Glitter – Unveiling The Glitter Conspiracy’s Enigmatic Secrets


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Speaker 1 Okay, here we go. Hey, man. Are you recording? Yeah, okay, cool. Hey, man. I asked you Speaker 2 if you're ready. And then you did some weird like, I did not do anything. I do. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I did nothing weird. I did everything. Speaker 2 Weird. clingstone something I do every time we shoot. Yeah. And then you did like your feet underneath the table like you're getting ready to car. Speaker 1 I need you. I did something I absolutely do every single time you shoot, so I don't need you to do whatever this is. Okay, anyways, have you ever heard of glitter? Glitter? Yeah. Have you ever heard of glitter? Unknown Speaker Like the like the stuff? Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah. Like, like the Yeah. Yeah, like the stuff physical glitter. physical, real life. Glitter. Yeah. dabbled? Yeah. Did you? Do you know there's a conspiracy surrounding glitter? Speaker 2 I don't know what this means. What do you mean? What do you mean, there's a conspiracy surrounding glitter. Unknown Speaker I don't know how to make that more clear to you. Speaker 2 I mean, you could spend an hour talking about it. If you want to do a full episode on it. Unknown Speaker Let's go. Alright, cool. Sounds good. Let's do this. Speaker 3 You going to ask questions? Or are you going to go home to your family? We really got it. Yeah, we got why we buy that? Because you said it. Speaker 2 You don't have to do it. You said me saying it doesn't mean you have to spend the money on you're gonna need to talk to somebody about how much free time you got to listen to a podcast about glitter. Things I Learned last night Speaker 2 I think every time you start an episode, what I've suggested probably 30 topics here. And I every time I think you're gonna bring one up. I'm gonna be like, I'm gonna have to be like, oh, yeah, never heard of that. You know? And every time you go glitter Okay, sure. I guess it's what we're talking about. Unknown Speaker You want me to start doing your topics? Unknown Speaker I would. Why was when I send them to you tonight and I'll start keeping track Unknown Speaker of your recommendation. Speaker 2 Let me tell you about glitter. Okay. Yeah. Tell me what do you got to say? I used to be an Uber driver. Right. Yeah. And certain places in Kansas City. Yeah. When you pick patrons up? Yeah, it is. No, your car is gonna be covered and you're gonna get some glitter. Yeah. So I know about glitter. And that's subway. Subway restaurants. That you know, whoever you're gonna pick up. patrons. Yeah. There you're gonna pick up a little glitter bug. Unknown Speaker I don't think that's what they call themselves. Subway people. Speaker 2 Oh, no, I thought people who were into glitter. Okay. What's the conspiracy? Speaker 1 Okay, yeah, so okay, we gotta back up. Glitter. Speaker 2 In glitter is always a fun idea. But we did the Christmas episodes. It's there's still glitter. Yeah, we're Speaker 1 still finding it. We're still finding it. And yeah, I vacuum pretty hard. After that. Speaker 2 Show us what that looks like Tim, what you think vacuuming pretty hard. Looks like Unknown Speaker okay, oh, that ASMR was good for you. Yeah. Okay, so, Speaker 1 in fall of 2018 Glitter was a trending word on Google search trends. Everybody was looking for glitter. I don't know why everybody wanted some glitter for stuff, you know, whatever reason, is just popular. Okay. And so the New York Times saw this as an opportunity to write an article as most outlets like that. Unknown Speaker Yeah, there was sort of returning topics Okay, glitter, and so Speaker 1 they put their journalist by the name of Katie Weaver on it and said, Hey, do an article about glitter, like maybe how it's made or what it is or whatever, like just do something interesting, not glitter. It's trending right now. Let's get an article about about glitter. And so she starts doing some research and she finds that there's kind of like a mecca for glitter in the world. And that's New Jersey, New Jersey, is where all the glitter comes from. The majority of the major manufacturers of glitter are in New Jersey, mainly two companies, but one by the name of glitter X I'm gonna show you a picture of I got a picture of glitter X. Speaker 2 Thank you for this. This gives me a lot of context. It's just a picture of their office building Unknown Speaker a just normal building company. Speaker 2 I know a lot more about this conspiracy now that I've seen this building. Yes, go ahead. Speaker 1 Meadowbrook glitter, which I don't have a picture of them. They're a little bit more so Speaker 2 once you Google Streetview it I use the same Can you Can they Speaker 1 Meadowbrook glitter fun fact about metal brick glitter owns a property that's about 100 acres. And they got a factory about the same size just in the middle of the woods on their property. Right. They're a little bit more secretive than glitter x's. On Can you Skyview it. I mean, you can but there's trees like that. Yeah, they they're there. They're hiding some things. Meadowbrook Okay, so metadata is the other big one in New Jersey. The other largest one in the world is one called RJ a plastics. And they're actually out of Germany. New Jersey, Germany. Unknown Speaker Very similar. So. Okay, what Unknown Speaker could you possibly have questions about right now? I just Speaker 2 I sometimes I think about, like, wanting to like run a business and like make money. Yeah. Right. And then I find out there are entire companies that just make glitter. Yeah. Unknown Speaker When I guess I just Speaker 1 I don't know, man. Yeah. And they make a lot of money doing it. Speaker 2 There's no entrepreneurs starting glitter companies. Yeah. Yeah, because it's not no one's like trying to be the next big thing and glitter. Speaker 1 Yeah. Yeah, maybe that's an industry. No one's trying to Unknown Speaker glow up you know? Unknown Speaker Yeah. That's an interesting. Speaker 2 I'm trying to imagine who's at a dinner party being like, yeah, I work. I work in glitter. Speaker 1 And we're trying to do we're just doing the next biggest thing. Here's the thing we got glitter that serve I mean, people Unknown Speaker do we put on a new glitter every month. Unknown Speaker We call glitter the month. Yeah. You wouldn't Speaker 2 even know that if you sign up for our newsletter. The month. Say guys litter. Unknown