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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's up? Unknown Speaker Have you ever heard of John DeLorean Speaker 1 John DeLorean John Z? DeLorean John Z DeLorean? Did He create the car? It fit a lot. Speaker 2 Did he? Got it? Stole my thunder there jumped ahead, trying to pocket that for a big reveal later in the Unknown Speaker big reveal hour. And you're not gonna believe this hour to believe this. He's created the door. Unknown Speaker The car is crazy. Unknown Speaker Okay. Did he that was a real question. Unknown Speaker No, yeah, he did. He did. Oh, yeah. Speaker 2 Here's the big John DeLorean. I don't know if I've ever said here's the thing that early in that episode Unknown Speaker is his son, man. I just want to make sure I get the lineage. Unknown Speaker For their heavy skip divers aren't strong. Speaker 1 I don't think some people realize how large my head is. Let me put it to the very last notch that it will go Unknown Speaker kind of like every girl you date is the same. Speaker 1 You see this? Terry? I want you to see this. You see this? See what's happening? Speaker 2 He got famous just for doing his job. Maybe if you're good enough two years ago. Last night Speaker 2 I hate so much that you made a Mandalorian joke, and you've never seen it. You haven't even seen the Phantom Menace. Wow. Speaker 1 Yeah, you're right. Forget it. While we're doing some weird. Today is a day where we're recording on 911. And I flew today and for some reason I've been flying on many nine elevens they're doing good. You're good. You're good. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. This is all right. Alex says no, no, no, you don't have to. Okay, he goes. I don't know. Okay, so it's going through TSA this morning. And it's like their Super Bowl. Today is their day. Oh, God, you know, no, no, listen, like this is their day. There's nothing bad. It's fine. We can talk about it. Someone accidentally said today. You could see the look on their face. They turned white as it goes. Because this lady, we're going through TSA. It's very tense. They're very, I'm telling you like they are like on their game today. I mean, a would make sense. Well, this is the whole reason TSA was was yeah, this is where every teacher you go through has the big thing of like, it's got this ever forget kind of stuff. Yeah. This lady says, I think it's just the pressure of all this stuff. She's okay. Thank you. Is Unknown Speaker she an agent? Or is she No, she's Speaker 1 a passenger. She's a person going through and she just goes happy 911. And you felt everyone go Unknown Speaker watch the airline? Unknown Speaker And they're like, Hey, come back here. I think we need to do a search Unknown Speaker and see your bags. Oh. Speaker 1 It was that feeling that you had when I was like, Hey, we're recording on a day. That's what everyone fell in the hole. Everyone just did you just say Speaker 3 there's people that see 28 that were like, What did you do? It was Speaker 1 like whenever someone says like Happy Memorial Day, and you're okay, you know, it was like, it was like a happy 911. And she was oh, no, I mean, like to watch her fumble was very fun. Speaker 2 Do you think that will happen? Like with what Memorial Day is now like, do you think like when we're elderly? Oh, and like the last generation that I start to Speaker 1 I just think they'll eventually treat it like the way we treat December 7. Pearl Harbor Day? Yeah, just like saying actually. Yeah, I think about that quite a bit, actually. You know, is that that's one of those like, you know, where were you wanting to happen kind of days? And then the assassination of JFK? Yeah. Those are like kind of those tests at an interesting point. But it becomes one of those things that were kind of like, yeah, every year we remember it. Yeah. But eventually, I think it will eventually you don't remember. Yeah, but I mean, eventually something worse will happen. So all right. I mean, historically, that's a cool hat. Oh, yeah, let's plug them right now. It's a great time in golly, no, you made a weird dude. I was just trying to tell a good 911 story. You made it weird. Unknown Speaker That's the clip. That's Unknown Speaker Oh, man. Unknown Speaker Okay, so let's talk about Speaker 1 roads. Or go we don't need roads. You know who else didn't need roads anyway, so, Speaker 3 back to the future. Yeah. I just, it just makes me mad. I was Speaker 1 in it, dude. It was in the future. Speaker 3 What are you trying to say? You're trying to save this. Okay, whatever. Um, so John, Unknown Speaker Michael J. Fox Speaker 3 here's the thing. So he's the car guy, right? John DeLorean guy, John DeLorean. He's the guy who made the car. Let me just I'll take this. Go. Hey, John. I'm struggling big right now. So he's the car guy, car guy. Speaker 2 But he was born in Detroit. Motor City. Sure. Makes a lot of sense. He became a car guy grew up in a home that was not great. His dad was a car man. Speaker 1 He's a car guy. His dad was a car man. His dad before him was a car watcher. All hail the washer. Speaker 2 But his dad was on the assembly line and his trunk, and pretty abusive. And so when he was in high school, his mom left him and took the kids. And he said he wanted to build a life for himself. And he was very into cars, because you know, Detroit, you have to it was it's like, it's like growing up, and Speaker 1 oh, I want to see where this goes. No. Yeah, no, let's let's hear Yeah, go ahead. Speaker 2 Well, I was hoping to come up with something more interesting than this. But when I started this sense, but I was like growing up in Hollywood, like a lot of people are like, I want to be a star. Unknown Speaker People who grew up in Los Angeles are not the Hollywood people. Speaker 2 People who grew up on Hollywood Boulevard like on the Boulevard Speaker 1 yeah, those are not what did you know they're not stars. They are just my hair thing about Hollywood Boulevard is the overweight Wolverine out there. You don't see him like this a guy who's like can't be bothered to stay in shape enough to be like Wolverine, but it still wants you to but he still wants to charge it for a picture. Speaker 2 Yeah. And he'll get that money. Yeah, get that back. So he grew up in Motor City. Yeah, really into cars. So he went to the Lawrence Institute of Technology and got his bachelor's in car stuff. Unknown Speaker He went to Lawrence's Here's an analogy. Yeah. Speaker 2 Which is not what you're thinking. But can we get merch from Speaker 1 that? Institute? It says lit dude. That's kind of tight. That is Yeah, I mean, like Lauren's institution all just kind of cool. Unknown Speaker I'm pulling it through. Dude. Okay, let's do Speaker 2 it. So. So John, he wants he got really into cars, right? Yeah, he was learning how to make cars. Jonathan ology, Unknown Speaker Lawrence Institute of Technology, Speaker 2 got a job for General Motors, building cars and designing cars and stuff and worked his way up the ladder, the corporate ladder. Sure. And he was kind of the early archetype of like the maverick like the Tony Stark. And interesting, I watched a documentary series about it's very interesting. Hearing them describe a maverick in the 60s, versus a maverick in the Tony Stark era. Because they were like, yeah, he he didn't wear a tie. And, Speaker 1 yeah, formed a corporate world. He would put his shoes on Speaker 2 his desk. It's like, okay, not he didn't kick his feet up on his desk, he took his shoes off and set them on his desk. That's a power move. Unknown Speaker Every meeting I go into I go, how are we doing? It does. It's like brothers. One of them, Mel. Yeah. Am I supposed to do Speaker 1 something with that? No, I just want you to know that it would be difficult for me to leave this meeting. That's why I've done this. Yeah. And so I want you to know that I'm not one foot in one foot out this relationship. Speaker 2 That's pretty good. We should make we should turn this into a business