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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of biosphere too? I really hope it's a video game. It's not, or a is it a movie? Then no, it's very much a real life thing. Oh See, that's what I was worried about. I was worried that it was going to be just a sphere, like, you know, like Sandy Cheeks House, who were sandy cheeks, the Squirrel, whose name I didn't understand until much later in life. It's you're a little dome. Look at them. Yeah, and well, it says to which means the first one everyone died, and the second one. That's what that feels like. That feels like a place. You know that place. You know what I'm thinking of in Springfield, the qps place or whatever. That does like experimental dreams. Yes, YEP, if you're unfamiliar with the experimental places, they'll pay you like twozero just to stay the night. Yeah, and then they'll just rub some cream on your arm and see if your arm is still there in the next morning. Yeah, basic, if you are still there. Yeah, like, well, we got this new auction. Yeah, Johnson and John's an ultra healing actually just shredded somebody's heart. Just what is that? Shrunk your arm. What if you're like, we're gonna have to call Johnson. Johnson, tell him that change the name from ultra healing to ultra killing healing, ultra healing, I'll drink keeling healing killing. What are you? Jeff done him his little puppet? This is I keel you, I it does a healing. I just have killing. Oh, you, you've made it. I was trying to make it rhyme with healing, I guess. Yeah, I think that's what we were doing. You know, we went to the moon once. What if we did that other places? I don't know. She lost a figure. Maybe like like layoff for a little bit. Yeah, inside, looks like you're been to bass bro. They just loaded the two hundred research stuff into the limos. I'm trying to yes and you right now, but I don't know where we're going to go. Things I learned last night. Anyways, whatever, bias. Hey, maybe you are incredibly on the right track. Is it like a like a test? Yeah, well, yeah, yeah, actually, so biosphere too, is a earth system experimental science facility, and so the idea. Yes, yes, Ye, seth and SSS, that's a Oh, what and eggs and Earth System Science, research facility. That's how you said before. Yeah, I changed and Earth System Science now research facility. So basically, the idea them is what happened to biosphere one? Are we going to get there? Yeah, all right, hold on, you know what I'm going to ask. What? Where is this thing? It's on earth. Okay, that's all I wanted to know. That's all I want to know. I guess I've a biosphere too was built in the late S, okay, by a billionaire oil tycoon who was very concerned with the environment. His name is ED base. I feels that feels like an oxymoron. Yeah, yeah, it is all right. It is a really concerned with the environment. I don't know what's causing all this bad stuff to happen. It's it's it's a call a PR campaign. If you're company is really spending a lot of money on helping the environment, then you look better. So, yeah, I mean sure, are we killing just everything in our path? Yes, all right, but have you seen? But I do see biosphere to biosphere one. Are we killing everything in our path? Yes, I have you seen biosphere too, ed, what about the first one? He's like, I don't want to talk about the first one. If we could just not talk about it, that would be great. Yeah, he treats these spears the way he treats his exfoy. I talk about the second one. Oh my Gosh, D whatever. It Base Ed, base, all right, it's spelled like a Bass Guitar. Great, so he which? Yeah, so he's he is a rick and really, really dye and so jure in the world and then pretending he's saving it. Yeah. So he invested a hundred fifty million dollars in this biosphere concept and the idea was really twofold one. It was a place where you could learn a lot about planet earth. Right, remember, this is the early S. Captain Planet is in full swing. Yeah, people are all of a sudden realizing earth is important, we need to take care of it. Yeah, and so this is a big cultural shift in thinking, even for oil tycoons. They're starting to think of things differently. So so there's there's that. You think that oil tycoons in the late s were like whoops, like we didn't know, or do you think they were like MMM, they all found out? Which one do you think it is? I think it's more of a I think it's more of a whoops, we didn't know, plus a don't let this get out. Okay, so you think that they had that moment earlier? Probably, probably like the s. They were at maybe whoops, maybe. And then in the s they were like, Oh man, they're everything out. Let's build some spheres. Yeah, build the biosphere. We knew this was coming. Yeah, where's it? At Base? Go ahead and build two of them. So at base. But the other idea was, this was also the early s. We were like, Hey, you know, we went to the moon once. What if we did that to other places? What do you mean? Whatever, we did that to other places, like with there? Why would that be? How you worded that? Were you talking about, hey, we went to Chicago once, what if we did that to other place? Other place? What if it is went to other are you talking about if they went to other planets? Yeah, in the s people we like, we should go to Mars. Yeah, and but everyone was like obviously, like we can't survive on Mars. I see where we're going here, so we need to figure out a way to do that. So the biosphere was hey, the oil tycoons were