then fuming into a thundering roar. The earthquake starts only it's not like any earthquake in recorded history. In California, the mountains shake and ferns into a breeze. The mighty Pacific rears back and piles up into a mountain of water more than two miles high, then starts this race eastward with the force of 1000 armies, the wind attacks, ripping, shredding everything, and it's supersonic bombardment. The unbelievable mountain of the Pacific sea water flows to the flows the wind eastward bearing Los Angeles and San Francisco as if they were put grains of sand. So this goes on for a while. So painting a picture. Okay, like a day after tomorrow? Unknown Speaker Do you read that better than you read all of our host reds? There, I'm saying our advertisers are so mad right now. You know, they don't listen, but they're listening in this scenario, and they're like, Wow, he really read Unknown Speaker that guy. It's like, Unknown Speaker it's like, rumbling. throbbing, or? Unknown Speaker Well, because here I'm telling a story there. I'm selling something Unknown Speaker maybe we should. I don't know. You know how marketing works, I guess. Unknown Speaker Alright, read the story brand. That's what I should read. There Unknown Speaker you go. He sponsored us down below. Unknown Speaker So this goes on for a few pages. Do you like I almost brought that up in that part where you were like, can you? Unknown Speaker Do you like my hat? So I do like your bring it up later? Could you? Unknown Speaker Could you try to naturally, naturally bring it up later? Don't worry. Thanks. So he goes on for a few pages kind of telling the story. It's like a day after tomorrow type of it's like the opening scene of day after him. Yeah, no, I get it. Yeah. And it goes on for a few pages. And there's a there's a lot Unknown Speaker of theories that an earthquake could have killed the whole California stuff. Unknown Speaker Yeah, this isn't that, okay. It's something else. So then he goes into, like shifts. And like a new chapter where he's like, he's like, it turns into like an essay. So it goes from like this story to an essay, where he talks about all the flood myths in history. And basically is trying to make this point that all these flood myths actually happened and they were connected. They were caused by the same root cause of a flood He's telling he saying there's this thing, this cycle for the earth where every roughly 10 to 6000 years, the Poles shift. Unknown Speaker You heard that too, right? What? 10 to 6000? Who says that? Unknown Speaker Well, if you're doing bc it goes backwards. Because we're going back Unknown Speaker the way you said that either means 10 years, or 6000 years Unknown Speaker no 10,000 or 6000. Somewhere between 6010 1000 years much better. Going forward. We're going backwards. So it's 10 Unknown Speaker Okay. All right. Unknown Speaker Shut up. Unknown Speaker Yes. Such a small brain. That's what your head so small. That isn't swell. My horse. I have a very large head. Which is why Great. Thank you. Which is why I have to buy special hats from odd job hats. Here's a quick story about it. I was you know rumbling I don't like where this is going already. Unknown Speaker Rumble rumbling the throbbing pipes in my house are regurgitating sewage from my toilet. I have to call a plumber. He's busy doing contract work for the government. As I'm left to figure it out on my own as I am with most things in life, yeah, but my huge brain, you check if not only in straight in the size of my huge brain in that moment, I solved my own problem with my my plumbing, but I also solved healthcare. And then because I'm a huge, huge, and with that huge brain becomes a very large head and normal hats don't fit my head. This is real. But for my camera, if you got a big head, dude, I like straight up. They're not even paying me to say it. Job hats. You know. They make hats for big heads. Unknown Speaker We sat down at the table today. And he said, Hey, you like my hat? I was like, Unknown Speaker Can you try to bring it up naturally? Whatever they do to you every time we go out forever now. Hey, man, you like the shoes? It was pretty cool shoes. Cool. Could you like try to bring Unknown Speaker that out the group? Let them know how cool my shoes could turn to say they just want everyone to know. Cool. My hat is pleased. Unknown Speaker Wow. I'm going to do that all that's funny. It's very funny. Anytime there's someone new joins our friend group. Yeah, if we're hanging out with someone, I don't know. I'm gonna do that to them. Yeah, after we pretend we can't see them. Unknown Speaker Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly. She