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All right, let's do an episode in Sod of talking crap about my girlfriend. Um Are we were rolling. Hey, man, have you ever heard of the Ash street shootout? Okay, no, the Ash Street, Ash Street shootout? Okay, no, have you? You're googling it right now. Yeah, I'm looking at it out, looking at it enough to make sure I get this right. So as street is a road in a neighborhood in Tacoma. It's Tacoma's hilltop neighborhood, is what it's called. Um, and so in, uh, the eighties. In the eighties can be remembered for a few things. Um, when you get in storyteller mode. So in the eighties, the eighties, can you like you switch, you start a sentence and you go no, I'm gonna add more flair. This the eighties. It's just take something takes over. You look like a used car salesman, a bad one that we can get you. In the eighties, by this night, tonight. That's why you never saw many cards tonight, this night. We scare them, we don't hurt them. I would help you, but you did not pay me. So, if you're shoking, you didn't. One guy standing out of the Sun Room. It's like it's your cripts. Oh Damn it, it's gonna be a really good joke. I can pull it off. Hold on things I learned last night. So the eighties can be remembered for a few things. One, uh, uh crazy world where kids could just go anywhere at any point and for any reason on the bike and nobody said that was about. Yeah, they wanted all over the neighood. The other thing that these were known for is the crack epidemic. And then the other thing was that at video game that they buried. Uh. Those are the three things. If you know nothing about the eighties, those are the three things you need to know. Uh. Those are the children, crack, cocaine, buried video games. This story focuses almost entirely on that middle one, the crack epidemic. So, uh, it's UH Tacoma, Washington, suburb of Seattle. Uh. And at this point in the the eighties, a lot of individuals from California, in Las Vegas, a lot of like South Western uh cities, were moving along the northern corridor to other cities. Part of migration happening from people moving from California moving up. Yeah, they were moving up. Um, they weren't moving up in the world, they were just moving up in the in the world there's moving up on the map. You oving up on the map, and so a lot of them. You're a met a person who thinks that north is up, you know, like when you're a kid and you don't understand how how maps work, and so you go north, is that way? Well, I mean it is, if that's the like, if that's the if that's the UH, the way you see the world, it's up. What did you just say? But if you look upside down, then it's down, because here's the thing. You're this this flat object floating through days. Is The round object, spay, and so, I mean, depending on which way you're looking at it. From space. Yeah, yeah, I mean. What? What? No, I mean like whenever you're a kid and you think that up is north, like above your head. Yeah, what do you idiot? What do you think? Well, I'm thinking if you're looking at the earth. Yeah, my English teacher, my English teacher in high school, had a map that was upside down, but it wasn't upside down. She kept saying. You know, you'd be like, oh, your map up, it's not upside down. It's any different perspective. It really was. Yeah. Well, and the way that she explained it was the reason that, you know, Europe and North America are on the top of the map is because that's where the we see ourselves. Well, that's where ourselves at the top. The explorers were all from those places that mapped out the world. Had they been from then, it would have been yeah, which is very peculiar. If you think about it, it is. Yeah, it was a cool map. I liked it. So this is what I was happening. A bunch of people from L A. WE'RE traveling up to Washington and they were drawing their maps upside down. Yeah, they were going down to Washington. They drew their maps upside down and he said, we came up from up in L A. Um, it's so hard to flip the language. We're going ahead. We came up from up Um because, because a couple of reasons, uh, prices were beginning to rise in L A and cities like in that southwest area. Um. Also, uh, the crack epidemic was getting very, very bad and those cities. So a lot of people were migrating northerly. Um, including did what is happening? No, uh, we just didn't do an episode last week. I think we did. Do you know what your face looks like? Your facebook said that guy from x or not x, from UH men in black. Yeah, that gets overtaken by the alien. Oh, yeah, as you're like, they moved up, you know, they moved up to Tacoma, Um, including the CRIPS. And so now they gang activity. Yeah, they're up in Tacoma moving crack cocaine, um, as was the norm in that era of the world history. Uh. And so a street, then the hill top neighborhood, was one of the most overrun neighborhoods for gang activity, specifically CRIP gang activity, in Tacoma Washington, and it have become such a big issue that the police uh stopped responding to calls. Um. What they said is it was the common phrase that they were used was over the hood or over the radio, Um, and so they stopped responding to over. So they stopped responding to over the radio calls. Instead it was just over the hood calls, meaning if they didn't physically see it happening, they