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Unknown Speaker Hey, what's up? Hey, man, I? Yeah, what's up? Speaker 1 Have you ever heard of? Yeah? suku nasarawa? Huh? Yeah. suku Misawa Yeah, also know, Mesa, also known as NZ. Maybe you know, Unknown Speaker M Z? Unknown Speaker Yeah, maybe you know by that name M ZIL? Speaker 2 I don't but that's super cool. Do you know if someone introduced themselves to me as M Z? Speaker 1 Yeah, that's how that is. That's super cool. I agree with that. You might know him by one of his projects known as Dr. Moon. Have you heard of that? What are you looking at Unknown Speaker the camera? Unknown Speaker Why do your moon yeah, Dr. Moon? Speaker 2 Is that that children's book that we all read. Goodnight Moon. Yeah, that is the reference. Now. Millionaires either gotta go up or down. You know, saying like they're just so unhappy with being on Earth. Steve Aoki and the top 11 artists of the world suit. Ankle Brace. How are you guys getting good. You're telling me the Steve Jobs saw his whole speech? Last night Unknown Speaker okay, what is the Remove Deerman? Speaker 1 Well, we need to talk about Yeah, suku first. Unknown Speaker Okay, who is yes, we'll Unknown Speaker get to Deerman yah, yah sock. Yeah. Saku Saku sock, it was born in 1975. In Japan. Speaker 2 I just want everyone to just appreciate the pivot that Tim just did. We didn't talk about you so cool first. So you're talking was porn. Like, chill out, bro. Sorry. So we're when? Speaker 1 1975 Okay, November 22. In Japan. And he had a normal Japanese upbringing. In high school, he started a hardcore band called Switch style. And was going to go to college, but was too excited about his band switch style. And then him just thought it'd be sweet to live in America. So they moved to America for three years. Sure. which was hard to sustain his band. He had to fly back for band practice. I don't know. I think the band broke a van was in Japan. The band was in Japan. Okay, that sounds like that sounds like a Unknown Speaker it was a Japan band. Speaker 1 Yeah, that phrase. The band was in Japan. That sounds like like there's always money in the banana stand. Oh, yeah. Unknown Speaker Rice is good for Yeah, Unknown Speaker the pan was in Japan. Okay. Unknown Speaker So you know, in Asia, they call them bandas. Unknown Speaker Hey, that I hate that a lot. I hate that a lot. Unknown Speaker You're gonna like all of them, to the Speaker 1 US. And while I was in the US, he fell in love with CDs and records. important feature of his life started collecting both Sure. lived in the US for like three years, went back to Japan started the band back what year was that? In 91, early 90s living in the United States. 93 93k moves to the US and then moves back to Japan and 95. Okay. And then while he's there, he remembers my band Unknown Speaker switch styles. They Speaker 1 start this band back up and they have decent success. They released three albums. They got decently big in Japan, but not like huge, okay, but then he remembers CDs and records. Okay, so he takes what he learned about selling CDs and records. And he starts a company known as start today, which eventually became Japan's equivalent to Amazon. Oh, very major online retailer, went public on the stock market in 2004, and then started his new company Zozo town. Speaker 2 Okay, that was so dramatic. All right. Zozo town, Unknown Speaker which I want to take a second to see if you could guess what it says. Unknown Speaker Okay, what year would it be found it Unknown Speaker would have been 2004 2004 Speaker 2 Start Zozo town so Town is a first social media network. And this predates Facebook. And so he was trying to create a social media network to connect people and sell music through Speaker 1 your incredibly close. So it's a social media website for Zoo. Keeper's Speaker 2 the social media website for clowns Zozo the clouds he says oh town Unknown Speaker Facebook said if we could get the college kids we could get everyone he said if we Speaker 2 circus clowns, you guys are say You're thinking too small, too small college campuses. No, you gotta get the you gotta get the carnies. You gotta get the Speaker 1 new Sloan every week. A new city every week. What do you what do you think bigger? Speaker 2 Ptolemy on Zozo town. You know or whatever clown sound like. Speaker 1 Here I'll give you this. Here's one of the most profitable things he ever created with Zozo town or no? Speaker 2 Okay. This is the Zozo suit. This is just not flattering at all. Zack, Kansas, Speaker 3 this is the Zozo suit. Which is Speaker 2 this. Okay, it goes over your feet. That for listeners it looks it's a black suit with white dots all over. It looks like you've seen the behind the scenes for how they do animation movies. And there's that guy with a suit with the green dots all over him. It's that but it's style. Yeah. And there's three people in what I can describe as the Brady Bunch background. And they're in a this is a one piece suit. Where does it zip? Does it zip? Unknown Speaker I think you