like, all right, let's figure out a way to live on other planets, because this one's going downhill and it's like, but that's your fault because we're running out of oil, and I wonder if they have something there. Do you have a reason? Oh, certainly, yeah, certainly. Well, that was the case, would they just go to war with Mars? Shoot bars down? Let's just start an unnecessary war in the Middle Mars area and let's see if we can capture the war. I'm pretty pretty you were actually, surprisingly on the right track. They took this hundred fifty million dollars and in the desert north of Tucson, which, by the way, I just have to get this out, as I normally do, watch little bunch of videos explaining this, and a guy called Tucson Tuscan Arizona and didn't like Multiple Times called it Tusta several times now, a setting Arizona. Yeah. So, anyways, in the deserts outside of Tuscan Arizona, they took that hundred fifty million dollars and they built this gigantic holy cow facility. If you're an audio listener, imagine just a bad guys layer. Yeah, you know, that's crazy looking. Yeah, imagine the type of greenhouse you could build with a hundred and fifty million. They called this is fear. No wonder we're still on earth. Look anything like a sphere. So this facility, let'sten these other buildings around. There's a barn over there. So you're telling me somebody's house. Well, there's a barn, there's a farmer. Is that related to this? I don't think so. I think that's a nearby imagine you've got your farm and Duskin Ari'Sana right, and you're just out there into to K and are Athona, and so you've got your farm right and all of a sudden just freaking people and weird gray suit show up. That's either you know, that's what they were around here and they've all it looks like straight up like an Austin powers villain would live here at a hundred percent. Does it's and they start building this monstrosity. Yeah, it's ridiculous. That you just had to look at every day. Yeah, what's this little thing sticking up from the center right there? That's the library. I don't know the what did you just say? The library here to what? Are you stupid? We've established a long time ago. That, I say, is stuff weird. We don't have to keep rehashing that. Is that like a lookout station? I think. I don't know. I honestly don't know what's up there. Looks it is almost temporary, like it looks like it's made out of temporary things, as though it's very much not. It's very much not. Okay, so this facility, it's listen to this. So basically, if you look at this, this each of these pyramids, and then that mid big man's right audio listener. He said Pyramids. That's what a week the audio listeners don't aren't seeing this picture right now. Yeah, right, and they you just said Pyramids. Yeah, and if that doesn't scream the ILLUMINATI hpers, I don't know what does. Yeah, so there's so so to paint the picture. There's these two very large glass pyramids and then a gigantic glass structure connecting them. It's like a giant greenhouse. And then coming off the side of the middle of it, there is a large white building with very big windows and a lot of them in diamond shapes. Yeah, and then a tower in the middle that just reaches towards the sky. The best way I would describe this is if you know how they built a bunch of like airports in the S and s and they were like this is really cool architecture. Yeah, it's that, Yep, and then there, and then off the back of that white structure there's more green houses coming. Do those are greenhouses? HMM. And then behind one of the pyramids there's a big dome. There's actually another dome that's not in this picture. Yeah, looks like the top of a water tower, but no tower. Yeah, actually, just the water and and this facility also does have a big office complex. That's not pictured. Okay, and then like a couple warehouses and side watching. Good Green Grass. Yeah, Beautiful Green Lawn, which it was not sustainable. And that's what I'm saying. Yeah, it's. Yeah, they were very concerned about the environment, but they weren't concerned to do anything that actually helped. They instead built this gigantic building and powered it. So what was in here? So, so this was split up. Basically the ideas they created every biome in the planet on this in this building, and the idea was to recreate the environment of planet Earth inside this building and have it be completely self sufficient. So they laid down this thick layer of steel. So that way there was no way. It was like integrating with the soil. But and then they put in their own soil, and then that's interesting. And then chat over the course of a few years, they started to cultivate this into different biomes, and they did. They were very careful to make sure there was no contamination from the outside world from it. So it was all basically its own replicated earth. YEA, it was to duplicate the experience if we were good to go to Mars and try to create a facility like this where we would have to survive in right, that's what they were trying to do. So instid have to import so much dirt, though, I think, Oh, yeah, I'm I'm sure I probably took it from the farm next door. Yeah, but anyway. So there was a twentyzero square foot rainforest. In one of these. They did Ninezero Square Foot Ocean, which I can show you that actually have a picture of that. This is their ninezero square a foot ocean, which seems stupid, way smaller than Ninezero Square feel it looks like a long swimming pool. Yeah, it does, but inside