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Danny Castilero was murdered by the government, and this episode is all about how yeah that might be true. I didn't know you were starting. Caught me off guard, like his assailants caught him off guard. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. It's a wild conspiracy episode, so pretty fun. If you like conspiracy episodes, you like this one. You'll enjoy it. Joe. Also, if you like comedy podcasts, like this, because that's what this is. This episode is mostly laughter and dishonoring the dead. Sorry about that, I guess. Yeah, speaking of dishonoring the dead, I'm doing a funeral. How wild would that be? Hey, guys, no I am I Actually I get spring break off and so the next show's coming up are April fifth. This is actually fun in San Angelo, Texas, which is like the bad part of Texas, the part that sucks and if you live out there, you know every year, you know what I'm talking about. Sant Angelo, Texas. There's a there's a family out there that is raising money to adopt a child, and so they're putting on a comedy show as a fundraiser. So I get to be part of that on April fifth, and then on April seventh, I am doing three count the three Sunday services for a church in Bloomington, Indiana, so please come hang out. We would love to see that. And then also on April thirteenth, I am in a corps Light, Idaho, corn Alaine. How are you pronounced that place? Cordlaine, Idaho on April thirteenth, So any of those shows i'd love to see. Yet, please don't kill me. Hey, welcome back to Kansas City. How you doing good? Thanks for having me, dude. No, I was actually annoyed the guy at the rental card thing, like, I was just like, all right, yeah, I've got a reservation. Here we go and he's like, oh, you're in town for business and I was like, uh huh is you gonna get some barbecue? Was like, just give me the four give me just let me get out of here. Yeah, ask you all the small talk, tell him about your uber. Oh yeah, my uber this one now listen. I was disrespecting him at first because he missed three turns, and so my arrival time went from it was you know, I lived fifty six minutes from Laxah, and you know, if you're looking at a map, it's toward the ocean, fifty six minutes out in the ocean. So anyway, so he picks me up, he makes he misses three exits on his because I can see his GPS, and so fifteen minutes of the ride, our arrival time now says fifty six minutes from now, and I was like, okay, And then so I text you about it. I was like, this guy's missed three turns. I was like, what the heck? And then I'm not joking. Five minutes after that, the rabbit times had twenty five minutes, and I was like, hold on, that's incredible. I was like this guy I didn't I wasn't familiar. Yeah with his game, that's pretty impressive. You can't tell anyone that route. Now you have to hold that. Yeah he told me the route. Yeah, well yeah, you you experienced it. No one else can know about this portal. We went this like weird. It was a car wash. We drove through and then on the other side there was like I fell asleep for a bit. It was a short ride time. Yeah, anyway, I had to shave again at the end. Yeah, I woke up shirt listen. I don't know what happened. Toyota Siena. But we made it to LAX's. Yeah. What was wild is we made it. And next thing I knew, we were in the cargo hold of the airplane in his car. This guy told you, I knew the way I told you. Are we supposed to be here right now? That's the wrong question. That's the other question. The answer I got the middle seat. I overplayed my hand this time because I had booked an aisle seat in an exit row, which is a main cabin seat with the pores, and I usually fly without them. I usually fly in front of the pores and and so I was like, I'll get upgraded. I get upgraded. I did get upgraded to Delta Comfort plus H. But the only seat they upgraded me to was a middle seat. So I overplayed my hand because I was like, surely I'll get upgraded. And I did, but not enough. Yeah, and the guy on the window understood how it works. I get that arm rest. This guy was like, I get both armrests. I said, no, you know you have the ayle. I get both armres. He was like, really mad about that. We find the one well, the flight attendant, I think depends on which phase of the sky flight turns out he was an air marshal. Turns out the guy next to me he won when he pulled out his gun, and I was like, whoa an episode? Why are you doing the me? What the enterprise agent did? Why are you like? How was your flight? Tell us about your uber? Can? I? Can we just freaking all right? Have you ever heard an episode? Have you ever heard of Danny Castelaro? Danny Castelaro? Yeah, I don't know. He sounds like he owns like a freaking car shop. You know, well he's dead, so so I hope he sounds like he owned a car shop. You got to find his private diary. Today. I skimmed this much money off the top of this causeine, today, I stole a bunch of money. You're telling me if there was a serial killer who killed thirty one people and we put Baskin Robin's name on it, that's not that's not good for their brands. Things I learned last night Danny Carter's Castelaro. Uh, he's this is gonna be a big story. I'll tell you. We can take a look at him first. Here's Danny. Danny looks like Stewe's brother. He looks like my brother in law. Here's another shot of him. Here's another shot of your brother in law. You don't he looks like my father in law straight up? Actually if you just had at once, but I can see it at a couple of years to him. Here's another picture of him, and then here's that same picture of him with his son not cut out of the picture. Wait, wait is the last one his son's comet out? Is that what you're saying? This is the news. The news was like, oh, we can't have a son in there, so we got to cut him out of that. No they didn't. That's not the same picture, the same picture. That's the same picture, are you Are you joking? It's similar enough to be called the same okay, because it's the same person. So you're saying these two pictures of the same person are the same picture because they're similar enough. Und how that worked? Like that's like you say, like this episode is the same as everyone, because our voices are the same. Speaking speaking of we got YouTube comments for multiple people now because we've we've told you how the prisoners listen to us now on the podcast, because when we go to the prison walls and we shout, we give them instructions and we say, here's what's going on anyway. No, the prisoners listen to us because they got to know what nothing else to do. And apparently a lot of them don't know which one because when you download our episodes, you see both of us in the thumbnail, but apparently they didn't know which is which. That Tim's the fat one, you know what I'm saying. It is insane to me. And we've known each other for ten years, we've known ourselves for longer. I know myself for quite a bit thirty. But it's crazy to me that you could see those pictures and hear our voices and mix them up and then go, yeah, that's what The small, squeaky looking one probably sounds like a grown man, and then that clear mammoth of a man and just broad shouldered, strong job man, strong job. That guy he probably he probably sounds like. He probably sounds like Mickey Mouse got his consoles taking you hear it? Oh boy, No, no, no, that's oh boy. So just old boy like such a simple bit. Golly, get into this, okay, okay, okay, Danny Casaro. It was a journalist. Kind of journalist is a strong term for him. Sure, he was a writer. He was a poet and like a novelist, that's what he wanted to do. Sure, but he wasn't making it doing that. So he got a deal like as a tech journalist writing in technology, and he stumbled upon something once uh that led him down a rabbit hole that changed his life forever. Okay, allegedly, don't get there. Allegedly, here we can. We'll we'll fastward to the end of the story real quick and then go backwards. I think that's a better way to do this. You want to wear one of those hats or all three of them? No, no, no, put the logo all right? Do you want one? I'm gonna fit my head. I think they will. Actually, these are pretty big hats. Okay, like this is huge on my head. Job hats. Okay, So what happened? Okay, so Danny? Does it fit? Danny? Uh? He