Jack Parsons – How This Man Accidentally Funded Scientology


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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of Jack Parson's Jack Jack Parsons Parsons? I think said Pars Arson's, Jack Parsons, Jack Parsons. Also, I know him as John Whiteside Parsons. What? or You could also know him as Marvel Whiteside Parsons? Okay, hold on. Jack Parsons, yes, John White side Parsons, yes, Marvel, marvel whiteside Parsons, yes, I guess not. Is He from that Christmas Song? What the and pretend that he is Jack Parsons, sorry, and pretend that he is melv Miller for Marvel Martin, and pretend that he is marvel white side Parsons. Is Fit, Jack Parsons did though? Yeah, Parson Brown, Parson Brown, yeah, well, no, he's not, he's not. That's not him. Okay, who is Jack Parsons? Jack Parsons was born marvel white side Parsons, named after his dad, Marve Marvel Parson. Is His middle name whiteside? Or was that a nickname? This is middle name. I believe his men names white size is that's his mother's last name. His mother's US White said. His Dad's last name is Parsons. They were married but they split up or that line was on from so he went his parents split up. He was like, well, I'm both. Yeah, so iphinated it. Yeah, he's like. He's like, I'll that all iphenate and he's like, I don't think. What's your opinion on that? On that? Look, when couple of the US? Is there a reason? No, I have. I have we had that conversation before? Yeah, yeah, have we talked about on the podcast? I don't know, I don't know. I just I can't explain why I don't like it. You know what I mean? Yeah, I just I just know that I don't why. You why someone would want to? I don't I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, I understand it about. Yeah, I would never do anyware. I've been thinking about change my last name to whiteside, whiteside Myers, jared white admires. Yeah, my last name Marvel, like I was said I was gonna Change my last name to whiteside and you're like white side Myers. Yeah, their websites probably availablecom marvel whiteside myerscom. That's like that church last week that put on the they put on the screen Jarre and Myers, but they spelled it m Ey Erscom and which is fine because I own that one. YEP, so marvel whiteside Myers is not a live site. Is Available. Oh, I thought you were going to say not available. I was like, what are you talking about? Who Ten bucks here, just dreaming about your death? Oh, it's an active terrorism son here there. Third is death. They gotta be because of the Liberal legend. All Rise for the Lord of the universe. Not Allowed to do anything with blood anymore. Things I learned last brain Satan. Okay, so all marvel was born win one thousand nine hundred and fourteen. Was An old guy. Yeah, and the the marriage didn't really end great, and so the his mom didn't want him to continue to be marvel because he was named after his dad. Yeah, and so she changed it to John and he started going by Jack. Oh, I thought she started dating a new guy named John and she's like now your name is John. A few years later she started dating the guy. She's like, yeah, now it's Jack. Your name is whoever I'm dating. Yeah, what that would be traumatic if your mom kept doing that to you. You know, you know my I don't know if we talked about this before on the podcast. You know the story that my dad's my dad is the one who change his last name. Yeah, yeah, because he used to be Horsey. Don't ughinated, though. Didn't know he did. Not. I swear. I've seen like somewhere where I'll say horsie Myers. No, I swear made that. You dreamed it. Maybe you haven't dreams about my dad. Do Dream Without Your Dad? Pretty up. Yeah, just Dreaming About Your Dad that. Oh Yeah, Huh sor I was having a having a dream a boy your dad. What? Don't do that. So he's a patreon supporter. We dream about all our patrons. Supports. The Patriot of meet us in hard dreams. Virtual events are a thing of the past. The futures is dream dances, all right. And so, anyway, that was weird. My Dad's last date, but he changed his last name when he when he got me married my mom, he took her last name. They didn't make one up together. Yeah, but they thought about changing my last name to his. There was that was a conversation. I could have been Charon Horsey. Was the point of that story? Better for comedy? You would have been a puppeteer. That's another that's a puppeteer, puppeteer, you would have been a you mean of Ventriloquist? Now I mean a puppeteer. I wouldn't have been good at the mouth. I would have had to hide behind the curtain. Yeah, that's what dead difference from a puppeteer and a ventriloquist is. Talent is the curtain and because he is that blue felt curtain, that's the way off track. All right, all, yes, Jack Parsons. I hope this is an alien thing. Jack Parsons, he is kind of like the father the unknown. Will call him the unknown father of rocket tree. Of what? Rocket Tree? Yeah, I mean, saying the word again is not going to help me. Rocket Tree is when you build trees out of rock. Just get to the story, please. You gonna be like our Youtube comments rocket. Just tell a story like rocket designers. Oh, rocketeer, he's but he's unknown because he kind of got design rockets got blacklisted, and so we'll get to that. Okay. But in in one thousand nine hundred and fourteen was born and to a pretty wealthy family. His grandfather was very, very, very wealthy, and so they enrolled the white side school. Yeah, yeah, Mr Whiteside Mr Brightside. So they enrolled him in this really like affluent school where he didn't love his education, but he loves SCI FI. So he read all these sci fi books all the time and he started to dream of going to space, and so as a child he became like obsessed with is this possible? And a common trope in sci fi was figuring out ways to make rockets go to space, because there was like, I mean, fireworks have been a thing for a long time. So there was like really rudimentary, like tiny little like home rockets, basically worth. Okay, they didn't do anything. Say Home Rockets, yeah, you got a home rocket. Yeah, it's like everybody's got everything. He's a home mortgage in a home rocket. Yeah, so and a rocket mortgage. Today's sponsor. I was just smoothing, not we need to bleep it out unless we can get them. Yeah, I'll call