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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of Lord Zen? You this sounds like an alien thing. I mean it's well, I guess. Be Honest, I didn't think about this. It was happened last time. I didn't think about this. I was like, Oh, yeah, this is another alien for you episode. I guess technically there are some alien okay. So, but here's the thing. Lord Z do ze, new Ze, new okay. I was like, I thought would see do that's where I thought. I thought it was someone at like theos Arg's. Just out here. Been like, I'm Lord seed. Yeah, watch me rip this rail and they do the whole like the water shoot straight up in the back of it. What it's called? Yeah, what about the space opera and the wall of fire? Space Opera, and yeah, wall of fire. Yeah, have you ever heard of that? Well, try this, theatan. What Thetan? Okay, okay, well, or maybe Theaytan, theayton. It might be Phaeton. What about dianetics? Phaeton. Yeah, Phaeton, fytan. Really, what? Phaeton? Is that a thing? No, it just sounds like someone the lisp. You Better Watch them without for the faith dark Lord Theyton. Please let me go to faith. Do Opera it's straights. It is Lord C do. We can't say C to is. We do. Yeah, my name is Lord Thee Doo. I love Theayton. What about dynetics, your herd dynamics, dianetics? What is this? What are we doing? So you or you heard to see you work. What are we do? Is the scientology? It's all, Ron Hubbard. We're doing alron huff really, yes, we are. Oh my God, I just wished a bunch of weird stuff from scientology and it sounded parting a scientology of a scientology. It looks like one of us is gonna have to get divorce and a gon be me. None of his books are the kind of books where, like, you look back and say that was a hit. He moves to city Kansas. Feels like whenever the pilots give you those wigs on so offthwest flight. Everyone at this college was aliens, also because it's weird and if you if it was public and everyone would be like this is stupid. Things I learned last night. Dianetics sounded familiar to me. Speaking of Scietology, though, I opened for polly shore this weekend from the Jersey Shore. Guys. That's what every idiot says. Now, know all the MOMS who listened to our podcast knew who polly shore is. You know who Poli Short is? No, you do, I know. Well, he's really big the s. He was a he made MTV. W int you. Anyway, these whatever. So open, probably short, and one of the funny bits that he had in the show was that he tried to join scientology but they were like no thanks. He's like, come on, it's pretty fun it's pretty funny. Yeah, let's go. When did you open for him? This weekend at the Improv? Ever? Know that was this weekend. Yeah, thanks for the invite, man, you wouldn't have come up. Was Forty minutes from your house. You're right, I want to have yeah, and I would like to be invited. Invited. Yeah, okay, that's the plastic. So I'm very curious about scientology people because they have put up this stupid, gigantic sign in downtown Kansas City and ruined our skyline. I thought, I think it's kind of Nice. No, it's not, like I don't like that it's a scientology, but I think it's a nice looking sign. Yeah, the FOS. Fine, what do you try about? You Mad squad that they chose a good thing. I'm like, man, I wish they would have done comic sayings. I wish they would have put comic fans, but I don't like that it's downtown monster. I don't like that it's in the skyline. Now, I mean it's first of all, it's not in the skyline. It's in midtown. That's outside the skyline. Second of all, it looks good, like it's a good looking sign. Are you a fan? I'm not a fan. I just think that's a good sign. Okay, like, that's a goodlooking sign. All right, look of all, but anyways, yeah, good goods like a good sign, like not a like like a cook. A good sign. Yeah, we'll tell our discord members what that comedy special is. Eventually will. So this episode we're going to focus a little more on l Ron Hubbard. Okay, it's gonna cover a lot of scientology. You'll understand a lot about it by the end of this. Okay, but l Ron, his name is l let her, L for Lafayette, Ron for Ronald Hubbard. Oh, I thought Oh ron was one name. So I'm already learning stuff. Yeah, so it's Laffie at Ronald Hubbard. Everyone made fun of him for being named Lafayet. So we started going by L Ron, which makes sense. And also lron sounds kind of like ron stable. It sounds mystic, it sounds like you're inventing every I'm not saying l Ron Hubbard is cool. I'm saying l the name. L Ron. Yeah, Bird. That's why I go by J RON now. So he he was born in one thousand nine hundred and eleven in Nebraska and then some life happened. Went to college. Didn't go well in college. Where do you go to college? Because its scientology based in Los Angeles. Well, sword, okay. He went to the George Washington University's School of Engineering, because it's dad really wanted them together, and one thousand nine hundred and thirty, but he was a pretty crappy student and so he dropped out in one thousand nine hundred and thirty two, okay, and decided to take a trip to the Caribbean. Okay, he would have Caribbean because he wanted to do Red Cross work. On the way there, though, he was like hey, I hear there's a lot of gold down here. So he just found another island or something. Started looking for gold. Didn't find anything. Do you look for gold these keep your eyes peeled? Yeah, like, what's the tactic? You don't mind that stuff right here. Gold to go to gold, to gold, to gold. The goalie like the pig suey it is. Dear Satan, please help me find some work. What do you got to do? I don't know. He just looked for gold for a little bit, didn't find any, got to got to Puerto Rico, did some red cost work, found out charity wasn't for him. And then we get you a dave rames he headset. You know, you're seen Dave rameses radio show now and he wears big ears and I'm like it's a Britney spears. Mike's yeah, yeah, but it's not a thing. It's not thin like Brittany spears. That's like, Oh yeah, no, it's like a full like macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Yeah, thing, like can you think I moved my crane arm too much? Yeah, but yours, or at least some debut forty over here. You're hearing that one a lot, right, I don't. I never hear it in the episode. Alex always cuts it out. I don't think you cuts it out. I don't think I've ever heard you cut it out. I don't think I've ever heard listening to the episode, like actually listen to me back, I hear, but not these are out yet. Usually he is live so far away from the microphone and thing matter. But then here we are. Okay, whatever, I'm sorry. So he moves to DC Kay, Washington, because he was like there's gold there. Yeah, DC Washington. Yeah, just wanted to clarify. Yeah, yeah, he moves to city Kansas. and Are you talking about? It was the DC Washington. Yeah, found out there's a lot of gold in Fort Knox. Is Fort Knox in Washington? Where's Fort Knox? Don't ask me questions. This is not my job. I didn't come prepare with answers and I also don't have a computer in front of me. Where is Fort Knox? Oh, it's Kentucky. Fort Knox, Kentucky. Okay, let un down obvious. So he went to DC and he started a writing career where he wrote science fiction and he actually the majority of this early phase of his career. We Yours is one thousand nine thirty three. Okay. He started writing short twenty two years old. Yeah, started writing short stories that were landing in like little pulp fiction magazines, right sure, and eventually got a deal to write his first like novel and started just writing an insane amount of science fiction novels. Okay, to the point where he became the most published author of all time. He's got like six hundred and seventy so odd novels to his name, like it's bonkers really. Yeah, he would wrote so much science fiction and then plagiarize any of it? I don't think so. I mean to put out that many books. How how big are these books? The page or two? I don't know. I mean I'm assuming like at least the hundred ish page is like to be a novel like that is a crazy amount of stuff. Yeah, how long of a span was this he's putting I mean over the course of his life, he put out like six hundred and seventy, but still, let's say that he did it till he was in his wanity. I don't know who I want to get too far at head us. He died at seventy four, I think