Speaker We caught glump. Gone. Unknown Speaker Okay, during the month. Unknown Speaker I'm just saying like, it's just weird. There's Okay, go ahead. Speaker 1 So these companies are the biggest glitter companies in the world. Yeah. So she goes, Unknown Speaker Are there any mom and pops? Yeah, there's Speaker 1 some small ones all on Etsy. Yeah. Well, maybe. I mean, I'm sure they're on Etsy, but they they're, like any other anti artists tiny piece of corporations got their foot on their throat. You're not getting any better. Yeah, okay. So so she goes to Jersey, because she's like, there's the most manufacturers that are that one of there's one in Germany, and she's not gonna talk to them. She's gonna talk to the two in the States. She goes to New Jersey. She reaches out to glitter X and to Meadowbrook Meadowbrook says absolutely not. We're not talking to you. Glitter exes. Sure. Come on down. We'll give you a tour. We'll tell you how it's all made. Whatever, right? So they're giving her the tour, walking her through how to make glitters. Yeah, Speaker 2 I went over to Meadowbrook and they go home Hold on. I have one of the bathroom. Tour Guide disappears. And then half of the lights shut off. Suddenly, she and her photographer heard a weird hallway half lit, right. And then down the hall. Very far long hallway. You see two double doors just open. Standing in the middle of that middle door is what I could describe as a human shaped disco ball. We don't know if it's a human, but it's something covered in glitter. And it's moving toward them. It's getting bigger, you know? And they realize pretty quickly. There's no way out of this place. All right. And they're they're tugging the doors. They're sitting there doing all this stuff, right? They're like, I can't get out. Please. No, please help me. Ah, they're yelling no one can hear their cries. And then just before this beast reaches them, the lights all slam back on these disappears. Guy comes out. He goes whispers in their ear. Never say that again. Unknown Speaker Sir, what was that? Speaker 3 Are you going to ask questions? Or are you going to go home to your family? Unknown Speaker I guess I'll go home to my family. Unknown Speaker Perfect. Would you like to take a sample of our glitter with you? Unknown Speaker That was their encounter with the Middlebrook beast. Yeah, so just Unknown Speaker They always got Glitz. Speaker 1 So they didn't get to go to mountain Brook. But they get to go to glitter X. They do the tour, right Rex. And they're seeing how it's made, or they're hearing about the history of the company and all this stuff. And then sure, while they're on the tour, Weaver asks a question, a very simple question and says, Hey, what's, what's your biggest industry that you guys serve? Unknown Speaker Yeah, who do they sell to? Speaker 1 And she's like, she's like, I can't, I can answer that. Terrorists. And she says, she says, you couldn't answer that. Or you're not allowed to answer that. And she says, Oh, no, absolutely. No, but I can't. And so the reporter says, But you know what it is? And she says, Oh, god, yes. And you'll never guess it. Let's just leave it at that. And so the reporter says, Well, Speaker 2 anytime you say, if you're talking to a reporter, maybe avoid the phrase, let's just leave it at that. Because that's just to a reporter. They go, this is my big Brad tell Speaker 1 reporter it's do you would you like me to give you a million dollars? Yeah. Unknown Speaker And I will say, Oh, it's the same word. Speaker 2 To report are they here six months from now you're gonna be on every news station in the country. Speaker 1 And so so she that she You're right. She knows that the US government should not leave it at that. She says, Oh, why? Like, Why can't your Why can't you tell me that? Hold on? Unknown Speaker I have to go to the bathroom. Here like, Speaker 1 okay, and the same thing happened there that what happened at Meadowbrook? Oh wait, I can't talk about Meadowbrook I didn't get Speaker 1 so she says she says okay, so you don't tell me. Don't tell me. You can't tell me. She's like, No, I can't. And she's like, Well, why? And she says they will murder Unknown Speaker be the rest. Unknown Speaker Rex? Good. Kids, Speaker 2 because I have a family because I have people that I love who rely on me. Speaker 4 She says because they don't want anyone to know what it is. Speaker 2 That's the weirdest thing to say to somebody. Honestly, you know, what I love is that there's no vai or it. It's just a worker, bro. You work at glitter X dude. Nothing exciting ever happens. And then here comes this fancy report. asking all these questions. Well, you guys found it. Oh, you know, you know what kind of colors because how many colors Can you print glitter? You know what size is glitter. And then you disgruntled worker as glitter Emporium just keeps a look at this as far as I go. So who do you sell the most glitter to? Oh, I can't tell you that. I'll never tell Speaker 2 you could just you could just back into a dark hallway. And just, you know if someone else comes out and goes Gree talking to you know, like you could like, can we get it right now that if at a reporter is everywhere, anywhere near us, we convinced them I'm Amish or something. I'm just adjacent or something and be like yeah, we can't tell you that. Oh, never. And then you just, you know, sad like that, that. Unknown Speaker You could be on video. And suddenly Speaker 2 Imagine that. You're just like, here's like, I don't know. And then months from now you look out your window, your lunch break. And you see that reporters sleeping in their car outside your building with like a look at and you're like, oh, no, no, I've ruined their Unknown Speaker life. Someone insane. Yeah. Speaker 2 Because it's like there's two people who never let go of a hunch. Right? And it's reporters, and then those weird private investigators in these documentaries. Yeah, Unknown Speaker yeah. Yeah. Which is there were always like, Speaker 2 yeah, I staked out their house for six months. Turns out, they weren't involved. Unknown Speaker Turns out they're super normal. Unknown Speaker restraining order. Speaker 2 Yeah, my wife's gone. So I have a lot of free time. I'm not allowed in the neighborhood anymore. Speaker 1 So she asked a follow up question, because you're right, the answer, because they don't want anyone to know what it is was an answer that makes you say, Hold on. I need to know more. More questions? Yeah. And so she