Lonnie Zamora – UFO Sightings Like This Will Blow Your Mind


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Hey Man, what's up brother, have you heard of the Lonnie Zamora incident, Lonnie Zamora Yeah? Maybe Bonnie, have you heard a Lani, so mor Lonnie sounds like a youth group volunteer. That's for sure in Texas, like a Texas, we that kind of guy. That means really well but like just says things that you're, like that's, not good theology yeah you, like you're, gonna, tell your Bot your pastor, like yeah, I'm Goin to have a meeting with lonnie today, another my weekly Tuesday, meaning he sal the guy with volunteers, youth group, but is also the maintenance guy for the church. You know like he's just outside and Moin Reante Riding Lawn Mower, it's a massive yard for the church, but Yah I just like she. He likes the discipline of it. He likes Porpus boding that Yard Yeah Church has a Ridin. They don't even have a push. He brings his be biis own push mower of his Tanais to stop T he's. Not even the one is supposed to do. It. They've asked him to stop. They said, listen and hired someone else to do. Somebody else and he's like Hey, save the church's money, I'll go hers O money out. I feel, like God, call me to do this. You know he's just out there a h Mo yeah and he wos over it gets done. He mows it over seven times yeah, because that's what he you know, because he just he believes which is last Le Times a week, Zamora yeah. They call him Lonnie Zamower, so show I'm not a freaking sandquake a patient, probably that guy hired to do it. It's called alien aid. I don't know how would you go back to mowing the church, your R okay, we've got ear horse things to do here. You think they're, rolling, out luxury, yeah, Lokolo, yeah yeah things to me is a Zamora sounds like a shop at a shopping, Mall Yeah, it does welcome, is or one of those key open, Tiamo. That's how the that's, how the employer very tell you walking welcome to some more well, it's yeah! It's a! I had real, weird yeah and they're all wearing like like sparkly shirts, O sparkin short was like a black blazer over, like those shirts. Were like you run your hand across it and it's like black and then you run your hand the other way, and it's like sparkly and silver and they've got like a little chubby under belly kind of thing, but their face is so thin. It's like a a person like that. We your just like. Why is your shoulder up yeah, Ninety five pounds? That's like facial life of life. What did you do and it turns out they're just sucking in their face all day or they've contour their makeup to be a way? That's like it's crazy at Han you doing that. Why are you clinching your jaw like that on a tikas hot? Have we talked about Hottogon in this show? I don't remember. I hate that that was your reaction. I it's a good movie. How do you move out? It is the single greatest movie ever made go that far but yeah. How do go Bloto, it's as it was a movie. It was good. It was if you like, okay, shameless plug, for something that I don't need to plug. If you liked not to libra or or no play in a m the in farmers, those kind of like our Hiron Yeah, you will love hatty blond, it's a good film. I love it. So much is my favor me. I see like more Superior Taste, Oh love, safety, dacker, my Gosh and by superior taste. I mean like, if you're in love with ibility you're, going to love this movie she's in I'll. Tell you what okay a lot he's: a Mora, Lan Lonnie, losed Lodi, but go adisura Loti Sapores Lani la o, more lanes Amora, he was it was an incident we're talking about. This is an incident we is is creat. He was a cop in New Mexico in N T S and S C, and in one thousand nine hundred and sixty four at five forty five P m. He was doing his typical routine, which Walian thing no nice. I was really worried when you said a specific time in New Mexico. I was like this guy got. A duct is so he was sitting. He was doing his typical, his typical daily routine of sitting on the side of the road and pulling people over for speeding, because you know he's a cas what you do he's, not a cop. He just does this there's a guy on there's a guy on the Internet. That does that. Have you seen that guy? No? No there! I don't remember what his using name he's been arrested multiple times he has like a motorcycle yeah with lights and stuff on it, yeah and he's dressed as a cop yeah, and he just sing pulls people over. That's scary, yeah, that's similar, my parents said and growing up. They grew up in Phoenix yeah, I don't remember, or maybe it was when they were married when they were first married. I can't remember the time line of the story, but some time when they were younger in Phoenix in their neighborhood, there was an ice cream man who was mentally handicapped, but he believes he was a cop and the most pure thing in the world is everybody in the neighborhood just went along with it yeah as they let him pull them over and then we write them tickets and he would literally like he would wait on the side of the road and his ice cream check and he'd pull people he'd turn on his ice cream truck music and pull people over and then come rint them a ticket sure and everybody loved him. He was a super cool guy and sold them that's after the ticket. That's the good side of that. The bad side of that is like you know, people get arrested yeah, but it's not a real God right, yeah! Well, he didn't dress like a cop. He just like an ice cream man. So, okay, so people people knew there was no there's no question. I just want to see an outsider driving through town and be like. Is this ice cream truck pulling me over right? Now? I guess I I go back there. I think I'm getting pulled over by an ice cream, I'm being pulled over. I mean I could go for a bomb. I can't tell if I'm going to get a ticket or what was those yeah man they used to have like cartoon characters with Yeah Balls Yeh the Gumbi like lollipop things that epops ca things yeah. Those are so good anyways. I haven't seen the Nice Cram checking a long time. Okay, let's Kiss I appinting, can you door dash an ice cream truck? No okay, so I so he's just eenie cream truck. I have see Nice Comin a long time. They're around an see. I chased one down last year I straight up ran after an ice cream truck is up here in the North Lane. I heard the music. I pulled over a parking line and I realized it wasn't correct. So I came for a yeah all right, Goin yeah, so that I was like all right. Buddy I slipped my lights on yeah I took out my honestie lights. That's right, yeah, an chase! Ten Min Siren, but it's not a siren, it's just a voice. Recording of me going. We, who is that man you have one of those bull horns, I'm sorry! If you're driving, you thought