was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Unknown Speaker Anyway, it was an odd job, it was an odd job. Unknown Speaker So he, he is he goes into this story, that every six to 10,000 there is a shift in the pulse of sure was you might have heard people talking about pole shifts on the internet. It's getting kind of popular right now. It's from this guy. That the idea is that for some reason, which he explains later, but for some reason, the crust of the earth stops moving with the rotation of the earth. So just the atmosphere rotates, and everything else stays where it's at for it's like a super earthquake. What I don't know if it's like so, so earthquake key. Unknown Speaker I don't know how quick it is. It's it's going Unknown Speaker the other direction. Like if that are squeaky or if it's just Unknown Speaker like but I mean, how fast I mean, you know how fast you're spinning right? Yeah, like 1000 miles an hour. Yeah. So if it were to stop, Unknown Speaker then it'd be 1000 mile an hour winds, and then it create massive waves. And so that's the picture he's trying to create is like, because the rest of its moving, it's creating these giant waves ripping everything apart as the winds passing over everything because we're not going with it. It's this massive cataclysmic event. Unknown Speaker Yeah, how wind? How does wind work? Unknown Speaker While wind is it's the same thing. It's moving. And then if the earth slows down a little bit, there's a little bit of earthquake Enos, it slows down in this just off pace. The wind is just a little bit faster than the earth. And so I'm trying to keep up that guy, but I can't. Yeah, so fast. Unknown Speaker Okay, so this is already there's no evidence for it. There's no I miss. I do miss when you would like try to present this like you believed it. Because right now you keep going. Here's the thing. 1000 mile an hour winds. Here's the thing. 10 To 1000 mile an hour winds. And I mean, 1000 to 10,000 to 10 mile an hour winds. Unknown Speaker Here's the thing I there when there's other episodes I I believed in. Okay, this is rough. It may be make a more believable book. That's what I'm sure make it believable. And he did make it believable. He did a good job a lot of people believe. Unknown Speaker So he's saying that the atmosphere keeps moving. Yeah. Yeah. And so here's another one. So all the earth will just for how long? Unknown Speaker So it's like a day long transition. Okay, and so it's like a really quick thing. Unknown Speaker The Day the Earth was still, I Unknown Speaker guess, yeah, technically. When did that movie come out? I don't know. I wonder if that's where they got the idea. Keep going. Find out. So yeah, it shifts. And what happens is the poles move wherever into the planet where that stops. And so then, because the poles move that freezes, the continents are now up here. And so they'll start to freeze. So Antarctica, according to this theory, last time before this last poll ship was not frozen, it was like somewhere in like the Pacific or something. And this is how he explains Atlantis. And like the the continent of Mu remember, we we did that episode about Sure. Atlantis, all the missing places and stuff like that. And then he goes into this theory that because these are six to 10,000 year ranges. They're always precipitated by predicated, predicated, by precipitated, precipitated by an advanced human civilization that was there, and then the shift happened and it destroyed them all. And the survivors then create their flood myth, or whatever that was acres. Unknown Speaker And that's the story. So for him, he says that 6500 years ago, was Noah's Flood. The lat that that shift was de where Noah's Flood came from 11,000 years ago, was another shift. And that was the Adam and Eve story where the creation story came from. Unknown Speaker So he says that there's 5000 years between Adam and Noah. Unknown Speaker Yeah, he has a graphic, he has a graphic in here or a table, but and then everything before that we don't have a record, like a written record of what that myth was of like what happened there. Because there was nothing but que. But he says that there was a civilization that got destroyed. And there's some sort of memory of the gods that they worshipped at the time. And so he says, like some of your more ancient, like, Eastern religions, like Vishnu was like the Jesus for the previous civilization. And okay, the survivors still worship him and it became more mystical and the revival of it after whatever this event was. And so it all culminates in his scientific study of it. Yeah. Where he starts to bring in sources. Okay, maybe we put sources in air