says so the report asks her and says if I looked at it, what I know it was glitter. And she said, No, not really. And since then, she asks what I'd be able to see the glitter. And she said, Oh, you'd be able to see something but it's, yeah, I can't. And that's where the conversation ends. And so our biggest Speaker 2 customer is Meadowbrook, who then resells our glitter at a markup. So our biggest customer is a teenager in Denver, Colorado, who has an online e commerce store sells our glitter. marked up price Speaker 1 on Etsy. I've never even heard of Etsy. You know what that is? Speaker 2 Yes. I don't know what Etsy is. I don't know what it's they don't want you to know what else? Yes. Okay. Speaker 1 So she writes this down in her notes. Yeah, she goes and writes an article about words that are comes from and what it Speaker 2 goes, and they won't tell me who they see. And then at the Speaker 1 literally at the end, she says, also, by the way, I had this weird conversation, here's how it went, and leaves this conversation and the article. And the internet was like, Hold on. Unknown Speaker Wait, tell me more. Unknown Speaker I liked the internet made it to the end of an article, Speaker 1 saying I do really appreciate that. I really appreciate that. Someone on Reddit found it, put it on Reddit, and a subreddit was born to try to solve who is buying all the glitter? A theory or a a lie began to be perpetrated within the subreddit that there was a glitter shortage. That's not true. But they that that came from the subreddit and everyone's like, there's a glitter shortage. And it's because whatever this industry is, they're buying up all the glitter and using it in something that they don't want us to know what it is. And so, this was in December of 2018, that this article came out. And since then, people have been vigorously trying to discover they haven't figured it out where the recording is from. Here's the thing. There's a lot of theories. Some people are very confident that they've figured it out. Okay. Before we do I'm curious if you have any ideas of what you think this industry this mystery industry is. Unknown Speaker It's Bethel. Speaker 2 That checks out it is checks out charismatic churches with Yeah, with the gold diary. Fine. Unknown Speaker Yeah. That checks out. Speaker 2 I really probably web II wrestling. Think that the wrestlers aren't real dude. I've thought that for years, man. I've been like these are globs of glitter. Put together, dude. And I can smell what they're cooking. All right. You can't get that past me. Speaker 1 That's why every time one of them gets punched, it's just as puff of glitter. And nobody talks about that. Speaker 2 I don't know what it would be. I'm trying to think of like the farthest thing from it. Probably the meat industry. Are we eating glitter? Unknown Speaker Interesting. Are we? My real thought is? Let's see. Because when she's like you wouldn't know it's glitter. Yeah. What does that mean? Unknown Speaker Yeah, I mean, like, you could say, this Speaker 2 is absolutely an employee messing with somebody. That's my real theory. Unknown Speaker That's an interesting theory. I haven't I haven't heard of that anywhere. Unknown Speaker Yeah, now it's been like five years, and they're a little too far deep. Speaker 1 Yeah, they're like, we can't come out with the truth now. It's just like, Speaker 2 they reached back out to glitter expert. Additional comments. And glitter X was like, Who told you that? Like that person? She doesn't work here, which seems more suspicious that they're like who? Yeah, who told you that? And then that person gets fired. Yeah. And then everyone goes, see they are hiding something. But it's like, guys. Clint was just weird. Hey, August 31. You've got plans? Do I've got plans. You've got plans. Oh, Google Play is hosting a live stream on their YouTube channel. And we are hosting that live stream that they're hosting. We're gonna be in it. Yeah, we're Speaker 1 gonna be having a lot of fun. We're gonna be playing games, clear eight hours of your day. Whatever. It Unknown Speaker takes a beat to watch us on this. Speaker 2 If you're bored, don't go to your job and give very minimal effort that day. Put us on your phone, tablet, laptop, whatever it is. We're going to be hanging out all day with Google Play on August 31. Yeah, pretty exciting stuff. Unknown Speaker Spam the chat say our name over and over and over again Unknown Speaker there's a few theories. Yeah. that have popped around the and I Unknown Speaker got no idea. Unknown Speaker A big one. toothpaste. Unknown Speaker So dumb, stupid. A lot of people really Unknown Speaker liked this theory. A lot of people like blue toothpaste. Unknown Speaker Yeah that has like Speaker 2 to say and what I would say the next time is when when the reporter next time when a reporter goes, you know who's your biggest client? Yeah, I'm just gonna go You wouldn't believe me Unknown Speaker I can't say I Speaker 2 can't say anything. You wouldn't believe me. Toothpaste. Why is that a favorite? Because the little blue sparkles Speaker 1 on it? Yeah, cuz there's toothpaste that has what looks like glitter in the toothpaste. And I mean toothpastes are plastics so most people would be like I don't want that in my body. And so they would secret ties that Unknown Speaker secret ties it okay Speaker 4 secret ties that secret I have right now. I'm gonna tell you said the budget the province promise Speaker 2 privatize you have to privatize you will you say to me okay. Speaker 1 One of them. Another popular theory is a shampoo shampoo. Yeah, similar answer. I haven't seen someone say that but similar thought Unknown Speaker try to think of my household products that have glitter in it now Speaker 1 another soap Yeah, that's another option. Another really popular one is resorts are putting it in the sand on the beaches to make it glisten more Unknown Speaker like I know Speaker 4 they're walking out there imagine that your job is to get the glitter to Speaker 2 go out there and you just and it washes away every day. Yeah, everybody you walk Unknown Speaker out there it's like a salt and pepper shakers are dying Speaker 2 in zero salt pepper shaker wouldn't be that these are resorts these are fancy places Unknown Speaker Come on, Speaker 4 tell me what to tell me. When you sit down. You get your towel out. You put your umbrella you open the book and then the beach boy what are the column? Guns it says Tell me when it is. Yeah, there's