custom, like make this part of our business culture. When we do we should really try to win, but we take off opposite shoes, and we put them next to each other in the middle. Yeah. And we don't acknowledge it and just see how many I bet other people if you're in a meeting with like four people, they will do it. Do it for sure. I like this idea. Speaker 1 Yeah. And what we have to define our culture as a company, don't we? Yeah, my Yeah, we should. Yeah, I was gonna say we should make it like that guy on Instagram. Who was like, if you don't have a six pack abs, you can't walk in I'm gonna fire you. And he makes a video where he makes a guy take off his shirt. And he goes on to embarrassed about this. And he was and he's like, Yes, sir. Speaker 2 Yeah, he was he got fired next week. That the shorts more Speaker 1 embarrassing, having a little bit of flap or being in a video where your boss is like, aren't you embarrassed by this? That's way Speaker 2 worse, way worse, way worse. Because you know, like, nevermind. That's a bummer. Yeah. So Johnny gets a job and he works his way up the corporate culture. And he's he's a maverick. He's an early Juric. doesn't wear a tie, doesn't wear a tie. He kicks his feet up on the deck and his own rules. Yeah. And he starts to really see Success. He worked, he worked on the Pontiac GTO. And he kind of spearheaded a new era of like sports car and became, I don't want to say a household name, but a household name. If you liked cars, you know, like if you were her if you were in a car nerd, your whole house knew about him because you talked about him all the time. Okay, everybody in your house was so annoyed. But if you were a normal person, probably hadn't heard of them before. You know, I'm saying here. Hey, I liked that hat, man. Speaker 1 Thank you. I left a small one over there. Do you Speaker 2 need to go? Yeah, I just was looking at this hat and how good it is Speaker 1 okay, so just so everyone can see. Odd Job hats. Fits in my head. Very nice. Regular hat normal hat. I don't think some people realize how large my head is. Let me put it to the very last notch that it'll go. The last notch. Speaker 2 Yeah, the biggest the biggest the head gets just a notch it no notches. Notch free. Can't hold them back. Just wide Speaker 1 open. What's up guys? mean, when you put them next to each other, you're like, those are both just Speaker 2 hats. Your head kind of looks like like, you know, like, you put that on? Like, you know, like the not the part with the slice. But the other part like Oh, Honey Baked Ham. But not the slice. Unknown Speaker Slice size. A ham? Unknown Speaker Yeah, it was like there's a beanie sitting up on top of the ham. Speaker 1 Okay, does that why you brought up my hat is to call me a ham head. No, I Unknown Speaker just say it. It's a good thing. You found odd job hats. Speaker 1 It's a good thing. Look straight. Normal. That looks already weird. Now other Speaker 2 didn't look normal. That looks normal. What I was going for. Alright, though I bring it up naturally enough for Unknown Speaker you. I was great. Thank Good, Unknown Speaker perfect. Speaker 2 So he gets a lot of success making cars. And he becomes like a businessman celebrity. Which is interesting because he doesn't own the company. I was trying to think about this businessman celebrity. Yeah, I was trying to think about this today. Like, like we've got business celebrities out there like but they're all I mean. Like, like Mark Yeah, Mark Cuban. like Elon Musk. Yeah, Grant Cardone. Like they're these household names Unknown Speaker are made by Grant Cardone all the time, because there's so Speaker 2 because they own the company. That's huge. Like, that's how I Mark Zuckerberg. Speaker 1 Yeah. And you couldn't figure you couldn't think of Jeff Bezos. I, Unknown Speaker I said Mark Zuckerberg. Anyways, you are Speaker 1 you heard the interaction we just had, right. Okay, I'm not dumb. You couldn't think of Jeff Bezos. I said Mark Zuckerberg. Okay, okay. That's the tone. Tim talks to me. He's like, so clearly wrong. And he goes, I said, I'm just, that was just such a good representation of our whole friendship. Is you just confidently being like, it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Speaker 2 I'm just trying to nurture our toxic workplace culture. Okay. All right. So, but I was thinking about, I don't know if there is any, like, I can't think of any businessman, celebrities who are not business owners. Like he was famous. He was just like, a, like, he wasn't even a VP. He was just a director of like, engineering. And he became like, like, he was close friends with, like, models and like, actors and actresses. Like he was like, and I don't know, maybe there are people who are like friends with them that are just businessmen. Okay, business women, but they're not like, famous. He got famous just for being good at his job. Speaker 1 Okay. Well, I mean, if your job is designing cars, Speaker 2 I mean, I guess but like, even now, like, I don't think there's a car designer that's like getting on the lake. It's because he was on The Late Show. Speaker 1 Okay, sure. But I'm saying like, but he was representative of the company, though. Yeah, he was the face of a now but now that's what I'm saying is that now has shifted through the marketing era of the 60s and 70s is that it's shifted to the CEO has charisma. The person has to have the charisma to be the face, right? Whereas it used to be the CEO used to be the boring desk job to make everything run and you You know, there was no need or time or you know, there was no need for them to be. And if it's not the Speaker 2 CEO then they hire an influencer. To be sure. Interesting. Interesting. Speaker 1 I mean, it's Wozniak and jobs. You know, Steve Jobs had the charisma side of it, but was Nana did most of the actual? Yeah. And design and work. Unknown Speaker This is interesting. Unknown Speaker It's like you and me. Speaker 2 Yeah. Who's the face of the company? Here? Let's put a cop pick one. Speaker 1 There's a reason I let you put your name and a heck one. There's a reason I let you call it space Tim media. Unknown Speaker Yeah, because I'm very prideful. Unknown Speaker Yeah. So he got famous just for doing his job. Maybe if you're good enough for years, okay. This guy makes waves. Like art next guest tonight. Websites for churches. Companies. Good. They are gearing up for Tim stone quest. Hey, guys, hey, everybody. Speaker 2 And then we have to eat all this weird stuff that he gets out of the spin wheel. Yeah, Speaker 1 that's James Corden. That's not the Jimmy Fallon doesn't do the eating stuff. You have to like hold a snake or Speaker 2 some stuff. Yeah, yeah. Or petting Speaker 1 my luck my luck would be to go on The Tonight Show or one of the late night shows the same night that the safari guy is on there. And I gotta like, pet a tarantula. Speaker 2 What do you do hot ones. Hot ones. Yeah, would you do that? Speaker 1 Yeah. 100% Okay, so I mean like I would clear my schedule for the next like days after it you know, give my body some time to cover Speaker 2 recoup not go to a festival the next day. Yeah. So Speaker 1 the he got he got fame he got a long time and tell the story is why we have doing tangents Unknown Speaker we're doing tangents that's what's making it take a long time to tell the story. Speaker 1 It's because you keep going I don't know who's gonna famous just doing their job well, can you think maybe he's got to do their job well, so he's Unknown Speaker will speed this story up so Speaker 1 he made the doors ago and that's the whole episode. It's all started Can you believe he got famous for that? Tonight Show. Patrick you keep doing your blame me. I said Mark Zuckerberg. Speaker 1 Tell the story. So your parents are getting Trini lately? Your parents are like hey, Gerrans are bullying you it's our workplace culture is part of our children parents like you Unknown Speaker I will say Unknown Speaker okay, I'll tell the story. Unknown Speaker You might as