DashCon – The Tumblr Conference That Ended In A Sad Ball Pit


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Hey Man, oh, nothing much. God, I hate it when you do that. Well I do too. Uh have you ever heard of DASHCN DASHCN DASHCAN are you just saying Dash Cam wrong? Oh? Yeah. All of my Tiktok is just Dash Cam car accidents. I don't know how I got on that, but they are progressively worse. It started with like, you know, a little bumper things, and people have been like Oh and now it's like full on, like pretty bad accidents, you know, like I don't want to watch this stuff that or I started getting my pilots license, and then all of a sudden it was just footage of plane crashes. Yis they're like you you fly alive? Well, and like yeah, not even small planes, like like all the airline incidents. It's like the Microsoft flight simulator, like they're recreating recreating the crash. Yeah, it's terrible. It's like, Oh, yeah, why why is this what you want to do with you spent three hours making his video making this crash, you've spent three hours flying to the location where this crash happened just in anticipation, just just what do you say that again? What in anticipation? Like they flew there, well, they had to because if they're in Microsoft flight simulator, you can't just spawn at some random point. You have to take off, fly, so they took the three hour trip to where that crash happened. You can't just choose which airport you start at. I mean you can I guess, I guess you could choose a closer airport. That's true, you could choose a closer airport. Okay, that's what I was thinking. Simulator. You think they're like, no, well, where are my schools to set up my my grain? This grain? I got six trailers outside. I got a grain train in the parking lot. You're right down. It's funny, and it's like, Oh yeah, they are not qualified to run this conference. Things I learned last night. Have we haven't told this story about the time I raised your flight on this podcast? No? I think we told the story about the time you tried to hijack my flight. That was interesting. We were on the same southwest airlines flight and Tim's nott allowed to fly Ahmore. That's why he uses flight SIMULA. I popped in and you're like, what are you doing on this? He was in my car. I was like, how do you get there? And he was like, I'm taking over. It's a stick up. Uh No. I did fly to Atlanta once and you were like what times you're flight? You were texting me like twelve times. You're like, what time do you guys have? Okay, what kind of flight are you? And I was like, I'm gonna southwest seven forty seven. I guess okay, I'm gonna race you. It was like text me when you started taxiing and we raced and uh you beat me by about twenty minutes to southwest. Pilots beat you. I didn't do anything. I also I also crashed on the landing and you're violet slanted right. It was raining that day. I hadn't done a rain landing yet. That was my first brain landing. It was also my first I fr landing. I've been doing a lot of VFR flights. Did you it was the video on Tiktok because I might have seen it. Okay, let me tell you about dash cod. I've maybe this is the benefit of what we're doing right now because I haven't had a chance for my day to start. So we're shooting this early in the morning right now, which we've never done. We've done some late nights pretty early. You know, Tim just woke up. But like, my brain isn't confused yet, so I think right now, like it's every day around noone. My brain just it's like seven Bro, every day I have that at two o'clock, two PM. My brain is just like we're done. It is true, yeah, because it's all the carbs in lunch. Right, well, I haven't carbs in eight years, so I don't know. Okay, so before we get going, this was recommended by a couple of patrons. Actually two different patrons had recommended this, and both of them when they recommended, a bunch of other patrons were like, Oh yeah, we need to do this. And so those two are Bo Dalla was first, treg was t came in second, and then Bodalla came back and was like, oh I second this, but I also first did this first. That that's what your dad. So, okay, dash conduct it's a conference. I'm guessing yes, no, it's a it's a con is it though? No? Well it kind of actually yeah, actually it's both. Okay, there's a ven diagram, it's a convention. It's a convention and Chicago, Illinois. Um, you can't even fault the people who put it together, like guys, con is in the name, in the name, what did you expect? Yeah, what did you expect? What? A friend gave you a card and was like can you keep a secret, and you're like, yeah, you know what, this is going to be totally legal, legit. Oh my gosh, so this this uh we need to start at the birth of DASHCN UH oh. So there was a movement called Tumbler. I don't know if you've heard of it, um, but in the early days of Tumbler, Tumbler was a different world than seven like two thousand, two thousand, tens ish, early twos. In the early days, it was different than what it is now. Um, is it now? Is it still? Is it still now? Is what I'm saying. I'm pretty sure that it is now. I thought it died. I'm pretty sure it's still around. I thought Tumbler and vine were casualties of two thousand fourteen. Yeah they're still around. I mean they definitely were casualties. But what it is now is it's it's kind of almost like a four Chan now, like it's just a mess just land of Internet. But but in its early days, it was a like your stereotypical social media platform. But for some reason, and I don't really know exactly what about it made this happen, but in those early days, it was a place where if you really liked something, Tumbler was where you went to talk about it all the time and find out also really like I've never got into Tumbler. All I think of it is like the tumbler girls, right, that became a stereotype thing. And it's like those emo kids and the yes the pop punk subculture was thriving on Tumbler. Honestly, I would say, because there was kind of like your first wave think about a lot, but I think about this a lot, like you know, like I know, I say that about a lot of things, but this is probably one that consumes me a lot. Is like the romance on a rocket ship guy, you know, roar romance the rocket ship right near a rocket ship, like was a musician for those weird kids. Okay, I've never heard of that, or like the yeah, like that scene kind of like they had the checkered belt and they were not in the belt loops. You just you know, put it over your and hope it doesn't slid. Yeah, and like the you know, always wear the converse and all that stuff. It made sense to me that like thirteen and fourteen year olds were doing that, but they were doing that emulating the grown adults doing that's what I'm saying, like, you are you with me now? Like there was romance on a rocket ship if you spell it out. Roar was this dude's