The Barkley Marathons – The Race That Might Actually Kill You


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Hey, man, what's going on? Oh, not much. I hate when you start episodes like that. You do that long Oh, oh, go oh. Have you ever heard of the Berkeley Marathons? The Berkeley Marathon? Yes, is this what Charles Barklay does that Easter every year his house. They're just like it's the Berkeley Marathons. Everyone in line up, welcome to the Barkley Marathon. And Yeah, makes everyone run until they puke. Yeah, try. Last person to Puke wins. He's got the property for it. Them just runs around his backyard until I can you imagine if you didn't have the property for he's got like backyard Acre back dude, three hundred laps. It's like what you said when you when it rains and you have to go for a run. I do. I run in my living room. Just walk the why do you laugh at that? I do. I've that's what that's how I started when I when I originally lost weight, well, because I was four hundred pounds, I didn't want to run outside, I mean, as I thought that people were going to see me. I think you know I'm that's embarrass you see a fat person run, because in your mind you're like you don't do that every day. You know. That's what I knew people are going to think about it. I mean shout out to you for finding something that works for you. And I ran back and forth in my hotel rooms, and I even care if i's on the first floor. I hope. I hope I was shaking a chandelier underneath me. You don't talking about I hope someone was in the lobby. The idea see the lights going, just the idea of you running twelve foot gasser's living rooms outers and what I do kills. I did it this morning. It was a little too chili outside. Don't you have a Palate Peloton? Now, Palat on Peloton. Hey, don't tell it about that. Oh sorry, we're trying to get money from right supporters. All right, we're trying been hey, support us on Patrio. They don't need to know that I'm rich Patriot pelotize. They don't need it. Know it's on Peloton. Support US on pelotime. You can follow me. You've got at that. You can't. You don't have it. He's got one of those exercise bikes from that Garrig. Knowing that I have an excid an exercize bike. I have an exercise bike that's worth more than your car. How do you feel about that? I have a home Jim. Do you have a Home Jim? Have you seen? Yeah, you just buy some weights on facebook market tace. I mean it's not bad, it's not great, it's not bad. I don't use it. I have a home Jim to yeah, yeah, he just hangs out the other room. It's one of my neighbors. Like he got him to leave. Jim. How's it going? I'm your home as my home Jim. Anyway, you're gonna love this house. There's a home gym in the basement. Oh my gosh, we should do that. WHO's that? Oh, that's your home je that's your home Jim. Yeah, and it's just a guy that like it's like a really creepy unfinished basement. He's just sitting there on like like I'll count how many times you run wall the walls a kid. He's got with you. Fut Pig cheer. Dude. is every creepy guy in the s haveing a camping chair the Dave had since they were twenty two. You know, he's just he's just wall the way. Saying that it goes in years ago, lost that a long time ago, running across the basement and halfway through there's that little puddle where the water is going on the drain and it's like watch that puddle. Like blows the whistle every time a minute. Yeah, every time he's stepping he's like we was the whistle. Yeah, that's my whole gym. How many laps in my living? The Dutt Mile? And he says this is a person that he knows for a fact we're not going to make it. That's all. I'm go go sound like prison name. I guess they kind of do. Actually, I don't know what he sounds like. I'm going to make a guess and you can tell me if I'm right around he said duct tape and vastling. All right, that's everything. Things last night anyways, similar concept. So the Barkley Marathon. It was started by two guys. They're friends in Wartburg, Tennessee, okay, which is a little it's in froze like just outside frozen head state park, which is near probably the biggest town you would know as Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Yeah, which is really crazy that you brought that up earlier. I was like where did that come from? Because we've taught we got an episode about Oak Ridge. Well, I know, but it was just surprising because I literally I didn't even bring up Tennessee. I just said where does that and you said, Oh, Christ Tennessee, and I was like, oh, that is weird. But yeah, this is right by after Steve. I was just there this past week. Yeah, doing some nuclear bomb stuff with my away from Home Jim. He gets to see the world about traveled Jim. Home Jim is begging me to move into a bigger place, but not right now. No, no, anyways. So it was. So it's in that area of Tennessee, like that northeast rocky top, the mountain. Yeah, the mountainous tennis Appalachian Mountains, the APPALACHIANS. So their names are Gary can trail and Carl Hen but they're more affectionately known as Lazarus Lake. That's Gary can trail and Carl Henna is known as raw dog. No, they're not. Yeah, that's legitimate. to WHO. WHO calls everybody? Everybody? Everybody. Yeah, everybody. Why what are they just called with his names? Call Me Rod, I don't want it. Lazarus, late Lazarus, like people usually call him lass though. Hey, man, my name is LAS is first name for short Gary. Gary. Yeah, I guess you could make up a bed one the other ones, Carl. Yeah, Hey, I'm gary. You can call me Lazarus Lake. Yeah, we should dinner reservations. What was it? Him? One, geary. I don't have anything. Okay, try Cantrell. No, no, not, try man. What needed it? Lazarus Lake. How we got yes, sorry, Mr Lair, right this way. Why? Who? Okay, I don't know. Will it make more sense? No, okay, I mean it might. There might be a point where you're like, Oh, I understand, but it's not. We're never going to explain it. There's never an explanation. But there might be a point where you say this makes this checks out. Okay. So they in the s early s they heard of the escape of James Earl Ray from brushy mountain state penitentiary. Now, rushy mountain state not a college prison. Be Cool if college had a prison, though. They they after you. They do. It's just more of a metaphorical prison called debt rushy mountain state penitentiary. When on, like when you're released, they give you hoodies that say brushy mountain state on Themni Association showed up. I was with you whatever. No. So the the prison is a for the longest time had been kind of a prison where they shipped off some of the hardest criminals because it's placed right in the center of the Appalachians and if you escape, you you ain't getting anywhere. Yeah, was the the theory is, yeah, even if that's a squatches, people are like that's a Sasquatch, is