Tartaria – Is History’s Forgotten Tartarian Empire Real Or Just A Hoax


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Hey, man, the stuff I can hear is really rough. What's up, buddy? How you feeling? I feel great. Yeah, yeah, yeah, last week, you weren't. Last week. Now, last I got tested positive. Uh Huh, despite being VACs I'm double vaxed. Are you boosted? I was going to get boosted this week. See, was my plan. I'm boosted and healthy. Yeah, I'm not. I wasn't. I'm like triple boosted. I'm I kept going to I v and I was just like load me up. I have seventeen dost like so we can't keep doing this. And you were like doing it. I was like, I'm sorry, what? I've never been here before, and they were like we know that's you. They're like you didn't do anything about your physical appearance. You just came to try to do different accents. Why? YAUGHTA WHY? I'll tell you what. Okay, where I'm from? Yeah, we know where you're from, man. We've seen you in here a lot. We've seen it. We know. It's pretty bonkers to me that for two years we know, we've done this whole coronavirus stuff and now you can like do you ever think about life saving medicine? And like no, how? Okay, great, so in like the eighteen, hundreds of people would die of a toothache. Okay, like they've been my two thirds. Right, they die, and now didn't just sold us pull stuff out, and I just think it's crazy that I can go to HIV, a g grocery store, and get the vaccine for this pandemic. Yeah, anyway, that's bonkers to me. Yeah, that's a pretty good point. Yeah, that's just a vaccine and not skim milk. Yeah, anything, but honestly, so you're in a hazmat suit because you had Jaren Jaron's career. He travels a lot, so he cann't afford to get a genuinely can't? I read the test positive. So so I'm doing this for him. And is it reflecting off his mask? His screen, it's perfect. Yeah, so if you're listening, if you're watching, his mask is getting more and more fogged up. Like this is the worst idea we've ever had. Yeah, the audio experience is probably going to be pretty rough for this episode. Yeah, and it's worth of it, because I've gotta be hilarious. I am not gonna get Covid, is what I'm saying. So if you're listening to this and you like this sucks. Well, so do I, because my wants are working properly after this. Well, anyways, roll the titled Sequence Are we need a long time ago. It's so hard to breathe in this thing. Take it off. PODCAST. PODCAST. Where this theory? Who is the Ames from? Cames from? Comes from? Who is they? That's why Tim's house is boring. Jesus built that slide through the doors to get all the trains. Things I learned last night. Oh Great, yeah, you're in the episode. Now. What are you talking about? Oh yeah, have you ever heard of the Tartarian Empire? And something made up? I think it is tartarian. Yeah, yeah, tartarian, Bro I don't know if I can. You gotta hate this. Is it aliens? It's not aliens, but I might as well be like like you are. You are just gonna is it? Okay, let's just the the TATARIAN empire. It's Tartarian Empire. Okay, yeah, you're gonna, you're you're not gonna. Sounds like a work of fiction. Yeah, it does, actually, because it probably is. So here's so, here's the idea. Can't make statement like that. By the way, our valiant thor episode has actually taken over. Comments on the bobbles are. So we had babbles. Are everyone hated us, right, yeah, and then now we have I bought you didn't. I believe Bobos are right. Yeah, valiant Thorne, neither of US did, and I think that's where the comments are worse. They are really the people. So we're gonna get that kind of stuff other people who are really in on the tartarian empire. Yeah, so the Tartarian empires is relatively new theory, from like two thousand and sixteen about, like that's when it's so you can't have anything in the two thousand and sixteen and being like tartarian. Know that's something stupid people in my s believed and you can't come out after social media exists and be like the Taut Hadi and empire, no hard pass. Yeah, that's bear. So basically there's just like three, maybe four layers of the tartarian empire theory. So basically here's the older will do. We'll do kind of the broad overview and then we'll look, we'll go down the layers of the onion for the belief. Okay, it's so hard to breathe in this thing. Take it off. Listen, guys, Tim got too hot and uncomfortable, so now he's going to put me at risk. It's really it's really it was really hard to breathe. And here's the thing. I have to have to talk a lot. I know it was a really fun bit, but it looks like you were suffocating. I was, and the thing was fogging up too much and I was really worried that the last thing I was ever going to see of you is a a payol or outline in a foggy little thing as you just fade away. Just yeah, that I would let you die for this big I would have let you die for this bit. I mean, I I'm glad ultimately you took it off, but like, man, it was a struggle for a minute there. I was like I was like, Oh God, I've got a lot to cover and I can't. But so we were saying that the Tartarian, totarian, tartarian empire. So there's really four layers to this here, and we're going to go through the layers. We're gonna do the layers here really start. Here's a brief idea. So at about two thousand and sixteen, this theory came out that there was this empire that predated our civilization, that has been not predated our civilization. Well, maybe Predator, depending on what layer of the onion you'R at, but but basically it was this really advanced empire that we've buried in history. We don't want anyone to know about it for some reason. Oh, we're it's a cover up. Yeah, it's a cover up. The theory is a cover up. Yeah, and and they're they're for for they're like support for this. Where this theory? Who is the aims from? Cames from? Comes from Tartarian believers, tartarian truthers, I guess. Where do they gather? Read it? Yeah, so you're going to tell me about how theory on Reddit that comes out in two thousand and sixteen? Yeah, because I just want you. Okay, so they there's two things. This because birth from. So there was this community in northern Asia, okay, known in history as either Tartaria or the tartars, which sounds like some things you would call someone to make fun of them. Yeah, like, Hey, it's the