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Hey, welcome to things on last night. My name is Jared, this is Tim. This is a comedy podcast where we laugh a lot, we learn a little. This week's topic is Andre Standard Standard. Yes, he's a bank robber, yeah, but also a cop and he at the same time Yeah, and he kind of solved describes. Yeah, so the great the crazy story of how he got started and what his total demise was, and so it's definitely a great listen. We're gonna have a lot of fun. Also, this weekend, March eighth, I am in Bartlesville, Oklahoma for a youth conference. So if you're a youth you should go or Waynesville, Missouri, March ninth on Saturday. That's for everybody you could show up to that. And then next weekend, March fifteenth, I am in Wyckoff, New Jersey. I hope that I'm saying that right Wycoff Wick If Wickf I like Wyof, it's tell you why. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to be there, so I'll figure that out by the time I show up. I hope so to see you at those Thank you for checking out our show. So they start robbing banks together, nothing gives you that hot It's nothing, there's nothing like it. They're quite like rapping a good bank. Oh yeah, I was, I was joking, joking, man, I got you just you really thought I was gonna bank rob stuff that. Don't don't ever grab the back of my hand like that. Don't ever do guys to be things I learned last night. I'm gonna be honest. I've been talking about milk a lot lately. Of course, of course, let's start it there. Man, what's going on? Uh? Have you ever heard of Andre Stander andres Stander? Andre Stander is a dude who just speaking of standards. Okay, there's a there's a guy on our streets. I tell you about him. Does he stand there? Yes, every morning when Reagan goes to work, there's a guy. And I don't know if he's we can't tell if he's got some kind of you know, he's like on some kind of drugs or something, or if he's like one of those like gott to get my thirty minutes outside suntime? Oh, I think you have just on the sidewalk just freaking yeah. Is he blinking glass like a psycho? That's drugs, man, that's la saw him. And then I saw him but not in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is not like that. And then I saw him up on well, and this is going to make him sound better. I saw him up like where our restaurants and stuff are. I was sitting outside of coffee shop. Yeah. I looked over and I was like, oh, yeah, that's standing guy. And here comes a fire truck, you know, lights on weird and he is standing on the sidewalk going yeah, and then he might be just doing drugs. Man, Yeah, I did think drugs. I think it's drugs. Do you remember, though, when you were a kid and just getting so hyped about trains? Yeah, well you still get hyped about trains. You got a weird train thing? Yeah? Yeah, I got a weird train thing. Hey Alex, what does this episode come out? Why are you asking me? Like? I know the schedule that one got the spreadsheet? Uh, this comes out on the March fifth, March fifth March fifth, Okay, good enough? Anyways, Uh No, that's not him. I mean, honestly though could be, but I mean, wait, hold on, how long did you say he is? He's like probably later thirties. I know your early forties, it could be a son. Cool Understander was born in nineteen forty six in South Africa. He was a child of a police officer and grew up in h I don't know what the term is for this, but just kind of grew up like as an aspiring police officer wanted to create law enforcement and try his hand at because his dad was a police just copping Yeah, okay, is that the term? I don't know. And so he graduated high school and went straight into this like career and went through the academy and like passed with flying colors. Totally nothing to do with the fact that his dad was the principle of the academy. He's the principal policeman. Yeah, And so he graduates with flying colors, gets into the force, and by twenty six he already makes captain and so like he is like he's like flying through this career like you know whatever. He's six year olds. Imagine that you're like thirty four, you've been you've been working in the force for years. Yeah, and then that tower comes in and you've known him for a while because he was the old captain's son. Yeah, when you were twenty one yeah, he was how long. Hell is the age eight years of difference, So he was thirteen. Yeah, and he's like running around the precinct as thirteen year olds do, eating all the doughnuts, playing darts. They've got darts and precincts. Yeah, he was like the kid who would like hang out with his youth pastor and be like being a youth asher's cool because you do nothing the youth like, yeah, we do, we do stuff. Though, we do stuff. Though, Its like you just go to dominoes a lot. It seems like all you do is buy a lot of pizza. Speaking of buying pizzas, did you see my best of the discord yesterday? No? I sent? I sent the video and the discord, the discord of the the so what the pizza calculation? Oh came across that. I got weirdly nostalgic yesterday. Yesterday I was like looking at all our stats on YouTube, trying to like figure out some trends and stuff, and it took me back to the beginning and so I was like watching like our old tour updates. Yeah, I was like tearing up. I was like, I was like, gosh, we need a tour again. I've been doing it. I know I need to. I don't know. Man, it did like yeah, I got, I got like vary. Well, it's a good thing. We've got a live show coming up. Oh shoot, oh May May eighteenth has Silver Dollar City so excited for this. So you know, tickets are on sale now. Yeah, tickets are on by the time you're listening. Tickets on sales at the time of recording. We're in the past right now. We don't have a ticket link yet, so I can't tell you where to go. If you text till into six six eight sixty six, I bet you'll find it. It'll be on our website too, and probably of this episode it'll be somewhere you can find easy. Yeah. Yeah, but it's gonna be fun. We're gonna we're gonna ride old school marketing for this thing too. We're gonna send out some flyers, We're gonna get some billboards maybe. Yeah, there's gonna be a guy shops. There's gonna be a guy that shows up at your door with a bunch of tupp of wear and he's not selling the top selling he's not selling it. That's pretty funny unless you really convince him you gotta the days the salesman are over it. The days of the buyer men are here, all right. And that's where you got to convince that guy to sell you. What if you went to a car lot and you had to convince it that guy to sell you a car and he's like, I don't want to want to sell think about it? Like what I think about it? What if? What if you didn't have this anymore? But I mean I could take it on your hands. I could drive this home today. I could drive this home today. He's like, I just got to do a credit check on you, and then I can take it off your hand. I won't even ask my wife what should we do