Charles Ponzi – The Father of the Ponzi Scheme


For as long as there has been money to be earned, there have been scammers ripping people off. Some scams are low-profile and unelaborate. Others make a prolific status that cements it in the public mind for years, like pyramid schemes. One such scam that surfaces time and again is the Ponzi Scheme. The fraud’s namesake, Charles Ponzi, may not have invented the scam, but he did take it to a new height. Even after getting caught and serving jail time for his crimes, Ponzi attempted to defraud the public. In this episode of Things I Learned Last Night, we look at the life of Charles Ponzi, the Ponzi scheme’s father.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Charles Ponzi – Wikipedia

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