Operation High Jump – The Secret Antarctic Missions With Nukes


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Hey, man, what's up? Hey, we talked about it. Uh, this is the episode. Okay, you. Yeah. So, have you ever heard of operation high jump? This is an alien thing. This is an alien thing because Ju means flying saucer. Are you joking me right now? Is this an alien thing? I mean it could be. It could be an alien yeah, it's got a joop sound and operation of the name operation what high jump? It's hard to get water boarded in an article. The water freezes so fast it's just drop. Guys, we forgot to tell an article about the world. One Colony, tender, logically advanced dwarves. How many times we gotta do your chest to give you the press flay the righteousness? Things I learned last night operation high jump, Operation High Jump or Operation Argus? I'm excited about this because she's the thing. We've done Operation Paper Clip, we've done one operation chrome dome. Now we get to add another operation to our belt, our tool belt of operations, episodes. Um. Next is operation by Hasbro Um. That's pretty funny. Thanks. So here's here's the operation high jump. Uh, let's just tell the story. Let's tell the story. We'll bury the lead. We'll tell the story and then we'll get we'll tell yeah, all right. So here's the Um isn't is it in the desert? No, it's the exact opposite of the desert. Is it in the sixties? No, go ahead. The United States military uh, put together a fresh off their World War Two victory. Yeah, they said, what are we gonna go due now? World War Two? Yeah, they had. They had an interview with Rolling Stone magazine and they say, what's next for you after that major success? I'M gonna get the world or whatever, you know. So they put together this plan. Uh, if you do it, no, you know, we'll have to we'll roll it back a little bit. Before this, there was a guy by the name of Richard e Byrd Um. You might know him more with his title Rear Admiral Richard e Byrd Um. He's a famous admiral of the United States Navy because he had done a few important things. Uh. He was one of the first military he was of all, the one of the first military operations uh, to test a transatlantic flight. That was in before World War Two, between World War One and World War Two, he flew a class to the Atlantic. Oah, and everyone's like, oh my gosh, Whoa, super cool that who did that, and he did it again. Everyone's like he already did that home, and he was like, we weren't as impressed with you already proved you could do it. It's not as cool that you just did the same thing again. You came back. So then what he did instead is that he went to the North Pole and back and everyone's like, oh my gosh, you went to the north that was crazy, like that's crazy that you went up there, and he's like, yeah, I saw like everything. Yeah, very snowy, the elves were there. Uh, and he came back and everyone's like, Whoa, that's so cool. He flew back up again. People were less excited. They were like you going to do that again? Basically, he's like when even been around a six year old, like a six year old does something like that was really cool, and they just do it like doing it because you thought it was and you're like that's exactly what he's doing. And then, uh, he was like, well, they did the pole twice. What if I did this South Pole? So he flew down to the South Pole and I was like, oh my gosh, that's crazy. He did it three more times and then okay, okay, we're getting tired of the South Pole stuff. Like can is there somewhere else you can fly? Do something different? Go to the East Pole. And so he set off for the East Pole. Right. He was trying to find it is. He's still flying. WHO This Day, just hit? He's like if I go east far enough, eventually I'll find it east pole. He's still going. That's a good point. Why do we have north and South Poles but not east and West Poles? Obviously I know there's the magnetism thing or whatever, but like for real, like if we picked a spot that's North Pole and South Pole, how haven't we picked an east pole in south or West Pole in eighties pulling weast pole because we didn't pick the spot where the pole is? I know there's that, but I feel like we should pick an east and west. I think the West would be in Missouri. Right. I know that that's the magnetism stuff. Okay, you don't want to it's whatever. Okay. So he spent a lot of time in Antarctica because he's it was super cool. Right. Um, he saw penguins and he couldn't get enough of them. Kept going back. Um, World War Two starts Um and you know, he kind of got busy with war, so he stopped going to Antarctica. He's like, Dagan, this is really cut into my Antarctica time. But before the war he had filmed this video to Pique young people's interest in Antarctica, and so he, with the help of the U S Navy, was like, Antarctica is super cool, you should come research Antarctica with us when you grow up. That was the video and they just sifted off to schools around the country. This is real. I thought you were joking. And so there was a bunch of footage of him and create a timeshare commercial. Yeah, like when you graduate high school, come join me and as wonderful resort. Yeah, and so they get interrupted by the war. The war happens, it ends and then he's like hey, remember Antarctica, and then he goes to all people like we totally forgot about that. We didn't loot them into the World War at all. Yeah, guys, we forgot to tell an article about the World War. You think they'll be bad? That's why the