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Warning this episode may contain information and silliness that not everyone would be interested in a man puts up I'm just hungry, trying get out of here, Bro all right. Okay, have you ever heard of don't look a like that? Go ahead, I'm listening have you ever heard of so I got to your Toch my hand today. I know it's feels weird. Have you ever heard of space? You E you how you gonna do this space there's a few options? Okay, okay, what do you think one space like space, you don't tell you can describe it any more than that. You know like stars and Planets and like other space outer space, okay, other options, the space bar, Oh also, is there? Is there a bar called I'm sure there is this pace bar I'm sure, obviously right, but it's like a mix office and outer space theme Yep Yep Yep like they just have like you know this they've done the ceiling were okay. First of all, I've done given out my million dollar ideas on our podcast okay, but you walk into the bar all right. It's a black ceiling. They got little lights to make it look story, but also they've got like staplers with sad and rings around him Yep. Oh, that's a good idea. You know I like the paper clips from the moon. It keeps trying to search King City and there's not one in kin city. So there's not one in the world. Okay. What was I saying space? Have you heard of space never heard of it? So he's the pig we live on. Earth outside of earth is a place called SPIX. That's all they're. During the Moon, you get up there they've been drinking the fossil fuels. I must get me some mush less kit. Are you trying playing Kennedy as if someone listening doesn't know who Kennedy is guys we've heard about space race, but what, if Space Race Yourself Ole your right to tell us more, you just put your foot on the gas pedal or metal at all. You do things all of a sudden over the past. Like decade or so. Are you are you, okay yeah? I just am trying to mentally prepare for the next forty five minutes of whatever you're going to say. What do you think? I just think that you don't think space is real. That's what I be Therat Earth or I'm an alien team is a fraser to believe in aliens. You have to believe in space. Tim is a flat Earth Quin on Alien Conspiracy, Joe Rogan Lover, and only a couple of those things are true. You're, not it's not that you're entirely wrong. That's like Ol man, here's the thing about space, but you would be the guy that a girl's breaking up with them and you'd go! That's fair! That's fair! That's! That's! Fair! That's! Fair! Yep! That's fair! THAT'S NOT UNTRUE! You'RE, not wrong! You're! Not Incorrect! I would say your l right, oh my gosh, so you get it! It's a call back! I get it! I ithan you! I UNDERSTAND! Okay, anyway. Okay, so space he's a say, here's the thing about it. It's huge! It's never ending. We are where I'm sure it ends it's just expanding. We went to space right. We know not us well, but not as yeah. We went to space and we went to the moon and then we kept going to like near a Thorpe for a little bit and then for some reason we just stopped going to the moon, and then we started going to the space a lot less and then we start yeah. Why was robots up to space a lot less? Is it because it was fake or is it because? Well that's interesting, so a lot of like the space, the moon landing is fake. People will say that that's a that's a evidence for it being faked, because we have never bode to go back, but it's kind of like you know, honestly, honestly yeah, it's a little bit like when you try that restaurant that's got two stars on Yelp and you like we've been there, we did it. You know I tried it. I tried it when I go back Y, a yeah I mean, if somebody I e, take me sure it's like I watched cottium Belati when I watch it again. Why not you watched it, though? You Know How many times I've watched hotty been malady. I know I don't I don't. Let me get my minder anybody got gloss. This is the time that I watched Hattie on August. Second, I think I'm in the es how Y Booly, I think, I'm in the a sad, oh, my gosh, it's such a good movie. I love how you would breathe upon it, not punish but train. Your dogs me and Reagan have been doing that to each other. Since we left your house, you mean because for anybody who doesn't know, I have dogs, Yep and a wife named Bri glad you mentioned her first at pardon, so that part of the story is hard to bear by it's, not on social media. Well, she is I'm blocked. I don't know I do anyway so, but when your dogs jump on you, instead of being like no, you guys are going Oh you're offended, but you're going. Oh, what Quincy Yeah we we bitterly will do this yeah you'll do like a shame game with them, and I want you to know that me and Regan went to your house and then for the next week and a half preceded any time. We got annoyed bit each other. I would literally would look at her goal. She left her coffee Mug out on my coffee table. Then I went. How long has this been this books, several hours old Reagan, T so fun space space? The reason why there Swedish people in space actually yeah so there's there's some are other coutures going yeah. Let's. If we go to the moon and the other, and then we were like we can't go up. There is too crowded it's kind of like whenever you're like a photographer, and you find a really good picture spot you post at Instagram, yeah, it's like whatever that bridge is with the railroad. You know that everyone took pictures on when instagram was first pictures. You know now instagram s like we're. Actually tick, Tock yeah, but like before that when it was a picture AP and you had the Cano Yeah and so camera yeah, but it's like a photographer goes to a good picture spot first and then everyone else is like is like were went, go there! That, yes, is that what happened in the moon? This is a gen question. That's actually a good analogy, so I don't it is. I don't care about wasting people, so nobody else went to the moon except us we're the only ones who actually successfully made it