DD Palmer – The Con Man That Founded Chiropractic


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Hey man, what's up? Oh what happened? We got wrong? Oh gosh, they took the walls. They took the walls. They replaced him with worldly gray. It's called worldly gray. Yeah, these walls are so great. It's worldly it is. You're stuck on that walls. No, it's just the colors are currently using. We walked in this room and Jared was like, this, this is worldly gray, and I hated him. I hated them for being able to see this gray. No, no, it's just because we just moved out of my apartment. No, you did it. Okay, we're moving out of my apartment tomorrow. Sure. No, No, it's it's December twenty sixth Oh. We moved out our apartment long time ago. Sorry my bad. But we had to repaint the walls because we had our old studio in there with the blue walls and all that stuff. And so we repainted. And it's worldly gray. And this is the color that all the apartments are currently using. Yeah. I don't know why, because it's worldly. They're secular apartments, that's right, because landlords are full of sin. Anyway, the only lord in my life, the only lord that I lord of my heart, my heart lord. As for me in my house, we will serve our landlord. I pay rent to God. Oh, I tied every month. I like, I like nine to my landlord. What did you say? Nine? Okay, it's my income, is it? Yeah? I mean that's what it is. That's what No give it. Like a couple more months, I'll be homeless. Won't take long at all. I grew up next to a dog food I'm not joking. My town smelled like dog food. There was no factory. I know. I didn't know why. I mean, Pepsy's never gonna sponsor us. But if they thought about it, and he made a lot of fun on the ship. Things I learned last night. All right, anyways, have you heard of D. D. Palmer? D D. Palmer? Yeah? Oh, do you know what I'm thinking? Actually, no, here's what's interesting. Here's what's interesting about Okay about that? What? Okay? D D. Palmer is our topic for today. But D D had a son BJ, and then it's not far off to say b J I might have had a daughter Kiki. Okay, so this could be the same lineage. Alright, I don't know, most likely not I would be surprised. But all I'm saying, is the abbreviations. I do not know this man. Yeah, DeeDee Palmer, I apologize to this man, and I do not know Daniel David Is his name, Daniel David Palmer went by DDE. He was born in eighteen, which is what you call the grandma who doesn't want to be called grandma? You know what I'm saying. Where she's like, you know, because a lot because he's what happens. A lot of these teen moms don't realize that they're going to be a grandmother when they're forty seven years old, you know what I'm saying. Yeah, And then they're like, I'll stop crying like that. Oh, shut I say that in public. Were in the apple Bee's right now, you can't say that out loud. And they're like, grandma, and they go, how about they're still flirting with the waiters? Yeah, I guess is that something your grandma did when you were growing up? She took you to apple Bees and that she still flirts with the okay to be there. My grandma is single. Why are you saying grandma? Is that what you're called grandma? Grandma? Grandma? What do you say? I say, Grandma, grandma, grandma grandma. Yeah, I don't say that. In the ND you say grandma grandma, like Shama Maryma, grandma grandma. Yeah, I'm gonna call grandma grandma. Speaking of Shama, we have a show on February second, Berlin and Maryland. Just trying to I just gotta plug toward dates. As what my managers said. The manager said, every time you record a podcast, you have to plug these dates. Yeah, but your short your shows aren't public, are they? That one is? I'm talking a show on February twenty third, allegedly. Have I got anything to do with it? Uh? So? D D. Paud is straight up like what, Yeah, you know what I'm talking about? Yeah? Have you have you in brediscussed what you want your grandkids to call you? No, we're so far from that. Yeah, I mean yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean you guys. You guys are not even close to youchildren yet. Yeah. No, yeah, yeah, I'm saying, but like I've thought about it, what do you want your grandchildren to you? Have I told you this? What do you want your children to call you? You're skipping a generation. No, I want to be dad for sure. Mom. Yeah, okay, that's normal. But when my grandkids are around Papa. No, I'm going to go by grandma, and Reagan's gonna go by Grandpa. I think that's freaking funny if I'm grandma. But you started young enough to where it's that's what I'm saying. They don't know. You know what I'm saying. I want to go my grandma and Sugar my grandpa. They're at their friend's house. Yeah, Grandma, gran baby. Yes, you see what I'm saying. It's setting my kids up to get bullied. I'm setting my grandkids up to get bullied, and then their grandma is so offended, offended because at that time, it's like twenty fifty, the walk mob has infiltrated the olds, you know, and so I'm going to get my grandkids handsel for mis gendering their friends grandparents. That is insane. That is crazy person behavior. Yeah. No, this guy is Axley Pod called me grandpa. That's gonna be their names in the future of something. Paxley Pod, I don't know, something stupid, so like called me grandpa. Oh my gosh, h No, we're did we even acknowledge that we're in a new studio? Yeah, you went, oh, we got it robbed or whatever. But did we say what's happening. We're still working on it it Yeah, well yeah, it's a we talked about world of Gray. It is a it's a new room that we're in. Yeah, and uh, eventually it'll look better, which is what I've told everyone about my body for ten years. Better. Yeah, that's what I tell my financial planner to. My business managers were like, hey, you lied to us when we started this relationship. And I was like, yeah, but you said a contract, So like we're yeah, but we're in No. Eventually this will we'll decorate this and make it look We'll put like a you know, poster up or something. Yeah. Yeah, but we could only do that if you support us a Patreon that Actually I was gonna say, like this is this whole thing that this whole move and the last move you know, we've we started in my apartment dining room, We moved to a bedroom, apart, started in a space. Oh I mean like as far as like video. Sorry, we started in a recording studio. Then we moved to my apartment dining room, got video, got Alex moved into the bedroom of one of my That was a big move. Yeah, and then we got an actual part, like an actual studio, and then now we are in a different studio and all those jumps have only been like possible because of our Patreon supporters. So thank you, Flick sincerely. What's wild is we've had some feedback about Jared's move. Jarren lives in Los Angeles and a lot of people were concerned about this show. Yeah, what's going to happen with his liberal slant? Now? Okay, like because now because Tim's gonna be talking about his gas stoves and Jared's gonna come out here talking about electric vehicles the whole time, and it's like, oh, shoot, is this going to devolve? And it's got guys, don't worry, all right. All I'm saying is trying to take my stuff. Give it like a couple more months, I'll be homeless. Won't take long at all, long at all in California. No, But it's pretty wild, and it really is thanks to our patrons that were able to continue doing the show. Yeah while you live in a whole different state. I mean, we need more patrons because I don't want to fly spirit anymore, like I want to fly like a good airline. Yeah. But make Frontier at least, you know, every every Spirit flight increases the likelihood of Jared not making it back for a shoot, So support us