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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of in theory? In theory, yeah, or like the Eleventh Dimension? Oh well, you change it up there. I was going to say m theory. Is that rapper, right, he's the white rapper and the name is in theory. If fits, I knew it did. It is. I'm not an idiot. And then I'm glad that you throwed it in and then you look surprised that it fit. I am surprised that it fits, I know, but I was just three steps ahead of you on that. That felt pretty good for me. Actually, you were three dimensions ahead of me. I was the eleventh dimension. The eleventh that's that Christian punk band, right, I'm thinking. I let him make sense. Oh, the Eleventh Dimension, Eleven dimension. Yeah, this sounds like an alien thing. It's actually not. There's literally nothing. Well, actually, I guess there is. Yep, all right, roll it the TRASHIESTI TV's. Here's my thought on the whole. Pete Davidson, that's what this is why your wife doesn't listen to this podcast. CORNEY's favorite color, no jokes, was paige. As like, are you getting me? Your favorite color is base about Baige? Dude, okay, I've got opinion. Can't wait to the comments one day, say the fat one in the ball. One things I learned last night. I really thought that there was nothing to do with the aliens, but I guess they're I guess technically will get there. I guess technically that's a little alien E. Yeah, unintentionally, I'm going to be honest, I literally came into this being like, Oh, there's no alien content this week. In theory. In theory. Yeah, theory sounds like it's like a fancy restaurant in downtown. You know, hey, welcome to in theory, they whisper to you. Yeah, freaking why you come into like it's the as of our restaurant. Oh my gosh, dude, reservation. What? Welcome to him theory. I noticed you booked our experience. Can You? It's like a special like a special experience that they do. Okay, but speak. Okay. Have you watch the movie about time? No, because there's a restaurant they go to, not to go on to metange. If you haven't seen about time, will play the whole movie. Here's the whole movie. No, they go to a restaurant that's completely dark. Oh yeah, and like you just get guided in and all the lights are off and I kind of really want to. Bree really wants to go to one of these. Yeah, it does. One of us just wanted to see. I think there's one in case, because we almost went once, I think, or maybe it was when we were in vegas that we almost went. What's it called? The blind side? Every waitress is like hi, I'm Sandra, I'll be here serf. What you guys like to get? An I'll be your stepmom today. Oh, what's the guy's last name? Alex. do you think we need to cut that out? You're taking a note, like you think we did. It's a funny that's a funny bit. What's The guy's name? My Michael. Michael's gonna Bother me. It's like it's got an Oh, it's Michael, Oh, Michael, or yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm cool. Or anyways. Yeah, that seems cool. What you guys like to see? Our Beer Menu? I feature drink is the Michael Ure, old true and our feature to advertiser is the SOD roppertsheadow. That's where I was trying to do. I was trying to do food things. Anyway, we can look at up later. Great. So in theory sounds like a fancy restaurant. What is it actually? So it's a like it's a subset of string theory, which do you know what string theory is? Yeah, it's a string cheese restaurant. Yes, sound yeah, and Spaghetti noodles. It's you got Spaghetti at that? They just covered and strange cheeseus like some they're what if that's what all our gardens carry around them? A little crank thing? It's the brand with that dude. He's got the head. That's like feeling apart. It's stupid. It's a stupid we have to do an episode. Yeah, that's right. Okay. So in theory it's like a subset of string theory, specifically looking at the geometry of the universe. Go and so string theory, really quick gloss basically the idea is that the universe is made up of really, really tiny, microscopic strings and the strings are connected and everything is a vibration of the string. So we're basically just like a giant cosmic guitar and everything that happens it is just a little vibration of those little tiny strings and there's super small. They're like a millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of US centimeter. So like like if if the entire observable universe was an atom. Yeah, then at these strings, according to string theory, are like the size of a tree. So they're incredibly tiny. That just connect everything in the universe. It's a theory. I don't know. Did you mean that reversed? If the universe was the size of a tree? Nothing, sighs. Of Know, if the if an atom was our entire universe, the size of the entire observable universe, not like not our galaxy, but the entire everything we know that exists. Yeah, then these strings are the size of like a tree. So there's super small. They're way smaller than Adams. Okay, yes, you recent. Yeah, so they're dinky, puny, little baby tiny strings, like little baby sad, stinky winky string. This is exactly how tim talks about me when I don't want to come to the office when it snows. He literally is goes all you're like a little baby. That's like straight up what he says in our group text. It's yeah, a little baby boy. I look a little baby boy. I'M gonna call you a little string string tree. Go ahead, yeah, very