Frederick Russell Burnham – A Life of Hippos, Boy Scouts, and Wars


Fredrick Russell Burnham might have been the first model of American masculinity. His lifestyle would one day permeate into the 20th century as men across the country sought to adopt the mindset of Burnham. The long line of Fredrick’s imitators is unsurprising since he was the inspiration for the founder of the boy scouts. Furthermore, one esteemed colleague of his had based much of his beliefs and behavior on him before rising to the president’s office. Of course, we are talking about none other than Teddy Roosevelt. Burnham’s influence surely is unmatched, and he has the combat record to back it up. However, few remember his part to play in the failed attempt to bring hippos to Louisianna. Fredrick Russell Burnham, along with a couple of unlikely allies, ran a campaign to popularize hippos into the American diet and begin farming hippos on American soil. The only thing that held back this plan was World War 1. Burnham’s life, indeed, was extraordinary.

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Fredrick Russell Burnham – Wikipedia

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