official title of World War Two is world minus Antarctica War Two. They forgot to look him in. Whose side would have been on, you know, and that's what they that's why they didn't do it either. They knew the penguins will choose Hitler. So after the war, bird gets approved to do this. What a cool name, Richard Bird. He could go by rich bird or he can go by Ricky Bird, which is way cooler and it definitely sounds he's got a great rock album in the Nicky Bird. Ricky Bird. So Ricky Bird. He goes to navy and he's like, Hey, remember an article and they were like, Oh, yeah, you did so much cool stuff going there. The first time it's really cool. The other times we're like, but it would be cool you did that again. Every other time you've done something twice or twice it's been awesome, so why don't you do that? And so they said, Oh, we've got that video. I wonder if any of the youths that saw it before the war would be interested in joining you. They were. He took forty seven hundred people to anthy what so on one trip. Yeah, so he on one trip. Yeah. So this was called Operation Hyi. This was called Operation One people. So this was this was a a there's a few things happening on this but the largest portion of this was a research mission to Antarctica to study. Yeah, see how many come back what like, there's a few things that were doing. They were studying the environment. They were studying how do you how they could build a base. They coordinate travel for people while you lock on a true Vo town. Of that's the that's that's bigger than the town I grew up in. Yeah, that's pretty fair. Um, it's it's a lot of yeah, this is a lot of people. This isn't an alien thing. Well yet, I should give me time. Okay. So, yeah, people, Um, it was a research thing. They were studying one the environment and learning more just about Antarctica in general, like general science stuff, but also they were studying what would it look like if we built a base in Antarctica? Could we pull that off? What would could we do that? And then they were like also, they're like also, uh, we want to study, Uh, if we were in a war with Russia and they attacked us through the Arctic, how would our soldiers do in Arctic conditions? So they did like training missions for having to go out through the Arctic and engaging as to the Arctic. And then was also some other side that it's questionable. Uh, that was we'll get to that. But yeah, this was a huge mission. They brought so for this research mission, what was labeled public as a research mission, they brought people. They brought people, Um, a civilian. Uh No, well, they were soldiers and researchers. Soldiers and researchers. Um, they brought USS, destroyer, Henderson, USS Tanker, H M hm, cacapon, USS, taker, Canisteo, USS Destroyer Brownston. Um, uh, we'll just say two submarines, three supply ships, two icebreakers, an aircraft carrier and a few dozen airplanes and at the paratry. So this is a navy like this is a full navy fleet coming down to Antarctica for this research mission. Um. And so it's an eight month mission. UH, they end up calling it four weeks into it. Oh Gosh, they come back and people came back. Um, yeah, it was cold. Uh, he got a cold. He got a very severe cold. Now he like Got Frost Bitton or something like that. That's the that's what they say. Um, what do they say? UH, on the way back, uh, a reporter hits a ride on the aircraft carrier down there. He Oh, thank God you're here, stranded Antarctica for several years. He rolled by on his boat, rolled the window down. It was like, I'm a reporter, it's The New York Times, it's TMZ. Hey, Ricky Bird, remember me? We flew down together and you left me here last time. It's been three years. I missed the whole war. Well, you don't know that yet. Happened? Yeah, what's happened? We forgot to tell you guys in the Antarctic, but there was a world war. There's not you guys, there's no one else in the Antarctic. So a reporter is somehow with the group. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, he jumps on on board the ship. Wait, did he really roll up on a different boat? Yeah, I don't know how he got there. Somehow he ended up on the ship. Maybe he flew, because it's an air with him. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, okay, somewhere along the journey he joined them. Somehow he ended up on the ship. Now they're back to people. Yeah, and so this is Admiral Bird's fourth trip to Antarctica. Right, Um, and he said that there was a quote that came from him in this interview with this reporter on board the ship on his return to the states. Um. And in this report he said, Um, uh. So I'm not trying to scare anyone, but the United States military needs to prepare itself with the cruel reality that in case of a new war, we need to be prepared to be attacked by planes flying over both of the polls. Um. What do you meant by that? Has Been extraculated upon quite a bit. Um. Some people say that he was saying this is just forces that are becoming capable of taking a trip over one of the Poles to get to a destination, because at that point they never did that. It was too long of a trip. They ark around somewhere or take a stop somewhere along the way. Other people, I think that what he was saying was that there are enemies that have the capability now to travel over both poles in a single trip, like go all the way around the world. Yeah, circumnavigating. There's people who have been able to do that for a long time. Just in connor balloons. He saw launcher Larry. Well, I was