so. It's what I'm saying. He starts writing a point two. He that's fifty something years right. That is ten books a year. Yeah, yeah, it's a bonkers amount of writing. He did like an absolutely. It's like here's my book for this month. Yeah, a lot of people have a book of a month club they can't even keep up with and that's just them reading somebody else's yeah, and he wrote, he wrote them and he was like I'm going to start a book of the month club where I just write, write, write a book each month, every month. At a certain point you got to start recycling, though. Maybe I don't know. I mean here's the thing. None of his books are classics, like, none of his books on the Book What Are you? Books are good, I mean know the like. None of his books are the kind of books where like you look back and say that was a hit, like they're all books. I think he did the math. I think he said he was making a penny a word. Oh Wow. So, I mean I don't know how many words are in a typical novel, but I know like the average like college world page is like three hundred words. So he would get what, three dollars a page, which I don't know, about an hour of work to do three to four pages. So he's making like ten bucks an hour, which back then is probably pretty good. I don't know. Yeah, anyway. Yeah, so he starts getting him published like he's got it. He's not just putting he's just not like here's my book. Yeah, he's got a decent running career, but he he's not making a ton of money off of it. Sure, and so he gets married. He meets this woman by the name of Margaret Pauline. Were Free Time. That's what I'm saying. Go ahead. How do you have time for anything else? So he marries this woman. He's writing for a few years. There they've got their young marriage or whatever I'm going on, you know, like right love. Well, then he has his dental procedure in one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight and he has like an allergic reaction to like a drug that they used in the procedure. Okay, and it's like a near death experience for him. And supposedly in this neardeath experience, he composes this manuscript that never got published, but he has a title for it. He calls it the one command or. It's a separate title, Ice Caliber. So it's to got it one command or axe calbert never publish this but he said that this manuscript, he talks about it to say that this manuscript has more influential power, and then the Bible. He says it could change the world as we know it. Yeah, and he was high on dental meds. Yeah, he got he got his wisdom teeth out and most people, as my own tiewriter, some ginger rail. He's just yeah. So He pens this manuscript that he's like this is gonna change the world as we know it, like it's life changing. Okay, deal. And so he starts kind of shopping around, exploring this idea, but he's not publishing it's kind of explain this idea. Still writing his books. It's kind of like this thing that's on us. It's a side project, right. Yeah, like he's he's my side project is but one rule of life that I want everyone to live by. My side project is the new Bible. Yeah, my side project is revolutionary change to the world. MMMMM. But yeah, it's just a hobby you do in your free time. Yeah, so dating his wife. so He's writing books. He takes a trip to Alaska, Explores Alaska and it's like formative for him or whatever. He sees the world in a new light after it. Okay, he's got his little side project with his ex caliber manuscript, and then the war starts because it is late s so he enlists while he tries to join the navy and they say we don't want you know. Thank you. And then he tries again when the war gets a little further in and they're like a we need he's like hey, yeah, things gotten pretty out of hand. Yeah, and then they're like okay, fine, and so he somehow works his way up. So he works his way to a lieutenant junior grade, which I don't understand. That feels a lot liked white street, being the assistant. Yeah, and Assistant to the lieutenant junior lieutenant. This ship feels like whenever the pilots give you those wigs on this ofuthless flight. Yeah, you're a lieutenant, your great good, thank you for all you've done. It's like sitting in the emergency exit row, or it's like you have a responsibility, but like only if things get really bad. That's a good example. That's not working your way up, that's just sit in the right scene. All right. So how bard was sent on what they called submarine chaser training. Okay, and so he was commanding a ship that was supposed to be chasing submarines, right, yeah, off the coast of San Diego, and they're, you know, constantly all day swomen, right, they're just trying, like you guy, up your speed if you're gonna be able to chase the submarines. When Faster Hubboard? Yeah, yeah, that was before they genetically modified them and got people of Michael Phelps, you know, crazy as submarines saying. Also, this guy wrote that many books and is also taking this much time in the military. Yeah, he did take a break to do the military thing because the war, I mean, everybody took a break. Well, I know, but that's what I'm saying. Like that makes the number even crazier. Yeah, it really is. I can get past that. So he he's doing this training and off the coast of San Diego he encounters what they believe is an axis submarine off the coast of San Diego. So he engages this submarine and he leads his ship and they engage a submarine. For Sixty eight hours they're firing on this submarine. So a long conflict, only to realize that it was just a magnetic deposit on the sea floor, not a submarine, just another shooting back. Yeah, I keep flating, it's still yeah, it's a real Kelly Hopkinsville encounter. Sir. We've hit this thing about a hundred times in the last four daybuting no mercy. So that that kind of put a check on the Navy's heart. They were like, I don't know if this guy's fit for the navy. We didn't think he was. Originally, originally with the reason they cut him out. They said this is their official statement. They said this officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is Garu Lewis much what that means and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think he is has unusual ability and most lines these characteristics indicate he will require close supervision for satisfactory rep performance and of any intelligence duty. So basically interesting, he's really full of himself and he's not very good at anything. Well, yeah, I mean he's writing a book called the one come in then, so I wouldn't call him humble, Humble Hubbard. So later on another training exercise, he's in the Gulf and he shoots Mexican ship down, which was an ally of the US, pretty sure still is, shoot some Mexican ship down and then they were like yeah, you gotta go, man, you can't be a part of this. Yeah, and so we draw the line. Yeah, so he gets he gets at home. They actually hospital, hospitalize them for some minor injuries, and then he moves back to la where he tries to pick up another his writing career from where he left off. What was his wife doing this whole time? He still married to that lad? Yeah, I assume. Yeah, I assume. And so now they're in loss. Yeah, he's still married to her. They move to La and while he's in La he's writing again, still kind of in the back of his head being like remember that thing I wrote that like is going to change the world, but not like pursuing is just like, man, that was a cool thing I wrote. Right, yeah, it's a good one sentence. Really Sense. Was this wild teams the world. That was this. That's a good idea. Back Down, I a. So he moves to La and while he's in La he makes friends with a muster Crowley and Jack Parsons. Right, two episodes we've done in the past. Go back in the stove. If you haven't and they do some weird stuff together, most notably of which all Ron Hubbard steals are gets twentyzero dollars. Was a twenty or forty? It's Twentyzero from Jack Parsons and takes his wife. Yeah, and takes his wife. The interests saying was he divorced from the other girl? Yeah, the interesting thing that I didn't know when we did Jack Parson's was Lron was not divorced. WHO's still married to his wife. So took this woman and legally marries her, because apparently they didn't check back then. They were just like all, you want to get married, cool, you're not married to anybody else, are you? I don't think they check now. They just want to verify. Do they are not married to anybody? Nobody asked me. I was just a you guys are both married and nobody anybody ask I have a feeling like the county would probably look at the records because polygamy is illegal. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they would check the county records and say you did isn't look at your hand ring already. They the what they trade in them on. Is that? I check their fingers. He can I see your left hand and you just have to go like a shark ate it. How insensitive of you to ask where are you gonna put your ring then? I don't know. I'm will wear a bracelet on my left arm. You know when you go to a water park and they give it a little spanning bracelet on the locker key. You know, here's also were there. Yeah, we're gonna do that. A little heart on it. Yeah, with a little diamond at the top. Yeah, surprised you don't recognize me from the SACER for a movie. I'm surprised you don't recognize before by other three marriages. I was here earlier this week. I'm the person with one hand and I'm getting married again. Remember what I buried the other person. Really sorry about your first marriage. Why? Why? It's going great, questioning lesually, she looks like a two thousand and sevens email. Look like forty bracelets on her for or a two thousand and ten evangelist. We know just these Bible verses. Yeah, oh my gosh. Yeah, so we were like this, your hand drend getting eat by Sharker is it was the circulation cut off by all those brakes. It just fell off. Oh Wow, love a good Bethany Hamilton joke. That's great. The answer question. I don't know if anybody checks. I assume that when they file they check. Yeah, you do, but back then, but back then they didn't have any conveyor said, no one was. Look, do you have a wife already? Okay, so he's just this box to confirm not married. He married to he how many women did he to marry? Well, he married her and then his wife found out and she's like, wait a second, you married another person. Like he's like, I'm right here, I not tell you. I texted you. I texted you after lunch. Read it now, look at you. Said you sit back a gift. Oh, I was responded to her other text. I must have missed the part where you got married to somebody else. L Ron, you told me to go to Jack Parson's House and Terry Sarah Part Mary and Mary says don't know, it is out of correct I said, Carrie, oh, that doesn't make sense either, though. Yeah, carry her back home. It was an old way of saying give her a ride. I want to get tea with her this afternoon. Okay, okay, carry her over to the tea place. Harry her over, carry her, got it, but you married her. Well, I was just trying to do what you asked. Looks like one of us is gonna have to get divorce. It Ain't gonna be me, it's gonna be you, either way. Urn. So she leaves him because he married somebody else, paull. He's like, I'm not, it's a good reason. Yeah, poll he's like, I'm leaving. So she does. Oh, polly, I. Finally, we're tire by paully shore for a second because we mentioned him earlier. I was like, polly was leaving. No, Paully's his first wife. Have you are a loved one and been diagnosed with too many advertisements during the till and podcast? Have we got good news for you? Our patrons enjoy ad free experience and they get early access to content, behind the scenes stuff, exclusive merchandise and access to a private discord channel. Will. We all are in it, our producers and the hosts. So if you'd like to be a patron today and solve that problem, why don't you text tilling to six, six, eight and sixty six. Yeah, so she was like I'm out. Sarah's a second wife. polly leaves and then he goes to Florida to start this boating company. Yeah, all right, with Jack. First Bunches start made, starts making a bunch of boats. Him and Sarah Pretty big friends because you know the whole culty thing. They're both really into culty stuff. Yeah, are they still in touch with Alis for crowd during this time? I believe so. They already had like colty roots to them. Yeah. Yeah. And so he hasn't done anything scientology related yet? No, no, no, yes, this is the late S. there's no, no, no hint of scientology and him. But how did that? How will? How was he rich before? was He rich? No, not. So the money that he got from Jack Parsons was his first like investment stuff of yeah, that was his first like my serious sum of money, right, I mean he was. He was a struggling he thought it was for those because Twentyzero dollars when that exchange happened, was about four hundredzero man. Yeah. Yeah, so its a very significant some of money that he came across, especially considered compared to what he had been making his whole life writing little books. But he's still doing that. He's still write a little books. He in making boats yeah, he makes this little yacht thing and just drives it around and does stuff with it. I don't know whatever you do when you have a voting company and then two things too interesting things happen. In this era the L S, she won for things to too interesting, things to thetans. So here's this is. So he starts working with this guy who's got a yacht, right, okay, and the guy reaches out to the VA and as like hey, we need to get this guy out. Ron Hubbard like psychiatric treatment. He rests the VA and I guess he had been trying for a couple years to get this guy like psychiatric help and the Va is just kind of ignoring all of his please and he's like no, for Real, this guy's weird. Yeah, he's like. He's like this guy's insane. He needs he needs help, and the VA's kind of ignoring all of his attempts. Meanwhile, our on Hubbard puts together his theory he calls dianetics, and so dynetics is a psychology book that he writes. It's his first published work of nonfiction. Okay, and the idea is that every physical ailment in your body is related to a psychological state, like an emotion. And so if you have a toothache, yeah, then it's because you have some sort of negative emotion, and if you can do away with that negative emotion, you'll do away with that physical ailment as well. Does the physical is a manifestation of your emotional state exactly. And so he started creating the system. He called them audits, and so you audit your memories, you audit your feelings, you audit your emotions and wipe away all the bad. And so if you have bad memories, you're wiping away the bad memories. You have bad emotions, you're wiping away the bad emotions. And that, I'll make you physically healthy. And in doing it, it as you as you practice this and you get better at it, you're supposed to be able to get yourself to a level that he calls clear. And so that's where all the bad is gone and you're clearly clear. And okay, what significant about it is, one, you're physically super healthy, but to your mind is in a much stronger state. So you're supposed to be able, sure, to have like a photographic memory at this state and have all these like almost like I want to say supernaturalilities? Is He writing like from the perspective that he has reached? Clear, yes, yes, interesting, and and he he he. It's not like supernatural abilities, but it's like you have a really high IQ. Is Like your brain is bigger than everybody else's. Is He literally says your brain is two sizes too big for your skull and you're gonna to get a new skull and I can sell it to you. He doesn't say that. Yeah, but space. That's he actually talk about brain growth, though. Now he doesn't, but he's saying. He's actually saying you're unlocking more parts of your brain that you're not using. Okay. And so he goes and he buys a fake doctorate from some doctor farm. Yeah, yeah, you a doctorate farm. Is that what you just said? Yeah, this is a real thing. They're like scam organizations that pretend to be universities and they make this fake name. They go out and they get a legal like, they get legally certified as an education place, and then you just go you pay x amount of dollars to get a degree, but you don't have to do any course work. They print it for you and but it's it's all. I they get caught all the time. Start to keep opertivation. Yeah, exactly. And so he went. He bought a fake PhD. Is In this is a serious question. This isn't like a dig or anything like that. Is that what trump university was? I don't we know. Maybe, probably, okay, I don't want to say probably, maybe. Okay, I that was really no question. It's not a dig up. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe, I don't know. But so he goes and he starts traveling around the world, yeah, doing these speaking engagements, presenting this idea, sure, as if he is a psychiatrist with a PhD and all this experience and all this clinical experience and trying to get Sol forged, yeah, and trying to get other psychiatrists to buy into it and buy his book dynamics. Okay, and so it's says scam. It's a fullblown giant scam. Yeah, to play well at all. Crumbled in California one year, I think it was like forty nine, when he was doing one of these speeches. He called a woman up and she was supposed to have gone through all the clear and whatever and she reached a level clear and then she was supposed to have a photographic members she was going to show or some flash cards and then she was going to go through the stack and say exactly, like in order, what everything in the stack was. She couldn't do it. And then he turned around. He's like, well, she'll be able to remember the color of my tie. And he turned around and he's like what colors my tie and she's like blue, and it's red. And everybody just walked out on them, like they were just like, okay, this guy's full of it, like it's yeah, this is bogus. And so we're starts to spread that this Hubbard Guy, this dieis book, is bogus, like there's nothing to it, because it was. For a second. The psychiatric commedia was like, is this legit? Like this guy's got a degree, like he's sure got the book, he's got all this experience and like they were resclaiming results. Yeah, and so they were like maybe there's something to that. And then news came out about this meeting where he tried to show and everyone's like, oh no, yeah, this guy, yeah, full of it. Yeah, it's like. So he becomes convinced to that and okay, so he becomes convinced that Psyche Psychiatrists are aliens who've been sent to Earth to tear down the dionetics system and because dionetics was here to save humanity. And so he says psychiatrists are aliens and they're trying to destroy our health as a race, and they're doing this by taking away dinex form us, because they know it'll it'll save our entire race. I mean, that's a logical step, you know, that means the most sensible next step for this scenario. So he is. How about that? When people walk out of my comedy shows, I'm like, which happens a lot every comedy show, I walk a whole crowd. I started showing these they they all stand up in unison, they walk out and I'm screaming out, like what colors my tie? You know, aliens. Yeah, and I go and then I spread the word. I go. Listen, I in freaking beaver Dam Wisconsin. Okay, everyone at this college is aliens. Okay, and they are any time anyone fun follows me on social media. Aliens. Yeah, let's be must be an alien. Must Be. So he starts the Dionetics Foundation, obviously, and where he's like, he's like Dud's, which he's too parting to one, trying to spread dinetics because it's like hey, this is for the health and mental and physical health of everyone in the world and to to stop the Lizard people take over. Yeah, he's that's pretty accurate. It sounds like he could use some dianetics. So he he, this is classic. Like he did an audit of himself or whatever he calls it. Yeah, this goes the problem can't be me. Yeah, it's not me, it's got to be someone else. So Hubbard kind of he was always kind of crazy, obviously, but this is where he goes just absolutely off the Roos, insane. Yeah, absolutely insane. And so so things with him and Sarah Start going and this is pretty really good at these. Let me double check. Yeah, this is early s and so the him and his relationship with Sarah starts kind of getting pretty pretty negative sham eventually the point where she walks out on him and then he like you're an alien. Well, he chases her down and kidnaps her and ties her up and lockster in his basement. Is that real? Yes, but what he's like? He's like the aliens are trying to take you, and so she recommends him what? She recommends him to get like psychological like testing after this whole event. From who? She's in a basement. He looks her out. Yeah, he lets her out. Obviously, like like they don't know. I don't know what happened after. You can't break up with me. That's the aliens trying to get to you. Yeah, pretty, pretty rough. And so what a psychiatrist said, that this man is dangerous and should not be allowed to be base. I don't even know the rest of the story at but just based solely where we're at now and then, knowing that there's scientology places all over the country, I'm scared and fascinated for how this goes. Yeah, so, anyways, I'm see Sarah Leaves Him, says that he's insane. He gets like the she gets away, that she gets away and she leaves him. They get a divorce, she gets abducted. I'm start to it and I was trying to think of like a levitated word or whatever. She just gets, you know, she just takes ends. Yeah, it becomes clear. Yeah, so he marries a new girl. It's the big side where you're like, so he marries somebody else. There is a new girl and he founds the Church of Scientology and he what year is this that he founds and made? Fifty three, four hundred and fifty four, Kay. And so five years after he's walked out on, yeah, by all these psychologists. Yes, like this is a new thing. Yeah, and so he realizes what it. What's he openly says. He says you can't become a millionaire. This is an exact quote. So you can't become a millionaire by writing books for a dollar a word. He says you can, but you can become a millionaire by starting a religion. That's a quote. That's an that's a like exact quote. He's straight up said that. And so like, well, the aliens said he said that. What? I'm just so curious how this ends up with people in Kands to the hating me a pamphlet outside a yard house the other night. What seems likely is that he he tried to become a world renowned psychologist for this new idea, dinet right, and nobody believed him. His Foundation came under some pretty serious legal problems because it was fraud. But if you disguise it as a religion, it becomes I can believe what I want. Yeah, it's untouchable because now you don't have to be a license therapist. Your religious therapy can be whatever you want it to be because you're a religion. And and then in your tax system is totally different, like he wasn't he was in some serious tax trouble. So you just declared it a religion to dodge a bunch of legal problems. And he realized, coincidentally, that making it a belief system instead of an like intellectual academic thing, more people were willing to accept it than the academics were got it, and so he was able to find a lot of people, especially like his culty friends, to buy into this. Yeah, in those early days. And so he bought this little house in Washington DC and it's now called the Lroun how bird museum. so He's got his own museum in DC, which is interesting. But it was the Academy of Scientology. That's where it all started. Okay. So he targeted influential and important people to kind of believe this system and he promised them this clear situation where you saying, I follow this system, you go through this, you can become clear and you'll be more physically healthy, you'll be more mentally and emotionally healthy than you've ever been in your life. All that'll cost you as a hundred thousand dollars to go through the program. Okay, and so you pay to go through the program. Will Walk you through all the steps. And so we found these ultra rich people who were depressed and took advantage of them at a low point in their life and promise them clarity and health and and happiness. But I think if you find someone in that kind of state, right and a depressive state, any kind of structure will provide more clarity. Yeah, but people in those and those states are are vulnerable. That's where I'm saying. Is that is it doesn't have to be the right structure. Yeah, yeah, but it's the same kind of thing of like this person changed our life because they told me to make my bed every morning. Yeah, yeah, you know, and never since I've done it, I've just had so much more clarity and peace. And you're like, well, yeah, but I mean you just use had a discipline and you stuck with it. That's that's that's general wisdom. Yeah, yeah, so, the the the process was get a bunch of really influential people in okay, and