on. We do corporate podcasts. If you are a company and you want to make content, what is this episode? Okay, I'm saying this is from one of the podcasts we produce. I was trying to set it up so we could do like a Hey, our media company will cut it up again. Our media. Hey, cool hat. What's that hat for? I'm trying to bring it up naturally cool ass, So thanks for bringing it up. We do corporate podcasts for companies, for people who want to make controfessional podcasts, and people who are like man, I know that content is important, but I don't know what to do about it. Yeah. So if you are a company, or you know a company, or you would like us to make content for you, you can reach out. Yeah, we can produce. They made the hats, though this wasn't our idea. I love the hats. I actually told him not to actually really like I said, don't make the hats, you know, I said, if you make the hats, okay, anyway, so Danny. On August August nineteen ninety one, Danny was found in the hotel bathtime. That's rough. Tragic. There was no way, so tragic. There's no good way to do that transition. No Dandy Power the Network, a corporate podcast brought to you by Danny, was found dead in the bathroom hotel bathroom on August eighth, August tenth, nineteen eighty nineteen one, nineteen ninety one. Yeah, okay, so content warning. Danny was Danny. It was in the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia. UH found out in the hotel bathroom by one of the cleaner's bathtub full bloody bathtub water, with a bag like looking like it was out in his head at one point and ten to twelve gashes in his wrists and blood all over the walls. Spotted all over the walls. There's a bloody towel and can attempt is to make it look like a suicide. I don't know if I would say or if it's like, now we've we murdered this guy. Well here we'll all continue setting the scene. You keep laughing at really bad stuff. What we murdered this guy? So quit doing that. Sorry, I just so dandy. Yeah. So in that room there was a bunch of bloody towels underneath the sink, and then in the hotel room there was a note and the note was interesting, let me see if I can pull this up real quick. This is the one thing that I forgot to pull up before we started. Sure. The note said be sure to drink over tea. Because that's how their marketing is going right now, is they're like, what gets news coverage, murders starting murdering Now, hold on, no, if I'm making content for your company, you want branding help, you want marketing help, you want some buzz around your company? Murder someone dude leave behind that said, this person got murdered by Cheeto's flame or not all right? Free doo, lay to rest, freedom, lay to rest? All right? Like freaking start killing me? Wow, okay, bo, you can do it. We can kill It's the craziest thing you've ever said out loud. Pretty good idea, pretty good idea. The note said, that's up there with lobster hands. I'll tell you that. The notes said, oh boy, we're in for a long Wednesday. Folks, buckle up for real. You're probably driving around or else we're going to turn your wreck into an add So the note read to my loved ones, please forgive me, most especially my son. And yeah, they were trying to make it look like a suicide. Uh and be understanding, God will let me in. Uh so okay, And then some of his personal effects were left in that room, and it was very it was ruled this was a suicide. His family was notified and all that. It was ruled that by like the corner by the police. Yeah, yeah, corner. I'm not gonna say police, I'll say yeah, sorry. I accidentally ruined stories all the time. Uh so, yes, the police show up. I keep doing to you what my wife does. When I tell good stories, I'll be launched into a good one. Yeah, I'm like, oh my gosh. So one time, this girl in our small group was like, I've got this mace because I don't feel safe on campus, and I like, look across the room he makes his best friend. I was getting there. I was trying to I was gonna go. I was gonna get to that part of the story. Yeah, they got married after Reagan. Stop it, let me tell so. Uh they a suicide. Two days later, they contact the family and the family says, it's weird you're just now contacting us. It's been two days. And they said, okay, They're like, we've been trying to treat you. The cyber attacks, there was a solo you know what. Actually, we were talking about this today. We were talking about this today. Can you and I can we can we start a hacking group and name it solar Flare and say, first of all, that's super cool, solar Flare media shoot that's kind of cool. SFM, that's kind of cool actually. And then and then we take down the grid and we take a responsibility and we say it was the solar flare and everyone's like it was just a solar flare. And then we just under the radar, baby, under the radar is our one of the umbrella groups. Yeah, yeah, and that's where we do things. This is us in jail. We're not in jail. We're being investigated. Y yeah. Can you tell me what this LLC? It's under the radar Comma LLC. That's where we do all of our under the radar activities, like what anything that needs to be under the rail? Well, we're here right now. It feels like you might know it. Also, I can tell for sure that him filled out this paperwork because it says LLC on there. He refuses to just not put that on stuff. I'm really sorry, under the radar. He doesn't have to put the LLC on there. You think LLC Corp. Has been taken? Can weave me? Can you tell a story please? So Danny's family says, okay, well what are the autopsy saying, oh, we didn't do one, and they're like, oh, can we can, we can we do one of those and they're like, oh, yeah, here's the thing though, the body's been embalmed. And they're like, that's strange because in the state of West Virginia, the family has to approve any embalmbings before they can happen. And they're like, yeah, but there's been a lot of lawsuits lately. We're gonna get him tax and you don't wanted that to happened when you die? Is that even? Is that legal? I mean under the radar right, Texas Derby by Uncle what Able even the actor Texas dermy my uncle dot com? Are you buying that for real? I will? Yeah, you got it? Put it in our bio. That's our new Lincoln bio text baby. If you want to join us on Patreon, you can go to taxidermy myouncle dot com. All right, you guys want to start over. This episode is wild. This episode is wild Danny's family. They're like, hold on, I didn't think that was legal to do. Yeah, they're like, and so, hey, thanks for checking out our show. If you like it and you want to support be a part of what we're doing here, you can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community. We have a discord with our hosted producers. We have a lot of fun. We're super active in there. Every day you get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out, we eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast, and there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that that are super cool. If you want to be in that, you can just text tillin to six six eight six six uh and that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here and thanks for watching our show. So they started kind of pursuing this and they say, okay, well let's do an autopsy, even though like you've already done the embalming, Like, let's let's see what conclusions we can make there. The autopsy goes through, ends up that they conclude the same thing. But a lot of the paramedics that we're on scene are voicing some concerns. They're like, hey, that's not what happened. Yeah, one of the things that they said that was very interesting is one there was no there's a term for this that I don't remember. Basically, this is what I've learned from documentaries is you tell the police nothing, but you tell the paramedics everything. That's very true. That's what's been said. What the paramedics said is there's a term for this. I don't know what the term is, but like basically hesitation marks. And so they said, like if it's suicide, usually there's evidence that they like went for it, and they like kind of couldn't do it right away, like this is too clean, like there's not a sign of They were struggling to mentally do this. Sure. They also said, and this is going to be tough for you. They were too