it? Well, I's just an escape convict, you know, and that's why they started all these man hunts. Yeah, they were like, yeah, let's find the police were like Tass squat's like yeah, let let's find him, you know. But the theory generally was like, if anybody does escape, they're just going to get lost in the woods and I'm going to find him. And James Earl Ray was one of those situations. He escaped. If you don't know who James Ouray is, he's the assassin who killed Martin Luther King Jr. And so in seventy seven he escaped from prison. A legend. He escaped from prison and he went into the woods with I think there's four other convicts at all. Got It like they stage this big escape. How they get out? I don't know. Actually, maybe we can do another episode on that. I'll look into it and see if it's interesting. We should look up some prison escapes. Yeah, that does sound interesting actually. Yeah, and then we should try it. We gotta Try Robin a bank. We gotta try and well's what we'll do. Yeah, tell it, escape from prison. Well, till one's got to go to prison first. Right, so let's try and goes to college. Let's dress out college. Right, prison, let's try to rob a bank, all right, and see if we get arrested. And if we do, then we do all the episode. Yeah, I mean we it's a matter of what can you get away with? Can't we get it? If we can't get away with robbing a bank, will be like we failed, which sets US send us up for this, and that's isn't that how God works? You know, if one plan doesn't work out and the other ones right around, we can do it. Yeah, and then we could try to get out of prison. Great. So they escape and none of them made it. So the other three died in the olderness. He was found fifty four hours later after traveling eleven miles, and actually found him face down in a pile of leaves and he just like his body gut gave out an exhaustion. He only made eleven miles and so they took it back to prison. Oh, he wasn't dead. No, yeah, he was alive. He's just faced down in a pile of leaves, which is a metal core album. FACEDOWN IF I was trying to face down in the least. was that face down in the day? Yeah, apparatus Christian band. Did you know that? Are They not? A lot of people knew that they were Christian band. anyways, probably were a band. Had some Christians. No, that was before anybody said that they were a Christian band, but they weren't anyways. They weren't a winter jam band. It's different. That's a that's a whole. Not anyways. So after hearing about this raw dog and LAS, we're like, Huh, interesting, I don't like this. Okay, they were like that's interesting. We're day in prison. No, no, they were just they lived in the nearby town. But if they go to prison? M As far as I know, no, they might have at some point, but I don't know. That's are I go sound like prison name. I guess they kind of do actually, but rodog and las were like that's interesting. I wonder how far we could get. Like he made eleven miles. Like how far could we go? And so they so they literally did what I just did like three minutes ago, where I was like we should try that. But they did it break out a prison. They just said if we just let's start from the hole in the wall. Yeah, just want to know the prison and walked away. That's where people got out. So they go to getting character. They go drop in if you will. You're like, okay, we just got in a prison, right, what we were you in for? They come with all these back stories. Yeah, so they went out and they managed to go fifty miles. They backpacked through the Appelatians. They managed to go fifty miles and find their way out of the Wilderness and they were like that was kind of interesting. It was really hard, but it was kind of fun. And they're like, what if we made a marathon out of that? And so they said they were trying to bear grill style. At first was like, let's see if we get they were just like mountains. They just saw this guy get caught and they're like I could do that. We could. They like, I could do that. So then they created a marathon where they like if we can do it. So while they were on this, they were like this would make a pretty good marathon. And I don't know if they were marathon guys before, it sounds like by the fact that their names are las and raw dog, the they want, I don't think they were not the type that's doing organized anything. So they put together this Maryor. They did fifty miles, which is a deble marathon. Yeah, yeah, it's huge, and so they were like we could, we could make a marathon out of this. Do you know how long I term to do it? If took him a few days like they were. They out, yeah, camping. They took their time, but they so they started. They call it the Berkley Marathons, and the first one was in eighty six, hundred and eighty six, and this marathon has since become one of the more famous marathons in the world. In Europe it is probably hands down the most famous American marathon. People travel from all over the world to participate in this marathon. Okay, the cash is you have to get arrested first. Yeah, and that goes on your permanent record. There's a lot of catches, probably the biggest catch being it's the most difficult marathon that exists. Since it was started in one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, fourteen people have finished it. Fourteen people, including the Philo, Lazarus and raw dog that I don't think they've done it. I don't think they've done I mean, they wentn't backpacked, but I don't think they've done the marathon. Okay, I could be wrong about that, but I don't. I don't, I don't think. How. Why is it twenty six point two miles? Well, so there's kind of two phases of it. They're adequately named, the short one in the long one. Yeah, yeah, do you want to do the short one of the long one? So is this official? I flew from Europe for this. So the short one ran from eighty six to eighty nine and that ran until eighty nine when Ed Furta, his nickname is frozen, changed it after what do you want your nickname to be? Apparently we can be a beinning. You know, I don't think I stink of what's all right, cars, which pigs are by cars. This guy's frozen. I'm cars tip car, stop here, you Pixar. Can it be animated movies? I would like to be Monster House. Don't ever call me anything that's not monster house again. All right, he chose cars. The reason I chose cars is because, over a lege today, I've watched an interview with Hasbella. You know that came. That's my favorite. There are two accounts. I honestly all would follow everybody else on instagram and only followed two people, and the two people are has Bellah and your boy Josh. Those are the only two people that I want to follow on social media. Well, in the interview, if you don't know, first of all, if you don't know who has Bulah is. Yeah, what's he's a nineteen year old. Says he had some