band's name, and he's like thirty making music and it's like, came from you. No, you're thinking raw, which is r a W R, which is a little dinosaur drawing kind of thing. This is like deep tumbler dive right now. But I'm saying I only know this much about this because there were plenty of them at my high school. Yeah and so, and like not that they were weird kids. Hey, if you're into it, you're into it. I think it's weirder that there were adults. That's where I'm trying to see, yeah, you're not weird for being a weird fourteen year old, weird thirty year old who's WHO's leading the culture creating content. And I guess I say that as a person who does youth conferences and stuff, and you should start wearing those belts. I'm having an existential crisis. As I'm doing this episode right now, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Like that never shot Never Guy Christopher drew was you know, at least he was at least he was like nineteen doing it. Yeah, I mean that's a good point. This is an interesting point anyway. So that's what was on tumbler was there was some yeah, they were huge fandoms and like and for some reason that I've never quite understood. Um Well, I mean, I guess it does make a little bit of sense. But if you like something like a lot, it gets really weird. Maybe it's that obsession factor. Unless you're like one of our Patriot supporters. That's totally is so normal. That is, that's the most normal thing you could do. But it is kind of it is kind of strange that loving something so much makes you weird. You have to like something just the appropriate amount to not be weird. But once you start being like, Oh, yeah, I love this, like, I love this a lot. I love this so much that I dressed up like it and I've got tattoos of this thing and I post about it on this obscure website with no vowels, then people are like, that's weird, that's weird that you like this. I don't know. Anyways, a bunch of people would retreat to this place because they make it their personality. Yeah, and and because of that factor, it did attract a lot of people who didn't have a ton of friends in real life, but they had these relationships in the tumble verse. Um, do you think there's a link between Tumbler people and like conspiracy people? This is kind of a real munder because like that obsession factor, that part of you, that's just like the desire for online community, that's what drives things like human it could have been anyway, um anyway, so that's that's the stage of what Tumbler look like in that era, um a little a little different than it does now. Um. And there was a community in there that was so excited and invested in the Tumbler community that they would always talk about like two like trending things on Tumbler all the time, pretty much where Tumbler University and Tumbler Island, which were these mythical experiences where all these tumbler kids could come together and go to school together in their own university or live on an island together and just exists together with all their tumbler friends. Um, they had virtual versions of it club peg. I was gonna say tuned town. So we had the same thought on that that was good. I like that. I like that. That was good. Uh So uh, everybody just kind of dreamed about it and we post about it like yeah, we'll do this on tumbler island. Um. But it was like, this is never gonna happen until one fifteen year old girl was like, I'm gonna make it happen. Uh, and so she started like putting these plants together on facebook marketplace for islands. You know, she started kind of dreaming. She's like, she's like, okay, we probably couldn't put together university can afford an island, but a conference that seems easy and doable. Um, fifteen year old girls planning this, yeah and so and she's out here like okay, so because they all have the hair over their one eye, like they're freaking like Emo pirates. Yeah, she wipes it in like her hands pink after movings. Many of these girls, do you have crushes? Oh? All of them? But I was one of these girls. Would you let me ask you this way if one of these girls were to paint an elephant on a sweater, would you you? Would you buy that? And then excitedly UNWRAPID and noticed the card and it says, Tim Norris, is that is that real? I'm sorry that happened to you? headsucks? I was like, okay, cool whatever. I guess for people who don't know. Tim had this big crush on the weird scene girl that came to college dress like that, and she leveled that she became normal. Yeah, but yeah, but I was too nervous to talk to her. I never never. She did these sweaters where she painted an elephant for her fundraisers for her trip to Africa, and he bought one and was like, she's going to notice that I bought it, and then we're gonna well. It was. It was more just an end. It was like, this gives me a chance to talk to her about something. And then he wore it every day and then I really, honestly do like the way that I wear my like hope Hoodie that I've got. I wear it too much, honestly, like it's cool, it's it's a cool switcher. It was. It was that moment when I unwrapped it and saw the wrong name on the car, and I was like, Oh, this isn't gonna happen. But the Sucher was cool, so I wore a lot. I like it anyway. Anyway, so she was we're gonna make this happen. And so she starts putting all these planes together and for some reason, like twenty I believe Um for some reason, and I don't understand why. Actually I can't understand why it's tumbler. Uh. This all of her plans attract the attention of three grown adults, uh by the name of Meg with two g's Um obvious, rock, sane, and a guy goes roxy, a guy that goes by Kane, but his name is locane and has spelled L O C H I a n Uh and he for a while was trying to convince everyone his birth name is Loki. Uh. So, yeah, I think you have an idea of how this is going to go. He's a tumbler guy. And so they she attracts the attention to these adults, and these adults are like, great, idea, we're going to help make this possible because you're fifteen, um, and so yeah, we're kind of well, here's the thing. Uh, Meg and Kine were thirty, rock sand was nineteen. For some reason, rock sand was friends with meg and Kane because a tumbler adults had weird boundary. Yeah true. Uh, and so they reached out and they were like, Hey, you want to be the Admin. will put this together as like an actual company and build this tump our conference. Okay, and they called the tumble con Um and Tumbler was like, you can't call it that. And then they were like, we'll call it DASHCN and name it after the dashboard because that's what they call it. It's like it would be like calling it your timeline connor feed con or something like that, because that was what they called that, the dashboard Um feed con feed. It was like a bunch of farmers who show up and like, well, what I'm looking for grain? It's just a