Stanley Meyer – The Mysterious Death of The Water Car Inventor


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Hey Man, have you ever heard of Stanley R now tried to start this three times, yeah we've had to cut once we tried to start again now: We've cut that yeah and now you're talking about traveling Stanley, Stanley myre. Have you heard of she meyer yeah? No no is is, is my er just stanley backwards, not even go sanomat from holes rea? What oh RAM is Myers back. I got a AH so stanley, Myers Danley Meyer, his brother Oscar, no, his bliss, Stephen stanly and Stephen Yeah they're twins, their other brother got kidnapped for a nature. Verse Nurture Study at Birth, Jo, okay, no, but Stanley is even there their twins yeah, but this is about Stanley. Okay, Stevens irrelevant well, he's relevant he'll come in at some point: Okay in the story, but he's not he's not the character. You know not the ancillary. Well, he is the ESLAR. Actually, okay, you imagine a or were trying to take you out with a teaspoon of water, lest we all knew twenty twenty is on the civic. Well, it's actually this ante, but go ahead. Like that time, I almost choked on a bone swing and apple bees. Thank you for Servastis. We threw an extra five percent for the death things Staley concident. You said traveling Stanley, which is fairly accurate. He did go on tour. I was trying to think of was flat Stanley. That's what I was trying to think of was flat Stanley. That's you never did flast Danley. Did you flash Stanley Yeah Flan Stanley is a you major on. Did you know Flat Stanley? I you do fly. Have you never tried press flast? It's an PA, that's what it I can get a sixty ounce flat stanley yeah. Absolutely it sounds like an PA. No it not that we know what I PAS are. I don't know what that is. Okay Anyway, so I don't know. I couldn't actually tell you what it's saying I so I'm googling it. So I see im like yeah. I real, never sits like a color thing and you cut them out and then you put it an envelope and you mail it and it's basically like a pin, alienate I've heard of that. I never did it, but I heard of that yeah yeah anyway, so yeah, that's not Stanley. Okay, that it's not who were talk. Nanley was was not flat. He was not flat. He was very much a normal sizes human, but people did put them in envelopes and ship them to the make sense ly yeah. How many stamps would you need to ship a person a lot of stamps to ships than I don't know? We should ask way for t remember when they were like selling kids or whatever people thought they were doing. I did not know they did that Bro do you read hold on. I know that you don't watch the news. I know that you only watch youtube news for a lot Nick News. We if they don't talk about in a nick at night. I have no idea to happen and I'm telling you right now, like it, it's not between full House and the cosby show, which is still on air for some reason. Yeah. I surprise you know he's free. I couldn't tell you about it, so yep Yep, my gosh all right, so Stanley Mire, no wayfare was there was a conspiracy last year. The way fare was selling kids and that's why I like, were they actually? No, oh. Obviously, where did the conspiracy come from a thing? I think someone kind of yeah is a q and on thing yeah, I think someone took screen chops to the website, but you know how you can edit a website yeah they just edit it to name all the products. Kids names like you can buy a lot. I think I remember that we it's like put the screen shots to the website and you're like okay, but if he go to the website, doesn't you know also photoshop exists: Yeah Yeah, like you absolute morons, you know that I don't have a chick Folle Tattoo. You Idiots, wait! Really. You know I'm winking for the AIS experience, audible, link! Okay, let me tell you that in the wire Tanami he was an inventor extraordinary from the twenty years. Is The twentieth century, O Nineteen hundreds? No, yes, it saw found his success. In the mid S. early s and he had one invention that propelled him to fame, which was a water power care. He put it in a buggy and it was feeled entirely by water. It was a by steam or like just straight water, H, O M M, and it was really interesting. I guess we could talk about the engine for a second. It was interesting because technically I mean the fuel was water, but technically it ran on hydrogen, because what it did is there was a fuel cell that would take the water and it would split the water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, and then it would shoot the oxygen out of the vehicle. So that was the exhaust was just oxygen and then it was interesting, shoot the hydrogen into just a normal combustion engine, and that would be the fuel for the engine which were those were two separate things that had already existed. Hydrogen engines were already the thing, but getting hydrogen to put an engine was kind of costly and not practical, and then is that the ECO option is that like? Would that be better than what we're doing yes yeah? It would be because the exactly is oxygen but there's not as much money and water there's. No Big Oil, there's no big water company Sakana do Desani is out here is like we should push this vehicle yeah. The sin like a relate because you run out of water out there. You got to push it yeah to the nearest water hole that brand new disante decide to sin least the all new two thousand and twenty is on De Civic. Is that what Danda is Danda Danda Donde? I was surprised someone already made the joke that Don da Mergi just a black tshirt. No, I haven't heard that. Oh I thought about it. The other day I was like you could merch this. Just black album cover. Have you seen the DANDA ALBUM CAR? No, I'M NOT INTERESTED! Honestly! I could just picture a Black Square and now you've seen it. Oh great literal, this yeah, that's creative anyway. So Danda is desani Honda, the Sani Handa Gasana Desinat. Well, it's actually this on day, but go ahead. That's how they say it. You know if you watch the commerce if you watch their commercial. It's like design day like to Sunday like design to Sunday like on Sun Day so and and the the splitting the Mocolane have been around since the eighteen, hundreds electrifying water, splitting the molecule any mean, even by the time