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Hey Man, trying to like look hot when we start or something. What are you doing that with your jaw? You do whatever you think. You Look Hot, don't you? What's up? Have you ever heard of skinwalker ranch? Skin Walker ranch and Walker and, yeah, that sounds like what they put on my salad at Texas roadhouse. What skinwalker? Right, he's like some skinwalker. Yeah, yeah, a southwest dressing. Its gross. It's gross. Yeah, yeah, someone offers you a ranch dressing called skinwalker. Do what seems like a Zombie theemed restaurant. That's what they give you with the with the human wings. Hmm, where they called that? What do you think they would call him? Fully and JI's? Maybe fully and jefully and he's skin Walker ranch. Okay, am I gonna regret all these jokes? I don't know what Skin Walker ranches. No, you're going to regret this episode. Is that an alien thing? Okay, so this has been recommended to US bottle people, a lot of people, patrons and non patrons, like an alien thing. I mean aliens. There's there's a van Diagram and aliens. Aren't it? Great things I learned last night. All right, well, sorry, if you're watching this, I know first of all, we should also say to all the people who find these stupid episodes, let me just dress the camera. All right, don't comment and be like couldn't make a seven minutes it. Just leave, just go. You can do your free let me release you from there. Let me spiritually you can go here, all right. So just to me. I want to say something. I want your switching me. I want to know what you think about it. It helps me understand. Are we hitting the mark? No, hating? No, because people think that their feedbacks important. So we got all these comes. I couldn't tell if it's a comedy show. It's it's a comedy show. Should this is a podcast and we're we're not as acknowledgeable as you want us to be. It's also so it's Nice and look at me in the face right now. move out of your mom's house. She works hard. You're a grown person. Get a job, all right. So, Skin Walker ranch. Go ahead, this skin worker ranch. So this is a skin walker definitely means aliens and human form A. That's a hundred percent. What that means depends who you ask. I like my skin Walker ranch idea, though. That's fun. We should open a Zombie theme restaurant. Yeah, that actually does sound kind of fun. So there's a place in Utah called skin wallker ranch. It's AKA Western or eastern Utah, a little ways outside of Salt Lake City, probably about an hour or so. I haven't looked that up. I'm just as a Mormon thing. Yeah, the Mormans we call God's Gods and human skin walkers. Yeah, that's pretty close. Actually IT'S IN UTAH. So it's in Utah. It's just this ranch. It's pretty long. It's long large, five hundred and twelve acres, so a very large ranch. Okay, and it's had for owners since inception, since the movie. Nobody owners as this house had since in such a came of thousand and eleven. Is that one? Inception came out with to do not very many unders reception. So you're telling me this lands cycled through some people. Yeah. So, so here's the deal. So we'll go backwards through time real quick. In two thousand and sixteen, branded food go all bought it through his Shell company add mantium holdings, basically like a real estate investment firm. Sure, and so he's had it since two thousand and sixteen before that, was Robert Bigelow. He bought it in one thousand nine hundred and ninety six had it for about twenty years. He is the he's a multimillionaire esm and net worth like seven hundred million dollars. Your last name of like she's seven her million. Yeah, seven hundred million. It's seven billion. And I was like, Whoa hold on, I don't know who our bigelow. Robert Bigelow. That sounds like he wears a track suit ever where he goes. You know, Mr Biggelow, would you like us to get to bring your car around here? Right, it's so. He owns the hotel chain, budget sweets. It sounds right. Yeah, so he owns the hotel chain. That's how he got his money. And then he also found a bigelow aerospace. He does a lot of government contracts building or engineering, designing new jets and stuff for they do the military, I mean the government, spend so much money on that. Yeah, and should make jets. You and I too, former podcasters, left the dream behind. Two film prodcast is spotted in the desert next to a day just blowing stuff up, and turns out that they are prodigies. So and then Robert Bigelow has his. Like you think they would refer to us as podcasters? Do you think that they would know who we are? Tick Tock Star and his friends, spotty desert and his friend. I love that. Okay, and so, and Robert Bigelow also has like a research institute that he runs just personally. Before that the Shermans own it, Terry and Gwen Sherman, but they bought it in nine ninety four, sold in nineteen ninety six, five years. They were like come out, two years, two years, Oh, ninety four to ninety six. Yeah, bad. So they weren't there very long. And then before that was Kenneth and Edith Myers and they had owned it since nineteen thirty four. Oh, she's so, about sixty years. They built the ranch. They were first people there. Yeah, well, they went to first people there, but they were first people to show up and be like this is our land now and we're building stuff. Right, you're so? The Mormon's had been there since the sixteen hundreds. Yeah, and so I don't know where the more wins didn't it didn't mormonism just get created like, I don't know, five years ago? So like that, I created in the fiel, thinks eighteen hundreds. I think it was eighteen hundreds, I think so. All right, yeah, because he found that like golden eyeglass out in the woods. Yeah, anyways, dipped it in some skin walker range dipping an eye