something you looked in the rear, O view, because you thought the place are pulling you over. It's fine, it's just US making dumb noises. I hate when songs have police sirens. Oh yes, the word anyway, anyways so he's in his time he's an actual police of Al. Please O me here get five forty five pm yeah and he clocks somebody speeding down the highway. This is a mill nowhere in New Mexico like the desert, so people I mean they drive fast. This isn't El because it doesn't matter so so start with pursuing this guy walks im going to hundred and forty five. You know it turns out to be a UF N, N N. no, it's a car. This is a car. He coups. He clocks the car going super fast US pursuing him and he's chasing this guys on the radio he's talking about the pursuit right and then he hears this loud explosion, and so he pulls away from the pursuit he as has herd explosion when to try to figure out where it came from so I pulls over. He starts looking for smoke, it's the Melly desert, so it's like you can see for miles right, so he's looking for smoke and then he sees this bright light. This is an alien thing soon, as you said, New Mexico as five and forty five I was like you know what I know where this is going: Golly Man, I hate that you you that look, look, click the camera. First of all, every person is into aliens skipped out when we were doing the whole ice cream yeah it yeah. Well, I mean, but if you're still here it's three thirty in the morning go to bed go, go sleep. Don't comment on the Yutu. Video don't be like these guys are idiots who are just shut up, actually go to sleep. Can You setch to my came? Hey. Thank you. We appreciate your comments. It helps our algorithm, so leave leave your comets. We want them, makes me so mad. I don't like that. My knee is in that shot, we'll get it out of the shop, but your tea down in your female. It's an alien thing. I knew it. Okay, so he's looking. There's a bright lie right like so, he starts driving towards it. He let dispatch know that that's Essenian, what's going on when he gets down there. He notices this weird, like giant horizontal egg, like if you seen a neg before horizontal little bit horizontally, Yeah. That's what I sees. That's, how I hold all my egg or he also came in the refrigerator. I turn him for CICALAS o their best stored yeah. They they keep better that way so or he also described it as a butan tank or as a guy in a Yutu Wath, called it a booting tank, but with four like legs struts, and he sees it. It likes just sitting in the desert and it's got legs on it. Yeah. It's got four little little steel legs, okay and it's just kind of sitting. There in the desert, he sees this red symbol on the side of it. That looks like a like a big archway and in the arch way, there's an Arrow and then just like a horizon line underneath the Arrow and he's like that's weird and cryptic. I don't know what that is, and so, okay. He then notices a wise, basically where the explosion came from yeah and so he's painting the landscape, and then he notices to what he described as either large children or small adults in white cover. Alls, Hey, small kids that adds up with bobbles are, though Yep Yep the children. So there either that large, a large kids are small adults backing around the craft, and he says one of them noticed him and he says when he noticed him, it scared him, and so he started running, not a great cop. That is why he was a John he started running. I O scared, the none, the fifth grader yes with this is this giant horizonal figures wo like yeah, I was out there in the desert. Cheese Everson was beating, Sausamans spoke to them. No, yes, this scared, Lannie. So lane started kind of like it was almost like. He was running for cover he's like he's like oh they're, going to they're gonna attack me sure, and then he hears two loud thuds and he describes them as like car doors. Shutting is what he discredit as he's like it's almost like a garter shut and then he turns back and there was a loud roar and he saw flames come out from underneath the egg and it took off and then once it was air borne, it went silent. There was no exhaust plume and it just flew off along the landscape very low to the ground. So he calls dispatch dispetto s at a bunch. More officers he's a hey guys, keep an eye out for a floating egg, yeah they're like if it floats it's still good. We can still cook it, but if it sinks, then we need to go to the supermarket. So so he calls dispatch a couple. More officers come out and they're investigating the scene, and they noticed that yeah there was in the sand these four sunken like strut spots where the legs would have been and then underneath where there was evidence of yeah in the center of it there was the sand was glass. It got burned into glass where, under with where the thrusters would have been, and then I was also footprints with geometric patterns all over the sand over around where that craft were landed, they had pictures of it. They took pictures of the scene of the like crystallising thing. Your face got tight, like you're smiling as you're like they got pictures of it. Like your. Oh, my God, like you know in deep down, you don't believe these pictures are real, like I don't believe. Are they real? Okay? Let's be honest, if anybody here's not going to believe something, it's going to be you if any, if he to leptic, that's it. If anybody here's Goin to believe something is going to be mean, I'm the person who will blindly believe something here in this room right now, I'm just I'm staving. Okay, so the air force shows up. You call on me, Ear Force Guy, I don't know if they called the air force, but the air force is like. We need to be here for this. Well, that's how you know what's going to issue like you're out here in best it in taking pictures you here, like you like what was that and then like a freaking plane lands, it has six sway or force walks out and you're. Just like Hey Lonnie, where the air force we're going to need you to go. I don't know, pull someone I do now. How would you go back to Mowin the church? Your Okay we've got ear horse things to do here. I'll see you on say that Lonnie, the Air Force kid that is also part of the Church Church. You lay to church and that's really the power of Ortach to think about it. You know so so they quickly take over the investigation. They also enlist the FI in the investigation, the CIA, the army, a bunch of organizations, an listen everyone wants in on Al everybody's, like yeah. We, this is alike D. everybody wants to be a part of the yeah dot. I don't give a crap of what year. Is this one thousand nine hundred and sixty four? Oh, then, okay, those what was big in s? Oh, hey, something to