guy's got a sack of grain. He's like, well, where am I supposed to set up my my grain to sell this grain? I got six trailers outside, I got a grain train in the parking lot. You need to get this somehow of your brain. I'm trying to sound great, well, what am I gonna do? I got a big online following. They bought tickets to the wheat and green it. I was trying to get that joke out when you did it. That's a good one. Wheat Great Um so Kane and Roxanne and meg they go and they organize as an actual company an L LP NOT ENOUGH L C, but they and they say, okay, we're gonna build this conference. They started indiego go uh to fundraise for it, where they raised six thousand dollars uh to kind of get the ball for yeah, not even close to enough, but they did say that that wasn't going to that was just gonna get the ball rolling. Help them build a website, start selling tickets and things like that and get in the door. And they reached their goal. Tumbler was hyped about it. They got all these three blogs. Where were they trying to do it? CHICAGO, right? Yeah, Chicago, hamping in like where were no? It was this convention center. Yeah, it was an actual hotel and it's like a hotel and convention center. How many did they hope we're going to show up to this thing? Well, based on the engagement on Tumbler, they expected to have around seven thousand people show up because that was how many people like, there was a people are under sixteen? Yeah, yeah, exactly. Okay, so I know where the story goes in. Yeah Great. Uh so they expected out with Loki in Chicago and FREAKING HOLLY XX is like, well, you know, Hollis, what is this? Yeah? What what am I supposed to call you? Now? Uh so they put together this website. They started selling tickets. It was sixty five dollars for the weekend. It's really cheap. Yeah, uh six dollars for the weekend. You can pay in additional twenty dollars to get access to this concert um or you can pay just twenty dollars to just go to the concert Um. But that did not include it was steam powered giraffe. Have you ever heard of them? No, apparently you could have made you could have made that up and looked me straight in the face and said steam powered GIRAFFE. It sounds like I made it up. That's what I was thinking. I was. I thought I was gonna be like, you've heard of him? Oh, it's kind of I made it up. It was would have been funny. It was backstreet plays, steam power ser draft. I was kind of impressed when I looked it up there decently large. They've got they have a quarter million month of listeners, Um and like twenty million listens. I'm their songs on spotify. I checked them out. So they seem like I listened to a bunch of tracks in the way here, Um, not my cup of tea? Uh? Is it like pop punk with but I was gonna say, like with like a techno element in it, like not even it's kind of like, uh, it feels like you're listening we play five seconds without ginding in trouble. I want to his eyes got so big on that, like like you you looked like I asked if we can get away with murder for a second. Here's the thing, playing five seconds of a song does not give you a good picture on these guys, because it's it felt like I was listening to the like I listened to one of their albums and it felt like I was listening to the soundtrack of the musical because every track was a totally different style. All right, I'll check it out. And they but they were all kind of like yeah, they were all like that kind of stuff. Though it was like like saloon music or like wild west or like ragtime like it was all like over the place, but all like older like Elvis Rock, older styles, and like it all told the story of the steam powered Giraffe. Who did what? Who did the original? When I say the original Tiktok Song? Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you know what I'm talking about? The like when Tiktok was musically uh, and there was these weird kids on on that APP doing the ladies. I know what you're talking about, know what you're talking about? What the crap was that? Um? Yeah, I haven't got no idea. I don't think it was them, because I would expect that would be the number one song, and I listened to the number one the number one song was actually kind of good, like the rest of their stuff. Not A fan. Their number one song was kind of like an acoustic like Indie rock song, and it's actually kind of good. Um, the rest of it I wasn't a fan of. But steam powered Um uh but yeah, so so they were gonna headline this concert. They were going to headline the concert. Um, and they were a big selling factor of the conference. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked it would really help us out if you leave a review or a comment on Youtube if that's what you're watching on and if you want to check out another episode, I recommend Julianne Kopki. That was an episode all about a woman who survived a ten thousand footfall from a plane without a parachute, landed in the Amazon absolutely bonker's story. Uh, and it was pretty fun. We had a lot of fun jared and I in that episode. Uh. So you should check it out. It's one of my favorites right now. But thanks so much for being here. That a few things scheduled for this that we're actually like, Hey, you guys did a pretty good job like booking this, like this is someone interesting, like the same para of the draft. That was a pretty big band to bring in for your first year. Uh. They also alright, they also had Doug Jones, who was one of the doctor who's Alex's brother. Okay, we can get out my brother, hug, you're going to these fruit fruit conventions. Uh No, Doug Jones. He was one of the doctors on doctor who, which is a pretty big name. They also had the podcast welcome to Night Vale, which I don't know if you've heard of that they were one of the biggest podcasts in very early podcasts. And I hope we get booked for a weird convention that if you're putting together a weird convention that you think is gonna Collapse, call us. We want to be a part of it. Tilling live. We do podcast conventions, ministry conventions, reptile conventions was surreptiles. I'll tell you about that. The so my agency also reps a BMX group that you know when they you know, they go to churches and they rap over cars and they do all this stuff and at the end they're like, you could do this with the Lord or whatever. Um. They're actually really good guys. I love them all. But we're at this convention and apparently next door there was a reptile convention happening, and one of those BMX guys went next door and bought an alligator. And then it was just sitting underneath our table in a tub, but like not an alligator tub, like in a clear just bought from Walmart, you know Tub. There's just an alligator underneath our convention table. And they drove they drove eight hours to get to that convention, which means they had to drive eight hours back. What if you