The Bomber Mafia – They Wanted to Make War Safer


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Hey Man, what's up God question for you is it have I ever heard of something? Yes wow! I no make this look pretty scripted. Have you ever heard of the bomber mafia, the bomber Mafa, a yeah? What is it just a bunch of Italians running around and bomber jackets, but is out here look bunch of a fashionable guys. The NELE is the Chaka Olive, green bomber, jackets and aviators, O Yep yeah, actually you're right on yeah dead on that's the Balmer. They look like one direction. What read direction I really want. The first photo to be just all of one direction: An bomer jackets and I'm praying to God. Lord make this happen, look up one direction and it's just them and bomber jacket. I can't find any body taking foes of anybody and if anybody were just go bomber wrong us about Bomer me Jack for checking and is as blue m one direction super old, apparently, but I've never seen them, but man they look old. I've never seen them. I've never seen. I couldn't tell you, I don't know what they here's a think, Google new, when I wrote boomer jackets. What I really meant, like you, don't want that. I I kill innocent people. I guess I need to take more evasive, reevers with my jokes. The bone get rid of it, so litter Cluvia, a theory that we've never formed here. We are. This is a real. His nicknames are war criminal things Amoma, the bomber mafia never heard of it. So this was a group of Mafias from what Mafia's Maffy Yats. Well, I mean that's. What you call of your Ma is what you call a group of Menonites who go and Cap People's knees. Oh mid nights. I didn't know that Mafa Nights. No, so these people, they were part of the Air Corps Technical School in the United States of Amer, Barber Matia, a bunch of mobs the chew up bombs. It's explosive moth man yeah here are our nukes here are our fake mokes and those are moth balls to really make sure that the moths don't get to either of them. Yeah the Bober Mafia they'll take him down his bunch of mobs yeah. We got a problem with that anywhere. You can bombs got to watch out for the mock. All the Queen Mother, mater mother, May I atsion mother. May I oh my gosh mother? May I all right anywar of all bombs, so here here's the thing the Botmar was started at the air core technical school. He is shrugged also known as axe, has nothing to do with the book of acts or or a body spray or the body spray. Yeah has nothing to do with you that here's what never mind so in the t is sometime between the twenty six and twenty nine. That was like the formative years. I okay, the twenty sixth year of the nineteen hundred, and so this was an interesting phase, because during World War One things were bad terrible war. People were just slaughtered in mass all throughout Wold War Wat and they call it the war a in all wars, not because they thought Oh, no one's going to fight again after this, but because they thought that after this war we're going to realize this is bad and figure out a better way to do this. We in the future know that's not wot, it got works really loved. You rises optimism, though. In the night in the twenty sixth, you know, year of the nineteen hundreds, the BOMMERA IA said. Okay, maybe that maybe we have a way. Maybe we have an answer, and so the Bar Mafia, the bomber mafia, to put to paint the picture at this point in time there was no air force. Ah that was the aroma. Didn't exist, yeah they did. There was an army. I am a theory that we've never flown now hear me out. This is a real okay. Every time I want a plane, I'm like there's no way we're in the AIRR right now. This is really it's. A Bu is a real fun. Had I'm not joking. This is a real thought. I've had where, like I'm just like, I feel like they're, just messing with me like we are the plane. It's like those rides at Disney World Bro. Are you listening to me right now, because I'm telling you the truth? Okay, I'm telling you. I am a plain truth. Er, okay and I am, I literally sit on the southwest flight and I feel it go. There's just a kid outside. Sometimes it's a y o like there's, no way we're in the air right now. This is fake. You know saying what you can't open the door. You can't open the window to prove it's on a green pine. I mean, I guess you can't say for sure: It's not your right, yeah! It's also you yeah. I mean what are you going to ask a pilot you're going to ask the people who profit off the green screen, the greeds g? How do as yourself and he stand bus to benefit from this? He here's what you really need to ask yourself. Green screen. Businesses have been in business for years. How many people are buying Greens cranes, not many just how many Hollywood people and a couple youtubes, that's not enough to sustain a whole business. That's right! There's got on in a lot of planes, Selta southwest American Airlines spirit and the phenomenal thing about the that's. My far flights you shouldn't open the windows because, like their Gi, is not as great a that's good yeah, that's the phenomenal thing about their green screens. Is You don't need post production with their green screens? They work immediately, they're, just green, you open the window and you don't have to run it through a software or anything. It's just visually whatever you want it to be. It's it's like an led, but I feel is a mime and I'm not actually coming to you saying that I don't think planes are ve. I really sometimes have legitimately thought what, if this is all made up, I mean it could be. It could be okay. So anyway, I think no mafia, a Mafia thank lanes are in planes were real in this scenario in this universe, in this cinematic universe e, if I make a documentary about it, it's going to be called the wrong brothers. Okay, so names aren't real planes are real in this universe. I saw one flying today. This is thought I had this morning. I saw one flying today and I was like the there's no way. What do you think? That's like a R R C car. I saw just that and I was like it, its South West in the side and everything I like there is no way, that's real, that's fake. So what do you think is just an R C car fly? I think I were in my brain playing. Oh my God. I think I think it's all a dude, I'm not