making around the world in eighty days. References, you know, but as if they didn't one continuous trip all the way around the world. That's what I thought when I first heard that title. Yeah, so, and there is a legend that after this he was institutionalized. Um, I haven't found anything to back that up. Um, that he came back. was like they can attack us from all over. Yeah, yeah, so and then, yeah, the legend says he was institutionalized after that. I haven't been able to instantiate that claim. I don't know. He might have been Um, but I do know he stopped talking about that after that report. That reports the only place he mentioned anything like that. And they stop saying something like that. Say That again. Yeah, they were like whatever you just said there, don't say that, and he was like which thing I said? Like they were like can you head that out? And he's like who are you pointing to? Are you? What are you talking about? Hey, thanks for checking about this episode. If you like our show, make sure to leave a podcast review in whatever platform you use or, if you're on Youtube, drop a comment. Uh, if you want to listen to another episode. My favorite right now is Jose Canseco. Uh. It's this guy in the MLB who really brought steroids mainstream for the sport and did a lot of other just absolutely insane stuff and there might be a little bit of aliens in it. So check that episode out. It's one of my favorites. But thanks for being here. Here's here's where this story goes from Um, and it just little mission to America too. Very interesting ums, operations were down there. They had these guys in space suits, right, and they're jumping around an ARCTICA and they've got a flag that holds real still. Right. They got it all on video and they were like, twenty years later, we're going to release this and say we went to the mode pretty close. So, uh, you see, the energy just drained from me whenever we like, well, pretty close, I you should know by now that if I say pretty close to you, uh. So, about ten years later, in n the United States Military Uh launch what was known as Operation Argus Um and uh in publicly declassified documents. This operation was an operation uh to detonate nuclear bombs at a high altitude in order to create an artificial radiation belt around the earth, the whole Earth, and that radiation belt, in theory, would cause enough radiation to an intercontinental continental ballistic missile that, if it flew through that belt, it would get disabled. What was in that belt and could not continue its fight and would then crash land. So okay. So Rickey Bird, theorizes that someone could launch a missile over either the Poles. They could, they could be a plane. He said fly a plane, or he said fly. I think he just said fly, not even fly a plane. He said they could fly over the pulse. So they could, you know, attack US long range. And then they're like, well, what if we made like a little microwave belt? Then they can't fly at it. Yeah, yeah, so basically they're trying, what if, you know how, like we've got like this bug spray? They're like, there's a little bug up there and I can spray that bug. Could we like like a radiation bomb spray? This is sounds like something that would be like completely essentially, what they're trying to do is create a force field around the globe, on the side of America, where all their enemies everyone else, can just get nuke. Yeah, but we have a force field. Is what they were trying to do, Um, which sounds like a crazy idea, because it was um right. And so what they did, and that's what I mean, is that people higher up in the government are just like hey military, like they're spouting out stupid ideas, like they're just like could you like make like a like a force field that like when the bomb flies through, gets gets stuck in the ear, and then someone in the military has to legitimately spend a month of their degree earned life trying to figure out if it's possible. Yeah, and then they were like well, I guess it could. Maybe like spen a billion dollars testing it. Yeah, for Real, and there's like put a bunch of money toward it. Like, I don't know, is there any way to like, I don't know, bleach in your veins or something like what they say stuff, and they go just that work? Yeah, so the government's gonna be like, I guess we could try. So what happens is they've been theorizing this for a while and then in about a week long period, the U S military drops three nukes in Antarctica. Uh, and then all of a sudden, on that last nuke, they got rid of all the evidence, burned all the documents, all the tapes, all the evidence of what they did and well, you know why, declassified the radiation belt story, which is fishy. Oh, I was gonna say. I was going to theorize. The reason they did is because they launched four news right, three of them landed and the first one got caught in the belt. Like mission accomplished. It worked, a radiation belt. It worked. Yeah, they're like. They're like, I'm calling this the belt of truth. Now, if you guys can get started on the breast period of righteousness, how many times we gotta do your chest to give you the press? Flee the prestiousness. What is with you? Why did you send me a picture of God's armor this morning? Why did you do that? You sent me a picture of consoles. Someone tweeted that. That bus say. This is my phone background. It's also someone tweeted and I was like that's a really funny picture the armor. Okay, so, uh. So, anyways, so that happened right. Um, well, some