well so Speaker 2 DeLorean he works his way up and he makes a couple of their cars still famous Mary's a model on something tonight show has these famous list of friends. And the company works for GN it's like we don't like all this. Like we want a guy who works and you're Yeah, sure working but you're also like Galavan so cool. And like we know how cool you are. Speaker 3 Like you're the coolest guy here and and I'm not everyone knows and everybody doesn't want like they were trying to figure out why you're famous. Like we can't figure it out. All you are is gonna get a job. And so they there was a I don't know the there's there's discrepancies on what happened here. Speaker 2 There's two storylines storyline A is he amicably left the company. Okay. Not sure. I mean, I don't know if that's true. Speaker 1 Swirl on a hammock ruler. Not true. I mean, like, maybe, but it's not. Unknown Speaker That's not what happened. It's like we don't know but we know. It's like the moon landing. Oh, no the truth but we know the truth, you know. Speaker 2 Okay. So storyline B is that he was like pulled out of the office by security We don't want you. I know that wasn't one of the most like, I'm not gonna lie. I got Jared called me the other day, and I didn't answer because I didn't want to talk to you. He left me a voicemail. He was like, he's like, bro, I'm having a crisis right now. I was like, I should probably call him back. sounds serious. And I call him back and he was like, hey, so they faked it right? Speaker 1 Pretty sure they fake that thing, man. You know? Unknown Speaker Just blank stares. Speaker 1 Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like this, and you want more of our show, we've got plenty of other episodes. One of my favorites is action Park, a super sketchy theme park that was basically overrun by teenagers and they just made the rules. It was in New Jersey. It was a wild story. But we did a whole episode about it and I think you'd like it so when you're done with this one go check out that episode but for now back to this one. Unknown Speaker So John eat leaves the company Unknown Speaker in front of soldiers to pay my debt to you What do you want from Speaker 3 me? Either amicably or Speaker 1 inadequately sure what storyline be storyline Speaker 2 gets dragged out by security because they don't like him. Just like the festival in the hotel. They didn't like and so they kicked them out. And so he dash car. Yeah. dashcam Thank you. He got plastic surgery and reinvented himself. So one on the right is the original John DeLorean. The one on the left is John DeLorean to point out the reinvented with plastic surgery and he Speaker 1 was like, and this is before but they knew what he meant. He's like, can you make my face look stiff? Like Jordan Peterson Speaker 2 long before sort of look at it. But yeah, it is working as hard and as John Yeah, he definitely got some. I don't know. What are all that Botox? Why did he do that? I mean, I think it makes him look a little bit more forceful. Okay, I'm not gonna lie like looking at that chin. Like I didn't know plastic to change his Unknown Speaker nose chin come Unknown Speaker out. Because his Unknown Speaker nose used to curve out Yeah. Unknown Speaker It's a little bit harder. Speaker 1 He looked better before I'm gonna. Dude. I'm gonna say this about plastic surgery is not worth it at all. Speaker 2 I don't know, man. I think he looks pretty sharp. I honestly I was I was about to say Unknown Speaker the post is literally just the post. Speaker 2 No, no, I got another picture of him and his family. Here's he him and his family Speaker 3 are gonna go watch this. If you're listening you need to go watch for this moment because this fixture Unknown Speaker is and they're taxidermied dog. Unknown Speaker Their dog is so mad. Speaker 1 Why did they do this? Yeah, he's got his dog on his shoulder. Hey, looks like this is like this looks like they're all puppets. You know? I'm saying yeah, Speaker 2 he Yeah. I'm honestly I'm really impressed too, that his wife's hair is blowing like that. And none of the Speaker 1 face tuned before that app existed. She does actually. Speaker 2 Wow, he met her the first time you ever saw her was on a magazine cover? And then or then he plays assistant he's bringing her? No. Are you serious? I don't know the story. Oh, he does say the first time you ever saw her was on a magazine cover. Well then tell her I don't have a I still Unknown Speaker got my security. Speaker 2 Yeah, but no, I here's what I'm saying. I never thought a plastic surgery jaw can look like I think his jaw looks sharp. I think it looks I think his his post plastic surgery jaw like chin looks better. Okay, well what I'm saying is he as as a person with a weird chin. I'm not gonna lie. Speaker 1 I thought the thing about plastic surgery is that you can just tell. Speaker 2 You tell though. I never knew until I knew. Yeah, I mean like plastic surgery. Okay, no Botox. You can tell plastic surgery sometimes though. Like that shit like that nose and that chin? You can't tell. Okay. All right. Anyways, this episode is not about as Are you out the moon or plastic surgery. So he starts his car company. DeLorean Speaker 1 there. Lorien, Motor Company, DMC Speaker 2 D and C, DeLorean Motor Company. And he gets $17 million in funding from people he knows. And then he goes in, he calls the dude who works for Lotus car company. I needed you to design it, and then a couple of people from GM, and he's like, hey, what if I sniped you from the company? And GM was like, You can't do that. He's like, I'm doing it. And so they they left to start this company and start working on this new dream car. And the concept for this car was pretty ahead of his time. It's like late 70s. And he wanted to he was really interested in fuel efficiency? Because nobody cared about that yet. fuel prices were starting to skyrocket. And so he said, I think the consumer of the future is going to care a lot about fuel efficiency, because fuel is getting more and more expensive. Okay, he was kind of ahead of the curve on that. But he also wanted it to be really stinking cool Unknown Speaker so he came up with Speaker 2 a cost saving tool, but also a cool tool. Cool Unknown Speaker Tool tool. Speaker 2 That's a cool tool. And he was like, he's like, what if we just made it stainless steel? You said we don't paint it. We just get stainless steel. The whole body of the car is stainless steel. We love that great idea. So made the stainless ever Ilan Unknown Speaker was like, let's do that with the Tesla truck. Unknown Speaker Maybe it could have inspired them. I don't know if you see the real Unknown Speaker ones rolling off the line. Yeah, Speaker 2 it looks so bad. Awful, very similar to this. So Speaker 1 oh, if the design is better. Oh, yeah. Interesting. Speaker 2 So they designed this car. here's the here's a picture of a if you never seen it, this is the DeLorean. It's got the column. Speaker 1 The gall doors is the real like seagulls. This is not a design. Yeah, this is a a production doesn't say this is this is what they look like. Yeah. Speaker 2 And this, this, I think rolled off the lot in 8081 8081. They are cool. They announced the concept in the late 70s. And it blew up. Everybody freaking loved it. They thought it would look super cool. And then it was so it was advertised as like a supercar. Like it was gonna be really fast. And it was going to be very fuel efficient, supposedly pretty green, because you're not painting it and it's yours and stuff like that, which was not a huge concern yet, but it was starting to become one for some people. Unknown Speaker They manual or automatic? Actually don't know. Speaker 2 I do know that this was called the DMC 12. And they named it that for something that you're pretty passionate about actually. Can you guess? Unknown Speaker Oh gosh, the disciples Unknown Speaker know, they needed that because the price was $4,000 Speaker 1 I'm pretty passionate about $12,000. Speaker 2 Passionate