have to crawl through that. Do you? Speaker 2 What do you do? You crawl through the neck hole. The heels are cut out the toes are cut out. Yeah, that's like wrinkle breezes. And then you just vacuum it co2, your baits. Unknown Speaker Got fingerless gloves too. Speaker 2 It's so tight. It's tight and like that's tight. It really is like Speaker 3 it's like those storage bags. Speaker 2 It is you stick to it is not flattering. I'm not going to comment on the models. So yeah, Unknown Speaker so this idea was Unknown Speaker what was the number I want to say was like $3.7 billion. Who? This concept. So here's what's also Tannaz Speaker 2 you imagine you become a billionaire. And when people other billionaires go, how did you become one of us? You gotta say, Unknown Speaker says oh suit. Speaker 2 And they go Oh, is that something you were to go see the Titanic? No, no Speaker 3 when he when he walked out on stage for the press conference for this, he said imagine you were one Yeah, he said he said he said is it worth making a suit? An ankle brace. Polka Dots. Speaker 2 Suit. Ankle Brace. Oh, good. Are you guys getting good? That it's all one suit. Introducing those those you're telling me the Steve Jobs so his whole speech it hit harder for jobs Zozo town was a fashion brands as Speaker 1 a town was an online fashion retailer one of the first commercially successful online fashion retailers that were really early to the game 2004 What does that Zozo that is so and this this device device don't call it a device it is a device this is the Zozo suit and this was a sizing device. And so you would put this on and you would take pictures in it and it would tell you your exact size and send you the most accuracy Speaker 2 makes so much more sense if that makes so much more sense. Unknown Speaker Okay, Speaker 1 so yeah, you put this on take pictures from every angle, upload it and then it would be like your size nine. Here we go by the shirt. Speaker 2 Okay, yeah. So this is a computer can tell how far apart the white dots are then. Yeah. Interesting. That's actually okay. Sure. Oh, wow, that pretty Speaker 1 cool. So this is used in 72 countries. These led to this CDs Yeah. Because it was kind of like Amazon Amazon start with books. You start with CDs and records on his start today. Okay, okay. Okay. Yeah. He also in 2012 Unknown Speaker We're holding Unknown Speaker I wasn't I didn't notice this on the Wikipedia article before as a little meme, but I need to show you the picture of this Speaker 2 okay, this is a little mean, but I need to show you the picture of this guy Unknown Speaker he's also wearing checkered vans because I think he thinks they match. Unknown Speaker I don't know I don't get what's funny about this? Yes, I do. I don't. I don't get what's funny, but do Speaker 3 you do you do? This is like when your dad says you took a picture of me. He's got the classic dad pose. Chest out too far. Checkered vans, I Unknown Speaker don't know you're talking about a normal picture of somebody who is giving a product review. Unknown Speaker Okay, so let Unknown Speaker me see the behind though. Let me see the back I gotta know what the dots look like. Unknown Speaker What are the dots look like on the back? Back of Zozo suit. Unknown Speaker Zozo suit biceps. Speaker 1 These are getting pretty sophisticated now. I'm not gonna lie. They still exist. Yeah, here's the current. Here's a current model. They used a similar background and this one. They only opted for one color in this version, the background. But these look these look more like you're gonna get on a ship and they're gonna put you to sleep for somebody. 100 years. Oh, and then they're gonna wake you up when you get Unknown Speaker all animated people. Those aren't real people. I think you're right. Yeah, I know. I'm right. Speaker 1 But I think their faces are real, I think no, they're not. I think they put different hair on them than they are. Speaker 2 Yeah, look at their feet. Dude. I hope none of those people are real Sims. So basically, this new suit looks like TV static compared to the old suits. Yeah. Interesting. Speaker 1 Here's why that's just the man I can't find a full back shot of Speaker 2 this because there's no way that bearded guys faces that round and his torso is like that, you know, saying why? Because I understand how Washington's Yeah, that's not true. Speaker 1 Yeah, so the Zozo suit. Great idea, I guess for the law firm is that no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm telling you more about this guy. Okay, he also started to get Unknown Speaker this off the screen then. Oh, sorry. Speaker 1 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked this, we've got a lot of great ones. Let me recommend a recent one hitch bought. Basically some Canadian scientists said what if we made a robot that hitchhiked across the country you think it can make it SPOILER ALERT it's a fun episode I like it a lot. You can need to check it out one of my favorite reason jokes is in there. So check that one out but if not, thanks for being