tartars. Yeah, but this is like like the Mongolian, like invader, like the hunt like this. How do you how do you think the Mongolians, you know, like the Hun the the Viking, like the you know, Warriors, would have felt knowing that their legacy is the Bini Hanna Grill kind of things, you know, like they showed up in our world, we would be like Ah, yes, from we would just hand him a bowl of raw ingredients and we're like cook those that boys together. Yeah, take those somewhere, take those to that guy. He'll flip them around and make some S. Yeah, and if I ring this Gong, you all got to go. Who Hot, you know? Yeah, I don't know if they would love it, but at the same time it is kind of an empire, probably further spanning than they ever were. So who what? Well, not, who ha, that's a local version. Is Many Hannah, who's not a local, is it? Aren't? who hots the springfield vocal version of Benny Hanna? Really? Yeah, they'll Benny Hannas like a steakhouse, like that's not even what I meant. Benny Hannas like they cook in front of you. Yeah, anyway, but I'm talking Mongolian Grill. So that's a that's a term, right. Who hats the brand. But I'm Ongolian Grill is where you just get your raw ingredients. Yeah, and you go, please, cut these together on your little them up on your little black make a show out of this circle grill. So with the onion on fire, make it a volcano Kano. So the tartars like you can see them in history. There are some examples of like flags, okay, of the this Tartaria group, but it from all traditional history. It's this very fringe group that really kind of like the Vikings, where it's like we've taken them this big group of random the vikings were. Well, now it's the same concert what it's like. There's a bunch of different tribes that go around and invade and like try to Compeli. They are Viking King but they weren't one thing. They weren't one thing. Now it's the same thing with Tartar and history is the Tartarians were this massive group of Mongolian invader type People's that function. They weren't connected to each other that we think of, not in traditional history. Sure, I'll let you out with that. But according to the Tartarian truthers, the tar truthers, yeah, that is the pieces of the we have some history of them, Oka, the Tartaria group and the what we're missing is the glue that holds them together. Yeah, the modern history historians are hiding the truth from us. Oh, that's right. Yeah, sorry, I forgot. There's people in charge who are like gatekeeping information. Yet it always isn't cons barise theories. There's always some. There's always some mystery person. Yeah, who like, just doesn't like. They don't want you to know. I want you to well, they don't want you to know. I mean they're letting you talk about on a ready shoom, so it seems like they're fine with whatever's stupid theories you've got. So there's that side of it. You know what happens to people who actually figure it out? They get murdered. All right. So if you're putting theories out on the line and you're just going out, you know, just alive and you're like the rest of your day is spent playing video games and having your mom make fish sticks, like, you probably don't got it right, probably wrong. It's now if you get murdered, you're going to know for sure. You'll know. Hey, I was right. You better get that up on reddit right before and if you do get murdered, do you know where you'd go tonight? He's do like a Baptist Altar called anyway. Okay, so they took that Tartari history. Yeah, and they try to pay to get in it. But then they also took really to architectural styles, one of called Bose are calm, and then another architecture called Second Empire Architecture style, which actually have some pictures to show you. Please do. Yes, here is this style. So we've seen this. It's pretty common. Basically, it's taking like the domes and the domes so honestly, well, most government buildings kind of look like yeah, yeah, he's that, this is the bows are. Yeah, this is Bos are, this is Boz are, we're that. Right now. This is actually second temple. Bose are is the here's bows are, here's second temple. It's very similar. Okay. The only difference for a second temple or second empire, I keep saying Temple, second empire, is that it's a little bit more for a noxious like yeah, very highly decorated. Yeah, like a little of random, like just kind of Gaudy stuff to be like hey, we're rich. Here's another big example of it. This is the singer building in New York. This was the tallest building in the world in like one thousand nine hundred and seven, or somebody stories. Is it? It was twenty seven. They actually tore the building down in the S my apartment is taller than this thing. No, what's not? I think your house is tallerble, but really cool building. I wish that they left it where they's here now. Well, a couple, a couple reasons, singer. I know why. Yeah, but so, yeah, that's the good trying to cover up the target. Is it really experienced? All right, whatever, but they tore it. The reason they tore down is because singer the like sewing company. This was their headquarters. Hey, I think of saying singular, like the old phone company. I wasn't really know they were involve your yeah, that's they built it nine hundred and five for their headquarters. The problem was they wanted to build this, they wanted it to be the tallest building in the world, and so they built it to be that. And the architect who build it. This was early in tall building history, and so they built it really thin. That twenty pretty thin, so that it was impractical. There wasn't a lot of space. And you every floor. Yes, they outgrew it really quickly. So they moved out every floor, the one office. I think they've got more than one, but it's not many. Every floor is pretty small. And then they so they outgreate pretty quick and they moved out and then the city was like they sold it in the people who sold it were like, Hey, we want to build something else here, and so they just demolished it. That was in the s and they built something in this place. Yeah, but in the S is when the government was doing sketchy stuff. It's true. It's so. So what the tart what istarian believer, tartarian chase solely on this building, will say? Will say you see architecture style like this and then almost