the sand around glitter I'll see Speaker 2 comes out in the 70s it's the same girl from she's old now. She's Yeah, yeah, she's the glitter gal. Yeah. Speaker 1 Similar theory to that is that there's a sand shortage right now, apparently. And they the same shortage like diluting the same Speaker 2 watch of it down. Okay. I'll tell you why. There's a sand shortage. It's all in my freakin towel and my shower and stuff when I come home. My butt crack and I don't leave the beach and the sand shortage for sure. Do you Speaker 1 know what they say? There's a sand shortage. So they're diluting the sand that they sell. So it's like 70% Sand 30% Glitter can mix it up and they put it in sandbags and sand for playgrounds and stuff and construction and whatever you say I'm Unknown Speaker saying 20% glitter. Okay, Speaker 1 that's a popular theory. Another really big one that has bombs. Why? Why Speaker 2 I don't know. To go to big Lockheed Martin to make Speaker 4 them more balmy, balmy by me. You know what you know what just really adds insult to injury when you blow up Speaker 2 glitter. Glitter rating sucks. Unknown Speaker Like I lost my leg and my dignity. Speaker 2 My birthday party got droned, but glitter was kind of a nice touch. So toothpaste beaches, toothpaste, Speaker 1 beaches, sand sand itself. Another popular one is boats. Unknown Speaker Making boats that are glitter. Speaker 1 No boat paint. Have you ever seen a boat? They're sparkly. Unknown Speaker My car is sparkly car paint. Speaker 1 car paint is sparkly. Here's the thing with a lot of these theories Speaker 2 that like that's put Why would she not say those Speaker 4 well okay, so yes sand so toothpaste. You don't want to consume sure the plastic sand you want to keep Speaker 2 the mysteriousness of you know because the resorts are playing god yeah they're like Look Look how beautiful the beaches are sand is yeah we go out and we literally ocean so that it sparkles Speaker 1 so it's a similar theory there is like It's like they're maintaining a lie. There's a couple other ones that are similar as like fake jewelry. countertop companies are like yeah, it's this is marble but it's just normal with glitter. Yeah, and Speaker 2 you're stupid dumb eyes. Look at it you go. Unknown Speaker Are those the hearts? Speaker 2 I don't know. I've never seen marble before he cards it looks different up close. Unknown Speaker And so this is Speaker 2 caves. Probably caves. Because all the rocks Speaker 4 owl rocks rake. Yeah, yeah, rocks aren't real. So they there's holes. Guys like to say that you say that one part. And now Speaker 1 rocks are Unknown Speaker All right, glitter Unknown Speaker I'm sure that's the thing. Speaker 1 rocks aren't We got it. All right. Unknown Speaker We really got it. Yeah, we got it. Why did we buy that? Unknown Speaker Because you sent it. You don't have Speaker 2 to do it. You said it me saying it doesn't mean you have to spend the money on it. Unknown Speaker I thought that's how this works. All right. I thought that's what business meant. Unknown Speaker When I say something, you spend money on it. Yeah, my car is broken. Unknown Speaker You said it Unknown Speaker that's got to be like a local mechanic. Speaker 1 It's taken. Car is is not though. No. Okay, an opportunity. Okay. So there's this whole subset of like, they're lying to you about what this product is right? By putting glitter in it and being like, it's marble. It's sand. Speaker 2 There's got to be a nefarious motive. Yeah. And so that Speaker 4 that's interesting ish. Maybe it cannot really those could be the there's Speaker 1 another there's obviously the toothpaste. Another one similar is sugar. They don't want it. And so the idea was sugar is a couple of couple possibilities. One, they're making it shinier, because it's sugar kind of glistens. A little bit. Yeah. Another one is that there could be supply chain or shortage ish issues that they're trying to artificially inflate the market to keep the prices up Speaker 2 sugar market. Yeah. Because Because kind of sweeten the deal. Glitter Speaker 1 costs, glitter cost more than sugar. And so it doesn't make sense to dilute. Like you're not saving money by tricking people and having some glitter in there and not sugar. You're not saving money that way. So there has to be a lot of their glitter doesn't Speaker 2 dissolve in my coffee. So like, Unknown Speaker well, this sugar is really thinking. Mm hmm. Interesting sugar Unknown Speaker coffee grounds while we're having we might as well say it Speaker 4 while we're here. There was a someone online who said hot dogs. Put it in the chest. If you look at our dog, raw dog, it does glisten a Speaker 2 little bit wonder how Joey Chestnut feels today? Bad. Guaranteed Bad. Bad day. Unknown Speaker Do you think Joey Chestnut cuts Wait, Speaker 2 do you know that he goes he got paid $40,000 from Pepto Bismol. To compete and some of these things Unknown Speaker make sense? Yeah, that's a that's a great project for them. Unknown Speaker He makes half a million dollars a year. Speaker 1 He's kind of like it's kind of like Warped Tour where they have Monster Energy. He had the board for water. Yeah. And the cans. He's got Pepto Bismol Joey Chestnut. Speaker 2 is like an airline pilot in that for the first few years of your eating career. You don't make a lot of money. But then like 25 years in, you get paid a lot. You get there, but only if you're a champion. Unknown Speaker Yikes. Speaker 2 Okay. Let's see what else sparkles. Contact lenses so that your lover thinks it's the twinkle in your eye, but it's really just a scam. Um, let's see. Cocaine. Like drug smugglers? Right. Yeah, I mean, I can see drug smuggling they don't want you don't know what it is. Yeah, Speaker 1 I could see Jack smugglers math. Yeah, that would make a little bit more sense. Because then then the corporation's got more of a reason to keep that secret to Unknown Speaker Sure. Sell the cartel? What's Unknown Speaker your number one client? Speaker 2 Yeah, months ago. That's why they don't want you to Meadowbrook anymore. One of the employees like the cartel. And he hasn't been seen since. Unknown Speaker So let's see. No one's seen him. Unknown Speaker Okay. What's the theory you believe? So? Speaker 1 Here's what I'll say. I'll say the internet. A couple of years ago in 2019. There was a podcast that was produced by a podcast called inless thread. And they did a whole investigation on this. The conclusion they came to was the