Mothman – The West Virginian Monster That Tells The Future


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Hey Man, what's up? Oh, not much. Have you ever heard of Mothman? Like the Mothman? Moth man? Yeah, like mothmt like I thought. I don't know what moth mean is. We've talked about the Mafia. We have talked about them that we actually talked about the moth man. I saw some Offman coming in a man they broke it in my house. That was what I was like. Is this a reference to something else? Well, Yeah, the Mothman. Mothman is a real thing. No, I mean it's not, but that's the moth man is not a real thing. The Mothman. The moth man is a real thing. What is it? A guy who's just got a house of Moths? My moth man took a look at all these moths. Might he has to say it like that too. Moth's not MOKIG moths. You gotta make moths. My Moth's yeah, yeah, yeah, who's the WHO's the mom? Well, this was the statue that they put on Main Street. Oh Job, I should ask a less stupid person. Your Bout? Well, the pots. He can't communicate, so he just kind of flies around. Is it? Guys, look what's happening. It looks like I hung a sign at the coffee shop that says aliard troopers and I'm just here to get your story. Things I learned last night. Well, it's not that. It's not that. Okay, it's something I want to do. Isn't it weird when people do that whole like they put a needle through a bug. Oh yeah, and then they make it up on their wall? I kind of like it, I think. WHO WANT IT in my office? I'm going to put a above my desk over there. Actually which buggery? A couple on the wall over there. I don't know. What bugs do you like the least? What's your these favorite, but probably one that I pay for and you put on your desk. That's probably the one that I would hate the most. If I had. I'll send you a list of bugs I need for tilling stuff. Take out until on a gives a list of bugs I need. YEA, by running down to the bug mart ball by me some of these bugs. Yeah, there's not. There's got to be like a guy who sells them online. You know, Oh, I'm sure they're yeah, or you just get the street dealer, the bug thug bugs for salecom. How Bug Shippers, bug shippers. Anyway, this is so now it's kind of like, you know, has moths on display. No, it's an oftens, like a slender man kind of thing. Yeah, actually, yeah, it's a man who's a moth, which is a bit of an this number, but we'll get to that. anyways, it's the moths and am man, he is a crypted or. My Fan was born and in West Mathia. So it he's acrypted in West Virginian folklore. And what did your say? He's acrypted in West Virginian forklory. Yeah, I know, Ye, go ahead, forklore. I didn't realize it to the second tie. Where did you actually say this? A gudar accidentally said pulled. No, I know you actually the first time. The second time I thought was like Fre Foklore. There's a lot of story about these forks and Buzz Virginia. Yeah, for you know that unbrittled is pronounced unbridled? Ah Man, that made me so bad. What did you just say? Did you know that unbrittled is pronounced unbridled? Oh Man, that made me so mad. I don't know why. You didn't mean to read. Why did you say that, though? It's almost like you went. Did you know the Guar ry? He is pronounced garage. What? Yeah, I know, I know. The second part. Is it the discord? Yesterday Danley man called me out and he was like you pronounced unbrittled wrong, and I was like I need you to Brittill your tongue. And bridled. Yeah, I've looked it up on youtube the pronunciation key, and it's she said I'm bridled and I was like that's the dumbest that it out of Gosh. That makes me so like it's on. It's unbrittled. unbrittled sounds so much better that I'm bridled. You see a lot of that sounds like you're getting a divorce. unbridled. That's a divorce. Or so unbridled. Yeah, Oh, yeah, I know. We were like we were really in love and then the last moment she just decided to unbridle herself. I'm talking about dude anyway. So the math man, unless Virginia, I hate everything about you. Yeah, okay, just what he'll is actually pronounced wheel. I. This is crazy to me. Whole life is a lie. Ritcholie Broccoli, who know? Okay, the moth man. So in the S and West Virginia and point age man. Yeah, and point pleasant, West Virginia. Okay, the mad age man. I just let us do that in waste Virginia. I don't understand. I'm still suck on this. Is the fact that you're just like, did you know that the word is pronounced this way? Is actually pronounced this way. I cannot believe you. So in something point West Virginia. Yeah, point pleasant, West Virginia. In the mid s this some called NASASTERIA kicked in, okay, around the Mothman, and it lasted until one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven December. There's an extrade seven years. December fifteen nineteen sixty seven is the last sighting of it. Cut It cut off, and there's a reason for that. We'll get to it. They shot a guy, kill the guy in the street and they're like, we got a bunch of moths flew out of his chest. No, he wasn't the moth man. They just decided that this was the sacrifice to them off. He's the scapegoat. Yeah, escape moth so on November feteen, nineteen and sixty six. So it was a really short massest area. Okay, so where begins as a year. Yeah, there was two young couples, Roger and Linda scarberry and Steven Mary Millette. We're driving in the backwoods outside of point pleasant. Point Pleasant Small Town West Virginia, right on the Ohio border. About four thousand people lived there, right, cool, so small town. They're driving through the backwoods, through what they call the TNT area, because this area blows up all the time. You're just drive around it, it just explodes. Yeah, they were lie. Hey, guys, you would be a point double date. Let's test our fate. Yeah, let's see if we blow up over there. No, it's called the temt area because it is the location of the Old West Virginia Ordinance Works, Ordnance Works. Did you know Ordinance or Dinnance is Pronounced Ordinance? You know, ordinance doesn't have an eye in it. Like, I'm literally just out of everything. This is well, like I feel like it Ordinance, Ordinance. Yeah, there should be an eye after that D yeah, because if you say