Adolphe Sax – The Remarkable Inventor of the Saxophone


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Unknown Speaker 0:00 Don't leave all the bad stuff in. Speaker 1 0:01 Alright man, have you ever heard of Antoine Joseph Adolph sacks? Unknown Speaker 0:09 Are you done? I don't know if Unknown Speaker 0:11 you had more Antoine Joseph Adel sacks. Unknown Speaker 0:13 Yeah, he goes by Ayran. Unknown Speaker 0:15 Oh, no. Speaker 2 0:16 And associates, Aaron Sachs and Associates. Live Eris X associates. This is Travis Kelce. He's in my commercials for some reason. And I'm a lawyer. He's a lawyer. Unknown Speaker 0:27 He's a lawyer in Springfield. That's what I thought. Speaker 3 0:29 That's how I thought, okay. No, not him. Different eight off. He was born in 1814. A long time ago before his name became out of 98 Unknown Speaker 0:38 years before the Titanic 98 years. Speaker 3 0:42 He's in a significant person. Because well, let's Unknown Speaker 0:48 just tell the story. Speaker 3 0:52 I can't think of a better word for the saxophone then just sexy. And everyone's like, what is that I've never Unknown Speaker 1:00 heard so in train anything like that in Speaker 3 1:02 my life. Every wedding, I sneak off and try to find my way to the roof. And I really liked it. It was kind of like poetic, Unknown Speaker 1:09 that was never heard. Last night Speaker 3 1:23 so Adolf Sachs was born in 1814, in a town called de nom, Belgium. And this town was a French speaking Belgian town to a father who was a music manufacturer, like a instrument okay, Unknown Speaker 1:45 I couldn't remember the word Unknown Speaker 1:48 music, either music or musical, you know, Unknown Speaker 1:52 it's got that word. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 1:56 He's a beat builder. Speaker 3 1:58 And so I grew up in this home with a dad making musical instruments mostly woodwinds, but a little bit of stringed instruments. Okay. Was his dad's his dad's job. And his parents were what the modern public would call neglectful. But what the people in that time would call parents absolutely normal parents. It's the Unknown Speaker 2:19 kid who's kicking them out of the nest. Unknown Speaker 2:20 The kids the problem. Unknown Speaker 2:22 89 set them on the road with a stranger. Speaker 4 2:23 Yep, maybe he'll find a swamp or stuff. Maybe Speaker 2 2:28 he'll find another family. So he'd be getting a Shrek Have you seen that? Like the Shrek the Musical? Unknown Speaker 2:34 No, I haven't seen it. Have you though? I haven't actually watched like the musical. No, I've seen trek. Okay, obviously. Speaker 2 2:42 I don't remember dish. There's the movie Shrek start like this, where he like his parents are like, it's time for you to get out of here. Speaker 3 2:47 I want to be honest, the only part of Shrek I remember. Is all star by Smash Mouth. Unknown Speaker 2:53 Oh. Unknown Speaker 2:56 That's the only one. Speaker 2 2:58 Okay, so it opens on a swap? No, instruct the musical, which is very much worth your time. First, now. The opening number is, you know, it's his birthday. And his parents are like, now you're older. And now it's time to go away. All right. And it's like, like they're teaching them that the world's gonna hate him and pitchforks and all this stuff. And they're just like, Alright, get on son. Interesting. And it's just this little kid walking like this ogre kid. Speaker 3 3:36 I'm gonna learn that and I'm gonna hire like the cast of the original show. It's time to get ready. Turns 18 There are gonna be a lot of old party. Speaker 2 3:44 So I mean, like the Catholic there's some people who are like in their 40s I'm, they're gonna be like, you know, 70 by the time that happens Unknown Speaker 3:51 even better, and you can barely get the words out Speaker 2 3:59 Yeah, he paid our travel. That's why we're here. What you paid, they're trapped like you you hire, you're saying that you're gonna. I just wanna make sure that I understand your dreams. Because you're assuming that by the time your kid is 18, you will have enough income to hire the original Broadway cast of Shrek the Musical. Unknown Speaker 4:20 Yeah, I'm manifesting it. Unknown Speaker 4:27 You say so you sit down with your financial plan. Unknown Speaker 4:30 This is the goal. Speaker 2 4:32 What's your like? What's your like? 20 year plan? Oh, I'm glad you asked in 20 years, I'd like to hire the original cast or Shrek the Musical. For what are you my financial planner or a guy who asks a lot of questions. Okay, that Speaker 3 4:47 that's for my party planner and my party planner alone to know Yeah. I would expect confidentiality from you. And professionalism. I Speaker 2 4:55 hate the idea that in 20 years, you'll have like a party planner. Like somebody who's just obtain your regular party planner. Being rich must be so calm. You know? I'll call my party guy. Unknown Speaker 5:08 I got a party guy. Speaker 2 5:09 Oh, never say party parents go now it's time to go away. No, they Speaker 3 5:13 didn't. He's he's not even two years old yet. Here's the deal. In that day, everybody was like, Oh, your kids cursed. Let me tell you everything that happened to them. And you'll be like, Oh, you're bad parents. So here's the first your kids curse. Okay, so he's not even two years old yet. Like just learning to walk. He falls out a third story window, goes into a coma, but wakes up eventually survives. goes on with his life. A couple years later, he's three years old. He's in his dad's workshop. And he was dead Santa. No, he makes instruments remember? Oh, yeah. His music Unknown Speaker 5:52 shop. Speaker 3 5:55 Yes. And his dad had left some sulfuric acid out. And the kid, three years old thought it was milk. And so he drank it. So had pretty severe sulfuric acid. Unknown Speaker 6:10 Curse got him. Speaker 3 6:13 survived that couple of years later, he swallowed a needle and managed to pass it totally fine. Which is pretty, it's safe. Criss Angel. Unknown Speaker 6:28 That's where this is where he got it. This Unknown Speaker 6:29 is his inspiration. Unknown Speaker 6:31 He was the grossest part of the show. Speaker 3 6:34 He also burnt himself on a hot stove and got an infection from it because that was I guess, really common back then. It Unknown Speaker 6:43 was all this happening. Speaker 3 6:44 I mean, he's a child child. Yeah, this started at the age of one and it ran through his childhood. Speaker 2 6:50 He's more than just unlucky. Like he's he's kind of dumb. Yeah, Speaker 3 6:53 yeah, he He then got hit in the head from a roof tile that fell off of a building that he was standing by. And have you ever like like the old school like roof tiles like that? The Plaza has? Yeah. Tiles. Yeah, have you ever held one of those? They're heavy they're very heavy. Yeah, so it knocked him unconscious. And he went into a coma again was in a coma for a little while but survived that woke back up went about his life. Speaker 2 7:17 How was his cognitive ability at this point? Do you know like if he's fallen out but here's what here's what Speaker 3 7:24 we know from the his later life his cognitive ability was probably pretty fine. But I think whatever his like Don't be a person who sucks like receptors in his brain shut disconnected because he was kind of a tool the rest of his life. So I guess some cognitive damage. Like you still you relate. Unknown Speaker 7:48 I'm don't remember any of this stuff happening to me. Unknown Speaker 7:56 Have you talked to your doctor about that? Unknown Speaker 8:02 He also he drink varnish three different times. Unknown Speaker 8:05 Three different times. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 8:06 yeah. Speaker 2 8:07 I'll tell you what, this sounds like a guy who knows how much gasoline you can drink. Yeah, you would. Speaker 3 8:14 I mean, he's, yeah, he also drink arsenic. And then, on one fateful day, he a towns person in his town found miles from his house, floating facedown in the river, just getting carried by the current. So he dragged them out and the aid off, laid there for a couple of moments and then just kind of coughed up all the water and then got up and went about his day. Unknown Speaker 8:44 And his mom said was like, Thanks is mom, his mom, which way to my home? Unknown Speaker 8:49 Which way home? Speaker 3 8:52 His mom said about him that the boy is cursed. He's going to live a life of long suffering. The town called them the ghost, which is super cool. Unknown Speaker 9:04 Because he never died. He was I mean, I don't know what it was. Speaker 2 9:07 That did that develop. Like I'm an invincible kind of feeling. Is that? Is that what it is? Speaker 3 9:11 Was kind of cocky. Okay. And so in high school in high school, he got really into music. And he he like, became, I don't know what the word is. At this time. Being a band nerd was cool. It was kind of like playing guitar. Yeah, it was like, Speaker 2 9:31 Oh, you play clarinet? Yeah. Wow. Yeah, you're in clarinet