here Speaker 1 he also started a contemporary art foundation where he has made two of the largest basket wait purchases basket now. Speaker 2 Be as Kay I want to buy the largest baskets I can to hold on my Zozo Unknown Speaker Basquiat you've got this Container Store. Speaker 2 basket basket. Wait, that's great. Say it right? How much for this basketball educated American that's like a $30 Unknown Speaker basket. I'll give you 54 million Unknown Speaker to run up I'm a manager. Speaker 3 I'm not sure how to charge you this much for this. When I scan it it says 30 I don't know how many Unknown Speaker zeros I don't know I'm a lowly person. Speaker 3 Put on a Zozo suit to help make use Speaker 2 shimmy into it. So okay, Speaker 1 so ya know he made to the largest purchases he actually purchased a painting called the Untitled by Basquiat for 57 million. And then he's he bought another one also called Untitled by Basquiat. But it's where he just didn't like titles. It's a different picture for 110 million. And he bought a bunch of other parents. So he's like a, like a fine art collector and he's got this foundation where he's got all this different art and stuff like Sure. When in 2019 He said, You know what? I'm a billionaire now. I've made my successes. He says, I'm gonna sell my ownership of the company, which he sold for about $3.7 billion. And he said, Now it's on to the next thing. Like many billionaires today, space, Speaker 2 obviously, obviously. So, there's either gotta go up or down, you know, saying like, they're just so unhappy with being on Earth, that they're like, I gotta go. I gotta go the deepest depths of the ocean or the tippy top of space. Speaker 1 But here's the thing. He has an angle. He's different than most of the billionaires. He's not just trying to be funny. Yeah, not that I've like halfway through this new season. Speaker 2 Oh, really? Have you seen the billionaire episode where she goes on dates with some rich guys? No, I haven't say and she's on dates with a boring old millionaire. And he gets a call in the middle of dinner that he's now a billionaire. Yeah. And she goes to the restroom and comes back and he shaved his head bald. And his just got so much plastic surgery and his eyes look really weird. And he's climbing those ceilings. He's like, Look how high I am. Oh, hi. I am what? I think they get a spaceship and I am. Speaker 3 Now we watched we watched it's a great show. I love when they're at the premieres so good. It's about to start that they are whatever, like, hey, this was this guy's gotta get out of your chest passing. This was just bought by what was it? Like a Starbucks Starbucks, did I die? Speaker 2 And then they were like, was that the scene? Like that was the see. Did you see the Disney on ironically did that this week though? No. Like with the new elements movie. There's a non binary character in it. And it's like, not clear at all. But it's a non binary character. Oh, interesting. Unknown Speaker Like, it's Unknown Speaker just kind of like, yeah, Unknown Speaker yeah, it just is. Speaker 2 Yeah. And like, do you think that they knew about it when they wrote the other two? Because I found out on Twitter when the voice actor was like, I just got to voice the first non binary character in Disney. And like people said they watched the movie and didn't know they had they were like, Oh, okay. Hmm. But this character is not a human. It is a it's a gloop. It's a gloop. It's, it's, it's the bit Unknown Speaker interesting. It's very funny. Unknown Speaker Okay, all right. Unknown Speaker That's what billionaires do. That was what I'm saying. They just go to space. They just Speaker 1 go to space. But here's the thing. He's got an angle. He's not just going to space. He's doing different things. Unknown Speaker What's he going to do? Speaker 1 So Well, first of all, he's already been. So he's been once he went in mid 2021. This is why he's got this picture in the spacesuit. All right. Speaker 2 Does he have to wear a Zozo suit? To get the right measurements for his face? Speaker 1 He did get those owed. Yesica is a Twitter personality. Okay, he has 191,000 followers on Twitter. But he all he holds the record, the number one or the number two record for most retweeted tweet. Oh, because one time while two times, he tweeted, he was gonna give a million yen to the first 100 people to retweet this or no to 100 random people who retweet this. And so a lot of people retweeted it. And actually, I'm gonna be honest, I don't know if he did give the money away. But a million yen Come on. Uh huh. Unknown Speaker I mean, I guess. Unknown Speaker 4 million people retweeted the tweet. For when he said he was gonna give 1 million yen to 100 people, Unknown Speaker I'm gonna give my best friend's house. The first one of 100 people retweet Speaker 1 this and I'd say first 100, say to 100 random people who read this, because that's what he did. It was 100 random people. So that way, it didn't matter how many to Speaker 2 100 random people who retweet this. Wait, Speaker 3 so you're given a