ordinance, yeah, How do you say ordinance? I think there is an eye in it. There should be, but there's not. I'm looking at the wikipedia article right now. Yeah, well, with Ordinance Media Dude, that's a fun game. Just go on wikipedia and misspell some words. Ordinance. Okay, anyways, and so it was. Why is okay, here's our fun tangent. All right, at engined. Why is it pronounced? Boundary? Yeah, ordinary. I forgot. I was going, wait, is it not? You gonna say boundary? Boundaries? No, I'm saying boundaries, boundaries. Boundary is the one that's wrong. Okay, so wait, ordinary ordinance. No, ordinary, but we say boundary, boundary and not or don'tary bounds stuff. Yeah, bound why is it pronounced like ordinary? Or what are other words that end at that? It's because, literally, I know exactly why. I know exactly why. Because ordinary. If you're going to say ordinary, it's IT'S A it's a real conversation. will say ordinary. But if you're going to say boundary, you're angry. You're like, you know, you and Freish on a bound tree. So I'm asking your Legiti I should ask a less stupid person. You're right, this is my fault. This is my fault. I shouldn't bring complex when you're trying to talk about, you know, West Virginian mythical creatures. All Right, I'm this is my this is on me. This is my fault. All right, sorry about this. In drink. Let's talk about this ord dance. So West Virginia Ordinance Works was a United States immunition facility during World War II that actually definitely helps develop the nuclear bombs and what's well, the atom bombs. Yes, so they were. They were they cooking out some in the tea area because, yeah, they were like, they're like, yeah, there's a lot of like big booms over there. It was the bombs were going off of it. I also thought it would be going to be the mines, but no, no, yeah, so they were just me. Okay, they are manufacturing bobs for the war and in the forty pieces for the atom bombs. And by the by the S it was shut down. It wasn't active, but everyone still called the temt area because you know, it names. Take nickname stick. And so while they were driving through, they spotted overhead Um what they described as a six foot man, like ficker with a six. Okay, you know that it's pronounced figure right. I mean I don't know how many more episode could do with you saying it this wrong. How was supposed to say it? Figure, figure, Yep, that's gross. It's figger. Okay. So they I don't like how casual you were telling the story either. Or you're like well, and then they spotted above them a six foot like you were like you get it, and are they saying that? This is this? And they said it's looks like a man. Yeah, man and shaped, man like creature, floating, flying, lying, flying. It has a ten foot wings band, as what they assumed as soon as a ten foot wingspan, six foot size man with glowing red eyes flying, I've heard of above their above their the car, and it spooked them and so Steve was like, Roger, drive faster, and so he did, Roger, drive faster. It's ked. So you know, they're driving to the West Virginia Mountains. They see a six foot, you know, man looking thing flying ten feet above them and their response was Roger, drive faster. So anyway, they're running through the Canyon hills back. You know, I don't like how casually you're telling stories and Throordan stupid details. So they're trying to get out of their faces, trying to get another especial as we can rogers says he was driving a hundred miles an hour down this backwoods road in the S. that's fast. Kind of car. Let's go with assass it's babs Oars Rocket Car, and the Mothman was keeping up with them, flying like along the back round with them in the TNT area of beater. See, they escape narrowly and they get to the police station at too am and the local police station to am tell what they saw, the five police report, and the police like weren't just like, Oh, have you guys been drinking tonight? Like they filed the report and they sent the car out there trying to find we'll check it out. Yeah, well, like we're going to find them. And then they had him sketch. I should have got this Guy's sketch of the Mothman. Yeah, so they were like they're like, can you sketch the Mothman for us, which I'll pull it up real quick. This is if you were like one of those local news reports where it's like they it's just a stick figure with wings. It's like, Oh yeah, we got a lot to go off of here. So they had rogers sketch it, like can you sketch it to the best of your recollition? Recollection? Okay, good, can I do research? Should we give up like, I can't. Would you drink a bang recollition? I don't know what's going on. Man. anyways, here's the moth man as Rogers. Yeah, I know for sure. Understand. So you're saying that he's got like volucherous hips, real wide. Yeah, no feet. No feet. Well, he was flying so fast it could it tell if you had any feet. And he just has this huge body like it almost kind of looks like an elephant, like just ahead of an elephant. Is what the picture looks like. Yeah, with two trunks and no arms, no face, just these big dots where ahead might be sure, and then these weird wings color in the background. He's like he wants you to know it's night, and I love that he signed it. I love these. Is there. You gonna frame this or put this in the put the he put the date down with the top poss sketch of moth man. Moth man me by witness, Roger. Roger, let me de'll check what his name is. Roger, hurry it scarberry. Yeah, and he signed it. So, yeah, this is a picture on a little like. I mean it's got three whole punched on the side there off. Yeah, okay, yeah, interesting picture. The police were like will keep an eye. Like yeah, we're gonna go find him. So they went out to the TV find him. But I'm saying like will watch, will post this all around town, yeah, just in case anyone else sees this six foot moth man. And then also has to be like, I don't know, is that the one from the sketch? And so this hit the local news and one of the Editors called it the Mothman. That wasn't the initial ciriginal name of it. They everyone called it a the large bird man at first. The large bird man. Yeah, the large to the normal size. That's what I'm saying. They have