deep. There was eleven to sixteen, ten to twelve. Jared, I know you're listening right now while you're driving this future. This is for you. Just really hang on, buddy on, buddy. Yeah. They went down and he actually cut tendons. Why are I doing this? Deep to the bone, far enough to wear one of his hands. At one point he would not have been able to grip because he cut the tendon that would would have gripped as they said it would have been literally impossible for him to go to the other arm and start interesting. Okay, so either that was why this is relevant. Okay, yeah, so either that was the last cut, which like it doesn't seem like yeah, or that was Another interesting thing is the tips of his fingers were cut off. You can't do that yourself, which is very odd. And what the police say is that hard enough to cut your own fingernails, dude, Like you ever cut your like your left hand. What I'm saying like, it's really difficult to do the what the police. What the police said is that he used a razor blade, and because he was using a razor blade, that grip is what made him cut him off. But again, this is not yeah, this is kind of an insane like huh yeah, so it's anyways, this is graphic. But it was a very graphic scene. And the police are sticking to their story that it was suicide. But there's some people right off the bat that are throwing some more flags. The cleaners and the maintenance guy who were the first to find the body said that there was the and this is I've heard multiple people say that this is an expert opinion, which seems a little jacked up to call it that, but they said it looked like that towel was thrown on the floor and they use their foot to wipe up the cleaner. Yeah, oh yeah, I can tell from the swirl that that was a new guy. Hey, get down there and scrub like you mean it all right, this is the share. It in not a super eight. And then they also talked about the spotters on the walls. Yeah, how those cuts, Like it doesn't make sense that there'll be splotters on the walls with those cuts. And the bag is a weird touch, like why would you cover your head in a bag? And then yeah, yeah, so there's a lot of mysteries. Also, the police just drained the bathtub when they got there, which seems like that was probably evidence of there. They should have at least took a sample of that. They literally washed the evidence down the train if there was any. So, okay, there's a lot of red flags in this whole right, this specific this specific point in the story. We're not a true crime podcast. I'm interested why we're doing all of this so far. Yeah, you'll get it. And so oh and I guess the last important thing there was an empty bottle of wine and a single beer in the room too, and some pills. Okay, the whole bottle of wine. Yeah, yeah, it was empty. Here's the Here's the thing though, this trip was a significant trip because of the reason why he was in West Virginia, West Martinsburg, West Virginia. And so we need to take it back a couple of years in the story to look through Danny and how he got here. Sure, so Danny was a poet and a writer, as I said, but he did technology news columns to pay the bills. And this is throughout the eighties. And so he got a job from one of the columns that he wrote for to investigate this lawsuit that was open for a company called Inslaw against the Department of Justice. Okay. Inslaw was founded by you know, let me pull up a pull up a picture of him, sorry to pop over. Inslaw was like a it was a mom pa operation. That was a husband and wife that security usually mom pa are they secured a deal with the Department of Justice. This is his wife or Bill Hamilton and his wife whose name is not on the bill hailing looks like he should be portrayed in a movie. By the you watch only murders in the building. Yeah, the guy who has the cats. Yeah, yeah, I can see that. Yeah. So Bill Bill and has me if you're open to cast, if any casting directors are watching this, I'm just so thirsty for work. I also produce a podcast for you also. Yeah, because content is important. Content is king. Yeah. I can't find Bill Hamilton's wife name okay anywhere. But Bill and his wife started this company in slaw. And what INSLA did is they created technology products for lawyers. They developed the software called Promise that they got a deal with the Department of Justice for And what Promise was was it was a database for prosecutors. The Department of Justice thought, this is really cool and this is the uh late seventies kind of database. It's the sort of thing that can track all your data. It's like an Excel this is spreadsheet kind of but it's so this was at the time where everything was paper. It was like computers were just popping on the scene. So it was taking all your all your file. If you had ever done anything wrong, it would take your file and it would make it in this global database that all the prosecutors across the nation could access it. Okay, here's everything you've ever done before file. Yeah. Where before it was like, oh you got to call and access the library to get the file. It was disconnected. This connected right file currently. I don't know, have you ever broke the law? You have a file now? I have a fifth amenent right to not answer that question. I have a second Amendment right now, second Amendment right to not answer that question. This gag is from an episode that didn't get released. I've forgot. Wow, that episode didn't come out. It's to our Patrens suporters. They have it. Yeah, yeah, maybe we should release that in our newsletter, Like if you sign up to the newsletter, they can get it. Oh, maybe that's a good call. Can we just say what it's about? I think we had before. I don't know if we have. I think it's almost better if we don't. I think I like the like the intrigue of it where you get it and then you hear it and you're like, oh, that's why did we put an intro in there explaining why it never came out? I don't know if we ever did that. No, because we never released it. That's fine anyways. So so this software before this software, you only had a file if you did something wrong. Okay, After this software, everybody can have a file no matter what, because there was just more opportunity to have like a global database. So you probably have a file now even if you didn't do anything wrong. But this connected it all. The government loved this idea so much that allegedly they took this software. So they took this deal with them, and this turned them into like a real company. Like they went from man Pa to mahn Pa and this guy in the background and then to po color pot and color with at in color okay, with a logo in a cool light. Huh. So like it's made them a real company and they actually like they were able to hire a whole team and develop the software and manage the software for the and do installations around the country. And it was a big government contract that made them millionaires. It was kind of like they struggled, you know. It was a very exciting time for them. They achieved the American dream. Well, a few years into running this, Inslaw gets a letter from the Department of Justice in Canada and Department Justices in Canada says, hey, we've been installing your software and we ran into this issue. Can you help us sort this out? And they're like, wait, why are you installing our software? Yeah? And they were like from us, yeah. They were like when did this happen? Yea and yeah, and so they started tugging on some threads and long story short, allegedly what happened gave it to him was and they're like, we got to kill him. Allegedly, what happens was the Department of Justice took this software and distributed it to their allies without the license, but so breaching their contract with Insula right so that way their allies could have it, and uh, Insula said, hey, they got to pay us for that, and the Department of Justice was like, we didn't do that. No. Oh, they were like we didn't give it to them, Like no, that didn't happen. And they're like how did they get it? And they're like we don't. So they took them to court. They suit them pirate Bay. I guess the wire. It had to be live wire. I know the Canadians they don't care about malware, so they probably were just like I want the virus? What is that? So they took him to court. They took them to court and