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Hey Man. Well, all right, have you ever heard of Rock Wall Texas? You shouldn't tell me about a town in Texas. Rock Wall Texas, Rock Wall Texas. Yeah, you ever heard of it? I am assuming it's that guys a town in Texas and not a person named Rock Wall Texas. Gosh, I canna wait. I'm saying you know exactly. He's a car dealer, right, Rock Wall Texas, and you got the big Tim Gallon Hat. Grew up in Vermont, right, and so he's down there and he's just using the worst like how do y'all? I have the best trucks in it down here. You Know Rumont? Well, yeah, he's in Vermont. He's in his hometown. People are like like, Stephen, we know that you're from, like we graduated high school together. Well, I am Rock Wall Texas. You can call me our debut and our DEBA Texas, our Wa Texas. Yeah, so it's a real we're talking about real place, though. Yeah, this is a town, not a not a person, and it's what are you looking at me like this is an alien thing. It's not an alien thing. You did not make a guy contact with this isn't there's some chance I don't think it is. They gonna rose. Well, I'm right. I'm thinking of rock. Anything is it has a slim chance to touch on aliens. This one doesn't. Okay, I mean it does have a slave. Anything has a slobchins, apparently, so this does have a slip. Okay, rock wall text, but it it probably isn't. Most like probably isn't. We're most likely not, as it owls. No, first things first, I'm the real tourist. I'm digging our graves. What are you a thought? So little whole happened was before we got into staring kids. It's too bad. I mean, have you ever done a hole? A BUSHEL is equal to about zero point zero, two blow blowing thirtys things. So here's the thing. So the town rock wall, Texas, is it's this town in the suburbs of Dallas. Okay, all right, DFW, if you will, sure have W students for rock wo frock will, rock will. That's the silent it's on the northeastern end of of the dfw area, okay, and it it's on the shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, and it's honestly like a really pretty town because it literally is like right up against the lake. And here's the thing, like, like Lake towns in Missouri, we trying to saw a time share there or it get to the point. It's a really pretty area. The school district is Great. Honestly. Yeah, what are you real turn what is this? I actually like, I'm really gonna love. You'RE gonna love rock wall text. I watched a real turns video about rock wall. Did you there for yeah, yeah, I mean. and honestly, the market is just booming right now, like you really and interest rates are in all time low. Yeah, you know, it's a really pretty town, uh Huh. And it's so here's the thing. Like Lake towns in Missouri, I like Super Hilly and like because the lakes in Missouri are usually like the shorelines, pretty hilly. Who was? Fort Worth is super flat. Yeah, like a super flat area. So the lakes are really flat. Yeah, this is the flattest Lake you've ever seen. That's a Buffy Lake. Yeah, you're in Missouri. We got bumpy lakes. Yeah, you get it. Italy hilly lakes, but yeah, it's not that way. So it's like it's honestly almost like a beach shore. I actually have pictures of it and it's if if it doesn't to make it better. It's also for the part where you say here's what's interesting. This is a no, third most wealthiest like county in Dallasis we're in the world in Texas. Okay, the Third Wealthiest County in Texas is Rock Wall County. Rock walls the county seat. I don't know. Okay, Oh, this is a really this is a great picture. And Look, I'm good now. Is that architecture? Is that tote him? Is that Tarte? I can't tell. Is this what you plan to show? It is you think? Do you have anyone's crazy is that? This town is just fuzzy. It's blurry. Look, this is the worst image I've ever seen in my life. Thing, here's the thing. On my screen, I have secret good rams looking for like this is ridiculous. On my screen, this looks a lot better this. This TV's way bigger than my screen. So this tells me lesson learned. I need to test this on the screen from now I. Yeah, old, not. No, I've just found in fight a higher resolution, our resolution image. Give me a second, let me see if I can. The point being is it's it looks very fancy. Yes, okay, since they're shopping center. Yeah, so they kind of have a couple of these. They have like almost like almost like the brandson landing, like yeah, like a like outdoor along the shoreline. They've got a bunch of docks everywhere. Can here you go, compare and stuff to Branson. I love this about you, so kind of the Branson Lady. Oh yeah, that's way better, a lot less blurry. Pretty Nice. It's yeah, they got a CINNA mark. You'RE gonna believe this place, Dude. Yeah, what is that? A crime? Just your typical like outdoor malls or I don't know. Who thought this was going to be like the big thing. It seems like Gen x was just like history. Yeah, you listen to the suburbs episode. You were there in the hot tub with I know, but I'm saying they like it seems like in the early two thousands they were like outdoor malls or the future, and people are going to want to live there. Yep, like Zona Rosa across from my house has apartments that are all like stupid expensive, and I'm like, what do you want to live above coldstone creamery? Go down a little bit. Why? What is your deal? A little bit, so it's okay. So they have multiple of these. Yeah, that is really pretty, though. It is really nice. And what's Nice about it is it's like it literally the shoreline is super flat, so it's like most of the town is just butts up to this big old lake. It's a big lake and they the sun sets on the opposite end of the lake. So every night sintimes they're just beautiful. Yeah, so it's a cool town. It's a cool town on Google maps. If you look it up on Google maps, this is the picture. It's just buper. seriously. Yeah, yeah, and actually, because it's the richest county, this is this is just a six year olds birthday party. Like this isn't even like the place you can go. This is just, you know, parents. Do you know parents