a regular bird man that's already ben he's not even a threat. Birds are small. Nobody likes birds. He's a bird size of man. All he's doing is chirping on the street corner and trying to get coins that you throw into his little bird hat. You know, he just out there like here you go, bird man, you know, and they're like holy yew, like there's a large bird man. You're telling me there's a large bird man out here. Did you know it's perhaps large doesn't even make sense. There's no J so a Larg yeah, and so because Batman the TV series was super popular, he's like we need to make it something like. Is the branding issue? Yeah, it's a mock man. Yes, he bringed the moth man and that's stuck. Yeah, but a lot of the locals were like this doesn't make any sense because they described him as having feathered wings. Like they they're like his wings are feathery. They're not locals and I looked out of seen him. Yeah, and so so this actually looks spread like it wasn't just the scarberries and whatever the knowledge. The scarboros were the first one to make her first ones. Yeah, well, just say that they saw it was the first like sighting recorded siding. Yeah, and then after that a ton of people around town reported seeing the Mothman, and so people who knew what they were talking about were like, yeah, this is matts hysteria, this is some of the scarberries and the MAW. It's Mida saw something in the woods. But everybody else after that like this just a suggestion that it exists. But for about a year all these reports were coming in where people like I'm seeing the moth man, there's the moth man out there. They're freaking out. Yeah, because, I mean he's kind of scary, like he's a big the big man, large bird. He's a large man flying around with his bright red eyes and no mouth or arms or anything like that. There's no evidence outside of it's just the sayings. Yeah, yes, just the siding, and he's just in plain sight. HMM HMM. Okay, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, that's right. That's when new episodes drop on Patreon. Patreons a way to get early access to episodes and had their content and and exclusive merchandise. And we're not going to stop there, because we had a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right, that's five dollars a month. You two can be a patreon supporter and not here advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore. Text till in the six six eighty sixty six. Otherwise I'll come to your house, I will find you, I will destroy everything that's good in your life until we're the only thing left. Anyway, here's another advertisement. Well, the city was pretty enamored with the idea for the whole year until December fifteen. One thousand nine hundred and sixty seven, and then everyone was just like yeah, let's Stop Worried about this Mothman thing, because and way they were just like, Hey, guys, it's over. We term about the guys. But a year one brought up there. Here, see the open hey, we're done with that. Yeah, WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT MOTHMAN. Yeah, anymore. December fifteen, de Sember fifteen, one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven. It's a most Christmas time. We need a new shuttling to sell this off. It's no. The Silver Bridge, which is the bridge that Crossdale Ohio River, connecting point pleasant, West Virginia, with glapa glap Polis, Ohio, J Jolly Polis. Okay, it collapsed and so this bridge and it was it was, it was really bad. Forty six people died. Oh my gosh. So it was like full of people. Yeah, yeah, so this is a two thousand foot bridge crossing the river, and so there's a bunch of people like driving across the river and it just collapsed. The whole thing went down the water. I think it was like sixty eight people went in into the river, plunge into the river, and for forty five of them died. So obviously this giant tragedy, especially like locally, like the it's right in town, so everybody that lived there was pretty, pretty heavily impacted. It's a small town too. But what kind of ended it was? A bunch of locals reported that That Day they saw the Mothman flying around the the bridge and so and then after the bridge collapse nobody saw him anymore. So the theory is that he lived under the bridge. It was that the Mothman did it, not that the Mothman did it. But here's here's I think there's two sides of why it quit. One I think everyone was like this is a tragedy and like this is a bigger deal than some Mothman flying around town. Like they're just like, we're not concerned about that, that, yeah, we have real things to worry about now. Yeah, but I think what what a lot of other people kind of believed was that he was almost like like a symbol or like trying to warm people of the disaster that was coming, and so this Mothman was flying around trying to be like some warms a hero. Yeah, he's like a prophet. He's prophesying that whole year he's like he can't say he's a flying by the pope and in his mind he's like just no, the bridge is gonna fall. You know's like if I just chanse people away from the bridge, maybe they'll stop using I don't see. Yeah, okay, yeah, so, so that's one side of it. The A lot of other people though he did it. They think he is like he's like this evil force that like perpetuated it, because what happened with the bridge is there was a so they didn't they didn't build it like most modern bridges. They have like a lot of layers of redundancy where if like parts of it break, it's still going to be fine, right. This was an older bridge where they didn't think of that yet, right. Well, the reason they think about now is because of things like that. Yeah, yeah, and so one of the one of the bolts, had cracked in it and it was like a I don't know how long. The Bolt was, a couple meters. I don't know what a meter is. This big cracked and then it collapsed, obviously, and so what some people say is that he tampered with that bolt. I don't know. Okay, so, just to be clear, this thing is a large bird man. Oh and with it's not hands, it goes and tampers of the bridge. Well, I mean, here's the deal that picture has. I'm not having hands, but a lot of people think he has hands. Here's a depiction. Well, is