he was clever about it because it wasn't a most world religions. If you're going to believe in that world religion, you're denying all other world religions right here. This is the one. Scientology is non exclusive. You can be a Christian and still be a scientologist. You can be a Hindu and still be a scientologist, because you're not for the scientologist. Your definition of the spiritual world and of God. It can come from anywhere. Okay, it is. It's more of the way of life and the commands of how to be a human come from scientology. The spiritual can come from somewhere else, okay. And so he made it to where it's like you can continue be any Graham guy. My wrong. Oh, I mean, yeah, yeah, that's kind of you kind of got all right, well, the road back to you, so go ahead. Yeah. So, anyways, a lot of people bought into it and then l Ron Hubbard got super rich off of this. Obviously people are pen spending hundreds of thousand does of dollars to ascend to this claire at this level of clarity. So I guess, I guess we can dive into scientology itself real quick. So in Scientology is obviously a very guarded religion. They don't want you to know everything. Yeah, because you got to pay. Yeah, you gotta spend the money to know everything. Also, because it's weird and if you if it was public, then everyone would be like this is stupid. But if they get your claus in you, then they can trick and they I mean they are, they're pretty aggressive. Yeah, so, especially, that's why they're in midtown, is that they wrote people in from power and light. Yeah, they know exactly, like they know exactly the type of people to target. Like they have this system the rich who are in vulnerable places and they know exactly how to twist them and gas l item and push them the direction they want to push them. It's I mean it's a very well oiled system. Yeah, very bad system, but it's well oiled and built to get them the soul, the conclusion that they want out of people. And the whole concept is everybody has like a level. So you enter in and you got to do all these audits and reach your clarity and as you go through, they have all these levels and I think they're like Otwe two, three, four, five, six, and of them whatever, eight. I think eight is the top. Okay, and I've clarity. No. So so you have you reach your clarity and then after you reach your clarity, you become an operating thetan. I'm an operating. They did? Yeah, I think they did operate them. Fayton operates the saint. You've good operating Satan. You said it. That's time. So theaeton is just the word that Hubbard made up to mean the soul and say's basically you're sould and so, but this is after you reach clear. So, yeah, you've reached clear and now you've got to ascend the ranks. She's okay, and so clear used to be the top. Yeah, but these are like can make more? Yeah, and then he's like. He's like, well, he's been a hundred thousand dollars to get clear. Yeah, thank you. Spend two Hundrezero, which is also a team. And just so we're all on the same page, when you go to an airport and there's the TSA alternative called clear, that also cost a hundred thousand dollars, and that's what we're talking about, is where you can just go up and use your little pupil to get it in front of the TSA, and there's people spend a hundred thousand dollars to do. Yeah, I did it one year. So incredible amount of debt for one year of clear. So and each level you go up they reveal more to you, obviously, and you go through all this auditing process. They have this most Ota. So that's that. That's the time. Are you being taught by people in higher tears? Yeah, yeah, so the people in those tears are meeting with you. It's really interesting. I'll touch on that real quick in a second. I do want to grab a picture of this thing quick. So as you go through, as you go through the the Ot ratings, you have to do this, the audits pretty regularly. Right, so stupid. So you have to get do these audits really regularly to make sure, like your energy and your clarity is there. And so how bird invented this thing called the e meter and the e meters metering your emotions. And here's a picture of what this thing looks like. The best way I could describe this for if you're listening, it's like remember in like the S, when malls had those spaceships. You could explore. Yeah, and like it was like man out of plastic and there's all this stuff. But anyways, it's like this really, really crappy looking like electronic device with all these knobs and screens and stuff, and then there's these little tin cans they just hold on to. And it's kind of like the idea were to make up a lot detector, like if you were just to start from scratch and be like what do you think a lot of detector should look like? This is it, but probab only thing you have to go off of as an old CD player, then that's what this would look like. Yeah, that's pretty, pretty fair. So it's like you had to take that and just like turn that into a a lie detector. Yeah, so you got to hold those little rolls gold things. Yeah, you hold the little rolls gold, and then they ask you a bunch of questions about your memories and stuff, and then we're go, here's the problem. Like yeah, I really it's expensive to go. I mean you can go, I'm sure, but like they kidnap you, like that's part of the experience. Yeah, they tell you, put you in their basement. They call you Sarah, like what do you think about that? Sarah Ar Oh, yeah, Sarah, call me polly. Yeah, they call Sarah. So, Hey, you ever heard of tilling merchandise? That's right, we've got a full store of branded teas, mugs, hoodies, stickers, a lot more. All of its available online. If you just text tilling to six six, eight hundred and six six, we will send you a link for all of that. And we put out new designs with every episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them while they're hot. So you got the you got the KNOBS, and then the person asks you all these questions about your memories. Okay, if you addited properly, but we could go to the Siontology, the church scientology building. I'm sure we can. Just saying, would you like to try to get roped in? You and I, let's go to these. They shoal they want to be. They would look at our they would look at us and they'd be like, you guys aren't rich enough for this, like they would rether you. No, go on, my are we? They want to be roping a hundreds of thousand dollars out of people. We don't have any more, Dude. They're handing I'm saying they're handing out pamphlets downtown Kansas City. I'm saying, let's go to the entry let, and the people who were handing it to me are not rich people. Yeah, I don't so they're they're roping in people who aren't going to beat you and dad. I guess. I don't know. But anyways, you grabbed the thing. I think they would want me, not even for my money, but for my social media influence. Yeah, that is true. They do like that's what I'm saying. Famous is that could, and I'm gonna try to lower my voice because I heard myself. Goes saying, would would you like to try to infiltrate scientology? I'm I feel like I'm having a real conversation with you right now and you're acting like I'm not. Think this crazy. Yeah, but I'm saying we could do it. Yeah, okay, it's kind of like there's that Tick Tock Colt out in Los Angeles that I want to join. Yeah, you do really want to join that call. I want to be I don't want to be in a cult. I don't want to be. We need a safe word. You don't want to be in a call, but you want to be in a car, want to be in a could, but I don't want to be brainwashed by a cloud. Don't want it. You. Yeah, you want to be in a carpet. You want to be in but I think they know that. I think they're good at finding people who has a good at figure, yeah, who's real and like and they're serious, like especially, like, like maybe those lower levels the let anybody in, but as you start to ascend to clarity in the OT levels, was it that they spy on you and like they monitor every part of your life? And that guy who's special, you liked where he does the whole suggestive stuff? What's Darren Damn Brown? Yeah, okay. Did he also do the thing where they get someone to push something off a building? Was that also? Yes, yes, okay, so with the way they did that. If you don't know if it's on Netflix, it used to be. I don't know, okay, still it's called. Yeah, it's well, yeah, it was called push. They'd