joking with. Sometimes I'm like this is all made up. Yeah. Well, that's great! Hopefully we have time to get our second episode, because this will be perfect. I was like that. Plane is synthetic media. I know it right now. I know that it's made up okay, so so here's the es the pig you have to suspend your disbelief for a second and just believe interesting. That planes are real. This is what I mean as what I mean is that eels with viral on the rest of the Internet and the people found our podcast yes and the first five minutes of that podcast is atrocious. Yes, it is US doing this. Yeah and I'm wondering, are people going to find this episode, because I and I'm so sorry for you isn't trying to steer as that kid yeah, but it's is futile, as the pilots on south was because it's all made off in okay, okay, so here's the thing you have to suspend your disbelief for a moment and just except the fact that planes existed at this point in time right, but the air force on whatever you want, the the Air Force did not. The Air Force did not exist. Okay, so at that time the army just had an arsenal of planes that would use to support ground troops on stuff. So what these people propose is they said: Hey, we see a future where the ground troops are not necessary. It's all air combat, yeah, and so what they proposed is that they basically propose an early form of stratea strategic air strikes probably heard of this. But the idea is you bomb the most important assets your enemy has and that's it to wipe them all to wipe them out. So they had a speech in the early ties where they said. If we were to go to war with Germany, but a little bit of for basically just war, we are like what are we hit good targets instead of bad worms? Okay, no! No! No! No! This was a revolutionary idea at the time, because the time okay bombers were really used and if they Weis it was just. I do me anyway, you had to go through all the front lines you had to go through. Yes, if they had a bigger infantry than you than that was it yeah and all they would really do is they would just fly over the battle and just drop a bunch of bombs on the other side of the battlefield they want it. There was no strategy to the bombers. It was just a support technique right these people. It was a new idea. It was hey, we're going to hit the important things, and so they had a speech in the thirties where they said hey, we think twelve bombs could end a war. They said we think if we got to, we went to war with Germany and they said of Germany dropped twelve bombs in the right spot. It would in the war, so their theory was. They basically laid out this whole strategy where they said. If, if Germany were fly to New York City and drop bombs and destroy all the bridges and the aqueducts, they said, we'd be done in a matter of days, because the city, the people on Manhattan, would have no way out of Manhattan, and they would have no way to get water and it would be absolute peninnis immediately, and so they said, basically, the US would have no ability to run any of the factories or any of the war time. Industry that comes out of Manhattan would be completely halted because of the disaster there and to be able to effectively solve that issue. They would have to not be worried about a war, so they would have to surrender to so what you're saying is this group came to the government? It was like hey guys. We should like try harder. You know. Maybe we should think through what we're doing here, because right now, you all just like Hoare, just scattering bombs like you're the flower girl, a more one wedding, all right. There's no strategy here well, World War. One was over and they said, let's take some notes from more ware, one in case there's a sequel right and, I said say we go to war with. I don't know Germany. WHAT'S S we go to World War to what are we goin to call it ultimate? So we go to a greater war, all right ultimate war, kongs revenge, and let's say we. I just think we should try some different things. Yeah. The idea was to be a little more moral, because before vomers would just whatever and if somebody was in the path, the bomber us good, you hammer bummer, but these people were like. Let's, instead make sure the bombers hit only strategic targets, so it limits casualties, so you're only killing people who are at that target you're, not killing civilians, you're, hopefully not kidding civilians you're, hopefully not even killing infantry you're, just destroying the target you that would cripple that military's ability to function. So it's an interesting idea. The problem was, it was about a hundred years ahead of its time, we're still not even great at this. It requires a lot of intelligence. To do that, though, yeah you need to know where the sound that, like intelligence, is like be smart brains, yeah yeah, I mean like you got to know where the things are you've got a. You also probably do need some intelligence. Well, that's that's where the issue kind of came in is everyone was just is Pintin six year of one thousand nine hundred a hundred those people were, and it was like a record to say it idiots. They were historically really dumb historic more it was. It was the most historic stupidity. The world, as ever you were listening to like my grandfather, who is like old and like old. Now was born in on one thousand nine hundred and Twenty Six thousand nine hundred twenty nine era, and I want you to know your GRANDPA. Is a history dumb? That's just real! Just that's certifiable! You can't refute that. It's it's proven. The most dumb people came out of those years, so bummer anyways boomer bomber boomer. So so the issue was at that point in time. Honestly, up until recently, we didn't have the technology to effectively say this is our target. That's what we're going to hit right, because a few things when you're flying over a target in the sky in a plane, theoretical planes work if points are real, plays a real theoretically Oge with you in the famous there's a lot of things that it's not like. Shooting a gun where you just kind of aim and like you, have to calculate bullet drop and win a little bit but you're not at distance is enough. Where that's going to make that much of a difference with bombers, they actually