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Hey, Welcome to Things last Night. Welcome. It's a comedy podcast where we laugh a lot, learn a little. This week's topic is an alien one, which means you probably found it when you're searching for your alien stuff. I'm just gonna give you a heads up. You're gonna hate us. You might like it, though, Tim, I hate you. So unless you like us, which I like you, I really like you. If you like me, No, it's a comedy podcast. We learn a lot about looking Glass, specially theories on Dan what was his last name, Birtish, Dan Burrish and his wild true stories, and and maybe aliens or people from the future, maybe aliens or are aliens from the future, whatever they are. It's a it's a good episode. It's fair worth it. So I've got some upcoming shows on my tour. Dates are listed on my website, but one that I want to highlight is April thirteenth in Cordelaine, Idaho. So if you were out west, out in the wild wild West, come hang out on April thirteenth. Let me see it. This is a good episode. Let's get into it. Hey man, what's have you ever heard of? A project? Looking glass? Project looking Glass? Yeah, it doesn't sound promising to me. You're gonna love this one. Man, Oh I'm so excited. Okay, Project looking Glass is I gotta be honest with you. The this is the This just might be like the Alien episode to end all Alien episodes like this has let's hope this has everything. I won't end them, They'll keep coming, but this one, this one is like. This one's kind of a little bit of hope that you were like Project looking Glass and then you were trying to bait me into being like episode and you were gonna be like, oh yeah, it's like a you know, a grocery store manager got in trouble because he was looking through the windows at his employees and he would keep watch over his kingdom, and he called that Project looking Glass. Yeah, I'm just working on my project and uh, instead it's uh exactly what it sounds like. Great, I'm not gonna yeah, I wasn't gonna sugarcoat this one because he's got a lot to cover. There's a lot an educational comedy podcast. We're not here to actually talk about your stupid subject. We're here to laugh at you at your expense as you Yeah, you googled us, you found us. I'm glad you know how to use a computer. Why don't you use it to find a girlfriend. I noticed that your tattoos haven't come off yet. It's been weeks, all right, So here's here's what we won't wash. I'm a little worried about it that they're gonna just stay, that they'll stain my skin. Yeah, and my soul. Yeah. God doesn't love people with tattoos. He told me that when I got my first one, he drove as for me and my house, we will steal the den sea squirrel. As for me and my house, we will steal the decor let us at house. This is super weird, bro, It's probably one of the weirdest things we've ever done. Things I learned last night. So here's here's here's what I want to do for this. All right, I'm going to tell you this story, okay, as if it were a story that was true that I told about. It seemed like you were like, I'm going to tell you the story. Like I was like, there's nothing you can do to stop me, able to stop this. I'm gonna tell you the whole story. And then at the end, like we're gonna we're gonna discuss it, like, okay, but let's leave discussion for the end and conclusions for the end. Okay, we can take notes. Yeah, yeah, I just leave. Save your questions for the end. You were the audience, Save your questions for the end, because this is gonna be a ride. Okay, okay, all right. Uh. Story starts with a guy named Dan Burrish. This is him. He is a I don't give a crap about this man. He looks like a turtle. He's a doctor to Mike, this guy, he actually does look like the turtle, not the Master stinking turtle, dude, not even from Master's guys. He looks like Franklin's dad. He does look like Franklin's dad. I'm here, he is in his lab. Also, I want to highlight a few things in this picture. What is that doll on the wall? It's on the wall. It's like until the floating it's behind him. And I also love that I don't understand like the scenario and was in this photo was taken? All right, Dan smile and then and then above his head, he's got this like gem manifesto. Yeah, the letter, and it's the list of names of people he'd spare. That's what I'm saying, Like, that's crazy. Here's another one of him doing microbiology. He's just so mad that someone is bothering him at work. Hey, Dan, I take a picture for the for the directory, for the for the staff page. What no one's supposed to know. I work here. He's pretty happy in this photo. Yeah. Yeah, that photo is right after he prank to someone. He's like, it's so funny. I got him pretty good. So Dan, he's a microbiologist. Uh, people, I put I put one eighth inch Staples in their one six stafloor. It's jammed and it's never gonna hunt Jim. They're gonna go to Staples and buy a new one. Well, I'll tell you what happened is I went into his office and I grabbed his stapler, and then I replaced the smaller wolves with the larger ones. Thanks Dan, Thanks Dan, Thanks for guys in your picture. Sure make sure you get my doll in the shot? Can she be? Can I incorporate the doll is in every shot? She finds her way, the doll will find her way. Yeah. So the I don't like to use the d word, but I didn't have the heart to taste her name. She has been a long time companion of mine. I found her in the desert in New Mexico, buried under the sand, and I love her a lot. Yeah, put this in my acting. I'm trying to get I'm trying to get a roll. You know that was pretty convincing. Well I am, I'm just accessing a part of my brain. Yes that I do think that