Phoenix Jones – This is Seattle’s Real Life Vigilante Superhero


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All right would you start the gas. I didn't see a is like what we're going to use that whole thing. When now again, would you start? Please: Hey man, hey man, amen, hey man. What's up, have you ever heard of Phoenix Joms Phoenix Jones Yeah as you related to Osmosis, Kasibi, gs or cousins? You know it's ironic because, honestly, honestly, honestly, let me be honest. They I mean you just be as yeah. Just being honest, they can't see you a point at that. It's not up there. I don't have a thing I was gonna say. I was like that Frenok tons osmosis Jones Osmosis Jones is the microscopic version of Phoenix Jes. Okay, actually, because Phoenix Jones is a real life superhero in Seattle, Washington, Oh yes, man I mean he doesn't have super powers, but yeah, so he's a guy who, just what's he doing, I see he's staying on top of buildings, dropping TVs on people ye up there like o. not it's all the timing, yeah and you hear it, and he even does like whistle noises too, with the TVS o the way he goes you know taking out. Crime makes the hit so, which may Richmond has the TV vigilante in Seattle has phonics hooked on unionis Jon. What is he from the shadows of Texas? I will avenge you your son, so he just goes and I er he's got a sup me to lizards, yeah, snake socks. I was going to say the weird drug in Bier in a way he's completely nude under the breaking so no or close on you can't be naked things. I Phoenix Phoenix jots Phoenix, so this guy's a real life like he's a vigil and he's Superhero. No, I hate this. I love it and I hate it so much. I hate that it's so far away from where I live, yeah yeah he's been active. Oh my gosh okay been active in the Seattle area since about two thousand and eleven that feels that feels pretty late to do this. I just feel like a s thing. This feel like in the ninety. Someone would be like I'm a superhero, but two thousand and eleven yeah, that's just after the Internet exists. It's just sad at that point. No, I think it makes more sense after the Internet exist, because it's like is he doing it for the Internet? You know it's hard to say: okay, let's do this. If we're going to have to talk about a super hero we got t tell, is organ story? Okay, so his parents were at the theater one night Phoenix was born Ben foe. Photer was his real name Ben Voter Ben felt yeah. I would go to by Phoenix Jones Tom. You know I was thinking about that. You know there's that trend on twitter right now of the my fall plans and Delta variant and I've been trying to think of. I guess I guess, would my fall plans be Badman's parents and the Delta Varian just be an alley way. You seen that trim on toward I've been trying to think of a good one, yeah yeah, that's interesting. I've also been thinking about like my fall plans and just putting a two piece Bikini and then the Delta variant is like just a youth pastor picture. Is that a good one I'll treat that that one's good o? I like that one? Okay, thanks for I'm grab were collaborating here yeah. This is what collaboration looks like you, the weird eyebrow thing, whatever dude so Phoenix Jones. So is he a solo artist? You See, I don't know what you mean, I mean. Is there a Justice League in Seattle? So here's a big bed o the side pick bin folder bed fetter. He was born in Texas, which sounds like one of the names that you would call a nursing home and be like. Do you guys have been voter yeah, it's really close to bend over okay, you know and they be like a sister got a bin voter yeah. It's people call the bed over yeah, so Ben Fodere foeter Hardy Kid Athletic Jack. Well, he was. He was almost immediately after birth, put into the foster care system, O and kind of moved all over Texas, eventually landing in Seattle, where he was adopted into the photo family. He had one brother named Carlos, the two of them. The car is also going adopted. Bother yes, a great. The two of them became obsessed, withe m n a so they got really into mixed, martial arts. And what year is this? How old is he he was born in eighty eight, so I mean probably like mids early and yeah. It would be my gesiths right now, Yeah Yep, an active in two thousand and eleven yes yeah. So he started he was active like when he was like twenty yeah. He got started twenty three out of the gate. This was his college plans. Well, he gradual I'm glad he graduated college twenty three. He graduated with a masters in Vigil Antians M dividual into college. We want school. So I know I'm a senior a vigil, Anti Valley, Yeah. We're got to make a college emblem for that and everything that's funny. Save the city from cymon coals, a crib o ally, fell apart at the yeah. I know I, the slave o city from stuffin crime into on TVs and save those lives. You know they would be a TV school yeah, yeah, Richmond vigie went online. He went online at Vigilat Valley. What's that? What's that is at Vatera college that did the ads in the middle of the night it'd be like that guy who's, like you're sitting here watching TV, when you could be getting your degree like you o talking about yeah. What was the commercial where the girl was like education connection? I I yeah uncomfortable we should. We should take out local ads for Vigilante Valley. Okay, what's like make a commercial for this Meta, we should pull. It accepted the movie accepted where they made up that college, make it up and then you know, and then just yeah give ourselves degrees, Beterouge, great yeah, Yeah Yeah, we're we've got credit we're going yeah. I have a credit school. Don't have good credit that we've got credit. Are you accredited yeah it's about five sixty H, so so he so at twenty three. He started this okay, so I childhood he's moving to Seattle. What ye is that, when he's adopted, I don't know exactly what year he was adopted. I just know he's adopted early in his childhood spent l Childhood in Seattle with his brother, Carlos they got into Ma and by the day. That's early for him in May, that's still yeah. It's the early phases, UFC still kind of a budding thing in the s it was yeah yeah. The S is when you Vski of Oh okay became a thing it was. It was still pretty underground in those early days, but they got, they became young adults and they started hiding in amateur fights both of them and they got pretty good. They both went pro his brother, Carlos did make it to the USC he didn't, but they were both still pretty good fighters and so find brother, Carlos succeeded and he's living in the shadows. Well, he I just trying to pay my picture here. I'm trying to paint a more like growing up in the shadows of kiles, because we got. We also got to make a a cinematic trailer for Phoenix Jones. You Know Pretty Cutie shadows. You know board in the shadows of Texas, the Texas heat seeking shade from his brother's shadow sinking, shade from the set hey. Would you give me a favor and shut up? Would you do me in favor and just you know, roll with it? Okay, I'll roll with it go on the next thing I in here any more so he I still care okay, so he he he is fighting on the weekends yeah during the week gets his day job and imagine being a server a restaurant someone's like so like, Oh yeah, like what are you doing is I go? I find the weekends okay, it's aggressive. Would you rather meet someone who's, an amateur, a fighter or someone who's trying to become an illusionist? Which