Sandy Jenkins Didn’t Make Enough Money, So He Stole


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Hey, this week we talk about the Canterbury Tales. I don't know what that place was called the Collins Street Bakery. Okay, this week we talk about the Collins Street Bakery. Hey, welcome. We're talking about the Collin Street Bakery. And they're accountant who stole out of their money. Pretty good fraud, great fraud, such a good fraud. His wife didn't know what was going on, but they spent a lot of money. And then we just kind of talk about how that went down. So this is Tim. I'm jar and Tim teaches me something. I don't know what the topic is when we sit down, so it's kind of fun to just go for it. So Journey, it's a great episode. You're gonna learn some stuff. And we just kind of hang out and left and anyway, let's do it. Good fraud. Hey man, what's up? Have you ever heard of Sandy Jenkins? Sandy Jenkins? Yeah, Sandy Jenkins? All right, So we're what nineteen eighty four and we're in a town and let's call it Indiana? Are we Midwest Club? And okay, who's Sandy Jenkins? Sandy Jenkins? Well, here, let's do this. Have you ever heard of the Colin Street Bakery, The Colin Street Bakery, Oh, home of the original Deluxe fruit cake trademark. Yeah, I no, I guess not. Yeah, they have we learned about fruitcakes. They sell fruitcakes and they've been saw it's you. They sell fruitcakes. That's all we gotta say about that. Okay, they have for a long time, since eighteen ninety six. You know what, people over use the words world famous when people are like for our world famous sweet teas. Okay, to be fair, though, these are world famous fruitcakes. They literally ship them worldwide to like royalty, like the Queen of has ordered this multiple times a year since like nineteen oh seven, Like it's like a tradition. Oh, these are genuinely Like I agree with you, most people ever use world famous. It's not world famous. They just make They're just lying these people. They are world famous fruitcakes. Okay, these people genuinely I'm not even kidding when I say this, genuinely, Like we might not know about fruitcakes if it wasn't for Colin Street and their world famous deluxe fruitcakes. Okay, sorry, fruitcakes nerve for you. I'm just so bassionate about the con Street Bakeries fruitcakes man, like they people love these fruitcakes. I don't fruitcake is garbage, but a lot of people love fruitcakes from con Street Bakery. He is thinking about ninety eight thousand dollars a month on a Black America. I need a month. Yeah, and it's got the blacks, got the black yep. I want it so bad. If I got it, I wouldn't tell you guys, just so you know, I'd just recovery undercover bris. Are you on the show? Is this the show? Yeah? Things I learned last night. They started by family. Yeah. I was wondering how you're gonna pivot out of this. Just you just kept going. You're like, I freaking love him, dude, and the best thing I've ever had in my life. So in eighteen eighty six, it was started by the Colins family. Surprisingly, no, not even like it couldn't be further from the Colin Street just go Colin Street. Yeah, no, they were starting the episode. They were started by the McNutt family. And that's the truth. McNutt. This is I think Ken McNutt in this picture. Okay, they started a bakery together with the family. He's like the third or fourth generation. Okay, okay, coay, but anyway, it's like if Steve Irwin wasn't in the wilderness all the time, and Steve Irwin was domesticated investigated Steve. So it's just the khaki button up and like the really bright white teeth, yeah, blonde hair, and it does kind of vaguely look like him, like if you close your eyes, it was more like an adult version of his son. I guess, yeah, yeah, if you look at something else, you might think that's if you use your imagination. So col Street Bakery was on originally on Collin Street in Corsicana, Texas. I took this picture of the satellite so we can get an idea of where this is. This is about halfway between Waco and the Dallas Fort Worth area. If halfway was off to the side a little bit. Oh. So it's like on on I forty five. On I thirty five north of Waco, we see West Texas right there, see Abbott in West Texas. In West Texas. Yeah, there is the check Stop Bakery. Yeah, and that is Do they have world famous fruitcake there? World famous kawachies. They send those to the Queen of Ireland. Yes, she raves about them. Uh. And of course with Canna. I don't know a lot about the town, but what I can tell you is from what I've found, apparently like a pretty affluent town. Like people in this town, for some reason in the middle of this small town in the middle of Texas are pretty affluent. I don't know if they're commuters to Waco into Fort Worth. It seems like a long commute from there. But somehow there's an industry there where most of the people in this town are like keeping up with the Jones is like pretty affluent in Okay, that's an important detail. Sure, Contree Bakery been around for a long time, and Contree Bakery was kind of fashion forward, but without the fashion bakery forward. Okay. Uh, they were ahead of the game because they were doing mail and fruitcakes. So you could send a little letter and say, hey, I want this fruitcake, and they would mail the fruitcake to you no matter where you were in the world. Oh, they did very early, like early nineteen hundreds. They were mailing fruitcakes globally. Yeah, and maybe that's a testament to fruitcake that how long is it hold? I guess, I mean, I don't. I'm gonna be honest with you. In my two week old fruitcake. Yeah, I'm gonna be dead serious for a second. I don't do this podcast, but I would be dead serious for a second. I don't know if I've ever put a fruitcake in my mouth ever. Okay, so I don't say that I as a fruitcake. I'm assuming frulistic a look at it. It's definitely some kind of cake, and like some almonds. There's almonds on there. And then there's one of the green and red stuff. I think that's jello that looks it doesn't look like real fruit. Yeah, that's definitely some kind of jello or some candy. And then I wonder if in the cake there's fruits. I don't know. I wonder if there's a way for us to figure it out. You keep sitting in front of your computer and being like, I don't know how to look. Here's a picture. Let's look at it. Let's look at a picture and figure out what's in there. Okay, So fruit cake or let me read this to you. Fruitcake or fruitcake is a cake made of with candied or dried fruit, nuts, and spices and optionally, oh this is why it's popular optionally soaked in spirits. In the UK, so they're pretty big in the UK. Certain versions may be iced and decorated, so yeah, these look nasty. Yeah they don't look good. Oh, fruitcake was outlawed. Fruitcakes, I love fruitcakes were so rich that they were considered sinful and they were outlawed in Europe in the eighteenth century because they were so sill. This is so good interesting. Oh imagine that's pretty wild. You make a dessert so good that like the police are like, can't sell that. That's too good. I mean, yeah, that's got to