boat boats. And the reason for that conclusion is they were able to find within some glitter X documentation that they sold a lot of stuff to a specific company that makes paint for boats and they follow it up with boating companies, and the entire boating industry is buying paint from this company to paint their boats with glittery paint And they're allegedly using a 55 gallon drum worth of glitter on each boat. The reason why this is covered up the explanation for the reason why this is covered up the podcast didn't give an explanation. They just said I was just about company. They're trying to Speaker 3 imagine listening to a six part series at the end that's like It's like dramatic music. Yeah, do. And in the end, after all that work of fighting, glitter x, or Meadowbrook we discovered it was in fact into the boat to learn about painting. You know, Unknown Speaker this podcast is brought to you by Speaker 2 BetterHelp you're gonna need to talk to somebody about how much free time you've got to listen to a podcast about glitter. And honestly, you're we're judging him for a year about 30 minutes into a podcast. Unknown Speaker Already you Speaker 2 are here. So anyway. Also, if you're listening on via glitter, if you're listening on Stitcher, yeah, yeah. do that anymore. Yeah, they're gonna cut you off, find something new. We recommend anything else. Speaker 1 You know where they are. And I'm sure you've heard the notice. But if you're listening on Stitcher, they're shutting down at the end. We just want to give you so don't miss Dylan. Unknown Speaker Obviously never tried Stitcher. Now is the time Unknown Speaker to dip diamond. Unknown Speaker Diamond hands. Oh, is it the star? Speaker 2 Bow paint? Yeah, so the Carnival was pretty shiny. When I was there. They Speaker 1 followed they followed the rabbit trail they found that was about paint. And they said that your average like not even carnival size boats, but like boats, fishing boats, bass fishing size boats. Use like a 55 gallon drum worth of glue on each one shiny. And what they say what they say is there's two there's two possible bald people Unknown Speaker by a lot because there has Unknown Speaker no say. Speaker 1 So the rabbit pay for this app. And they were like, Okay, there's two possible reasons why they don't want the world to know that glitter is in boat paint. Reason one, that the saltwater and the sea. This doesn't happen in freshwater, obviously, because there's no saltwater and freshwater. Unknown Speaker Very good. Unknown Speaker Roads, the paint is eroding Speaker 1 the paint and then leaking the glitter into the ocean. And so turtles, what they're saying is boat paint is the majority of the reason for the microplastics that we have all over ocean. And they don't want anyone to know about it, because they're making a ton of money off of it right now. And that's theory number one of why they're keeping it a secret. Okay, number two, and this is my favorite one. Theory number two is that the boating industry recognizes who their ideal customer is. They're, they're fishermen. They're outdoorsy outdoorsman. And if they found out that their bugs were covered in glitter, they would revolt. Unknown Speaker It's because their eyes can't see that it's shiny. Unknown Speaker There's glitter, the paint on their boat, because that is not manly. So those are the two. That's the leading theory. And this is a two liter Speaker 2 worth an episode. I want you to know that. I'm glad I've listened to this. Speaker 4 Thanks. Thanks. Okay, here's where it gets interesting. Sure. So, a couple days ago. Speaker 2 My interest is piqued. A couple days ago, the industry as a whole comes out with a unified letter. And they go we've never seen the Meadowbrook monster we have no idea who you're talking about. Remember like we mentioned the monster you know, neither did we. It was a joke. Clint April just got fired from the boating industry. Well, he worked for all of them. He worked for the boat cartel. Unknown Speaker The Bartell bore Unknown Speaker you butchered okay. Speaker 1 So, a couple days ago, a relatively new YouTuber called Chappell is the third video. They managed to get an interview with Meadowbrook kinda Unknown Speaker Where's Meadowbrook? Also in New Jersey Speaker 1 is I'm glad you asked. So I actually a minute ago took the screenshot while he was on metal. So this is in the middle of the ranch. It's genuinely in the middle of nowhere. It's actually very close. Only a 40 minute drive Unknown Speaker from or a 15 minute flight Speaker 1 from glitter racks. So glitter x is in the city henders the city they're out in the country can actually own like, a giant portion of that open space. Wow. Speaker 2 Right by the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, which is convenient for them not having a monster. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that's a good point. Actually. Glad you pointed that out. Speaker 1 There's where it is. Okay. So this new YouTuber, they managed to get an interview with Meadowbrook with Meadowbrook, but not I, not the CEO, Speaker 2 the monster. And all he said was Oh Ha, ha ha. Oh, and they go boats. It was the boats. Unknown Speaker The boats. Speaker 2 My family is on the boats. What is the glitter monster? And he's like, my family is on the boats. polluting the oceans. Unknown Speaker Yeah. So, Unknown Speaker you hear Tim goes, yeah, yeah, he's like, no, no, please stop. Unknown Speaker Please, just get away. I just don't want to hear anymore. Unknown Speaker Okay, so Tomas was super friendly. The whole time. That was just, Unknown Speaker he was the nicest guy I've ever met. But it's Unknown Speaker like the whole point. It's made a glitter. You can't be Speaker 1 okay. So they got an interview with Henry Henry rushman Jr. who is the son of Henry, Unknown Speaker Sr. who is Speaker 1 founder of IC O. And the inventor of glitter. Like he came up with it on accident. Speaker 2 Yeah, he actually shredded some important news like this. And I still look bonds, you know, that would make the Unknown Speaker sand at my resort look a lot better. Unknown Speaker Yes. So they got an interview with him. So they got an interview with Speaker 1 Henry rushman Jr. And he was the acting CEO for like 20 years of Meadowbrook They kicked him out. They asked him because they got in disagreement with him. But his father invented clutter. And so in this interview, they kind of take you back on the story of work later came from because