watch. Anyway, whatever I watch, I class whatever go on, go on and so so. Not Very many owners, he was what's interesting. So what way? I mean, I'm most interested in the people who owned it for two years. Yeah, they bought the light. Should be so so here. Well, we'll roll the clock back. Before any of these people owned it, though, this was cute tribal land. Yeah, for I mean a long time, but for us right. And they there is a legend in you tribal history that at one point they got into a bit of a conflict with the Navajo people and Navajos cursed their land in the UNITA based, or Uinta Uinta, I think that's how you pronounce it, the Uinta Basin. Okay, they curse that land. Where are the ranches? Where the ranches with hold on, let me, let me. I MMM, what are you doing when you get where you when you're Google is other to you. Just run through the vowels you just go a I hmm, you do what, you Humme it, though, MMM, MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMM. It was it sometimes. Why? So, the there's a word for it. I'm not even going to try to pronounce it. Sure, but it's like it's essentially what it is is the Navajo believed that they had some Shamans who would suchily curse themselves to become what we call a skinwalker. They had a name for it that roughly translates to with it, he goes on all fours, is what that. So with it, he goes on all fours is the translation. So, and the NAVAJOS and and the youths now to and a lot of you just you just graze past the sentence where you said we call it a sky or skinwalker. Yeah, what? What? What do we call a skin walker? The we're going to get here, this this shaman thing, the with it, he goes on all fours. We call skinwalker. I don't know where we well, I do know exactly where he got it, but we'll get to that in a second. It's okay. And this is this is something that even to this day, people who live in tribal groups or like come from this tradition, won't even say the name, which I can't pronounce. It's like, I don't know, he hate you so much I'm not even going to try. And so anyway, you know, and even to this day, they won't purn it. They won't pronounce the word. MMM MMM, MMM MM. They won't say it. I'll try it. Won't say it because they're afraid of to like invoke the spirit and then the skin walk like Bel Juice. Yeah, like beel juice, but it's like serious, like they will, we're not going to say it, and so they're glad that you're not able to say. They're listening to the PODCAST. Really, don't say. I don't know, like they're like, don't say, he's he's fine, he can't say. He won't be able to say it. So the reason why they call it with it, he goes on all fours, because what these shamans would do is they curss themselves and essentially what happened is they would morph into this eternal creature. This is as a legend goes and Mur from this like eternal creature, and what they did is they would crawl around the woods, but on all four wars, but not on like on all fours, like we think, like like backwards, with their back facing down and their head like tilted backwards. So they're like like yeah, like you're in bridge position. Yeah, and like on all fuls, like got all fours, but jack belly buttons the sky and then your head's just dangling down. Yeah, no, I get. Every scary movie has that. Yeah, exactly. So super terrifying, just crawling around like that. But like weirdly fool woods. Yeah, weirdly fast. Yeah, obviously. And then the g every scary movie they eat the flesh of everything, animals, humans, whatever one, you name it. And what they do here's where they get really creepy. In the legend. What they do is where they get creepy. You're saying that if, let's say you're here at the office alone and night right, and you come out this door and outside is a person, presumably on all fours, belly button right navel to the sky, and they're just like and you're like this isn't creepy yet. That's that's a little creepy. But if you did this, what other thing? I see what you're doing. You're Oh, I know what this is. You'RE A M MMM. So what made them creepy Toim so what they would do is they would kill people and they would take their face and stick it on their face. Oh, I hate white shrew yeah, I don't like that. And doing that gave them this ability to mimic that person's voice. So what they would do is they go kill someone from the tribe, stick their face on them and then they would go out in the woods and they cry for help and they sounded like that person and so people would run to go help them. It's problem, and they would them getting killed. They were actually crying fla. It would be the person crying for help, and then the like, you've got their face on, you know, and it's like you must have sounded like them. You know I'm saying, like or you play that logic out. I mean that's a decent idea, but and then there's then there's kind of fringe things on it. I don't know if every you know. This is the thing. Did you know? Now, apparently every girl knows this, is that you don't yell for help. Really why? Because no one shows that. But what do you yell instead? Bomb, sure fire. Yeah, every girl, if you ask any girl, you say you say hey, if you're in danger, what do you yell? They'll say fire, because what people are more likely to respond to someone shouting fire than they are help. That's pretty jacked up, isn't that crazy? We suck man. Yeah, well, I don't know. If I hear someone saying help, I'm like, Oh, are you the person? Are you scar Walker? You know. So there's also a like sub belief of this that they can shape shift into just about amazing. Yeah, but the basic idea is that these are these creature in the woods, that that will lure people in by making people think there's someone in trouble, and then when they get there they'll eat them. Really glad that