had to do like actual calculations before dropping the bomb to figure out where that bottom was going to land, because you have to take it at the height the Ausit there at the wind actually plays a very large effect, because it could move that, of course, atmospheric pressure. Same plays a very large effect could move it. Of course, the speed that you're flying at plays a big factor, so it can move it off Coursei. I so there's all these different factors, a lot of which were pretty hard to plan for like they would just be present at the moment of the drop that you would have to all of a sudden. Do your calculation for and so constantly, but were bombs everywhere, yeah bombers, it was hard to hit a target. Well, I mean what episode we talk about their like underneath golden corrals, yeah yeah, I mean because we actually drop bombs. We don't know where they're going. We have no idea where they're gone, it's Sheis a lot like you know and if you're a parent listening. This is for you, it's kind of like hey, listen, you can raise your kid and teach them right from wrong and do all the right things, but I mean the pressure. The Wind, you don't know where your kids going to end up. This has been youth pastor moments. What's the moral of that the moral is hey? You know we turn a micromanage. Second, no matter what your kids Goin to kill innocent people either way. You know, that's the moral, your kids, Goin, Ta, gonna, Destroy Civilizations, so either way the BIB was saying, as I know, your parents listen to it. I go guys. This is not your fault, like you did the best you you. There was a lot of other factors. You know, that's not your fault! Oh my Gosh, okay, Sim Terry! You got that great. You did your job. He really mess it up. Hey, really exciting news October thirtieth and Kansas City Missouri, we were doing a tilling live show. Please get tickets they're available right now until oncome and we're going to have special guests, a live episode, Q and a bunch of stuff tim right now is researching. If we can get a monster truck there, you're going to love it if you were anywhere near Kansas City or you're able to get there, we want to see you there. So please go to the website. I am by those tickets because the spots are limited, so let's hang out and just keep making some amazing magic stuff together, fito Huh, so the Babe Mafia. They were trying to propose this new way to do war. That was going to hopefully be more humane, okay, but it was not actually possible at the time, and so all the other generals were basically like barber, mafia, just basically air force, but it hadn't been established. Yet so it's the Air Corps. It's a group of people like higher, like a third party like a you doing, government, no, not at all it is it's. They are part of the Air Corps Technical School. So these are the people who are teaching the pilots for the army yeah. So it's air force, but it hasn't been established. Yet I sort of these it's a select group within the unestablished Air Force, so not the whole people who ran the air core school. Oh they're, like the blue angels, that do all the air stunts, yeah sure Oso. The army was like we're not going to do that. This is stupid. He the army, is like this is never going to work. We're not going to do it. War works the way. We've always done it, and so we're going to keep doing that. Basically, oh no. We know how to war, and so so so, basically, the bottom mafia kept theorizing, better ways to do war and it all with their bombers and kept trying to do like these. They were doing these Ted talks before Ted, and so oh, I can't make silly jokes, but you can. Oh, my God. This is Tim! SILLY JOKE HOUR! Oh okay, see we don't do any bits. I can see it your eyes anyway. I over here yeah just get out of here for a little bit, keep teaching. So they are. They kit doing their ten talks, but the army's town interested and then Paul Harbor happens and all of a sudden, the army was like: Hey, hey, Matamata Barmera. That works pretty well we're kind of surprised, wow. He good idea. You guys brought us like fifteen years ago. They did it to us. Yeah wish you didn't put those all over Youtube. HESSET NUMBER ONE! You guys happen to like text, anybody else about that or tell anybody else that ID. Where did that? No, why? Oh, just you know just wondering just curious about that anyway, we gotta go gotta get out of here. I think we got to get involved in a greater war. There's another there's a another wall. This is the big one. IT'S A it's! It'll it'll end all wars. You know what twelve spots should we go to if you were to come up with just twelve targets, s twelve, just theoretical places, I just off the top of your head. Would you list point to them on this map? Treat this like a fantasy football team? You Got Twelve slots and we got a bomb all of them all right. Just point to the ones you want anyway, now they've got a little freedom, but now they're just allowed to just bomb whatever they want, so they make these people generals. You come to me in the night of the Pearl, harbor t the Bamean back petting their cat or whatever. I never seen that I've never seen. Is that that's not scar face. That's, I think it's scarface, no Godfather, Oh yeah, that's yeah, yeah anyways yeah. We may be his car faces anyway. Sorry movie buffs, I likes Hotty Bombala, we don't know yeah real movies. You think I've got seven hours to watch the Godfather, no, no hot, even bloody one hour. You're done is better, so they take this guy, his name's Major General Hayward S, Hansel junior his part, that's his Botham sits destined any during the military and it was pretty Dira that worked out great rig. There we go lieutenant major general is his nickname, was possum of that and so he's a real yeah is doing. What are you going to do to Tokiyo know? I don't know. I was already weird names of your high school there's, a guy at our had called name Biscuit: Oh yeah, that's rough ehe was cool by everyone, loved biscuit, yeah, Really Cool Ay! There's a couple I can think of. But I can't say my loud: We went to a Christian School Jim Terry again. Now your fault, you see, I'm saying you guys did fine, then you send to a Lutheran School, and that was where the the barometric pressure change. You