an interesting thing about Henry rushman. He was on the Manhattan Project. So Henry rushman, senior before Meadowbrook Unknown Speaker Times New York. Speaker 1 And what's crazy, is at the top of Manhattan, he made an airport that they didn't build. But allegedly they didn't build but we all know that they built it and they buried it. Build the top part of Manhattan on top of it. Runways still there. Speaker 2 Just can't see it. Because the glitter you just can't see it because a guy landed So. Speaker 1 So. So he was working. He ran a precision cutting firm. And so what he did was he just cut pictures and stuff really close. like kind of like early Photoshop, he would do your lasso tool, but like really, really close. Yeah, like in real life. Not on a computer. Sure smart thing yet. And then he also did metals and stuff. And so he would cut things really, really small cuts Sure. had like an exacto knife. He was really good. When the shavings. He was like, these are fun. Well, he's cutting stuff in New York. It's World War Two. He's cutting it up. And he gets a call from the United States government. And they said, Hey, we hear you cut really good. Unknown Speaker He's like, Come on, Speaker 1 do you want to come cut something for us? And he said, No. And they said, it's not optional. We're not asking you, we that was more of a formality. Or we Speaker 2 were like, You have to come offering it but like we're gonna, we're gonna find you. Speaker 1 So they fly him out. And he starts he gets put on a task to cut these really, really tiny washers for the Manhattan the atom bomb. Yeah. And he does it he realized that this new, this new type of metal washers aren't normally made out of and it's very, very small. He's cutting these these little tiny washers, okay for the atom bomb and successfully does it but in the process while he's manufacturing these, he realizes that there are shavings that are coming off of this. Yeah, that are very shiny and really fun. And so he starts bottling them up and when he's off duty, he's selling them to Speaker 2 John story. them up in what looks like an empty Mountain Dew bottle. No like, like selling him to who like mason jars, or something like that he's going to drugstores Speaker 1 for Christmas. And he says, Hey, this would be great for Christmas trees. People could sprinkle them on the trees and make them glisten. And they were like Yeah, that's true. That'd be cool. So a bunch of drugstore stuff, dude. Speaker 2 Love it. Where are trees? Sure. It's Unknown Speaker Jamie, do you think Unknown Speaker Johnny's off JD? Yeah. Well. Speaker 1 Thanks for checking out this episode of things I learned last night. If you're here, and you're a little shocked, because you've been watching ASMR videos all night, and you woke up to the sound of my laughter, let me help you out real quick Speaker 5 and join back in the SMR. One thing that will help us a lot and the algorithm is if you'll have some comments, or some reviews, if you're on the podcast app, we'd really appreciate that. And that would help us grow this show. So thanks for your support. Speaker 1 But if not, and you're just here, trying to sleep, I hope I interrupted it. Here's another advertisement Unknown Speaker he realized he was making a lot of money selling Speaker 2 shaving, don't put too many shavings near each other. Density, or else they mold together and form a living creature and you don't want to fight. I learned that the hard way makes us column metal. Wasn't the old monster the Manhattan Project right loose Speaker 1 so he does this. Yeah. Obviously, the atom bomb happened and glitter happened. And so after the war, he opens up metal Brook and start selling this glitter like continues cutting this glitter up and making still making the rings probably, and selling them to the government and then making glitter. Sure. And then starts developing all kinds of different glitters. And the US government keeps calling them back and like, Hey, we've got another idea of some stuff that you can cut up for us really small. Or they also there was also a point where they said, Hey, could you just give us a whole bunch of clutter? And Unknown Speaker he was like for what? Excuse me? What? The government? Please don't ask that. And Unknown Speaker they said they said we want the White House to be shinier. Yeah. Speaker 2 There's a giant lizard that just came out of the ocean. We don't know how to fight him but we feel like the glitter monster like Speaker 4 glitter wants to get out. So we're gonna try to summon him in the Pacific Speaker 1 know the idea they had this idea for radar chaff, which was kind of like early flares. Yeah. And so the concept was, if you're in a plane and a rocket, like an early heat seeking rocket is searching, reaching, you could shoot like some glitter could drop some glitter out and because it was metal at the time that it was metal it would blow up on the glitter bomb instead of on your plane. They call it radar chaff. And it also distract radar. So if you're flying through a radar zone, you just explode a bunch of red glitter into the air. So Speaker 2 just to make sure I was made sure I was saying flying through dwarfs there's a button in this plane. That's like flashing red. That just says glitter. They're worried about the manly boats. But this plane just goes and it's like Unknown Speaker like it opens up the Unknown Speaker cockpit he has to blow it is like Speaker 2 tower I'm gonna poke you in sight. They're coming straight to Oman. Unknown Speaker Glitter deploy? Unknown Speaker Yeah, they did that. That was the thing. Speaker 1 So he's secured a handful of government contracts doing things like this where there were certain applications for glitter in the military. Another another big part is another big one was actually explosives. Speaker 2 I said that earlier said for 20 minutes. Tim, when I said you're making bombs, or you're making pumps or glitter. You did that to me? Unknown Speaker Yeah, so they did that Jim Speaker 2 hates when I'm right about things. Tim hates where my brain goes. I know. Yeah. So the Speaker 1 reason the reason they put it in explosives is say you're making a bomb. Yeah. government contractor, whatever, making this bomb. What the last ingredient in the recipe. As per the United States government is a little bit of glitter, but every manufacturer of bombs, and every type of bomb has a different color and shape of glitter so you can know what went off so you can know exactly where it came