to the moon. That's another reason. Some people think that we never actually made it. Here's a here. I might be a moon conspiracy person, then here's the thing. Here's to other people went no just us. I think other people got like probes, but no persons. That's like that's like being like yeah. I got a girlfriend. Only I've met her yeah. You couldn't get there, you couldn't get you couldn't do it. You could a you, could a go: yeah she's for a different school. Here's a thing! Here's the thing new! The crass tis Tyson actually talks about this, and his point is very: I love his chicken nuggets yeah. He makes great nugs so ye the Grossy nugs Grassy, I love his high school he's, got a great ice scale. I was doing it. I was doing a whole thing. That's a safe space that high school, it's really great what they did for Drake there, oh Gosh, so his his point that he makes is that the reason we went to space to go to the moon? It costs a lot of money, yeah and so there's only really two ways. You can get that money you either get it from the private sector or from government, and the private sector was never going to fund that well, and what's unfortunate, is that they are both the same. So you really got to go to the private sector. The problem is, the private stem was never going to find it because there was no the return. The possible return was so far down the line or we're talking a decade at minimum for them to see any return on the investment and it's a gamble because they don't they didn't know at the time what resources like for the private sector at that time, the only thing space travel could get them is mining from like the moon and they didn't know what kind of resources are there. So they were like. It was never something that made sense for the private sector to invest in, and so it had to be government and the government had to invest. Can they mind the moon? I mean in theory. Yes, I can practice it as they've already had been doing it I mean they took. They picked up some rock. What is moon cheese? I T they went up. There were milking cows for milk in the moon. Here's the Moon's utters to just these big utters, stick it out of the Moon Cris and then because it's low gravity, the milk just floats up and you have to catch it. I regret making my joke, I'm really sad of it directing you took it. This is what actually happens. You have a little thought baby right and you and then you and then we co, parented together and take mess it up to make the village yeah Bro. I have like I'm just like look at this this little. This little thought child I've brought into the world and you're like yeah, I'm Goin, to put it in counseling he's the point. Sometimes I can work out really well and sometimes they turn into that. Be careful who you let your children be around. That's the more of the story, Jim. Why did you do that to my thought baby, so the government would have had to fund it for research purposes for the potential of a long term turn because gods, they have longer time scales. They don't have to governments. Are we can result hundreds of years like it doesn't matter there? The government who cares me around yeah they're, like the country I'll still be here so, but what motivated the space race was. This thing called the Cold War and Russia because, because he's the this was the time this was criatin when we were like, if Russia gets up there, they're going to now us from the moon. No really I mean you know Russia just set a new foe. I think I monfort you would see it coming moon missiles, Moon missiles, they're momies. What what I didn't hear these movies sounds like Barnyard, the movie Halloween edition and there's cow mummies. Oh No, there's movies! All Right! This is this cow, just like they already make money is, is we're all you know? How do you make that more mummy is Rayo know. So here's the thing this this this wasn't new, my milk, the more the more I learn about things like space, the cold board, the more the of the Cold War, really like chrome, dome and in Chatre, like just everything that the US government and the Russian government did. Is I've come to conclusion that this wasn't a situation where a couple countries had nukes and they were afraid the other country was going to use it. This was the world's biggest ever. My Dad could beat up your dad, Oh yeah for sure, and what happened was Russia may put a person which all the more incentive for America to fake? It is true rush, a put a person in space and all of a sudden, the US was like. Oh, you went to space we're going to the moon, we're gonna we're going to the moon, yeah and then I've been there. I've been I've been to pet week. I've been in the moon base come on just all. You did was go to spit watch us we're going to do it really high in the sky, were it at what we're a land on O star, and so I was like one bring that back. I think it's not starts it's. Do you know what I meant do you know what I and it's crazy, because Kennedy, the guy who made that famous speech is who said we you choose to go to the moon and the other things. I want to know what the other things are about the way, but I said we choose going moon and the other things, not the because the hard and are you trying to explain Kennedy as if someone listening doesn't know who Kennedy is Kennedy? You know that Guy Ha? What would you know them for man? I can't think of anything important. He did literally a year before that. Do you think he said remind well. That's a conversation off that case. That's a different question, literally a year before that he said publicly. He said I don't see any value in research and space. He said honestly, any value, and a year later he's like we're going to the moon in the next ten years, and so they went by the end of the decade Yep, and so they went and it was convenient that they did it in sixty nine yeah one year a so so they went to the moon and they went back a couple times, but then they just never went back and I think the biggest reason was there. Wasn't this war time threat