one would you rather run into that you know because both of them are a weird personality, because, like sound cloud, rappers are like sound cloud. wrappers you're like Oh, that's, cute yeah, you know but, like you know the illusionists, you could have a viable corporate career. You know it's trahey. I don't think you may do a corporate corporate boxing. No, but I mean they do have fights and like a lot of those like. Even the amateur fights like they'll have like the championship route will have yeah pris. Is there a way? Is there a road to full time in the May outside of UFC yeah they've got a couple. Other leases- There's Bellator, I don't know, strike forces still around, I'm not sure yeah. So there is it's just like any other professional sport like there's minor leagues, FCS, the Bane Onee, but yeah okay. I felt like you're about to try to make a job okay, so he so his brother made it to the youth is by the man, s UFC. He didn't last long in the US, but he made it and so that I mean they're good fighters. They're good fighters is the point scrappy, scrapy scrap kids, and so he he just, I think, growing up in the foster care system. He said like this heart, and so he was he would always like. He was the kind of guy who he'd be like at food pantries volunteering at food pantries just because and his job he ended up. He found a job working at a day care for disabled kids, and so he was during the week working with disabled children and on the weekends trying to decide in o disabled Chiene wasn't good enough to make it in the kids were a little rout in class. He's like he's like Hey, is on SI weekend. Take this to the weekend right. You sit down, but one night he so he was a dad. He had two sons, okay and one night. He is walking back to his car in Seattle, with one of his sons and someone had broken into his car and shattered the window and it's a terrible feeling yeah pretty pretty upsetting, as whatever happened to you. No, not yet oh gosh, somewhere along the line, his son, like trips in the glass pile and like cuts himself, pretty bad. I get some stitches and, and that moment, Ben photer became Phoenix. Jes vowed to his suds. Like he's like, I will never allow anything like this to come up on you again and that's a little less dramatic than I thought I was going to be. You know. Cadi mean I got my backpack stolen and re wind a broken, and I was like Gosh Ding, like is gotta, buy new wireless headphones. Now I guess that Sucks Dam at this guy's like and this guy's ing one option from the shadows of Texas. I this guy is like he's like holding the glass. It's raining in seal he's holding wadenhoe fingers Slamo his kids, laying there like like like what is lasted. Is Me: What is it uncle Ben a lighting in the street with great he's like dead? I got I like. I will avenge your side of the de like. Can you just help me? With these blot my hand, it's like. I will help the blood of the city. You know there will be no more bloodshed in Seattle, so that jock no joke the next weekend. He goes and he gets. How do you decide on Phoenix Jones, though? Are we going to get to this? How he decides on a superhero at it's, because you got to go through some branding God, you know what, if he's going through like he's like yeah, my superhero name is nightmare. My tag line is sleeveless in Seattle, and so it was like. No it's not it. You can't do that. I gonna do that. Okay, I'M gonna go, I'm gonna go with the I'm going to be mail man you know and my tag line is you've got mail. So was like. Do you have like non Tom, hanks references or yeah? I think it was. I think it was based of some comic book characters that he put together: Okay, okay, an but so that night he was like, never again yeah pretty much, and then he tellit home started doing the spiderman thing of like sewing a suit together, yeah. Well, what he did is he bought a breakaway Tuxedo which the first move. First, the Bet Baiton as Seryoha business account on America. You like, I, would like to establish A. I am Ben Voter, Doing Business as Phoenix Jones R, like okay, yea yea. What does a Phoenix Jones? The company do he's like it's? Not It's. You know you'll know eventually, actually just wait you if I'm doing my job you'll, never know you know he actually set up but he's at the bank right. So he sets a button down he's like you know. Next time someone comes in to rob this place, don't push the call button underneath the desk push the Phoenix Jones, but it's an easy button that o I'm Sir with sharp. He replaced the audio in it, but he did reprise it all the way. So you still hear that that was easy, but like say that that was easy and over over top of it is just like Belikeit's. Just like yeah, I mean I'm going to reduce the crime rate in this city and the person the banks is like okay. Well, here's your check. Yeah takes it to colds. Do they sell breakaways es where they sell breakaway suits it? I don't know, but he gos on we got to buy breakaway, suits how we not have them. That's a good as a genuine see her like how we made it this long with o having breakaway suit. That's a really good question. I don't know I have I okay, so break away. He g gets the breakaway, tuxedo yeah, obviously so spring for the following weekend. He starts climbing fire escapes on buildings and Ethel talks, yeah and his breakaway text, and he sits on the roof like the corner of the roof, tops in Seattle and he's just watching the streets at night for muggings and fights and when he sees them he just turns and he runs down the fire escape to go respond to the fight, and I mean the guys in name of the afier, so he just goes and Moher and just holds them down until the police show up and then is like here. I got you this criminal, where you go and they're like okay, what we also have to rest you for assault. I give you a call a he's like no t, superheroes say that though he I'm a hero, it's not saying that he's humble he like he leaves them tied up with Noble Street and disappears into the shadows on to the up the fire escape. He's watch these. Like sir, we see you cloten the fire skate and he's like. So now. Your close on you can't be naked, he's completely nude under the break away suit. So you quickly realizes a imagine that you're in the building right- maybe you live there, yeah and you're, just in there watching freaking Hbo, you know and then out. Your window is just a guy and I didn't see the ask, because in superhero movies, they're going fast right, this guy is just climbing on got climate is don't mind me, I'm just your friendly neighborhood valet driver. It's like Fido with buttons all the way up the side like a man ample, but he didn't get an expensive one. It's like that. It's like that. You know that cheap table cloth like a plastic, that's Otopotee from stains so loud, reorganise how often a mugging is happening for real bad yours out there you're, just like your your like, Hey, get me or a while, and then you just hear what's underneath it what's underneath the tag skin, so he he noticed pretty quickly. He's like this isn't practical for two reasons: Yeah One more than two, but one of the two that he gives blot one. He doesn't want people to know his identity. He's like this is risky business. I can't let people know my identity. My kids are at risk here, yeah and that's what I'm out here. People are going to worse than break into my car, and the other issue was that when he