tiny, microscopic. Yeah, little strings connect everything, and part of string theory explains like the dimensions of the known universe. BASIC HE IM theory takes that idea and takes it a little deeper. And so I guess technically part of this we will go over the dimensions listed out by string theory, but we're also going to go a little further into m theory dimension as well. Okay, so we starts like what are we going to spart speaking English? This is like bad bath and beyond. We're and we're going to be on. We're going to beyond. Got It. I don't think we're going to speak much English today. Actually, the beginning we might. So. So let's start with dimension zero. That's what they call it. Zero, thh dimensions zero. Yeah, so by the beginning, did you mean the word dimension? That was worth about English. And then in the beginning and then you're like dimension. Well, yeah, yeserotion zero. All right, go ahead, it's the zero dimension. Okay, how else would you say that? Zero? Zero, or zero ord zero wind, zero roast, Zeroth. It's that's the most why your wife doesn't listen to this podcast. Okay, so it's a we know dimensions. Right, here's we're going to go through the first three really quick. We're just going to GE hit the first three real quick, actually the first four. Oh, zero, first, second and third dimension all right here on the screen. If you're listening, look at the screen. So here's the idea. I see you were saying so literally, we're doing like D, D, D, that we're talking about dimensions. Yeah, and so, so D is a cube. Yes, to D is a square. Yes, one D is just two lines next to each other. Yeah, and zero is just a point. Yep. And so the concept, I'm with. You know. The concept is with every dimension you're just doubling the amount of points that you have. So Zeros, the one point, one D, You have two points too. These four D is eight points, and then you're connecting on the lines. Right. Okay, which sidebar? Have you ever heard of the Book Flatland? I like just thought of this. I didn't research this. No, is that where Flat Stanley lives? No, it's not. It's called back to an episode where we described to flast Stanley to you. Did you yep? Well, I'd clearly didn't remember. You must not have done a great job pick I pick up on. Man, are you we're gonna do something screen not? I was looking like you're about to. No, I just wanted to look at Oh, flatlands. Yeah, so flatland. It's a book from one thousand eight hundred and eighty four, okay, and it's a book where it's this group of I don't know what to describe them, shapes. What? It's a good start, I guess. Okay, so this world, it's a D world, okay, right, and all the shapes are let me see, the VC is written storm Chok Zone, the NICKELODEON class. That might be based off of it, but it was like an it's so in flatland there was a series of shapes. The shapes were the gentleman, I'm looking at this right. Have you read fly land? It's been a long time. I read it in high school. I read in geometry class in high school. My High School geometry teachers thought it was super cool, and it kind of is. But the shapes are the gentleman, and the women were just lines, because the women were actually three dimensional objects, but the shapes couldn't perceive all three dimensions and so the men were only two dimensional objects. They couldn't perceive the third dimensions of the thought the women were all just lines, but really they were spheares and cubes and things like that, and so because they couldn't see everything, they just saw them as just a single line. And so it was like it was. It was like a narrative on the cast system. Yeah, like the Victorian Society and how certain people only see certain pieces of everything, but really there's more. It's like how on Tick Tock, I posted about me and Ray and one of the comments was said, how did he pull that? And I responded probably by not referring to women as that. If I had that sile. Yes, if you want that, then that's step one. That's step one, I think. So okay, so flat lands was that was a tangent that you went on. It's interesting, though. Okay, so where do we go from d? Okay, so the concept is with with every dimension, okay, you have full range within your dimension and forward momentum within the following dimension. So if you are in zero, you're a point. You can't go anywhere because you have only place you could go is one d because you would need another point. Yeah, but within that you're literally just being propelled forward, and so you're following. Your whole dimension is moving forward down one d down a one day line. Okay, One d you can move forward and backward down the one D line, but you can't move left or right or up or down, whichever I mean. I guess in Video Games it's always up or down. You can't move left or right and video games, but it's arbitrary. What into D Video Games? Oh, you're two dimensional because you can move forward and backwards, up and down, yes, but you can't move left or right. Oh, you're talking. I like Ni like Super Mario Brothers. Yeah, yeah, so you have two dimensions that you can move in. Pac Man is a d game. Okay, to d back. Man's a good example because you're looking from top down. So in pact man you can go forward backward, left and right, but you can't go up and down. And Pact Man, where Maria, you can go forward, backward, up and down, but you can't go left or right because you're in different sets of the twodimensional world sures that makes