questions have arised about these two operations in their connections. You know, since then nothing has happened in Antarctica pretty much at all. And then has been a pack to never knew anybody ever, ever again, and we're like, we're not doing that. Anybody, everyone never uh. And then there was this split country. Is like you're the only country that's done it and they're like, but we're not doing one's doing it anymore. No one's doing it. It's not cool anymore. Yeah, we're not no one anyway. So no one's doing that anymore. So it's so, wow, no one's doing that anymore. You're the ones that did it. So they split up an Arctica and an article into a bunch of countries and they a little pieces of the Pie. I didn't know that. Yeah, they did. So there's if you look at an article, maybe I'll grab a picture for you. It was claimed. Yeah, so they split up their research borders. So everybody in Antarctica got a little piece of the Pie, and they are legitimate pieces of the Pie. Every country kind of got a piece of the Pie. Um, you got Australia, Norway, United Kingdom, Prance down there in the corner, Prance. If you look at the funt that at Flix, like Apee, it's prance. Okay, Argentina, are we sharing? Yeah, there's there's some portions where there's there's a split. It's not an equal like. You got little portions of it. And then there's an unclaimed they call it west Arctica, Um, and that's legit the United States not get any? No, yeah, they were like, you guys nuked it. That's not cool. You don't get anything. Really, I think they do research in the unclaimed land and then they go to research. Argentina doesn't get any to itself. Argentina. She was like yeah, but we want some, and they're like, well, you can come to our area, but it's mine. They're like no, Argentina's is just inside the United Kingdom's territory. Of It. How odd. There might be a reason for that. Sure you'll find out. So anyway, so they split it up and into these research regions and, as far as we know, all that happens there now is a research they've demilitarized Um Antarcticle, because in the past it had been a militarized uh areas. Yeah, so everybody had like military bases there, including Germany, which, if you know anything about World War Two, they're the big they're the bad guy, they're the ones that everyone's like yeah, we don't want them doing anything, and so because they did something there, no one can anymore. Um, that's how that goes. They ruined it for everyone, as the Nazis do. So here's where things get interesting. Um, there is a theory. Um, and I should buy theory. I should say there is UM. There's a fact, a hard fact. There's a a Soviet document that was released, that was declassified in the eighties. Um, from a veteran who was present on operation high drump I jump I drump I high trunk. Okay, he was present on on a mission. He got captured by the Soviets in INTARCTICA. I don't know, just at some point, probably in Ohio. I thought he was like he was just out there in Antarctica looking around and sees the shadow of figure and he's like, I can't tell if this is a penguin or one of my buddies. And then and then the Soviet comes up. He's like, you come with me, it's a Soviet rush. It's a Soviet that's their little space. There, little snowmobile things. What they got? Windows? He's got roll up windows on a snowmobile. It's the Soviets. So, uh, he was getting interrogated and in the interrogation, uh, they asked him all these different questions about everything he experience. It's hard to get water boarding at the water freezes so fast. It's just it. Yeah, it like doesn't actually it just is a nuisance. It's just it's like some important crust ice on your faces and you're just like stop, it's that. He's gonna get interrogated and it comes up operation high jump and they're like what did you do there? It said, well, we did some research, we did some military stuff, but then there was the battle and the somebody's will like tell us about the battle, and he said that allegedly, in this battle, uh, they encountered somebody uh in their research and in the battle there was Um, AH, flying machines that run like anything he had ever seen. Um, and they engaged these, but they were a little they were obviously much more technically advanced and they were treated and they left. They left the whole in Anarcha, the middle of operation him. This is why they left, Um, is what he's saying. So they got engaged in with these um unidentified flying objects. Yeah, I think. I think he does call them saucer like objects, right. Um. And then that's the reason they left. And then that's the reason why, the years later, the U S Nuwke did is the theory, because whatever's there needs to not be there anymore. And that the theory also goes that that's what they waited twelve years to nukem they're like, we're gonna let him kind of hang out on there. Oh Man, they said, you don't know, you're messing government red tape. Is What that is. You know what they were like, we should do something about that. They get started on it immediately. Right. Takes some twelve years, and then then they were like, all right, we're ready to do something about those aliens in Aertica, and so I was like, what are you talking about? Oh shoot, that was the last president, you know, that was the other one. UH, okay, so it's a crazy idea. The idea was that Rear Admiral was talking about that when he said that they can fly over both Poles, and he's saying that this is a fast enough to fly over both Poles, and so we need to be