Pole Shift – The Hidden Phenomenon That Might Happen Again

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Unknown Speaker Hey man. Yeah, I didn't have anywhere to go. Unknown Speaker Sweet. Hey, man, what have you got? I'm gonna be honest. I don't know what to call this right now. Have you ever heard of Chad Thomas? I guess we can start there. Chan Thomas Yeah, maybe Chauncey Thomas. John. Yeah. Unknown Speaker I've heard a Chauncey No. Yeah. Don't use this shortened versions of his name, heard their name, her name, their name. In his name, Chauncey. Unknown Speaker Chauncey Johnson. Unknown Speaker That's a punchable name, dude. If someone said to me, they're like, they're like, I like hey, I'm Jaron and I have a dumb name. I get it. Okay, I get it. But they go, Hey, I go ham. Jaren and they go, I'm Chauncey, I would refer like, Whoa, sorry, so sorry. I Unknown Speaker just heard your name and my fist flew. Unknown Speaker I don't know me. And that was like a shadow movement of something. You know. That was a ghost punch is what that was. People have like vibrations with their phone when it's not even in their pocket. Yeah, it's vibration. That's what that would. Sorry, I got chancy trauma. Unknown Speaker sigh yeah, that's, you know, it happens to the best of our Unknown Speaker policy. So Damn, dude. Just give this guy his marinara list. Do you like my hat though? Unknown Speaker I do like your hat. Unknown Speaker Bring it up later. He said to make a change. You got to make some stuff up. Why do you always just drop small facts like that? That made me go? Are we gonna be like fly off this planet? Things I Learned last night? Unknown Speaker Yeah, this is a this is one where you remember when we did an episode on Portaria. Okay, and people still comment on us? Like we're idiots or something like that. Sure. And ironically, that was the episode where I had COVID. So I was wearing that suit. Like it was just great timing. Unknown Speaker It was great. Because we talked about the vaccines. We hit a lot of stuff for that Jhansi one of the people who comment on it and now you don't look to look at the right YouTube comments and you were like, okay, ciao and see. Yeah, Unknown Speaker this is this will be an episode. No, this is will attract the same crowd. I think so well go. Leave a comment below with your job. We want to know what you think about this content. Unknown Speaker Leave your mom's house. She's begging you. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna start from the front. You're not gonna like us. Yeah, but leave a comment. Anyways, Tell us. Tell us about it. Tell us off your Unknown Speaker phone. It's not for you. For normal people who have understandings of human connection, that's how you add love. Be honest with yourself. Cut to my camera. Be honest with yourself. Okay. Get the heck out of here. All right. I'm so serious. Don't comment on the way out. I want to know what you think. Tell me what you think. Okay. Yeah, tell me what you think Unknown Speaker I looked at your camera like your camera could see me just now as like, tell me what you think. Sure. Okay, so, Unknown Speaker how the hell did Jhansi do who is Chauncey Unknown Speaker Chauncey is he chan we'll call Him Chan because that's apparently what he goes by. Okay, Unknown Speaker maybe I don't know if it's pronounced chant. He might pronounce a chant. His name is Chauncey Sure. Shan Shan Shan Shan Shan he was a Unknown Speaker proper chain after 14 Before 14, but maybe it's named after him. That doesn't give me a lot of hope for this episode's gonna go? Great. Unknown Speaker No, so, this guy, he it's kind of tough to nail down who he is. Okay. He's the author of a book. And that book is isn't what we're talking about. Yeah, that books are very influential. Gosh, the Book of Mormon Unknown Speaker No, Jhansi Thomas Unknown Speaker chon is a hard person to pin down. Okay. Because he he used the name chan Thomas on the book. Sure. But you can't find anything about chan Thomas online. Chauncey Thomas. You find a little bit it seems like he was a professor like a small like d3 school. Teaching like Sure. Like a small just beauty. Yeah. Relevance. Unknown Speaker You know, we get the state school D one. All right. And then like the town over you got like that D two? Yeah. You know, Missouri Southern kind of school. This is d3. This is us. Midwest. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Tech. Unknown Speaker Yes Is Crowder Community College. Unknown Speaker It's not even in a town. It's just farms and then this college in the middle of Unknown Speaker college I straight up a format. That's not a joke though. The last college I performed it was in Nebraska. cross the street was like the prison. So it but not just any prison it was a for sexual predators and like that, and it had a sign to Unknown Speaker associate creditors. And Unknown Speaker it was it was like no, it really was it was like sex offenders RS or whatever the sign said. No it was it said it on the side. It wasn't like I found that out. Yeah. And so Unknown Speaker shout out to the marketing team at that college though forgetting anybody that goes to school there. Yeah, I know. Like, that's impressive. Unknown Speaker Yeah. The joke I made and we I don't know if we want to cut it out or not. The joke I made on campus was, yeah, other colleges. I go to just have you know, sororities and fraternities and you guys just have a fraternity I guess. Very funny joke. That's pretty good. Very funny joke. Unknown Speaker So he was a like a professor of, I don't know, maybe engineering. I know like that. Yeah, maybe. Maybe engineering, maybe geology? It's not Unknown Speaker a pretty big difference. It's not clear algebra. Yeah, it really Unknown Speaker God loves out. Unknown Speaker God is in the algebra is what that website is. If you're a Patreon supporter, you'll get that in the after the federal It's Unknown Speaker unreal. I didn't pull it out some screenshots for that for the update for that as well just throw it on the shirt. Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker Okay, so look forward to Unknown Speaker so he. He was he was a professor of something at this college, allegedly. That's about all we know about. Well, actually, there is one of the things in the book, Unknown Speaker bro, we'll get through with the YouTube comments. I'm on your side. Now. You're gonna get to that you swayed me. Okay, we'll Unknown Speaker get to that. We'll get to that. The other important thing about his life is that he had a government contract at one point, allegedly, allegedly what that government contract was. Unknown Speaker He was a mailman. Well, here's how this stuff goes. Okay, you get you get a government contract. And it's like all you did was you showed up and did the plumbing and like, you had a post office. You were a post. You're a plumber. You're a post plumb a post plumber. And you showed up to do a little plumbing job and then technically like you didn't you go to all your friends. You're like yeah, did a job for the government the other day like what was it and you're like, I can't I can't talk about you know, yeah, yeah. But it's also my underground work. Like come on, dude. Like underground wet work. Couldn't couldn't. Couldn't tell you though. Unknown Speaker Yeah. So he got some government contract. And he wrote this book, okay. Called the law. He wrote a few books but the book in question is called the Adam and Eve story. The history of cataclysms. Unknown Speaker Know Bengal tiger press. Put it out. Unknown Speaker He just, here's, here's what's important about this. Okay, he wrote this in the 60s. And for some reason. It's classified or was classified by the CIA. And in 2013, under Freedom of Information Act, they declassified a sanitized version of this. Unknown Speaker What are you What do you mean? Unknown Speaker They so this book was classified by the CIA in the 60s after he released it. Okay. And then for some reason under a well not for some reason, we know under a Freedom of Information Act, it was declassified in 2013. But it was a sanitized version was declared so Unknown Speaker they did there's they're like redacted marks in it. Yeah. There's Unknown Speaker missing pages. Unknown Speaker Bro. Here's the thing, though. We could just put out a book and put bad page numbers on it. Yes. Unknown Speaker Do you know saying it'd be like pending? Yeah. I mean, people who would believe that crap quit this video so long ago. We still have a market. Unknown Speaker Okay, so it got declassified, and is making waves around the internet right now. Cool. Let me tell you a little bit about what this book is about. So there's Unknown Speaker on the first day, cost there's what it was not even Adam and Eve would have. It's the story of that store. The Amazon store. Unknown Speaker History cataclysms. It can all be traced back to the atom in the store. So page one of the book opens real subtly with this cross section of the earth. Listening it's a picture of Earth I guess, but it looks like an eyeball. It was a poorly drawn eyeball. Unknown Speaker It looks like you know, if you cut the earth in half do the old core Unknown Speaker thing. Yeah, there's a diagram of like the core. And then there's a bunch of arrows with numbers pointing at different spots on it with no explanation. And then a bunch of arrows pointing to the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. And the word stat, no explanation provided for this. Maybe redacted. But we don't know if it's redacted. Okay. One of those arrows is pointing to it and has nothing on wash two arrows. 345 arrows. Jesus, I just found so many Unknown Speaker years. Six, that was kind of the point. Unknown Speaker Six arrows all over this. And then talking Unknown Speaker about I can literally tell you what this means. Are you kidding? What Unknown Speaker are the numbers mean? It's the Unknown Speaker length of whatever the distance between the arrows is. So like, look like 1800 has an arrow on each side. That means that the distance from one arrow to the other one is 1800. Then 120. That black 121. We don't know that part. But to say that you don't know what these are. Look at the proportions. And look at the 30 there. Unknown Speaker Yeah. All right. What about the arrows because like the above the 1300, there is an arrow that's there's not a corresponding arrow and then below the ad, there's another arrow that has no corresponding arrow. The ad doesn't have a corresponding it must be in the Unknown Speaker black cord. Oh, it's too dark. Yeah, maybe 1300 is the the maybe maybe you're onto something. They're not even diameter, but the distance to the next level. Yeah, you know, I mean, there must be more than the core which would that Ada Unknown Speaker so dense, we can't see it. That was the point what he's trying to illustrate Unknown Speaker that you can't see it, that's where it is. Unknown Speaker And then and then it starts real subtly. With what reads like a story, honestly. Okay. I'm not gonna read the whole thing. It's kind of long. But Unknown Speaker wow. I really expected you to Unknown Speaker hear let me read the beginning. It just really suddenly opens up with with a rumble so low as to be an audible growing throbbing, then fuming into a thundering roar. The earthquake starts only it's not like any earthquake in recorded history. In California, the mountains shake and ferns into a breeze. The mighty Pacific rears back and piles up into a mountain of water more than two miles high, then starts this race eastward with the force of 1000 armies, the wind attacks, ripping, shredding everything, and it's supersonic bombardment. The unbelievable mountain of the Pacific sea water flows to the flows the wind eastward bearing Los Angeles and San Francisco as if they were put grains of sand. So this goes on for a while. So painting a picture. Okay, like a day after tomorrow? Unknown Speaker Do you read that better than you read all of our host reds? There, I'm saying our advertisers are so mad right now. You know, they don't listen, but they're listening in this scenario, and they're like, Wow, he really read Unknown Speaker that guy. It's like, Unknown Speaker it's like, rumbling. throbbing, or? Unknown Speaker Well, because here I'm telling a story there. I'm selling something Unknown Speaker maybe we should. I don't know. You know how marketing works, I guess. Unknown Speaker Alright, read the story brand. That's what I should read. There Unknown Speaker you go. He sponsored us down below. Unknown Speaker So this goes on for a few pages. Do you like I almost brought that up in that part where you were like, can you? Unknown Speaker Do you like my hat? So I do like your bring it up later? Could you? Unknown Speaker Could you try to naturally, naturally bring it up later? Don't worry. Thanks. So he goes on for a few pages kind of telling the story. It's like a day after tomorrow type of it's like the opening scene of day after him. Yeah, no, I get it. Yeah. And it goes on for a few pages. And there's a there's a lot Unknown Speaker of theories that an earthquake could have killed the whole California stuff. Unknown Speaker Yeah, this isn't that, okay. It's something else. So then he goes into, like shifts. And like a new chapter where he's like, he's like, it turns into like an essay. So it goes from like this story to an essay, where he talks about all the flood myths in history. And basically is trying to make this point that all these flood myths actually happened and they were connected. They were caused by the same root cause of a flood He's telling he saying there's this thing, this cycle for the earth where every roughly 10 to 6000 years, the Poles shift. Unknown Speaker You heard that too, right? What? 10 to 