quotes. Sure, bring in sources that like, argue how this is possible, and prove that it's happened before. The I will say he writes it in a way that makes you feel like Oh, this guy knows what he's talking about. But if you who pay close attention? His source material? Well, he never cites a source. He just throws he just cherry picks people's names, and says they said this. It's kind of like when people say the Bible says, but they don't tell you where. And the Bible doesn't say that thing. It feels very similar, where he's bringing in source material and different people to try to argue how this stuff is possible or how it can happen. And making this big deal out of it and acting very confident. Have you ever seen Steven Greer? Know, I watched a video of his the other day. And it's a very similar. It feels very similar, because Steven Greer has amassed a decent following. He's kind of like a UFO guy. Okay, he flies everywhere. No one can tell what he is. But he he talks with like this authority and this competence or, and tells you all this stuff. Yeah. But he's making it up. But what he does is he will name drop a lot of these people all the time and be like, oh, yeah, they're my friend. They told me about this thing, and then tells you the story. And like, he can kind of talk the talk. So like, he uses these bigger words that sound like he knows what he's talking about. But what's coincidental is all of these friends he has and all these people he talks about knowing are dead. Oh, perfect. Unknown Speaker Yeah. And so I was thinking, Oh, my friend Rosa the other day. And she was telling me, Unknown Speaker but it's like, he's like picking out like, like, I don't know, like, presidents that just recently that like, you know, Unknown Speaker I was going for Rosa Parks just there. I was gonna go further. You were like, he's picking up like actual historical figures. I was like, Oh, okay. Oh, my gosh, you heard it here, folks. Unknown Speaker Oh, my gosh. Are you taking that further? No, no, no, I'm Unknown Speaker waiting. I'm waiting for you to say things that are interesting. Because so far, here's how you're talking. And he sounds confident enough. Unknown Speaker So that you want me to talk faster. Unknown Speaker I want you to, I want you to. So just so it's so what here's what. So that's what you're doing for 30 minutes, and I will be honest with you, I will lose my mind over here. All right. My very large mind underneath this job saying like, okay, so he wrote a stupid theory, but why why is it like, this is very clearly dumb. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so it got classified by the CIA for some reason. Okay. And then recently declassified, maybe only the good parts got classified, I guess. Maybe, oh, the whole book got class, the whole book are classified by the CIA. Yeah. And then it got declassified and sanitized. Whatever that means. Who said it was sanitized? It says it on the CIA website. It says sanitized copy approved for release. 2013 Six point. Unknown Speaker Yeah, but that just might mean like, we cleaned? I don't know. Yeah. It was pretty dirty. It might mean like, you reviewed it, we reviewed it. That's why we Unknown Speaker Yeah, well, when you when you flip through the book, you'll be reading the page 20 And then also on page 22. You know, and so you turn the page and I was missing it change changes in the document? Sure. I understand how that works. Now and so there's pages missing there's not like if you go through it like most of these like Freedom of Information s x you look at we'll have like the like Sharpie doubt lines. Yeah. There's none of that is just completely gone. Yeah, there are. Allegedly, there's like notes in the margins that aren't there. But I mean, you can't like like looking through, you don't see anything that was crossed out or anything like that. And like there's no real evidence that there wasn't any notes in the margin, but the the people say there was should have been removed. What when this got declassified though, it got picked up. And there's this group on the internet that has gotten very excited about this. Because you know, into the world. Sure. And, and for whatever reason, lately, this pole shift conspiracy is kind of blowing up pole shifts. You're Unknown Speaker not saying pulse shithole shift, pole shift conspiracy. Yeah. Unknown Speaker So the idea is that in a matter of a few days, with the poles shift shift to a different spot, which drastically changes your climate, and obviously, if this guy's right, creates these crazy strong winds and giant tidal waves and destroys everything, Unknown Speaker okay. Unknown Speaker There is a shred of