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Hey, this is thing that wearing last night. This week's episode is about Rudolph Diesel, who created the Diesel engine. It's a really great episode about his backstory and how he created it what it is, and then also some conspiracies about what happened to him in the end of his life. So interesting topic. I like it a lot. You'll love this episode. This weekend, i am in San Angelo, Texas, you know, the crappy part of Texas. And then I'm in Bloomington, Indiana, the crappy part of Indiana. And then next weekend I'm in the worst part Idaho, Cordilane. So if you like stand up, if you like laughing and stuff, you're gonna like my shows. And also this episode, so you're gonna learn some stuff and we're gonna laugh a little bit. So anyway, anything else you want to add? Started? Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of Rudolph Diesel? Yeah, yeah, I have. He gathered around the North Pole and he said, this is for family. I saw your eyes. Think of that joke? I haven't. I've been studying this guy for weeks and I'm not thought of that joke until I connected with your eyes and it was like you saw it coming together. It was like our brains. You saw Scientia racing for pinks in the sled right and rout of find a body transam just off a mountain and went to a plane. It's like rolling through the air. Everybody's everybody else in the cars, like Dasher and Dancer in the backseat. Just god, we caught so many fish. The guy told us to throw in the boat. We told this guy into the boat. We're like, there's no room in the boat, but there's a manger out back. Hey, guys, make sure to smashed that. Like but like looking around the room, you're like, you did the education. I do the good bits things I learned last night. Brains are in Vixen and they're like, why are we flying? We can do that? Why why are we driving? I would just get out of this car. We in the guards so much more dangerous for really don't know, Like our legs are don't work in these Yeah, our legs are so awkward. This is not a right animate You who didn't think reindeer were real? Who was I talking to that? They were like, wait, are real animals? Definitely wasn't me. Man felt like it was you they seemed dumb, like, but yeah, I've seen that movie. It seemed on your level. Yeah, interesting, Yeah, well it wasn't me. Yeah. So Rudolph Diesel was born in March eighteenth, eighteen fifty eight. He was not the reindeer. Different Rudolph speaking of eighteen fifty eight. Yeah, well probably a few years after that. We're going to a theme park that's based in the eighteen hundred, eighteen hundred. Yeah, it's called Silver Dollars Dollars City, and it's in Branson, Missouri. You if you don't know where that is, ask your grandma and still alive. If you don't know, I'm sure we've said it a lot. I'm sure you'll hear mid rolls for it, you know, but we really want to make sure you know about it. It's gonna be a lot of fun. May eighteenth, twenty twenty four. We're going back into May eighteenth, eighteen o four hundreds. It's it's it's ambiguous. It's yeah, purposely vague, because there's some things that make you think it's, you know, early eighteen hundreds, and other things that are like this is this is eighteen ninety nine century at the Yeah, yeah, where Yeah, it's a great park. We're gonna ride, ride, run the whole show century. Yeah, that's gonna be a lot of fun. It's fun. So come out. You're welcome. You're invited. Bring a friend, you're invited. Tell someone come and see, go and see. All right. He was born in March eighteenth, eighteen four year for our best year. Yeah, remember when you were on staff at the Mega church. I do, and that sucks. It was really hard for me, was it. Yeah? It wasn't fun in talking to you back then. Yeah, yeah, we wanted staff had a mega church once. Yeah, and there was a reason that I wasn't anymore. No, I'm just kidding. I love mine. I was great. I just had to move. You think mine wasn't anyway, May eighteen, twenty twenty four. Okay, So he was born in March eighteenth, eighteen fifty eight in Paris, France. It was from German descent, though, Okay, and his family did an interesting thing when right after he was born that I don't know if it is allowed. It his eighteen fifties, so it might have been allowed in the eighteen fifties, but they said, hey, what if there was this local farmer family, and you live with them for like nine months, and so they I don't think it was like, hey, you keep them for nine months. It was like, hey, you can have this kid. And then he spent his first nine months of his life from my son now with his farmer family. And then nine months later his family showed back up and was like all right, I think we want him now. Uh. It's basically like, did you train him out a sit? Did you teach him broken? He broke him in there? All right, we'll take him back. Yeah, it was. It was a freaking trainer. It was a baby trainer that they took him to that got tim so good, and then he's like freaking treats and then rolls over. He does all the tricks. That's like a there's a never mind, so talk about that video game kid. No, there was a there was a commercial recently where they did that with a like the baby in the Oh no, it was a movie. It was a movie, The babyby Yeah. That was a good anyways, Fast and Furious seven where one of the babies got freaky Friday with the dog dog Like, this is a weird side story. Freaky Friday is a verb that's a fun time. So he went back home and lived with his family for a few years. Did you watch the what was it called the Vince Vaughan Killer movie? Maybe? I feel like it was like Freaky Friday the thirteenth or whatever it's called. It's like, that's essentially essentially what happened was they sat around They're like, what movie do whant I make next? And someone went Freaky Friday the thirteenth, and someone's okay, so it's a knife killer, but they've got Did you see that movie? No? What was it called? It was? Actually it was funny. It was good. Vince Vaughn plays a killer who stabs his victim, the girl, and then they get Freaky Friday, and so now the girl is in this old guy's body, and then the girl this is old guy to you, I'm looking at you. And then the girl is the killer. Yeah. Yeah, and so Vince Vaughn has to go to his friend his high school. But friends, it's like, guys, no, seriously, it's me. It's a very funny plot. I thought it was pretty well done. That's pretty good. That is back in time. No, no, no, no, that one you're thinking of is a different I was just about to bring it up. No, no, no, okay, okay, wait, Alex, do you know what I'm talking about? Am I crazy freak future? Okay? So, no, Vince Vaughn is in a movie. I don't remember what it's called. Sorry about that. This is really bad promotion. But there's another movie which straight up is Back to the Future where her