from. Yeah. Smart. Yeah. So if you're ever at a bomb site, look for the glitter and see if you can figure it then you know, came from Yeah. Ah golden stars. I You know where the Speaker 2 fingers gone, and you're dying. Yeah, but at least that last moment, you might know, Speaker 4 you know, Lucky barter came from it's the logo, the logo really small Unknown Speaker Johnson and Johnson Speaker 1 so, so he's, throughout his whole career, he's making glittery stuff for the US military, and glitter for kids birthday parties and stuff like that and crafts and things like that. He passes away, his son takes Henry reference Jr. Takes over it. He invents another special kind of glitter and then they transition to like plastic glitters. And they continue selling glitter for a long time. He got ousted from the company. And so he takes this interview because it's kind of better. Yeah, a couple days ago. Well, the video was released a couple of how long ago? Do you get acid? Like 10 years ago? Okay. So he's still lives on the property because it's family property. Sure. But he doesn't work for the company. So you can't go into like the super awkward like it. It's weird. He he technically is an owner of the property. He sleeps Unknown Speaker outside the offices. He Unknown Speaker doesn't work there. So he's like, Yeah, you know, you know, Speaker 2 wakes up every morning and leans his car seat forward. Oh, hey, Rachel, because she's the journalist who's also living in her car. A junior, right, they share a cigarette, they fall in love. And turns out Oh, cigarettes. Speaker 1 Ah, that's a good, good diet. Because smoke needs to be shiny, because the ash and stuff. Oh, so you can trace it. Unknown Speaker where that came from? You know, what Unknown Speaker gave you lung cancer? Cancer. Cancer is making a corporation that's big cancer. Speaker 1 So he talks about all the government contracts that they had. Sure. And he said, he said, Look, I don't know what's going on there now. And he said, but I can almost guarantee whatever they don't want you to know about is a government thing. Because he was like, because the boating stuff that's out there in the open the automotive stuff that's out there in the open. Toothpaste was a thing toothpastes was doing it. But in 2017, before this article came out, the FDA was like, Hey, stop. That was their glitter. And Unknown Speaker they were like, oh, never. Unknown Speaker But it's like, very saliva II. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I noticed whenever it comes out the other way. It's like, Wait a minute. Speaker 1 So all of these industries, the issue with it being any of these industries, he said, he said, we have there's too many glitter manufacturers. And there's too many companies in the industries and there's too many middlemen. He's like, someone would leak that information. He said it has to be government for us to not be able to know what it is. And so he encourages the YouTuber, their name is chapel. Unknown Speaker Here's Mr. Truffle. Speaker 1 Mr. chappel here's what I think you should do. Now he says he says you should follow that trail. So a couple of days ago, they filed a Freedom of Information Act to get the government to release their everything Unknown Speaker with the glitter in the woods, how do you file this Freedom of Information Act? Yeah, Unknown Speaker right. Speaker 2 I don't know what kind of words go into it. But it's like I assist in the United States hereby requests records in relations to the government's operations and activity involving glitter, find substances and, and other things so toothpaste. Unknown Speaker What have you used glitter for Speaker 2 and manmade monsters that fight? Deep sea creatures, the metal man known to science? Unknown Speaker I think that's Speaker 2 an email to George Surely, surely, there's no way it exists, right? Unknown Speaker I don't know if you can You know, that's Unknown Speaker the whole point. Unknown Speaker it's unavailable. though Speaker 2 but I absolutely can is available. Yeah, it says restriction. Unknown Speaker I've literally never seen restrictions apply on something Speaker 2 well, you can buy you can Buy a blue checkmark on Twitter for GA we push Unknown Speaker the word in the checkout wait till y'all hear Unknown Speaker what we did with glitter. So they put Speaker 1 this in. Here's what I think. I didn't mention this yet. One of the theories from the beginning had been money. And I think that's, that's a pretty solid theory like the quarters, know, dollar bills, because I guess an important note that I haven't made yet. She talks in the interview, she asks her any interesting facts about glitter. And there's an interesting thing about glitter is because of however they make and how thin it is, or something like that. They actually put out UV light. And so we can't perceive that. But she was like, I think I think the exact way she put it, she said that it was putting out waves that we can't see. And a lady said, oh, so could like animals and stuff. See them? And she's like, Well, yeah, I guess if they can see UV lights. And she's like, Oh, that's interesting. That feature there that they put off UV makes me think, okay, they're putting in money. And that's like part of what their like verification processes for doorbells. That's like the UV. They can scan that. Okay. And they obviously don't want anyone to know that because they don't want people to know, I just need to go get that type of glitter to counterfeit. And I've got it. Sure. And so that's like how their secret tising their dollar bills Unknown Speaker synchronizing? That's problematizing Speaker 1 that's what I think is the most likely thing is dollar bills. Is dollar bills. Cash, Speaker 2 I think what's your glitter smash it together? Yeah, stamp and Washington's face on it passionate as a quarter. Speaker 1 Okay, so you're saying it's it's it's kind of like Protein Chips? Like it's just a powder. Water you talk chip Foreman and he did not sure same concept. It's just it's just glitter. You're just quarter foreman? Yeah. And selling quarters? You don't sell quarter quarter and Unknown Speaker this quarter? 