sense. Yeah, so, except for impact man, you're literally whatever. I'M gonna I'm gonna let that one go. You think you're looking down on PAC man. Yeah, you're looking down to PAC man's face opens like this. Yes, as I reolutely, and you think the ghosts are just like this. We tire all. You are a hundred percent. What do you think? What do you think? PAC man's in an ant hill. Yeah, and you're looking at this. Ain't he'll pack men? Yeah, see, that kind of makes like Dick taking, chasing these ants around, these ghosts, ants. Okay, got a IT'S DANCE NAS. That's what that's. What nats are. Is Ghost, a inst real tree. Will quick look up gain on urban dictionary. Oh yeah, sometimes we say words we make up and then you gotta be like, are we say anything inappropriate? An accident? That's a real fear of mine as we get old, because now we're old right, and one of us is balding, it's you. If one of if it's gonna be one of us, it's going to be you, is it? Yeah, well, I can't wait to the comments one day. Say The fat one in the ball one. Are we good? Yeah, so ganting is looking up words on urban dictionary and comparing them over the computer late at night with a friend because you're bored. So we're kind of DIK ganting. We're ganting right now. Thing, right now, look at us. You got a good gant to you. Oh God, Um, is our whole podcast just a ganter? anyways, the things other than last night. What you take a Ganter with us? Hey, do you like our show? Want to help us keep doing it? One of the easiest ways to do that is to sport our merchandise. We're out in the wild. Tell all your friends. They'll be like, what is total loan, and you'll have to explain what this dumb show is. To get access to our exclusive merchandise. Please text tellent to six, six, eight hundred and sixty six. Thank you so much for your help. Started to mention you add that third right direction. What's interesting is what is forty? Okay, so forty. That's when you like go to Disneyland and they shoot stuff in your eyes while you're watching the movie. We can't do anything because you refuse to talk about the topic. So the fourth dimensions time. Well, this is a great picture. Oh Boy, so you're doubling it. So you not have sixteen points, and I've actually seen this illustrated a couple ways. So you have it illustrated like this, where it's two boxes next to each other and you're kind of like diagonal from each other and the lines are connecting diagonally and that's time. That's time. or I've seen it also illustraight like this, and this is called the tesseract. And so it's basically a cube within a cube and then the diagonals are connecting of the two cubes. Okay, this, yeah, but the idea is that, just like in the other dimensions, like you can if you're in zero, you can only go forward in one d. If you're in one D, You can only go forward in to D D only four thirty. So for US D we can only go forward in time. We can't go we don't have Omni Directional movement within forty. We're stuck because our whole dimension is moving forward in time. I want to know if you're listening. The face that you're making right now is also the face that I'm making right now where we're like I'm just like, okay, so the idea, whatever dimension you're in, you have full range of movement within that dimension, whatever that range of movement allow. Sure. So for us, for the three dimensional, we have X, Y Z planes which means we can go forward, backward, left, right, up down in that whole dimension. But the entire dimension you're in is always moving forward in the following dimension. So we're always moving forward in time. I'm really drying here, man. So, but we're but we can't. We don't have control. We don't know, we don't have control over time. We don't have multidirection. We can. I see what you're saying. Yeah, so we're stuck just moving forward in time. But we were in for we have some level of autonomy within the third dimension, but in the fourth dimension we are at the mercy of its constraints on us. Yes, we're at the mercy of the fact that the entire third dimension is just going forward in time. Fourth Dimension. Got It, okay. And so if we were fourth dimension, we could go forward in time or we could go backward in time or we could just kind of sit still in time. Yeah, well, we can't, we can't. Yeah, unfortunately, none of this is real. So, okay, is made up. I mean it is a theory. But and so in the fourth dimension you kind of you view time as a plane, uh Huh, and there's the forward, the backward, the right here and instead of only moving forward, you have the ability to kind of go whatever direction in time. So time becomes a little bit more like space, like you can conspect conceptualize it like you might conceptualize space. For sure. Way You're able to move around space here. Yeah, maybe this will help. I'm going to pull up a picture of an apple. It won't. You pull a picture of an apple. I hope that it's not. I hope that you changed it to I felt it in your in your laugh is that you had a graph pulled up for an apple and then you just looked up a different apple. Like I felt that happened. I felt you like had a chart that would actually explain it, and then you said, I'm going to pull a picture for an apple and you went to Google images and you just googled apple and you're going to put it up there and it's not going to explain it. I felt that happened. So if we can go ahead and skip that part, like carry will laugh. But another Ah, there's