we live in the Midwest, because there is not a single person, possessed or not, in the Midwest, that has the flexibility physical capabilities, even if they do get possessed. Could you imagine it? Let's imagine you're the possessor, right, and you're like a little spirit. You're just like like jump into him, try to take a LAS castle. You take over somebody's body in the Midwest. You Know Dan, who's just eating four roles at Texas Roadhouse, and then you're just like, Oh, you can't even do it, you know, and I say that as a person who probably can't do it. I say probably cause I have a little bit of competence that I bet I could. Let's get a shot in the after the fiddle. That's thank you. Yes, I like the plea. Maybe do it during the episode. So yeah, so the Schem Walker's pretty scary concept. There's actually a lot of people who believe in them to this day, both within tribal people but not like throughout the West, like there are like stories kind of like big foot, where it's like people go in the Woodsk and Walker got them. Sure, have you are a loved one been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the tilling podcast? Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy ad free experience and they get early access to content, behind the scenes stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. Will. We all are in it, are producers and the hosts. So if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text tilling to six, six, eight sixty six. So does that bring us to the ranch? So that brings us to the ranch. So the ranch is in the you end up basin. I don't know if I'm saying that right, but sure. anyways, it's in that basin that was supposedly cursed with the skip walkers. Sidebar skin walkers. They they are almost invincible. The one way you can kill them is if you say their birth name. So it was a human at one point, a shaman. So there when they shamans are cursing themselves, they're permanently a skin walker. Yeah, they're becoming a skim walker forever, and the sort says their name and they're immortal. Yeah, unless someone says his name. If someone says their name, which sacks us at it again. In this world, how many people's names you remember? What if fifteen? Someone you knew rolls up backwards and you go, Oh hey, hold on, let me open up facebook. We get facebook out when you give me a human name, stay human, Abumanday, that's good. Yeah, so that's the only way they can die. So's if you say their name, you say their birth name, they walk up and there, Oh hey Jonathan, yeah, and then they'll like, oh, sorry, did I say something? I'm sorry. Yeah, so it's the only way I'll die too, jared, I can't believe you try to openly murder me like that. I can't believe we have evidence. We've evidence that you just tried to kill me. That was science. I was used right heal. This science, purely scientific, you're saying, just trying to sound well, yeah, I just wanted to see gun work. Really Science, really science. I was just tested it. I cannot believe you will say my name, Dj Oh. Don't go that. So this can way me. I wanted to name my son after you, but I can't remember if your middle name is James or John, and I know we've had this conversation on the podcast before, so I could probably go look it up. Yeah, but it's James, it's John. I always think it's James. What is it? Jabbowaukee? What are you talking? Don't we'll go with that. All right. So the skinwalkers are supposedly have been there the whole time, right, the same ones? Yeah, yeah, the the old Shamans, and they the old couple that owned it. Well, they weren't old when they when they first built the range. I get, I hope any wild built in the S and they were. They're just hitting care about skinwalkers. Yeah, they well, they built it in the S and three skin walkers short of the door. We're good people, cay see nothing. We just want to welcome you to then we're backwards. They got cookies o their belly. Get a little platters of cookies. We're gonna wrapper our times. We've rethought the whole cursed thing. We've had time to reconsider. Our names are shatter rack me checking a bed to go. Don't say those. Never say Yep, you just call me m please. Don't say when it why wouldn't you just go fake name? Why would you tell someone your realm b? Never say it. Don't say it. Okay, was there reything else? I could call you anything, anything else, literally, but big roll else. Say Yeah. And then, and then Kenneth Myers was like, I don't know how, Skin Walker, can I call you that? And they like that's weird. He called my name. No, he did it. Okay. So, yeah, so the way, the skin walker idea comes from us, because they walk like that. Weird. Yeah, people skin on their face. Okay, like anyways. So the Myers, the Myers family, moves in. They lived there for sixty years. Nothing happens. It is putting on my life and you and skimmaker ran okay, but for some reason when the Sherman's move in life is pretty weird, pretty pretty weird, pretty pretty weird. So here's what happens. They starts with a little bit of catal mutilation. How are you familiar with this? See, cow mutilation, attle cattle, cattle Mune, cattle mutilation. I've I've dabbled. Yeah, I know that I've mutilated any at all. That's consent. Yeah, you wake up one morning and your cows me. What's interesting? I don't know here. What's it? Just think about cattle mutilation. Is there's kind of two tiers to it, right. Yeah, there's your basic cattle mutilation, where you wake up in your cattle's just like exploded. Right, most likely. What happens there is like, I mean you you got your two forms of cattle mutilation, and so you wake up a boom. One one cattle mutilated, all right, and then you look at another one. You got to cattle, right, your rather cattle mutilated, but different. I like