be a confidence boost. Yeah, but it would also be pretty frustrating. Oh yeah, you black market that for sure. Anyways, so this bakery was a worldwide bakery. Is the point to try to make it it's a big deal. Where is it ailing from? All Corsicana, Texas? That's right. They now have like shops all around that area, like Waco, Corsicana, and then a bunch of little small towns along. Sure they're dotting it. They're big thing though, is like online orders, and then it was mailing orders. Now is online orders. Stop doing that? Stop that? I stopped that and now the online is like our big things. So they got a big market for online fruitcake sales. And they've got other baked kids. Sure. But the reason we're talking about this Sandy Jakins, This is Sandy Sandy Jenkins, Oh, was an accountant for Colin Street Bakery. Okay, and Colin Street, like I said, it's a global baker, it's a pretty big bakery. But he was the only accountant on staff for them. And he made about fifty thousand dollars a year, a modest salary. And they lived a good life, but they didn't live like a like good life. What year are we talking. This is early two thousands, okay, And Sandy was a little frustrated. He is not living his dream career. Yeah, selling fruitcakes. Yeah, well he's not even selling. He's the accountant. He's counting fruitcakes, taking account Yeah. And here's the deal. He did not make it into his dream career. In fact, his dad like swayed him away from his dream career because as a kid, yeah, he can't be a monster driver. Sandy, Well, as a kid, his dream job in kindergarten, all the other children want to be firefighters or work at McDonald's or something, and he he said, I want to be a funeral director. And his dad said, that's freaking weird. Hey, buddy, takes something up your when you walk, freaking me out. Why? Yeah, And that was like, that's a creepy thing to say as a child, to be a funeral director and ending up business cards to his teachers. Let me know when your friends die, you're going to go before and I'll be there for you and I'll direct your funeral. Uh. He says that his reasoning for this as a kid wasn't because of the body go, body go, flowers go, hours go. Don't you read the script? Everyone holds, everyone hold hold. Uh No, his reasoning for it wasn't the death and stuff. It wasn't like a dark thing it was. It was he noticed that every funeral he went to, which I guess he went to a few for him to pick up on this, but he knows every funeral he went to, the funeral director was the best dressed person there. And he's like, he's like, I want to be sharp, like the funeral directors. Yeah, and they always drive these like jet black cars and they like seem really cool. Yeah, the jet black cars and the huge back seats and like the long car was cool to drive. I want to drop my kids off to school in that. Yeah, his dad said, so that's freaking weird. Uh pick something else, being an accountant or something, Okay, And he's like he loved his dreams of hanging out with the dead to be an accountant. Scary thing for a five year old to say to you, A funeral director, I'd like to be a funeral director when I grow up. I'm sorry, I asked, honestly. Uh no, no, no, that's fine. That's fine, Sandy. That's a really good dream. Cool, that's a good dream. That's a good, really good dream. I'm going to call your I can't even lie to them. I'm gonna call your parents. I'm going to tell your parents who said that. See, that's what I'm worried about. I'm worried about having a weird kid, you know, because that is something that is a real concern, but also because the worst part about having a weird child is that your weird kid is going to make weird friends and then your house is just full of weird kids. It's weird all the time. Yeah. Yeah, and that's not something I want. Yeah, you don't want to be around that. There's a different there's different brands of weird though, Like there's certain brands of weird that's cool. But can you imagine the friends of the kid who wanted to be a funeral director. That's what I'm saying, like all of them. I'm thinking, like, you know, he goes to stay at the night at someone's house. Yeah, and you know, and he's telling the because he's obviously the kind of kid that all the other kids playing in the basement. And then he's upstairs talking to the kid's mom. Yeah, and it's it's a sleepover. He's wearing a double breasted suit. Yeah. Yeah, and then he like goes and changes his pajamas, silk pajamas, silk pajamas. Imagine he's like combed over, hair over. He's got a rolex. He's got a rolex on both of breast, he's got a he's got a rolex for daytime and then a nighttime role to put on my evening rolex. So tell me, Cassandra, you said he's got grape juice. You had said something about hmmm, welches, And she's crying because she had like her husband, right, because this I mean, he's a kid in the eighties, right, He's like he's like, can we put on a jazz record. He's not hitting on her. He's not hitting on her. He's not just how he hangs out. Yeah, he's not. This is not the scene. The scene is I want to listen to some jazz and jink. Welch is with my best friend. Mom with my best friend's no, no, no, that's his best friend. When his mom, when his mom is like, he's like, I want to say my best friend's house this weekend. He's talking about the mom tells his daddy, tells his dad, Hey, my best friend's son asked if I can stay the night? What was that? She thinks I'd be a great funeral director. She says, I'd be so good at that. We've we've done some funerals in the backyard. There's no dead one, there's nobody dead. It's just kind of his friends mysteriously started dying. And then he's like, Oh, that's a real shame. That really that's really sucks. Could I could I do that? Could I run that for you? What? You let let me take care of run this funeral? And it's going to cost got your stupid watch. Yeah we can talk about payment plans. Yeah, we can put you on a plan. I got the perfect suit for this. Yeah, no, no, no, your mom said it's fine. I already thought there, Yeah, this is that's Sandy Chikins. Okay, we faded the picture. Yeah, I think I think you get it. Thank you, gig exactly what we're talking about. So he's an accountant now, okay at Colin Street Bakery, and accounting is a tough job because you see all the money coming in, see so much money coming in, and then you see how much is coming to you. Yeah. Yeah, so is this like a fraud? So he's been he's been counting for them for a few years, make about fifty grand a year, and he wants a new car. He's got a kind of an older Lexus, but he wants like a new Lexus. Right, yeah, And it's important to reiterate like they live in Corsa, Kana, Texas. He and his wife are doing fine, like I want to say a fluent but they're doing fine. Well, they're doing good. The area is affluent. They compared to everybody else in there are dirt poor, but compared to the most people they are upper middle class. Me with where my wife works. Yes, yeah, that's very accurate. Yeah, everybody comes in and they're like, oh, yeah, we're one of the one of the parents that they actually