didn't respond to it because they didn't have time. They were too busy responding to the stuff that they were watching in front of them, Um and so people were calling nine to one. The police just weren't shutting up because they were like, we can't see it, we're we're doing this other thing that we're looking at closed right now. We can't see that. Who, what street is it? Come in the address all, they paid us not to come. But this is the thing, though, is that so my parents house is out in the country and you know that they have to pay the fire department like a year or whatever. It might be more than that, might be a hundred dollars a year. That makes sense to me. Why? Because, I mean, if I if I don't want my house to be covered by the fire department, I should have the option to not pay for it. Now, obviously I'M gonna choose to pay for that in most scenarios. So you want, you want an ala carte tax systems, what you're saying? Because I'm just think, I don't have kids, why do I gotta pay for other people's kids to go to school? I if I don't have a home, if I'm homeless, why do I got to pay for fire just throughout the most ease? Like the Basic Libertarian talking point of Public School Education and then you started going to sideway sponkers. I'm trying to tell you that if, if they don't pay, that the fire department shows up and protects the neighbors houses that have paid and just lets their house burn. Yeah, I agree. No, no, no, you should agree. That's bad. Why would in what world does it exist where a fire department shows up with the tools to put the fire out and then they just go yeah, you didn't pay us, though, so I think that makes perfect sense. I genuinely I think that. I think they should. You want to send this out, because you look like a monster right now. Save anybody in the in the building. But I think if I choose not to pay for fire protection, I think that's my choice. So I'm saying that even if you, let's say, let's say you lapsed, right you, you just forgot to pay, you missed the payment, like you. You've done several times with your trash cans, and then your house catches on fire. You can't just pay them to do it like. You can't be like, okay, let me pay the hundred dollars, please put like they'll just let your house burn. Yeah, that's a bummer. Man. Here's the thing, man, I think it's I think that makes sense to me. It makes sense to me. I know you don't understand that, but to me it makes sense. Okay, well, when I'm your landlord, your your life's gonna be pretty difficult. Then there's gonna be a lot of stuff that makes sense to me at I cannot believe you're saying this right now. I'm genuinely like a little like, Hey, let's okay, let's talk about that off podcast then. And you got a bad opinions, man, that's fine. We're all inside of a couple of bad opinions. Okay, go ahead with our story then. So the police are just like, all right, we don't have time, like, we don't have the resources to deal with every call that's coming in. They're not. They're not responding to anything because they think, oh, I don't have like we don't, we're not seeing it, we don't have the resources. And at the same time, like it becomes such a big deal that, no matter what they did, like they couldn't, they couldn't keep up with this right, because it was just too it was too big of an issue. Well, Um, Ah uh, an army ranger moved into the neighborhood and his his reason for this. He was like, I'm going to clean up these streets. We kind of. And so his name is Staff Sergeant William Folk. He was stationed at a nearby army base. He's an Army Ranger, had served in he was like, I'm going to move in to clean up the streets. Yeah, he served in the war in Panama Um and it wasn't like he moved into clamp the street, but he moved in betting that the issues we're going to go away soon and it was like an investment. So he got the house super cheap and he's like, eventually this neighborhood clean up and I'll that'll appreciate and about you. Well, he moves in and that wasn't happening, and so, wanting to protect his investment, he was trying to help the local police in helping police the neighborhood. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like our show, make sure to leave a podcast review in whatever platform you use or, if you're on Youtube, drop a comment. Uh, if you want to listen to another episode, my favorite right now is Jose Canseco. Uh, it's this guy in the MLB who really brought steroids mainstream for the sport and did a lot of other just absolutely insane stuff, and there might be a little bit of aliens in it. So check that episode out. It's one of my favorites, but thanks for being here. So to protect his investment. Yeah, suit, no, he doesn't buy a super suit. This is Seattle's out in. He what he did a street property and he's like, I am here to vigilante this street. He bought a bunch of cameras and installed them all over his house, like the watch our guys should have done Um. And so he puts all these cameras out watching the neighborhood and then he starts sending that footage to the police. Whenever he sees drug deals happen. He's like you guys, Oh, come on. And so he's like hey, he's like, he's like there's there's our drug dealers. He said, Hey, look at that, get those drug dealers and the police are like that video, I guess we can see that. Now