Speaker 3 9:35 club wins. Yeah, yeah. And so he was kind of like, you know, a rock star, sort of, sort of. So he's living that life learning learning music and his dad. He's apprenticing under his father whose music Unknown Speaker 9:50 guy music manufacturer moves, Unknown Speaker 9:52 a beat boxer, Unknown Speaker 9:53 I'm sure a beat manufacturer and so they call them Speaker 2 9:59 Arby's. cuz he's got the beat. Unknown Speaker 10:03 Okay that's Speaker 2 10:08 pretty good my soundcloud my soundcloud name is Rossby you don't have roast But the ease are threes. So it's a roast B three three F, which is also the past so now you ever to capital R zero. At symbol Speaker 5 10:41 Yeah. As people would never guess it people never Speaker 2 10:48 roast and no new. Unknown Speaker 10:54 That's so good. Speaker 3 10:59 So this guy, he starts like kind of hobby making instruments. Okay, it's just kind of like, you know, let's go invent the French horn. Because I did. Because I did that first. I beat him to there. Close. He, he made a bunch of instruments kind of like when you were a kid, and you made instruments out of like tissue boxes and stuff. But he was making real instruments. So not a lot like, actually, now that I say that a lot. Okay. So he's building, he's building all these instruments. And in his late teens, he enters into a Belgian xx xx exhibition, a Belgian musician exhibition. Unknown Speaker 11:41 The Belgian musician exhibition. Unknown Speaker 11:44 He was remission. Speaker 5 11:48 I got stuck on a commission. I couldn't start with those. Okay, so Speaker 3 11:53 he interested in to this thing with a new instrument that he had invented, called the bass clarinet. Here's the thing. He didn't invent it. The bass clarinet existed, but it was not good. Everybody agreed that the bass clarinet sucked, because it wouldn't stay in tune. It was very quiet. And it was like hard to play. And it just didn't sound good in general. And so the bass clarinet was like, not popular instrument. He made this bass clarinet, they like curved upwards. So like it was louder, and then it could hold it tune. And it actually sounded good. And so he built this bass clarinet. Unknown Speaker 12:31 I understand where we're going. I think he didn't or okay. Speaker 3 12:34 And so it makes us bass clarinet. And at the exhibition, everybody's minds are free to do Speaker 2 12:39 that. So sexy. They would you say, What did you just say? That's that was the slang back. Yeah, so sex. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 3 12:49 And everybody was like, Wow, this sounds great. This is really good. We love it. And then they pull them aside at the end of the exhibition. And they said, Hey, by Speaker 2 12:57 the way, the bass cleaner already exists. So you know, we just wanted to let you know, a little secret. You're Speaker 5 13:05 just what did you get dropped from a third story window as a child. Unknown Speaker 13:10 I was actually robbed. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 13:12 I walked. Unknown Speaker 13:13 I jumped. I Speaker 2 13:14 did that myself. That was nobody else's fault. Speaker 3 13:18 They told him, they said, they said, here's the deal, bro. This idea? Great idea. We love it. We love you. You're great. Sounds great. Looks great. Feels great. Everything about this is great. Okay, this deserves the gold medal. And he's like, sweet, and they said, but we're not gonna give it to Unknown Speaker 13:34 you because the other guy paid more. They said, Speaker 3 13:37 because you're too young. And if you win the gold now, then what are you going to do the rest of your life? Unknown Speaker 13:43 No. What are you going to work towards? Yeah. Speaker 3 13:45 What else you could accomplish if you don't win the gold. So we're going to give you the silver and Unknown Speaker 13:53 just to keep you hungry. Speaker 3 13:56 And he told them, he told them he said he said if I'm too young for the gold, then I'm too old for the silver. And he refused to accept it. Speaker 2 14:05 And I really took his saxophone and went home while I was a bass clarinet. Yeah, but he had been to the saxophone, right. It's a bass clarinet. At that point. Speaker 3 14:15 This is a bass clarinet. Oh, this is not a saxophone Unknown Speaker 14:22 is that one that's excellent was gold plated. Speaker 4 14:25 You actually might be actually or he's like it's a woodwind instrument, Unknown Speaker 14:29 but it's gold but Unknown Speaker 14:31 it's gone. Unknown Speaker 14:33 I'm not old enough for it. Unknown Speaker 14:37 Sorry, I'm too young for that Unknown Speaker 14:45 Oh, Unknown Speaker 14:46 don't touch my socks. You're too young Unknown Speaker 14:59 so he Yeah, Unknown Speaker 15:00 it's a bass clarinet, Unknown Speaker 15:02 bass clarinet. Okay. Unknown Speaker 15:04 So he very frustrated about this whole situation says, Unknown Speaker 15:08 Well, I don't want to do it. Then I quit. Yeah, he Speaker 3 15:10 says he says, I can't be around all these stupid Belgians. Any longer you people you don't know music. You don't know, waffles. What am I here for? And so he says, I'm moving to. Okay. And so he packs up with $42. Belgian dollars Belgian $1,800. I don't know what that is. Unknown Speaker 15:32 Hey, when does this episode come out? Unknown Speaker 15:35 October 24. Oh, why? Speaker 2 15:38 Oh, I was just trying to promote some shows, but they've already happened. Bummer. Yeah. Speaker 3 15:45 So, so he moved to Paris, with 42 bucks Speaker 2 15:49 to put it out earlier. Go ahead and promote October 15. I'm in Franklin, Tennessee, with John Auriemma. October 22. I'm in Denver, Colorado. Unknown Speaker 16:09 Are you going to give a call to action or invite them or Unknown Speaker 16:12 are you can? In wishing where there Unknown Speaker 16:18 can live in your regret. Unknown Speaker 16:21 All right, you missed it, loser. Speaker 3 16:25 So he moves to Paris. And he says he says that's where Speaker 2 16:28 it was. Paris was on. Oh, there you go. Speaker 3 16:33 He moves. He moves to Paris. And he says this is where I'll have my big break. Yeah. He says I don't need to try to please these people at these competitions. Sure. Get people excited about this. He says you know who I need to win over the army. Okay, and he says he says I'm going to Speaker 2 16:50 French army. Yeah, he said the French Oh, he did make the French horn. Speaker 3 16:53 He said the French aren't going to see this. I skipped ahead. Oh, no. Is it the French are gonna see he didn't make this the French horn. I think that had been around. Boy. Long. Yeah. looks old. It looks very old. That's that's an idea. That's an old old idea. That's an idea that people had back before our brains were Unknown Speaker 17:14 old idea, dude, it's Unknown Speaker 17:15 such a bad idea. Unknown Speaker 17:17 He couldn't agree the French horn. He's too young. Unknown Speaker 17:21 Is Bronze Age, bro. Unknown Speaker 17:24 Bronze Age idea. Speaker 3 17:27 So he, he says I'm gonna I'm gonna convince the army. If the army loves my music, then the world will love my knees. Speaker 2 17:36 Okay, what does the bell have to the army is like, Hey, what's your favorite band? You're gonna like this. Unknown Speaker 17:43 If it's not Nickelback, we kill you. Unknown Speaker 17:45 I like tech time. Okay, all right. Speaker 5 17:50 Well let that pass. You know why? Why? Unknown Speaker 17:53 Because I'm an Army guy. Hey, are ya? Yeah. Speaker 6 18:03 Army army army guy Unknown Speaker 18:09 as a call back, so. Speaker 3 18:12 So he's in Paris, and he's trying to get into the making instruments, okay. And he he's showcasing this bass clarinet at offense and stuff. And people in Paris don't like immediately they like he comes Speaker 2 18:26 space clarinet for a second. Sorry. It's bass clarinet. There's a space where you can have space. Remember how we're watching Big Brother right now? Yeah. Murad Cameron's trying to float that nickname Space Cowboy. He's really trying to get it to stick. Unknown Speaker 18:39 I love it. Speaker 2 18:40 Shut up. Stop there. I'm the Space Cowboy. Unknown Speaker 18:43 It's pretty great. Your cam cam Speaker 5 18:48 which if you think about it, some of the stuff he's done pretty Space Cowboy. Speaker 2 18:52 I'm gonna go into big brother cuz I'm gonna get on Yeah, especially now that we're we're going to live out there. Yeah, I'm gonna say I'm the ghost. Ghost. That's pretty pretty cool. Pretty sick. Speaker 3 19:04 And then you have to be the scariest person in the house. Oh, yeah. You need to convince production to like, build a fake wall that's like fabric Unknown Speaker 19:13 behind you could face through. Unknown Speaker 19:16 Get to see from across the house just Unknown Speaker 19:22 Hello guys. In the backyard, Unknown Speaker 19:25 the ghost. Unknown Speaker 19:28 Ghost of season 26 Unknown Speaker 19:30 We need to vote this guy out of the house and immediately Unknown Speaker 19:36 cast my vote