know, okay, so he becomes a general possum and yeah possum becomes a dinner on impostumations. Let's do some Babara stuff and so they're like bomber Mafias, here's my chance, and so he goes and he tries to be a bomber mof fee, yeah, yeah, Babaa Ballamaha, that's and he fails big time because, like we said before, the technology wasn't there yet, and so he tried to hit these. He was like here's we're going to hit first Cleveland and they like not so he's like. Oh sorry, we've only planned what would happen if if the atome attacked US yeah yea your at every bridge in New York, no Posso, you think they address. It was possible. You think ye on the for presence superior. It was a present of the time I don't know hold on. Oh, we know this truman. No! No! Yes, World War, two wow! I am embarrassed right now. You should be most serious Wilson. No, he was Roosevelt, Roosevelt and Treman Yeah Yeah Roosevelt was the first Chuan was the second Binono a fill of Roosevelt Roseville. If you now it was like and he was like hello, possum or, however, he talked and possum was like thanks for using my prononce pots, Ethelisa the respect. I respect. He was really progressive honestly there. Yet he was like. Is this a new deal yeah, so Hansel hits no sorry. POSSUM hits. No targets literally goes on a fish fluid out there, N N N, no o his team goes out and every target he had orchestrated misses and some of them actually ended up being a problem because there was like civilian casualties from the miss and so possum gets fired. He was like a seven, they were like Miss M, yeah, okay, and so he gets fired and he gets replaced by another guy in in the bomber mafia yeah, and his name is major general saying, first name crazy, Major General, warm Curtis, Emerson Le Me, and so this is a famous general and it's because he did what, because he did it yeah, he pulled it off. Awesome got forgotten, YEP forget the possum. Let's see, does he have a nice something Lama yeah his nicknames are war criminal, it's crazy him and George Bush. I know his tic Babes are actually pretty they're on the same, it's plain so the the most tame nick name, as is the big cigar, but he has to be I that one I like big cigar, that's good. His others are old iron, pants, okay and then the demon and a moms away, Lema Bomor, that's a good one, yeah! So yeah, that's a that's General Chris Iron Pants over there is even mean I don't know so, iron pants. He comes in a more and he's like he's part of the bottom o Mapia. So he believes in the possibility of this just war yeah, but he comes after the failure of handsel and he says okay, how can we do this better and he realizes he says. If I don't do this right, I'm going to get fired because that's what happened to possum yeah, and so he says, and also they won't use. This tactic anymore, yeah that and so he's like he's like we got to get this right and so what he says is he tells his bombers, here's what he's what would happen in a bombing run, all the bombers would fly in and they would be seen from the ground and anti air. GRUNDS will start shooting at him to just so. My this guy, obviously, and so all the bombers, would take a vase of maneuvers and till they got right over their target and then they would fly straight drop the bomb and then take a vase of minivers and get out of there. What General Curtis Lama said is he did the math and he's like. So if this is the area of sky that we have over a boding run and we fly in and there are x amount of artillery guns that fire at this speed you have- and I think it was like a one and a three hundred and sixty one per or one three hundred sixty one shots are going to land, and so he said, the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that you're not going to get hit. So he instructs his team to not street yeah he's like don't take a vase. Maneuvers just fly through it because you're probably not going to get hit and everyone's like. I don't know about that. Oh bold, ired, pants they're, like this sounds so lirons. I'm definitely still going to try to dodge yeah. They like you could do it he's like. Okay, and so he does, it he's like all fights at a play: Iron Pants right there, Oly, crap, okay, and so he that guy does not care at all. He takes the lead plane. He takes the first play they're all like we have a wife and kids and he's like yeah I'd left mine for this he's like don't you have any honor it's so he takes the lead plane and they go and they didn't take a single hit and they realized. Oh, my Gosh, you actually stand a better chance in these bombing runs. If you don't take a vase of maneuvers, then you do for Tin. Not You UMILIATI, though, for the people on the ground, with the entire tracking I mean like so I mean for your whole war experience. You get his planes coming in they're like squirly and done and you're like right here like yeah. We couldn't get them because they just queer kid. He a you know they were evasive in their maneuvers. You know you call it that! That's! Why that's why we couldn't hit them? Sir, and then the next day they come in just straight on yeah and you're, just like we, these things aren't real. I was getting there, you tinges, I'm tired, you, I I'm a tie. I guess I need to take more evasive, maneuvers with my jokes, because you just shot my punch line right out of the sky there. Didn't you hear pretend I didn't do it? Oh, it doesn't work so and they actually had some success. They hit their target, they didn't take any casualties and everyone was like hey, think, O Bomsey landed safely at home and all the other pilots were home with their families and he sat there and was like. Maybe this was the greatest sacrifice all along because he went home alone. You Know Yep Yep, it's a hallmark movie in the in the mid caking yeah. We may realizes that he needs a love yeah. He has a they put out a Christmas movie and it's called Lameen a manger and he was the Savior in the in the show. That's everyone's like hey big cigar. This worked out really great. You should keep doing that, and so it's the twelve bobs of Christmas, we farm of Cristmas. We hit that bridge and water duck, so the military ones back to Le Maine says: Hey good job. Do it again, and so he does and tries to convince his team