this the actually grew inside looks like you're been to bass pro o? Yeah, it does. On the other end of this there's a beach and then they actually grew a coral reef in here. Really, yeah, inside this ocean. Yeah, that's what Mars needs. Yeah, how are humans going to survive without the coral reef? There was a price. He put it in there because he's you know. Well, I was out of guilt, because that's what he's destroying out in the oceans. Right. He wanted to see if he could recreate a base. It was like, that's for one thing I'm actively killing every day. Can We? Can we try that? He saw. Well, finding Nemo wasn't out yet. I Oh, yeah, this inspired finding Nemo. Biosphere. They did a forty eight hundred square foot mangrove wetlands, a forty. HAVE ANY LIVESTOCK IN HERE? Yeah, they did a Fourteenzero Square Foot Savannah and then a Fifteenzero Square foot desert, which I do actually have a picture of the desert as well for you to see, which I mean it's it. Calling a Basspara was a very good yeah, but let me feels like being park so far. Yeah, it's got this gigantic these tourists starts walking through yeah, they it is open to tourists these day. Is Interesting. Yeah, they didn't. Used to have all these bridges and stuff walking around it. Those are for the tourists. Yeah, but obviously, like, yeah, they created this environment in here for all of these. Is the idea that, like, so, without all these wood paths and touristy things. Yeah. Did they have like the animals? Yeah, yeah, so there was at one point over threezero species of animal and plants surtviving in here. Both. Like. Did they have rattlesnakes in this desert? I mean, I doubt they put rattlesnakes in the desert. Why wouldn't they? Because Ross snakes kill you. Yeah, well, they were on the ARC. The ARC was actually by as fair one. That's hilarious. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. We love our listeners a lot and one way that you can let us know you're here is by leaving a podcast review. Maybe that's a five star thing in the apple podcast at. Maybe you listen on spotify or, if you're watching on Youtube, leave a comet. We do read all the comments and reviews. We just love knowing what you think about this show. Also, if you haven't yet, go check out some of our other episodes. My current favorite is the identical strangers episode. It's three brothers or triplets who were separated at birth, unbeknowns to them or their parents, as part of a really weird experiment. So there's a lot of really fun stuff we talked about in an episode, but thank you for checking this out. Now back to this one anyways. So they also had, we all know what happened to that, Twentyzero Square foot agricultural system, and so they had like a farmland that they were farming, and then they also had a human habitat. So that was the human habitat. And Habitat, so they had a root, a place that looked like nor our books. That was that was the white facility here. So big white building, okay, had apartments and offices and a kitchen, like all the stuff that you would have in life home, all the stuff that you would have if you were a human, you know, we talked about they had couches, pretty crazy stuff, man. Yeah, so here's so, here's here's where this all columnates though. Okay, so they they built this massive thing and they were going to do some research in it. But the exciting part of this was their manned omissions that they had planned, their main missions. YEA, so to one in September twenty six, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. Okay. They had a crew of eight, four men and for women, who they locked in there for two years with literally no contact to the outside world. Like they were like we're not going to open the doors, and they were like go forth and multiply, and then they found the forbidden fruit, right, and so I'm paraphrasing, but you get it. And they got kicked out of the blowers feed bass, which sounds more like his legitimate name. You're saying Ed Basse, but you also listen to a guy say Tuscan Ed Bass. First of all, sounds exactly like an oil tycoon. Yeah, all right, and you know that he's got one of those floppy basses on his wall. You know. So it's for. It's four men forward, walcked in this sphere, right, with an ED BASS on the wall. That communicates all their things they need to know. Yeah, twice a day the ED bass goes. Ever see one of those? Yeah, Oh, yeah, they were. What's that McDonald's commercial? What if it were you hanging up on this wall. You like commercial? No, were you, you wouldn't be laughing at all. No, I watched TB, I think it was a filet of fish commercial for McDonald's, was it? Yeah, and they had the bass and it was singing and they were like, Haha, we killed fish. What was the forty that think? So, actually, they're like, yeah, we gotta, we killed the ball, but you're not dead, so you could eat them. Don't worry, our fish are just pie engineered in the sphere. So they put for four men for Wom yeah, and they were like, we're not going to talk to you for two years. Yeah, they were like to see if you make it out alive, matter what happens. Yeah, well, that's what they said. So here's what happened. So, so the idea was if we send someone to Mars, where they cameras whole time? Yeah, they had a team that was keeping track of them. So these people were just on big brother in real life. Yeah, shut up. Yeah, I understand. And it they lived in you're telling me they had what did you call him? A pair Timan's what it? What are the people apper to