Pepsi Jet – This Kid Wanted Pepsi to Give Him A Jet


We’ve all grown accustomed to disclaimers at the bottom or the end of advertisements. We know that, most of the time, there has to be a catch. But, even if there isn’t a catch, most people don’t have the will to face a mega-corporation to get what they are due. John Leonard isn’t most people, though.

In the mid-1990s, Pepsi ran the promotional campaign ‘Pepsi Stuff.’ The campaign concept was simple, drink Pepsi and earn points to purchase special edition gear. However, the ad showcased a student buying a Harrier Jet and lacked any disclaimer. Leonard knew he had them. Enlisting the help of friends and family, Leonard began amassing Pepsi points. His story brought him face-to-face with Pepsico’s legal team. He nearly walked away victorious, but an unfortunate stroke of luck changed everything. Even still, it’s incredible that John Leonard almost squeezed a fighter jet out of a soda brand.

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