this was this guy in the background that I said was their employee. This was actually their attorney. And this is significant because he was the Attorney general at one point. This is Elliott Richardson. And Elliot Richardson is a very significant person because Elliott Richardson was the guy who during the whole Watergate affair, told Nixon no and stepped down. He was like, no, I'm not gonna do this. He's like, I'm not gonna be a part of this, and he stepped down from his post. So he's got some beef with the United States government. Yeah, and so he came and he fought the DOJ. He's like, I also hate the United States government. Also, there's different kinds of people who hate the government, though, you know what I'm saying. Like there's like there's like we hate the government people and they're like building camps out in the middle of the woods. Yeah, and then there's like lawyers who are like, yeah, I mean we hate the government. Let's take it. So he he knows who to call and so he makes some I really want your CPA. You want your accountant to be like a oh yeah, like yeah, that's true. I want you to be super like don't. Don't let me pay taxes. I want if I pay too much tax I want you to go. If you pay this, I'm gonna step down looking at his number. If you pay, I'm gonna, I'm gonna. I'm gonna leave. So he he knew Elliott knew the people to call. I'm calling his first name, Elliet knew who to call. He could get all the he needed on the US government. And so he goes to They go to Corp, and in this legal battle he is able to produce documents proving that the United States hired a software engineer to install a backdoor and promise, and then hired a third party company who was in slaw's largest competitor, significantly larger than then and was owned by a guy who was within not yet but would eventually be within the presidential cabinet, who was the owner of this company. And then there's so much like just blatantly did you see the Gavin knew something that happened with no Like in California, a twenty dollars minimum wage is coming through, but it doesn't apply to bakeries and cafes because one of Gavin Newsom's biggest donors owns twenty four Panara locations. None not even like owns Panero, just a couple of locations. And it's like, I don't want to do it. So they it's stuff like that where you just go, this is so it's I think it is, but like that's so insane. It's just stuff that you go, what do you like? Yeah, that's crazy. Like they're just like, we're doing it. So yeah, similar things. So this company gets promised, Hey we like this software. I don't want to pay him too much for it. I mean to be fair though. This is what we all did with photoshop when we were on staff at a church. Not exactly the church bottle license, but I also have a license. Yeah no that's not true. But yeah, I know they get rid of all the time. Yeah, well then they get rid of it. They were like, you had to pay us one thousand dollars a month. Yeah. Yeah. So they what they did was they got this third party guy, uh which we're going to introduce him in a minute, to install a backdoor on the promised software. Sure, they took the promised software and they gave it to this third party company and they said, hey, it'd be really cool if you sold this to like Israel and Canada and oh so that they didn't do it, and eighty other countries. And so this company sells it to eighty other countries. Okay, and it's all linking back to the United States. Now the United States has data on everybody in eighty other countries. Okay, I see what they did. I see what they did, and honestly their allies, allies and enemies. These are people both within and outside the United States, like net that this company was selling this stuff too. Okay. And so meanwhile, the guy who developed the Broun software is like, our software is in eighty countries and we're only managing the license for one of them. Doesn't make sense, Yeah, And so they take him to court and they went like landslide victory. Good, six million dollar settlement. Enough, well, at the time it was six million. Today it'll be sixteen millions. Still don't think it's batter, but still well, so they lose. They win. This inslaw wins this case. The Department of Justice loses this case. Six million dollars settlement gets handed down. A couple months later, the judge over that case fired the prosecuting attorney or the defense attorney for the Department of Justice is replaced, replaces the judge who was fired and is now the judge, and they the Department of Justice applies for an appeal and they go back and they appeal and they lose the case. How can that work? I mean, it's the Department of Justice. They decide what's justice. You can't win it gets to the Department of Justice. He always wins. So they literally took their attorneys. They said, Okay, you're gonna you're gonna be the judge. Now, that's so, and so they this uh eighty one is when it all like came through. That's bonkers, and so INSLA goes bankrupt. Yeah, and they never see a penny from the pay Did they pay the six million dollars back? No, they never got paid like it was before the payment ever went through. Do when that That's what I'm saying. That's the stuff that would like, oh yeah, it's that's like pepsi jet. Yeah, well worse. Well I don't know, it's worse. It's worse, but like that stuff makes me so irrationally angry. Yeah, I mean this this was kind of like this really was the like foundation of the n essay is what this whole scandal was. Okay. Sure is them realizing, oh, we can like spy on everybody, like everybody? Yeah, what are they gonna do about it? Yeah? And they're like, what are they going to do? Sue us? But in permanent of justice, we're gonna win that case. Even if we lose that case, it's our second. That really just anything, Okay, so fast, you're going back there. I don't care. I was exercising my second, right. Yeah. I don't think what that means. I don't want you know what that means. They pulled their gun on you though, what you say? I guess I don't know what it means, right, I guess I didn't know. Could I have my lawyer, my mom? Right to your lawyer? Your mother? All right? The stable provide one for you. Okay. So in Sluck goes bankrupt, the lawyer was his mom. That was the joke the whole time. Yeah, the m and Danny gets the case to write a tech column about it, and it was supposed to be a look at this news. Isn't this crazy? He starts digging into it. He calls Bill and he's like, hey, can you tell me something about it, and Bill's like, oh, I can tell you a lot about it. Yeah, And so Bill and him start talking a lot, and Bill introduces him to a lot of the people that he's gotten to know as a part of like the discovery for this case. And Bill starts to tell him that he's got it on good intelligence from within, uh the c I A that there are, that this is bigger than Insula, that this is bigger than the promise software, that there's something much, much larger going on here. And he's like, I think there's a guy by the name of Michael Riconna Shuddo that you should talk to, and Michael will open some doors for you and shed some light onto what's going on. This is Michael Riconna Shuddo cheese. It looks like one too. And this is this is him crying, I think, And this is this is him old. He's a prisoner. Yeah, so Michael, Michael is a munk. Haircut. Yeah, that's a good haircut. You should do it. Okay, that's pretty funny. So Michael, are you gonna are you gonna do the hair implant thing? I don't know? Should I? Yeah? I mean it's kind of funny, is it. It'd be pretty funny if you did right, it'd be like really funny that I'm like a full it did not be that's so really good bit if you had a full head of hair. So Michael, if you had luscious locks, that would make me l o else left your hair? It's so full? Okay, you got so man, all right, I don't know. I don't know where you're going right now. Okay, So michaela shooto kind of shooto? Which does salga cheese? It does Michael rocconna shooto? Where do we begin with? Michael kind of shooto? Michael Rocona Shoodo is allegedly the guy who put the back door in to promise okay, and so he was an electronics and the computer expert and he uh allegedly worked with the United States government on a handful of projects before in the Inslaw affair. And uh he begins to kind