he invented this. We had put the atom, and so we were doing more impressive things, an that he just wouldn't sell in in Atlanta. Why? Because you can't, you can split, hydroid an oxygen, you know, but you can't get the human out of that water from Lake Laner. So the exhaust is just oxygen and use human. That's awful! What he did that was unique was two things one. He put the two systems together, but to what was really unique is he was able- and I don't know the specifics of it, but by the way he charged that water, he was able to produce more energy than made sense, and so it was one of the biggest issues with this idea was that it would cut you when you electrified the water. It would take so much energy that you might as well have just made an electric car because you're just kind of transferring that energy from electricity to the hydrogen, and it's like you're, just just using uthia right, okay, sense, yeah, it was like an unnecessary step. It was like, oh, your for this much power in to charge it to get that much power out. You might as well just put that power into run in the car. Now that makes more sense. Yeah. You say like that. So, needless to say, this was a pretty crazy idea and he went on tore promoting it. Is he driving around a water powered car? Now he had a tour bus and he had the car attached to the torbus makes sense. That's not sure he dropped. Okay, you can just lie to me. You know that it's part of the show it's all just part of the show, so he let's talk about his background before we get too far in to this. This guy. He was your stereotypical like Lincoln, logs kid okay, but without the Lincoln logs. If that makes sense, it was just he was just doing a bunch of unnecessary steps like he would like just drench his lincoln logs in water before we put them together and someone was like you canst do that without the water and he was like yeah, but the water makes it cool is like yeah, but I just love soggy logs he's at Preschool, and the teacher gives him all these in he's like. Why are ye so dry? That's wrong with my damp cabin, I'm just DABBING, my cabin. What are you doing over there cabin Devon? It's like an Eminem sum relaxing in my Daban cabin all Rampin, but yeah. That's like that's like point two seconds of Im Song is like one of those like es down. That's actually the mine yeah anyways. He his brother said in an interview that they they were the kind of kids who they didn't have toys. They made their toys. So those are cool. Kids, yeah, a really cool kids. They were on her very weird kids. Like the like the neighbor and toy story. He made his own toys, but he was a villain. You know. That's a I'm saying: You know that you can either cut it. He either that could go either way. Kin, creativity, all right. Child creativity can go one of two ways. You can either be phineas and FERB. You know, or you can be the weird kid from toy story. Yeah, that's true! The weird gift from toys, though, he's like a almost like a Dr Frankenstein like because he didn't he didn't build toys. He took toys apart and just stuck him together. That's true and he's like you are now one and they were terrifying combinations yeah. It's kind of like Bible College relationships, terrifying comet. You know, because I either just like a person who wants to be a missionary and a person who thinks they want to be a missionary or there a baby head and a spider. That's exactly what I was going to say. Yeah, I was gonna, say: There's a lot of couples at Christian college who looked like siblings yeah. I love the as one of my favorite was playing that game a lot we would just pull people up and be like: okay, siblings are dating and it's hard to tell what it is as the eventually at Bible College. What do you anyway? Never One? Why is he is? Why does that happen? Why does so many people who look the same end up at Bible College? While I was going to say why do you? Why do you I was going to? I thought you were going to ask? Why do couples who look alike in up together and it's because your definition of attractiveness is based off of your face, so you because you think of yourself as attractive but like the human brain goes. This is good. I think that's a real thing. You know that's why yeah I have exclusively dated hot women. I couldn't get an out on side. I couldn't get it out. I want to think o the old yeah. That's why whenever we did that episode about an Italian Barnet, I was like her mom's pretty cute, because we looked in the same. Oh, my Gosh, okay, that's rough, but I think that is real, that the you know your facial features and, and all that I know that's part of evolution or what but yeah I mean it could be and also beg from the inbreeding yeah. That's probably more likely till in kill in Killin lie from the Rido in Kansas City and also ice cream. Funny stuff, you don't want to miss it by ticket still incom that work to can we get a monster truck? Maybe so Stanley Meyer, he we traveling around selling his water vehicle yeah you getting ahead of us, oh so, ahead of us after high school, he got a job and he lived in Columbus Ohio and he got got a job working for a local lab that specialized pretty much in just inventing stuff. That was the thing they're like hey. If you got my idea, build it and then we'll sell it to somebody, there's pores his job and this lab still exists. They actually recently invented released a patent to the market for a drome disruptor. So essentially, it looks like a rifle that when I drones flying around you just like shoot an electric pals at it and it disables the drone. So it's an emp for drunk destruction. So if you're in your neighborhood- and you just hate the drones that the kids are flying around or at the Grand Canyon, Yeah Yeah was the great car the most frustrating day of my life. I know it was for you, but we wake up super early to watch. The Sun Rise, the green in and then an we drank through the night we drove through the E of we woke up in Hollywood. That's true that then we drove through the night at Vegas and then we as the Strip saw everything and then we drove through the night. I was just trying to tell a good story because we're trying to get to the topic of a podcast that I was just trying to take the picture of a exactly or