were in a van with a group of friends going to a convention and then someone at that convention buys an alligator, and then you now have to drive eight hours back with an allegat alligator. And it's like, Hey, man, I'm gonna running side of the bathroom at this gas station. Will you walk my gator? Can You keep an eye on my gator? Like well, can you imagine a guy at the pump just be like, Hey, can you watch my gator while I'm in the bathroom for me if he gets a little anty? Sure? Anyway, so they built a real convention, that's what you're saying. Kind Yeah. The podcast welcome to Night Vale was was early podcast. It was actually ranked one on apple podcasts for a little while. Um. Um, it's still active today. There's actually a TV series being like made in honor of it. The show was here. Let me show I actually pulled this down for you. You've probably recognized the logo. Oh Yeah, I've seen this around. Um. They were pretty big. They at that time they were pulling about half a million downloads a month, so a pretty big podcast. Um. And then they uh they had this other podcast. UH, the Baker Street Babes, which was a podcast about Um the street that they left Sherlock coms Um. And then they had like all these like Comic Book Authors and like Book Authors and Artists. They had like this, they're gonna have this whole vendor section where you could get art from you could do art if you and so like they actually and they had all these different Um panels that they put together that we're honestly the type of stuff that people were talking about having happened at Tumbler University. And so they it was kind of clever, like they did their research, they're like, what do the people want? And then they made panels about that stuff. And so they kind of went back to all that stuff and did that Um. And so they expected that this was gonna go pretty well. They had some pretty decent name people. They had um a great venue for this Um and then they went and they got a bunch of volunteers there. They had their team of three, they had an Admin, they hired a couple of people for like staff, and then they had on their website a volunteer page where you could volunteer and get perks for volunteering Um and the request on the website. So if you volunteer for one to eleven hours, you receive our undying gratitude. So Red Flag Number One. Volunteer for twelve to nine teams, if you'vevolunteer for one to eleven years, you get our undying gratitude, and some free shirts along the way, actually not discounted shirts. Shirts five percent off and it really aren't that they don't give you a margin on it. Um. If you're twelve the nineteen, you will see the refund for your badge cost, which is like your ticket. Um Twenty plus hours, you received the refund for your badge and your hotel room will be camped for Friday and Saturday night. Um, so it's just a weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday was event. So it was a pretty good deal to to volunteer this thing. And a bunch of kids who were like all my parents, they don't they're not gonna buy my ticket. But I can go volunteer for this event. If I volunteer twenty hours, I can go for free. Uh so a bunch of kids volunteer is what happened. Um, I've been to a wedding like this where the groom was like, I bet I can get a bunch of middle school wers to do all this stuff for me. You know. Uh, so, are you gonna like hire a catering company. No, I'm a youth pastor. I was gonna have a bunch of middle schoolers hand out food on my wedding. I'll just have a make sandwiches. That's gonna know. Well, yeah, there's a kid in my scroupoo knows how to make Spaghetti. I'll just have he says. He says, I'm at Grace Spaghetti. Everybody just gets these kids noodles and noodles. Halfway there's still kind of crunchy here. That's the day. And he's just going table to table spaghetti forgets the sauce. He's like, oh shoot, I forgot the sauce. Oh we got catch up in the D he's like, well, my mom says that I can come to your wedding, but I can't pay to come to your wedding. But she said I can't bring, but I'll volunteer. She said, I can't bring seven gallons of face fasta kid. You got a kid that is uh it's Dj and the wedding got a little child Dj over there. He's playing the kids Bob version of everything. I want to have a kid's both wedding. They'd sponsor it. I mean, Bro, what if my wedding if I had like Celsius, get them as a sponsor. I hate you because this is literally my idea, what to get Celsius to sponsor my wedding. Not Celsius, but I told you this. At my wedding, pretty shot it down so hard to try to get bang energy drinks. So I was gonna get sponsors for my wedding. I was gonna, literally I said. I was like. I was like, I'll get sponsors and don't have like title sponsors. They could get big chest, like we'll sew it on my suits. I wanted to know the arm. I got an email from a streaming company that was like, sell tickets to your wedding, like they and I emailed back and I said, this is the grossest thing I've ever seen in my life. Who would do this, sell live stream tickets to my wedding? I mean the Queen? UH, the Queen? All Right? So uh here's the thing about Tash Com and this was Alex wrote it down. I was waiting, I was waiting at the corner of my eye. I was like, he's gonna write it down. Our lawyer told us to say, we have nothing to do with it and hasn't happened. Please help me find the death threats I sent to her, though, oh no, I just said her like two emails that say to you, Miss Diana the Queen Gmail Dot Com. She didn't get it my emails Queen Elizabeth. She emailed Queen Elizabeth, the Queen, Queen, Queen Lizzie. That's terrible. So the thing about dash con and the people who were running dash con is they had literally zero experiences. How many signed up? You're saying like a bunch of kids signed up. How many volunteers they have signed up? I don't know an exact number. I asked. I would estimate a couple of dozen just based on the stories. Um Uh, but yeah, these people they had no experience running conferences. Um The experience we do not that they had. Well I shouldn't say, do know the experience that is rumored that they had. Um Is Roxanne just graduated from High School. That's her experience. Uh. Meg and Kane had been working like minimum wage jobs. Meg Actually UH, applied for bankruptcy like three years before this. Um, so a lot of probably good experience with handling major events like this. Ah Uh. So the deal that they had arranged with UH everybody was payment after the event, and I know how that goes. And so because they genuinely anticipated, based on Internet, seven thousand people and a ticket. Yeah, so, I mean it was you know, they're looking at three and what they arranged with the hotel. The hotel was like, no, we're not going to do that. But what they got a a verbal agreement with the hotel Um to do a UM basically like a payment every