Rendlesham Forest Incident – The Best Documented UFO Sighting In History


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anyways a man. Have you ever heard of the randel sham forest, the Randall Sham, Randall Rendel Sham forest, rindle Sham, rendel sham forest, Randall Shack, Rindell Sham forest, different words, right? Randell Sham, Randall Sham is one word, one single word. Randall Sham forest forests ever word, another word. Okay, Um, yeah, so I thought you were saying a sham forest, like a fake one. This forest is so the Rendall Sham is. What is this? It's a forest in Suffolk. Uh UK, England. Um, it is, uh, I don't know. I don't know a lot about this. Great I appreciate your honesty. Yeah, but I wasn't hot enough to use dating APPS like this. If I got swiped on, I had to allies on it. Yeah, I would immediately get cut open on a table. And are for sure? I mean I would cut them open on a table at the golden corral. One of my fears is that I'll be the one of us that encounters an alien. Oh, I'm sorry, you're not a homeowner. Things I learned last night. What I'm interested in talking to you about is in the Ryndelstam forest there are these two military bases, Um, and they they're they're owned by the UK. Um. But after World War Two, during the UH, what do you call it? The Cold War? Okay, during the Cold War, everybody was like really worried about, you know, nukes and the Russians and stuff. Uh. And so the UK, and I'm already interested in the history of all of this, Um, because I don't know, I'm I'm interested in how this played out because the UK invited America to come and use the two military basis they had here, um called, uh, Woodbridge, Um and bent water. I think Woodbridge and bent water. Um. And they said, hey, why don't you guys hang out here and UH and some hang out here, you hang out here and if Russia seems like they're getting a little Nuki, what if you knew them first? That's I think that was the idea, because at the time England did not have they weren't there, and so they were like we got our friends who are a little bit bigger than us. Well, let him hang out in our military base and get those big necks from the US. I heard they put chains on their head. Uh. And so they were hanging out there. Um. And I'm this is a total sidebar, but I'm curious if this is where, Um, the whole the United States having bass is everywhere started, because no other country does that. Yeah, that's the imperialism. Well, I'm curious if this is how that began, though, because, like, because, because that's a really strange thing to just go to another country and be like hey, what if we put an Air Force space? Like if you're the ones, yeah, but like if the people with nukes show up at your door and they're like this is what if we had a room in this house, you'd be like, yeah, Yep, you can have two rooms and you want and big water. If my neighbors came over and the threatening thing about them was they have nukes, then I want to be very threatened because if they use it, they're dead too. We're next door neighbors, but that's well, no, I'm in like, okay, so what if I came to your house forty minutes away? All right, that's what outside the nuke zone? Yeah, actually, yeah, I'd be worried. I'd be worried two bedrooms in your house. I need two bedrooms in your house, and I said no, not that one. There's a creepy girl all down there. All Right, I've been trying to convince him his house is haunted. Yeah, every time he leaves he will turn down to my stairs, my basement stairs, and say bye because she's there. Like I've got to believe him, like I'm here more than you are. I've never seen the girl. Okay, Oh, yeah, we did try to do this thing today. Okay, so there's a new girl that works downstairs and yesterday I walked in, she's in the break room and I was like, we had a full conversation and then I came up here and I said, Hey, who's that girl downstairs? I don't know who that is. Uh. And then Tim walked in today and he was like Hey, I don't know who that girl is either, and I was like perfect, I got a plan. Yeah, so I went back downstairs because she was still in the break room. Still she doesn't and she was in the break room again. I was getting water. Struck up a conversation and I told Tim to come in and then I was like all right, Tim, you come in and be like who are you talking to? Let's pretend that only one of us can see her. This is gonna be so funny. And then I was gonna be like, can you talk to you? Is gonna be like, Oh, this is, I don't know, whatever her name was, la, and then and then introduced me to her. I don't like. There's there's no one there, which is hilarious. It's so funny that you couldn't do it. It's so funny. I broke. I broke. I literally turned to him and I said, and then started laughing, which to her, let's just down there and you go. You Go, bitched over, right, and then I got to look back and be like I spilled the water. I was filling up all over myself. Walked out of the room. Yeah, and I said, you see him too, right. I said, do you see that guy? You see that guy? Is he a real or is that just me? I could have savaged it, dad, come and I should have thought about no, we decided anybody knew in our building, we're going to pretend that only one of us can see her or him or whoever they are, which is apparently what Tim is doing to me with that girl on his basement. I knew you can see her. So anyways, uh, so the US start. They they started just hanging out at Woodbridge and bent waters Um, which to me feels backwards. I feel like it should be like, uh, I don't know, Wood Bridt bent would water bridge makes more than Wood Bridge bent waters. Anyways, a sidebar. This whole episode has been a Sidebar so far. Great, uh so. anyways, renders from forest uh is a significant place because on December um there was a group of servicemen that were on Um Guard, as you do at military bases Um, and they witnessed what they thought was a plane crash, and so they asked permission to go