The Watcher of 657 Blvd – This Will Creep You Out


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Hey, man, what's up? Have you ever heard of the watcher of five seven boulevard? Oh, yeah, I know that guy. I'm gonna tell you, man, the watcher of six, five seven. Yeah, this happens. That's going to make your skin crawl, bro Great. What's it? Perfect is that that's the first half of the ZIP code of the town I grew up in. So I was really nervous about how you were about to in that, because Mount Vernon is six, five seven one too. Oh Man, yeah, yeah, it's close. This. This was actually recommended to us by one of our patrons, Bow Dolla, bottle, I'm not BOTTLEA, I. Yeah, people who listen to this think that we have like bots for patron supporters. They're just like, okay, Danley, May and Odella. Yeah, so he actually recommended this last night while I was planning, and I changed my plans for this one, for this is like, Oh, this is spooky. So this is a real learned it last night that this is a legitimate like I was planning out my content for today. I An't already made my decision and then he recommended this last night and I was like, Oh, yeah, we're doing that. Okay, so this is spooky. The watcher of six, five, seven, boulevard art. Yeah, before we get go the man, you look really good. You some weight. Thanks. Yeah, I had food poisons, like the worst that's ever happened. Sometimes I do that, you know, like I was reached, I was getting the end of my march and I was like, I haven't reach my goals. Why don't US consume some tainted beasts. You know, anybody got any Robbie? Anybody got any? Yeah, every morning I you know, and that's my fitness advice. If you're stro going to reach your goals. Sometimes I just pull out to raw chicken breasts. It just and I just go to town down. Oh yeah, maybe, you know, maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's Salmonilla, you know. Is it a small town? No, IT'S NEW JERSEY. It's Westfield, New Jersey. It's like a suburb of New Jersey City. This is why I don't want to buy a used home. You know, I'm about I gotta build a house just like it might be him. He's a little weird. So what a Derek do this week? If we're going at man who wasn't willing to stand for his family, were putting it outside. Things I learned last night. It was a rough man. I was I was sick, I was bad. So, yeah, thanks for saying that, though. That's going to really that's what sucks about food poisoning, isn't it? It's terrible. The people think you're healthy but you're day after you're like that he gum. Yeah, that's actually something that people in Hollywood do, like, not food poisoning, but they'll drink like me, relax. Oh Yeah, I'm like clear out. They're bout to like to dehydrate themselves and to because you, I mean you really will lose like seven pounds in a day. Interesting. I probably shouldn't say that to anybody WHO's like don't, that's not don't. Like, I know, like like you sea fighters will do stuff like that to well, Wa wait, that's what I'm saying. Yeah, if you're like you know, but people in Hollywood who have really unhealthy views of themselves. Yeah, you'll do that before big auditions or rolls, like it's it's not that good stuff, you know, and I'm one of them. We were filming and I was like, I'm just chowing down on you know right. I'm not going to say who gave me food poisoning? All right, but I'm saying goodbye fresh you know I'm talking about. I'm no more. They don't sponsors. I hope one day they do and they don't know that you said that. And so I hope that this episode, I hope that this is like a year from now, they picked us up. This episode starts with you talking about how much you love them and then you've coming and say one thing. It's really convenient. Do you hate the grocery store as much as I do? Other people? You know, that's the real motive for behind getting those growsy little flat, you know, seeing other people with their dumb little eyes and their mouths out in public and you're like once you close the holes in your face and get away from me, you know. You know I'm talking about hello friends, good to be good. Be said for doors as well. Yeah, all the knows. It's just because you don't all the delivery services. It's it's masked behind you know, safety or like convenience, but really it's just a dpat ride for anybody else. Oh my gosh. Okay, so we need to get into this six seven boulevard. The watcher of Seven Boulevard. I want to first this is a neighborhood watch guy who just took it real serious. No, I want to first mention somebody. I watched a I've watched a lot of videos since last night about this. It just hooked me. You look like you haven't slept. I haven't. I've spent all night. I pulled in all my thanks. Man, thanks. You had fun. He pulled an all nighter on the watcher, on the watcher. Yeah, I pulled it on on that or watching the watcher. And One guy brought this up that I didn't notice. It was like the ten video I've watched. I was like, how did I not notice this? But seven boulevard, like the street is called Boulevard, but it's not like something boulevard. It's just boulevard, not Boulevard Boulevard, not Boulevard Street. It's literally the street is just boulevard. Well, yeah, the street is five seven. Know the address of the street? The address of the House is seven. There's a house. Yeah, there's a house. So the House is seven and it's on the street boulevard, but it's not Boulevard Street, it's not boulevard road, it's just boulevard. Yeah, it's not. Southwest Bolivard is a small town. No, IT'S NEW JERSEY. It's Westfield, New Jersey. It's like a suburb of New Jersey City. I love when you get painted in your eyes, you look to me to save you and I just go now. No, let that onely hits you. I'm pretty sure it's a suburb sun, a suburb of it's a suburb of New York, new work, new work, New Work, New Jersey. It's a part of the New York Metro area. Okay, so, like I'm saying, like a small town, you know. Yeah, the small town. They're like that's the boulevard, that's the Strato, that the word. Yeah, in Mount Vernon we have a parkway drive. That's kind of cool. They know that's a band. That's why I brought it up to you. HM, cool. Do you think they're from the Vernon? Yeah, yeah, they're the watchers of parkway drive. All right. So is this a person who lives in this House then? So, in June two thousand and fourteen, the broadest family kind of recent moved into six, five seven boulevard home in Westfield, New Jersey. Yeah, Derek and Maria were the names of the couple. Maria, she actually grew up in Westfield and so this was like a big, like corn home. Yeah, sure, Derek was a VP of a large insurance company in Manhattan and so this is a one point three million dollar home that they purchased. Oh and Westfield at the time was the ninety nine twealthiest town in the nation, which, hey, top one hundred important, yeah, but was the thirty safest town in the nation around the same time, which also thirty. Like, here's the thing. If you say like your like top one hundred of something, you like, oh, that's a great king, but if you say you're the thirty, I don't think that's special. Like if you said you're one of the most in the top one hundred, yeah, but if you taky to me and you said my