house to 100 different people. You can split deeds, Speaker 2 right? Give my best friend's house to 100 random people who retweet this that's out there. So Speaker 1 he got 4 million people to retweet that tweet 200 which was about $9,300 US dollars. That same year, and this was 2019. The same year in 2019. He did it again. But he said he's gonna give it to 1000. And that one got 3 million retweets. So a million last people were a million people were like, Speaker 2 That's a billion dollars gonna give away? Yeah, allegedly, Speaker 1 allegedly. I don't know if he did it. I don't know if he did it. Also, there's questions about his ability to pay for some of the stuff he says he's doing but we'll get back to Okay, he goes on the spaceflight. And he says, so he gets this fight with the Russian Space Federation. And he says, Hey, I'm gonna do this fight. I'm gonna go up to the International Space Station. He said, I'm going to be up there for a little bit. I will do 180 challenges. Stage, how Unknown Speaker many crunches Do you think I could do? Speaker 3 So he goes up to this debate stage, but that's real. Because at this Speaker 1 stage that he goes back, and he's still posting video, video vlogs of him from this 2021 trip, doing these 180 challenges that he got, and they're things like, play this game, this ballgame. Whatever this game is called, where you have the wheel. How old is this person? He was born in the 70s 75. So I mean, he's younger than my parents. I don't know how your parents are. Here's another one where he put together a jigsaw puzzle. But he had to blur out the puzzle for the picture, I guess because it was copyrighted. Unknown Speaker It's not complete. It's not real. Unknown Speaker Here's another one where he none of these pictures. Speaker 2 None of these pictures look real. These are all incredibly photoshopped. Here's one where he played a drum. He's not his face. He played all of these look like YouTube. Are these all the YouTube thumbnails? Yeah, they all Unknown Speaker were he played with this weird pirate. Speaker 2 Okay, so this is all Photoshop for the thumbnail. Okay, Coco, Coco, okay, cuz otherwise, this is not real. Speaker 1 Here's what I love. Here's what I love. There's 180 of these challenges where he needed random things like this. And so he crawled on board imagine Speaker 2 he could imagine, just stick with me, you've spent your entire career becoming an astronaut, you want to go to space and do real science. You want to figure out how the universe works. You want to figure out how quickly the universe is expanding. You want to be up in the elements of space, trying to figure out so so that Neil deGrasse Tyson can keep owning people in debates, okay, you're sending info back and you're like, Hey nerds, here's why we're live on Mars one day and you spent your entire career sacrificing you're in so much student debt you cannot breathe and now you're in the International Space Station you've earned a spot you and killed two kids in your graduate program so you could be the top they don't know that. And then one day a billionaire boards, the plane plane boards the space station, and is like, Hey guys, I'm here to contribute to space and they're like really? Thank you so much for using your vast amount of wealth to advance the the race for human knowledge and he goes on and on and on until you guys do your thing. I'm gonna play with a yo yo in the corner and film it for you too. Speaker 3 They're like they're like looking at like science thing. We're gonna play the same oxygen is hitting them in the back of the head with this yo yo and zero G Speaker 2 he's being an annoying kid in the back of a minivan in space in space. Speaker 1 I just want the idea like this is all he did 100 Navy these challenges and like, like he did a drum which this looks more like like a concave like ring. I don't know what that is. That's not the kind of drum I think of when I think drums. But he brought large things on board this and the access high. He's Speaker 2 got his like, seven carry on Speaker 1 it he's calling into like, what do you need all that stuff for? Oh, it's for my challengers for Unknown Speaker my challengers. Speaker 1 Did Okay, and he told you he was doing this? Now, Speaker 2 now how long is he up there? How much time does he have to do to all these to do all these challenges? Speaker 1 Oh, no, actually, I think he's up there for about a week. 180 challenges a week. Yeah, I mean, you do four or five of these a day. The challenge was literally play with the yo yo, like, you can get that video done in five minutes. Okay. So he's just a full workday doing these challenges while you're trying to do your science. Unknown Speaker What else is he doing? Speaker 1 He does 180 of these. They're still coming out of his vlogs of what he did in the space station. Unknown Speaker Should have a microphone far left. You see that's a microphone. Speaker 1 I think that's for when they do their speeches back to like their presentations. Unknown Speaker Hello Earth. We encountered aliens today. Speaker 