inspect. And here's the thing, Gosh, I hate that you like my face did not even hide that either, dad Um. You saw it your head. You saw my face go go all right, about jared, I know, I know he is the best part about this is, as happens with all of our earlien episodes, for whatever reason, people are gonna find this and we have spent fourteen minutes every time. was just thinking that. I just my brain immediately went to the youtube comments. Holy Cal there's gonna be so many comments that are like, I gave up with too much giggling. Oh my gosh, I gave up in the story about not being able to see that girl. UH, okay, well, I mean, Dang it, man. All right, so here's what happened. Uh, they saw what they thought was a plane crash, right, and so they asked for permission to go investigate because obviously, like, you see a plane crash, like you gotta go help some people, right. Um, that plane just got struck by lightning and I just saw someone falling feet from the sky. Um, and so they asked for permission to go check it out. Here's the problem. They are, uh, to use the same example that we just painted. If you, with your nukes, were living in two bedrooms of my house, you do not have jurisdiction elsewhere, just in those two bedrooms. So even if you witnessed a plane crash in the living room, it's not your job. Yeah, all you can do is be like, Hey, someone clean that up. Hey, by the way, I don't know if you guys heard, that's a plane crash in the living room. I can't do anything about it, though. I don't, can't get past this baby gate. Um. And so they had to go up. Like, is that what you tell your wife whenever she's like, would you please pick up after yourself or over here and you're like, that's not my jurisdiction, I don't have jurisdiction over that area. You want something done in the backyard or the garage or my office, that's my jurisdiction, but downstairs that belongs to her. This is your jurisdiction. No, the girl, that's the ghosts. That's the ghost jurisdiction. Um, next time a B may is out trying to fix something in my basement. A B May, Oh, I'm sorry, you're not a homeowner. That was the girl's name. I thought you went from pretending that ghosts didn't exist to referencing or I didn't know. Yeah, the next time out is a company that like. They do home warranties and they fixed like your water heater. You know about that. Yeah, whatever, anyways. Uh, so the they needed, they needed to go out there, but they weren't supposed to write. It's yet there. It's not to understand the analogy. Um. And so, uh, luckily the commanding officer at the time was just like yeah, go ahead, and so they went. And so they went out there, drove out into the forest, uh, to check it out. Let's see what happened, and they saw this kind of light illuminating from within the forest and as they got closer they were expecting to find a fire, a fire, it's a down crash that they expected. Well, that's not what they found. Uh. Tell me what they found, Tim Uh. They found a craft. Um. It was a kind of craft, back and cheese necklace. Triangular craft was stilts at each of the points that it had landed on on these stilts, Um, and it had almost like a UH. It was described as looking as if it was like black glass. The whole thing was black glass. Um, and it was. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't smaller. I mean it was probably smaller than an F eighteen, but bigger than a Prius, you know, you know the typical things people used, the size objects. It's probably smaller than a ten, bigger than a Prius, somewhere around uh, for an expedition. Sure now you're checking. Um, this is decently large. Um. What was interesting is as they got closer to this thing, Um, uh, there was some interesting Um things that they were noting the trees around them. Did they say it was? I don't know, I don't I don't remember ever seeing a record of how hall it was. Um, yeah, I don't, I don't. I don't know that. Um, but they noted that the trees around it seemed to have been affected by its landing, like they were like scuffed or something, you know. And Uh, what's phenomenal about this is there was a group of three soldiers, sergeant and two lower ranking officers, that went out to investigate this. And the sergeant said, I'm going to try to get closer, get closer. Look, you guys, hang back here. I'M gonna try to get closer and he described us. As he tried to get closer, he described that Um, uh, he started feeling really wonky. He said he almost had like it almost felt kind of like Vertigo E or or like walking, felt like he was walking underwater. Um, and so it's really strange feelings, almost some sort of field, if you will. Um. Yeah, or like he was after Christmas. Yeah, December, twenty six day after Um, and so it's just as likely, but go ahead. So, as he uh, gets closer, he said there came a point where he got pretty much right up on this object and all of a sudden that effect just dissipated and and then he said things got really eerily quiet. Once he got closer to it and he was able to actually reach out and touch it and he felt this thing and he walked around the back of it Um and was just kind of examining it and he said it was really strange because, he said it it did. It look like black glass, but it was like, when you felt it, it felt like metal, but there was no rivets, there was no like weld points or anything that showed that it was like construct together. It was almost like it was three D printed. He didn't have the words for that. I just thought of that. Good example. Great job, Tim Uh, the counseling's working man. Look at you affirming yourself. He went around the back and on the back there was this uh, there was a what do you call it? A inscription, if you will. He's telling me these aliens got bomber stickers. There was an inscription and it said follow Jesus this close. You were going, yeah, my son's an eagle scout or whatever. So the inscription. Yeah, so there's an inscription on the back of it and he described