do that stuff? Yeah, I was driving through the the rich neighborhood down by the plaza and there was a house that had a full bouncy castle and all that stuff and their front yard. I was like this is what. There's like a spectrum of just trashy. Right, so there's like there's like poor trashy, which is people who their yard is full of Christmas inflatables, but their front door is a piece of ply wood, right, and then there's rich, trashy, yeah, which is they are having full out, like they hire there's the people who hire monster trucks to just comes sit in the front yard for a kid's birthday party. It's the gemstones, yeah, people who are just like they're spending money and and by stupid, stupid stuff. Dumb. Yeah, a hundred percent. Yeah, I actually, you know, there was the there was the five hundred shark robot vacuum that I could have gotten, or there's this, you know, seventeen thousand dollar, looks like a person. It's literally it's a shark vacuum, but it's got a mannequin on top of it, so it just runs around your house, but it's shades like it's a person. You know, it's like real. That's my main thinking this. I don't think so. I don't know. I'm saying, like that's what they were by, though. You know, why? Why buy the you know, the UPPLE THE MIDDLE CLASS LUXURY ITEM? Yeah, when you can make something worse? That's what I'm saying about this. That is the point. That is the point. That's fair. That's fair. This is class trash. Is What it is. So it was. What's interesting about rock wall is how it got its name. Is it really? Is that where you're going? Yes, so, Rock Wall Texas. What's interesting about rock wall is how it got its name. Now there's a whole wall of rocks there and it's really pretty. This sunsets on the opposite end, so like at night, it just creates a good little shadow on it. And Anyway, houses are about, you know, four D and eighty two, five hundred and fifty. I could put you in to two bedroom this weekend. Contact me today. Yeah, started a job as a real turn to town that I lived seventeen hours. The real touristcom that way is the real tourist. The thing is that, as someone we had to be done that. First things first, I'm the real tourist. Somebody had to have done that. The real tourist. There are six posts on instagram with the Hashtag real tourist, real tourist, and they're all people who just did not a spellt tourist. Yeah, I think that is actually what's going on here. First things first, I'm the real tourist. Is If you're a real turn, you listen to our podcast, go sell some homes with that one. They're actually all in Iceland. I wonder if that's a word out there, out there anyway. So how did rock wall get their name? So rock wall, Texas wasn't always a town, as most towns were, at one point, it was an idea. So there was a group of settlers, okay, from Illinois, back when they called settlers settlers, and in like eighteen fifty, that are eight fifty one, they traveled to Texas, and this is an interesting time in history. I've always thought about where. It's like you have a life in Illinois and you just say let's take everything somewhere and then when we get somewhere it'll be home. I miss it. And then they just like laying I say this a lot. They just ended up in Texas and like this is our house now. We were talking ray and I my lady about why our families just ended up in Springfield and they were like this is it, this is home. At a time where they could have just been anywhere, they could have and they went this is the world. was their oyster. Yeah, I think they saw that giant fork and they were like we can't leave here, we gotta build around here. We go see the giant fork and the fork is a natural formation, and that's where I'm saying for a natural for nation. So the people from Illinois, yeah, and at one jumped on a flight down to Texas they settled. It was flights were really turbulent back then, bumpy, hilly, a hilly, flighty flights. But they got there and they said, man, the sunset here is beautiful, the promenade, the the bumper cars are great, this is so much. They got a CINNA mark. So they started playing at a cinna mark next to a cinnabond. Come on, yeah, I can't do it. Yeah, I gotta, I gotta stay here. So they started building and they were digging there well as you would, and they hit something and I bet you could guess it was a rock wall, just a layer of rock, like like you would see it, like planet fitness, if planet fitness shut up, my old climbing wall. They're digging their well and they come across, honestly, just the best training ground. You're not gonna believe this. Gonna leave this? No, but they did come across a rock wall. That I mean. Have you ever dug a hole? Yeah, I feel like, what did you why did you dig a whole? What was your reason? I've done a few holes. Yeah, well, you're a homeowner now. I feel like that's just part of something. harmers. Dude, lets you get a home. You're just like us on the back yard. I could dig it. Just drunk in your backyard digging holes. That's what I imagine all of homer homeowners all is. They're just like, well, my life is finished, I own a thing. And then they're like I oh, you're bother. You're like, I own this way and I'll do what I want to get and your wife is like, please, come inside, stop. You know. She's like what are you doing? I'm digging our graves to get us out it. Do get my graves gus. I mean we're not going to use them for a while, but it's getting prepared. I please don't have her yourself and the not bear yourself, please don't. Please, don't bear yourself. Also, please don't have your grave plot be in your backyard and your Beck Harts of a house. You own it. Your s probably won't even own it. then. What happens if you sell the house plots? I come back, knock on the doors like hey, my wife died, but our graves are in your backyard. Can I bury her there? Bury her next to our dogs. She made me promize. What like? It's shuttles and everything. She's in the Trun you already have a ghost in the basement. What's one more I've you say? I've got her in the trunk. You should put her in the passengers. That's creepy. You're weekend and three. So anyway, you've doug a few holes. Yeah, I took a few holes. And how deep were your holes? I mean, not crazy deep. I think the deepest I probably dug was like, I don't know, three or four deep, four feet, but that was I was digging to get dirt the other the other time. So my other hole like fill this whole. I think there's dirt everywhere moving. My Dad comes home, our back at looks like the movie holes. Sorry, I doug what I had to tie Ito. That's too bad. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, that's right, that's where new episodes drop on Patreon. Patreons a way to get early access to episodes and as their content and exclusive merchandise. And we're not going to stop there, because we got a private discord with our host and producers in it for less than seventeen cents a day. That's right, that's five dollar a month. You two can be a patreon supporter and not here advertisements in this freaking podcast anymore text till in the six six eighty sixty six. Otherwise I'll come to your house, I will find you, I will destroy everything that's good in your life until we're the only thing left. Anyway, here's another advertisement. Now we actually we doug a hole in the park, the neighborhood park. Yeah, in middle school. Oh, because there was this tunnel. There's a tunnel. It's just like a drain. Is like storm Jame tunnel right by the pool in the park. And a thing that you would do in my neighborhood when you're in middle school is you would go to the neighborhood park, and this is back when kids played outside a lot. Yeah, you go to the name of a park and you'd go coerce a bunch of third and fourth graders, your sixth, seventh, you're older, you have our yeah, you'd course them to come explore the tunnel with you. But the tunnel was like it was honestly probably like this is the thing in your town's just course and third graders to the tunnels. Yeah, that's kill a kid in modern house once. Yeah, three football fields long and then it curt. It cut a corner right and are on the right around the corner. What we did is we, with masking tape, mummified a little YODA doll and hung it from the ceiling and there was a manhole cover right there. So another one of us, okay, what stand up on the street. Yeah, and we'd come around the corner and we would make a lot of noise when we saw the the way I said a lot of noise. Yeah, launch and nors such when we saw the Yoda and then the person at the manhole cover would through the manhole cover pretend to be Satan and like they would know their names. We would tell them like hey, we took hey, what are your name's? Kids, we have a scout. You're saying they're a scout. Them children took him into a three hundred foot long tunnel. This is just the thing to do in your town. Hey, kids, we're older and more powerful than you. Come with us, or will beat you up. And then they'd cover up the course. You used to work co worse. They cover at the corner and they would think they saw found a mummified baby hanging from the ceiling, because that's what we made it look like and because we cut the ears off. Of course we cut the Yodo years off, obviously, and then one of the they would cry and then the Satan person would say their names, whatever they're name was, so like todd, it's me, Satan. That's pretty much where it ended all the time, and they'd run away and we thought it was Super Fun. This was back before. Did someone do that to you? Um, this was just something you thought of. I I do remember going in there when I was as sounds like I'm filling the origin story. That sounds like there are people in your town who are straight up out to get you. I remember going in there when I was younger with some older kids and getting scared. I don't remember exactly what happens that. I remember for years not going in. There's got to be someone who's listening to our podcast from your hometown who is just like it was just like he's laughing about my trauma. You know, like what a weird thing you guys, and you're like yeah, good that. You know people complain about and it. Maybe you need to hear that if you're a parent. People complain about kids being on video games all the time, but look at the alternative. All right, yeah, well, he's learn not pretending to be Satan. Let me give so the whole. So the way the hole happened was before we got into scaring kids, we were just exploring the tunnel. We were just scary. Well, who does explode? Before we got into it, you know, and that was really like before we before our hobby evolved into just, you know, fright, it was really more innocent than that. It was just digging holes. Well, they were like maybe we could use this whole just scare some children. We were exploring the tune, doing a little innocent spray painting inside the tunnel and stuff, you know, but we never adventured too far down the door of Vand we never ventured too far down the tunnel because was scary. Well, we could tell that the man who cover had to be there because a little bit of light shone down in, but we never went far enough to go actually find out because we were scared. And so one one summer we just took all my dad's shovels to the park and just started digging a hole in the park, like in the like grass lawn part of the park, where we were like yeah, we think of that hole. That light is probably going from this plot of land with no hole. Maybe we could find it. You started digging to try to find the tunnel. We were trying to find that hole where the light was coming in the tunnel and we're like, yeah, that's probably right around here in the freaking park. I'm surprised no one caught us and I got surprised we'd hit like the sprinkler lines or anything like that. But yeah, we dug the hole and then my dad got real mad at US and how to go fill it in. Yeah, we put it back in. They're all right next to it. Yeah, he's like, but there's the point, is that your original hole was filled. Yeah, and here's why I bring the story up. If you dig a hole, you generally hit something like you're gonna hit. There's something underground. There's a lot of