The Kardashev Scale – This Scientist Figured Out How To Measure Success


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Hey Man, what's going on? Brother? Oh, not mud WHOA, we're that. We try to act surprise bright the DV. Yeah, just shocked me. I was just sitting here looking around. I was like, Oh, Whoa, where, Oh, where did that come from? It? Listen if you're if you don't know, if you listen to the podcast. We do this in a video format and we've been updating our set very gradually and now there's a TV and Tim has kept his eyes closed all day, so he didn't know until he just started the episode and opened his eyes and saw. You know, actually what we did. I had a bus in here and the we episode started, we said move that bus, you know. And what's your face? What was the host of home makeover? Ryan seacrest? No, I want to say it wasn't clay ache, and it was. It was the other forgettable guy that looks like that. I betting, tip, tiping. That's right. So they're all the same person in my head. No, yea. So well, let me give the backstory on the vacuum lamp. Tell me about the vacum. Okay, so, if you can't see this, there's a lamp that's a Vacu. It's a hoover vacuum with a lamp on the top and where the handle goes. Yeah, they just turned it into a it's a late it's a full size hooper. It's a full okay, so the store behind it is that my aunt betty, who recently passed away, one of the most joyful people in the whole world. She worked for hoover for like, I don't know, a hundred years. I don't she work there for a years? Oh, yeah, anyway. So I don't know if this is a retirement gift or this was just like a thanks for working here. It was. It was definitely like a decades. They were like, Hey, you've worked here for like thirty years. Thanks, here's here's a vacuum that we've turned into a lamp. That you remember when Corporate America was doing that stuff? Yeah, it I mean it's like Christmas vacation where he's like the the jam of the Month Club Club. Yeah, that is the equivalent of that. And I saw it and I said, this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Yeah, it is. It is the most amazing and now it's part of our set. So happy about it. I'm thrilled. Yeah, similar thing my great aunt. She worked for Phillips for about fifty years, not a very joyful person, and for her retirement gift they gave her a TV. Yeah, yeah, I bet with our logo on it. Yeah, the TV's not on. Yes, not on. This is pretty. We should do that, though. That's pretty funny. We should just make a pretty time logo on to a TV. Well, I don't like the used. You know it. He was wonderful. Yeah, so was aunt. You're made up, aunt. Don't try to Hey, I'm just saying we've got two new great things in the office thanks to great ants. All Right, play that theme song. I hate mathematicians. I killed you to a fielduttle fuel duel. That's a soil Murado avilation into a type one. Why is space buppy Evelyn to day? I wanted to go the brand most life with a spotsor a tornado things night. So what are we learning about? Yeah, Oh, have you ever heard of the Kardashev scale? Say it again, the Kardashev scale. Yeah, isn't that the isn't that? It's kind of like a circus, but it's like the trappies people and they're like doing we they always have weird themes and all that stuff. That's Certisola, sorry to say. Kardaship Cart, Kardash Kardashe has sole Kardashev, kardashev scale, Kardashe of scale, the Kardashev scale, you know. So this is it's a so there's a guy named Nikolai Kardashev. He started a car company. Yeah, Chevy. Yeah, Kardashev, Kurdish. Yeah, now he was. That's actually a TV show on MTV that like we can turn any car into a Chevy and you're like, I mean, I don't know if that's a talent. Kind of like to have my right KARDASCHEF my ride. So the Kardashchev scale. How difficult is it to convert this into a Chevrolet vehicle? Yeah, it's. Well, it's my Handa, my two thousand to civic. Where does it lie on the card to show that's like it's probably like an eight on a Kardishev. You know, because I'm because a lot of her is the harm outom. Yeah, a lot of moving parts. You know, Camaro, it's a chevy already. So zero, zero on the kardashev scale. Yeah, people pull it in the the garage and they're like that's a chevy already. Yeah, pulled in the that's a soul Murado, you know, and they they're like, well, I couldn't tell it's a well, all it fell off was a little Chevy logo. We just put that right back on. Just stick it on. I would give this a point seven on the Kardaschev scale because it does. It didn't have the Chevy logo and that's fair. The narrator on the show is that truck voice in the commercials that's like yeah, the built forward to that guy, but he's just like this Toyota Pretius will soon be the Shiv real a prius. Didn't even change anything about it. That's a Chevy Toyota priest. Now he's don't call this is a chevy. It's a hyphenated it's like when your wife doesn't like you that much so she doesn't want to take your full last name, so she's hyphens yeah. No, so the Kardashev scale. It was introduced by this guy named Nikolai Kardashev. Yep, he was a Soviet astronomer, calm and what he would what he did was he but it was basically like hey, there is a three steps scale to the development of a civilization. And okay, he said that those three steps are based upon the consumption of energy within that civilization. So hold on, do you mean like actual like energy, like fuel, coal, turning into you know, using fuel as energy? Or do you mean like energy? No, like fuel, okay, okay, okay, you meant like vibes. You know. This is a type to vibe. Yeah, yeah, definitely a type to civilization. Yeah, that's another MTV show, but type to know was the the hard to show. Type to was a Tlz show about people with type to diabetes. My life is a type to you know. No, so actual power consumption. Not. Okay, vibes. And basically what the reason he did this was? He said he was trying to theorize, basically the barriers to break to become a multi galactic civilization. Okay, and he realized that energy was the probably the number one issue for these because it takes a lot of power to get to new plant propeller for Thees, well, I mean the to propel the ships forward, to like literally he'll get there. Yeah, yeah, there and then make us civilization have advances in technology require what your is this? He just going off of? Okay, so this feels like a weird scale to go off of. Let's let's let's go through. It'll start to make sense as we get through it. Okay, so it starts type zero. Very good starting. Yeah, the zero. That's where I would like it to start. So zero on. This can be super annoying. Started to start a too. You know, Zo is us. We're a type zero civilization. We are. Yeah, we why? We saw so. The idea here is that I drove here a type zero civilization. I used gasoline in my car. Yes, let me. I fueled myself here Feld by. Yeah, I wandered the gas that I went to the gas I went to the gas station last night, was fueling up and I just sit here. I was like, I'm a little fuel fool, you know, it's so I'm full of fuel, of a fuel thoughts. Some one of the gas station last night called that a fuel duel. You know, I killed you to a fuel duel. Fuel Duel. Yeah, you were just drown those yeah, like it. Well, I mean that's that's against the rules. It's been done, but it's frowned upon. That's a fuel duel foul. Yeah, that's a yeah, it is. It is. You get it so well. I how are we? Type Zero if I drove here? Yeah, so, type zero. What a Type Zero Society is? Is? So type threes don't exist. I've already I've already played out the rest of the scale. Most likely don't. Is this an alien thing? I mean it, are you freaking leading me this? This isn't a man who carbet at the beginning and you were hiding aliens up your sling? Is it? This is this is a human racing, human race thing. This is a human race thing, but it's not. It's not unique, not awful limits to Al Yeah, aliens could also be somewhere on the scale if they existed. But Anyway, so where type zero civilizations? Type Ero civilization? We as a human race. Yes, okay, we have the ability to harness energy and use it for technology to do all sorts of different things. Okay, the problem is we have only consumable energy. So all of our energy, we use it, it's gone. Okay, it's