6000? Who says that? Unknown Speaker Well, if you're doing bc it goes backwards. Because we're going back Unknown Speaker the way you said that either means 10 years, or 6000 years Unknown Speaker no 10,000 or 6000. Somewhere between 6010 1000 years much better. Going forward. We're going backwards. So it's 10 Unknown Speaker Okay. All right. Unknown Speaker Shut up. Unknown Speaker Yes. Such a small brain. That's what your head so small. That isn't swell. My horse. I have a very large head. Which is why Great. Thank you. Which is why I have to buy special hats from odd job hats. Here's a quick story about it. I was you know rumbling I don't like where this is going already. Unknown Speaker Rumble rumbling the throbbing pipes in my house are regurgitating sewage from my toilet. I have to call a plumber. He's busy doing contract work for the government. As I'm left to figure it out on my own as I am with most things in life, yeah, but my huge brain, you check if not only in straight in the size of my huge brain in that moment, I solved my own problem with my my plumbing, but I also solved healthcare. And then because I'm a huge, huge, and with that huge brain becomes a very large head and normal hats don't fit my head. This is real. But for my camera, if you got a big head, dude, I like straight up. They're not even paying me to say it. Job hats. You know. They make hats for big heads. Unknown Speaker We sat down at the table today. And he said, Hey, you like my hat? I was like, Unknown Speaker Can you try to bring it up naturally? Whatever they do to you every time we go out forever now. Hey, man, you like the shoes? It was pretty cool shoes. Cool. Could you like try to bring Unknown Speaker that out the group? Let them know how cool my shoes could turn to say they just want everyone to know. Cool. My hat is pleased. Unknown Speaker Wow. I'm going to do that all that's funny. It's very funny. Anytime there's someone new joins our friend group. Yeah, if we're hanging out with someone, I don't know. I'm gonna do that to them. Yeah, after we pretend we can't see them. Unknown Speaker Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly. She was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. Unknown Speaker Anyway, it was an odd job, it was an odd job. Unknown Speaker So he, he is he goes into this story, that every six to 10,000 there is a shift in the pulse of sure was you might have heard people talking about pole shifts on the internet. It's getting kind of popular right now. It's from this guy. That the idea is that for some reason, which he explains later, but for some reason, the crust of the earth stops moving with the rotation of the earth. So just the atmosphere rotates, and everything else stays where it's at for it's like a super earthquake. What I don't know if it's like so, so earthquake key. Unknown Speaker I don't know how quick it is. It's it's going Unknown Speaker the other direction. Like if that are squeaky or if it's just Unknown Speaker like but I mean, how fast I mean, you know how fast you're spinning right? Yeah, like 1000 miles an hour. Yeah. So if it were to stop, Unknown Speaker then it'd be 1000 mile an hour winds, and then it create massive waves. And so that's the picture he's trying to create is like, because the rest of its moving, it's creating these giant waves ripping everything apart as the winds passing over everything because we're not going with it. It's this massive cataclysmic event. Unknown Speaker Yeah, how wind? How does wind work? Unknown Speaker While wind is it's the same thing. It's moving. And then if the earth slows down a little bit, there's a little bit of earthquake Enos, it slows down in this just off pace. The wind is just a little bit faster than the earth. And so I'm trying to keep up that guy, but I can't. Yeah, so fast. Unknown Speaker Okay, so this is already there's no evidence for it. There's no I miss. I do miss when you would like try to present this like you believed it. Because right now you keep going. Here's the thing. 1000 mile an hour winds. Here's the thing. 10 To 1000 mile an hour winds. And I mean, 1000 to 10,000 to 10 mile an hour winds. Unknown Speaker Here's the thing I there when there's other episodes I I believed in. Okay, this is rough. It may be make a more believable book. That's what I'm sure make it believable. And he did make it believable. He did a good job a lot of people believe. Unknown Speaker So he's saying that the atmosphere keeps moving. Yeah. Yeah. And so here's another one. So all the earth will just for how long? Unknown Speaker So it's like a day long transition. Okay, and so it's like a really quick thing. Unknown Speaker The Day the Earth was still, I Unknown Speaker guess, yeah, technically. When did that movie come out? I don't know. I wonder if that's where they got the idea. Keep going. Find out. So yeah, it shifts. And what happens is the poles move wherever into the planet where that stops. And so then, because the poles move that freezes, the continents are now up here. And so they'll start to freeze. So Antarctica, according to this theory, last time before this last poll ship was not frozen, it was like somewhere in like the Pacific or something. And this is how he explains Atlantis. And like the the continent of Mu remember, we we did that episode about Sure. Atlantis, all the missing places and stuff like that. And then he goes into this theory that because these are six to 10,000 year ranges. They're always precipitated by predicated, predicated, by precipitated, precipitated by an advanced human civilization that was there, and then the shift happened and it destroyed them all. And the survivors then create their flood myth, or whatever that was acres. Unknown Speaker And that's the story. So for him, he says that 6500 years ago, was Noah's Flood. The lat that that shift was de where Noah's Flood came from 11,000 years ago, was another shift. And that was the Adam and Eve story where the creation story came from. Unknown Speaker So he says that there's 5000 years between Adam and Noah. Unknown Speaker Yeah, he has a graphic, he has a graphic in here or a table, but and then everything before that we don't have a record, like a written record of what that myth was of like what happened there. Because there was nothing but que. But he says that there was a civilization that got destroyed. And there's some sort of memory of the gods that they worshipped at the time. And so he says, like some of your more ancient, like, Eastern religions, like Vishnu was like the Jesus for the previous civilization. And okay, the survivors still worship him and it became more mystical and the revival of it after whatever this event was. And so it all culminates in his scientific study of it. Yeah. Where he starts to bring in sources. Okay, maybe we put sources in air quotes. Sure, bring in sources that like, argue how this is