ordered our president last year. Let's forget about that for right now, because I would sure like to figure out this alien situation, all hands on the flight deck all hands on Egg. Oh Gosh, I was trying to think of major events I was like. I was going to be like well, I'm not interested in catching. The unbombarded was like decades later, yeah yeah, someone killed the president last year and we're going to drop that project to look at what's going on out here with you Lonnie that made me think of this. I maybe you saw this. I don't remember who it was. It was one of the guys who attempt to do assassinate a polite political figure. I don't think it was the president but attempted assassination wasn't successful, went to prison for it. I has recently got out and now runs a youtte channel like an art, yuture channel. I don't remember who it was, but he smote his channel Ave race. Have you seen this though I am so like man? I can't remember, and what's it what's, it called the almost discussion. I don't remember I don't remember that's why I'm bringing it up. I was hoping you W. Remember. I mean one of our listeners put in the discord. If you know what I'm talking about, because I'm really honestly like I'm interested in that speaking of the discord the way to get access to, that is to text till in to six six, eight, six, six. As for our patron supporters, and if you do that you can join our discord, which is basically a group chat, it's literally on our phones, yeah. So we're message back and forth whenever we get a message Yep exactly and you to to tell me about where to find that you Tube Che, please tell you if you can to hunt down, I want to learn how to make his mountains that he jos, he draws a really good or paints your you you're gonna. Do you want Bob Ross lessons he's just like he's like you know what there are there's just happy accidents and that's what I think my failed assassination temple was that the ex was a happy accident. I let me to this yout channel. It's really strange, as he draws these really beautiful scenic, like mountain vistas and every single one at the top of the moutain there's a sniper. It's just it's a weird little detail, yeah! So much okay, so they're all out here in New Mexico. Yes, so they're getting in they're investigating it and what's interesting is as the r the investigations going on. They noticed that lanny wasn't the only witness there's a group of Io winds. Is that how you say that people from Iowa Iwein? What I wed you see. What do you call people from Iowa? I don't want Iowans Oetas, I think it's a Jana is that at that is at's reference for the church. No, it's Iowan islands was yeah, so they were a shipping. I wot the Rota bring down his torte. Sixty six sit six sixty five sure sixty six, it you lived in Springfield, I gotta, remember I they were road, tripod tripping and they stopped at a gas station and they asked the gas station attendant. They were like like. Why is that COP still follow us? We just got away, they ask the Assistente said: Why does your planes fly so low here and he was like what I ye have this plane flew like right over us on the highway that was like yeah. I know I was a cashier, the the redistilled. What then the Gaston turned into a giant egg? The ions have never been see again, yea the iowas just started shrinking and they put white other coveralls on them and there, like what is happening to us, is like Richard. What's going on he's, like, I don't know, Doddy like quick, O basic t. We gotta get out, so I know what that Cup yeah. Do. We have merchandise, yeah, very cool? How do I purchase them? You can go to Tello merch there. We have mugs t shirts hoodies, I mean anything. You could want stickers. No, we do have stickers. Do we yeah to Don last March? He what you're saying is there Hawkeye witnesses all right, yeah ye? So so? Yes, so they see it. A couple other like locals, reported seeing some eggs ship a a shaped Craft AG. Ships is that in a hit and they're like you're, saying it wrong, it's ancient is that an Ishi by your saying on Terman's ancient here's, the thing what's really interesting about this is sidings went on for about two weeks. People were seeing this thing flying around the region, two weeks yeah for two weeks, just flying around landing places, doing things and landing places doing things yeah. We talked about like any paces, getting out being seen as on a alre drive through as wild. It was just like mad. The I mean they don't even care they're, not trying to hide. There is out here like hey. We saw your commercials super into that, a like the like: where can we get one of those burgers and they like which one do you want, o the Char boiled one? Am I saying that correctly are boiled one like why s your voice, like that, I'm from a click, maybe a click and something like a char boiled, it's terrible, so wihare broiled. So the Air Force obviously is doing this investigation for a long time and they end up coming out with two reports. So they put out a report that they put out to the pace is all the stuff that's coming out now. Yes, okay, sort of yes, this came out a while ago, but sort of yes yeah, so they put out report the public, basically saying hey. We think that nothing was going on here, we're pretty sure he saw some ball lightning and hallucinated in the desert, because he was dehydrated, that's what they said, and so that was the part that was really really stood public, but they also as dehydrated yes dehydrate yeah they're like when the last time reg water he's, like I probably like fifteen minutes ago. He, like it's hundred thirty degrees, your dehydrated, you hard. As I don't know, I saw a buddy yeah. We believe here drink this drink, some water yeah. We think you're thirsty it's called alien aide. So so they really said. Second a report- and we have this one because of the disclosure of Project Blue Book which do you know, Project Blue Book Yeah. That's where you look up your cars value. That's! Actually it came from project Lou buck that that was their first generation. It did go while the created a new car version. The project Blue Book was the same thing for Uf yea like what's the value, here's the thing I mean we want to find it all right. We want to know where came from also, can we so what's about yeah? What's let's on that? How many miles you think it's got on is in of serious radio or the Atamens is like seventy thousand light years. Is that good or he's calling odd Hamete yeah the odd Hamete? That's odd, so in project Blue Book there was a report that was sent to the director of Project Bluebook literally the same day that they sent out the report to the public. That report said basically it was pretty