mom's friend was killed when when she was in high school. Oh oh yeah, I told you this one. Yeah, that one, that one. That one was fun too interesting. I don't remember what either of them are called, but they were fun movies. Yeah. Back to the murders, Yeah, back to the murders and the I do know what it was brought to you by. Okay, So he gets he gets picked back up by his family slashing prices. We're slashing prices. And your neighbor Bryce, We're slashing prices. That's a Brice. It's a Bryce slicer right there. All right, speaking of slicers, the other night, I experienced a horror movie in real life. I've been waiting to tell you this, and I so got that. Rudolph Diesel was born on Large eighteenth. No no no, no, no, no no no. I fell asleep on my couch watching a documentary huh. And I woke up probably like ten thirty ish to give or take. And so I wake up. I'm like, oh, I got got it that I'm kind of I let the dogs out start kind of like cleaning up and getting ready for bed, you know, And I hear my dogs like barking bloody murder outside. They were barking the word bloody murder. It's like, who thought of that? That farmer I left? Dude, alex Is. I could literally feel Alex in there typing like, oh my gosh, man stupid. The last episode was long, and he's like, this episode is not going to be long. It's what it says it's gonna be. We're in for a long one. So I gotside of the dogs are barking like crazy. I get outside, and I hear the sound of a guy talking like and so like, I get outside and I walked over to my fence so I could like see over the fence and see what's going on. There's a guy at the end of the block, and it's night and so it's dark, so I can't standing in the street lamp, I can't see like, I can't see him clearly, Like I see his silhouette, you know, like it's like that kind of dark. It's a what was it? It was like a waxing crescent that night, so like it wasn't a bright moon. But was it the night that David Copperfield made the moon disappear? I looked up, So take it, David. I gotta see that guy, David. This is I gotta say. So. This guy's at the end of the block and he's walking down the block and the best he's wearing oversized shirt, overside pants and the ends of them are like, I mean, the best way to describe more rags, Like they're raggy and like I can tell like they're like longer than his wrist, you know, Okay, And he's walking down and he is talking like normal volume. He's not like shouting or yelling or even like he's not there raising his voice at all, just talking normal volume. And his voice is nineteen's fifties dad voice. And you know what I mean, like like transatlantic that kind of like like like the dad from a Christmas story. Like that's how he's talking. It's like I want a major award. I can't do the voice, but you know, what I mean I want? Yeah, yeah, that kind of voice, like that's how he's talking. And he's saying Ron, Ron, here boy, Ron and clapping but like not like but it's not like you know, when people are looking for their dog. Ron, that's too much, that's too dog like. Like it was. He was very Ron, Ron, come me boy. Yeah, but it was nineteen fifties dad, And it was like it's just very ominous the way, and it was very quiet, like it wasn't like he was. It was too quiet for someone looking for their dog. And he walks what did you do? He walks all the way down the block and passed my house and like down another block and then turns around and walks all the way down this back down the block, the whole time saying Ron, Ron, come here boy, in that exact same cadence every time, probably said it a hundred times, exact same cadence, and goes all the way back down and walks down and then rounds that corner. And I'm going to be honest with you, that man died sixty years ago, and I am so confident, and he's just wandering the neighborhood, yeah, looking for Ron. And Ron is not a dog. It's not a dog. Na. What I think probably happened was that he was just walking in the neighborhood. One of your neighbors saw him and was like, Ron, come your boy, Ron, come your boy. And then he went, Ron, give me a boy, and like picked it up. You said something, he would pick it up, had you like, man, I wish I would have tried that. Yeah, I would have been like, I have a bomb. I have a bomb. He's a parrot, I have a bomb. Yeah. So I took the dogs inside pretty hurriedly, and then the dogs started saying dogs like Ron, coury boy. You know what this made me think a more interesting story. Freaked me out. Man, I thought they were gonna kill me. You thought that guy was gonna kill you? Yeah, they were. There's a couple of them. Well, it's like the guy I told you that yelled at the fire truck and stuff. But I was at the grocery store. I told you about this out of here. I think I called you. Think we were on the phone when it happened. Where a guy was walking through the grocery store parking lot a couple of weeks ago, and like he was just like, you're holding hurry up, like streaming, and there's just no one there. But he's having a full conversations. He's like, come on, no, seriously, let's go interesting. So maybe hear me out. Same guy, their state's apart, same guy, different dimension. No, no, no, no, oh, they're talking to each other. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, this is Ron. Yeah where I live. Ron's over there. They are our connection interesting because we're so far apart, connected through our connection, through our connection. Yeah, because it was a it was like it was a crescent moon, right, yeah, it was a waxing cres waxing. Yeah. I don't know, that's crazy. He's pretty spooky to me. He was pretty likely. What was the moon like the night that Rudolph Diesel died? Rudolph Diesel. Okay, So he goes back to his family and they along. Story short. They live in Paris, the frank Oprussian war starts, they have to move to London. They get this place to London, and while they're there, he decides, uh, his family decides, you should live in with your aunt and uncle in Augsburg, and so they moved him to in one little flight and they got scared and said, you're moving with your auntie and uncle and Oxford Augsburg, Augsburg, Augsburg, thank you. And they sent him to college and he gets a scholarship. He wants to study engineering, and his parents are pretty upset about that. They say, we don't think you should do that. We think you should be My favorite business is a stunt man. Exist back then, I'm gonna hate deep. I don't know, I'm just throwing stuff war right now. Your job is to inform. My job is to do silly little gags. Your job is to educated stunts in the family. Yeah, So he wants to go study engineering and his family's upset about that because what about the stunts that would make you That's what I'm saying. That was like that would make you too rich? You know, like why would you be upset about that? Like if