was good. When you blink there, I think you need to blink more with this character. No, look at his picture. If anything, I'm blinking way too much. This guy blinks once a month and he schedules it. Hold on his last picture. Hold on, I gotta I got this man who's on day thirty one. He's about to blink at the end of the day. Hey, can you go out tonight? No, I gotta blink tonight. I'm gonna blink tonight. It was my eyes. I will for the first time. I got so much to come. Okay, So so Dan gets a job. All right, he lives. We spent ten minutes making fun of your freaking hero and you're still here, and then you're to leave a comment and be like I came for the content, not the jokes. Yeah, Well, so day lives in Nevada, Las Vegas. Obviously he gets a job you nowhere, Uh, and so one day he wakes up the Fli's Alice Airlines Janet Janet Airlines. That felt weird because they fly them out to some sketchy place, right, Yeah, they fly they what they do. If you don't know Area fifty one Lore, you go to Las Vegas International Airport, You go to the airport, you get in. There's an airline called Janet Airlines and you have to have a special ticket. I've fed through Vegas all the time. Yeah, never seen it. Well, it's pretty secretive. Planes be looking for the planes are visible. Yeah, you could look. They fly every day. It's just a one way trip every day for employees. And it's probably like nine to five, like so it's probably like one in the morning, one in the evening. It comes back flying through Vegas Saturday. Yeah, take a look, see if you can spot it. But the Jana Airlines, I bet by now they might have changed this because because if like and I don't know if they have like if they have a sign on it that says Janet, like on the tail, that's kind of a sign like if you're now paging all passengers. Yeah, for jan and Airlines. Please check your carry on luggage for forgotten firearms. You're gonna need them. Uh So, so fight Jana Airlines. Uh to his first day on the job at Area fifty one, he is at Papoose Lake, which is another name for you'll remember this S four, which is bab Lasar's shopping ground. Yeah, that's where he That's where he did his that's where he found his dolly. The doll fights them. It's you don't you don't find rescued who. Yeah. So, so he gets a job and he's he's getting the tour like it's the first hand in the job. Here's a room you can't look at. Here's a room you can't look at. There's no need for this tour. Really, you gotta keep your eyes closed all the time, which and they were like they were like, well you close your eyes with the tour, And he was like, I can't for another five shoot. I plead by mistake, he's gonna throw off my whole routine. God, yeah, my morning routine. My morning routine. I wake up, I drink a glass of water, I did two hundred push ups, I read three chapters. I took an ice path because a cold plunge is good for the neurow pathways from your brain. And then I bore a flight of an airplane that is discreetly named. And I don't fly the plane, but I am a passenger on the plane that has flown to Area fifty three. It's a theme park. I work at a theme park. And then I so day one, they are they giving them a tour. You think there's no yeah, yeah, I think I don't go in this door. Don't go in this door, don't go in this Put on this blindfold. Put these your plugs. Here's the mere plugs for your nose. You where's the women's room. We don't we've never seen one of them here. They don't like, we're pretty sure those exists women pretty sure. They don't. You know how to talk to aliens. But so they go around as for right, and he's working on what's known as Alice's floor, and so he gets taken up to Alice's floor and uh in the entry way into Alice's floor. It got its name because above the door there's a statue of a white rabbit, like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Okay, and so the idea is you're following the rabbit, you know. Sure, So in this floor, yeah, it's it's this is supposed to be. You're not really. This is usually an alien episodes, Usually an alien episodes. You're the one out here being like then, okay, sorry, right, you're like they want one of the doors, rout on the door or whatever. And you're right, you're right, you're right, you're right, you're right, right, right, So he walks into the alien the Alice's floor, and Alice's floor is where all the stuff is. In Alice's floor, there's a couple of programs that are going on, and one of them is the program that Dan gets assigned to. And this is called Project looking Glass. Okay, Product looking Glass goes back many years, so we maybe need to peel the curtain back a little bit and rewind it back to I don't know, the late forties, early fifties, okay, fresh after World War Two. Oh, you're gonna say, seventeen eighty. No, it's like, whoa, no, not that far, not that far. The United States government learned about these Sumerian artifacts that were how familiar are you with ancient sumer Oh yeah, I mean like the back of my head. Oh oh, I hate two for that. So they they learned of these artifacts that were in a museum in uh Israel Iraq, which I don't think Iraq was the nation at that time, No, it was now that I'm saying that out loud, the at least. Yeah, uh, there was a museum that they learned that there was a cylinder ceiling, which here's a picture of a cylinder. This isn't the cylinder seal that we're okay question, but the concept what a cylinder. The concept was it was a little toilet paper roll basically that was a lot easier to put your toilet paper on. And this guy got on Shark Tank for um no, so it's it's this little to seamless it's this role and on the role there's like the indentse of