about companies branding things as the price. Oh, that's true Speaker 1 that a lot freedom. Which was now how much? Is it DeLorean cost? Like, not $12,000 Probably that Speaker 2 I'm looking at $12,000 today. So yeah, the price was about $44,000 Was that their billing? So in today's money, Speaker 1 so call it a DMC 44 And you'd be like, okay, okay. Speaker 2 So is a higher end car but not like super pricey? Yeah. And so to get a what was modeled as like a supercar, and like, it's obviously pretty flashy. hatchbacks weren't really a thing yet. So like, everything about this was cool. Oh, they're hatchbacks? I mean, it looks like a hatchback. I don't know if it's, I don't know if that open? No, that's an engine, the engines back there. Oh, is it really? I think so. I guess I just always assumed that Speaker 1 the cars is what I'm guessing is what I'm gathering from these questions I'm asking you right now. But anyway, Speaker 2 so he built this car, okay. The problem was, they, they did all this promotion for it and advertising the concept and, and it got really, really hyped. And they were they were getting rave reviews. Sure. But he didn't have a place to produce it. And so he started looking for cities or states that would fund a manufacturing plant, because of manufacturing plant is very, very expensive. And he couldn't find any investors to invest in it because they didn't believe that in the late 70s, early 80s, a new car company could compete with a GM or Ford or any of the big computers that were big at the time. They're like, You don't stand a chance. You're never gonna make it in this market. And so pretty much every city and state agreed. So he started going international and asking all these international Unknown Speaker nations. Speaker 2 Okay, good, if they would invest in like tax subsidies or something like that, so he could open up a manufacturing plant there, and he couldn't find anyone. And then he's spending like a year looking for all these different locations to try to build his manufacturing plant because he doesn't have the money for it. Right. He needs a government pretty much Speaker 1 he needs like a tax break. Yeah. So that leaves the money. Yeah. And Speaker 2 then he finds Northern Ireland. And in the early 80s, Northern Ireland was going through what's called the troubles which is kind of Speaker 1 the troubles Yeah, which one sounds like a cool band name. To maybe like a disease that gets passed around from like, children. That's just like, yeah. Yeah, chicken pox and troubles at the same time. Hmm. Speaker 3 That's what I've got to say that my kids got the troubles. Whenever one of them's in trouble, I'll be like don't go around them to kind of catch Unknown Speaker the troubles. Speaker 3 Oh man, toxic workplace culture. So the shoe back. Oh, no. Speaker 1 Okay. You took your other shoe off. I was making sure. Yeah, I couldn't take it. Couldn't take Unknown Speaker hard to have one shoe on. Yeah, it's Speaker 1 just up. But that discipline is what makes me better than you. And that's why you should give me this deal right now. The fact that I've kept one shoe on you don't you took your other shoe off? Yeah, I tell you don't trust me. Trust me, relationship. Take Speaker 2 my shoes. That worked. I didn't take my shoe off yet. But then I was feeling it. I was like, I need to take the shoe. I Speaker 1 just realized that you have tattooed on you. And I respect Nothing you say? Speaker 3 You just realized, yeah, it's been there for a year, a year. nine month Unknown Speaker it matches the one on your shirt. Speaker 3 Doesn't really. That is a pretty good match. You think they modeled it after that? Speaker 1 Okay. Anyway, what was I talking about how he found it in Northern Ireland. He they got the trouble. I got trouble. They got the troubles right here in River City. They got trouble that starts with T which rhymes with D which stands for DeLorean? Hey, that's Speaker 2 a that's right. So the troubles were kind of a civil war, kinda, loosely, maybe, I don't know. Long story short, there had been a very long conflict in Northern Ireland against the UK. Because during the Middle Ages, when Great Britain was being, you know, settlers, they settled Northern Ireland. And they were like, This is ours now. and Ireland was like, No, it's not. And again, it is. And they're like, No, it's not. And then they were like, yeah, it's ours. And also, all of you aren't Catholic anymore. Now you're Protestant. And then they were like, No, we're not. And they're like, Yeah, we are. And then after a little while, they just created this border. And they were like, This is Northern Ireland. And it's part of the UK. And it's not yours, Ireland. And there was a lot of conflict about that for many years. And then in the 60s, there kind of split it Splinter these two groups, the IRA. And then the, what was the word that they, the loyalists, they were loyal to the UK. And so and it was and it was very religiously undertone, because the IRA was all Catholic. And the people who were loyal to the UK were all Protestant. And so there was this. This infighting between the two, and it got pretty violent, and led to a lot of massacres and violence, because massacres. Yeah, there was like, the IRA was like bombing places and like shooting up places, because they were like, you're we're not part of you. Yes. And so it was a very dangerous time in Northern Ireland. And the economy in Northern Ireland was really struggling because of it, because most people were getting hurt, just doing normal, everyday stuff, because there's violence all over the place. And he came, and they said, Hey, Belfast, right now is a very dangerous place. There's a lot of violence happening in there from the troubles. And they said, we actually would love it. If you came in, you built your manufacturing plant here. And they had this dream that UK, and this dream that if we build a manufacturing plant, where the most of the trouble of the troubles is happening, it'll unite Speaker 1 them. Yeah, they're like, the work they can unite around the DeLorean Speaker 2 to to work the worker bowl, employ people from both sides, and they'll get to work together on a project and they'll solve their differences working on this project together. And then also it helps our economy because then there's a big boost the economy, everybody's got a job, everybody's working. Okay? And so they invested multimillion dollars to build this plant and get to work on this, this DeLorean. The problem was, the people who then got hired to work at this plant, had no idea how to build a car. And so they all started building this car, but it was bad. Speaker 1 Yeah, they were like, just the engine going the front of the back. I don't know. I guess I assumed the back Unknown Speaker like, is this are these doors or wings? I can't tell. Oh, Speaker 2 I think they do both. Right. So they, they built these cars, but they were honestly a lot like Tesla's like, panels were falling inside. Yeah, like pieces where we Speaker 1 say we're gonna test all the way out to Sunday. Cool. Yeah. It's further falling apart, Speaker 2 this fall apart. And it was the same content, because these people were not car manufacturers. So like, they could work but like there was just details and things like that, that they were constantly missing. I think Speaker 1 that I think that they were good at it, but they were they just hated each other too much. Yeah, they were fighting. It was one of those things where it's like it's a two person job, but the other person was, Unknown Speaker he was coming back and unstuck. He's like, Unknown Speaker no, let me help you. No, Speaker 2 no, I'll do it. So the cars are not great cars. Sure. And after a year of production, Speaker 1 they are only able to how much does it cost to ship those over the United States like that? Does that Speaker 2 mean a lot of money really hurts? Yeah. So I mean, they ended up retailing for 24,000 double what they were. Yeah. So they didn't change the name, though. Speaker 