it as being almost like, uh, it was like a pictographed like like like hieroglyphics, and so there's like shapes and triangles, like this is a spaceship that has n't has hard and he said it was etched and he said was really interesting because, like you, you felt the whole craft and it was smooth, super smooth metal, like glass. But then when you got over that part, he said, it felt like sandpaper. Um, and it was like etched in, like they actually scratched out these symbols. Um. And so he felt used to those symbols. Um. And then, uh, he kind of took a step back and turned back to talk to his team and this thing takes off and zooms out between the trees, uh, and then just kind of takes off into the sky. Um, and then left him there. Yeah, I just ditched. Uh. And they went back to base and told everyone the story of what they witnessed and everybody made fun of him. They said, Y'all are stupid as that. There's there. Remember, they're in their own room. Nobody else is there. So one of the other Americans on this was like stupid Americans, stupid Americans, like you're one of us, not tonight, I'm not, not when you say stuff like that, um. And so have you told anyone else about this? Yeah, let's keep this between us. Yes, the secret. So they didn't file a report on this. After this event, the rumors were getting around. Everybody was kind of joking about this UFO. That was seen right. Um. Well, a couple of days later, on December twenty, they're having their Christmas party and they invited the UK's over, is that? They invited the UK's? Yeah, they said, Hey, big Christmas party, U K is welcome. Hey, I don't know about everybody else, but as far as I go, U K is okay. You know, that is so dumb. Uh. They were like you can come to our party. So that yeah, they invited them. Where they threw their party? They were giving out there, there, handing out there year in England, in the UK, I think. So when is their New Year? I think it's the same January one. I hope you can hear me typing the you can't, okay. So it was a summer twenty eight thing. Through this big party, everybody was welcome, all the UK's, all the Americans, none of the Irish. And what they did, uh, and it was like it was like the there's the big year in Party and they were giving out awards to everybody. It was like why did you give me Alex both? I don't know what we're laughing at. I'm glad you're going to trying to say year in. He said there's the big year in Party. You're in, and I looked like did I? Alex's face was like yeah, he said you're in the believe it in. That's funny. That's really funny. All right. Well, so there's the big year in and what they're doing? They're doing their little superlatives, like their local general is like best improved. Yeah, Best Army, biggest idiot, that guy who said they're UFO. What? Yeah, and so he's given out all these superlatives, right, and the second command, the Lieutenant Colonel Charles Holt, was in there, you know, basically first command, because the other guy was occupied giving out the awards. That's how it works. Yeah, Oh, the president's giving out awards right now. So I am president. Yeah, anytime like a president is like reading the children or something. Vice President sitting in the corner, like this is my time. He just over there, like if you knew anything to talk to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, president, thank you. Yeah, this is yeah, this is me. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like our show. Make sure to leave a podcast review in whatever platform you use or, if you're on Youtube, drop a comment. Uh, if you want to listen to another episode. My favorite right now is Jose Canseco. Uh. It's this guy in the MLB who really brought steroids mainstream for the sport and did a lot of other just absolutely insane stuff. And there might be a little bit of aliens in it. So check that episode out. It's one of my favorites, but thanks for being here. So, uh, the UH Lieutenant Colonel Charles Hall is uh, it's the acting commander right. Uh. And UH, one of the people, because obviously how many people had seen the aircraft? Three people. Well, there's three people who saw it, and then there was their commanding officer. That was like their basic aison. He didn't see it, but he was on radio with them. There's one guy who touched it. One Guy who touched it, she was standing looking at it. That actually saw it as well. Yeah, and then one that was talking to the monsh though I don't know if he saw the plane crash, Um, but he directed them as they yeah, Um, and so, uh, the way this party worked is obviously everybody there's the group that was partying, and then there was the group, the have nots, that lost the away competition, and they to keep watch over the base. Thank you for a big brother reference. I like that. And so they had to watch over the base while everybody else got the party. Uh. And one of them comes in and he's like Hey, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt Um, talked to each other. He's a Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt Uh. That thing is back, the UFO thing. Uh. And he was like, okay, I'm gonna put this to rest. He's like, he's like this this is the guy who had not seen it. Yeah, he hadn't seen it. He's the second in command over the whole base. Um. And he is a like he was pretty yeah, sick of this. I'm tired of you kids and your Ufos and your punk rock and your hair. Uh. He said, we're shaving your head and I'm proving the aliens don't exist. And so he gets a little group together and they grab a camera, a tape recorder, a Geiger counter Um and a star scope Um, because he was like, I'm going out there and I'm getting in a logical explanation for what we're seeing right now. It was his his plan, Um, and he bought the tape recorder too, because he was one of those guys who just tape recorded everything he did. Um, and so he was the guy where you go like out to dinner and he pulled his tape recorder and be