prepared for that, and that's why he was institutionalized, allegedly. Uh So, there's a few theories about what happened here. You want to talk about it the head thing the whole time. There's a few theories. Not what's going on here. Uh So, theory number one? Number One, obviously aliens obviously we don't have to spend a lot of time on that because you get it. Yeah, you understand. There they encountered Ali it. Yeah, they encountered them, uh, and they got on a little firefight. Apparently the aliens had a base in Antarchi or something like that. I don't know, I don't know what the idea is. You know, you get it. Yeah, you know, it's been a lot of time on again, and I say this about aliens before too, if that's just where they landed, yeah, you know, they'd be like, man, there's nothing on this planet. What they would land there and say, man, there's nothing on this planet to start researching, and they would go all right, yeah, Um. So theory number two, this is one that's pretty interesting in my opinion. Uh, you're gonna hate this. Uh. It's the hollow earth theory. I don't know if you've heard of this, Um, but the theory basically goes, Um, that the earth is hollow, uh, and the access point is in Antarctica. So here, here's a picture of this is a satellite image of what Antarctica really looks like. So it's just a giant hole in both the Poles, north and south. Poles. There's a giant hole that leads into the earth and that's where the dwarves live and they've got better technology than us. Some people believe this. Yeah, so the idea is that inside the earth there's about mile core like of dirt and when you go through the holes there's a whole another earth and it's just like our earth. There is there's a sky and there's clouds and there's suns and stuff, but inside there it's a different earth. But they're much more technology. They know about US and they're, depending on whose theory you listen to, their either dwarves or their giants, either or Um. And they've got really good technology. And so they found. The theory is that, uh, these people in Antarctica on this mission found the whole uh, and then their military from that in inner Earth Society. It was like you can't come down here, but would down the South Pole. Yeah, so there's an opening there too. There's nobody on both hands and so they so you're saying? You're saying inside Earth's spot it's a colony technologically advanced dwarves or giants. They're really short of really tall. We're not sure that emerge to fight sometimes. Yeah, well, they're protecting it, because here's the deal. This is the garden of Eden. So those are the angels. That's what I thought. Now, if you pull up your chart of pull up your chart, your they believe that this is a garden of Eden. Eden in that thing, because I was literally about to say like is this PAENGEA earlier interesting? And so that was that was a theory I had. And so now everyone's got a little piece of the entrance. Okay, go back to prance. Prance, you notice there a piece of the pie doesn't go all the way in. Germany is not allowed. GO BACK TO WHY? Why would what we've found out later explain why Argentina isn't allowed to? I thought. Everybody like, yeah, the Argentinians, the Argentinians, I think that's Argentine people, through the inner earth people, the inner earth people are Argentinians. Hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future, go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcast, spotify, Youtube, you'll get an alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord more access to us as creators. You can support this show on patreon. It helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six six eight, SI six. Thank you so much for being here. Go back to your hollow earth graphic here. This is so stupid. So some people. The proof that people have for this is because I felt they do, and the proof that people have for this. I think it was in the eighties. Uh, there was a I can't remember what country it was. I want to say Russian, but I'm not positive. A Russian trip to the moon. UH, and they messed up and they accidentally hit the moon pretty hard with their rocket. Um, and when they hit the moon, uh, the description of the quote is it rang like a bell for years. I just rang like they like they hit it and it was hall Um. There's a scientific explanation for it that I don't remember, but long story short, something about the story. Yeah, it really happened. It really happened. The Moon Ring. Yeah, it rang like a bell. Something about the seismic activity and the gravity on there is different than ours. So the contact with that made the reverberation through the whole of the moon lasts way longer as it passed through the whole planet, or I guess Moon, Um, and it rang. Yeah, but that theory is, it's it's that's proofs that it's hollow, which, if the moon's hollow, then so is the earth. And then if there's hollow, there must be super advanced inside there. It explains a lot. So yeah, there's this theory and that's why the government nuked it, because they were like, Hey, if we knuke you, then you're ours now, Um, hours, I don't know. They declared war on him? I'm not sure. Um. Yeah. What I like about this is they have they have a whole map down there, like they've thought through which way is what I'm thinking. Well, it's a glow inside there, so I understand. But so here's the idea. So here's the idea. So it's all water that is in the inside there that we're seeing. Yeah, yeah, so here's what you need to picture. All