your kids, like I want to go be a lawyer and you're like, no, we own sonic drive ins and you're going to run them, and why would you want to hold your you know? Yeah, they believed in farming, okay, and so I think this I think there was I think this was an interesting time in history because this was when farmers were rich, and so farming was his career being a doctor being an engineer. That was new and that was it was kind of like the YouTubers farmers and doctors were with doctors and YouTube like I want to be a doctor and you're like, shut up, dude, that's a stupid dream that's never going anywhere. Like what are you going to do with that? And now it's like doctors are rich but in the same thing YouTuber. That's why when I go to my doctor's office, he comes in, he's like, hey, guys, make sure to smash that like budd and you're like looking around the room. You're like, don't see. You can tell me anything and no one will know. It's called confidentiality. That's a great YouTube channel. Chle you guys, confidentiality. Hey guys, welcome to the Doctor's Confidentiality. Here's another recap of all the stuff I did this week. No, it's no, it's it's a hitting camera show. Oh no. I like the idea of a doctor giving a recap of his week, but he can't tell you. So he's like, here's on Monday, on Tuesday, went to sushi for lunch, and uh on Wednesday, if you know, you know next week on another doctor recaps you know. He's like, I can't tell you. So he goes on to engineering. He graduates. It's a great TikToker time. I'm gonna start that. Hey guys, I'm a therapist, but I'm not allowed to tell you what I talked about. But you know, this week I had a client who and then I muted, mute it, mute the whole thing. Yeah, they were sad about stuff. It's pathetic, all right. So eighteen eighty he graduates with a degree in engineering and he gets a job working on a refrigeration plan. At this job, he starts working with steam engines and he gets obsessed with engines, which is like a lot of sh she jump to the interesting stuff first, dude, trains, right, I kind of, I guess, yeah, let's do it. So he starts working on He develops an engine that works with ammonia vapor, which sounds like probably a bad idea, Like everything I know about ammonia is like, you don't want that vapor. I think, I don't know. And so it did blow up in a test run and killed him, And that's the whole story, all right. No, it nearly killed him. He was in the hospital for months. I mean he had lifelong health issues and I sight issues because of that. I don't know if hospital and he looked at his parents they're over here, and he's like, I'm sure you guys are glad for doctors now, huh. And he got out of the hospital and he can't see at all. He's looked at the wrong way, and his dad's like, his dad's like, hey, if I train you how to do stunts, you could be a superhero. Now this accident, let's do it. Let's let's do it. What do I got to lose? And so he is, like I said, obsessed with engines, and he's strongly believes he's like, he's like, engines inefficient, they're i mean better than horses and stuff. But like there's a theoretical level of where this can we do train racing back in the day. This is actually a real question. I'm kind of I don't wondering, but it seems like they would, right, I don't know why they would like drag race, they would engines. So you're saying, you're saying a situation where you've got a racetrack for trains. Oh no, no, no, no, I'm saying a drag race. You got to two tracks next to each other. Can we do NASCAR trains, NASS train train, NASH train, I guess where it's. Yeah, it's just you got those two steam engines. You know you can't. You know, it be really a slow sport. But yeah, but if you got if you got like bullet trains, it would honestly be kind of fun. You know. The more I think about it, the more I kind of like this idea. I like trains, Dude, I don't think they did it. I'm a big am track guy. I was trying to get us trains to out. Maybe I'll get you that for your birthday. Maybe you can train out to Los Angeles. I'm not all the day to l A. You know how long that would take. It's thirty four days, thirty four hours. Jeez, it's a long ride. Yeah, but you go to private bedroom. Yeah, but you're you're the train guy. I love trains. I'm not a train guy. No, No, you would like what I like. No, you like what I like? What I like? Doug, No, No, you like if I like it, you have to like it to you like it. That's how best friends. That's how Yeah, that's how this works. We like the same. It's our thing. Okay, wei should got counseling. I'm pretty mad you do that with your wife but not with me. Hey, thanks for checking out our show. If you like it and you want to support be a part of what we're doing here, you can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community. We have a discord with our hosted producers. We have a lot of fun. We're super active and there every day. You get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out, we eat pizza, We get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast, and there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that that are super cool. If you want to be in that, you can just text tillin to six six eight sixty six and that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here and thanks for watching our show. So Diesel, Diesel, Diesel knew about this thing called the Carno cycle. Carnot cycle. I don't know what can you do? The education I do the good bids so stupid. Okay, so the car car, no cycle, carnate cycle. I'm not sure. It's the theoretical limit of how efficient an engine could be. And it was developed like the early eighteen hundreds, okay, and so from zero to one hundred percent, is this like one hundred percent the limit? It's as efficient as could possibly be. Steam engines came in at a ten percent and so not very efficient, and at the time even lower, like the the peak of steam engines with ten percent when he was working on was like four percent. So they're not very efficient engines because it takes a lot, like if you're steam engineing, like you need an engine to produce the steam to then use the steam to actually move the engine right, and then you've got dudes that are throwing all the coal and like really hot in the bottom of the Titanic. You know, Yeah, that that was the problem. You're saying like physically like like their temperature hot. Are you saying like hot? Guys? Do that? I mean it's both, don't You can't move it without getting hot. That's that's the I was gonna say modern day that is the pre modern day CrossFit that is pretty crossfitting. Can we started get ripped? Dude? Just freaking go work on a steam track work at the time. Leg were you're looking Jack lately? What do you you? I don't know, man. I eat a lot of protein. And also I shovel coal into a steam engine. So you know, it