of talk Danny through this story that it's like Inslaw is just one small piece of what's going on here. Yea that there is. So he's like he's just exposing what's happened. Yes, yes, it's weird because he he doesn't expose at all, Like it's kind of like he like gives a lot of hints, you know, He's like, he's like, here, here's an interesting thing, and here's another interesting and here's another person you should talk to. And so he starts giving Danny all these people you should talk to and all these interesting things. What's crazy is the story he's telling are absolutely insane ideas sounding. Yeah. For example, he claims that the Iran Contra scandal, which are you familiar, Yeah, where we gave them a bunch of weapons and then we eventually had to fight a war with them to stop him from using those. He claims that the hostages in Iran were going to be released, but Reagan knew he was going to lose the election if they got released before the election, and he had connections with Iran and was able to be like, hey, hold hold on to him until the election. That's a big old yikes. Three hours after the vote came through and passed that Reagan won the election, the hostages were released. Is that true? Yeah, that's true. And so so it does very much seem maybe I am one now, So it does very much seem like that might be true. And this group, the guy that I was talking about that owned that company that was selling this was in Reagan's presidential camp cabinet and was like a close confidant of Reagan for many years. And so he starts painting this picture of this group of people who within and without the United States government that are kind of pulling strings on a lot of different things and controlling a lot of different things. In a similar in a similar vein there's a group in California in an area called the Cabazon Reservation, which is a small, small Native reservation with I think it was like fourteen or fifteen people living on the reservations, very small. This uh, this guy shows up in this reservation is like, hey, I can help make you rich if you guys started selling cigarettes here the fourteen people. Yeah, and so all right, guys, hey got it around. I know, come on over, Okay, huddle up. I can make each and every one of you the richest person in town. Yeah that's wild. Yeah. So he he builds a cigarette shop in town and they start selling cigarettes. I don't I really don't know. I genuinely I don't know if this is like close to another town that people are coming through. I don't, like, I really don't know. I mean, okay, And so they do that, and then he's like, hey, it'd be really cool if this cigarette shop was also a casino, right, And so they expand it to a casino. You got enough people to run it in the town. They start running this casino and yeah, one person over at this at the cigarette shop, and you've got I don't know, a Roulette, blackjack, you know front desk. Obvious, you gotta have a hotel attachment too, or it's just just just casino. It's just a casino. This is a shop. Yeah, your dice. Yeah it's craps. Sorry to say that word. Yeah, it's a little it's just a little like it's like a gas station casino. Is what I want you to picture. I don't want you to picture. I want you to picture a gas station casino. Gas station casinos make me really sad. Yeah, I think that's the idea. It makes me feel really I think that's part of their marketing inside. Yeah, so that's what that's part of their marketing. Look, how sad this is. Don't you want to go to the Venetian instead to do this? Yeah? Actually that does sound pretty dude, The Venetian. Here's what got me to go to the Venetian. Right, I go to a gas station one time, there's a casino here. Why do I need to go to the Venetian? And then I saw someone get murdered at that gas station and the guy who doing the murdering was wearing a Venetian T shirt. And I was like, you know where this probably doesn't happen is the Venetian. The Venetian, And he turned to you, we are sponsored by by the Venetian. Go to Tillon do go to taxi derby my uncle dot com slash Venetian for a special discounted rate on your next Las Vegas trip. One of their seo engineers is going to see that backlink show up on their site and be like, what the heck? Can people see the back links? Yeah, okay, that's good to know. I'm killing. I'm killing in the name of tide Pods. That's how I was helping them get their name out there. This is a serial killer killed thirteen people. Speaking at thirteen, that's the number of loads you can do one thing of tide pods. Jeez. Okay. So this casino is operating and the security guard for the casino is that's what I'm saying, the security guard for the casino, one of the one of the locals, one of the natives in one of the twelve. And so Peter is thinking, this casino's not making any money, Like I see people rolling dice and I see a lot of money flowing through, but we're not making any money. So he confronts the guy about it. Just cast yours on the other side, and long story is short. He confronts the guy about it doesn't go over well, and so he contacts someone on the outside to kind of start to pursue a legal action against him. Okay, a legal action, not in a legal action to pursue legal actions. So the security guard, the security guard is watching it realizes that what's happening. The security gard realizes a lot of money's flown through this casino, but we're not getting paid. None of us are getting So he's like, I think this guy's skimming money off the top from all of us that we're supposed to be making in the situation, because this is a casino. It's not like this guy came in started the casinos like you guys want jobs. It was like we're starting a casino together, and they're all owners together, and so the tribe is supposed to be everybody's supposed to be making a lot of money off this, and they're not. They're not the casino's making a lot of money. They're not making money. We should. And so he calls a lawyer, and the lawyer's like, well, if you can find evidence that he is skiving money off the top, like, we need actual evidence, so you can find evidence, then we've got a And so he's like, I'll find you have to find his private diary today. I skimmed this much money off the top of this cassine Andy, I stole a bunch of money. So similar he broke into his office in the middle of the night, sure, and he started looking through his documents to see if he could find evidence that he was skimming. He found something a lot better. What he found was he found paperwork and evidence of there's no easy way to say this, that this guy was manufacturing weapons that the United States government was paying for and shipping to the contra in in this reservation because it was sovereign land, and so there was no legislation or anything that had to happen because this was technically not the United States land that was happening on they could just bring this in here and manufacture it. And so he found blueprints for weapons, he found trade deals, he found all the receipts. They're like a manuf faction plant. Then on the reservation. I don't know where the menu, I don't know where the manufacturing is happening. He has like a basement in the casino. I don't really ship put in little parties. Here's the trigger, safety is working? Is God is gone? Ah? Yes, this is gone. He has no word of English. Yeah, And so they were were shipping weapons off. To the contrast, he even found documentation outlining a meeting between uh, that same guy who sold the Insulawu the promise software to all those different countries, Ronald Reagan and Contra generals and the guy who set up this casino in the desert here in California to showcase the desert, to showcase a to these guns and do like firing practice with these guns in the desert in California, and like paperwork for it. And so this guy called his lawyer and was like, hey, I think I found something, okay, And so he was like, cool, bring the paperwork up. He's in Los Angeles. He's like, bring the paperwork out to Los Angeles. We'll have a meeting and we'll talk through it. And so he tells his friends, he says, Hey, we're going to drive up to Los Angeles. And so he's like, he's like, let's do that in the morning. Next morning, his friends show up to his house and they find him and three of his friends dead in the