that? Though? Should we start like a door to door buyerman company and they go door to door and try to buy your stuff. No, you go door to door and you go, hey, there's nothing you could do to get me to sell you this aware Hi, there's nothing you could do to give me to sell you this excess energy drink. Don't even try. Don't even try. Don't even try. It's the stair, it's the long stare, it's the eye contact. When's the last time you answered the door? Though? Like like let's be real, like, when's the last time you actually answered? In that homeless lady knocked on my door a couple weeks ago, you didn't answer, though I get answered. Well, we're get answered, Okay, I was brushing my teeth. Did I tell this on I don't know Alex has he told this on the podcast? I think so it might be. And she was like, she was like, hey, there's a homeless person in our door. And I was like, aha, when I went down there there was yeah, yeah, so I answered the door. Then yeah, she's looking for a place to stay. Alex just answered his door. Hey, I haven't seen you who had them slowly and crappily, And it was just like I did expected this noise and everything. I didn't know he could open that door with you, I thought. Anyway, let's get to the episode. Standard. So he excelled through the police force really quickly. In it, he became a captain by twenty six uh, and then he actually graduated into becoming a detective. It's very funny. That's pretty good. He became a detective and so he starts, you know, detecting crimes. There's just a crime crime. So he's been a detective. But then in nineteen seventy seven, something happened, and he recounts later in his career what happened, and uh, the story line, I don't know if I buy it, but let me tell you what happened. We could come back to why his motivation. But so in nineteen seventy seven, he is he drives into work, normal shift as a detective a specific day. I don't have a specific date, okay, but nineteen seventy seven, drives into work, normal work day, detecting some crime, you know, clocks out for his lunch break, goes down. He lives in Johannesburg. Is it Johannesburg or Johannesburg Johannesburg, Johannesburg. Is that right? I don't know. I just said it really coffee, So he goes to johannes International Airport over his lunch break. This is the seventies, so he's able to just hop on a flight to Durban on lunch. Over his lunch break, flies to Durban, which is in the next city, like next major city, Johannesburg. That's what Johannesburg. Goes to Durban, which is like the next city over and so it's like a short flight, like a half hour flight. Okay, goes over to Durban Lands, gets out, rents a car, goes to a nearby bank, robs it. But like, this isn't like, this isn't this isn't a crazy robbery. When he went in, he's like, there's nothing you can do to get me to take this money. Don't try to into it, try to talk me into it. I said, oh, you committed to this bit. Did you get some tattoos just for the joke? Oh? Yeah, sorry, Oh you didn't know I did that far. You've been calling me out for my shirt all day. You've got the exact same shirt. Oh, I went to Target and bought the exact same shirt. We got lunch together. I said, that's a stupid shirt, and then I left that lunch. I drove to Target and I bought that shit. That's hilarious that shirt. I mean, it's not the exact same it's close. Freedom mine's higher quality mine from Amazon Amazon basics. Oo. But yeah, Jaren's got it like two full sleeves. If you're listening, I usually look it up. But he looks pretty good with him. I like him. Yeah, they're new. Yeah, just fresh. Yeah, he's living a different lifestyle now. Yeah, I just you know, I just thought I'm done talking to my parents. Just how do I get my mom to quit calling me? Yeah? Those look good? You should do them. I really like him. I I've been telling him all day, like I've been complimenting. A clock on this arm, just in case, and another one right here, just in case I want to just a case. He forgets how time works, forget how clocks are. I haven't see the clock of a You got a compass here too, so I look like a bank ropper. Oh, I do have a compass, so I can always tell that this is ease. What does it say? This is due? I'm at in the woods. It's going off a compass tattooed on my arm. Don't worry, I got a compass tattoo. Did you ask what it says? Yeah? What does it say? Oh? It says in loving memory? Timstone, nineteen ninety four, twenty forty eight. No it doesn't. I put twenty forty eight on it. What if I did get a tattoo? What if I get pretty? It's like I'm just expecting, but this is the year you die? Oh? Bro, this is the tattoo I will get. I will get Timstone nineteen ninety four, Dash to zero. Oh so that what was a tattoo. I'm gonna finish it when he dies. That's insane. I'm gonna finish it when I finally killed him. I've been trying. Geez, Yeah, keep the tattoos. It looks good. I really like it. I'm not kidding tattoos. I think you need a gold Apple watch around. If they had that at Target, I would have got it. Thank you for it. On I shamed you out of it. No, I still do it. I just I switched it out. I swap it every once in a while and do different ones. You wore an outfit that would be greatly accessorized by a gold watch today. I actually did today. Mean to put the cold watch on it, and I forgot when I left. All right, So it was kind of sad. So I have a full sleeve of tattoos. Yeah, so he walked. He treat you different. Yeah they do, don't they. Yeah, you get sold a lot more excess. I went to CBS and I felt the lady at the counter watching me the whole time. No you didn't when and she was like, like I was going to steal stuff? Was it this CVS in North Kansas City? Oh? No, I was one downtowns down here here they watch everybody. Oh yeah, the CBO is down here. You have an escort that walks you around the building with you. Oh so uh he robs a bank. Yeah, but this isn't like don't picture like bank robbery picture like so like he walks in, he before he goes in, he puts on a fake mustache and a wig. I actually do have a shot of his his This is this is his normal disguise. He wore this whenever he needed to be disguised. And so the fake mustache, big curly way all right, so he looks like from the show. Yeah, and then these big like big glasses. Sure. And he walked up to the counter and he just said I'm robbing you and flashed his gun and just was like, hey, over, I don't know that's whatever you got as much as you want, as much as you want. Your am robbing you. Yeah, super casual. Yeah, not like a crazy thing. I don't worry. We're all good here. Yeah, but I am robbing you. But I am robbing you. If you could hand over. I don't know what four or like nothing crazy, I don't need the whole bank a lot around the bank. Wrong, they come in and they ask for all the money. Yeah, put all the money in here. I don't no, no, just just put some of the money. You know what, maybe you don't have all the money to give, you know, I just want you to put as much