1 What Tesla did, though, Tesla was like, Yeah, our base model start at 32,000. It's like, okay, but if you want to drive, it's going to cost CCA. Oh, sorry, turning it on cost per subscription plan, which is $2,000 a month. Okay. Speaker 2 And you have to have it for four years. So Unknown Speaker sorry about that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I forgot to tell you that part. Speaker 2 Same thing, very, very much the same thing. And then these cars ship and they, they kind of sucked. Speaker 1 Okay. They're also design, like, what was the drawings? You said? Were you going to show me that? Speaker 2 I mean, they look exactly the same. But oh, either. You're saying they looked exactly the same. Once you got them in the road. There's zero to 60 time was 11 seconds. What were they advertised? I don't know what they were advertised as well, it was advertised as a supercar. But it's like, yeah, because I don't think anybody took into account how long it takes to get stainless steel up to 60 miles an hour. But the car was Speaker 1 just yeah, looking heavy. Yeah. I'm like trying to do 60 miles an hour here. Right. I see. It's probably 60. So like, do I'm going like Unknown Speaker yeah, there you go. Unknown Speaker As far as 60 Right there, Speaker 3 that's that's 60 miles an hour. You see how quickly I got my arm to 60 Unknown Speaker It's because there's no stainless steel. Yeah, you Speaker 3 put some stainless steel on minus 106. He taught me this was real bad because all that steel in my Oh, yeah. Right. So it was super, super slow. Speaker 3 We haven't recorded this podcast at over a month and it shows I'm listening. Okay, whatever, keep doing your stainless steel hand. But Speaker 2 the car was also a very fragile, the hit that sometimes the doors want to latch sometimes they won't even Unknown Speaker open stayed I'd be mad. Speaker 2 And like panels would fall off. It was it was just not as advertised. It was advertised like this supercar. And it just wasn't it wasn't it was kind of cheap. And so the reputation of the car started to go downhill. And they started to sell not as well as they were, which is crazy. Because before these before these left a lot before production even began. There was pre orders out for them. And the dealerships across the country. Were so backlogged with DeLorean pre orders, but Speaker 1 do they honor the price then if they pre ordered them at like, 12,000? I don't think so. Speaker 1 Imagine you go to buy a car. Yeah. For $12,000. Yeah. And they say, next week, and you go whenever they've made the car and they go you owe $12,000. And you know, I already paid that. Yeah, they go. Yeah, yeah. Oh, Speaker 2 another 12 Yeah, cost. Sorry. cost them a little more. Because, you know, have you heard of the troubles? You know what the trouble Yeah, your car costs board because the troubles Is that like the wiggles or something? I don't understand. Okay, Unknown Speaker it's like a more day. Speaker 2 So they but dealerships had so many people trying to preorder these things and they had such a backlog of pre orders that it got to the point before production even began on the DeLorean most dealerships across the country, were requiring a $5,000 deposit just to preorder and 5000 cash down just a pre order that that was how hot these cars were. And then they come off the lot. And they sucked. And so the reputation like kind of got tanked. And they were having a much harder time to get here and return Unknown Speaker it and ship it back. Speaker 2 Thanks for checking out our show. If you like it and you want to support it be a part of what we're doing here. You can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community. We have a discord with our hosts and producers. We have a lot of fun. We're super active in there every day you get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast. And there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that, that are super cool. If you want to be in that you can just text HiLine to 66866 and that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here. And thanks for watching our show. Speaker 2 Yeah, and so they were having a hard time getting their money back on that, okay? Or getting people to purchase again after all of that kind of mess happened. And then Margaret Thatcher came into power in the UK, and try to say that name I just don't Speaker 1 know say that they not like that. Margaret Thatcher. I just don't know where it's gonna go. You bring her up? Yeah, she came into power. And she wouldn't be like, if all of a sudden you were like, George W. Bush. And you're like, Okay, Speaker 2 she gave it a power. And she was not a fan of government subsidy, right? And so she was like, No, we're giving you how much money to her. And we're very tight. Yeah. And they were like, they were like, okay, she's actually I'm not a fan of this government subsidy thing. And also, you guys thought that this was going to make everybody closer, like, are you stupid, because it wasn't like there was constantly like bolt holes in the factory and like fights breaking out and stuff like that. Because wasn't it? It was an interesting idea of troubles. It was it was the troubles troubles afoot. And so she shuts the factory down. And she's like, No more. I'm not funding this anymore. She didn't shut it down. But she stopped. Yeah. Shut it down. And so they started laying off workers. And that led him to like a sit in. And so all the remaining workers were like we're going on strike. And it Speaker 1 turns out that the strike brought them together. You know, that led into the trouble, nothing unites all the divides, like some good old anti capitalist Speaker 2 capitalists, and so they go on strike. But it was it was to a point where there's no investors, there was really no one who cared, that they were upset. And so they all ended up kind of getting laid off. And the factory had to shut down. And so now DeLoreans at a spot where he's got all these pre orders for this car. And this car is like his pet project. He's like, very proud of this car. Yeah. And he wants it to succeed. And he's like, desperate to resurrect the factory and Belfast, Speaker 1 this factory. He bought for like, $44 million. He's dead. He's like, That's a lot of money, guys. I wanted to pay 12. Now it's $22 million. And he's like, that's half half a billion was a billion. What? How much was Twitter worth? Speaker 2 Oh, it was a lot. I don't know what it was. But it was a lot. You might be close. Honestly, very similar story. He's trying to make it Speaker 1 work. As I say he's really need this. So he is like, so everyone drives these cars, you gotta pay me $8 a month. Speaker 2 So he's called every investor he knows, right? Every government he knows trying to get subsidies, trying to get investments to say this company. And he's coming up, try. Sure. And then one day, he gets a call from someone he doesn't know. He's like, Hey, I have a business proposition for Speaker 1 you. That I think sounds like you're gonna, it sounds like we know who it is. Speaker 2 And he's like, he's like, I got a business proposition for you. I think it's gonna, it could help you. I hear you're in a tough spot with your company right now. And I think that this could help you reopen that factory and get your car company off the ground. And he's like, he's like, meet me in this hotel room in San Diego. Nisman this hotel room in San Diego. Speaker 1 Is that a thing that people have done in the past? I cannot imagine having a meeting in a hotel Speaker 2 room. Yeah, that sounds like you're gonna admire me meeting. No, Speaker 1 I mean, like, or like, you know, like, yeah, I just couldn't imagine. Yeah. inviting anyone into my hotel room. I get uncomfortable. If anybody's in my hotel room. Speaker 2 Yeah. Yeah. That's an interesting point. I don't know if that like last thing. It might have been must have been. Yeah. But anyways, but Unknown Speaker like, if we were on a trip together, I wouldn't want you in my hotel room