backyard, and the paperwork's gone. Okay, and the casino is doing better than ever. No, yeah, so that was and what kind of shootoh was there for all of this? I don't know what his role was in all of this, Okay, like he was the computers for the casino or something. I don't know. So now we've got five people murdered so far, four people murdered. Yeah, for four people murdered, and so long story short, this is this is a big story, but long story short, where kind of studios starts telling stories of all these experiences he's had, following a couple of individuals around working for the US government doing very very reservation they did, yeah, yeah, doing very shady things. And so Danny starts following this trail and thinking I've found something insane, like I thought I was writing a column on tech glosses, but this is like something that can potentially rewrite American history. And so he gets insane about this and becomes like full boor conspiracy things. And he's working on this, this, this article for this, and he starts to begin to realize that this is big than just an article. This is not this is a book. Yeah, and so he's like, he's like, he starts working on a full book about this, and he starts to call it the Octopus. Why because he says there are eight people that he pins down as being connected to this organization that's kind of calling these shots. Hey, May eighteenth, we're doing another Till and Live at several Dollars City in Branson, Missouri. I would really love to see you there. Tickets are available right now at the description of wherever you're listening or watching, there's a ticket link. Your ticket gets you entry to the live show, but it also gets you access to the park for the entire day, so you can come in that morning, enjoy the theme park all day, and then that night we're shutting down the park with our show. So we can't wait to hang out with you please get those fast. We'll see you May eighteenth and Branson, Missouri d And he starts digging into this, and he starts meeting a lot like this wild cast of characters. Sure of people that are connected to this in all sorts of different different ways. And these people are like government contractors basically that are doing different things similar to what Kinda Shudo did, where it's like they got hired to put a back door in a software or to kill a bunch of people or something like that, you know, ra kinda Shudo. Coincidentally, he had a best friend that he did all of these things with early in his career. And his best friend was kind of the money guy. He ran all the money for their operation. He lived in San Francisco and he was killed and his offshore bank account was emptied that allegedly had one hundred fifty million dollars in it from a drug trade that he was a part of. Sure, so yeah, so there's the ratitude. Guy looked pretty reliable. That's the thing. That's the thing. Here's the thing about Kona Shoot. Kona Shoot tells Racona Shuddo tells a lot of stories that are very fantastic. He doesn't look he doesn't look credible. Yeah, he does not look credible. And the stories seem very incredible, but a lot of them have been corroborated, corroborated by either another source or by documentation that has been recovered. Okay, and so it's Riccona. Shutto as a character is very interesting. But Raconna Shoutdo does end up going to jail. You saw that picture. He went to prison for uh he uh. He was working with Danny trying to help him find all this information. Sure, and so he was connected to a few different people in the Department of Justice and was allegedly like leaking this information. Well he found something. He says that they did not want to get out and and they would have killed him, and they threatened him and they said, don't release this, and he was like, well, and so he started going on this trip. And while he was on this trip, a DEA official pulls him over and arrests him and he goes to prison for twenty eight years for producing methamphetamines. I mean, put his picture back up, which one the first one? Young? I don't want to, you know, be that guy. But if you were like this guy, does myth I would go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean it's it's believable. Here's the thing, though, like some of this stuff is cobble. A lot of his stories corroborated. And here's another interesting thing. I guess that's one way to do it. If you're gonna do some conspiracy crimes, use some people who don't seem credible. Yeah. Yeah, And then when they're like, there's what happened, Yeah, you're like, okay, sure, buddy, we were actually putting them in prison right now for drug stuff. Yeah, for drugging. Bond was set as one hundred and fifty million dollars. So yeah, good news. His friend that has one hundred and fifty million dollars just died. It's crazy news. I can't believe that happened. What a coincidence. You could either pay for a Super Bowl ad or pay me to kill someone. You see what I'm saying, Like the word will get out there. Do you're telling me if there was a serial killer who killed thirty one people and we put Basket Robin's name on it, that's not that's not good for their brain. Thirty one flavors. You name each murder after one of the rocky road obviously on the on the back road of a you know what I'm saying, swirl as some of you drowned in a toilet. You get what I'm saying. Right, The scene was covered a Neopolitan ice cream vanillas. Just shot in the chest. That's a very vanilla That's a very vanilla murder. There's honestly marketing geniuses over here. No so Racon Scott shoot though, that we haven't talked about yet. Here's the here's the shooters dad. Yeah, uh, he had government ties and he was a very wealthy individual, Okay, who allegedly was a part of all of this. Okay, kind of shooter's dad had like disowned Michael, and then like this kid is a psychopath, sure, which I mean, if if your son's saying that those things about you, whether it's true or not, you probably need to disown him. So, like, I don't know which way that, whether that helps her or hurts his case. But the story kind of hits a climax where Danny meets an informant who is going to kind of blow the doors open on this whole case and give him enough evidence where he can actually like take this public and like he's got his smoking gun essentially right, And so he's supposed to meet him in Virginia, and the the kind of week leading up to this event, he meets with his brother at his brother's son's three year old birthday. So his nephew's three year old say yeah, And so he meets up with his son his brother, and then after the party, he sticks around really late. And that party, a three year old birthday party, went really rage. This is a crazy party. So the stay up late talking and he kind of was outlining the whole story line to him. His brother is a doctor, like a like a human doctor. Yeah, and so it's his dad. His dad's a doctor too, actually, and so he's kind of talking him through this whole storyline of everything he's finding, and his brother hearing all this is like, it does seem like you've got something here, and he tells him. He says, hey, by the way, if there's an accident, it wasn't an accident. He says, I've been getting a lot of phone calls lately, well, death threats, okay, And so he's like, what year is this now? This is the year of his murder. This is weeks before his murder, murder, death, I don't know murder. And so he says, he says, I'm going up to West Virginia. I'm going to get my smoking gun. I've got my last kind of informant. This is the last meeting I've got. He's been traveling all over the country meeting these informants and interview them and stuff like that. This is his last one in West Virginia. And so he drives up to West Virginia. He was actually told by his contact that set this meeting up was like, hey, don't go alone, and so he asked a friend to go with him, but his friend was like his friend was like, because, I mean, imagine you have to Here's how you have to ask, right. You got to be like, hey, I'm going to a meeting, anything that someone will go, I don't want to go alone. I'd be like, well, I don't want you to either, but I don't want to go, but I don't want to be a part of it either. Yeah. Yeah, So he can't get anyone to go with him, so he goes alone. And so he goes up. He