3 Sorry, sorry. That was the challenge. He rolls in. He rolls into screen in the middle of his press conferences. He's like, I built a fort in the space station and no one knew. Behind them there's just a giant blanket fort. Unknown Speaker I hope we knew doors for my last challenge, Speaker 1 one of the doors and it cost NASA's 13.8 79 Speaker 2 Stupid tasks and one way really bad one. Speaker 3 The first ever act of space terrorism Speaker 2 so he's back. Yeah. So just releasing these every week. Speaker 1 He's releasing these every week to his his Twitter. So Speaker 2 you spend so much money to get three years worth of content. Speaker 1 It's like I'm trying to speak up a YouTuber. No, it's Twitter handle is you suck MZ. The way you would spell you suck. Oh, it's not like yeah, it's you suck MZ. As an analyst, he's just tweeting these things, his videos. They're doing pretty good. They're getting like a million and a half views every video. He's got 1.3 million subscribers doing these vlogs of his experience and space. But none of this is the real reason I brought this guy up. All this is backstory. Speaker 2 Hey, thanks for being part of this episode. 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Unknown Speaker Okay, this is a little bit bigger, this version. Unknown Speaker So who are these people? Speaker 1 Those are the suits. Those are those those know, so the dear Moon project. This was an idea he had where he said, You know what, what this world needs more of? It needs more artists, space tourism. No, it needs more artists that are creating unbelievable works of art. Because he's a big art fan. And he says, but all the artists today, their industry, plants, their industry. Drones. Yeah, all their arts do for money. Speaker 2 We got to find the the random artists floating in space. Speaker 1 Well, when he says like, we need to inspire them. And he's like he's like, so I want to put together a project called Dear moon, designed to inspire 11 of the Earth's greatest artists by taking them on a trip around the moon, to see something that no other artists has ever seen. So they could come back to Earth and bless Earth with the art that comes from what they see. My volunteer the other side of the Speaker 2 Gerrans comedy career really took off after he saw the other side of the Moon. So he's is this 11 different trips? Speaker 1 No, this is he wants it to take 11 artists one trip on one trip. Leave the earth flight 11 of the greatest artists take it. Yeah, take a take all that sounds Speaker 2 like a movie I've seen. What? I don't know. 11 of the world World's Greatest Artists are on a spacecraft as stranded in space. Ocean's 11. Unknown Speaker Spaces 11 there Yeah. Unknown Speaker Orbits 11 Speaker 1 orbits. 11. Holiday now's a good Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So he remarked. Speaker 1 So II wants to take them on a trip from Earth, out around the backside of the moon and back. So it would be the farthest any humans ever gone in space, because no humans past the moon. And so he wants to go all the way around the back the Dark Side of the Moon, and come back. And he thinks that that would make the artists contribute something to society that's never been contributed before. And so, Speaker 2 I know you've seen what Buzz Aldrin paints. Not great stuff. We gave him some paint. We're like you've you've seen a lot of stuff, some stuff. He's got no artistic ability. Yeah, he's just an astronaut. So he Speaker 1 makes this press conference? Sure. And he says, Here's what I want to do. I want to bring a bunch of artists Speaker 2 to space. I mean, who decides who the 11 greatest are? Well, he says it's subjective. Speaker 1 I mean, yeah, yeah. Well, here's what happens. He does this press conference. And he says, he says, We're all No vote. It's a spaceship. It's an artist. It's a moon. Speaker 2 A space suede, the spaceship is the artists in this thing. Speaker 1 Okay, no. So he's he kind of briefs the idea. Sure gets the idea on the ethos says, here's, here's what I'm thinking. And then he says applications are open, go to Dear Moon dot Earth, which is Speaker 2 okay, I guess when you like money you can own the internet, you know, like, Speaker 1 going to Dear Moon data is to apply if you're an artist, apply, send us your portfolio, let us see what you've created. Sure. And then we're going to select the top 28,000 people applied artists from all over the world, all walks of life. And he said, we're now seeking assistance from any government space program. There's a handful in the world to help us pull this off. He said, I'll pay for it. I said, but I think this will really help humanity. And every government space organization in the world said that's a dumb idea. We're not wasting our time. That's dumb. But luckily, there was one guy who loves dumb ideas. Unknown Speaker I knew it. I knew he was going to come up with this. I knew it. Speaker 1 And so Elon said, Well, why don't you know, we have a space company. And we're trying to get to Mars. This will be further, this would be a perfect test flight for us. And so he says, we're working at the time, it was his Falcon Heavy. He said we can take you up there in the Falcon Heavy around the moon and back. And you're 11 artists, and he says we probably could do it by the end of 2024. Unknown Speaker Okay, when did he say that? Speaker 1 This was 2018 when they announced the project. Okay. Cool. And so, Speaker 2 I don't know if I believe anything that Elon Musk does is real. I'm gonna watch that we had an episode about him because I thought about him 2017 early before he was like, Hey, I thought he was somewhat crazy person. Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, he was still a crazy person. But he wasn't. He hadn't exposed himself as much yet. Sure. He was still kind of impressive at the time. Speaker 2 Now. Now, it's now you realize that I mean, like, Sure. I mean, if you shoot 100 things, you're gonna hit two. Speaker 1 Yeah, you know, and this is one of them, he might hit. So now it's now it's not the Falcon Heavy. But it's the other one that they're working on right now. Unknown Speaker All in 95 calories Unknown Speaker you can find them on in the store. Unknown Speaker You dude. I shot down the Falcon light and the name of my politics. So mission failed, because Kid Rock shot the Falcon light out of the sky. Unknown Speaker Know so Speaker 1 they, they're, they're working together. SpaceX is working to figure out how to get them there. When they're going to take you the Dark Side of the Moon, the Yeah, The Dark Side of the Moon and back. So that way they can make really good art. And so throughout the past five years, he's been working on the marketing and the logistics of the mission. And putting together his crew, his dear moon, artist crew. And at the end of the year, last year 2022 He announced his selections. And these are the the 11 artists. Oh, that will make history. Unknown Speaker This is a very high picture. Hold on. I know you recognize at least one of them. Unknown Speaker Okay. Here's a Speaker 2 hint. Let me get a higher I noticed that there's only 10 people behind him. Yeah, so he counts as 11. Now he's the 11th Yeah, he's the artist. Yeah, he's like, Speaker 1 he's like, surprise. I'm the 11th. Artist. Speaker 2 Let's go through the names. Because I want you to say it. For the audio listener. Speaker 1 Yeah. So a lot. Um, here's a higher res image. So we're gonna go through this. So here is the artists that he has coming with him on the dear Moon trip. So Mission Specialist, Choi Seung Hyun, who is also known as baizen stage name, T O P, who is a South Korean rapper is about the purple hair. Apparently very famous in South Korea. Mission Specialist dev Joshi. Who is the guy on the second from the right over there. He is a Indian filmmaker or Indian actor second from the right and television actor. Speaker 2 Yes. From the right got it. To the right. I was like what Yeah, so again, Speaker 1 to the right, he's a Bollywood actor. Mission Specialist Brendan Hall, who I'm not sure which one he is or what he's famous for. He doesn't have Unknown Speaker a Wikipedia page, but I guess he's the one in the orange hoodie. Speaker 1 No, that's actually not I know who that is. Oh, Kareem Elia I believe she's a mission specialist. Also don't know which one that one is doesn't have a page. Read anon. Adam is a writer and photographer. I don't know which one she is, but she doesn't have like a PDF. He just doesn't have a picture on it. Jimmy ad is the dude second from like, on this side right next to purple hair. He is a Czech choreographer. Okay, so it might have some good dance moves that comes out of this mission specialist Tim Dodd, who's a YouTuber known as Everyday Astronaut. That's the dinosaur Jedi. And then pilot, Steve Aoki. Yeah, Speaker 2 yeah. Yeah, that's the first person I saw pilot. They're teaching him to fly. Or not, though. I mean, he's gonna do the same thing he does on stage which is just push buttons Speaker 3 and throw the cake like you to kick the windshields again, it's quite thick. Yeah, open the Unknown Speaker door, throw it on the moon. Throw a cake. That's kind of my deal. Speaker 1 One of their backups just think they have a backup to backup. Craig's your alternate? Yeah. So there's a specialist named me you from Japan. I don't know who who he or she is I'm not sure if what you're Speaker 2 saying there's a world and our universe where our podcast could have grown so much that we could have been apparently because this is not. Unknown Speaker Okay. I mean, Steve Aoki is Speaker 1 pretty famous and so as to get anybody else in here. I mean, there are people who don't have to Speaker 2 be okie in the top 11 artists of the world Unknown Speaker my favorite thing is he was selected to be the pilot. Speaker 4 Someone just look at CDJs and go those look like spaceship buttons. Yes. Probably know how to do Unknown Speaker he knows how to do it. labeled. Unknown Speaker He pushes a lot of buttons. Yeah, I mean, some of these people. They're writers. Unknown Speaker They're just looks like a