a whole thing where they get somebody in a made up scenario where everyone in the thing is actors, and then it escalates through the night of just like little suggestive things of like they drop sandwiches on the floor and put them back on the tray and like hey, you know, still go serve those. Yeah, and so just like saying yes to those things. Yeah, and then eventually it ends with them having to push someone off a building. Yeah, literally push someone off a building, and it's a stunt person who is just like falling it. Yeah, for me. And so I'm saying that, is that similar kind of tactic, or is there's similar things like that that they're employing, that they can figure out your suggestibility? Probably, I mean, if it is a bad public we don't. That's why I think I wouldn't be in a cult is because I would, you know, I wouldn't get chosen for push yeah, yeah, because you're ready to suggestive. We wash it together and she was like, Oh yeah, I would get child. I would put someone off. You would. You would push someone out, but you wouldn't do the same, which thing. That's where I'm saying you would. You're like evil. I get up out the roping like, Oh, you want me to push them out the yeah, I don't. Showed me, like can I can? I be the one who does it? Promise you want to tell I was you promise but here's what you would do them. You would do it thinking you were in a thinking it was a bit. That's what you're saying. It was a bit. How this is your doing, and be like Oh, okay, and then you push someone to their death. Yeah, and then I'd like, this wasn't a joke. Where the camp? I thought you guys aren't joking, Ashton. Why would you do this to me without it being a joke? Yeah, I'm sorry, officer, I thought this was all a joke. I thought I thought I was on reality. I thought the knife was fake and I didn't realize I'm just, after the twentieth time, sapping the person. What I'm saying is that I think they would know our suggestibility was not there. Yeah, probably, probably, we could probably fake it. And also, their tests are dumb and made up. Yeah, I'm just holding these little things, accessing memories. Here's the thing, I think. I think the tests are a white rabbit. I think. Okay, I think what they're trying to do is trying to make you believe that you're going through these audits and try to make you believe that you're doing all this clarity stuff to ascend your levels, when really they're just draining money from you until they realize it's the same concept as micro transactions, with the bit the whales. They're trying to move you up the levels and when they feel like they're losing you, they push you up and give you that reward. Same thing the counselors were doing. Psychologists are all they're all aliens, just sucking a little bit of money from you. So I think it's yeah, but the act, when you almost have a breakthrough, they go or time is up. I tell me about your father. So they will discuss this next week. So so the idea is you're clearing your mind, you're getting rid of all your bad memories and all your good emotion, all your bad emotions right, and when you do that you ascend the OT levels. You're operating faith. Theytan one operating theting to to get to eight AIDS, the highest level. Okay, well, I'm saying someone who's gone through all this, the one a ministering the test. HMM. Yeah, so the person a minute and ministering to the test is at least one level above you. Okay, at least one above you. And so as you're going up the levels, you start to get more power in the organization, used to write, more perks and you learned and you're trenched in more and you feel no weirdness about giving your money away. You and you learn more stuff, and I think that's I think that's what more most people are so interested about is like, because the the the lie that they paint is that scientology has all the answers, like you know, any answer, any question about why we're here, what we're supposed to do. Scientology has the answers and we'll give it to you you spent enough money, or if you get cleared clarity. Is What they say. But it's if you spend enough money. Leah Remini in her show, she talks about when she reached out three she got access to voice. Maybe just do it all the quick books. She got access to learn about Lord Zu. This is what I'm saying, though. You and I couldn't make it past click, because they would go. Imagine sitting across from an Oh for right or whatever they're called, T for ot, for ot fur. Yeah, and they're like it's time to learn about Lord's and you are just like yes, that's exactly how I'd react, like facetoface, get you say Lord Zenu to my face and I guess this is a devil wors prod the song. Yeah, yeah, it's, I mean it is. So here's the thing. Okay, so Leah Remedy talks about it. She gets Otthree and she said here's, here's exactly what happened to her. She said they gave her an office to go to in their headquarters and she got to the office and head quarters. Is that? We're at this point and the La One? Okay, yeah, on whatever that is. No, I know, we're on way whatever. It's PROB ugly blue building. Yep. So you go up. She's like. She's like, I went up to this office and there was like a clerk and the clerk asked me a couple questions and then they gave me a briefcase and I went to a separate office. When I got to that office are they gave me a code that only I need the code to and so I could open the briefcase. I open the briefcase, go to that second office and hand them the open briefcase and they put the file and that briefcase, they close it and they clip it to your clothes. So it's like stuck to your body, right, and so it has to be like connected to you at all times, as the idea. Okay, and only you know the password, right. So then you go to a different office and there's someone waiting for you there. That's like that next level of Otthree or whatever. You're sending to that level, and you get taken to this room and then they say, okay, you can open the documentary. So they're sitting across the street, across the the table from me, streets different building, with binoculars and they're like gotta Bu Walky Talk. What do you think of that? So, just to secure tail three launch, you open the briefcase now, okay, and if we're going to give you a few moments to read that paper. So she and it just says I have a bomb. Like what? Sorry, we gave you the wrong paper. It's a deep cooper reference. You get it all. DB Cooper's on the plane. Wait, he's created. F's like okay, and he's like we must have switched Su briefcases. Somebody get we need Liam remedy. So she gets to the office, she can say open the breeze us. We see across the table, sitting across the table and she said that. She said because I'm a celebrity, like I get like special parks that most people don't. So her mom got to be there to watch a reaction her mom's otiate. Oh Gosh, why is her mom in before her? Because her like she was raised in Scientology. Her family a big scientology family, okay, and so her mom's Otie. And so her mom's like super excited for her to finds like the mysteries of the universe. Right, see you. And so she reads the whole thing and Leah says in her the documentary, she said this was a moment where she liked turned like Leah did, because she read it and she was like this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. And she's like trying to eyeball her mom and they like this is real show, like is this and night? And so I just dropped half a million dollars on this. She's like you did this, not for a show them. This isn't punked, this isn't this is real. And so the guy across from you then asked, like quizzes you on it and iff, you get it wrong, you have to read it again. He quizzes you again until you get it right. That's yeah, that's straight up brainwashing, I know. And so here's here's the concept, here's the concepts. The concept is everybody's a theating and the theetan's are every square inch of your body is millions of other beings and Theetan's are so like. Your fingers are millions of Theatons, your elbows are millions of theetings. Your nose or millions of theatings, and they're all the theatings. That did not say. There's knees and head shoulders, theton's toes, theaton's toes, shoulders, the Oh. I used to always sing head shoulders, Satan's toes, and sounds like I don't have things, I don't have Satan's toes. Wow, Satan's toes sounds like