was responding in this Tuxedo people were like. Who is this guy in this taxi? What is this dude in this Tuxedo doing and he's like? Instead, he wants people to be like what is this dude in the super, how gostume doing yeah so they're like? What did you just come from a hosting a Gallo Yeah? What is what's the so he wanted me taking seriously so I gets a superhero Ume made. Who are you I'm the prom king yeah, so he develops his brand now and so oh comes up with Phoenix Johns and he commissions a local company to make him a superior costume. And this thing this is not a. This is not a Halloween costume. This is a ten thousand dollar costume. How do you do that? If someone broke into his car he's paying for the you're telling me he's got the resource? I am convinced that this costume was based off Bible Man. Oh, can I see it. Yeah like this is a legitimate superhis ume and it's got. Is this what they based that Rain Wilson Movie Off of? I don't know what me you're talking about. Do you know I m talking about on, like the rain De wit from the office. Yeah did a movie where he's a superhero or did a show, maybe honestly it might be. I think I remember that movie Super Yeah. You know you might you it might be close okay, but I feel I feel like I watched this know about it. I feel like they set. They made fun of it. I watch a lot yeah there. You go this guy's a little. What he's a little bit more, I think, he's a little more serious than what Rain Welson was in that movie. Okay, like rain Melson, was kind of a joke. This guy is like I'm stopping crime yeah. He have a ten sand, dollar suit and professional head shots, he's dropping that off of the bank as well. He did with his body when he fought crying. He would leave a head shot in his suit. Some people knew he did. I hope they put it in the paper. You know no one's. Looking for pictures of spider man they're getting pictures just leaving freaking business cards a he got. He Vista printed, a D shocks out. He goes have a good night. Miss She's, like runs away like they do in GTA. You know where they just like they just she's running into the wall, she's flitching out or whatever right, and he just confetti head shots and and business cards yeah and then just in an in case of emergency, and they just just disappears. What he's like I leave a head shot, that's funny if he ties them up and put duck tape on her mouth and then, like just tapes, the head shot to this dirt chest at a super hero move right. There EPEITA is in a besmothered man. None of this weak small things. That's a big Superhero Moi, so he you don't learn that at community vigilant school you only learned that in Vigilante Valley till until until I lie from the Rigdon Kansas City and also ice cream. Funny stuff, you don't want to miss it by ticket still incom that work to can we get a monster truck? Maybe yes exactly so. This suit is serious yeah. It's consists of a dragon. Skin brand bullet proof, fess it's covered in stab plating and he's got gear. Yeah. Imagine finding someone in this suit. I know you can't so he's got it's heavy, that's a heavy! I was saying you're fighting the person that also and you're just looking at it. You're doing that. I think you should leave the work just to much stuff on me. I he's got he's, got a bunch of gadgets like freein. Batman he's got a stun baton, so it's literally strange a lot of tin people he's got pepper spray, obviously tear gas handcuffs. He also has the first save kit is a first a kit in his suit yeah. So he's got all this he's got a Udoy Bell. Does he have? Does he have a Phoenix Mobile? No, no! He does not come on. We got to get this guy, a Phoenix orry yeah, you know, or at least a Phoenix for our escape Phoenix forest came the fetid in the all new for Phoenix. It's got pepper spray handcuffs in a first aid kit. I think that's the thing with thirty two miles for Callin on highway, so he just starts fighting crime like yeah and really in his neighborhood just across the city around Seattle, like what the kids doing tonight he's literally. What are this what's his day gather with mom his day. Job He's still a teacher at this day care so by day a sure. How is Your N O was your night? Benjamin, oh just didn't sleep at all. You know this city m. Then your nose is bleeding. Never again. Every time he sees us, he is like you just spaces out work. What are you? Okay? How do you like go? Hey but hill? I to judge you know, but I saw your duffle bag in the playgame and I don't know what you're into but there's a suit of some sort. Yeah there's it's it's almost like a superhero suit and then I'm I'm more concerned with the Terai Talk. Oh I you know, but I so little concerning a little consiny, explain that yeah yeah, so he enlists a friend of his to carry around a Gotashi. Okay, so he's got a videographer yeah. Well, really, his purpose is so that way. If someone tries to press charges on him, he's like I was. It was defense because he had he you're saying that this guy this guy is willing to go under more accountability than a lot of local police departments. Yeah. This guys are all willing when he wear a body came yeah, so he he eventually did start wearing a body came as well, but he has this. Guy Who's just got a go prowl on a stick, falling them around film and everything it does so you're mugging somebody you like give me your Wallet Right. I don't know how muggins work and then you just hear, but you also hear we and you just see and you look over and there's like a teenager with acne and just I don't even imagine like Ol stay, I imagine a two thousand and three Cam Carter with the cream and he's just over there. Just he's like he's, like you hear the sound at first and you like, look behind you trying to see what that sound is and then you an then you an to be rash. Gans rumble as I the psychic is. Never I by the cheesies, are never like elusive they're. Never quiet like there is always just like. I got you a camera. Do Me Yeah Yeah? No, it's not, I say lo, say hello, tick, tack! You criminal thing like he starts fighting and I grabs on me and then and then he goes hey. Did you hit record on that cause? No Hey! Can we start this Selva Yeah? Sorry he's! Oh Ye! You just go back to your mugging I'll, be I'll, be back in a second Ma'am get back here. We got to start the whole thing over, so he does this every night he sits up on the roof, tops and waits for crime, mostly like mostly like muggings or street fights, or even like. He did a lot of like little stuff where it's like. If someone was trying like clearly drunk and they were trying to drive, he would stop them. He would go down and be like hey. You can't drive right now, you're not going to do that, like so stuff, like that, where he was laying front of their car kind of serving pretty much. Maybe like I'm gonna call you a Nuber or, I guess back then and be a taxi. This is, does his suit? Have a phone clip on it? Yeah it's got a Doya, so he is the side kicks name and Kim Possible Ron. No, no! No, not that one. If I, why did you know the Computer Room Kid? There was a computer goom kid yeah man. I forgot all that yeah what's the Sitch, because he would tell of you on to about man. What's his name wait, wait yeah! Does he have a weight that sit in a computer room? Just like? Oh, you got colonels on to Tom He's in it in the beginning, but we'll get to that so yeah. He just sit there on the ritas waiting for crime and