exhausted. We've been up for almost twenty four hours and it was beautiful to watch the sunrise, the Grand Canyon and the we're sitting there and all of a sudden you just here and exact exact O my head. I was like I'm about to fight a like a vacuum. Right now I would like fight. My bakum Zack literally was like pace is like there's a worm of babies. No, I say that all the time like I'll be somewhere and I'll. TAK, your drone and nobody understands it, but I'm just like bats funny yeah. So we could shoot that thing down. Yep Yep shoot it. That's from the lab that Stanley worked out in the S Yep Yep, and so while he worked there, he invented a lot of stuff all over the place like heart monitors for hospitals devices for cooking, like just a saying amount of stuff to the point where the patent office was just like. If something comes across our desk from Stanley Mire, we know it's legit just sign off on it. Like I didn't. Even look at feel dangerous yeah you fill up enough or a poor. You can get away with a lot yeah, so yeah it's hard to verify how many pants he had well did he didn't have him, though the company did well, the company technically had some, but he also did a lot of patenting like as a hobby like he would just invent stuff at home and you dont get stuff patented, it's kind of like a freelancer. You know like the invention, hobos the patenting the hobby, because that hangs, t yeah yeah look at. I do want to invent things as like a patent stuff. I invent things so that I can pat. So I can have a patent yeah. I do I'm just a Patente okay, so he he would have been called Patwor pending, Patrick, why your name is Stanley yeah, but it's like a play on it. You get it right, you get it do get it you're gonna get it you get it you get it, so he he would invent so much stuff in his free time that he ended up either through himself or through his company having, and the number is a little hard to pin down, but everything I found kind of comes out an average of you're not going to believe this two hundred thousand patents no way I ay thought you were going to hype it up and be like you're, not going to believe this twelve ol patterns De we both say: Twelve, that's all wars. I thot you, I sort, I thought you're out to say hey where we we wait before we go further yeah. Have you seen the tiktok thing where we close our eyes, an intuitive, a clamp, yeah, try it. Let's try. I've never done this. I don't know which I e O, but do we just close Riz and Clare close our eyes and then, whenever no, I wasn't ready. Yet I was so explaining the thing you don't have very good intuition. All Right! LET'S TRY! I think I understand you. Don't have to explain it to me: Let's go. Okay. Are Your eyes close! I ain't to it. I think your eyes are open yea. I was gonna. Try to sell it to her, though I was gonna. Try to sell you on that dig all right. Anyway. It was fun all right, so yeah, so he had a lot of patents. I'm going to be honest. I seriously doubt that he had two hundred thousand because because that rate like he'd, have to be inventing like seventy five things a day and getting them patent like an probably more than that honestly. But what do you do? You know, but you like tweak one thing you this is a new like: Can you that it Patnet Yeah? I seriously doubt he had that many patterns, but over how long I mean his career. I don't know exactly how long he started after high school. He was one thousand nine hundred and Ity, so at the earliest started at one thousand, nine hundred and fifty eight and ran in to one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. So what thirty years sure is that thirty, fifty eight to ninety eight forty years m you're in charge of our finances fun? I use a calculatoryeah you better, the masting calculator also patented by Stan Byer. He invented that so for forty years, but I mean, like you know, that's an average of that was two hundred thousand five by forty. Is that five thousand a year I don't know anybody got a calculate okay. So it's five thousand a year. That's a lot that at least ten a day. That's a lot! I don't! I see, is twelve a day fifteen a day, moving yeah, because I mean when you're patting like there's some development time, there's some time you got to just ate that and yeah. But what if he's like on? Like I mean his name, might be attached to like group things yeah, you know anyway, maybe sure I seriously do ye in ninety eight. I don't like here's A. I don't like that. If I died, that's how you're going to react, you know I don't like that. That's like a comfortable thing for you to react about death. That way or you go, you know, that's like the same day were we're like yeah. I mean this is a pretty interesting topic. Three people died, though, and it's like, I think you should. You should give that more weight is anyway. So Stanley Meyer died now we're not the stupid Capon, the head of that go to your. She has two hundred Ozan Paso as a patents and then do your lesson. Plan. Okay, yeah, sweet thanks Bas, your wife help you make these feters. Not. She begs you to stop yeah she's, like you can't she's like stop calling yourself a teacher. I like I teach people is like now. Do you call yourself a teacher at home? You, like yeah when we met people on my or both teacher you and the like? What grat do you teach, and I say all of them: okay, adults. I teach adults, adults who are too trevet yeah people on the Internet, two hundred thousand pats- I don't know anyway, so in the late es early S, there was this issue going on between the United States and Iran. They weren't friends still aren't and with that there was a big threat of oil and Possifus, because that ran our world, and so because I ran had the largest supply and there was this big conflict. There was a serious threat of if they were to embargo us or to do anything they could kind of cut us off from the thing we need to run our society sure and so Stanley noticed that and he said well. I think I have an idea on how we can power our cars without gasoline and that's where the idea for the the Waterfield car came from, and so we started developing. It came up at the fuel cell and then he bought this buggy like straight up a Dune buggy that you would see in a video game and outfit of it, his