like like whisper something in his tape recorder during the meal and then slide that back in his coat pocket. That was, you know, Golly, I wish I was hotter because I would have what. I wish I was hotter because I would have used tinder to do weird stuff like that, like that, like on a first date, just pull out to and just be like, Um, we're at a Sushi restaurant and she asked for water but didn't get a little bit. Uh. Date is going well. We're at hours, but first initial flags are she she eats weird her lips quiver in a strange fashion while she choose, and I don't really like that. So note that for date two subjects has gone to the band. Subject has gone to the bathroom three times, just calling her subject the whole it was so funny I couldn't get it out, just like our joke earlier subject it. Just call her subject the whole time. That's what I'm saying. I would have done weird stuff like that, like like get her to talk about something deeply, but I wasn't hot enough to use dating apps like this. If I got swiped on, I had to capitalize on it. You know, you couldn't bring a tape recorder. You did, but you had to hold it. Yeah, that was under the table tape record. I'm you know. And what level of hot do you gotta be to bring that above the you know, just be like all right here above the table hot? I'm yeah, I don't think anyway. So I'm gonna, I'M gonna catch these aliens red handed. Improved that. It was just lightning. Um. Uh. And so they go out there and, UH, they're on patrol, walking around. He's got a camera, like an eye can, like the eyeball camera, visual camera. This is the brand new eyeball. Came right and it's literally just stop. My brain couldn't do. But he does have a camera. Yeah, it's a camera, not a CAM quarter camera. He's gonna Take Yeah. So, uh, there wasn't like those home cam quarters. I mean there was, but they were cumbersome. And the military wasn't about them? I don't know, I'm not sure. anyways, so he goes, they're out on patrol. He's got a little little group with him, a handful of people, of other officers, and none of these people in this group saw the first incident. No, this isn't a totally different group of I mean none of nobody in any groups saw anything, but we'll go ahead. So they they go out and they're searching. They're not finding anything. So they decided to go back to the site of the original landing, the landing site, and so in the in the tape recording, this has been the tape recording has since been, uh, declassified freedom of Information Act, so you can listen to the whole thing, uh, and in you hear him as they go to a landing site. He kind of makes fun of it. He's like, okay, we're going to head over to the landing site. Um. And so they go and they get this is my fear, though. One of my fears is that I'll be the one of us that encounters an alien, one like you and me, and then I'll come and try to tell you about it and then you'll be skeptical you know. So they go to the landing site, Um, and when they get there, uh, they were surprised to find that there were in fact some markings on the trees and so they tested them and there was uh like a heat signature on the trees on like the thermal camera that they that they brought to test it, as if it had been warm recently. But only in that spot where there were the abrasions of Um. In that landing site there was the three Uh indentations on the ground from where those, uh, the landing spikes or whatever you would call them, were supposedly landed. And this was significant because, um one it was very clearly in the shape of a triangle, just as they described. So they were right where you would expect them to be based on the description. They were about the size of a Ford Explorer, Um. And so its it matched what they described. But even more significant than at uh, this is December in England, and so the ground was hard and so this isn't the sort of thing where, like, tree brands could fall and indent Um. This was something where it had a deliberately like with a decent bit of weight, indent to push that down. And so they took photos of that. They turned on some flashlights to photos and they got photos of each of those indentations, the damages on the trees, and they were there, um, using all of the tools that they brought to gather readings of this landing site, on the trees, the indentations, the quote unquote, actual landing site. Another significant thing is they gathered Um, they got the Geiger counter, uh, and they noted above level, above normal levels of radiation at the landing site, but not anywhere outside the landing site. Um, it wasn't dangerous levels. It was just above normal background radiation levels and a significant piece on this sidebar Um, even though it wasn't technically a Um dangerous level of radiation. A couple of the people who had witnessed this event Um had developed cancers later in life and one of them specifically Um Approach The v a looking for Um medical assistance for injuries sustained while in service due to this event. Um for that and I went to the V a. It was like Hey, aliens radio. The V A was like over those benefits and the V A was like, we have a form for this. You'RE gonna want to film that. Fill out form three, a guarantee. They have that. The A is for alien. Would we all put that together? No, and what happened was he went through the process and he actually ended up getting medical assistance for that. And the documentation, Um says. The documentation says, uh, medical benefits for h exposure to ufo levels of radiation. Just saying so, at least the government, at least they're acknowledged. You got radiated by a UFO. Whether that's an alien ufo, I don't know, but you got radiated by that UFO. So here's some money. Radiated as a verb. Oh yeah, Bro, you got radiated. So anyways, so that's an interesting little subject. Subjects. So signs of being radiated by aliens. Okay, I think we're done here. Okay. So, UM, so they're examining this site right, yes, as they have