an apple on the screen. Now for where the chart that's going to make sense? I'M gonna pull it up. I know you did. I wasn't gonna do this, but I feel like it would help make sense of all of this. Okay, I don't think well, frank I can't find a Graf of I'm gonna look, I'm gonna keep looking. I'm going to explain this to you while I look. Then okay, okay, so f be like you explain it while yeah, why don't you explain? So you can't? Okay, I'll just pull it up. We'll cut to it. Okay, that's fine. We leave all this part in. So we're about to cut to it right now. So we've got the scale here ready. So this is not an apple, it's just a sphere, because they find it with an apple. But here's a sphere. Okay. So the idea here is you have a d object of the sphere at the top right. If you're listening, I'M gonna do my best to explain to see, but you might want to just go back and watch because it's going to be hard. So you have that gray or that beige line. Yes, by the way, yesterday Brie was watching the Kardat keeping up with the Kardashians. I just have to get this off my chest. And there are playing. Your wife Watches that stuff. She hasn't in years. Literally like yesterday. I was like I've literally as long as I've known her, like even before marriage, she hasn't watched it. She watched it in high school, I guess way she started that before you guys got married. She was like no video games in the house, but she was like, you know, what's fine is for me to watch just the trashiest of TV's. Here's my thought on the whole Pete Davidson thing. Orright, I've got some hot takes. I've got hot takes. I do okay, I hate that you looked at me like, Oh, you're gonna do a tenor right now. You're on. I still like Oh. This guy was like thank you, gonna be so quick. I was like this is a good thing. You took it on the side. Let me drink. I don't think him, Kardashian, is like actually dating Pete Davidson. I think the isn't it weird that keep me up with the Kardashians is doing brain new episodes on Hulu right in the middle of them being constantly in the headlines over Kanye and Kim's beef and all this stuff with Pete Davidson? Kim's very smart. She's so it's Kanye. Yeah, I think days were. Like you think that they're twenty million dollar move? Yeah, let's just get in on TV and break up and get back together after the seasons over. Why wouldn't they? I mean, I guess that's if your entire life is a showing. This is sending Pete to space. So like it. We're showing him to yeah, he's gonna go on the next version orbit trip. Did you not see that? He's going to space. Yeah, he's going to space. Wow, that sucks. So worked out for both of them, I guess. Is that when you wow? anyways, here's the he was the beef I had. They're playing some family game night thing and courtney it was like its like, what's your favorite color, and then like everyone had to likes light on the board. What they think it was courtney's favorite color. No joke. Was Beige, as like, are you kidding me? Your favorite colors, Babe, about Baige? Dude, okay, I've got opinions. Serious, you're gonna let having your lights. You're gonna like it. I got invited to a wedding. I'm a family member of mine and I love this family member, but also that her favorite colors bages just so people watch the show. This season, the twenty milliondollar favorite color. Well, it got her to space, didn't it? Anyway, shut up for a second. So I gottam this wedding and it's a monochromatic wedding. They sent a color scheme that you're supposed to wear on the color stand. that the color. It was a bag. It's Beige Timothy's. Can you believe this? Horse Crap? I gotta go to all age. What I don't look I'm I don't. I'm gonna look like it just a big blob of skin. I'm gonna wear sin color shop pull shirtless. You told me that I'm in the color scheme. All right. They sent like a literal like color scheme. It's like white to like the like Light Tan, and I'm like, well, I fiss. That's so annoying. Yeah, anyways, UN those are a little darker and they one to get. Just clean over him. I don't know why you're doing it. Don't make a color scheme for your wedding. All right, I don't know what home whatever. Go ahead. So you'll notice in this image more word Greens. This is what their wedding pictures look like. I know we're done too many tangents, but honestly, anybody who's actually interested in in the theory did not make it this far. Yeah, so these guys don't know what they talk about. People who are interested in our podcast, many of them have not made it as far. All right, some people were like this is just not our episode much. So there's there's a beige plane, right, and so if you exist in d you see this plane and you see this sphere. I'm actually hear the example of what flat lands look like. So yeah, so if you exist in the second dimension, this is what you're seeing. You see this beige plane and then you just see this gray or this Green Line just appear out of nowhere as there starts to move through the plane and as it moves through you notice it's wider. Yeah, it's changing space because it's the sphere to slowly moving through and then you see it eventually disappear out of the plane. So if a sphere moves through two dimensional space, right, what three? What people into dimensional space it sees is mindboggling. They see this thing just a pew out of nowhere, shape shift a whole bunch and disappear when in reality, all it was as a sphere just moving through their plane. Sure, and a