fuel cell loveit, and he got some decalre car. What's it hold on Hey Jesus Christ is Lord, you know, yeah that makes sense, got to give a shout out to old, Hey, Zeus, yeah. What is it worth doing? Anything if you're not giving Jesus credit for it? Yeah what's actually crazy. Is that the car runs on wine? You, it breaks down the wine molecules to wire breaks down the water molecules, the hydrogen yeah. That's that's genius. There's a lot of steps involved, but yeah that looks like this looks like it would be in a it. It looks like it would be in the apt butter making days parade. You know like a shriner would be driving that thing. Yeah, that's actually that's pretty accurate. Actually, he would just go. Do Parades Yeah, so he started driving to universities around the country and showing it to the physics professors there and being like look. What I did they were like. Did you set up an appointment he's just like his he moiree to lunch right now? I I just show you, my water, Paturot Lecture Hall, a post, open the doors with the house he's hitting the handicap accessible button to open the doors and he's sitting there. Waiting for to these are slow. One is that is that car water power yeah it's water, watch it sir. We can't allow that on our campus, why it's? You know sorry for driving it on the hallways? No! Actually, it's because it says Jesus Christ is Lord, and you know it is a pretty safe place public university and we can't have any mention of the word so as he's driving around to these all these close professors and showing the technology to them, they're pretty amazed because, as many of them had sent an interviews after the fact they said this shouldn't work, they said it's producing way more energy than you would expect it to sure, given what you're inputting, basically what they were implying, that this is breaking the law of thermodynamics and so they're like essentially he's creating energy and that's physically, not possible. So it's very surprising that this works, so it started to show some kind of almost cracks in what he was presenting, but the professors were still like, but it works and we're kind of amazed at it like this brake. We there's a gas power car that he just was like. It runs on water. People had some theories that that was the case, but allegedly all these professors got a chance to see the inner workings of it in process and said this is functioning exactly as he says it does, and it doesn't make sense, is kind of the conclusions that came to okay, just drove around the country, showing professors his new technology and in the process. I wonder if he was any of them that quit that they saw and they were like yeah. This doesn't make sense to me any more and then they just quit their job. I come and the like. I was going to work at Anny, Ann's pretzels, because physics is a lot. Physics doesn't make sense anymore. They went like like finding out that two plus two nicls five and you're like not of this. None of this is real. Everything is a lie. Yeah, we live in a simulation when home divorce, his wife we walked in and was like. This is over. I think, and she was like what happened and he's like water powered car she's. Like I didn't did I do so. I I say something: No! No! I just surmised that that man died of the hydration because he refused to doing water okarian. It's it's called out of energy. It will put into my body, doesn't make sense it's so in this process he was starting to gain kind of some notoriety and he was being brought on TV shows to showcase his car and do interviews he's kind of becoming this famous person yeah for a hydro celebrity for his water car and people were like. How can I get a water car and he was saying these kind of fantastical things on these interviews. Where he's like he's like you, can he's a because all you're doing is breaking down the molecules he's like you could put any water in this. You could put tap water, you could put bottle water, you put lake water, he's like you could put ocean water, salt, water, it's fine, he said I mean, don't got any water, throw some snow in there. It'll melt, okay head says like he's like whatever you need was obviously full of it yeah, and so we can. We just do the last five seconds of video and just zoom in on Tim's face where he just does: Okay, yeah look. What are you getting? That is a thing after he started his campaign. Yeah there began this strange large scale lawsuit from a bunch of people who claimed he was a fraud, and these were kind of outside people who were suing him for what he was claiming saying. He needs to return his money to his investors because he's lying so he had two or two investors that invested together fifty thousand dollars in the vehicle to fund the project, and these outside people were like your liar, give them their money back and they sue them and in the lawsuit there was a couple of things that were a little shady where, for example, there was a expert witness who, okay, let's suppose, to come, onside and watch the vehicle run and explain whether or not okay. This is actually working or not, and on the day when he showed up Stanley had all these just kind of weird coincident excuses on why they couldn't test the car E A and so it didn't get tested and then the next day there was another witness lined up and he mysteriously drowned Stanley was like. I guess his lungs couldn't do a anging. Here's the thing my car can take salt water. He Paly can't I couldn't how do you know it? Salt, water? He actually, he showed us a. He said: Let's have a drinking contest, your coresus me and it's salt water. That's how one knows that this guy was like I'm Goin to out drink your car, and I prove it's a lot rounds himself in a drinking contest, a couple gallons to drown yourself. Why? I only your kind of so now takes a couple o e O K, Eceptin Yourself, but your body can only take in a couple gallons if you're actually drinking it so either way he could have just had a teaspoon or he could have taken an on. Take tea spoon, a drown yourself yeah. If you get that just right drown, I don't know. If that's true, that's what your mom a I s right! Do you imagine I or were trying to take you out with a teaspoon of water. It's just like gotta get her right and he's