European country right where. He's in Russia. He's a Russian, so Russia. But he's got some kind of not a disease, but a it's a condition. It's like a like, not disorder. Yeah, a form of tooism where he literally looks like a four year old child. Google has blood. Yeah, it's my favorite. Nineteen years old, but he he looks like a top, he looks like a toddler, and so the first video I saw was they were driving real fast in the car and he's in the passengercy holding on. It looks like someone's endangering a child's life. Yeah, but he's an adult and he's dangering his own life. Dude. It is in all of the did you see his bar stool interview? It's probably the same interview I watched then. Yeah, with the long hair, dude. Yeah, and he's just eating chocolate ice cream the whole times. Yeah, and I love all the comments that are like this is a nineteen year old man. He's got ice cream all over his face, like because he's just leaning into the fact that, like, I'm a kid, I look like a kid. Yeah, the guy as them. He said, like what's your passion, like, what do you want to do with your life? And he said I love cars. And he said what do you love about cars? He's like tuned them up, like the sound they make, like how fast they are, like with the experience of driving them, like I just love cars. And the guy asks, he's like, he's like, I've you ever seen the movie? And the guy was like, I'm an adult, like as I was like, I'm an adult, I don't want cartoons and he's like, I'm an adult, I love cars. Yeah, it's yeah, that's my favorite. So cars is social night of Post Day. Sure it's what you've been thinking about cars so much. Yeah, that's why my mind has just been cars all day. All right, well, your cars, I'm Monster House, and you and I would set out on the original one. So in eighty nine, frozen, frozen, frozen was the first person to finish. Okay, three what is that? Three years in the base, like we need to make it longer. Yeah, someone finished it. At this point the race was fifty five miles. Oh my gosh. And so that's the shorter one. Yeah, so that's the short one. And so after he finished it, las and raw dog, we're like, well, this is too easy. He was a first person to finish. Three years down the LEA years in. They're like Dang, and so they extended it to a hundred mile race along when they extended it, you're allowed to sleep and stuff. I mean yeah, but you probably not going to finish because it's a hundred mile race and the way it works is they're twenty mile loops. So you're doing twenty mile loops around the Appalachian Mountains. And during the loop five times. Yeah, you do that twenty mile loop five times. The catches. You have sixty hours to do it. Here's the thing, though, it's in the Appalachian Mountains. So throughout the course of this race, from all the different climbs that you're doing, you end up climbing twenty sevenzero feet in elevation across the whole race. So because you're going up hill, down hill, up hill, down hill, right, and so it's incredibly physically trying. Well, one, if you're going to go a hundred miles in what is that? A little over two days, like two and a half days. Yeah, even doing that like flat. Yeah, but kill you. But how far do people make it? Most people finish eight, one, two, two, loops, somewhere in that range. Most people don't make it two, three, four five, but you only have sixty hours to do it. There was I watched a video. It was somebody who was like so close. Yeah, I watched the video of a guy from Europe who the cutoff is sixteen, sixty hours. You have to finish it in sixty hours. He was thirteen seconds past sixty hours. That's all say. No, no, no, no, no, no. He didn't. He didn't finish. No, no, that's all I'm saying. I would lose my mind. Yeah, he was. He had a full buy. Would protest, you know, I would burn down the APPALACHIANS and I would say time it. See how long it takes. You've ruined. You've ruined, bruised. This nature tied around rage. Yep, you did this, this is your fault. Last yeah, you don't know if it was last decision. It could have been raw dogs. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. We love our listeners a lot and one way that you can let us know you're here is by leaving a podcast review. Maybe that's a five star thing in the apple podcast at. Maybe you listen on spotify or, if you're watching on youtube, leave a comment. We do read all the comments and reviews. We just love knowing what you think about this show. Also, if you haven't yet, go check out some of our other episodes. My current favorite is the identical strangers episode. It's three brothers or triplets who were separated at birth, unbeknowns to them or their parents, as part of a really weird experiment. So there's a lot of really fun stuff. We talked about in an episode, but thank you for checking this out. Now back to this one, and that's what I'm saying, is that imagine that last curve where people are like come on, you know, everyone's cheering, you know, and then like the person the clock is like, no, he's literally the thirteen seconds would be like from here to that wall. Yeah, well, I don't think that's, after all, hundred mine. Yeah, I guess you're like hundred miles yellowing. Yeah, that's true. That is true. I would say he lost. He lost, but he's the closest. But how many people have like like finish the hundred miles, though? I don't know how many people, because because, I mean, there is a point where it's like if you've ran ninety five miles and you look at your clock like Oh, it's been sixty one hours, you're kind of like, I'm not going to, I'm done running. Hey, do it fine, yeah, forget that, and I think your body kind of gives out. And so that's the whole, the whole point of it. Like laughs, body wouldn't MMM LAS and how many laps in my living room? Do you think? A hundred miles? If I go through troop, you know, make that a website. How many? How many laps in Charon's living room is this files because like here, here, here and here is like a tenth of a mile. So if I go so, how many laps is that? I'm running diagonal in my living room, right. It made my dining rooms involved. Yeah, and sometimes my front entry way right there. Yeah, so I'm running corner to corner, to corner to corner. That's the right of a mile. That's a tenth of a mile. So that's two laps. Back and forth. We call back and forth lap. Are just whack and forth. That's one and a half laps. So if you go from corner to corner to original corner, that's a full lap. Right then. No, looks corner, corner, corner there. That's a Tenh of a mile. Yeah, one two, three, okay, one two, okay, see what you're saying. Yeah, so, okay, so for four, but I would say one two. That's a lap. So see, one lap is a twenty of a mile. No corner to to let hold on. So if it's corner relaps, is is is it twenty of a mile? Okay, cool, that's that's all I need to