been for the past five minutes of your story. Yes, and they're looking at the Indians, they're looking at the trees. Yeah, they're gathering data, real data. Said this four times. And so then, as they're doing this, uh, one of them says hey, do you guys see that? And there's a light in the sky and it's flickering. It's flashes. Do you guys see that? Do you guys? No, we don't see that. It's just you. Who are you talking to? Bro? It's just you here. You're here alone in the forest. There's no base. Subject is alone in the woods. So, uh, they don't start describing this flickering light in the distance, Um. And they're recording this all on their audio recording and you can see, you can hear the tone uh start to shift a little as they are watching this, uh, this flashing light in the distance and uh, they start saying like, oh, the animals in one of the neighboring farms are losing it. They said, they're all going crazy, they're making a lot of noise. And then you hear him say, like there's there's something splitting off from it. There are like objects or metal or something splitting off from, Um, uh, the light. And he says it's it's orange, it's green. It's like flickering between a couple of colors. And they said, Oh, it's definitely heading towards us. And so he says, let's get the star scope out, let's measure the distance a star scope. It's like a little it's like binoculars, but it's just one. It's telescope. Uh Uh. Star scope is that thing you have with a kid where you put it up to your eye and you twist it and it's just like the glitter inside and it just goes back and forth. It's like, let's check that thing. I swear there's one person in the woods with a tape recorder and a kaleidoscope and they're just like you're not gonna believe what I saw. You're right. So far nothing's compelling. It's binoculars, but without the first they're JUSTN ocular. So they're they're looking at then ocular and the thing about a star scope is star scopes they are designed to Um for sniper us, to judge the distance of something. Right. So it tells them how far something is from them. And so they used the star scope to identify, Oh hey, this thing is coming towards us, because they saw that that number too, can down as it was traveling towards them, and they noted that there was almost like there was this bright outer light and then there was an inner light that was dimmer than the outer light of this whatever this object was Um and as the signing goes on, they watch it come closer to them and get a lot closer to them. And then they said there was like a beam of light that came down from it. Um, and all this other stuff of it moving around whatever. Blah, blah, blah. It's just moving. They saw it for a while and they were amazed and Um, and then uh, and then it jets off really quickly and in his behold this night in Bethlen born, in the city of David. Have you done the have you done the play? Do you remember it? Okay, and yeah, we've all done that, right, the church play, when you have to someone says the whole speech. anyways. No, I was baby Jesus for that. Yeah, and they cast me his baby Jesus Thet Wow, yeah, you beat Jesus. Don't say anything. The more it picture, the worst it. Kids just wrapped in her cloth. The girl has to like wrap you. Thank you. Just live. I was the youngest kid in the church. There was no other options. What sucked, is it? There was a kid who was like four ft tall and he should have done it, but I was six three and I was like all right, all right, so Jesus. Actually, I'M gonna make that shirt Jesus. Yeah, okay. So he writes his report and he puts that report onto his superiors and in that report, Um, at that moment of this part of the siding where it left, he wrote speed impossible, because he said that that Um, there's nothing that he knows, that knows of that can go that fast. Um. And something significant about this is, uh, obviously these are military personnel and this lieutenant colonel is a high ranking military dude who's defenct and he went out there to prove this wrong. Um. And within this whole thing they got real data of radiation levels, heat signatures, distance, is photographs, the tape recording of the whole yeah, so it's one of the better documented events in the UFO phenomena world. UH, from some people who h or what you would call qualified observers. The first the first guy who saw it. He was actually the guy on base who would identify enemy crafts, craft crafts, enemy crafts. He'd say, yeah, that's uh, that uh, I got Min ocular. Some Getting Min ocular. I need to understand what that craft is. Oh, that's some clay. Hear Rings. Now. He was the guy wh would look up at this guy and see a plane from a distance and figure out what it was. Uh. And so he he knew what all kinds of planes look like just by looking at him. Go, keep going. Okay, so anyways, uh, what significant? Uh is what? I don't I keep waiting for you to finish sentences. I don't know, man, right. Is this significant that these are military people who would have known if it was something military related? Yes, yes, Um, ooka that we finished each other sentences. Are we soul mates? Yeah, if souls existed. So here's the deal. There's a couple of possibilities of what was going on here. Obviously, aliens is the most likely. Obus some skeptics have come forward with their interpretations of the possibility. Obviously you have the more famous, like ball lightnings or some sort of atmospheric phenomena that we don't understand yet. or like group, Um Hysteria, Um, they were in the woods, or just a general hoax. Um. But this group is less likely to make a get together and be like hey, let's make something up. That was one of the that was the game. That was the Christmas there like party game. They didn't invite us to the party. Let's make something up and make them feel like they missed something. Cool. Uh. And then Uh. But one of the more uh, Bona fide theories is that what they saw was there's a lighthouse at the