like holding your mouth open and he's like, and it dribbles a little bit and he's like. So you were supposed to drown. That is that disignated they call him the Desani drowner yeah. I know yeah, that's Golly! It's time for the COMODATION station Chichi, the part of the show. We read our podcast reviews, because that's the reason we do. This gravy and meats, probably related to meats and gray, says love your podcast. It gives me something to listen to when I'm bored working out or cleaned definitely were to listen to I to listen to this podcast when I'm cleaned, there's some cracks forming and then a board of PhD scientist reviewed his patents and the schematics and his patents, and they came in the conclusion that yes, this would actually do what he said it would do, but they came to the same conclusion that we kind of talked about it secte. They said the energy transfer is so nominal. It's not practical, like ye you're not going to power a car as much as he's claiming you're going to power a car with this, with the amount of hydrogen you're actually producing from this system. So he lost the lawsuit and was ordered to pay back his investors, which didn't happen because after this lawsuit Stanley kind of went a little crazy and believed after believe that the government or some sort of shadow agency was trying to silence his invention, oh, which there's a lot of money in oil. There is a ton, I think, there's a lot of stuff trying to hold like teslas and electric vehicles back, because big water is trying to break in you know. Oil is very profitable and there's some very, very sketchy people in the oil business and so including, but not limited to the United States, government yeah actually and so yeah. He one day, one Fateful Day March, twenty one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. He was dining at a restaurant. I like to believe it was olive garden. There's no report on what it is, but I like to believe Olive Garden. Yeah just want to make it up. Yes, he was there with his brother, Stephen and Stephen all the while was kind of like his side kick in this process. We kind of left that out of the story, he was like hey we he's like. I was a part of making this car. I asked if he was important and you were like no ly, he was. He was that's how people would talk about our podcast in the future. He Jarnan Tim is tim important. I mean up until that drowning up until I drown my Osla, so no his brother, his brother, was a part of the process. He was like his assistant inventor for this car and so after the lawsuit they were still trying to get the car out there. They just didn't have the funding anymore, like they still had that Patten. They still could use it. They just didn't get to keep their investors, and so they arranged a meeting with these two Belgian investors who flew out from Bell Ja. BELGIA. Are you serious about you? I thought you were doing it for the bit and then I saw the panic in your eyes, Belgium, as e F from Belgium and they're having this oi talking to the path United States states of Belgium. I question just so much about like our life. You know this is one of those moments. I feel like a philosophy, professor, who are not a philosopher for a physics professor who just saw a water powered vehicle. My whole world is shifted, go ahead, so these Belgian guys Belges they have. They were investors who were interested in the car yeah and they were kind of having this meeting eating their bottomless. Salad and bread sticks of carton right and the bells o guys brought their own waffles. So yeah they're like so you can't bring it it's. Okay, we're from Belgia, O and Stanley. He ordered himself. A cranberry juice at this rests is important, yeah, which I was a side bar. First of all, yeah very juice is a rare juice like I feel, like you, don't meet a lot of people who drink crambry juice on the brag yeah, but e one who orders cranberry juice. Out of me. That's like a dolt to ordered chocolate, milk. It was like what are you doing yeah? Can I get it worse? One oeris just milk, but they call it vanilla, milk. You know like he is like. I have vanilla milk. Do you a regular mill? He just goes back is like do we have any vanilla like? Can I just shoot US give them cranberry Julie, so he he orders his cram bridges to way to strops it off they're having their meeting. He takes a sip of his crambrys and immediately just gets up from the table and walks outside and his doesn't say anything just gets up and walked out of the restaurant and his bother Steven says: can you excuse us for a second and he follows his brother outside to find his brother violently vomiting on the street and Stephen Says Stanley what's going on? Are you okay and Stanley says they poisoned me and those are his last words and he dies on the street? Is the cram rat juice man, okay, the Belgiums poisoned in or the restaurant poisoned, Him who's, the Vai or the US government, or the oil companies or the physicists that suit em and then Stephen runs back inside the tell of Belgiums and they had left their clip on ties? Well, Steven actually says he goes in to tell him and he says it blew up the deal Stanley's death because well you may go back inside and he tells him. My brother just died, he's dead and he said that they show you're, saying that the two guys stayed there inside, or at least I mean I would assume twenty something minutes yeah the way he is like. Are they going back and he's like the E L e? I don't know, I don't know where they are or other windows at this place. Can They not look outside? You never looked out an olive garden window before like well just can we just order, I'm sure they'll want yeah something yeah. I want the five cheese yeah. Thank you so much while he's outside they poison dying on the sidewalk. I mean ambulance undoubtedly shows up yeah powered by water. So it comes it's releasing oxygen, so they just put them on to the exhaust pipe and then aside, given the gives man, I just I and is soon is in the front of the ambulance for ever Agin give us some more guests. It's like it's like jumping a car. Oh Ye come on Revenu rivenue, which, and then I mean but honestly, either way. I hope it was at my last words, no matter how I that my old dying in a hospital bed