46 cents. Got up. Unknown Speaker Yesterday is what I'm trying to make a profit. Unknown Speaker Yeah, what do you think I'm gonna sell it at cost? Yum. It's ridiculous. Unknown Speaker Come on, man. These people want too much. Unknown Speaker You ain't gonna tip me either. Unknown Speaker Here's a tip. Speaker 1 So this is this is this is a developing story. I can't believe I've never heard of it before. But maybe someday soon. Why won't Speaker 2 you updated listener? I know we're on the edge of your seat. We're gonna hear Unknown Speaker where glitters coming from Unknown Speaker who's buying up all the glitter and why they don't want you to know. Speaker 2 Tim, I did find out. Oh, yeah. Tell me. You guys put some dramatic music and yeah, let's hear some like some. Like documentary music. Unknown Speaker He's googling dramatic music. Unknown Speaker He's gonna put it in post. I Speaker 1 know. He's, I know he's putting it out. But I'm, you know, Unknown Speaker on. This comes out August 13 15th. That's what you wrote. Okay. On July Unknown Speaker 27 2023. The Freedom of Information Act revealed that the glitter was indeed being use Speaker 1 in that other blog, guys, the guy was like, they interviewed a guy in the industry. And he was like, in the industry. And when I say industry, I should clarify that in the glitter industry in like the industry of like, like private investigation industry. Speaker 2 Oh, me, the industry. As far as your sleuthing. Speaker 1 He said he what he said was, it's going to be something really boring. He was like he's like yeah, he's like, I think it's gonna be something really boring. Unknown Speaker In the government's like, You got us Unknown Speaker we like glitter. Okay. Unknown Speaker Sorry, dudes. Anyway, anyways, who doesn't like glitter? The devil Speaker 2 I guess the glitter monster doing a weird voice thing. Unknown Speaker I want what? Why is the glitter boxers voice like Speaker 2 Tommy's made glitter. It's hard to speak. His vocal cords are made of glitter. I don't want to say it was so. So gosh, dang hard to understand. First person and being entirely composed. fine shavings. I you know and for the fact that you would ridicule yeah their voice Unknown Speaker don't take their voice from them. Yeah. Speaker 2 Their voice Yeah. And, and use that as a way to mock them, ridicule them to dim their light to stop their shine. Speaker 1 Here's the thing, they shine in ways you can't even see. They're on a spectrum that you cannot perceive Speaker 2 that he puts out UV rays that you can't even see my guy, Unknown Speaker my guy, all right. Unknown Speaker You're not careful. He's gonna steal your wife. What if that's Speaker 1 what that's a, like people who go around like I see your aura. What if they do have like a disability where they can see UV rays. And that's what it is like they they actually see you emitting UV light. And that's what they mean by aura. Unknown Speaker And that's a disability. Unknown Speaker We all agree that's all right Unknown Speaker yeah, super mega super, super close to the story. Unknown Speaker Guy's really strong, he gets to Unknown Speaker disability. Speaker 2 And that's what's annoying is that they're always taking the spots people need or walking a long way. While these heroes like, if animals can see UV rays that we can and you just take a bag of glitter to the zoo, and they just tripping out dudes. They're like, yeah, Unknown Speaker what's going on? Yeah, I wonder how many UV light UV lights we got going on? Like, just in Speaker 1 general, everyday life like we would see if we could see you know. Speaker 2 Dinner I think what about a lot? Is how, you know, obviously this table is brown. Yeah, right. Yeah. But what I see is brown will use his brown maybe literally completely opposite. Speaker 1 Like yeah, you know, just scary to think about like if Speaker 2 this table Yeah. And your brain looks what I would perceive as purple. Yeah. Yeah. But like we in your brand new Les Brown. Yeah. So you know, these these colors look good together. Yeah. Speaker 1 I think the same thing with tastes. Yeah. Yeah, same exact concept. Unknown Speaker I think the same thing with consciousness. Unknown Speaker Like what use? Like, what if Unknown Speaker I'm not real? Yeah. And you're not real? Yeah. Unknown Speaker I don't care what anybody says. Unknown Speaker person is not real. Video, best video on the internet. Unknown Speaker There is a very similar video of Britney Spears. Speaker 1 Things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilam podcast is Ti O N podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

In the vast online world, captivating stories often catch our attention. One such tale is the “Glitter Conspiracy” or “GlitterGate.” This mystery revolves around Glitterex, a glitter-making company, and its secretive top buyer. Let’s explore the intriguing story behind the glitter conspiracy.

The GlitterGate Emergence

The Glitter Conspiracy, also called GlitterGate, started as a puzzling idea. It’s about Glitterex, a glitter company and a hidden buyer. This buyer is mysterious and hasn’t been revealed. People online began to talk about this and wonder who the secret buyer could be.

The Elusive Glitter Buyer

In 2018, a New York Times article came out. It talked about glitter and Glitterex. But there was something strange – Glitterex didn’t want to say who their biggest buyer was. A Glitterex manager hinted about the secret buyer’s industry but didn’t tell the whole story. People got curious and started guessing about the hidden glitter consumer.

Online Speculation

People on the internet began to guess who the secret buyer could be. They considered industries like toothpaste, the military, or construction materials. The Glitter Conspiracy became a topic of discussion on platforms like Reddit and TikTok. People shared their ideas and thoughts, trying to solve the mystery.

A Spark of Interest

In 2022, the Glitter Conspiracy story got popular again on TikTok. Someone recreated the interview about Glitterex’s secret buyer. This made more people interested in the story. TikTok users started making videos and sharing their theories. The Glitter Conspiracy became a fun and intriguing topic once more.


The Glitter Conspiracy, or GlitterGate, is a mysterious tale that has captured the internet’s attention. The hidden buyer of Glitterex’s glitter remains a secret, sparking curiosity and imagination. As we explore the online world, let’s remember the power of a good mystery and how it can bring people together to speculate and share ideas. The Glitter Conspiracy reminds us that stories about glitter can ignite our curiosity and creativity.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Glitter Conspiracy – Know Your Meme

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