scientific evidence for some of these concepts. He Unknown Speaker takes them in runs. Yeah, he Unknown Speaker takes them and runs through a different way. So like, for example, the polls drift, and they have been drifting, and they are currently drifting a little more than normal. So much so that, like satellites, they will recalibrate the where the poles are located in satellites, so that way they're lined up in their positioning. Sure. When GPS first came out, they were doing it every couple of years. And then over time, they've increased that cadence to now they're upgrading them every six months, because the polls are shifting so quickly. But it's not a like one event, like it shifts. It's like, it is just gradually drifting at a rate of like 50 miles a year. So it's still not a ton, but it is changing. And it does naturally do that over time. Right now, it's Unknown Speaker pretty far though. Unknown Speaker Yeah, it I mean, it is moving. If it every year. Yeah. And now it's more than it was. So it was a few miles a year, it's been increasing. And so that's strange. But it's not what this guy the picture that this guy is painting. Unknown Speaker Why do you always just drop small facts like that? That made me go? Are we going to like fly off his plane? Unknown Speaker I don't think so. I don't think so. Unknown Speaker Okay. We talked about you just say stuff. Like, I mean, the polls are shifting. Sure. Yeah, they're moving slightly. And that does have effects on our weather and stuff. But it's not like one event. Okay, it's about 50 miles a year to 10 years. That's 500 miles. There's no way yeah, let me double check that number. I was gonna say you should double check that there's no way I think I would notice. Really? I would, Unknown Speaker how often do you go to the pole? Well, okay, so every two years, the this is interesting. This is NASA's website, the position of Earth's magnetic north pole was precisely located in 1831. Since then, it has gradually drifted north northwest by more than 600 miles. And it's forward speed has increased from about 10 miles per year to about 34 or 55 kilometers a year. So next up kilometers with Miles, it's 34 miles, 55 kilometers a year. Unknown Speaker So like, How bad could it be for us? Unknown Speaker Well, it's moving north northwest, which at the polls kind of hard to figure out because isn't the poll the Northeast? I don't know what North northwest is at the North. Okay. What do you do? What do you do? If you're at the North Pole? You're trying to compass your way somewhere? Everything Unknown Speaker still works. Unknown Speaker But everything is south at the North Pole. Alex, you have to know you're smarter than me. You're the Eagle Scout, Eagle Scout, Unknown Speaker what do you do? We should do a show called Ask an Eagle Scout. You know, maybe we could we need to get one with a good personality, though. Unknown Speaker We're gonna get a good host. Alice could audition for it. Where do you think they're staying? The North Pole? This is just going in circles and stuff? Unknown Speaker I don't think it's going in circles. Well, I mean, I guess it has to, because because South is every direction if you're north, if you're the North is point, South is South is. Everything is either south or southwest or southeast. If you're the Northeast possible point, right? If you're the Northeast thing Unknown Speaker that's pretty Northy to me. So it's moving. What happens we this is a total side unit. What happens when it goes so far off? What it usually was? Unknown Speaker I guess the north, the North Pole is moving. So how many Unknown Speaker miles is one degree? You know, saying? Unknown Speaker Yeah, let me look that up. Unknown Speaker Because I guess that's what I'm wondering is how far can it drift before Unknown Speaker 69 miles? So this cover and a degree every two years? Unknown Speaker So say it How far can it shift before we all just die? Unknown Speaker I don't think we die. But I think it I think what it would do is what this guy's theory is is that your continent start to shift in different spots. So I guess theoretically, if this has been happening forever, like places like the Sahara Desert, which are incredibly arid climates might have been snowy climates at one point, incredibly what arid Okay, what do you think of Unknown Speaker Arab for some reason Unknown Speaker so confused? Nobody there. Pretty Arabic climates. Oh, okay. Why didn't I that's what I was confused on. Air did okay? Talk better. Unknown Speaker Hey, thanks for being part of this episode. If you want to help us do more of this, you want to help us grow our show. One of the easiest and best ways to