an image and so you could take a clay tablet and roll that image into that tablet all to seal across. And this was used, uh for anything that seals were used for. So it's a lot like you know how like people would have the wax and then they yeah, it was the same concept. You'd have your clay and you'd seal it with your your thing. So this, yeah, you roll it across and it gives you that imprint okay in the in the clay tablet. And so this was something that was used pretty widely in ancient Samaria. Well, the United States government gets word of these specific cylinder seals that were sure for sale and uh or not for sale, but we're on display in this museum. Yeah, and they're like, start a war. We just did a war and it was pretty sick. We won big time and we got to make cool stuff, more artifacts. We would love to do some more of that. And so they went over and they expected them to say no, so that way they could do the war thing, but they said yes. They're like, you can buy them if you want, and so they okay, we'll get hobby lobby on't it. Do you remember want hobby lobby? Accidentally like not actually just straight up actually stole a bunch of the Dead Sea scrolls. Yeah, same concept, but they didn't steal them, they bought them. Like the government that it was a Sunday. We don't we don't work on Sundays. Sorry, I don't theft on Sundays, uh as for me and my house, we will steal the dead sea squirrels. As for me and my house, we will steal the Declaration of Independence. So they uh, bro, have you seen these these polar Bear friendship bracelets? What you got these new friendship bracelets where they have like yeah, they got like a come with like a QR code and like an app and they linked to a polar bear, so you can track your polar bear seeing your friend. You get a polar bear, so it's like a Tamagatchi for science and you and your friends can watch your polar bear and see what your polar bear is up. My polar Bear is an idiot. He fully drowned trying to grab a seal. Yeah, imagine you get friendship places for your friend and your polar bear. Like immediately, nice polar bear is drinking coke. Big fans, they're big fans of that. They've been selling them. Imagine you get those and your polar Bear is just at the San Diego Zoo. There's not enough, you're right? Well, no, like eventually, yeah, like you get one and then and then you get are named after you? Ever named a star after you? No, that's such a scam. Though you know how that you know that's not real? Though, right, I just had that conversation with the other day. She didn't realize that what that it's not real? What do you mean isn't real? They're not naming the star. It's just some dude who opened of a website and was like, congratulations, your star is named after you. And then it gets you the like all you're buying is the just the what are you what is some word for that? The certificate? I mean, yeah, it's not real. Yeah, but Evan, and then you bought a piece of You've paid them a lot of money because with that there's at least some like paper trail with the government to make it official. There's no paper trail with the government, Like there is nothing anyway other than your certificate that says that that star is named after you. Probably forty people have that star named after them because it's a scam. It's not a real thing. It's not an actual star. There is, but it's not real, is what I'm telling you. It's not actually naming the start after you. There's nobody out there that's there's Neil de grass Tyson doesn't get in his his his magnifying glass his telescope and look up and say, ah, look, Rebecca James bought this star for her in nineteen eighty four. That doesn't happen because y's how it works. No, it's yes, it does. Oh my gosh, it's not real. And also its name used to be Rebecca. I changed it because you can do that for someone else. When I bought it, it was named cold Frand hey, thanks for checking out our show. If you like it and you want to support be a part of what we're doing here, you can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community. We have a discord with our hosted producers. We have a lot of fun. We're super active in there. Every day. You get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out, we eat pizza, We get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast, and there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that that are super cool. If you want to be in that, you can just text tillin to six six eight sixty six and that'll go you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here and thanks for watching our show. So he's learned all about this, or the cylinder seals. The government gets the cylinder seals you can buy like kids and stuff online. I heard they're not real. It's just their certificate. They're not real. It's just a certificate. The this says your mind, now, I own that kid? What excuse me? It's just like a getdy dot com says that I own that kid. You cannot search that. You cannot look that up because we'll be on so many lists. Dude, jack it Go Daddy will not sell you that they might it's available. It's a great deal. It's such a good deal. You know that's fake, right, you know what I mean? Like, you know, there's no there's nothing with the Internet that it says like you own that domain, dude, like the like there's no government paper trail. It's just go Daddy's selling you a domain. Could you could you make I own that kid dot com and then send it to an AI generator that just makes it makes an image of the d of a kid maybe and then that way it's kind of like that this person doesn't exist. That's so funny. But it's just pictures of kids. This is