sorata by my family. I do the thing where I pull my oldest in and I go there's a hidden treasure. You know I do my whole bit that I've got playing whole thing a d before and it's they poison, the and thenjust die is so to more or answers to be. I don't know Eve thought about that. Yeah. I thought about a lot. A lot about death lately thought about how. If I wrote a lot of ways, I don't want to die. Okay, you know like that time I almost choked on a bone, a swing and apple bees. I want to die like that. You know in my Sila remember that you weren't there okay, yeah yeah, I oh no, oh I'd like straight up. I thought I was going to die. Did you have to get hamlike? No, I went you have Imala, I I coughed it out, but what was I choking? It's a boneless wing, the breading anyway. I couldn't go out like that. If I died like that, would you make up a lie? No, I probably make fun of it a great. I probably you would go here's how people will go hey, how did Jaren die and you go that's exactly what you would do like it only takes, so he got poisoned by somebody yeah someone poisoned him and the theory is about on who the perie careful jar that simples biggatt was the way you can't say Belgium, but you go perie. It's the way. You don't know all other words, but this you don't even so, O go Barye. You didn't even go perier yeah, it is ever since I had a hundred thousand followers on its rim. Water just doesn't taste the same to me, the Er you know so now I do sparkling water and perie not affiliated with our show M, but feels our cars so, but is enough to drown you this little. Can this kill you, but I'm huge though I'm a large person, this is the size of a monster. Came those big ones. Can we can we make a video of you holding tiny cans of Paria and me holding giant like forty two ounce canzaria and you just like handed? May We just to go cancer pareus cut it where you added to me, and I take it all of a sudden. It's like this big. I did. We figure that out, I be magic. Sorry I didn't mean for a decen. You know I was trying to be more subtle about it, but I also want people to know I'm better than that. You know that's like the whole point of drinking perie yeah, it's the status yeah. We should email them before this episode comes out, so they pay us for us. Hey, we really advertise for you. So a lot of the rear. If that's what we do, if we get any sponsor just we just horribly mess it up: perier cabar juice. You know when you're out with friends- and you just need a good crane, Ned Sipara, you know me, they call me the Cran man yeah. We you saying out journal the time what we stopped, because he just gargles cram bridges, an ther ever that guy's a walking advertisement. That's like a that's the bran. I want yeah he's we're in olive gard and he's like. I love this pair Perry, rear, freer gargling, wow, so anyways lots of potential people have a motive sure could take him out o take out Stanley. If it's true that he's about to topple the oil industry. But what a way to die, though, just cast a little bit of a debt like a like a day WHO's. They you don't even times Eut Yeah, they poisoned me. Yet so many so say that's fun. I like that that I want to go out. Steven seems convinced that it was the Belgians yeah, because when he told them he said he said that my brother just died and he said they had no response. They didn't offer any condolence. They were, they didn't even look shake. My brother was died. Like just spagette got here a few minutes. I got called yeah it's cold now. Did you want cheese on that? Are you going to get a box because we could put it in our box if you're not going to take we your bread, sticksthe, the waitress asked if this was going to be one checker separate, and we said one because we expected you to pay for it. Is that still we started him to pay for it yeah, but now that he's gone, we are all you're, the legal. Next we go take his wallet, please. I like this, a nidis money in this Sade Stephen has left his brother's dead body on the sidewalk to come in and check on. The Belgian deal like his brother is dead on the side and he's just like. I should go see if that deal stolae like ask all espaciously hold that I need to take up. The paramore we take is this: is your decision to make sure we take him off live support, there's Ole blood sayin? This is him being hello, O exhaust okay, could you hear me his wallet it's in his back yeah? Oh sometimes he kept it in the right one check there. Could it be there? I think he did just get a new money clip it's in his shirt pocket actually yeah, actually yeah, that's it! That's it! That's the Yam, the Blue Card yeah, so the other one. Thank you I'll bear a bank. What do you think it is it wait? Is that black card- I don't know what's to all of gardens at eighteen or twenty percent. The pair maker is like probably twenty five, because someone died here. It's not your money. So thank you for serving against Tiffany. We threw an extra five percent for the death yeah, I mean if you're, if you're a waitress and someone dies from your table, you better get a good tip. You know, have you or a love, one been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the Tillin podcast. Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy, add free experience and they get early access to content behind the scene, stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. We all are in it our producers and the hosts. So if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text till in to six sixth, six, six so yeah? So he believes it's. The Belgians and he's reasoning. Is They acted weird which could be cultural differences but also I mean could be legit I be, they didn't understand a word to say, but ye they're like they just came out for the free of God. They were never interested in the car. Yeah go ahead so, but he thinks their motive was Stanley was he was notorious for providing too much detail in his patents. He was a thing about pattens. You don't have to be. You don't have to share proprietary information in your patterns, so there's anything that gives away your secrets. It doesn't have to be in your patent. You can be vague about those segments, sure and you can still get a patent out, and so most people who get patterns about things