as what's on your heart in this bag right now. Yeah, that's what happened. That's exactly what happened. Okay, Nobody else in the bank knew they were being robbed. Nobody, like, none of the just the clerk was just that one clerk. He actually shook the hand of the security guarden on his way out because he's he's like, he's a police officer. Yeah he was badge, he did his badge. But but you could tell, yeah, you can smell it all right, he's smell like police. You smell like a narc And then like and the person behind him right after like walked up and made their big robbery. The person behind him walked up was like, I want what he had, whatever he did, I'm doing the cities. I'm doing this. I saw how much you gave him. So he and then he gets in his rental, drives back to the airport, drops his car off, and flies back to Joannesburg and goes back, clalks back in and finishes up his day as a detective. No one knew, no one knew. And then he at his detective job, they're like, hey boys, because you know sexism. Hey boys, it's the seventies. There's a robbery that took place. And he's like, I'll take lead on that one. So that's funny, you should say that. So this went surprisingly well for him. So he started, on occasion, once or twice a month, flying out to Durban over his lunch break and robbing a bank, a different bank, right usual. Yeah, And then he and then he got confident and he's like, I don't need to fly, and so he starts doing local banks over his lunch break. And you're right. He would come back from his lunch break and then he would go respond to the call and he would do the investigation. What do you would you describe what the what the robbery looked like? I'm and now I'm not too sure. Could you put on this fake mustache real quick? Yeah? Like picture you but with a mustache and curly see. These person's no help. They're just they're they're clear describing whoever's in front of them. Yeah, they have no memory. No. Right now, there's some people who like, when can you picture an apple in your head right now? You just picture a full apple? Yes? Do you know some people can't do that? Yeah, we call those dumbs. We call them dumbs when you're listening. This is a real thing. I'm wondering for listeners. Are you picturing us talking right now? Like? Are you you know what I'm listen to podcast? Do you envision the person? That's actually really interesting? I would say, if I know what they look like, yes I do. If I don't know what they look like, then I don't do that. Actually I don't. If I don't know what they look like, I picture what they're talking about. But if I know what they look like, I picture them sitting in a room talking, like sitting in whatever their set looks like talking. If I don't know, I I ai create an image in my head. Tell me, like, what's the prompt? Uh? It's podcast hosted by Grimace from McDonald's, and I just make it. It'd been wild the first time I actually saw a picture of Joe Rogan. Yeah, this is nothing like what I thought. Whoa, we need to put Grimace in the thumbnail and it doesn't doesn't connect that as us. What you know, do a little do a little thumbnail shot. I'm not going to use that. I do make us purple. I just likely you do what I tell you to do. I just compliant. So he gets a call. So he gets a call, right, Yeah, he does the investigation and this system works great for him. Okay, for three years he consistently on his lunch breaks. Just yeah, I got, I got. I'm eating with my pastor LANs, I got lunch with the You know, there was a guy from my church and I just need to check on his walk. Now I'm building a house for the homeless. I'm doing a good thing. Yeah yeah, yeah, out, I can't do that. Hey, thanks for checking out our show. If you like it and you want to support be a part of what we're doing here, you can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community. We have a discord with our hosted producers. We have a lot of fun. We're super active in there every day. You get access to add free content a week before everybody else, and we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out, we eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast. And there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that that are super cool. If you want to be in that, you can just text tillin to six six eight sixty six and that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here and thanks for watching our show. So he he's you know, going around Robin Banks and stuff for about three years and then he but he never steals a lot, like he's just kind of doubling his salary doing this. It's really like a side hustle. Like he is making a couple grand a month doing this over the course of over the course of three years, he pulls in one hundred hundred and fifty grand in seventy seven, So that a lot. Yeah, it's good money, but this is that's not USD that's brand whatever their money is, sure, and so it's it's it's really he's just doubling his salary essentially. What's happening and so he's been able to fly under the radar. What did him in was one day he was out shooting pool with one of his buddies and he things are going well, and he's like, he's like, I wonder if we could kind of like expand this a little bit. And so he asks his buddy. He's like, he's like, what do you think about like bank robbery? Have you ever thought about like getting into that his police officer buddy? Uh No, I don't think it was a police officer. What do you think about? Uh? Crime? Have you ever thought about crime? And I mean, if we're being honest, Yeah, yeah, have you we have talked about crime us crime in? I don't think we've ever talked about crime in Yeah. On the podcast, Yeah, wow, crimes we talked about U scam isn't crimes? Scam of is business? See you better hold that opinion all the way through court. Man. Oh, that's just a business, that's not a crime. Sure. God told me. Did you see that guy, that pastor and his wife who got in trouble for their crypto scam? No, and he goes, God instructed us to open the opportunity for people to buy into a crypto that there was no way out of that investment, and the allegation is that we pocketed one point three million dollars. I can confirm that allegation is true. Uh, but you know, he just does this whole video about where he's like, I mean, yeah, we pocketed one point three million dollars. But God told us to move into this house and told us he was like he laid this renovation on our heart. Theikes, yeah, we'll find the video and we'll do like a reaction to it or something. Yeah, let's do that. That's crazy. So yeah, so he tells his friend and he tries to get his friend in on the bank robbery with him, and his friend's like, no, I don't. I don't know, I don't think we should. That's something like I want to do, which is low yards. And he was like, oh, yeah, I was, I was joking, joking, man, it wasn't I wasn't serious, Like it was just a die, got just die. You really thought I was got to bank rob