know. Is Point two miles. Three laps is point two miles. So you have to go. So I have to go fifteen laps per one mile. So it's fifteen hundred laps. Yeah, they do a hundred miles. So that's three thousand times. Across my living room. That's bro One, two, three hundred four, three thousand times, you know. And sometimes my coffee table, I don't put it in all the way. You know, I'd push my hot table all the ways. It's a straight line and so and I'm just doing I'm doing sprint some my liver. You know what's. Say what you want, but like I guarantee we should foot race. I could run faster than you and fathering you, I'm sure you can. I hate the people. I know why. That's what bothers me. I know that I'm a larger person, all right. I hate when people comment the fat one on Youtube, because I go. But I am in just a different league of health than did you see? Because would the things that you've eaten and the thing you get out of breath so easy? I do. Yeah, I get literally one of us in this whole show has to go every five seconds because your one capacity is nothing. All right, it's acture. That's accre it anyways. So they it. Maybe not. They extended into the long one for not defending yourself. A hundred and so that was an eighty nine. Right. Since then, since then it took it took six years for anyone else to finish again, and that was a guy by the name of Mark Williams from the UK. But he goes by he finished it in fifty nine hours and twenty eight minute. What does he go by? He doesn't have a nickname. Oh, so that's an Appalachian trail thing. Is that? I'm figuring out? No, I'M gonna see. I'm serious. Yeah, everyone gets like trail nicknames. So and then after that, really what happens is every time someone finishes, they make it a little harder. So so they're like, well, I guess it's too easy. They so it's supposed to be too possible. It's not supposed to be impossible. It's that he said we want to get to the point where about one percent of people finish this that race. Ever, because he said so his his lass, I don't think Rod Ogg's involved anymore. Yeah, Rod dog was like. Rod Dog was like listen, he only it was thirteen seconds. Give it to him. You know, the last us was like it's the principle, Rodag win and started the one Thousan nine hundred and four Olympic marathon. There we go. Yeah, no, so, yeah, I don't know. It's like they had a falling out or if he lost inches or if he died, like I really don't know, like I can't. I don't know what happened to there's no, there's no records. If you google raw doll, I mean if you there's no. If you look on the wikipedia page for the marathon lads, Rust Lake has his on page. Okay, raw dog does not. So I would your allows. Rus lakecom a little nervous about this. He hasn't changed the word press theme logo on the top left corner. So he's got his alsting. He's using the divvy theme. Yeah, that's interesting, and it's and advertising a different race, which is interesting anyway. So then we're finding out that he does multiple races. Well, I knew he did Multiori says, I didn't know about this. This is a race that goes from Oh gosh, this race goes from let me see, what town is this right here? What's that town called? I know, I know what this is. It's a little outside of a town and it's pretty far from that actually. It's near Sikeston Missouri. Okay, probably about fifty miles out of Sikeston or Cape Girardo. Not Cape Girardo, it's further sout. It's south, okay, from there, to catch these guys, a psycho back. I just realized that the math wrong on my living room. Okay, to Coal City, Georgia. Oh my gosh. So, yeah, this guy's the psychopath, but this one, but he doesn't do them. No, yes, this is three hundred and fourteen miles. Is the race he's anyways. Yeah, so, yeah, he doesn't do the races. He just crazs these crazy races. And so if you watch the interview with him, it's really interesting watching him because every interview I found, I watched like a dozen, and every interview I can find, literally every single person says, Lazarus, are you a sadist? And he like laughs about. He's like no, he says, I just think. I think our culture has gotten too comfortable with comfort and we don't know how to deal with being uncomfortable and doing something that's difficult. And so he says. I wanted to create something that is really hard but possible, to help people see, hey, like, I'm stronger than I think I am and I can go further than I think I can, and so I said. So this race, the Berkeley Marathon, is really designed to push you to the edge of your mental and physical limits and really the majority of people who do it realize, I'm not going to finish this race, but they want to push themselves as far as they can and see how far they can make it. Do you get like a certificate that you made it like eighty seven miles or whatever? Know when you finish? When you finish, you no joke, no joke. Let me tell you. Let me tell you the prize. You're gonna love this. The prize is you finish the race and then, if you finish, you get there's a special thing called clear right, and guy takes you. The guy takes you. Do it another room, a briefcase you can reach Otate win this race and your win enlightenment. Now literally he w the race and there's a special green lawn chair by the finish line that you get to sit in and watch everybody else. And that's it. That's all it is you get to you get to cosplay. My Home Jim get a lawn chair out and he's gonna sit there be like this is what I've trained for. Watch out for that puddle. Good Jub you one. You get a job down spoken. I guess you can sit on the ground. I have a chair. Okay, this is perfect. Let me detail this whole the whole scenario for you. So if you were to want to run in this race, there's no what I'll do. There's no public information of how you register. So even getting involved in it is very difficult. It's basically invit. Only somebody who's ran the race just got you. Oh, I was going to say Lazarus just has to see you running one day and be like he's got four, it's got it. Yeah, that's also one of the reasons I ever ran outside. I was, you know, I don't want to get picked up by any marathons. He just travels the world watching other marathons and he sits on the sides and he's like hey, you got good hips son you I thought he was betting on marathon runners like people do horse beets. You know, I put twenty on frozen for sure. Twenty one prison. So it's invite only. So basically you have to be in that network of marathon runners, okay, and someone has to invite you. And it's become like this really tight knit culture of people who run it. Okay, and so they all are. It's all kind of like, Hey, you're only inviting people that you know are going to like take it serious. Yeah, and go for it, because it's in the State Park. In the State Park has some pretty strict regulations on stuff like