super Bowl. My wife was wearing a Chief shirt and one of the kid's parents at the school that she works at, when, oh my gosh, were you there too, She's like, no, no, of course, I was so much fun last night. Yeah, last night. I told her to be like, yeah, yeah, for real, we were able to go to the super Bowl and be here today. Yes, that's a different kind of money, did you that's a four hour drive or a forty eight minute flight. Yep, yep. Anyway, your kid's here on time. And I teach them I didn't go to the super Bowl. Go to the super Bowl. I missed my dream career, so I couldn't make it to the super Bowl. So anyways, one day I wish I was hanging out with the dead. So one day he's sitting there accounting and he's dreaming of the Lexus he wants to buy that he's been saving up for four years, still isn't even close to having enough to buy it. And then he accidentally just clicks an extra zero and then he says, I have an idea. He says, what if I take the company credit card and I go buy Alexis. And so he gets off work and he takes the company card and he goes and he buys a Lexis so you can buy a car and a credit card. I just want to make sure, yeah, because I kind of I want to do this with my AMX. Yeah. I mean when I'm ready to go buy them my new car. Yeah. Do you think they're going to let me spend sixty eight thousand dollars on my AMEX? I gotta call Um're like, hey, listen, yeah, yeah, you'll definitely have to notify your credit card company. Can I approve this transaction of sixty eight thousand dollars? Yeah? I mean if you preapprove the transaction, surely it's fine. And I mean I guess it also depends how big your limit is and how I spit it. Sixty eight thousand dollars on it? Put it on this twenty nine percent APR card. Please, I'll pay for it. Eventually my bank will go under. Yeah, that's really. I don't got to outlast Toyota's got to outlast. So he goes and he buys this card on credit. Okay, then the next day, what he does is he prints off a check for the full amount from the accounting software, and the accounting software that they use prints the check automatically signs it from the owner of the company when they print it, so like that way, it just seems an oversight. And then he avoids the check in the system prints a new check for the same amount for one of their vendors. And so in the system, they spent whatever the value was the car, sixty eight thousand dollars on the vendor, So whoever their apple supplier was or whatever, Okay, sixty eight thousand dollars, and so, as far as the system's concerned, sixty eight thousand went to buy apples, but reality went to pay off that credit card where he purchased the the car. And he do you think he tried this with smaller transactions first, because I mean, hiding smaller you don't just go for a car. I don't maybe maybe, I don't know, I don't know. This is the first one we have a record of, so that I mean, there's a chance that there was some stuff before this. Sure he worked his way up to this is the first thing that we have record of, and he was terrified he did it. It was kind of like it's it almost sounds like it was a moment of weakness where it's like he's like, I want this car so bad they don't pay me well enough. I'm just going to freaking get it, and they're gonna pay for it. Yeah, and he did it, and he waited and waited and waited, and nobody noticed. Okay, So then he started getting curious. He was like, he's like, I wonder I can get some other stuff. Oh, this was the this was the first. Yeah, and so okay. So that same method, he starts buying stuff on his Capital one card and then he would print the check and then disguise it as another expense. Coincidentally, what was working really well for them is somewhere in the nineties, fruitcake went out of fashion and started getting like some negative press. And I should say I remember, I remember growing up people just kind of freaking hating on freeze. They hated on fruitcake for no reason. Yeh. I never tried it, and I hate it on it all the time. I constantly, constantly was dogging on fruitcake and how nasty was I've never seen a fruitcake in my life. I did you really have you had him? No? Yeah, they're disgusting sin they're so oh yeah, there's sinful. That's why. But yeah, I mean I remember an episode of Edit and Eddie making fun of them. I remember home alone making fun of them. I remember all this stuff making fun of them, and I never hate them, so they I didn't try fruitcakes until it was legalized in twenty fourteen. Hey, if you've been watching for a minute and you like this show, a great way to help out is by becoming a Patreon supporters. Our patrons get a ton of perks for their support. They get ad free episodes a week early, they get a discord with our host and producers. We do monthly hangouts. There's a way to get birthday messages on your birthday. There's a lot of great perks. But more than anything, you just helped make sure that this show continues to happen forever. We never want to stop. We're going to keep doing this forever. If we have enough patron supporters, we can put our brains in those little vats and like have AI pretend it's us and so we can keep doing it long after we die. But that only happens if you support us on Patreon, So we appreciate your support. Thanks for your help. If you don't want to support, that's totally fine. Thanks for being here. We really appreciate you watching the show. I remember taking fruitcake across the kids as border ones, and I remember taking an uber across the border to go get a fruitcake, to get a fruit cake. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's crazy times. So because because the popularity thing, Con Street was down from where their historic level was. Sure, because I mean it's a bakery. They do other stuff, right, yeah, they do other stuff, but thekick is the things because they're disguising sixty eight thousand dollars transactions. Yeah, and I should say this is a big bakery, Like this isn't This isn't a neighborhood bakery that's moving some cakes. This is like a some geeks, this is this isn't the bakery that you know by your house. It's moving some cakes. Okay, this is a big bakery. This is a large operation. They literally were doing like thirty to forty million a year top line. So like, this is a large operation. That's crazy, that's crazy. Yeah, should we have should we bake bait? And so he knew, and this was where he's cooking the books. This was where he was like relatively I shouldn't say smart, but relatively smart because he knew because of the negative press that fruitcakes were receiving, Colin Street was doing this massive campaign to change the perception of fruitcakes, the big marketing campaign. They were doing mailers and all this stuff, and so he would just in with the marketing budget be like, oh, we spent twenty grand on stamps mailing this stuff out to people, and Upper Brass was like, yeah, that's believable with how much money were I don't know if they were ever looking at him be like, its probably true. So he starts buying all this stuff and it's pretty clear that for him there was a probably