Jake McNasty McNiece – The Fearless World War 2 Paratrooper


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Unknown Speaker So that's pretty heavy. Unknown Speaker Right? Unknown Speaker That's also one of the one minutes for Christmas. kind of remember that? No, it's why it's a movie for oh, that's a new that's Oh, we didn't cover that. I thought you're saying we've already done that. Okay, good. As long as I'm not done Sears Christmas theme is depressing. Unknown Speaker Let's make Christmas but sad Unknown Speaker What are you planning on putting anything? I was just rest of my arm like this. That's a good that's a good rest. Are you ready? Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah. Hey, man. What? Whoa, that ready? Huh? Okay, sorry. Whoa, go ahead. Yeah, well, I'm ready. We're ready. Let's record. Hey, man. What's up? Unknown Speaker Have you ever heard of Jake make nice? Make nice? Yeah, well, or James make nice. Oh, by Jake. Yeah, I never heard of Jake but James I know. What about Jake McNasty? Unknown Speaker Are you Is that a joke or is this? That's Jake me nasty. Yeah, Jake McNasty. Okay, Jake. Jake, Jake McNasty? Sounds like the bad guy in remember when McDonald's made cartoons? Unknown Speaker Ronald McDonald in the game, the other guy? And he would fight Jake McNasty. Yeah, what it seems I remember that there were any plots from that for some reason they were only going to Easter Island. Yeah, situation. And I remember they had like, they I remember it started out live action. And then they would go down the slide it would turn into a cartoon. Oh, remember that? That's interesting. I don't, but it was a weird. I don't know what's I mean, I guess it's got to be at the bottom is jQuery nasty. Unknown Speaker Scary as you know, yeah. Yeah. But he grew up and then it grew into his nasty Unknown Speaker miles instead of 26.2. Good. I still get a sticker on my car. Unknown Speaker You so you're gonna have a bad? I'm curious what it feels like. Find a chicken who had laid six eggs. And he was stoked about the I don't want you to do Unknown Speaker it. Unknown Speaker Things I Learned last night. Unknown Speaker Who's Jake McNasty? Jake rimasti he is he's Unknown Speaker I don't know how to like, I don't know, like how to do like a like, you know, but you know, a lot of times we'll have like, a top level like this is who he is. And then we tell the story. Yeah, just tell the story then. Okay. So he was born May 24 1919. Okay. And he lived in Maysville Oklahoma. As a kid he Unknown Speaker he was your typical rough and tough Oklahoman. You know, those? You know those? You know those rough and tough Oklahoma? I do. I've seen it musical. Oh, yeah. Like those. I haven't seen a musical. So I don't know if your references are rough and tough. Yeah. There's a whole number in there called Robin and toughen. Well, Robin tough in Oklahoma. That's the line. And you haven't seen it. I haven't seen this. I just have this intuition for musical numbers. Okay. Unknown Speaker To gift Yeah, a lot of people say that and there's it's a shame that I'm not using it. But this guy used his gift of being a rough and tough Oklahoma. Unknown Speaker Okay. Is that what you call people from Oklahoma? I think first time Oklahoma and I think Oklahoma is way cooler. Good morning, Oklahoma. So just feels great. Homie, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. And you know, they've got someone's compromise. Someone's got to live. There is an entrepreneur who is 23 years old. Yeah, in Oklahoma, who drives a 2014 BMW and he has a clothing line. Yeah. And all of it says is Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Yeah. And he sells a course. Yeah, of course. I bought it. Unknown Speaker I know a lot about how, yeah, so I started I started a business called Missouri homies. Okay, it doesn't flow as well Miss Miss homies Miss zoomies. So he he played football in high school. And then he also got a job, which I don't know if something you could still do in high school. I don't feel like this is something I've heard advertised or seen. But high schoolers doing? Yeah, high school job. Like, most high schoolers now like they're a cashier at Walmart or like they're like making sandwiches at Subway. You know? Like, those are like where most high schoolers go get jobs. Okay, you got a job? Unknown Speaker No, you gotta jump. See Unknown Speaker Yo major corporation, no. Firefighter, he got a firefighter job in high school. Like he was a part time. Depends on the size of the really Yeah, you can volunteer. It wasn't a volunteer. It was a job. He didn't. So he was like, living at the firehouse. And he was what what year? Is it freakin 98 as it is like, yeah, it's it's early. Unknown Speaker So yeah, maybe maybe back then. I don't know, they love people do so much. But they like kids like, work in factories and stuff. Yeah, that is true. Unknown Speaker That's why we think, you know, millennials are always like, oh, houses are so expensive. And it's like, yeah, I do. I mean, like, we're letting Unknown Speaker well know, back then, like, you know, the dad went to work and the kids went to work. You know? Unknown Speaker I have a weird conspiracy. The four income household told him that you have a conspiracy theory once here. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't tell it. That's fine. Let's not hear it. So he was a firefighter. Unknown Speaker Yes, he was a firefighter. Is this the true story of the bald numbers? No. So he was a firefighter is something I want, though. Put that on the list. Is that a real thing? I thought that that was just a ride, Unknown Speaker though. Yeah, I think it's I think it's a real thing. I don't this is the last year that rides open by the way. We gotta go. They're closing it. Why they're gonna put someone else there. I guess that makes sense. So he was hasn't really been the same since that guy died on it. Someone died on Yeah, like a long time ago, though. Unknown Speaker Okay, like before we were born. We've written on it many times. So you're saying you knew it had been the same? I didn't know. I'm saying the local say it hasn't been the same. The local is a little bit more creaky or something like that. He's still on there. I hear him. Yeah, he's in there saying like, Unknown Speaker he's the voice he's the Fire in the hole. That's, that's not part of the ever worked reservoir cities like we Unknown Speaker are who's saying? Unknown Speaker Like, we can't get that does that? Yeah. That's scary. So Jake, is doing the firefighter thing? He's in high school. He's, you know, shut up Unknown Speaker Oh, you just came back. So you like so Jake. He's doing the firefighter thing right now. Okay. Anyways, he's doing the firefighter thing. He's in high school. And then something big happens. Something big for the whole world again. World War Two. He's in high school in 1940. As the end of one, I think he's like, a young adult. Now. Hold on, let's do the math. If 39 is when the worst 22 Yeah, so young adult. And so the war hits. He's still holding down his firefighter job. And so because of that firefighter job, he's exempt from the draft. They're like, firefighters don't have to go cops. You gotta go firefighters. Oh, real cops. I'd actually don't know. Okay, but firefighters were exempt. I'm sure all first responders were exempt. Yeah. And so he was exempt from the draft. So he didn't have to go. But unfortunately for him, he also was a hothead. And so he was he he didn't get so mad at all those fires. Unknown Speaker I'm so Gosh, darn ticked. This house on fire. The billboard fires in my TV when it would be really bad because someone's standing outside there, you know, life in burning in front of ya. And he's like you Unknown Speaker You deserve this. Unknown Speaker These fires you're like his bedside manner is not great. It's not