town is one of the one hundred, top one hundred safest towns in America, that, well, that's really special. But if you say my town is a thirty safest in the nation, something about that to me just sounds say, and that's really hard to say. I would say your town is the thirty famous. That's I would say. I would say I don't care I would say you come to me. What it's ten like how thirty is not important. You know. I mean probably only I on the list. How many towns in the US? As of two thousand and eighteen, there are nineteen thou, four hundred and ninety five and corporated cities, towns and villages in the US. So fourteen thou of them have a population below a hundred. No, Oh, five thou. Oh, Hey, govern hey, here's to me. If you say you're the thirty, just just say your top one hundred, top, one hundred pounds, sad on thirty. Yeah, that sounds better than top and top are dirty. Yeah, throw the top in there and then I think it's significant. If you just say you're thirty, I'm like that's not important, like that's not special to me. Yeah, so top, Hey, year in the top five. Friends here, my top thirty. Yeah, under thirty. You're in my thirty hundred thirty. Out of everyone I know that's under thirty years old, and I know a lot, you're in the top thirty. You get it. So Derek and Maria, yeah, they move into this house. They sound like rich New Jersey couple. Yeah, so the moving their house, their kids and they're they knew they were going to have to do a little bit of work on it. It's like a hundred and two year old house, right, a hundred and nine. A hundred and nine is a hundred nine year old house, and so they neither have a little more. So that like it's going to be important. I mean it'll come out, but it's not, okay, super important. But they started moving all the stuff in. A ghost thing? No, I mean maybe, I mean it could be it could be aliens. All right, you seem like you have something to say. No, I was okay, so go ahead. So they're moving all their stuff in and Derek checks the mail first day they're there, or moving day or moving day, and it flipping through the mail. It's all the typical stuff. You got bills. He's like, how do I already got bills? Day One, flipping through you know, ads like coupons, welcoming into the neighborhood, whatever. Varied Express. Yeah, Pan Express is like hey, come, come, express yourself. You're about to say express yourself a Panta Express. Yeah, everybody. They're just dress like pandas. Now, okay, I see the difference between Panda Express and then express, you know, right, like the closed store. Yeah, Oh, I thought this is Panda Express. I'm saying, you want can't you go? Hold on, where do I get the chicken limb? So they're moving in and he checks the mail and on. But one of the parcels, if you will, stood out to him because it didn't have written and just it didn't have an address on it, didn't have return address. Love this. It just on the front, just in like bold letters, like hand bold, handwrinten letters. It said the new owner. which. So he opens it? Wait, which he opens it? Right, I'm and I'm this is how this is why I don't want to buy a used home. You know, I'm sorry about I gotta build a house. I don't want. I don't want to buy a used house. All right, this is why I like my parents house. My parents built their house. You know I'm talking about there's so goes the time about it used that. Well, my bad parents built their house. There's no ghosts there. Yet home fails. Know the layout, all right. So, like, if there is a ghost, then I own few. Yeah, they're like, wait, dope, wait a minute. No, that's why I'm saying I got to build a house. There's no freaking no one's watching a new one. All right. So the letter says, how long is the letter? It's long. It says, dearest new neighbor at six, five seven boulevard, allow me to welcome to you to the neighborhood. So it sounds like, oh, hey, we got a friendly new neighbor that's welcoming me. What do? appreciated some cookies, but I'll settle for this letter. Hey. And then it goes on and it says six, five seven boulevard has been the subject of my family for decades now and as it approaches it's one hundred and ten birthday, I have been put in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming. My Grandfather Watch the house in the S. it's my second coming. Yeah, okay, he said. My grandfather watched the house in the S and my father watched it in the s. It is now my time. Do you know the history of the house? Do you know what lies within the walls of five seven boulevard? Why are you here? I will find out. And then he says, but he says I will find out. Is it since I don't like he says, do you need to fill the house with young blood. I requested. What better for me? Was your old house too small for the growing family, or was it greed to bring me your children? Once I know their names, I will call to them and draw them to me. There are hundreds and hundreds of cars that drive by six five seven Bolevard each day. Maybe I am in one. Look at all the windows you can see from six five seven boulevard. Maybe I am in one. Look at all of the mini windows on six five seven boulevard, at all the people who stroll by each day. Maybe I am one of them. Welcome, my friends, welcome, let the party begin. You know what I do? What? And I wouldn't even try to claim insurance on it, but I burn that house down. Yeah, I did. I would burn it down and I would stay on the sidewalk and I would look. I would have us like a one of those sandwich boards that said watch the flames. Maybe I am one. I would dude, I would get this guy. Maybe I've in what? Maybe I ad no, maybe I'm one of the flames. No, like this is, this is and and and my girlfriend will tell you this. Okay, if we got that letter at a house, I would burn it to the ground, lose my entire investment just to spite whoever this is, even if this is like some stupid like sophomore in high school or whatever. All right, yeah, can you imagine, like some kid runs, I'm it was. It was. He's gotta Becaus camera because he's doing it for Tick Tock. Go in there, then, go, go in the house, going and take, go, take your video. Yeah, take, do it for tick. Time for the cloud. Yeah, you'll get a lot of cloud. Dude, I will ow crazy, crazy any day. You wanna say what I'm saying? I get that letter, I burn the house down easy, episode over. So what a Derek do this week? If a minute man who wasn't world stand for his family by burning its outsid, it's total Beta male who wasn't willing to take charge and burn his house. That's the Alpha move. Turn Turn Your House to ashes in the name of masculinity. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, that's right, that's when new episodes drop on Patreon. Patreons a way to get early access to episodes and their content and exclusive merchandise. And we're not going to stop there, because we had a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right, that's five dollars a month. You two can be a patreon supporter and not here advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore text till in the six, six eighty sixty six. Otherwise I'll come to your house, I will find you, I will destroy everything that's good in your life until we're the only thing left. Anyway, here's another advertisement. So they were conflicted after this first one. Right, this is day one. This is day one. They're conflicted after they got this letter, because they said, what if your movement stuff in? Do you just say close to you all, nothing else whatever's in there. It belongs to the House. Now, with that girl houses, the House is child. So they they, they did, they went, they went home. I gotta go to the police. The well, they went home, home and they were like, they like, what do we want to do? Is Is this legit is this a prank? Is this whatever? So they emailed the previous owners and they asked them, John and Andrea Woods, and they asked them, did you ever see anything like this, like in your time here? And they're like no, but they did say, well, there was one letter we received right before we moved, but we just threw it away because we thought it was a joke. Like, we didn't think anything of it. Let me just trashed it. They were there for twenty three years. Let me see. Nothing happened to them, though. Now they're I mean, as far as we can tell, they're fine. Yeah, but I mean I'm saying like they were like, we just threw the letter way as a dumb thing. Yeah, and so so then Marie and Derek were like, oh, it must be like some kid like trying to be funny or whatever. And so they went back to the house a couple weeks later and continued moving in and found another letter, again addressed to the to the owner, said welcome again to your new home at five seven boulevard. The workers have been busy and I've been watching you unload car fuls of your personal belongings. The dumpster is a nice touch. They're renovating that big dumpster. And what the homes? Yeah, I would leave it there forever. Oh, yeah, you like it? Yeah, I'm going to scoop the ashes of this house into it. And then he says, have they found what's in the walls yet? In time they will. And then he says six, five, seven light, they'll find it. Have they found what's in the walls yet? WHO's they? Yeah, I mean it's a constructor workers. They got workers doing runt no stuff. And so then he said six by seven boulevard is anxious for you to move in. It has been years and years since the young blood ruled the hallways of the House. Have you found all the secrets that holds yet? Will the young bud blood play in the basement? If you haven't figured this out? The young blood? He's talking about their kids. Yeah, like that's what he's is. So I think you was talking about young blood KIA in sweet field Missouri. Any think I you think? I'm like, Oh, yeah, the duelus. Now, yeah, he's talking about their kids. Said, well, the young blood play in the basement? Or they too afraid to go down there alone? I would be afraid if I were. Then it is far away from the rest of the house. If you were upstairs, you would never hear them scream. He says. Well, they sleep in the attic, or will they? Will you all sleep on the second floor? Who has the bedroom facing the street? I will know as soon as you move in. It will help me to know who is in each room. That way I can plan better. Nah, no, no, no, that's I'm burning it down now. That's as all the windows and doors and six five seven boulevard. Allow me to watch you and track you as you move throughout the house. Who Am I? I'm the watcher, and I've been in control of six five seven boulevard for the better part of two decades now. The Woods family turned it over to you. It was their time to move on and kindly sold it when I asked them too. I passed by many times a day, when I asked them to, MMM, I I passed by many times a day. Six five seven boloves part as my job, it's my life, it's my obsession, and now you two are brought us family. So now he knows their name. We yeah, it's going through their mail. I saw. I mean that's not like. Oh, how do you figure that out? He's put this on really. Yeah, welcome to Bro I would have I would have cameras and I would I would literally buy the House across the street. So he says. He says, welcome to the product of your greed. Greed is what brought you brought the past three families to six, five, seven, Bolvar, and now it has brought you to me. Have a happy moving day. You know I will be watching. Okay, this is what just makes my skid call. So this feels like the type of person. And there was a guy who went to my high school who I you know, you keep up with people on facebook. This guy slowly became he was, he was odd in high school, but he slowly became weirder. I tell you about this guy. He's the kind of dude that is like, you know, I prayed that God would supply this for me and he did. One day he posted that and this is this is real. This isn't mean like I'm not saying this to make fun of them or I'm saying like, this is the type of person that I think this could be. Yeah, is. He posted one day of him walking in the sidewalk and he posts a picture of a package of Bologny that's on the sidewalk and he said he was just praying to God for nourishment and food and then found his found alone and then was eating that boloney term out, and so it's that kind of what you know, we're like. That was one of the days where I was I oh, he's like he's lost it, you know. Yeah, and that's what this this this is either a prank that, if it's happens to me, is going to go terribly wrong for the prinkster. Yeah, because I will. I will not attack the person. I will outwin them. I unse in wout crazy. I will. I saw saying I'll out crazy you. Yeah, but or it's like a person who is legitimately like my grandfather did this, my dad. Yes, and you're like did they though? Yeah, that's creepy. You know. Is that the final letter? Know, there's a there's a few more, and it's interesting because it's like the the letters that we have, like they get sponsor like the details we have from them, because the broadest family just stopped kind of sharing what was going on. But like they're there's just continues to be creepy. So they go to the police. Yeah, so they eventually did go to the pee pulp, the police. What letter did they go to the police after this one? When I tell yeah, it was at their kids, like he's like, he's like once I know where they move and who's in one right and I can plan better yeah, they went to the police and so this is something. Yeah, I can plan better. No, that's yeah, that's a threat. Yeah, that's that's the straight up threat. Yeah. So, yeah, yeah, so they they stopped bringing their kids around, they stopped moving in. They continue the renovations, but they were staying with their parents and they're gone for a long time. And so, like the letters after this like open with like where are you gone to? Six, seven of art is missing you, and he like talks about this house. I gets a person, yeah, which to give you a perspective, I do have a picture of the house, so you can see it. It's an old style, like look, that's what would be in a scary movie. It does, and and I mean he's right there, like it's got the lot willow, that's where the old lady is at night time. Yeah, right, and it's got this long driveway where the the killer just emerges from these bushes. Yeah, right. Yeah, it's I mean it's got a brick it's got a fireplace. That's obviously because you're going to need the little sticker thing right to kill the person