two things going on. One, he knew in his town that he lived in, he was the lower end of the totem pole because of where his financial standing was, and he was trying to reach up to where all his neighbors were okay. There was also that part of him that wanted to be a funeral director because of their suits, you know, like there was the part of him where he was like, yeah, he looked like he had one of those like checkered suits. He had a good suit in that picture. You showed me this one. Yeah, and so he is the ear pierced. I don't think so. I think that's the background, okay. And so he starts he buys the Lexus. He starts buying a couple of watches, sure, a couple suits and nothing too crazy. And then one day he shows up at home with a new car for his wife and he's like, hey, I got you a new car. And she starts to get a little suspicious and she's like, what's going where are you? Where's all this money coming from? Like you're only making fifty thousand dollars a year. So he tells her, he says, yeah, there's I'm doing some like on the side work for one of our neighbors. Uh, they recently came into some money, so I'm helping them out and they're really paying pretty well for it. And she says that's interesting, and she says okay, and he says but also like, don't mention this to anyone at the bakery, like if they ask about it, tell them it's an inheritance. And also don't tell the I R S because I'm not going to tell them because I don't want to pay taxes on this, and so I would I'll be honest with you. If I told my wife and I was like, hey, just don't tell the I r S about this, she would go, I wouldn't know how was just like, ah, you got it, dude. I r S at I r S dot gov. My IRS said not to tell you. I r S the government at Gmail. Dog, what are you doing, I'm creating a new Gmail. Can to see him. I r S the government almost guarantee that's not available. I almost guarantee that that is on the screen. No, I'm okay, I have to pull up the other because it's the whole thing anyways, So what are you doing? What are you doing? Don't stop it, don't don't don't do that. Don't stop don't Right now, he is standing above me with a machete. Put it down, Tim, I hate that people might believe that I'm fake laughing to kind of try to remove some of the tension. Right now, he still has a machete above me. Okay, so put it down. So she clearly knows that something's up. Yeah, but she just says, I got a new car out of the deal, and so she's just like, fine, I won't tell the RS, I won't tell the I won't tell the other Conn Street people. Sure, and then that's when the floodgates kind of open. Uh. That's when he's like, I've gotten away with it a lot. Yeah, he's like, he's like, I've done this a few times. Nobody's asking any questions, nobody knows anything. And so then they renovate their kitchen ninety eight thousand dollars. They ninety eight thousand dollars renovation. Yeah, he calls, what does that even look like? We have pictures of the kitchen? Actually, that's a good question. I don't know if I would love to know what a ninety eight thousand dollars kitchen renovation looks like. Let's see here. I don't know if we have images of this kitchen. Uh, I'm gonna be honest. A lot of kitchens came up, and I don't know how many of these. Just show you one of them, show you a ninety eight thousand dollars kitchen. Okay, you're not going to believe this. I want to know what it looks like. This is uh, apparently top of the line luxury tim Is this a picture of your kitchen? No? No, no, no, because their fridge would be there with that's this is more believable. This looks like your kitchen though, No it doesn't. Yes, it does not at all. No, it doesn't look I mean, I guess cabinets look like that. My cabinets don't look like that. But that does that oven in that mic wave does look a lot like mine. It looks super poor. Yeah, this is probably I mean, I'm pretty confident this isn't their kitchen either, but this is probably a little bit more on par with what their renovation was. That's what I would imagine is like that, you know, olive garden looking. Yeah, so we started inviting people over PF Chang's style. Yeah, yeah kitchen. Yeah. Can you imagine if like, what are your neighbors invited you over for like a dinner party. This has happened to me actually, And they had a Habachi grill in their kitchen. This just happened. They did the thing. They did the Habi thing that I'll just say, if you you've if you've been to somebody's house that you didn't you didn't know they had it? Oh yea yeah, yeah, yeah, you know what, and you like you go over and you're like, oh, oh, this is not what I expected. And they're like, yo, we would love hang out. We'd love to come to your place. And you go no, you like, no, you want to, Actually you wouldn't. I'm actually looking around here. I can tell you. I can tell you my place. You don't know where I live. Yeah, so you can't. This is probably the last time we hang out. Actually, so we can't talk anymore anyway. Loving new car and I'm gonna tell the irs hello at irs dot up. I met a rich guy today. You met a rich guy today. Check him out? Did you guys know the people living at twenty nine fifteen are rich? I I'm writing it like it's a one star review on Yelp. I visited here two weeks ago. I was caught off guard by the extravagant interior so rich, but the house outside. From outside, they did a good job. It's humble outside. I think they're trying to be undercovered. They're undercover. Rige stop take that back, bleep it out because TLC can't have you see get out of your DLC. That's a good idea undercover ridge where you got to live in a poor neighborhood for six months there, and there's a bunch of them. It's a competition. It's a bunch of them, a bunch of a bunch of rich and different neighborhoods, and they have to do it. They have to do it for months without getting caught. And if they like, they don't realize how easy? How easy? You know? Wait a minute, Well, I mean you saw when we were at the super Bowl last year straight up with Richie will say, they don't they don't understand it. Yeah, yeah, they don't have a at all an awareness idea undercover Ridge. How long can you go without knowing without people picking up? That is? But isn't this kind of like there was that dating show like the Average Joe or whatever, and he ended up being rich, being a rich guy. Yeah, But then wasn't the wasn't the twist that he actually Wasn't we have an average Joe but he's actually rich but surprised we lied to you? He's poor too. I want to say that straight up, Like the premise is like, oh no, wasn't it? Maybe it was the other way around? Did they hold on? Alex? You know what I'm talking about? DoD They do two separate dating shows, one where a rich person is pretending to be a poor person. Yeah, but another one where a poor person is pertaining to be a rich person. And so these girls are gold digging. And then they at the end they revealed that he actually he's not actually rich. Oh he's just an accountant. I thought he was a funeral director. I was gonna dang out with some dead people. No, it's not the money. For