is one of my lifelong dreams to drive the train at Serdar City, Like I want to get boiler experience. Do you have to have boiler experience? Because like the guys, it's a real steam engine. I didn't know that. Yeah, and so it's like, yeah, the guys who were operating the steam engine know how to do steam stuff. That's probably why I don't know. They don't let me do it yet because I call it steam stuff. You're so steamy, guys. Let me join the steam team to be a steamer. Can we ask if I can? Yeah, this was gonna say. I was like, why did you ask that? Can we be in the They'll probably let us in right Oh dude, I know you're listening right now. Can I please? Can I please be in the snow conductors allowed? Just me let me take the train. No one's allowed in here but me. No. I feel like there's a safety issue. I feel like they can't let me in the adine. I don't know we can ask all right, it's like Jesus take the wheel. But it's fel like we should have demands, but we like we make like, you know, we do the negotiating thing where we put like six of them where it's clearly not going to happen. Yeah, you know, let me standing on top of the roller coaster. That's clearly not gonna all right, We'll let you cut that one out. You know, I'm saying, yeah, give me a ten percent stake in the company. Well, clearly that's not gonna happen. All right, Fine, but I get to be in the engine of the steam. And they're like, okay, yeah, I mean, of all the domains you've made, that's probably probably the most realistic we can grant that one. That's a good idea. That's a good idea. He meets a guy by the name of von Lynd who owns a corporation that builds stuff. Yeah, and so he goes there and he starts researching this Carno cycle and how he can build a more efficient engine. The first kind of addition to that was he the aemonia vapor engine. Uh, And long story short, it led to him being able to develop this theoretical engine that he published a paper to go with it that was supposed to be super efficient. Sure, and as a result of that that paper, accompany by the name of Machine in Fabric Augsburg called him up and was like, hey, you want a job, And he's like, I got a job, and they're like, I got a better job. And so basically they hired him to come just develop this engine, okay, and they're like, your whole job is to come and test and build this engine to make it a real thing. So he worked there from eighteen ninety three to eighteen ninety seven and he emerged with the diesel engine. That makes sense, Yeah, And so this engine was a very significant engine because if you don't know how a diesel engine works, a normal engine, what happens, So a normal engine, what happens is the fuel mixture comes into the end of the piston, and you've got that the fuel in the air mixture. The piston fires and moves and compresses your fuel air mixture. A spark plug ignites it and then and that spark makes it explode, fires the piston back down and it moves the exhaust out, and that exhaust makes everything move, and that's how a traditional engine works. So there's a lot of kind of components that are moving in there. In a diesel engine, it starts similar You have the fuel air mixture that pumps in the piston, begins at a lower state and then compresses it and actually, instead of a spark igniting it, it just compresses it so much that it ignites. And so it's just a ridiculous amount of compression that blows up the mixture and then it just goes straight into the exhaust. So you're taking a component out of the cycle. And you have to use a specific kind of fuel with this to cogn that work, and that fuel allegedly is less flammable, and so like you can't just like cut catch up fire. It's not supposed to explode on its own. Like gasoline right just blows up. Sometimes, yeah, smoke near it. The amount of people who smoke at gas stations is pretty bonkers. It is insane, Like, hey, I get that you don't care about your life, but I care about mine. Which it's wild because the amount of people who smoke anywhere else is really low. Now like, yeah, like think of it, like, oh, go away from me at my favorite bars and my favorite restaurants. Give me one place that I can still do. And you're like, okay, I hear you, I understand, but like the gas station is not the one place, dude. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that is insane that you say that about public parks or preschools. Honestly, either of those are better than the gas station. No, those kids are gonna blow up. I don't think they are. What are you made? What are you made of? Kid? You've seen the diesel monster truck? Are they not normally diesel? No? Really, that's kind surprizing. Those are huge engines, engines. Yeah, but semi trucks are diesel. Those are okay. No, these are like muscle car via like engines. These are huge. You've been to a mustruct show. No, we've talked about this before. I wanted to go yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, freak yeah, okay, but this year not this year. A couple of years ago, Monster Jam introduced a d soel and I'll be honest with you, it's not as efficient as the other ones. It's not really Definitely was cool, really yeah, because I mean, well, first of all, monst trucks are loud, yeah, I mean like loud yeah. And then this one's just like and you're like, sounds like you sound like a dentist, you know you, and you're like, did get out of here? Man? Do you like watch monster truck realies? Like? I know you've been to them, but do you like watch them like on TV? Bro, I'm not gonna lie to you. Some of the highlights are pretty cool. That's the most small town thing you do. Honestly, that's fine. I don't care if I'll be honest with you. If that's the most white trash thing about me, I'll take it. That's fine. I guess that's fine. Yeah, monster trucks are cool. First of all, Everyone comment and talk about how cool monster trucks are. And if you don't know, like I get that. It's one of those things like you you see videos of it and you're like, I guess, but like when we go, which we will, Yeah, when you feel those in it's it's cool. Man. Well, okay, it's one of those things that I I wouldn't say. I went to a drag race once and it was it was pretty crazy. Yes, you know, drag races are awesome. It was pretty INtime. Monster trucks even better, huh, because they're just going. Drag races are just going straight forward, you know, and then back, yeah, you know, but the monster straightforward and then rolling. Yeah. And I mean like the drag races too. You got a lot of you got the Westboro Baptists, so you got the people like, ah, we hate this, you know, and cool, you get where I'm going. You get where I'm going. So he is up there. I guess I don't know the difference. No, but monst trucks are pretty honestly, that'd be a way to bridge the gap if they did a I've we've talked about