they're like, well, that guy paid us to not do anything, so we can't respond to Yah. Yeah, that guy doesn't. Well, that house doesn't pay for police protection. So Um, well, it word got out that this guy is taking videos, Um, and so that he became like a target for them. What an idiot. And so he had a couple in UH interactions with the crips um that were heated arguments, but not like nothing violent ever came from them. Well, yeah, I mean let's say that you move into a neighborhood where established crime is happening, right, and we did a whole episode about frue Eric Ross, like these drug empires are not just like little street dealers just, you know, hey, like this is a full blown these are big operations. If you mess with that stuff, that's a problem. So you move into their neighborhood and then you start putting up cameras to snitch to the police. So in my mind, I got that guy deserves to get beat up, not probably not killed, but it deserves to get but it's like, what are you doing? Like, what else do you what? What outcome do you expect? That's what I think. Like you think the police are gonna come in and clear out the rest of the neighborhood and everyone move out. I think the outcome he expects is he's an army ranger and so he thinks he can take the crips Um roll, which probably he probably camp, because this guy's Jason Bourne. Well, here's the deal. Here's the deal of the crips there. They don't have any training. They just have a bunch of penty two. You don't know that. You don't know if they got a boot Cape. I can picture. Have you seen the movie JAR head? No, you haven't seen JAR head. It's kind of boring. It's not a great movie. Um, it's boring, like honey boom he uh, couldn't pay me to watch that movie. Well, first of all, blade is a great movie. Um. anyways. So, uh, it's a it's a kind of boring movie, but the majority of it is about boot camp, Um, and it ends up being like a guy snaps in boot camp and it's like sorry, spoilers, Um, but anyways, how old the movie? UH, probably like two thousand two. Yeah, I don't feel bad about spoiling so it came out twenty years ago. If you wanted to watch you probably would have seen it by now. Um. So I'm picturing a a JAR head, but it's the crypts boot camp and that's that's like your stereotypical movie where you see all of the like, you see all from and you know, all right, I would help you, but you did not pay me. So, if you're a show idiot, you didn't. You didn't pay me. So that not to pay for it. I think if I want to not pay for it, I have that. If you don't have the ability to pay for it, Tim Yeah, well, I think if you don't have the ability to pay for it, then you have to. Then you have no choice. But if you have the ability to make the choice, then you should have the ability to make the choice. Are you cutting that out? He's I'm taking notes. I thought he was gootting that he had a sound issue. Okay, so folk uh, thinking he could take on the entire crypt organization, at least in that neighborhood. Yeah, he's, he's, he's filming them, he's having arguments with them, Um, and then one day it all kind of culminates where he threw this barbecue. Um, and he threw a barbecue. Yeah, it's just a friendly neighborhood barbecue, and he's just living in this neighborhood. This isn't like an investment property, this is he lives there. Well, he lives there, but he bought it as an investment. Like he probably would have bought it somewhere else, but he's like, Oh, I could buy this house way cheaper. But he did buy it and wait for it increasing value. He lived there. Yeah, he lived there. He lived there. Well, he also lived on base, so whenever he wasn't on base he was at this right Um. Uh. So he uh, he throws this barbecue and uh, in the middle of the Barbie Q uh, some's got military buddies over. Yeah, he's got all of his his buddies over, which are most likely all military people. Yeah, because, like you know, those are the people he knows. So you're not allowed to make friends outside of it. He's doing this barbecue and during the bobby que uh car rolls by, Uh and it's the CRIMPS. Uh. And what's that funny to you, just because we all knew that? It's just the idea that they roll the window down and they go it's the cramps. It's one guy standing out of the Sun Room. It's like it's the CRIPS. It's like yeah, I mean he could all deduce from the story you're telling it was. It made it sound like they they announced their arrival. It's like a roll down window. That takes some time. It's like it's the CRIPS. They got the whole one, and that's like, yeah, that's how you made it sound. It's the CRIP sargeant folk. Uh. So the guy comes by and he does the little like handgun thing, or he's like I'm shooting you, like but it's just your hand, you know, like your friend. And so, uh, sargeant fault doesn't take kindly to that. So he starts yelling at the guys and the guys are like, you don't know who you're messing with, and he's like, you don't know who you're messing with. And and so then they they're like, all right, we'll see you later to night, and he's like, we'll see you later this night. So like we'll see you later to night. The CRIPS, we'll see you later this night, and they'd talk like Dracula. For some reason roll their window up. It's stuck. It's a broken window. The guy grabs it with his hands pulls we'll see you later this