not renewable. We have some of these renewable energy sources that were venturing into and are powering certain things, but our society is not powered by renewables. It's largely powered by consumables. So, okay, at type zero, the evlation into a type one, evelation, that's fine, go ahead. I felt it. Yeah, I felt it. The evelation into I hate that you're trying to say elevation and evolution at the same time. I get what you're doing. I like it. But evlation, the evilation to a type one society, is when you Keeter, say it enough and all you whatever. I'm making it a word. You say a word enough and people understand what you mean. Eventually it. That actually is how words beg yeah, so whatever, all right, evelation. So it evilated Evelyn, evely in today, we could like, we could just quit at any time. I thought of this. I thought we could just stop doing this show. Yeah, we should guess what grows the economy. Okay. So, so type onesivil Isan. The difference they here is now it's at a point mostly renewable. It's totally renewable. Not at a point where not even mostly renewable. No, it's totally renewable because it's ats at a point right now. We're at a point where, if we depleted our resources, our civilization as we know it is over. Yeah, we cannot Wi. People been alarming the bail the guy. Guys were running out of the STUF. You know, we're hey, you know, but we don't care. Yeah, we don't give a car like, Hey, I'm a type zero, you know, it's like it's like the indigram. Yeah, I'm a zero. It's okay, I'm zero. Yeah, yeah, what is that sledge where? I don't care. It's the consumer. I just consume everything. That actually should be a type. It should be. Yeah, just a person who's just awful. So it's a hundred percent renewable. Okay, and this could be a lot of things. Obviously we have a few options that we've started down. Yeah, what are our current renewable resources? Solar, when hydro, and then there's also like atomic and nuclear. Okay, the issue with all of those is they don't provide enough energy at this point to power our civilization. Or like with the issue with nuclear, it's all there's we don't have the we have fusion but not fission. So we have it to where you can take other things put together, but we can't take one thing and split it to get power. We can split it to blow a bunch of people up, but we can't split it to get power. Yeah, so fusion and Fission. Yeah. So we are weird at this point where we're almost like we've got our toes in the water of a type one, but we're not there. We've dipped our toes in the yeah, nuke juice. We're not there yet. The interesting other caveat to these civilizations is it's the side of having the ability to have that power. Kardasheva signs like a wattage number that you're gaining from it to okay, but that's but he's not based these off of things that already exist or have been done. This is a theoretical model for civilization to be able to ascend to the level of being like a galactic civilization. Okay, okay, okay, okay, because of the amount of power it would take. So sure, saying, when we get to this point, we could be a civilization that is colonizing all. When was he? When was he theorizing these things in the s? Okay, but the other side. So he was just high. I mean he was just like he's a yeah, I mean he's the thing. Man Kardish, Kardashev is my name right, and I have this you know scale. You're a zero and you're like, what are you talking about? He's like, nothing is real right now. Nothing it. We're all Zeros. There's there's two sides to this, though. Is there's the side of okay, in each set of the scale you have to have the energy source that you're consuming, okay, but it's not just having that source and you're a civilization existing off that source, is having control of that source. So the other side of this is, not only do we have but that's I'm saying about the solar we don't have control over solar. No. So the the side of the side of to get us to a type one, we would have to have the ability to control essentially the weather, to be able to control wins. They working on their arms. There's conspiracies. Yeah, I know, I yeah, I've seen the conspiracy video. Su Sees that there are. There have been, like there are CCI documents that there's been like research, but I don't know if they've. We are. Here's the thing. I feel like in CIA meetings, you know, they're sitting around, they're like hey, guys, what do we gotta figure out? Right, and someone just goes wet, figure how to control the weather, and then someone's like all, write that down, and then then, and then conspiracy theorists go. Do you know? They've just talked about it. You know, and that's where it's like, I didn't say, here's what actually happens. They're like what, you and I talked about a lot of stuff. They here's what the CIA, the CEI since down there meetings. They said, what's something we should try to do? And they say, I don't know, pull up Info Warscom what I think, yeah, what do they think we're doing? That's actually try that. It would help we had a real TV, if we could watch my TV at home. It's just a screenshot of INFO wars. It's not even like it's a very blurry photo of aalence Jones, just, you know, very blurry. Yeah, because it's mid frame movie. Yeah, I didn't even grab like a solid frame, but anyway, yeah, they pulled, but they go, wow, what do they think we're up to? But they think we're doing so yeah, so they would have to kind of like when people complain about detective movies and they're like, Oh, you just showing people how to get away with Cry Times. I'm like, I don't really watch detective movies, but I only that's how it goes down, guys. That's fiction. This is data Tuesday. Tuesday, Tuesday, that's right, that's when new episodes drop on Patreon. Patreons a way to get early access to episodes and their content and exclusive merchandise. And we're not going to stop there, because we had a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right, that's five dollars a month. You two can be a patreon supporter and not here advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore text till in the six six eighty sixty six. Otherwise I'll come to your house, I will find you, I will destroy everything that's good in your life until we're the only thing left. Anyway, here's another advertisement. So they said this type one civilization has control over the weather, so they could move clouds out of the way for solar energy, they could create when manipulate the waves. And Yeah, this guy was to total di I have hate vision. I hate that this guy comes up with this and we're like this is a good theory. Yeah, we should like we should like really remember this, we should write this down. So the idea is that this is all the stuff that that crazy guy as starbucks used to say to me. Do you remember that, that guy who told me his moods controlled the weather here, that where he's a yeah, I'm just never a bad day, just light's rain. He's straight up was just like, yeah, it's raining us, I'm just having a bad day. And here you have a bad day because it's raining, and he's like no, it's raining because I'm having a bad day. I was like that's weird, Mike, and he was like well, you should see what's happened to people I get mad at. You. Don't want to see me lose my temper because I've struck people were lightning before that. I told you this stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's like that's the guy that was asking my book. Yeah, he did want me to remove he also one time I was this, I was a US snapchat still, you know, and I would take a like a selfie on snapchat. Why were we all doing that? Whatever, and he was in the back of one of them. He came out. He was hey, don't take pictures of me, and I was like, I'm I promise you, man, I'm not. But after that I was, after that, a hunderd. I was nothing but pictures of him. I don't know if I really did do that. A Lot I do. He got banned from that starbucks. That's a yeah, he got bag. He got lifetime band because he lost his heck at that place because they put in real sugar in one of his things instead of like the fake sugar, and he's diabetic, and so he screamed to them like they were trying to kill him. Oh my God, he was like, I just know you guys are trying to get rid of