do that is to join our Patreon. It's a way for you financially support the show, and you get a lot in return, you get access to our Discord channel, you get bonus content that comes out, you get exclusive merchandise, and like live zoom Hangouts, where we're both just hanging out eating pizza, just getting to know each other. The biggest thing is, is we want to know you more as an individual and as a friend. So thanks for supporting our show. If you don't support us financially, we're not pressed about it. We're not like mad, but I'll find you. So text tilam to 66866 to keep yourself from being found, alright, because if you don't want you Unknown Speaker so, okay, so there is some validity to these these claims. So it doesn't Unknown Speaker move, it doesn't move. And that's it, he starts looking at geologists who have noted this can be noted that places like Antarctica used to be decent climates where life could have been supported there. Because the polls slowly shift over time, and the continents slowly shift over time. Okay, so he's finding things like that, and then making these really crazy claims of it all happened in one day, and everything moved really quick. And it destroyed the society that existed at that illogical drum. And he's, and he does it with this authority, that if you and he cites people, but he doesn't actually cite them, he just says yeah, and then this famous philosopher, this famous scientist, said that this is legit, and somehow, okay. And somehow, I don't know how this happened. But somehow one of the people he cites a lot has like a series of books. One of his books, the foreword was written by Einstein, but this dude is like a pseudo scientist. Okay, but somehow, I don't know must have paid him really well, I guess, and got a foreword from Einstein. And so people will look at that and they're like, his source material is supported by Einstein which is a massive jump pretty big jump. Sure. And it's also it's not even his source material. It's just a guy that he throws his name into his book to make it seem like there's more validity he never cites a single thing there's not a work cited page. Unknown Speaker Yeah. That's like Obama used to tell me Unknown Speaker we were friends. Yeah, still are. Unknown Speaker He's had to make a change. You got to make some stuff up. And I was like, why does it sound ethical? Instead to make a change? You got to double down on it double down you know, Unknown Speaker that's what he's known for. Unknown Speaker I hope he writes the foreword to my book so what if I got him to be crazy? Unknown Speaker I was like wow, he wasn't lying about the fact that he was President Obama Unknown Speaker by name Unknown Speaker is that can you Is that legal? Unknown Speaker My my my alias by writer name was Barack Obama. Can you do that? How famous Unknown Speaker doesn't name have to be for you to not be able to do that? Unknown Speaker I don't know Jhansi Obama Unknown Speaker because I feel like like there's some people have the same name. Like can you just find another guy some people have the same name. Can you just find like Barack Obama who's like a grocery store owner in Ohio Unknown Speaker he there's other Brock's Sure. There's Unknown Speaker other Brock's, like there's other days, it's other people have the same name. So you just find another one. Unknown Speaker Jack? Jared Meyers and I paid that guy $75 For at Jared Meyers on tick tock. And then he was like, I have figured out how to give it to you. And I was like, he was basically like tick tock won't let me change the email and all this stuff. And they were and they were and then I had a video blow up so I couldn't take it anyway, so I was just Jeremiah's comedy on tick tock. Go follow that guy. He doesn't post since 2019. And his videos are like, musically. Unknown Speaker Nice. Like the old tick tock. Yeah. He thinks you have his tick tock. That's why he hasn't posted. He's like yeah, I get my tick tock Unknown Speaker follow each other on Instagram we keep up hanging out sometimes. Unknown Speaker Have you read the foreword to your book Unknown Speaker that's kind of funny by Jeremiah opens with Unknown Speaker with Jared Tiktok in 2019 for my handle, I never expected to be writing his foreword to his book. Unknown Speaker But I fully endorse everything in this book. Unknown Speaker And everybody will just think that you just wrote it. Because you Yeah. Unknown Speaker I guess I could write it from his perspective. Yeah. And it would still take like a written Unknown Speaker book, Jaron Meyers foreword by Paul Rudd, the Unknown Speaker very very small print you put at Gmail that guy at Gmail, still you still me legally Unknown Speaker sounds like it's part of the Legally Blonde franchise. Anyway, legally still me. Anyway. Unknown Speaker Another side of this is your there are these cosmic magnetic fields? Okay, the planets are riding on as the planets are magnet white writers. And this is a weird part that I'm going to be honest, I don't fully understand. But I guess there's magnitudes coming from the sun Unknown Speaker through it, but for the listener, he said magnet juice coming from the sun. Yeah. So is the moon halfway to Mars? That's not good scale. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that scales way off. That scale is way off. It's You're right. It's also missing a couple planets are one of them. It's fallen into that sits up there falling right on and so Unknown Speaker Moon juice, not Moon juice, Sun juice, magnet. Magnet juice. Yeah. Unknown Speaker And here's the here's the thing, our magnetic poles save us from solar flares. Because it creates this magnetic field around us. If the poles shifted, in theory for a while, they would be weaker. And we will get solar flare up for a while. That's bad, because then we can't have iPhones. Okay, but it messes with the MS was a lot It ruins the environment. And yeah, would make earth a pretty inhospitable place for sure. Not in hospital. But it's like, like a one star hotel like a place you don't want to stay Unknown Speaker sure, like a place where you go into the hotel room and the door handle falls off Unknown Speaker a place when you get there and you're like, I'm gonna book a different room Unknown Speaker or place where you get there. By the way, the Wi Fi is 1495 You're like this, the shower, take coins, a place when Unknown Speaker you get there. And they're like, by the way, stay off the third floor ghost. Unknown Speaker Pushing, you get there and they go. You can have the couch because he's past his house. By the way, I forgot to tell you that my wife had a baby four months ago, there were that Unknown Speaker a place where you get there. And they say, Yeah, this will really help you get towards your goals. You need to pay me $3,000 a month for it. And that's a pleasure. And I will take care of everything for you. So feel free to hit me if you want on a place where you Unknown Speaker get there. And they go we don't really have a room for you to sleep in or a bed or anything but we put a small mattress and sleeping bag in front of my grandma's house downstairs. Just on the floor right there by your by their grandma's door Unknown Speaker a place where you show up and they say there's no more room in the end. But there's a cave where we keep all of our animals and your ninja. Yeah, yeah, they actually do have a sign on the wall for birthing practices in there. Because it happens a lot. Unknown Speaker Yeah, off the road. See the birth barn of Jesus? Yeah, Unknown Speaker it's free to give birth there if your baby's got Unknown Speaker and that's the medical system or nutshell. Is that health care in a nutshell? It's free of your baby's God Unknown Speaker Wow. So we could all die one day, not us. We'll be good. Well, no, Unknown Speaker here's the exciting thing about this. So he's scheduled it out. Unknown Speaker Great day did he say Unknown Speaker 2003? And that didn't happen. Obviously we're still here in less like Unknown Speaker less Something that could happen before then that stops it, you know? Yeah, there was like if there was a there was a big events that stopped. You know, like if y2k had actually happened. Yeah. They're big events and it like stopped the whole shopped. Yeah, yeah. whole shift. Yeah. Unknown Speaker And so when it didn't happen in 2003, one of his supporters came out and was like, he meant 2012. Oh, is it? Remember? Unknown Speaker December 12? Or December 21 2012. Yeah, Unknown Speaker that was tied to the bank calendar thing. And that's why it's supportive picked that day. They're like, Oh, they knew to because it is new. The Mayans got flooded. Sure, on the pole shift. And then afterwards, they were like, Guys, look at Unknown Speaker the great hoody cackle. That's what my English teacher called it. We had a hoody cackle party that night actually, what are you saying like Hootie the Blowfish? You cackle? Unknown Speaker The December 21 2012. Yep. You call it the hoody cackle. Unknown Speaker We call it the great hoody cackle in high school we were I graduate I graduated Unknown Speaker and you got invited to a high your high school teachers pardon English teacher Unknown Speaker for the gifted kids, that was us. That was sorry us. A big what big head you better to think with the viewers know what I'm talking about. Think with