to do again and they're still has in it. It did not in the war. Here's a thing I was like Leerin, the portless are going to be over and they were like. Not Do it again. Here's a thing at this point: they didn't trust them enough to do like the big targets you know, so it wasn't like a it wasn't like they were still hesitant the military's like hey, they did a, they did a Pearl Harbor and that was crazy and they were like we're still like HMM, and so it's like we should use the bombers, but we're not going to do what you said like just we're just going to bomb some stuff, but like not like you as to yeah and so basically was kind of like prove it prove it's worth it sure. So they kept bombing stuff and Le Mai kept LE, find the lead plane and then take any catalte. They kept hitting targets, and I was working really well as the Red Bay room at him. I don't know, I actually am not sure he's got a quid pizza yeah, but the Red Baron is a character and everything yeah. His name is man, Fred Van Rectefy, oh he's not for the right team, yeah he's from Prussia and it looks like resort one. No, I mean Prussia. There's another place called Prussia to that. It's not true: It's yeah, okay, that's probably the plane. Conspiracy, okay, conspirated, I'm pretty sure Prussia was like pretty German, like they were the German at the make sense they were pre. Russia. I think so, is that what you're trying to say no were Russia was a also there. It was a different place. Is Pro were like Cruin, Aru, okay, two different things, sure o Perua. So what if, instead of New York, we call it Free York, Pre York, I like that now the old woman be old, one wot pretty ar yeah yeah or preyor pet. You Work Yeah Yeah and we go over to pre navy. He got great deals a go ahead. We should cut all this, so just cos start over Godau heard of pomper of you. I don't know. I feel weird today so Curtis Le Me Yeah during this whole liar pants during the bomb man runs. He starts to kind of have a little bit of a change of heart because you start to make outing. He starts interacting with the Royal British Air Guard in the British Air Guard. Meanwhile, has been doing. These crazy bombing runs. All throughout the acts of powers where they are literally just flying over cities in the idle of the night and just dropping thousands of bombs in two civilian cities and their their philosophy was you just have the crisly destroy everything until they say where we've had enough and Le May starts interacting with these people more and more, and he starts kind of adopting their philosophy yeah and he's seeing the success that they're having he saying. Maybe that's the better strategy, because the kill as many people he's like. Maybe we just need more destruction to get them to say, okay, so originally his idea was how do we do this and not kill as many people yeah? And then he a couple o people and he we killed everybody. It's pretty accurate, actually, that's pretty close to what happened, and so him and Hansel out of falling out him and the possum had a falling yeah because possum as like hey the goal was to not kill that many people awesome: okay, Hey hey old iron pans. How Y? U H W Y? How you doing I'm good? How are you possum? I'm all right? I've just been I've, been hearing a lot of reports about the war effort, big cigar and I'm just a little nervous about your strategy. Lately Yeah. It feels like feels like everything we thought for you know in our Ted talks. It seems like you're, forgetting the why you know we read that book, the other guy that did the Simon Cenac you're, forgetting. Why are we here? What is we are supposed to say, question Possum, which one of us has a job right now m. This is straight up out of about s movie, I'm just gonna do whatever I got to do and why don't you go back to where you work now old, Baby, pre, Mate Carl senior? How you work now, Huh! Won't you go by to flipping burgers a call senior all right, I'm gonna go back and just start bombing, kids yeah an anywhere you want to see bomb. I can do it. You point to it. You know, but I say O my favorite game is lately but see that you shap over there to a dark. Take it just just wherever Lance Bumin it blowing it up on the boy get rid of it, see you later Clevi, don't even care how to say it any more. Have you or a love one been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the till in podcast? Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy, add free experience and they get early access to content behind the scene, stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. We we all are in it our producers and the hosts. So if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text till in to six sixty eight six six? So he starts doing carpet bombing, which is is exactly what it sounds like you, roll out a carpet of bombs that just destroys everything in is bath, no, no real care or idea of what you're hitting you're. Just like here's, an area, that's controlled by the enemy. Let it go! It's like stuff, like an Easter egg drop, yes out of Trendy Church, they fly a helicopter over exactly. They drop all those eggs yeah, except for explosive with these land like that really and the crazy guys why helicopters are, I don't care you know and like they only had him do it, because they were hoping to invite him to church because they were like we gonna get through to see. You know he's going to get saved out of this, so so yeah, so he is starting to Tino change philosophies going down the road. What part O o o O it's kind of like a rock star, like you know, he's just about that life he got yea before he got into it. He's like he's like I'd, be different tration for a sweet leather. One he's like I wouldn't be like the rest of them now is anywhere. What year is this? Nineteen, it's the height of world war to so early S, yeah early S, t somewhere in that that no we titting bombed Pearl Harbor than I think forty one hyeah. Let me teach so so. This is like forty two forty three, yes, something Kerit and now he's like up there. Just like leather jacket. You know I was going to say: Greece hasn't come out yet you know it's not that style stuff yet, but you know he's out there just like yeah we're just bombing everything: Bonci Barme, Bom, Boma, Bomano