immediately after which you can kind of see really I guess you can't, like in that left corner of that brick building on the left. Yeah, immediately after this style was populars this style was popular late eighteen century, pretty much through the whole nineteen century, early twenty century. Sure, immediately after that it became what's the word? I think it's called brutalist, where it's literally just like concrete and windows and doors and no design, like just get this building. That's actually how architects talked in the nineteen hundreds. They're like brick, concrete windows, like. But then we didn't teach architects English. The idea and that Arrow was they were just it was the peak of the industry saying your brain is for nothing, but we didn't want to communicate. We just said your brains for nothing but building buildings, but building buildings, and so we gave him like a little Legos when they were kids. Yeah, and like, instead of teaching them any kind of language, no matter what, we just said building, building, wilding, br those work and then they show up. Can Imagine if, like that's how the society work, is that you just had to like you only need the words for your Joe, your yeah in that would that be weird. PODCAST, audio gust hasn't at microphone. And then what do you do on your podcast? Then it is just podcast, podcast, podcast, I can't say anything. You talk about anything, you've that. Bring someone else on them be like podcast and they go brick, right, podcast, it's for architects. Then they listen to it and they go window. You know this is I'm saying. If we got annihilated. Back to being caveman. This is how we would talk. So I didn't the person who comes up with the word the we make them the king of the world. We just go big building the guy. Guys. It's been so much Alex, those two. Yeah, yeah, but you know who doesn't? Our castry on supporters. Architects Love Them, organized love our podcast. Architects hate him. Architects hate him. PODCASTERS FEOREM. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, that's right, that's when new episodes drop on Patreon. Patreons a way to get early access to episodes and as their content and exclusive merchandise. And we're not going to stop there, because we had a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right, that's five dollars a month. You two can be a patreon supporter and not here advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore text till in the six, six eighty sixty six. Otherwise I'll come to your house, I will find you, I will destroy everything that's good in your life until we're the only thing left. Anyway, here's another advertisement. Talk about Tartaria. So the Tartarian truthers will say. So this, this is a style symbol. What they say is like, there's no way we went from building beautiful buildings like this to those just concrete blocks. Really, they're like, they don't say there's no way. You don't think that the people building building saw the numbers and we're like yeah, it's probably easier just to make a rectangle. Yeah. Well, so what they say is they say that there was a society before that that was more technological advanced than we were when we started building our blocks. MMM. And so we didn't know how to do that stuff. We didn't know how to make buildings are like immaculate, look like that. Yeah, this, this was outside of our technological abilities. So they believe that the capital and like the government buildings that do look like this, we're built by this advanced society. After Tarians, there are remnants of the tartarian and then something happens in the nineteen hundreds where all of us do get wiped down to caveman and we just go windows bricks. Well, yeah, sort of. So it's more like, because what they say is and is remnants. This, this architectra style was popular when it was a worldwide society, so it got sure everyone. I'm saying that the reason they build buildings the way they do is that they go this would cost three times more to make it pretty. Oh yeah, that's exactly why. But there's then there's other people go, but that means they're hiding something. Yeah, exactly. It's like no, I think it's just means they they're more poor than they're telling you. I mean maybe that's why Tim's house is boring. I don't know. Right when I wish tartarians lived here. Maybe we have some paintings in the wall's house is really nice and I'm positive that it's a round. Absolutely sure he is a four hundred year old vampire. But the Tartarian truthers say, Oh, there are ties are all over the world and this was an ancient empire that has gone extinct, and it's like the pyramids, like these are leftovers from their society that we have repurposed to use as our buildings. Do they think that the founding fathers just, you know, they're like yeah, they're called the founding fathers because they found those buildings. Well, that's the thing is they say like like Washington, like that was a capital city of the society because there's so much of that architecture and wash right. See, and when it's really interesting is they'll talk about and Jefferson City, Missouri, just happened to also also be, also be a capital, a capital city. So anyways. So the idea is that in the early nineteen or the early twenty century, yeah, it teen hundreds. They the people that power. People tried to hide it. Got Rid of the TRITERARIANS. They went on this campaign to destroy evidence of the Sartisians, solely on architects. Like, what are you talking about? I guess like he's the only thing that they're more advanced in is they can make buildings look better and they make pretty buildings. Do they have other theories on what else they'd contributed, or was it just like the government didn't like how pretty these buildings were so they were like, you know what, you're out of here. Well, the government didn't like that society. That society got wiped out from and the opinions reign but pretty much war and then the government was like we need to remove the evidence of them from existence. So the early twenty century, the World Wars was a campaign to blow up all these buildings. That's why they went on all these bombing runs. For the first time in civilized, populated areas, they were destroying, trying to destroy these buildings. That and the world's fairs. Are