them. BLEEP it out unless we get a don't bleep it. Here's the problem is that you keep saying bleep stuff and I watch it back and I don't remember that we bleeped it. And so the bleep stuff to stuff. I said, that's true, but I'm saying, like we should have a warning in the beginning. That's like, Hey, when we believe stuff, we're not actually cussing. Yeah, that's fair. We haven't have a disclaimer that we're not explicit. You know. See, just so you know, I just so you guys notice a family friendly thing. Yeah, if we bleep, something gets a joke. anyways. So he became obsessed with trying to wanting to gas rockets and make rocket. So he started just make trying to ride Bob Rockets in the air. Ye, he's just making exploss at home and and there was a description of him, of his neighborhood, like his family home as a child. The backyard was described as having craters like the moon because he was just blowing stuff up in his back out all the time. So rich people do though. You know, you can tell when they're when they're rich, because either the yard looks impeccable immaculate. Yeah, absolutely, more like total garbage. I mean they are no care. Yeah, because they have so much money that it's like, Oh, land, you know, they don't respect to lay it. I don't need to respect land. I'm too rich for land. It's only on this part that we own, not on the other parts. So he it. He was getting bullied in middle school because he liked sci fi too much and I don't know, the stuff that kids pulled each other for. Yeah, I think anime kids. Now you know that, but Twenti s version. It's so in eighth grade he's just got one day. We're going to go to the moon and everyone's like shut up, nerd. Yeah, I mean that's I mean, I was ACTU I wasn't going to joke. You're not that far off. So anyway, so he got made fun of a lot three middle school. Made good friends with an eighth graator who also was into blowing stuff up, and so they just started blowing stuff up together, right as kid. Yeah, just a little bombros right. And but then the Great Depression hits and his grandparents lose their fortune, and so then he kind of just write lost or whole fortune the Great Depression. Yeah, and so they had to move across town to a hey marvel John Jack powers was a sell this house. We always holes in the backyard. Whyn't you go fill those in? Yeah, he's like sorry, I was trying to dig a whole so I could scare some third graders. I hear they're third is definitely take deeper enough, you go far that you'll find him and so. But even even though he moves schools and move neighborhoods, he stayed Edward Foreman. So now they're name of that eighth grader. Yeah, so like definition poor or like just everyone's poor sort doesn't matter. I mean, yes, okay, like, I mean everyone was poor then, but yeah, like, I don't know what you're true. Were they still doing better than other people's? What I mean, I don't know the answer to that. Okay, I don't know. But anyways, he's remain friends with Edward Foreman, which was that eighth radery stuck up from. Okay, they just blue stuff up all the time, right, that was like the number one hobby. But they they switch schools. He goes to high school and he's just not like applying himself in school. Yeah, his parents think he's pretty intelligent, but he's just not trying, and SOS MOM and an effort to try to try to get him to like put the work in right, she enrolls him in military school and so ships them off the military school. Always the answer, always the answer. Just get him out of the House. Yeah, let him live with some yeah, well, you'll like it here. How about those service? Yeah, about that. So he goes. He got kicked out because because he blew up a toilet, like literally put a bomb on the toilet. Blue, I know, I figured that part. I didn't think that you meant that he just really was stinking at the bathroom. I think I thought you met. You Ned to clarify that. Yeah, I as soon as you said it, I was like, Oh, yeah, he physically blew up a toilet. Not Zack. We have been here. What do you get? Discharge from the military because you're making too much of a mess in the bathroom it. Yeah, Jack, you're not reacting well to the military food. There's not a place for you. Yeah, you're not acting you know, your body is not taking the military very well. And so you say military mucletary what. So, anyway, he blew up a toilet day one. How long did he was there for a little bit, but, okay, he gets kicked out. That's where they draw the line. Yeah, the toilet drew out. You got it's an active terrorism son. Yeah, yeah, so there's there's that. So after after now, what year we in a nineteen twenty something. Okay, nine thirty, I don't know, twenty nine ish ish, fifteen years old. He was in the military. Is a military school? Military School. Yeah, and so he really wanted to go to Caltech because that's where everyone was learning, like sure, really cool rockets, aerospace engineerings. Yeah, him and his friend, as was named for Ment Edward Foreman. They both really wanted to go, but they weren't getting accepted. They were because they didn't try and school. All that. It is just pluw stuff up for fun. Yeah, and they like we can do all the maybe it's to go to the school and we blow up all the toilets. They'll know that we're good at this. We like, look at all the toilets they blew but maybe it's for those things without like that's really annoying, but also, but also, you're pretty good at this. Do that. It's like good rule hunting. But they're just, you know, they take the janitor job or they're just blowing up toilets. So so what they did is they just befriended some kids who went to Caltech and they got really close to them and then they were like hey, we're going to live in your dorm room. They were like hey, you guys want to blow stuff up with us? And so they just blown stuff up with these caltech kids and these these kids had a close relationship with one of the professors there and they were able to get this, I don't know what the word is for it, basically get permission to use an old academic building that had laboratory in it but had been kind of inactive since the depression. Okay, and so they're like, yeah, no one's using that, you guys can just use that whenever you want. And so the students got permission to. The students were like Hey, like your are blow stuff up buddies, like you want to come with the stuff, blow stuff up in this unmused lab. It's you're blow stuff up buddies. Actually did have a name on campus, which I really tried to figure out if this is where this name came from. I believe it is, but I don't have any way to prove it. But the kids on camp is called this group of kids who blue stuff up. They called them the suicide squad, and I am convinced that's why they got that really for the comic books, because this was before DC. I heard they were called something different what Xmen? Yeah, well, lit are those the avengers? Is that marvel? Mar That's what I'm saying. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, that's right. That's when new episodes drop on Patreon. Patreons a way to get early access to episodes and a their content and exclusive merchandise. And we're not going to stop there, because we got a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right, that's five dollars a month. You two can be a patreon supporter and not here advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore. Text till in the six, six eighty sixty six. Otherwise I'll come to your house, I will find you, I will destroy everything that's good in your life until we're the only thing left. Anyway, here's another advertisement. So, yeah, they call him the suiside squad because, I mean, they repetitively came really close to killing themselves doing this, for sure, and eventually they outgrew this little lab. How, what do you mean they have? They were making too big of explosions and the patio was like you. If I did, the professors like guys, I said, you could use this I didn't say you could burn the building down. It is that I expect you to do this. And so so they go out to there was this damn out in Pasadena, and so they they call it devil's Den, I believe is what they called. Me Double check that, make sure I got so they're trying to blow up at damn. Like they're like what is city? What if? Yeah, they wouldn't let us tear down a building, a cow tech, let's flood it. How about that? We'll show them. So Devil's Gate, Devil's Gate. So it's the Damn Devil's Gate and there was just this big open space by it, because there used to be a big body of water there and it like wasn't anymore because, you know, kind of change is the damn? Because the I'm pretty sure it was Clem to change. Oh you think so? It wasn't because of the because they walled off the water. So they went over whatever was. I mean there was it's mixing that Damn and there was are this big empty area that I don't know how the water is not there anymore. I literally can't put it together. I don't know where this thing I don't agesn't make sense. So they got to be because of the liberal legend. So so there's a big open area that used to have water. Now it's dried up, whatever, for whatever reason. Aliens, probably, but most likely aliens. So they go over there and and me like squad. Yeah, they go over there and they said, let's just blow up stuff bigger, and so they started making bigger and bigger bombs and eventually this developed to they were they're making rockets that were like small time, like just like little, shoot up a little bit and come back down, kind of like what spacex does all the time, like look to go up, it goes down. They're doing that type of stuff and they actually started a group that they called the Gougenheim Aeronautical Laboratory. Don't know where they got that name, Gal I think it was named after the lab that they got to use. I think the lab was the GOUGENHEID lab. Okay, at Caltech. So they don't have any official training in this, though. They're still just befriending these college jude well, the Caltech guys kind of do, because they're glad there, but I'm talking like Jack Parsonson and Edward Foreman. Yeah, they just know some guys and they well, they've been doing it their whole life. Yeah, that's what the question I lost stuff. They don't have any formal training on this stuff, though. We've defied formal, I mean a oversight committee has approved the curriculum that they are learning. Yeah, and then they are guided by a professional through what they're doing. Technically, answer is no, technically no, not even technically no, straight up, not technically. Know Somehow, and I'm not this is very gray. I don't understand how this happened. But somehow during this time, when whenever they were still in the lab, Somehow Parsons got in touch with Werner von Braun. I don't know. You know who that is? That sounds familiar. He is the guy who is who is the father of rocketry. And so he, Jack Parsons, is the secret one. He's kind of, yeah, the behind, okay, behind the scenes. So what murder of my Bron did? He was so, he was a Nazi. After the war. He was one of the ones that we were like, Hey, we're flipped. Yeah, let's yeah, pretend you didn't do any of that, and then he came over get everything you did before. Yeah, and he built the rockets that took us the moon. And so he is the guy that, like everyone's like yeah, he did it, yeah, he did that and nothing else. Yeah, there's nothing else. He did. That was pretty bad. Yeah, why, there's a pretty big like paper clip and print on his file. Ya knows. You're just seeing things, man. Yeah, that's because you stared at the rocket too long. Were you dreaming about my dad? Ask Me. That's the thing. My Dad Would Your Dad Dream? Your Dad Dream Last night? Got Cut it out. And so he became like I wanted to say like friends, but almost a colleagues, like they would call each other. It's around like like like longdistance calls, like this is this is pre war, and so he's like longdistance call. Yeah, this is before all the stuff. Von Braun to just talk about rockets, and so they're kind of like a changing ideas. Yash, yeah, and they will jack. I don't really. Can they say Jay's? I don't know. I don't know. I think. I don't. Think Germans came. I don't know. They say Ja, yeah, Russian. So yeah, they would just calling about blowing stuff up. Maybe, like Hey, if you thought to think about blowing something up like this, like do you what I work and then he likes just just sort of run by something, something real quick. If I were too, and is all hypothetical, if I were to, you know, put these two things together with that go for or would that go? Who? If I were to, I don't know, Rick a bunch of explosives on the Pacadena Damn what, it flood the entire city. I just want to take our cow tech, I mean, and that one military school. Believe, one toilet as right as my calls, as my life, the real placement toilet. What do you call that? Your your your call sign, your call sign, think you had it right now. Call sign is like card, like trucker, trucker. That's your call sign. It's calling card, calling card. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, if you show it to an arson and there's one untouched toilet, this was this guy. It was this guy. So so here's the thing about if you're blowing a bunch of stuff up in the desert. Yeah, the government notices. No, they don't. Yeahs they noticed. Wow, and they said, Hey, we noticed your this is high. This is the government. We're listening in on your phone call with I mean we were just we're just pruising the desert. They found out. Yeah, so they were like, Hey, we couldn't help, but notice the rockets you guys are building in the desert. What if you just did that for us? And no joke. They took the suicide squad and they started the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which was the group that became a NASA, and they said, Hey, what have you guys just made rockets for us. And so this is where, this is really where NASA came from as a group of kids blowing crap up. No, I refuse. It is really where where it all began. And so these guys got stupid rich, like they were making giant rockets for the government, and the government was like hey, government, if you're listening to this, and you're like the government could use a podcast, we've been making this podcasting Mans, I guess, in the desert, and I don't know if I'm kind of like last year. It seems like you could help, but notice. I was just wondering if you would notice us more. Yeah, what do we have to make it? I couldn't help. Yeah, what do we got to do to move this anyway? They say, just like basically, we're like, Hey, that feels on brand for the government, though. That feels like they're just like, yeah, we like what you're doing, and like they haven't have a meeting where they like, do we shut this down, or do we like pay for it? Those are the only two options. Do we shut it down, or do we give them money? Yeah, yeah, or do we like perpetuate it, like yeah, what do we want to do here? We're not we don't like it. Yeah, but if it was ours we would kind of like it. Can you guys do that? You can't know. Okay, Great, higher is he? Fourteen? Is Fourteen years old? Higher High. So they go bathroom access? Yeah, keep away from all the toilets. Heard that was a problem for it. No, no bathrooms in the office. So so they hied them going the field and they make a ton of money. All of that. GETS super rich. So Jack goes and buys himself a Matt Mansion and he nicknames it the Parsonage. You hate that, whatever you like it? You're like yeah, I love yeah, why is your house? I call a stone hinge. Oh, it is now his neck. There you go. So he starts making a bunch of rockets and stuff. was kind of leading the forefront of making rockets for the US, like him, and real competition. There's no one to compare it to. Yeah, and so, I mean he was definitely in the group that was involved in getting rockets off the ground. Yeah, literally, they also they also made rocket propelled aircraft, which was a huge impact for aircraft carriers because then it was safe to take off from an aircraft career. Yeah, so they did a lot of stuff that got them very, very rich. And then and then, because they used sling shot him. Yeah, they did actually. Yeah, and and then Jack Got Weird. He was always kind of weird. Don't go where I think you're going. What do you think I'm going? All right, think you know where I think you're going. What do you think about? I think you know where I think. You think you know where your do you think? Do you think that? I think you started a story about a kid who was really into Scifi. Are Right. And then he's like blowing stuff up and making rockets, and then he gets hired by the government and he's working with a Nazi who isn't an see yet but will be in the future, and then he'll beat an American and then I think you're going to pivot at the end and be like, by the way, Jack Really believes in aliens? No, not even close. So when Jack was in middle school he wanted so bad to get to space that he so so backpedal a little bit. Okay, Jack's family's Baptist, very, very baptist, very heavily baptist. Okay, it's so baptist. I keep waiting for to drop aliens and you drop Baptist, very baptist. And honestly, Jack was not having it. He was not. He did not want to be baptist, he didn't want to be Christian, he don't want to be involved in any of it. Okay, but he was like kind of still religious and which is weird because he liked the reason he didn't want to do any of the like church stuff was because he didn't buy he didn't believe it. Okay. Same time, he still had a religious like Twang to him, a Twang like he had a religious accent. Hey, what's that accent? Oh, it's a it's a little Lutheran, picking up notes of religion. Were talking about it. So it is in middle school he's like he's a man, I want to go to space so bad and he's like trying, God, would you please beat me up? No, he says Seatan, which you please take me to space. So he like holds like a like a seance and basically sells his sold the devil so he could go to space. That's a middle school and is just not the direction I thought we were going. He's like, okay, he's like, he's like, if you get me to space, then I'm yours for all eternity. Devil. Are you joking? No, and the road. So Jack Parsons is just like he's a middle schooler, a little seventh grade towr right, and he's just in there doing Algebra, just, you know, ex equals seven. Why he goes and he's goes, HMM, devil, we tired of I'm sure you let some kind I want to go first face. So do you think he tried? God? First definite question. Do you think he tried God? It was like covering his bass. It was like God, God, please give me the space space. Devil. What if you, God, can't do it, I want you to do it. Yeah, so he I'm processing this. I'm sorry, I okay, and then he hold to this his whole life, like he's out he gets sign in that with NASA. Signed with NASA. What is the NBA player signs? He's like, I can't