a good time. Here's a depiction of what it was really other sightings outside of point pleasant. No, it's just point pleasant. Point pleasant is Momn, we're moth man, shut up, and this is this is what they a lot of people describe him as looking like worse. Yeah, so it's honestly like, if you imagine what I let's top there's a person for referees. Yeah, and he's pretty happy to be here. Is Waving. Who Hello. Well, you know what that is? Is that this is one of those mascots at Disney, and that's the person has to walk with it to make sure kids aren't pulling on the costume stuff. Yeah, the best way to think of it is like sasquatch with wings and like a that eye mask. But it's sasquatch with wings, and the picture was taking on like a two thousand two digital camera, those eyes came up red. Yeah, that's that's the way I would describe it. So a lot of people describe them as having arms. It was just that first guy. Okay, it's like it was like yeah, he's just drew my which you can see the he drove home and he's like, he's like, Nancy, I forgot to draw their arms on moth man. Well, why would he draw like this if he's in the sky? Is that how he's flying? Is just just like a torpedo? Yeah, I don't know, know. I fly these arms back, wings, straight back and just you know. Yeah, maybe, I mean that's how I maybe, I don't know. So they decided that he did. He may he had something to do with the bridge thing. Yeah, yeah, everyone had their opinion either, but everyone's opinion involved him being involved. Yeah, pretty much, or her, we don't know. Yeah, that's true. We're assuming that was on us. Yeah, that's our be yeah. So, so the the bridish claps and everybody in input puss. It was like, yeah, it's we're over it. He mop and probably did it or probably warning US, who knows? And then it just kind of disappeared for about five years until I got by the name of Gray Barker, which is a fake name. That's it. That's his real name. It just sounds fake, doesn't it? Gray Barker. He's a ufologist and paranormal phenomena enthusiast, phenomena, phenomena, but he wrote a book called Mothman, called the truth about the moth man. No, it, no, he wrote. Oh No, he just introduced it to a wider audience. He to write a book about him. He introduced the Mothman to a wider audience. Talked about it on his podcast. Okay, be serious, please, just he just talked about comments on this one are going to be stupid. He just leaves beast. Just tell the story. Well, he just talked about it in like the press or whatever they do for you apologists, you know, like he talked about the Mothman and everyone's like, What's This Mothman? Hey, newspapers, I've got a story for you. You guys. Ever heard of the moth maybe? Yeah, that's pretty close to probably happen. And so five years later he's going around different newspapers. is or a magic there's no different. But out a press release. Okay, all the WIKIPEDIA says. He brought it to a water audience and then John Keel, five years later, he puts out a book and the Books Called The Mothman Prophecies. Okay. And so his theory is that the Mothman is a prophe Sire, a prophet, if you will. He's a prophet and he shows up wherever a disaster happens. He's present to warn every one of the disaster. Oh really, the problem is he can't. Can you want other disasters that he wasn't there for? Well, the problem is he can't communicate. So he just kind of flies around. He's just he's a guys, look what's happening. That's right. Okay, yeah, because, I mean one of the other evidences there, though, was he had other disasters. Well, I don't know what he he references in his book. But since then, believers in in the the Mothman Prophet idea, the John Keeley and view, if you will, is say that he was at the Chernobyl meltdown. Some people said that they sided him there, which I don't know if there was. Some people from so he was a poor an atal point pleasant. Yeah, yeah, some other believers that that they so we saw him. But in order to believe in this theory, then right, let's just play it out for a full year he's warning this small town in West Virginia about a bridge. Yeah, and then he's like there's a nuclear melt down about to happen and just trek in his way over. Well, he doesn't fight, he doesn't move his arms like that one. He flies still for the Atlantic Ocean. And then Chernobyl. Yeah, and he was apparently there at the Chernoel Meltown Rushia and then and then I also was apparently at nine hundred and eleven. was funding on there. So you know, I don't know about all that, but you don't know about you're going to leave that as a possibility your I don't know about all that. It's possible, it's not. But okay, I don't know about all that. Were you talking about? So the idea is that he's he prophesized disasters and sure shows up, hangs out for a little bit, tries to warn everyone and then it happens that he just kind of I don't like all Ries my I tried and then leaves and goes the next one. I don't know. So whether some people say he's done the other side, what if just bad luck follows him everywhere? Yeah, he goes somewhere. He's like I kind of like livings, like he's great and fresh. Style laps. He's like gotta move again. I hear Russia's Nice saying, yeah, it could be he's just very misunderstood by the universe. But yeah, so some people call him like the harbinger of death, because like some people call them, some people as will you drop that nickname? You know, a lot of people call him moth man. Some people are like a large bird guy, other people call him charcoal Gary, and then also some people call the Harper of death. Okay, yeah, yeah, there's that. Anyways, there's a lot of theories about what moth man actually is. Here's what we know. Okay, he's described as being the the description ranges between six feet tall and about six feet tall. The Wingspan is where the ranges. I got that backwards. The range for the wingspans between six feet and ten feet. Some people think it's much larger, and there's there's a few theories. There was a guy, a local, who was convinced, yeah, that it was a let me double check and make sure I get this species correct. If he's six feet tall, then it's six foot. Why? Like a wingspan is not? It doesn't