great. Yeah, great. No, yeah. He was constantly getting in fights and convinced fights. Yeah. fist fights. And and he was just, he was a troublemaker, anyone. He was he was your he was he was a troublemaker, people. People see him come in and they'd be like, watch out. Here comes the trouble man. Unknown Speaker So you'd say you're saying people will see him coming? Like oh, we got trouble. Right here in River City. Yeah, right. You're in trouble that starts with T which rhymes with P which stands for Unknown Speaker I've heard his name. Unknown Speaker Jake McNasty Paik. Unknown Speaker Yep, yep. So was that a reference to something or did you just write that? No, I just made it up Unknown Speaker Broadway I got in me, you know, I just Unknown Speaker Broadway and Unknown Speaker sometimes just comes to me, you know? Unknown Speaker It's like, you know, obviously there. It's like the music of the night. Unknown Speaker It just, it just comes to me. I don't think that's what that phrase means. Okay, okay. So he was constantly getting Unknown Speaker fights and disagreements and stuff stop your face. It's your Scotland getting in fights with people so our no show tunes Okay whatever. So he gets in a fight he gets in a bar fight kicks the tar out of this guy is facing charges finds out knock Life Unknown Speaker finds out you Unknown Speaker I hate that the only musical you know it's freakin Annie. I don't know it I just How do you not know that line? Unknown Speaker All right. So he hears he hears through the grapevine season on Tik Tok people don't like him. He's one of the people on tick tock who tell you what the cops are allowed to do when they pull you over. He sees one of those. And they say if you're a soldier, you can't go to jail. And so he goes, and he lists in the military because he's like, I don't want to go to jail for kicking the tire. I like had that bar fight last night. I like you would rather go to the frontlines. Unknown Speaker face jail. Oh, yeah. I just don't want to go to jail. And so he goes any unless and he goes to basic training. And training goes really well for him. And I really well, I mean, really bad. Unknown Speaker He has a problem with authority. And so he, he tries to skip like most of their, like routines that they have, where it's like the morning roll call, and like saluting the flag or something, anyone or calling people by their title. And the reason he cites for not having to do that was he was half Choctaw, Indian. And he's like so because I'm in the tribe. I don't have to do that. And like no, that's not how that works. And so then Unknown Speaker it starts out really rocky, he has a rocky relationship with everyone else sure in the camp. And then he also he's at lunch one day, and he's in the lunchroom. And he asked one of the officers for Rosemary nasty spelled I'm not passed it in C in A S T. Why Unknown Speaker would I Okay, yeah, yeah. Unknown Speaker He's in the cafeteria. He's in the cafeteria asks an officer for his butter so he could put on his bread. Unknown Speaker Butter. Yeah, he's like, not my butter. And so I punched him in the face. Unknown Speaker And so obviously, you get in trouble for that behavior that doesn't go on. It's like, well, Unknown Speaker I'm the troublemaker. He punched him over some butter. I punched him for some butter. It was like he's like, Yeah, give me that butter. And he's like, No, and he's like, Unknown Speaker gonna get a fist your face. So he's, he's troubled man, right? He's not a good guy. Is this the point I'm trying to illustrate. But he was exactly the kind of guy that the military wanted, because they're like, he sucks. But if we could get him on the front lines, there was room when they go, hey. Unknown Speaker That guy stole your butt. They're gonna want you to have a German guy over there. Also know but Unknown Speaker also, he loves fire. He loves fire, he just loves Unknown Speaker fire. And if you don't kill him, you're going to jail. Unknown Speaker We're gonna kill Unknown Speaker the another like, this is exactly the kind of guy we want. We want an unhinged person that we could put in ridiculous parts of the war, sure. But he's tough to deal with. And so they start isolating him. And he continues to do things over and over and over again, that put them in worse and worse situations. Until eventually they create a unit that is literally just him. And like basic training, and they're like you are this unit, go do whatever you want. Well, let's not do whatever you want. But it's like you're by yourself. Like, we don't want you around anyone else corrupting everyone else. Okay, over time. They start sending all their bad people to be with him. And so that ends up becoming this group of five juvie. Yeah, kinda. But yeah, there's a group of five or more than the Rat Pack, kinda. So there's a group of five of them and basic training. Unknown Speaker I want to make sure I'm clear. Yeah, sure, to the camp. Right. And there's a couple of guys over the good old boys. You know, you guys are sitting over here. And they just, they're like, slick. They're like Captain America looking. Yeah. Yeah. And then you got like the schlubs people who are drafted. They've not they've not run more than two blocks and their entire life. They're really struggling and they're like, oh my gosh, I'm so scared of war. And then it cuts over to these military guys all leather jackets. No one knows how they got them. They're all smoking cigarettes and they're just sitting there and they're all like Unknown Speaker you walk by him they're like salute me boy and then you salute and then they're like you loser I can't believe you did wow what a laugh Unknown Speaker see that boy salute Yeah, I suppose to do this is the army right? Saluting army. That's how he talks. Unknown Speaker This is Unknown Speaker what's your first day they haven't been tough yet. Unknown Speaker Just a boy. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we know. Unknown Speaker All right. Unknown Speaker NASCO so one night this group of bag Tigers that go into town on leave, and they go to this bar, and while they're like the idea that they're just walking to the bar slap against drinks out of their hands. We're soldiers were in the army. were tough. They tucked us up already, but they've also got like, there they are with the tough guys, but they've also got like a little chance to do our M y, you know, Army Army. Army guys Unknown Speaker they're like, they're Agen. So tell Unknown Speaker I'm an Army guy. Unknown Speaker Not afraid to die. Unknown Speaker Guy. Unknown Speaker I was like, What the heck are you doing? Shut up. Shut up. Do you hear what I said? Unknown Speaker Is a bit unnecessarily not even not even spit. Unknown Speaker I'm an Army go CGI. Unknown Speaker Wait. Unknown Speaker He's already been out yet. Unknown Speaker 40s. Unknown Speaker So they go to the bar, they go to the bar. They're at the bar. And there's obviously this is near because there's a lot of soldiers there. Right. So there's a couple soldiers that do something questionable, that aren't a part of their group or group, right. And there happened to be some military policemen there. And so the military police, they like pull that guy aside. They're yelling at him and like, they're like getting ready to like beat him with their nightsticks, which is okay, okay, you know, 40s and so they're getting ready to beat this guy and McNasty steps in and it's like, no. Unknown Speaker Take me instead. Unknown Speaker Now he tells them he tells me Don't Don't mess with that guy. Like he tries to stick up for him. He's like, he's like, don't touch that guy. Like he didn't do some go home. Last year, they're like, no, like, he deserves it. We're gonna we're gonna beat the tar out of them. And so he proceeds to take all these military police officers nightsticks, beat the tar out of