that. You just had like this like mad and mutilation breakdown before really did man. So, but I say, what did you basic like it just it just explodess how you're describing as why I did problem. You're just like how it was a coyote got in and just eight your cow. Right, okay. And so people are oh my gosh, something happened with cow, like well, what, just what's going on? But the other scenario actual, you know, probably just a coyote, probably just kyle. But there is another scenario of catal mutlation that's much more rare but documented, and there's a couple cases of this on skimmaker ranch and these are a little bit harder to explain because their scenarios where it's body parts are scattered. No, it's more surgical. So the cows are dead but they're not exploded. There are incisions somewhere and organs missing. Or, in the case of skinwalker ranch, Terry found three different cattle at three different times dead. Couldn't find anything wrong with them except for there was what looked like a drill hole in their eye. Very odd. A lot of people will be like, Oh, yeah, you just got a weird neighbor, but what did you just say? You are go on what, you got a weird neighbor. Well, yeah, but then problem with that is like think about, just like I think about how difficult would that would be? Till I come up to a cal and do that hole still? Oh No, and they would that wouldn't even kill the cow. Yeah, so that's the problem. Is like it's these weird surgical precision type procedures that the cow underwent and then just died afterwards. So a lot of people think it's alien. So he saying he had three different cattle. All that was wrong. was they a whole in their eyes. Yeah, they'd like a trill hole in nothing else. Nothing else, and that was weird to him. He was like, this is strange, but it was like probably a kyoh known guyouts to do this. He thought that was odd. Yeah, he thought it was. Boy. What do you do, though? Look, what do you do when you find your cow dead in a weird situation? I don't know. You called Kock Outline. Yeah, he called the cow corner. Yeah, the CO owner the calendar. He's say, can you explain it, and they usually will say no, easiest jab in the world. Dude. Can you explain this? MMM No, can't you going lunch next Tuesday? Yeah, I'm thinking steak. You guys get hungry. So the so that was really well. Thanks for stopping up by Dr Dvin, don't you say it, don't see. Turns around and his eyes are like it will see you later, gets in his car, art gets in his car and has to use the petals and then turn allwere stir it. Yeah, guys, he is it off kind of character. Yeah, you wee's strange doctor. Yeah, so a lot of people, a lot of these plan say the cattle munlation is aliens like they're being abducted in doing experiments is on the cows because they don't have anythink they're the dominant species. Aliens come to Earth and they're just like take us to your leader, and the cows like me. I think. I think what the theory is is the aliens come to Earth, they don't have cows on their planet and they see that we just make millions of cows and then kill them and they're like why? But I'm saying that I don't think they see us do that. I think they just land in a big field and they can't see anything for a while and they see a cow and they assume, take that this is the intelligent life being. That's what I'm saying. I think they know more than that. I think they fly over Texas and they're like, look at how they put all of those things in that little bin and then they shove them in there. Isn't it weird? The most ailing stories are just so America centric. Is that not alarming to anybody else? I mean there's cow farms everywhere, you think, cattle fans everywhere. That the aliens are orbiting and they're looking down at Texas. Yeah, they're like, look at the weird things that doing over there. We should draw some of those eyes. So so, yeah, that's the theory. anyways, Skim Walker ranch. So they're there for two years. So there for two three cows die. Supposedly they have a few runins with some skinwalkers. No, very terrified people. Yeah, supposed no, they say that. No, they did not. They say they that, but they didn't know they were skim walkers. They didn't know much about any of the thing. I saw some weird just rangers. These are just ranchers. So they saw, I mean they described, a person, person crawling backwards through the woods and calling for help, and so weird things. There's also there's also this like myth of this weird wolf in skinwalker ranch, and this one's dumb to me, but I mean it's all kind of done to me. Yeah, as opposed to the skin walker, as opposed to the person calling help with someone else's voice, this one. What's the idea? So the idea it's a wolf that's like three times the size of normal wolves. Wolf Wolves three times the size of normal wolves, but apparently it's like invincible. Terry says he shot this thing three times with a rifle and I like, Damn, flinch, it's just a bear. You just saw a bear. Terry, saw bear Terry. Terry is the thing it was called for. Hell, he's the thing. Terry is like. He's not one of these guys like he is, like he had been for a long straightforward cattle rest, straight, like stiff neck cattle guy. Right then all of a sudden, all of a sudden he buys this ranch and he's seeing weird stuff in the woods all the time. But the moment that kind of I mean they had seen lights in the sky, see weird stuff all time, right, but the moment that kind of did them in was he was out on his ranch and he had three dogs and they started barking at the woods and then just started running in the woods and he was trying to catch him, try to stop them, but their dogs are fast, right. So they go into the woods and he hears like this commotion, This Barking, and then this bright flash in