this before. Have we talked about this? Have we not? I don't think we have this the hostal drag race like drag race that would be that'd be cool. Anyways, So he makes this engine. He comes out with it makes the patent people are like, well, this engine's crazy, Like this is a good engine, like a good engine, a good one. And to the point where this engine is operating on the cardinal sale at a seventy five percent efficiency, So they're going from like single digits to seventy five percent efficiency. This is create like changing the market. For reference, most cars on the road today, they have like a maximum expectation that they would be at about a fifty percent efficiency, but they're really only operating like twenty to forty because of emissions and cost, so they like downgrade them, so like twenty to forty percent efficiency. So this is even for today's Standard's like a very efficient engine that he produces, and the market loses their mind. They're like, we need all these engines. Yeah. So he builds a business and he leads his company, builds this business, and he starts producing this engine and producing like licenses for other people to produce this engine as well, and he becomes a millionaire in one year. Cool. And so he's very wealthy man, traveling the world, acquiring patents in countries worldwide, and he kind of becomes like a like an Elon Musk of his time, Like he becomes like this really famous business man entrepreneur that everyone's reading. Also, his name was Rudolph. Is a name that's like needs to make a comeback. I think, yeah, yeah, that's Rudy Rudey. Is that what Rudolph Rudy was short for? Yes? Did he ever mention that in the movie. What do you think it was short for? I just thought it was rudy, rudithy. I didn't think it was short for anything. I just thought it was rudy. No, Rudolph. Did they mention that. Do they say that in the movie? I don't know, but that's usually what it's short. It'd be like, wait, you're telling me tim is short for Timothy? Did they say that in the movie. You're like, no, but it's usually usually short for Timothy, Like most people aren't named just tim because that's stupid. Okay, anyways, so he's traveling around tim. I think you'd be annoyed at that, right, You'd be like, guys, it's Timothy. You would be annoyed at that. Am I not wrong? Not really, honestly, because I don't. I get very uncomfortable with people call me Timothy. Okay, that feels weird, and not even your parents call you that. Yeah, my parents call me tim They called you. Oops. So this isern Come here, Yes, dad, my name is Tim. I don't care. I forgot it long ago. This engine is sweeping, sweeping the globe. He is going to these expos talking about the fuel source because here's the thing. Diesel fuel is not diesel fuel like we think of today. Yes, diesel fuel was at the time vegetable oils. And so he's going to farms and he's being like, hey, you've got a lot of this vegetable oil lying around from when you juice your carrots. My favorite is when I can see your eyes like you're like, you're not going to make it through this, from when you juice your carrots or whatever. You could tell that Tim has no idea how farming works at all. You guys have a lot of this laying around from when you juice your carrots. Se basically, but he's basically telling farmers. He's like, he's like, hey, you can grow your fuel. You don't have to buy it anymore. Farmer's you can have all of our carriage juice. Farmers love it. Gas companies hate him. Okay, And this is different because diesel fuel now is gasoline that's like refined in its special way. But they just recently came out vegetable oil. They just recently came out with biodiesel though, which is like a refined vegetable oil. I just recently brought that back. The oil industry is like, hey, hey, hey, well, so this is big. He's traveling around the country selling this stuff for about ten years. On September twenty ninth, nineteen thirteen, he is on board the s S. Dresden to meet with the Consolidated Diesel Manufacturing Company in London. And this is this is the ship. I got a nice This is a picture. This is a photograph of the ship that looks familiar. And here's here's the guy. Actually, this is him. And here he is with one of his engines, like his first prototype of the engine. Okay, very cool. So this is now ten years later, he's very rich, and he's going to visit a manufacturer in London. In London who is just making his designs. Yeah, well they're not making him yet. So this is a meeting to secure the business. Oh, with depth and now favor already committed to the name of their company. I mean they there. I guess, yeah, I guess. I guess they're like, it was implied we're gonna get it. We're gonna get it, That's what I'm saying. It was implied that they had already been making it. But I guess yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so's he's on his way to meet with them, which you mentioned it. I I do want to acknown this. You mentioned this. This is two years after but he was he did have a ticket on board the Titanic and he didn't board it because he was like late for work that day or something. What was What's he didn't go because he was Michael Jackson not in the you know what I'm talking about. I don't know what you're talking about. Like, I know, I think I know what you're talking about, but I have never heard that in my life. Are you googling it right now? Okay? So he was supposed to have a meeting in the building. Oh oh wow, missus meeting. Yeah. Yeah, that's a pretty common story. It's similar what happened for him. He was supposed to be on the Titanic. He had a ticket for the Titanic, but he had an extra meeting that popped on his calendar, so he missed it, missed the exit of the Titanic for that extra meeting. Wow, just to hear that business. Yeah, there's like notes in his diary of him talking about it. He kept a diary. Okay, so we know a lot about him from his diary. Yeah, that's why I keep do when you write in your diary, do you have like a journal? No? Yeah, I don't do that because I don't want people to be able to try stuff to me. So I was talking to my wife about this, because she journals a lot. She journals more than I do. Yeah. Is it one of those journals from like Nickelodeon that has a lock on it? Yeah, and like open, like one of the pages is just full slid. Uh. We're adults shut out tim a fee from a thy So no, is we're talking about that. When you write, there's a part of you that's like what if what if somebody reads this one day? See, like want to sound very dramatic about some things? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've never I did that for a little bit more truly alone, We're never done performing is essentially. What's that? You know, even in your private thought, you're never really letting down that like what if someone reads? Yeah, yeah, that's true. I tried it for a minute. It was like a spiritual thing like journaling. Oh yeah, and then you quit that job of the church and you gave up on all that. No, it was like it was like it was like uh, and you got into your weird special stuff you're into now, I'm sorry, we can cut this. Nineteen thirteen, he's on board the S S Dresident heading to that that manufacturing company that's very bold with the name Yeah, to meet with them. Suddenly the CIA pushes a giant iceberg. What's like, I do it over there with that big piece of ice. It's one guy in a kayak just kayaking the iceberg in the place I was thinking he was on top of it. He was on top of the iceberg. Like, what are those guys in the gondolas called those those stripe shirts? I think they call him and the entire they're called what tractees? Okay? Steering the iceberg into the ship, there's a couple on their honeymoon and he's singing Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo. It's so romantic out here. So Diesel has dinner on board the ship and he returns to his room at about ten PM and he asks for a wake up call at six fifteen am. Why he's waking up that early on board the ship, I don't know. I don't think that had a gym. Yet. You look at that ship and it's you'd be surprised the number of people on cruises who get up and go to the gym in the morning. It's actually it was pretty annoying. Yeah, but I mean like if if if like a modern cruise, sure, but this boat no gym. Even on the modern cruise, I got up and I would go to the gym because I work here. I'm not work right now. Why are you guys here? Yeah? Yeah, you're one of the ship. You're on vacation. Yeah, get out of here. Yeah. You never work out on vacation, I mean va because better than you, my gosh, vacation workouts with the best kind of workouts. Yeah, they're much more relaxing, like they're like yeah because you're why because it's like like if you like a workout during your work week, you're like, I gotta get out of here, I gotta go get stuff done. But that you have nothing, and so you just kind of like you just feeling my vacation. Well, I mean if you do it later in the day, like if you do it like wake up early and like you set the time for it, like it's it's nicer because you don't feel like that tugged like I got to be doing something. I got to be I felt that whenever I was when we did Google last I got up and my cardio in the morning. Yeah, but our days were starting at six am. I know I was good. I was getting up at like four. Yeah, So you still you feel Oh I got great to get out of here. I still feel great. I felt awful that trip because I was not working out and I was eating terribly. We're how bad my voice was because of Medieval Times. Yeah. I actually watched the clip of that the other day and I was like, oh man, I could see it in my face trying to struggle to get the words out. We learned a lesson. Yeah, Medieval Times is an after the event event. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like this and you want more of our show, We've got plenty of other episodes. It's one of my favorites. Is Action Park, a super sketchy theme park that was basically overrun by teenagers and they just made the rules. It was in New Jersey. It was a wild story, but we did a whole episode about it, and I think you'd like it. So when you're done with this one, go check out that episode. But for now, back to this one. For six fifteen wake up call. At six faceteen, one of the ship mates comes up to his room and finds that it's empty. His bed is made, and it does not look like it's been slept in, like it's currently made. His night shirt is neatly laid out in the bed, which is an old thing. People don't do that anymore. So you just be clear though, six fifteen wake up call with someone coming into your room. I guess there's there no, because there's no phone. Where's it coming to you? Hey? Yeah, what's what's going on? Man? It's six sixteen? No, I said, sixty fifteen. Well, I tried throw them overboard, block the plank. That's the guy right there. That guy. Uh, his night shirt is laid on in the bed, something we don't do anymore. They used to wear nights shirts, shirts and shirts at night. We don't wear shirts after the clock strikes dead. Just in case I got tired of mind RiPP him, I turned into a werewolf. What are you talking about? Shirt? He let his nice shirt, nice and neatly on the bed. His watch was on, so he had never gone to bed. His watch was on the side table, like facing the bed, as if he was like wanting to be able to like just open his eyes and see the time. You know, you know what I'm talking about. And so they were like, where's he at? Is peculiar? Where's the guy that was supposed to wake up? Why isn't he in this room? They look around the ship and near the railing of the ship, at one area of the boat, they find his hat and his overcoat like neatly folded next to the railing of the ship. And so they said, oh, it looks like this guy jumped overboard him all the night. But for what reason? Who knows the motive. Here's strange why he would do that. There's not a note he did in his diary leave a cross on that day, just a picture of a cross, and that was all that was in his diary that at all. Yeah. Cryptic, Yeah, very cryptic. He he did, this is an important detail. He did empty his bank account and then before he left on this trip, he gave his wife a bag and said don't open this until next week and was full of twenty thousand German marks, which is equivalent to about one hundred twenty thousand US dollars today. Okay, And then they didn't find him at first but about a week later, a tug boat was sailing in the same area. I don't know if sailing is the right term for a tugboat tugging the same area, and they found the body. The body like floating, so they pulled it in and they looked at it and they're like, I think that's the guy. That guy that died. Oh my gosh, it's Elon Musk. And so they took some personal effects off him and they threw him back out. It was catch and release. No, they really did that though, because they said they didn't have room on board. Serious, Yeah, they said they didn't have a room on board for a body. So they threw him back in. They took some effects, threw him back overboard. What that's not true. That's one hundred true catch and release to this guy. And they took those personal effects and give him the police, and the police brought him to this Diesel Son and Diesel was like, yeah, this is my dad's stuff for sure, what okay? And so it was ruled as suicide. But there's a lot of questions about it. And he's just still a seed, like they just left him out there. Yeah, they left him just somewhere he's in the ocean somewhere, probably not anymore, but yeah, they just threw him back out there. Yeah, he's probably in your neighborhood. Run Run, Run Run. Here's the thing, there's