possible, and prove that it's happened before. The I will say he writes it in a way that makes you feel like Oh, this guy knows what he's talking about. But if you who pay close attention? His source material? Well, he never cites a source. He just throws he just cherry picks people's names, and says they said this. It's kind of like when people say the Bible says, but they don't tell you where. And the Bible doesn't say that thing. It feels very similar, where he's bringing in source material and different people to try to argue how this stuff is possible or how it can happen. And making this big deal out of it and acting very confident. Have you ever seen Steven Greer? Know, I watched a video of his the other day. And it's a very similar. It feels very similar, because Steven Greer has amassed a decent following. He's kind of like a UFO guy. Okay, he flies everywhere. No one can tell what he is. But he he talks with like this authority and this competence or, and tells you all this stuff. Yeah. But he's making it up. But what he does is he will name drop a lot of these people all the time and be like, oh, yeah, they're my friend. They told me about this thing, and then tells you the story. And like, he can kind of talk the talk. So like, he uses these bigger words that sound like he knows what he's talking about. But what's coincidental is all of these friends he has and all these people he talks about knowing are dead. Oh, perfect. Unknown Speaker Yeah. And so I was thinking, Oh, my friend Rosa the other day. And she was telling me, Unknown Speaker but it's like, he's like picking out like, like, I don't know, like, presidents that just recently that like, you know, Unknown Speaker I was going for Rosa Parks just there. I was gonna go further. You were like, he's picking up like actual historical figures. I was like, Oh, okay. Oh, my gosh, you heard it here, folks. Unknown Speaker Oh, my gosh. Are you taking that further? No, no, no, I'm Unknown Speaker waiting. I'm waiting for you to say things that are interesting. Because so far, here's how you're talking. And he sounds confident enough. Unknown Speaker So that you want me to talk faster. Unknown Speaker I want you to, I want you to. So just so it's so what here's what. So that's what you're doing for 30 minutes, and I will be honest with you, I will lose my mind over here. All right. My very large mind underneath this job saying like, okay, so he wrote a stupid theory, but why why is it like, this is very clearly dumb. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so it got classified by the CIA for some reason. Okay. And then recently declassified, maybe only the good parts got classified, I guess. Maybe, oh, the whole book got class, the whole book are classified by the CIA. Yeah. And then it got declassified and sanitized. Whatever that means. Who said it was sanitized? It says it on the CIA website. It says sanitized copy approved for release. 2013 Six point. Unknown Speaker Yeah, but that just might mean like, we cleaned? I don't know. Yeah. It was pretty dirty. It might mean like, you reviewed it, we reviewed it. That's why we Unknown Speaker Yeah, well, when you when you flip through the book, you'll be reading the page 20 And then also on page 22. You know, and so you turn the page and I was missing it change changes in the document? Sure. I understand how that works. Now and so there's pages missing there's not like if you go through it like most of these like Freedom of Information s x you look at we'll have like the like Sharpie doubt lines. Yeah. There's none of that is just completely gone. Yeah, there are. Allegedly, there's like notes in the margins that aren't there. But I mean, you can't like like looking through, you don't see anything that was crossed out or anything like that. And like there's no real evidence that there wasn't any notes in the margin, but the the people say there was should have been removed. What when this got declassified though, it got picked up. And there's this group on the internet that has gotten very excited about this. Because you know, into the world. Sure. And, and for whatever reason, lately, this pole shift conspiracy is kind of blowing up pole shifts. You're Unknown Speaker not saying pulse shithole shift, pole shift conspiracy. Yeah. Unknown Speaker So the idea is that in a matter of a few days, with the poles shift shift to a different spot, which drastically changes your climate, and obviously, if this guy's right, creates these crazy strong winds and giant tidal waves and destroys everything, Unknown Speaker okay. Unknown Speaker There is a shred of scientific evidence for some of these concepts. He Unknown Speaker takes them in runs. Yeah, he Unknown Speaker takes them and runs through a different way. So like, for example, the polls drift, and they have been drifting, and they are currently drifting a little more than normal. So much so that, like satellites, they will recalibrate the where the poles are located in satellites, so that way they're lined up in their positioning. Sure. When GPS first came out, they were doing it every couple of years. And then over time, they've increased that cadence to now they're upgrading them every six months, because the polls are shifting so quickly. But it's not a like one event, like it shifts. It's like, it is just gradually drifting at a rate of like 50 miles a year. So it's still not a ton, but it is changing. And it does naturally do that over time. Right now, it's Unknown Speaker pretty far though. Unknown Speaker Yeah, it I mean, it is moving. If it every year. Yeah. And now it's more than it was. So it was a few miles a year, it's been increasing. And so that's strange. But it's not what this guy the picture that this guy is painting. Unknown Speaker Why do you always just drop small facts like that? That made me go? Are we going to like fly off his plane? Unknown Speaker I don't think so. I don't think so. Unknown Speaker Okay. We talked about you just say stuff. Like, I mean, the polls are shifting. Sure. Yeah, they're moving slightly. And that does have effects on our weather and stuff. But it's not like one event. Okay, it's about 50 miles a year to 10 years. That's 500 miles. There's no way yeah, let me double check that number. I was gonna say you should double check that there's no way I think I would notice. Really? I would, Unknown Speaker how often do you go to the pole? Well, okay, so every two years, the this is interesting. This is NASA's website, the position of Earth's magnetic north pole was precisely located in 1831. Since then, it has gradually drifted north northwest by more than 600 miles. And it's forward speed has increased from about 10 miles per year to about 34 or 55 kilometers a year. So next up kilometers with Miles, it's 34 miles, 55 kilometers a year. Unknown Speaker So like, How bad could it be for us? Unknown Speaker Well, it's moving north