things in the ground. There's something down there. I don't like the way said that. So the people in Texas and rock walls has hit this rock wall and they hit it and they're like, oh, it's there's something, there is rock, this is rock. And so they they started trying to dig around it and as they dug around it, they were like, oh, this is like, this isn't like a rock, this is like a wall. This is this is a rock wall. And here's the thing. It does not. I can tell you righting that it does not look natural. Let me show you. So there's there's one portion of it. What resolution is the imager about the show? We'll find out when I get it on the screen. There's there's one portion of it that is still exposed today just because it's the town has boomed and has been a lot of development. So writing buried back in there's one person that's still supposed today and this is part of that rock wall. It does not seem natural. Looks Natural at all. It so wait, it very much looks like a set of stones, like they are all about two to three feet long. Maybe. No, it's clearly a man made like stacked up rock. Yeah, and it's that they're cut up and still the rocks are shaped, you know, relatively similar. So there's no more to or anything. They're just stacked. They're just stacked. So they're loose. Well, I mean they've been underground for a long time. So a lot of like dirt has got up in those cracks, and so that's pretty firm. Yeah, well, dirt up in the cracks, so it's pretty ferb. That's what I say when I get home for the mindes of the mines all day. A lot of dirt for these. And this where you want to go with? All right, I'm AB outside and dig some holes. All right. So they found a manmade wall. Yeah, underground, underground. So, and this is the only part that's still exposed. This is the only part that still expose. This is the house right there. That's the Rock Wall Historical Society. Okay, and they've got a little museum with all the history about all the families. How long do they think it is? Here's what's interesting. So in one thousand nine hundred and eighty in architect went and mapped the STU. I mean at a certain point, like someone's got to be like, we should figure out where this Wall came Oh, a lot of people have tried, a lot of people are try. Okay, look at that. Okay, and in one thousand nine hundred and eighty and architect, aliens and architect went and mapped this wall and because there was a lot of they come out croppings where it just sticks out of the ground. There was in the s still a bunch of those spots where it sticked out. So you went around up since, yeah, mostly because of just development like so you're saying under Niel Cina mark is a full wall. Yeah, case may s. How longer he determined it is. So he went around and he mapped it. He actually just found all the outcroppings and then took a map and played connect the dots, like it's, I don't know, one of those Italian grills with the anyways on macaroni grew. Yeah, they were going crony go. This is the map of the wall. It is my entire city and more like it. This is so to give you a picture, this is about thirteen miles long and about five miles wide and it's, if you're listening, stretch on this side is thirteen miles. Thirteen miles. Yeah, and so to give you a picture, if you're listening there it's almost a rectangle. There's some angles all, and I mean the the two with sides are pretty straight. Yeah, and then the one length is pretty straight. Ye, the other one is really kind of a good yeah, and what's interesting is it's like it it reminded me of like if you look at if you look at the map section of your Bible and they have the like kingdoms that have their walls, like there's like kind of the inner walls ser weird down here at the bottom. Yeah, that's why I'm saying there's like there's that big outer wall and then there's like an inner wall with like almost like if this was some sort of wall for like a kingdom that was like their keep was like the central area where it's was more fortified than everything else. Very, very big, very very much. I mean you saw the wall. It looks be made. You see this your how tall do they think it is? That is where there's a lot of speculation. Nobody has reached the bottom. People try, yeah, theories. The theory is that it's about eighty feet deep. Holy Cow, no, nobody's made it to the bottom of this wall and no one's interested enough to do it. I'm interested right now. Let's go start digging. People are interested. Eighty feet eighty feet deep. Eighty feet deep. So you're saying if it is eighty feet, right, let's do a conservative let's just say fifty feet. That's a five story building. Yes, so you're saying that four thirteen miles there's that tall of a wall. Yeah, yeah, and we've just built on top of it. Yes, and people are just like let's put some bumper cars. At no point in this just did somebody want to go. Let's just try to get to the bottom. Well, a lot of people have. The problem is, eighty feet is a that's a long hole. I mean you're digging for a while. This isn't just something. You're probably digging through multiple layers of the earth. Yes, yes, this is this is a significant project to get to the bottom of it. So we'll turn the calendar back to the beginning. When they first found this, the people who found it were amazed. They were like this is got to be man made. And if it's covered up in eight hundred and fifty, it's been there for a long time. And I knows how long I mean. And if and for it to be as tall as it is, I mean eighty feet deep, that is a lot of layer of earth, which would make you say that this is thousands of years old. Yeah, so this is it's a significant find if it really is man made. So in the fifties a bunch of people. But you're looking at that picture and saying it's not man made. Well, the conclusion now is that it's natural. Are you dumb? Are who pull a picture back up of the thing of the wall? They conclude? Someone says that this is natural. Yeah, they stupid. Are they stupid? Is that it's natural? Well, why would that name? Well, that's dumb. Well, okay, so we'll roll