men? What are the paper Hands Apper? Two men's Apperts, men's what did the people have? Their apartments? MMM, MMM. So, yeah, so they put them in there. There was two months in they all like we're like, we're done. They it was seven volunteers and one person, one person who didn't want to do it, seven volunteers and one involunteer, people who were like let's do it, and one person that they had their drag by their ankles into the sphere. I don't want to go to the pilespere just to cause some drama. They had so many people wanting to do it too. It's not like they got seven and they're like we gotta find somebody else. It's like they narrated down is seven and then they were like all right, now we gotta go grab the former Fars, like my dirt. This is where all my dirt with. Yeah, so now it was seven volunteers, just random people out the street, and then the other state. They asked some about first right, yeah, the way people off the street. The eighth was a doctor and researcher. So he was kind of there in case something goes wrong, he can solve the problems, unless he's the one that goes wrong to yeah, well, things things started out decent. They were like, okay, well, we're gonna have to start planting some crops, doing some agwork, because having all the food was going to come from what they did in the sphere. Oh, and so they had to plant crops, they had to grow their own food or hunt, because I would how many animals in there. There's three thousand species of plants and animals. And you could go to you neither the biomes. Yeah, they could go to any of the biomes. Swing over the desert gets a little too hot there, go to the beach, whatever you want to do. Take a dip in the ocean. This was just there. Yeah, this was a replicated earth. Essentially, they made the garden of Eden Kinda. Yeah, actually, they were like go forth, yeah, and just like name all the animals. And they're like put these animals already named, like give them new ones. Okay, try again, Jeff. I'm sorry, you just named that dear after yourself. I don't know what a dear is. I know what a Jeff Is. Jeff it. We had to change it a couple days in because we realize that jeff hunting was pretty confusing. Here's the thing. How fast they resort to cannibalism. They never resorted to Campbell annibalism. Okay, I will. They probably got pretty close. But so here's the thing. was there any way for them to communicate? Like if things did go horribly running, they can bang on the windows. So here's the thing. The whole things this giant glass facility, and this got a lot of publicity. So so people were just outside. No joke, yeah, it. This was no way. This was like, what's that movie with Jim Carrey? The Truman show? Yeah, this is like the Truman show. There was all these people in the glass, like watching through the windows, watching what was going on their whole life, and film crews coming in, filming through the glass, and everybody was watching this on TV. I don't know if everybody was, I was, but a lot of people were watching this on TV super invested in what was going on in the biosphere to see if this was going to be like a successful mission. Well, is this still biosphere too we're talking about right now? Yes, yes, this is biosphere too. Are you going to tell me what happened with the Bous? For the last fear one? It's a dumb it's a done thing. They they're like Earth spotsphere one and they're like this is bust fear to Oh really, that was it. That was it. It was just kind of dumb. Why did you let that? Why didn't you say that earlier? We edit this and put that part in earlier just out of context, cuts it not even don't even say don't ere next ride. Don't want to try that earlier. Yeah, I don't even try to make it make sense. Just all right, and then fifteen minutes later I'll get to this point. That okay, now, I see. How hard was that to say, though? You could have said that earlier. That I don't know. I don't know. I thought I'd because I'm not thought was gonna set it up and then I didn't anyways. So this experiment didn't go super well. A few days into the whole the whole thing, one of the volunteers, I believe it was Jane Pointner. I believe she was working in the farm cultivating some stuff or something like that. She stuck her hand and some heavy machinery and ripped off one of her fingers, Oh, which the doctor in the facility couldnot fix on his own, so they had to send her out to old days a little to go to surgery. Yeah, and so she left the facility to do surgery and eventually came back. When she came back, she brought Aduffel bag. Her name was what, Jane Pointer. Didn't I didn't say anything. That's her name. Was Game back at Jeff was like, Hey, I think we need a change. We gonna Change Your name, all right, man. So she comes back with a Duffel bag full of like supplies, and she did that. Everybody was like, Hey, that wasn't that's against the rules. Like I thought they were supposed to be like selfsufficient, and all the people outside were like that. Yeah, everybody outside was like you're not supposed to be able to do that. I don't know. She lost a figure, maybe like like layoff for a little bit. Yeah, she had to change your name because of this. Give her some time, man. Well, let her have a pizza color, you know. So, so that was kind of knock number one for this experiment, right. Yeah, well, some of the problems started to surface, the biggest one being when they built this structure, so much of it was built with concrete. There's concrete walls, there's concrete in