frantic and basically said we have no idea. What's going on here, Oh yeah yeah. You can say that to the public, so yeah, exactly we like hey guys, get do that. You got to be confident with the public if you're listening, you need to go. Watch that clip, because that's funny, I don't know, I don't know yeah I mean I tell you, but if we knew, but we don't- and this is what I think- and this is a real tangent of ye one real, quick yeah. I think that the leadership we deserve is leadership. That does say things like we don't know we aren't sure, but not sure, but I'm saying the reason that we get to a place where people don't trust. The government yeah is because the government didn't know but still felt they needed to give a definitive answer and that the same thing that happened with Covin and stuff ye was like. Listen, we don't know here's a definitive answer and then what happens a year later it turns out. The definitive answer wasn't entirely accurate, but they were just you know they just had to give something, and so the way it does it ends up creating this like. Well, we can discredit them and so dis creates this distrust and the way to you know if you're listening and you want to create trust in your community. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Even if you don't know to answer yeah truth, Wins Truth Wins Right, that's up yeah and that's actually one of our sponsors is tell the truth. You know it's one of those billboards that pops up it's like, whatever the pass it on. That's what it is pass on, truth pass it on yeah and then that's also leads us right into one of my personal sponsors. Lunar Truth: Dot, Org, O, I hate you say one of your personal spares they're, not even sponsoring the podcast. They even care. If you say this on our podcast, they want you to say this in normal interaction, all the time it that so much so and the Kelly Blue Book report, they came out and they said yea. We have got no idea. What this is. We don't know what the symbol is. We don't know where it's from what it's made of and they included all the the photographs they actually. We don't know this for sure, because it's not included in the report. I mean a lot of the reports are product, but we don't know this for sure, but Lonnie is pretty sure that they took the glass from the site because when he came back he he came back a day or two later and all the holes in the sand was were filled back in and the glass was gone yeah so he's pretty sure they took it on me to make it they don't need a tourist site, yeah yeah exactly, and so I think it's pretty crazy. You know the last place that aliens visited the Earth Yeah to cover it up. They just started burying cars, sticking aay of the YEP yep they're like the like hey. How do we make it to where they're not curious about the UF yeah cadillacs? Excuse me catalogs, like Ol Floren or yeah yeah. I bourdat the other, a bowered cadillacs he or did the Ford, but they could have got. They could have get them for a right because he did for it was an exclusive deal. The Co Ralph. This is my Calvin cline Lincoln I drive it's. The bumper looks like the top of underwear yeah is, is like yeah really into it. You know, oh my Gosh, so the Blue Book. It has seven hundred and one cases that they don't have an explanation for in the bluebook there's thousands and thousands of other cases in the Blue Book. Okay, but seven hundred a D one. They say these are our on UNUN cases. I think it was in the sevens or eighties they canceled. The the Operation Blue Book or Project Ly Book is what it's called due to a lack of interest in aliens they're just like for that period. The government was like we're bored with this. No, they thought they thought that that it was no longer a threat to the United States, so they stop yeah. The biggest threat is communism. Yeah the aliens aren't Communists, the Er yeah they like other capitalist. We buy stuff from them all time, so we're not worried about him go so so yeah t t that was top in an was disclosed. I I want to say the nines. I don't know if you Lonnie's still out there in New Mexico doing the same thing every day, because he's now a cargo cult thinking if I can just get one of these used to come down, he's just throwing eggs in the desert why our eggs be involved. I think e today and Tina he's just throwing eggs in the desert he's never eaten scrambled egg, yes and he's drying. Little Red pictures on that he's got a red, sharp bees like drawing symbols on the side of these eggs and throw it on through the desert. They just like. There's Lannie this yeah yeah, it's pretty sad he's to be a cop, yeah yeah still pulls people on it. Can I get an ice cream sandwich? Please, just US thrown eggs at them, elani feel so bad. An E O s story, I think, is guy with eggs. Well, oh, they start pulling so he's his is the government started bolling, I knew it. I knew it so there's lots of theories about what was happening yeah here they gave up on the project in the es they were like. Less were not interested. So obviously, obviously one of the theories that it's aliens right yeah and another theory is owls- that's pretty fit for the one everybody knows: owls fly and giant eggs, they carry around. They look for big ostragarth thing and they fly around the desert. Here's a thing: okay, here's a thing! There are baby owls in New Mexico, but there's not adult owls in Mexico. Okay, so they don't know where they're coming from you know talking about the guy to be flyed somewhere else, where what are they flying to what's happening? There's an earlier phase in their metamorphosis where they're a giant a and then they turn into an now. This is the official theory official official theory. Tillin Blue Bookoh just got all of our dumb theories. We should make that we should. We should write a book about just our Sir Tie is that's really funny actually, but I I'm kind of serious. I, like here's, my theory, I'm out there with you. I'm want to put it in that weird cryptic note on my notes on my computer: Seventy six one O one one one, ninety five to o all our case, so the theory is obviously aliens owls, yet dis, yeah, yeah, so aliens are the biggest one owls, I suppose yette. I suppose. There's the government publicly said that he was hallucinating another another very similar with the irons. Is that U O skeptic his theories that a saw marage? And so but I mean that's just like that's the same thing where he's derated yeah. Basically, the same basically same theory: here's two of the larger, more accepted theories right so not far from this, and by not far I mean about a hundred miles away. So pretty far from this is a place called White Sands Missile Range, which is a place