on Patriots could live. Yeah, anyways, this episode is brought to you by Spirit, and then when you see Jared in first class on Delta, you'll be like, I did that with my Patreon dollars tie, you know, and I'm like, I hate the freaking That's It's like when rich people do the whole like donate to this cause, and it's like, hey, man, we see your house, why don't you donate to the cause. Yeah. It's the good thing though, is you don't own a home yet, so we've got some time. I do worry about this sometimes. Is that because I have I don't have like a massive online following, I have a I have a decent sized one, right, Yeah, And people think that that means I may right, and I need to be very clear that that is not the case. It's not. Yeah, if you look at the which I feel like, you know, I feel like you know when you're look at me, No, buddy, you don't. We know you're not rich, I know, but I feel like sometimes some of you are assuming I'm you know, I'm still in my twenty seventeen Honda Civic, you know, and I'm in my two thousand and three Honda Civic. Yeah. No, no, no, I'm better than I'm doing better than Tim. I'll be clear about that. Well, let's be clear. I own a home as a home owner. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways, Uh so DeeDee Palmer, DeeDee Palmer was a guy who was born in Canada in eighteen forty five, lived there with his parents, Thomas and Catherine for a little bit, and then they moved to what years he born eighteen forty five? And you think he could possibly be Kiki Palmer's grandfather. Yeah, at the timeline. Here's the thing, you don't know who Palmer is. If if d D Palmer we did to have children until he was like eighty Okay, I see what saying. And then then BJ waiting BJ waited. Yeah. So then they moved. They moved to uh, Davenport, Iowa. Okay, is that on the border. That's a place that exists, Davenport, Iowa. Is that on the border in the middle? Is in the middle, which one is on the border. There's a town on the border, Sioux Falls. Maybe that one it's on the border with Illinois, Illinois side. No, you're talking about I don't know Iowa very well, Davenport, Davenport, it's ill I don't know, dude. If only we had a way to find out. I've got his uh whatever you call this, his Wikipedia page up in front of me, but I don't see it. Yeah, Davenport is on the other side over there. Yeah, it's on the Okay, I was right, you mean, okay, so he moved. I don't know stuff, dude. He moved to Davenport, Iowa, and finished out his childhood there. I was confusing. I went Davenport and Cedar rapids, Cedar rapid rapids in the middle. Here's a fun fact about Cedar Rapids Iowa is that they have uh, the Captain Crunch factory there. It's like a Quaker factory. And so the whole town smells like strawberries. It's like legitimately strawberry like legitimately, it's magical, interesting, like it smells like the wild berries from Captain Crunch over That's nice. I grew up next to a dog food I'm not joking. My town smelled like dog food. That was there was no factory I didn't know. I didn't know why. Yeah, I mean because I was out there dumping dog food in the river all day. It was very expensive, hobby. Why are you doing that? I don't know, man, I'm just throwing bikes in the river. Dude. Okay, it's not whitest kids, you know, Dude, No whitest kids I know is me right now. I didn't know we were going to film. I didn't know you'd be able to see my legs. Look at those in this new studios. Look, it's November. Sorry, it's December. So he grows up, and then he works at a grocery store, does a couple of their odd jobs here and there, and then he gets into magnetic healing. Have you hover? Cool? Here's another great thing about this new studio. In the closet, we can't even see him anymore. He shut the door. He's in a completely different room. This is awful. Oh man. People have been comedy better episodes ever, a little more off the rails lately. And I don't care. I don't get it or better that way ever since I'm rich now, I don't care. I don't care about your poor time. Okay, Okay, is a Dede Bomber. He gets in a magnetic healing. Have you seen this? It's a toy. Okay, So anyway he grows up Damnport, Iowa, And okay, this studio is pretty good. He gets in a magnetic healing. Okay, have you seen this? No, you know you haven't seen this. It was a big thing in the eighteen hundreds, like mid eighteen magnets, wohild just heal you of all. Just kind of rub some magnets over your joints and stuff. And I've seen the thing where you hold to like, yeah, that comes from it communicate with ghosts or whatever. I don't think it's ghosts. I think it is. Yeah, you're supposed to ab to communicate with the people in the afterlife. Well, it's like it is. There are some remnants of this. There are those those risk things that you wear that's supposed to be arthritis, you know what I'm talking about. Yeah, and they get magnets on both sides. So we actually have one of those for Reagan's carcingness. Yeah. There, it works great. There are I mean interesting thing works great. It's an interesting thing because there are certain things in it that tim It works great. It works great. Go to tillan dot com slash magnetic bracelet thing is, here's the thing that here's the thing that works about that. That company is there bracelets and their depositing money into my account. Both those things work perfect. So great. Uh No, so there's some there's some conflict if it's real science or not. Like chiropractors. Yeah, so they do h they do. There's the magnets that go under risk what we still have. And then there's kind of like honestly kind of similar to what Supplement Superstore has, like things that you can hold that like senden magnetic waves through you. They don't do that. What do you think is doing? Dude? Blue springs as too, they have magnetic waves through you. Yeah, he said, here, put this, put this piece of metal on your back. You're joking, right, and then I'm gonna hold this other magnet up to your chest and that's how much. That's how I'll know how much you weigh. You're joking. No, I'm serious? Are you serious? They do not do that at yours. They put something on your shoulder back, you take your feet off, you stand on the thing, and then yeah, you hold the field. Yeah, yeah, is that the new magnets through your body. I don't know. I asked him one time. I was like, what does this do? And he's like, I don't know. They have no idea. Yeah. I don't ask him too any questions. They just sell your supplements. Yeah, I mean huge. Now though it worked, They're like, it will be seventy dollars. I trust them. No. So so that like is the magnetic thing. But early it was literally just magnets that you would hold and then they would just kind of like wave magnets around you. And they were supposed to help with blood circulation, which in theory, like there's iron in your blood, so like, in theory you can magnetize the iron and circulate a little bit better, but it's been proven that that's not how that works. And then a bunch of other random stuff, like you it was kind of a panacea type thing. I was like, oh, you feel you've got headaches, let me rub some magnets on your forehead and you'll feel better. And so he did that type of stuff, and it pretty quickly became something where even back then people were like, this seems bogus, and also, this doesn't work. I think it was more of this doesn't work, Like it wasn't like that looks weird and seems bogus. It was like, this isn't working. And yeah, the people who were doing it were kind of like scammy people, and so people pretty quickly were like, oh, this is snake oil, because snake oil was also happening at the time, and so they picked up on it pretty quickly. Yeah, till a Dot cops snake I mean, honestly, do