this, right. So the limit for a race every time they're on the race. They do it a few times of the year. They've done a thousand races so started. So do it a few times a year, while the limit is thirty five people it per race. So I guess because you got a main you gotta because they don't want people to like get lost and die. I think they don't want a thousand people running through these woods and trashing them. That's probably fair to yeah, so I think I don't know that, but that's my guess because, yeah, I guess it's you're concerned with people getting lost. I think they would want more people in there. And when you as you hear a little more about this for im thinking like search and rescue, though. Well, when you hear a little bit more about this race, you're going to realize, oh, they don't care if anyone dies. Okay, so it's invite, because part of the races that that gun they shoot in the air, they shoot. It's right forward. You know, run boys, take someone else immediately. All right, I gonna Finish Bolt in his leg. Try Harder. Yeah, so, sorry about that photo frame. Whatever his name is. So, so the registration already, like, you can't register, someone has to invite you. Yeah, and the way the invite goes is basically they go tell las, hey, this is a person that should do it. And then last unmarked letter in your mailbox. No, las emails you and basically says like registration even invited to register for the barking marathons. Email me at a very in here's here's what happens. Like, I kid you not. So like he'll email, and it's different every time that he'll email and he'll say email me at twelve five am on Christmas Eve. And if your well, is that Christmas Eve or is that Christmas morning? Twelve five am is just a very difficult time to keep straight, you know. And if you email him at twelve four, he's deleting your email, if you email at twelve six, he's deleting your email. And so bad internet that you can't do that's Rus. I live in the Appalachian Mountains and so and you had it has to be his times. It was thirteen seconds last rous. Why is everything a race? Say That has to be his time zone two. So if you're a pacific time you have to figure it out. If you're in the UK, you have to figure out what time is five Christmas morning where Las Lives in Tennessee. And so you email him and then what he does is he takes all those people who have something emails and then he essentially puts them in this big list and creates a pool and he says, okay, what we're going to do is there's thirty five racers. Thirty four of them will be veterans who have done this before. One of them is their sacrificial land. That's what he calls it. And he says this is a person that he knows for a fact. We're not going to make it so he just got so because they have to. They have to set in a letter. They have to set in a letter. So who they want to do? Saying if there's thirty four people who have done it before, yeah, there's one person who's new. Yeah, that means that the next year or whenever that happens again, you're only introducing one person to the race and every single time. Yeah, but they've done in a thousand times. There's a lot of people who are trying to come back. Well, obviously there's got to be. Yeah, it's the same thirty four people running a race every two months, and they're just like yeah, and that's a little culty where they're like, yeah, the thirty five person is our new hey, hey, new sacrificial leout. I'm photo frame R is Bobati, and we're going to murder you in the woods. So we're murder you. Yeah, no, no, that was just the guy's name. Yeah, Hi, I'm we're going to murder you, and the more I'm sorry what you say. I said I'm we're going to murder you or the woods. I get that's your nickname or that's really coming rights. Okay, so so you have to because you have to send him, you have to send them your record of all the marathons you've ran. You have to send him a basically an essay on why you think you should be selected to do the race. Okay, and your daughter selection rate. What did you say? And you have to send your dollar and sixty cent application city daughter. Oh, my dad's. I was like, your daughter has to do what? No, you have to send your application fee, which is a dollar and sixty cents. So that's the whole feet. Yeah, that's the application fee for this race. And and if he deems you worthy, he will select you to be in the race. But every time he picks one person that he knows can't finish it, he's like you're gonna lose as a sacrificial lamb. And they asked him. I saw a couple mies. They said why do you do this, like why do you pick someone that you know is it going to make it? He says, well, that's really just for my entertainment. So you're telling me I could make it in as the person that he knows is not going to win. Yeah, and prove him wrong. Are Real Underdog Story. So so you get selected, you're one of the thirty five. There is also how we got picked up by a lot of our advertisers to though, like this podcast is never gonna make it. We're just doing this for an entertainment. Yeah, and so you're one of the thirty five. And then what happens is you're not told when this race is going to happen. A couple weeks before he's like, Hey, raises happening in a couples got to be out. You just you just get the email and las is like, I guess what raises in two weeks. You's got to be in shape. Then the whole time, you get raised, ready to go, and then you get word that your race is coming up and you got to get to Tennessee. And then craziness doesn't stop. You get there and you know that the day of the race, dollars six is the entry fee. Yeah, so, I mean what they're making? Thirty, forty, forty bucks, Forty Bucks. Yeah, yeah, this guy's literally doing it just because he loves it, honestly. Okay, and so multiple times a year to yeah, and so you get you get to this, you get to the park and you're hanging out at the park. Your camp in there. The day of the day of the race, the race will begin at either eleven pm on the beginning day of the race or eleven pm the next day, any between, any time between that. When know, within twenty four hours of the Ox's any time between. Yeah, is when it's going to start. So it's so it start like too in the morning. Yeah, and so the idea for that is he wants you to be so stressed that you don't sleep, that you're going to miss the race. And so he wants you to start exhausted and lasers. Why you do this? It's pure entertainment. It's so fun. It's other race beginner seeing people. You were seeing thirty five people come out of the mountains with something to prove, and then you just make it really difficult for them to prove that they're good enough for their dad's love. Oh Man, he's like so callous about he's literally just like did he's sitting here like he's like it is people are just too comfortable, man. So