Eels – Why Does No One Know Where These Weird Fish Come From?


Have you ever heard of Eels? Yeah, we’re talking about the really weird snake-like fish that sometimes electrocute people. Sidebar, electric eels actually aren’t even eels. They’re a totally different kind of fish, it’s a misnomer. Even if you cast out the infamous electric eel, the fish are incredibly odd because no one knows where they come from. These sea … Read More

The Boston Molassacre – AKA the Great Molasses Flood


Honestly, the only reason we are covering The Great Molasses Flood of 1919 is that someone dubbed it the Boston Molassacre and we think that is the funniest thing we’ve ever seen. The story is rather incredible. On January 15, 1919, a 40-foot tidal wave ripped through Boston. This tidal wave did not come from the sea. No, it was … Read More

The 1904 Olympic Marathon | The Worst Race of All Time


It was the dawn of the modern Olympic era. St. Louis boasted the pleasure of being the 3rd host of the soon-to-be world-renowned games. Everything went off without a hitch. That is everything, except the men’s marathon. This race was so utterly unbelievable, so completely pathetic, so mind-numbingly stupid that it has gone down in the annals of athletic history … Read More

Aleister Crowley – The Evil Occultist that Changed the World


He was a magician, an occultist, and a vagabond. At one point, Aleister Crowley either struck fear or admiration into people all around the world. Even his own mother called him the antichrist. This revolutionary thinker started his own religion based around rather frightening rites. His lifestyle inspired celebrities and rockstars for decades. Some may even credit the modern lifestyle … Read More

Dyatlov Pass Incident – Lost On Dead Mountain, an Unsolved Mystery


In February 1959, ten experienced hikers embarked on a dangerous hike through the northern Urals (a mountain range in the then Soviet Union). None of the adventurers knew what they were getting into when they left for the trek, in fact, no one to this day knows just what they encountered. Theories range from an avalanche to Katabatic wind to … Read More

Remote Viewing – The Most Unbelievable CIA Psychic Spy Program


On the podcast, we have covered some pretty unbelievable things. Remote Viewing and the government project that popularized it just might take the cake as the most unbelievable thing this little comedy podcast has ever discussed. Buckle up, because this is a wild one. In the early ’70s, several government organizations including the CIA, DOD, Air Force DIA, and Army … Read More

2008 Florida Gators – The Most Unbelievable Team in NCAA History


The 2008 Florida Gators are easily the most unbelievable team in NCAA Football history. They were the nearly undefeated BCS National Champions. Not only did most of the starters on the team make it to the NFL, but most of the team also made it to jail. Nearly a third of this team has been arrested. Oh, and did we … Read More

The Suburbs – How American Suburbia is Doomed to Fail


Every major city in the U.S. follows the same pattern. At the core, there’s a large urban landscape comprised of mixed-use architecture and mid to high-rise buildings densely packed together. As you pan out from the center of the city you’ll find lower-density buildings with larger plots of land. This is common in cities around the world. What is unique … Read More

Bob Lazar – The Area 51 Engineer that Exposed Secrets of Aliens and UFO’s


Bob Lazar has been noted as making some of the most audacious and outright unbelievable claims in recent history. If you can believe what Bob Lazar claims then it could change the way you think about everything. It was his claims that put area 51 in the limelight after all. UFOs and alien life were both popular topics prior to … Read More

Identical Strangers – A Secret Psychology Experiment that Exposed the Past


Imagine meeting a total stranger that looked exactly like you do, now imagine experiencing that unreal phenomenon twice. This is exactly what happened to Edward (Eddy) Galland, David Kellman, and Robert (Bobby) Shafran in the early ’80s. Under unlikely circumstances, these identical triplets were separated at birth and in even more unlikely circumstances reunited as college students. Their reunion, however, … Read More