super weird, bro, It's probably one of the weirdest things we've ever done. I don't feel comfortable doing it, but I want the domain. I mean, oh man, we've got thinking how many seven forty sevens dot com? We got labs and Jan's living here. Yeah, we got Grandpa Huns or whatever it is, and then we got I own that kid. We have to find my grandma's house dot com and I own that can dot biz. Oh my gosh, yikes. Okay, cylinder seals. The government buys the cylinder seals because they are very The US government buys them. Yeah. Have you ever heard of the anaki? Okay, it sounds a good dessert. It does. Actually, we got to go a step deeper real quick. I gotta tell you a little bit about the naki before I can tell you all everything about the sense. Okay, So, the the Anxious Samerians the first big culture that like arrived on Earth, the invented language and went to construction of all all that stuff. Right, Obviously they couldn't have done that on their own. They had to be aliens involved. Well, there's a storyline within their mythology about what they call the Anonachi. The Anonachi were gods that came to Earth and gave them technology basically to be able to build a bunch of stuff. They don't use that terminology, but that's how that's really what they're saying. Sure, and the Anonachy are giants who are from a different world who saw humans and thought they looked great, and so they reproduced with them and created half breed giant human beings. They looked great. Yeah, you look good. You look good. And so obviously there's a little bit of parallels between this and the nephology from the Bible, and the situation got uh, pretty serious led to a global cataclysm, which was the flood. The storyline is that they on a Noachi will come back or are currently back and are involved in in our world in some way. Yeah. Dominating the NBA Lebron James goes back to you seeing an NBA player in person, do it. They are gig They are tall, they are very tall, but this is a different kind of tall, like this is and you're like, yeah, I'm a big person. Yeah, yeah, that's true. And then I walk up to him and I go, is this how everyone else feels? Yeah, kind of, but not to you, Like, you're not that I'm pretty big. I mean you're yeah, you're taller than me. I'm like, I'm a big guy. I'm a big guy dot com. Well, frick, I wouldn't go to that. I want to go. Can you see my screen in the camera? You know? Okay? Good? Okay? A little bit also a level. I'm a big guy dot com. I'm a big guy. Now we if we buy I'm a big guy dot com and I own that kid dot com in the same check out, then you're on a list. Yeah, definitely, boss forget a weird one one. So you tell me, I have to decide made the sa I have Pau dot Com. I forgot. I forgot that I have Paul the actor dot com. Frick, It's all lead back to him. So they came to Earth and they gave these cylinder seals to the Sumerians too, as at what seems like to operate with the way that I just described to you, to use it as a seal to imprint clay with their messages and stuff. Well, what the United States government figured out, uh really, the CIA figured out, is that that's not the purpose of these cylinder seals. That's a cover, that's a front, that's that's a disguise. The cylinder seals are components to operate machinery on a KNACKI machinery. The stamps. Yeah, yeah, so these are these are components in disguise for on a knock machinery. And what they do is there is okay, there is a machine that the government is calling the looking Glass, that these are the key to be able to operate them. And Dan Burish joins Alice's for years into this program to join the investigation. Basically, just see if you can figure out how to work use the cilar seals to work the looking glass machine, which is what was originally thought to be like a recover spacecraft, but was something a little different, okay, And so the looking glass the looking glass, and so this it appeared like a UFO, like a normal flying saucer. They found this in the Nevada desert. They thought this was a flying saucer or what are you doing right now? I was just looking at my in your domain registry. Yeah, I'm trying to find Paul Road, the actor, so that I can set that up on I think I'm logged into. I don't know where did I buy that at? Do we buy that in the tilling account? Maybe I'm not logged in right now. I'd have to because I want it in my instat ram bio. I want my Instagram bio to say stay up comedian blah blah blah, and then my website link to just the Actor dot com and then it links to Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a good idea. I'll look after this. I was just looking at apartments, just trying to find something else to do right now. I was just thinking I might as well do my taxes something else. So TurboTax dot com I heard they do it for free. Yeah, they gotta do it for free because no one's getting their returns this year. So the d George h W started with you fow I like that. So this craft that they were covered, they were covered in the Nevada desert. They thought it was a normal UF They thought it was craft. But as they started researching, they were like, actually, we can kind of identify this thing, like this isn't a spacecraft. This is what they call the looking glass. And what they realized similar to I should have got a picture of this earlier. I'm gonna pull it up. It's uh, sort of like a periscope was like a thing you look through kind of actually somewhat similar. There was a this project that was done recently. Let me see if I don't know, if I can actually get an image of this. I saw a video of it. It was this interesting thing that's I don't know who did this, like if it was a like an