other end of the forest. That you know how lighthouses work, like, Dude, this thing keeps shows up like every couple of seconds. Yeah, and it was. What they were seeing was that lighthouse in the distance. The issue with this is it doesn't explain the landing site stuff. Um. And also you would expect that these people are here every day. They wouldn't know that that lighthouse is there, UM, right. So you would expect that they would. Maybe it hadn't been run before. Oh, this was the first night that they turned it on. We built this whole lighthouse been standing here for a couple hundred years. Maybe we should turn that on, that lighthouse. Uh. The other thing is they captured it on that uh, the star Scipe, and they were capturing the distances of it. It was getting closer, Um, and so that's I don't know, that's the more accepted conclusion of what this is. Uh. You talked to any of the witnesses and all of them say, uh, no way, we knew that. Yeah, they're not super old. No, yeah, they're all still alive. Okay, they're AL still alive. Um, all of them. This was kind of a shaking event. Most of them didn't talk about it until after they retired. Um, with the question of the reports that they had to give of the incident. Um, they kind of didn't talk about it. And the reason why they talked, they say that, is because, I mean, this is the sort of thing that, yeah, people will think you're crazy and then you it's a career limiting move to and forward with something like this. And so, but now that they're all retired, they're coming forward and actually recounting their stories. Uh, Hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future, go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcasts, spotify, Youtube. You'll get an alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord, more access to us as creators. Uh, you can support this show on patreon. It helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six six eight. Six six thank you so much for being here. That's where things get weird is when you hear them talk about it now. Okay, because now it's almost like you compare what they say now with their reports and the reports are like they were sugarcoating it a little bit Um because they were like, we don't want to mess up our career and so I'm not going to tell the whole story here. And that's where it starts to it starts to hurt, I don't know if I would say the credibility. It hurts the credibility of what they're saying now because what they're saying now doesn't quite match that report. Um, the lieutenant colonel, for one. Um, he says there's not a possible world where that was a human built craft. It was very clearly intelligently piloted, because the way it was moving through the trees and the way it was interacting with us as if it knew we were there. It was very clearly clearly piloted by some sort of intelligence and it was significantly faster and quieter than anything we could build even today. And so he says there's not a doubt in my mind that it was of extraterrestrial origin. But he also thinks that someone broke into his house last year. A dresses grimace from McDonald's. What you know, the Purple Guy From McDonald's, grimace? Yeah, but why? What is it I'm thinking. I'm saying, like we can't tell what he said, because he also believes that Grimm is broke into his house. No, he doesn't. Just trying to be like yeah, you're like. Well, I mean now his story is a little different. It says there's no way that it couldn't be an alien, but he also believes some other crazy things. Well, his his side of it is he's just, he's and most of them are like yeah, there's no way it was human. The Guy who touched the craft, his story is the one where it's like, all right, what's can we believe you? is the thought. So here's here's what he says. Now. He says he went and he touched that craft and he says when he touched he went around, he touched the letters. He describes it, and I'M gonna be honest with you, this is the part where I'm like, uh, he touched the letters and he describes it as a download. He says I touched those letters and uh, from that point forward he was like, I saw binary, like binary code, and he went home and he at that night he drew in his notebook what he saw, like the craft and the etchings you were saying. He went home and he just wrote out the binary code that he was seeing and that's crazy. Well, then he did, he did, he did, yeah, yeah, and you're like look how, look, look how the Gossane I am, look how I'm completely. Well, here's the thing. He's never this is the only house, this is the only instance of anything like this he's ever done. And the government in their report they took the leaflets of his pictures and of the drawings he made, the symbols Um, and of all of the binary and that's included in that declassified report is the little leaflets that he drew Um and for whatever reason, I don't know if he forgot about it or he didn't know what he was writing or whatever, um, but he said that with the binary he said that he saw it until he finished writing it and then it just went away. He said, I had a piercing headache. I saw it until I finished writing it out and then once I finished writing it out, the headache went away. I stopped seeing it and he said I closed the book and I wanted to forget about it because I didn't want to lose my career. Uh. And so he never touched it. Thirty years later, after he retires, he's doing an interview and in the interview they asked to see that notebook because he still has it um. And so he's like yeah, sure, and so he shows them the drawings and the guy doing the interview was like, what the heck is that? Like Binary Code, like, what is that? Because he was just going to not acknowledge it. And he's like, Oh, yeah, that's the download. That's the download. So just just going to the bathroom three times. Commencing Download. I'm sorry, did you say commencing download? Uh, subject to hurt me, speaking too long, attempting