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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's up? Unknown Speaker Have you ever heard of Project Blue Beam? Speaker 1 Yeah, let's just roll the theme song on this one. I don't like it when he goes we're going to add another little project to what we've already gotten, you know, Project MK Ultra Operation Paperclip. Now we get project mood beam or whatever Blue Beam Speaker 2 blue Raji BlueBee. Aright, Blue Beam. You're gonna love this one. Yeah, I bet. Don't tell most Unknown Speaker of the cameras away from the toes. Speaker 2 If you put them in a lineup of people and you said pick the guy is gonna have a heart attack at 51. I'd probably pick him. No, no, Speaker 1 listen, it's not that we don't believe in global elites. I'm with you on that. Isn't that you plagiarize this Well, what did we learn? Never leave. Things I Learned last night Speaker 2 so let's just break it down. Let's take it from the top Project Blue Beam. I guess what it is? Yeah. Let's see. I guess. Speaker 1 This is the division of Bluebell ice cream that investigates aliens taking their milk cows. You know, like, wow, our dairy cows are disappearing milk. Yeah, or milk? Mooers whatever they call them. You got a special name trademarked? I don't know. Yeah, this this division of Blue Bell Ice cream to like BlueBee. Speaker 2 That's actually a good question. Like if, if we want to get to the bottom of the alien thing we should look at Blue Bell Bluebell ice creams, profit and loss statement. Because there should if the aliens are actually mutilating cattle, there should be an unexplained loss in there. Unknown Speaker That's why Ben and Jerry's flavor woke up Skinwalker Unknown Speaker you know that they just come up Unknown Speaker with flavors all the time. Like? Speaker 1 Go ahead, no, keep talking. Favorite thing is for me to have a conversation and share an interesting fact. And then he'll on this podcast be like, in fact, I found out it's his favorite little stupid thing to do. Every topic that we learn about I told him about first. Unknown Speaker And he's just he's just, you Speaker 2 know, here's a here's a good friend. Let me tell you, the alien because you're here. And in this scenario, I'm trying Speaker 1 to push the story forward. The alien people are here Speaker 2 with an alien thing. You're so full. I want to understand serious this actually, this actually goes against the alien things. Speaker 1 Well, then continue. You've got my interest. Unknown Speaker It's a Project Blue Beam. It's this. It's this. The idea? Do Unknown Speaker you like my hat? You bring it up really? If you could bring it up? Speaker 3 Okay, I'll bring it up casually later. So Project Blue Beam. It's this conspiracy theory that's been around for a little bit. Here's the concept that there is a group of global elites that are working towards bringing out something that you might have heard of called the New World Order. And the way they're going to do it is through. Speaker 1 This is worse. All right. Let's hear it. Unknown Speaker It's a four step program. Speaker 1 Okay, it's a four step program or step program. Yeah. A admit to Christ, that you are a sinner. Believe that Jesus is God's only son. See, confess your sins, and He will forgive you. D dominate the rest of sinning world. That's what I learned growing up in that cult I was in. Unknown Speaker Let's close. So the first one Speaker 2 is the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. Great. And the way this happens is Speaker 1 they'll does this mix it with a criterion belief a little bit like we don't make as good as buildings as we used to, or say as good as sentences. I mean, Speaker 2 maybe that maybe that's part of it, actually. Okay. Here, maybe there's some background before we dive into deep. This was released, first proposed by a guy named Sergei mon set. He was a monastic, monastic. Okay. Sergei Manasa. He was a poet and author and journalist in Montreal, Quebec, sure. In like the 70s 80s, early 90s. Okay. And he, he was kind of like a fringe writer. And he, early in his career was frustrated that some of the things that he was writing about couldn't get published. Yeah, so he did what any logical person would do in that situation. He found his own press agency called the International free press press agency. That pretty much exclusively published his stuff. Yeah, that No one else would publish. Sure. And so it was all pretty. Speaker 1 Yeah, it's like if, let's say there was a guy who was like, putting info out there. Right, you know, saying he's always involved some Yeah, you know, it's and it's Speaker 2 it's info that's like, nuclear. So you might call it like, for Yeah, you know? Yeah. Speaker 1 And so no one else will tell you. No one else is gonna put this out there. Yeah, no one else will take my info or my supplements and I gotta I gotta put it somewhere. And that's why I established my own brand. Yeah, was to get the truth out not everybody else to make money and scam people. Speaker 2 Yeah, that's that cannot be the motivation of SHINee one like so. Speaker 1 Project BlueBee Yeah. And so Speaker 2 in the early 90s Yeah, I think I think 9091 1994 He releases this book titled Project Blue Beam and NASA. This is pretty recent than Yeah, so relatively recent. And, and in his book, he outlined this project that he somehow had knowledge of, and Unknown Speaker not really recently about 30 years ago now. Speaker 2 Almost nine year old. Okay. So, so he outlined the the concept of Project Blue Beam, and what he said was about to start to unfold, but Speaker 1 what are his credentials? Does he have any journalist? Yeah, but what are his credentials? You know, say, Unknown Speaker your journalism. Okay, I'm Speaker 1 a journalist. You're technically when we, when we dispel this information through this, this media. What are you? Why are you nodding? Like you're in one of the side cameras and that 70 show? Why are you being like, what do