a lot of people who've got some motives the situation. Okay, obvious oil company, obviously the oil companies. There's the gasoline engine is developing alongside the diesel engine. They were one and the same at the same time building these engines, and they're starting to become pretty competitive with each other, like what's going to be the better one and what's going to be more widely used in the world of engine ing stuff. There was one guy in particular that a lot of people have pointed to as the potential person who could be behind this plot, and it's this man. Do you know who that is? He looks like slender Man's grandpa. Yeah, that's actually pretty accurate. This is John d. Rockefeller. Yeah, that makes sense, and he looks like a killer. Here's the things we know about John D. Rockefeller. One, he was a billionaire. Yeah, depending on who you listen to and what numbers, he might have been a trillionaire. Like adjusted for inflation, he was like the top of the petroleum industry, and so he was selling fossil fuels and things like that, and he got very very very like ungodly rich off of it so much show that he became kind of insane. Something that a lot of people don't remember Rockefeller for was his relationship with the Pinkertons. You know, the Pinkertons are no The Pinkertons were like a private police force that was like nationwide at that time, and he used them a lot, primarily for union busting. And so there'd be yes, okay, his companies that would start to unionize, he would send the Pinkertons and they would literally kill a bunch of people and then they wouldn't unionize, and they'd be like, oh, it was accident, you know. That was the Pinkertons in the warehouse came on fire with those people inside. If only they had safety working conditions. The union should really work on that. The union should do that. It would be good for them to do that for you. They there were I shouldn't say fairly confident, but there's a conspiracy that John Rockefeller was behind a plot with the Pinkertons. A lot of people don't recognize this evs were also happening at this time. They were coming into the market at the same time as the diesel engine and the traditional gas engine. In the early nineteen hundreds. Yes, and there was actually an entire fleet of electronic taxis in New York that were functional and they were driving around New York like transporting people in New York. No one driving, yeah, well it was there's people driving over. They were they weren't at autonomous, yeah, but they were electronic vehicles. I think I've seen an old video where they replaced the battery in the car. Maybe it's like a big battery in thee. Yeah, because yeah, they they had these chargers all over New York City and they had these taxis that were fully electric taxis in the early nineteen and Henry Ford he had produced the Model T and he also was working on evs at the same time, and so he had an electric model teeth that he was working on and a whole he had a whole plant that was producing these things and like researching these things, and it mysteriously caught fire and burned down, lost all of that the progress, and he ended up canning the concept after that because he was like it's too much money to reinvest back into this. It's just a total loss. We should do working to that for sure. And there's always been the theory that the Pinkertons set that fire and the picker Tins were hired by Rockefeller. Yeah, to set that fire. We don't know for sure, we know for sure, but it does look like, oh, I don't know who did it. It does look like Rockefeller hired some people to burn that thing down. And so it's not with the outside the realm of possibility that Rockefeller was like, this guy's diesel engine is going to take out my petroleum money and I need to kill him, and I've got people who can do that. And so they put him on board that ship. Well, he built a boat and sunk it and was like, oh dang, he missed the boat. And so he was like, he's like, maybe we could do a less colladal damage, try to get and try to just push him overboard the next one. Yeah, he hired the picker Tins and then he saw the Titanic thing. It was like, that is not what I expected you guys to do that way too, Why did you do that? Like you could have just pushed him off the ship. That's what I meant. I thought, that's good. That's a better, much better I did. But John the movie about this, you said, you said break him in half, not break the boat and half. I get it now, you said when you said put it at the bottom of mister, listen, I'm just a Gum'm just the guy who goes out and makes stuff. I'm just dumb when you said sink it, I didn't realize you were calling him the it that I saw me. I I didn't realize you didn't think of him as a person. I should have known that. I will drown him and then I'll make sure if he's found. They even him at the sea. Then he drowns. They pulled his body out of the boat, and then here comes that guy in scuba gear way. He just comes out of the water. He's like, he's like, throw that body back in the water. Gave me back my body? What put that body back where it came from? Now, Like, we need to listen to the sea man, sea man. We need to listen to this guy of the sea. He just came out of the ocean and told us to put the body back. We're gonna put the body back. Don't tell anyone you saw me. Don't tell no one you saw me. And then he just he walks back in the water and they're they're in the middle of the ocean. He's happy to the bottom. He just like want like Godzilla, and they're like, it's eight lunch feet deep here. No one's gonna believe us. Let's just say we didn't never room in the boat. There's no room in the We caught so many fish. The guy told us to throw the boat. Told this guy in the boat. We're like, there's no room in the boat. But there's a main ger ou back. You could go to sleep in there, sleep in there, all right. So it could be John D. Rockefeller, right, probably, Well, there's this other guy by the name of Kaiser Wilhelm. The second he did look at him, he's not in the army. This was their silver Doarter city. It was one of those one of those one of those photo booths where you like dress up and do the whole thing, but you can dress up as like a military general. I like that. No, Yeah, this guy was the Emperor of Germany. He was the last emperor of the German Empire. Yeah, I mean not though, well, the German Empire like this, so Prussia, I believe was that's like technical name. It was the German Empire. He's a emperor of it. And Diesel was from German descent. But Diesel was kind of a tough guy to pin down because, like I said, painting his backstory, he was a German descent guy, but he was born in Paris, France, and then he moved to London, lived on that farm for a little bit, and then moved to Augsburg, so he was kind of all over the place. He worked