not the money. It's the dead the money. It's about the more. It's about the corpse. It's not about the cash. It's about the corpse. No, thank you. People. All my life, they thought I've been saying more and more and more about I've been saying more more, more and everyone. It's like, what's the contest of that? You want seconds? Anyway? Please keep talking about ninety eight thousand dollars kitchen renovation. Oh my gosh, So they I have to cut tim off. My jokes are worth it. Just start saying stuff like more, more, more work, And it's like that's a ycho thing to say. Dude, I don't think I wanted. I just gotta give me some I'm gotting the hustle in the grind, always wanting more work. You want some morek okay. So so he just starts sneaking cash. He's doing two things he's doing to things he's doing do things, buying stuff on the Capitol one card, paying it off with these checks that he's avoiding and then tricking or just making some petty cash. Not as much of that, more of the check thing, because you can get more money doing that, right, But he's just snagging some petty cash, and so he he is. Over the course of a couple of years, it kind of turns into this thing where he is putting about ninety eight thousand dollars a month on a black American. I need a month, Yeah, and he is. And he's got the black as he's got the black yep, I want it so bad. Well, he got it because he was spending ninety thousand dollars a month. If I got it, I wouldn't tell you guys, just so you know I'd been undercover. Yeah undercover, Rich? Are you on the show? Is this the show? Are we already on it? Did I did I? Did I figure? Did I fourth wall? This show? Yeah? Welcome? Well, this is the reveal. This is the reveal after like ten years of friendship, when I finally to be like Tim by the way, I've been rich this whole time. Fourteen years ago, I started a multinational company. Yes you know it as Amazon. Yes, I let you go bankrupt. Yes, I saw all your financial troubles and I could have solved all of them. But I didn't want to blow my cover one second of my time because the prize for this show is fifty thousand dollars, and I wanted it, and I won. I wanted that fifty thousand dollars, so I make one hundred and ninety thousand dollars a minute. Thank you for being a part of this fifty thousand Thank you for being a part of this. You get nothing. You get nothing, Yeah, you get the satisfaction of knowing you'd never figured it out. Actually, you do have a coupon for funeral services from my International Funeral Pland he scaled his funeral. It's called it's called fun for All, fun for all. Yeah, but you know it's parentheseason after you in e RL. Yeah, yeah, all fun for all. I'll call it fun feral. That's not how I pronounce not pronounced that way. We keep trying to tell them that it's fun for all, fun for all, it's funeral with an F in the middle. I can't tell you how many birthdays we got called to, but we're still buried someone fun arol. I also can't tell you how many wildlife balls have gotten, but it's okay. How we make money, Yeah, mistakes, I'm rich rich. I mean, it feels good to finally say that after all this time pretending to be a poor Wow, that's one thing The Rich Love is saying. But the best thing about that show is that you can live in that poor neighborhood for six months and know that at the end of it you're still gonna be rich. You don't have to stay. Yeah, there's hope. You can make a lot of new friends and be like, wow, the community we've formed over these last six months is incredible, and I hope that they continue to make it and survive. Anyway, Bye, never let them in my real house. I would. I mean, I was just you know, they didn't clean and yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, they'd have to wear those booties on their shoes. No, I'm saying they do some yard work. I'd love clean up and yeah, I see what you're saying they're welcome in my house. Yeah yeah, and welcome in my home. Yeah. There you go. There you go it separate wings. This is my house. That wing is my home. You can't go over there, but you can come into the house anyways. So there An there's spending ninety eight thousand dollars a month. That is crazy amount to just be on on renovations for their home. On Rolex, watches, wines, they built a pretty big wine collection, pianos like grand pianos. He's got the welch m kid. Now it's wine. Yeah, now it's wine. It's been there for so long. He's like, you know, this wine reminds me of my best friend before I buried her. Put Tammy down. Yeah. So uh and then his wife surprise, I'm making it through this so well. By the way, we just put our cat down. Yeah, people were listening to this. It'll be like a month and a half later, but yeah, yeah, we just put our cat for you guys. Yeah. I wanted to do it. Uh. They told us in January that he wasn't going to make it this year, and so I was like, okay, if we can just get him through the birthdays, will be great. But I wanted to put him down three days before Easter. Yeah, just in case, just in case our cat might be christ there's no knowing. You don't know for sure, for sure, for sure until you put your cat down on Good Friday, and then you know for sure that weekend, whatever happens. And we did put him down on Friday. Yeah, so yeah, yeah, we'll see what happens. But the only one waking up in your house on Sunday morning was me, Oh, yeah, you were at my house. I don't like that. So I don't like that you saw how rich we are. I only let you in my house to see home. So they and his wife was buying new cars. But remember trying to be a little covert with this, Like they're buying a lot of stuff, but they're not being like super flaunty, like they didn't buy a new home. They're renovating their home a bunch. Sure, they're collecting wines, They're getting a lot of watches. He's buying all these like Nimon Marcus suits. He has a personal shopper at Nemon Marcus and they actually had to terminate their contract with Niman Marcus with the personal shopper because he bought everything that they had to sell him, which apparently is a thing that can happen. But he's wearing all this nice personal shopper. They were like, good job he bought the whole That's like whenever you get the stitch fix and you get a twenty percent discount for buying the whole box, you know, yeah, good job you use my code stitch fix. So yeah, they he had all these nice suits and he told his coworkers that was Walmart, which I mean I feel like they knew. I feel like they looked at that and they're like, you didn't buy that at Walmart. Yeah, I mean you could buy some cheap suits and then get like, you know, get them tailored for Yeah, and that I guess that's that is the thing with a suit, like a suit, there's not a lot of like indicating factors from the exterior of a suit to tell you that that is a very high value site other than it looks good. But like you said, you could buy a Walmart suit, go get it tailored, and change everything about it, and then people might say, hey, that's a cheap suit for Walmart. Do you have a suit? Yeah, I've got a couple of suits. You have a couple of