you talk? What do you do? I just finish what you're saying. You're technically like, journalist? Unknown Speaker Yeah. You know, I said, I'm a journalist. Unknown Speaker I'm saying Did he have a degree in journalism? Unknown Speaker I don't know. Did they do that back then? Unknown Speaker In 94? Speaker 2 I don't think he had a degree. Hold on. Let me double check what I'm saying, Well, he did a digital by Unknown Speaker any institution other than the one that he founded. Speaker 2 Well, he did do some journalism work. Before he did this stuff. What so he was a he was a journalist. Speaker 1 Yeah, but listen, I went in from the whole Iowa in the park, the whole town showed up, which is, you know, 200 people. And there was a newspaper reporter there. Yeah, who did a whole piece. And in that piece, he included a lot of my jokes terrible. didn't want him to do that. But he did it. And, and so technically, that guy, not technically he is he's a journalist, because he's worked for a newspaper. Yeah. That guy could then just theoretically release a book and be like, here's how the world's gonna get taken over by elites. And I know because I'm a journal journalist. He did like, Speaker 2 I don't think this is him, because he does have, like, if you go through his publications, he has publications that are in like, real publications. I can't read or pronounce any of them because they're all in French, because he spoke French. Okay, but I'm looking through this. Like, there's a big list of things he was published in before he built his publication. Okay, so he was, he was a published journalist. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like. Now, you know. Speaker 2 I mean, I guess technically, I will say, I think that he had, he didn't build a name for himself until he went on. People like Speaker 1 Alex Jones don't have anything on the line to lose. Speaker 2 They actually benefit from different stages. Yeah. Speaker 1 There's nothing for him to you know, does that make sense? Yeah, I Speaker 2 will say, in his case, his career blossom when he went off on his own. Yeah, yeah. Like he had a career before but now so well minded. You're gonna start writing conspiracy blog? No, I Unknown Speaker just think whenever I branch off of my own, Unknown Speaker what does he mean? Unknown Speaker I think you know what, Unknown Speaker you you branched off on your own when you dropped out of college. Speaker 2 And then I came in, what do you call those fish that swim underneath the whales? Speaker 1 What are you trying to say? Are you are you trying to say you're, like one of the feeder feet like Speaker 2 I followed you around on tour for a little while. Okay. And then, and then I was like, I was like, Hey, I'm gonna go do my own thing. And that didn't work out. So now Unknown Speaker well, what did we learn him? Unknown Speaker Never leave. Unknown Speaker That's right, buddy. Unknown Speaker What's the what's Unknown Speaker That's right. That's right, buddy. Unknown Speaker What is it I'm supposed to repeat after you say didn't remind me Unknown Speaker Gerrans light is my might Jerry Unknown Speaker is my cut that part Speaker 1 know, our Patreon supporters need to learn it too. Speaker 2 If we can just have all of our patrons honestly, if you just listen regularly, just go to the comments. Will you comment on? Speaker 1 Also, will you upload a video of yourself standing in your backyard raising your right hand and repeating that, please? Speaker 2 I don't know what's going on right broke this thing. That's okay, Alex. Okay, so project Bluebeam. Let's talk Speaker 1 about Yeah, so I was just making sure I'm saying like he didn't have like an institution that was backing him up or anything like that. Also, did he have like, I guess we don't know what his articles were about. But I was just saying, like, what qualified him to be like, here's the elites. And here's what they're doing is he's spending time around the elites, whoever that is. Speaker 2 I didn't read the book. So I don't know what's in the book. But I'm assuming that somewhere in this book. He was like, he was like, I've been around these people and learned that from these people. I'm assuming that's what he's saying. You hope? Yeah. And he's not just making it up. Probably just make it up. Yeah. Here's the outline of the four steps of project leaving. Sure. Step one, the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. Here's how this works. I don't know how to build a house better. The NASA, this is all NASA is the technological arm that's pulling this off. There's the global elites that are like pulling the strings and making it happen. But NASA is their tool. That's like, we're doing it. Okay. And so NASA, I guess, learned how to make earthquakes happen. And so they're gonna make a bunch of earthquakes happen and those earthquakes are going to as a result of those earthquakes, accidentally unveil some archaeological discoveries that are going to disprove all the major world religions that that are wrong. Unknown Speaker That's a pretty convenient earthquake. Speaker 3 Luckily, we found what we found at the bottom of this earthquake at the bottom you don't feel rushed to the news? Because they're just like do you guys Wow, pretty quick. Unknown Speaker A huge quake. Anyway Speaker 1 Wow, that got uncovered by the earthquake. I wonder what's inside. Unknown Speaker In the green bar of suits. They forgot to like key Speaker 1 green screen them out. It's floating is a big piece of paper that just says Jesus was fake. What does that even mean? What do you mean, Jesus was fake? I don't know what that means. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so that's step one. I guess there's gonna be a lot of those gods Speaker 1 dead and then you hear then freakin Michael Tate's like Unknown Speaker he's surely alive. You know? Yeah, Speaker 2 yeah. That's probably what what happened? And so that they know that they know that's probably how people will respond. They will be like, I don't believe you. Sure. I don't believe it. Yes, I believe in God, I don't believe it. And so step two, step two up, see any? Yeah. See any Speaker 1 masses doing this? NASA knows how to make earthquakes happen? Speaker 3 Yeah, sure. I'm gonna be honest with you, man, you're not ready for step two. Okay, step two of us not step one was great. Step two, the level to which they go all in on step two. This is the second step. The second step, Unknown Speaker I understand how numbers work. Speaker 3 Step two, is why it has the project loop name, Speaker 2 I don't know. So the concept is, there's a series of satellites that NASA has put into orbit, obviously. And they discovered that at about 60,000 feet, there's a sodium layer in this this atmosphere, okay, that is reflective. And so they're going to shine these laser beams, and that roll reflect off the study and labor and fake the return of Christ. Unknown Speaker And their use. Speaker 2 And they're going to do this all over the world. And all these different countries, multiple places all over the world at once. And what they're going to do is, this return is going to be the God of the dominant religion in that area. So like for a lot of Western majority Christian areas, it'll be the return of Christ Christ. But other areas Buddha will show up in other areas. It'll be I don't know any other religions. Unknown Speaker Sure. This was fun. Unknown Speaker So Speaker 1 you'll see all to watch your top Western language and when asked her brain which is desperately searched for, give me another Speaker 3 Lynch anything one more religious. I don't know. I mean, every one of those that I can think of, it's sure it's just Christ. Speaker 1 And it's just God. Okay. So sodium lair and they're going to shoot lasers. Speaker 2 And that's going to reflect and that's going to be that's going to show you Unknown Speaker this is after the earthquake does after the paper this is Jesus was fake and Speaker 3 real. And he said, See Jesus is real. Wow, this is weird, I Unknown Speaker pull out the wrong paper. Three, they have to reveal that they faked it. Speaker 2 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes, we have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly, she was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did, we had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Speaker 2 Well, here's what happens in the in the return thing. Not. So what happens in this space show, he calls it the spatial space show, what happens in the space show is that the God returns and then it kind of morphs into all of the gods, and reveals that all the gods were one. And it wasn't like it was just each culture interpreted the same God differently. And it was like, Hey, you guys are close, but no cigar. We're all the same God. And then it reveals itself as I'm this God, it's me NASA Unknown Speaker is pronounced na saw. Speaker 3 Its Captain Planet. All the gods came together, things together. And he's like, I've got these powers combined. Captain plan is yeah, this blue guy in the sky. Speaker 1 So then this one God Speaker 2 gives the world its new religion and says, I'm your savior. I'm God now. For all of you. I'm gonna follow me. And everything's gonna be okay. And then he's like, I'll be back soon. Speaker 1 Say with me. Now says light is my might. Life is my bite. Okay, and so what's step three? If that was step two, if Step one is to let's just recap step one. Let's make some earthquakes happen. Step two, but shatter everyone's religious beliefs. Speaker 2 Your side on on step two. Okay, outside graces. This is why this is like an anti Alien theory. Because what they say is that the UFOs we see everywhere rd test runs its test runs of this laser technology. They're seeing how believable it is. Yeah, NASA was the aliens all along. Yeah. And it's just their lasers in the sky. Right. Making you believe that's what I believe. Yes. And what they're saying is all this stuff that we're seeing now like, like these balloons getting shot down and stuff like that, like these are it's priming, it's priming us to be like, Oh, this stuff is possible. I guess. When we see the space show, we're like, oh, yeah, I think this is real. Yeah, a sensory ready, Unknown Speaker I guess. Speaker 2 Two way electronic thought control. So. Okay, concept here is, it's mind control is what the concept is here. And it's used like mass Unknown Speaker mass mind control, Speaker 2 I suppose. Yeah. So the concept here is, honestly, it's it's kind of taking Elon Musk's neural link to like an extreme. Okay. And so depending on who you ask, I don't know if I don't know if this was what the original like his book said. But I found people with theories going both ways. Either one. You've somehow you like signed up for neural link and you got the chip in your brain and that's how they're putting it in. Or like the vaccines gave you the chip or whatever. Like there's people who say stuff like that. Sure. And then there's people who say like, now you don't Do you need the chip NASA's figured out that we're all just electricity and they figured out how to send waves directly to the electricity in your body and control you through those radio waves. Which is an interesting idea. I wonder if that's Unknown Speaker Oh shirt? Yeah, Unknown Speaker we're working on now. What's patent pending? What Speaker 1 an interesting idea Tim? was interesting idea. That's why every night I make Bri stand next to the microwave for five minutes. Unknown Speaker idea that's why I've been eating batteries Speaker 1 ke batteries and you can drink the battery acid batteries Speaker 3 What's your diet? Well batteries double A side nival in the building Excuse Speaker 1 me? Yeah, can I have a medium rare? nine volt please Unknown Speaker to bring out some branch to oh no a pairs well we've got we've got some aged in French thank you Unknown Speaker oh, yes Would you like some shredded Speaker 2 Okay, yeah, so the concept is whatever