hour as the conferdence went on, so that way, as more people were checking in, they'd have more cash to give hotel Um. And part of the deal with the hotel was, hey, we're giving we're bringing in seven thousand guests, so we're basically filling your hotel for the weekend, and so is there a way we can get it give everyone off everyone a discount of the rooms, and the hotel was like sure, yeah, yeah, Um. And so all these arrangements were made. The conference begins and day one, everyone shows up um at like five o'clock in the evening on Friday. The first events were supposed to happen that night, Um, and everyone just kind of stood around for a few hours. Everyone how many people showed up? Oh about okay, which you know, not terrible, not not terrible, but when you're expecting seven thousand, yeah, everyone's kind of stowed around. Yeah, because there wasn't a thing to do. This is a lot like I did an event like this in two thousand seventeen. Um where I booked it. It was a winter conference, three day winter conference. Yeah. Uh. He booked lacre and for King and country, so he was gonna do an arena, you know. Uh, and so all these youth groups started buying tickets and then uh, it ended up being it was in San Antonio at the Weirdest Hotel I've ever been to my entire life, in their weird conference room, a conference room with a low ceiling. Right. Obviously lucre and for King country had backed out at this point, and there ended up being three fifty people there and there was me, there was brock Gil who was a Christian illusionist who was pretty big in two thousand seven, and then being in Bailey, who is like Cheesy Dad Comedians who are pretty decent for adult crowds, horrible for youth audiences. And then the speaker didn't get paid. I don't think he spoke the whole sessions. And then they had a weird wolt international guy who came out and was like sponsored kids, but it's like it's like youth groups, and so these kids were expecting lacree and for King and country. Food was terrible. It really was. The it was the holy firefest holy fireft. It was terrible. That is really rough. You hate to see it. Um, I don't think I got paid for that. Oh I did get paid for that, but I got paid two thirds of what I was supposed to get played. He was like, he was like, Hey, I'll pay you this amount, which was not a lot. And then that that, you know, the night after the second day he was like, Hey, you know, like can I can I give you this now and I'll give you this later. And I don't think I ever got the thing later. I don't know what that guy's doing now, but probably not that. Yeah. So yeah, kind of a similar situation. They at least were in the same venue they planned, Um, but uh, seven show up. They didn't have a plan for what they were going to do in the beginning of this event until like eight o'clock. So everyone's just kind of here and there, just like what do we do now, and just kind of like hanging around this conference room, and so people are sitting in there for hours. Meanwhile, one of the managers of the Brank Bank Bank hotel, bake manager was there. The hotel manager, there's not seven thousand people here. Well, the hotel manager pulls aside their admin. Who was this now sixteen year old girl who, by the way, this is a really weird side to this story. Um Uh no, she's seventeen at this point. Um. She actually graduated early because she was able to claim credits for her work on Dash Kn uh as like like job experience type stuff. Apparently you can do I didn't know those an options. So she graduated early for this, which in Chester they will probably like, you know, we see what you did, and like that was really bad. Yeah, you did not pass. So the manager of this hotel of this convention center holds the seventeen year old admin aside it was poor high schooler and says, Hey, you guys are us seventeen thousand dollars and she's like what and he's like, you guys always sear. The contract was you pay seventeen up front so that way you can get this block rate and use the convention center the room that you're using. And then she goes, she goes, I have thirteen dollars in a big macket. Well, she says, she says, I thought they arranged with you to do like this payment terms and he was like, no, they didn't. She he was like, look at the contract, like you o Seventeen Tho up front and so then she breaks down and they're like, they're like, your your whole. You have until ten PM tonight to come up with the money or were kicking everybody out. And people have traveled for this. There are people who came from Australia for this, which is absurd Um. And so she goes back to the team and they say, well, Hey, figuring out. Yeah, they tell her, hey figure out se so her and roxand the seventeen year old in the nineteen year old, they're like, okay, guys, listen, we need a lot of money from all of you. They said. They put a thing up on the website and on Tumblr and they posted it and basically, they said, Hey, uh, the hotel decided they don't like us. They want to kick us out unless we give them seventeen thousand dollars. The hotel decided they don't. What did it actually say? That's exactly what they said. No, did not. That's not word for war. But the premise was they don't. You've been informed by the hotel that they don't like our crowd and they us to go or unless we give them put this donate button up on the website. Guys, I showed up here and they were like, we don't like you. All right. Here's the thing. I booked this hotel room. I showed up, didn't pay for it yet, right, and when they were like you have a card for incidentals, I was like, why don't you like me? And they were like, well, you gotta pay for the room. You don't like me. I'M gonna blast you on the Internet, like can you believe that this hotel doesn't like me? This persecution? Okay, and I'M gonna put a donate on my website. In you do, you should see the yelper view. I'M gonna leave. Wow, you don't like me. I don't like you either, what they don't like our crowd, so tumbler because there's a bunch of they don't like our rout and they're charging us all inconvenience fee for having to put up with these weird kids, which also makes sense that yeah, they do suck. I agree with this. So they put the bust up on Tumbler and there's all these people who wanted to go but like didn't and they're like, oh no, the hotel doesn't like our friends at Dash Con, and so they do. So they donated and then they went. They gathered everybody in the main conference hall and this teenager goes up on stage to say, Hey, so we've just been informed that unless we can raise seventeen thousand dollars to give to the hotel, they're going to kick us out because they don't like any of us. And some adults in the crowd were like, that's extortion. They can't do that. Uh, and she was like, I have this paper bag. Well that's extortion, they can't do that. And you're