you think we just try to sell it. We could sell some essential oils and call it snake oil. We just make them. It's just vegetable oil that we might be on something, and it's kind of like, you know what you're buying, you know, you know it's a joke. Yeah, and if we charged seventy five dollars for it. That's the thing with gag gifts. It's like people buy that stuff knowing it's fake, but people buy it. I mean, if you would buy it, leave us a con and then we'll put it on the store. That way, Jared can stop finding Spirit Airlines. How did you get here in first class? Mister Myers Diamond Medallion member. Uh, I'm going to tell you something. I'm joking but I'm a snake oil salesman, real snake. I'm a mean like, but we moved. You're taking a bunch of people know they know well, they know it's snake. They know it's a joke. They think it's they do it for the bit. They're people have made me rich for the joke is that my life is a long cons They know it's not fraudulent because i'm They're like, you have to account for your billions of dollars and I'm like, it's it's a joke. Everybody knows it's a joke. People can't take a freaking joke these days. Joe, he committed tax fraud. It was a Joe. If I tell you, it's a bit from the beginning law. I sent the I R S some jumbled up headphones and I said, you untangle them, you fraudulent corpse of a person, and uh. And then they said this is this is illegal. You have to pay your taxes on your snake oil stuff. Anyway, So d D sets up a whole practice doing this, the whole medical practice and taving ports magnetic killing people and it's going decently well. Did he create chiropractic care, No, he didn't create anything. He created magnetism. Okay, Well he didn't even create magism. He practiced magnetism. Okay, so he's doing magnetism on people and he's got his little practice. His janitor had a janitor who was deaf from birth or not from birth, from an accident. He was in an accident and deafened him. Is that the way you say that? Okay, he's in an accident and he lost his hearing as a result of the accident. Deafened. I think that's what you say if you're if you're listening to this and you're deaf, could you let us know you did? Not like that? Joe I immediately winced. Yeah, I think it's deafened. Yeah, definite. Anyway, it's definitely definite. All right. Uh So his his, uh, his janitor was deaf. I believe his name is Leland. I believe, And don't call me on that, but I believe we'll call him Leland for now. Leland uh was deaf and uh. They had developed a pretty good relationship, like he worked for for years, and one day they were just kind of talking about it and he's like, well, do you mind if I just kind of take a look at you, and he was like, what do you mean talk? You might take a look at you now. He's like, he's like, sure, you're the doctor, like you whatever? Fine and so, but he couldn't say to me, had to write it on a board. Do you mind if I take a look at you? He probably relives. He goes, you are right now? Do you mind look at you? He hasn't opened you have to respond, I can't I can't see respond dumb, So he says yes. The doctor opens his eyes for the first time in the relationship. Oh, I pictured he was blonde. I thought you were way different. And when you said grandpa, I thought, that's on me though, just sorry, do you really a greem? I assumed. I'm sorry, that's on me. I know it's only eighteen sixty seven, but I would like to be more progressive than that. That's on me. Sorry, that's on me. Sorry me rite that that's on me. Yeah you do. I need to close my eyes again. So he kind of looks he's doing his magnetic thing on him. Whatever, Okay, you realize he's got his big bump in his neck, and so he just gives him. He's like, he's like he's like, could I try to like pop that out? He did create chiropractic, Yeah, I just did like the cheaper field did some Sorry, I knew that chiropractors was wasn't invented in Iowa. So he he pops his neck and he could hear the okay, go ahead. Yeah, So he pops his neck and they just kind of go on their way, and then over the course of a couple days is the guy's like, oh I heard something today and he's like he's like, did you really And he's like yeah, He's like, let's try it again. He pops his neck again, and then over time, eventually he begins to be able to hear again. Ohly, the guy had in his accident, like there was some swelling in his neck or something that pinched the nerve and that was something that signal in his brain, and so whenever they popped his neck he was able to hear again. I can't believe I made fun of chiropractors earlier. We're doing this. That's funny, okay, And so when this worked, Dede was like, Oh, I'm gonna be so freaking rich. So the way that my chiropractor tells this story, yeah, I'm interested to hear this because I should say, actually, I have seen six different accounts of this story. This is the one that I've seen repeated the most, so I think this is the real one. But I have seen this story very very different. Well, the way my chiropractor tells it is it was a deaf guy who he popped his neck. It was his He even tells you which one it was. And then and he said he could hear so well he could he he told he told Dede Palmer, I guess which I didn't recognize the name of the beginning, but he says that I could hear the rickets on the carriage outside. And so every time we go to the chiropractor, we'd leave and my chiropractory, he's a nice guy and he just knows a lot, yeah, like about chiropractic. Yes, and he just like he's very I wouldn't say socially acre, he's just he's the kind of guy that he doesn't want to talk about anything, and he's not passionate about yeah. Yeah, And so you know you're like, hey, you know, what are you doing this week? Just seeing some family in New Jersey? Yeah, Okay, So I was just wondering, like, how does this work? I'm glad you asked, uh so? And then you talked to him and he's like going, and he's got all these he has like drawings and stuff, and he shows pulls out his craft. So every time we leave, he really does though. And every time we leave, I always just look at Ray and I go. I can hear the rickits on that carriage over there. Over there, there's no carriage. Yeah, I can hear it miles away. It's a far away. It's a really far away. Carriage is so far? Is there a community somewhere? That carriage is seventy miles and seventy years in the past, and I can hear it. I hear the Amish. I know they're around here. I hear some Amish. Hey, do you guys hear Abish around That's a great thing to say at next party around here? Oh, do you guys know where the Amish are? Do you guys know what I've been looking for? The Amish. I've been here for Let's get this nice started. Let's find some Hoish your next La gathering. You guess the obviously, I've been here for a couple of months now, where are your amish? Where are your abish? Like, surely you guys have some just ultraconservative people who have no technology somewhere around here, right right. You're enjoying it, and you're enjoying Tillan. You've been around for a little bit. I want to invite you to be a part of our patreon. We have a patreon that has early access to all of our episodes, add free content both audio and video. We have a discord with our host and producers. That's a ton of fun getting to hang out with all of our patrons in there. We also do once a month now we do these live streams with our patrons. We hang out, we get to know each other, we eat pizza. It's a blast, along with a bunch of other benefits like merch discounts, message on your birthday, like fun stuff. It's definitely worth it. We're having a blast with our patrons. But if that doesn't sound like something for you, they get that heck out of here. Just