however they pull it off they're gonna say electric signals from the satellites Speaker 1 to people okay and control us like puppets Speaker 2 they're gonna make everyone believed that their demon possessed great so these are the demon possessed they're gonna go out they're gonna riot they're gonna do crazy stuff. They're gonna show some people who are not yeah controlled. Yeah. And then there's other people who are possessed. Okay, and they Yeah, so it it scares a big group of people into getting whatever chip or whatever they want to do. So then they can be controlled they won't here's the solution you protect yourself in the demons by this injection or this surgery or whatever. We figured out how to stop the devil in his tracks. Okay. All you have to do is listen to the CD backwards Unknown Speaker batteries that's catchy. Unknown Speaker I saw I saw speaking elicited the stuff backwards. Speaker 2 I started to do to on tick tock. Yeah, he was like one of those like business like entrepreneur guys, or it was like it was like, Yeah, you want to you want to reach your dreams. You want to see what you want and alive like those intense ones. And what he said was he said he said, he said look if you want to know like the deepest desires of your heart, he said record yourself on your voice memos, play it backwards that will reveal to you what you want Unknown Speaker out. It wasn't a joke. No, he was 100 Unknown Speaker Useless. Yeah, Speaker 1 he said listen to your every night I turned the lights off in my bathroom. And I I bring myself to the point of almost drowning in my bathtub. I just put my head under water. Yeah, and I go Speaker 1 I immediately have worked for myself. And then once my body's calmed down from almost drowning Yeah. I turn the water on ice cold. Yeah, right to shock your system as I listen to it backwards, and I just lose money and fame. It's crazy. What a reveal itself to you. Speaker 2 It's crazy because I tried that last night. And I listened back to it Unknown Speaker because I showed liberty. Speaker 3 So clearly sitting in my ice cold bathtub. And I just heard myself say Gerrans might as my Speaker 1 I was in I did this. So the other night. I you know, I'm in my bathtub. I bring myself to almost drowning. That's what you gotta do. I'm picturing all my family members dying. Yeah, brutally. Yeah, you gotta go I looked down. I have grown three times. No, I had all five to begin with. Eight toes on a foot if that's not God, you know, Unknown Speaker what do you do it? Yeah, Speaker 1 it was actually three double A batteries coming out of the side of my foot. Unknown Speaker I haven't even been eaten them in a while either. Yeah, no non AAA lately. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Crazy stuff, man. Speaker 2 So yeah, so it's gonna, NASA is gonna control the brains of a bunch of people and possess for a little bit. Unknown Speaker Do you want to see my toes? Oh Unknown Speaker okay, so Speaker 1 you're gonna pay to see. That'll be Unknown Speaker a statement of faith. Speaker 1 Sure. Sure. Sure, sure. Yeah. What if What if the church was like, Hey, we do need to see proof and she was like, I'll sell you and so the church has to write off that they bought fake pictures Speaker 1 what is this? What is this 100 toys are charged to only do Unknown Speaker the Lord's work good stuff Unknown Speaker Oh, anyway, wow. Speaker 2 Okay, so NASA is gonna control the brains of a bunch of people in the world and make a bunch of people think they're demon possessed. What will happen with that that mind control thing as it dries wanted people to get mind control? Sure. Eventually, they weeded it down to a situation where they've got all the people that have control of and they have all the people who won't give into the control. And then they labor camp, the people who won't get into control. Sure. And eventually let that whole sub sect of humanity Speaker 1 die. Yeah. So you've got a whole this is literally word for word what people posted about getting the COVID vaccine though. Yeah, it's people were like, Oh, they're trying to keep you know, they're trying to get rid of us lions. You know, the people who won't follow the lions? Not sheep. All the rules. Yeah, no. I would like to get rid of you for like different reasons. Yeah, it's just Yeah, way to die. Yeah, it's only near me. Yeah, I just don't. Yeah, like not not for, not for like an unvaccinated reason. It's just, Speaker 2 I just don't like your personality. You are. Yeah, you be less around me that said whatever Speaker 1 your decision was, I don't care. But if you're that person, you know, I'm talking about if you're the person who's like on social media, where whatever decision you make, who's likely a little rude. Alfalfa or whatever you say, you know, I don't need science. I've got a Reagan. No, if you say crap like that. I don't want Unknown Speaker to be around it. That's fair. That's fair. Unknown Speaker I hope you're offended. Speaker 2 I'm offended. In fact, I don't think I can finish this. Hey, you Speaker 1 know what I called you? Yes. This is a this is an actual thing. You can keep it in if you want. I don't care. I called you about the Patreon thing, and I was like, oh, man, we should have left it open so that we can get more paid. I didn't mean to make you feel dumb. Unknown Speaker Oh my god. I didn't feel dumb. Oh, I Unknown Speaker Okay. That's good. Unknown Speaker Do you need it? No. You come later try it again. See if it'll make me feel dumb. Speaker 1 No, no. I'm glad you didn't feel dumb. I'm trying to say you shouldn't have felt dumb. I didn't feel that great. I suppose I didn't feel I wasn't trying to make you feel dumb. Unknown Speaker I the way you're saying this right now makes you feel like you're lying. Speaker 1 No, I'm just trying to say but I wasn't trying to make you feel dumb if you felt dumb that's on you but I'm saying like I wasn't trying it's not Speaker 3 my fault you felt dumb it's you that made you feel dumb you