who breaks in. Yeah, it's got all the elements for a good horror movie. Yep, yeah, but good little killer film. I would. I would have cameras through the whole thing. Yeah, and also on the outside. He didn't. Also, I would be befriend the neighbor across the street and get cameras if they're at their house. Yeah, I'm sure. Well, that's the problem. That's a little stressful for you can actresses. Yeah, you. It's got to be somebody somewhere around here. So it's like, who can I trust? Who Can I talk to? I would stake out the house at night. Yeah, I'm saying I would out crazy this person. I kind of want to do it. It's just some fourteen. We know who lives there? Now, I don't think we know, but somebody does. Oh yeah, so, Hey, tilling on location, tilling all, tell it all, dude. Let's go out crazy, a crazy okay. So here's I get excited. I get excited about it. So here'sn't have it at the police went investigating, yeah, you know, doing their police thing. We show up. Yeah, so they had a couple leads. Lead number one. They call him the Gamer, and so this was a guy who was spotted driving by once and it's girlfriend said that he played a video game called the watcher and they so she's like it might be him. He's a little weird. He's girlfriends terms of friend out of them. His girlfriend calls the police. Yeahs, like, yeah, but it's it wasn't the watcher, it was the witcher, right, actually, yeah, literally, not. Yeah, exactly. Was it? Actually, that was the way witcher. Yeah, so, like they call him for questioning and he doesn't get it. Really the witcher. It doesn't come out. Why? So it was, I guess, the Witcher, Witcher, and I just drove. I was doing that as a joke. No, yeah, that's a witch. That's hilarious. I only know that because, I mean, Ray plays it all stop. Yeah, she's all about it. Big Witcher Fan, which I need to catch up with her. She's ahead of me. anyways. Are Y'all doing it together? Y'All play in witcher together? No, but I just I want to be better at it than her. You won't, because she's watching the series, she's reading the books and she's playing the video game and she's writing letters to a family and writers letters to a family of the House in New Jersey and she's flying there to deliver them and she was to make sure it gets there. You know, I need to be sure, and I called the police. I don't know who Toco. I didn't know if I should call a can't city Police Department or a New Jersey Police Department. MMM, and be like Hey, New Jersey City, she's playing this game called the watcher. I can't believe I got that's that's hilarious. Yeah, so, so the police, but like it's not like it's not the Gamer, but then then they turn their he's like she said I was weird. That, though, you got like imagine the fight that happens out of you, like you call the police and said I was weird and I told you so much about the witcher and you I have tested about it. Watch yourn stop. All right, I gotta eat something. I found this bow. That's got to be a fight after that, though. You know, Jeez, that Bellona got that, and I legitimately thought that you were literally just like, Oh man, I need to eat something. I'm feeling a little weak right now. Like I literally thought we were going to pause it for you to eat a snack. ME. Yeah, I thought you were just like dehydrated from your food poisoning or something like. I need to get a snack. Robbie. I'm just eating it with my bar hands. I'm just like yeah, needed a snack, just the plastic. I haven't. It's not even see. One of the two Isun ages. It's half because I ate half it last night. I'm just eating Browning raw. He eats got a yet? Yeah, I did. I don't know what. I was sick. Okay, so hmm. So it's not the Gamer. It's not the Gamer, the boys. One of the police going off of all this person drove by once. Yeah, I don't know that. I'm assuming they're staking it out and looking for sups suspicious individuals. Sure that's what's tough, is like all they have is these letters and like very, very few descriptions from the letters, because we do know I would have a camera in the mailbox. We do know. That's pretty smart. We do know that his grandfather and then he's watched it. His father in the s watched it and know he's watching it. There's another weather, another letter where he talks about himself running through the halls and he was the young blood and the house. So there's the possibility that maybe he was a his parents were a previous owner somewhere on the line. But that also is a little conflicting, because it's like if his father was the watcher and he lived there. That's a little strange, right, his grandfather, so maybe it was like a family member. So called something watcher of your house. Are you the homeowner? Yeah, I want a situation where his dad just didn't want to play with him, you know, and he's like Dack, we go outside. He's I'm busy. We doing watching the house? Is that what Dad do? Yeah, my dad did it before, my dad did it before me, and you'll do it one day too. And the kid was like will yeah, it really is. Dad is drunk in the front yard facing the house because the police told him we could have throws bottles at the street anymore. Yeah, hell, the neighbor's got a restrainting orders. I'll look at through their windows too much. So now I got a I'm told that I have to face the house. It's a sad arc but it's like cheers to the house. Yeah, he's like Hey, since five seven, good to see you again. Yeah, canceled trash service. started putting it in the walls. Son, I needed to help me dig a hole in the wall. I got some more blottles. Well, we don't have any insulation, but we got a lot of course, course, bottles. So the police are in their sides to Michael Lankford. Who was did it? A guy's a crossy name. That's a guilty name. Remember. I talked about that. We've talked about this before. Yeah, there're certain names that they just in the DBM per episode. Yeah, yeah, they call. I'll say it again. I'm a I'll be a great detective. You give me a name, I'll tell you who did it. Michael Langford, guilty. He's the one. So the LANKFORD's of the cross the street. Michael lived with his mom, who is ninety three years old. Yeah, you those are his mom yeah, his mom is ninety three. He's in his s and his siblings also live there. They all still live at home with their ninety three year old mom. Yes, adults who live with their I'm just getting was trying to take a shot at our video guy. See still those parents. Hey, have you heard of tilling podcast merch? That's right, we've got a full merch store of tilling branded teas, mugs, stickers, hoodies a lot more, and we put out new designs with every episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so you got to get those while they're hot. Text tilling to six, six, eight, hundred and sixty six to get access to our exclusive merchandise. Yes, it his his mom's ninety three, and so the timeline does kind of check out, like with the age of his mom and his age. Yeah, then it's like, okay, if you play the time, I'm back. His Dad probably would be watching the house in the S and his grandfather probably would be watching the house in the twenty, with their ages, just because they've lived in this house for that long. Well, no, because you look, Michael