situation going on any more and there wasn't any any real resource you were gaining from the moon. The payoff is so long term and the cost is so unbelievable high and the risk is incredibly high because I think here's the thing with spaceships is the rockets and rockets are missiles and missiles are made to explode, and so they do that space ships are rockets. Yes, rockets are missiles, yes, missiles explode, yes, spaceships explode, spaceships explode. Yes, it really seriously. It's like one and twenty rockets today. Back then, is worse. One and twenty today explode on takeoff yeah. It sucks, because you know we watch the few SPACEX launches it. Just I mean that's what they're they're literally I mean the design for them was taken from the original design for nukes, like they were literally made to blow up and like that's what they were be dropped in a random like or we dropped in random lake and so they're not good at at making it to space. I mean there there they make it, but there's a fail rate, and so there's a heavy risk right, because there's using do you think that Jeff actually went to space last month, Besos M, I don't know I mean he did. He crossed the line, but his was the line. I don't know, there's a name for it. It's an altitude line, there's a name for it. That's like this is space and everybody's. Like yeah, you made it because at some point, there's no border like there's no, like sign that says hello. Welcome to space like you have to robe. There will be eventually actually, but I mean his like. A road sign literally just went up and then went right back. then. If you miss it, you got to turn around a nowand. Then somebody somebody on that trip, I'm going to throw off the space ship. It's going to go, looks like we're not in earth anymore. I could see Kansas from here. Hey really exciting news October thirtieth and Kansas City Missouri, we were doing a tilling live show. Please get tickets they're available right now until INCOM and we're going to have special guests, a live episode, Q and a bunch of stuff tim right now is researching. If we can get a monster truck there you're going to love it. If you were anywhere near Kansas City or you're able to get there, we want to see you there. So please go to the website. I am by those tickets because the spots are limited, so let's hang out and just keep making some amazing magic stuff together, fit off huh, so space just wasn't economical for a really long time. The only thing that it was used for for after the Apollo era ended. I don't know why I put a pall in air. Quotes: It's not bake. Well, you say that so when the A I was starting to think it might be, I mean there's a lot of good reasons to think it is. But when the power ended, I'm sort thinking it is, I'm glad you said that there's a lot of really good reasons. Actually, I'm glad now you brought it up, I'm glad you said that because I think so no the apoller in did and you think the Moon, leaning fig I'm on the fence, I'm on the space earthwise, I don't know the Apollo er ended and then space became pretty much just satellites. It was we're just going to near Earth orbit dropping some satellites. They did the ISS, but really the big thing was defense, satellites and the so there's a couple of companies that kind of led the game and just dropped a bunch of satellites. I guess not dot like through a bunch of satellites up in a space and they were up there really for defense, so they were helping the government. I threw a final once, I'm pretty sure it's up there, it's a satellite! Now, if you throw up, if you throw a boom Raine far enough, it becomes a satellite, and that's just isn't that I want to get that on a magnet I'm going to make man throw a boomerang far enough should be shaped. Like a like a like a boomerang, I be shaped like a satellite. Well because it's become a sanely yeah, okay, anyway, sorry space, all of a sudden now is becoming, is inter entering this new era where it's like. Okay space actually is becoming economic or frontier yeah, not just not a front here. Well Yeah! I guess it's becoming a situation where it makes sense for the private sector to say I'm going to invest in this because there's a possibility of returns in the short term. Okay, yeah! I A thanks so because there's this possibility of a return in the short term right for space, a bout of these private companies are starting to invest in going back to space yeah because all of a sudden, now it's not just a fence. Now you got companies like Google and apple who are like. We want maps. We want map at caps. You want map hops, so they're going to space for maps. Well, you need a satellite to get those map APPS. Okay, here's this I mean within the last like twenty years. They started map papping, yeah and happening. Then you had tell communications into the game and say: Hey. We can use satellites to make things better dish. Network showed up and they're like we want to put something in space, direct t s like we do too yeah Dat. We can do we're doing we're gonna. Do it the next decade, a Moan. The I t department is like this. This it's not necessary that'll. Do nothing mood chance, like that's just like you know, that's like the CEO swam in some cocaine and then being like Mon. We have more channels on the moon than any other providers. REALLY THAT'S RIGHT! So are we going to do this day? The rest of the episode o ours is visibly uncomfortable, I'm yeah, I'm physically uncomfortable, because I'm going not lean. I feel like I'm leaning further than you are this bit. That's fun, Tout Communications, get the bibles. Are Fans already think we're weird enough yeah, the Tel Communion Tele Commision companies get in the game and then to Er Commutin, the telecast to times the telecom musion, the Tele Commutin companies he said to a and then he tried to move past it telecommunication, I'm a telecommuting, they got into it and then a bunch of industry started like big data starts getting into it. Yeah to one DAB is in Daddy, gets in to provide like logging companies so