northwest, which at the polls kind of hard to figure out because isn't the poll the Northeast? I don't know what North northwest is at the North. Okay. What do you do? What do you do? If you're at the North Pole? You're trying to compass your way somewhere? Everything Unknown Speaker still works. Unknown Speaker But everything is south at the North Pole. Alex, you have to know you're smarter than me. You're the Eagle Scout, Eagle Scout, Unknown Speaker what do you do? We should do a show called Ask an Eagle Scout. You know, maybe we could we need to get one with a good personality, though. Unknown Speaker We're gonna get a good host. Alice could audition for it. Where do you think they're staying? The North Pole? This is just going in circles and stuff? Unknown Speaker I don't think it's going in circles. Well, I mean, I guess it has to, because because South is every direction if you're north, if you're the North is point, South is South is. Everything is either south or southwest or southeast. If you're the Northeast possible point, right? If you're the Northeast thing Unknown Speaker that's pretty Northy to me. So it's moving. What happens we this is a total side unit. What happens when it goes so far off? What it usually was? Unknown Speaker I guess the north, the North Pole is moving. So how many Unknown Speaker miles is one degree? You know, saying? Unknown Speaker Yeah, let me look that up. Unknown Speaker Because I guess that's what I'm wondering is how far can it drift before Unknown Speaker 69 miles? So this cover and a degree every two years? Unknown Speaker So say it How far can it shift before we all just die? Unknown Speaker I don't think we die. But I think it I think what it would do is what this guy's theory is is that your continent start to shift in different spots. So I guess theoretically, if this has been happening forever, like places like the Sahara Desert, which are incredibly arid climates might have been snowy climates at one point, incredibly what arid Okay, what do you think of Unknown Speaker Arab for some reason Unknown Speaker so confused? Nobody there. Pretty Arabic climates. Oh, okay. Why didn't I that's what I was confused on. Air did okay? Talk better. Unknown Speaker Hey, thanks for being part of this episode. If you want to help us do more of this, you want to help us grow our show. One of the easiest and best ways to do that is to join our Patreon. It's a way for you financially support the show, and you get a lot in return, you get access to our Discord channel, you get bonus content that comes out, you get exclusive merchandise, and like live zoom Hangouts, where we're both just hanging out eating pizza, just getting to know each other. The biggest thing is, is we want to know you more as an individual and as a friend. So thanks for supporting our show. If you don't support us financially, we're not pressed about it. We're not like mad, but I'll find you. So text tilam to 66866 to keep yourself from being found, alright, because if you don't want you Unknown Speaker so, okay, so there is some validity to these these claims. So it doesn't Unknown Speaker move, it doesn't move. And that's it, he starts looking at geologists who have noted this can be noted that places like Antarctica used to be decent climates where life could have been supported there. Because the polls slowly shift over time, and the continents slowly shift over time. Okay, so he's finding things like that, and then making these really crazy claims of it all happened in one day, and everything moved really quick. And it destroyed the society that existed at that illogical drum. And he's, and he does it with this authority, that if you and he cites people, but he doesn't actually cite them, he just says yeah, and then this famous philosopher, this famous scientist, said that this is legit, and somehow, okay. And somehow, I don't know how this happened. But somehow one of the people he cites a lot has like a series of books. One of his books, the foreword was written by Einstein, but this dude is like a pseudo scientist. Okay, but somehow, I don't know must have paid him really well, I guess, and got a foreword from Einstein. And so people will look at that and they're like, his source material is supported by Einstein which is a massive jump pretty big jump. Sure. And it's also it's not even his source material. It's just a guy that he throws his name into his book to make it seem like there's more validity he never cites a single thing there's not a work cited page. Unknown Speaker Yeah. That's like Obama used to tell me Unknown Speaker we were friends. Yeah, still are. Unknown Speaker He's had to make a change. You got to make some stuff up. And I was like, why does it sound ethical? Instead to make a change? You got to double down on it double down you know, Unknown Speaker that's what he's known for. Unknown Speaker I hope he writes the foreword to my book so what if I got him to be crazy? Unknown Speaker I was like wow, he wasn't lying about the fact that he was President Obama Unknown Speaker by name Unknown Speaker is that can you Is that legal? Unknown Speaker My my my alias by writer name was Barack Obama. Can you do that? How famous Unknown Speaker doesn't name have to be for you to not be able to do that? Unknown Speaker I don't know Jhansi Obama Unknown Speaker because I feel like like there's some people have the same name. Like can you just find another guy some people have the same name. Can you just find like Barack Obama who's like a grocery store owner in Ohio Unknown Speaker he there's other Brock's Sure. There's Unknown Speaker other Brock's, like there's other days, it's other people have the same name. So you just find another one. Unknown Speaker Jack? Jared Meyers and I paid that guy $75 For at Jared Meyers on tick tock. And then he was like, I have figured out how to give it to you. And I was like, he was basically like tick tock won't let me change the email and all this stuff. And they were and they were and then I had a video blow up so I couldn't take it anyway, so I was just Jeremiah's comedy on tick tock. Go follow that guy. He doesn't post since 2019. And his videos are like, musically. Unknown Speaker Nice. Like the old tick tock. Yeah. He thinks you have his tick tock. That's why he hasn't posted. He's like yeah, I get my tick tock Unknown Speaker follow each other on Instagram we keep up hanging out sometimes. Unknown Speaker Have you read the foreword to your book Unknown Speaker that's kind of funny by Jeremiah opens with Unknown Speaker with Jared Tiktok in 2019 for my handle, I never expected to be writing his foreword to his book. Unknown Speaker But I fully endorse everything in this book. Unknown Speaker And everybody will just think that you just wrote it. Because you Yeah. Unknown Speaker I guess I could write it from his perspective. Yeah. And it would still take like a written Unknown Speaker book, Jaron Meyers foreword by Paul Rudd, the Unknown Speaker very very small print you put at Gmail that guy at Gmail, still you still me legally Unknown Speaker sounds like it's part of the Legally Blonde franchise. Anyway, legally still me. Anyway. Unknown Speaker Another side of this is your there are these cosmic magnetic fields? Okay, the planets are riding on as the planets are magnet white writers. And this is a weird part that I'm going to be honest, I don't fully understand. But I guess there's magnitudes coming from the sun Unknown Speaker through it, but for the listener, he said magnet juice coming from the sun. Yeah. So is the moon halfway to Mars? That's not good scale. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that scales way off. That scale is way off. It's You're right. It's also missing a couple planets are one of them. It's fallen into that sits up there falling right on and so Unknown Speaker Moon juice, not Moon juice, Sun juice, magnet. Magnet juice. Yeah. Unknown Speaker And here's the here's the thing, our magnetic poles save us from solar flares. Because it creates this magnetic field around us. If the poles shifted, in theory for a while, they would be weaker. And we will get solar flare up for a while. That's bad, because then we can't have iPhones. Okay, but it messes with the MS was a lot It ruins the environment. And yeah, would make earth a pretty inhospitable place for sure. Not in hospital. But it's like, like a one star hotel like a place you don't want to stay Unknown Speaker sure, like a place where you go into the hotel room and the door handle falls off Unknown Speaker a place when you get there and you're like, I'm gonna book a different room Unknown Speaker or place where you get there. By the way, the Wi Fi is 1495 You're like this, the shower, take coins, a place when Unknown Speaker you get there. And they're like, by the way, stay off the third floor ghost. Unknown Speaker Pushing, you get there and they go. You can have the couch because he's past his house. By the way, I forgot to tell you that my wife had a baby four months ago, there were that Unknown Speaker a place where you get there. And they say, Yeah, this will really help you get towards your goals. You need to pay me $3,000 a month for it. And that's a pleasure. And I will take care of everything for you. So feel free to hit me if you want on a place where you Unknown Speaker get there. And they go we don't really have a room for you to sleep in or a bed or anything but we put a small mattress and sleeping bag in front of my grandma's house downstairs. Just on the floor right there by your by their grandma's door Unknown Speaker a place where you show up and they say there's no more room in the end. But there's a cave where we keep all of our animals and your ninja. Yeah, yeah, they actually do have a sign on the wall for birthing practices in there. Because it happens a lot. Unknown Speaker Yeah, off the road. See the birth barn of Jesus? Yeah, Unknown Speaker it's free to give birth there if your baby's got Unknown Speaker and that's the medical system or nutshell. Is that health care in a nutshell? It's free of your baby's God Unknown Speaker Wow. So we could all die one day, not us. We'll be good. Well, no, Unknown Speaker here's the exciting thing about this. So he's scheduled it out. Unknown Speaker Great day did he say Unknown Speaker 2003? And that didn't happen. Obviously we're still here in less like Unknown Speaker less Something that could happen before then that stops it, you know? Yeah, there was like if there was a there was a big events that stopped. You know, like if y2k had actually happened. Yeah. They're big events and it like stopped the whole shopped. Yeah, yeah. whole shift. Yeah. Unknown Speaker And so when it didn't happen in 2003, one of his supporters came out and was like, he meant 2012. Oh, is it? Remember? Unknown Speaker December 12? Or December 21 2012. Yeah, Unknown Speaker that was tied to the bank calendar thing. And that's why it's supportive picked that day. They're like, Oh, they knew to because it is new. The Mayans got flooded. Sure, on the pole shift. And then afterwards, they were like, Guys, look at Unknown Speaker the great hoody cackle. That's what my English teacher called it. We had a hoody cackle party that night actually, what are you saying like Hootie the Blowfish? You cackle? Unknown Speaker The December 21 2012. Yep. You call it the hoody cackle. Unknown Speaker We call it the great hoody cackle in high school we were I graduate I graduated Unknown Speaker and you got invited to a high your high school teachers pardon English teacher Unknown Speaker for the gifted kids, that was us. That was sorry us. A big what big head you better to think with the viewers know what I'm talking about. Think with your eyes wide open. No, there was a it was the great hoody cackle party. Unknown Speaker Why did you get invited to this? Unknown Speaker Because all of my whole high school career she had a big countdown. Unknown Speaker She loves me and she invited all the alumni. Yeah, that's sounds like a boundary crossing. That sounds weird to me. Okay. It was it was a good party Unknown Speaker with a drink this weird. Like, it didn't taste good. I don't remember what happened after Unknown Speaker I woke up and it was really snowy and are Unknown Speaker up and I forgot. Unknown Speaker I woke up and I was a gifted Unknown Speaker we had a hoody cackle party anyway. Yeah. So she had a big count on the board. That was the it was the big. Yeah. And my whole senior year. It was like days Jody cackle. She had thought that we did. Unknown Speaker So yeah. So 2012. That was supposed to happen. Didn't it? 2016 happened. But that didn't happen. Alleged. And then it went to 2016 2016 was a date didn't happen. Unknown Speaker Now, what was the date in 2016? This Unknown Speaker was I don't know what the date was that a specific date. Now it's a sometime in the 2020s. Didn't even pick on shirts Unknown Speaker like it's coming this week? Oh, yeah. Unknown Speaker And they keep pointing to, like, natural disasters and global like effects of global warming. And the fact that the poles are shifting and they're shifting faster over time. That is, that's a sign that it's coming like it's going to happen. For this most recent version of it is the post 2016 era where it's like it's happening. The 2020s has really picked up the like steam with the theorists for it. And they are really, really like, watch out. You're gonna You're gonna love Unknown Speaker like a big window. You know, because it makes it it makes it a little less culty Unknown Speaker Yeah, and it makes it a little bit less like you're gonna be wrong. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Much bigger Chase less risky. Unknown Speaker That's true. That's true. Unknown Speaker What's the DraftKings over under on a right now? Unknown Speaker I don't know if there'll be no put some Unknown Speaker money down on a happening I mean it's a lose lose. Right so yeah, yeah, yeah. So I mean if if the whole world turned sideways, literally walk get some profit off. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you might as well hedge your bets. Here's what's here's, here's the thing though. Okay. This is bringing it back in. Here's the thing. This got classified by the government and then declassified in 2013. You might notice that after two and also after 2012 Unknown Speaker Where you they were like let's just make sure Unknown Speaker let's just all out and see what Unknown Speaker you think. The CIA, the Culinary Institute of America was just sitting in their office one day, just food, food, colon, colons, whatever, spices colon, they call their final colonoscopy. Unknown Speaker And then they're like, Hey, you gotta read that new book. What was that? We'll shoot you on the spot. Unknown Speaker Here's the thing. Is book got classified? And that did happen. Sure. But it never got taken out of circulation. Okay, so it was still for sale, you can still get it anywhere. And it was still available. Great. What was classified? Was what we're pretty sure was his personal copy of it. And it was classified during what appears to be his contract work with the government. Unknown Speaker Oh, yeah. He probably wrote notes probably just took notes on what he was doing. Unknown Speaker That's what it seems like might be and they were like, because there's a handful of other things that are classified related to him. So the leading theories are what you said he was taking notes on his work in this book, and they were like, Okay, we're gonna need that. Unknown Speaker He's my work and here's the thing. Just Just look, good marketer, you know, a pentagon plumber. Now he was Pentagon sandwich artists. He worked at the subway inside the Pentagon. And he was taking notes on everyone's orders. And he's like, he's the other gentleman his orders a meatballs. No meatballs, Unknown Speaker and they're like, we can't let the public know Unknown Speaker it's, it's he ordered a single meatball on the footlong sub makes its you know, footlong sub comes with eight meatballs. He was ready to cut one meatball and tiny slices. They put that across the whole thing. Yeah, no marinara. Meals are healthy. And marinara. Oh, I gotta go to the freezer. Saw a whole extra thing of meatballs. Just to get this guy. His marinara list. Me. We call him meat around the frickin pentagon. Every time I wrote that down. It's a really complicated order. I needed somewhere to write it down to remember all I had was my copy of time with the wind. And I wrote down Oh, meatball math is and then Unknown Speaker like suits showed up. And they're like we need your book. Unknown Speaker And buy suits. I mean, chefs, chefs in the Culinary Institute, because it's meatballs. And they This is so dumb. Unknown Speaker It was the actual Unknown Speaker bro if boy rd shows up your boy are done. Unknown Speaker So the book theories of why this never of what happened? Yeah, he was taking notes. Or he wrote on someone's phone or he was working on this project. Yeah. And there was another agent, like he was kind of an eccentric guy. They found out about his books and stuff. And there was another agent who was assigned, hey, keep tabs on that dude. They're like, we need to, you know, maybe we should have thought this through before we had this guy. And then there was a stack of like his documents that got classified. So when you Unknown Speaker hire a math tutor or hire a math tutor. He goes over to your house to tutor your kids or whatever. Yeah, he goes, Hello, fellow patriots. And you're like, I don't know why you said that. Unknown Speaker You may learn about cards. Unknown Speaker All right. Let's just figure out something else here. Yikes. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so anyways, I was just sitting here thinking about how cool that is. Unknown Speaker Thanks so much. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so you might have heard about polar shift on the internet. Sure. It's a thing that's actually happening, but not what they're talking about. Okay. Maybe in I don't know. 200 years we might be in a situation where Hawaii is the North Pole but you've probably heard about these this pole shift conspiracy on the internet. That's what they Unknown Speaker call Santas. shift at the Bass Pro. Bowls shift. Unknown Speaker So, yeah, but it's there's not that's Unknown Speaker like a standard scheduler for the malls. It's something where he's so it doesn't wait. When you push past it. It's something where Unknown Speaker if you took a snippet of his book, The right snippet, and read just that, you might be convinced that this guy knows what he's talking about. And it's legit and you should be sounds confident, he sounds confident. But if you spend just a little bit of time looking deeper, you realize, nah, that's That's dumb. And there's nothing to this Unknown Speaker like when you see a tick tock, so it makes a pretty decent point. And then you check out the rest of their page and you're like, Unknown Speaker huh, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So anyways, I think it's, it's stuff that leads there's stuff like this that leads to that guy in the airport, actually, that that video you showed a video that guy Unknown Speaker is screaming Yeah, stuff from the airport, but Unknown Speaker on his own sunglasses. Yeah. Yeah, I think it's stuff like that. Where the the you read Half Baked ideas that sound confident. But are they're just small snippets of it? Surely you don't go verify. And then you just pile that stuff up on top of and Unknown Speaker that's all what social media is. falling over. I saw that happen once because you so if you just go, Unknown Speaker oh, I'll just drift with it. This is bullshit. Everything Unknown Speaker you're doing is so not correct me. Yeah, I mean, like, yeah, it's if you've read one thing out of context with nothing else Sure. Sounds like pretty good idea. Yeah. But like if I read a tweet that said, you know, Christian shouldn't be landlord. So I'm like, Okay, well, that's interesting. You know, but I read further into it, and I go, No, no, yeah, capitalism is keys right? To Life of markets. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Is there anything else? Unknown Speaker No, I think we can fiddle it off. Okay, it's fine. Unknown Speaker How's it okay episode? Unknown Speaker Yeah, I I need to be honest with you. I believe Unknown Speaker now, you've heard a lot of Unknown Speaker things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taillon podcast is t i l l n podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us. And we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by https://otter.ai