to be more quiet. Yeah, attempting to delete memory. I can see the tape recorder having supported on the table. So subject doesn't see me. Subject has left. Uh. And so the guy doing the interview was like this is a significant part of the story. Yeah, well, I don't know why you weren't interested in this. Yeah, okay, and so well, he goes yeah, but if I told the government the aliens downloaded something, I would immediately lose my job. Yeah, I would immediately get cut open on a table, and for sure, I mean I would cut him open on a table at Golden Corral. Get up here, come here, a little binary guy. And so uh. So that interviewer in that whatever program that was on, like CBS or whatever. Um, it was like, yeah, we're gonna get this figured out. Can I like take a copy, some copies of that? And it's like sure, whatever. They sent it off to some computer programmer who translated it out, uh, and basically it was like thirty years for an advertisement. That's a good check. So the translation uh came through and it was uh like the one face you made. Go ahead, is earth exploration or exploration of humane of the UM UH starting date eighties, six ten uh, and then coordinates all over the world, um of a lot of places that didn't make a lot of sense, but of some places of either religious or like historic significance. So things like Um uh temples in Rome or the Pyramids at Giza or Um some of the pyramid at Memphis, Tennessee. Uh. So just historical and religiously significant locations throughout the world and then some other stuff that we didn't understand. Uh, and then like a mythical island that, uh, this the site of a mythical island that doesn't exist but according to like norse mythology, was like a very significant place. They call it the Nordic Atlantis, which we did an episode. Um, that could be related to that with the what was that? Remember? No, remember that. Uh, next to England and between Norwegia and England. There's that. What was that called? It had a really weird name. That continent that is underwater now. Um, what was that called? It was like a little and it had a really weird name and it was like super shallow water because there was another continent there like a long time ago, in the Ice Age. What are you talking about? Oh, man, no, no, it was older than that. Um, I don't think. Yeah, we did an episode of Dogger Land, Dogger Land, dog earland. Did we mention that in the Atlantis episode there? No, we had an episode about maybe maybe we mentioned it. Yeah, we made we made a joke about it being uh, dog to bounty hunters theme park. That's right, welcome to dog okay, anyways, that's not important. So there's alien code has GPS locations of a bunch of spots all over us. Theme Park. Yeah, yeah, where to find bounty, dog, bounty together everywhere. We've seen Dr so here's my problem with this. UH, binary is a human thing. Uh and sure, maybe, and sure, sure, aliens could come and learn it. They could watch US and learn binary. Sure, UM, why would they speak that? Yeah, and then this download thing. I don't know. Well, he is the only one with a different opinion than everybody else in that group. Everybody's like that was an alien space ship, and he's like, he was house, yeah, the lighthouse, and I got binary from stay away from him. The houses are weird, man. He he is convinced that it was humans that time traveled, and so he says. He says that must be the date when they started time traveling, and all these significant spots are the significant he's like, maybe that was their travel manifest in their time travel thing where they were going to Nordic Atlantis. It will be there when they go to that if it existed. And so he's convinced that it was us and that's why they used binary to download it. Interesting. I don't know. Is. He's the only one with the different shake. That whole storyline of the binary thing, though, was not originally part of the story. That's the part I don't believe. The rest of it, Um, I think it's it's it's documented Um by both the United States military and the UK military. Okay, uh. They have both since declassified their documents and they line up, they match uh, and they were witnessed by, Um, the high level military brass who understand what they're looking at and they could not explain it by any conventional understanding of any means. And what's what's also significant is when you look at both the reports from the United States and from the UK, they both in the reports talked about contacting the other nation to be like hey, were you testing something here? And they're like Oh no, you. Are you testing something here? Uh, and both of them were like no, this wasn't us. Uh. And as far as we know there's nothing that matches it, um in terms of like a technological advancement, since Um that puts off a similar radiation level or anything like that, Um, and moves at those kind of speeds. UH, since this has happened. So it's one of the more UM incredible ufhone encounters that we have on record. That's the Rendalston forest in the incident. It is now, uh, the what do you call it? The rendell Shim Forest is owned by the Ye, the UK, uh, I don't know what they call it, the Department of Forests, I guess. I don't know. Department forests, the Forestry Commission. The Forestry Commission. They they had a lottery, like they had like a normal lottery, and with the proceeds from the pro seeds for that lottery, they established the UFO trail. Um, and now there's a trail that goes through it, Um, honoring the ufos that existed there, and they built like a little uh uh. Yeah, and it's supposed to look like it's supposedly it looks like what the Ufo that they witnessed looks like. Uh. And this is uh, this is it. This is supposedly, allegedly, what the UFO looks like. Gosh, I cannot rack and drop this. Thank you. Ah. And the the UFO trail and there's a little glyphs on the back of it that he touched download and if you go um, I think. I think this is smaller than it actually