like, where are you from? Like I traveled to be here, actually, dude, no, no, no, no, tumbler adults pretend to be from somewhere. Yeah, that's pretty fair. Yeah, they're from just like four minutes. They can't do that. You're like, what do you hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future. Go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcasts, spotify youtube. You'll get it alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord more access to us as creators. You can support this show on patreon. It helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six six eight six six. Thank you so much for being here. Dude, that's you. You Hunter knew a kid in your high school who thought their accent was good. Yeah, like they thought. They're like I go places and people ask me where I'm from. I talked to servers like this, Goly Dude, I'm so afraid of having a weird kid like that. They're like, we go out to dinner and I'm like, yeah, you know, we just want this and this and then whatever and rigging orders her stuff and then our kid is just like haddy chicken strips. Then they look at us and I'm like, yeah, that's our foreign exchange student who is I don't know, definitely looks just like us. But you know, we wanted it that way. We got to shoot, here's a picture for me, find a kid in your country. It didn't even sign up for the program. I'll take a foreign exchange, but I'm not gonna ruin my Christmas pictures over it. All right. They're locking around the wall with the polaroid of you, like, looking at kids, and they're like, Hey, you want to make seven fifty seven? Even it makes seven dollars seven? All Right? Then stupid. So the adults are like, well hold on, yeah, they're like that. And she's like, I'm missing prom for this, you know or whatever. Her seventeen year old self says. Uh. But the crowd bands together and they all start donating. I'd be so annoyed. And Kane comes out. He takes the bag. It was literally a paperback. He takes the bag and he looks in the bag and uh, he says, we did it. We beat him, and like the crowd just abrupts. Everybody's cheering, like they start singing we are the champions. Um. Honestly, the vibe in this room during this whole event here, I need to show you a picture. This is probably my favorite part of this whole conference. Someone in solidarity before they figured out that they were going to raise enough money, uh to fight back against the Mean Hotel Hotel manager, Dude, hold on Wa wait wait, hold on it, can I do it real quick thing? Yeah? Bank of America says, I owe thirteen thousand dollars on my Honda Civic. And I think that that's they don't like me. They just don't like and can you believe that it's absurd? Would you please donate? We can do this, we can fight back against the man. Yeah. You can't let them belittle you. You can't let it. I mean, is it extortion? I don't know, but listen, Bank of America's bullying me right now. They're like, well, you agreed to pay it, and I'm like, well, I thought Joey B was gonna do that, you know, and so I elected a president that would make me not pay for anything, and here we are, like America still be jerks about it. Yeah, so donate now, donate today, donate now, don't send you holy water. This is the K love pledge drive, and the pledge goes to paying off my vehicle. Um. So in this room, I don't know who does it, who starts this, but someone in solidarity to the moment and to fight back against the man in the situation. I'll show that holiday in manager, they're like counting the money. He's just laying in the old Bernie's dead four rooms please. I know, someone does the hunger games thing and everybody joins, and you just have this whole conference room full of kids doing the hunger games little whistle. Look that blue dress there, you know I'm talking about like the Tumbler kids of the boots on the girl next to her, yeah, it's yeah. So they all do the like they get on stage like we gotta get seventeen thousand dollars to pay off our debts, and someone goes exactly, and the guy's up there like he's going to pay her bag and he's like that's great, but we still did seventeen thousand dollars and they go, Um. And so I watched I watched a story or a video from the admin girl and she said that, uh, do we have a picture of the admin girl. She look like what I think she looks like probably yeah, Um. And so she said that Um Kane, when he got that bag, he didn't count it. Uh, he just said we did it. We beat them. And then she said after the fact she counted that, and she said they brought in about three thousand dollars and she said the website brought him maybe fift and so it wasn't even close. And so what she things happen is later that night everybody went back to the rooms and was locked out of their rooms. And so what they did is they negotiated with the hotel and said, okay, get rid of the block, right, Um, all of the rooms that we comped for, all of our panel speakers, all of our volunteers, all of our talent, all of our vendors, get rid of the camp. Make them pay for the room. But they didn't notify it. And so all these people had a room with all their stuff in it, and they got locked out because the old keycards. Because the managers were like, Hey, here's three grand, how do we make up the other fourteen? And he didn't even care. He hands a bag of CRUMB, this should be enough. Take that Brian, you should have you should have allowed to because one of them said, uh that when they had that bag with three grand, they're like, this is more money than I've ever handled in my life, and it's like, Oh yeah, they are not qualified to run this conference, and so they gave that three grand shut down everybody's room. Um, and then from this point on it was just dumpster fire after dumpster fire after dumpster fire of Um the uh the band dropped out. The band was like, Oh, yeah, you're never gonna pay us, so we're not Um. The pop ball podcast, steamboat orchestra or whatever they were called. You know, they were at least good business people. Both the podcast dropped out, and then what happened on Saturday is all the vendors started leaving because they realized, Oh, all these guests spent all their money on that donation yesterday. They keep this event open, we're not making any money. And so as the vendors started pulling out, it became this snowball effect because the more vendors that left, the less interest. There wasn't going down where they were selling anything, and so nobody was selling anything. All the artists, all the vendors started pulling out until eventually this conference ended up having like four panels the whole event, and the panels that they did have they had tables that weren't long enough for all the panelists. They forgot to get chairs for some of the panelists, and like just absolute insanity, to the point where the last panel there was like thirteen people in