like. If a log and company wants to buy a piece of land now they turn to a satellite provider to say, hey how many trees is there on this plot of land and they from space will count the trees and then tell them hey. This is a good investors, a computers count them, or does someone sit there and go one to that cope got on now. Is that person is that their job or is that that is their hobby? I'm a tree counter a satellite tree counter yeah, so big data like that and now ai is huge in it. Electric vehicles, especially self driving cars, yeah data pretty quickly and then there's like WIFI providers that are trying to get the wife. I signal all the place and even not for profits. Like the bill of Malindi's foundation, they have a satellite that flies over and prover nations and counts the amount of buildings and villages. So they can get a good number of how many people are there, so they know how many vaccines or what kind of aid to send to them. They just count the the structures, and so it seems to me like a more expensive way. A man is drop it there from the outer trying to make cardes satellite missile now they're, not even cargo colts they're. Just you know, Moon mobs move mothers waiting for the waiting for the goods to drop from the Nomani's like o the moon just shot something. Hopefully it's coming to us. We you an you, see the moon, shoot something like the moon just shot something take a tshirt can from the Moon Monsie. Whoever makes the motional come. Let's get hide me yeah, it's just like some dude who thought he was going to be famous, you know, and he gave up and had to work the sporting events in his town, yeah and he's at the he's, like I'm going to go log sire your fan of become a meteorologist becase, the moon, yeah, and so so your laptop is make none. No it wasn't I so Alex how unprofessional was it? My computer, you got Alyan space is becoming like an industry, yeah and they're starting to fund a lot of projects to get to space, especially people who want to get satellites to space. A like. I want satellites. There's this new thing. There's this whole new sector of small sets where their satellites like the size of toasters and they're. Just like there's, I like Hanes, okay, you're going to space. Can you take our toaster with you? Would you suck it out the way, pay five bucks or kind of like tag? A was like Ye. Take this toaster at the side, capit tape it inside doctae this dust in the side ye we don't have duck tape. We got space tate. It's at the launch, the guys like, runs up to the LAD. It's like. Oh, we got a stricker wait. A second is that a toaster. This is crazy. It's basically suicide to run along guys, putting a blunder on the side of the tap and then that's one of the things that blows up, that guy got blown up, trying to tape a blinder to the side of this, a the satellite yeah. So he really believed in that start up, because all these companies are putting more MOS coworker went on to star Google think about it. What are you doing? What are you do? What are you doing if you would invested a hundred dollars ye this guy's sprint in that a bando runner blend runner Blinda, it's like bad on her, but blend runner is. If you would invest a hundred dollars in him yeah, you would be a billionaire now you could have your be Lena Street. A Indian. Are you C have your own telecommuting so because all this money's getting pumped into Paseos now NASA is a were you trying to make a toaster and space reference like the little to like what is that? What was that toaster movie, the the brave little tester, the brave little toaster, is that the thing you're trying to make movie? No, I wasn't, but I wish I was because I love that movie, the Prim Little Tester an almost said, the toaster that could he could this tester good, so Nass is getting a lot more funding, but from the private sector, who is saying hey, let us tag along on your trip with our little miniature satellite, so they're getting a lot more funding for a lot of these things, which is now opening up this new world where the governments saying okay. Maybe we could continue to research some of these things, and so a lot of really ambitious. New Projects are being proposed by NASA and a couple private sector companies, like guys we've heard about space race, but what? If space race here ouw right to tell us more, you just put your foot on the gas pedal a metal tell you do thirteen. Laugh it labs until the rocket blows up just go until it stops. Good luck. Yeah have fun, so there's a lot of ambitious projects. I'm sure you've heard of a couple of these, for example, NASA wants to colonize the moon yeah. They weren't call in Mars as well yeah yeah they were colonized. The Moon, though I mean imagine, imagine you moved to the moon and then the next year. There's a group that moves to Mars. Wouldn't you rather, but I also imagine I mean you, you aren't a home right and you hate it right. So imagine ill doing all that process. I just you hate that home. You spend so much money on that home. You hate it right. You hate it. I know you do, and so you now we're in though, if you go to the moon, you can't sell that you can't sell your property, the Moon, yeah. Nobody knows what the real estate trains are like yeah, who you got a real turn yeah. I'm a moon, realtor moon, realty earth view realty. Why is it called real estate? Is there faces day yeah? I think there is. We should open up a FAMOSO. The wikipedia article for the colonization of the moon is nice because it starts with this warning. That's warning literally says this article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may only interest a particular audience. You opened it warning. You might not like this warning this one's boring. Actually, can you click that and put that at the beginning of the episode please warning this episode may contain information and silliness that not everyone would be interested in warnynge, not like this. Here's the thing with the moon cony. What they want to do. You might have seen like pictures of