me, and they're like, honestly, we weren't, but now now sure would love you just never showed up again, now that you now, that you put it that way, that guy has a scale. Just as worthy of my time of hearing about is this guy. What are you doing? I didn't know that was gonna happen. Okay, go back to that. What is your background on your computer? It's like some tree. It's like a art, like an I don't know what the art style like. kind of like have to squint, a drawn like scene of like some trees and a river and a sunset, and I don't see that. Do you see that? Well, it's because this something your therapist held up was like what do you see, and you were like, I see like a drawing tree and like a river and stuff. Yeah, okay. Anyway, so I'm saying that this scale sounds stupid, but go ahead. So the idea here is that they can move the clouds and control your renewable resource. You have to AI control that renewable resource to be a type one, type one. Yeah. So that way the controls the important piece, because now it's like, okay, you're not reliant on outside forces, your self reliant. Yeah, but this isn't this all, this is what humanity's been trying to do forever. This's what we're trying to do with a freaking pandemic, is that we're sitting here trying to control something that is beyond our control. Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely, but the idea is that, I mean the idea here is we would figure out the technology to figure out how to manipulate natural events in our mom I think the earth's going to rebel against that. Honestly, I mean, maybe I have known the Earth to listen to rage against the machine. So I just we don't have to do this. So, so a type one civilization. Yeah, in this model, he kind of what he means to you, as he says, assuming every civilization functions like every human civilization has in history, meaning we are we hoard resources and we want to expand our footprint. Yeah, and takeover as much as we can. A type one civilizations logical next step is to colonize its local solar system and taraform other moons and planets, like we're trying to. That's where there trying to do my own and things like that. Yes, the issue with that is that takes a ton of energy, and so that's why this type one civilization has to exist, because it's going to have to create a ton of energy on Earth to export to these scar where we talked about, like we don't have the infrastructure ability for the metaverse to exist. Yes, yeah, yeah, so this is the this idea is setting laying the rails for us to be able to become a multiplanetary species. Okay, so then a type two is where things start getting I mean if this, if type one wasn't like type two, you're going to hate. So type to this is a situation where they've harnessed the civilization is harnessed figuring things out on their host planet, but as also colonize other planets and figured it out. They've they have the it's the it's the word host planet that I feel like. When you were planning this, you saw the term host planet and you were like, yeah, I'm really going to ruin Jaron's Friday just way. I don't even want to know what tier three is this point. Go ahead. So they've could they've finished doing their host planet? Yeah, so they've. They've figured their host planet out. They have absolutely control over the energy. It's renewable on their host planet and they've replicated the process on at least one other planet in their solar system. Oh Gee, so they've terriformed it. They've created an atmosphere, created plant life and then implemented and renewable energy there and gained control over the renewable energy of the new plant as well. So this is when we do. We figure out earth completely. We know how to change the weather on earth and all them. Yeah, and we've also done this in Mars. We've also yeah, on Mars, literally any other planet, another moon, at least one mother could be multiple. Okay, this is a type to civilization. Okay, a type three is the expansion outside of our solar system into other solar systems within our galaxy. This is going to take a monumental amount of power. You're saying we've figured out our host galaxy. We take it, figured out our whole solar system. We're going to expand within our own galaxy to other star clusters that have sold habital solar systems within our crowd within the Milky Way. To do this is going to take a monumental amount of energy. Yeah, travel those distances and especially to transport that energy those I think that people would kill our planet in that venture. We can get to that, because there's some interesting I think that people would. They would sacrifice all of humanity in the name of expansion. Yeah, there's in the name of evilation. We're just trying to evolve, valve, avow evolved. Yeah, it's fine, evil, evil. Yeah, no, you're finding out right now how dumb your word is. I like this. So ever, leading to three. You have multiple planets. Yeah, you've kind of you really conquered yourself have multiple planets, and you mean that in the way that it sounds. You've got multiple planets, you've conquered your host solar syst so worried about a one world order? You know, two worlds. Okay, here's where you're gonna get mad. Ascending into a type of three civilization is going to require an astronomical amount of power. Yeah, so this civilization that's ascending into type three is going to have to harness the energy of its son and there's actually a theoretical plan for this called the dicen sphere. And so what all want? Sphere? A DICEN sphirits. Yeah, that's a little sphere vacuums that runs around the apartment. Yeah, you just roll it, roll it into the sun as just sucks up the in gee energy and rolls back. Yeah, and then just the guy from those commercials as I was like so poetic. He's like we're capturing the power the DISON cartles. Yeah, oh my gosh. Yeah, that guy. That guy acts like he had he's got the cool fans. He acts like he has figured out how to control the weather. He's just like, isn't this incredible? He does with his fancy says, stick your hand through my fans. It's not chopping your hand up. Where's the air coming from? I don't even know. Honestly, figure it out. I paid. No, we figured this out by accident. Hey, can we? Can you be a favor? Can you not talk about, like, you know, dison fans and stuff in front of my hoover vacuum lamp? Makes it makes the lamp. Yeah, selfconscious. please. My Hoover Vacuum lamp is listening right now. Yeah, have you ever seen a hoover fan? So, I'm a hoover fan. I that's what dyson's fear. Picture a massive ring that just wraps around the sun. I hear it in your voice that you think this is stupid and I like that. There we go, and you like. Picture a massive ring. All right, it's this massive ring that wraps all the way around the sun, and I'm the lad is this a thing we've built? It's a thing we've thought of. No, I'm saying in the scenario, yeah, we built a built a thing that wraps around the sun him. Yeah, so this thing, this solar station, okay, way station is we figured out a way to make something that's radiation through. Okay, what was the standalized job? He was an astronomer. Okay, yeah, and what did he astronomy all day? What did he do? This is what a statters do. They is it about? That's right, sing here thing. I go, HMM, I sure would like to do that, because it sounds like you can just think of anything with zero consequences theory. You know, obviously we can't do this right now, but I'd be like we, we, okay, think of us. Think about this right. Think, what if? What if, we said, a bus that drove people to the sun and they just scooped up some energy and came back. So we don't know. That's how the energy doesn't work in the sun, you know, it's a color back with their jars, its like I got this from the you could check out my quick books and voice for that. Would love to. How are you? I learned to the Sun at all I got was this dumb jar of the sun juice. They have a drink out. They're called Earth Ed and that's weird, you know, just mud. So I'm just saying, how stupid is it that he can busy he is here me like, all right, here's my theory. Guys, we got to build something that wraps a round the sun. Now, I know it sounds absurd, but this is type three, right, actually a decent bit of logic