Unknown Speaker personal responsibility Unknown Speaker Geron is my mind and my Unknown Speaker forgotten already? You're getting drowned tonight? All right. No contest Unknown Speaker to do Unknown Speaker All righty then anyway. Unknown Speaker Backwards, it's beeping buttons, Speaker 2 which you can buy on our store right now till whichever is easier for you. Speaker 1 Or be friend. But just kidding. We don't have to buy another domain. We can go to be from Let's see what's available. Unknown Speaker All right. So Speaker 1 so yeah, the idea of Yeah, so you'll have a group that you can control theoretically. Yeah. And then you'll weed out the people you can't control exactly. Speaker 2 hobbies and passions is taken by what it doesn't say they've got a blocker on it. Beef and buns dot cow is available. Even Unknown Speaker That's kind of fun. Unknown Speaker What about beef dot boats Unknown Speaker Hello, apparently that's not an acceptable beefed up, pump man. I just want one Unknown Speaker beefed up Not Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah. Hi, I'm, I'm Tim. I'm co owner of space Tim media. If you wanna get in touch with me, my email is Tim beef doc bonds. Hi, I'm Jaron, also co owner of space in media. If you'd like to get in touch with me, my email is Paul read the actor So, we look forward to doing professional business with you. We're pros. Speaker 3 We're very, very business. Speaker 2 Thanks for checking out our show. If you like it, and you want to support be a part of what we're doing here, you can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community, we have a discord with our hosts and producers, we have a lot of fun. We're super active in there every day, you get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out we eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast. And there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that, that are super cool. If you want to be in that you can just text HiLine to 66866. And that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here. And thanks for watching our show. Speaker 2 All right. Step four. This is the best one kill everyone. Yeah, no. Supernatural manifestations using secret technology. Speaker 1 Yeah, to stick into a snake the whole thing. Speaker 2 I kinda Yeah, it's using technology to show that the gods are among us. And so like, I don't know, you might be like sitting in your cottage, and then all of a sudden your computer turns on. But you didn't have a computer because it's like usually for computers and starts giving you these messages Unknown Speaker from the futurist, hey, do you pray? Speaker 2 Stuff like that? But not as your TV and your phone and your stuff like that? Just like kind of like, I don't know, sending you text messages from God, I'm not really you got Speaker 1 you know, that's gotta be an app. Is that an app that you can text? God? That's gotta be an app already. That's a good question. Like, prayer texts or whatever. And you can get a little push notifications from God. Yeah. That's gotta be an app. Right? That sounds like something that would have when when apps first came out, that sounds like I can picture that notification on like the light blue. You know how iPhone notifications used to work? Yeah, yeah, I can picture that. Like, God says dot dot dot, you know, saying yeah, it was not we should actually Pat we should actually shouldn't make it because every Bible call I'm gonna say bro, freaking Caleb would buy the heck out of that. Speaker 2 So there is a send a message to God. And you can use text. You can test got at 240-776-2323 That's God's phone number. Then Texas phone number. Ask him for prayer requests, I guess or CPR. There's a CPR AED here too. Okay. Oh, and Unknown Speaker think it posts all the texts on this website Unknown Speaker are really great. Okay, so Unknown Speaker people's personal humor to Tim. Thank you about Unknown Speaker our serious mouth. Speaker 2 Okay, anyways, so yeah, so through technology. Speaker 1 Yeah, we'll make supernatural, natural science. I mean, if they're able to make the second coming. I think that they're able to do more than just, Speaker 2 here's the exciting point, though. Okay. It was all kind of leading to this moment. So so they have all these supernatural, whatever with your technology. And then we have a second second space show. The second space show with the lasers. Oh, there's some other space. We had the thing where God became all the gods became god. Yeah, I was like, It's me, NASA. And then all of Hollywood has been priming us for this moment of the alien invasion. Sure, so there'll be an alien invasion. But NASA the God will come and defeat all the aliens. And then that's like the last moment of like, NASA will say, hey, so Speaker 1 you're saying that NASA is going to make a grand entrance as this super guy Yeah, and then they're gonna Harlem Globetrotter around the world and play a team they know they're gonna be Speaker 2 Yeah, that's pretty accurate actually. So then everyone's like, wow, look at what God just did. I mean NASA, NASA. Speaker 1 NASA did NASA just defeated the aliens Speaker 2 afraid of Have you seen Independence Day? We couldn't even do that an Independence Day. It's crazy. Yeah, we're the world's couldn't even pay the world's saw the movies have been priming us for alien invasion. Sure. Now they're bigger and better than us. NASA Speaker 1 can't even get to the moon to do all this than NASA. Speaker 2 And all the while a handful of other things are gonna happen. Like there will be an economic worldwide collapse, and then they'll replace the currency with a digital currency, obviously Bitcoin or would it be Aetherium? Unknown Speaker Be Dogecoin. I got a few days left. Unknown Speaker And I sold on my dollars last year. Unknown Speaker Great diamond Hanes baby. Speaker 2 Oh, no. And then, long story short, it all culminates in this moment where they established the One World Government. Yeah, everybody's Yeah, it's one nation. Unknown Speaker With liberty does this for none. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that makes sense. Speaker 2 And then he talks about how there's gonna be no more families. It's all individual. Everything's individual. And okay, so it's all about just you and your service to the nation, which is everything, the whole planet. So the theory is, basically there's this global elite that's like, it'd be really easy. It'd be really a lot easier for us right now, if we can have control over everything. Sure. And everybody, and whatever we want. So what if we got rid of all religions? We've gotten rid of all countries, and we mind control everybody and to doing whatever we wanted them to do? Yeah, that seems that's that's the idea. So here's critical analysis of this. It sounds pretty believable. I think it's probably gonna happen. Unknown Speaker No, I think what you said is true. Speaker 2 I think this guy has no credentials that are reasons to believe what he has to say. And it's, it's a bonkers bonkers bonkers idea. Three full bunkers. Sure. Unknown Speaker The most Speaker 2 believable part of the story is unbelievable. With the earthquakes, Well, honestly, there's ways even just the super tech God texting you and stuff like that is unbelievable. I don't believe that. Okay. I don't believe that you could do that. And have the public be like, Oh, my God, like this text I got from God. That's all I'm saying. A CBS show about that. Speaker 1 Yes, that feels. I know exactly what you're talking about. Like texting god. Yeah. God Speaker 2 starts texting them and telling them this stuff to do. It's kind of like Touched by an Angel, the 90s. But moderner. Speaker 1 Dude, here's what I say, man. There's so much stuff that gets funding. And I'm sitting over here like, pay me on my way. Barry do Unknown Speaker something. Yeah, I feel that I feel that so. Speaker 2 Okay, um, but here's the deal, though. Oh, sure. There's more to this. Oh, great. Can't wait. I think one of the main reasons this got traction is what happened to surge Manasa after he published this book, Unknown Speaker yeah. He got killed. Speaker 2 So surge. He was a well, how old was he when this came out? 47. Okay. He had two kids that he homeschooled because he's afraid of Yeah. Learning stuff. Yeah. And the public school system. And the Canadian government took his kids from and said that they were emotionally abusing their kids, because of what they were teaching them at home. Sure. And so he lost his kids and he got arrested and served like a couple days in prison. Very like minor sentence, you know, okay. Probably like a couple days in county jail. Unknown Speaker Sure. For teaching his kids weird stuff. Speaker 2 I think so. Sure. And a couple years later, in 96, he got arrested again. And when he got arrested, this time, he's put the night in jail. And when he came home the next day, he had a heart attack, and he died. And he was 51. And he was a healthy guy. Before that. He didn't he didn't have a history of heart condition or any health. Major health concerns. Sure. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna say like, just I don't know. I don't know a nice way to say this. Unknown Speaker He wasn't physically active. Speaker 2 Yeah, like if you put them in a lineup of people and you said pick, the guy is gonna have a heart attack at 51 I'd probably pick him okay. Speaker 1 Yeah, that's that's not an eye Nice way to say it but that's that's okay. Speaker 3 That's probably the you know the speaking of nice ways to say things. Speaker 1 Which of us do you think would have a heart attack at 51 Speaker 3 choose now, you can select on the screen somewhere around here. Which one is most likely to have a heart attack? Unknown Speaker You got 10 seconds remaining we'll just have to wait five years to find out Wow. Yes. Speaker 2 Yeah, so he does his heart attack. Sure. And here's here's the thing. In his in his book there's a lot of crazy ideas in the book. One of the ideas in the book is that at some point during like the mind control era, a way that they're going to kill people is they're going to give them cardiac arrest they found a way to get in the book. Yeah, they found a way to get people cardiac arrest just like through space Yeah, through lasers. Yeah, through light shows. Like if you see a light show Speaker 1 do enjoy the idea of NASA just looking at Earth like it's a big roller coaster tycoon Park. And they're just like they're just texting out hard they're just like sorry about the heart attack Unknown Speaker batteries Speaker 3 Yeah, so yeah, he said that they learned away if you because have you ever been to like a concert that was really good. Unknown Speaker kind of gets up blood Unknown Speaker in the winter jam happy Oh, odd You coward. Pour me on the JM Speaker 3 No. Yeah, it really gets the blood pumping. But as they give you a spatial good enough with the lasers that are crazy enough. Yeah. gets the blood pumping too much. Speaker 1 Shuts you're so excited. That's why celebration city had to close. That theme park in Branson. Seminar city owned another theme park called celebration city. Okay, it's closed. Why? Because they had a laser show that killed people. It's no serious no no laser show but I don't I don't think so. Now there's a church that meets in the castle now that's real. Like, the castle has to go to that church. You got to walk through an abandoned theme park to go to that church. You have to walk through a horror game maze that's real 100% Real and then at the end there's just someone holding the sinuses welcome home the idea or don't Speaker 3 like like 20 years from now Disney fails. Yeah, there's that takes everything into Speaker 1 magic you know? And here's what it is church. God always said he would establish his kingdom there's no magic here. Thanks during dandy your feet except for you. You don't have as many toes as we have. Oh my Good golly goodness. Don't feel most the cameras away from