the struts holding up the all the glass and they didn't give the concrete enough time to cure. So when they close the environment in the concrete started absorbing some of the I can't remember what Malka is, hydrogen molecules, I think basically breaking down the oxygen and splitting up the oxygen. So there was less oxygen and the environment. Oh, so they started running out of oxygen really quickly and so instead of it's very ironic that you're out of breath right now. I'm think it's about it described it's it's making me run. It's kind of like like you're getting head over here. If you've ever been out a breath, if you haven't been out of breath before, let me describe it to you coming out of breath, and so you can hear a little bit of what it feels like. How are they running at? Where the plants not producing enough? So they were, but the problem was it's something about the concrete not being feel cured. I don't know what part of the oxygen molecule it was absorbing, but it is absorbing part of that molecule the outside. Yes, yeah, so there's nothing coming in. There's no air coming in from the outside, nothing like that. It's all this is a completely self contained environment. Yeah, and so the concrete was absorbing part of that oxygen. Do you know what kind of levels they were at, like oxygen levels in there? I don't know at this point, but I know over the course of the next seven months they depleted to a fourteen percent oxygen level. And so through this whole point it got the point where Jane actually she wrote a book after this and she said it got to the point where we had such little oxygen that we had to plan out our energy usage because we were so tired after this mass of task because we cann't breathe fully. And so they were existing in this world where they basically didn't have much are they described it like if you were a climber and you were at the side altitudes. Yeah, I altitude they put that was all the time and they were trying to do all this physical labor. Yeah, to try to make food and eat and all this stuff. Yeah, and it's hard to hunt. Jeff's no oxygen. Why, in the plural is still jeff? You see that Jeff got a ten point jeff out in the desert. Yeah, I own this weekend. How many point, ten point show me on your hands. I can only show you that. So, so they started. Really, we're going to be there. I don't know if there were deer in there. I know there was cattle. I know there's cattle. I know there was tons of different species of fish, lots of insects, lots of birds. WHAT INSECTS? Why would you put it six in there? Because insects or vital to the environment. They which ones? All of them? No, wrong, but we need a little buzz. No, pick one. Wasps. Yes, they're vital. Why? They kill the stuff that's that hurts stuff. They keep the they keep the insect population down. It's like spaying and newtering your pets. Wasps are the natural spay and neuter. L Six populate. How is that way? You just came to okay, they kill what? All the other insects that that can get overrun and then eat your stuff. I love it. Pour. Well, what happened while we're talking about this? Whenever Jane Laft, somehow this local aunt was you just say this local and yeah, one of the farmers, loys, came over and she was like not, my nephew, my nephew is the involunteer in there. And I'd like to get him out. When jade left, it was some local species of aunt. One of them got in, or a couple of them got in and invaded and killed out a bunch of the other insects and it messed up the whole ecosystem because this was like a domineering Predator type ant that was local to test can Arizona. Okay, okay, but not to the biosphere. anyways, that was a side Bar I was going to bring up. anyways, it's interesting. Well, only they had more wasps to kill them. Yeah, because it's all the problem. Hey, thanks again for listening to this episode. If you like our show, make sure you follow us on social at till in podcast or subscribe anywhere where you're listening to right now, whether that's Youtube, spotify or apple podcast, whatever it is. And if you want more, we do have a patreon you can support us on. In there you get all sort to perks like ad free episodes, early access to our content and even a discord with our hosts and producers, so we'd love for you to check that out. All you got to do is text till into six, six, eight hundred and sixty six. That's till into six, six, eight hundred sixty six, but thanks again for checking us out. So they spent all these this time like trying to figure out how to regulate their energy so they didn't use too much oxygen. So they're conservating their energy. Well, the research ons and I on the outside, we're like, Hey, we need to solve this problem. So they shipped in a bunch of oxygen containers and started pumping it into the environment. The world outside found out about this and they were again frustrated. They said it was supposed to be a self contained environment and you're popping oxygen into there. Like they need to figure this out on their own. They need to plan some more. We want to watch them die. They need some Arbor, they need to plan an armor to fat it out. We were like, HMM, they're still alive. He's gotta be outside interference. They gotta be doing something different in here. So they're pumping oxygen in there. So it kind of got the point where the public was like, you're not doing what you said you were doing and they lost interest. Yeah, which started losing money. Yeah, and eventually the crew on September twenty six, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. So actually, two years later came out. But when they came out they were all very severely malnourished. They're in pretty bad physical shape. But they did survive the full two years. But there was they didn't reach the same a critical a claim that they expected because it wasn't self sustained. They came out they were they were expecting to open the door and be like crowds of people, you know, high fives all around, like we get it, and they came out to like Ed base who is like you guys did it. Proud of you. I just imagine the dug dimmod home. Now you guys. You guys survived. Yeah, honestly thought you wouldn't. I. Well, I forgot we did this. It's been two years. It's been two years. You Know Clintson office now it's he an office already. When was I? I think I think it was in ninety two. I think he was already. I think it would have been ninety. No, yeah, no, wait, ninety, yeah, ninety two. It would have been ninety two. Yeah, yeah, they were missed it. They missed it. Yeah, bummer. Think they have to vote. No, I think that was a plan all along. We've done the math, Mr Clinton, and we're going to be eight votes shot. Hmm, I have an idea. I have an idea, but let's say it's for the planet. It's all about PR call up my friend base base. Mr Base sounds like a youtube streamer who does like just you don't think you know. So it's up, guys. I'm Mr Base. He's got the highest pish voice because he's twelve, you know. Anyway, a couple interesting things happened within the biosphere. Yeah, they split into two factions because they disagreed on how to use their resources, and so it was actually, coincidentally enough, a group of two men and two women on each fashion, okay, and they were like enemies. They weren't know each other going in. Yeah, they actually Jane, she mentioned that the two women and the other faction were her best friends coming in. And now they don't speak to each other because it became so hostile in there that they literally like they all hoarded research. It are resources for their faction and they split into like these little tribes, basically, and they want to share with each other, which is very odd. Imagine that you don't have any oxygen. Write your consolars, like. And then, like, you're a group of four people, not even like a tribe. You know, you're a road trip. Yeah, you're rute trick. I was going to say you wouldn't get a table at all of guarden. You're still a booth. Yeah, yeah, you know, you're a hundred percent a booth. Yeah. And then, but you're still trying to do like intimidation things, like you're still out in the rainforests, like, you know what? I pictured them, climbing the trees in the rainforce and like throwing rocks on each other. Yeah, ambushing them like steal his war's only four of them. Yeah. Yeah. And so they came out. They're all like enemies of each other and they had very, very different responses to their experience. One was very against their time in the bottosphere. The other one thought that it was difficult but a useful experience. And so when the biosphere, our team said, hey, let's do this again, and then got a new group of volunteers and one involtan one involunteer, the faction that was against it. They came and they broke in to the Bosphere. Wait after the new people were in. As the new people were in and trying to survival sphere. Right. They're in their factions. Yep, they're in their road trip groups, and you just here, right, people are throwing rocks, whatever. And then you hear glass break and everyone goes, okay, wait, all right, this has gone too far. You know, let's and then all eight people are like, we didn't do that, we didn't do that, and then you look up the side of the pyramided you see these three people crawling through the broken class. Imagine the biosphere is haunted. How you know con spirits make it through the concrete mix? I don't know, it depends. I think it is. But this was a big or deal. There was some invasive Tucson goes this was a big deal because now they had to pass that window. Yeah, and there was some oxygen bleed and so the oxygen was missing with the desert oxygen and it was a huge problem for their biosphere environment. And also there was a huge pressure issue. We haven't covered this yet, but those domes outside of the outside the facility. You see there's one in this picture. There was. There's a second one on the other side. Yeah, those are you're not going to believe this. The facilities, lungs and so on the inside there's a giant diaphragm. You can kind of see this big rubber dive from, connected to this massive steel plate with some struts on it to make sure it never deflates below that steel plate. And that rubber at the top is one hundred percent held up by air pressure. It's fortyzero pounds and it's literally the way they designed it. Is the air pressure from within the facility moves out to those lungs and inflates and deflates the lungs to make sure the pressure doesn't go too high. And the reason for this hold on so is the roof of this going up and down the whole time now, so the dome goes all the way up. So this this possible for this to inflate to the point to where it's a full dome or it just deflates back down, because that way deflates is pushing air into back into the into the facility. And the reason for this is because they're in Tusk in Arizona and it's a desert and so during the day it's very, very hot and even in the evenings it gets very, very cold, and that change in air pressure. If