both of them take both of their guns and unload their guns on all the streetlights on the street, and just blow them off the street. And then he turns to them hands the guns back to them and says, Alright, you can take me in now. Unknown Speaker Yeah, probably get arrested for this Unknown Speaker can out run the law forever. Unknown Speaker This is my mom. Unknown Speaker I'm an Army guy. Unknown Speaker AR m y. Unknown Speaker So they take him to military prison. And so he's in whatever his cell. And while he's in there isn't there a couple of days. And then a commanding officer comes in and says McNasty. He's like we got something for you. And he's like, why he's like, he's like, there's this thing we're trying to do is we just found out. Unknown Speaker We just found out that a group of Japanese soldiers just did a ruck march 100 miles. We want to outdo them. And we think you've give us one of the best shots of doing that, or trying to do 143 miles. So we want to enlist you and paratrooper training, and there's a base 143 miles from here, that does paratrooper training, we're gonna send you a group of you guys, there's like 80 of you. We're going to ruck march you down there so we can beat the Japs and be like, better than them. And he was like, Unknown Speaker he so confidently. Like, is like is like I can do that ruck march he's like, I won't even change my socks. Unknown Speaker Yeah, no, dude sounds he sounds like to be messed with. Unknown Speaker This was intimidated they have ever heard in my life. Unknown Speaker I'm gonna change my socks. I mean, think about it, the otter 43 mile walk the next time I'm in a fight. Unknown Speaker The first time I'm gonna Unknown Speaker I'm gonna hold him. I'm gonna say hey, hey, I'm gonna change my socks. He was the rug guy. Unknown Speaker I haven't changed my socks for the last 143 miles. And then that leaves a lot of questions when you want 143 miles in my socks. That you can change it in. Unknown Speaker You could say that to me. And he said he's like, and I won't even blister. That's what he said. He said, I don't want you to blister. And the commanding officer was like, sharp. Wherever there's holes. I quit listening. Unknown Speaker When you said I'll do it, I didn't hear anything after it. It's like, I'll let you out in a couple days. Sure. And you can get walk in when they weren't gonna and you'll know because they'll just open the door. Unknown Speaker No instructions Unknown Speaker 143 miles in some direction. Yeah, just yeah, let's see how tough you are. Unknown Speaker Hey, thanks for watching this episode of things out there. Unknown Speaker Last night, if you're enjoying this, let me recommend one of my favorites. Emperor Norton. It's this dude who just decided he was the emperor of the United States. No one agreed. But some people did agree it was weird. You should check it out as a lot of fun. But other than that, thanks for being here Unknown Speaker it's a couple days, a couple days go by and they they come in, they shackle him up, and they walk them out to the starting line. And here's all the other soldiers that are like, in their gear, and he's up and he's still wearing his prison uniform shackled up, and then they unshackling the handle uniform. And he joins this March. And he's one of eight people who finishes it makes all the way there didn't change his sock. What does the rest of people do? They fall over? Yeah, they, I don't know. Skip to the war. Unknown Speaker I mean, no one was, like they had like when your friend skips a grade. Unknown Speaker They skipped the work. I did where were one but I skipped over to Yeah, you're too smart for this war. I went straight to the Korean War. Unknown Speaker And what? I don't think you need to do that one. Okay. So he took a test, and he didn't change your socks didn't get blistered. And a lot of people to this day are like shocked by that because it's a long, I mean, you would expect blisters especially. Because with that you're carrying the pack like you're carrying a lot of pounds. Unknown Speaker And so I'm I'm at least pretty confident that he like drove half of that walk or something. Got it. I got an Uber. I think he cheated it. I think he cheated. I'm pretty sure he cheated. Okay. I don't think he's a bar. You walked in his hands. Unknown Speaker So you cheated his way through the walk. Hey, you skin crawl? Unknown Speaker Yeah, it's pretty terrifying. Unknown Speaker So he gets to paratrooper training, does the whole training, whatever, and they ship them off. And they're like, Okay, he has a lot of other things. He gets in fights and stuff like that, you know, he's always getting fights doing the thing he does. By now. He's got his little his little CADRE has grown to 13 soldiers that are pretty much just the people everywhere else in the army, where they're like, We don't it's him and 1300 people 13 Well, it's him and 12 other people, there's 13 of them total. Oh. Unknown Speaker Interesting. Unknown Speaker Sounds like another Kadri. I know. Unknown Speaker But it this it was, it was everybody who everyone else in the world was like, we don't want to deal with you anymore. Don't hang out with that McNasty guy sounds like another cadre. No, you know, tell you about Matthew Unknown Speaker and McNasty said to him Unknown Speaker What's your name? Simon. Shut up Peter. Unknown Speaker Not even close. Unknown Speaker Not even close Unknown Speaker like that. I don't know. He's been calling me Peter for years. I just Unknown Speaker at this point, it's because it means rock. I'm the rock. Okay, you told that guy in your book. He told that guy couldn't walk to just pick up his mat and walk kind of aggressive. He did not do it. Guys still lay in there. Unknown Speaker He goes to war with his group of 13 Sure. Unknown Speaker While they're there, they're breaking a lot of rules. Yeah, the biggest of them was there was rations. There's water rations that they had so everyone could just chugging away Unknown Speaker water I drink Unknown Speaker W A T E R got Unknown Speaker a water Unknown Speaker I'm a water Unknown Speaker I say Unknown Speaker you can keep a boy from the water Unknown Speaker I'm a water What can I say h2o Why be drinking Oh Unknown Speaker I like this picture we Unknown Speaker all have soldiers in World War Two to say about everything they Unknown Speaker were go into to pair it troupe and Unknown Speaker so it's good time. Unknown Speaker We're just we're teasing our new musical. Unknown Speaker War War Two. Well, it's hard to say what world war two World War Two our new record coming out. Unknown Speaker So the reason they are really Unknown Speaker is one six months later called the holdouts? Unknown Speaker Yeah, a little bit of a callback There you go. Unknown Speaker Aren't you? Unknown Speaker I did the same thing you did. You did that exact same thing plays back on. He didn't Unknown Speaker say the holdouts was like a little bit of a jazz song and you said Oh, to call back but um, yeah, and that's what you did. I went high. I went Unknown Speaker which is the same thing easy. It's just as cheesy and mine was always just cheesy as your jazz roll. Yeah, okay. Unknown Speaker I don't want you today Unknown Speaker to get through keep going off Shut up. So the water rations they were using a lot of them because what the water rations were flooded in the spring Unknown Speaker whatever water you Unknown Speaker guys were put on a carwash we're gonna raise money for the Unknown Speaker three Unknown Speaker buddies one washed. Unknown Speaker He opened up his own fire station in Paris, and I use his law for $10 All right. Watch that tag. Hey, you're one of the bad guys. Unknown Speaker That's what they did. They're trying to learn from it. Unknown Speaker What if we did Unknown Speaker the bad guys. Oh, do Unknown Speaker we get Unknown