you familiar with the world's fairs? Basically Epcot, but all over the place. Oh my gosh, so this is a world's fair. This is the Chicago world's fair. I want to say in like no way, the late eighteen hundred, one thousand eight hundred and ninety three, something like that. So he was really interesting about the world's fair is they would pick this giant plot of empty land, so they would build this yeah, every year, or it was like every four or five years, come like the Olympics. It was in a new city somewhere in the world, and then everyone would travel and it'd be similar. The idea for epcot is everybody in the world will come show their biggest achievements. So there'd be art, there'd be technology, there'd be war stuff. The fairest wheel was yeah, everyone does on on Instagram, but your achievements or garbage. Wi they're just like, look at this meal I made, and you're like, dude, that doesn't look anything like what kind I can at all of guard. Yeah, all right, yeah, the yeah, exactly. The Ferris Wheel was actually introduced here and it was this I can't remember how big it was the first one that they did here, but is way bigger than like it's like the like Las Vegas Ferris wheel. Like it was massive. It was the first time I'd ever happened and that was because they opened the Eiffel Tower in America. was like, we need someone to do something cooler, and then some words like the tower, Farris on Ferris peeler was like I got an idea. Hit us with the fairest and then he made the wheel thing. But here's what's crazy about this is, and this is kind of hard to believe, but supposedly these are all temporary structures that they would build for this big event. These are made of like Hay and clay that they just like push together so that way after the fair they could just knock it all over. I guess is I could have made it a look better in the drawing. It could will not a picture. This is a painting. So I mean they really could have. They really could have taken some artistic liberty here. But I will say all the world's fairs, the records, we have them. It's that art style, like that architecture style. Okay, and afterwards, Afterwards Fair, they tear them down. So tartarians believers say that the world's fair where the last big expo and it gave them excuse to be like, Oh, this is all, we just built this and now we're going to tear it down afterwards. It's temporary and so saying. Used to throw a big party and then afterwards tear it down and have no evidence that it was thereness. These were the capital cities. Oh, so tetarians believe that it wasn't like Hay and clay and all the stuff. This was the tittarians. Yeah, and this art pojecture, and then they were like hey, look, we built for the world fare. Yeah, and it's almost like actually, I've seen that thing for like twenty years and the like. Yeah, yeah, cool, like that person who drowns in this little pool out there. Yeah, mysteriously. Yeah. And then and then they tear it down and well, starrows over. Yeah, and then they have the same thing. Happened to come and go in my town, the gas station. You know, it'd been there for a long time and then they came in there like a car mazing days. You know, look at this. There's a ferrost real out there and they just leveled it and they're like yeah, we built that gas station for this and we're like actually, would make this Carmel Better. I guess station a coming. I think you're right. COB and goes are evidence of Tartar. So the architecture. Look at the Ark. The last bit of evidence that they have for this is what they call the mud flood hypothesis. Okay, and so the theory is that there was an ancient mud flood and, depending on what letter on the onion, this mud flood could have happened only a hundred years ago, but it also could have happened thousands of years ago. But the idea is it was this worldwide flood of mud that just kind of buried everything a little bit, like just a few feet. And their evidence is that a lot of these bows are art style architecture style buildings have these features that look like they were partially buried, like it looks like when you look at it, you're like, oh, that was built like the ground levels halfway buried in this shot and there's a lot of these where there and they're actually is a lot of that buildings from that era that has since been dug out and it does look like there's another layer that has been buried, like the first floor was buried, or at least partially buried. Yeah, but that exists down town in Kansas City. Yeah, because, let no, it's just as it's just the street coming down from the river bank. So here's here's they're saying. The building was definitely there first. You know, there's no way they figured out how to make a level building on a crooked street. Is that what they're saying? This is maybe this is maybe a hill. I don't know, this building was they like maybe this isn't the best example because there is that Natural Hill. That's but there are other buildings where it's a flat surface. So there's not on a hill, it's flat and it's just partially buried like this. But the real, the honestly the real like reason for that is when this art style, architectural style, was popular, lighting wasn't a thing and so you need a windows. So there was dug out windows like that have in like a lot of modern houses today. Still there's dugout windows and full windows in there and often dug out doors that you would walked down to get into the cellar. Yeah, to provide natural light. And so obviously the whole and the whole foundation was made of the same constructment. Show. So it looks if you dug it out of the ground, it looks like, Oh man, they buried or this got buried in some mud flood. But it's I mean there is a real, like pretty logical explanation for it. Okay, so which layer we in right now? Walk me through. We each layer believes. So this is the overarching proof for it and what they believe? They believe that there was one, there was a society that existed. Yes, yeah, right, and they build beautiful architects, buildings. HMM, we have no idea if they do anything else. Yeah, and then, and then, and they got wiped out in some mud flood. And the reason for that mud flood is either a natural, random disaster that just naturally happened and bunch of mud covered the planet. I see your eyes excited