behind it, because he so, he used math to prove all this stuff. And I say, this is a person who my job is also make believe, right, I make up steer, the same job, and then we sit here we do this. This is my job at work right now. Yeah, and I think that this job is stupider. So he did a bunch of math to figure how much energy it would take to do the things that this society would do, to become a galactic society. Okay, figure out the and then he did the math to figure it out the only source of that energy, and then did the math to conceptually figure out is it possible for us to build something like this if our technology got to that point? So it's all rooted at Nath. Yeah, but mass also made up. I mean, mathematicians are probably disagree with you. That's fine, but anyways, so I don't care, so that if I give a crap what mathematicians think of me, freaking professional nerds. I don't care. Oh Yeah, what are you? Where do you go, where do you get a job as a mathematician? Yeah, my we're you going to jobs in astronomer. My iphone does your job every day. Yeah, to plus too, for done. So the this dicense fhere is just it wraps all the way around the sun and it's this big space station facing it, solar panels, and so it's just extracting in a extremely energy at all times because so close, and then it's able to ship that's not catching on fire. No, yeah, so it's they figured out a way to make it like not affected by the radiation. Yeah, affected by the heat. It's crazy. But I will say this feels like my whole Mech class in high school where we just like, you know, we got into our different personality groups and then we just described where our dream wedding would be. And like the people who are like really into fun stuff was again, I'm gonna Skydive in, you know, me and my bride, or just going to lay it at the altar, and it's like, well, how does that all? It will figure it out. Yeah, and then they get married at Vegas. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what I'm saying is, okay, whatever, you get it. Listener, you agree with me? Here's the thing though. Here's the thing with this, though, I think about all the technology we have. It was stupid. It was a stupid idea. When people are like, Oh, one day will do that, it was like, no, we won't. That's dumb. What what do you think was stupid? Literally everything, the Internet, going to the Moon in general, leaving the planet in general, all these ideas flying. Do any of those things? Flank fly, he's in real. I've said this. We didn't go to the moon flying. Is it real? When I got a plane yesterday, all it does is and they throwing some turbulenes. Why? Yeah, zero reason. It's those rides that did. They just got bored. They were like, we should like add some bumps and stuff to this. So people think it's real. Are they? You Go Fu full? Yeah, they are's bumpy. Let's guys bumpy. Everybody is. It makes sense to me at all. We talked about the sky is bumpy and there's nothing we can do about it. Switch lanes. What are you talking about? where? What are my tax dollars going to fix the potholes in the sky? Okay, I saw. I know where a type zero society is, because the air is bumpy and that doesn't make sense. Get the bumps out of my air. So you're saying that just be okay, whatever. Yeah, so all the stuff we've we've done is also stupid to caveman. That makes it someone who hasn't seen it happen. And I mean theoretically, like we could build something that could withstand extreme temperatures and withstand radiation, sure, and extract the energy, like I mean, it wouldn't be easy, but we probably could. Okay, then we have to colonize Mars first. Oh, yeah, I mean that's this is a type we're extending into type three. Three, yeah, we're stepping into three of the final okay. And so then this expands from dycensphere to what's called a Metrio Chaka, the trio shka brain. I don't know why. That's your brain in there. Margharita, Margaritaville, Margaritaville. At the Sun, you'll get real ted here. So we take buses of people right to Jimmy Buffett's Margarita bill on the side wild. Yep, it's five o'clock on the Sun. So the Matrio Matrioshka brain. that. How do you tell time on the sun. You look at the Sun by when the earth sets. Well, where's the Oh, which way is the earth facing? I can't see it's on the other side of the Sun. which way is Mars face? You can't see it. It's on the other side of the side. You can't see anything. If you're that close to the sun, you're blind at that point. Just look at the sun's got sunts. It's okay, okay, okay, okay, the mat they ought by that time they've created sunglasses that work. BEOUT. You get it right. Any problem you have, by that time they figured it out. figure. That's what I hate. All right, whatever, the MATRIOSHCA brain. It's a dicense fhere. Okay, a lot. So there's like a bunch of those rings. Yeah, yeah, and you're just getting so much power from the Sun. I want that camera angle. I don't know if that exists, but just a little. But you know, you get it just so much power. What the heck? Okay, whatever. So is that a type three or is that a type for wow, what's the biggest type? When do you finish? When are you done? So this is this is a extending into the type three. So this is a type two will do this to become a type three. Okay, so the end of a type to civilization, it harnesses the power of its own son, which, remember, control is the other side of this. Yeah, so the this civilization would figure out how to monitor the life of the Sun essentially and be able to manipulate it to event to essentially avoid a SUPERNOVA. So it keeps it from ever killing itself and makes it renewable and is able to like feed it and just keep it all yeah, so it's kind of like a neal pat sons getting too big. You know, got us sit in the fire crew and there is out there hose in it down, just with those sunglasses that they figured out. They're just that loading the fire truck. The yeah, believe you're floating space. Shoot the water, just floating. Just be guys on the ladder. Yeah, why are we wheels on this thing? Why are there wheels of this case? We have to lay it and then he's up there just floating space. And why is space bumpy? How is that? We get artist the power of the sun, but we can't get the bumps out of space. Come on, guys, wait, will we be type three? Oh my gosh, she is the bumps. Yeah, okay, Co Co, Cooqua pave the SPACEPLUX. So have you heard of tilling podcast March? That's right, we have a merged store full of tilling bread and tea's, hoodies, mugs and so much more. We also make new designs for every single episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them while they're hot. Text till into six, six eight hundred sixty six to get your till and March today. Yeah, you figured out how to control the Sun. Yeah, both to keep it alive and not let us go SUPERNOVA and kill everybody. But which type is spaced him living? Because apparently he lives in the future. Well, space is the future, but space time is still in a zero. So, yeah, we can hear by his lack of quality in his well, I dude, he's there's no ways type one with a microphone quality like that. So, but the other side of it is they also have the power, the ability to manipulate relative mass in the Sun, and this helps with powering, but it also helps with, and here's where things get crazy, this okay, with gravitational pulls. So now this civilization has the ability not just to manipulate. It's Sun, but it's all the whole solar system and the routes of the rotation of these planets. So if an asteroid were to come through, they could steer and planet out by controlling the mass distribution of the sun. Crazy, crazy idea. All powered by Alexa. Alexa, Neptune moved up to twenty degrees dom dom Alexa turned to orange. You see that, kids, that's control. Yeah, Alexa. Tell Them Mars a scary story, this voice of God. So I hate this whole thing. So now is the next phase. So this is a sending into a true type three. They've harnessed the power of their host star and they are now traveling into other solar systems within their own galaxy and repeating the process. So, just like they did with planets, they are now doing multiple solar systems throughout the galaxy, which is easier. What you figured out? Your Star? Yeah, other