to evict the go Speaker 2 19:42 Hi, Julie. You look wonderful tonight. I guess my votes it's official with 15. Will leave the house tonight. Unknown Speaker 19:57 She she comes in over the speaker and she's like Houska posts they all boo me as like yeah, you guys good yeah Speaker 1 20:16 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked this, we've got a lot of great ones. Let me recommend a recent one hitch bot. Basically some Canadian scientists said what if we made a robot that hitchhiked across the country? You think it can make it? Spoiler alert it's a fun episode. I like it a lot. You can need to check it out. One of my favorite reason jokes is in there. So check that one out. But if not, thanks for being here Unknown Speaker 20:46 Space Cowboy Gaby often Okay, so he's Unknown Speaker 20:48 testing out his bass clarinet. He's Unknown Speaker 20:51 trying to be like, Hey, Speaker 3 20:52 he's going door to door. No, he's one of these events. And he's playing it and people are like, that's pretty cool. But honestly, you're not from around here. And you're also kind of a tool and you're really young. And you've got a lot of scars on your face. Yeah. freaks us out. And so he pretty much immediately and your names Speaker 2 21:08 too long by just choose one dude. The Anthony Amasis I ate off. It just sounds like his parents looked at the name book. And they were like the first seven will do. Unknown Speaker 21:22 Because video that was what? Yeah. Speaker 3 21:24 What are you What? Yeah, what? They ended up having 11 kids, they use three names on him. I'm curious at what point they like, slowed down. And we're like, just one just one. Yeah, they even named the 11. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 21:36 he has no name. That's Unknown Speaker 21:39 it. What's your name? Unknown Speaker 21:40 Ghost kid. My name is boy, a lot of callbacks. My name is Unknown Speaker 21:49 the 11th. So which is also cool. It's pretty safe. The the Speaker 3 22:00 Paris beat builder community said, Hey, we don't like you pretty quickly. Because he had really good ideas and they were jealous. I think it was also a tool. And he was also really young and he came in and he was like, he's like Hey, I got better ideas and all of you and they were like we've been doing this for 40 years and Speaker 2 22:16 curves at the bottom. You should call this the croissant clarity. And he was like this is stupid idea that Clara saw it levy gay. You should Unknown Speaker 22:31 we okay. We should Unknown Speaker 22:36 call it the croissant. Unknown Speaker 22:41 There's a specific person in our life who I'm Yeah, I know. Some of you. Unknown Speaker 22:52 Okay, so he Unknown Speaker 22:54 it's his wife. He's Unknown Speaker 22:57 he's probably the steak and he's getting his bat Speaker 2 22:59 a lot of sorry I am. I am making this back. This is my phone today. Dude. He's getting Speaker 3 23:05 so much hate for this. And all of his inventions. He's got to feel it. For example, while we're here. He invented this. This is called the trumpet. Speaker 2 23:16 This this is a Whoville instrument. Looks like one of the art installations of the Kansas City Airport. It Speaker 3 23:21 does is absolutely theirs. If you're wondering, yeah, do Dr. Seuss drew this? It looks like a Dr. Seuss trumpet. It looks like a trombone if there was 13 of them that got tangled up in a really bad car accident. Speaker 2 23:32 It was like a trumpet if that happened. Well, I mean, it's long. I mean, how does a person hold? Where's the Speaker 3 23:39 I think? I think the mouthpiece comes out see the bat Yeah, comes out. Speaker 2 23:43 To hold it like a trumpet. Yeah. And then like, I guess around Speaker 3 23:47 yeah, I couldn't imagine. I mean, this has got to be heavy. And it's too Speaker 5 23:53 loud. It's yeah, just a little Yeah, but you got a second Yeah, there you go. Unknown Speaker 24:02 Gotta learn how to make money Unknown Speaker 24:09 what's the point of that? Does it sound like Speaker 3 24:11 so here's the thing that you harmonize. Here's the thing he focused on a lot was that's Speaker 2 24:16 no go back to that. This is and hear me out here. This is brass pipes. Yeah, like bagpipes? Speaker 3 24:28 Ah, but brass I like I like where Speaker 2 24:31 brass types because I'm saying like the you know how harmonizes with itself? Speaker 3 24:35 Yeah. You might be right. Actually, it might harmonize with itself. Unknown Speaker 24:39 Yeah. Cuz he's got, I mean, it's got to, you know, Speaker 3 24:42 here's another he did a six piston trombone. So yeah, but here's the thing. What are his main focuses because this was before amplification. And so a lot of instruments is instruments. These instruments were pretty quiet at the time, and especially a lot of wind instruments because, I mean, they were This trumpets that you pointed seven pointed straight down. Yeah, sound went straight down. And so he was reengineering stuff. So it went straight at the crowd. And so he was changing the shape of a lot of these things to still get the same sound but the sound waves travel a little bit better. So like amplifies, okay, the cones on the outside of them a lot bigger. So they'd be louder was kind of the thing that he was known for doing. Yeah. They had chocolate, he had chocolate and little sprinkles on it. Speaker 2 25:33 I'll do the dumb parts. This is by sprinkling through the info let me do the stupid stuff. So the Info Wars Speaker 7 25:45 are trying to put sprinkles on our trumpet trying to put too many trombones together, looking over the trombone, please. There's a certain amount of Trump which isn't what God wanted. Unknown Speaker 25:57 God wants one drop out and one. flirty drop my phones. Speaker 7 26:04 Were hands all over it still really? Weird he bow. Unknown Speaker 26:12 So you made some enemies? Speaker 3 26:14 Yeah, people were out to get him. And then he had this revolutionary idea. Okay. He said, What if I'm playing my guitar. And there was a thing I could step on that would like, repeat whatever I just played, I don't know, like, loop it. And then I could let that go. And then I started slapping my guitar, like a beat on my guitar. He's making this up. And then I could maybe yell into it. He's mad. And it'd be like, he's stupid right now. No, yeah, he had an idea to put a bunch of stuff together. And so he basically was like, what if we had a woodwind instrument? That was also a brass instrument. And so he made the saxophone. And so it mixed two totally different kinds of instruments together, and no one had thought of that yet. And the music community was like, What the fuck is wrong with you? That's Unknown Speaker 27:02 going for gold. Speaker 3 27:05 The Music The music community took it like people doing loot pedals, because they were like, That's not. That's not how that works. You're not supposed to use that instrument like that. Okay? Or you're not supposed to use those materials. That way. You're using it wrong. But everybody else in the world was like, This sounds awesome. I love this. Put it in step up three. Unknown Speaker 27:27 They just hadn't heard the SNL intro yet. Unknown Speaker 27:30 How does that go? Unknown Speaker 27:36 You know, oh, sorry. We can't we're not Unknown Speaker 27:38 gonna have that. Yeah. So with that, hi. No. Speaker 2 27:43 I can see your face for you. And I'm ready to make fun of them. And then you let me go because you were like, dang, dang, he hit it. You didn't know that. I was in an acapella group. All right. Didn't Unknown Speaker 27:53 know that. Unknown Speaker 27:57 It's pretty obvious, brother. Yeah. You Unknown Speaker 27:59 don't have to tell me. All right. Speaker 3 28:01 So the actual music community was like, this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life. And my fans, but everybody else was like, This is so sweet. Yeah. And so the first time he debuted like, Speaker 2 28:10 August Rush, yes. No kid playing the guitar like this. Yeah. And everyone else is like, Oh, what the crap and then Robin Williams is like you got spunk kid. I'm gonna put you in my shelter with all my other kids. That movie is weird. When you really think about your entire mount. You see that movie? Like he's just got like all these homeless kids together? Speaker 5 28:28 No, I don't. Oh, yeah, it Speaker 2 28:32 was it was Robin Williams real life. played himself in that. He had a group of homeless children together that were all music savant. Yeah, sounds pretty good. Unknown Speaker 28:42 How did you find them? Speaker 2 28:44 The music brought them together. That's kind of the point of the Do you not know if you've ever seen August Rush? It was like a huge movie. And like, I don't want to tell them five maybe. Unknown Speaker 28:55 Yeah, well, I wasn't a bad kid. So Speaker 2 28:57 there's the kid is the kid from Bates Motel and that artistic Doctor show? Oh, yeah. Which is a horrible representation of what autism is. It's also true. But yeah, he plays