Andy Goose – The Goose With No Feet, Nikes, and Murder


In 1989, retired millionaire Gene Flemming met Andy, the goose. Gene immediately took compassion upon Andy because the poor bird was born without feet. Flemming sought to remedy the goose’s situation by inventing a mode of transit for the goose while on the ground. He settled for a modified pair of shoes. The gimmick worked like a charm. From that point forward, Gene and Andy formed an inseparable bond. In an inspiring turn of events, the duo gained notoriety throughout the nation. They made appearances at conferences, schools, and businesses across the United States. Eventually, Andy earned a sponsorship from Nike, and the two appeared as guests on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Unfortunately, this story does not come with a happy ending. On October 19, 1991, Andy was found dead in a local park. Gene spent his remaining years looking for answers that would never come. It is a crime that remains unsolved even to this day.

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