Boma, don't turn that plane, you like do want you twist it instead of but it so much he's just like people who omit Farmin bar. No, we anethe pullet pull saying, but you keep losing it all. Your di is bopping, pull it twist. It pull it twist. It bamet murder, everywhere, Barman pull it. Can you adjust the audio in those? I would love to just have a custom poppin. You know, stop it pop. It just have a bombed, real serious. He serious, really, music stops like that background. Like it like sounds it. It goes bar bar o. So yes, that's what curtis did or children's to he got. He got real obsessed with bombing it yeah and meanwhile there was a couple projects going on one of them. You probably heard of the Manhattan project, which is the project that built the nuclear bombs. Yes, Curtis was involved with that, but what he was involved with is there is a group of chemists who were developing what would later be known as Napalm, which he was like. I freaking love that idea yeah, which at the time were called fire bombs. So if you don't know what Ay Palm is, I'm surprised, here's the concept. Basically, it's a bomb, that's full that is like a shell and inside of it there's a sat cloth and that sat coth is full of this jell and the Jell is really really sticky. So, whatever it hits it's going to stick to skin buildings ground, it's not moving once it hits that and the bomb basically is like a Malto cocktail. So second, it hits the ground there's a few that ignites that sat cloth, which is nights the Jell and then that jails just going to stick to anything and just burn perpetually, very, very intense and burns very, very hot and burns very, very slow where, like gasoline, would burn, really really quick and be gone. A Palm Burns very, very slow, and so it was a pretty big discovery of the time and there were immediately questions on whether or not it was ethical to be cases as like what is ethics anymore? So what you mean? That's a go. We're at war, yeah he's it over in the corner. He just like bombet and they're like yeah, but I mean like that's pretty he's like just do it do it, so he organizes a mission. This is after victory and your up day so you're the European front is over. But, as you know, Japan was still a war front and Japan was still warring yeah, they were still warring and there was a belief that the Japanese military was never going to stop until they took over the entire Pacific. They were going island to island just in and hopping taking over islands. There's this belief that we were never going to get them to be able to surrender and that's eventually what led to the bombings of Hiroshima Nagasaki. But what a lot of people don't know about is what happened before here. See Man, Nagasaki, Curtis Lemay was a part of a team who built this strategy to fire bomb or Naponee pretty much all of Japan, and I started with the fire bombing of Tokyo, which he in planning this mission. He do you think humanity is going to end in a nuclear war, because things like that where someone is like, let's just do that to the whole county. Before hearing this story, I probably would have said now. I probably would have been like people understand the ramifications of doing something like that yeah and then hearing the so major generals of the world. I don't know yeah, I think it's there's all iron pans now that I know I've heard this story I'm like. Maybe maybe we would because here's what Curtis said is what Kirti said well be stanning, while planning this this strategy. Here he said: If we don't win this war, we will all be tried as war criminals, that's true, and so because he knew what they were doing was about to be pretty artie. You ther going to win or be conquered. I guess yeah, and so on the evening of March. Nine Thousan hundred a D firty five, the US Air Force, brought in two hundred and seventy nine Boeing by twenty nine super fortresses over Tokyo g and they dropped on. Let me let me get this number right. I don't want to give you the wrong number. They flew into Tokyo and they dropped. I can't find it oh here it is, I know, that's each each bomber, so each bomber dropped throw here to six tons of Napanee of those two hundred and thirty bombers, copped three point: six tons of NAO like seven hundred tons of Nebo into Tokyo, yeah, here's the thing, here's, the thing, Tokyo and all of Japan at the time their city, their cities were laid out in a way, and this is why they chose Napole. For this. Their cities were built almost entirely out of wood. They were all these wooden buildings and they were very closely packed together, as they said, if we could ignite a couple of these buildings or take all of them. They're all burning, they're, too close it'd be like a force fire of city, but just in case we're going to drop an insane amount of bombs anyways and they were there all the napalm bombs. They were all going to burn really really quickly, and so all through the night pretty much they dropped these bombs on Tokyo, the Nepomue by the end of the night. In a six hour period, estimates say that there was about ninety thousand Japanese people who were killed and over one million were left homeless. They flattened Tokyo, they burned it to the ground, literally the whole city, and since then, historians have estimer pretty certain that this was the largest loss of human life in a six hour period ever and then the US military said: Let's just keep doing it, and so they went, and they did this to literally. I could you not every cityy in Japan, except for Nagasaki and her Shema and when they had it surrendered, they noked those two cities, so ike, the US military literally obliterated every city like burned every city in Japan to the ground and then nuke to the last two, and it was all it all stand from big cigar. Who initially was for a second. I forgot that was his nickname and I was like wow cigar companies. That's what big TONACA over her as I go over here is trying to flat in Japan, and I was like Oh yeah, because he was just like bomb it exactly, and it's really interesting. I mean it's hard to. I mean at this point like looking back in history. You go wow, that's aggressor, yeah, you know yeah and you don't want to be like well, they could have made different