a guitar like this in the park. Because a homeless kid. Yeah. And then Robin Williams is like, Hey, I've got other homeless kids and you guys can be in a band. And I get all your money that you know, basically, it was like exploiting the children. Unknown Speaker 29:21 But anyway, a different version of school rock. Speaker 2 29:23 Kind of, yeah, but he like he's like some kind of music savant or whatever. And he writes the symphony. And then he ends up getting the the New York City Symphony to play it in. In I can't think of what the Central Park I played in Central Park. That's his mom and his dad, who, you know, hey, they're not together anymore. Oh, yeah. And rise from their graves. It was really weird at the end, Robert, no, he's on his dad here the symphony, and they both show up at the park and they rekindled their love Oh, yeah. And they found their kid. I don't know Unknown Speaker 30:01 how that's hard. Speaker 2 30:04 I guess I should rewatch that movie. It doesn't Well, now that I'm trying to explain to you a little, but it's been so long, you know, the ending scene though. We're like, the symphony is playing his music. And the parents are like, This just sounds like they it's almost like they like the I know this song. You know? And then he's, they're conducting, it turns around, it's literally he's just and there's his parents, you know? And then they kill Robin Williams on stage. exploiting these kids, it was a wild twist a weird movie, dude. And they pan out Speaker 2 30:55 the Madagascar animals are in the movies just blending together. It's kind of like, really, when you think about it. It's like they took a brass and woodwinds and put it together together. You know? Oh, my God, who? pillars of the music industry? Unknown Speaker 31:18 Together? Yeah. Speaker 3 31:21 So he had this idea for the saxophone. It became the saxophone. He wasn't calling it the saxophone at the time. He was calling. There's a name. Come Unknown Speaker 31:27 on. We'll figure that out later. Speaker 3 31:30 He, he said this is this is good. This is yeah, really got something here. Yeah. But he's like, but I don't have a patent on this. And he's like, I want to show it off. But he was nervous that the crowd that hated them, the local Paris, Munich. We're gonna steal his idea. So he goes and does a showcase with it. But he stays behind the curtain the whole time. So that way, no one can see it. He's like if they can't see it. If so it's like an orchestra. Oh, sketchy. Let's do the thing. Speaker 2 31:56 And there's a weird, middle of the stage. And he's just back there, like, Unknown Speaker 32:02 and everyone's like, what is that? Speaker 2 32:03 I've never so entrain, anything like that in my life? Is he doing that with the curtain? Currently the instrument and then he just goes, he just goes, thank you. Unknown Speaker 32:15 Jesus loves you very much. In today's lesson, Unknown Speaker 32:21 we started to get felt puppets of ourselves. That's a whole I Speaker 3 32:23 forgot about that. This showcase that he did was a very tactical showcase. Because he knew the king was going to be their king of France. And he said, If he hears this, he said, I know that's my end. What the? That's my end. What do you see? What's his deal with your okay? And so, lo and behold, showcase ends immediately the king's like, give me the guy behind the curtain. Unknown Speaker 32:45 I think it's more just mystery at that point. You know, he Unknown Speaker 32:50 does see behind the curtain. Speaker 2 32:51 I do. I do think that might have played a factor in it. Like I mean, much like undercover billionaire. Yeah. Where it's like, oh, crazy. We got so busy at our barbecue stand. And it's like, yeah, dude, you have a camera crew. Yeah. It's like crazy that we got the Kings attention. And it's like, yeah, you're hiding something from him? Yep. Speaker 3 33:09 Yep. It's just like, if I am at a wedding, I sneak off and try to find my way to the roof. Every wedding. And I found my way to the roof about eight weddings. This is a real thing. Unknown Speaker 33:20 This is 100% of real thing. I've Speaker 3 33:21 been on the roof at about eight of the weddings I've been to most weddings have roof access somewhere most wedding venues. And so you can get out there. The question is, do they have a padlock on the hatch? A lot of them do? Did she not all of them do? Unknown Speaker 33:38 You didn't do that at our wedding. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 33:41 yours was different. Because it was Unknown Speaker 33:42 because I was with you the whole time. Like you're not getting on this roof. You will Speaker 3 33:47 not make it on this room. No, yeah, I didn't try it there because it wasn't like a venue. But venues venues typically will have like a closet somewhere with a ladder to the roof. Sure. And so yeah, I've done that at like eight weddings. Okay, so this isn't a Unknown Speaker 34:04 thing. We're like, just party tricky. Unknown Speaker 34:06 Do you see it? It's not a party. Unknown Speaker 34:08 I usually do flirt with the bride's mom. Unknown Speaker 34:12 I do what I do for the roof. A Bartha roof. Is that cool? So what's your number? Unknown Speaker 34:28 In front during the first days everyone's just I'm such a distraction. Geez. Well, the beta leaving that in. So so the curtain is there. And the king is like, I gotta know what Speaker 3 34:51 I gotta know. And so he talks to him. And he says, he says, Hey, he's like, Have you ever thought about the army? And he's like, actually, yes. And he's glad you brought it up. He said, I want to be the army beat builder. And he says, You got the job, sir. And so he fires the guy who's currently doing it. And now he's the guy who's going to make all the music for the army. And this was still at the time when armies had musicians that would like go out to war with them. You know, I'm talking about Speaker 2 35:19 Yeah. Because that's how they would didn't identify what like, that's how they give signals and stuff. Speaker 3 35:25 And he really genuinely believed that the saxophone was going to be like the turning point in war combat. Yeah, that that was going to inspire the troops to Unknown Speaker 35:37 new or machine Unknown Speaker 35:40 he's Majan that here's the thing for now Speaker 3 35:42 because the exactly I don't know of a better word for a saxophone. There's Speaker 2 35:46 you got it. There's the one of those called dang it read. Yeah. Why did you know that? And I didn't for a second. I'm a musician because you gotta like lick it. You know, he's like out there on the frontlines just Unknown Speaker 36:09 tuning in. Unknown Speaker 36:11 Now you tune it before the battle. You gotta be prepared. Unknown Speaker 36:13 Oh, yeah. I mean, like there's not friggin this cannons. Yeah. You know? Speaker 3 36:23 That's the thing to me. Because like, you think of like those wars, where they had musicians and it's like, the drums and the flutes. And it's like, it's like, kind of that's kind of watery. But Unknown Speaker 36:34 the saxophone ads kind of worry. Yeah, Speaker 3 36:37 the saxophone. I can't. I can't think of a better word for the saxophone than just sexy. Like the sound makes. And on the Speaker 2 36:50 I think I wrote I saw Alex write that down. He's putting that in. No, you can you can say it. He's just gonna put it in the intro. Because he's gonna have you go. I can't think of a better word for the saxophone than sexy. There's just something about that sax, but Unknown Speaker 37:08 the instrument the instrument like I just pictured the light smooth. What's that? Unknown Speaker 37:17 You know, I'm talking about Speaker 2 37:18 what you were just singing sounds like a game show and true. Unknown Speaker 37:22 No, it's the Unknown Speaker 37:31 Yeah, yeah. Unknown Speaker 37:32 The Price Is Right. No. Unknown Speaker 37:35 Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Unknown Speaker 37:40 And I just picture like that on a battlefield. Unknown Speaker 37:43 Yeah. Did you bite it? Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. See? isn't that scary? Speaker 3 37:55 I mean it is. But also with the sound of like explosions and death and war happening all around you with an instrument that's like pretty provocative Unknown Speaker 38:09 like just imagine hearing that like lick the Unknown Speaker 38:14 over some dude who just like Speaker 4 38:24 like, it just I don't think it fits the I think it's like read the room, man. So anyway, the rest of Unknown Speaker 38:33 the rest of the music community. Speaker 2 38:35 Yeah, is furious and he's succeeding, furious that Speaker 3 38:38 he's getting they're furious that he's gotten his saxophone on the battlefield because they wanted their phones on the battlefield. I don't know Unknown Speaker 38:43 what you're making Speaker 3 38:52 Okay, and so they they begin this weekend along feud with the parents, musical world. And he in every disagreement, he gets in with anybody. He immediately challenges them to face off like, instrument face on Yeah, musical face off. And so they go back to back they take 10 paces, they turn around and play the best tune they can. And the winner gets shot. The winner shoots Unknown Speaker 39:25 the loser. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 39:27 And gets a gold medal. Unknown Speaker 39:30 And he's like, Isn't this what you wanted? This is what you want. I went for gold. Speaker 3 39:36 And so these duels get progressively more and more grandiose, like it started out just like a one on one like, yeah, Dueling Banjos situation. But eventually it turned into he's like, Speaker 2 39:47 Yeah, and he's got to finally beat the final boss at the end, which is the devil, Speaker 3 39:52 the devil of self. Now a couple years into this, the whole thing spiraling out of control. He gets into a duel with someone and he says he says I can have In a an orchestra of 11 people that will beat you in a duel if you have 1600. And they did it these people got together a 1600 person orchestra. And one because that's how. Speaker 2 40:12 Okay, let's imagine putting together a 1600 member orchestra and you're going around and it's out of spite. Like, it's like, Hey, you guys were put together a spite orchestra. Unknown Speaker 40:23 Fight is a cool baby. Speaker 8 40:25 Spite orchestra will be taking place on the town square 1600 Strong versus 11. Speaker 3 40:38 Last week, saxophones, he only got a silver medal. They call them silver. So Unknown Speaker 40:48 he won that duel, because I think Speaker 2 40:50 they couldn't figure out how to practice 1600 people. Speaker 3 40:54 Yeah, there's no 1600 person practice room out of angel. He could have they could have gotten big enough for it. No, I also, can you imagine I imagine putting that together anybody who's ever been on a worship team? And like looked at Planning Center, Speaker 2 41:08 bro. 1600 people on the worship team before that is rough the Unknown Speaker 41:12 crowded stage. Yeah. Speaker 3 41:15 So he won that duel. And after that duel, the group got together and they said, This is not how big Unknown Speaker 41:21 was the group of 1600 people faced off. You know, Unknown Speaker 41:24 there was a big group of people that didn't like him. Speaker 2 41:28 Essentially, an entire theater of people is just like, we want to destroy, Speaker 3 41:32 we want you ruined, we want everything about you. I hope you die. absolutely ruined. Speaker 2 41:42 Hey, it's me. Again, thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this. And so just think about that. You know, that's it. We have Patreon supporters. And it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to the show. But there's, there's people who want to make more of it happen and so they financially support the show. And you get a lot back for it. You get our private discord where we chat every day we're hanging out and just getting to bond and hang out. We also do live zoom Hangouts for our Patreon supporters. You get exclusive merch, it's a good time, there's a lot there's a lot in it for you. And it's a lot easier for us because we get to know you better. You know, you're not just a number and a stat board or whatever. But you know, you're our friends and we appreciate you a lot. So consider doing that. If not, then you can listen to this dumb little ad, because that's how we're gonna get money from you. We're gonna leech from you either way. We're gonna get paid. We're in this for the cold hard cash baby. Unknown Speaker 42:44 Anyway, here's an ad. Unknown Speaker 42:45 How do they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh, dang, we're doing Speaker 2 42:51 Yeah, they can text Tillandsia 66866 Thanks, Jared Speaker 3 43:02 these people because this this epic loss and because they hated them so much. They wanted the army back on their side. They wanted their phones at war. They said we need to put together a coalition a coalition against Adolf sacks. Okay, and so they created the Paris musicians group. And the main goal was to ruin it off sacks. Like that was why they existed they would get together guys amazement is starts Speaker 2 43:35 to sound like something I want. You know, I would love if there was a coalition against Geron group. That's just can we set up like any anti Patreon? Can we like, is there like an option of like, hey, for five bucks a month? You can like, make my life harder. Speaker 5 43:56 That's pretty funny. What is the what is the perks? Speaker 2 44:01 Like for every subscriber, that's how many times I get slapped every morning? Every Unknown Speaker 44:05 morning? Yeah, someone comes in and slaps you and just, Unknown Speaker 44:06 I mean, yeah, Speaker 3 44:09 but for if you give $20 Then someone will drive around in front of you and drop nails out the back door. Speaker 2 44:14 Yeah. Or just drive around in front of me just slow. You know, you're a bit like that ruins my three under just stuff that really kills me, you know, by playing the long game trying to give me an ulcer. You know, that's pretty good. I like that. It seems like the people who work in my apartment are already on that Patreon game. Speaker 3 44:33 It tell you they tell your stories that you already told. And then just say um, but like, not good. Unknown Speaker 44:38 Oh, my gosh, dude, though. They Speaker 2 44:39 come to me when I'm mid story and they jump the end. I tell good stories. Yeah. And then people jumping in there. I was telling somebody the other day. I was like, you know, here's, we got a text from our neighbors and stuff and then someone jumped in with it. We're moving to Los Angeles. I was getting there. I'm Speaker 3 44:55 working on it. If you would let me work on it. That story made Speaker 2 44:59 it cool. and obvious who jumped in and i Oh, my bad. Speaker 5 45:05 If you're listening, you know who you are. She's so does everyone else. She's now Unknown Speaker 45:10 my lover. So they chose bad stories. Speaker 3 45:14 Their main goal in in their group was to financially ruin him. So that way he kind of do what he's doing anymore. That's wild. So they started suing him a bunch. And so they took him to court. The first lawsuit that they took against him was a lawsuit where they said he can't own the patent for the saxophone, because the saxophone doesn't exist. And the court either argument, and eight off sacks his defense was to do this. Speaker 2 45:44 Oh, his last name is snacks. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. That's Unknown Speaker 45:48 where the name came from. Speaker 2 45:49 That was my bad. I was dumb earlier. I forgot that his last name was sex. Unknown Speaker 45:53 They really come up with the French, I'd like you to go Speaker 2 45:57 edit that part out where earlier, I was like, are we gonna find out why it's called the saxophone? Because I, I just feel like a big old dummy right now. Yeah, you should. So he was like, I got one. Speaker 3 46:09 Yeah, they were like, they're like, it doesn't exist. And then they the court was like, What's your defense? And he went, who? Speaker 2 46:13 And the court when it exists? It is real. Speaker 3 46:18 And so that didn't work. So he won that case? Yeah. And so then they brought another case against him. In this case, they said, they said, here's the deal. So the telephone does exist. Okay. But he's stolen. This has been around for forever. And the court says, Well, what's your proof? And they said, Look, we have four examples of saxophones that have the logos from manufacturers and dates on them all over the world, long before sax was even born. And what the court was able to find out through some investigative journalism, I guess, I don't know. There's some YouTuber who tracked it down. Guys Gone missing. These guys just bought four saxophones Unknown Speaker 46:57 from Aaron Zach from him and then Speaker 3 47:01 played on sax. And then they shipped them off to these manufacturers, and they said, hey, we'll pay you really well. If you scratch off his logo, and you put yours on and put some date like 200 years ago, how Unknown Speaker 47:09 many is he sell it? Speaker 3 47:11 I mean, he's like a real business now. Like he's selling these orchestras. He's selling them to the army, like he's manufacturing these. And so that case last because they were like you were he's like, this is my like, this is fraud. And they're like, what's fraud? They're like, we haven't made that law yet. But it 20 years from now you go to prison, as exactly what that conversation Yeah. And so that it worked. So then they just, they just kept bringing different lawsuits of like, a, your parent can't or because of this, or whatever, you Unknown Speaker 47:37 can be this ugly in Speaker 5 47:38 public. That's the rules. That's the rules. Hey, you can't be cursed and make stuff. Speaker 2 47:43 We were trying to find laws in Westminster, Colorado, because that's where my show is on October 22, that you missed listener. But