kidding, No, we love you, thanks for checking out Tilling podcast. They how do they get it? Though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh dad, you're doing Yeah? They can text tillan the six six eight sixty six. Thanks Jar, all right anyway, Yeah, so he he discovers this thing and he starts practicing it to specifically restore hearing. So deaf people start traveling from around the world to see this guy's office in Davenport, Iowa. He gives him a tour and then he cracks their necks. Yeah, closed, and he's like, can I look at you? Can I look at you? He's like, oh, I just I'm sorry. I thought you were a grandpa. You're so pretty, You're so pretty. So he starts doing this and the deaf community from around the world start showing up in his office to get fixed, and it's not working. Uh and uh. So he realizes, oh, this doesn't cure hearing, but it does, like it is like good still for stuff, okay, because I mean, let's be honest, like a lot of people are short up, like we're hearing. But I like you, but I gotta be honest with you. It cures me. It's satisfied. I haven't had meaning in three decades. One day this is going to be called asm on TikTok. Yeah, one day we'll have these things called microphones and people will come from everywhere to listen to the sounds, and kids on TikTok will make fun of it. Is so he he starts doing the kids on TikTok to make fun of our podcast. That's the only way this thing's going to grow. I think you're onto something. Yeah, you should hire a bunch of them to make fun of us whatever. All right, Hey, if you're looking for a job, here's how I get to make fun of us. Ready, Okay. Everything that gen Z makes fun about millennials on TikTok is like stuff that they're like, they make fun of us for like the sleigh all day and it's coffee time. I think, isn't that gen X and millennials? Every millennial I know that does that stuff, doesn't making fun of Ironically, we're making fun of someone else, but we just do it so well that gen Z is like, oh, we're making fun of millennials and you're like, no, we no, we're better than you. We were making fun we were making fun of them. We just were funny and you're not. Yeah, you are much more make funable. This sounds like the segment that we recorded after we were like, let's get them to make fun of us, you idiots, dummies. Let's find something you can make you got played. Yeah, that'll be fifty dollars because you know they're not going to listen that back half of this. No they're not. Oh man, they'll take that. Oh yeah. Anyways, this is our podcast. So d d uh he doctor Palmer please? Uh not yet? So d D starts practicing. Yeah, you can just make up a science and then it just be like, nah, this is chiropractic and now I'm a doctor. This was an interesting time in history, yeah, because medicine was starting to really come into its own as a science. Germ theory happens during his lifetime, okay, okay, and so all of this is this is kind of magnetism, and a lot of other pseudo scientific medical treatments were all popping up this time, like the goat glands guy. This is all the same timeframe where people are figuring out all this different stuff. Snake oil was happening, and then the nation as a whole came together and eventually the American Medical Association was formed to be like, we need to come up with a standard for this because this is crazy right now. And so this is all happening at the same time, and so medicine was medicine as we know it today was in its infancy, Like there was always doctors and stuff, but medicine as we know it was was different. So at this time, it was kind of like, yeah, you could go become a doctor and like get a doctorate degree, but like you didn't people would still see you if you weren't a legal doctor. Okay, it makes sense. I'm saying you just you'd go by doc That's also true, like there was no no one was going to be able to verify that he was moving to town and be like, yeah, I'm a doctor. Yeah, it was much easier to fake those documents. Those documents makes a lot of sense now there you go. Yeah, is that why they call it doctored? I don't know if you doctored the document. No, it's because you physically altered them. You did something to that so that way you can tell her when you're a doctor. Sure, I don't know. So he so he got into uh, he started doing this, starts popping people's backs and stuff, and he starts to have it. He's like he's like, I got to come up with a reason why this matters. Basically. I don't know if he never said this, but it very much appears like he was like, he's like, I gotta get come up with a medical reason for this. Okay, So I got to come up with a reason for this. Well that's what it looks like. So when he realizes it's not going to make deaf people be able to hear, he's like, he's like, well, we'll do just about anything else. So he identifies, or, as chiropractors will say, he discovers what's known as subluxation. So subluxation is something with your spine not working right. Subluxation is you could probably discribe. Yeah, is the idea is that it is earned and not. So, like, your spinal cord has a passageway and when it's sublexated, it's when one of them is turned. And so it's almost like you have a water hose. You've pinched a little bit, and so now that passageway is thinner. Interesting, and so the theory has explained to me is that your your spinal cord is still sending signals, right, it's just dampened signals. Essentially, it's weakened. We can Yeah, that's what word we can signals interesting because my chiropractor will often pop something in my back. He goes, you're gonna poop better this week because your brain's sitting sending better signals to tests. And I'm gonna be honest with you. I don't know. Here's what's interesting. Every time I go, I wear a relief Babe. This is not how they want me to promote them. My chiropractor won't let me open my eyes until every brand deal I get, I come on this podcast and I just make funo. I mean, Jack, there are some that I've looked at where I'm like, I mean, Pepsi is never gonna sponsor us, but if they thought about it and we made a lot of fun of Peensy on the show, I mean, Pepsy sucks, but Pepsi sucks more than gen Z does. I love they did try to cancel us for gen Z trying to cancel us because we don't you ever because were real, don't come at us over medieval time. Oh yeah, we almost got canceled from medieval time. Did you think we got canceled? Fort was making sure that you knew always got canceled times. Yeah, medieval time is freaking sick man. Yeah, I mean I didn't know they were on strike. It makes sense because they broke That makes way more sense that they were on strike. After the production we saw it, it was the actor like the nights were great, but like the production team clearly had never done that before, didn't even know the lights on. Yeah, all the production stuff quit. They turned the fluorescent lights on. Yeah, and then like so there's a they turned the there's part of the show at a medical times where they fill the room with fog and like cool lights and like almost like laser stuff, and there's this gray horse that does this beautiful dance and through the fog looks probably amazing. All right, Yeah, why arena silent fluorescent lights? And you can hear this arena full of people eating chicken with their hands, you didn't their hands. There's no music, and the horse is just doing its thing to no music. Way less impressive. It does make you wonder, like, how did that take off in medieval times? Like in medieval time that was as cool as that guy? Well they had live music, right, oh yeah, they would have someone with like a harp and liar. Yeah, yeah, interesting, And then the guy over here was just so yeah, last