totally normal, natural d movement in two dimensional space is mind boggling. Sphere moving through a plane is also what I call people in the sea boarding group from southwest, you know, down to like it's down the middle seats and it's just people get on the plane and you're like, I don't, I don't want that person to sit in this middle seat because there's not room. You know, I'm sorry about I can say that I've been that person. Did you know? I used to have to have the seatbelt connector on flights? Really and yeah, that and yeah, you forget I was large. I don't forget now. Yeah, I keep all your fat pictures framed in my office. What I got a few pictures of my wall. You want to see him? I keep them just in case. You ever it's a good grass. Ever time I see you like on my hey man, see you get a little pudgy lately. Yeah, let me show this to you. It we remembered. That works. That works for me, just so you know. Well, maybe I'll get some printed. Hey kinks, who are you printing? anyways? At kink goes that. You're old dude and I cant goes. It's called Fedex office now. Yeah, been called Fedex Office for like fifteen years. Shut up, okay, whatever. Well, were we talking about? Oh yeah, so if this were to happen in our world, if something that was ahead of d dimensions, four, five, six, whatever, passed throughout a mention, it would be a mind bogging thing to experience as it moved through, because it would appear as if this thing, it would be an anomaly, it would be something that didn't make sense. YEA, or it would be as if it appeared, I don't know, also only see part of it shape shifted and then, yeah, we would only see a small piece of it at a time and it would appear as if it's shape shifting, changing, and then I would just disappear. And so we would we would be shook, to say the least. Yeah, you would see that and you'd say probably you would go a skin walker. Yeah, I mean that. That's yeah, so let's move on to the fifth mission. Okay, I listened to that, that cut that one of our patrons did, of of the tilling, but only the like educational spot. Yeah, part on the way here and it made me sound like an insane person. Yeah, because I literally was like I would go. Honestly, it's probably very similar to what it is now. Yes, because it's just like me just interrupting my own trust train of thought to try not to save my jokes right and then cutting back and saying the SAK. If you don't know one of our patron supporters, who which one did the hoot? Damn daily man. I think let me have as much are what is? What? What's that person's remain? I think it's Daniel King. I'm not positive. I know everybody from us. The that is a downside of the of the discord is is everyone's got. There is. I just go, which supporter is this? We weren't you anyway. It was Danily Man. Dan, I'm sure in the discord channel made a cut of our podcast. Which episode did he do? He did. Let me scroll up real quick and I'll find it. You just listen to it this morning. It's six to rodders. Your brain can't comprehend six times up to is two hours ago. So he did an episode of six over. I we guess where he cut out all these tangents and all these parts where we're like Beige. He cut all that out. So it's just the information of the episode, which is a really cool thing and something that we hope to do for our entire catalog. For whenever you show this to somebody and they're like these two are idiots. Yeah, then you can just show them the part where word he called it. He called it tilling, but only the things I actually learned last night, or tilling by tilly. Aileen got it. If you want joy a discord, you can supports on. Patrear. Thanks for doing that. Telling text till into six, six three, six six, sixty eight, six six, six, six, six, six, save three is just eight in the second dimension, so the fifth dimension. So this is this is where it goes from being like Oh, this makes a little bit of sense to absolute nonsense. And we got six more to go. Yeah, we do. So here's here's the idea. So everything past this point is sub atomic. The idea is that before the Big Bang there were all look, the four forces of our universe. When you're I so much, would just do the episode of please, electromagnetism, gravity and the weak and the strong nuclear forces. It's gonna leave it at the weekend, the strong universe, l remainosing gravity in the week and the strong sad little baby boys, and then the strong guys, also known as the Alphas, in the bays. I'm sorry when you said it those, it really the weak and the strong. What? And so the weekend strong nuclear forces. Okay. And so before the Big Bang there was this extreme temperatures that held all these together really close. Yes, and then they had the great divorce, love of God in the Sun and Spirit. Yeah, and then the fourth one that we don't hear about, the dimensions. When the Big Bang happened, they broke apart. The first four remained perceptible to us, but the remaining six, seven, if you subscribe to m theory, do not, because they're hyperdimensions in their curling in on themselves, basically like collapsing. Okay. And so this is the world we're journeying, journeying into now. Right are these other dimensions that are similar but difficult to kind of. So how will we get to a dimension? I don't know. Portal, I don't know. I don't think there's any idea that it's possible. Okay, okay, at least for us at least for us as D beings. If you were, if you existed in a higher dimension, there