organization or like like an artist or something. I don't know. David Copperfield, you're talking about the time he made the statue liver did disappear? Yeah, you know, he's making the moon disappear. Do we talk about this? We did talk about that. What day it's coming up? I'm pretty sure its in February. So by the time this comes out he did it. He did it. We were all living. Wait, look it up. When does he do it? Oh gosh, I'm trying to google something else right now. When does David Copperfield make the moon disappears? One of the suggested searches. February twenty twenty four is the plan. It says he says it's going well, but yeah, there's not an exact date. I just think it's so freaking funny that now the Internet exists and he's going to be on TV being like, whoa, well, the moon's gone. And then there's half of us on TikTok being like we got it, we got it, we found it. Yeah, I don't know about that man. Anyways, there's an organization that what they did was they put up this big screen in a city and it was like it was like had this big round like pretty. It was like a mirror like you know when you see like a good mirror and it's got like that gorror frame, had a good frame, but it's big. It was like the size of like a person, like really big. Sure maybe two persons, Sure people, if you will. You know how sometimes when people talk about tents and it's like a one person tent, two person tent, three person tent. Yes, I used to think it was like a one percent tent, two percent, three percent, and I always yeah, I always was like why are they doing? What is the percentage? Like what are what are we? What's it a percent of? And I was like, do we have a one hundred percent tent? How big is that? Because a four percent tent is pretty big. Anyways, they built this. They built this big screen in a city, okay, and then they built it in another city on the other side of the world, and you could come up as a looking glass you could look through and see that other city. Oh yeah, and so people would come up and they see the people in either city. How Mandel was like as a three D person in in Vegas. You're saying, that's alien technology. Yeah, yeah, the same concept, but but instead of instead of just seeing another city in real time, I'm like, what's happening? Live you with a looking glass? Get ready for this? See the future. You can see not just the future, but you can see the past, you can see the present, and you could see all possible timelines. So you could tap in and see whatever possible timeline. Humanity could take any point in that timeline. And that was a looking glass. But they couldn't operate it reliably yet reliably. They could operate it, but not reliably. And so the Samerian seals were the tools that they needed to operate. I don't know if they're the joysticks or whatever. I don't know. I don't know exactly how they were, but they were a component that was needed to operate the looking glass machine. It's like they got those, they started working on it, and then Majestic twelve came into the picture. You're familiar with mastic Yeah? Are you familiar? No? Okay, this is what that I do want to do an episode on, So I'll give you a very high level picture of just twelve. Quick, justin twelve twelve you're familiar, no, ma. Justic twelve was a u an organization within the government, probably still exists. They call themselves a Majestic twelve or maybe Magi twelve, one of the two. Oh I've heard, yeah, sorry the other day. Sometimes people get tripped up, and it was just it was it was an organization of like elite people within the military and government that oversaw the whole UFO alien operation. But they are the also the ones who are keeping it secret. Like so they are they're a like not an actual government organization. It's like a club within the government that's keeping all the other kids out. They're like, okay, I can't sit with us, and we're not telling you about the cool stuff we found in yeah, nsumer. And so since the twelve gets in their hands on it and they start studying it, and they realize that they're the operators. You can operate this and you can see in the timeline, but the operators of it have to have special abilities. And by special abilities, I mean psychic abilities, right obviously, And so they start looking for people with it. Yeah, So they they link up with their friends at the Montak Project and they start working with remote viewing and using the looking glass item to remote view into other timelines and to other eras to see all these things. And they're recording all this data of what's going on, but they're having some strange interferences where people If if you had two groups of people, you had one that was say, an atheist and one that was a Christian, and you had them view Israel in thirty three eighty one saw Jesus on the cross and the other just saw the city of Israel, and so they looked like there was like people's biases were like influencing what they saw. And so they wrote a computer program that allowed them to focus the the the visions, the things that they were seeing through the looking glass to get more reliable pictures and more accurate pictures. And through this development they started to gather all this daya and realize kind of a startling trend arise, and they had they were tracking all these different timelines. But what was strange in their mid nineties, they started to notice that all the timelines began kind of converging into a single point and then they ended and there wasn't any more timeline after this, and that point was twenty twelve, December twenty first, twenty twelve. I remember that, yes, yes, And so this was also the mind