it. They want to build like these like domes, that, like you, can that, like they're, almost like greenhouses, yeah an us to live in there and you grow in there and yeah it's like in you go to domes yeah you just. Can you invite everyone over to your dome for a game night yeah come to my dome. Come to my dome home. This is my dome home. My Dome Home. What's up home, he's welcome to my dome home and then one person's you know and then the first person to make their wife I dugs Dale, are the dug the DEMODAMAS, a legend dot dog, Dale, demidofs Dal, no Dimsdale Dins, Damn de dog dimedone, the Din yeah, the one or the demodokos. Stranger things change things Yep, but the first person who makes their WIFI pass for Erver Wifi called the Dimsdale demidos. Ah They won they won, they won the space race and that's really what it's about. It's always been about, because you know you know once one you know one person made the FBI van or you know what are other common ones. I don't know I don't know anyways the real idea for the moon colony, though it's more of a lunar base than a colony, and so the idea is that it's your pit, stop on the way to Mars or other planets or other missions. Oh, so you you leave the earth you go to the Moon, you re fuel and the moon has lower gravity, so you have to use less fuel to take back off and then you can then go further, and so that's the idea. There there's a lot of a couple issues with that. Like one if you're re feeling there there has to be fuel there, that's what I should have to get us in from Er fuel there unless there's fossil fuels on Mars, which is not likely because, as far as we know, there's not fossils on my, as I say, was grinding up fossils. Also, the Moon, the movie I found a fossil the other day, it's pretty crazy and then you just squeeze it hard enough and squeeze you out a little fossil fuel. Yeah you get the gasoline, you see, I drink it, yea that I went really fast from W. I was. I was like three hundred horse power for, like Yeah Twenty least my brain was. I don't think I was moving just Latin your apartment. That's all they're! Do in the moon. You Get up. There they've been drinking the fossil fuels, everyone in their dome. Just like I'm sorry, what's the password and someone's like his dog dog dog, Dindong Doug, but the O is a zero. Have you or a love worn, been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the Tillin podcast? Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy, add free experience and they get early access to content behind the scene, stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. We all are in it our producers and the hosts. So if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text till in to six six, eight, six, six so Mars has another idea, this one's champion by Elon, musk and he's the thing with with elans motivation. He's really the only person, the private sector who's willing to sink the money into going to Mars yeah because he's not going to see any return from it. It's not going to happen, but he really wants to go because he thinks we're going to blow up the earth. Many things we need a back up, but he also wants to be the person who did it like he's pretty full of himself yeah. He enjoys the celebrity yeah. I mean t at that's pretty fair, here's one thing I noticed, though too. I would honestly say that I think part of this change in like this almost like the new space race is Elon's fault. I don't know if faults the right word, but I think he started that the new space race, the new space race, has just billionaire's trying to get to space. No, I would say it's this renewed sense of we're going to space again because he started space ex he's like we're going to March we're going to call and I colonize Mars, and then NASA was like well we're going to the moon again and and Mars, we're going to go to the Mars to yeah it's like that's cute and then Amazon was like. We have a space company and then virgin lactic was like we, a Ken we're trying to like throw your like. Your package is going to switch to three day delivery, but the Middle Day is going to spend it in space is so I mean think about it. Avason Amazon started satellites that shoot your package to your head. You think I mean yeah. If you live in an apartment complex, you better live on the top floor because it's the apartment, colleges, the seat. The roof is just cover. A kitchens now they're shooting that high felot that it's coming through the roof. There pay a long damages. It's like melted, I order coffee grounds or you a goat, greatest o little ash. athetic thanks Amazon One star, but just to wait. It is that. Can I set up a return so elan? He kind of. I really think he kind of drove this forward because he's I'm more to Mars. I really think we need to do it because the word is going to explode because we suck, and so we need a go Mars and he kind of changed this public opinion on it. What I, how long does he think the Earth's going to last? I don't know, I don't think he has a date, but I think he's like we need a back up. I on that he's got a date. I don't think he's like. I don't think he's like April Twelfth, two thousand and twenty seven or twenty seven is going down. So we got to get the bars before then that's yeah. Now I think he's just like as soon as possible. We need to be living on Mars because the human race is deemed, which is which is ironic to me, but imagine you're like that. Twenty five people or whatever selected to live our Mars now and then earth rely, is doomed yeah and then everybody there dies. Here's the thing, here's the thing about that, though I'm a Tu find out to be have Internet with there yet. Well. Imagine this the scenario. Imagine that Earth does collapse and we have a colony on Mars D. everybody on earth is like I want to go to Mars. The Earth is about to explode. Let me go to Mars. You got to make an Ark yeah, and I mean it's gay cost of billions of dollars to get a dozen people there yeah nobody's nobody's, making it nobody's going. It's like you yeah