week, I thought a bear, I kid, I got this shock tune things when I jumped off the boat and fought a shock. I'm a ninja. I'm an entrepreneur. I met last week. It's like, I just don't understand the super Bowl. In the band, what's the Biggest lot? You were told the biggest Live We're told, yeah, you got caught in you know my super Bowl story? Right? No. When I was in third grade, this is I don't care the podcast. I don't care about the topic. When I was in third grade, we were talking on the Super bowling class and it came across the room went did you say you just went? Did you say he went to the super Bowl? And everyone in the room turned and looked at me, And as a third grader, I knew how the star power worked, so I went yeah, And I rode that way for like two weeks until my mom talked to the teacher and the teacher was like, hey, he told us about your trip to the super Bowl. I don't think you went to the super Bowl. That mom was like, we did not, And so my teacher made me get up in front of the class, stand in front of the class and say I lied Wow. Yeah, that's brutal. It sucked. Yeah, but it was really because of Randall saying that across the room and then like I like to just say yeah, and then he hyped it up more and then it became like I wasn't like actively lying to people a bunch, you weren't. Yeah, but then once it's snowball, it was kind of like, yeah, you know, if someone asked, I'm gonna say yes because I'm a third grader and I'm not stupid, I know how, you know. And she wasn't talking to me before she thought I didn't go to zoom. You know. Yeah, I don't know if I can tell any of my lies on this show. They're still active. Okay, Oh my gosh, all right, Oh my gosh. Okay, sure, So I don't remember how we got here. Uh yeah, we were talking about uh, we're talking about DDE Palmer. D D. Palmer essentially was just like this, this is a suble station. That's right, which should be noted. I've done. Here's what I'll say for this episode, because it's something that so many people actively do. I was like, I want to, I want to. I did a decent bit of research on both sides of this argument. I wanted to I didn't want to just look at one. I have been to the chiropractor. I do feel better after I go to the chiropractor. I don't think it's the permanent solution. I think ultimately the stretching and workouts that I've done for my muscles have made me feel a lot better than chiropractor carriers. Yeah, that's that's what medicine, most modern medicine would agree with. Okay, that statement, Uh, station a pretty anti chiropractor. Some sublixation as the concept is not real. It has not been it has not been scientifically proven. Yeah, there has not been any scientific evidence to show there's not been any scientific evidence to show that anything even resembling sublication exists at all. Okay, and there's been multiple double blind studies and multiple like double blind, Yeah, multiple multiples. And he tried to heal them with the cracks, but they couldn't see single blind and that's not you can't even tell, you know. But here's the thing. After he cracked their backs, they could see the rickets on the carriage outside. And he's like, it's twenty twenty three. I think we did something real best up. Where are your eyes at? Oh? My eyes are in the past. That's a movie ideas. Someone goes to the chiropractor. They get their neck pop and then they walk around and their eyes it's like alternate reality. They see the world years ago where they are, you know what I'm saying. So they're talking to a lamp post, but it's George Washington, you know. Interesting. Yeah, Hey, maybe we should Robert and touch my Bayard knee even stop, Maybe we should. That's what they're gonna make perfect. I'm looking for something. Everybody is looking for something. I'm like starting to reach that point in myself. No, we should ask Robert and Robert and Chase to write that screenplay for us. All right, let's see where you go with it. They're watching this. Hopefully they're doing their jobs. Robert and Chase our new editors. I don't know if we've talked about them at all show yet. Okay, we definitely haven't. The time this episode comes out, they may not be they got fired. They We haven't changed our outro, so it probably still says Connor. I think it's still okay, so outro Anyways, Robert needs a c name, Crobert okay. Chase and Crobert are our new video editors. Robert's kind of a cool name, though, I'm like, why, I kind of want to stick with that. Christian, I don't know if we've talked about this show colleagues. Christian, I've stopped calling him Christian. I start I've called Christ. It is Christ in my phone? You call him Christ? Yeah? I told him, I said, I said, does anybody ever call you Christ? For sure? And he was like, no, nobody, And I was like, I'm changing it my phone, and so I did it now Siri when he texted me, it'll say Christ said, And I'm like, he never said that. Christ said you can do all things? Yeah, but he usually just says, hey, I sent to an invoice, can you pay me already? That's pretty much all we talked about. So DEEDI no suplexation. They they've attended and X rays and MRIs. We cannot find evidence that it exists, sure, and so a lot of doctors are pretty passionate that it doesn't a lot of some some chiropractors are. The Chiropractic Association will tell you or recently has started to try to distance itself from supplexation because it doesn't exist anyways. That's interesting. So imagine being a chiropractor for like thirty years though, and then have to be like to walk that back. Yeah, a lot aren't. So I'm gonna to walk that back. Like half my patients can't after I paralyze them from bad practices. So he says, Okay, the subli station thing kind of like you said, it's got that signals, you're you're weakening the signals. So anything in your body that's wrong with your body, if we fix this, like, we can fix that. And so that's what he brands it out. Yeah, and that's what I'm saying. Some chiropractors definitely fall into that, like you don't need chemo, you need chiropractic, and you're like, ah, it becomes a panacea. Yes, And that's where it becomes really questionable. And that's kind of where he started as was any like because my hip, like I felt like I wasn't able to like I couldn't drive long distance about my hip being weird, which I will say that is one of the one of the few things that I've seen where uh, medical doctors will say that's a that's a decent reason if your lower extremities have issues, then you probably do have some spinal issues and so going to get adjusted, and that could would be one of the first things that they would recommend because they don't want you to do surgery if you don't need it, right's say, go for physical therapy, try chiropractor, try all these other other things. If you have issues in your lower extremities, then that could be an actual spinal issue, then an adjustment could help there. Okay, anyways, but what d D branded it as was whatever's wrong with you because it's that spinal core, right, if we adjust it, we can fix anything. And so yeah, that's that's what I'm saying, is like, Oh, I'm gonna poop better now, or I'm gonna yeah, Oh, you're gonna breathe more clear this week, you're gonna yeah, you're gonna be able to you're gonna sleep better this week. You come in and he's like, hey, so how is those poops this week? Does the effort that he made me keep it a journal? So he starts practicing with the sublaxation thing, okay, and he says, whatever's wrong with you, come, I'll pop your back and you won't have whatever problem you have now right, And a lot of people like are like, oh, yeah, it does help me, and some people are like that doesn't help at all. And this guy has