Calendar. What did you as? That's right, your teacher named it that. Yeah, that was a hoodycackle dot com sounds like a honky Tonk bar. Come on down to hooty Cackle. How do you spell? Or not? Speaking of pants? So they wrote this program and they realized all the data is converging on December twenty first, right, twenty twelve, and so what they began to theorize is that the world's gonna end on December twenty first, twenty twelve. Coincidentally, in the nineties, there was a crash in Arizona, Ufo crash, and that crash there's four life forms, all dead allegedly, but we know from Bablazar's account, we know that there was one survivor. And they go by the name Jay Rod and j Rod. Okay, and Jay Rod is what's known as a P fifty two and that stands for fifty two thousand years in the future. And P fifty two has started giving the United States Government military CIA all these entities some insider baseball on what's going on, because he doesn't really have a choice, you know, torture. And so Jay Rod, who's being tortured, Jay Rod, the alien, it's being tortured by the CIA. They're waterboarding him. Tell us what you know, he's I don't speak a look at English. Arge, I was like words, So my grant, that's what my wife's great grandma sounds like. So the P fifty two explains that, hey, you guys are on the right track, but you've got a long way to go. Let me just kind of tie this all up for you, like tie this together for you. Okay, So what's actually happening. I'm from the year fifty four thousand is aliens as we know them are not aliens. They're humans fifty two thousand years in the future, and they have been coming back to our time frame in the timeline because twenty twelve, there is a calamity that happens. There's a pole shift, and the poles shift and creates all these earthquakes and tsunamis almost completely obliterates the world. Yeah, tons of species die, tons of people die, but there's years don't even remember that we live through that we survived the calamity, and they don't even recognize it. But calamity. Yeah, and so there's this big calamity, but there's a remnant of humanity that survives. Unfortunately, the pole shift made Earth inhabitable, but uninhabitable. You're right, uninhabit will thank you. Made they're uninhabitable, but they obviously a bunch of them survive. So they got to find a way to live. So they go underground and they rebuild society underground and earth. And while progressing through their culture, they learned a lot of technological advancements that eventually allowed them to learn how to alter their DNA. And part of altering their DNA was making it to where their bodies could survive underground better. So they altered their skin tones, they changed their eyes, they reshaped a lot of their bodies, and a side effect of that made them kind of robotic type people, and it also made them look like this because obviously big, big beady eyes can see better in the dark. Sure that everybody knows caves smell roll bad, so they have the smeller noses or no noses at all. And they wanted to know more stuff, so they made their brains bigger. And then they're underground so that they don't get any suns. They're just getting changes. Odd job hats is going to have a real good time in the future. In the future, Yeah, so they this is the society that humanity lives in for many many years. Sure, well, they too learn time and learn how to manipulate time, and they see this timeline thing, and they start to notice that there are some other branching timelines that could affect their existence, because if that calamity doesn't happen, this society doesn't exist. And obviously the people who live in that society wanted to They want it to exist, so they're trying to make sure that twenty twelve happens. Well, they realize there's some other branching realities that are hoping that twenty twelve doesn't happen, and they realize that it's another group known as the P forty five's who didn't experience the calamity that are also going back in time trying to prevent the calamity from happening. And so these two organizations basically are at war with each other to try to make P. Forty five. P. Forty five Yeah, and P. Fifty two all right, war with each other, trying to make the end of the world happen in twenty twelve, so that way the third world can begin. Hey, May eighteenth, we're doing another till and live at several dollars City in Branson, Missouri. I would really love to see you there. Tickets are available right now at the description of wherever you're listening or watching, there's a ticket link. Your ticket gets you entry to the live show, but it also gets you access to the park for the entire day, so you can come in that morning, enjoy the theme park all day, and then that night we're shutting down the park with our show, so we can't wait to hang out with you. Please get those fast, We'll see you May eighteenth and Branson, Missouri. So the PP two P. Forty fives are trying to make sure the twenty twelve does not happen. Yes. P. Fifty two's are like, let's go Cony. Yeah, they're like, yeah, Cony twenty twelve, we got in the world. And the P fifty two's are either and it's not clear what the situation is here. They are either controlling or they are the Illuminati and they are trying to guide the world to the end of the world because that's what they need. They're also coincidentally alternating their DNA kind of mess them up a little bit, and so they're also harvesting some old human DNA in the process. So they're abducting people in town. We are backed up, as they would say, it's like it's like it's inconvenient. It's either like, you know, we live to be four hundred