suits. That baby blue one. I got that baby blue one. I have two black ones and I have two gray ones. I need to throw that blue one away. That's my favorite suit. When did you get that? Did you get that for a I did get that for your wedding. That's my favorite one's suit. Where'd you buy it? Joseph A Bank? I think I caught him. Oh my gosh, Joseph A Bank. Yeah. Did you like the way you looked Men's warehouse? Yeah? Yeah, for Jessee Bank. Okay, anyway, anyways about mine from China? What I went to China dot com? It's China China and uh no, I did. I bought my suit and it like it's just made in China. And the mails to you I got interesting. Okay. Anyway, what are you are you looking up China dot com? What does it go to? I don't know. I'm not actually going there, but I'm checking on go dot if it's available. It's not available. You don't know that for sure. You know what is available? What is threads dot biz? Yeah, but it's like a thousand dollars. It's insane to me that they didn't buy all of those because that's kind of like Meta's thing is to like screw the little guy and kill everybody. Yeah, China dot com is taken. Bye, go to China. See, I bet it's parked. Yeah, it's just parked. So I mean we could if we probably pay a lot join us on Patreon so we can buy China. Yeah, there's some interesting recommendations that's giving me to go along with China. It is a little like who never mind anyways, So he's buying all these suits, Marcus is like, we're out of stuff to sell you. His wife is his wife. Now his wife is embrace spending money. Yeah, but his wife is also like, they're they're still trying to stay a little, a little under the radar. No they're not. They're spending one point two million dollars. They're trying to stay under the radar. And so what she does one hundred grand a month. She has a like a light blue Mercedes benz and and every year she upgrades the new year, but she gets the exact same color, and so she's like, everyone don't think it's the same Mercedes bins And she actually one year she ordered the new Mercedes Benz. They dropped it off at the house and picked it the other one and it was a new shade of blue. It is midnight blue, not like turquoise blue. And so she was like, take it back. I need She's like, send it back, I need a light blue. Sit it back. To say that, To say that to a Mercedes Benz is the craziest thing ever. Okay, with money you don't earn at this point, he's never really even working, right, I mean, yeah, he's working because because the second he stops working, like the ruses up, like he's got to be doing his job, and like they've got to, you know, trust him, and so they and now they're they start traveling. Uh, they're taking trips on private jets. They go to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aspen, Colorado, and Napa, California. Honestly, probably could have picked some better destinations to fly to, but they're flying all over the place. We are. Actually do have a nice picture of him and his wife her name's Kay, on a private jet together. This is a selfie. You can see the mir I was gonna say, is there another couple up front? No, No, that's a mirror in the background. You can see the pilots in the front two up there. He seems like the type that would lean onto his wife. You know what I'm saying, Yeah, he does. He does seem like a leaner. What is interesting, though, now that I'm looking at this, I am a little throned. I just mean like she probably drives. Yeah, couples. What I'm saying, couples were the female drives. I'll trust them. It is it is because here's the thing. Let's hear it, Garrison. No, I'm just saying, I want to say a way to laugh. Let's hear your hot take. I'm just saying to I'm just saying I'm trying to find a good way to say this. I'm just saying, a husband who could ride in the car with his wife and not a seat drive. That's an impressive quality. Okay, but to be fair, I don't think i'm actat drive. A husband who can watch his wife do something without correcting her or man's planning it to her. What a skill. It is impressive. It is impressive. Yeah, so he's got that going from I guess, actually, we don't even know that this is. I'm just saying, like I'm too big to lean on my wife, like I'm not, I can't. You know you weren't judging him. Yeah, it was just it was I was like it. I took it as you were judging him. No, I was just saying like, you know, yeah, I don't let my wife. My wife drives places. I'm saying that I don't let my wife drive. If we go somewhere, typically I drive. Yeah, which is pretty common comment. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. When I was growing up, my dad always drove. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Interesting anyways, Uh, so they're traveling a lot of place one day, so my mom could read her books in the passenger seat and be like, oh she got scared. She's reading. Yeah, she's reading. Your dad fell asleep. The other guy here, okay, so uh and then I mean it's I have an anxiety disorder. So one day, Bob, did your parents overshare with you? No, they were actually pretty strict about undershare. Told yeah, it's a lot of our house was on fire, and they wanted to tell me. They were like they were like, hey, close your eyes, it's hot. It's okay, houses on fire of us, you know, not to worry of close your eyes. Just pretend it's not real anyway. This is weird. Hey, if you need a boost of confidence, let me give you a quick hack. Just wear a shirt size bigger than you usually do. You know what I'm saying. Right now, you're wearing large, and just buy an excel, you know, and we have plenty of sizes available in our merch store. If you got a tilling dot com and so that'll help you boost your confidence overnight. Is that good? Can I say that? You can say whatever you want. That's taling dot com slash merchuh. So one day Bob McNutt, that's his name. Everybody wasn't kidding. Bob McNutt, the CEO, is looking at the expense report and he's like, man, our profits have been so bad the last few years. And he's like, he's like, I can't figure out why. He's like, we're just not selling enough fruitcakes. Apparently, kind of looking at things with the fine tooth comb. He sees, man, twenty thousand dollars on stamps. There's a lot of money on stamps. He calls in the marketing director and he's like, did you spend twenty thousand dollars on these stamps for this marketing campaign and she's like no, She's like, I did not spend that much money on stamps. So he calls Sandy in and he says, Sandy, is this right and Sandy says yeah. Sandy looks at it. He says, ah, he said probably not. It was probably miscategorized. I'll go check and fix it in the books. And Bob was like, okay, cool, thanks, and he goes and he fixes it and no more questions. They're in a situation where Bob and the rest of the top brass of this company recognizes that they are low, but they're not low enough where it's going to hurt the company like terribly, Like their profits are lower than normal, they're still profitable, sure, And there he's categorizing these things on like a wide net across the company to realistic