they didn't do something to regulate it within the facility, it would literally explode. All the glass windows would blow up tight and there. We don't want that, and so they had to figure out a way to regulate one that. They had to figure out a way to regulate the air pressures. So they built gigantic lungs for those who the whole facility. This was presented as a joke, though. Somebody in the meeting was just like, what if we just were the building a long? What if they gave it lungs and had add bass base whatever was over there, holding an actual base, just beatom, doomed to get to doomed, doom to duod doom to Dudoom, doom to get d those big in the s. What did you just say? What if the building had lungs? Dude, Du Dudu. I think that's it, Sadi Kid. What if the building have you dod lungs? Lungs. Well, when you're this rich, what else you want to spend my money on but building lungs? Let's build some lungs. So you're there are like four children at the hospital down the street that need lungs. Would you will to donate that money to get their new lungs. Just talkum up to you. Who else need lungs? Is My biosphere. So let's use that money to build some building lungs, though that sense sounds like building is a cuss word. Build some building logs. This is bonkers to look at. Yeah, it's insane and what's wild is it's it's really fortyzero pounds, the that big metal diaphragm and the rubber holding it. But I've seen videos people will grab those poles and you can literally pull it down because it's just it's very malleable. Yeah, so, anyways, it's insane. And this this is while we're talking about this too. There's a gigantic they call it the undersphere underneath this entire facility. Is this water or is that a pit thing? It's blood. Okay, I think it might be water. I don't know, but underneath the whole facility is this massive underbelly, kind of like Disneyland or Disney World of the I think it's called the text fear, actually the text fear, and that's where all the magic happens. They aren't a bunch of pipes and all h facts and all this stuff. Yeah, I would assume that this there's a lot going on, but assume side was an open tunnel. It's like, well, let's hope that air gets back that way now. Yeah, yes, they got a big, huge system keeping all this alive underground. But anyways, back to the back to the experiment. So, yeah, they the people broke in and they had to patch that quickly, yeah, to be able to save the experiment. While after that thing started going down. He'll fast. There's a lot of decisions made by the research team that hurt their publicity. And one day two Limos, escorted by armed guards, pulled into the facility and change all the locks and kicked everybody on the research team out. Left the people inside, though, that were part of the experiment, and they told the researchers you're not a part of this anymore, and then they left. And then the next day a whole new research staff showed up. who were in the Limos? I'm I don't know, the president, probably at Bass, I don't know. I honestly am not sure, but probably probably a combination of a bass. I thought the limos were pulling up and taking the a people out. Now they stayed that a people. They eight people watched from their glass. They saw these livers pull up. There's two limos point on the entire the diaries got binoculars. They probably built the built them. They had all the resources they need. Well, just, no, just just do your hands. Use Your hands at all, though. The research team is being carted out in shackles, in shackles, and they see the Limoe or open up and it's a pirate with a pig leg and he's got what did you just say? Why did you go this one? These pirates drove with them, but the Calson the toilets at arc. Where this come from? What is it? So a pirate and they just loaded the two hundred research stuff into the limos. I'm trying to yes and you right now, but I don't know where we're going to go if I do this. Are you saying they made the resource for the walk, the figurative plank? Yeah, yeah, they all. They're all gone. So research people leave. Yeah, the next day. So those eight people are just in the building alone at night. Yeah, just watching and be like what the heck is happening? A whole new team shows up and they do their thing for a couple months and then eventually at Bass is, like project is canceled. Shut it down. Yeah, and so they kick them out of the biosphere and he don't held the participants. He lists it for sale. They sell it to a company that was going to put up a bunch of hotels on the land. They were going to like level it and build some hotels there. Could keep the lungs? Yeah, keep the lungs. Oh yeah, this is really going to keep our hotel going. No, but what ended up happening is they didn't have the funding to build the hotels yet, so they leased it to the University of Arizona to do research there and it went really well. Eventually the universe of Arizona bought it and now it is a research facility for the college and what they use it for now is they they're studying earth science. But it's useful because there is no other place in the world where you can have a closed environment to manipulate things that happen in the VI and see the effects. Okay, so they're causing droughts and watching what happens to jobs and trying to fix the problem in stiosphere and they're doing interesting experiments. I could rather're doing that they or instead of out in the real world like they used to. What would happen if, I don't know, it was a fire? You