was in his s and so you played that they lived across a street that whole time. Actually, don't know. I do know, because that's a different thing. Is If you're drunk, DAD's in the living room watching the house across the street. Dad, you're a play. I'm busy watching six, five, seven, little hard. Yeah, they could enough for a TV because they spend on their house, their money on this. Naw, that thou trying to watch the TV. And in the S it's like about little small, any gray. He's just binoculars getting there. A guy in your neighborhood that does this, though. No, that was we passed that house where the guide is long. I mean it was pecularly are my neighborhood. It was the next neighborhood over. But there was a guy literally just in his window like looking out. And here's the thing about like where he lives, like across the street is nuts, just an open field. It's nothing. He's just sitting there. He's like Bensler's in his front room, just with binoculars looking out fully lit to not an adult, to look like he's not. He's clearly a shadow of a person in the window and he's just, YEP, super self. You know, honey, what do you see? Nothing, nothing. It's just the glare of the light behind him on the window. They wouldn't be honey, it'd be son. What do you see? You know, not then, mom. That's have you tried to take it the caps off? Oh Wow, look at the world. I've never set Lee summon. That's what I'm saying, Dude. So Watch your least something. So here's the thing about the LANKFORD's right. They did DNA testing on on the letters. Okay, nobody matched in the Langford House sure. The thing, though, well, one of the things that's eerie. What the duation? They have DNA from the letters. Yeah, yeah, so there's like someone like her fingerprint was there, left a little bit of their skin on a letter, something I was I don't know. Yeah, yeah, there was something on the letter that they were able to get some DNA from. I don't know if it was like drool or what, but like someone he's writing a letter. He's just like just a salivating all he's like yeah, young blood. Did they know what's in the halls yet? Jeez. But here's the thing. The reason why Michael, the two reasons, well, three reasons why Michael was a target for them was one, lived across the street to the ages lined up. Three, he was a diagnosed schizophrenic, and so it would make a lot of sense that he would be had this fantastic story that he's coming up with and writing it in letters and dropping it in the mail across the street. Sure, and strongly believed he was the watcher of this house. Well, what's odd is they brought them in for questioning, they questioned him and then they dismissed the entiling for a family as a suspect with no explanation. They never gave a public explanation to why, but they dismissed them. He convinced the police. He said, look, I've been doing your job for this house, and they're like, Huh, for us, can't agree with that. Yeah, he's like, you know, I've been watching that house. I actually watched. Is Your patrol car rolled up with a woman who's not your wife, like cases Fiss. Yeah, none involved, is not this guy. Let's talk to that with your kid again. The which kid get? Tell everyone it's the watcher. It's a different day. Say, yeah, different game, different kid. And so the the broadnesses were like, we want to get out of here, we want to get out of this house. They listed it for sale, but no one would buy it because by now it's all over the news and right it's even making national news. I was on the today show, like people are like this is a day. Yeah, the historically peppy. Good, good morning everybody. We've got a story at a new jerseys I watched the watch exactly video and it was literally she was so excructatial videos of Docsin's, the weird dogs. Yeah, good today show. Hope you have a good day. But before you go, here's the evil that exists in the world. You're literally was. It literally was. She was so excited and then she was like check out the story from New Jersey. And then it was like Oregon. It's like in it, like the cart to organ you know, and like there's like this is big vignette around the house that like came in like it was like a holy crap, like you guys are totally make a good wife. Why? Like you neighborhood on a boulevard that doesn't have a name, you know, and it's like what is going on here? So they just just missed it for no reason, though. Yeah, so the police dismissed it and they were kind of like we can't, we can't do it, we can't figure out who this is. We don't have enough evidence. We don't have enough evidence on anyone to book them for it. And so derek hires a private investigator. That guy doesn't come up with anything he puts. He doesn't consider hiring a podcast. I mean they weren't as big back then due the guys rich. I'm kind of serious, though. I mean not anymore. Oh, so the he they put a bunch of cameras on in the House. Obviously good goods that he was trying to point it done that day one. But go, yeah, Derek's catching up and so the police thing runs dry. The the private and that would think I would have had, like, I mean like little garden gnomes with cameras, four eyes, you know, like I would have like really, I there's a part of me that wants to do that, like I one that wants the house. We need enough patron supporters to pay a mortgage on five seven, but we're going to start a six, five seven boulevard tier and it's one point three million. Well, it's just the mortgage cost, the cost of what the mortgage would be. What is that on a firs? Probably less. It's honestly, probably about the same as the Monster Chuck Tier. Yeah, so if they had a thirty year fixed mortgage, they're probably paying around seven thousand dollars a month. Okay, I mean, Hey, we're close. We're not close to that, but we love to be. If you listen to this, make sure you leave us a review and maybe check us out on Patreon, because you do get a lot more stuff, you know. Yeah, and then maybe we could buy six five seven Bolivard in the future. Yeah, and all the dopeates. Ter, five seven bolevardcom. Yeah, six, five seven boulevard and Gunballscom. So finally the bow diet broader. Yep, the broadest family was like, we're just going to list it. So they listed it for sale. Nobody in town wanted it, nobody outside of town wanted everybody. It was been in the news. Everybody know. Yeah, you can google the address and yeah, and the House isn't the first thing that pops up anymore. Yeah, and everyone's like, yeah, I don't want to move into this stoker house. Yeah. And so they had it listed for two years. No one but which. Maybe that's the now here's the trick to the housing market, right, all these prices insane? Yeah, right, but you do this to somebody's house, drive the price down and then you come in and be like I'm not afraid of a stalker. All Right, oh, so move you to watch me. I'll get him with my weloard garden home cameras. You know, you moving so confident. Suddenly you got a house for half the price. That's pretty probably shouldn't have said that. I'llowb for should he said that part out loud. That's some pretty good fraud, right. There's a good scheme, that's a good front. No even me a realtor for it. So nobody about the house. They had