decisions, but also they probably could have here's what's interesting about it. And here's why I sat. I changed my mind about a nuclear war. I think there is something there's a real phenomena called the fog of war, you that clouds, your vision and clouds of decisions that you make and Lemay, I think, is the perfect example of that, because he was a guy at the beginning of the war. Where he's like. How can we do this and have the least amount of casualties of positive and just civil name, but literally soldiers like he wanted to protect as many enemy soldiers as possible as well and got to the point where literally he was responsible for the largest loss of human life in history in a six hour period, and even to the fact where, if you look at his bombing run career the amount of people he killed through his bombing run career, he is up there at the only people in history who had kill, who had been responsible for more death than he are pitle Stalin and I think that's it and because of his Bottin runs, there's a rumor. I don't know if this is true, but there's a rumor that in the middle of the war he got pulled over for speeding and the officer said, sir, you could have killed some one and he says he said I kill people every night ye so but but let's say that that was a line in a serial killer movie. That's pretty freaking cool. It's a good lack, that's a good line. I kill people every night I culled. The officer was like excess me. What I'm sorry? What did you say and he's like fly straight he's like do you know? Who I am? Do you call me iron pans these pants or what? If you just told someone like they call me iron pants, you can't you got to walk away from them. ERS! You can't be like okay, okay, yeah, I'm gonna I gotta get out of here. I have somewhere. I got a o people extatick, that's so aggressive, it's very aggressive yeah. So I very clearly just tis likes interesting that he became more. That way I mean, I guess, if you're on the front lines, because I was thinking that the reason that wartime decisions get made the way they do is that they don't actually see the impact. Well, here's I think that's an interesting point, because here's a thing technically, he didn't because he was a bomber, and so he just flew over and dropped. It was out and was gone and especially towards the end of that. In the beginning he was flying the lead plan to convince his pats, but after a while he was literally kind of, like you said, throw a dart at a dark board and obliterate that city he was so disconto from it that it really truly was yeah. I mean, I think, is what happens now, we're like drone strikes and especially the US government yea. You don't have to feel like. We don't have to worry about yeah yeah, there's it's almost like there's no as places for it. Well, it's not almost there is zero comes actually literally yeah, so there's so American government is the consequence for something happening. Yeah like they're. Just like we are going to murder. Everybody, but it did pet cool. It did spark an interesting thought for me because he sure I'll be honest. I'll be honest. I have always been, and if you listened to our Nagasaki here steam episode and really any episode where we've talked about the military, I'm pretty against what we did at Nagasaki and her Shima Yeah. I think it was unnecessary. Seeing this story, though, is pretty interesting, because we pretty much flattened the entire country, every major wit, even there they had not, and they had not yeah, they had not was pretty coreman to, and so a lot of people say if it weren't for the atomic bombs we couldn't have got them to surrender. They never want to surrender if he were for the time it bombs and hearing this story. I think there's more merit to it than I probably ever would have thought before, because the amount of fact I stationed so much else of Japan and they stillhad not given- and that's the one thing that so I'm saying it like you don't want to like you, don't want to sympathize with enemy m. You know, but at the same time it's like if our government goes to war, you and I aren't ined yeah in that so like if we die as casualties. You know war, that's just like yeah, I don't know, that's just it. None of it. War is never good exactly, and I think I think that's that's what you see with lame is out in peace. He wanted peace. He wanted a just war that ended in the least o Mon casualties in war. It totally twisted him and I think, that's just like a picture of the problem of war like there comes a point where you get so deep into that, and I think his quote is is perfect because he says if we lose this war, we're getting tried as work criminals. I think there is probably a part of him that knew I have to finish this now. Yeah Yeah, you cross the line and he's like we have in a win the Japan to at two, probably we have to yeah and that that's why now after seeing this before, I would have said, any country knows that nuclear war is futile. Were all dead if we did this thing as soon as you engage in a once that you do or guy that's yeah, it's there's no turning back on it right, at least in the at least. In your mind, you can't escape that, and so you just have to keep pushing further until you are the last man standing and so anyways, that's critise and the Babara they untold amounts of distraction. So yeah and Possum was just working at Yeah Carl senior, the whole time yeah and he was real upset and he was like guys. This isn't what we wanted, yeah and then he's like, but hey. I came up with his new Colt Toy, called the Bobbit, pull it twist. It pop it fiddle it off things of last night is a production of space. 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In the wake of World War I, virtually everyone on earth knew that we could not afford another war as treacherous as the great war. So, in the US, a group of military leaders forged a small group that would come to be known as the Bomber Mafia. Their theory sounds primitive today, but at the time, it was groundbreaking. To put it simply, the Bomber Mafia hoped to win wars with bombs rather than with ground trips. Furthermore, they believed that they could ensure a minimal loss of life by targeting the most valuable targets for the enemy.