where you go. When you made a mistake on your hotel reservation, Oh yeah, we went to White Sans Yeah Yeah. We to that place to the course sandals. I yeah. Isn't this all inclusive? I mean they did keep us in the cell and they gave us all of our food. We a o! Please e!! yes, thank you. A litare out here that a yeah, it's pretty warm, and so the sun lies so low here really runs the experience. The yelp reviews are to the Bois a really bad yeah, so the the locals calm, the babies, that's where they test bombs. I'm assuming I hate that you just ignored that joke. What did you say? I didn't even hear I said the locals called the IAWENS. Oh, my God. I we! Yes, it's a missile test range yeah which that's like I was down and I was out in Palm Springs. I was speaking at a church Sunday morning, yeah, you know everyone's just kind of filing in the church, I'm just standing outside a use here: Bobs Yeah, just things blow right on the other side of these mountains, Yep Yep babe and I was like who, how are you guys getting up? It's US big air force base where they just drop bombs and like yeah, I think that's a war every Sunday morning. That's really disruptive yeah, I mean imagine being the Pentacostal in that area, though you know yeah, because every Sunday it's explosive, we no I'm just saying like every Sunday you're like t guy guy this it. This is it. This is the one all right, let's go into another verse yeah. Do I do that again so, but the theory here is that around that same time NASA was testing all of the devices at the White Sands Missile Range, where they realluring they're losing a before yeah, because they haven't made of the moon yet and they're Lunier lander. They were testing when they were like this. Sand is white. The moon is white. That's as far as ASA got, but like we're going to test on things that are the same. Color Yeah, just body got a lot of paper her. I heard a good joke about the lunar landing. Yeah does that's so I remember it. Oh, my name is buzzard. I was the second person on the Moon who's there kneel before me, Hahahaha Hahaha. I hate that. I hate that so much. I got another one: okay, it's not a moon one though nock knock who's. There Yode Lady, you older lady, who I hate that so much anyway, it doesn't on you, keep in your back pocket for when people ask you to tell you jokes now: Yeah Yep, that's how I prove I'm a comedian is just Hacke street jokes. Have you ever told that story on this that use a comedian? Oh, no, I haven't use a commit. You know people that to me a lot, though, when I was we were driving. It was terrible because then there's no way you're going to make someone laugh when you're driving on guard. They like it's challenge. Oh Yeah, you know he made me lat and you're just like whenever you know my nephew was like you got a brace car bet. You know yeah he's like yeah, I sleep or a car, and I was like yeah me too. You know and they're like hm and I'm like hey. I got two specials you an stole that joke. I saw that on twitter, this guy name Jaron, Myers Tete that I hate I do I, for I saw another tick tacker. Do that someone else made this video word for word yeah, which means you did it: okay, yeah exactly all of you are ticktock by the way anyways, so they ere testing the lunar landing device at that same time, at White Sands, not the same time on time, span yeah a hundred miles away and the literater. If you've ever seen, it looks like an egg. No, but it does have three legs lanes discuss thing with four, but it does have three legs: it lands on it relatively similar. It uses rocket thrusters is it lands to like cushion the fall, and so it's similar ish ish, but no really, we've been to the moon since then yeah. I think there was another one since then, but since the Apollo missions ended, we haven't been back. I believe we've been back a few times since that, first time watching you on musk try to land these rockets, yeah I'm becoming more skeptical. Well, we never landed a rocket on the moon. That's fair. We landed the landers, the rocket took the ladder, and then we landed the lantern. She different things so how they get back. They did it. We left from there. They started a cargo cult. Tom Hanks is still up there. It's lunar, Luner Lunardo termed courtroom. Stop it so anyway, just move on Hey. Thank you. So much for checking out things. I learned last night, if you like what we're doing and want to help us do more of it. You want to help us reach more people. Please consider joining us on patron. It's a way that you can financial support this podcast and help us to reach more people, but also you'll get a lot of really cool stuff. In return, you get early access to episodes, bonus, content and special merge that only gets sent to Patrin supporters, so that is Tillim s join till nom, Jo. In a D, You can check that out there for more information. If not thank you again for even being here and checking on our podcast, so some people say that it's he saw the lunar lander that they were testing a what's strange about. This is when they tested the Lunar Lander. What they would do is to a fly over with the hell copter at low altitude and they drop it and test the landing in and go lit. He didn't describe seeing a helicopter. Also, the loon liner never took back off in these tests. They would put it on a trailer and take it back and do the test again. Also they didn't take it outside of the missile test it which was a hundred miles away. So it's a little odd of a conclusion here that doesn't seem to line up much, but the people who are testing it probably would be wearing white cover alls when they're testing it and we everybody knows people who work at as are really short. So that's what they ask the Nastalik a certain height to be a pilot, though you actually did Y. Ah, you can't be over a certain. Well, I don't know that's the truth anymore. I think there was for a while no to Mak o no true he or saies. Now you think they're rolling out luxury yeah luks bombers, yeah yeah they got the wrong to the lack through I flew yesterday, was an eddy bower. On tell you what I mean you should see the stuff that they're doing in these new ones. I'm telling you what man anyway and you're not going to believe it. I just watch net flix. While I fly the whole time, I got a little screen there. I just watch no Fli anyways, so yeah. There's that theory parlous license. So there's that theory, I know, is the dream of yours and I want o o know it's dead. It's not going to have stop it. It's not that I'm speaking it over you right. He let me speak truth of you at the time that happened to me. What I was at I was it was. I was nineteen, so almost like. I want to speak some truth over Ye. I was nineteen