for the second one, or the second one was a big like nuclear war. Oh, I thought you saying the government controls weather and they sent a mudthlystead of mud flood. So it's like a big nuclear war that they got into the tartars. Okay, so, and that's why and that that side of it is where lots are. The tartars were richer than us and they were. They were more technologically advanced than us, had better architecture than us and they were a one world govern like. They covered the whole planet. It was an empire that God planet and then gotten like a civil war something and killed themselves with a mud flood and then now the powers that be that are left over want to wipe them out from society. So that's kind of like layer one. Everybody who's a tartarian truth is like, yeah, that's the story. Sure, so let's peel back a layer. So the the kind of base layer is this? Is it that Mongolian Empire? Yeah, was way bigger than we thought it was, okay, and it was not like this Viking fringe group that was just going in and was separated all these tribes. It was one organized nation that was a lot, a lot bigger than we had initially believe given them credit for. For this, for this layer, it's less of a worldwide empire but more of a very large empire. So it's not them. It conquered everything, but the talk of the majority of Europe, the majority of Asia, okay, Australia, parts of Africa and parts of the United States. Sure, that's kind of where that one ends. That's the most like, okay, like, if you're going to believe this, okay, then it was just big. It's just a big empire that we've. Well, is this at all related to the idea that the Egyptians building the pyramids were more technic, closer technologically advanced than we were? Yeah, so, so a lot of I was a probably layer two would say that the pyramids where the same. Society was just an early part of that society, Co Pyramids, and then they advanced and that's when we got this arts, this architecture style. But the pyramids were the same. Sure, tartars. So this layer is this was a very technologically world spanning society. That goes that dates back thousands of years. For the previous layer, they ended about when that Han Dynasty ended, okay, and so they've been lost to for a long time. For this layer, it's a little different. It could be anywhere from the they predate our modern civilization. Yeah, all the way to there are people who say that they went right up to one thousand nine hundred and then we wiped them out. Are they still flooded secretly around? They're the secret societies there, the Illuminati? Well, I'm saying, I don't know. That's not I haven't seen anyone who says as that. But but yeah, basically they lasted up until about the end of the the nineteen century and then they disappeared or were destroyed or whatever, and then like worse. Yeah, the World Wars were the campaign to vanish really make them from history. Okay, yeah, but in in that idea it's more than just because, like for that previous layer with the hun dynasty thing, it wasn't as much they were super technologically advance, it was just it was a big Er empire than we thought. This layer is they were really technologically advanced. They had technology on like anything we ever knew. They point to a lot of the stuff, like the world's fair is one that they talked about a lot, and so it point to a lot of things. Within this world's fair architecture, like you can see, like there's all these pillars and is especially on the top of the Dome on that far right side there there's that like a big pole and so and then you can see it and stuff like this. They have all those pillars. So the ideas that they were using these pillars to like broadcast stuff and like, like why areless electricity and things like that, like gray like the end. Here's another one. You've got that big pole and that's send an electricity somewhere. Yeah, are something, I don't know, or something or something. So yeah, so that's that second layer. Was a super technolog to the advanced civilization. The third layer. So have you ever heard that like that theory that like the mental ages didn't exist? What? So there's this there's this fringe theory. This has been around way longer than the Tartaria theory, but there's this fringe theory that the Middle Ages didn't happen. Yeah, I think sense. That's why they're called the Dark Ages because for some reason, and I don't really understand the idea, but for some reason, historians were like it'd be helpful if there is about, I don't know, five or six hundred years here that weren't here. So they just made them up, made them up. Yeah, they just made up, like by just cover up what actually happened. Yeah, to just be like hey, we're way further. I don't know, I don't really understand it, but basically they like the dark ages where nothing really happened in history. Yeah, didn't happen and we just made up those like six hundred years or have our long those years were that there has been around a long time. There's really no reason to believe it other than not a lot happened during that era in history. Okay. And so everyone's like well, they we just made it up. And so this theory kind of takes this to the extreme. So so this is this is what I call like like conspiracy theory meets Bible Code. Oh No, gone wrong. So basically the idea here is that they look at they bring the Bible into the target, obviously theory, and they say they look at all of the Gospel Count and how Jesus talks about how his kingdom is coming soon, and how they take they take the the verse where he says before any of you passed away, the kingdom will come and they take that to believe that well, Jesus died, resurrected ascended into heaven and then was gone for a few years and then came back and established this kingom on earth, which was Tartaria, and his kingdom had this beautiful art style and was a one world, worldwide kingdom that lasted a thousand years. Because revelation talks about the millennial reign of Christ. So they say that that began immediately after and they're saying that's the Middle Ages. And while what they're saying is that all happened and then the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages, is the end of it was the end of the millennial rag of Christ, because in relolation they said the millennial right of