the clocks. Just how would someone find this picture? Because if you see this, there's no way you're looking at this being like yeah, it's natural. Yeah, I don't know, man. That's clearly like the way that bricks are laid out. You know how you put your long break over to yeah, like for the support. That's how it's laid down. The only happened that is not as no way. There's no freaking way. But the general consessence now is that it's a natural formation. People are stupid. WHO's dumb enough to be like this is okay, whatever. What are they covered up? What are they coming out? So in eight hundred and fifty, where they see they were super hyped about it. Yeah, Dung, a bunch of holes and look at it. That was like we left our lives, no annoise, for this, this wall. We got a wall. Like what are they? Cool if we could climb it. And that's how rock walls were born. Okay, so they they incorporated as a town. They knew after the wall. Yeah, what's they called, Rock Wall? Oh, I thought you were right. They called him Peter and they named it Peter, Peter the wall. Peter the wall. Yeah, it's easy to our wall, Peter. Yeah, we like them. We like them. We're pretty sure he's natural. Pretty crazy, know. At that point everybody was like, yeah, this is some ancient society. Yeah, obvious, okay, because it's like, I mean, it looks like it looks like something you would see. Like is this composed, exposed part of the limit? This is the only exposed today. Really, that is the only part that is exposed today. Really, there's a rumor that there's a spot on private property where there's an archway, but I cannot find any pictures of this arch way. This is the only part that's exposed today. Yes, yeah, that is crazy, because that's because they're covering it up. So for four years early, but also for years people were they settled. The town Baptist Church opened up and like they started establishing like a real town. Right. Well, in one thousand eight hundred and eighty something, the rock wall suspect, which is they are local murder, their local sketchy life. Oh Yeah, that's the Rock Wall subspect going there any crime. He's our number one, you know. Yeah, they didn't have the words scapegoat then. So there's like yeah, he's the word. No now. Yeah, so the Rock Wall suspect their newspaper. It's their newspaper. This is a bona fide newspaper. I need to need to lead with that. Real paper. This is a real paper. This is not a tabloid. They are not Info Warscom, they are not wall truth dotnet. If you look at any of their news articles real throughout the history of the newspaper, everything is to totally just normal. It's things going on in town. It's classified. It's a normal newspaper. Right. But in I can't remember the year I was looking forward today this morning. I can't remember. Hear sometime in the mid s s they put on an article that a local farmer was digging at the wall, like a lot of people in town generally did, because we were like we want to know, we want to know what it is. Also, the a teen in the markets stay anything else to do. They've been built our outdoor mall. Yet it's so bro this. So what they said is that he was diging the hole and he found a skull of like a giant human head, like a skull, but like big, and it said it was half a Bushel in size, which is what, which is big? People do you under beat? People understood that meant. They did understand, like Oh, half a Bushel, half a Bushel. Yeah, and so like it went to extensive Lens. A BUSHEL. Let me pull it up. So half bushel is four and a half gallons. How many tablespoons is that? So half bushell comes out to roughly one hundred table spears? How many airplanes is that? How many thirty sevens is it's like half a Bushel. Don't worry about it. Okay, seven soscom yeah, there we go. You said that up right. Yeah, yeah, it's a real calculators stories. What object are you measuring? I am measuring a Bushel length and with their feet. I mean four gallons. That's gotta be like what, one foot for gallons? Yeah, that's two foot, two feet. Okay, so that comes out to if we stacked for gallons here. All right, so, according to how many seven and thirty Sevencom a Bushel is equal to about zero point zero, two, blowing, bowing and thirty sevens. Okay. Also, I don't even remember which of us how we did that, but whatever, I'm probably called it back. So he says he finds a giant skull. Yeah, a big, a big, and there was a human star rock in the forehead. Right, pretty crazy story, though, Goliath and went to pretty, pretty big lengths to describe the shape of it. It said it was missing most of its teeth, but it did still have a few teeth on the top jaw. Yeah, and it ends the article like of a war job it. He had civil war job. Civil war hasn't even happened. Ye, happened then eighteen by one thousand eight hundred and eighty. That's fair. Civil War job. He was there, he's in the civil war. Everyone missed them. Have you heard of tilling? PODCAST March? That's right, we have a merge store full of tilling bread and tea's, hoodies, mugs and so much more. We also make new designs for every single episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them while they're hot. Text till into six, six, eight and sixty six to get your till and March today. The article ends with them saying whatever his name is, like farmer Johnson has he has opened up his home to anyone in the town who wants to come see the skull. So the next day an article comes out. This is guys, that a mob shows up and as like, I want to see the skull and he's just holding that like we'Rrefiki and Lion King. Just everybody in the town doesn't got to it's a giant's head and it's half a Bush, which is zero point zero two, s seven thirty seven. Is Martha. They're all named Martha, isn't that? And that what it is. Martha or Marsha, just just close enough. What are you a thought? Yeah, she's a shove man. Oh Man, I've been talking this new girls. She's a real shot. She's a real shot. You gotta find them with Fuck. You gotta hold on to her. So, yeah, everybody goes to his house. And it's like, let me see this skull, and then