I do this for the forty. Forty is a lot back here in the APPALACHIA and the APPLEATIA. So he and the way the will, the way you know the race is about to begin is an hour before the race starts, he blows a conch Shell and he's like in like if feeling see show. What does he wear? What does he look like? We were a picture of them. Yeah, I'm glad you asked freaking Appalachian Santa Claus out here. Yeah, he's got a big white beard that's also kind of brown, but it's kind of probably just smoke stains. And then use huge grandpa glasses, a red cap that says Geezer, Yep, and and flannel jacket like that's and a huge Santa. Knows a huge Santa. I mean, yeah, he's got the facial structure of a Santa Claus. Looks like Sannah. Yeah, got some big cheeks. Yep, Yep, there's a good picture of them too. Yeah, yeah, it's a good shot. Hey, thanks again for listening to this episode. If you like our show, make sure you follow us on social at till in podcast or subscribe anywhere where you're listening to right now, whether that's Youtube, spotify or apple podcast, whatever it is. And if you want more, we do have a patreon you can support us on. In there you get all sort to parks, like ad free episodes, early access to our content and even a discord with our hosts. And producers. So We'd love for you to check that out. All you got to do is text till into six, six, eight hundred and sixty six. That's till in two, six, six, eight hundred sixty six. But thanks again for checking us out. So he blows his Cot Shell and then you have to go to the starting line and when he blows conch out, the race is going to begin within an hour. So it could be an hour, it could be thirty two minutes, thirteen seconds. You know, the race begins. A lot of marathon's. Most marathons begin with the firing of the gun. This marathon begins with him being like just looking around, like leading in real quick. Oh Gotcha, yeah, get out of here. Get Out of here, my little he would sacrifices my sacrificial laymbs. No, literally, how it begins is and if you jump, early shoots you. He has the gun. You think that's the starting but that's the I wanna shoot you if you all right. He's got a big MARKART board. Everyone's weird names on it and he's just we're gonna murder you, like looks like I beard it in. No, so I forgot. I forgot another detail. With the registration, you have to bring a pack of a specific camel cigarette. I can't remember. That's why he does it. That's why he does it. It's thirty five passes cigarettes. I was like, there's got to be something in it for this guy, and you know, that's how he does it too. Worries ago water runnelow on camels, tyler, send some emails. You have been selected to join the Brocoli pret your kimmel cigarette que race. Please mail a dollar and sixty sigs. Ridiculous. So, so you hear the conch Shell, do Wi? You? Wh can you give him the camels and the starting law when you when you get there, when you get in there and you get your bib, oh, he gives you. You give him the camels. So he's just over here camel cigarettes, but you camel cigarette shell. Everyone's lined up. Is like, I don't know what he sounds like. I'm going to make a guess and you can tell me if I'm right or wrong. All right, Erebo. So is that accurate? It's pretty close. It's close enough. Now, well, is it goes it Growley? I mean it's a little less growy. Honestly, kind of impressive. Okay. Anyway, it's kind of surprising. I should say surprising. I'm surprising. I would expect him to be much more grolly. Okay, he's got a little. How does it start? More high pitch. So the way it starts, the way you know the race begins, is he lights a camel cigarette. Yeah, and when you see that ember, it's time to rats it, it's time to run. And so he just threw he hand it over near the starting line. And when you see the ember of the cigarette, you gotta go. And there's a tradition where where no one, for some reason, I don't know how this started. All right, that's a good camel. As a good camel, you said. It was surprising as a good came. It's so there's a tradition that nobody lets last see them running, and so everybody just walks into the woods. Like he lights a cigarette. Everybody just walks in the woods and once they get out, overbody lets him see. Don't last Latte, you run. Listen, Hey, listen, here sacrificial lamb. All right, there's a few rules you need to know about this. All right, at Mile Thirteen it's a great soda spot. Okay, it's really good. Yeah, the main thing, though, and this is really important, don't let him see you run. What don't let him see you run? If his eyes are open, walk. It's what is it? It's like the it's like squid games were a gift. If that thing sees you move, it kills you, kills you. You don't let me see you run. Don't let him see you run. So, yeah, so you light a cigarette. Everybody just watch it. Everyone's like looking and looking over the CAN. We're out of sick. And this race, it's opes wrong one. It's huge. So you're running through and every every year it's different. So he gives you, of course it's different, every years different. And so he gives you general coordinates of the checkpoints and what you get to bring with you is a map that you figure out on your own where the checkpoints are. You get to get your own map and then be like, okay, based on these coordinates, here's where the check points are. So you make your rallies, Mile Markers. Is the way to maybe. I think their checkpoints. I think those are just the checkpoint. Okay, and each each route you so you go a full loop, a full loop, and then you have to do the next two loose backwards and then you do the next loop back the other way. Is the way it's design and so. But each checkpoint, so well, all you get is a compass and your map where you figured out all where all the checkpoints are. Right, okay, you don't know if you're right on your map about where the checkpoints are. You're just kind of guessing when you get there, when you get to the checkpoint, every check point, somewhere nearby the checkpoint there's a little bag, like a plastic bag, with a book in it. And but you need to do is you need to rip the page of your BIB number out of the book and that's how he knows you made it to every checkpoint. That's I'm not gonna lie. That's not a bad system. That's better one I thought was going to be. Yeah, is when you get there you have to read a certain page and on that page trivia question right, and if to come back and tell him to memorize the fourth word of every page and it's say that, then say that. Yeah, no, no, yeah, you just rip the page. I don't like that. The plastic bag you're showing says prison, because it's the prison checkpoint is the one by the prison, and so that's how he knew. Knows when he takes its up. It's ZIP UCK bag. Yeah, and it's duct tapes, says prison. It's duct taped to a pole. Yeah, Yepp. And