for that German company while he was developing his thing, the man Man Sheeness Fabric company, but he was frustrated with them, and the reason why he left initially was like they were having a They didn't want him to go international. They wanted to keep it in Germany, and so he left them and started producing it internationally and they were like, no, they didn't like them, and they didn't like that, and he didn't like that either. Well, here's the thing. Germany at the time was trying to expand their navy, to build a stronger navy to be able to compete with Great Britain because the Royal Britain Navy was really the Royal British year was really good. He died nineteen thirteen. Yeah. So I'm I mean like Germany was going for it with the World War, right, Yeah. So World War One begins about seven eight months from here, got it? And so that's Germany. Yeah, yeah, Germany's there, we want to do it. Yeah, so it Germany almost a year to the day, actually, Germany declares war on Russia and France and World War One begins. Yes, but so Germany is rapidly expanding their navy. And the thing with the diesel engines is they were much more efficient and they were great for boats and more importantly, this sweet new thing called summarines. They call them U boats at the time because they didn't have good names yet. They're like underboats. That sounds dumb, yeah, yeah. And so remember the point of this trip though the trip he's going to meet with the Consolidated, Yeah, which is a British company that already named itself after the diesel to so this guy did it, So there's some motive for Germany'd be like, no, we don't want them to get their hands on that technology. We have it, we're producing it. We can't let the Brits be able to have good engines like we're gonna have because we're about to declare war on them for the cool big World War. So there's some motivation there. And this guy's a big, big, mean empire guy, so you could see it right. Here's my favorite theory though, the British Empire is who he was on his way to go meet the Germans obviously wanted this technology and obviously didn't want the British to have this technology. There may have been a plot already in place for the Germans to take Rudolf Diesel out. So what the British said as they said, come meet with us and you're going to die, leave your wife a bunch of money, you're never going to see her again, and we're going to take you to Canada where you can now develop uh diesel engines. So oh, you're saying there is no body in the ocean. The body in the ocean. Was there was a body in the ocean, there might not have been. That's what I'm saying. I mean, like if you have his artifacts and then you can say, hey, a tug boat, yeah, it couldn't fake that. But they didn't bring back the body because there was no room on the boat, or there was some guy on the ocean who said, hey, put that so we couldn't we couldn't bring you the body because the seed guy told us not to. Yeah, the seagull, he told us not to the sea gull. I can't understand you. We bit the water out, seagull. Seagull, you're a bird. You're going to join me too, Give me the But that's what I'm saying is that they could have just taken the artifacts off of a live person. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then take it to his son and been like the secause that's not really wet. Yeah, bodies in the ocean quote unquote. Yeah. And a couple months after his death, it makes Rockefeller happy, it makes the Germans happy. Well, a couple of months after his death, a Canadian company makes a breakthrough in diesel engines and they start producing engines for the Royal British Navy. Okay, that is a big, a big advancement for them. They did it. It seems pretty likely that they faked his death. I believe that they did it, and they yeah, so that way they could get an edge on Rockefeller is innocent, completely Rockefeller has never done anything wrong. That guy never break. That's a guy whose grandkids love him, you know. That's a guy who he knows his children's names. That's a guy who would always put public interest above his own greed. That's a guy who when they say we need to increase shareholder value, he's forget about the shareholders. It's about the planet's about the good of everyone. That's a guy when you say his name three times, he doesn't show up. Tell you that. That's a guy who's never bit into someone's neck and sucked on the I'll never run into that guy in the woods. So yeah, so there's a there's some mystery or Rudolph Diesel made the diesel engine pretty cool. They've they changed it. They changed it so that way Rockefeller can still get a lot of money. He still get paid. But it was a pretty big deal and they killed him for it. Maybe. Wow, Yeah, that's pretty wild. Yeah, can you hold that a little longer. I was gonna do that for the thumbnail. Okay, that's pretty wild. Your water bowls in the way, Sorry, that's just your laptops in the way, My cocking legs in the way. Is that what you want on YouTube. Oh boy, all right, well, I mean, yeah, yeah, we can fiddle that off. Okay, that was a weird weekending we left that for. I mean I wanted to fiddle it off, and then you made me pose. I was trying to think of something to end it with. But do you want to end it on? We've already said it, You've already said the F word. And hey, thanks for being here for this episode of Things I Learned last night. If you like this and you want more episodes, I recommend listening to the Stanley Meyer episode as a scientist who made an engine that ran on water supposedly, and you know the story of how he tore it around and then another conspiracy on the end of his life and all of that's all right, So if you want to watch that episode or listen to it, the link is in the description of this one. Thanks for checking out our show and being here. If you want next week's episode right now, join us on Patreon and we'd love to have you there, so if not, we'll see you next week on Thanks Alone last Night

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Rudolf Diesel invented an efficient new engine that revolutionized transportation and industry. But his life ended abruptly under mysterious circumstances. Diesel was born in 1858 in Paris to German parents. As a young man, he studied engineering against his family’s wishes. After working on refrigeration systems, Diesel became fascinated with engines and their inefficiency. At the time, steam engines were only about 10% efficient and wasted most of their fuel’s energy. However, Diesel’s mysterious death has fueled much speculation. In 1913, Diesel was traveling by ship to England to meet with a company interested in producing his engines. But his cabin was found empty in the morning, and his hat and coat were found neatly folded near a railing.

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