we were trying to find laws and one of the laws we couldn't try. We were trying to confirm this is that it's illegal to get lost in Westminster, Colorado, and just waiting the hours of 9pm and 10am. To legal to be Unknown Speaker 48:06 lost. And that sounds Unknown Speaker 48:10 pretty. Unknown Speaker 48:12 It's because of bears. Unknown Speaker 48:14 Oh, okay. Yeah. No one's not. Yes. What are you talking about? It's Speaker 3 48:19 because of bears. Why would it be because bears eat people between Speaker 2 48:23 and they're saying like, hey, they're trying to victim blame you like if you if you get Speaker 3 48:28 out that late. It's your fault. We can't help you. Is that No, because the Child Tax late at night shot? Speaker 2 48:35 I was thinking it sounds pretty sundown townie. Oh, that does actually they're like they pull them over and then you lost. Yeah, it's like that's a weird law that has been in the books. That's worse. That's worse the way it was. Yeah. Yeah, dude. Yeah, it's a little worse than bears. Because they also traveled backs. Unknown Speaker 48:56 Take you up and there's a bear in the backseat. Speaker 2 49:01 I don't know there we were trying to look up was like, That was a weird one that was on there. Yeah, that's Speaker 3 49:05 crazy. So he's gone to these legal battle after legal battle after legal battle. It's just wasting like, they're just trying Speaker 2 49:10 to waste resources to try. Yeah, Speaker 3 49:13 yeah. And then one day, he had an idea. He said, Fine. I'm going to not have a patent. I'm gonna make it open source. It's free use. If you guys can build it, you can build it. And a year later, nobody was able to replicate it. And then because no one was able to replicate it. He was able to go to the court and be like, Hey, I'm the only one who can make this and they're like, Okay, you got the patent. Unknown Speaker 49:41 Which is kinda cool. Unknown Speaker 49:43 Kind of freakin sick. Like, Unknown Speaker 49:45 freakin sick. No, I probably fine. Speaker 3 49:49 Do it. Fine. Make it make it you want to make it make it make it Wow. And no one could. And so they were really upset of the Speaker 2 49:59 Divine knowledge given from a roof tile hitting you in the head. Unknown Speaker 50:04 God told me how to make this when he hit me in the head with that tile when Speaker 2 50:07 I was in that coma. I thought of like so many musical instruments, each of several of them highly unpractical. Unknown Speaker 50:16 You will believe what I when I saw that needle, Unknown Speaker 50:20 it was just going down there. And I was like, How do I get this out? Speaker 3 50:23 How do I get this out? So he he got away with a patent, and they were really, really upset about this because they said, Hey, he's got the patent. Yeah, the court thing isn't working anymore. And so they did the only logical next step. They hired an assassin. Yeah, I tried to kill him for sure. And the problem was, he's cursed the assassin. Yeah. For some reason, they said, I don't know if they gave him the wrong mark or the wrong picture, or the wrong person, they might have given them this image of him. And so that's, I mean, Unknown Speaker 50:58 that could be anybody. Here's a picture of what he actually looks like. Speaker 2 51:06 Okay, so they are cool guy who sits backwards on a chair. Speaker 3 51:10 Yeah. Yeah, he's definitely full of himself. I don't know what it was if the assassin gave the wrong mark, or if this was intentional, but the assassin attempted to assassinate his assistant, not him. And so he technically survived an assassination attempt. is a system survived to Oh, but he fired him. His performance was really bad after that. Unknown Speaker 51:30 He's like, Yeah, you're not the same as that. You lost that leg? Unknown Speaker 51:33 Yeah, you just haven't been the same after all that trauma. Speaker 2 51:36 Oh, my gosh, every day come in. I'm just, I'm trying to make saxophones and you're like, Okay, I'm really struggling with. I'm part of paranoid I think I'm being followed. You know, it's like, Dude, you survived. Get over already. Unknown Speaker 51:49 Every time they test it. Speaker 8 51:51 People just don't want to work these days. You know, Speaker 3 51:55 you get one attempt at your life. And now all of a sudden, you're lazy. Speaker 2 51:58 Oh, you want workers comp and you want benefits? If you want me to like, be on the lookout? Speaker 3 52:05 Do you think I was thinking about workers comp when I was floating facedown down the river? You need Speaker 2 52:10 brushes with death? Yeah, in order to fully comprehend the power of life. Unknown Speaker 52:15 Anyways, give me some gold to put on this. Unknown Speaker 52:18 You know why? Speaker 3 52:21 So they kind of pairs the coalition of people who hate to this guy. They kind of backed off a little bit because the assassination attempt felt like nothing they could do. Could do. Okay, Unknown Speaker 52:34 I'm sticking with that. Speaker 3 52:35 I said a phrase this morning. That I'm going to say a lot from now on. I really liked it. Cool. I was Unknown Speaker 52:44 go on. I don't want to hear it. Speaker 2 52:49 I said a little phrase this morning that I think I'm gonna add to my eyes. Cool, man. I'm glad to hear it another time. If you're gonna say it a lot. I'm sure I'll pick it up. Unknown Speaker 53:01 So he goes Unknown Speaker 53:04 say your phrase so Unknown Speaker 53:05 it's fine. Unknown Speaker 53:09 It's fine. So Unknown Speaker 53:10 his career Unknown Speaker 53:12 What was your phrase? Speaker 3 53:14 I was talking about how yesterday was kind of like a rough day and I was hoping today was gonna be a better day. And I said hopefully today is a better trip to the well. And I really liked it. It was kind of like poetic Speaker 2 53:27 that was a overheard hoping for a better soldier Winslow book. It'll Yeah, it will be in that first show. It is for sure. Hope that tomorrow is a better trip to the well. Speaker 3 53:37 Yeah. And then it gets shot by the dude with the sex. Speaker 2 53:41 So I want to make sure you're paying the seat you're the author of The tomorrow is a better trip to the well. Sorry to Winslow said as the sun fades Unknown Speaker 53:52 and then bang bang Speaker 5 53:57 Yeah, it was it was more like a bag. Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah, well, yeah, there you go. Okay, go yes. harmonized. Unknown Speaker 54:16 hate this Unknown Speaker 54:20 so yeah, he's survived the coalition. Okay. As he's gone through, Unknown Speaker 54:26 he sued them for attempting to assassinate him. Speaker 3 54:28 No. He's like, he's like, he's like, Hey, if you can kill me, you can kill me. Unknown Speaker 54:34 A year later. He's like, they can't kill Unknown Speaker 54:36 they they're not gonna Unknown Speaker 54:37 get I pat myself. Unknown Speaker 54:41 Can we do that? Actually, Speaker 3 54:42 can we put a patent into the patent office of ourselves? Can I patent me? Unknown Speaker 54:48 I'm one of the kind of one Speaker 2 54:50 of the guys I did think. Is it funny to me it is to sell mugs with our tilam logo on it. Instead of the TM just put the words patent pending. Unknown Speaker 54:58 That's very funny. Okay. Speaker 3 55:02 So he ended up being done in he lost his big army contract because the French Revolution Oh, so power switched over and they were like, Hey, we got a different guy who's heard the people saying yeah the new guy was like we want Metallica down down Unknown Speaker 55:28 down down powwow Speaker 6 55:35 we mean, so much more. Unknown Speaker 55:41 You see that well that they just put out? Speaker 3 55:44 Yes. They put out like a remix of beautiful that down. But they had a bunch of people cover it. Yeah. And they're big names. Speaker 6 55:50 JOHN BEILEIN did to live. Yeah, yeah. And I wow. surprised. Unknown Speaker 55:56 Surprised the John Beilein did that. Speaker 3 55:57 I'm surprised that they were able to get the names that they got brother Switchfoot. I mean, I know think but switch, switch. Switch for it was big in church and youth group culture. But it was it was one of those it was one of those was huge youth group culture. And they dip their toe in that everything. Speaker 2 56:12 No, but I think I think Switchfoot was one of those bands. That was for people who really liked music. Yeah, their stuff is almost like, you know, what's called place first album, rush of blood to the head or whatever it is. I mean, revolutionary. Yeah. For that time. Yeah. Switchfoot was also pretty revolutionary. That's why it crossover. Yeah. And so I think a lot of the artists these days grew up. Speaker 3 56:40 Maybe Maybe, it's just it's I mean, it's look at the tracklist it's pretty impressive. The names that they've got that add covered some of that stuff. It was hard to believe looking through it. Speaker 2 56:49 Yeah. Track 14 Is the cast of Shrek the Musical. Unknown Speaker 56:55 It was God. God, that's my strength. You Speaker 2 57:01 know, it'd be more like he had the end of the track. It's just silent for 30 seconds to strike the musical like mixer. Like, the song kind of fades out. It's silent. It's over. And then it goes to the next song. Speaker 3 57:18 Yeah, so he loses his career pretty much overnight. And he's he's already declared bankruptcy three times because the legal battles like he's the cost of the legal. The law, the cost of the law cost him a lot. Unknown Speaker 57:33 You're so annoying today. Speaker 3 57:37 But he was still like trying to invent stuff and make instruments and things like that. But then one day, Unknown Speaker 57:43 this will bring us peace. This will bring Speaker 3 57:45 us well he won't have war. He was he was a part of the war machine. Made him profit. So he was he loves going Speaker 2 57:51 to war machines. You see that missing plane the other day? Speaker 3 57:55 Yeah, that's you see that Alex? Wild suspect Speaker 2 57:59 that the government is just like hey guys, there's an F 30 live we can't find yeah if you could just look up maybe yeah, let us know if you see me at home if you see it just texting this Speaker 5 58:08 war machine texts jet to us Unknown Speaker 58:16 you know that would help us a lot. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 58:18 Takes jet to 1776 Unknown Speaker 58:21 and then you don't have to pay taxes Speaker 2 58:26 I'm so mad at million dollar jet but you're still mad at me. Like if I like I just mess up my two if I claim. Unknown Speaker 58:35 Yeah, yeah. No, it looks like Unknown Speaker 58:37 you claimed this Chick fil Unknown Speaker 58:38 A meal. Were you really on the road? Unknown Speaker 58:39 I don't know. We're where was that when you Speaker 3 58:43 tell me where the jet is. Find the jet. They did find the jet. Yeah, but you know what it was my saxophone saxophone took it down. Speaker 2 58:55 You could do that actually. in your backyard. You could take out whole airliners. That's why they won't let you get out. They won't let you get on the plane. Speaker 3 59:06 Yeah, well, that's the thing they make you put it on airplane mode because they don't know what's in your Spotify playlist. Those tones man. Unknown Speaker 59:14 So anyway, Speaker 3 59:17 so so he's still trying to invest are still trying to make instruments. But then his lip starts to swell his lower lip and long story short, it's a tumor. He has cancer and his lip. Yeah. And his lip and it ends up growing to a very large like pomegranate size tumor. Oh my god. Very large tumor, making it really difficult for him to live and play. wind instruments. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 59:42 And that can happen. Lip cancer, Speaker 3 59:45 I guess. You get it a lot if you like to tobacco. That's a really common tobacco chewers Unknown Speaker 59:52 gums. Those gum? Unknown Speaker 59:53 I mean, they get both. It's interesting. Unknown Speaker 59:57 Yeah, a lot of people get that little.on their lip Speaker 3 59:59 Yeah. Yeah. But they he after like five years of kind of suffering with it, he had the opportunity to get treatment. And so you could either have it surgically removed, or there was this hot new doctor. Unknown Speaker 1:00:18 This is a weird way to save Unknown Speaker 1:00:21 your doctor. You had a radio station on the go Unknown Speaker 1:00:25 Texaco, Texaco? Speaker 3 1:00:29 No, there was this doctor out of India, who had this like herbal medicine. And he was like, you want to try it? And so he was like, Yeah, I'll try it. Try it. And it killed him. Speaker 4 1:00:42 He died. No, it cured him. It cured the kids are. And so Unknown Speaker 1:00:48 the government doesn't want you to know that though. So Speaker 3 1:00:49 they don't want you Yeah. And so he drank this tea for six months. And as slowly started to go down until eventually he didn't have it anymore. And so not even cancer could kill this guy. And so he survives that. And then he goes on to invent his best invention yet. Wasn't the saxophone. He then went on to invent. I wish there was an image of this that never made it to production. But he's talked about it. So I don't know how far along in the invention process he was with this. Okay, we know, he invented what he called the Saxa cannon, which was what it sounds like actual cannon that he said will be able to demolish a whole city by firing a 10 meter wide round. Weighing 550 tons. I don't know if it will ever work. Okay, so. And it looked like this. That's what I was wondering here is the 13th trumpet thing in that awesome Unknown Speaker 1:02:01 that he wanted mass destruction. Unknown Speaker 1:02:03 Yeah, that's that was. That was his idea from the beginning. He would love the Unknown Speaker 1:02:07 1900s When did he die? Speaker 3 1:02:11 He died and he died of old age. Believe it or not, that's crazy. An 1894. He was 7079 years Speaker 2 1:02:18 old man. He almost made it. He made it. He would love the 1900s dude. Yeah, he was stuffed that they destroyed. He would have been Speaker 3 1:02:25 on the Manhattan Project. Oh, for sure. Like, hey, I don't know what we could use you for. But we'd love Speaker 5 1:02:35 it could you moisten up this bolt for this new key Speaker 5 1:02:45 we only know how to make nukes because of the saliva of x. Unknown Speaker 1:02:50 That's crazy. Speaker 3 1:02:54 Yeah, so that's where the saxophone came from. It was an instrument that was primarily used in combat. In its early days. orchestras picked it up too, but primarily used in combat. And the hard and fast music. Are they? Unknown Speaker 1:03:11 Like, what do you like? Speaker 4 1:03:17 I will. Okay, is it whatever do that again? Okay, do it one more time. No, not that. Speaker 9 1:03:26 Up, up, up, up, up, up. Up, up, up, up, down. Speaker 3 1:03:29 Yeah. Now do it. Do it again. But kind of elongate. Just a little sexy. Unknown Speaker 1:03:33 Yeah. Okay. Do it. Do it. Do it hotter. Speaker 9 1:03:43 Bah, bah, bah. Bah. Bah. Unknown Speaker 1:04:11 I know what it was. I'm a comedian. Unknown Speaker 1:04:14 Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker 1:04:19 Yeah, dude, that's out. Jokes work. Unknown Speaker 1:04:26 That's good. That's good. Speaker 3 1:04:29 So yeah, many years many moons later. Jazz musicians found the saxophone. And it kind of became a legendary instrument after that. The saxophone is like the electric guitar of wind instruments. There's not a cooler pretty stated Speaker 2 1:04:43 goal when that isn't one of my biggest regrets. I mean, I got good scholarships, because I did low brass. But I wish that I had done saxophone. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 1:04:51 yeah. It's a cool, because it's just cool. You can pick it up. Speaker 8 1:04:55 Yeah, you know, I think that but then I remember a couple years ago, there's Speaker 2 1:04:59 another comedian in Kansas. City who was picking up the saxophone? And it was, it was weird. You know? Like, it's weird when someone Our age is like, yeah, picking up the saxophone. You're like, hey, no, that's that sounds like you're trying to make friends with a sixth grader. Unknown Speaker 1:05:15 No, yeah. No, it's a little weird. It's not it's not bad to have new hobbies. Yeah, get Unknown Speaker 1:05:19 a get a cool one. Like, Unknown Speaker 1:05:21 like trains by train sets. Oh, you know? Yeah, yeah, Unknown Speaker 1:05:28 it's not. There's nothing you know, Unknown Speaker 1:05:31 I'm learning that primarily for war. Unknown Speaker 1:05:34 As I'm learning Chinese Speaker 2 1:05:38 Duolingo. See, that's like, that's all I'm saying is like, it's like as an adult could spend their time doing something different. Yeah, no, Speaker 3 1:05:45 I don't think so. I can learn Spanish, or, but I will say I will say just Speaker 2 1:05:51 say like, you're learning an instrument. The first like, year is you going? Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. You know, Speaker 3 1:05:57 it's very hard to watch a little it's hard to watch. It's painful. Yeah, that's true. Unknown Speaker 1:06:04 Well, you got a spouse and spouse spouse. Speaker 3 1:06:10 Anyway, so he died. And legend has it that after he went to the grave, they buried him with all of his horns. Speaker 2 1:06:18 Yeah. And his son played a symphony. Yeah, York and he raised from the graves. Speaker 3 1:06:27 But as they came in to reunite for one last time, from after the grave, the from underneath this, this actual pit to the depths of hell opened up and falling into it. This people screaming there's fire blinds. Speaker 2 1:06:45 This is the war I prepared for it. Thought it was earthly war. It was a spiritual spiritual battle. Unknown Speaker 1:06:54 Yeah, and I got to see Speaker 1 1:07:03 things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jared Meyers and Tim stone falls on your favorite social media platform at tilam podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us, and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

