Tarrare – The Man Who Quite Literally Ate Himself to Death


In the modern era, few famous eaters are household names. Perhaps the only one who has risen to that level is Joey Chestnut. However, that hasn’t always been the case. In the years of the sideshow, people would line up to watch people eat stuff—a strange hobby. One of the more famous cases of people who live off of eating was the man known as Tarrare. His astounding ability to swallow just about anything whole and survive drew crowds from around Europe. His abilities even attracted doctors. In hopes of understanding what allowed him to eat things that would usually kill, Tarrare became the subject of research. That research led to his use in the military as an espionage agent. No one else in history can say that their diet made them a government asset. There is no one like Tarrare.

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Tarrare – Wikipedia

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