sign that. I'm already I'm on. Sorry. Yeah, we're my world. Oh, this was just an ink. Okay, good. Yeah, no, not allowed to do anything with blood anymore. Yeah, did that once when I was eleven. Yeah, sorry, a blood. Oh did he write out the full marvel white side parses and then passes out as so much what he's looks. You Want my birth name or do you want to step jappy? It's like doing. Do you need my birth dad or my Stepdad or my second step Dad's name? Like, which one do I need to use? I'm stressed. See, yeah, didn't go to space. Wait till you hear where this goes. So he's like I want to go so far up that I go down for eternity. I'm so stressed. So he gets rich. Right, obviously he gets rich. Everyone, every Satan worshiper does. That's he made a literal deal with the devil. I can't get past it. I'm sorry. Okay, so he gets rich in you. You'll never guess. We've at friends the devil. I guess who alter Crowley, and so he joined. Nont know who alster Crawley is. We didn't have sort about him, and he's a cult leader, basically. Yea. Also, we've mentioned Operation Paper Clip. We've also, don't ever said about that. You can go back and listen to it. So they're alive at the same time. Yep, their live at the same time. And our story is really is running his cauld yeah, tell them. And yet, yeah, out in the desert. Yeah, and he calls himself the be an Alicer dosy, hey, I couldn't help but notice. You, soldier soul to me, to me ten years ago when you were a child, still a child. Hold up the deed, deed to your like just a piece of paper. I got your soul, more like your note. He's like, I'm the devil. It's like, I don't know if I believe that. If I wasn't the devil, what I have this. Do you remember? Do you remember Marvel Jack, John Perful? Do you remember when you sign this to me? Because I remember, I'll never forget. But you remember who you tried to go to first, because I also remember. You're like, Oh man, yeah, so him and him, analysier, become pretty good friends and he joins tell them and he actually becomes one of their priests, and so he gets his own order started. And a little bit disclaimer that this is graphic if you're watching these your children's a little recap on thelluma. One of the big like tenants in Theelluma was they called it sex magic, and so what they believed was on if you manifest your dreams during sex, then they will come true, and so these people just they did it a lot and thought about what they wanted whenever they did. And so he did that and his wife was not a fan, so his wife left them. He was married before this, by the way. Oh, yeah, good, good note. Yeah, sure. So his wife was like hey, not a fan of this thing that you're doing right now, and he's like yeah, by the way, what you do if your spouse joined a cult? Yeah, what would you do if you married someone and then, years into it they're like buy the wake when I was eleven? What? Oh, no, Hey, I know that I should have brought this up earlier. I do love you with my whole heart. Yeah, and I can't love you with my whole soul because part of it belongs to Satan. The Devil. And you, you know how like you're always like man, we're going to spend eternity together, and I'm like yeah, I don't know, and like we could. I've got my spot secured. Yeah, you could just do some bad stuff. Well, I'm saying like okay, but imagine that you get married right and a couple years in your marriage your spouse joins a cult. Yeah, what do you do? I mean I feel like you would try to get them out of it for a while. I feel like you would exhaust all I think bree joined a Colt, you would join it, but if you join a cold she would fight to get you out. I mean it depends how convincing the cult is. That's that's I guess that's fair. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so he gets he dives into this and his wife is not a fan. Yeah, she's like, I don't like that, and so she leaves him. But Luckily for Jack and pretty unlucky for his sister or his wife. For his wife. Okay, I was like for his wife. Yeah, his wife sister is like, Oh, I like that, and so his wife Sister, Marie's no, Oh, no, I see where you were going now. So his wife's sister marries Jack because she's like yeah, I want to be in on that, and I mean like he's already sold us some of the devil who cares? Yeah, you know, yeah, I mean like I know, I know everything now, like I can't find anything else. Wait, that's way. Were she into Jack or was she into the Colt? Well, so she marries Jack, whoa dives dies right into the cult life, the the occult stuff. You know. Yeah, they start living that life. This is bonker. Some this took a hard left. It's about Edward Foreman doing this whole time, Edward and him or after the whole cult, the whole NASTA thing. Okay, COO, there's the whole cult thing. Pretty much everybody was like that's what. Other question. Was He still working for, you know, NASA Junior? Yeah, so he does for a while. He does for wis you in the colts quite a while? Yeah, I love this little crossover wor. If you don't remember the O't that was for probably episode. We're going to play it right now. Things Bra and safe. So so. So he's doing the cult thing right, he's Colton. He's calling it up, but there's this thing that he really wants to do, and it was the Babylon working spell, which is something that Alister Caley had always jumped of. Basically, the concept is that there was this goddess of Babylon that when she returned, she gives birth to the antichrist and then everybody can have sex with whoever they want and then we're going to go to space, is the idea. Yeah, so those were the two things, and I mean, what more this Jack Love? Then the Anti Christ in spaces of spaces. They checkered all my boxes, your favorite asses, and actually my wife board absolutely for her sister. So he's trying to get as your Crowley to do the spell with him. Carley's like, I don't know about that. I don't know for there, I don't know if you're ready. Yeah, basically, and so he's like no, come on, like do that, do that, but that's spell where we go to space, though, Bro. So Jack Calls up one of his other good friends and it's like, Hey, I'm supposed fell that. I was a king. Say go WHO's the others agree in the desert, and so he dries out to the desert and he waits for his friend to roll up to the desert with him to do the Babylon working spell