season of Survivor. Unknown Speaker This looks like yeah, Unknown Speaker it does. Or last, like a last promo. Unknown Speaker Or the challenge looks like looks like CVS, the challenge Speaker 1 which honestly given his last trip to Mars, he might make this a reality TV show. Yeah. He's gonna He's gonna vote him off the ship. Unknown Speaker The crew has spoken. Unknown Speaker Steve Aoki is going to push you out the airlock now. Cake hits him in the face in space space, Speaker 2 because he threw it like four days ago, but it's just out there. You know? Because it doesn't really move. Yeah, and the speed that it hits a man is speed dude. Oh, wow. Speaker 1 So these guys, allegedly, they haven't changed the timeline right now. Allegedly, right now these people are training for their mission. They're doing all their like stairs. Speaker 2 He's on tour, and in his free time is training to pilot a spaceship to space. Mind you, Speaker 1 it's a spaceship that hasn't successfully launched every time they've launched it. It's blown up so far. And so that's the one he's gonna pass. Unknown Speaker Now they're down to these 11 people. Speaker 1 And so what is it the Elan says that they want to want to carry 100 successful satellites to space using this spacecraft before they carry these people to the moon. They haven't successfully gotten one Yeah, taken off without exploding. So there's no way they're going to do it in 2024. That's the timeline the public timeline that they're seeking. For Speaker 2 if it's good if it's like 50 years from now I still want it to be Steve Aoki. Speaker 1 But I, according to MZ, the guy in the middle here, their training, their training, and at the end of 2024 these these 10 artists are going to go see the Dark Side of the Moon. And they're going to come back to Earth and they're all going to get murdered by the mines. Yeah, what you said they're gonna make really good art Unknown Speaker that we'll never see. Speaker 1 Yeah, so I love this idea. I love it so much. That's Yes. suku Yes, yes. Aku muy mas Eva. Mas our MC he goes by MC you can find them at you suck in Z on Twitter. Unknown Speaker This is the YouTube Speaker 1 or on Zozo town by yourself Zozo suit today till such as those that can you think we can get sponsored by them. Speaker 2 Anytime that you wonder about the, you know, hunger crisis in the world or how many people need clean water. Just think about Steve Aoki and the incredible beat drop that we would get if he's able to see the Dark Side of the Moon Unknown Speaker here's the Dark Side Speaker 2 of the Moon you know, and like that would change humanity. I believe he doesn't Speaker 1 have to go we know exactly what he's gonna do. He's gonna take that entire record Dark Side of the Moon and just remix it. And that's gonna be his art. We all know that's what he's gonna do. He doesn't have to go. He's actually probably already finished it. Unknown Speaker They've already been. That's the conspiracy. Unknown Speaker They're gonna have a look at my presentation. Speaker 2 The whole conspiracy is that the reason we know who they are? Is because they went 15 years ago while their moon people, their moon people, you're okay. You're going the route that we Speaker 3 would have landed? And he said, he said Bring me your artists. Speaker 2 Buzz Aldrin brought back a small child prodigy open em if you will. The moon opened up and make up some bizarre story about owning the freakin Benihana restaurant. Like where are we can come from any Hana guy. Yeah. Oh, okay. Benihana was was like, I guess Yeah, that's fine. I honestly don't know how many kids. You're like. Sure. He's a ladies man. Man. The girls love when they flip. They flip the little shrimp tail on their hat. Yeah, yeah, that gets them. Unknown Speaker You don't get the name Aoki without being a moon child Unknown Speaker with some light racism. I like that about you Unknown Speaker all right, well, here's the thing. Unknown Speaker Here's what I've heard Speaker 2 this at least. I heard what you hear. I heard that the civilizations long before us. Yes. had already gone to the moon. Yeah, they had one advanced Unknown Speaker stuff that was pyramids all over the dark side. And Unknown Speaker that's where we got the music of our day. Speaker 1 Yeah. What which day there's a lot of music like today. Speaker 2 The music that we have now came from the moon people Midwest Unknown Speaker salt grass. Yeah, actually. Speaker 1 Things are there last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by ours Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jared Meyers and Tim stone falls on your favorite social media platform at Taylan podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Welcome to an exciting exploration of the dearMoon project led by the visionary entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa. This blog post will delve into the crew members accompanying Maezawa on this daring journey and the project’s ambitious goal. Let’s embark on a fascinating adventure into the realm of space exploration!