stars, whatever. Yeah, you roll in, take the star, take the start. This is my start. Now what is some what if some other galaxy rolls into our galaxy? That is like this is our stars. Is Our star? Now you're rough. Yeah, it'd be a full out war. So Kardashev said, the next step is to go intergalactic, to leave the Milky Way and to try to repeat the process in a new galaxy, but solar systems and star clusters in this other galaxy. That's going to take in astronomical amount of power. Remember when I said that last time? Yeah, this is even bigger. I assumed I would if they like. Actually, that's going to be a lot easier at that point. So the idea here, Kardashev ended it here and said I don't think it's possible to get past this point. Some people have picked up where he left off. They were like created a type. Yeah, I mean, we've already got some rings. What's that possible? Cardi show. What do you mean? It's not possible to get past this? Well, he didn't know by that time. We have our floating fire trucks and all that. He didn't know of any more powerful force that could be extracted. Okay, now we we know that, at least we believe that most galaxies have a black hole at the center of it, and the theory now for a type for civilization, as it's harnessing the energy of the black hole at the center of the Galaxy. How there's no explanation stressing me. There's a dyce in sphere with a bunch of solar energy power panels and like those in the solar energy isn't working from the black hole. Turn on the black holes lights. So they're hardest the energy of a black hole. The way they're getting the energy. They don't have the slightest idea, they said. These scientists that are coming up with type four say we don't have the site of idea how they would do it. Make it up. But so you differently goes literally make up away. But, but, and the reason for that is because I don't understand black holes enough. But they said, but there's a lot of energy in a black hole, clearly, and so if we could figure out how that energy is, what's coming from and how it's how it's being happening being, then maybe we can harness it and use how it's being happening. We just fear clear out. If we just figure out how it's being happening, then they can evilate to the next thing. Yeah, who's yeah, exactly, holly, him so much smarter than you. Sometimes you ever see somebody and you just go that it would an idiot. What? Yeah, and when you say being happening, I was just like, Golly, I've five I've thought it life. Definitely say this person come to involved. Weave an office together, to show together. You know, I gotta get out before either. I have. Our kids know each other. Okay, so harnessing the power of the back of need that being happening. There's no our kids to be friends ours the black hole. There's no theory of how the heck we're going to do that. Obviously this is the best step of where we want to how would you do it? So my guess? Hmm, I would actually, and I thought about this before, something similar to the dison vacuums, Uh Huh. Send something in there crushed and then figure out a way to get it out. I would even just be like one of those little paddle boards, just gigantic it just before goes in. It's some energy back. You just have a bunch of astronauts the paddle boards at the edge of the black hole. Just, yeah, much power. By that time they won't be astrouts, will be people. By that time they'll be the robots. They'll be the robots will figure all this stuff out. Yeah, robots will figure it out for us. They for us, they'll kill us, will be gone. This is robots take over it. They'll take over and this allows, this gives enough energy to allow intergalactic travel, which will have to include lightspeed at the least. Yeah, to pull it off, and the process will now begin. And Multiple Galaxies for the type for type five. No, partship was done. C He was like this is impossible. What is type five? Someone added a type five to say this society, type five society, figures out how to be multidimensional, if the multi di versus a an actual thing. This society figures out how to go into other universes and colonize that universe and do everything they did in theirs and then harness the energy. This is with people and their desire to be more. You don't talk about like. This is real crazy. This is real, and I'm like, I'm sitting here thinking, like why why would you want? Point is enough? We are consumers. We are so obsessed with bringing in more stuff. Yeah, it's an obsession. It really is. That I know. I'm telling I'm I'm listening to this episode. Yeah, so the idea is you get to that point and you run out of possible consumption. These go first, what if there's another universe and let's figure out how to get there, and we fear how to do that. Yeah, where it's like I can go see me and the other universe and be like hey, we're better than you over here, exactly. I am your Lord. Now, pretty close, pretty close, which coincidentally leads us right into the final theorized type, which has actually been named Type Omega. Oh's become God's Kinda this one, this one's any buses mormonism go that way. That is yeah, yeah, that's fair. Actually, so this one, the idea is now you had all of this stuff, you get your own dimension, you get I get my own universe. It's like, I get it's like people who have those old train sets and stuff, but it's just the you know, your owne little universe, universe. No. So the idea here is they figured out all this stuff, but they've also figured out how to manipulate three things, being space, time and matter. Is the Omega, okay, society and the obviously space in time. We've heard a lot about that, like right, time travel space, like you've been space and can basically teleport. There's no more bumps in space because you're been you're flattening. Yeah, it's great, flat space, flat space, flat space. Theory, smooth space, smooth out this space. But the matter was a really interesting thing. I actually listen to a podcast where guy was talking about this. He said, imagine being in a situation where you have control of the molecules around you. So, say you're trapped underwater. You can manipulate that hto change the hydrogen, all the oxygen, and now you just have a bunch of oxygen and you can now breathe in that system. Yeah, area. And like, you know what makes it possible, astronomy, and you know we're just, we're just a couple math equations away. Well, that's the thing. We do know. Like in a lab we're able to manipulate like matter by adding in different molecules and we understand how molecules work and stuff. So if we could figure out in real time how, outside a last to be able to change stuff, this is what newcules always sucked. That is that there are limits to what we can do. Maybe, all right, or the guy actually continue this this illustration said, or you could just change your own molecular composition to be able to survive off breathing water instead of breathing. Just what are you just which is probably I can breathe there now fills. I don't know how it works. He did it either. Is just theorizing. Oh Yeah, payer drove my car to the river earlier. But Luckily I'm Alec Class Myself, molecularized, moleculized myself and having these sweet gills. Check about these, sweet are you into these? Or I can mileculize myself differently. Get about, I can be whatever you want. Let me change. Yeah, that's the idea this guy. This guy went on to say he's he's like, he's a picture this though, he's like. Or say you're in a situation where you, I don't know, we're out in the middle of the ocean. You can just bunch the molecules together so you can walk on the water. Or say you're at a party and you want to show off at the pool and you're like, I can walk on this too. Were you going to Jesus thing? He say. Why did he said? Say You got a party and there's no wine. He said, just take all the water and just change the MI cler cob. Well, you're saying is good. What this guy was saying is that God as a member of an Omega civilization. That's what he's saying, and the theory continues that if an Omega civilization has ability to manipulate all these different things, space, time, the matter, yeah, and has ability to travel to multidimensions and has that ability to manipulate, theoretically, and