everybody show I'm here to see this. Call Man, someone Knox and girl front door. It's just like I'm here to see this call. At a certain point they got knocking like you know why I'm here, and everybody who saw this skull was so taken aback by the scenario that they immediately we're like, well, that's we got a dig and so the whole town mob is out here, a whole town is at his land just digging. And according to the story in this newspaper article, they dug all day until eventually one of the guys there, he calls every one over and he's like, I found like a hole in the wall and he's like watch this, and he drops his hammer through the hole and so he reaches the hand through the hole. It's a hole in the wall which is hand through, and drops it and it sounds like it falls like for a long way. And then what's interesting is the article says it's was described as if it hit metal, like it sounded like it hit metal, which is obviously not natural. And so they were like the wall apart. So they got their picks axe, pick axes and started ripping open this wall and they said they they found a cavern that was about sixty feet tall, held up with all these pillars. What. The interesting point, though, is that the article does say it wasn't clear whether this cavern was man made or natural, which is interesting because, like, what are you talking about? I'm serious, like when I look at this and nice go someone's gonna look at this and tell me that's natural? Yeah, I don't know. I mean here I've got some other pictures of when they had it excavated. More okay, I will say in this excavation shot it's a little bit more believable that it's natural because it's a little less cleaned up, but at the same time I just find it hard to believe. I mean if it's been there for a long time, it's hard to believe that it would be covered up. Yeah, there would be this any rocks and they look like they're stacked because because there's there's a chance, like if you have a wall at this that was exposed, that erosion could rode like a pattern into it. Sure, and like I've seen like up in the mountains and color. I don't I've seen some lake has flooded. Yeah, this has been under water at some point, true, but even that, like, I've seen some like erosion where there's like patterns, but it's not this big like this is. This looks like a picture you would have. Is your background, by the way, this is eighty feet deep. That's at feet. Well, this is. This one is like about thirty. But the wall is supposedly runs eighty feet deep, four miles and it looks like this. You don't see that. Like if you see something that looks like this natural, like it's it's a small moment where that pattern is and then it gets random again, like this is not right. To uniform, yeah, to be natural. Now here's another picture, an older one. I don't I can't confirm that this is real. Everything I found that talks about this shows this picture, and this picture, to me, if it's real, is a nail in the coffin that this is not natural, because they are are curved stones that wrap around like windows. Does it look better in your computer now? Is this this? Look this is a drawing, though. This is not a picture. Are you sure? Oh, absolutely, look at that, look at the colors. I don't know, man, that's a draw that's I don't know. What's the caption of the bottom? Say, could you read it on your screen? No, I can't. Is it that low res on yours? It's yeah, it's pretty cooks. Is An old photo. This is supposedly what they have at the they had this at the historical society, supposedly. Yeah, here's another one from way back in the day of this is the former that found it. Yeah, this child before he grew up. Yeah, yeah, see that picture. Look at the line, look at the there's no way, absolutely no way, that this could happen naturally. I will say the cavern thing, like, I mean look at fantastic caverns. There are pillars holding that up like that. Yeah, they don't look anything like that. They didn't subscribe the builds like and not evil pillers. Yeah, they didn't describe the pillars in the article. They just said pillars holding up the cavern and they never mentioned the metal sound again. Like, I don't know what that sound was. Hitting metal was. I think in theory they would have been just a hammer hitting a rock, you know, and they were just excited. I don't know. He is hammer back? I don't know. Actually, you can get it of this. So it's this giant wall and in in the people aren't going to let us tear down their house. is to look for. I think there's a law in your house. Can I? Yeah, I know, there's walls in my house. I built it now, a bunch of walls. Hey, idiot, why don't you? There might be like a society underneath this. So so they in like the you think that half Bushel head cares about your stock prices? Shut up, like let's just dig up your house. But like the S. let me see, until until the S, it was almost like a tourist attraction. You could pay a quarter to go see the wall and they had a big hole you could go down in and be like, Oh, look at this wall. I don't know if it's real or not. We should just go knock ondoors and rock wall Texas back. We're here to see the skull. You know I were here. You know I were here. That's that's another thing that's really interesting, the skull. So in the s all of the excavation sets got buried. Since then there have been a couple people who have gone back and dug a hole to see it, but it's been filled in. There was one guy who I watched the history channel special about this, which was very, very interesting because it here's what was weird to me about this history channel special. It concluded that it was natural in the special. Since when does history channel do anything rational? Like, since when does history channel find something and say Oh, yeah, this is normal, Clus isn't aliens? That history channel would have been like, yeah, this is aliens, but they are like yeah, this is just a natural formation. That's subs very subspect to me that history channel chose the most like not conspiracy, that ser that is our rockwell suspect. But yeah, so the