already. If the whole thing is designed that you've got to have fuel and you'll still need resources from Earth, yeah and so well, the thing with the colonies is over time. The intention is that you learn to live off of that planet, and so you learn to get resources off that planet. You learn so Mars is pretty unique, and then you have a kid and you put them out there without an oxygen tank and see if they acclimate yeah yeah. You just keep doing that until they evolve. If we do it enough, the Leval Tso Mars is actually a pretty decent plan. It's a long game, but there is a decent plan for actually like helping develop an atmosphere and learn to live off of the resources on Mars. Moon kind of has one, but I mean the moon is much less survivable than Mars. Here's the thing with with all these planes, though, like I said it's so limited, and it's going to cost a lot of money and it's going to take a long time. I am skeptical of the idea that we need a second backup plan is makes sense because to me, if you're afraid of an aster at hit in the earth, it'll cost you a lot less to just move the astron or like just send a rocket up there to redirect asteroid than it is to set up a colony on Mars, and you can do it faster and then, if you're afraid that global warming or the climate is going to collapse, US it'll cost you a lot less yeah to a ise. If you can figure out a way to make the asteroid part of the culture war. You know like that. Asteroid is bringing socialist ideas to the world. Then you'll get the backing of a lot of people. That's true, that's true! They would like shoot it down, but what we should hear about its history in life and we should know more than kill it. Take it out, blitter ate it. Okay. I think it's funny. We should hear out the asteroid. We should hear it out about. I want to see, I want to see the aspern on Joe Ruggins podcast- Oh my God e decisions. It's funny said that because, because, while I was researching for this, I realized- and I don't know if I've seen any O talk about this, but I think I think Elon Musk. I think his biggest skill and he's pretty smart, obviously he's very rich. Obviously, but I think his biggest skill is he can change public opinion. He did it with papal he he, the first company that really made people say yeah. You know I'll buy stuff online like it's safe to buy stuff online. He did I with Tesla. He made electric vehicles cool, nobody wanted electro vehicles, they were lame, but he turned it to where electric vehicles were something desirable. That was cool and exciting, and then he made, I think, with space if he shifted the opinion of space and got all these companies being like yeah, we need to get to space and with Nerne link is probably his biggest one. He bit o a nerve with Er with an earth. It's nor I mean he. You know how many people say that guns cool again. You know they really went out of style for lemon nerve. He bohack Nero like he hasn't done this yet, but I think that's going to be his biggest one yet, and I think he's I mean because he's got to convince people to put a chip in their brain and did not think that it's the number of the beast, and so he and I said I mean- and you think that, because he's convinced you slashing or to put a chip in your brain, exactly he's here's what I'm saying everything he's done. I think the Boring Company did that. I think I always forget you're. An Elan stand is like you, you have his poster on your wall. I do I have. I have an ELA. I have a muse, a musk, I was. I was cargoed for a second there. Try that put the thing of her. I thought musk poster was an literation and then I was like those are two different letters and I was like thinking I got to find another word for poster and I couldn't so a musk mantle. I got a musk mantle in my house, a Muskmelon le a D. I have monty pictures of e La my and then this jar of Elephant Musk. I have an ivory bust of him in my living room. That's my musk bust. Let's compass, here's the thing he changed his public opinion. I have a Corson, oh my gosh! That's where Musci must get me some musmes. He needs a start, clot better. That needs to be that need to be this luckin. I think it's got us must let's get Usman for some reason. The bottle is unbreakable, like it's just no reason at all. He just like you can't break it. So I I think he really changed public opinion and so he's got his plant in first call is Mars colony, there's a few variations of it, but the basic idea is they're, going to build the domes they're going to have farms underground and then light them. Like a weed farm and then yeah and then over time, begin to rebuild, the atmosphere is going to take long after he died long after he dies and long after everybody who goes their first dies before it's actually like a breathable atmosphere on March, but that's the idea of his overs over time. It's a breathable atmosphere again, the other Nele Crass Hyson, makes a good point about this. NEL Patrick Harris makes a good point of this. I hate you so much for that. That's funny, O! His point is he's like he's like it doesn't make a lot of sense when you think Abou it, because if the issue is we need more space or it's just something we haven't conquered. Yet we want to conquer it. Why? Why hasn't this happened to an Arica? He said. Anarchist stands a much better chance of being colonized than Mars or the moon or any other place, because it's on earth there's way more water there. The conditions are actually better than they would be in Mars, or something like that he's like. Why? Don't we colonize that and he's like he's like? I don't his point. He's like I don't understand why people are lining up to be on the moon, colony or the Mars colony, because it's going to be very unpleasant, and so he's like ask yourself if you would call an Ez an Artica if the answers now then you're probably going to hate colonizing Mars, and so it's a really interesting point. anyways here's, but it feels cooler. It is wake. I don't know anagas pretty cold. I don't know, I think it'd be