right, you got a beach volleyball. You cut a hole in the bottom of the beach volleyball and on the inside of the beach volleyball along the inside wall is the oceans and the land. They're gravitized towards the wall. In the middle you still have the core of the earth. That's the Sun for those people, and I guess at night it just turns around and turns into the Moon. I don't know, I don't understand there turn it just turns around it. It's like now it's night. Um, I don't know that what that idea is, but essentially you're now in an inverted earth scenario where the sky is going in towards the core and the earth is going out towards the earth. Um. Yeah, so this is pretty unnikely, I was not expecting the helpless eyes as you look up and you go pretty unlikely if you ask me. All right, but there's another theory that involves Argentina. Yeah, so here's the other theory and honestly I think this is the real one. Okay, so you remember Operation Paper Clip? Yeah, where after the war? If you haven't listened to that episode, should go back. Let's do it's actually very interesting. After war, Um, a bunch of different countries stole Nazi scientists. They were like hey, you were making actual like good scientis like science, like progress will ignore the fact that you did really horrific things if you come do that for us. And so they and so operation paper clip was the US version, where they just kind of hid the Nazis and said, yeah, we're your scientist, I've been a scientists the whole time. Yeah, and you've never done anything sketchy. And that's where we actually got to space. That's the move. Was a Nazi scientist pioneered a rocketry capabilities. Um. That and that cultist actually from another what was that guy's name? No, yeah, Jack Parsons. Thank you. So, anyways, so they here's the thing about the Nazis, though, Um, and we have record of their plans. There was this thing that the Nazis were trying to do called the wonder weapon, Um, which was basically like the weapon to end all weapons, um. And that is a large reason why we began working on the atom bomb, because we that was the closest thing we could come up with to what we thought that they were working on. But they were working in a lot of different is. So they were working in like missiles and stuff like that, and bombs. They were working with guns, like weird guns. They're also working with weird Um Bell and Um saucer shaped planes or aircraft. Um. So we have the plans for these. I think we also talked about this in operation. We might have. We might have. So we had the plans for some of these and I don't think that this is the original plans. I'm having a hard time finding the original plans, but we don't know if these have ever been built. But we did recover after the war the plans that at least the Nazis were trying to figure out how to create things like this. Um. Here's another artist rendering of the bell shaped craft that they were working on. Um, which kind of just looks like the furnace from home alone. Um, yeah, but like Nazis. Yeah, so this is a bell shaped one and then the other one is a bunch of what do you think when you think of flying saucer Ufos? So here's what's interesting about this. Um, there is a theory. Well, there's a theory. They built some yeah, they were in Antarctica. Yeah, so here's what here's here's a couple of things we know about the Nazis. Um, they were obsessed with Antarctica before our modern renditions of the the borders of Antarctica. They look like this and you don't notice. Nazi Germany had a pretty large territory uh, in the northern end of UH Antarctica, and they did a lot of research and activities and training and things like that, um, because they were just very interested in Antarctica. We also know that in a h a Nazi base was discovered, not in Antarctica but in the Arctic on an island in the North Pole, Antarctic Circle, that they had dug underground out on this island, it's called Um Alexandra Land Um, which is an island in the North Pole where they had built an underground Nazi fortress in the North Pole. That was discovered by the Soviets in uh and it was obviously vacant at this point. There was some Na. They're still fighting UH and so the theory goes that the Nazis, some of the Nazis that fled in World War Two, fled to Antarctica because they had a base there and they obviously operated a lot there. Um. We know that they have an arctic circle base and so it's possible that they did build another underground base in Antarctica that we have yet to discover. Yeah, so that's so. That's the theory was that while operation high jump was underway, we were in Nantarctica doing our thing and we stumbled upon that Nazi base where they were working on their flying, flying saucers to be able to kind of regroup and start their next attempt at the war. Uh, and the US stumbled upon it. Everybody, everybody came out and then they came back and nuked them. They're like we gotta get rid of them. Um. The Way Argentina comes into this is Argentina is one of the largest countries that house Nazis after the war and they've got that little slice where they kind of share it with everybody, because they were just like we want to be a part of this, we want to an Arctic because you can't have your own spot. They're like, we're still a little confused about you, because you're speaking German. Yeah, and we don't speak that. So if you can speak English, you also, when you started this conversation, you said it's the Nazi Germany and we're confused because you're