Speaker we just got to take our shirts off. Pulled up all sides. Say car was right in German. What's what's carwash in German car wash. Unknown Speaker Its Car Wash Unknown Speaker garage Unknown Speaker was supposed to be for where they use it before they're supposed to before I was obviously drinking water. Yeah, bathing. They didn't do either of those things with it. Instead, they were doing they were leaving camp in the mail that night and they were going hunting and they were getting whatever they caught hunting. Unknown Speaker Large games small game, medium game. Sure they're bringing it back. And they were using their Waterwatch sins to clean their game and cook their game with it. Which was totally against the rules. Sure they had army food or they were supposed to be eating also army food. Also on top of that they're in France and there was a pretty strict rule in this country that Unknown Speaker I don't know a nice way to say this. But all the animals were the kings animals and if you're gonna hunt them you have to have permission to the king and they did not have permission the king and so the king find the United States military $10,000 for killing all of his animals. The day was probably worth more than 10,000 Now Unknown Speaker probably and so they got in big trouble because not only were they using too many water rations, but three kings meat was a problem for Unknown Speaker and so wasn't pets Unknown Speaker and they Unknown Speaker they All the king's horses Unknown Speaker I'm gonna eat all your horses Unknown Speaker I'm gonna eat all your horses and I peed in your dog's food Unknown Speaker so they they get this fine and then on top of that they weren't using their water rations for anything other than cooking cleaning their meat so they weren't bathing Unknown Speaker suit so dirty. smells so bad. And so the enemy can smell you now they can smell you guys come in from the top of the parents. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Though that moment where you shoot plane flies over there. I smell Americans Unknown Speaker with a stereotype comes from and so they got there to themselves that nicknamed the filthy 13 Oh, because they were filthy. And no one wanted to be around them. And also they kind of got isolated because of the other fights and stuff and just being annoying. Generally. They were the only ones who saying everyone's like buys Unknown Speaker the show too. Unknown Speaker But then also secretly everyone's back Unknown Speaker to Brick dude, just can't get it out of my head, my head. Unknown Speaker So finally, their station in France and they get their first shoot call. Is that what you call it? Unknown Speaker should establish shoot boys by parachute not shoot, shoot, but you'll probably do some shoot, shoot. And after that once you land shoot Unknown Speaker I can't, I don't know what to do. Unknown Speaker And so this is the night BEFORE D DAY, their mission was to parachute behind enemy lines, and they're gonna land at this specific bridge. And their goal was to hold that bridge down for the American forces to be able to cross that bridge, okay, or if you're not gonna be able to hold that bridge down, blow it up. So that way they can't get the reinforcements in one of the two. That's your goal. Here's the deal. They are part of a group where the majority of people are going to die. What they're doing is they're they're dropping behind enemy lines. So they know they're going into a really dangerous situation. And Unknown Speaker they're loading up the plane the night of the operation. And Unknown Speaker Jake McNasty takes his military issue razor, and shaves his head into a mohawk. Unknown Speaker And everyone's like, what are you doing over there? And he at first justifies it and says, This is what my ancestors did. Because he's part Choctaw. And he's like, this is what we did when we went into battle. Sure. Later in an interview, he said, just I don't know. Cool. I don't know which one's more true. I'm going to be honest with you. I, I think I believe the original story more than the secondary story, the secondary story seems like he's messing with someone. Okay. But later in interview, when he was asked about it, he said, I heard there was a lot of licensed France. And so I wanted to have the least amount of hair as possible. Unknown Speaker But I left a little bit in the middle, just a teaser. Unknown Speaker Like, oh, Unknown Speaker look at this allies Unknown Speaker say shaves his head, no Mohawk. And he, one of the planes that they were taking into this operation had just recently been painted, so have wet paint on it. And so it takes the white paint off the plane and starts painting like designs on his face. And everyone else in the group is like, Oh, this is really cool guy. So they start to they start all shaving their head and paying their faces. What they didn't realize was that there was like an army photographer there. Who was taking pictures of them doing this. And so this is a colorized photo obviously. Yeah, it's got color this Unknown Speaker but this hit the papers back home a couple days later, and people lost their minds. These are the heroes of the war already just for fun. Yeah, because they I mean, they look cool. I mean, I'm not gonna lie they look cool. Like they were to today's standards. They look cool now they do look like like Unknown Speaker and I'm gonna say this strategically local UFC fighters you know, not they're not make they don't know Dana White. They want to, you know, that's their life goal is to know Dana White. And so like local UFC fighters who are like, trying to work their way up to the ranks. Yeah, that's very accurate. Unknown Speaker So yeah, so they all paint their face like this. They get their Mohawks, they load into the plane and then they jump. Unknown Speaker And in the middle of the night, they the jump does not go great. They get hit with some flak, and they have to jump early. And he lands eight miles from where they've just freshly paint the plant, okay. Unknown Speaker Nothing's more embarrassing than going to war with a with a bad paint job and paint job. Unknown Speaker Now, there was a reason for that they put white stripes along the bottom to identify there's four friendly anti aircraft guns got it to know Oh, that's ours. Unknown Speaker Don't kill us. Don't shoot us down. But also the enemy. You know. Unknown Speaker We've never Unknown Speaker know they painted big targets underneath, so that the friendly fire would know not to shoot there. They painted this big thing that said, Unknown Speaker musicals we are, these are music boys. These are not Unknown Speaker music boys. Unknown Speaker And they're down. They're like, Oh, no, that's do we shoot. I don't know what we do. If we hit it, do you think it'll sing? And so they got hit and they had to jump early. Unknown Speaker He lands about eight miles from their target that bridge and so he starts hiking. Yeah, trying to trying to find his way through that and he gets in a couple altercations nothing crazy. Unknown Speaker Ends up managing to find one other person from his company, the filthy 13 and but this guy has no weapon he lost his weapon in the fall. And so he hands him a couple of his grenades. And he's like, I'm keeping my own one grand. He's like, You can have my grenades and we're gonna go we're gonna go take this bridge and somehow they pull it off, they get over to this bridge. They make it there. By the time they made it there another pair tripping company managed to also like they came across this petrol company. You Unknown Speaker And there was a commander there who was on a different mission. And the commander was like, Well, I'm in charge of you. Now I'm gonna pull rank and I need you to come help me run security on this thing. And he's and so Jake is like, okay, yeah. Can I have a couple of your