so you get there and you have to get the book out, rip your page out and then keep running to the next checkpoint. And so then when you get back you're dropping all your pages to say hey, I did it, I went to all of them. Prison. But once you've done a lap, yeah, I want to be honest, I'm not sure how they keep tracking. Yeah, that's what I was saying. Like you know, I've always been you've done one lap and it's like okay, you liked your PA, trust you from the next one's I'm curious if maybe they have a numbers for every lap. Maybe is my thought, because there's only thirty five of them. So like they give enough numbers where everybody in every book has enough pages. I'm surprised they have numbers. It well side like print it out. It's just spray painted on their shifts. You luck up. It's a literally your shirt, like pull your shirt up. It's what number to juice bray pay sixty five. Not even a person that I put thirty one was there's only thirty five racers, you idiot. No, because here's the thing. They have to be. They have to be doubles because books are from back. So they have to double it because if you're thirty one and I'm thirty two in that book, page is front and back. You got me on that one, the same one. Really, don't ever, don't ever do that to me. So and then you're running this race. A couple details about the race are do they have equipment or they camp? So an interesting thing about this race compared to a lot of other races is a lot of other races you'll have one of two things. You'll have a lot of checkpoints where there's water and snacks and things like that, or you'll have a everyone will be assigned like almost like a caddy that carries your gear for you. Yeah, there's neither of those. So you have to carry everything that you need for the race. So if you want to bring waters or snacks or anything, you have to have that ready for you. For you and because you're doing all these massive clins, climbs and declines, there are moments in the race where you're going to be it's going to be snowing. There's going to be a moment where it's going to be hot, like. The temperature is gonna drastically change. It could be raining, be fight like. You don't know what you're getting into, and so these people have to be prepared for all this different weather. They have to be prepared. Can you do you have a picture of what a typical runner looks like? I have a a picture of what a typical runners legs look like the end of the race. Okay, I don't want to see that. I want to see it. There's a picture of the starting line? No, so, oh my gosh. Here's the thing. The it's not a clear trail, it's a yeah, your g this is the you're just running through woods. They're running through like Briar Patches. I love the guys got all these beaver socks and the beavers wearing a boat on and his calves are just torn to shreds. Yeah, because looks like you solid. Yeah, like it's IT looks real bad. I mean the people who run this, these they look they all look like hardcore marathon runners, like they look like they run tenurets a year. But yeah, so I'm saying, like, do people bring backpacks? Then, yeah, they bring backpacks, they bring they've got all the it's. They look like they're going backpacking because they look like they've got camping gear with hey him. But I don't think the majority of them are sleeping, because I don't know what your average mile time is after running eighty miles, but my guess is it's slow and and you have a sixty mile or sixty hour time limit to do this. So I would bet that people maybe lay down for an hour or two for a nap here there, but I doubt people are sleeping through the night. I doubt it. Yeah, yeah, I really was taking an eight hour yeah, but I'm sure your body needs you to take a rest at some point. And there's no checkpoints where there's like food and stuff at a lot of places. That's another thing. He says. Even our marathons are comfortable, like they they're they calm comfort stations. But and so he says this. He is clearly not a person who runs marathons. Now, yeah, he's sitting at the starting line and his green camping chair, smoking all those camels. The whole race. That's what I'm saying. He looks like Santa Claus and he's like yeah, everything's too easy for these kids these days. I mean this is straight up like a crazy uncle who, yea, you know better. My Day we do either wear helmets. We literally did. We head buttered each other until our heads were hard. Yeah, evolution. So, yeah, so there's no there's none of those checkpoints, there's no food or drink, nothing. There's two water stations on the route and what happens is he just takes a bunch of gallon jugs of water, about fifty gallon jugs of water, and just goes to that a checkpoints and just drop some behind a tree somewhere along the root. And it's not evenly distributed. You just yeah, he's just tossing a bunch of water. And here's the thing. I saw an interview they said they said so these races, they happen year round, and they said sometimes people. I hear that sometimes people get to these water stations and they're frozen gallon jugs. And he said, yeah, live's tough sometimes. Yeah, you know, life's gonna throw a frozen Galla water at you. You know well, you you want to cushy race. Why don't you? Do you know, once you do one of these big city Roas, wife's hard sometimes. So they're frozen from previous races. Now they're frozen because they he stuck them out there and they've been out there for two days and the freezing by though. I got check and they just freeze. Yeah, so people go to this whole race and the the other catch where a lot of marathons, if you quit or if you get injured, there are crews that are like kind of patrolling the marathon to pick you up and take you back to the medical tersure starting line. They don't have that. And so if you break your ankle, and this has happened, people have broken bones on the race and they've had to hobble their way back to the starting line because everybody miles. Yeah, because there's no one there to help them. They're on their own and so they have to get themselves back and figure it out. Nobody has died on the race somehow, but someone, somebody knows someone. In one of the interviews I washed did ask they said you have no medical crew or anything that's patrolling, like you have nobody there to take care of someone like this seems like a really dangerous race and you don't have anybody there to help anyone out. And he said, yeah, well, death's hard sometimes, he said. Well, he said no, he said we do have things to help. We have a medical kid for if something goes wrong. And they said, well, what's in the medical kid? And he said he said duct tape and vasseling. All right, that's everything. Duct tape, vacillated, a frozen gown water. They rub one of those water guns on it. You'll be fine. I broke my leg, there's