Argentina. Uh, it's Nazi Germany. I mean it's I don't know how we could be more clear right now. We're also a little confused because you're giants but you're also really short at the same time small giants. You're you look like giants but you're little. It's very strange. Uh. So the theory is we stumbled upon this Nazi base where they were testing. Yeah, we bombed we bombed it three times and we measure the evidence. Um, okay, I don't know. Maybe there's three access points, maybe there was, um, but uh, we can't just take a trip to antarcticus. There's no way we can know for sure. Um, yeah, we're not allowed. The US doesn't. Why doesn't the US have any territory down there? I don't know. Probably probably because we need to. Everyone was probably no, you can't have something. No, no, that was rude. Um, I think they're just they share it with the UK or something to go down there. Or ants. I don't know. Um. Uh. There's one more theory. We don't have to spend a long time on this, but it's a similar concept. Where where this giant hole in Antarctica is, uh, there is a lush green forest where it's not frozen like the rest of Antarctica. Um, they yeah, you can't prove it's not and they discovered that and when they got there, whoever lived there by the Lante iniens said you can't come here, and they said okay, and then they used government foun out and they knwked it. Um. Yeah, so I think would probably happened. Honestly, I bet, I bet they found some Nazis down there. That seems like it could make sense. Yeah, it seems like the if, if operation hydrump and Operation Argus are connected, most likely it's because they found a Nazi base that some leftover Nazis went to and we're trying to work on their little ufo. Think is that. You know, we're entering into the Cold War era for operation, what is it called high, the other one us. Yeah, so they could have been there. There is credence. They could have been like nobody lives in America, let's drop some nukes, like that's how we can test some stuff there. But we were still testing stuff in Nevada at the time. Like yeah, but like they're like let's test things where we could destroy an entire continent. Maybe maybe they were testing bigger and stuff than they declassified. That's possible. Um, that's what I would think, is that even if you dropped it in Nevada, if it's gonna be it's gonna Shake America where we would feel it in Missouri. You probably don't want to drop that. Yeah, that's yeah, that's pretty fair. Um. But yeah, so this, this same time period where the military base in Antarcica from the Nazis would have existed, was a time when, Um, there was at amount, a large amount, I should say, of ufo sightings in Argentina. Um, which what? So at the same time of Operation Hydro in the Post War era, there was an increased amount of ufo stings in Argentina sacers. Yeah, and so if the Nazis did go there and they were testing their craft in Argentina, uh, and they also went to Antarctica, they could have been testing the craft and they could have seen as and it seems sketchy. So it was probably Nazis, Um, but man, man, do I hope it's the little middle Earth dwarves, middle earth that makes so much sense. It all happened. Caught one once because he looked up with the sun and it's like, Oh, yeah, the core is out today and you right, Sun The Sun. You guys tell us about World War Two. And we're still better. This is such a stupid idea. This is such a stupid, stupid idea. Here's what's really wild about this. Um every night. So it's like a cultural thing. I think this country here is called Ad Vata Bar. You can see. That's why this is sid Ad Vata Bar. Every night at Vata bar is a cultural phenomenon. The whole the whole inner globe, uh nation of a Vata Bar. When the sun goes down, they all gathered together when the flips core flips, gathered together in their various town squares. Um, and they're their criers. Um. They have a they have a tune that they sing. Yeah, and they all looked up their voices and they sing and the whole the whole Inner Globe sings this these dwarf in giants Um and it echoes and reverberates across the inner love. So if you're standing at one of the portholes of the planet, all you hear this is the longest fiddle off I've ever heard in my life. Off. I'm like sitting here trying, I'm just like things that. The last night is a production of space tim media produced by Christian Taylor. Audio by Alex Garnett, video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Kayle but Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kayla Barker. Our host are Jarren Meyers and Tim Stone Fall. US on your favorite social media platform at tilling PODCAST IS T I L L and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things either than last night

Antarctica is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. Few people in the world have ever or will ever step foot on this massive slab of ice. Due to the lack of experience with this strange continent, many conspiracy theories have been born around the area. One of the first and most prolific, Antarctic explorers is US Navy Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Not only did Boyd take a few trips to the continent, but he took the largest single group of individuals with a 4700-person fleet. This mission, however, was cut short. The reason for the change is up for debate, and there have been some wild theories as to the reason. Operation High Jump might be one of the craziest things to happen.

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