the toes. Speaker 3 They during the altar call the fireworks shoot off across the little pond. Unknown Speaker But they can't figure out how to make it stop looks like Mickey Mouse's head Speaker 1 Tinkerbell still up there though. She's old it's just the same actress is up there. They never got her down on the park close. Park close it left her up there she's been surviving on pasture he goes What was that God Unknown Speaker are you part of NASA? Oh, he tried to lie to me. Oh, hello. Unknown Speaker All girl up there. I would help you but my wife's out of town Unknown Speaker and you hate me and my kids. So you'll you'll suffer Unknown Speaker goodbye now Unknown Speaker why don't you make like a Tinker Bell and ring the church bells Speaker 1 golly, there's a church that mentioned Silver City and Branson. Good for them. That's Speaker 2 incredible. I love that so much. Anyways, so yeah, because there was part of his theory that said that NASA can give you your harass. Yeah. And then he went to jail on the next morning he died of a heart attack when he was supposedly healthy. People have ran with that. He's right. He's right. See, that's that's evidence. What's what's problematic and a little unfortunate, is I don't know if a lot of these things there was like a precedence for at the time. This was like the early 90s. Yeah, but a lot of those, these things have started becoming, I don't want to say things that aren't happening, because I don't think they are. But things that are easier to look at and say, hey, it's happening. Okay, so obviously, we know what's happened over the last couple of years. And we know that a lot of these conspiracy theories are things that a lot of people really believe in right now. Sure. And I don't think a lot of people would know that it came from this. Yeah. And I think Dude, I don't know Speaker 1 man, there's what's her face? Who said that the the space lasers were changing the voting machines. You know, I'm talking about No, but I believe it and that's a you know, that was that's where I thought you were going with the sodium Unknown Speaker layer. No, yeah, that's just a space show. Speaker 1 Great. Yeah. I'm harmless, Unknown Speaker harmless, harmless. Speaker 1 And so as to establish themselves as Lord of the earth. That's Speaker 2 completely different. Some some other conspiracy theorists who disagree with Sergei Manasa pointed out that his storyline for Project Blue Beam goes pretty far is pretty hand in hand with two Star Trek episodes. Unknown Speaker It's pretty he was brought up about Star Trek. Speaker 1 No, no, listen, it's not that we don't believe in global elites. I'm with you on that. Isn't that you plagiarize this exactly where I draw the large plagiarism. Like if you want to steal this Speaker 2 from something a little less known? Like the matrix or something, I don't know. The Matrix bigger than Star Trek that spot and start Speaker 1 easily bigger than Star Trek. Okay, whatever. So it's identical. The two episodes of Star Trek. Speaker 2 Yeah, one of them never was released, though. Sure. It's interesting. The episodes are called the God thing and devils do. Okay. And yeah, they pretty much it's this. It's this story. And they came out before his book. It wasn't NASA. That did it. Because NASA's not in Star Trek. Right. But it was, you know, same. Yeah. You can just pick NASA because, you know, he needed a good kinda know could be controlled by the global elites. Speaker 1 Do you say anything about the global elites who they are? And the rich people? Yeah, they're the Yeah, but I'm saying like, did Speaker 2 he say I don't think anyone. I've seen some concern. I've seen a lot of people who believe in this say it's Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the puppet master. Behind all of it. Sure. Because he wants to be God, I guess. Okay. He had a taste of it with his computer. He had his computer. Unknown Speaker That's why make computers Yeah, this broke yesterday, Speaker 1 I was sitting there and the paperclip popped up. And asked me a question that was a little too personal. You don't talk about like it was a little too close. Did you know that? Unknown Speaker Yeah. Speaker 2 Yeah. You know, you know, I was I was working on something the other day that paperclip popped up. Sure. And it said, fun tip about paper clips that are useful for things not just in computers. And you please his, as it said that as I'm reading this, I heard the drawer in the desk in my desk slide open. And all my paper clips just started levitating. And they short they've, they've formed Speaker 1 space now I looked over. And there were two men in green suits. Holding all my favorite clips. So many forgot to get out. Yeah, that we got to keep. I would love to have just a green more soup person just on our set, you know, saying that we just forget to key out Yeah, but we act like we keep really poorly. So once we have enough money to pay someone justice, it's really Unknown Speaker do you want to see that we have a Patreon. Yeah. The Marine Speaker 1 guy. Whatever that means. So is there anything else that you want to talk Unknown Speaker about? Yeah, you know, honestly, I don't believe it Speaker 2 is According to it aliens can't exist and so I can't buy into this but I also think the basis for it is pretty stupid and the idea itself is pretty stupid. Unknown Speaker Well, I'm really proud of how you grown thanks man. Speaker 2 But if you don't believe you're gonna be dead so all right need some batteries save yourself from Speaker 1 because we're together Bill Gates light is my might Unknown Speaker Bill Gates light is my mic Unknown Speaker oh my gosh oh my gosh Speaker 3 jer has Oh my god. As a result of this earthquake I found this artist Unknown Speaker NASA Speaker 1 things alone last night is a production of space Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at Talon podcast. That's ti LL IN podcast, leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night Transcribed by