night, but he's gonna have a little room for his fingers on the top. And then he cut the other side and tries to palm. If you've never been poor, like we have, right, like we know how to you. Your car is still like this, but like your your window doesn't work, that your fingertips grab enough grip on there and the fake, uh, fake tint is peeling off. Blows in the wind. Yep, YEP, Yep. Um. anyways, so they kind of had this. So they were like hey, tonight. They're like, we'll see you tonight. And and then he goes back to the barbecue and he's like. He's like hey, everybody, go get your guns and come back. And so all of his army ranger buddies go get their guns and he basically makes the strategy. And he's a sargeant. So he builds this strategy and has everybody position at different posts throughout his property. Uh, and he tells them he said, Hey, look, don't kill anybody. He said, just suppressive fire. Show them that we're better than them at this. It's like literally what he says. Uh. And so then they shut out all the lights on the property and they all just take their to their posts and they just wait, uh, and then late in the evening Levin. This is what every person who like, is she like you can watch this home alone. Yeah, but like the people who make the second amendment their identity. You know what I'm talking about. Like my dad, we we shoot guns. I'm not any kind of like anti gun person understanding. Like the people who like that's their that is their identity, and they, like you, the people who have like their their kitchen, the SPATULA is shaped like an assault rifle, you know, like just weird, weird people. This is their fantasy. They believe that people are going to come storm their house and in there. In their mind they're like, yeah, my house is gonna be dark, like they've got like some weird plans, you know. Yeah, and they're going to defend it and win. Right. This is like their fantasy. Yeah, but like these dudes are Army Rangers, so it's like and they're actually like they've got actual contacts. So later that evening, at eleven am, midnight, and they're like hey, guys, we could really hurt these dudes. Let's take it easy. Yeah, don't hurt them, just scare them. Hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future. Go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcast, spotify Youtube, you'll get it alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord, more access to us as creators, you can support this show on patreon. It helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six six eight, six six. Thank you so much for being here. Uh. So, later that evening, um a car is that? In the car after he finally had the window up, he was like, all right, guys, that's how you talk tonight. This night. We scare them. We don't hurt them, we scare them in is how they say, you know. They drive off and he makes the horn sound with his mouth. They both planned on not hurting each other. So the same car comes back down to the end of the block, pulls up, turn it slides off. Yeah, the other end of the block, another car pulls up, turns, it slides off back behind the house in the car comes up, turns, it slights off and then one of them from one of the cars just POPs off a couple of shots from a small caliber handgun, Um, and then the rangers just lit him up from all sides, just unloaded on them, and so all the people in the cars like fell out of the cars, ran around like we're taking cover behind the cars, and like the Rangers are in every every single window in the house, every direction, just peppering all these gangsters that were expecting to just come honestly, probably just do a drive by and get out of that. Yeah, they were like, we were just gonna scare you, we were gonna shoot your cameras. Yeah, we're gonna shoot your cameras and leave and be like hey, you're scared. And now these guys are coming out with like literal military like a great assault. It was Dang, it's gonna be a really good joke, like I'm pulling off. Hold on, I can't remember. What's the suit called, the suit that Alex Jones wore into the place of the Bohemian Growth? Yeah, what's the suit called? Were they're in? They're disguised as the tree and a stuf. Oh, they guilly. That's right. Is that guy of Gillies, kind of gillies sue? Yeah, it's like dude, this is not a serious man. Yeah, so they've got military grade hardware, like, Um, literally calling one of their tank buddies who runs around the corner turn its lights off right over hill. We guys it, turned the lights off. They can't see. You're like, hold on, maybe we didn't know. Maybe he's right. We didn't know. The Rangers are like, we didn't call that helicopter. May We didn't know who we were missing the CRIPP can you say that? I don't know. Out of the helicopter? WHO's a guy landing out of it's the crist like, Wha, wait a minute, shoooo okay, so they but they did? They did they start killing them, like you mean? They let him up, like they just yeah. So, so they were doing suppressive fires. So they weren't actually hitting them. They were just firing over their heads, firing at their cover, Um, and making sure that it was like you can't move because you're getting shot at, but you're not getting physically shot Um. And it stayed this way for a while, UM, about ten minutes of exchanging fire, of them just kind of suppressing