history channel said it was natural. It there's no way. And what they said? What they said? Here's what they said. They said it I can't remember the word they use. It was like a sand lift, I think, is what they called it. So essentially there's a layer of earth and underneath that layer of earth there's a layer of store. was a layer of sand, and there's some tectonic plate shift that push the stand up in between the earth and gave it almost like a pillar to go up in there. And then over millions of years it hardened and took a weird shape and it was a really odd rare natural thing. What's very odd to me about that is I don't understand why it would this. Would like if this, if it if the plates shifted, I don't understand why it would be like erecting a like this. That like made sense. I feel like it would be way more jagged and just kind of like one line to say Lee to me, be like this is the fault line or whatever. Yeah, it wouldn't be. There wouldn't be a yeah, there wouldn't be those hard turns. There wouldn't be it's very it'd be very unusual for a plate shifting to do something like that. But somewhere in the s they just stopped digging. This skull disappeared. They had this school until you hit the skull and it disappeared. No one knows where it is now. Any pictures of it? There are pictures I've seen. I don't know if they are legitimate pictures of the skulled or if it's like it's the oral you know, the Rock Wall Monster, the Rock Walls Skull, the Rock Skull Wall. So this is let me grab this real quick and throw this up here. In theory this is the Rock Wall skull. I don't. I can't let geimize this. Okay, and anyway, I tried to. I'm just asking you to show me the picture already. But this is, in theory, the Rock Wall Skull. So there's a half a Bushel basket next the Rock Wall skull. So if you knew what any of those know what. And then there's a gallon jug next to a normal human skull. This is a little bit bigger. Wow. So, yeah, there's the scale representatis looks like us. Here's your tiny little head. You know that you're the teeth on that skull or straighter than yours, for sure. And then there's my head, yeah, which the teeth on your head are bigger than my eyes. So now that's wild. Yeah, so I don't know if that's legit, but if it is, it's crazy because we don't like normal. History doesn't have anything about this. But yeah, somewhere in these someone of the s the skull disappeared and the wall was buried. All that excavation skull disappeared. Yeah, no one knows what this call is. And Oh, people know and the wall was buried. Coming this spring on our true crime podcast, and then geologists were like, yeah, this is just a natural formation, nothing weird about it, which is crazy to me because here's nothing came to look at. It's buried. So I mean, I'd be hard to you know. I've yeah, I guess she's gotta let it go. Here's what you know. It's far more interesting is a lot of people in rock all like the locals, will say, yeah, my grandpa used to talk about going out to see the wall and they would describe the windows when they saw the wall, like that picture I showed you with them. Yeah, windows, they say. There's curve stones that arched over windows that would be opening and behind it would just be dirt. But they would be like yeah, my my GRANDPA and my grandma used to talk about that. It's bonkers. But now it's like, Oh yeah, there's no windows, that's a wives tail. It's a natural formation. There's no skull. This called them existed and then they just buried long. GRANDPA remembers town putting the skull on his head. They were, course, the gators into the into the cavern, you know, and they would standing over the manhole and be like I'm sure Jing, you know, and that's just some of you remembers doing as a kid. You know, it's just a good time. got of a local town there. Yeah, people would never entered it back then. I know they had a lot of stuff. They was digging holes and scaring third graders. Called it scary skulls Saturday. He's scary skull Saturdays. Here's the thing. It's not natural. I don't believe that. Also the reason why I brought the history sheel thing. I've ever hit that because I brought this chanel thing. Is this guy went and he saw he met with the an Esku, a local excavator. He owns an excavation company. They was the escalator at classic leader and he asked them, he said, he said, can we see this? And he's like, he's like no, there's only that one spot. That's that's exposed. He had already seen it in the episode and he was like. He's like, but I own an excavation company and in the S he was the guy that picture I showed you of that big dug out. He's the guy who doug that. Eventually it actually flooded and then they had to pump it and they buried it again. They just kind of gave up after that flood. But he was like. He's like, I own an excavation company, I'll dig it. If Dick it out, if you want to see it and like come to a conclusion, because this guy in the show is like supposed we did geologist. He was going to decide whether or not it was real or whatever. He was just like Nah, it's okay, Oh, you'll dig, you'll dig the hole. Yeah, good. Yeah, and then the guy watches the interview back, and so what he did was he was just like, you know, would you dig the hole? In the show? US though the wall, and the guy was like yeah, of course, I mean I'd be having I own an excavation company. He's a great quick route for would you cheat on your wife? And then I was like no, and then when you washed it back, you just cut him together, and so it's like when you dig the hole? No, no, of course not. I would never do that. Why would you? Even? I love saw. So he asks him. He's like he's like. He's like we can do that, we can just dig a hole. He's like, don't want to go get like permits or something like. He's like that, what are they gonna do stop me? I've got an excavator. You can do whatever you want. When it really says he says we don't need permits. This is Texas permits. Well, we're going, we don't need permits. No, sir, this is Texas. And also we're pursuing giants. So they just dig a hole