the woods and then he comes in and there's like this big area of charred ground with like ash piles and and he's like those are my dogs and he's like selling the property, getting out of here. Here's here's what's interesting about this. All those dogs got struck ber lightning. I mean he didn't say it was raining. He could have been, but he didn't. He didn't disgray right. So they sell the property like immediately after this. And what a lot of people will say is that because the Myers didn't experience anything and then the Sherman's all of a sudden did. And the fact that they sold it to this bigelow guy. biggelow was a pretty outspoken, like paranormal guy, like he'd really liked the paranormal stuffkay. So what a lot of do they say? A little buy it because of the stuff. It seems like it it very much so the word got out. Yeah, I mean, if you're trying to sell a house, don't say it's haunted, so the Sherman guys. So the theory is that the Shermans made made this up so they could sell it. UN like, you sell it really quick, because is what way to do it, though, if you say you got a haunted building, some paranorial people will buy it. I mean, here's the thing. If you buy like a five hundred Acre ranch, though, like you don't buy something like that and expect only to be there for a couple of years. Like yeah, you expect to be there for a long time, especially a ranch, like you're expecting to work that ranch right on top of that. Yeah, still the move ranches. You got to move all your cows to that's a lot of huls. You know how many you alls is going to take to do this? I don't care. You don't know what I've seen. You don't know what there's the thing, like the they sold it, and when they sold it, they only sold it for two hundred thousand dollars, which was a major loss. I mean really need to get rid of it. Yeah, so this isn't someone who's like, I mean, if they were trying to get this upseale make a profit off of it, they there's no way they would have sold it for that low of an amount. Right, they would have. They would have tried to make a bigger profit on it than sure, and so that kind of that does kind of like, uh, I don't know if they were making it up right, if they're willing to part with it for that cheap. Hey, you ever heard of tilling merchandise? That's right, we've got a full store of branded teas, mugs, hoodies, stickers a lot more. All of its available online if you just text tilling to six six, eight hundred and six six will send you a link for all of that. And we put out new designs with every episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them while they're hot. So that was ninety four. Okay, bigelow comes in. Yeah, bigelow, he establishes. Let me pull it up so I get all right, the National Institute for Discovery Science, the Nid s or the nods is what people call it. Okay, and the idea is it's an institute that will fund the Research of fringe sciences and paranormal topics. And what he does is he sets up audio recorders, cameras like seismic recorders, all over the property to just collect data, basically seven and he turns the ranch, the House and the house in the ranch to a lab. And so they're constantly studying air and studying like what's happening with the seismic activity and all this different stuff, and they get a lot of data, obviously because they've constantly recorded her. In theory, there's a lot of video and photo and audio of paranormal things happening on the ranch and they had been studying those four years. Another interesting thing is there's a lot of its like a seismic hotbed. There's a ton of ufo sightings are. This is actually falls right and what's called the UFL alley, which is kind of the Nevada New Mexico Utah area. Yeah, it's where they orbit. Yeah, yeah, they say they hang out over there. So there's a lot of ufo sightings there as well. And then, of course the skin walker stuff and the wolf thing. So a lot of paranormal activity happen. If there were ufos, they one would have collided with a plane by now. No, they're too fast. Don't don't. Don't you think they would air traffic control be like Hey, Ufo we've got a plane southwest is coming out. I'm saying, though, is like, if you have us, can you know they can get around our system? Yeah, right, yeah, we're not seeing them all the time. Yeah, I think that with how much air traffic there is, I don't think so. I think I don't think they would. Okay, I mean there's a lot of air traffic, but I mean if you look up, like, there's a lot of room in this guy, sure, there's still a lot of room. And I mean those things are they're quick and they're better technology. The fly higher. So I don't know. I mean, yeah, he's serious. It's annoyable, but no, no, I mean like, yeah, but they're also invisible and they can move through objects, and object from Burson's isn't they were nothing for them, and also they're from the future in the past the same time. So clearly your idea is stupid. Yeah, so in two thousand and four his his institute was kind of disbanded without note us. And Yeah, because they saw a skinmugger. Yeah, they saw skind luck. Are they like James? And then a send it and then they were like, oh, we gotta get out of here. So in two thousand and four I got disbanded without notice and he had been relatively outspoken with what was going on there. He had have been releasing a lot of stuff, but he had been talking about like Oh yeah, we saw this thing was all that thing. Blah Bla, blah, blah, blah. Put them for he disbands it and he's not talking about anymore. Very odd. Well, in the skin walkers are blackmailing him. I listen, you're not gonna like what we saw. All right, we've been out here a long time and we notice that you have a couple of girlfriends and if you don't meet our domains, will blow your life