know, that's what the old rich is doing, though. All right, the old rich is like. What if it is burned the West? What if we just, I don't know, destroyed it at all? Yeah, can we send our can we send a hurricane? Here's what's here's what's crazy. You mentioned this and I'm a little frustrated that you did. Oh sorry, but I mentioned that this this was a huge deal and people were watching it, people worthcoming and big brother observing it. This is the birthplace of reality TV. It did not reality TV did not exist before this, and TV companies noticed the ratings of everybody wanting to watch these people live in this sphere and in Europe. A year later, big brother came out as the first reality TV show, and so big brothers literally based on this. If people watching these people try to survive and the biosphere nice. So wow, I nailed that. Yeah, I hate how how on? So this one was just big brother Safari. Addition, big brother survivor edition, I guess. Yeah, it's both ROM combined. Yeah, it's it put them together, but it's pretty wild, like the stuff that they've built in here. It's just a massive facility. They proved that it would be very, very tough to do this on Mars. Yeah, because they every experiment they did, they needed a lot of outside help. Yeah. So, but also some of the main problems were caused by outside contaminants. That is also true. Does also true, which would still exist on Mars? If you open the door once you're dead, basically. Well, yeah, because if the Martian ants show up, that's an invasispecs. Yeah, you see him come with other huge the gigantic. So anyways, spaceship Earth is a documentary that came out about it's on Hulu. You can watch more for more information. Doing talk into your microphone right now? No, because I don't want people. Don't want people to go look it up about it. If you were to look that up later. I want to reference it, but I don't want people to. Good video. You know how these things work, right. I'm what I want. I want to reference it, but I don't want people to do it anyways. So, and it's now open to the public. Ish You can go do tours sometimes and see it. If you live in Tuscan, Arizona. It's a massive facility. I think you've fully embraced Tuscan. I think you have fully calling. I know you. You know you were like this really stupid, and now you're doing it without hesitation. I think it's just party your vernacular now it's pretty wild. We know we would be good at like this reality TV thing, like living in the biosphere. Yeah, I don't know about that. We should do it. I'm not breathe with a hundred percent oxygen. That's true. Gives us. That's true. It's so we can figure it out. Just late at night. You just hear me going. And what's wild is if we gets real still in the desert, you hear the little because they got rattlesnakes in there for some reason. It is a bad choice and little things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by connerbet social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg, our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast, leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night

In 1991, eight people walked in a large glass dome in the Arizona desert. Camera crews captured the group as they disappeared into the void. The structure was built by billionaire Ed Bass who hoped to use the facility for research into what it would take to build a colony on an alien world. The philanthropist enlisted a crew of four men and four women to spend two years locked inside the biosphere without any contact with the outside world. In the most American of ways, the event was broadcast to the world. Biosphere 2 became the world’s first reality tv show, and just like every reality tv show, it was dramatic.

The Biosphere 2 Experiment

The Biosphere 2 experiment was conducted to research the viability of an earthlike environment being constructed on another planet. To see how a team of researchers might manage to survive in a distant world, a group of volunteers was locked inside the doors of the biosphere for two years. The experiment’s goal was to allow the people to be enclosed in the walls and live amongst an entirely self-sufficient ecosystem.

At the outset, things were smooth. However, over time issues began to arise. Construction failures began to lead to drastic drops in oxygen levels. A series of disputes separated the group into two factions. Somehow, invasive species even managed to work their way into the experiment. Despite millions of dollars worth of investment, the investigation was, by and large, a failure.


The Biosphere 2 experiment may have been a failure, but much good did come from the study. First and foremost, we now understand many of the most significant challenges with such a living arrangement. Test running a mission to Mars is difficult. Understanding the possible issues in a Mars colony is incredibly helpful.

However, there were other benefits to the biosphere project. The experiment was broadcast across the world and kept viewers glued to the screen to watch what the researchers were doing. This gave a tv executive an idea for the first-ever reality tv show, big brother. This quite literally is the birthplace of reality tv. The University of Phoenix has since purchased the facility. It is being used to create microcosms of natural disasters and learn how to best approach issues like climate change.

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Biosphere 2 – Wikipedia

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