then he'd go down and stop it and Alex. I decided to do this. You would be my way right. The turn was a look of concern. The turn was like A. I can't tell if you're serious or not- and I appreciate that I appreciate the look of I'm not going to admit to anything on a live recording, so alex has no way of looking at the camera. On being like. I am not responsible, I'm not a part of this, because this is going to surface ten years from now. This cliff is going to be here a spere yeah yeah. You might want to start a defence make sure your lawyer doesn't have braces, but I want to start your defense now. I talk about that. I'm about to do some vigilant, but divisent all over the city. So I don't like the herb of that. So things are going well and he starts to build like almost this notoriety starts getting brought on like local news, Radio and TV for Inter Otis Mask with his mask. He never reveals his identity and so he's wearing his mask and doing they're asking them like his motivation and what he's doing is a different voice. I don't think so. I don't know. I don't think he does, because I honestly about the time that the DART, the dark night movies, were out yeah yeah, you know so he's like yeah and they're like okay. He doesn't the whole time he's there to not even on air is so hey, thanks for coming in yeah, of course, yeah a do like okay, you can you don't have to do that here, we're not going to tell you body, ten o. What like your true identity. This is my my dad is. Why am so that we know who he is, though they bring the chief that we do now? Oh, I will wait Sorri, so they bring the chief of police on and the chief police is like. You know, we don't advise that anybody does. Does this, but they your gonna? Well, they were like, but Phoenix Jones they're like he understands the law. He knows what he's allowed to do and not allowed to do, and he never crosses the line and he actually he's helped lead us to a lot of arrests and so they're like so I mean we don't advise anybody that does this, we think it's very dangerous and we've told them that we think he's really risking his life, but we're thankful for the service he does to Seattle. Okay, and so he has a good reputation in Seattle. As someone WHO's out actually out there starting the community and helping people from dangerous, drunks yeah, pretty much is just dangerous trunks and drug dealers. He had a pretty big, actually takes down the king pin of the whole area. He was big on drugs like he would he put a lot of drug dealers behind bars, yeah and speaking of over the course of his. I don't know what you call this an you, a speaking of I thought you were about to try to pivot. To our Patriot supporter, I thought for whatever reason: You're like drug dealers behind bars. Speaking up speaking in my head, I was like how were you going to tie that together, yeah I'd like to see this one yeah? I couldn't wait so now, speaking of, do you want to try to do it? Let me try to do a whole lot. O Yeah. Do you got one ready speaking of crowd, funded things because isn't that what a drug empire is it's pretty pretty? Ah, I don't think I want to do that. I was going to say the weird drug and buyer in a way in a way, but the drug is the podcast, the Jugi yeah, that's pretty fair and these stickers you have in your lato anyway. I don't think I'm going to do it. I pass okay cool, so he will do it later. Okay, so wait his suit. You Say Dragon Hide it's a dragon skin brand. What is that? Well, it professis dragon skin. So it's a brand of bullet proof. FESTS! Oh okay, yeah! I thought you were like he's got this suit made of lizards, I'm still on it. You know you get you get. He got a suit made of lizards, yeah, snake socks. That makes a lot of sense wit as to in there, and everything is does it is he takes that sounds like it's word. Skate sounds like a suit that you buy an rescate. Did you see des Kanas New ass? No somebody post a picture of them. I imagine they look like crocks. Well, that's a good! Imagine Nation! That's a good! Imagine that's a really good! Imagine. Are you pulling a picture on I'm trying to find him he's just got so many it's hard to find them, but they were like they were so basic like they were still basic. It's like here they are and someone was like. Someone was like man, tiny's, really trying to bring us into runst with these shoes he looked at a pair of like Dutch clogs and was like. Can we make them Dutch cloth? Can We oh gosh yeah? They look like the shoes and escape like literally that's the shoes in INS game. I don't know dude. I just feel like at a certain level of celebrity. You can sell anything and that's really annoying yeah, it's pretty fesh because he was selling those white t shirts for like a hundred eighty bucks. At one point I was like come on dude anyway. Okay, so chief police likes him. I put some crible behind bars, Yep Yep. Speaking of what you got you did to me. Yes, we kin of allegedly he is helped lead the police to a hundred, and twenty three rests over the course of his career. Okay T as a vigil and Tausen ten years, yeah so he's I mean he's ever in a month he's fit crime which is pretty crazy, but somewhere along the line. Does he have any enemies? Does he have a like very sad to find out? There's no vigilant super villains, Bro- and you know this point of you at- is not the camera on point of you. What I'm a super felling? Would you be my way yea? Would you wade into the waters of El with no he's his O boter calls a rucus? Oh my God, here's Your Day could be rucus Phoenix. Is Me Ruckus. I've come to rug up what you're doing here in Seattle Yeah. I'm feeling I like this yeah, it's shocking to me because you always hear people are like, like superheroes. They bring out the villains. If there were superiors to see all these super villains would o they did it, they did it well, no yeah, I guess yeah. We just witnessed the birth of one memere. I started breaking car windows and know as where I started its my gateway. That's my gamway to super villain is yeah. THAT'S FIT! Well, that's not true. I started by sneaking food in the movie theaters and then I graduated to breaking car windows. And now oh man O Ho Watch out Seattle. A watch out Seattle yeah, so so is his his vigilanti career with pretty well okay, but- and he had a really good reputation, but over time, this reputation sort of started to sour. If you will, Oh because he there was situations, he got him stuff in that some people. Some people in the public had problem with okay, for example, and I think there's a good reason for a lot of this. For example, he had he had come across a group that was dancing in an alley way that he mistook for a fight, and so he ran into the Sally Way and he just pepper, sprayed everybody and also a couple people who just happen to be walking okay. But imagine, though, why are you dancing in Alloway at night? What are you doing? That's Seattle, what he went up to the jets and the sharks and just was like you know, and they were just just dancing at what are you talking at? Were they? What are they filming tick tacks out there? I don't it's too early for that, as I gives me more the alley and and do a vine like what was it then? What year is this? I don't know what year that was. I don't the time one's kind of hard to pin point a lot of these moments in the timeline online, because there's just like there's so many mistake: heames took someone