up. Yeah, I think that actually might be pretty close to what happened. So he in two thousand and eighteen. At the end of two thousand and eighteen he comes out in a report with New York Times. This is, you know, in two thousand and twenty, when that Ufo Bigu AF report came out. Well, it got elaked years before. From to the Stars Academy. To the Stars Academy is comprised of a lot of to the Stars Academy. Yes, it's comprised of a lot a of like prominent former military and government. It's calls and senators stars. Goody, it's not called Stars Academy now it's to the Stars Academy, okay. Yeah, and and they're comprised of a lot of former military and science people, teenagers with weird powers. HMM. I mean it's funny you say that because it was started by Tom Delong from blank way to so Kinda, but he actually did go get a lot of these people and he was the one that their organization was. They leaked that originally and then a couple years later the government was like, Hey, asked about his real girl ahead to do a couple yeah, dash control kind of stuff. Yeah, and so anyways. So, so they leaked that and whenever they leaved that, bigelow did a report with the New York Times and he was like yeah, so the Oh good, everyone's talking about it. Great, great, great, I can talk about this now. Sweet are awesome. So, I mean if it's already out there, yeah, so that wife left me a decade ago, we could talk about it. So during the time that he had skinwalker ranch, the US senator of Nevada, Harry Reid, had approached him, yeah, and was like Hey, this institute thing that you've got. It's over. We're gonna it's the government's now. Yeah, yeah, and they were like they're are real. Yeah, and so so. So they started. The government showed up, was like hey, and like what? What? And he's like he's like senator. He's like, don't say my name, let me stopf you'reright there. Please have us on my desper morning. So so they take his institute. They let it continue running, but they say never talk about it, this doesn't exist and it's now it eventually becomes a tip, which is the Aeronautical Threat Identification Program which was the government's UFL research program in the early s. That got disbanded in two thousand and thirteen because it's not real. It is real. The government in their two thousand and twenty report declassified that a tip was a thing and they were well, I mean a tips of thing. Yeah, but they're like yeah, so so their lab our cattle or mutilated. So their lab was a portion of a tip and was studying the parent normal. So what did they will say in his report of The New York Times he basically was just like yeah, so we didn't leave. We kept we kept doing research and we found some things and they were very interesting. And he said that he was absolutely convinced that extra touch real life exists and they have visited earth basically like that in the S. Yeah, that's true. That is true. It's fairly true. It turns out I am one hundred percent percent convinced of the thing that I thought. So. So what are you going to do with that? In what you do with that information? Yeah, so government came by and I said, yeah, I've been thinking these things and still think of so. I still think so. Now I think so. Now what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do about that now? Yeah, relase a senator twenty, senator ar sure don't ever see her name again. So don't make me mad sense. That's we're saying, though it is it feels like there's a lot of room for confirmation bias here. There is. And and he did say, and it is true, that a lot of the files from a tip are still classified. And so he said, I you can't talk about a lot of it, which is convenient, but yeah, it's true. We do know. It's true that a tip was the classified. I can't about that. She goes through differently. Do try about she's real, though. Yeah, he's real. Promise she's real. You want to know her, but she wasn't real. Yeah, she's real. No, yeah, I don't pressures with her. Every time I take a picture of her, I can't see it. Yeah, see, I'll try to, I'll let me describe it. She's got she's got a jacket, she's blonde with Bangs, and don't try to Google her. Don't no ear and you're not gonna like. Yeah, you know, I'm gonna find her. You're not gonna find you're not going to you're not gonna find I you know how I did. Sounds like you murder. You're not gonna find her anyway. Yeah, it's touch classified. Can't talk about it. Talk about it. Yeah, I'm gonna do forever. Now. By the way, it's class of now, kid. That rise classified. Yeah, Ray is like, what did you and Tim do last weekend? That's classified. Yeah, Hey, we got jared Myers on the podcast today. I heard you got a new toilet. You say find up. Can you tell us a bit about why did you say my name? I have one rule for this radioator. You don't see more. Hey, we've got a you know, we good comic. We got a comedian. If you've seen Tim Hawkins, you've seen this one and you know. Okay, so bigelow does his a tip stuff for yeah, he doesn't a tips. that. That's all. I lose. Spooky stuff happen the range, like that's happened to tell you? Yeah, exactly. And then a unless you come on Sunday morning at today am, you know you're find out. Why did you join us on Sunday? Best is yet to come. So so that was that was sorry, that was a jab at everybody. So I haint ti gets disbanded and alleged that. A couple years later bigelow puts it up for sale and then this guy brandon food all buys it in two thousand and see, two thousand and sixteen. Yeah, do the Ad Mantium Holdings, which is a shell company. It's a shell company. See, also an alien guy, Um, I mean yes, like he's interested. He's not sold. He's more he's a Mormon guy and he's more interested. He says, if I can prove in the paranormal then that proves mormonism, which