what our patron supporters told us to say. We did secret code words with some of our patren supporters. And Satan's toes, is it? That sounds like something that tell us this. Yeah, but yeah, so it's the Big Bang of a bunch of Thetan's were released into existence and they came together to create, to create you, to create humans. Pay. So the millions of Thetan's are you and they are all following this. I guess I'm confused. How we get from dianetics. Yeah, you're going to tie us all together, because that's confusing to me. Of like how this guy starts to sing as a psychological practice. Yeah, turns it into a belief and suddenly it's Lord Zeena. Yeah, so the dionetics was his failed psychiatry, but it's involved areness, and so that was a springboard. Okay, so that's his his first opening door. So she saying that this is the point where she realized this is all dumb. Yeah, because it's. Because what do you do with then? Do you just leave the office? Well, they don't let you leave. Yeah, I mean if you watch like she's got her whole series about it, and it's very interesting to watch like her. What's talk about her? What platforms on? On? It's on Netflix. It's a really yeah. Yeah, and so we're sponsored by heard scientology show and so, and we're also sponsored, to not say the name of it, psychologies Pagas, to not say the day. Yeah, LEA remedies, telling us that it's business right there. That's what you got to do, you know, you got to promote it, but like you can't say what it is. Yeah, so Lord Ze new comes into it. He's some alien who came and brought the theatons to Earth, okay, and he's like their God and there was like so heating, the God of all the millions of things that are you, I guess. I guess. He says, okay, great, there was this there was this volcano that erupted in the universe that broke everything. Like it's just ridiculous. Yeah, the only reason we know about this is one because lea remedy talked about it. But before that, somehow, I don't know how this happened, but somehow someone leaked this information to South Park, like the run of the South Park, and they made an episode about it. So South Park is the only reason why this is public information. They don't want it to be public and they're really mad that South Park leaked it. But you know, but what? The South Park has an episode about Scientology and it's certainly point scientology. You got to be like, no, they're all aliens. It's making I mean they I'm sure they're vilifying, oh, a hundred percent. And so, I mean that's that's the thing is like it's so propagandized. So they had this belief, like the people who follow Scientology, like they believe Alan Hubbard had this glorious military career and the governments covering it up because they don't want you to know, because they're aliens. They say the same thing with psychiatry, like the psychology, psychology, psychology stuff. Their aliens trying to cover it up and like everybody outside who's always belittling and trying to tear it down, like they're the aliens trying to keep us away from dynetics, because that's going to save humanity and as send us to this higher level of consciousness and being that scientology affords the human race or whatever. Sure they even believe, they actually believe that Outroun Hubbard still alive, and so they believe. What happened was he was making all this ground we think he's a hundred eleven years old. Well, here's the he was making all this groundwork in his studies and he realized a certain point, he's in my body's holding me back, so he left his body and ascended to Ze News plane where he can continue doing research at Zen's planning. He's going to return and take all the scientologists with him to see news plane, because they spend enough money on it and they genuinely believe this, like because they're I mean, it's propaganda, like their brainwashed. I believe that he ascended to a Margarita Ville in the sky and from there has returned in the body of Pete Davidson and I will follow him for all of my days. So here's the thing. There's been a lot of legal controversies. They did have taxes and status for a long time. They ended up getting it revoked because they're making too much profit to be a tax event organization. There's a certain point, there's a certain threshold where your profits are too high and you can't be a nonprofit anymore. What level was that, though, because I don't know. They exceeded it because, like what's the yeah, I mean, like there's a lot of very fair. I was like, there's a lot of very lucrative, like big Ronnie things moving. Yeah, so they exceeded that somehow and they started getting a lot of sorts. I don't think they can be solely relying on the hundred thousand, like you know, like the are the celebrity man people they've got it. Some people that are going into debt. Yeah, like to do this as well. But there's a Saudi prince who spending fifty fivezero a month micro transactions. They started getting all these legal trouble. He actually got arrested in France. Well, he didn't get arrested, he got convicted and sentenced to prison in France, but he never went to France. To France, he's just like, I'm not going there anymore, and they were like yeah, well, if you do, yeah, if you come over here, we're gonna put you in jail. He's like, well, I just won't go there. Were you? You better to come out over we gotta do restaurant. We opened up last week. Yeah, you're a lot of dialectics. We got we serve Sandra Buscheta brand, just trink Jeez, new plates called Imperio. In theory. You love it, but swear you. Yeah, I got, you gotta come over here. Yeah, we, we. I don't know how French people sound. Oh my gosh, so so, because they were facing so much legal trouble. He started the Sea Org, and the sea org is all those boats he had, right, he just moved the headquarters of scientology to the ocean. Je and so it's just floating on the ocean. Is the headquarters. Now they are exempt from every all lock because their maritime and they're not a real thing anymore. I guess. If you're on the ocean long enough you don't exist. Are you telling me SCIENTOLOGIES RUN BY PIRATES? I mean yes, in very simple terms. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and so he's spent the rest of his life floating. And then he did come back to land at one point in I think Florida, and they started the land base. I could be wrong on where that's located, but I think it's. It likes you. Hey, you can't do that here, that's a guest lot. He's like, no, I'm at the sea. This sea world's sea world, like, I mean, he's got us there. That's I mean, that's not he's maritime. Live does and so l Ron and say Amo, they moves. The whale. She moved. Get it? I didn't. You know. FRAPP soups funny bro So. So he died with he died according to us, according to reality, he would have died when he was seventy four, which puts his death not eighty five. Huh. Hold on, there is way too much credentials on his wikipedia page. Eighty six, January, twenty four, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. Okay, and so see, no, he died in California, but yeah, and so scientology. I mean he's the thing. They've taken advantage of a lot of people and there's a lot of legal like tax evasion stuff, like fraud stuff, and even a lot of like harassment and a lot of abuse, all kinds of abuse. Pick pick a prefixed to abuse. They've done it and they've been convicted. Around Hubbard, actually, a lot of his ot eight members, when he was alive, had been convicted of federal crimes and went to prison because he would literally convince people to go to government offices and like set them on fire and like do crazy stuff, because he had such a like a choke hold on these people, like convincing them that those are the aliens who are trying to keep us from what's good. And so they were like all, this is like a rebellion, but how is it still going? While some some guy took his place, was it wasn't just like his like next in command or his next of kin. I guess it wasn't his son, but just some guy that was like the number his number two person, I guess while he was alive, took over it. Try to remember his name. What he's googling. President and Scientology, scientology, president of Scientology, bicephs. David Ms Gavage, okay, is the leader now and he was like his his number two man during during his his era, and so is he's in? He is he out at sea? They have