planking as a dead body. You know, I don't know I'm trying to think of the Internet. He he sat them on a log and floated them off into the into the Beano Fikee the whole time teretere committed to planking. So much that they're going to let a strange man. It was a big deal bit o that makes you did not miss the plank and just Nastia log set them on fire, and still last thing he says he's like he's like Lang there on the and the bay, the guys like lighting the match and so he's laying face down planking. He like looks up out of his eyes and he's like he's like hey cool socks, man, oh my he's out there he's just like. I hope we go viral for this and then that I ever recyeve there just like the psychics making the music to play sad of doin up with the check he's like what are you doing, I'm just doing the music. I remember I've been telling you we need a sock, we can put it in post, but he's concerned with the editing process. He's like Phoenix of a done you we need a song yeah. We can put her in post he's like he we'll get it from audio jungle, but we won't take the steps out there all legally down it's the only crime. I permit. How do you it's the WHO is the woman's voice, though she was audio jungle. You know we'll get it for blind Mar. So we get in a couple of these where it's like they kind of turn sour, and so we got a actually a teepee to dance grew. Yeah. Public perception of him is not as gos was it the was it the Jabiak es or whatever finges Persan an they have no face he's like on the top of a building, and he sees a bunch of blue men on the ground and he's just like what are these blue? What's this blue man group, they went right, he runs down and just starts karate chopping, all of them so yeah. So he his public perception has started the kind of salary misreading. Some things. Mis, yes, has some bad calls, so he decides the way to solve. This problem is to found what he calls the rain city Superhero Movement, which it's the Justice League he yeah. He says he says I need a team and he goes on find me await the goes on this rigorous search for his team of Superhero cliges, just posting bro. He actually like it was. It was intense. He did background checks, he did a full interview process, but now legit background checks. He just called your rendon and followed you around. It was kind of like okay, this seems legit. He said this camera man to follow the Fremere you're. Not Supposed to see me, I'm not here. What are you doing? Are You you? You applied to be I so he that's how you found out of things person wasn't worthy of being super her or not, is how do they respond with a respond to a camera guy and they actually had he had a physical test and he in the process of building his crew? He was in another interview and he was bragging about the fact that he had turned down six out of six applicants, and so apparently it was pretty hard to become a rain city. SEPENT high demand, I guess S, he ends up putting together this crew of ten superheroes and my favorite part. Do you get a suit when you join her? My favorite part about this? Is He has his ten thousand dollar Super Ho costume and the rest of his crew and ely taks, either wearing ludor, masks and Bandanas over their face? The person, the Purple Hoodie, is straight up the camera person there in blue jeans. There be Jes, like literally just wearing whatever and then something over their face. Yeah so he's out here patrol in the Seattle streets, with ANTEFA and at what it looks like over time. They did all start to get new costumes, but it Biblemen in there on the on the left over there. In comparison, they still like everybody else. Basically has halloween costume, he's GOIN T sandolos UME. This is a near photo of his crew. He's not worn a mask, though yeah. So this is new, so see I guess we need to get to that now. I guess Ye were a mask and hide that fresh fade. Though look at that it's a sharp hair cut. He is a shy pair cut. He went by the nickname flat top in his MIT, my career, W barber, my Gosh. So then this dude on the other side of the green mask with his neck out. Whatever yeah, it's just a dad. I guess that's an old ned tat, not gonna. Tell guy you're like that. Guy Is forty eight and we older yeah. I think he's older yeah look at at that neck. I don't know, that's an old neck yeah I s yeah! Maybe he's got some wrinkling neck. You thinking not the forty eighth old, I'm saying the guys older than should be fighting crime. Oh absolutely, I e L of these people are older than should be fighting crime. I think that comes a point where it's like you're, an adult. You need to get a real job. You want you. What do you want vigilante teenagers out here? You want vigil Lantin's on the street. That's what you want. You want there to be a cut off a m Um, just what I made it into Phoenix Jones vigilanti program. Did you watch ten titans the drama, the drama that exists among that group? So he starts fighting crime with this crew right. What are they called? The Rain Si rain city super her movement, yeah sounds are going to improve team kind of what the Tursday at night, ten thirty P m. When I start the rain to where in Seattle anywhere, so you pop up shows so they start they break into crew groups and they patrol the city. I and same thing: He always did if crime breaks out they respond and they don't do whatever they can within their league. They have a saying: Do they show up and they're like rain? I e some real rope and I one person's life ever you, it's like you like on and the guys like gone by the time they finished their little. Oh Yeah it because they do a whole intro thing for each individual person and it's like the Camp Carter guys running around it's just like Phoenix todes. Captain Paintball Tiffany es just goes by the first name, just their first name Winolia. My God name is Diana. You don't meet a lot of baby lineal, don't you don't so they when they become a team, they start having more and more issues where they went. They took it a little too far, so it was like a little bit more liable yeah because of my mob mentality. Like that person's, you know Ye. So war reporting a person. I guess we can do it too. The perception wasn't great and so Phoenix concludes the only thing to help help public perception to turn on his team. He holds a press conference at City Hall. Oh my on the stairs of city Ho. This is this. Guy Thinks he's it's amazing. I love it he's on the stairs a city like it's a podium. The chief of police is behind at the mayor's bio mask, but he still uses the voice. She's got his full armor on right and he's gives this speech to the city. It's on mat or local news right, you're, retose, national! It's on local news, Phoenix Jones calls press conference. That's the lead line and she's like the city of Phoenix tuned in on accident. They like O o. This is us, and so he makes his big speech about how much of an honor it's been to protect Seattle over the years. But he's like he's like a few events, have taken place and he's like. I realized the only thing to help me and the rain city. Supere collective is and there's a dramatic pause, and then he takes off his mask and he's like he's. Like I M Phoenix Jones, my name is Ben Foeter, sick, my father, I'm a son, I'm a brother, I'm just like all of you and then he dramatically walks away from the podium and just leaves, and everyone was like Phoenix Jones holds press conferences. Tell us what we already