Meet the Crew

  1. Yusaku Maezawa – The Leader: Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, is the mastermind behind the dearMoon project. With a passion for art and space, he aims to take a group of artists on a lunar mission to inspire creativity and foster global unity.
  2. Crew Members – The Daring Artists: The dearMoon project plans to select eight talented artists from various disciplines, such as music, painting, writing, filmmaking, and more. These creative souls will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the moon’s beauty up close and translate their experience into art that will resonate with people worldwide.

The goal of dearMoon

Inspiring Art and Creativity: The primary objective of the dearMoon project is to ignite the sparks of imagination and creativity among the chosen artists. By allowing them to witness the moon’s enchanting landscapes, the hope is that the experience will fuel their artistic endeavors in ways never seen before.

Fostering Global Unity: Yusaku Maezawa envisions the dearMoon project as a means to bring people together. The artists selected for this journey will represent different cultures, backgrounds, and art forms. By sharing this incredible adventure, they will inspire a sense of unity and oneness among people worldwide.

Advancing Space Exploration: Beyond its artistic aspirations, the dearMoon project aims to contribute to advancing space exploration. As private companies like SpaceX take the lead in space missions, collaborations with visionary individuals like Maezawa play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of space travel.

The Lunar Journey

The Spacecraft: The dearMoon crew will travel aboard SpaceX’s Starship, an innovative spacecraft designed for deep-space missions. This cutting-edge vessel boasts unparalleled capabilities, making it the ideal choice for this historic lunar journey.

The Lunar Orbit: The dearMoon mission will take the crew around the moon, allowing them to witness Earth from a perspective only a few have ever experienced. The spacecraft will orbit the moon during the mission, providing breathtaking views of its barren beauty.

Duration of the Journey: The lunar mission will last approximately six days. During this time, the crew will witness the moon’s various phases, experience zero gravity, and forge unforgettable memories.

Training for the Adventure

Space Training: Before venturing into space, the dearMoon crew will undergo extensive training to ensure their safety and preparedness. They will learn essential skills for the journey, such as operating spacecraft systems, handling emergencies, and adapting to the challenges of space travel.

Bonding and Team Building: Team building and bonding are essential to the crew’s training. As they will spend significant time together in a confined space, fostering camaraderie and mutual understanding is crucial for a successful mission.


The dearMoon project spearheaded by Yusaku Maezawa promises to be an awe-inspiring journey into space, fueling creativity, fostering global unity, and pushing the boundaries of space exploration. With a diverse crew of talented artists and state-of-the-art spacecraft, this lunar mission is set to leave an indelible mark on humanity’s quest for knowledge and artistic expression. As we eagerly await the launch of the dearMoon mission, we can’t help but anticipate the breathtaking artwork and the profound impact it will have on our world. Let us unite in the spirit of exploration and discovery as we set our sights on the moon and beyond.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




dearMoon Project – Wikipedia

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