it for like two years. They're living with their parents because they can't afford another mortgage. So just stuff, paying the mortgage on this House that they're not living in. Oh Yeah, for sure. And so they say they're trying to figure out how can we get out of this? Like, what are we going to do? No one wants to buy it. So they come up with this plan. They said, Hey, well, demolish the house, Yep, and I would plut it into two lots and build two new houses on it. And so those two houses. Because now people are like, well, it's there's no six five seven. The guys are I can't watch two one US six five six or six five eight. GUYS ARE SPLIT WAY. They demolish the house while they went to the city and they asked historical well, they asked for a permission to tear the house down and to build new houses. It's not a historical building. So they could have done it on that. The problem is the minimum lot size in town is seventy square feed. I think it's something like that. They were it was sixty seven. They were three short on both the lots and so they asked for an exemption and they said no, it's the couldn't split it. Here's the kicker, though. Around the same time another house just down the road asked for the same thing and they got approved. So the city knows. The cities like well, we're keeping an eye on the person keeping an eye it seems pretty clear. What the fact that the police just kind of dropped it. The local private investigator couldn't find anything the city want and allow them to tear the house down. That somebody pretty up there is why is watching that house. Yeah, no way. I mean that's true theory to me. It's got to be because because you think there's be an elected official, there's too much. Like the police literally just gave up. They're like yeah, sorry, guys, like we can't figure it out, bummer. And the city was like the city made an exception for someone else with and at the other house, like they were like twenty feet off, like it wasn't like they were close. It's what I'm saying, man, with version the ground. And then these people liked try to do it with this house and I would say the seven Tho dollars rest of my life. I really would. I really would. I would have a sign out for other just says watch this and so, oh, I want to get this person. So I don't know what this is in my body right now. And but it's not fear, you don't talry about. There's this rage that's like this is someone I could take back. I could take out everything on this person. You know tell you know I'm saying. If I knew that something I owned was that precious someone else, I would destroy it. You know, saying, and I know that I saw it a crazy person right now. Well, holy cow, like so they the the broadness is a lot of the locals like we're split, like there's something that were were than support of them to there's some that were like you guys are stop, like they were like against them. They like you're making this up or something like that, like that was a hoax, which there has been a theory that it is a hoax, which I think doesn't hold a lot of weight because the theory goes because the previous owners got a letter to though they can write before they moved in. Yeah, right before the route for they moved in. They have it. When they first moved in, nobody before I had reported ever getting letters from watchers. Here's here's the the how that? Here he goes the broadnesses. They a few years before that were they were living in a three hundredzeroll home. A couple of years after they move there they moved to a seven hundredzeroll home and then they moved to this they bought for one point three and so, which they bought over asking price. So the theory is that they moved they were moving up, they're bouncing up and they were probably like he was a VP of a company, so he's probably moving up in his career as doing this. But they probably got into this house and realized it was a little more than they bargain for, right, because they not only about that house, what they had to do a bunch of renovation work. So the theory is that they came up with this watcher storyline to get a media buzz and sell the story for a movie and then that way the movie place would buy the House and they could wash their hands of it, make some profit on selling the script and walk with it. To me, this seems like a very far fetched thing for someone to say that that's a little over ourhead. And the somebody who's a v what if? Who's WHO's doing all right, and they go, man, I that sounds I would believe that if it was like honey booboo's mom, you know, yeah, yeah, that's and that's why I mean that in the seriousness, like yeah, exactly, like that type of person who had a TLC show. Yeah, made a lot of money then has then since declined and then it is like, all right, we need to figure out a different way to make more money now. But a person who's like in a successful growing career, MMM, I don't say about be like Lee like the option, here's our way out. Let's get it bought by, yeah, Netflix, which Netflix did by the story, did they? Yeah, and they're making a drama about from that family, from about that Theah, they bought it from that family, and so that add a lot of feel to that five. Yeah, but that was at that point, game just done. Who Cares? Yeah, and you got away with it. Good on you. You know, at that point it's like hey, it worked, you know work. It's one that if you're trying a scam. If you successfully pull off a scam, I'm way more impressed. I don't think it was them. The other the other one reason that this theory exists, though, is because after the after the renovation plans, what they built, the two houses, the two house plan, if you will, got shot down. A bunch of neighbors all got letters and it was addressed from the friends of the broadest family and basically telling them that they sucked for being against the broadest family. And then later Derek was like, yeah, that was me, I'm the friends of the broadest family. He said I was just really frustrated at this point, like I didn't know what to do, like I got I saw all my options and says like if I just send a letter to everybody, one of them is probably the watcher and they can hear how I feel right now and maybe back off. I don't know. It was like a last stch effort for him. And so then the theory is like, well, he's a guy writing anominous anonymous letters already. Yeah, why wouldn't? He needs to be doing that to himself. Yeah, but well, they signs up front of their house. Did they like? Do they reach the point where have you seen that house? In North Kansas City? The guy's got like the no trespassing signs on his house. It is camera which street ons on exactly, but there's a house where you pull up he's got a big like Sandwich Board on his front door that says he's got the no trespassing signs on both of his trees and one posting in his yard, like a lot of no trespassing signs, and it says no one should approach this door unless it's the male Mayn or woman. Weird. I sent him a letter last week. I'm watching you. That's all I said to watching you. So the family in two thousand and sixteen, they finally were like, well, rent it out. So they rented it out at a huge loss. They weren't able to rent it at the same