a land base that they operate out of and then they put the call work land, or I'm pretty sure they call it land base. I'm like, AH, pretty sure. How big is the sea work us? Are a picture of it? Yeah, let me see, it's what I picture is like, you know, battleship and the aircraft carrier. I imagine them on an aircraft carrier. Yeah, it's not that. So it's like a big old yacht. Okay, almost more like a cruise ship, like a crusis probably better way to describe it. And what they do is like a lot of teenagers will work the ship and that's a way for them to ascend to like an ot level early without spending all the money, and so they can get a lot of kids in here like a youth group and get them to jump levels quickly and brainwash them young on the board the ship. Do you want to pretend to be high schoolers and join the sportunity high schoolers? What? I say, we're too poor. Well, no, they do it. It's like a youth program. You have to be young. Okay. Do you want to ascend to the sixth dimension and jump timelines when we're younger and then go? Would you send your kid? What if your kid came home one day? It was like great opportunity, I have this really lucrative opportunity about to go sail the eight. CE'S HOLD ON. What was that class for you to say, what's the eighth? Tell you more about the eighth. Well, I can't because they haven't let me open that brief case yet. I got to get to time sethree what is this deal or no deal? You open the brief case. Yeah, what are you talking about? Oh my God. So so a lot of celebrities have bought into it, because that's their strategy, most notably Tom Cruise. Laws going to say John Travolta, Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Just to think it's okay, Cook. But speaking of those things, then what's the whole thing about no medication and no, Oh yeah, you're not supposed to take any of that stuff because that is ours for aliens to right. Yep, YEP, and they're trying to keep you from clear. So and so you won't make getting they got vaccinated. Were probably not. I'm just gonna say, pass a good gold of sea water every morning. So they wrote a book called he wrote a book called rounded. Did excaliber ever get released? Is that what they're basing all the stuff off of? Nope, and so that's that's like kind of what they say is like, you send it high enough, you get to read ex caliber. That's why I'm saying do we gotta get in this? And so he read a book just out of curiosity. I'll give my life way to a cult just for the curiosity of it. He wrote a book called Battlefield Earth late in his life out on Hubby run John. It's his only book that has ever been published into a movie and starring John Travolta and l Ron Hubbard. Oh wait, no, it's not. He was dead. Okay, it's gonna say I was interested. Now I've seen this one it's Jon Droolta movie where that baby talks. No, it's him and said actress. His name? Do you know? Talk about the movies literally called? Look who's talking? It's Bruce Willis as a baby. Oh, he's not, he's not. It's not his face. It's a baby. But Bruce. Well, his voice the Moose voiceover, and they didn't. She didn't do animation then. So the mouth isn't moving and it's just the baby's thoughts. Right, let's where's the baby talking? Maybe he's not talking. It's the baby's thoughts. Yeah, this is worse. Okay, so this is actually like lots of critics has said this is the worst film ever made. It's got a three percent. Watch it. Yeah, I feel like we should. When was it? It came out in two thousand. So this is still like. You know, John Travolta has got a career. I'm sure you've probably seen this cover. It's John Travolta on the cover. He's the main the main guy, and it's famously bad here. It is what she might have seen. I mean I remember this coming out. Nobody liked it pretty bad. Take back the planet. Yeah, and there's Johnny. This is still during his like career, though. Yeah, it was. Yeah, like, it's not like it's coming out now. No, yeah, that was when that was peaked John Travolta and he was like I'm going to use this. Wow, that's rough. Yeah, yeah, pretty bad. So we walk wall. We have to watch it. Yeah, it too. I mean like, no, I watched that. Really, did you? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's they're making another one this year. Really, yeah, it's the whole Disney has the whole area of it and the guys like it. D Right. Yeah, yeah, James Cameron spent a lot of time on it. This was the Prequel, Prequel to Avatar. Yeah, then Avatar came out, this pretty cool worst movie ever made. Avatar best movie ever made. You think avatars the best movie we were made? Well, I made the most money for a little while. It was the most profitable for a little while. That's until it wasn't again. You know, they're making four more of them. Yeah, I know, it's ridiculous, crazy. Anyway. Same thing with battlefield earth. Yeah, give for Basil Earth Five, that'll field there take actually three. Keep Earth back. I think we need to we need to fiddle off the said things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Bet. Social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

These days just about anyone can tell you a thing or two about Scientology. Most of the public exposure to the church of Scientology has come from Leah Remini’s documentary series on Netflix. Even though the average person knows the church, few understand exactly what it does or from where it came. Scientology’s members’ secrecy and financial actions have led most to label it a cult. It is a label that is fitting. Despite this fact, followers hail the founder for his revolutionary new way of thinking. Against all odds, and despite any accreditation, L Ron Hubbard managed to found his own religion. An endeavor that made him very wealthy.

L Ron Hubbard’s Formation

In 1930, Hubbard began studying engineering at George Washington University. Unfortunately, he had little interest in the study. His academic endeavors were more for his father than they were for himself. So it’s unsurprising that in 1932 he dropped out after spending time on academic probation. In a scramble to restore some semblance of a life for his son, L Ron’s father signed him up for a Red Cross trip to Puerto Rico. However, upon learning of the possibility of gold in the Caribbean, Hubbard abandoned the Red Cross and searched for gold. He never found any and eventually went home. These sorts of distractions would become commonplace in the life of Hubbard.

Prolific Writing Career

After his failed Caribbean gold rush, L Ron Hubbard moved to Washington D.C. to begin a writing career. He got his start writing short stories in magazines. Eventually, he scaled his operation to write entire science fiction novels. He wrote for the rest of his life and earned himself the title of the most published author of all time, with over 1,000 credited titles in print. The quality of his literature is, however, less acclaimed. Despite having multiple New York Times Best Sellers in his library, many critics assert that Scientologists have purchased extra books to inflate sales numbers and earn the ranking.


Speaking of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard started it. After a failed attempt to organize a psychological school of thought, L Ron rethought his strategy and created a religion. The religion in question had almost everything in common with the psychological effort that failed due to the lack of buy-in from the psychiatric community. The only difference was the end goal, spiritual growth, and freedom instead of psychiatric treatment.

L Ron Hubbard built a religion that preys on the wealthy and promises more than it can provide. Its followers pay to ascend to higher levels of mental clarity in hopes that religious leadership might bestow a hidden knowledge upon them. Unfortunately, the people who chase the clarity have been tricked into believing that it is what they want. By the time they realize that they don’t want or need it, they are trapped, making it incredibly difficult for people to find freedom.


Hubbard’s life is one of constant distraction and poor behavior. He seemed to be in pursuit of more constantly. Eventually, he learned that the career path that would make him the most wealthy would be rather uncommon; religion design. His religion has become world-famous, but for all the wrong reasons.

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