was. But if you go and you touch those glyphs, you'll get the download too. I got the download. All right. We gotta go on a trip then. Yeah, we gotta go to the UFO trail see if we see this. Um, it looks to me like an orange peeler or like an orange juicer. Yeah, you juice it. Um, we're a weird hat. Yeah, I can see that too. Um, but yeah, the renaissent forest, forest incident. Oh, you want to listen to the tape we got to take? Yeah, I was wondered the whole time. The whole time. You can't mention these tapes, and you did this whole plug in your computer thing and they were getting to the end and I was like, are you just about to fill of this off with you know? Yeah, when you did, you see me look at that whenever you mentioned the tapes. Yeah, you said we've got it on tape, and I went, I saw that plug. Sure, okay, here we go to making a lot of noise. Yeah, when St Right at this position here, wait, wait, wait, time, wait, slow down, clow down, where right in this position here, like that guy. I really started talking slower, dude, Betty. Yeah, there it is again. Watch throw the head off my flash. There it is. I see it too. What is it? We don't know. Strange small red light look maybe a quarter to a half maybe before they're at I think it's gone now. It was approximate eastress. Is it back again? Yes, slash light said. I'M gonna jump ahead a little bit. In this Um this guy talks like he's telling a Christmas story and I really I could listen to him all night. So I saw yellow tanging it too. Weird, a little bit this way. Weird. I see a little bit of yellow in it and there's a there's a red light, there's a little bit of yellow in it. Weird. Now it's gone, now it's back, now it's gone's back, now it's gone. This is the White House, is no doubt about it. This is weird. There is no doubt about it. This is weird. There's no do about it. What's interesting is like, if you contrast this too early, when they're like collecting their dad, like the way they're engaging with each other is totally different. Now, okay, like you, I can just they're freaking out like little middle schoolers, out like sasquats hunting at night. Yeah, now, like, oh my gosh, yeah, let me see if I can find a you can hype yourself into that kind of same thing with paranormal stuff. You can hype yourself into believing them. Any just seven tests there. Right. We find a smat what looks like a blasted are struct ferry. Here we're getting very positive craze to see. Is that you're the center. Yes, go along, and who is that? Don't even swamp person have happage shift badge. So there's a whole crowd of that's really weird. I'll tell you what. This is just soap bonkers and weird. And there's something that I never thought my whole military career. I see chap paper Pert. That's that's sounds like there's just some dude over. They're like talking in binary. Somebody translate that. That's another that's another thing. There's no doubt about it. Hold up to take this out. Here we go. Harry comes from the sick. He's coming towards now, coming down to the ground. I don't know, thirty and the objects. You're still in the sky. They're the one in the side. Looks like there's a little bit of altitude we'll turning around, hitting back toward the base, still being down lights to the ground. It's really weird. Be well, now I got his voice down. You know, my next date with my girlfriend's gonna be pretty weird. Subject has it put too much soy sauce on her poke bowl. This is really weird subject. Maybe buy her a large bowl, but she's only gonna eat half of it. I could have saved three dollars if I bought the cheaper one. There's no doubt about it. This is weird. There is no doubt about it. Here's the thing. They're very clearly a little surprised about what they're seeing. Um, I don't know. And then they see a beam and then they're like, oh, it's coming at us in the we're going on, Whoa, I see a beam right now. It's crazy, there seems. And you know what happens? In twenty years, someone's gonna do a whole show on the yeah, but here's the thing. Here's the thing. If you were the Space Tim Studio encounter, yeah, no, nobody would believe you, and I if we, if we were military, Lieutenant girl, well, maybe that's what we need to do. then. Yeah, let's go let's going to require some military, military for the purpose of creating elaborate hoax. That'll actually be a pretty good bit. And then we write all the ones and Zeros Ryan a notebook, eyes doing the whole weird like translate this subody translates it for the law. There you go. Things that the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Kleb but Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kayla Barker. Our host are Jarre Meyers and Tim Stone. Fall us on your favorite social media platform at tilling. PODCAST IS T I L L and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things that. Then last night

In the world of UFO sightings, it can often be tough to delineate fact from fiction. Well, actually, sometimes it’s pretty easy to see what is fiction. But, lately, there have been well-documented cases of UAP sightings by trained observers occupying the limelight. This is not a new thing. There have been well-documented sightings by professional observers for decades. One such case is the Rendlesham Forest Incident. In December 1980, two separate groups of United States Military personnel witnessed the same craft. Not only did they see the craft, but they also recorded it on a wide array of scientific devices. Base Commander Luitenant Colonel Charles L. Halt recorded his entire encounter on a tape recorder. His tapes are the live reactions of the highest-ranking military officers to ever go public with their stories. For many, the Rendlesham Forest Incident is a nail in the coffin. For others, there are some possible explanations as to what happened.

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Rendlesham Forest Incident – Wikipedia

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