which sounds like what a we wrestler would say. Let me speak some to tete always hold the mice like this, like just like. Let me Tak the street from de Dupe, I sort like got an empty beer can at the end beer again they smashed em their head. They jump from the thing and then yell welcome to Doctor Bobs of to God, so no yeah. So I was nine undred n e N. I was Nineteen Isaiah was working as like an inter mouth paster for his church, because the youth paster left for some reason. His church was like yeah this nineteen year old did he could do that, and so he was just going for the summer to be the youth faster, and so he was at the church where he became a youth pastor. No, and so so he asked me he was like Hey, I'm going to take them to desperation conference, which big conference in Carne Springs every year. He's like you want to come, Colet it with me and we like yeah, we're nineteen. We didn't the side Bar. We didn't think about food on this trip we took. I think it was twenty one high school in Middle Scholers, down to Caro Springs and we got there and it was like lunch time and we were like we didn't think about how these children are going to eat this whole weekend. We're going for the weekend. I remember we literally just took them to Walmart and we're like Ol get some food. This girl came back with a gallon bag of pepperoni yeah. I know you can't believe I do that's a little happen. Every time band trips, kids, wilt come back with like six bags of fun. On I'm good yeah, I'm good. This is right. No that's a giant bag of, was it slight Pepperoni or was it as she's got giants that first up yea, I just came back with tubs of Cot. Is Cheese M yeah the well, I'm pretty sure what? Actually I don't? I'm an there's, no refitter put that in my fat, resand, rotten cosis still good is souls weird, but it's still good. What is cheese, if not old, I hate we so so you so they did like a late night event every night of the conference right, and so they had two events every time it was either late, night, worship or like games or something sure- and we decide to put up this night because a bunch wanted to worship a Bush wanted to go to game. So I went with the group that went to worship and I was just kind of standing in the back of the the it was like their second auditorium. I was like just kind of staying in the back like so I could get an angle and see all of our students in the crowd. I'm just kind of watching and then this other student, not our student walks up to me, puts his hands on my shoulder and starts like praying into my ear that God would heal a spirit of loneliness within me and he's like he's like he's. Like Lord, I cast out the spirit of loneliness and I pray against the spit of loneliness and I pray for a community to come around this man I was just like. Oh Man, guys know that I've got a gallon of pepper. I turn hers. What do my face because you want to pepper one man, take two slices at or like bons ore like currency you're, in a vending machine putting slide on the pepperoni. Thank you for your hospitality kind. O! Thank you! Hey! Do you realize you're putting Pepperoni I e to buy some checks mix. You have food you're, trying to use slice, O Pepperoni to buy Pepperoni, combos yeah, but combos me they're, better you're, trying to barter with people at the conference. I middle of worship. People are like hands raised your cat MOSOLEM. Would you trade me a pound of pepper, just dream this pond Eron? I got a founder one that says you want to do that you, the check in desk the registration back he's like sorry, sir. I don't see a reservation under your church name and it's like how many reservations will this to get. I oh yeah. What are you thinking now apron? I Talks O. Yes, that's that a that we went for me yeah as rough Dale's, weird man. So, however, we got so another theory that is championed by the president of New Mexico Tech. It's a college, guys name is Stirling Colgate, also known for Stupas Es Basil got you, he campaigned like didn't it just like support this theory like he campaigned this there is like this is the truth, yeah that it was a group of students from New Mexico Tech who put a candle in a balloon and drew a picture on it with the Red Picture and just lit it out in the desert and New Mexico tech was a text coal that focused on engineering. He said so they would have had die, weather balloon yeah, and so they said he said they would have had access to the type of materials to make small rockets, and so he said they made a little balloon and put a candle in it with, and they drew a pictures on the side of it and they lit the rockets and sent it into the sky and his conclusion for this is because Lani Zamora before he was working for the county, he was working as a university police officer and he was very disliked among the students, so they were messing with long and he says this was his theory was that they were messing with money kind of like how I would get you fake, arrested, yeah pretty similar. They were like we're going to make him believe in aliens when was like the whole Roswell thing. When did that become? It was relatively recently, I'm let's. Let me double check o what what I mean is like is the whole, like you know how Roswell Twenty seven, okay, so okay! So that's already almost twenty. I no yeah, that's already in the mind of people. That's already happened, it's it's! You know. This is known that Aliens Visit New Mexico, yeah exactly and so yeah. That theory goes that they were messing with him was: What's tough? Is he there was no legs, there's no, nothing to account for the legs, there's nothing to count for all the footprints. So you on Hog. This idea has liks yeah, so I did that does have legs and a strange that there was other people who witnessed it for weeks after that, yeah event and and the shape of it doesn't really line up with a balloon, like you could maybe kind of squish a balloon into that shape, but that's just kind of odd. So it's tough to conclude that, but those are two remembereth a kid was the attic and his parents were like he's in that weather balloon. member. That I think I do actually way it's like very vague. Another theory was that Lonnie made the whole thing up to spurtourism in his town and they actually, the town did capitalize on it and Oh yeah for sure a yeah tourist is just as it happens. You go hey, listen because people show up yeah because as soon as news gets out like a weird people show up yeah, you know, which is why at back door, comedy club on August six through the eighth, there was an alien encounter there, and so you should go to the back door, Comedy Club in St Louis Missouri August, six, thirty eight and you know, or