Christ ends, the beast is loosened. Key Weavers a lawyer deeper than this. So so they're saying that the dark ages was a result of then. Yeah, so that's when in revelation, when the Millennium Raging of Christ ends after the thousand years. Okay, then it the beast and Satan is loosed from the pit and let to go be around for a while until Jesus comes back and recreates heaven and earth. That's the revelation. Jesus came back after World War II? No, so he hasn't. And so, right, we're still in this like we're in this interim period between the millennial reign of Christ and the final return of Christ. So he's gonna Return again again. Yeah, so what they'll say is really twenty of the Psalms we sing, though. It is not two thousand and twenty two, according to this idea. It's really like twenty two, and there's enough two thousand years that we're just made up, starting at the Dark Ages, and so we just kind of and they, whoever that is, made it up, m just cover up the Satan made the same thing. Is the day Satan is the day in this because Satan was loose from the pit and allowed to have control over the world. There's a layer deeper than this. Is All like you thinking. Okay, so this is still layer three, right, I mean there is a layer four. It's I've maybe it's not deeper than okay, okay, okay. I was like what could mean for insane? I don't know. So Satan is then trying to cover up that Christ reigned for a year, for a thousand thousand years, or I mean, yeah, for a millennia. Yeah, and so that's why he went to the campaigns is architecture. Yeah, that Jesus built that. So the world fairies built this. This is this is what Jesus likes, if Jesus could build a big, big house. So what I'm saying is they go back to the then eat the the New York one, like you know that. Well, year was that build one thousand nine hundred and five. So they're saying that Jesus built that then, yeah, or that he was reigning during this. Well, what they're saying is that this is older the one thousand nine hundred and five. Our records that say this was built nineteen and this was built in like eight hundred. Yeah, and then it's actually like twenty now. So sorry, heard years. Is only about three hundred years old. But then when Jesus left, have some wonky belief to go that direction, but that's okay. Then when Jesus left there was the mud flood, the mud flood, mud flood that buried all the buildings a little bit. Yeah, because this is floor twenty six right there. Let's there are twenty four floors underneath for mud. And they don't even get me started on what happen when the molasses came through that was crazy, forty foot tall wave of molasses to cover up to, because Satan was like we got to cover up all God's Arcult tartarians build some brutalist stuff. Have you heard of tilling podcast March? That's right, we have a merge store full of tilling bread and teas, hoodies, mugs and so much more. We also make new designs for every single episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them while they're hot. Text till into six six eighthndred sixty six to get your tilling March today. So so I'm right there with you. Yeah, I hold on. So they're saying the Middle Ages never happened. They're saying more than the Middle Ages, about a thousand years since. So it's like just we're sorring a medieval right. We're talking like Knights and templar and all. Yeah, well, I mean that, but even like like the dark ages was kind of a subset of the whole Middle Ages where it was like, I mean really, nothing really happened. Everybody just died and got plagued and all that stuff, and they had their own little kingdoms. Yeah, yeah, and yeah, I was just sad. It was a rusher that exist. They're saying he they didn't exist. That's why I'm so rough. But then there's a few hundred years on both inings of that. So they feel were made up the Medieval Times. It's just propaganda. Yes, exactly, like they think Satan made that up. They think Satan came and was like we need to come up with sessionally clear that what we're talking about is not medieval the Times. I'm talking Medieval Times. They're experience and restaurant where you get to watch nights joust while you eat a Turkey leg. Yeah, that is propaganda to the Tartana from the devil. That would be so insulting to them if you were like you want to go to medieval times and they were like are you? Are you? Are you kidding? You Right House? Have you seen the architecture? Are you serious? After everything I just told you, you'RE gonna want to go to medieval time. You were going to meet the sure, I'll go to this made up stuff with you. Look at this, all fantasy. Yeah, all right. Yeah. So, so the timeline is about like thirty. So the layers, they don't agree. No, none of that attains. Really agree on all this. Yeah, because everybody's just kind of making up what they they just got ideas that. So the general idea is that there was a society more advanced than us that has existed and then has since then been covered up. Yeah, some people think that it was a government thing, that they were like, we can't, we don't know how to build those things and where we're embarrassed. Yeah, or it's like is like the evidence of like some big war. Sure that. It's like we need to Hushush, whatever happened. Yeah, no one can know what happened here. And then man, and then some of those other people who were like it's the Nevition, the devil did it. Yeah, yeah, and so and that theory. We're gonna covered up by Satan. Yeah, it's Satan's mud flood. What does honestly? Honestly, it's easier for me to buy that a giant flood was started by Satan. A giant flood of MOBA started by say. But here's the thing. That's got to be people who were like, okay, but the Bible talks about a massive flood happening exactly. Yeah, they take that and then run with it. I just don't like this. But yeah, I mean and and and there's like tons of examples of these things, like the giant Mormon Temple in Utah, this is one of them. That's one of those Tartarians as one of the tartarian buildings, that big spiral one down an independence that we have. I don't know about that way. I was startaring for sure. Yeah, look that. You think anybody already could make that? Know in King City Union station would be tartarian building. And one thing that they is let's descend, let's go to the next