make sense. Not Huge. Yeah, do you know how long? Did you know that all the dashes in the middle of the highway are a minimum of six feet long? M Do you know that? Yes, because your eyes can't process fast. It's because your eyes aren't prophetic, prophet, so yours process pro no, like there. Yeah, ever, all the yellow and white ashes are. So that's why I'm saying is that it's not that big. Right, we're right, because when you're driving those look really small. Yeah, and then if you add distance up, you know, I just looks like a normal how how wide is a Bald Eagles Wingspan? Let's get up. I think it's probably about six feete. That's where I was. That's where I'm thinking. I'm like, that's got to be a good it's there a big old place that sells bald eagles bagels. You just said that, seems like, because you said you all Google pronounced Babel wrong twice in that sentence. You said biggles and Bagels, Bagel. That's how you pronounce it, Bagel, Bagel. Yeah, I'm saying the same thing. Yeah, I know, but you were walking through all the vowels. You like Bagel and Boggle, Bugle, okay. So, Oh, a bugles, a Bald Eagle is between five and seven feet right span. So that's why I was a standard wingspan for large how wide are their bodies? Very thin. Yeah, like a foot or so. Use Guessing. Yeah, I'm just Boll parkting. Very thing. It's very thing that before it is that six foot wingspan is the size of a Bald Eagle. That's not a few it's not gigantic for a large part. So it's believable that this is a large part, and that's why a Robert L Smith, a biologist at West Virginia University, was convinced that it was a sandhill crane, which does have a wingspan of about six feet and red eyes. Actually. So the Sandhill Crane, what they have is they have this like red spot around their eyes and they're about four feet tall and they are known to fly as far inland as West Virginia. So this biologist was convinced that this was what they saw. The pool of the other picture of the similarities are a kidney to the yeah, no, one more time. Yeah, I want you see it. You can't UN see it. You know I'm saying. I mean it looks exactly the same. It looks exactly the same, and so he literally went around like reporting, like he was like, Hey, it's a sandhill crane, it's the same sandhill crane, and they were like who are you? You know, and he was like, I'm just a biologist, and they were like but a nighttime at yeah, yeah, you're about six feet tall. Turns into are yeah, does it call? Well, I mean, that's guess. It's a moth. What's that? The moths make are moths made of dust? Like, when's the last time you killed a moths? What did you just say? Why are moth dusty? I guess, if you really think about it, aren't? We all made it because but the powder is actually tiny scales made from modified hairs, because they're powdery. Yeah, I mean you know, like when you when you crush them off, they literally turned to dust. I don't crush him, though, okay, I trap them a little thing with the paper and I let him loose in my neighbor's house. M Okay, it's like you just didn't react to that. That's pretty fun. You just you were just like, okay, it's actually this is interesting. That says that it's actually like a protective camouflage and air quotes, because scent and everything. Well, no, because it like cheets predators. So if a Predator ties to eat it, it just turns the dust and the predators like I don't want to eat that, like I'm not gonna eat something like imagine going to wait, Paul, like abding in your Brito. It just turns the dust when you bite it, but it doesn't protect you. It just protects other moths. Well, yeah, I mean it's like it's like it so like it's somethin that Lizard as he slow moth and for tasted tear, like yeah, that's not even the thing. Like it's just won't eat. Basically dusty. It doesn't help you. Yeah, it's a communal their communal species. All rights right about to protect the whole. So we're convinced that this is do you, but I want to say we're convinced. I'd say Robert L Smith is convinced. What are you believe? Love telling podcast? Want to support the show? Well, you can support us by buying till and podcast march and wearing it out in the wild. We have tea's, hoodies, shirts and so much more, and our merch store we also have exclusive march for every single episode, but those are limited, so make sure you get a while you can't take tilling to six, six, eight hundred and sixty six to support the show. Thank you so much. Here's what by and this is another prevailing theory that a lot of people have, and he his. I mean owls. It's always owls. It's always owls. I don't know why we did think of and I mean look at the picture, like that's the picture of an owl. To An owl, it was just a large owl. And here's the thing. Here's the thing about owls. When you shine a light in an OWL's eyes, they turn red. They turned that bright red. They all do. Yeah, and there's actually this SPECIEC's just google image owls with red eyes and then just put the whole search window up there. Okay, although I want to see as many pictures as possible. Owls is red eyes, oh my gosh. Well, oh, that's spooky, Dude. Look at that first one. Yeah, that's rough. And so there's a thing with the bag. Is that? Because I mean, yeah, that's huge, man. This how you pronounce that? The STIGIAN Stegen in whats in West Virginia I don't know. Well, yeah, it is horn owls, aard owl like there. Yeah, it's more an owls. The Horn owls can get a six foot wingspan and they can be UPTI I think it's three foot and length. And so if you see this thing Flye at you in the TNT area, you've been out with your friends driving in your fifty seven Chevrolet, little tipsy like, but that's take out the bridge. It just pecked at the thing into that cracked it. Owls are terrifying. Yeah, there, Shit, look at that one. That was quite one with the product. I I'm saying, like the top one. That's like that. Look all there. That is going to be in my nightmares. Sin. Yeah, owls are scary. That's spooky me. So owls, owls are aliens. Owls are the moth man, like like okay, like, yeah, that's it, like that's that's what he saw. That's a hundred percent. That's it. Yeah, so it's I think it's most likely owls, but I