men to come help me do that? And he's like, yeah, you can have these people come help you. And so they kind of split ways. He's gonna run security there. And he was like, Yeah, we're not doing any of that. Exactly. He's like, he's like our jobs, the bridge, and then like, let the commander so we go. Unknown Speaker Shut up, dude. Shut up. And so yeah, that's exactly what happens on a war hero. Unknown Speaker Look at my hair. Do you have my plane paint on your face right now? That looks like yeah, I don't know. No paint on which one of us do you think is crazy? You want to find out? Find out? Let me sing to you. Unknown Speaker Oh, Unknown Speaker he takes his group man. And they they go and they successfully take this bridge. While they're holding this bridge down. The other commanders off doing his thing. He has no idea that Yeah, this guy went AWOL. While they're holding down this bridge, there's about a dozen of them. Right? While holding down this bridge. A group of German soldiers falling back from the main the beach of Normandy is fallen back. They've there's 700 of them. They come up to the bridge. And the commanding the commander that German army is like, Hey, you should surrender. Say Unknown Speaker I got a gun. Unknown Speaker And I will Unknown Speaker shoot all of you. And they're like, oh Unknown Speaker 700 of them versus 12. Yeah. And they go, okay. Yeah. And so he says, He's the German commander is like you should surrender. You're out, man. Oh, the German commanders, German commanders, like you should surrender. You're matched. And he's like, I'm not gonna do that. And Jake says, Here's what I think. He says you're going away from the battle. Unknown Speaker He's talking to him. Yeah, he's a hey, oh, let's negotiate. Unknown Speaker Here's the thing. Listen, you put all these add ons on? I don't want to pay for it. I came here to get a Toyota Sienna. Okay. And you're like, oh, it's gonna cost 3000 We put a little we put this mean, and we'll get this three year warranty on I don't want I want the warranty. Unknown Speaker Tell me what the what the what's the price I'm gonna walk out of here with you know, he's used cars. Yeah, yeah, he's haggling him. Pretty much. He says he says, I see you're going this way. The battles that way, tells me that the battle is not going well for you guys right now. And he said, so he's, uh, so I'm pretty sure. He said, We give it a couple minutes. And he's like, we're gonna have a whole group of my allies coming up this hill behind you. And then you're gonna be pinned between the two of us. So that's Option A, we can go with that option if you want to be. He said you could surrender to us. And you guys are fine. And there's no problems. And all of you survive. We just take you with POWs. And everything's okay. And he said, Option D. He said, Yeah, let's stick with the Unknown Speaker option D here, we got the high ground. And which they did, they had a high ground, they had a couple from a hill, we have a high ground, they did have a high ground, there was this ravine that they were gonna have to cross to get to them. And so he said, we already have no machine gun, like routes set up here, instead. So you can try to cross this ravine to get to us. But we got the high ground, we got our Michigan spots. And so even though there's only like a dozen of us, and there's 700 of you, we really have the upper hand in this situation anyways. And the German guy was like, nah. And so he's like, we're gonna just come up there and take you. And so they tried to cross the ravine. By the time they got to the other end of the ravine, and we're climbing up the hill that already mowed down almost all of them. And they took the leftover as POW and only suffered one casualty in the affair. And so these dozen men took 700 People 700 Germans and they want and then the reinforcements showed up, and they had succeeded in their goal one, only one of them. And they were like, Whoa, do Unknown Speaker that's crazy. That you did. I'm so impressed by what you do. So crazy. It's like amazing. smell so bad. But that was cool. Hey, you should go see that beach over there. You should. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you should dip in there. Unknown Speaker So are you storming the beach, the beach and just lay in the water for a while, like just as long time like as long as you can. Here's some soap for if you need it. Unknown Speaker Hey, it's me again. Thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this. And so just think about that. You know, that's it. Unknown Speaker We have Patreon supporters, and it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to Unknown Speaker The show, but there's, there's people who want to make more of it happen. And so they financially support the show. And you get a lot back for it. You get our private discord where we chat every day we're hanging out and just getting to bond and hang out. We also do live zoom Hangouts for our Patreon supporters, you get exclusive merch, it's a good time, there's a lot, there's a lot in it for you. And it's a lot easier for us because we get to know you better. You know, you're not just a number and a stat board or whatever. But you know, you're our friends and we appreciate you a lot. So consider doing that. If not, then you can listen to this dumb little ad, because that's how we're gonna get money from you. We're gonna leech from you either way. We're gonna get paid. We're in this for the cold hard cash, baby. Unknown Speaker Anyway, here's an ad. How do they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh, dang, we're doing Yeah, they can text Tillandsia 66866. Thanks, Jared. Unknown Speaker So yeah, so he's successfully. That's crazy, this giant group of soldiers. So he gets he gets shipped back to base after this, this whole affair or whatever. And they're like, good job. You did, you did good. And then he said some stuff. And they're like, We don't like you get out of here. But they ended up tracking down the majority of his his group and they reunited, the filthy 13 ish, wasn't quite 13 anymore, but they still call it that. Unknown Speaker They went on a couple more jumps that were were pretty successful. Not as successful as that. There was one really notable moment where they dropped behind enemy lines, and they were clearing this whole town in Holland. And Unknown Speaker in one of the houses, is he here, I need to paint the whole picture. So as they would, their strategy for cleaning houses is they would, they would break a window there, throw some grenades in, and then they would go into the house to the door. And then what they would do is they would crawl when they went in because the dust would kick up and it'd be all up in the air and they couldn't see if they were standing. So if they were crawling, they could see where they were gone. And they could take out any hostels that were still there after the grenades went off. Sure. So they're crawling through all these houses as they were clear in this village in Holland. In one of the houses, Jake happened to find a chicken, who had laid six eggs and he was stoked about the Unknown Speaker game. He's like, I've been looking for eggs everywhere. I killed a chicken Unknown Speaker and fight the chicken with my hands. And so he decided to take the eggs because he was like, I need those legs. And so he put them in his cargo pant pocket. Unknown Speaker He's like he's like, here's the here's the problem though. And I'm carrying this these eggs around in my Cargo Pant pant pocket and then he goes to clear another house right? And he breaks a window. throws two eggs. Oh. Unknown Speaker Imagine you're sitting in your house. Unknown Speaker Just do full legs. Unknown Speaker And you're like, and then someone kicks in your door Unknown Speaker on the ground, and they're like, something feels different. And