pictures of this guy all over the office. Yeah he's cool, I'm saying, like, now that I've remembered his name, Yeah, he has pictures all over his office, like Fire in the Hole has pictures of bald knobbers all over there. Ride you know what I'm saying, Like, Yeah, yeah, hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like this and you want more of our show, We've got plenty of other episode. It's one of my favorites. Is Action Park, a super sketchy theme park that was basically overrun by teenagers and they just made the rules. It was in New Jersey. It was a wild story, but we did a whole episode about it, and I think you'd like it. So when you're done with this one, go check out that episode. But for now, back to this one. Okay. Anyway, So he starts having people come and and there's like mixed reviews, but a lot of people really like it and are showing up, and some other people are like wanting to learn to do and at this time is he's doing their next and stuff. Yeah, he's doing everything. He's popping them. Okay, sure, okay, I don't have my charapractor will Sometimes I say I learned a new move, and I go, no, thank you, I'm not joking. I learned him move. You tried and true. Man. There is now mixed reviews, but there's a growing population of people who are wanting to practice it. And they're the they're wanting to be ki wanted to be chiropractical, like this guy's making too much money. Yeah, they're like, hey, it's working. And the American Medical Association is getting wind of what's going on, and they seem to be asking questions. Okay, And so he realizes and this is I should say, we fast forwarded years, like I was going to say, in decades like he is now he's established a college in Davenport, his son is growing up, and his son has actually began to practice, and like a lot of time has passed, like he's been practicing for years. More and more chiropractors are being trained, and now the American Medical Association is knocking on the door. This is early nineteen hundreds now, and they're asking a lot of questions that he is concerned about because it very much seems like they are trying to shut them down because they don't think it's legit. And so he says, he says, Okay, if we try to operate as an actual medical establishment, we have to go through the American Medical Association and get certified for all this stuff and do everything that they want us to do. He said, But because we're in America and we have certain freedoms, we can I can do whatever I want. Well, he says, He says, if we're a religion, then they can't infringe upon our religious chiropractic, our religious practices. And so he writes a bunch of books on the philosophy of chiropractic and he establish establishes it as a religion. And this is a quote from his So there's a book, I believe it's called The Chiropractors Adjuster, which is his religious guide on chiropractic. And here's what he says about chiropractic in that book. He says, we must have a religious head, one who is the founder, as did Christ, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, and many others who have founded religions. I am the fountainhead. I am the founder of chiropractor in it as its science and as art, in it as philosophy, and in its religious phase. He went on to say, I am the only one who can do that. And he goes on later to say that the text that he writes about chiropractic, he was inspired by God to write, and he says that he claims that, he claims that there was another doctor who had been gone for like dead for years, who comes to him in visions and tells him what to say. That's what I'm saying. He talks to the dead. He's got a Ouiji board and he's like, we should help our new studio wall that says I am the one. D. D. Palmer thirty eight to two or something. I am the only one. And so he establishes that as a religion to protect it from the American Medical Association. Okay, and it really does become a cult, which is interesting because it's very similar to how people in counterpactic behave now little cult tea and so he sets it up as a church to protect it. But his son Bja did not like this decision. He wanted it to be a business. He didn't want it to be medical he didn't want it to be religious. He wanted it to be a business. And so they started to kind of have this feud that went on for years. Okay, well the American Medical Association, if it's a religion, they don't pay taxes either. Okay, sorry to jump ahead your story. Yeah, So they start feuding and they end up getting to a spot where BJ's running the college, his dad's running a like their practice, their family practice, and his dad's kind of running chiropractic as an institution as ya as an idea as an idea. Yeah, and his son is running the college training all the chiropractors. Well, the American Medical Association ends up coming through with a ruling basically like hey, you guys are all frauds in your line to everybody and anybody who's practicing this needs to go to jail or pay a fine and stop practicing. Okay, what year was that. I believe it was the early nineteen hundred nineteenth. I don't know the exact date. I want to say, like nineteen oh five ish, someone in that ballpark, early nineteen hundreds. Yeah, and so did being the man that he was, he was like he was like he's like I will not pay a fine for this. I will not recognize that. You won't recognize this. And he's like, so you'll have to put me in prison. Oh, I can't hear you. What'd you say? What? Correct? So he goes to prison for his son, pays the fine. Sounds like whatever, I'll pay the fine. Oh my gosh, and he goes to prison for it, well for his beliefs. Yeah. Well, he stays for a month and realizes I've made a mistake, and so he sells the school works. He sells the school to his son, and he's so, what you're saying is he was in a jut. He was a chiropractor and he would take people's spines and make them straight. Yeah, and then he got scared straight out of that. Yeah yeah, yeah, pretty accurate. And so, uh he sold the college to his son so that way he could pay his fine and get out of prison. And so he did that. And I'm a little foggy on the details of what happened here because there was this big judgment that came down right, clear it up, because there's a big judgment that happened, and everybody had to pay their fines or go to jail. But then after that all kind of happened, like a bunch of chiropractors were able to just keep practicing, and so I don't know if like, okay, it wasn't. I don't know exactly how they were weaseled their way around that, but they did and they were able to continue practicing. So BJ continues running the college, and my chiropractor at the beginning of twenty twenty gave me a letter yeah that he said, if you get pulled over and they're like, why are you out of your house, you tell them you're on your way to the chiropractor, and you give them this letter to prove it. What the very very beginning during during the lockdown the twenty twenty and I was like, I was like, do you think the SWAT teams are going to pull me over? Where are you going? I'm like, hi, Ve, yeah, I forgot when you said twenty twenty what happened in twenty twenty? And I thought he was just a general, Like he was just like, here's a letter called over, dude, I'm like going ninety. Sorry, it's urgent. I need to get adjusted. Haven't pooped in days? Yeah, my subluxed I'm SUBLUXD. I'm SUBLUXD and the cop legally to let you okay, I'll lead the way. You gotta say two things. One, I'm a cop. I tell you that watch out against a cop. And then they have to go okay, I'll escort or you can call nine one one and ask for that. That's why chiropractors has cop in the name. They're all cops. Comes okay. Uh So BJA now has the school and