Conspiracy theories have always been a part of popular culture, and one of the most controversial theories is Project Blue Beam. Lately, this fringe theory has been gaining steam and doing rounds on TikTok, but it’s not a new idea. Serge Monast, a Canadian journalist and conspiracy theorist, introduced this theory in the 1990s.

What is Project Blue Beam?

Project Blue Beam is a theory that alleges that a global conspiracy is working to create a New World Order by using advanced technology to deceive the world’s population. According to the idea, the government will use holographic technology to create a fake second coming of Christ, establishing a new global religion and political order.

Evaluating Project Blue Beam

While the theory of Project Blue Beam has gained a significant following among some conspiracy theorists, there is little to no evidence to support the claims made by Monast and his followers. Moreover, many experts in science and technology have debunked many of the claims made by proponents of the theory.

The Implausibility of the Theory

The theory of Project Blue Beam has been criticized for being highly implausible and lacking any concrete evidence. For example, proponents of the theory claim that the government will use holographic technology to create a fake second coming of Christ. However, experts in the field of holographic technology have stated that such a feat is impossible with our current technology.

Moreover, the theory’s supporters have claimed that certain world events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, are part of the government’s plan to implement the New World Order. However, mainstream experts have dismissed these claims and have provided concrete evidence to support their arguments.

The Legacy of Project Blue Beam and Serge Monast

Despite the lack of evidence supporting the theory of Project Blue Beam, the theory has continued to gain popularity among conspiracy theorists. Some proponents of the theory have even claimed that certain world events are part of the government’s plan to implement the New World Order.

Serge Monast’s legacy is also a topic of debate among conspiracy theorists. While some believe his work was groundbreaking and visionary, others have criticized him for promoting unfounded conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality.

Monast’s Contributions

Serge Monast was a prolific writer and speaker who believed that his work was vital to exposing the truth to the masses. Some conspiracy theorists have recognized his contributions to the theory of Project Blue Beam as groundbreaking and visionary.

However, it is essential to note that Monast’s work has been criticized for promoting unfounded conspiracy theories. In addition, many experts have argued that his work lacks concrete evidence to support his claims.

Monast’s Death

Monast passed away in 1996 under mysterious circumstances. Some conspiracy theorists believe that his death resulted from foul play, although no solid evidence supports this claim.


In conclusion, the theory of Project Blue Beam is a fascinating but highly implausible conspiracy theory that has gained popularity among some conspiracy theorists. While there is no evidence to support the claims made by proponents of the idea, it continues to capture the imagination of those who believe in a global conspiracy.

Serge Monast was a controversial figure who played a significant role in popularizing the theory of Project Blue Beam. While his work continues to be debated and analyzed, it is clear that his contributions to the theory have had a lasting impact on conspiracy theories.

It is crucial to approach conspiracy theories skeptically and evaluate them based on the available evidence.

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