layer of the onion. So so I don't like the word descend, but that's okay. So this this theory, and maybe this is more par parallel layer, because I don't know, the more I think about if you brought it up, I don't know if any are worse than that Jesus theory. Yeah, are more crazy. That's a pretty bad one. It's also crazy. So basically the idea if you look at this art style, one big piece of this art style is vaulted ceilings. They always have, at the minimum, twelve foot ceilings, often more like twenty thirty foot ceilings. Giants. It was a society of giants and that's why they want to cover it up, because they don't want anyone to know giants existent. Yeah, and so the Tartarians were giants. They were technologly fot so hard to beat the giants. You don't even know what it was like. You don't know what it was like, all right, to be running and then just get shinned and your whole body breaks. All right, we can't let anyone we fought giants. Yeah, you don't know what it was like to be facing the giants. You like that. They hated so again, I also could have biblical ground. yeaple. Would love to take the story of David and be like, well, what about the fool stines, about their ceilings were taller than twelve feet? Yeah, they were talking. So they're saying that at union station. Yeah, the reason why union station so tall is because it was built by giants. Four giants. Yeah, so they can stay at that Grand Hall together and then get on the floor and slide through the doors to get on the trains. Giant halls for normal size trains, and they get at the tracks and they forearm on a car, form on a car and they're just you gotta plank the whole way down the tracks and helped to be super fit. They were very physically fit. Yeah, and they were. Honestly, we could probably walk faster in this train. Can move because because we're giant, because our strides incredible. You know. Also, I'm glad you have a giant dome so I can walk into your building and then stand up in this one this one area in the building. Wow, wow, the echoes great. Yeah, yeah, I'm glad you have this twenty seven floor thin building so I can stand in here, can crawling and just that was for ours son until he outgrew it. That was for our side. Another layer deeper is that this is like it's not just like this society existed alongside humanity, it's this society predated humanity, and so humanity rose and was like who built this stuff? And so this probably wasn't even human. This was a race that we don't know about that existed before say the word. It could be alien. Yeah, it could also be, like, it could also be, I mean, who know, more or Reptilian, reptilians. It could be what's called a Nis of NS. It's a call them Tartarians. Tartarians, yeah, or or even like, it could be like Lizard people, the dinosaurs. They could have been intelligent and built these but that that's what the Tartarians are saying. They're this was before community. They build these buildings and somehow they're still standing after thousands of years without anybody up keeping them. But they made it. That's what the buildings are so tall. It's it's the long neck dinosaurs. How they build it a little. De Rex are over they oh that's natly like the whatever those try stops, is that what they're called? With the big flaps? They're the bulldozers. Right. They all have different like jobs, and the meteor buries all their buildings in mud. The munth honestly, might have been dinosaur architecture, Dino Tech, Dino Tech, yeah, or or even just like the neanderthals. Maybe they were more intelligent than we thought and this was their society brick. Maybe he was. I don't know. You don't know. Yeah, no, we know, because it Wae the core, because here's the thing. Like I think we've talked about this. It was the garcoils geologists. They talked about how if humanity disappeared tomorrow, I think they said it's within tenzero years. There would be no record that we ever existed. Everything would just get swallowed by the earth. The only thing that would still be standing that humanity has built would be Mount Rushmore tenzero years from now, without anybody like you sending it maintain without anybody maintaining it, if you Mount Rushmore, and even Mount Rushmore would be heavily decayed because of the rain water and stuff like that. So people would probably think it was a natural formation if they drank. Can you rest here there? You're saying we built that. Are you saying we didn't? So I mean if there was a society that pre so man stone structures would still exist. No, the old the only reason Matt Rushmore still there is could be carved it out of the mountain. Yeah, it's, I'm saying, but not stone structures. Still in structures would collapse, like union station would collapse and get like overgrown plants and just disappear. And you were collaps eventually. Yeah, without anybody, without anybody maintaining that stuff, like the foundation would shift and it would collapse in on itself and then the earth would swallow it whole. But the mountain wouldn't. Well, what happened in thousand years from now is your that mountain would do? It would turn inboard and those presents who just be kissing each other and they what would happen is they would decay and they would look they'd like resemble faces or kissing men, and so then, yeah, so if some if some new human society spawned on Earth, they would see that and they like, they're like that kind of looks like people, but they want to be like, oh, somebody built that. Well, like it kind of looks like people. What do you think about the sleeping giant? Then in Colorado, maybe maybe tenzero years ago, be Tartar, they strapped a guy to the top of the mountain, as punished by arts, and then they forgot about it. He was too high up, so the mud flood took everyone else out. Yep, Yep, but he's just sitting there. What if the heads on Mount Rushmore? We're already there. We don't have any, I like, historical proof those people existed. Here's the thing about the whole tartarian theory is they take a couple things that are like, oh, that's a little weird, and then they just ran with it and made a bunch of stuff up, like there's really no evidence for any of this stuff other than it's just like, oh, that's a little weird. Let me go grab some stuff and make it makes