In theory, this plan could revolutionize warfare, and it did, but not in the ways they expected. The members of the Bomber Mafia have long since died, but their ideals are still in practice. Unfortunately, even with the advent of modern technology that makes their dreams far more attainable, their legacy is arguably worse than they were trying to prevent.

The Story of the Bomber Mafia

History will long remember the devastation brought on during the first world war. The trench warfare, the gas, everything about it was horrific. Yet, anyone involved went home with thoughts of how war could be conducted better, if not ended altogether. The Bomber Mafia was another one of these groups.

Harry L. George led the air corps tactical school, the Army group that served as the precursor to the US Air Force, and taught his students a new way to do war. His theory was that by using bombers to strike strategic targets, such as bridges and aqueducts, the bombing could cripple an enemy to the point of inevitable loss with a severe decrease in the loss of human life. The theory, however, remained little more than a theory. Most military professionals scoffed at the idea believing it would never work. Even still, George was recruiting a committed group of followers.

Pearl Harbor and A Change of Heart

Everything changed on December 7, 1941, when a coordinated air attack on the US outpost in Hawaii shocked the nation. All of a sudden, all the military professionals remembered the Bomber Mafia. They recruited one of the leaders of the Bomber Mafia and promoted him to general. Haywood Hansell took on the title with high hopes. However, his hopes never came to fruition, and after a series of lackluster campaigns, he was fired and replaced by Curtis LeMay.

LeMay was met with significantly more success with the Bomber Mafia’s tactics. His stone-cold demeanor is at least partially to blame. He did the math and noted that the odds were remarkably in favor of the pilots never to be hit by anti-aircraft artillery. In response to this discovery, LeMay commanded his troops not to use evasive maneuvers and fly straight to their target. Unsurprisingly, the math did not convince his unit of this idea, so LeMay flew the lead plane himself, and the mission was a substantial extreme success. Over and again, LeMay took these tactics to the battlefield and brought the dreams of the Bomber Mafia to life. Or so it seemed.

The Fog of War

There is a well-known phenomenon within the military called the fog of war. It is when the effects of war cloud the judgment of soldiers and generals alike. For soldiers, It is as if they are literally in a fog. It seemed like this was happening to LeMay because, over the years, he transitioned from a strategy that only targeted high-value assets to an approach more similar to the UK’s system of just flattening the city. And this is exactly what LeMay did.

The Fire Bombing of Tokyo

It all came to a head with the invention of Napalm, then known as firebombs. The Allies had already attained victory in Europe. However, the pacific was still a significant threat to the western powers. So LeMay latched on to Napalm, seeing it as a beneficial weapon against the dense wooden Japanese cities.

On one fateful night in march of 1945, under the command of LeMay, 279 B-29 Bombers flew into Tokyo and dropped 1,510 tons of bombs. Tokyo was estimated. An estimated 100,000 Tokyo civilians were killed in six hours, over a quarter million buildings were destroyed, and over 1 million Japanese citizens were left homeless. Historians have called this the deadliest six hours in history because it was the significant loss of human life in a single event in recorded history.

The aftermath of the firebombing of Tokyo by Curtis LeMay of the Bomber Mafia
This photo from just days after the firebombing of Tokyo showcases the absolute destruction of the event.

The Fire Bombing of Tokyo wasn’t the end of the story. The US Military, led by General Curtis LeMay, bombed every other major city in Tokyo, except two. The two he didn’t firebomb? Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Bomber Mafia sought to fight a way to do war justly and save as many human lives as possible. Instead, it found a far more devastating form of warfare that, unfortunately, stuck. Today, precision airstrikes are the standard operating procedure for significant militaries around the world. This certainly is not what the Bomber Mafia had in mind. Find out more about the Bomber Mafia in this episode of the educational comedy podcast Things I Learned Last Night.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




The Bomber Mafia – Wikipedia

The Firebombing of Tokyo – Wikipedia

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