your eyes wide open. No, there was a it was the great hoody cackle party. Unknown Speaker Why did you get invited to this? Unknown Speaker Because all of my whole high school career she had a big countdown. Unknown Speaker She loves me and she invited all the alumni. Yeah, that's sounds like a boundary crossing. That sounds weird to me. Okay. It was it was a good party Unknown Speaker with a drink this weird. Like, it didn't taste good. I don't remember what happened after Unknown Speaker I woke up and it was really snowy and are Unknown Speaker up and I forgot. Unknown Speaker I woke up and I was a gifted Unknown Speaker we had a hoody cackle party anyway. Yeah. So she had a big count on the board. That was the it was the big. Yeah. And my whole senior year. It was like days Jody cackle. She had thought that we did. Unknown Speaker So yeah. So 2012. That was supposed to happen. Didn't it? 2016 happened. But that didn't happen. Alleged. And then it went to 2016 2016 was a date didn't happen. Unknown Speaker Now, what was the date in 2016? This Unknown Speaker was I don't know what the date was that a specific date. Now it's a sometime in the 2020s. Didn't even pick on shirts Unknown Speaker like it's coming this week? Oh, yeah. Unknown Speaker And they keep pointing to, like, natural disasters and global like effects of global warming. And the fact that the poles are shifting and they're shifting faster over time. That is, that's a sign that it's coming like it's going to happen. For this most recent version of it is the post 2016 era where it's like it's happening. The 2020s has really picked up the like steam with the theorists for it. And they are really, really like, watch out. You're gonna You're gonna love Unknown Speaker like a big window. You know, because it makes it it makes it a little less culty Unknown Speaker Yeah, and it makes it a little bit less like you're gonna be wrong. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Much bigger Chase less risky. Unknown Speaker That's true. That's true. Unknown Speaker What's the DraftKings over under on a right now? Unknown Speaker I don't know if there'll be no put some Unknown Speaker money down on a happening I mean it's a lose lose. Right so yeah, yeah, yeah. So I mean if if the whole world turned sideways, literally walk get some profit off. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you might as well hedge your bets. Here's what's here's, here's the thing though. Okay. This is bringing it back in. Here's the thing. This got classified by the government and then declassified in 2013. You might notice that after two and also after 2012 Unknown Speaker Where you they were like let's just make sure Unknown Speaker let's just all out and see what Unknown Speaker you think. The CIA, the Culinary Institute of America was just sitting in their office one day, just food, food, colon, colons, whatever, spices colon, they call their final colonoscopy. Unknown Speaker And then they're like, Hey, you gotta read that new book. What was that? We'll shoot you on the spot. Unknown Speaker Here's the thing. Is book got classified? And that did happen. Sure. But it never got taken out of circulation. Okay, so it was still for sale, you can still get it anywhere. And it was still available. Great. What was classified? Was what we're pretty sure was his personal copy of it. And it was classified during what appears to be his contract work with the government. Unknown Speaker Oh, yeah. He probably wrote notes probably just took notes on what he was doing. Unknown Speaker That's what it seems like might be and they were like, because there's a handful of other things that are classified related to him. So the leading theories are what you said he was taking notes on his work in this book, and they were like, Okay, we're gonna need that. Unknown Speaker He's my work and here's the thing. Just Just look, good marketer, you know, a pentagon plumber. Now he was Pentagon sandwich artists. He worked at the subway inside the Pentagon. And he was taking notes on everyone's orders. And he's like, he's the other gentleman his orders a meatballs. No meatballs, Unknown Speaker and they're like, we can't let the public know Unknown Speaker it's, it's he ordered a single meatball on the footlong sub makes its you know, footlong sub comes with eight meatballs. He was ready to cut one meatball and tiny slices. They put that across the whole thing. Yeah, no marinara. Meals are healthy. And marinara. Oh, I gotta go to the freezer. Saw a whole extra thing of meatballs. Just to get this guy. His marinara list. Me. We call him meat around the frickin pentagon. Every time I wrote that down. It's