knew and from that bumin forward. He starts not wearing the helmet and he's Gesinge just has his head out. Now he did. He think people were going to erupt, an applause. I don't know what he expected. I think he expected people to like. Oh, my gosh, we know who fas Jones is no been folder and everyone goes and he's like. No, I said poter photer not over, but it was a risky move because he had. He had sponsors for his professional fighting career turns out that worked for him. They liked it and they were like wait. He was, he was doing the prels fighting thing, the whole time, still professionally fighting and he's still working at the day care and the day care it was risky because the day cares like do. We want this guy working with children yeah the answer was no o, and so, but he continues. Fighting ends up marrying another member of the REMIAH. The Rain City is collective. It was actually music collective see where you're collective. What d you say? I said the rain city music collective on accident, because it sounds like what that would be: music, collective raits, practicin, the music city, superhero collective and I was like Nashville's got one to yeah, so he marries he marries one of the one of the other superheroes and coincidently. She becomes the only other member of the supero group with a actual suit and so hold on. No. Why does she look like Megan Kelly? I don't know who that is. I pull onside by side, okay, great you're, telling me: How do I get this to be here? The News reporter Megan photer? Sorry, she probably goes by making Jones. She probably took the Super Hills. Last me, that's amazing, wow yeah, so she gets a really great super. What's her? What's her name flag, SAFF? What Bukta? Oh my Gosh! There are black as before. Now her name is purple rain. Oh, it makes sense yeah and she actually found found it. A A non profit called purple rain that helps victims of dementie domestic abuse she got sued by the she was the Wade. She was the one who was always run: okay, okay, which is kind of annoying that she had the best suit out of anybody else and she'd never went anywhere. Hey. Do you, like our show, when I help us keep doing it? One of the easiest ways to do that is to sport, our merchandise, wear it out in the wild. Tell all your friends they'll be like what is tolon and you'll have to explain what this dumb show is to get access to our exclusive merchandise. Please text tell in to six six eight six six! Thank you so much for your help. Super Her collective fights crime for years things are going great. Yes, the the public perception kind of turn around a little bit after he was like I'm been voter. It was so sad that that we ben potery he's a US fighter. He was like a locally. He had local fame for I for fighting, okay, okay and some people knew him yeah that they were like Whoa. Oh, my gosh that actually harmed his reputation more than it helped him, because people were like okay. Well, what one thing he did. Seattle is a mutual combat city which what that means is, if two people agree prior to it, they can fight in public. What and so, if at any point, I'm like in a disagreement with you we're out in the street and I can respect mutual combat and you'd, be like mutual combat? Do you just say? Mutual combat is at the ree. Does that, like by mutual car, telling me that all these kids down of the independent center that are getting arrested a lot, an they're being like hey, you guys can't fight here? All they had to do. Is I oh, it's mutual combat cut that okay yeah! That's a new video game, so moral combat, but it's just mutual combat. I consent and I the voice goes mutual COMMATA. What say he would go. He'd find these drunks that are doing, I mean the droom and he would be like hey mutual combat and he like yeah, and he would fight these junk people and people were like wait. A second okay, okay, okay, this sober USC fighter wearing a bullet proof that getting consent from these is ripping into a drunk dude on the side of the street. Just mawing him because obviously he's a better fighter than this inebriated white color worker in Seattle and people like. Oh that's, that's weird now like that. Now that we know that it's like. Oh, I don't like that and most of his crimes. That's what that he fought were that and he was walking up to people just so just so we're clear on the whole situation. Yeah no mugging happening just a drunk eye chilling. No, it was. It was a junk guy who was doing something. So I my a yeah he's this guy's. I got here he's like yelling at women he's yelling at Behles, someone on his yeah he's like causing a whole scene or an then you just hear, and then you hear the camera guy and then you also hear mutual combat and the jugs, like Michel Michel, come back to somut combat, say it back whatever I say you have to say back to me: Mitchell got that Simon says: Save e Yol combat. If you say mutual combat, I won't kill you, and so then there was a moment where everything just kind of spiraled yeah. I sure your moments. Okay, so here's real quickly kill somebody real, quick, a couple. Interesting things happen to him. He got stabbed trying to interview intervene in a drug deal which damaged his costume and the most his skin, his body yeah. That was the most important part, though, was the costume. He is bullet. provest, say this life. He got shot in the bullpout, thes sate his life wow, and he didn't have his nose broken with a ton of other minor injuries, but other than that other than those things there. Hadn't been a lot of catastrophic damage to him or anybodyy in his crew or any of the quote: Unquote, victims or perpetrators in the crime sure guys all career. Until one day it was an average night, they were out fighting crime, they witnessed a crime and they were chasing the perpetrator, his crew and when, while they were chasing this guy, there was a drive by shooting and one of the stray shots hit a two one year old girl and killed her and feean girl. That was art of the chase. She was in Indian area, okay and Phoenix the nobody ever caught the shooter. Nobody knows who the shooter was or what the motive was, but Phoenix is convinced that they were after him, which I actually there's merit to, because he had been really putting a hamper on the drug trade in Seattle, yeah I'm putting a lot of dealers behind bars and so there's a merit that there would be someone who would want to kill him, and so what he thinks is that the whole thing was a set up. That was a crime that was faked and the runner took him to an area where the dry bi could happen and they could shoot them and he's blamed himself for that girl's death. Ever since then, and so he started like a big campaign to try to figure out who did this thing and went to like extremely to try to try to solve, solve the crime and fix the situation. But he also commissioned a comic book to tell his story and in the Comic Book They told that story in pretty graphic detail and depicted images of this girl getting hit. And it's I mean it's a real person when people found out that he did that. The backlash was huge yeah and surprisingly, her family is going to be surprisingly. Her sister came out publicly and said that she thinks it a good thing. She she said. I want my sister story to be told, and he did include in the comic at the end, like a hot line for tips like to help yeah solve the crime, and so that really really kind of eroded his