stuff. And so his friend called the police and was like, hey, you should check on that, Like that's a little sketchy, And so the police knew the nature of the request. He didn't just say like you want to get on on some bank, Robert. He says, sometimes I take flights to different cities and rob banks and he's like, I gotta disguise. He just to them. Yeah, He's like, I got a disguise in my car, and I leave it and I park park at the at the police or at the airport, and I fly in a Pixar movie laying out his whole plan. Yeah, yeah, And so he tells the police, and the police are like, that's weird, and so they stake out the airport and they put some people out there, and sure enough, that weekend he comes out and pulls and puts on his disguis in his car and then yeah, walks into the airport disguised. And this was we should note too. This is the seventies, so like you could just carry a gun into a plane. There's no like none the detectors actually was yesterday. Yeah, and the airport has a pre recorded message that's like, please check your care on luggage for forgotten firearms. And I was like, that doesn't happen everywhere. That is that's Tennessee and Texas, Yeah, that's it. Maine, maybe no Maine's got a lot of guns. Yeah, but they they're more cautious with them, that's fair. And so he they see him pull up, put on his mustache, put on his wig, check his gun, and then get out of his car, walk into the airport, no bags, no luggage, and fly. Someone fies And so they just wait for him to return because they're like, he'll be back in a couple hours. And so he goes and he robs some bank and some other city, comes back and when he gets back, the police got he's got He's got an envelope because he's only taking a couple of grand and so the police approach him and they're like, hey, can what are you got in there? And like the can you account for that? And he can't account for it, so they take him in on suspicion and they end up being like, yeah, there's like thirty bank robberies we're able to link to you now because we know you're this. Yeah, we know you're doing this. So he goes to court and in court, this isn't the exciting part. You brushed through a lot of this really quick. Yeah, this isn't the exciting part. So he goes to court Okay. He goes to court and in court they ask him he's he's making his defense right. His lawyers try to paint it as if like the system is the reason why he became a criminal, and so the his defense is that this is this is South Africa during the apartheid era, and he was so disgusted with the apartheid that he wanted to rebel against the system and like, okay, show him, like I don't know, hit him where it hurt in the banks. Yeah, but he only stole a couple grand and he's making money off of it. Is there's a lot of holes in the argument. And the jury agreed and they they sent in some seventy five years in prison, which seems like a red is deep sentence all he's considered. And this was a pretty significant situation because he was like cop going to prison during apartheid era and so there's he was going in there with like a pretty big target on his back. But luckily for him, uh, there was he was the seventy five years was multiple sentences that he could take concurrently, so there was only actually seventeen years was his real time that he was facing. Still pretty large charge for nobody ever got hurt in his robberies. He only took a couple grand at a time, and he solved most of them. But like like he didn't. Oh well, the people that he put never framed anybody, like he just they just he closed them as cold cases. Oh he would do the research and whatever and bank I don't know who. And so he goes to prison. He goes to underwater prison. It's a prison that's underwater. Yeah, I got it. Yeah, which sidebar u? Uh? You in? What episode? Was it? Lobster War? Yeah, very convincing underwater sounds. I'm like I heard that and I was like, dang, that was really good, Like you ever thought about a career. I actually reached out to him there got talent on that, you know, I had. I had a call with him last week and I said, hey, I can do underwater sounds. I cracked under pressure though, to be honest, she was like, we'll do it for the call, and I was like, I was like, underwater. I'm gosh, I've thought about it was a freaking day. Tim. I was like that was close. And they were like, they don't ever call this number again. I like the idea that number. Yeah, and he just make you do the talent over the It's a wild how those vatrilla quists got on the show because it's all audio, and they get on stage and then it's like, you know, we need to watch them. You gotta watch them. Quiz Everyone close your eyes. I do better when you can't see. I need triller. Quizn't for blind people. It's just trying in the country. So it's almost like that guy who had a goose that didn't have feet, but then he still took him to like disability conferences. You can do it. If my goose can walk, you probably can't. If my puppet can talk, you can see, you can see. Isn't that so insulting? It's like, oh man, this is my underwater puppet. See he's better at it. So I in order to do it, I have to do an impression of the doing his underwater puppet. But it's it's just pretty convoluted. It's the pressure. It's the pressure. Yeah, there's a lot of pressure underwater too. It helps, like to feel that pressure. We're actually drowning, all right. No, he went to underwater prison, which this was a castle granted to a king. It was a picture. It was an It wasn't island at the time, but they I don't know it was a land island. I think when they gave it to me. I don't know, dude, because this came up with a Tycho episode. Do you think they just called islands? Oh yeah, I was making this whole thing. That's not true. That was a callback to the Tycho episode. Oh no, yeah. This is the prison that they were at. So it's a pretty prisony prison. I wanted you to see this because of what happens next. So while he's in prison, he's a friendly guy. He makes some friends with a guy named Alan Hale and Lee McCaw and Lee and Allen had something in common with standard. They liked robbing banks. They were all in on bank robbery charges, but they were bank robbers like Andres going guns a blaze, were taking all the cash, give us the safe. Bank robbers. Andre Stander was hey, I got a gun, give me a few grand. These guys were I got a gun, give me all the money in the safe, or this person over here dies. They were like serious bank robbers, right, and so they became friends because they were like, yeah, we like robberry, you like being robbery and they're like, yeah, tell him how many hostages you take it. He's like, oh, so many hostages? Uh? And so they bonded over his lives, did he really? He was like, I took a lot of hostages. I don't know any stories from the beginning of the movie Dark Knight is based on me. They're like, what movie. He's like, no, no, it comes out in I've got a tattoo when the movie comes out when it