will say it's probably a prophetic all, it can see, it can see the future. Well then get it out of here. Yeah, but that's I mean, that's what that is. That's an now, that's that's a hundred percent now. Yeah, so a lot of people. Yeah, it's an awl. Well, it kind of vanished from point pleasant. What are model and troopers? Troopers truther's true, there's old the mafia, okay, but it kind of disappeared from point pleasant culture and then even from point from popular culture in general a little while after John Kills Book in the S, until two thousand and two when a film was released that was inspired by John Kills Book starring Richard Gear, you say, like starring John Travolta, and I think it was by the same name. It was. I think it was the Mothman Prophecies. Yeah, Mothman Prophecies, which, let me see what I got on rutten tomatoes. So in two thousand and two kind but I'm order, like, does this town like do a are they bright? Got Branding on it? You don't saying like they like souvenirs and stuff? We can get to that. I went to point pleasant, West Virginia, to see the Mothman and all I got was this shirt. You know, it got a fifty two percent on rotten tomatoes. Hey, it's better than other films. Yeah, so it's actually I got is actually and we're love for rotten tomatoes to review one of my things, but they won't. So principle it's been canceled by rotten tomatoes. So the story Christian beliefs. I'm being persecuted by rotten tomatoes. So the story is gear. Richard Gear plays John John Kline Oh who is a reporter who is researching the moth fan after his wife's mysterious death. And it was decently popular in two thousand and two, so much so that the city of the town point pleasant was like, let's get some tours in cash. Yeah, so her Y. Yeah, everybody there. They're like, well, you know, once a month we just pay someone to go out in this giant mock man costume and chase kids around and just it's getty. Doesn't imagine that you just like, you're just like outside, this is the guy that's your out in the bar spoken. Well, I guess in the you could just be inside the bar smoking, but imagine you're out, the bar kicks open and there's a guy. There's a guy. Just why? They're just like yeah, he lives here. Yep. Well, I found a my house, but then I caught him and I let him loose in my maid's now he just looks there. I crushed me, turned to dust and came back. I know you're superp follow them with a broom everywhere. He's so dusty. We called it dusty. Oh, yeah, old dusty. Yeah, it's round here somewhere. You know him, Musty, Dusty, Mothman. So what tourism stuff that they do? Yeah, I watch an interview. I watch an interview with one of the like like county clerks there. It is how far off, like a main highway? Are they? Let me look at like a highway that people are traveling on. I watched an interview with like a like a county clerk, and he said before two thousand and two he said, if you came to town and you wanted someone to talk to, someone who didn't believe in the Mothman, he would say yeah, talk to it. Literally anybody in town. Cool, nobody believes in him. And then he said too of them too. The movie came out and if you want to talk to someone who doesn't believe in the Mothman, like you can't talk to anybody here. We all believe in him now, but like they all believe in it it's like a yeah, we all yeah, it's real. I made that joke when I did the I did a college and Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and it was a technical college. So it was all like, you know, plumbers, electricians, all that kind of stuff. They're all they all look the same. They are all wearing ball caps, yep, jeans and then whatever that Tan work jacket is, right, are all like classes that they and I thought it was funny. They didn't laugh at it, but I because I am dressed like I live in a city right. Yeah, and I said it looks like I hung a sign at the coffee shop that says Alien Truth Ors and I'm just here to get your stories. And then is laugh at that. Still think is pretty funny. That is it looks like we're finding big foot right now. That's really funny. They laughed at other stuff. We got them, but we got them. We ended up getting them. We were friends. Yeah, they were cool. So the the town is it's right off highway thirty five. Okay, but that's not an interstate highway. So the next I'm thinking like travel and yeah, so, so probably a lot of people driving down that. The next biggest highways, interst sixty four, which is about an hour outside of sus, was a so you go out of your way to yeah, to be where moth man that come to mof land. So I do they have owls there? They do. They do have owls there. They have a lot of owls. So they have a lot of owls and not one time was anyone like you know what you know this is. So what are they? So we're they're trying to get people off the highway then to come to their small town. Hum. But I mean like just because the people like what you want. It's not tourism experience to go to a town where everyone believes in something dumb. You know, I saw a twoso experience. So here's what he's like, Hey, come off the highway, we're dumb. What are you? So they started, they started that year two thousand and two. They started the Mathman Festival, and so basically they do all this like they do a paray. They have like the you can buy a bunch of moths and stuff. I don't know, like there's a bunch of moth man like themed things all that week. And they actually said that during the Mathman festival they assume that main street which is where the festival takes place, and they're look like historical lown and stuff, but will collapse. They've build a fake main street that at the end of the festival. Just that's horrible. No, they estimate that during Mathman festival every year main street brings in about two million dollars, which they said it's way more than it'll bring in the rest of the year. Yeah, and so a lot of people come from out of town for this. It's still going event. Yeah, still goes to this year. I mean, I guess it hasn't happened for the last couple of years, but when doesn't happen? Um, sure, hold on the way you said like that. H Sure, if only you had a device in front of you to Google. will stun