I'll make a civilization would be creating new dimensions and universes. So this is almost the Omega to civilization, is a civilization that has a sent to this level and is now in the act of creating universes. That's got, that's where we live it, that's got. So this is so essentially, we've pulled this idea that Kardashev said, hey, it'd be cool if we could go live in space, and they've said here's how we become God. I know. That's what I'm that's what we're saying, is that it's just like humans have, that desire to just more. Yeah, yeah, to make ourselves bigger and greater and expand our reach and how much we have, which is, I don't know, crazy. Yeah, and you can help us expand our reach by supporting us on Patreon help us expand to a type of one podcast. Yeah, so here's the issue. Bunch people will come after the fact saying that getting to a type one civilization is impossible because, okay, every step along this way there's obviously a ton of barriers. The technicolological advancement is one of the biggest. But sure you run the risk at any point in this that your civilization just gets wiped out before it gets there? Oh for sure. Yeah, the interesting thing is the further down the scale you are, the less likely you have to take the first step up the wrong because if you're an Omega civilization, you're in multiple dimensions. You have control over all. This matter is very pretty much anything the other series that people in Omega are sabotaging us from reaching type one. I haven't heard that, but maybe I could see call an act of God. God is trying to keep us from becoming type blood civilization. Maybe I thought. Maybe, I mean maybe what they're saying. What this what the theory goes here is if we're a type zero civilization, we have no control over our host planet, our host O, our host galaxy, other outside galaxies or other outside dimensions. So natural disasters can destroy our civilization in a second, yeah, and end the possibility of US ever getting there. Also, natural disasters can destroy our civilization or set our civilization back. where our civilization isn't destroy but set back severely to where it's not gonna progress. Also, in all of this there are so many different opportunities and people and play who. You know, wars will break out over who gets to be in charge of these things. That's the other big thing is war, especially as this expands, never goes away, right, because the kind of key tenant then mores and the Earth Start Interplanet, Inter innerplant with it, wars, fighting planet or planet out. I kept saying plant, plant, war. Yeah, plant wars. That's the thing, cardish, the main piece of carderships think, is humanity hoards resources, yeah, and always tries to get more. Yeah, and so as long as humanity is doing that, it doesn't matter where you're at on the scale, war is still going to be a thing. And the more resources that are up for grabs, the more power that's up for grabs, the more war will be a thing. Type Zero. With the where we're at, we are on this precipice of having the ability to harness a bunch of energy and so far, the one time we've done this successfully with nuclear power. Instead of using it to power the world, used it to just blow a bunch of people up. And so it does. It does matter a lot who gets this power in the first place to take that step, and theoretically nobody would use it properly, right or in the process to do this outside of the idea, in the process of trying to figure out the energy, you make a mistake and blow everybody up and everybody dies. So there's just an insane amount of barriers. Yeah, to take that first step. How we could if we followed the math. We did the math. Here's the problem. We built the dicense fhere in phase one. We're not even type one DICEN I fear won't fit on earth. You can't build the buildings. You got to build apart and then launch that into space and hope it connects with your other one. No, yeah, they would build it in space. They would. Obviously, yeah, they would. But yeah, so, but that's you know, they'll figure that out. I'll figure it out. So the idea is as you're going but as you're going through each phase, it becomes exponentially easier to move to the next one because once you're in type one, you have control over the earth. So now you don't have to worry about like ice ages or like yellow stone erupting or things like that, because you have control of all that those factors. Now it's just outside factors. And then war that could screw you up. Yeah, and then as you go to the next one, it's okay, now we have plant to control of our our solar system, so we not the word about asteroids or a star going Super Nova. But our galaxies, black hole can still suck us in, another galaxy could glide with us. Or War, war, but as as you continue down this route, yeah, it gets to the point where literally the only possible problem as war, like even for an Omega Society. And accident doesn't matter, honestly, for a I. For we're whatnestly for a type, for a type of three, even a type three, you'd most likely you're not going to have an accident that ruins the entire civilization. You'll probably kill a lot of people, but you're probably not going to destroy your entire civilization. There will be survivors that can carry on, but war will be an ever present threat along this entire scale. And so there's a lot of people who say we would never make it even a type one. But even if we'd made it to type one, I don't think we can make it any further down because of war. Because, yeah, we would kill each other, we would use the power to kill each other to try to get more, because the whole idea of the scale is to get more. So I just love how encouraging these things are sometimes. Well, here's the encouraging side of it. So a bunch of people have said, well, here's the encouraging side of it. We don't have to be stage Omega. Stay doing you can be zero. Zero is because you can be a zero. But we know who is Oma, our God, is a stage Omega civilization. I was with you. Yeah, I was with you. Yeah, now, but for real, though, is that there is a I think that as far as me in my life, I would like to actively fight against the desire for more. Yeah, because you know it will kill you. Yeah, it will, and and even like, like it'll kill your society, but it'll kill you personally. Yeah, now, I do want more things in the eye, I want more things in the bookshelf. I want TV. That's real, but maybe a dison vacuum for that corner, a Dison lamp? Only you, Babe. No, but I'm saying that. You know, there's its stresses me out that there's like a race for just everything, complete and total control. Yeah, yeah, because I feel like every time in my at the micro level, I'm not talking about macro level like world control. I'm saying all the Times that I have tried to take control of my life I have severely messed it up further. Absolutely, absolutely, yeah, it's a problem and it's just because I didn't know how to build a sphere. If I would have built my dicens fear better, then I would have had more control. Oh my gosh, that's the thing. People, some people, so some scientists, are saying, well, Hey, if if this is the scale, we should see evidence of these other societies out there that have made it to this level. But we don't. And so there's two sides of that. Some people say, well, yeah, nobody gets out of type zero. Everybody kills each other before we make it the zero, or do they get killed by something else? or it's literally impossible to control earth. Yeah, maybe I mean we're seeing that with we have the most advanced technology that we've ever known to exist and a pandemic is bringing us to our knees. Yeah, you know, and I think this is not the last one that's going to happen. Yeah, this is absolutely true, absolutely true, and so that's what I'm saying, is like, yeah, so it could. It could just be impossible, but the to kind of prevailing sides of the argument are it's never happened because of war, yeah, or because of other natural disasters, for accid instead of killed the society before I had the chance. Would it be great if we can figure out how to control tornado? Sure, will we? Well, but that comes a weapon war. Yeah, that's the thing. That's the thing and that's the point that's always