The Pole Shift theory hypothesizes that the Earth’s axis of rotation has undergone a dramatic shift in the past, leading to significant geological and climate changes. The idea was popularized by the book “The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms” by Chan Thomas, a former military intelligence officer in the United States Army. The book suggests that a Pole Shift occurred around 9,000 years ago, and it caused the destruction of an advanced civilization that existed at the time. This theory has been debated by scientists and skeptics alike, but it remains a fascinating topic for those interested in the history of our planet. In this blog post, we will explore the Pole Shift theory from Chan Thomas and examine the evidence for and against it.

What is the Pole Shift theory?

The Pole Shift theory proposes that the Earth’s poles have shifted at least four times in the past, causing massive geological and climate changes. According to Chan Thomas, these Pole Shifts have occurred in cycles of approximately 6,500 years, resulting from a gravitational interaction between the Earth and an unknown celestial object. The theory suggests that when this object comes close to the Earth, it causes a shift in the Earth’s rotation axis, leading to catastrophic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

The theory gained widespread attention when Chan Thomas published his book “The Adam and Eve Story” in the 1960s. The book claims that a Pole Shift occurred around 9,000 years ago, destroying an advanced civilization that existed at the time. This civilization was supposedly more advanced than any in our current era, and its people had knowledge and technology that we have yet to discover.

Evidence for the Pole Shift theory

There is some evidence to support the Pole Shift theory, although it is not conclusive. One piece of evidence is the existence of ancient maps that seem to depict Antarctica before it was covered in ice. These maps suggest that Antarctica was once in a different location, which would be consistent with a Pole Shift. Additionally, geological formations offer sudden and catastrophic events that occurred in the past, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs. Again, these events could be explained by a Pole Shift.

Another piece of evidence comes from ice cores drilled in Antarctica. These ice cores contain a record of the Earth’s climate over the past 800,000 years, and they show that there have been abrupt changes in climate in the past. A Pole Shift could cause these changes, as a shift in the Earth’s axis would affect the distribution of sunlight and heat on the planet.

Finally, ancient myths and legends from around the world describe catastrophic events such as floods and earthquakes. These stories could be interpreted as evidence of a Pole Shift, as they describe events consistent with the theory.

Evidence against the Pole Shift theory

Despite the evidence in support of the Pole Shift theory, there are also many reasons to be skeptical of it. One of the main criticisms of the idea is that there is no known mechanism for a Pole Shift. While there are gravitational forces at work in the solar system, there is no evidence of an object large enough to cause a Pole Shift.

Additionally, no evidence exists of an advanced civilization 9,000 years ago. While some ancient societies were highly advanced for their time, there is no evidence to suggest that they possessed technology and knowledge beyond what we have today.

Finally, the theory is not supported by mainstream science. While some scientists are open to the possibility of a Pole Shift, most experts in the field believe that the available evidence does not support the theory.


The Pole Shift theory is a fascinating hypothesis that suggests

the Earth’s poles have shifted at least four times in the past, causing significant geological and climate changes. While some evidence supports the theory, such as ancient maps and geological formations, there are also many reasons to be skeptical of it. One of the main criticisms is the lack of a known mechanism for a Pole Shift to occur and the absence of evidence for an advanced civilization that existed 9,000 years ago.

Despite these criticisms, the Pole Shift theory remains an exciting and thought-provoking topic for many. It raises questions about the history of our planet and the possibility of catastrophic events occurring in the future. While mainstream science may not support the theory, it is still worth exploring and considering.

In conclusion, the Pole Shift theory from Chan Thomas is a fascinating but controversial hypothesis about the Earth’s history. While it may never be proven, it still captures the imagination of those interested in the mysteries of our planet. Whether you believe in the theory or not, it is crucial to approach it with an open mind and consider all the available evidence before concluding.

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Pole Shift – Wikipedia

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