value that their mortgage was. They're still paying a bunch of money on top of their rent value. Right and in their contract they had at a stipulation that was like if another letter comes, you can move out. Basically, while another letter showed up after these people moved in and I've been was an addressed to the rent he's no, it was addressed too. You're ready no, I guess. Are you ready? It was addressed to the vile and spiteful Derek and his wench of a rife Maria. Listen to what this says. It says six, five seven boulevard survived your attempted as salt and stood strong, with its army of supporters barricading its gates. My soldiers of the boulevard followed my orders to a t. They carried out their mission and save the soul of five seven boulevard with my orders. All hail the watcher. And then, and then this. This probs hand written. I know they're typed. Oh Dang. And then it says it's the only better if it was like scribbled handwriting, you know, like just insall like a little weird duddles all over it. And then it says this is just randomly he just started saying. Maybe a car accident, maybe a fire, maybe something as simple as a mild illness that never seems to go away but makes you feel sick day after day after day after day after day. Maybe the mysterious death of a pet. Loved one suddenly die. Planes and cars and bicycles crash, bones break, you are despised by the House and the watcher one burn this place to the ground the tenants. The tenants read this letter, they're like I will stay. No, they did not leave. They had the option. They were like no, yeah, we're fine. Well then that's the other thing too. Is it a bit of a confirmation that it wouldn't be? Derek then is like, why would you have that in a contract, that the renter could leave? MMM, if you're at least you know less and lessening your losses a little bit. Yep. So in two thousand and Nineteen, lifetime release a movie about it called the watcher. They later sold it also to Netflix and Netflix is producing a drama series about it. In July of two thousand and nineteen they also sold the house, doing a drama series, not a documentary. Yeah, drama series, okay. And then in two thousand and nineteen they sold it for nine hundred fifty thousand dollars. So pretty significant loss, almost a half million loss, and the whole investigation. There's no trail and no one knows who did it, where it came from. And after they moved out there's been the new family hasn't reported anything about a watcher or anything like that. But the thing that you have to keep in mind is that the woods said they saw nothing, and the watcher said that the woods told them to leave and then they moved, and so none of the watcher told the woods to leave. Yeah, that what I said. Dagon them sort the woods though, the watcher. Yeah, the Washer told the woods to leave and then they left. And so the watcher apparently had been directing the woods and the broadnesses didn't take the same direction that the woods take. took. In theory, if his story line is true, the watcher storylines true, the woods are lying and they were being directed by the watch of the whole time. The broad uses didn't derict, it didn't give into the watchers leadership, and then they moved out. And now this new couple is new couples like we submit to the watcher. Where are be? All on the watcher? That's where I'm saying, dude, I just Lillian, I purchase land and you want to commit me like that, I will win. All hail the watcher. You know what I would do? I burn the house down and I'd run from mayor. Run from me. Oh Yeah, I'm the new mayor. I want to run this city. I'm watching the whole team. You know what I would do in minute? Domain the whole street, one of you. Well, what if it's like a backyard neighbor? It's not even on Boulevard. Like, what if it's like the whole place? Yeah, it's about to be a strip mall putting in a Walmart. Yeah, watch that. Yeah, how let you watch. And then the Walmart is like, I'm the watcher, a woman. Now you're a crazy person. Have Fun with that. I would call it man, but that is not of my house and for whatever reason I've got this desire to ruin this person's life, you know, saying like I know that I'm I'm crazy, but holy cow. Yeah, so this guy is our girl as a psychopath. That who's writing these letters. I'm fairly convinced that is someone that has some sort of legal cloud in the town. Sure, but the new tenants haven't received any letters, or earlier least they have, haven't they haven't expressed that they've received me. They haven't told anybody so either. They are under the control of the watcher. Hail the watcher from now on. If we ever say the watcher, I don't know why we would ever again but from now on I just want to of both all hal the watcher. Yeah, Hey, and thank you for watching. Oh, here, I'm gonna respond to every mean youtube comment that way. Give you have that every single one of these times too. The tartaria people, with these people, were like Youtube Fools, laugh like little girls, all hail the watcher, whatever, Dude, Oh man, can we get in touch with the current owners? We should try to in try, we could try. I mean, here's the thing. As far as I could find, I couldn't find anybody who got an interview with them. Calm, they're private investigator. Well, interbody. Haven't been reached out to by the things that I learned last night. PODCAST. That's what they've been waiting on. They've been waiting on a midtier podcast to reach out to him. Like who? They don't called today show that tell me when. Now they're too giddy. This is serious. We need a serious podcast. Yeah, to talk about the watcher. All, a little watcher man. So that's why I'm saying is, if that's my property. Yeah, I would. I would have cameras up. Hmm, I would, and this would. I would try to first I would spend a couple months trying to figure out who it was. If I kept getting letters, I would just burn into the ground. Yeah, and I would. I would be in the front yard watching it burned and I would admit to arson. Yeah, you know. Yeah, you just say, yeah, I did it, I'm just demolish it's not historic. I would demolish it, and I would and I will be outside with the back, with the back. Oh, it's like, you know, tearing it down. Oh, yeah, yeah, you might as well, because it's like, I mean, if you can't sell it, and I'd be out front just like a float on a parade. Hey, a neighbors tearing down. Say, you know, what's annoying is that? That makes you look insane. All Right, yes, I'm saying out front of this house, waven and all the neighbors are like heat. Tore down that. He tore out his own house toward his house. A little stupid break my high school son did. That's crazy. Anybody Seem Michael? Yeah, Oh, he's playing the watcher. Yeah, all Hail Wat sure. Anyway, I'm saying. I that makes me so angry. I think camera set up. I would have a little garden homes in the front yard. I would be up all night with a baseball bat looking through the windows like I would be right. I would be righting fiddle off the watchers. Sir. Things on the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Bet. Social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review, comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on last night.