September, seventeen and eighteen. Hey, what are you doing my plans that far? I'm in Texas. That that's a Saturday Sunday. I'm it sexus the sixteen. I can fly over meet me. Hey, what don't you meet me in point pleasant? So, yeah, they have like a bunch of life bands, like food, get a near TNT. I forgot all about the DNT thing. Oh, this is a fun thread. What was that. I forgot all about the ttving. Oh, why are you do? What is wrong with you today? I don't know, man, what's the teething? So before everyone was that it's play. Now they thought it was like a reaction to Thea. They thought was a mutant they got. Yeah, for sure, that's what I thought whenever you said that. And here's the thing. Here's the thing. They ammute. They have like there is an area and they Ohio River which had like this Red Mucas in it from they were just dumping their nuclear waste in the Ohio River. Oh, because they didn't realize at that time that you probably shouldn't do that yet. Yeah, that was before that was before Orsian do that yet. Yeah, mob, that was like, wait until the bridge happens. Got Wait a few years for the dump your nuclear waste. Doctor. And so there was Kart of like whatever, you get left overs. I'm got release way right now support of the fridge. When I'm looking away. In three days on open up a most of him, I'm just say, Oh, I throw them out. I was a bad yeah, so, same story. So Reagan has so many leftovers in my fridge. I make or eat them. Sometimes I was all of guard leftovers. We've been all guarded months. We she's out of the tables and I bring her five to go. Buy Goes, what would you like for dinner? She was one of all this. I said, eat it, all this is I'm not hitting it as eating with a red lobster three years ago. That's in my fridge. Eat that, eat that. She opens it. It's it's all. It's all plasticed over like the plastic. Yeah, yeah, uh, girls, yeah, I hate this. So the there was a there was a lot of theories that it may be it was one of these owls, but it mutated and got larger, or the Sandhill craneitm you take, got larger, or a local buy local boy swimming of the river. Mutated, got larger. Mom, MOM Jays, sorry, out of the the TT zone. Now they just dropped them off on the side of the highway in a box nearly here. Belongs to the woods of West Virginia. Oh yeah, his moth powers made him see the future. He just wait. He's at breakfast and he's like, mom, don't drive the bridge to work today. Put your wings down on side breakfast, knocking stuff off the walls. He's like well, I just want some more Bacon, sh I'll get it. You stay sad down, I'll get it. Could he not put the wings down? Just always as mom, it's like opening the feathers, like long, these twos, like he's run too fast. Actually takes off playing, playing the Little League football, and his coaches like you gotta tie those down when we play. Gonna fly away. It's a penalty. Every time they have a new they have a new rule of little league. No flying. What false, false human defense number, the costume fit of Jersey number. No, mom, you guys know number one dust. So so they thought it was a mutant. Possibly, yeah, maybe, which could be. But the festival, the festival got really big and so a couple years later they commissioned a statue to be built of the Mothman in town center. Oh No, and we're stretched. They go with the main one, the main one. Well, they built the statue and I watched the interview with this kind of Clark talking about it. Picture of yeah, the county clerk was like, yeah, we hated the statue. We thought it was so tom and the mayor, of course, had the dedicat it and so he at this speech that he was just like whatever, and so he was like thank you for coming to the festival. In other new we have a few announcements. The there's that. It's over here. We started crash away. Yeah, we'll see you guys tomorrow, I guess you guys. And now unveiling dusty. It's made out of iron and it rained yesterday. Rusty, dusty. Well, he said that they before the speech, they were in the courthouses whenever to do this. Well, the county clerk will like walked outside and there was like tons of local area news people, like not even just like local, but like from Charleston and from Huntsville and like they drove in to see the dedication and he came back and he's like, Hey, I think you need to work on your speech a little longer. And so he's like they made kind of an event out of it, like and made it, the speech better last minute, because he's like he was going to go out and do the whole thing. He's all right, that's all right. He's in the room just doing like that and then just goes out and turns it on. He's a showman. Yep, you know, because I like welcome, it's your point pleasant, West Virginia. The year was nineteen's sixty six. My father, Roberts scarberry, and his best friend Steve Driving down a dark, bendy road. Lasts in the sky, a local boy. Okay, he's doing a whole. Yeah, yeah, pretty accurate. Well, this was the statue that they put on on Main Street. Oh God, it's terrifying. It is this ten foot ripped, eight past yoked man with like this really odd chest hair pattern and like gigantic, like three gigantic clod fingers. He's got like a little burden mouth. This looks like he would be the villain in as movie. Yeah, he does in a s Batman. Yeah, yeah, exact, but to hold his wings or he looks like he's about to be like it's turbo tie or whatever, the Jankle all the way. Yeah, actually, that's actually it looks like he's yeah, it looks like the bad guy in there. So, yeah, that's tear terrifying. What are they named him? Terry, Terry the terrifying moth man. Yeah, and he's got the and he's just on Main Street. Yeah, just in the center, like in the median like welcome to welcome to point pleasant. Imagine, is this pleasant? Right, you're just driving on I sixty four whatever. It's over there. Right, you take a wrong turn, like this is weird. Where are? where? Where setimes like point pleasant. Turn the court. You're like, well, okay, let's find the town center from there. Maybe maybe a business will be open. Yeah, you turn the corner. This thing is that's legitimately terrified. That's scary. So and this look anything like that? Yeah, it's also kind of got dreadlocks, which