like a water powered car would be pretty vague about the technology. So that way, other people can't rip them off right, even though it's patent yeah, because after when the patent expires, if you're too clear about how it works, then other people could come to check your patents and re engineer it or reverse engineer or whatever you want to say, but if you're vague, then they have to figure it out themselves. Also, after the patness Yeah Stanley didn't do this, he was very, very clear about how the process worked, and so, since his pass republic record, if the guy who owns the path patent dies, then these guys could just kind of make off with the technology and about themselves. So he believes that that was their motive. The interesting thing is the next year voltage came out with a new ninety nine water power, Dune Bucky yeah, here's a thing I never happened: Belgia never produced any kind. They never these guys never made it so Belgia. You like that they'd! Never nobody ever made the the water powered car from the Belgian to do well for anybody in Delga for that matter. So that's a little shaky. I choose to believe. Do you know where Belgium is Bel go? Can you just switch to his camera and just look at the panic in his eyes? Don't speak in N, it's that as real er. I know it's in Europe shut your mouth. Don't even look at me like that. I know it's in your ope. You can't fool me so yeah, it's somewhere in yer! That's right! FREAKING! I okay, because I think my job isn't to know where things are. My job is to know small amount of details about a dumb story. I found you know a joke that I regret that we didn't make what should have made that Hawaii just made that why you Puttin Norwid, underneath it it looks close enough anyway, go ahead. So here's a thing: the local police yeah love this case because they're like this is the was intrigue. There was potential conspiracy. The detectives were all over this there like we want to solve this. One Super Cran, Berry, Yep, that's not enough! Well, so the corner ended up determining that he had an Annuis, a brain, annuis M, oh, and that's what killed him and so is that what happens you get a brain in m. do you like start poking and stuff? No, so the theory now the leading theory that supports a poisoning is that he was in fact poison by the cram rare juice and that's why he was vomiting sure, but he already had high blood pressure and so the vomiting so intensely like pressured at created all this pressure in his brain. He already had high blood pressure that triggered an aneurism. I got it up here: Cork, okay, there's! No, there's no poison that will actually make in aneurism, but the vomiting maybe could lead to it. It could lead to a aneris. Maybe the coroner says it was natural. It was coincident all that he was von Mony at the time. Maybe had some bad all garden. I heere gonna be like yeah. The DNA showed that it just wasn't his vomit. He was like. I saw him poking and like wasn't his, it was just crabra yeah, so one was walking about at the same time that he fell down with aneris and just started vomiting to near the body and then just left the he stood right behind right, bind and matched his movement. So you could see him from your line of sight. You throw up Stansted. Did you throw off Stephen, tell me right now: Ste you're, the wadding pe Stephen. Did you puke wes killed the gas lighting Steven in the interrogation? Rout the like you did it. We know you did it it. Oh, my God, why would you order cranberry juice, Stephen E H? Who does that I'll just a I can serve I'll, just go she chocolate milk boys and Stephen Stephen and Stanley the whole time Stevens, the one who died now so years later the family held on to this this water power car, but didn't really do anything with it until they sold it to a company. That was like hey we're going to mask produce this and that are going to pay you a royalty, so they paid a down payment. They said we're going to pay you a walty and then they drove to Canada and didn't pay him the rest of the down payment or any royalty and began trying to develop the car, but never put it off. So there's a lot of snow in Canada. They can convert into hydrogen, so the car doesn't exist right now. Nobody knows where it is. I mean it's presumably in Canada, maybe in Belgia, but nobody knows exactly where this car is and theoretically it would work, but there's no real hard proof that it does work as well as he claimed it did. I know where it is where you seen those oceans pray commercials, no, where they're standing in that giant, that of cranberries. You know exactly what I'm talking about the car is at the bottom of the cranberry sea. You know exactly Tsuya walking through the boots. I know step on something kind of hard. What was that? Well? Don't reach him with our gloves. Granberry snake might be in there. The CRANNAR I was speaking at all. It's yeah can't bite their gloves. I do glass, the the cranberry monster will get you. What are you talking about? I was just thinking: Sanitary, okay, now there's eterna ocean spray, a great sponer things I learned last night. I got a lot of PR stuff to do now, guys like much after the quittes. What's in the cranberry juice release pictures of the cranberry monster, I need to see light our footage proving that there's not a snake living, a giant cranberry snake living underneath bucraniumthis giant like Perry, Winkle, oh, go all right! Sorry, we don't know where the car is yeah and it obviously hasn't been invented. So it's here's the thing it's pretty clear that one of two things is happening: yeah either. It never worked in this guy's, a mass of fraud yeah, which is a little I don't know, there's there's evidence for a it's harder now that he's dead, because you don't want to speak ill of him. No, it's okay, especially because he got on well, possibly maybe here's a thing: here's the thing he had two hundred thousand pounds so and he worked at a like a reputable lab, and so it's like oases that he was competent. He was competent, but here's the other side, the flip side of that coin is he didn't, have a formal education, he graduated high school and went to this lab right out of high school and started inventing stuff. Also his invention violated the law of