made, is we send it more truth, as we learn more control black holes. It's just send a black hole to him. Let's just send the tornado with our name on it. It's got the logo. Yeah, yeah, sponsored, sponsored by HIV. You know, grosser Storre's gonna go like mob stirt. Is that a high? I didn't want to go. I didn't want to go like big brands. I wanted to go the brand most likely to sponsor a tornado. I will sponsor that torn it up. Yeah, yeah, just put our Qr Code on it. Sponsored by Dave Ramsey. Co Solution. Here's a solution. So the other side of the argument is that, well, if a society did ascend to one of these levels, it has control over its natural resource. Yeah, so it would look like natural events when they were controlling stuff. Yeah, we want to know, because it looks natural from afar unless they showed up in our in our endemic. I see where you're going. The only way we know is if they showed up and they started building a dicense fhear, like if we looked at the sun and we saw a streak of fire trucks driving across it. That seems Huh, seems like a type three going on up there. Well, the time, maybe a type to getting two three. Yeah, but I mean, I don't know. What do I know? Yeah, and that's the other side of it. So something I don't even know what's being happening right now as a perfect, perfect transition, because some people say, well, if there are societies better out there, they're doing that, even if we can't detect it, because they are so good doing things. Naturally, they got all their herbs and stuff. Yeah, they're, they're they're sitting US Tornados. What you're saying? Yeah, even if we don't know. No, what they're saying is they wouldn't care. What she probably heard the argument where it's like, I mean, when they're at the level where they're harnessing the energy of suns or black holes, why do they care about us? Be Many people on Earth. They come to us, they see us building stuff, just like we look at answer. We like all look at their both a cute little hill. Yeah, and but you know, some people stand over there building a hill with a magnifying glass and look at them build a little hill. Yeah, pray them with those. The firefighters are out there like say, look at this stray, those guys on earth. Yeah, gotta. And then there's people who argue, well, are you spraying it because Mike is mad at starbucks today? No, I think he's mad because I'm spraying them. I can hear him, though he's pretty ticks. It's because, yeah, he hears me too. So, but then the other other side of the argument that's come up, and this is the last one, because we can just go forever. But the other side, that's come up as well. You can't see the other side. That implies two sides. You have to say another thing. No, there is this because because people are like, well, how I haven't we heard anything. While some people say if we heard anythink well, some people will say, well, we have, and that's the Omega civilization, the creators all Zation. Yeah, we have. It's called the old test, called God. Yeah, it's a the creator civilization, who created our whole universe. Yes, who took dust and change the molecular composition of it and said this is now human. And everyone said they look dumb, they got weird things hang off of them. It's arms, those are arms, legs. Cool, I thought you'd liked ears, Gaybrie. Oh, don't like that. Last time, last universe Gabriel, you said it'd be helpful of the cold crab stuff, so I gave him arms. Yeah, but I don't know, maybe we could try again later. Let's see how some plays out. The type zero times. Ye. So, yeah, so the chances of us, I mean there are some who say like in the next forty to two hundred years we could ascend. Hey, I hate astronomers. I hate mathematicians. I hate scientists. That's such a fat window. You know, at the next forty two, two hundred years probably possible. For in the next like forty, like just round it up safe honestly. So the next you know, forty seven to two hundred thirteen years, I would say, because we definitely, if you say far enough, no one can. We definitely have one foot over the line where it's like we we're dabbling with renewables. Okay, see, I apparently is trying to control the weather. They've talked about it, they've talked about we've talked about it. Things are the last I podcast is apparently tried to control the weather. Yep, that's what Tillon stands for. Time, time, endurance with it, I I. Yeah, because we're stupid. Yeah, we have YEP, learning. Okay's start over here we go. Okay, okay, here's what till what actually stands for terrestrial terrestrial integrity, licensing loops network. We started a terrestrial's like, oh, I can see other build integrity. Well, terrestrial integrity is important. You can't build a you can't, and we license it, so you're allowed to either. The loop is just what we called the Ring Yep. Maybe. Yep, YEP, because tiler didn't work. It didn't know and the network is we got to work together to make it happen. Yeah, we need a lot of a lot of people in on this. Yep. Yeah, gotta expand my linkedin groups so that way we can control the weather. What do we call the dyson? What is it? Dyson wood, the disons fear, disonse fear. Yeah, so this Dyson sphears two on the KARDA CHEV's scale. Brand New Chevy diceon you're looking at the all new Chevy dyson's sphere. Look about the all new Chevy toiler, to Tyson, the y'all new Chevy Tweo, a dyson sphere, Omega twenty coming, coming in two thousand and sixty two or two thousand and twenty two one. It's just a matter of time. End Space. It a matter of time. It's just a matter I see, I get it, I get it, I get it. Wow, hi, that was a stage three joker act. I tell you what type three. I don't know what we're calling it. Type Three. So yeah, these are the that's the kardashev scale. I think it's interesting. I could see it. I could see it. I think it's yeah, but you can see anything. Likely. No, Picture Justin Bieber riding on top of Air Force One, not in Air Force One, on top of Air Force One. Your brain a fan. Your brain can create that image. Big Fan of that. Think about it like riding it like a horse. Yeah, on Air Force One. Oh, does he have a saddle? Yep, and it's purple and you can picture that. So that's what I'm saying. that. So, if that's the standard, I could see it. Yeah, I'm saying that's a bad standard. Well, what I'm saying is that's more because that I could see, I could visualize. Yes, I couldn't see it happening. Okay, this I can visualize, but I also can see a possible road. It's a long road and there's a bumpy barriers. Yeah, it's turbut that's a long, turbulent road. But I think, I think of humanity existed long enough, given our track record, we would try. Yeah, I agree, and I think if we had enough time and we made the necessary technical, technological developments, why not? That's true. So, but I also think it's very unlikely that we get there because we'll kill each other first, as we end here, I would like to show something. Alex, can you hand me the case? Where is the it was on that desk right, because this is something that we have in our possession. That is a zero on the KARDASHEF scale. Yes, we very, very difficult to turn into a cheval vehicle. Yeah, but we well, we we've ascended it to the type Omega. Right, it has crossed the barriers. It is now. Well, we got to reasons a type zero. So now it's an Omega One and it will be an Omega too, as we're ending here. This is gonna be hanging up by the next episode. If you're listening, you should start watching. Yeah, this is the fiddle that I got for Tim at our live show and downstairs the shop put our low. They laser engraved our logo into a harness the energy of the sun and a on the dyson's sphere. Yeah, put our logo use the sun's power. He was out there with a Mac yeah, just took a long time. That's why we really appreciate it. So thank you, nick for doing that. Yeah, shout out to neck. What's on the back? Oh, that is that's a little devil and a fiddle because they was fiddle enough. Fiddle all things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by Connerbet. Social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at Tilling podcast, that's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review, comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