six to the seven six and seven Friday and Saturday. There's two shows each night and that's where aliens a aliens yeah, here's what's crazy about it is what I've heard happens, is there's a loud bang and the floor turns to glass, and then these these either tall children or short adults, walk on stage and they do stand up, comedy, yeah and and then they le they noticed the crap is actually I've been described as a tall child that I have been described away. So that fits you know, that's actually. In my bio that I give the Comedy Club, I say: Yeah Jerry Myers is a tall child with a million followers online he's got two specials on aprison prime and a favorite pair of overalls from old, baby, they're white white overall right overalls, Yep Yep, but I mean you know: If that's what gets people there, then every place that we're ever going to do a live. Tilini has had alien encounters there yeah exactly exactly, and if you show up in costume they're, more likely a I e, the o with pockets full of Pepperoni it. I got a Pokin filliped here. Here's what I want. You know how like tacking about the midnight showings of rocky horror, be bring bread and Thrand, throw stuff and all that stuff yeah I want when we start doing live, shows which we will and the reason I keep saying it and put it in this cord. I'm now saying it on the podcast is that we have to yeah absolutely I wanted to do it. Last year now we said we're going to do some live, shows yeah yeah and I would like people to just bring bags of pepper on the show takes pickle at pickles to your eyes, shove them in your eyes. I want you to legally blind yourself. All right here. Take an ober home. You obviously can't drive because you pickles fries El fore so meet us out front by the emerge. Stable, be signing pickles all night I'll sign. I don't pickle o. This is awkward. I don't have a s. We have a a tow to dry it off. We try this, oh my gosh, so yes, so anyway, this has never been solved. It is one of the more reputable sources because there are photographs, the I think it has been released now that was so because the government's dumping a bunch of fo stuff right now. I can't find the pictures on line I'm looking right now, but I can't find him, but I wait here here they are. I can't find these online anywhere, so we can probably go ahead and oh wait. Hey speaking of pictures, did you know that if you just google the starbucks over here and go look at their reviews, they're just picture of the so people just know where the starbucks over here is the starbucks on Barry Load in Kansas City? That's where I go all the time yeah we were. We were looking it up because there's a guy who comes in every day, it's really mean to all the employees yeah. He leaves negative reviews. Almost every time he's wanted. So he goes and leaves like one or two star reviews, and so I was going to look them up. I was like, Oh okay, you know they were like yeah. He leaves a lot of it, so I googled it to try to find the reviews. Yeah and I see the photos tabuith photo step and there's like three pictures of just meat. Like there's. No reason someone would take that picture as like part of Star to show start liks they're showing year it's a passion, a yeah. So I'm saying like this has happened so many times where people mention me in their instar story. They'll they take a picture of me from afar yeah and be like Yo saw Jeremy, I'm not a freaking sand. Squats like O Arthog, come talk to me. I've been looking for you for a year, then I still have to e, but I'm saying like, and then apart from that there's pictures of me and then there's also just a ton of pictures that I'm in people just taking pictures of starbucks and I'm just in them yeah, because I go there all the time, but anyway, it was just weird that there was one of the main pictures was just me yeah s like who took this who's out here. Just taking stamping pictures of you, probably that guy I hired to do it. Oh, we should do that. We should do that, but we should go to freaking arbs down here, yeah and flood their Google Review pictures it we just atures of us and they like when you go to look when you go to look at Yelp. The top one hundred pictures is a a R B, we're doing that. THAT'S HILARIOUS! That is really funny. So last thing I want to hit real quick. We should do so many restaurants so excited well. Do I fifty four fee were on r. We goin right now. Oh my gosh I'm. So this is a new project, I'm so excited, so we we touch on in the second go, but the girl is releasing a lot of this stuff lately. So right now we talked about this in the reviewing episode is possible for anybody to just go and do a freedom of Information Act. So you basically can go to government and it's not like have more the fouchy emails to and which is no way that someone's going to read those out of the context and also be like you know: Yeah, you do lie, get it yeah, so they just have to release it. If you think it free a man act, they have to release it. They can redact anything that it will affect Atal security. So whenever read it there's a lot of stuff is missing, and so that's where we get most of this information from, but this month, which might be before this episode comes out. So this might already have happened. I don't know what is coming out, but this month is the deadline for a UF disclosure freedom of Information Act that is supposed to come out. I think June. Twenty eighth is the deadline which everybody is expecting them to miss that deadline, yeah so sure might still be there, but there's everything that they have everything that every government agency has on UF that doesn't affect national security has to be released by that date. So a lot of information might be coming out soon, which is really interesting. That's crazy, so be looking out for that. Well, com, La Disclosure, x, tin, the six six, eight six, six, that's the easiest way to find any till in to eight six, six, six, eight, six, six sash disclosure. Also, if you're interested in alien abductions, there is a video we put out already yeah. That is US reacting to the voice. Males from our have you been abducted, sign yeah, we're creating an organization to help abduct IES we're trying to yeah we're trying to abduct these Yep we're trying. We Are Alien Abductis we are so. Basically, we have a class every year, Yep right and we take our new abduct in Duck. Do Welcome Up Jack to Inductis. At the end they get a they get a portfolio like that: Poolin epomeo er, that's just full of peperoni l, O epernay. This is hello: DACT INDUCTIS! Here's your diploma of Tepere, we're going to celebrate ry watching Crocodile Dundee and Hallabay Badiah. My Gosh is there more on this snow fiddle at all