public repute reputation. The police didn't want him involved in the city anymore. The public didn't want him involved any more. He was still somewhat active, but he kind of started to recluse back and kind of disappeared out of view. Sthe majority of what he did from that point forward was campaigning to try to figure out who did that yeah well a couple years after that he has been very inactive. He actually was arrested in a sting operation where an sting operation to get him. The police got him on drug dealing and apparently what I so he was fighting the drug things taking the drugs apparently selling, apparently the whole time. He had been dealing cocaine, molly shroms, putting his competition behind bars and dealing drugs the whole time, and so they get him in the sting operation. He a a that crazy goes to jail. Does his time he's out now and goes to jail and is like hey guys remember when we mutually combated its like man? Never should take that mask off in that Press Co. That's where I'm thinking now he's in jail with everyone that he's mutually combated. That's like going to a party of just ex girlfriends, and you walk in you're like this is weird Heah. Is that is weird, it's crazy. How long do I got to stay here? So, in the wake of all this, the Superhero Movement, the rain super her mood. It like starts making all these public statements about what it was like working under Phoenix Jones and how it was a terrible work environment how he promised them all hes. He promised them all bullet. Prove that home this guy's, not a good bomb yeah you promise is honestly, you know, is a really toxic work environment like I was constantly being asked or put in fifty hours a week, I felt like every day was a fight it I mean it just like us taking a toll, my body and my mental health, and you know, and and there was no benefits there was no health benefits. There were well, that's. I think he promised them health insurance and he didn't give it to him, and you were telling me that you're, like you're you're, talking to a guy who's starting a superhero, collective and you're Bargeton benefits you're, just like yeah, but are their health benefits he's like? Oh, there will be yeah a vision, an dental included. He promised all this stuff and didn't fall through me. I got a cavity, but is on wait until our benefits kicking. So there you see re yeah, a hundred percent or HR department. We talk about. You got to go talk to Purple Rain De the caller for rain all the time to just stay in character. A you can't call each other by their birth o names in the office. Does there an office, the other had the tower the rain collective tower, and so okay go ahead, so they end up distancing themselves from from Phoenix Jones and his wife divorces him. She. This is herself from the whole thing because she's, like I'm, I'm doing her own things like I on my not for profit, its name purple rain, but she's probably go like I imagine they go to hospitals and hang out with kids and their super suits and stuff. Well, she she doesn't want anyone to know she's a super, her any more she's like she's like I've, I own a non profit she's like that's what I do called Purple Rain that, like the Super Yeah like that, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know, and I no there was a super shot of so don't talk to me. Hey, please, don't bring that up. No she's like it was like is a hey maco. Combat has me talk out that so so she lies, but the superior collective while Venus is in prison is still functioning in Seattle and still out there fighting crime. He gets out of jail and he's like I be back on the collective, no joke, no joke. He gets out of jail and there's a video of of his crew out there. Fighting Crime and some guy on like a street corner, is like hey. You know, Phoenix is out tonight too, and the guys like what do you just say and that the guy like walks up to him and gets like like I is just what you just say and the guys like Phoenix is out today like what he's a phoenix a guy in a in a suit in this just this phoenix. What do you say to me a like it's Hilarious, because it's like it's almost like he's like jared. Like he's like S, you guys go on Phoenix Out Phoenix Yeah, but now he's still campaigning, try to find the killer of that girl and he's also got a campaigning vaccinations he's trying to get everybody to get it their VAT. You know it's hard to hate the guy, you know, so he and that's what it's, while that he was just taking the drugs and sell and go hold that at arly Ras and through his whole career. He was a like he a face of a lot of campaign guys he was the villain. The whole time is that what you're saying I think so I den't draw that connection. He was the there are no heroes, never meet your heroes. They'll, always let you down Yeer, look up to that! Guy He's a drug dealer. You know yeah at the beginning. I thought you were going to say he got me to honestly. I was going a thought you're going to be like yeah. You know it's finals crime, but also like behind the you know. Bone scenes was just like leading girls on and none of that, but being really inappropriate. But Yeah I was was committing crimes and all the while the the state is in the city is like commissioning him for their campaign, so he's doing their like. Don't do dogs campaign he's Phoenix he's like he's like. Don't do so? Don't do draw and there there's like a nine und one commercial. Well, isn't there theories and studies on how the dare program actually be res Drug use? I have heard that ever then yeah. He was just as a myth or sbot there's a video or a commercial of him on a playground like all these kids are playing and he's like. So I'm gonna fight these kids. If, if you do drugs you're on want repeat these kids up, that's how ushul do it! I O we should do it. The kids on the SWIG, you like you, he is drugs. We git too fur he's kicking up and turns like we will come, is get pulling his Cape is a kid just like don't do dregs stay off the straight? Do It don't do drugs lessen make kids? You were Stovin don mutual comment and his kids, just like me to go a just rocks him do like just watch is easy. I push on the swing. He goes flying something yeah that commercial that commercially literally the kids are playing, and then he just turns the camera and he's like he's like now. Kids he's like what do we do if something really bad happens and they're all like call nine one one and that's why he goes no some good, but it takes two of us. You do your part o shots and they cut that out of the AD. But you know he said it a God. I will any freeze frame in, but if in keeps going he's like no, he saw the final Ed. It was like what I had guys. This is not what I said. Oh my gosh, that's incredible wow! So now is he out there vigil anting to this day he is occasionally out. Now we go fight each other in Seattle and in to to come out, I'm so serious. That's part of the till we're going fees Jones spotting thing we ever do a show in Seattle because we are doing live, shows yeah and if we ever do a show in Seattle, I pray yeah, someone cause some trouble at our s. The little ruck is going, get a little yeah yeah yeah get some rockets out of there and get Phoenix ones to sit there with our luck. You know this goes off on tick, tock or whatever, and you know his stories. While they be got a group of vigil an tins, you know so then they show up all Gensan up the place. That's