cool to be in the first group that goes to the Moon, yeah first group that goes some Mars, not as cool to be in the second group yeah. Well, the first group is dying. I mean pretty much guaranteed, so you think so I mean they will most likely die during the mission. If they survive, they will die on Mars, like they're, not making it back. Well, yeah, yeah! That's what I'm saying! Yeah much cooler! Second Group they're still going to die out there m. They stand a better chance to survival, though I think that I think and Elon will say the same thing. There's there's good chance that the second group is going there and their part of their mission is to recover the bodies. Because they're I mean the the likelihood of success on that first run is pretty low. Well, so here another idea that NASA has and think amen did it, though- and he was no talking that talking for the premier NASA- has another idea that they think that they can pull off in the next decade. They call it havoc, which is a great name. It stands for high altitude, Venus operational concept. We go to Venus, they want to colonize Venus. I was just thinking that when you were like well, this makes sense to just do Mars. I was like what are they think in the Venus yeah, so Venus, here's the thing with Venus: It's absolutely inhospitable. We've sent one probe and it lasted two and a half hours before it just obliterated, because the atmosphere pressure is greater than the bottom of the ocean once you get down to the surface and there is an insane amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so you die in seconds if you got the atmosphere. What's interesting about it, though, is above the cloud cover, there's this kind of sweet spot where you get out of where the carbon oxide zone is and just before, space there's an area that is really similar in climate to Earth. I wasn't even land in that area yeah. I know and that's why it's called the havoc high altitude fetus. They want to build a floating outpost that flies in Venus and so the concept, the concept it's like. It's talking like two hundred years from now come on. No, no. They think they can do the next Kadees there they're lying, they basically they're, like Zeppelins they're, going to take zepplins there and they're going to build taking Kansas City downtown four years to extend the street car you're telling me they're going to build this thing in the next decade. Yeah doubt it. It took the guy from up a couple o weeks to fly in our cartoon. THAT'S A TEIL! What her on to do the there just a Tach, a bunch of balloons to a space station and let him float the all the groups we send to Venus are basically going to die. We're actually going to in the second group to recover the first group bodies and then the third group to recover the second group's bodies and it's just a domino effect from there, but because we have so many people covering bodies, it's a continual eventually a rib land like a little ant hill. You have the have you seen ant save the Queen. If they flow. Have you seen that no were aunts linked their whole bodies together, so the coon can float and like esars, Setine, yeah, wow yeah, so yeah pretty soon this in drowning in Venus, yeah yeah, it's my new EP coming out, but the idea is: if they can do this, for a while, they'll prove the concept and if they can have it'll be like the imagine that you get sent to ven as as a proof of concept like you're gonna die. Where you got Santos, we can do it. No Peas, just a proffer concept. We get more funding later for, like space suit and stuff. Like the people who come act, you ll be able to breathe, but you're just kind of like a big ERRATA. You can breathe because the climate once you get past the cloud cover on Venus is according to Nassa, really similar to Earth. No hundred percent windows down. But imagine you do that. But imagine you're like NASA says this is safe and then you open the door and you go. You Go. Oh I thought, and then you die. The widow of the creakiness sit there in the one deep saw you t yeah it not a solid motion. You were Hitt's why all my windows broke crake. Those windows up and the theory is if this works. So it's going to be a sintia space station. So gonna have a company Wanta doing research and if it works then they're going to build a big base. That is floating you kid. You not that's floating with helicopter arms that are just keeping it air borne, and then they want to build like a city like that yeah. But then we know how that ends. Malfunction repair a well MOUFTI. Have you seen you haven't seen Star Wars right? No, I hate you. I I just man, that's so disappointing yeah. Every time that comes up. I question you Havn't seen the music man right yeah, but that doesn't matter you in the family, the opera. No you haven't seen you haven't seen star w here's. The thing you're asking things like the star wars is important. Okay, here's a have you seen real art. Yeah. Have you seen real art? You don't even know you you gosh. It hurts me it there's a city in unker, there's a city in star wars called cloud city where it's a planet, similar ven you can rely like ads. You could literally make anything up right now. If you want, you can go, there's a sin in okay yeah. So I haven't seen a lot. Muscle literally tell me that and I'll believe you that's what that's what they want to do. They want to make cloud city on Venus. Your Star was fain. You know, ththat means loud city, sound cloud city sounds like a youth group named hey welcome to cloud city. You know that it does. How can I pray for you today? What else is there in space? Nothing, that's the point it's empty, except for all the planets and stars and Galaxies and junk that is floating in a moons and Aliens Yeah. That's right! I forgot about the aliens. Where do they live other planets? Do you think that, though yeah do you think they live in our sour system or do you think they're from other solar systems? It's hard to tell I don't have I don't have a strong, conclude so hard to tell yeah we've never been