New Mexico, 1964, Police Officer Lonnie Zamora was tending to his typical daily routine of ticketing speeders outside the city of Socorro. Zamora found himself in pursuit of a speeding vehicle when he saw something that would change his life forever. The UFO he witnessed that day would later officially be listed in the secretive Project Blue Book as “unknown.” The designation was only afforded to 700 of the 12,000 reports included in the mysterious report. To this day proponents of UAP research point to the Lonnie Zamora Incident as strong evidence of the existence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Lonnie is, after all, considered a trained observer with an ability to discern the difference between natural aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects. This is the unbelievable story of the Lonnie Zamora Incident.

The Lonnie Zamora Incident

So, what actually happened that fateful day in 1964? Theories abound, but this is the Lonnie Zamora’s story.

Zamora broke away from a chase after hearing an explosion in the distance followed by seeing smoke on the horizon. He radioed dispatch and described what he heard and saw. After noting that he was going to go investigate the disturbance he began traveling in the direction of the blast.

Upon arrival to the area from which the smoke came, Lonnie abandoned his police cruiser and continued into the desert on foot. Shortly thereafter, he approached a small valley where he saw something he has not been able to explain to this day.

He described a large white craft, similar in size and shape to a propane storage tank. The craft rested on three legs that extended down into the desert floor. On the side of the craft was a red insignia of a horizontal line with an upwards-facing arrow contained under an arch. The most startling feature of the sighting was the beings that he saw enter the craft.

An artist rendering of the UFO/UAP witnessed at the Lonnie Zamora Incident
Artist rendering of the UFO/UAP at the Lonnie Zamora Incident.
Image provided by Wikipedia.

Lonnie details the beings as two larger than a child, but smaller than adult human-like beings both wearing white suits similar to laboratory equipment. After arriving on the scene the two beings spotted Zamora and quickly rushed back towards their craft. Lonnie Zamora rushed for cover because he expected to be attacked. He heard what sounded like the slamming of a car door and then turned to see some sort of propulsion system lifting the craft vertically from the ground. The craft singed the sand below it as it ascended and then it quickly blasted off towards the horizon line without making a sound.

The Investigation

Immediately following the event a group of other officers arrived on the scene and began surveying the site. Investigators took photographs of the prints left by the lander and of footprints. Also samples of the charred sand from underneath the craft. Quickly after the local investigators arrived on the scene federal officers also arrived on the scene. As expected, the federal agents forced the local officers out of the scene and seized all the evidence.

The investigation was taken over by the Air Force who housed it under the infamous Project Blue Book. Ufologists conclude that this incident is one of the most credible UFO sightings and subsequent extraterrestrial sightings on record. The U.S. air force released a public report on the Lonnie Zamora Incident that made purely natural explanations as to the cause of the sighting. The Project Blue Book team circulated a second report internally. The second report stated that there was no known natural explanation for the event. Furthermore, the report stated that there was no known technology possessed by any country on earth capable of being a responsible explanation for the sighting.

Explanations for the Lonnie Zamora Incident

The Lonnie Zamora incident is host to a slew of explanations. Alien enthusiasts conclude that this was an authentic sighting of alien technology and that Lonnie did, in fact, witness extraterrestrial life forms. Much of mainstream science and media refutes those claims. There are two leading explanations for the event.

First, the sighting was part of a test flight for the lunar lander. At the time of the sighting, NASA was conducting tests for the lunar lander at the White Sands Missile Range. Proponents of this theory claim that Zamora witnessed this test and NASA scientists around the craft on that fateful day in the desert.

Unfortunately, this theory does not hold up to scrutiny. The White Sands Missile Range was 100 miles from the sighting and NASA had never tested the lander outside of the range. Tests of the Lunar Lander were conducted by a helicopter flying the lander to the test location and dropping it to tests its landing capabilities. Zamora would have clearly recognized the presence of a helicopter. The lander looked far different than the craft described by Zamora. The craft also was marked with the recognizable NASA logo.

Other Explanations for the Lonnie Zamora Incident

The second conclusion is slightly more believable. New Mexico Tech’s President was certain that the sighting was a targeted prank conducted by some students at the nearby college. Lonnie Zamora had served as a campus police officer at New Mexico Tech. During his time at the college, he earned a rather negative reputation among the students. The nature of the tech school allowed students access to impressive technologies. Proponents of this theory state that the entire sighting was an elaborate prank on Zamora. This theory does give a strong motive. It, however, fails to explain how the students were able to construct devices capable of such impressive technological feats.

Skeptics have proposed dozens of other theories. The most noteworthy explanations include; a mirage due to heat exhaustion, star formations, secret military technology, and of course a weather balloon.


Due to the credibility of Lonnie Zamora as an observer and the fact that dozens of other people had seen the object across the desert that day, the Lonnie Zamora Incident has long been revered as one of the most credible UFO/UAP sightings in history. Although, opponents of ufology have provided their theories most of them fall short of offering a full explanation of the event. The Project Blue Book Program itself could not offer a sufficient conclusion either. To learn even more about the Lonnie Zamora Incident watch or listen to this episode of Things I Learned Last Night.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




The Lonnie Zamora Incident – Wikipedia

White Sands Missile Range – Wikipedia

Investigating New Mexico’s Less Famous UFO Landing – CNET

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