sense. Sure. So, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's and they're on Reddit. Yeah, they're on red dscom sash. There's a youtube channel Tartarian. Going to mention it because I don't want to support them, but there's a youtube now that has a hundred thousand subscribers that's just these theories and the guy just doesn't gets on a Webcam and just kind of will post in our discords. If you if you support us on Patreon, you could access to our discord and we'll post some tartarian links there and it's it's a thing. So anyways, I'm excited for our hate comments on this episode. Yeah, they're going to be great. You know what was really interesting about the Dark Ages? What is that? So the concept of Medieval Times? Right? Yeah, the restaurant, yes, because they had those in a coliseum. Everyone's just around eating dream and they just have two devils fiddling off in the middle. Things of the last night is a production of space tim media produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett. Video by connerbet social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster JEREMYERS and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. That's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

The globe is dotted with beautiful columns and archways popularized by the Beaux-arts style of architecture. Beaux-arts caught on and took the world by storm, as with many trends. Or did it? According to a relatively new internet, conspiracy buildings in this style are relics from a long-lost empire known as Tartaria. Much of our nation’s capital buildings are really just repurposed Tartarian structures that were nearly destroyed by a worldwide mud flood. So, where do Tartarian truthers find the evidence for these extraordinary claims? Buckle up, and let’s find out the origins of the tremendous Tartarian Empire.

Evidence for a Forgotten Empire

First, we need to look at where this theory even came from. The basis for the existence of Tartaria is fourfold. First, Tartary was a blanket term for northern Asia, modern-day Russia, from the mid 13th century through the 19th century. Tartarian truthers point to this phrase as the remnant of society rather than a blanket term referring to multiple people groups. The mud flood is another critical piece of this theory. Believers in the Tartarian conspiracy point to the underground window wells and cellar entrances of buildings from the era, as mentioned earlier, and theorize that there must have been some worldwide flood of mud that partially buried all of these buildings.

The most significant evidence for Tartaria is the architectural styles known as Beaux-arts and Second Empire. These similar styles are reminiscent of ancient Roman architecture. However, they use modern techniques and materials to make the facades more majestic. The architecture was famous worldwide throughout the 19th century and early 20th century. Interestingly, immediately following these styles came a trend known as brutalism, in which buildings were built as entirely utilitarian structures that were often very bland. Tartarian truthers point to this dichotomy to say that our culture was not advanced enough to create the Beaux-arts style and instead repurposed these relics from an ancient society.

The last edge of the theory is formed by bending passages within the Christian Bible to fit the purposes of the theorists. These interpretations are relatively weak, but they help develop the more fantastical theory versions.

Layers of the Theory

There are several layers to the Tartarian myth. The first, almost universal layer, is that a mighty empire in northern Asia has been lost to time. The second layer is that this empire spanned the entire globe and established a one-world or near one-world government under its rule. Finally, the third layer is that this empire was not just global but advanced. They had technologies unlike anything we can imagine, and the architecture exhibited by the society showcases their mammoth abilities.

The most bizarre ends of the theory are the following two variations. They are more like parallel layers, so we’ll refer to them as layers 1a and 1b. Layer 1a is the theory that Jesus founded this society during the Millenial Reign of Christ described in the book of Revelation. They use a series of scriptures, along with the Tartarian theory and the widespread conspiracy that the middle ages never happened to formulate a 1000 year empire ruled by Jesus himself. We are currently living in the period after the reign of Christ, also described in the book of Revelation. Therefore, Satan himself is trying to keep the truth of Tartaria from us.

Layer 1b is almost equally farfetched. In this layer, Tartarian believers point to the vaulted ceilings in the buildings left over from Tartaria and conclude that their builders must have been giants. There is an ancient society of giants for believers in this layer that the world governments are actively attempting to cover up.

Covering Up Tartaria

Tartarian truthers point to a wide array of events as evidence of a cover-up campaign for the empire of Tartaria. Most wars in the late 19th century have been thought of as attempts to destroy much of the remaining architecture. Believers also look to the World’s Fairs of that same period and conclude that the impressive buildings erected for these events were not built. Instead, they were standing structures from Tartaria. The governments that were hoping to erase Tartaria from history designed the World’s Fair in such a way that would allow them to destroy these buildings without arousing suspicion.


The theory of Tartaria is certainly tantalizing. If it were true, it would call into question much of history and reshape the way we look at ourselves. However, much of the arguments for such a society are based on little evidence. Most of the proof given by believers is from twisted interpretations of the evidence that often ignores much more valid conclusions of said phenomena. As interesting as it would be to have had a technologically advanced race of giants that predated us, it just isn’t true. But then again, the government is paying us to say that.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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Tartary – Wikipedia

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