is a leap, but sure, he's like. It's like yeah, if I can get a picture of a ghost, then you're like, yeah, the spiritual world exists. So that's kind of his motive. It's a little different. And so he immediately after I shouldn't say he, because there's a group involved. He's the guy who's kind of spearheading it, but it's a full group of investors with the Shell Company. But immediately after they buy it, they close all roads leading into the ranch, they put up surveillance, like twenty four hour surveillance, outside of it, and actually hire security company to patrol the ranch. And they're like trying to keep people out. Yeah, but what if you like get hired for the security of this place? Right, you're like, all right, are we supposed to keep people out or keep weird things in? Little both, but imagine it back here, because, listen, security guards are just cops that didn't graduate, right, and so am I wrong? Yeah, right, a step above mall cop, yeah, step below real one. Yeah, right, yeah, or their cops who blew up the toilet. That's also true. That's also true. Yeah, never mind. So, but I mean what I'm saying is, like they don't they got training, but not really. Yeah, and like anybody could be a security officer. Yeah, yeah, you know, yeah, proven by the people who are security officers my apartment, because the people, my neighbors, were outside grilling hot dogs, playing music till thirty in the morning. Yeah, and ice. I would watch security come in the parking lot with their little yellow lights and they were supposed to shut that down and instead just took a hot dog. It's gonna say. It was like they're like, I canna get one of those nickel that's exactly what they did and they drove off. So, yeah, yeah, that's what I imagine when you say they hired a security company, but also what they could be hiring is like, like security company is like a code word for militia. Yeah, yeah, like the security companies that the United States government hires to go overseas and do stuff. Oh, is that okay? That's the thing. Yeah, the security company that the guy from taking work for. This is going to be a stretch my stick with. It's like taking to all right, that's a reference nobody gets. Oh, no, bomber, if you're a painting one day, maybe. anyways. So, so this real estate, this Shell Company. They here's what's interesting, right. Yeah, they buy the property, shut it down, they shut it down and then they went and they trademarked skin Walker ranch and then they also with the mark that was applicable to in quotes providing recreation facilities, entertainment surfaces, mainly creation, development, production and distribution of multimedia content, Internet content, motion pictures and television shows, and an additional trademark expanded to the use of Cups, mugs, shirts, short sleeve shirts, sports caps and hats. Where you have a theme park out here, yes, can walker land. So and then they made a reality TV show that's now on the history channel called the secrets of skinwalker ranch, and so it seems pretty clear that they bought it because they were like, Oh yeah, we can make for sure profit off this and it and it was usually successed. Worked for sure. Is a successful made a ton of money off it's like, dude, I think about you know, what I think about a lot is that the people from the finding big foot show have to know that big foot's not real and they're it is out there raking in the money. MMM, MMM, yeah, probably, probably, and it seems like this is what's going on here. What a lot of people say is that the Shermans made it up to sell it to bigelow. bigeloaded is thing for a little bit and then now these people are trying to profit off of it again. But there is the theory that because this guy does seem relatively interested, that he started this reality TV showed to fund the research because he's not as rich as biggelow, and so he said, I'm ready to income. Yeah, if we can make this a spectacle also, if you you happen to catch what you're looking for on camera for your TV show. Yep, huge six. I think that's the that's the idea. So whether or not it's genuine, it's hard to tell for sure. Yeah, but the fact that they trademarked it is a little suspect. But I mean, I guess if you're going to start the show name it's kid longer, right. Yeah. So I don't know the whole thing. Like, is there some weird things that happened there? Sure is. Aliens most likely involved. Absolutely, but it's a lot of it probably made up. Yeah, absolutely. I want to go the theme park, you know, like just ride a roller coaster. They got a ride called the mutilater right, another one called face off. They've got all of their cast members are crawling around back. Yeah, I mean you got a passive flexibility test. All this up and then they're big ride. Yeah, you know, the big roller coaster is called the fiddle off. Yeah, things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by connerbet social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg, our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at Tilling podcast, that's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review, comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

Few places have sparked as much public intrigue as Skinwalker Ranch. Dubbed as the most paranormally active place in America, the ranch has books and tv shows in its honor. We can learn much by looking at the ranch owners over the years. When did that haunting begin? What is the nature of the hauntings? Most importantly, what do UFOs have to do with it? The history goes back long before the United States itself. Native Americans tell of legends of terrifying creatures whose names they wouldn’t even say aloud. Today we investigate if the stories might be true or just an unbelievable cash grab.