Speaker 2 at same. Yeah, yeah. Sure. Yeah. Unless you took one shoe. Yeah. Speaker 1 Please take your shoe off. So the shoes, the shoes, your shoe off your shoe, please take the boot. I have these little deputies that you can put Unknown Speaker on them. One is a stupid Speaker 2 lady, too. He goes to this hotel room for this meeting. And he meets with this guy. Long story short, the guy is like, Hey, I've got a bunch of cocaine. And I need you to finance the project. You finance the project? Here's the return, I expect. And I think it'd be like $70 million. Why? And so he's like, he's like, okay, he's like, I'll finance the smuggle. And then it was like $7 million to finance the smuggle what and then he was gonna get like a $70 million return so he could reopen his factory. He was like, this is the best deal ever. This is real. So they pour champagne. They toast and this hotel room. Oh, he's an undercover guy. The doors open. FBI comes in they're arrested. But that's entrapment though. Yeah. And so here's here's the video which sidebar? I don't understand how anybody ever got arrested back then. Because you look at this. You can't tell me that's him? Yeah, this video was too Speaker 1 weak. Last week's jaw, but yeah, so that's entrapment, though, right? So yes. Was he seeking this out? No. So that's entrapment. So this did he get out of this? So Speaker 2 he gets arrested? Because in a two year long trial, and throughout the trial, Speaker 1 because that is straight up. Yeah. So throughout the trial, that's like someone called with a, Hey, I heard you're having trouble making rent, great way for you to make some money. Let's meet up and you meet up and they go, we want you to smuggle a lot of this and you go, I'm desperate enough. Let's do it. And they got you sucker. drachma, you would not have otherwise committed a crime. Yeah, Speaker 2 you're right. So they go through this long trial as he gets off your trial. Bankruptcy has company in the process has to actually declare bankruptcy on the company's legal fees. And Unknown Speaker CIA did this. And that's the conspiracy, I believe. And NASA did this because he knew how colorful the moon was. Speaker 2 And it came out that this guy that he got the call from was someone who was facing a ridiculous amount of prison time. And they made him an offer. They said, if you can help us catch some people, then we'll lighten your sentence. And so he just framed people then yeah, he just started finding people who are desperate and calling on him. And so it took two years. But after two years, they cleared they weren't able to prove it was bankrupted his company after he already bankrupt his company and ruined his reputation. And so after, after the whole thing in 83, his company's gone, his company doesn't exist. Oh, my God, he was on some TV show. And then they asked him, they said, Are you gonna get IV? They're like, are you gonna go back into into manufacturing? And he said, he said, Well, I mean, is it the past few years? He's like, I don't know, how could he said, Would you buy a used car for me? And most people want it because they think they know him as a cocaine smuggler. Because it was all over the news for two years. This mega Maverick. This guy doesn't button his shirt. But he sells cocaine, which we should have known. He never wore a tie. He sells cocaine. Unknown Speaker Oh my gosh, that's a new fear. Speaker 2 Yeah. So well, I'll just don't agree to anything ever. Unknown Speaker If somebody makes an offer, disagree. Unknown Speaker Okay. Speaker 2 So yeah, so he, he got out of it. But he couldn't get back into the car world because of his tarnished reputation. And so he spent well, actually, in this was 83, when he kind of got out of the whole thing. 85 Back to the Future comes out. And they chose the DeLorean to be their car. And he loved it. Yeah. But the DeLorean didn't really exist anymore. Like there was only a few 1000 that ever made. But he he was stoked that they use his shirt. He wrote a letter to Michael J. Fox was like, Thanks for eight but he Unknown Speaker didn't know they were gonna use the car. Speaker 2 I don't think so because there was no license anymore. Like, I think that's why they chose that car. Because no one owned the rights to it. It was a cool car that the company didn't exist, and so they could just get it. And that's interesting. So he was stoked that they ended up using it and immortalizing it and it really was how much is it to buy one now? They on average, somewhere around $50,000? So I mean, okay, yeah. Unknown Speaker You have a car payment on a DeLorean. Speaker 2 It's pretty cool. But then how great cars that's the they're kinda like they're really movie props. You're buying them as a movie prop? Yeah, what it is. Unknown Speaker You're buying them so you can take them to Comic Con. Yeah. And everyone could be like, Oh, cool. It's the car. The thing Unknown Speaker is, it's the time machine. Speaker 1 Here's an even that's like got a time limit on you know, obviously, there's honestly about Elvis impersonators here today. You know, they're almost done right? Speaker 2 So he spends the rest of his life kind of dreaming about getting back into cars and in the early 2000s He starts really making some plans and like drawing some Epson sketches. But in 2005 he ends up dying alone in a one bedroom apartment. With a bunch of sketches for this car, that new DeLorean he was trying to make. Well, here's the rub though. I've never said here's the Rob Speaker 1 I know me and Alex and Connor I can see I can see Connor stage editing with his headphones on and Connor what? Time for a break. Unknown Speaker So he doesn't Unknown Speaker even smoke but he just picked it up. I'm gonna get into this. Yeah. Speaker 2 And his wife asked about hey, Connor got married. Everybody's saying Yeah. Unknown Speaker Hey, congrats. I was just at Connors wedding last night. Yeah, is that different? Katie That was weird. Connor and Katie. Katie Unknown Speaker Oh, I didn't know there was a bullet. It's kinda like every girl you date is the same. Speaker 1 Have you seen this series or you see this? You see this? You see what's happening? Who's the bully? Speaker 2 Yeah. Okay, so here's the rub. In 1985. Okay, the movie comes out. The drawing gets really popular. It was popular, popular already. But yeah, it got a tarnished reputation for a little bit and then the movie revitalized it. Everyone's like, yeah, cars super cool. Remember that car? It was so cool. And it was like, but it sucked. But then I took it and there was like, but the cocaine and then but the car is cool. It's a cool car. Yeah, cuz they were all on cocaine. Car what their car and so some dude in Houston, Texas, started a company called DeLorean Motor Company. Oh my God. He said, Oh, hey, the company's dead. What are they gonna do? And so he started DeLorean Motor Company. And that company, the point of the company was they sold parts. So for people who do buy one who do buy one they and so he went and he found did a bunch of this almost like investigative work to track down all the parts because after the factory shut down, liquidated and liquidated it, and the the UK government actually took a lot of it, and just threw it all over the place. And just threw it everywhere. There was actually a long a long running conspiracy, that because there was Margaret Thatcher and DeLorean kind of had this like feud. And yeah, at the end there. Well, yeah, so shut him down. Yeah. And so there was actually a conspiracy theory for a long time that Margaret Thatcher threw a bunch of the molds for the doors just into the Atlantic Ocean Unknown Speaker herself. Like the Titanic, so strong, the back of the boat. And so Speaker 2 there was this, like conspiracy theory that that was something that happened. And I don't know why, or how, but they proved this in the 90s. Someone scuba dived to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and bound a bunch of the molds for the doors at the bomb the Atlantic Ocean, and that confirmed it. And