rises. Sorry, that's the movie title. My cousin got her kid's birthdays tattoo on him on her arm, like the year, like the full date, like it says just the date though now he says name, and then it says birthdate, and it just looks like all of her kids died, you know, it just looks like that's yikes, who did that? Don't you have to say their name? Which one? Would you think? I gotta be talking about it? Yeah, I know who did that? That's rough. That's rough. Okay. So Lee and Alan and Andre become friends and they're like, I'm in a weird mood today. They're rocking around the prison just being homies, right sure, And they said, you know what, we got to break out of this joint. Like so many prisoners, this is a bank robbery and a prison break episode. So on August eleven, He's got a date, folks. Anytime Tim says a real date, this episode is about to take a turn, all right, and it's either going to be something super fun or it's gonna be they saw a glow in the sky. You know what I'm saying, And he goes on August eleventh, I gosh, man, I wish they got abducted by aliens straight out of the prison. Stupid dude, that would be such a good twist. All right, I forget it. I'm changing the story on August. All right. So on August August eleventh, nineteen eighty three, uh Lee and Andre and five other inmates they had a physiotherapy appointment, which is just a physical basically. Hale Alan Hale did not have the appointment, but they made plans. They said, Hey, all of us together, like the physiotherapist, we could overpower her. Sure, we're going to overpower her, and we're going to get out of this joint. And Alan, we're going to come back for you. And so they go to this appointment right before the moment the other five inmates that were a part of the plan chickened out. They got cold feet, and they were like, we're not going to do it, but Andre and Lee were like, we're going to do it, and so beat so they she's sixty five. What is she going to do about it? What is she do about it? What's that? What is that from? I'm gonna call her Julie? There is what's she gonna do it? Can we call her Julie? So as so standard in Lee? Uh, they overpower the physiotherapist and they just leave. And I don't really understand the security at this prison because all they had to do was overpower the one physiotherapist and then they just got out of the prison. Okay, they left on the Uh they go to like a safe house, camp out at this safe house for like a month, and they're like, we got to figure out a way to get back and get allan the connections with the outside or something like to where do they could go? I don't know details on that. I do know that they found a safe house to stay up. I would assume that Lee knew somebody. I would assume it was not standards connections. It was probably Lee's connection that they use to find a safe house in laylout for like a month. Yeah, He's like, Andre, do you got any connections? They're all cops. So yeah, the one time friend involved in my crime and I ended up here. So that was the one time I you know, floated. I just it was a soft lob with a full plot, so I guess you could say a hard lob. Sure. Uh. So they go they camp out for like a month and then they said, okay, we got to go back and get Alan and so Alan he had a U a trade test and so they were they were all taking trade courses and he had a trade test. So he was at a different spot, a different facility within the prison grounds, but a different facility than the normal area. Yeah, that was like a little lower security, and he was taking his trade test this day. They came back on October thirty, first Halloween Day, nineteen eighty three, and miss just hello, we're here for the McDonald's. It's it's two guys dressed as Grimmas, which is a little suspect because gre are to grim in the office and they are escorting a hamburglar into the prison. And it was a it was kind of a it was. It was not good taste on McDonald's part doing this promotional hamburglargers for all the prisoners. But the hamburgler was cuffed and he ended up breaking out. He bro he was easily overpowered. I know they went into the prison. I don't know how they got their way in, But what we do know is they went into the prison, they got their way to where this test was happening. Okay, and uh uh, this is the story we have all right, Alan is taking his trade test, taking his test, right, just taking taking the test. Yeah, he feels a tap on the shoulder and he turns around to see stander standing there and behind him is Lee with a shotgun and the guards are laying down on the ground behind him, and he's like, we got you, buddy. And how they got in there and they got the guards down? Yeah, they got a shotgun and all this happened without what are they going with? Like, get down, We're trying to surprise our friends. The guards are like, okay, do you want us to hold the He was so surprised. They got like a million likes on Instagram and it goes on TikTok with that, so it's like ja like he hugs he starts crying. Yeah. It ends with the guy creating the test. He gets an A plus too. They get out, they go to a baseball game. The mascot removes his head. It's standard, and he's like, we broke you out, a prison body out, Yeah, And so they leave and this prison break was a little bit more higher profile than the last one. So on their way out, what they did is they grabbed one of the prison vans and they took the prison van off the premises, and they dressed like cops and for some reason they oh, they didn't have their cop costumes. They didn't have their cop costumes yet their costumes. They went to a nearby farm, kidnapped a few people and told them to call the police, and so the police responded to the kidnapping near the prison, and they overpowered the cops and took their uniforms. Okay, and then they took that van and the hostages in the back of the van. Because they knew, because there was just a prison break, that there was going to be roadblocks all over the place right trying to find these prisoners that broke out, And they're like, we got to get out of town. But we're going to keep getting stopped and so we're going to take this police vehicle. I know all the police words, right, I can sound I can sound like a cop. Hey niner, Hey, licensing registration please, he's got a gun. Hey. May eighteenth, we're doing another Till and Live at several dollars City in Branson, Missouri. I would really love to see you there. Tickets are available right now at the description of wherever you're listening or watching, there's a ticket link. Your ticket gets you entry to the live show, but it also gets you access to the park for the entire day, so you can come in that morning, enjoy the theme park all day, and then that night we're shutting down the park with our show. So we can't wait to hang out with you. Please get those fast. We'll see you May eighteenth and Branson, Missouri. So they drive from they drive from roadblock to roadblock to roadblock, and he rolls down the window. Everyone's in the back, they can't see him. It's a prison van. They're like, goes banana bread, that's a cop. That's a cop. He's cop, and they he just drives right through all these roadblocks, leaves town, gets out of town, they ditch the van, ditch the hostages in the van, and they left them in there. And then like someone was going to the grocery shopping, they heard the dog barking, and they broke the windows open and got him out, the dog, the dog. It's insane. How if you see a homeless person and that homeless person has a dog and you go, oh, I hate that. Yeah, that poor dog. You have a problem in your brain. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's rough. So they they drove outside of the city. Uh, they laid low for a couple of months, and then they went to a new town called Houghton Estate, Okay, usually simply called Houghton. It's like a suburb of Johannesburg. And they, uh, what do you guys want to do? Yeah? What do we what do we always want? What are your interests? You guys want to go bowling? You like bowling. We're gonna rob the bowling alley. We went bowling, Okay, And they go and the guys like, when do we get to shoot a stuff? Guys are perfect three hundred. He's just freaking crushing it. I'm board, I'm so bored. They even have animations or anything. Yeah, yeah, it looks very sad. And then they said, you know what, we should rub a bank. We should rob a bank. So they start robbing banks together. Nothing gives you that high. It's nothing. There's nothing like it. There's nothing like it. They start robbing banks. There's nothing quite like robbing a good bank. There's a yeah. And you know what's the irony is that's what banks field too. They're just robbing all of us. Dude, bank I mean, bank employees are so bored, like gosh, I wish someone would rob us. I mean, is just tell someone you're a banker. I'm a banker. First question they asked, you have been robbed? You have been bank problem. That's the only thing you don't care about, your stupid existence. Yeah, your job is the same as a seven to eleven cash here and everybody else is okay. The only question they asked, okay, okay. I was in Nashville this weekend, okay, and I live in Los Angeles. There's people who have hope and dreams and they're like, I'm an actor and you're like, hey, just bring me the garlic bread. Don't get into it right, And you're like, I didn't ask I don't want any of this, Just just just do your current job, right, I get it. I followed my dreams, but I shut up about it, you know what I'm saying, Like, I just I just did the work, and I wasn't I wasn't always Like Nashville, here's the thing about actors and musicians. Actors can work a normal job, you know, and then go audition for stuff and fail in peace, okay fail, you know what I'm saying, Like, if you don't get the audition, no one knows you went for it, you know. So it's just like you you end up sadly watching a lot of shows on Netflix and being like, I read that script and it does work out. Saying I'm not saying don't follow your dreams. I'm saying, you know, if it doesn't work out, no one, no one knows you try. In Nashville, that is not the case. Every he's stinking place you go has some guy with an acoustic guitar singing Taylor Swift cows in the corner. I can't walk into a seven eleven without some guy in the corner being like Romeo to me, and you're like, hey man, you know anyway, I just had a small little did that. Actually, did you see someone playing in the seven eleven? They were outside the seven eleven. That's the same. Yeah, but they didn't How do I describe that. They weren't good? They you can say they were not. No, they weren't like a homeless person. Yeah, I know. He yeah, they were. Yeah. They were just trying to be They were just trying. Yeah. And then at the airport this morning, I was eating breakfast at seven am at the airport and there's a musician on stage in the airport. There's another guy who had just walked through security opened up his guitar case and it was a rifle. And he's like, oh, shoot wrong guitar case. It's a forgotten firearm. Uh no, So please check your carry on luggage. Please check the inside of your guitars. There might be a gun. Something doesn't sound right. It sounds really metallic. Oh man. So they they get back into bank robbery, the three of them together, and now now they're looking a little bit more like bank robbers. But they have rules and standard puts into these puts, these rules together, and the rules are simple. Violence, always be stealing, don't forget your ABC's always be stealing. Uh no they uh there's they're no violence, don't take hostages, never show your gun. And here's my favorite rule, no yelling. Uh And that was the way they rob banks. We're ding a new approach. We're gonna do a new thing called a s M armed robbery arm hold on, Loder, put your put your jeez. They come in and they come up to the tellers. Put your head right here, right here, right here, hold on, put your head right here. It's gonna be great. Put your head right put your head in the middle. Its for this. Don't don't ever grab the back of my hand like that. Don't ever do that to me again. Put your head right there. Okay, okay, I'm here. Okay, you have to put your mic there though. All right. They walk into ton they say, hey, yes, stick and I was like, what, because it's it's eighty three. A SMR hasn't happened yet. These guys were ahead of their time. Have you ever touched the back of my head again? I'm gonna get these tattoos for real. Anyways. I like the idea of AMR. Property is sim rmed robbery, armed robbery. That's I thought that was enough of that joke, and then you were like, I got a good bit to do with this. Calm he here, this is a stick up. I'm not gonna get you. So it's gentle parenting. It's gentle. They're very gentle about these robberies. But they start making bank now because Alan and Lee were like, hey, you know, you don't have to just like rob like you could rob. And so they start like bring some cash and we don't know exactly how much they're pulling, but they start to build a reputation for themselves, and the media starts to call them the Standard Gang. They name him after the Oh so they know it's him? Oh yeah, they know for sure that it's him, because it's it's just got his his his fingerprints all over it, right sure, because it's not wearing any gloves. And so they buy like in a state, do you think I could go into a bank with these this, Yeah, rob a bank? I thought that this morning, actually before I even this this this bank robber episode, there rob a bank and then wash them off and then be like, yeah, I don't have any tattoos. It can't be me. That's what I'm saying. I think they would be like, yeah, we know about temporary tattoos, dude, and what what are you talking about? You would have to go get a tattoo, That's what I'm saying, Galable, you could do this again. Oh yeah, you're right, You're right. I have thought about that. Like, if