starts running the school. Yeah, uh d D. And there are there's a fierce rivalry between the two of them. They're both uh uh d D is building this philosophy of chiropractic and running it as religion. BJ is like, now we're a business. Forget all that religion stuff. We're a business. And I'm making all these devices, medical devices for all the doctors I'm training. Devices. Yeah. So, and a lot of them are actually still in use today. Yeah, the things that do the measurements and the the find the sublixations. He was creating all these devices. Yeah. Ironically, uh he built a device what's it called? Remember in Scientology our Scientology episode, the device that they use with the converts where they have to hold those things in beginning to decide like how saved they are or whatever, he built the device that would become that, like because they became friends at some point, l Ron Hubbard, the chiropractic is linked to scientology. Yeah, el Ron Hubbard became friends with BJ and that makes so much sense. And Alron Hubbard was like, what's that? And he was like, oh, he does this thing for chiropractic. And he's like, He's like, can I have like fifty thousand of those? And then they use those as their devices for Scientology to see if you were saved? What? Yeah, whatever, they those are called. There's those media. No one who's subluxed scientology that was subluxed anyway. That's a total sidebar. But yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense. They're connected. So Bja was trying to build this business where he was training this these doctors. Okay he wasn't a doctor himself, but he's training these doctors and supplying them with their certifications and then he would sell them the devices. And so that was his business model. Coach, it was a good plan. So he was actually doing the chiropractic stuff anymore. He was just he was building a business right, got it that served the people who did it, which was pretty smart because he knew, oh, hey, there's a lot of people like practicing in this is sketchy right now. And he's like, I don't want to do the really this thing because that's weird. But he's like, but if I supply them, then maybe I can get around the legality of it, which he did for a while. And so meanwhile DDI goes out to California and tries to start a college in California. It fails. He then goes to uh it failed the college. Yeah, the California, Yeah, it didn't work. Really rethinking my move, and then he goes to Seattle, dries in Seattle, it fails, and then I want to say, he went to Phoenix somewhere in the southwest fails. So then he goes back to Davenport, Iowa and opens up a college two blocks from BJ and it's like, come to my college. I'm the only one who's capable of teaching you this stuff. And so the feud is starting to get really bitter at this point, and allegedly in uhh December, in December of nineteen thirteen, there is a homecoming parade in town. Okay, d D is marching in the parade and BJ runs with the car and kills him. Uh, I'm sorry, hit the parade in the parade. Wait, so d D doesn't immediately dive his injuries, but his son literally runs him over with a car in the parade, in the parade, in the parade, in the parade runs him over. Okay, I think was he going the parade route? No, b DDE was marching in the parade. Yeah, yeah, and b just by himself. I'm so sorry about that. For example, though, he's just he is doing his own parade. He's the only person in the Yeah, and that's what that's just. That's just jaywalking. That's not a parade. That's just jaywalking. Yeah, here's he's marching, marching the parade doing Next time, you're jaywalking. If the cops give you trouble, hand him. And this is a parade, I'm allowed to be here legally. You have to tell me if you're a cop, and then you have to start this. You have to you have to get all the cops, so they have to leave every horse in town, and they got to be at the end and also get fire drug. So sand has to be at the end too. I don't know where he is. Call him, he's got to be here. I'm doing a parade. He'll find us. So he's in the parade, just marching parade, and so is his son driving the parade rough I'm saying, that's what I'm saying. Or his son just drives into the parade. I'm pretty sure his son just drives in and gets them. Uh, and so, but he doesn't die. Two weeks later, he's back in California. But do people at the parade have seen BJ hit every putting those PJ read him over with the car. It's not a question, and they're like, I don't know if this makes me want to go there more or less? Well, he ran him over, and he showed him a note since sorry, I'm on my way to the religion, said I could do this my religion. Run my dad over. You can't. It's in the religion. And so, uh, he goes to California and he ends up dying in California two weeks later of typhoid fever. Okay, and BJ is exonerated of all his crimes. Seems very fishy to me. I don't know, so legally speaking speaking, I think it's typhoid. He was giving everybody certe typhoid. That's so dumb. So he gives a cert of sort of voice, sort avoid freak. He dies of typhoid fever allegedly, and then also two broken bones in his body. But I think we're pretty shows just that it's my shot somewhere and they were like, yeah, I did the flu though, so yeah, yeah, he just stopped breathing. We don't know why. That's like every person on the internet, that's just like, oh, were they vaccinated. That's probably why they died. Yeah, you don't think it was the five story fall that did him in. I don't because the other was everything else. It was like it was probably it was a plane crashing them might have taken his life. You think it's because he's vaccinated. So anyway, so he dies and it turns into a business. BJ is like, we're burying all this religion stuff, not my dad. Though, we're not burying him. I'm I'm backing him up with a bunch of stuff. Put I'm in the college and he's the training w you can pop my dad what Yeah, for fifty bucks, you can call my dead dad back. He's pretty subluxed. He's so sublus that he's dead. It's like it's like the Sorcerer's stone or no, no, the SORCER's stone, the sword in the stone. It's like it's like what a chiropriter can pop best can bring him back to life? You have not passed, freaking I'm trying to raise d D from the dead, trying to raise dead dead over here, that's what stands for dead dead Palmer. It's stupid. I can't believe I hit by his own So the kills him. Typhoid kills him, son kills him, and then he starts a business and becomes an empire and uh, for years, my biggest fear the American medical Your son kills you. Yeah, your biggest fear is like going to prison for the primate. Mine is straight up there. When my kids will kill me? Yeah, I mean that's likely, Like I will slip with my door locked at night. I think you're that afraid of it. I'm pretty afraid of my kid killing me. What about right, She's shacking over power so easily. I mean, just have we kids then, oh yeah, I'm going to Yeah, you can decide. Why are your kids like so malnourished. I want to I just want to make striking over power power. All Right, I think these rugs, this rug is definitely getting my allergies going. Yeah, I'm feeling it. I didn't think it would shoot, but I'm feeling we should vacuum. Uh. So they start the business, they start doing chiropractic for you, and they establed a college. The Palmer College still is like the college for chiropractors in Davenport, Iowa. Okay, it's a big deal. I'm pretty sure it is Davenport. We keep saying Davenport. I'm not positive. I'm pretty sure, but I'm sorry, I'm texting. They continue this battle with the American Medical Association to this day. In the seventies, as recently as the seventies, chiropractors were going to jail