then in the late 2000s, someone did some investigative when Unknown Speaker they were like, Hey, we made that up. Well, no, Speaker 2 it actually did happen. They did find them at the bottom of the ocean. But what actually happened was they sold them for scrap metal and some fishing company was like, these be perfect anchors for our nets. But they were too heavy. And they just fell. Okay, lost them. And so as kind of true, but not I Speaker 1 mean, it turns out they did get them on the floor of the ocean were skewed because they were actually looking Speaker 2 so far away. It was yeah, it says that unmasked. Unknown Speaker So they have the molds, then Speaker 2 now they're at the bottom the ocean. Well, they're heavy, scuba divers aren't strong. Unknown Speaker Okay, here we see the scuba divers are stripping or where they are, though Unknown Speaker they could get to but they're not as strong as talking about. Okay. So but Speaker 2 this the learning guy, he tracked down pretty much every other part. And he was selling parts until 95. And 95, the government did this interesting thing, where and I didn't know this was a thing. But apparently, before 95 There was laws against small batch car manufacturing, like you had to make a lot of them if you're going to make them really, which is really interesting. But this new legislation went through I wonder why? i My guess is quality. I think my guess is they thought that you couldn't quality control below a certain number, like get the right quality. Unknown Speaker Isn't that the opposite of what would happen? Speaker 2 Well, because of the like, equipment you need to manufacture? Like my guess is like the manufacturing equipment you would use at that small of a number. You wouldn't be able to meet like our standards. That's my guess. But they wouldn't they didn't Speaker 1 think that law was in place to make sure that competitors could Speaker 2 Yeah, probably Yeah. But in 95, they did away with it. And so you could then I think the smallest bachelor allowed was 300. Yeah, Speaker 1 I mean, like, if you're trying to open a restaurant and the government's like, Yeah, well, you can't make less than 3000 Hamburgers a day. Yeah. And you're like, well, that's not you know, there's not that many people in this town. And they go, Well, that's the law. So Donald's putting their thumb down on frickin Yeah. Speaker 2 And so when that law came out in 95, they were like, we're bringing it back. And so it's DeLorean Motor Company, which is not DeLorean Motor Company. Yeah, they release all these concept art for the new DeLorean. And they're like, we're bringing the DeLorean back baby. And everyone was like, wow, and they're like, we're gonna small batch it. Okay. Homegrown from the state of Texas. Okay, but the problem was, the EPA took six years filing the paperwork. And so they couldn't actually get started until 2001. Yeah. And then when did other one rolls around? They got into a new scheme, DMC, which they were like car manufacturing is expensive and really hard but they Like but we own all the rights DMC and so they started. They did like a limited edition Nike, DeLorean Nike. They did what is that? A bunch of merch like Nike shoe. They did like a DeLorean branded Nike shoe. And they all save Unknown Speaker money on the image from the movie. Yeah. Speaker 2 And they were licensing the DeLorean Motor company logo. And into those five, they actually got sued for it from the DeLorean family, because they were like, you can't license this. You don't own it. And they were like, hey, they settled outside of court. And they were like, we own it. And they did. And they weren't they because they were like, well, we you guys didn't keep it. The company went under, and we started a new company called DMC, and they made the exact same logo. And but all that stuff had expired because the company was gone. And so now they weren't the owners of the DMC brand. Okay, so they settled outside of court, they own the brand. Speaker 1 Well, you can get DMC merch on our website, until And so I own it now. Speaker 2 So they did that for a few years. Yeah, till 2015 When they were like, it'd be cool if we got into EVs, because those are super big right now. And so they decided to make a DeLorean Evie. And this is the concept car for that. Were you supposed to go into production in January this year? This next year? Okay, which I mean, it looks just like a DeLorean. It's, it's kind of cool. Like a classic DeLorean. But it's it's an electric car now. Yeah. And it's a guy who was like a hobbyist who loved the DeLorean. But kind of stole the DeLorean out from the DeLorean family. And so the door and family not to be undone his two kids. These two You see him here, daughter and his daughter and a son. His daughter said we need to keep the family name alive. Yeah. And so she started DeLorean next generation company. And she is en si. She is making her own DeLorean which looks strikingly similar to their as a DeLorean Evie, which is supposed to go into production January this year, they announced it four months after the DeLorean Motor Company announced it and it looks just like the other one exactly the same. It looks like the same car. Speaker 1 Is there another angle of this? No, this is the only angle they've released was just the butt. Okay, here's the rub, though. Speaker 2 Here's the thing with with tip though, is she she? And this is interesting. I'm really interested to see how this pans out for her. Yeah, she started this company. She brought on a lot of the original people because she's got connections to the family. So she brought on a lot of the original designers and people that worked with to produce the original DeLorean. But she instead of starting a business, she started a 5013 C. And so what they're doing is they're building these cars to be a nonprofit and what they're using the the profits for from the car sales is they're doing STEM programs and underprivileged schools. And so she's like, we want to raise up the next generation of engineers is the idea. I'm interested to see how this pans out because I don't Unknown Speaker Okay. Speaker 2 Vitals fishy, but okay, and donate now on the website. Speaker 1 To the Chi see, I see the play. Speaker 2 And so, so she's like, she's like, we're gonna take down DMC, they've been in lots of legal battles with them ever since. Because, yeah, you don't have to look at it. Yeah. And so yeah, so it's the same car. Here's the thing. That's that's his daughter, right? The dog Speaker 3 the dog as a company to wait two dogs dog is making dog and Motor Company. Speaker 2 Butter company though. The son, the son, he started a company, okay? DeLorean aerospace. And he's making this Unknown Speaker guy doesn't even look like Speaker 2 he's like we don't need a car. We need personal jet. And so that's what a two seater? Yeah, it's just in the idea pillar for some Speaker 1 reason. Why wouldn't you? I mean, if you're gonna do all this stuff, why not just make it a jet? Unknown Speaker I think the idea is supposed to be affordable. Unknown Speaker Propellers not okay. It's a vertical takeoff. Speaker 2 So like that thing moves? No. So you can take off vertically. So the idea is that that's not gonna work ideas that you and I we we can have one of these in our driveway. We can just vertically take off from a driveway. This is how we're getting around town that's not going to work. And so he's he's always been the dreamer of the family. I'll tell you right now, it's not gonna work. So there's no three DeLorean companies out there. DeLorean Motor Company, DeLorean next generation company and DeLorean aerospace and motor vehicles. Speaker 3 Mediacom company world All right, let me call it a lawyer. I got a DeLorean immediate fit a lot for I call her lawyer right now. Good Speaker 2 things out there last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilian podcast is Ti ll en podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us, and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