I, like, witness a murder because I have tattoos, I'd be like, I'd have to do that blackout thing where like you get the you just black out your whole arm, because I'm like, I'm too red, Like people could see this if you don't have this, You're like, oh, like I just look like that guy. I'm not the guy who saw you. Yeah, Like if you go into witness protection and then that person came across you again and you have the tattoos. So you're saying that anybody we see with the blacked out arm, we should go up and go what did you say? Did you see something? Yeah, just go up to him and be like, I know what you saw and then walk away. That's so much worse And it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what they saw. They look back through their whole life. Actually, you know what do that? Anybody anybody saw nothing? I know what you saw and then they for the rest of their life have been what did they know that I saw? What did I see that they know about me? Seeing? So they're making a lot of money. They're making they buy an estate, they buy sports cars, they've got champagne flowing everyone. Okay, So they opened up it they and this is they opened up a souvenir business. So they opened up a company that sells souvenirs. Okay, The employees were getting sketched because they were like, this souvenir business is making a lot more money than one's here. Yeah, we're selling we're selling postcards. And these guys are driving Ferrari. How's the postcards today? Moving a lot of cards. So yeah, they set up a front that they're laundering all the money through. Okay, And and it's and it's the people know it's them. The name it's named after the main guy. So this this gig doesn't last very long for them. On January thirtieth, nineteen eighty four, because it's named after him. Yeah, then you know, the police obviously know that he got out of jail. Yes, okay, So on January thirtieth, nineteen eighty four, like four months later, Sure, there's a police raid on their their little gang hideout. Uh and Alan and Standard managed to get away, but Lee does not. Lee is killed in the raid and Alan and Standard they run. Alan runs to Greece and then England and then Spain and event and back to England. Eventually he's caught and he's tried, and he's sentenced nine years in prison, and he gets another related like firearms charge, and he serves his time in the UK and he ends up getting extradited back to South Africa and eventually gets a parole and was released on prison in two thousand and five, and he writes a book called Bank Robber, and he becomes a motivational speaker. I mean there's not a lot of routes you can go. Yeah, And so he he lived happily ever after until twenty twenty. He passed away in April twenty twenty. That's Allen's story. Standerd on the other hand, he ran to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and he where he currently operates the Bubba Gum Shrimp Company. He gets to the Florida Lauderdale, Florida, and he is like, hey, I bet I could rob some banks here. So he starts Robin Banks again. He gets himself a Fort Lauderdale mansion. He gets himself some sports cars, he gets himself a yacht called the Lily Rose, and he planned he was in communication with Alan. This is all happening while Alan's on the run in Europe. He's getting communication with Allen and he's like, He's like, Lily Rose, I'll get the yacht. I'll come pick you up. We're going to go to some island somewhere and we're going to be We're going to own an island. Yeah, and we're gonna like sail off in the sunset, you and me on the Lily Yeah. So he he's he's now in the States. It's not that long after. It's February tenth. He just got a brand new Mustang the February tenth, nineteen eighty four, February tenth, two weeks. Yeah, he got himself a brand new Mustang. Didn't register. It's an unregistered Mustang that he bought from a dealership. Sure, gets pulled over and the cup arrests him for driving an unregistered vehicle. He has a fake ID, he's running with a fake name, still wearing his mustache and his little hair thing like, you know, living living, like he's that, this fake person. He said his career was an author. He was an author in Australia, which I mean, right books, mate, I mean this is a pretty author. Look right books. I name one of your books and the hobbit that was you. I thought that was big at the eighties. That's why I said those you. Yeah, you copy. The cop goes back to his police officer to get this cop car to get his copy. Cari his squad car and he goes here, j R. R. Tolkien, fake ID, fake I d says j R. R. Tolkien. Yeah, it's j R. That's me twenty one, that's my reality. You can't cut it up now, let me into this bar. So uh the police end up arresting him for driving this unregistered vehicle. Sure but because uh no, the Americans didn't know about the Standard gang. This was like an inner national syndicate. It was a local South African thing, and so they thought his ID was accurate. They thought it was really him. He posts bail and he leaves, but they impounded his car. So he was like, I must have to break the car out, and so he looks at his car and goes I'll be back for you. So he waits those the cars taking a test and he jumps the fence into the impound lot, takes the car, and then the music starts. I came back for you. It's Tim in the car driving around town. So he takes the car back to the dealer and he asked them for a fresh paint job, and so he got a new paint job on. Okay, which is so scary. All right, Let's imagine the salesman. You've just talked a guy sell you a car. I just let a guy buy a car from you, and you did not talk you into selling him a car. You feel defeated, so defeated. And then that guy comes back towo days like he's taking the victory. Laugh. Okay, all right, you got me to sell it to you, And he goes, I want you to change its color. That's the equivalent of if I put a bunch of fake tattoos on and then wash them off. That's the same thing. So he leaves it there the dealer and they're repainting it, and so he borrows a bicycle from the dealer and he's riding the bike everywhere. That's what their courtesy car. Was he WoT a brand new Mustang cash and then he brings it back and is willing to pay money to get this color change. And they can't spare a Ford focus. They can't give him nothing. Here's here's actually one of our salesman's bicycles, got a little plate on the back. You're walking home, and so he he's right around on the bike everywhere he goes, and somehow word gets back to the local police that they think Standard is in town, and so the police start doing some digging. They figure out that he just bought this home, and so they go and they raid his home and he's not there because he's out cycling, biking, And so he's out cycling one day and he happens upon this police raid and as he pulls, he comes around the corner and he sees it, and he turns around and starts trying to bike. But what of the cops. Officer Michael van Statina sees him, because