a really complicated order. I needed somewhere to write it down to remember all I had was my copy of time with the wind. And I wrote down Oh, meatball math is and then Unknown Speaker like suits showed up. And they're like we need your book. Unknown Speaker And buy suits. I mean, chefs, chefs in the Culinary Institute, because it's meatballs. And they This is so dumb. Unknown Speaker It was the actual Unknown Speaker bro if boy rd shows up your boy are done. Unknown Speaker So the book theories of why this never of what happened? Yeah, he was taking notes. Or he wrote on someone's phone or he was working on this project. Yeah. And there was another agent, like he was kind of an eccentric guy. They found out about his books and stuff. And there was another agent who was assigned, hey, keep tabs on that dude. They're like, we need to, you know, maybe we should have thought this through before we had this guy. And then there was a stack of like his documents that got classified. So when you Unknown Speaker hire a math tutor or hire a math tutor. He goes over to your house to tutor your kids or whatever. Yeah, he goes, Hello, fellow patriots. And you're like, I don't know why you said that. Unknown Speaker You may learn about cards. Unknown Speaker All right. Let's just figure out something else here. Yikes. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so anyways, I was just sitting here thinking about how cool that is. Unknown Speaker Thanks so much. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so you might have heard about polar shift on the internet. Sure. It's a thing that's actually happening, but not what they're talking about. Okay. Maybe in I don't know. 200 years we might be in a situation where Hawaii is the North Pole but you've probably heard about these this pole shift conspiracy on the internet. That's what they Unknown Speaker call Santas. shift at the Bass Pro. Bowls shift. Unknown Speaker So, yeah, but it's there's not that's Unknown Speaker like a standard scheduler for the malls. It's something where he's so it doesn't wait. When you push past it. It's something where Unknown Speaker if you took a snippet of his book, The right snippet, and read just that, you might be convinced that this guy knows what he's talking about. And it's legit and you should be sounds confident, he sounds confident. But if you spend just a little bit of time looking deeper, you realize, nah, that's That's dumb. And there's nothing to this Unknown Speaker like when you see a tick tock, so it makes a pretty decent point. And then you check out the rest of their page and you're like, Unknown Speaker huh, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So anyways, I think it's, it's stuff that leads there's stuff like this that leads to that guy in the airport, actually, that that video you showed a video that guy Unknown Speaker is screaming Yeah, stuff from the airport, but Unknown Speaker on his own sunglasses. Yeah. Yeah, I think it's stuff like that. Where the the you read Half Baked ideas that sound confident. But are they're just small snippets of it? Surely you don't go verify. And then you just pile that stuff up on top of and Unknown Speaker that's all what social media is. falling over. I saw that happen once because you so if you just go, Unknown Speaker oh, I'll just drift with it. This is bullshit. Everything Unknown Speaker you're doing is so not correct me. Yeah, I mean, like, yeah, it's if you've read one thing out of context with nothing else Sure. Sounds like pretty good idea. Yeah. But like if I read a tweet that said, you know, Christian shouldn't be landlord. So I'm like, Okay, well, that's interesting. You know, but I read further into it, and I go, No, no, yeah, capitalism is keys right? To Life of markets. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Is there anything else? Unknown Speaker No, I think we can fiddle it off. Okay, it's fine. Unknown Speaker How's it okay episode? Unknown Speaker Yeah, I I need to be honest with you. I believe Unknown Speaker now, you've heard a lot of Unknown Speaker things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taillon podcast is t i l l n podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us. And we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Introduction The Pole Shift theory hypothesizes that the Earth’s axis of rotation has undergone a dramatic shift in the past, leading to significant geological and climate changes. The idea was popularized by the book “The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms” by Chan Thomas, a former military intelligence officer in the United States Army. The book suggests that … Read More