expenses, where it's like when you look at the expense report, you're like, this seems a touch high from what we normally would do, but like it's believable. You had this project going on here, this thing going on here, and so it goes under the radar for years and years and years, and then one year they said, okay, uh, we're starting to kind of write the ship a little bit. We see our profit turn up a little bit. I think we need to grow our operation. And they said, let's bring in a second accountant to help Sandy out, not because they had any Oh I would suck. If you're Sandy and you go to your desk one day, you show up and you're like, fraud, fraud, fraud, work, more work, more work, more more work. I wish I was at a grave site. How do I get moorg? And then someone else sits down and you go, who are you? And they and they're like, I know, my parents said, you know I wanted to be I want to Tammothy. Let me make the jokes that I set up Aquifer, don't say it like that. So this new accountant is like, hey, I'm the new accountant, and he's like that, and he says, he says, you don't want to know the people I know, because then he was playing your wife. Hey, by the way, the money is well, here's the thing, here's the thing. His wife still doesn't know exactly what's happening. So the whole time, his wife never knew how, but all of a sudden, the money is just he just told he just told her, Hey, so we're doing well. Don't tell the I R s. When I die, it's going to stop. That's what I told her. And I die, it's gonna stop. Sandy, are you in danger? When danger knocks? I am the one who knocks. Okay, Sandy, say it, Sandy. So this new account comes in and uh, Sandy and the new accountant are counting sure. And then one day the account's going through and starts noticing some of the transactions aren't making sense, noticing some of these voided checks. And then the accountant goes to Bob and says, hey, hey, I think Sandy's stealing a bunch of money from the company. And Bob says, are you sure about that? And the other account's like, I'm pretty sure about that, And they're like, how much money do you think he's stolen from the company? And the new account's like, I'm pretty sure it's I don't know if I had the guests about sixteen million, seven hundred and sixty six thousand, six hundred and forty five dollars over the last nine years what And Bob's like, he sends Sandy in here please, okay. So they fire him on the spot, and then they call the police. The police call the FBI. Sandy meanwhile gets in his lexus, drives home, gets grocery bags full of stuff. And I don't know exactly what his plan was here, but this rolex watches fine wines, collectibles in grocery bags, in grocery bags, and he's driving around, of course of kind of throwing them in ponds and in the park and like baring them in places all over town, just throwing rolexes and stuff out the window, like ditching them all over town. And then he why, I don't know, I genuinely have not. Kids are playing in the street. Oh roll X, they know, yeah, They're like, I got a roll anyway, Dad will talk to me. This is this is my new evening role X. And so he's going aroundtown ditching all this stuff, and then he goes home. He gets his wife, another kid gets hit with a bottle of wine. He gets his wife and he says, hey, we're going on a trip. And then she's He says, grab all this stuff you want to keep forever, everything else you're probably never gonna see again. Do say goodbye to everything you know. And so they go to Galveston with all their favorite prized stolen belongings, and they fly out to Galveston, and like hours before they leave, the FBI shows up and just starts boxing up all their stuff leaving, And so the neighborhoods watching as their boxes tell that guy's FBI because of sunglasses. Yeah, yeah, you would have no I if it weren't for that. They're pretty good at being undercover, and so they they're already gone. They see a bunch of the property. They're gone. They're in Galveston. They sees a bunch of their property, and then and then they camp out for a little bit until they come home. And then later they come back and they arrest them, and they take all this stuff and they throw in a state sale in his house and they say and they say, look, here's the deal. We were able to recover about four million dollars worth of goods. And they said, here you go calling Street Bakery, sell it. And so they set up a bake sale and buy all this stuff sale, buy all this stuff. It's garage sale. It's a garage sale to make up the millions of dollars that were stolen from None of that fit on the sign. But as the town came out to really more than anything. See all the stuff that they sold the stole. And so they came through the town and bobbing Nutt was walking through the sale being like, buy everything, buy as much as you can. Buy some stuff, and he's like, want a fruitcake? We have some fruitcake too. Well, you guys want some rolexes. We got some rolexes. We got some cars. Do you guys want a car? You know, it's trying to get just liquidated as much as they could. And so they end up getting uh, you know, like indicted on this right, and they're ordered to pay uh restitution in the amount of twelve point six million dollars because that was the leftover from what they were able to sell. Yeah, they're never going to be able to make up that because the money stole money. Anyways, Kay, she gets uh one count of like conspiracy to cover up someone with doing mail fraud. Basically, it's not the charge conspiracy to cover from some mail fraud. It's fuzy to cover up someone doing mail fraud. The jury defending guilty like that, no, And so she gets five years probation. She has like a fine of like fifteen hundred dollars and she Also part of her sentence was never allowed to drive a Bloo Mercedes again, only midnight Bloo Mercedes from now on. She had one hundred dollars community service. And then she had to write an apology letter to the bakery. I'm sorry, Bakery. I'd rather burn to the ground. Listen if I if something ever happened where like all of a sudden they're like, we want you to write an apology letter. I need she needs you to know that I'm not going to not going to do that. And if you ever seen an apologies letter for me, it's it's not mine, it's not mine. Yeah, that's that's like the guy who found the conspiracy against Boeing and was like was like, I am in good mental health. Yeah, and then for you it's just an a letter. I am in mental health. Well sorry, Jared, Sorry I stole your stuff Colan Golan, Which it's crazy to be because she never really knew was what was actually happening, what was happening, but no, what was happening. Yeah, but it's crazy that she had apologized the bakery because it's like she didn't know he was stealing for the bakery. I mean she bought a good guess that he was stealing for the bakery. He, on the other hand, got ten years in prison. That's it, yeah, but worth it. Well. He got ten years in prison and then he died in prison in twenty nineteen, so he technically got life from prison by default. But throughout the whole, the whole like nine year thing. They