and I haven't pooped in seventeen years. We are so constipated. Give me your DNA. Also, we only have four fingers on each day, and that was a bad idea. You don't realize how much that messes you up. We need it's gone. As our favorite musician Toby Max said, you never know what you got till it's gone. In this ridiculous reality what the world is, Yeah, Toby Max, diversity, shout show your neighbor. They really resonated with that. They're like, I have a freak show. Yeah, geez. So they they they've come back, and they are occasionally abducting getting DNA, but also more than anything, trying to know what you would think of, Okay, trying to drive humanity to its demise, but not really you know, in a weird way, like kind of trying hard to throw up my rock fist with the only four fingers throw up. I dropped this. So, uh, they can't play guitar. They don't have four fingers, got four figures? Yeah, some chords aren't available to them. They so they're they're here just kind of trying to guide the world to the apocalypse. And Dan learns all this when he gets his job and they're like, we need your help, uh, with one studying this phenomenon, but two helping us save the world. Uh. Dan's like, I'm just the microscope guy. Okay, I will get started on that as soon as possible. Did we want to win? Yeah? Which one are we? Which one is our? Our? Our guy? So Dan works for us for for a few years and then leaves because he is concerned about the fact that the public doesn't know this, and he thinks that that we all deserve to know the truth, and so he goes and he he becomes a whistleblower and starts showing this story to the public, and he like arranges in the early two thousands, like these Senate subcommittee meetings that he's supposed to have that never happened. But he's talking about him because he's like, he's like, we need to get into a secure location so I can tell everything I've seen. While he's also telling everything, he's outside of the secure looking secure location Oprah Show. I need to find somewhere to say, Well, doctor Phil, I'm just letting you know, well, doctor Phil, I just wanted to come on your program, and I wanted to alert your audience that there is, in fact time travel issues that have arisen, and I would like to just get the word out to the American people and also find that was a turn I did not expect to see in this conversation. Well, I'll tell you a little bit more southern. Well, no, it's there's a there's definitely a gore in here. Yeah. Well, I'll tell you you know, not a lot of people come on. So I've been doing this for forty years and you know, I can usually have a pretty good read of when people are are fooling me, pulling my leg. Well, I assure you that I am. I am. I'm just having a conversation myself over here. I'm playing both characters anyway. So he's told the truth. Uh sure, Yeah, So Dan Dan goes on this campaign tell the story and that's that's Project looking Glass. Okay, And I want took a second to talk a little bit about Dan. Dan is a microbiologist. He has a PhD from a university that says he's never been there before. But he says that he earned the pH d while I was working at US four and they don't want anyone to know that he was working there, so it was secretive and obvious. But the university he said he attended was in New York, and so he said, well, they were flying me out on the weekends. Yeah, and I was taking classes one airlines And the university is like, this is that, we don't do that. That's not something that has ever happened and will ever happen. And it's not true. He's a liar, and so the doctor thing seems pretty questionable. Everything else in this story most likely no. Uh. This guy also we know a little bit more about him, not a lot more, but a little more. We know. In two thousand and three, he declared bankruptcy, and in that declaration he declared his occupation as homemaker, which some people think that might have been him trying to cover up what he actually did. But he also, well, I guess you could say what I do is I make earth more of a home. Why'd you say it like that? Crazy? Is such a weird thing to say. He's like, so, you're declaring bankruptcy right now? Can you be a little bit more clear? Well? I no, So can we get into a skiff? Is there a secure place if I just changed my voice to be like this all the time? I? Uh? So, he declares bankruptcy as a homemaker, okay, declares assets of three hundred dollars. Can't believe that's not bringing in the dough? Yeah? Yeah, declared assets of three hundred dollars cash. And nowadays it would nowadays, all you got to do is put it on TikTok You make money as a homemaker. You know what I'm tired of on TikTok? Okay, I'm tired of all these like millennials. I mean, like, we live in an RV for four hundred dollars a month. Quit posting that craft, okay, because here's what's going to happen. Your employers are going to go. I mean, an RV's only four hund dollars. We're paying him too much. We got to lower that down a little bit living in there to force all of us to stay in r vs because you want to play the foreign Berry's okay, don't do that to us. Stop it. I don't want to live that post more real stuff, my apartment, my one. You don't. You don't get out of being trailer trash just because it's a different kind of trailer. Like you're still you're like, oh, it's an RV. No, we may fun of you. Yeah, we still do. We still do. Yeah, but you just don't know it because you're in the r V on the other side of the city by yourself. Maybe take some notes on that. Yeah. Yeah. So he and he's got like a half paid off car that he's declares. What's what's interesting is he he talks about getting paid really