the audience. Two days before the thing, they were like, let's do a podcast table. Yeah, pretty much. Um. But probably the best part about the story is after Um the big PODCAST UH canceled what we they're called, Um the welcome to Night Vale. That was like kind of the big everybody wanted to see them, so they came in at the panel room where that was supposed to happen. They're waiting for an hour and a half. Nobody shows up until eventually the organizers come out and they say, Hey, they go guys, the podcast host decided they don't like us, and it's probably because you're weird, and it's definitely your fault and you should probably go home and think about what you've done. What you've done, and they said that, uh, we owe them seventeen dollars to so you dig deep in your pockets step. That's just the amount of two lattes for each of you. So have you buy two lattes a week? You as? Uh? So No, they the lady comes out. This was Roxanne. At this point, there was some internal strife between Roxanne and Kane and meg because can and they had done basically think they weren't saying solidarity thing like these hold hands and they go, you have to weather the stones is going to work. Cane and meg had done basically nothing for this event. Roxanne like months before, I was like, okay, these people aren't doing anything. So she kind of just stepped at the plate and tried to pull it off. But she's nineteen. She doesn't know what she's doing. Yeah, and so uh and it got so bad to where cane and meg or Canan Meg and this is this is kind of a rabbit trail with this funny can and Meg. They before the event, they they planned on paying for everything after the event, after everybody paid them, which is never gonna work. And so what they did is they went and they got a lawyer, and the lawyer dropped them because he's like, you're not paying me, and so then they went and you're trying to get out of paying other people. Okay, I hear what you're trying to do. And for that reason, I uh yeah. So the lawyer dropped them. And so what they did is they like for things. Their privacy policy on the website is an exact copy of legal legends privacy policy. What it's a word for words? What stuff like that is happening. And so the day of the event, the day of the day, the day it was supposed to start, meg and kine show up to the event with a document and they started pressuring Roxanne to sign it. And what it was was this poorly word worded legal agreement that pushed her out of the company and made her the secretary. And she was like, I'm not gonna sign that, and they got real mad that she wanted to sign it because they were like, don't read it, just sign it. Like, is it just something no that's gonna put all on me right, well, no, it's they were trying to kick her out of it so she couldn't get any money because she was a part owner. Kane actually wasn't in a y. It was Megan and Roxanne at first. Kane was meg's boyfriend and said they tried to push her out and have kane take her spot as an owner. Um. And she was like no. And so then they were super distant. They weren't involved in much until the money was happening, and then they would show up when the money was happening and disappear again. Um. And so Roxanne comes out to this, to this crowd that's expecting to watch the welcome to night veil like live session or whatever, with two hidets. She's like, hey kids, hey man, what's up? Oh? Nothing much? Can we get puppets of us? Puppets of yourself? Probably decent bit to get puppets, not much, but to get puppets of yourself. There is a place in town that does that. I'm looking to the way you ended that sentence was there is a place in town that doesn't. I've looked into it. Okay, no, no, so Roxy Meg, and you know know why did you look into it? For you? And No? I was a kid's past you. Counseling's like, what if you guys spoke to each other with puppets instead speak for you? I feel he has a life size puppet. He's a puppet. Your counselor is brief, he's laid down in the couch and he's like rustled his couch. He reaches up in this puppet so we can't see him but his feet. This is what connects with people. And he's like, but he noticed that people can't really hear well, so he cut a mouth hole out of the couch and to see his mouth. So I hit my mouth really hard with the MIC. Just now, I'm not bleeding. We're fine. So you're saying that he cut a hole where his mouth is so you can see his mouth moving in the couch. But it's like by the puppets feet. Understand that he's in the chair. Yeah, I understand that he has built a custom puppets puppet puppet couch. That's great. Uh So don't you want the puppets to look like at your church? Well No, I was going to get just puppets in general for an event. And then I was like, I like toward the facility and they're like, yeah, we can do custom stuff, and I was like, I need to file that away. You do need to file that away. I know exactly where it is. Um. So there's a puppet tier, a puppet tier on Patreon, pay fire puppets a puppet tier. Yeah, I got it. That was good. It was good. It was clever. I laughed. Okay. So Roxanne, uh, she comes out, and she was like, where are you going? He said, if you're listening, jared's just crawled under the table and stuck his hand up to the MIC. Can you say something? Yeah, such a dumb bit, yeah, pull the MIC down. So anyway, all right, so rock she walks out this crowd of people who's been waiting for like an hour and a half of this yeah, and they she comes out. She says, Um, so, I'm sorry to tell you guys this, but Night Vale just dropped. Uh. And she said, I know, it's really sad. She said, I've been sighing backstage a lot about this, sighing. Yes. So she's I've been backstage, guys. I've I've done all I can. I've walked around back there. Just it's just a really funny bit. Dude, I thought you were gonna Fizzy sit down there. So she says, she says, I think it would be appropriate if we all just side together to get it out. And she said on three one three, no, this is serious. Is One to three, and most of the crowd joins her, and they're all just like Ah, and one guy is like, I want my money back. In this room full of people just side this is a joke though this is isn't this suck? It looks like a moment and just sigh and they all went, I can't do the whistle. I was gonna do that with you. Um Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what happened. So then she says, to make it up to you, because I know this is a pretty big inconvenience, we're gonna give we're gonna give you ten of your hotel room, she said. She said, uh, we're gonna give you. I think they did, say, like a five percent refund for the value of whatever this part of the event was going to be. And an extra hour in the ball pit, which is a part of this event I haven't told you about yet. One of the biggest dreams for this event. From the very beginning, this admin who was