bought multiple lexuses, Lexuses, Lexin, Lexi, multiple Lexi, and Mercedes Benz, a Bentley, a Porsche. They traveled all over the world in private jets. They actually, let me see, there's a number here. There's gotta be parents at my wife's school. Who are They spent three point three million on private flights, two hundred and twenty three private flights, three point three million reached in flights. They renovated pretty much the whole house they had. But this seems kind of modest. A fifty thousand dollars wine collection. That seems like a modest wine collection. Everything also, well, all things considered in this case, that's a pretty modest wine collection for them. Sorry, I said a yawn. I couldn't hold it in. I just got hold in this yard from this boring wine collection they had. Okay, listen to this another gmc denale a bmw X fifty three. Those are all the same time. They were just buying different vehicles selling o them. Yeah, over the course of the time that they had five hundred and thirty two luxury items, which includes forty one bracelets, fifteen pairs of cuff links, twenty one pairs of earrings, sixteen furs, sixty one handbags for five days, nine sets of pearls. Yeah, fifty five rings. I know what you're trying to do, eight watches, and then yeah, the wine collection, a Steinway piano, which are apparently really nice. They are. I know that because I'm cultured, because I'm cultured. Yeah, whatever, I listened to Broadway musicals. Can we talk for a second about No, okay, can we talk for a second about now. They say, when you're in court and you're guilty and you have your plea, they say, pleaded is the past tense of that, but that should be pled. And I'm honestly very mad that pled is not the past tense of plea. Pleaded pled? It should be pled? We say pled, he pled guilty? Yeah, but apparently that's wrong. Pleaded, Alex, what do you think? Okay? Yeah, take your time, buddy, don't don't weigh in so fast. Really chomping at the bit to talk about pled I've never had a strong opinion about that. I have such a strong opinion. You have opinions about much, though, Why don't you give us one of your strong opinions? According to According to grammarly, it's not too serious apparently, although the argument in question is a very heated one and it shows no signs of cooling down. The word at the heart of the controversy is the past tense of the word two. Oh my gosh. It's like, this is like when you open a recipe and you're like, this is for my grandma, and always just stop reading all this stuff. Just get to the part where it's okay. So both of them are correct, sort of, that's what they say. All right, I guess you could do either. But I guess I guess lawyers think it's pleaded. Lawyers say pleaded, probably because it makes it sound like so in court he pleaded. The second he pleaded, I'm gonna plead the second, you're honor I pladed. All right, what what's what is? So? Yeah? So they they went to jail for this. Here's here's the exciting thing. There is a movie out there. There's actually a documentary on Discovery Plus. You can watch that. It's called Fruitkick Fraud. And there's a movie. There's a movie now in pre production called Fruitcake and that should be coming out soon as a drama recreation of this. They're recasting it. It was supposed to be Will Ferrell, but I think he learned about it and was like, I'm doing that, so I don't want to. But that's the best cover up is if you're doing movie about yeah, you gotta do the movie. No. No, I was doing the crimet practicing. I was practice. I pleaded the fiddle off. Hey, thanks for watching this episode. If you liked it, you might like Joe Lowe an episode we did a while back about a guy who had a pretty big fraud, honestly a lot bigger than this one. It was like an investment fraud, crazy story, lots of private flights around the world and just the whole nine. It's a really really good fraud story. And if you like the show, a great way to support is by supporting us on Patreon. You can see next week's episode a week early. Join a discord with our host and our producers, a bunch of other great perks, or a really good easy way to support the show is leave a comment, or subscribe or any of that stuff that all the YouTubers tell you. But we'll see you again next week for another episode of Things Out on the Last Night

A famous bakery in the small town of Corsicana, Texas, has been selling its world-renowned fruitcakes since 1896. Over the years, this bakery became quite successful by being on the cutting edge of mail-order desserts and shipping its fruitcakes worldwide. However, in the 1990s, fruitcakes fell out of fashion, and the bakery hit a slump.

During this time, one of the bakery’s accountants saw an opportunity. As the sole accountant for the sizable company, he had access to the books and the authority to print checks. Over the course of 9 years, he slowly siphoned off millions of dollars by disguising fraudulent checks as legitimate business expenses.

It started small – he purchased a luxury car on the company credit card, then printed a check to “pay off” the card but diverted those funds for personal use. When profits declined but no one noticed the discrepancy, he got bolder. Soon, he stole nearly $100,000 a month, funding an extravagant lifestyle well beyond his modest $50,000 salary.

The accountant lavished his wife with expensive gifts like luxury cars and jewelry, telling her it came from side income that she wasn’t to mention to anyone. He traveled by private jet, built an impressive wine collection, and completely renovated their home. But to coworkers and neighbors, he remained humble and unassuming.

The ruse continued for years until the company hired a second accountant to help manage the workload. The new hire didn’t take long to notice something fishy in the books. The CEO immediately fired the fraudulent accountant and called the authorities when presented with the evidence.

In a desperate attempt to hide the extent of his theft, the accountant raced around town, ditching Rolexes and other valuables in random places like ponds and parks. But it was too late. The FBI raided his home and seized everything they could, holding a sale to return some assets back to the bakery. While they recovered several million dollars worth of luxury items, the accountant had already stolen more than $16 million over the years.

In the end, the accountant was sentenced to 10 years in prison, where he later died. His wife received minimal punishment, including probation, community service, and a ban on driving a light blue Mercedes again – she had to switch to midnight blue. The bakery fought to rebuild its brand after being betrayed by a trusted employee who almost sank the iconic Texas fruitcake company through nothing more than greed and deception. Today, Colin Street Bakery has bounced back from the fraud and has even recounted the story on the company website.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




The Sandy Jenkins Embezzlement Scandal – Colin Street Bakery

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