and out of whatever this would have been like a forty two chevel or something. I don't know. I made that part up, but I'm just painting the picture. Sure comes l Ron Hubbard from scientology. Look, the founder of sideology. This is Prett Scientology, though. Well, this guy's spiritual life. He is connected to as, to Crowley, alrona, Hubbard and Werner, von Braun Satan. This guy knows everybody. So welcomenected his linked in account. Six hundred and sixty six connections. What? So, okay. So what does our Ron say? So they do it. They do the Babylon working spell. What is the spell? It's it's weird. So there's some weird steps. Basically, they they do some chance, they do some drawing on the desert. Is some weird sexual stuff, and then the Babylon mistress is supposed to come right show up. Yeah, she's supposed to show up. Well, after all this happens, iron is like, Hey, I've got this business venture. How high are they all the time? I mean he's definitely addicted to drug staying right, that's what I'm saying, and alcohol, like he's very addicted to both. Ron tells them you have got this new business, exciting new business adventure on Florida. It's called somedology. It was a boating company, like but bass pro yes, yeah, no, no, no, like a r tracker, work, a tracker, BOACR. Yeah, like he's gonna sell boats, make boat, make boat, sell boats, all that stuff, it says. He says, I'm looking for an investor, I'm looking for Twentyzero to get this off the ground. And Jack's like yeah, buddy, like we just had a bond here with his whole Babylon working spell. Just Twentyzero, me more, Do you twenty thousand? Let me make your grant. Let me. Okay, hold on, inflation calculatorcom I can't believe that's not like a like a favorite, like a bookmark. I know it needs to be. What is it? One thousand nine hundred and forty two today dollar mount is Twentyzero. Twentyzero four hundred thousand, oh my goodness. So just over a small investment of a lot, a lot of money. And so he's like, he's like, you want to get in on this? And he's like yeah, that sounds interesting. So he invested Twentyzero and all around Hubbard's idea. And then he's like, all right, I'M gonna go to Florida, get the started and then I'll pay back your investment soon. Basically. Well, on his way out on Hubboard, picks up Jack Parson's wife and takes some to Florida, wife or sister, while sister, the sister who's now his wife. Okay, so the next to wife to okay, yeah, picks up wife to wife to is like hey, want to go to Florida with me? No, she's like yeah, sure, and they get married. No, she leaves him. So you're saying that. Okay. He's like, Bluh, bro You got a great business idea boats. Love It, love it, here's all my money and you know, and this is can be great. And then he's like great, thank you for writing me a massive check on the way out. By the way, what was your wife's name? What? HMM, yeah, yeah, yeah, and they got married and they were married for years. I'll Ron. And what's her face? That was her name. You go back to the sister at that point thoughout listen things and were sister left me? Yeah, for a cultists, for for a guy who's about to start a really red old. No, I know you're mad. I different, Coldist, look a different guy. It's a whole thing. Have you heard of tilling podcast March? That's right, we have a merge store full of tilling bread and teas, hoodies, mugs and so much more. We also make new designs for every single episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them while they're hot. Text till into six, six, eight hundred sixty six to get your tilling March today. So new started to kind of disseminate through the government of all the stuff that Jack was into, and the FBI was like, Hey, man, we don't like you doing this stuff anymore. Like you're two. Yeah, we all worshiped Satan, but you're too. Probably was. I was. We all sold our souls. We get that part. Yeah, for sure. One. Two things. One, you're fired too. What was your wife's name? Like the FBI is going to marry your original wife, wife one man. So luckily that they were triplets, right, so, separated at birth, it's so written. fround their other sister. What you know? What's he doing now? Not Now, but what did you after that? So after that he he gets fired and the government from the government. He has a lot of money left over. Yeah, blows through it pretty quick and then meets Marjorie Cameron, who was a movie star, and they he believes that she is the Babylon Goddess, like he sees here. He's like, I summoned to you. She's like, excusing me, it was me and L Ron. Yeah, and she's like, Oh, you know what I do kind of. I think I had a dream about that. No, stop. So, so they get married. Way does she go with it? I don't know. I mean she ended up participating in all the Thumba stuff with him after. So she was like she was a yes, I am the Babylonian Princess. She was like, how much money do you have? That's right. Yeah, so I was just thinking of a rich person is yeah, I'm definitely the like bablone. Yeah, yeah, Hey, I prayed for you. You pray for me? Yeah, Oh, okay, are you have? How much money? Yeah, I'd works in mysterious ways. Sounds like a plan. Or sorry, Satan Works and mysterious ways. What are we like? So he's into the clue. He still so he's still like an Aliser, still in his life. Yeah, yeah, so, sorry, he's still pretty set elma and so he still knows aliston whatever. And so, but then he meets this this actress and they hit it off. They get married and wife number three, yes, his wife number three, and she connects them with Hollywood and they're like hey, we like to blow stuff up in our movies sometimes and we also love Satan. Yeah, yeah, also a big Fan. And so they started contracting him to be like the demolitions expert for a bunch of Hollywood movies. He didn't do a ton. There wasn't at that time, that big of a need for it. Yeah, so you actually ended up blowing through most of his cash and ended up having to become an overnight gas station attendant, and so he was doing that, but he was also like overnight. Is what I aught at. Like, yeah, yeah, he has rough. Here's what's interesting to me. Like, I mean he definitely blew a lot of his money on drugs and alcohol taking this point in his life, but also like he had that he still had the mansion, the Max was paid off, and so he was running out rooms