goes up to West Virginia and leading up the night of do you think if he had had some with him, he wouldn't be murdered. No, I think they'd both be murdered. And so through the police had interviewed a bunch of witnesses in the area and we were able to kind of reconstruct the story of what happened. He shows up in town, checks into his hotel, goes to the hotel bar, sits in the hotel bar for a few hours, goes to a local pizza hut. It's in a local pizza one. It's not any one was the best. It was freaking bomb in the nineties. It was the best place. I say that. I don't know if they're listening to it. Listen Pizza Hut for a few hours, and the pizza hut employees look said it looked like he was waiting for someone that never showed. He goes back stood at pizza Hut. Yeah. He goes back to his hotel, hangs out in the hotel bar for a little bit, and then at ten pm he turns in, goes back up to his room. Here's an interesting thing. He goes to his room and the room next to him, the lady who's staying in that room had told police that she saw him go back to his room that night, and she described a guy that looked nothing like Danny Castelaro. He had like Danny had, just holden lots super funny hair, like so full, freaking hilarious hair, Like look, how funny that it's so full. It's not bald, and she described he had he had like thin brown hair, just so serious hair, not hilarious hair. And uh, you should do the hair plug thing. And you should you know, like a like a skin rejuvenation thing or something that's really funny. Also, it's really funny to like try to look better. I think you should try. It's so okay. So, and this guy was shorter and thinner than Danny that she described, and so is the guy that does not fit his description at all. And she said that she saw him key in and like had a key keet and went in and uh and she just assumed that that was the guy staying there. How does he get a key? Okay? Uh? So that's an interesting detail. A couple of other interesting details from that night. Are they using key cards at that point? I don't know yet. I don't know. I did that just kind of naturally. It's kind of like, have you seen those videos where it's like the gen Z mom and the gen Z daughter and it's like it's like, hang up the phone, yeah, talk on the phone, hang up the phone FaceTime and they're like, I don't know what face time is, this is face I just want some FaceTime with you, jeez. So they a couple other interesting things about that that night. Danny one uh, their family was a devout, devout Catholics. They always were their whole life. Something that he said in that note is I he said I know God will let me in. They don't believe that, none of no one in the family believe that. And they're like, Danny doesn't believe that either, and so they're like, that's a little that was always very fishy that that was included in that note, because we don't think he would say that. Right. Second, Danny is basically you he was terrified of blood and the idea of going out the way he went out is not a way he would have done it, especially like like twelve times. His family's like, that's very not likely that he could go through with that, right, And so there's there's a lot of fishiness around that. And then obviously he's been digging into some stuff that seems like he's uncovering some stuff and he's intentionally trying to highlight this. He has been getting death threats. He had been told not to meet this guy alone. Right, was stood up at the meeting, and then a guy was seen entering his room that was not him. Well, yeah, it's like, hey, meet me at this place away from your hotel and then and then I'll meet you in the hotel room. So what is what is most likely the story here? Yeah, is the racanashudo storyline that is painted of this being this big mastermind group that's in control of everything. I don't know if that's the truth. I think the story I think it's he found something in here, a couple of rogue actors. Yeah, and we're doing some sketchy things. Yeah, in this big story that was legitimate, Right, that was real, this whole thing being connected. I don't know if that's real. Sure. What's very interesting is in that storyline there's a guy, something Booth, who was a legend fil John Wilkes. Booth worked for the CIA, who another reporter. After Danny's death, she got obsessed with the story and started following the story to try to figure out what happened to Danny, and so she met with this guy who was one of the guys that Danny had spoken with, was someone who Michael Rakonda Shudo had lived with for two years. Michael hated the guy and was like, I don't recommend anybody to live with that guy. Ever. Yeah, he's like bad guy. This guy allegedly worked for the government and was kind of like their muscle. Yeah, who did stuff that? And here's there's an interview with him on another court case where he was called as a witness and they're asking all these questions about his relationship with the United States government, and in it, he's very irritated and he says, they told me this would never happen. They told me what I'm doing right now I would never have to do. And he says it's he said, it's a breach of contract that I'm even here right now talking to you and very so you know why I pulled Joever tonight. This is a breach of contract. They told me I never have to talk to you. This is my Second Amendment right to try as fast as I want anywhere I want. I plead the second sir, what there's no guns. I'm just playing a game, just playing the game. What if when you pull over and you pull out a game on your phone that is just freaking like this and you just let it run through your car speakers for sure if that come up with the acorn thing like, you aren't dead for sure in that scenario. Yikes. Anyways, this guy meets but there's just sirens outside. Right as we were joking, I like ther impulses to put your hands up, and mine was to go, I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you. So you start doing that to the police officer you see around town. Just go see your round tagle. See how that goes for you, see how it goes. I bet it goes really well. I bet they love it. I bet they think they're super funny. I'll say what they don't think is funny at all. I was went to Applebee's one night. This was like a long This was back when I ate Applebee's. This is back when I looked like I ate apple Bee's. You know I'm talking about. This is back when I had the appearance of an Applebee's go er, back when I Anyway, you know, a group of us are walking into Applebe's. There's a police officer group also that's walking in and then the one of them had their headlight out and I said, hey, I'm gonna let you off with a warning tonight, but your head lights out. They don't like that joke, and I was like, that's that's really funny, man. Sorry, you should chuckle. I don't know if you heard. Let you hear me because your headlights I'm gonna let you off with a warning. You get it, because that you wouldn't do that. I would because you're not nice to me. He arrested you. He arrested you on suspicion, suspicion of what being suspicious? Okay, so, uh what was I talking? Oh this booth guy. So Booth gets interviewed by that new reporter and Booth in this interview tells her, hey, you should be careful what you're looking at. This group is a little bit more powerful than you think they are. And he says, let me show you something, and so he shows her, uh clip. It is a zapruder tape. You know what that is. That's the JFK tape they called the subruder tape because I think that's the name of the guy who filmed it, Pruder. It's a tough thing. So the JFK tape, And in the tape that he shows her, the driver turns around and shoots JFK and she says, that's not real. And she says, that's doctor. You doctored that tape. And he says, no, the tape you've seen has been doctored. Let me show you the tape you've seen. And he shows her the tape everybody else has seen and she and he says, that's the one you've seen, right, And she says yeah, and he says, hold on, let me rewind it. Watch it again. Pay attention to the tree, and that in the tape that she saw, the tree right when they drove by was cut off, so the trunk wasn't there, so like they could edit it and take out the driver and replace him with a new driver. And he's like, that's the