yeah, because because he's running the perimeter, he sees him and he recognizes him and he's like, hey, hey, get off that bike. He chases him down and he goes, no English might no, I don't speak I speak speak English. I'm from I don't know a word in English. Please quit talking to me in English. I don't know that language. I wish you were quit saying so many words in English, a foreign language to me. I'm just out for a piece of bike ride my foreign self. I'm from Australia. Mate. Do you have a book you want me to sign? Yes? Yes, it is me, famous author J. R. R. Tolkien. I love that we're doing this. Is the bike right now? Valenstia or whatever is like running. It's like come on, man, and he's like pull over. So they end up getting in this altercation hustling, and Standard reaches for a shotgun, and in the hustle and bustle, it goes off and shoots him in the stomach and he ends up leaning out and dying from his injuries. Jesus, Okay, well, I'm glad we did a whole stupid little fib. I wish you had to, like, you should use a code when you're about to be like, I'm about to drop. This guy is about to be a death about the story. He's about to die like the Uncle and Spider Man, So maybe she'll ough don't speak English more and more than listen to me. I don't speak a word of melish. I have no idea what you're saying. Oh these years, I just I'm just not in my head. I've just been wigging it. It took me seven months of duel lingo to learn how to say this statement right now, and this is going to end my streak. And I don't think son, just know that I love for you. What he doesn't know the word for love. Okay, he's got close. He's he's just heard it, he's just read it, and so he's guessing I love ye Yeah, yeah, Okay, keep going, you got it. That was it. He dies. He dies right then and there. Please keep my streak alive. I only got two more freezes. I need you. Yeah, he been no never freaking Oh my gosh, it's ridiculous. Here's your whole waiting before the time crude so uh so, yeah, that's standard. Here's his uh Fort Lauderdale. This was from when he got arrested for the car thing. Okay, and then in two thousand and five a movie was made called Standard that looks like it was made in eighty three. The actor Tom j is a good cop, great criminal. Standard Uh, and so this came out in two thousand and five. And uh. He was obviously the main character but hero in the story. Yeah, and very much followed the storyline of hated the apartheid. So I wanted to stick it to the government and rob some banks. It's pretty clear that the guy, just like Robin like money, probably wanted some money. Yeah. I liked the thing. There's some there's some theories out there that he like because he wasn't the military for a second, was a part of like a pretty major operation, and that that he like missed the thrill of war. I'm gonna rob some banks. But here's the thing. His bank robberies weren't like worr like like he could have had like warry bank robberies, but he had like Mary, what a rory bag would worry bank robbery be? Like worry bank robberies are like those oneses. Yeah, like you're wearing like clown masks. You survived a freaking Hey, that's probably up right now it is out. That's why I was trying to plug Tim Broade a war novel famous authors he or novel. It's called Through the Eyes of Sergeant Winslow, and it is available for digital download in our merch store. Yeah, we we took it in its original state. Truly terrible. It's so good. There's no plot, there's kind is there's no real beginning, middle, or end. That's true, that part is true. But there's some great combat, some great comm If you want to hear a fourteen year old kid second hand stories of Call of Duty, you're gonna love it. It's great. Yeah, it's a good read. Check it out. So that's available on our there's a link in our description for that as well. Yeah. So yeah, so he he became there's this this kind of hero situation of him being like the cop who like solved his own crimes and like was doing all this stuff, and but really he was just he was a he was a criminal. Here's a criminal, and there's a like dark side to him. He's he's painted as like a hero, right, Yeah, but there's he was a he got very into the criminal lifestyle even though he wasn't doing like it was like a seven year period in his life and part of it was spent in prison. And really the first part was kind of quiet, like he was like, uh, as as close to white collar crime as you could be without being white collar, you know, right, But when he got back out of prison, like they got into like the lifestyle and so they would have like the escorts, and like there was some not so great stories that came out of him coercing women into into different things. So not a good guy and a lot of no one's yeah, yeah, he should be something you look up to. And then there's a lot of people who paint him like someone who's like a hero, but he's not. He's a back like a fight then he was he wasn't. That just like that was his cover in a in his legal case and it didn't work. So yeah, but yeah, that's Andre standard, good good cop, great criminal. Cool. Wow, it's the bit of tattooing your name that that's ridiculous. Yeah, my voice is kind of rough today, my voice is, but it got me good, Like I was laughing at that. Yeah, that's really good. We need to fill this off. We didn't fiddle it all. Oh hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like this story and you want another bank robber story, we have another episode about a guy named Anthony Kurtio who robbed a bank with a pretty crazy plan, and you can hear how it all came together and how it all fell apart. So that episode is linked in the description wherever you're watching or listening, and if you want next week's episode, you're like, oh man, I've already listened to the whole back catalog. I've already watched all your videos. I need more now you know that's awesome. Already have next week's episode available to our Patreon supporters. That link is also in the description, Or you can text till in to six six six six six eight six six The Devil Almost Got Me. Text till in to six six eighty sixty six you can get all the stuff that I just mentioned. Uh, but we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode.

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Andre Stander had an unusual career path. He grew up wanting to be a police officer like his father and achieved that goal quickly, rising to the rank of captain by age 26. However, Stander soon grew bored with his job and started robbing banks in the 1970s as a way to get an adrenaline rush. Stander would fly to other cities in South Africa over his lunch break, put on a disguise of a fake mustache and wig, calmly rob a bank, then return to work and even help investigate the very robberies he had just committed! He managed to pull off a string of these lunchtime bank jobs for years without getting caught.

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