Humanity has been expanding and advancing for as long as we have existed. It seems like we have an insatiable desire for creating new things and developing our influence as far and wide as possible. Logically, and based on some recent experience, we will eventually expand past our world and begin to colonize the cosmos. However, such a feat will require massive amounts of energy. In 1964 Nikolai Kardashev proposed a scale that measures an intelligent civilization based on the amount of energy consumption and control that the society possesses. He separated civilization into a four-part scale measuring the technological advancement of society. Eventually, his scale came to bear his name and be known as The Kardashev Scale.

Type 0 Civlization

We are a Type 0 civilization. That’s right; we haven’t made any progress up the scale yet. A type 0 survives off consumable energy. For us, that looks like fossil fuels, natural gas, etc. A type 0 can utilize renewable energy; however, for a type 0 civilization, renewables are just a piece of the equation.

Type 1 Civilization

A Type 1 civilization is released from reliance on consumables and turns entirely to renewable energy. This transition is mainly based on the power from the sun. Solar must become the most prevalent energy source on earth, but it must become much more efficient than it is today. This power would allow this society to leave the world and begin colonizing and terraforming other planets within its solar system.

Type 2 Civilization

A Type 2 civilization would have successfully terraformed, colonized, and ascended to a type 1 civilization on at least one other planet in its solar system. To begin considering colonization outside of the civilization host solar system, a much more impressive amount of energy is necessary. This civilization would require the ability to harness the power of the sun.

It is proposed that such a society would utilize a theoretical mega-structure known as a Dyson Sphere to harness the radiation from its host star. This structure would be a massive ring that would encircle the star and harness its power. So, this much power would unlock interstellar travel.

Type 3 Civilization

A Type 3 civilization will have successfully harnessed the power of its host star to travel to another solar system within its host galaxy. This society will have successfully terraformed another planet and ascended to a type 2 level of energy consumption in that solar system. The next step for such a civilization would be intergalactic travel. Again, the level of energy consumption necessary for such a feat is immense.

A Type 3 civilization will need to harness the amount of energy available within its entire galaxy. Kardashev was unsure of a way in which this could be possible. However, since Kardashev first theorized his scale, other physicists have made their proposals. The leading theory is that this society would need to harness the energy of its galaxy’s black hole. Again, however, it is unknown how or if that could be possible.

Type 4 & 5 Civilizations

Kardashev ended his scale at type 3 because he did not believe that a society could extend past that point. Just as they did with theories regarding Type 3, other physicists have made theoretical additions to the scale. A type 4 scale successfully harnesses all the energy available within the known universe. Most likely doing this by harnessing energy from all existent black holes or harnessing the power of dark matter.

A Type 5 civilization discovers the existence of other universes and finds a way to travel to those other universes. Finally, the type 5 civilization repeats the process in each of these other universes until all the available existent energy is harnessed.

Type Omega and Type Omega II

Lastly, the final proposed levels of civilizations are type omega and type omega II. These civilizations have harnessed all the available energy that exists. They have repeated the colonization process not just in all galaxies but all universes. The Omega society then seizes control of space, time, and matter. Management of time gives this society the ability to time travel. Control of space allows this society to manipulate space around themselves, thereby unlocking the ability to teleport. Finally, control of matter allows this civilization to use all matter and change the molecular composition to create resources from anything.

A Type Omega II civilization takes all of these skills and abilities to move from universe colonization to universe creation. A Type Omega II civilization effectively functions in a form similar to that of God.


Each of the types on the Kardashev scale is based on the civilization’s energy consumption. However, each example above lists possible ways that society could obtain such energy levels. The importance of the scale is not how they get energy but how much power they obtain and control. According. to the Kardashev scale, we are in our infancy as a civilization. But, some theorists believe we are only a matter of a couple of hundred years from ascending to a type 1 civilization.

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