them, um, until one guy decided to like go Rambo and he thought, I'm just Gonnas, no one of the CRIPS. He thought, I'm just gonna storm the building, which why, in any scenario, or you're shooting at this house, where there's like nineteen different windows that people are shooting back at you out of where, you would think, I'm just gonna run storm the doors. Are In the house? Yeah, they're in the house. They're in windows and stuff. They're not behind throughout the neighborhood. No, no, no, no, they're all shooting there, all in the house. Um, yes, so they have different positions in different windows, like the attic, second floor, first four, stuff like that. So they're all out of place. Sure. So this guy, uh, decides to just storm the front door, while one of the guys like, well, can't him just get in here? So they caught him in the leg, Um and then. So then he just sprays the building a whole bunch and runs back uh. But that was the only confirmed hit of this whole event, was this guy who tried to storm the building. Okay, meanwhile one of the neighbors is laying down in her kitchen being like what the heck is happening? She calls the cops. Cops like, we can't see it. All right. No, ma'am, I'm sorry. I know you're scared right now and I would love to empathize with you, but we can't be there because there's a lot of other stuff going on. No, no, no, I know. No, I understand. It sounds intense. I'm sure we'll see the video tomorrow from that guy. Yeah, I'm sure he'll send it to us. She'll send it. I'm sure he'll send it over. Um. Well, the police ended up responding. Uh, and so when they came down to the end of the block, the guy just speed the cop full speed, sirens on and everything, just driving down the block and he gets he gets there and there's all these shots everywhere. And and in the police report he got there, he was by himself. He got there, hit there, listening to the radio. Who's like, you know what, tonight, tonight, we are going to check on this tonight. It's over the radio, not over the hood. That's right. So he just does. Guy Shows off to a clearly like the ladies being like there's a ton of gunfire. There's like twenty thirty people exchanging gunfire on her, and he's like yeah, I got it. Yeah, and so he sirens blaring full speed down this block, gets to where the gunfire is and and then the police report, he threw it in reverse and just backed the heck out of it. They got there and then I was like, oh no, and so he backed away, but him just pulling down the block was enough to scare away the majority of the CRIPS. So they all booked it started running. Um. Eventually back up arrived and they were able to track down one of the gang members. Not Hard to find him. Everyone else is running fast. Yeah, I got a weird limp. It's just the thing that happened. Uh, you know what they say. Yeah, you know, you gotta keep an eye out for people who limp. And so, uh, they arrested him and he ended up getting like two years in jail for some possession of the Rangers not in trouble for this at all. Well, so what? Here's what happens. So Um ended up be in a thirty minute shootout that they were out there just exchanging gunfire. About Three D rounds were shot from both sides. Um, what did the house? It's God, looks like freaking Swiss Gee. Yeah, yeah, it, I mean I'm sure. UH, the police seize all the weapons from the Rangers for the investigation. They investigate, they end up giving it back to him and the police say, uh, you're defending yourself, of self defense. The Army Rangers checked in the case and they said yeah, also self defense. So they didn't get any they didn't get trouble from the Rangers, didn't get in trouble from the police. The crypt. That crypt did get arrested. The rest of them got away. As far as we know, no one other than that person who got taed in the leg was injured in the event, like not even not even. Yeah, yeah, for Real, though, like there's a real there's a nobody even tripped and fell and hurt themselves that. Yeah, yeah, there was. Well, there was one of the one of the Rangers, was by a window that got shot out and he got cut by some glass. Um, that like some straight glass. But other than that there was no serious injuries reported. Um, that being said, some people think that when they scattered, they ran to out of town hospitals where they got treated. So the way they can be connected to the event. Um, you got a bunch of guys showing up at the hospital being like, yeah, I'm gun wound. Yeah, Oh, yeah, from. Is it from the same thing? From? Yeah, is it from that big gunfire over in the hill top neighborhood? Yeah, we heard that over the radio. Yea. And the guy laying there getting treated as I guess the cribs not very good at hiding it shot. Uh. Yeah. So, uh, here's the thing. This moment was a turning point in policing in the Seattle Metro area, because the police were like hey, if we don't, you know, do our jobs, then people like this guy are gonna try to do it for us and they might not be as well trained as him. Uh, and exactly what I'm saying. Yeah, and so the police were like, we need to actually, it's not going to go well. Yeah, we need to do a better job at helping protect these names, because as soon as the police show up, one guy is enough to scare off some, you know, some of these gunfight yeah, because, because, I mean they