Loab – The Ghost in Your Computer Made By Ai Art


There may not be a corner of the internet garnering more buzz today than Ai. Specifically, Ai-generated art is creating quite a stir. One side of Ai art that wasn’t expected is a woman named Loab. In April of 2022 a user creating with an Ai-art generator created a terrifying image of a woman. This user subsequently recreated the woman in increasingly horrifying forms for months before releasing the photos to the public. He named her Loab after the text generated in one of the many images. The image is significant because of the sheer volume of images that have been created representing her.

Furthermore, the gruesome nature of the images is unlike anything else in Ai art. Some believe there’s a ghost in the machine. Like all other things in computing, there is a perfectly logical explanation.

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Loab – Wikipedia

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