Moving into a new home can be stressful. In the best-case scenario, the new neighbors are helpful or maybe distant, depending on how social of a person you are. But we’ve all been in that scenario where our neighbors aren’t exactly the type of people we wanted to live nearby. However, noisy or rude neighbors are nothing to the neighbor the Broaddus family endured after moving into their New Jersey home in June 2014. While many neighborhoods come complete with a neighborhood watch, this quiet street included its Watcher.

The startling true story tells of a family tormented by a stalker who communicated with the family through a series of letters left in their mailbox. Despite the family’s efforts, the police, and multiple private investigators, no one ever revealed the true identity of the Watcher. After many years of coverage, it is finally being adapted into a Netflix series called the Watcher this fall.

The Story

In 2014, the Broaddus family began renovating their newly purchased home at 657 Blvd in Westfield, New Jersey. The family came from a humble background, but Derek Broaddus successfully climbed the corporate ladder at a Manhattan insurance company and earned the title of Vice-President. The family found a new home valued at $1.1 million thanks to the newfound role. Unfortunately, this home was not entirely ready, and the family began updating the house before moving in.

The Watcher of 657 Blvd

One afternoon, while taking a break from painting the home’s interior, Derek decided to check the mail. To his surprise, he found a letter addressed “to the new owners.” This letter was typed but clearly left in the mailbox by the sender since it was neither stamped nor addressed. The Broaddus family was shocked when they read the content of the note:

“Allow me to welcome you to the neighborhood… I see already that you have flooded 657 Boulevard with contractors so that you can destroy the house as it was supposed to be. Tsk, tsk, tsk… bad move. You don’t want to make 657 Boulevard unhappy.”

The message revealed that the author and his family have been watching the Broaddus family’s new home for generations. As the letter progressed, it became clear that the author’s intentions were not just that of a nosey neighbor. The letter was signed “The Watcher.”

The Investigation

This letter made the family feel pretty uneasy. Derek immediately reported the letter to the police, who began an investigation as they deemed it threatening. At first, the Broaddus family continued the renovation process as planned. Still, as more and more letters began to turn up, the safety of the new owners and, more importantly, their children came into question.

The letters began to reveal more information about the house’s history and knowledge that the Watcher had learned during the family’s renovation. Things like the names of the children, the previous owners, and the home’s layout were slowly being revealed.

The Abandonment

The police left the investigation empty-handed, and so did a variety of private investigators. Left with no answers and the uneasy feeling of constantly being watched, the Broaddus family decided to wash their hands of the home and list it for sale. Unfortunately, word of the Watcher began to spread, and every potential buyer backed out of the sale. Finally, after years on the market, the home sold in 2019.


Many have argued that the claims were nothing more than a publicity stunt by the Broaddus family to get themselves out of the home. Since the family had so quickly made the jump from a $300,000 to a 1.1 million dollar home, this theory seems possible. However, the family has repeatedly defended themselves, stating that this was never the intention. Others argue that it was all a ploy to create a story that they could sell off to Hollywood. Well, if that was their intention, it worked. The family sold their story to Netflix in late 2019, and the limited series will be released fall of 2022. But before you watch that, be sure to watch or listen to this episode of the TILLN Podcast so you have all the context going into the Netflix adaptation.


Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




The Watcher – The Cut

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