you're sitting there your chair or your like Unknown Speaker cargo pants explode. Unknown Speaker No legs, so he he put them in his cargo pants and because he didn't want to smash his legs, he's news he's crawling through these houses and she was like I got him in my cargo pants. I'm gonna smash those eggs if I calm so he crawls on one side to keep his eggs safe the wrapper dozen eggs Unknown Speaker on the medic Are you injured now just protect protecting my eggs. Unknown Speaker It's an instinctual thing I'm doing I don't know I saw him I was sitting on him earlier trying to keep them warm. So I gotta Unknown Speaker see, let me save these eggs. So I love eggs dude. It was a pretty successful campaign but for him it was super successful. Unknown Speaker Boy is a weird guy man. E g g guy for some reason you're about to see EA Sports Unknown Speaker a sports we got eggs you got the eggs. The eggs Unknown Speaker if I told that story on the podcast before Unknown Speaker what Unknown Speaker could that possibly mean? Unknown Speaker We are Unknown Speaker you talking about Unknown Speaker i in high school. I had this dream Unknown Speaker I had this dream where my school changed our mascot to the eggs. And they were like breakfast things Unknown Speaker like painted on the center of the field just today. Unknown Speaker And we had this school cheer that we would do a games we'd be like, Go egg Unknown Speaker I got a bunch of these buttons. And I took printer paper and I taped them over around the button and I wrote a campaign for you didn't explain to you this year at Unknown Speaker school. Were the Lutheran eggs. Go eggs. Unknown Speaker And it's still the best thing in the Washington football team should have became the Washington eggs. That is the funniest team name in the world to me this story Unknown Speaker wants to go eggs. Can you imagine? I can't believe you have a wife. Me neither. I told her that. I'm surprised it didn't work out. There's a lot of double dates we went on, where people were like, Yeah, we don't want ever want to double date with you. We're like that guy. You could start bringing him around stuff. Unknown Speaker I don't know, man. I just got good ideas. So he protected his eggs all through the campaign. And Unknown Speaker I don't know how the actual campaign went. I think it went well. We just the student section is just like good squid Unknown Speaker stuff. Unknown Speaker You use a scrambler Unknown Speaker person or you know, I just use a fork. Yeah, I was like, What the heck are you using? Like a little whisk? Unknown Speaker Okay. Unknown Speaker Anyways, Unknown Speaker so he goes on a couple of these, these campaigns that go out Unknown Speaker continually getting in these major disagreements with Unknown Speaker commanding officers while salute, anyone won't call them by their names. Unknown Speaker It's sure, you know, just a real trouble to be around smells bad, all this stuff. Unknown Speaker And so eventually, his commanding officers were like, You know what we're gonna do? And he's like, what? And Unknown Speaker he's like, we're gonna send you to this specific para trooping squad and this specific squad. They were called the pathfinders. And what they did is they were the first people in an area and they got dropped to find the path. Unknown Speaker And Unknown Speaker this actually ended up becoming the Church of Scientology. Oh, wow, you will find the path. Unknown Speaker Now they dropped, they would drop them and they would drop eight of these guys, okay, behind enemy lines, days before the operation, whatever operation they were gonna do. And they would sneak around the enemy lines. And they would have these two devices. And so they would split into two groups that had these two devices. Now imagine one of the other eight. You paratroop in, right. And you're like, kind of sneaky. You're like Unknown Speaker within us here, Unknown Speaker thinking thinking Unknown Speaker what is going on? And Unknown Speaker and he's just over there. You want some eggs? Unknown Speaker Keep your voice down. We don't right now literally. Sign up or scrambled. They left their eggs out, well, I can't I can't help myself. What kind of soldiered lunch leaves their eggs laying around. Eggs, dude. Unknown Speaker So he, Unknown Speaker so they will split in these groups. There's eight of them. They had these two devices that would send signals back to basically like, here's where you're gonna do your stuff. Right? Okay. And they gave them two devices instead of one because Unknown Speaker they're gonna lose one while they were going. Yeah, they're going to lose one device. And they sent eight soldiers because they, on average lost seven. And so they would send and because it was it was the most dangerous job. You could have military. And this was a job. That was only you could only be a volunteer. That's how dangerous it was. You could not assign you on this job. You can only volunteer and so they tell this guy they said hey, we think you should volunteer for this. We think you'd be like, just like you're you're gonna you know what, I bet you couldn't do it without getting blisters. Unknown Speaker I was just, you know. Unknown Speaker Good, you know, but I don't know. It seems like it's pretty blistering. So blistering. Everybody's done. I don't even need to change my socks. I won't change my socks. Matter of fact, I won't even bathe. You don't do that normally. Well, but um, but I'm just saying the reason I like the I won't either. Like, I'm just saying I also, like I know I normally but three things about me. I don't bathe. I don't change my socks, and I don't got lice. Unknown Speaker Explain that. Unknown Speaker A RM y guy, AR m y guy. And so he's thinking about it. And he's like, Well, he's like, there's they're actually legitimately trying to get rid of me now. They're trying to kill me. He's like, he's like you're trying to get rid of me and he's so he's thinking about it. He's thinking through this thing. This is Unknown Speaker 1943 at the at the point, and so he's like, he's like this has been going on for a long time. Chances are, we're close to the end of it. Things have been going really well. And he's like he's like so those 700 Guys, yeah, I took out the 700 Guys, I saved those eggs. Unknown Speaker In a good time, it would have been going great. Unknown Speaker going on for a long time, it's got to be close to over. And he's like, if they send me to do pathfinding, I have to go to pathfinding school. They're gonna send me off to that. He said, it's gonna, it's gonna be a long trip to get over there. I gotta go through the whole way. Now the time is like, maybe I can maybe if I fail the tests on purpose. Yeah. Then did I never school. I know like to write your name. I don't know my name. I don't know. What am I right? I'm looking at the person next to Unknown Speaker this. And so he's sitting there thinking about He's like, he's like, Ah, maybe maybe, like, I don't know how, like, what if not like, and he's going back and forth. And then he remembers that the town that pathfinding school is happening in is in England, and is right next to a major university. And all the men are at war. Oh. Unknown Speaker And he says, sigh Unknown Speaker as legitimately, why did it and so he goes to pathfinding school is the 1940s Ain't nobody else got a mohawk right now? Unknown Speaker Yeah, he was very exotic, especially in England. Unknown Speaker None of their dads want me to take them out. Unknown Speaker They don't matter all their dads are at war. Unknown Speaker And so Eagles pathfinding school, lo and behold, the war didn't end before he finished. And he ends up having to go Pathfinder. Unknown Speaker And he is Unknown Speaker one of the Pathfinders leading up to the Battle of the Bulge. And I don't know if you know a lot about that battle, but