is a way you could move. But you this is very similar to the scale, kardoship scale, relatively yeah, relatively for as movements go. So I got one more picture to show you, because after this point it gets stokers. Yeah, so here is the fifth dimension. Wow, I was really surprised. That's an actual chart. I thought you were about to pull a prank. I thought you were about to pull a funny and do so we got in a strong guy. Yeah, no, so now there's that picture of me Christ thing. You could have put it. I've already done that. That's funny. That's what I thought was about to pop up. Honestly, wasn't a picture. So you see here on the left, that's another rendering of the four dimension. The fourth dimension. Okay, so it's the same concept. Is What we saw before. Sure, sixteen points connected by the red signifies time. Yeah, the red is the the fourth dimension is yet those red yeah, but I'm saying like they're that's not okay. Yeah, so so does that is what you needed. Actual loder point. Moving to that corner point, here's what you need to do to look at this, get rid of the reds, okay, and what you're going to see is you're going to see two square, two cubes up to each other. Yeah, and then the reds are connecting the two cubes in the five dimensions. What you now have is you have four cubes that are like interlocked with each other and the reds are connecting those four keeps. So those now, instead of what would be sixteen points, there's thirty two points in the fifth dimension. Okay, and so anything pass this point becomes incredibly difficult to visualize, because, honestly, this point is difficult to visualize. I'm glad you said that. Yeah, I agree. I mean, there's people listening that can't see this, but if you're if you're here, if you're listening, people watch, you can't see. Yeah, if you're listening, just picture a square, turn that into a cube, add another cube, connect the dots at another cue, connect the dots at another cube, connect the dots and if you're confused, then that's what it looks like. So there you go. We got it. Okay, so I'm not going to show you any more because they can start to get really complicated. But basically, the ideas. Every time you're doubling. So the next time I said of thirty, two hundred sixty four, and then and then after that, one hundred and twenty eight, and so on and so forth. Sure, so these get much more complicated and right confluted. But within the fifth dimension, this is where you start to see the parallel universe thing play out. So there is because you have extra cubes, I guess. If you roll your dice and you have two dice, you have two dice. If you roll the dice for dice. Yeah, yeah, if you roll the die is dice, is plural dice. So you have to dice. If you take some dice, you roll the dice right, two dice equals one world. For dice equals two worlds. That's everyone knows that. With grass, everyone knows. Everyone knows that. Okay, these two DIS yeah. So sure, the idea here, and I'm going to be honest, everything at this point. Like I can understand the geometry, like doubling the points. That makes sense. Like Im for a part where you understand any of this. I understand the doubling the points. I'm like, okay, if hey, every dimension, your doubling points that makes sense. I'm going to be honest, though, everything past time, like the attributes that they assign this, seem absolutely arbitrary to me. Hey, maybe I don't understand it. Yeah, I did just learn this last night and I'm unqualified to know anything about this, but it does seem very arbitrary. But basically, the idea is that in the fifth dimension there's another world identical to our world, right and but there are noticeable differences between the world's because they have the same beginning point. But these world different our comes. Yeah, they any there's circumstances that change the way that they unfall. So you and I might be in that world, but instead of things other than that's night, there's things I learn this morning because I was a bit more of a procrastinator in that world. Maybe there's another world where it's things I learned while getting my doctor degree, because I'm actually intelligent in that world. But I don't know. I mean sure there's all these places that don't exist. Yeah, there's all these possibilities. Six dimension. It's this, it's you. You're doubling to the sixty four balanced, you're dialing to the sixty four points. But now there's just a bunch of worlds, and so you can see all the different possible futures, all the different possible pasts, and they're stemming. Like you haven't watched the new marvel stuff, you don't know this. This is kind of his brother, but not really. They have a timeline and they show these risks coming off the timeline of like different possible scenarios. Right, that can happen, and so the ideas, that's the same thing. You have the timeline and there's all these branches coming off the timeline of all the possible things. And so if you're six dimensional being, you could perceive not only all of time within your own timeline, but all the time within other worlds and all the possible possibilities for those. Yeah, Spider Web, that's what I would like to do. My anxiety tries to do that all the time. These still how can I? My anxiety tries to be like, okay, if we do this, it could you know, and then you spiral out of yeah, Yep, that's probably was really similar to like and for people in the six dimension. Yeah, seventh