really well at us for sure. He declares bankruptcy and has basically no assets, so there's some questions there, and uh, well, they didn't want me to buy stuff these because it makes it look like I'm doing stuff. I left it all in New York. I think my girlfriend, My girlfriend's in New York. She has the doll. She is the doll. My girlfriend's in New York. I keep this doll to remind me of her. It looks just like her. In fact, it's kind of crazy when I pull on her arm, her arm gets pulled in New York. It's a voodoo doll. Yeah, the peach gave me I said too much, No, I think. Also, these pictures look very staged. This one especially, he is wearing like kitchen gloves. Yeah, I mean, I'm not outlet. Yeah. And he's also yeah, he's like in a lab, but he's wearing this purple shirt. No lab quote. And the counter the counter is covered in tent like this is this is the cab is covered in tinfoil. Does not see like a real lab like, great, go back to the other picture. That's clearly the same microscope. He's just got a couple of mics. He's got a couple of microscopes that he moves around his house to be like I'm a microbio. Look at those boxes back there in the corner. That's his house. Yeah, this is his house. He's not. This is not what's on his computer. Microsoft paint. Yeah, I get straight up though. Can you zoom in? I don't know if I can zoom in from this like presentage, but we can try to get another one crop it because it looks it's like Microsoft paint. I wish we could zoom Yeah, that'd be nice. Yeah, I think that is. It's either paint or like early word with just a picture on it. I think he's just yeah, this it's not convincing. It's not convincing, Okay. And the majority of the story it comes from Dan Brush. It actually comes from Dan Persh. But it comes from a book. No, well, I wish, I wish it comes from a like memoir almost from I don't know if memoirs right. This guy named See Ronald See Ronald Garner wrote a book Alien Disclosure at Area fifty one, and he told a bunch of these alien stories. And this is his book. For the audio listener, there's still good ways it's it is a human being in a space suit. It looks more like a scuba suit from like forty one, like a nineteen forty on their back, and there is a alien straddling them, like making very very strong eye contact. His eyes are like glowing, and it's like it's like holding them down. Like it's not just like a straddle, it's like a who is see Ronald Garner? Do we know? So? Seeing Ronald Garner is an important guy. He's an author and like a UFO enthusiast. Sure he owns a museum. This is his museum, which is very convincing. Are these both wax figures? The one on the left is him, uh, the other one is a wax figure, and then the aliens are obviously wax those aren't real aliens. But yeah, he's got this museum that I mean, it's just like a bunch of if you're an audio listener, it's like paper mache UFOs that he's made. And then yeah, like wax aliens or honestly, there might be stuffed animals and like a mannequin military policeman. And he's got this museum. It's this is in uh, Roswell. He's got the little museum in Roswell. Yeah, yeah, and he's capitalized on it absolutely what's interesting is Bob Asar, another employee of AS four, says that this guy's full of it and anybody who believes his story should be ashamed of themselves. Pretty strong words from Bob, But Bob was never one of its words, it very much seems. And and here's the thing. Here's the thing with this story is it it touches just about every alien trope that exists. It like was all over the place and it hits everything, but it just like goes like I love that. It's like, oh, there's there's two different groups of futuristic aliens and they're trying to destroy us and also trying to save us. Yeah, and they're also us and the world's twenty twelve, but they don't want to might not if they at the other ones win. But it's also the Anu Naki and it's also Majestic twelve, and it's also the Moron Talk Project. You know, it's also Remote View. Like it is just is literally everything just duct taped together in this big mess, and uh, people buy it. So, uh we're gonna buy the book and we're gonna we're gonna write a new one fiddle off the Alien. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked it, we got another one who check out Bob Lazaar. That one's the one that I actually believe and I think he's actually telling the truth. So that's w's checking out. It's in the description and if you want to watch next week's episode, it is available right now to our patrons, So you can follow a link in our description to become a patron, or you can text till into six six ' eight sixty six and join right now to get access to next week's episode, as well as a lot of other perks. It's totally worth it to be a patron, and shout out to all of our patrons for supporting our show and making this possible. But we'll see you next week for another episode of Things I Learned last Night.

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Dan Burisch supposedly worked on Project Looking Glass at the secretive Area 51 base in Nevada. According to him, Burisch was tasked with studying an alien artifact called the Looking Glass, which could allegedly see into the past, present and future. The key to operating it? Mysterious ancient Sumerian cylinder seals that the government had acquired. As Burisch and his colleagues used the Looking Glass, they noticed something startling – all possible future timelines appeared to converge on December 21, 2012. This matched theories about the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world on that day.

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