for practicing chiropractic because the American Medical Association was like, you're doing stuff that's not real. Recently there has been I don't know how to describe it. Recently they've softened their approach because in the nineties there was a chiropractor who sued the American Medical Association saying that like for libel, Okay, and lost that lawsuit big time. The jury was like, yeah, we all know you're making this up. And so lost that lawsuit and it was this whole, big, big deal. Well, in two thousand and three, I believe he reopened the case and used some weird niche law to basically say that that whole jury was like unfit to roll on that case. And in this reopened case, they were able to then win that case against the American Medical Association. Okay, And the whole case basically that he brought forward was that there was this kind of sleeper cell within the American Medical Association that was trying to take down chiropractic from the inside. It was a big conspiracy theory to the point where there was a chiropractor who allegedly went undercover within the American Medical Association, got a job with the American Medical Association and leaked a bunch of documents. We still don't know who his name is, who his actual name is. He goes by sore throat, leaks a bunch of these documents allegedly from the well the American Medical Association saying that like, yeah, we need to crush character. We don't know who he is. He goes by roast be But yeah, so Sore Throat brought this out in the sky suit and one and and ever since then, the American Medical Association has pumped or breaks because they they lost that big lawsuitent Yes, it was a big deal for them, but the American Medical Association still stands pretty firm on the fact that chiropractic is something that can bring some relief, and it's something that can is like a a pain relieving treatment, but it is not a medical treatment because there stands there is there is Most of the doctors that I see talking about this say there is a place for chiropractic as if like, if you have pain, it can alleviate that pain, and there are certain things that it does actually help, but it is not something that is actually fixing the problem. You're you're dealing with the symptoms when you're dealing with chiropractic. You're not dealing with the problem itself. Okay, And there's a place for that, like if you need pain relief, like it can be a place where you can get pain relief. But there's also a lot of people who practice chiropractic that act like it can cure everything, right, right, and that's sketchy and that's not true. The actually if you just keep coming back, yeah, there's no evidence for that. In fact, there's evidence to the contrary of that. And so but if you go too much, you're actually making it worse. Yeah, because it's like it's just like what people say with your when you pop your knuckles, Like the more you pop your knuckles, the more you need to pop your knuckles. And if you continue to do that and then you stop, you you cause poslems. But if you continue to do it too much, you can actually open yourself up to situations where you can cause damage. It's the same thing with your back. You're pop things in your back too much, You're weakening all those connection points and so eventually it could cause bigger problems. And especially with chiropractors, like there are certain moves that are totally safe to do, but there are some new moves they could learn. Learn this new move and I don't know, man, Yeah, there's some moves that they could do that are pretty dangerous and if they make a mistake, like there are people who die from chiropractic adjustments that shouldn't yeah, yeah, yeah, And so it is something I'm not saying like chiropractic is something that you should never do, but it's something that you should think of as like a massage. Becau's not medicine. Sure, it's something that could relieve and could be helpful and could be good, but it's not medicine. And it was founded by a guy who thought it should be a religion, which is crazy. Speaking of religions, we do have a patriot and the only ones who could lead it are us, myself and Tim Stone. And here's the thing. The government can't take this from They could try. They could try. Come and take it with my car. I'm gonna hit your dad with my car. Yeah, and then we're gonna let people. I'm gonna hit my dad with a car. We're all in our dad's with cars. That's our religious beliefs, and you can't infridge on them. I have a letter right here says three things. One are you a cop God? You have to tell me legally. Two, I'm gonna hit my dad with a car because of the religious beliefs that I hold dear to my heart, and you can't infridge on those. And three if you disagree with me, fill a while. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked it, you can subscribe or watch some more episodes or some clips. But then I need to make this like twenty seconds. My producer said it has to be longer, so I'm just gonna keep talking for a little bit. And is this long enough? Connor okay? Cool? Yeah, thanks for being here.

Chiropractic care is a standard back and neck pain treatment, but where did it come from? The origins of chiropractic are pretty strange and unexpected. It all started with a Canadian man named Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer in the late 1800s.

Palmer worked as a “magnetic healer,” claiming he could cure diseases by waving magnets over people’s bodies. This practice was already viewed as quackery at the time. One day, Palmer’s janitor mentioned he had become deaf after an accident years earlier. Palmer examined the janitor’s neck and tried “adjusting” it by popping the vertebrae. Amazingly, the janitor claimed his hearing improved afterward!

Palmer decided he had discovered the cure for deafness – misaligned spinal bones he called “subluxations.” He began advertising his ability to pop backs and necks to restore hearing and cure any disease. Thousands visited Palmer’s clinic hoping for miraculous cures, but many were disappointed when they realized neck-popping did not cure cancer or blindness.

Still, Palmer persisted. To evade regulation, he turned chiropractic into a new religion with himself as its prophet. He wrote spiritual texts about chiropractic’s “innate intelligence” flowing through the spine. Meanwhile, his son B.J. Palmer rejected the religious angle and focused on running chiropractic as a profitable business. He mass-produced devices to train new chiropractors on spinal “adjustments.”

The rivalry between D.D. and B.J. grew heated. According to questionable sources, B.J. may have even struck D.D. with his car at a parade, contributing to D.D.’s death two weeks later.

After D.D. died, B.J. successfully grew the Palmer School of Chiropractic into a thriving college. However, the medical establishment refused to recognize chiropractic as a legitimate medicine. In the 1960s and 70s, chiropractors were still jailed for practicing medicine without a license.

The animosity between chiropractors and medical doctors continues today. Most doctors admit spinal manipulation can temporarily relieve back pain but say its benefits are limited. However, a small minority of chiropractors continue to make unsubstantiated claims that “adjustments” can cure diseases from autism to diabetes.

While its origins were dubious, chiropractic treatment has undeniably become more mainstream and scientific in recent decades. However, patients should use skepticism before accepting grandiose claims about chiropractic’s curative powers. Spinal adjustments may provide short-term pain relief but are unlikely to be a miracle cure.

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