dimension is a hundred and twenty eight points. Yes, I only know this because it two thousand and forty eight. Oh, yeah, and so, but in this one, hold on, I'm I gonna double check the sixth dimension. Okay, yeah, so in the seventh dimension, this one, it gets it's even more variable, because the beginning point can change, and so instead of everything coming from the Big Bang everything, they could have came from other starting points, and so then you can start to see things change a lot more, like forces of nature could be different, gravity could be different, the speed of light could be different, all this stuff could be different because they had different starting points at different events that made up the beginning. Okay, feels very arbortuary to me. Dimension Eate, this one is where you are now, almost outside of everything, and so all pasts and futures and presidents and spaces are showcased in front of your eyes simultaneously and they stretched infinitely, and so you you're you're experiencing everything at once, because there's a lot of it. I don't know, I'm gonna be outest okay, it doesn't make sense. The the what? What? What people say? Why are people fearizing? Because it's their jobs. I don't like to just think. I wish people would just stop. And so the other this point again. This is where all his careers. It's like is it a career? How do you get a job? And being like just making stuff up, like well, I mean, like, you know, this seems like what we would do in fourth grade. Yeah, we're like, well, and then that to mean that person could even see, like, you know, in that place, instead of Pepperoni, we we use chairs on our BEAZZA. We we're justs are we don't have teeth, we have DSL canons. He's full in our mouths. Yeah, can we just keep chairs? And it's like, I guess that's a theory. It s you can think about that. You could. You could think about it. I guess to think about that. No, it's gonna tell you get the you're shot to work. Man. Let's say, like literally, you just show up the work. If you're a theorist and you're space out at work, your boss is like what have you been thinking about? I don't know, Oh, I'm just doing like you space out, like at work. You're just like you know, I hey, no, theorizing on the clock. We'll only do yeah, wait, you need a vacation. You need to were working over time. We're not paying for that. I'm saying like, what do you do? You sit down at your job, at your desk, and then you just go, hmm, what I like to think about today? You gotta take notes, though. That's the thing is is everybody theorizes, but the people who take detailed notes those are theorists. Okay, yeah, anyways, so the intimational nerds that it's a mention. Here's what's here's what's interesting about the eighth dimension. Yeah, for some reason, don't really know why, but for some reason the physical world just kind of disappears at this point and you become kind of ethereal, phase through things and you yeah, you don't have any constraints, or yeah, nothing matters. I guess at this point the ninth dimension, it's sends to mension. They're more exaggerating forms of this. You just kind of get past all the laws of physics. You have infinite forms of self, everything that exists. You're part of that thing that exists. And so basically what the theorist says, the ten dimension is God's dimension. He's in there because he's the president. He sees all timelines, he sees all possibilities, he's not contrained, constrained by sure constrained by any of space or physical are any. So they're there, theorizing. And yet had you married somebody different and had you know, because the children that you and bree have will be named stupid things like what are you guys in ny? Stupid kids like April and whatever, all right, and June, June and Julie, December, December, your name a kid, December. Yeah, stupid, he just named with over the month Yor born in you just prayed or twains either. Remember. Yeah, anyway, remember, remember, that Kid's name is December. Yeah, if you do that for your one child anyway, you're one kid anyway. So you know you got December right, but God, in this ten dimension, could also see had you married somebody else and had a different kid. Yeah, well, see, they're entirely it's funny you brought this up because when I watch the video of this guy explaining this this morning, actually while was eating breakfast, because I why, I read about this last night I fell asleep in my bed, that thing where your phone falls on your face because you're bored and probably tired, but bored. So I was watching. I warn my phone. My face went board. Sometimes I'm just like I get up and go across the room to get my phone. So poor, and then I just the tooth. So I was watching this eterials on the couch this morning and the guy is explaining as kid milk, yeah, Skim Milk, the fifth dimension, and he was explaining it by saying, okay, imagine if you're in the fifth dimension. Well, if you're in the fourth dimension, you have control over time. You can go board and backwards in time, and so say you're at point one, he called a t one, that's right now, and you're looking back at potto where you made the decision to get married. He said you could make the decision to go backwards in time in the fourth dimension and tell yourself not to make that decision and then go go back forward with your time, make the decision to marry someone else and move through that time, because you can go whatever direction