doctor tape, the one that you've seen, and she walks away from that a little confused, and over time she began to realize that tape, that the tape with the tree missing, was also a doctor tape. It was not the original tape. What he was doing was trying to give me something that I will go out and talk about that would discredit me. And so then everything I said is now discredited. And so she says something I had was correct, Yes, and they were trying to throw something in there that would muddy the waters and make it hard to believe anything I said, which is what I said earlier where I said, if you want to pull off a conspiracy, then you've got to get people who are not incredible. Yeah, and so now we should be corrupt, bro, we'd be so good at this. So now the theory is that even Rakona Shudo a lot of these well, she didn't take that bait. She didn't take the bait. No, no, yeah, she she thinks and some other reporters that have followed her think that there is a web that was spun by guys like Booth, Rikona Shudo some of the other people that were involved in this whole scheme to create this giant, fantastic tale to cover up something within that was legitimate and actually happening. Yeah. What it was that was legitimate, we don't know, but whatever it was looks like it was enough for Danny to get killed over it, and those people at that reservation and we're kind of Shooter's friend. Whether it was attached to the government, we don't know for sure. It could have been like a mafia situation that was like pretending they were the government. Sure it could have been the government. The inslaw thing happened. We know for a fact that that happened because they lost that court case. Was that connected to all this stuff that ended up in Danny's death, We don't know. That could have been just like coincidence that that was what led him down that road. Okay, ' kinda shooto might not have been attached to that at all, and they might have made it up to say we're kind of SHOOTO. Put that back door in to create that connection to that. But it's this massive, messy conspiracy of the octopus. But something in there is real, something inside that is real, and Danny found it. What's fun is I don't know if you've heard of the rest of Chuck E. Cheese's all right, No, Christian Hansen, which I said that name like you should know it, Okay that you shouldn't, Yeah, but Chris Hansen, Chris Hansen, you should know. Christian Hansen is a reporter, was a reporter. I call him christ christ for short. We mentioned that no I saw Okay whatever man Christian Hansen is I was a reporter, is still a reporter who got interested in this in twenty thirteen and started really diving into the story, got obsessed with it just like Danny, and has committed his life to try to figure this out last tennish years. Maybe well. He and one of his friends just produced a documentary series that's now on Netflix. It's a four part series, very good, worth a watch. Goes much more into detail than I just did, because cool much less. It's called the Gilmore Girls. There's a hidden meeting by the Gilmore Girls, and you're not gonna believe it's you once you pay close attention, like first time you're watching it. You're not gonna catch it once you know you can't. You can't see the same see it. No, But this documentary goes into more detail on all this, names all the people that Danny thinkstarter and the octopus. What's very interesting is Christian put in a bunch of freedom of information acts, oh to get this stuff revealed. Well, Uh, they were getting denied. Uh, a lot of them got denied, and they want to let him actually see him. That doesn't seem like freedom. Uh. And so freedom of some information act. I guess freedom of the information. We're okay with you having act boys uh and so he uh. In twenty thirteen applied for a FOIL request for the documents from the crime scene of Danny's death and he was denied in twenty thirteen, and it's just kind of been through this cycle ever since then. Well, a couple of years ago, and while producing this film, he was able to get in touch with the local police department and they were like, hey, we see that they've been bucking this and this is kind of stupid. And they're like, we've got them here in the desk. That's these ones. That's exactly what happened. A frame picture of the body. Yeah, and it says this guy was killed by the guy died this guy Apple. You see our wall of dead guys. This one definitely boosted shareholder value. It's like the beat Ups Blazing challengeble just the murders that Petos committed. That one right there. Oh my gosh. It's a killer marketing strategy. So they were able to get the FOI from them, and they were they got to actually open up that kill a guy dot com? Is that is that taken? That's one that you're on a list for buying. For sure, kill a guy dot Com? Going to this website. Guy, it's like tender but for murder. No, no, no, yeah, well, oh my god, this is okay. So two hours now, get out of here. We gotta get out of here. So they get the request. They opened up the documents. It's worth watching them open up the documents. Here's the thing, though, I watched an interview with the producers of the movie, the Christian and his filmmaker that filmed it all, and they said, we had been working on the edit for months to finish this. We sent it off to Netflix. Literally right after we send it off to Netflix, we get a call with another FOYA that went through, and so he said, hopefully we're going to make an update soon with what we find from that FOIA request. Okay, what kind of SHOOTO also was like, whenever the the film comes out, let me know and I'll tell you everything else I know, because he's like, because there's some stuff that can't call film, I'll make some more stuff you guys are putting in a documentary. Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you some other stuff. I love the stories I tell you, gonna love everything I tell you. Yeah, So allegedly they're gonna have this this new FOYO request that comes through, and then everything else that Michael decides to tell them once the film comes out. So maybe they're gonna make an update soon. But Christian hasn't been murdered yet, probably will be soon. Danny probably was murdered. It's what it looks like. A bunch of other people got murdered. What it was in this case, who knows, but something, for sure, something happened, but it was something. This is definitely something. That's all we can say for sure. Oh yeah, well we hooked that at the beginning as a little teaser. This was something, you know, something to grip their attention the whole episode. This is definitely something brought to you by Apples. All right, we can hold that week, Yeah, because we gotta we gotta promote something. We're gonna promote our live show on on May eighteen. When's this come out? Yeah? This one? Hold on, let me pull up Infinity. If you're finding this, I'm sorry. I'll be at several Dollars City on May eighteenth for till and live tickets are available. Sorry that I'm moving around like a weird dead guy. All right, fiddle off. Hey, thanks for making it to the end of this episode. If you like episodes about dead guys, you will our episode we did about Cocaine Bear. It's the straight up. The movie pretty exaggerated, but the story of how the cocaine ended up in the presence of a bear was super fascinating, and we did a whole episode about it. It is linked in the description of this whether you're watching or listening, or you know somewhere to click here. Thank you so much for supporting our show and being here for episodes. We'll see you again next week for things I learned the side. Thanks. How long things others not fine? M hmm.

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Danny Casolaro was a writer and poet who took on freelance technology news columns to pay the bills. In the 1980s, he was assigned to investigate a lawsuit between a small company called Casolaro and the U.S. Department of Justice. Casolaro had created a database software called PROMIS that was licensed to the DOJ. But somehow the software ended up being sold to intelligence agencies in Canada and Israel, with Casolaro seeing none of the profits. Casolaro sued, claiming the DOJ had stolen their software.

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