and his mansion and then he was occasionally blowing stuff up on Hollywood sets. But he still had to work overnight at this gas station. I mean I think the thing is he just spent too much money on the dumps and alcohol. Yeah, and he's sending a lot of money to Florida for boats. Yeah, he never got that money back from around. I hope. You know, can't wait till the guy gives me my investment and my wife back. Yeah, I invest. I expect that thirteen percent return on my wife. Yes, please, thank you. One of thirteen percent better wife. Yeah. So, yeah, he never got that money back. He actually sued Al Ron Hubbard and he lost anything writing. Well, I was wrote it was just in the sand of the desert. So I mean, like you know, it was still out there. So you go check, you know. Yeah. So, yeah, he lost that, lost that money and then, at the age of thirty seven, he was preparing an explosive for a movie set. I mean, at this point in his life he's blown stuff up. He's only thirty seven at this point. Yeah, yeah, so this a lot of life has hat packed into these thirty seven years. Where he died. So he study seving, he's in his garage, he's preparing this bomb for a movie set, mixing all these chemicals something very routine. He's done this thousands of time. Sure, and drops it and it explodes. He didn't die immediately. He did up dying hospitals. Ended up dying in the hospital. The police officer who first arrived on seen totally obliterated his house, found him in the Rubbel and Jack said these weren't these ended up being his last words. He said I'm not done. So I don't know what that was supposed to mean, but it's sparked a conspiracy theory that I wasn't an accident. So the bomb blowing up his house wasn't an accident. Yeah, so there's there's two. There's a theory that he do it. He blew up his house to hide something. There's also a theory that someone else blew him up well, the hide something. That's not a theory. Okay, it is now. I just thought here we got a new theory, new theory to theory. So he here's the deal, if I can just blow up this house, he's I'll get a new one. Insurance fraud. So He's blows. So here's the deal. He's an expert. What's your explosion covering? Sure, yeah, what's your coverage? I mean I think of my house blows up, I'm fully covered. I think I'll check with my insience only call your insurance. Random question. My House carded just because we're seeing lolow up commercials are we're seeing that, so we cover it. So the theory goes. He was an expert with this stuff. Yeah, and so and especially how it something so routine. And he's only thirty seven. So it's not like he's like to the point where he's like, but I mean, let's look at his life. It's not like he had not all. Know, I want to say, like you had a lot to live for. Yeah, well, like a'son wife number three. Yeah, you know, it's involved than a series called drug addicted, alcohol addicted stasn't been to space. Here's a question. was so I have number two for a second. He's married to the as you did. He just not care about Christmas or like Thanksgiving. Did they go still? You know, I was just thinking about what I think. When you marry your ex wife sister, you pretty much put to the rest having in laws, like you're just like yeah, all of that side of but what would be worse? What if the the inlaws? We're all for it, what if the parents were like, Oh yeah, that was that's a great match. When we met, men were like he's better. She is way more into cults than her. Oh Yeah, she's always been a you know what? What I was tent when she was ten. I found her in a room. She's calling on the devil, signing with blood that if she could join a colt she would just serve him forever. She used to just eat with her own blood right on our walls space, over and over again, like it. She probably wrote it on you space. What are you doing if you walk in your kids room and they are writing in their own blood on the walls? What do you do? What's your first response? It's probably like one of those like and then what if the words are I'm not done, then what do you do? You move and you leave that kids. You leave the you lock the door, do the thing where you move away and you leave the kid the front porch for whatever family moves in. All right, this is the else's child now. Yeah, this is a beautiful bi centennial home. It was built in one thousand nine hundred and thirty three comes this hot a child's three bedroom, two bathroom. One Thousand Nineteen Hundred Square feet. Seven year old girl in the kitchen is newly updated. Quick recommendation. The walls are all painted red and you should just leave them about. Yeah, you just want to see it, you know, I don't want to helps everything blend in a little better. That's the house is child. Yeah, you don't want to see I don't want better at all. Oh my gosh, what do you do? Yeah, anyway, yeah, that's rough man. Yeah, I mean, so, thirty seven, he blows up doing routine the tooth theories are that it was a suicide. Was a lot of people don't buy that, because he said I'm not done. Yeah, and plus, like, I mean you're also kind of find a motive, like he's okay. He said he's on his third wife, he lost his dream job, he hasn't been a space yet. He sold us, sold the devil. He never got a space. That's right. I guess I just assumed he was going to space with all the stuff. HMM. The other theory is that somebody needed him gold on. Yeah, and there's a lot of different theories on who that could be. There's the CIA, there's people at NASA, there's people within Thalama, there's people like l Ron Hubbard, there's a theory. There was actually a this is weird. There's a seven year old girl in the house. Lots of people wanted him dead. There was a cop who was convicted of murdering someone by blowing them up, and they brought him in to testify, to say, Hey, we think this is how he did it. Is that possible? They're like he was the bomb expert and he was like Oh yeah, yea, he definitely did that. And then he went to prison. And so then, if you're saying they brought in, they brought in Parse Parsons to testify against the police officer. Yeah, and then he got released from prison. Yeah, when I never was like off, show you possible? Yeah, yeah, and so so he tampered with his bomb as he was making it, so it blew him up. Interesting. So there's lots of theories on who has the