bone sticking out. Just Rub that F ice on it. Just put some minds. All you need advice and you'll be back at it. And I start was saying, like somebody's gonna die. I mean you got to think so. But he's been doing it for thirty years, doing it for cities. I'm surprised no one's got eaten by a bear something like this is backwoods Tennessee like I can't believe no one's gotten like. Genuinely, I can't believe anyone's gotten eaten, but I guess not. And then if you if something happens, if you quit, which most people do, or if you you get injured and you go back to the starting line. When you go you you tell him you're done. You tell the guy you're done and he's got his friend there with him. and WHO's his friend? I don't know, some guy, and he plays taps on a trumpet and it just echoes through the Appelachians and yours were as glades. Yeah, and he said, they say we're all the trail stops in memorium and he said, he said they're he's at the reason. Why put it? Not Cheese tray. What do you talk about? And so the reason for that, last said, he said. Well, he said, I mean two reasons. One, that's what they play when soldier is killed, an action, he said, to it because they tapped out. So we play taps. Okay, and so they play taps and then everyone hears that throughout the woods. And then run, the run, the rest of the race. Almost no one ever finishes and it is the most famous race in the US. If you're in Europe and the US. I think there's other races that are more famous, but yeah, name one. I don't know. More the more famous, really amazing one, the amazing race. That's pretty pretty famous. He's got another race called bigs backyard ultra. What is that one? This is another gungle Gibbert is backyard lapse. Did you do of his sakes? It down the slide. Let's go, boys. Is Half Acre backyard. It was just running back and forth. This one, I think, is open to the public and started in two thousand and eleven, and the concept of this one is you're running, I don't know, you're running a hundred miles in twenty four hours, and so you're running loose where. Every loop is whatever a hundred divided by twenty four is in your goal is to hit that in a one hour, and so every loop you're doing a full hour. So at the end of twenty four hours you're in a hundred miles, whatever that division is. So you're trying to do it's a four and a half, a four and a quarter mile loop every hour. Because if you do that and you keep that every hour, you got to run. Look Up, I'm at least like a fourteen minute pace. Yeah, for twenty four hours straight. A bunch of people do it. Is Start in two thousand and eleven and this one's had a lot of people finish. I think someone's finished every year, but they got one just but the concept of this is not it's not. It's not do you do the full hundred miles, it's if you don't do the foreign a quarter of miles in an hour. So if every hour you don't do and you're eliminated, last person standing wins. Wow, so that's some one went every year. Oh wait, no, actually, two thousand fourteen. They didn't two fourteen. Someone didn't know anyone I could do it. Chose Fourteen and my heaviest. Both runners dropped out at forty nine loops, and so you have to be the last one standing. This one was too, at the same time as a tie. So I won one. Oh, because you know any did that together too. Yeah, they were like Oh quick, you quick. The interesting thing we could never do the Barkeley. These races are just two cushy the interesting thing is in this one, and nobody's got an interesting nickname of their winners. Where the BARKELEYS? I mean you read s o of the retort the winners names. I cave dog. Yep, that's the only one that's interesting. Actually know that. I'm looking through this list. Oh, everywhere else is just like Michael's mold. The names, yeah, those are all the UK people. Tyler masterson. Yeah, cave dog was the only local to do it to flash. But yeah, so, a long story short, this guy is insane. Yeah, leas pretty incredible. Can we find a fiddle playing? tast things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by conner best. Social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

Marathon runners are a rare breed of humans. Few hobbies involve wheezing for miles and shopping for shirts that won’t rub your skin off. Every year a new challenger appears for these hobbyists to overcome. However, there has never been a more formidable foe for the marathon runner than the Barkley Marathons. This infamous race tests its runner’s physical endurance and mental fortitude. It’s a marathon built on the intent that only 1% of runners will complete it. It’s a race not for the faint of heart; this is the Barkley Marathons.

Lazarus Lake

After hearing of the escape of failed escape of assassin James Earl Ray from the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell and Karl “Raw Dog” Henn were inspired. So the two backpacked along the escape route near Frozen Head State Park in Eastern Tennessee. After returning from the trip, the two thought the treacherous journey would make for a great marathon. So the duo created the Barkley Marathons.

The Barkley Marathons

The Barkley Marathons are some of the most exclusive yet most infamous marathons in the United States. Happening many times a year, the race is designed to push runners to their limits. Only 15 people have finished the race out of over 1,000 runners. That’s only 15 finishers, not winners, finishers. This race is grueling.

Born in 1986, the race is a 5-lap 100-mile ultramarathon through the Appalachian Mountains. Runners will climb over 25,000 feet in elevation (that’s nearly the height of Mt Everest from sea level). As if this all weren’t enough, Lazarus has created a set of circumstances to make the race even more challenging. The route comprises a few trails instead of natural game trails through the forests. Runners are not told many details, including the race’s start time, so everyone is kept on their toes for as much as 23 hours before the race begins. Also, there are only two water stations along the 100-mile journey, so each runner will need to pack any additional water or snacks.


Running in the Barkley Marathons is a death sentence. But that’s precisely what Lazarus Lake wants it to be. The eclectic designer of the race wants the runners to see exactly what they can accomplish. For that reason, Lake has devised a near impossible marathon to push people to their absolute breaking point. He also finds it very entertaining. Watch or listen to this episode of Things I Learned Last Night to learn more about the race and the peculiar entry process.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!

Oh and hey, if you want to know how many laps in Jarons living room something is… Check this out.




The Barkley Marathons – Wikipedia

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