The Birth of a Musical Marvel

Adolphe Sax and the Saxophone: a pairing that has left an indelible mark on the world of music. The saxophone, a versatile and captivating instrument, has enchanted audiences for centuries. But how did this unique creation come to be? In this article, we’ll delve into the life and legacy of Adolphe Sax, the saxophone inventor, and explore this iconic instrument’s fascinating history.

Adolphe Sax: The Musical Visionary

Adolphe Sax was a Belgian-born instrument maker born in 1814. From a young age, he displayed a remarkable aptitude for creating and perfecting musical instruments. His passion for innovation and music laid the foundation for the saxophone’s invention.

The Birth of the Saxophone: A Revolutionary Creation

In the early 1840s, Adolphe Sax set out to design an instrument that combined the best qualities of woodwinds and brass instruments. His goal was to create an instrument with the power of brass but retained the expressiveness of woodwinds. After years of meticulous craftsmanship and experimentation, the saxophone was born.

The Saxophone: An Unprecedented Sound

The saxophone was unlike anything the world had seen or heard before. With its distinctive shape and unique tonal qualities, it quickly gained popularity. Adolphe Sax’s creation found its way into various musical genres, from classical to jazz to pop, making it a truly universal instrument.

Saxophone’s Impact on Music: A Timeless Legacy

The saxophone became an integral part of various musical ensembles and genres. This instrument has become an icon of musical expression from the soulful melodies of a tenor saxophone in jazz to the soaring solos in rock music.

Adolphe Sax’s Enduring Influence

Adolphe Sax’s innovative spirit and unwavering dedication to creating the perfect instrument led to the birth of the saxophone. This unique and versatile instrument has continued to enchant and inspire musicians and audiences worldwide. Adolphe Sax’s legacy lives on, reminding us of the power of human creativity in music. The saxophone and Adolphe Sax will forever be intertwined, a testament to the magic of invention in music.

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Adolphe Sax – Wikipedia

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