presume those fifteen ish crip gang members that were on site for that and they all ran when they saw one cop, but when they got shot at by Twelve Army Rangers, they stayed there and kept shooting back at them. Um, which is really interesting when you think about it, Um, because at the end of the day, the Army Rangers are better trained in combat scenarios than a police officer would be. Um, so they should be more scared of them. But they weren't. Well, I don't. I mean I don't think that they were out the window being like it's the rangers, you know. I don't think again, you're thinking like like that guy opened the window. It was like ranger time, you know, go, go, Army Rangers, and they were like, you know, they were rolling out the street being like Huh, well, Oh, no, we didn't know who we were messing with. They really didn't, though. That's the whole thing, is that they didn't know who they were messing with. And so this changed the trend that for all a long time in the eighties, uh, there was this trend of what was called community or neighborhood policing, and the idea was that if you were a cop, your job was to get out of your car and get to know people in the community and your presence relationship with people was going to turn the neighborhood around. Um. But that didn't work. The people just kind of it created dirty cops, Um, and so the cops would turn a blind eye to a lot of their friends because now they had friends people who were criminals. Um. This change that trend and made it to where, Hey, your job is to, you know, protect the neighborhood. Um. Granted, it didn't have the same effect that I think they anticipated, but it ended up helping really turned the neighborhood. This neighborhood actually, coincidentally, is the safest neighborhood in the Seattle Metro are right now, um, because everybody knows, Hey, if you do anything there the Army Rangers. Um. But yeah, so it's sparked a major police reform and it actually led to a major change in gang activity in the area as well. Because of the Kings. We're not going back there and now the whole neighborhood is gentrified. So anyway, so the stargeant didn't get in really any trouble, um, because considered self defense. Um. And Uh, the neighborhood did turn around and his investment, I mean surely by now, especially in the Seattle Metro, it appreciated quite a bit. So he made technically speaking, he made a lot of money off. So he still lives there? Does he really, though? Still got the cameras and everything. Never fixed the bull holes. You know, if he would, I think his investment will go up. So the response to this is the response that I want someone to have towards the watcher. Yeah, is wait, okay, so you're saying I'm saying. Say you want the watcher to say, Hey, I said have a bunch of cameras. You don't know who you're messing with. We're gonna shoot you don't know. I don't want the watcher to say that. I want the person who lives in the house to say that to the watcher. H You know, I would put a letter in the mailbox and say, if you even listen to like the watcher episode, it's It's worth. But yeah, that's the response that I want. Is someone to be like, I'm going to protect this house. Yeah, with Nineteen Rangers. Actually, apartment I've got two rangers sitting and you know we're watching at all times. Yeah, just protecting your health. Right now they're watching bilk in nine nine, which is pretty it's a kind of brand for them or whatever. But yeah, I've got like four things I let them watch. Yeah, the last the last guy was like watching new girl all the time and I was like, I don't trust you to me. You're going to defend this house? You? Yeah, so we fired him. Someone broke into my my neighbor's upstairs. I wouldn't let my Rangers Stop Him, you know, because like they didn't pay them, pay for the Rangers. Yeah, gotta, you gotta pay the Rangers, pay the ranger or get ranged. Yeah, anyways, that's the shoot out of a street to come on Washington. Pretty crazy story. I was setting that up so you could come up with a fiddle off, but I thought you were gonna do it. All right, we'll fiddle it off then. Things that then last night, is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Kleb but Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kayla Barker. Our host are Jarre Meyers and Tim Stone. FOLLO US on your favorite social media platform at tilling. PODCAST IS T I L L and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things either than last night.

In the 1980’s Tacoma, Washington, faced a stark increase in gang activity. The hilltop neighborhood was a particularly active subset of the city and became a hub for the illegal drug trade in the town. However, when one Army Ranger bought a home in the neighborhood, he took matters into his own hands. Sergeant Bill Foulk installed security cameras and began confronting the gangsters during drug deals. After weeks of this behavior, the crips decided to retaliate. They had no clue that Foulk was an Army Ranger and called a dozen of his Ranger buddies to help defend his home. A 10-minute shootout involving over 300 rounds and about 30 individuals from the crips and the US Army Rangers ensued. Known now as the Ash Street Shootout, the event became a catalyst in the way officers handled local policing.

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