The History of Skinwalker Ranch

The infamous ranch is located in Uintah County in eastern Utah. Since its establishment, the land has passed between four owners. The first and longest-running owners were Kenneth and Edith Myers. The couple owned the land from 1934 to 1994 and never reported anything strange during their time there. The subsequent owners, however, were not so fortunate.

Terry and Gwen Sherman owned and operated the ranch for just two years from ’94 – ’96. The Shermans reported paranormal activity, including UFO sightings, ghost sightings, cattle mutilation, strange sounds, etc. The experience was so harrowing for the couple that they sold it after just two years on the property.

The individual to whom the Shermans sold Skinwalker Ranch was Robert Bigelow. The millionaire business tycoon purchased the land in hopes of studying the events therein. As an avid paranormal enthusiast, real estate was a dream opportunity to open a research facility to study strange phenomena. Bigelow owned the ranch for 20 years, from 1996 to 2016. Finally, he sold the ranch to another millionaire investor and current owner, Brandon Fugal. Like Bigelow, Fugal is using the land to study the paranormal. Brandon’s studies provide an exciting reality tv twist, though.

The Paranormal Activity on the Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch is famous for the paranormal events that occur there. The possibilities are many. To start, the ranch sits smack in the center of UFO alley, a region of the United States famous for its wide array of UFO sightings. In addition to aliens, the ranch is known for poltergeist or ghost activity. Seismic activity and other strange magnetic field fluctuation are recorded on-site as well. A few other events include a giant bulletproof wolf, weird lightning, odd sounds, and cattle mutilation. But, of course, what makes it famous is the beasts known as Skinwalkers.

What is a Skinwalker

Native Tribal legends tell of a cursed group of shamans that bears a name that most tribal people won’t even say out loud. The name roughly translates to “with it, they go on all four,” which describes how the shaman walks on all fours with the chest facing upwards and head dangling down. Somewhere along with the line, people have dubbed these Skinwalkers because they walk in that strange fashion and do another peculiar thing.

According to the mythology, these monsters will take the faces of their victims and attach them to their front. Once this is done, these creatures can mimic that person’s voice. The beast will then call for help using that person’s voice to lure its next victim in. Yeah, it’s pretty messed up.

The History Channel

The current owner of the ranch, Brandon Fugal, is funding his studies on the ranch by creating a reality tv show that is currently airing on the History channel. Out of all the intrigue on the ranch, this might be the lynchpin. Many critics point out that the original owners lived on the property for 60 years and never experienced any of the events described today. Some theorize that the Shermans created this tale to allow the Shermans to sell the land to Bigelow. Fugal is attempting to squeeze profit from the ground by creating a tv series about paranormal activity.


The events at Skinwalker Ranch are some of the most phenomenal to occur anywhere on earth. However, given the history of the experiences of the past owners and the use of the two most recent owners, it is hard to believe that the stories told are true. The one saving grace for the legend of the ranch came during Bigelow’s ownership. After years of running a public research firm on the land, the government shut Bigelow’s public company down and contracted as a shadow organization to continue its studies. While the results of those studies are classified, the very existence of the studies begs the question; what did they want to know?

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Skinwalker Ranch – Wikipedia

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