thermatic. So that's a little odd. Also, the Patent Office got to the point where they're, just like whatever he sends us, we'll just sign off on and so yeah could he have just gotten really confident and said: Hey. I could just make something up and just travel the country and get paid a lot of money for it. Maybe maybe he has no there's no past of him being a fraudsters, but he got to the point where he confidence trickster. If you will, he could have just kind of done whatever at this point and got away with it. So is that possible, yeah sure, but here's the thing the car has not been developed, yet oil is still being widely used. Is that a coincidence, cranberry juice kills people by the day how many cranberry juice deaths? Have there been this year? How many more will there have to be? It's a craneman. Do that all day, Ghwat o the Ande Crane Conda is like started multiplying really fast. They called the cranion a craneman. Oh my God, there's no evidence of how it's reproducing never see it so anyways. So there is a strong case for the possibility that he was right and he was silenced and his car got disposed of right so as technology could never exist, but there is also solid evidence that he just made the whole thing up. You just kind of got a flip a coin and decide what you believe really so stanly mire, maybe a truth or may be a liar. Absolutely a cream bar jes fan what you looking for. Looking for a coin to flip, see where we land all right head phone case. Blank side he's full of it: Yeah, not Blang side, not playing side. We're sure that he's right, okay is the worst she's a liar. THAT'S OUR OFFICIAL STATE! That's the till, an official stance that we should do this for every episode now make an official stance on whatever the episodes about great great, throw that guy off things are done. That night is a production of space. Tim Media produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Ous, Garnett, video by Conteret or graphics and or logo by Kaleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Kala backer. Our host, our JERN myres and Tim Stone falls on your favorite social media platform at Tillin podcast. As till and podcast remember, to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things it in last night. I

Stanley Meyer was a prolific inventor in the late 20th century. While working for a local lab, Meyer was on the team that had filed for numerous patents rumored to total in the hundreds if not thousands. However, personally, Meyer is the owner of just over a dozen patents. Regardless, the local patent office respected Meyer so much that they allegedly approved anything with his name on it on sight. Maybe that’s what happened when he filed for a patent for a water-fueled car. Unfortunately, the groundbreaking technology seemed too good to be true. Despite many scholars claiming the authenticity of the impressive vehicle, he was eventually sued for his claims and lost. While all signs pointed to the water-fueled car being nothing more than a scam, something phenomenal happened. Stanley Meyer died in a pretty mysterious fashion, which has sparked theories of foul play.

Who Was Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer was a tinkerer his entire life. He and his brother spent their free time building knick-knacks and devices. His love for inventing flowed into his adulthood, and he made a career out of developing. But, unfortunately, most of his inventions were of little impact on the world. His water fuel cell, on the other hand, was revolutionary.

The Water Powered Car

Meyer’s water fuel cell was designed to run on nothing more than water. It worked by breaking down the water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The fuel cell then expelled the oxygen and used the hydrogen as fuel. This technology was nothing new. Devices that could break down water molecules had been around for nearly 100 years at the time of Stanely’s invention. Likewise, hydrogen-powered engines have been around for many years. Stanley’s water-powered car, however, was the first to do both in one package.

Water Powered Dune Buggy on Tour

After successfully outfitting a dune buggy with his water fuel cell, Stanely Meyer took his water-powered car on tour across the country. He went from college to college showcasing the technology and looked for physics professors to legitimize his accomplishment. And he found them. In city after city, respected physics professors examined the water-powered car and signed off on its legitimacy.

Even though many intelligent people believed that his invention was nothing more than a scam, the courts agreed, and after a lawsuit, he was forced to repay his investors. But, he and his brother believed that he was being silenced because of the gravity of the groundbreaking engine. If it were true, Meyer’s fuel cell would destroy the oil industry. But, according to Meyer, all efforts to delegitimize his machine were funded by oil tycoons. Or, in a potential worse case, the United States government.

Stanley Meyer’s Death

After the lawsuit, Meyer and his brother continued their campaign to get the water fuel cell into every vehicle. One day this led him to a meeting with two foreign investors at a local restaurant. Stanley ordered a cranberry juice with his meal, and moments after receiving it, he excused himself and ran out into the street. His brother followed him out of the restaurant to find him violently vomiting on the sidewalk. Stanley then turned to his brother and said, “They poisoned me,” and died. Conspiracies have abounded in response to the mysterious death of Stanley Meyer. While the autopsy confirmed that the cause of death was not poisoning, the circumstances are pretty odd.


If it were true, the water-powered car is the most revolutionary invention of the 20th century. Many argue that a device like this would be widespread by now. Conspiracy theorists say that the oil industry has silenced Stanley Meyer and all those who fought for the legitimacy of the invention. In any regard, the circumstances of his death are pretty odd.

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Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell – Wikipedia

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