you want in time. But if you're telling yourself, that means the of those timelines exist. And that's what he bought up, because then in the fifth dimension what really happened is you told yourself not to get married and then you went back to time, but that other version of you created a branch and so you have a branch where you you married that, that same person, but and then one you still have to suffer and die with the decision you made. Yes, yeah, I mean and then he went he went to six he went to the sixth dimension. In the sixth dimension, though, there's a short cuts. In the sixth dimension you're able to jump from branch to branch. So you can't just go forward and back on. What do you use? Explained like this from the beginning to this makes way more sense. Yeah, so in the sixth dimension, I love when we talked about being unhappy in marriage, because you're not you, but I love that this is the example that we're you know, this gets funny and as I get this, wait, so you go forward a backwards through time and and all the thing you could experience, all the timeline, so you can be married to all of them. Yeah, that's where you're going. Well, we'll see. So, so in fot the mission, you can only go for it and backward. So you go backward whatever, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, and then fifth dimension. If you were in fifth dimension, you want to go backwards to yourself where you made the decision to get married. But then one another dimension you had teeth. You stuck here. You want to go back to t one. So if you're in tthree, you made a decision get married. You created a branch and that goes down with the other girl tthree. Right. If you're in tthree and you wanted to go back to t one, you would have to go backwards in time to point when you made the decision to go forwards in time along the timeline where you didn't make the decision to get to t one. So you gotta do this crazy forward, time back. And fourth thing, yeah, which is I mean it's a long trip. There's like three layovers in forty. The four, I guess, Sure D space. Well, sixty space. You don't need to go backward and forward because you can jump time minds. So you can go straight from tthree to t one. You don't have to go backwards to t too. Write to t one and she's talking about all this. And then seventy. You then can perceive all the possible wives you could ever have and then, I guess picked to experience one. There's wrong sayings. That what people do anyway, when they're sitting on instagram and they open some raindo girls picture and they said here and they go, oh, they use imagine it. Yeah, but in venty you can experience it. That's so weird. But Brie, she was getting ready in the other room and she's like, are you watching videos on how to time travel so you don't have to marry me? She say that. I was like, yeah, that's exactly what I'm going. Yeah, I can't wait to watch spy kids seventy. You know, you're so stressful. That would be to watch spike kids, all the possible scenarios at once. Oh, that would be so stressful. God. Yeah, I would love to watch the one would they die at the y? I picked that one. You know, I just really want a good movie that the main character is just lose. So yeah, so basically I just love that. His example was about like, I don't know, you regret your marriage? Well, go to forty. Yeah, anyways, tind is just work. is where God is. Yeah, and so it's completely outside of the plane. Sure, so there's I mean it's exactly what you hear about in the Bible. There's no beginning, no end, there's no confines of any laws of nature. Like it's completely outside of everything we know as reality and has complete control and presence and everything. Okay, so now we're to the M theory. Yeah, and M Theory is the eleven dimension, and that's aleister Crowley's dimension. He now I'm gonna be honest with you. The Eleventh Dimension is just the ten dimension. Yeah, I don't understand the difference. It's just like it's all this, but more like it gets it's like a fourth grade of being like yeah, but what it's like? What if the eleventh dimension you would have all been so in any time, you could just change your fingers to those garlic bread sticks, curb all of the guards and then you just eat them and they grow back because your loveth dimension. Nothing real love it dimension. Guling figures. My finger will too hard during that bit. I gotta hurt little bit, Yep, but down a little too hard. But yeah, so everything for a second I was kind of I was getting hungry. I was due to garlic bread stick from yeah. So basically the eleventh dimension, everything just kind of collapses them on itself and it's all there and also all not there. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Somebody honest with you. All right, fittle off things of the last night is a production of space tim media produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by connerbet social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the idea of other universes, timelines, and dimensions has become mainstream. We’ve all become well-versed in the possibility of other worlds out there. But how realistic is the idea? Some serious thinkers believe that the sort of universe in the MCU is possible. M Theory is a subset of string theory that seeks to explain all of the other possible dimensions and what is possible. Spoiler alert, there are 11 dimensions.

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