it's a very significant battle in World War Two. Yeah, long story short, the things he did Unknown Speaker allowed the 101st airborne division that was trapped to survive long enough for the reinforcements to arrive, which was reinforcements of 350,000 soldiers. And it was pretty much the deciding moment in the European front. And it was his arrival and his pathfinding mission where he brought that device to show where the supply drops should drop. That allowed the hunter first to survive as long as they did Wow. Because they lost contact with him. I think the the number is ridiculous I don't I can't find it not I heard it in a podcast or something. I don't have it. I should write down a shout out down Unknown Speaker here what you said I don't know if we got to believe that or not. Unknown Speaker I found it Unknown Speaker Oh, okay. Unknown Speaker He was 6x Six examinee. Unknown Speaker Number. Unknown Speaker So Unknown Speaker in the first 24 hours, they call 247 Supply Drops. Unknown Speaker By the second day, they called another 160. And by the fourth day, they call another 269. Unknown Speaker So a ridiculous amount of supply drops to be able to hold over the 101st airborne division which for a matter of a few days like no one had heard from so they thought they were dead. Unknown Speaker So a ridiculous amount of supply drops Sure. All thanks to him are what led to the victory in the Battle of the Bulge. So Wow. He that was his fourth drop which was a huge deal because most paratroopers survive. Yeah. Only makes it through to Yeah, and so he already was a record holder and he ended up getting just a ridiculous amount of Unknown Speaker badges. Well, I was thinking about this today. Yeah, I think it's badges are such an interesting concept to me. Like I get like it's a Morehouse man. You don't have any don't Unknown Speaker sacrifice the military service because you're sitting here on badge. Okay, that's what I'm saying. I'm saying can what best TV series by the way, trademark badge? What if we did like corporate badges? Unknown Speaker What would be like Unknown Speaker 10 miles instead of 26.2. Could I still get a sticker on my car? Unknown Speaker What if I did 100 days in the peloton? Unknown Speaker Does the sound of a guy who hasn't been toughened up by the army? Unknown Speaker Corporate badges does that like something a corporation would do that? Yeah, here's your bad Unknown Speaker edge for and it's awkward. It's embarrassing. I'm saying like, why is it? Like Unknown Speaker things that matter? They're literally shaping history? I don't know. I mean, other jobs matter. Why don't they get when you're getting your head in the sales quota you don't deserve a medal of honor. I mean, if you got shot in the process they use should begin badges to like police officers and stuff. Yeah, yeah. You so you're gonna have a badge. I'm curious what it feels Unknown Speaker I don't think you ever heard that. Unknown Speaker Yours your badge. Okay, so here's what he got. He got the Combat Infantry Badge, the Parachutist Badge the Pathfinder badge Bronze Star Medal, with a combat V. Unknown Speaker Purple Heart twice the American Campaign Medal, the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, the World War Two Victory Medal, the army of occupation Medal, the Legion of Honor and five overseas service bars. And it's just Interestingly enough, this is the whole reason I did this whole list Sure. The Good Conduct Medal, which sounds Oh my god, this sounds like he should have got that one. Sounds like I mean, if you do all the other stuff, or like hey, let's give them a good comment if that weren't to be ironic. They were like it was funny this guy was and and they did the they did the whole thing. All one ceremony and they're like, and the good conduct that and everyone was like, oh, and everyone there was like ah, it's like Joe and Tommy who doesn't have that many medals was like, I couldn't get the good conduct match. This guy smells so bad. That's how I imagined in the 40s that you chose a fake name that was so similar to yours. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. And slip Tommy's an angry 40s dude like from the 40s Tommy he's angry. What else is Tommy? What else is Tommy feel? Tommy Tommy doesn't understand why the other doesn't see things to blame. Tommy sees Tommy understands everything better than everybody what's going on? Tommy doesn't understand why everyone else gets a badge and there's no corporate badge. Why does Tommy bill Unknown Speaker and no one says he wants Unknown Speaker a badge? Tommy sees through what the deep state is doing when everybody Unknown Speaker tries to tell him Tommy knows that that person right there is real but nobody can Tommy tried to go to this new Christian movie it's out in the theater was a little too warm. The Hollywood doesn't want me to watch it. Nobody likes Tommy they don't like us so they kicked us out of this conference. Unknown Speaker It taught me sad Unknown Speaker to M Ed White Guy Unknown Speaker All right. Unknown Speaker So Unknown Speaker here he is now well this is him like 10 years ago he's he died in 2013 but here it is like 10 years ago. Is this colorize Unknown Speaker no this is not but yeah he still loves the hair never came off it was permanent marker Unknown Speaker pulling paint as long as face for no yeah, he he he became a celebrity in the early 2000s When someone he or rated his story to someone and they wrote it down on the book which I honestly I'm suspicious of sometimes when I hear that Unknown Speaker like he's got on metals and stuff so like surely like this stuff happened but like did the fight happen? Did like did the eggs happen? Unknown Speaker Like what have you made a few Unknown Speaker what have he mowed down 700 stores that interesting enough but he's he is written with guilt into his like on his deathbed. He admit he was Unknown Speaker part of my smell more, but I lied. It's true. It's not true. Because Unknown Speaker there's no Unknown Speaker dying words. Ba but he's not actually dead Unknown Speaker oh, you're still here? Yeah, I lied about the eggs. You can go now you can leave the eggs Unknown Speaker that's how the war happened. The Unknown Speaker seals. Unknown Speaker I like the Unknown Speaker typo. There was like, okay. Unknown Speaker So weird. We did it. All right. I like to picture them on launch day and he's like laying down in bed and like next to his wife and she's already there reading her magazine. And he's laying down and getting into conference. He's like Unknown Speaker think don't know. Just Unknown Speaker Honey though Unknown Speaker she's she's so she's so she's so over the eggs like I don't know what about the eggs live for years. All right. He tells the eggs like every dinner party. Yeah, he brings it up and she gives him a knowing look that's like come on. Yeah, she makes a no the eggs weren't there. And he the any honestly it was 1400 German soldiers. Unknown Speaker The soldiers downplaying the German soldiers made up six eggs every day for ever since they launched the book every day, she makes six eggs and she calls them into their sunny side up, and she's like, she's like, you see the eggs. And he's again, she drinks the six sided side up eggs. They're orange juice right in front of them. And since days aren't real, Unknown Speaker you're nasty. Take a shower. Unknown Speaker All right. Tommy doesn't like it. Unknown Speaker Anyways, that's the story of Digg McNasty is so weird. This person's Oh, wow. So you're saying that's the eggs of the episode. That's the eggs. Unknown Speaker The eggs Unknown Speaker things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jared Meyers and Tim stone falls on your favorite social media platform at tilian podcast is Ti ll en podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by https://otter.ai