mode. Honestly, a lot of people had motive to kill him, and so there's all these theories about it, but I guess whenever know what we do know. That's very strange. Shortly after his death, he died in one thousand nine hundred and fifty two following that was the space race and the S, which were two very interesting times because one we got to space in the moon, okay, if you believe that, allegedly, allegedly, and then too, there was like this, the hippie movement. It was very sexually liberating. And so if he's made eight more years, some people say like they're like his Babylon thing actually worked, like it's little Babylon call magic check thing. So he had to sacrifice himself to get there. Maybe that was the last part of the spell. Maybe that's what he meant by I'm not done. Oh, Jack Parsons reincarnated as the s were you talking about? As literally HAS THO s. You guys are going to love it when I'm gone. That's not not what I was gonna say. No, I was gonna say he reincarnated his Neil Armstrong. Oh, but I like your idea. That timeline wouldn't have worked out, I don't think. Yeah, I mean he probably just possessed them. I've got to space world where another because like he's like seeing. You can work that out right. Yeah, some things like that's one small step for me. For me, Steve Satan you always calls himself that too, because, yeah, I guess I Satan could figure that out. You're like, dude, I'm how much times you say every time. What do you mean? I Satan and not doing anything. He's always referring to him. So I comma say the same. I just want to be clear who I'm talking about. Yeah, why Satan am talking about? If you say I'm assuming you're talking about yourself. Satan, yourself. Comma Satan, right, and that's I Satan. Am talking about myself, Satan. And so anyways, Jack Parson, he really did contribute a ton to the world of rocket science. I mean NASA probably would have eventually happened, but it was founded because he was blown stuff up in the desert. Yeah, really, which is kind of crazy when you think about it. And and a lot of the stuff he did, like it ended up like it propelled the whole thing forward. Sure he was not foundationous. Who You did? Yeah, Vernavon Brown stole his glory, right, but uh, I mean he also did kind of give his glory away from the whole cult. Well, but hold, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two is around the same time. That not around the same time, but vern Bonbrom Verber, bomber Brom for verb M Brown, Verner Rom Brown, whatever. I can't say he had. When did he come over to worm with like Operation Paper Clip? They took him in the in the s right. Yeah, I would have been like mid fort so then he he's there for a few years. He arrived in one thousand nine hundred and forty five, right. So there he's working with him and then, just cut some augic, he was fired before Vernavon Braun got their hold on the dull check. I'm pretty sure he did, and I mean wasn't working on the side. They were meeting in the desert. Dude. That's fair. That's fair. Yeah, yeah, they were calling, they were on each other before. I mean a short life, but he's in a worse place now. Well, I don't know. I don't know if because Satan didn't hold up his end of the deal. You know, yeah, yeah, he did it, he did it. He's like well, I mean, yeah, yeah, at the end, that's that's where he was. He was telling God he's a God. I meane like yeah, I made a deal with the devil. He didn't keep his sight. Didn't a point. Can you believe this guy? Is it? Then believe the devil wasn't trustworthy. Is I got to here's the deal. Here's the deal. If either my deal with the devil is null and void and so I need my eternal life in heaven back right, or I want my Twentyzero from l Ron Hubbard, you choose which deal you want to uphold, but I don't one of them upheld. Yeah, he's a he's in court. Yeah, he's in God's Court. He's up there just it's like the force court, but it is God's Court, all right, for the Lord of the universe. What is the song? Oh Man, I can't do it better. Is One day in your court, you know? Yeah, so, yeah, it's crazy. The Guy, I mean the people's are masses started. That's pretty awesome and connected that. AUSTER Crowley was like doing cult stuff with our on Hubb before scientology really, honestly, his investment started. I don't Hubb's boating company, which is the company that became the see. What do they call that? See? You familiar with scientology? Scientology? Know, they did hand me a pamphlet downtown can city last night the sea org. So the sea org, that's where they train all their like high level operatives and it's on a yacht that like travels on the oceans. That way, it's not in control. It's international waters. They can do whatever they want. We should do. WHAT EPISODE ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY? So I don't know anything about it. Yeah, it's interesting, but other than the fact that if you fill out the form, if you take their little personality test and the and you give them a your information, they will not leave you alone. Yeah, yeah, I ever. So then. So then you have he basically found in scientology because the CEEWORK happened through that boating company. So he funded Scientology essentially. So the things that this guy was a part of, his kind of Anas not done and he's not done pretty crazy. So the God was like listen, the deals done and void. All right, there's only one thing left. You can do up, put a bandaid on those bloody hands and get over here and fiddle off with the devil things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by connerbet social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

The life story of the man who helped found the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is one that anyone would assume is full of intrigue. That is precisely the case with Jack Parsons, one of the lead members of the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory which led to the founding of JPL. However, for Jack, his scientific exploits are some of the least exciting points of his life. Parsons dealing with the occult and a few notable, perhaps questionable, colleagues led to his expulsion from the organization he helped found. Eventually, the very thing that brought him success became his downfall.

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