exactly what we want. We you! What on anyway? What would team titans look like now, just team back where that's straight like a match, one? Where are they now? No, I think I, like wowed team titans like j. If they were dense tea, they were yeah. I was thinking it they're like like. Do we have the crime in the cities too much back brow backs Eh. I saw that language is jokes, and then I did a show a couple weeks ago out in Kansas, and you could watch these kids faces because they were like high schoolers. Their parents brought him in the show, right, yeah and then because they didn't know who I was yeah and so after they're looking, it was really funny or whatever, and while we're talking, I was watching them pull up my ticktock yeah and they can see a many followers. I have on take tack and then you could see their body language change. Yeah like I was watching them like slowly show it to each other and then like then, I was cool. Interesting, you know is a apple high school that doesn't happen to you probe. Have you seen high tors? Do that? No not for, like all of a sudden, you're cool the high school is yeah. That's funny. It's a good moment. It's a good obect, terrified, they're terrifying for that first, like five minutes, because you got to sit there and they're making you justify while you're cool, I hate teenagers, you know and then and then they find out that you're cool in their measurements a this and and then all of a sudden they're. Just like Oh yeah Bra. That story was like great. It was really good a facts. Man. It was a good story like that they strait up were saying facts and cap, and I was like I thought that this was made up. I thought we were doing. This is a bit, Oh yeah, yeah. Now that's how I actually talk yeah. Well, not all of them, but you know yeah anyways, fair. So if you're a vigil lantine stay away from the show, but if you are Phoenix Jones, you got to take it with you. Do you want us to put under Benporben Phoenix Callentes, one or two tickets? Probably one yeah, probably one, probably one yea one, probably one yeah. So I just like at this point I mean there's a chance he's out there. Tonight I mean here's the thing I was a listers if you're in Seattle. I just I challenge you glance up at the at the the roof tops tonight. You might just see Phoenix. What do you freaking Stan was standing on the edge of of one of the one of the Hay. We need to put super here music in the background at this by the way, go ahead, stand on the edge of one of the buildings. Looking around the city never mind all dot on her mouth is looking for crain the city. You see some criminals crime in D, so he's like I got get down of that. It runs over to the nouns over to fire. Scape is climbed on the fire. Skame crime is going on still his timing on that fire escape. I gotta get this crime. I know he's gonna get away. It's not that Mamay. I interest you in some mutual combat, so OOMA's finish chance, o. what's the beat of the fiddle, the things are done. That night is a production of space, Tim media produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Ous, Garnett, video by Conteret or graphics, and Ar logo by Kalu, but Golberg's media is run by Kelaba. Our host, our Jeran myres and Tim Stone falls on your favorite social media platform at Tillin. PODCAST is till and Podcasti remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things. I have owned last night. I

On the rooftops of Seattle lurks a hero the city never asked for and barely needs. In $10k armor, Phoenix Jones rushes down fire escapes and across alleyways in downtown Seattle night after night. This vigilante superhero is on a mission to make Seattle a safer place. Even though things started well for Phoenix, he and his team of caped crusaders, known as the rain city superhero collective, have fallen out of favor with the locals throughout the past few years. This story is the tale of the misunderstood Phoenix Jones, Seattle’s real live superhero.

The Birth of a Superhero

Where do superheroes come from? In most origin stories, you hear of humble upbringings complete with some training, whether mentally or physically, to train them for their destiny. Phoenix Jones comes from the same sort of origin story.

Born in Texas, Ben Fodor was an average child learning to wrestle with his brother Carlos. The two eventually became passionate and quite good at wrestling to the point of picking up mixed martial arts. By the duos early adulthood, they were already fighting professionally, and Carlos even managed to work his way into the UFC. Ben’s career took him to Seattle, where a fateful event would forever change his life.

Broken Glass on the Pavement

One Night Fodor was walking back to his car in downtown Seattle with his son. The two came upon a harrowing scene when they discovered that a local criminal had broken into Ben’s car. Ben’s son tripped and cut himself on the broken glass, which sparked something within Ben Fodor. At that moment, he vowed never to allow any pain to come upon his son again. Then, after considering the problems that his city faced with crime and the police’s slow response time, Ben resolved to take matters into his own hands.

The Early Days of Phoenix Jones

Ben purchased a tear-away tuxedo and took it to the rooftops. From there, he watched over the city streets at night. At first sight of criminal activity, Ben rushed down the fire escape to defend the innocent. Unfortunately, his actions quickly became a danger to himself and those he was associated with. So, Ben created the persona of Pheonix Jones and invested in a $10k super-suit complete with bulletproof armor, a state-of-the-art helmet, and a utility belt full of useful tools and gadgets.

Phoenix Jones Seattle's resident vigilante superhero passing out flyers by a pond
Phoenix Jones in a simplified version of his super suit passing out flyers late in his career.
Photo By Torrin Maynard from Seattle, United States
Phoenix Jones Legacy

Over the years, Phoenix Jones claims to have stopped over 100 criminals. During his long career, Phoenix Jones indeed risked his life and had been stabbed and shot at on multiple occasions. The dangers don’t seem to deter him, though. This masked hero is committed to rooting out crime in his city. So much so that Fodor eventually founder the Rain City Superhero Collective. This group of vigilante superheroes patrols Seattle on a nightly basis to intervene and prevent crime on every street corner.


Phoenix Jones, like many superheroes, puts himself in harm’s way to protect his city and humanity itself. In days passed, he had an excellent reputation with the local police. However, in later years he found himself in prison for charges of his own. His time in prison and one horrific event while protecting the citizens of Seattle have shaken him to his core. Now in his post-prison life, Phoenix works to solve that very horrible case. His Rain City Superhero Collective continues to patrols the city’s streets and rarely engages with Phoenix Jones anymore. To learn more about the superhero collective, Phoenix Jones’s unmasking ceremony, or his conviction, check out this episode of Things I Learned Last Night! Jaron and Tim talk about all that and much more, including the murder case that still leaves Phoenix broken.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Phoenix Jones – Wikipedia

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