Jake McNasty McNiece, the legendary WW2 paratrooper, left an indelible mark on history through his fearless exploits on the battlefield. This blog post delves into the life and remarkable achievements of Jake McNasty McNiece, highlighting his incredible courage and unwavering dedication to the Allied cause during World War II.

Early Life and Training

Born in 1919, Jake McNasty McNiece grew up in Oklahoma, where he honed his physical prowess and sharp intellect. Inspired by the call to defend freedom, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and underwent rigorous paratrooper training, mastering the art of precision jumps and combat readiness.

D-Day Invasion: Jake McNasty’s Heroic Role

On June 6, 1944, Jake McNasty McNiece made history as he parachuted into Nazi-occupied France as part of the D-Day invasion force. His mission was to sow chaos and disrupt enemy communications. McNasty and his elite unit, known as the “Filthy Thirteen,” embodied unwavering determination and bravery.

Jake McNiece’s Daring Exploits Behind Enemy Lines

Behind enemy lines, Jake McNasty and his fellow paratroopers executed daring sabotage. They shaved their heads, painted Mohawk haircuts on their scalps, and adorned their faces with war paint to strike fear into the enemy’s hearts. Their audacious tactics, including destroying bridges and cutting telegraph wires, severely hindered the German army’s ability to counter the Allied advance.

The Capture of Jake McNasty McNiece

When German forces captured him, Jake McNasty’s fearless journey took an unexpected turn. Despite facing harsh captivity, he refused to divulge vital information about Allied plans. His unwavering loyalty to the cause earned him immense respect from fellow soldiers and adversaries.

Liberation and Legacy

Jake McNasty McNiece’s resilience was rewarded when Allied forces liberated him. His heroic actions during captivity served as a testament to his unyielding spirit. After the war, McNasty returned home a decorated war hero, forever etching his name in the annals of history.

Conclusion: The Legend Lives On

Jake McNasty McNiece, the fearless WW2 paratrooper, exemplified courage, determination, and unwavering commitment to the Allied cause. His daring exploits behind enemy lines and unbreakable spirit continue to inspire generations of soldiers and civilians alike. Jake McNasty McNiece will forever be remembered as a true American hero who stood tall when his country needed him the most.

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Jake McNiece – Wikipedia

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