and the guy took some samples, like cut the rocks a little bit, and then he was like, yeah, these are natural, these are some shiny nastro their rocks whatever. Oh Wow, I'm mad now. Yeah, so that's a literal cover up. Pretty clearly looks like they're covering something up. I don't know, man, I no, Noi still alive. Yeah, there's still around where they got the sad they actually ate the skull. I may happen died. They won't die. Every morning I just take this goal and I is I breathe in it's life giving powers. And they look great, like they look like their skin is just like, you know, their eyes are blugged out, like they're just say, yeah, I'm still mine. Yeah, I just drink from the skull every morning. Can we see this? No, nobody see. I'm Satan. All right, you can't do that in the middle of an interviewer. Every we've already covered that, you know. You know I can see you anyway. Yeah, so rock while they're covering it up. Yeah, it's covered up quite literally. We've added it to our tilling road trip. Yeah, WE'RE gonna have to go. It's gonna Bring my dad's shovels and saying what have this natural beauty. That's the thing that's crazy. Is like even in that documentary, the guy in the history channels like this is the most amazing natural rock formation I've ever seen my life. Stupid. And here's the thing. Why would they cover it up if it is? Yeah, dig that hole and then let tourist come see it. People travel from all over the world to see things like the grand can, but people in rock stall like yeah, but then the poores would be here, you know they you gotta remember their rich people in their Texas Rah, which is right. It hasn't always been a super rich town. So yeah, back when they were charging the quarter for everyone to come see it, like I don't understand why they would ever stop that. Like, if people are traveling to see this amazing natural formation in like I feel like you capitalize off that. Yeah, this is America. We capitalize off of our natural formations. Yeah, look of the grand can you? Yeah, look about Rushmore. anyways, it's crazy. He's here's the the widest part, while was part of the thing. Go ahead, the wild thing when they got into the cavern. All right, now it was where he dropped the hammer. Yeah, dropped the and then he's like wait, she's here metal. Yeah, is it? I kind of hear, I kind of hear. Don't, don't got don't you know metal music? Oh, like, no, I'm pretty sure it's fiddles. I'm pretty sure that's Oh, I got him confused. It's a fiddle off. Things of the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by connerbet social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg. Our hoster, Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at Tilling podcast, that's Tillo in podcast. Leave a review, comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

Fifty years ago, pieces of an ancient wall peaked out from underground all around Rockwall, TX. Today, much of the wall has been buried, but this quiet Dallas suburb may be host to the oldest surviving structure in the United States. It seems pretty clear that this wall is man-made, or at least intelligently made. Yet, despite all the signs, the public discourse regarding the wall is that it is a natural formation. Even still, conspiracies about the wall abound. Some people are convinced that giants were involved. We don’t know about that last part, but there’s no way this thing is natural.

Rockwall County Texas

The city of Rockwall, Texas, is the county seat of the local county that bears the same name. The town is an affluent suburb situated 23 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. Located along the eastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, the locals enjoy the lake lifestyle and some of the best sunsets in the region. But, the most significant piece of the city is not its lake or demographics. Instead, the town’s history, the reason it earned the name Rockwall, landed the show on the History Channel.

Discovering an Ancient Wall

In 1851 a group of settlers made camp in the region to establish the area as their new home. Shortly after that, construction efforts began, which included digging a well. While searching, the settlers hit something hard. They attempted to dig around the object, but they quickly realized that this was more than just a buried rock. This was an entire wall.

The settlers dug around the clock, revealing more and more of this wall. The subterranean formation appeared to be stacked stones of similar shape and size, to their amazement. They concluded this could only be artificial and most likely built by a group many thousands of years ago. This was the prevailing theory for decades and even became the name of the town and county when each was established.

Man-made or Natural

The wall became quite the destination for archaeologists, scientists, and laypeople. Unfortunately, the locals quickly set up a tourist trap that ran until the mid-1950s charging a quarter for admittance into a dugout portion of the wall. Many people at the time and people to this day swore that some unknown prehistoric society made the wall. However, when the experts came to town, they ruled that the wall was natural.

A map of the famed underground rock wall in Rockwall Texas
Map of the famous rock wall underground at Rockwall Texas.

The specs of this wall, however, beg to differ. This wall forms almost a perfect rectangle and runs 7 miles long and 4 miles wide. In the ’80s, an architect took the time to map it, and it’s pretty clear that it follows an unnatural pattern. But what do we know?


The wall is undoubtedly an exciting structure. Whether the Rockwall is natural or artificial, it is a fantastic formation. However, it is very curious that the wall has been completely buried, making it seem like a cover-up. Oh, and there are rumors that giants built it. But you’ll have to watch this week’s episode to find out more about that.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Rockwall, TX – Wikipedia

The Wall – Texas Hill Country

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