there, okay, so here's the thing space is a big place and there's lots of room earth is a smaller place. Would you say the space is a big big house with lots and lots of room lots and lots of and like a big Big Table Yep where we can play football walks of. I don't play football at the table: Big Big Yard, where we can play football. Yeah touchdown big big house such don, was the touchdown line actually in the song or was not just in the youth group, but I was just in the: U Curas, just the kid as a touch o him. It's like an the lean on me where it's like I'm goin to need and everybody grabs it. Yeah Yeah, anyways yeah, he's here's the thing about space summer up for me when you're in space so you're. So you say you started this first space satellite e there's a company that was to build a hotel. That's a satellite! That's you just stay there like Zenon and what did you get there and they mess up a reservation? What, if you get there and and the bell hop kicks you out and you're floating through space, now free falling without parachute through space? Does this pose have a pool yeah? Why don't you dive in and so here's the thing, though, space is empty yeah, which means you can't hear, and so oh that's, as you fade away floating into the Cosmos and you're screaming you're screaming, and no one can hear you most people when they die. They have the pleasure this is getting so dark at the you. Okay, I have the pleasure of hearing their their cosmic song. It's a thing that happens. I've heard it I haven't, heard it but Charles he to didn't get to hear his orchestra, but he wanted to were saying we couldn't do any fiddle offs in space. Yeah things on last night is a production of space. Tim Media produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice. Garnett video by connee social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg, our host or Jaren Myers and Tim Stone. Please follow some social media at Tillin podcast, that's till in podcast. Leave a review comment subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night

Since the United States first landed on the moon 50 years ago, the dream of a space colony has been alive in the American consciousness. Is a space colony really possible, though? After 40 years of near inactivity in space, things are changing. Governments are beginning to reinvest in space exploration. Private organizations are also beginning to invest in a new frontier of business; the space industry. Here’s everything you need to know about the space industry, space colonies, and space exploration.

Why Do We Need a Space Colony?

The concept of space colonies has been around for as long as space exploration has been a reality. However, the reality of space colonization was still far off. Over the last decade, though, things seem to have changed. All of a sudden NASA and a handful of other companies are beginning to work towards a future that includes space colonization. What changed, and why are so many people campaigning for colonizing space?

Elon Musk has been leading the charge in this campaign. For Musk, colonization is more than just a cool idea or a lucrative business venture. Elon says that space represents humanity’s only hope. The eccentric billionaire highlights climate change and the ever-present threat of stray asteroids as reasons to find another place off the planet for humans to prosper.

Is Space Colonization Really Possible?

It’s not going to be easy, but it is actually possible. Some of the smartest people in the world are working out this problem right now. It seems like it actually could be possible. There are a few hurdles but one of the largest has always been the cost. Unfortunately, it is so costly that it did not seem like there was a chance the private industry would get involved. The past decade has changed that.

Developments in GPS technology, the ever-increasing popularity of data, and the potential of resources available in space have made some of the biggest companies in the world get involved in the final frontier. Companies like Space X, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic each founded from within Tesla, Amazon, and Virgin respectively have suddenly staked their claim in the space industry. Likewise, many smaller companies are beginning to invest in the cosmos. The more involved these industries become the more necessary a colony becomes. Therefore, a private entity at least assisting in the cost of a space colony is becoming increasingly likely.

Where Could This Colony Be

There are a few candidates for a Colony. By now you’ve probably heard Elon Musks’ hopes of colonizing Mars. But this is not the only planet in the sights of colonizers. The Moon has garnered much attention as a potential Colony and NASA is actively planning missions to start the process. The model for the Moon and Mars are similar. It starts with domes and ends with an attempt to artificially create an atmosphere.

Artist rendering of a space colony on mars
Artist Rendering of a Space Colony on Mars

The Moon is not NASA’s only target though. The space agency has recently unveiled plans for another space colony. This one is set on Venus. Titled the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC), the strategy needs to overcome the fact that pressure and CO2 levels on the surface of Venus are deadly. The good news is the upper atmosphere of Venus is strikingly similar to earth. So, Nasa scientists believe it’s possible to build floating outposts that are suspended in the upper atmosphere by a series of blimps. It’s a crazy idea but might actually work.


The final frontier is actually beginning to become a real frontier. The recent investment from private corporations has opened up all kinds of possibilities for space. Likely the most exciting possibility is the potential of human colonies on other planetary bodies. The future just might include humanity on a number of different planets.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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