is an interesting touch. Oh, that is that? Yeah, why did they do just notice that? I don't know. Probably because, like, I think they did this around the time of the alien movies. Yeah, it does look it looks. It looks very yeah, but is that what it Look Like in the Mothman Movie? I don't know. Actually get this. So they opens. They opened up a Mothman Museum in downtown too, for the festival. Really, here's The statue, so this is the statue you just get to see. Used to happen upon in public for free. Here's The statue that you have to pay for. Those that listening, it looks like you would go to, you know, those Halloween spirit stores, right, yeah, that pop up and it's like this. The the face on this looks like like a costume mask, like it looks rubbery. It looks yeah, it definitely looks like rubber. This baldy eyes and then the teeth. It's a costume. It's a costume. So, yes, it's meant to me worn. Yeah, it does not like designed and built by something fodder, scarberry, something, something, students got some weird fur around the waistline. I love it. It's so bad. It reminds me of it's also next to one of those stuffed Animal Vinda clow games. Yeah, the clock game thing's like literally right next to it. Yeah, it's like and it's chained up, like they chained it to these little pylons, but Jackson Mo homes was still doing tick it. You know. Here this reminds me so much of the alien from people of Earth. You put this in here. Why did you put this in here? What is it's just like it's just like it anyways. So they've capitalized off of it. They make a lot of money off of the moth man every year or anythink that's going to last? I don't know. As Long As the Mothman's prophesizing disasters I mean, I guess he's still doing. A certain point you guys start making disasters happen. You know, certain point you gotta be like well, yeah, so he's a scary guy. I guess I've been depending on which, which depiction of him you're using. But yes, the British collaps. Oh, he was also at the swine flu outbreak in Mexico. When that hit Mexico, he was there. He actually originated coronavirus. And then the most recent was in two thousand and seventeen, apparently, like twenty sightings came from Chicago. They saw him, which the very next day the Dave Matthews River bringing for incident happened. He was like he'sa nobody be on the boat, but he can't say it. You know, he's they're like the next day, man, Yep, so lost dusted. So that's that's the moth man. They got moth dusted and bust dusted. You know, Wow, that's the Mothman. That's the Mothman. Jeez, he's here's the craziest part of the legend. They say that if you drive down into the TNT area at night and you bring pieces of the old bridge there where are you going with this? I don't know if I like this one. Bring piece of the old bridge and you you hit them together and come together like rhythmically. If you hit them rhythmically, you'll hear a final off. Did you know it's pronounced fiddle? Things on the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by connerbt social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

If you chose to stop for gas in Point Pleasant, you might be shocked to see a 12-foot-tall metallic statue of the mythological creature Mothman. Both because it’s shocking that a town would erect such a statue on their main crossroad and because it’s an utterly terrifying statue. Nestled on the West Virginia and Ohio border, Point Pleasant boasts scenic views of the Ohio River and the Western Appalachian Mountains. The town is host to a long history dating back to the United States’ earliest days. However, it was one event on the night of November 16, 1966, that lives on in infamy for the people of Point Pleasant. It was the day the Mothman first arrived.

The First Sighting of the Mothman

On the evening of November 15, 1966, two young couples went for a drive outside the town of Point Pleasant, WV. While taking in the evening air, the group witnessed something they wouldn’t soon forget. Flying above their car was a large black birdlike figure. It had glowing red eyes and a wingspan of at least 6-feet. Startlingly the creature kept speed with the vehicle. Even when, in a state of panic, the driver accelerated to 100 mph the monster kept up.

Once back in town, the group, Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette, hurried to the local police station to report what they had witnessed. Interestingly enough, the police took the report seriously. After filing an official statement and composing sketches of the creature, deputies were dispatched in an attempt to locate the monster. Unfortunately, however, the Scarberry’s and Mallette’s were the last to see the Mothman for a while.

The Silver Bridge Disaster

A year and one month to the day later, the Silver Bridge collapsed on December 15, 1967. The eye-bar suspension bridge was crippled under the weight of rush hour traffic resulting in the deaths of 46 people. Multiple witnesses claim they had seen Mothman at the Silver Bridge Disaster. Theories for why the beast was there range from sabotage to prophecy. After this event, the town of Point Pleasant’s interest in the Moth Man seemed to wane.

Capitalizing on a Mythical Creature

Years later, many books were written about the Mothman as the monster swelled in and out of popularity both locally and nationally. However, the 2002 film The Mothman Prophecies propelled the creature into higher critical acclaim. The newfound popularity transformed Point Pleasant into a tourist destination, and locals adapted well. The town constructed monuments to the cryptid opened a museum in its honor, and created a festival that brings in millions each year.


There are many theories of what was seen by those two couples that cold night in November 1966. Everything from a sand crane to an owl to a demon has been offered as a solution. While we may never know what was seen in the sky that night, we know that the Mothman has created a revenue stream for an otherwise nondescript town in rural West Virginia. For that, we are sure the locals are thankful.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Mothman – Wikipedia

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