fifteen dreamed about a giant ball pit, like a giant conference hall size ball pit, and it was one of the main attractions. Everyone was so excited for the ball pit. Well Day of the event. Wrong, I'm not making any noise because my mouth is just my jaws on the floor right now. Day of the event, the company that they rented, giant, showed up and they're all right, we got this ball pitture and they were like, yeah, we'll pay you after. And they're like, no, you gotta pass before. And they're like, what, we'll pay you after. They're like, well, if you're gonna pass after, we've got a different ball pit for you. And so this was the ball pit for this event. For those listening, it looks like a life raft like it in it's in a gigantic room. It was so bad that the event actually went and they rented another bounce house to put in the room. There are kids in the ball pit still. That's what's amazing that they still used it. Yeah, and she's wearing what is going on with this picture. The thing about this is that Haley Williams. The thing about this is there wasn't a time limit on the ball pit. She said, an extra hour. Look at someone. It's a cardboard cut out that they put in there. Shut up, yeah, that's a cardboard cut out they put up in there. No it's not, yeah it is. That's a cardboard cut out. No it's not. It is it is a cardboard cut out they put up in there, UM and so. And the thing is, there wasn't a time that cat years that makes sense. It wasn't like you had to go like rent time and you got an hour in it, like she said, you have an extra hour. It's like, well, yeah it is. What do you mean with an extra hour? We have unlimited hours in there? Until you guys take it away, like what are you talking about? But it's it. It looks like and this is not a joke. It's like the size of my inflatable hot it really is that amazing. And so the event ends, they had like four or five different panels. Um, we're going to sigh in the ball pit if you want to sigh in the proof side, which is also what Kansas City we did as a city after the super bowl loss. Was Patrick Mahomes came back. was like, guys, that was a big bomber. Well gathered in their own headed side the loudest signed history. I mean for a sigh, I mean not a lot of deciples, but for a side, it sounded like a real strong wind, you know, just like a people walking by were like, well that was quite the gust. I heard that gust yeah, so to the event ended. Um. Afterwards, uh, Meg had the audacity to put up an article on the website about how none of it was really her fault, but she apologized anyways, and actually everyone who came it turned out didn't like us. And she said, and this was on July eighth, she posted this, and she said, if you want to refund, you haven't till to claim your refund. In the middle of the event, they did go and change too that there was uh no refunds for cancelations of talent and a thing like League of legends is not responsible for responsible for uh yeah, so uh and then uh, rumors after the event say that Meg uh just went and got another job. Roxane apparently is pretty successful, UM, which I don't know if that's true. Apparently low ki or Kane uh he got arrested for shoplifting out of Walmart. And so yeah, they did promise to do it again the next year, and then that didn't happen. They started because everyone was like, no, we're not going to come to that. They fart of the seventeen year old girl they put together in a moticon that was supposed to happen the next year. Um, and it was the same. It was Megan Kane together. Um what happened to the thing that never happened? She just went on with her life. She went to college, Um, got a job, she went to trump university, and she fell for scheme after scheme after scheme for as long as she's currently an airborne salesman. But she uh. But Um, some people say that this was the shifted tumbler that made everyone better because during that whole thing, tumbler was a part of it, and they were just making fun of it like crazy and like memes of that. UH, like one next hour in the ball pit became like a huge me with the picture and it would say, what do you think that Z? It could have I doubt it, but it could have. It could be a contributing factor. Um, that just made him really negative. So would you say, this is Gen z's Pearl Harbor right down? It's funny. Oh my God, sneak that in there. Well, mom looks like I'm going to war. That's what I'm saying though, is that like Pearl Harbor changed the you know, the greatest generation whatever. That's hilarious. So yeah, it was a massive disaster. Everything fell apart in the end. Um. Very few people actually got a refund. No one really knows what they did with the money, a bunch of people trying to I think that they I think they maxed out and paid everyone that they could. Well what it does sound like there is a rumor that to cover some of that cost whenever the hotel was coming after them, that they they had all their volunteers Max other credit cards to pay for it. Because these people that have credit. Um, so it is just a disaster all around. Um, but made for some funny content. Imagine that some of those kids that Max other credit card are like making monthly payments on that still. Yeah, and they're like, yeah, it's like, freaking I got a lot of old navy points once I got some sweet jeans out of desk. You gotta Spencer's Gifts Credit Card that you're freaking charging. I don't know, Work Tumbler kids shop. Um. Yeah. So anyways, at the end of the event, they said, hey, we need a good way to wrap this up. Uh so what if we hire a puppeteer, a very talented puppeteer from Kansas City before we leave. I think we should all, I'm in backstage signing a lot. MM HMM. Everyone gets one hour and forever allowed. Two things that the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Kleb Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kayla Barker. Our host are jereed meyers and Tim Stone fallow. US on your favorite social media platform at tilling PODCAST IS T I L L and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next to day for another episode of things I have bearned last night. m

In July 2014, a handful of Tumblr users opened the doors to the long-awaited DashCon. The eclectic Tumblr community had been dreaming of a scenario where they could gather and celebrate their various fandoms for years. Unfortunately, when a group of friends got together a few months before, they had no clue what they were getting into. Needless to say, the event was a disaster. Before the conference even began, the team that planned the event was heavily laden with problems, from talent backing out to financial missteps. It all culminated in a sad ball pit that has become an internet meme. As a result, DashCon will go down in internet history.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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