John DeLorean was a remarkable man who significantly impacted the world of automobiles. His life was filled with excitement, innovation, and even a little bit of controversy. Let’s take a closer look at the life of John DeLorean and the legacy he left behind.

Early Life and Education

John DeLorean was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 6, 1925. He grew up in a city known for its automotive industry, and his fascination with cars began at a young age. As a child, he often watched cars being built at the Ford Rouge Plant, a massive manufacturing facility in his hometown.

John DeLorean’s interest in cars only grew as he got older. He attended Cass Technical High School in Detroit, where he excelled in academics and athletics. After graduating from high school, he attended Lawrence Institute of Technology, where he studied automotive engineering. His education laid the foundation for his future success in the automobile industry.

The Rise of John DeLorean

After completing his education, John DeLorean began his career in the automotive industry. He worked for several prominent car manufacturers, including Packard, Chrysler, and General Motors. At General Motors, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder and became known for his innovative ideas and creative designs.

John DeLorean was instrumental in developing the Pontiac GTO, a high-performance muscle car that became incredibly popular in the 1960s. His work on the GTO earned him a reputation as a talented and forward-thinking automotive executive.

Creating the DeLorean Motor Company

In 1973, John DeLorean decided to venture out independently and create his automobile company, the DeLorean Motor Company. This marked a significant turning point in his career, as he aimed to design and manufacture a car that would be both innovative and distinctive.

The DMC-12, John DeLorean’s most famous creation, was a stainless steel sports car with gull-wing doors. It featured a sleek design and a unique look that set it apart from other vehicles on the market. The car was even featured in the famous “Back to the Future” film series, gaining even more recognition.

Challenges and Controversies

While the DMC-12 gained attention for its design, the DeLorean Motor Company faced many challenges. John DeLorean struggled to secure the necessary funding to keep the company afloat. To finance his ambitious project, he was involved in a controversial drug trafficking scandal in an attempt to raise money for his struggling car company.

The scandal led to his arrest in 1982, and John DeLorean found himself in a legal battle to clear his name. He was eventually acquitted of all charges, but the damage to his reputation had been done. The DeLorean Motor Company filed for bankruptcy in 1982, and the production of the DMC-12 ceased.

Legacy and Impact

Despite the challenges and controversies, John DeLorean’s legacy endures. The DMC-12, with its unique design and role in popular culture, remains an iconic automobile. The car is still celebrated by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

John DeLorean’s innovative spirit and contributions to the automotive industry continue to be recognized. His work at General Motors and creating the DMC-12 demonstrated his commitment to pushing the boundaries of car design. He is remembered as a pioneer in the world of automobiles, and his influence is still felt today.


His passion marked John DeLorean’s life for cars and his determination to create something unique in the automotive world. From his early days in Detroit to his rise in the automotive industry, he left an indelible mark on the world of automobiles. His creation of the DMC-12, while facing challenges and controversy, solidified his place in automotive history.

John DeLorean’s legacy lives on through the iconic DMC-12 and his innovative contributions to the industry. His story is a reminder that determination and creativity can lead to incredible achievements, even in the face of adversity. The world of automobiles is more prosperous because of John DeLorean and his enduring impact.

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John DeLorean – Wikipedia

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