The Hat Man – Unveiling the Mystery of Nightmares


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Tim Stone 0:00 Hey man, what's up Tim Stone 0:06 happy Halloween. It's Halloween Today is Halloween. Oh, this is Today is Halloween? Unknown Speaker 0:13 Do you know what that means though? Tim Stone 0:14 That means it's our sixth birthday. Unknown Speaker 0:15 Yeah Tim Stone 0:16 Happy Birthday Hey, happy birthday Unknown Speaker 0:17 happy birthday Tim Stone 0:19 I'm afraid yet Speaker 2 0:22 All right, I don't like the energy of this at all. I would like you to take a step back sorry Tim Stone 0:29 I'll come down Unknown Speaker 0:30 blueberry cantina Tim Stone 0:31 I scared yet yeah. Unknown Speaker 0:32 What are we talking about Tim Stone 0:34 that man over Speaker 2 0:42 Okay, so you're saying the hat man not the hat man. Oh, thanks. I'm glad you brought it up so my head is abnormally large and I have to custom order hats from this website called odd job slashed Hill Tim Stone 1:05 Do we have a love clip so that to send to him yet? Speaker 2 1:08 I know we got to keep doing this for like 15 years and then we can be the hey this joke outlasted you're gonna say they'll be long gone Tim Stone 1:18 by the time maybe not alright, this is gonna be a surprisingly normal thing you're going to be disappointed and how not crazy this is. So I ended up naked in the lobbies a lot actually. Pretty much stands for like the proxy, a hydrogen or something like that. I don't know. Unknown Speaker 1:41 I'm trying to see that. It's like things I learned last night Unknown Speaker 1:54 that's why no one listens to our show. Tim Stone 1:56 Have you heard of him? No. Oh, so the Hanged Man is? Unknown Speaker 1:59 Is it the guy that's in my dreams? Tim Stone 2:02 Yeah. So you have heard of the hat man. Speaker 2 2:05 Well, I mean yeah, I guess is that what it is? Tim Stone 2:10 It Do you have any new dreams to fedora? Is this a real? Is this a real thing? Speaker 2 2:13 Yes. The record the recurring dream that I have. Oh, well he says it's finished. Yes guy has a hat he's got he's dressed like a mobster. Tim Stone 2:19 Does he looks like this Speaker 2 2:25 bra my joke this when I tell you the shiver that just came over my whole body I don't I look legit don't want to do this. Tim Stone 2:36 We got a vote. I made that I had someone design that for this moment. We're not talking about that, man. This is a little bit was that your Halloween prank? No, no, this is really the subject but I wish I would have thought ahead that much to joke joke you like are we really talking about the heavy? Yeah, we're really talking about the Hanged Man. That's a real real thing. Someone else designed to this is off the screen. Okay, sorry. Speaker 2 3:02 I knew I like legitimately I am not a fan right now. And I want to get to the story. Okay, so that I can be a little less afraid. Well. Probably gonna be more of what you just did was like Mike was like your counselor going this man? That's I mean, Tim Stone 3:21 let's hit this. Speaker 2 3:25 Bro. I don't know if you can I don't think it'll show up on camera. If you're able to zoom in and see literally the moment that my my whole body like hair stands up. I don't like this. Tim Stone 3:36 Okay. Wow, this is this is great. I'm so excited. never really listened to Yeah, well, I'm looking forward to it. Because this is something that's been around for a long time. Unknown Speaker 3:46 I'm having a panic attack right now. Tim Stone 3:48 Yeah, interest, interestingly enough it and I don't know if I have conclusive proof of this. But it seems like the experiences of the Hackman are typically in our age range somewhere born between like, the 80s and 90s. Okay, was is what it seems like. But that man is honestly very similar to your experience. Yeah, cool. See the hat man, typically in dreams, okay. It's a why it's kind of like this man type of thing. It's like have you seen this? Or you're right. I've never seen this have you all the way a lot of people see him in the in their dream. Speaker 2 4:32 I swear to him if we get to the end of this episode, and you go I made all this up just to scare you. i I'm gonna be the Hanged Man in your room, dude. Man. I am like on the verge of tears right now. Tim Stone 4:48 People see them in their dreams. But a lot of people see him not just in dreams. They see him in real life. Speaker 2 4:54 I'm glad he's stuck in my dreams. That's a good yeah. I enjoy it. When I wake up, I'm like, I beat you. I bet you Yeah, for Tim Stone 5:04 some people he's not. Here, I'll give a description. I'll give a description for our listeners. So the idea of the Hanged Man is that there's a situation that happens to a lot of people where they'll, either in a dream or typically late at night, they'll see a man standing, usually in a doorway, but maybe in a corner or some other portion of their room. Just kind of observing them typically described as a malevolent presence. Not really usually doesn't say anything to people just sort of watches them and people stare at them. And then for a couple of minutes, it doesn't move. Like maybe it's a shadow and my mind is playing tricks on me. And then it just like walks out of the room and like shuts the door, something like that. Some people the hat man will speak to them. Yeah, I will say eerie, strange things stuff. Something like it is finished finished. Very short sentences are like don't go to this specific place. Or Speaker 2 6:06 mine started reciting the subway sandwich menu to me one time woke up and it was like meatball marinara, tuna rotisserie. Calm. I was like, Tim Stone 6:22 What do you say your Speaker 2 6:23 first Italian BMT and I was like, What is happens? I Tim Stone 6:27 mean, he's really long. Unknown Speaker 6:31 There's a the subway club. They're different. Buffalo Chicken, Tim Stone 6:37 the all new subway pizza, Speaker 2 6:38 spicy Italian. My wife comes to me. And she says this is real. She comes to me last week. And she goes, I made up a sandwich at Subway. And I said, Really? She goes yeah, it's just pepperoni and salami. Oh, the spicy she was no I made that up. I said you didn't like on the board? Oh, I made up a sandwich. I really want to get I got Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Tim Stone 7:04 Sandwich would you get it's like a horn. But it's like round and like really little. Speaker 2 7:10 I was trying to get you said that at a concert. Where you're just like watching a band play and you go, you lean over and you go Tim Stone 7:22 I got an idea Unknown Speaker 7:32 like I just made that up. Tim Stone 7:39 It was my idea. He's already got it. Okay, now you don't understand what I think of subs they appear. Speaker 2 7:47 So he's saying stuff that's like short sentences. Maybe not saying anything? Yeah, Tim Stone 7:51 usually pretty cryptic. Usually sometimes like a warning. Speaker 2 7:55 Is there an explanation for why this is happening at the end? Kinda some theories, Tim Stone 8:00 theories, right theories. We got a lot of theories, actually. Unknown Speaker 8:02 My idea is that he's real. Tim Stone 8:04 Freaking might be Unknown Speaker 8:07 happy Halloween. Tim Stone 8:08 Yeah. And so he shows up in people's dreams. What's interesting is once people see him once they usually start seeing them a lot. Jaron Myers 8:16 I hate this. I want to stop. You're making this up. Tim Stone 8:21 I'm 100% serious. Once people see once they usually start seeing some sort of regularity. And Unknown Speaker 8:29 golly, man, I'm sweating. Tim Stone 8:32 I mean, it is kind of hot in here. Okay. And it also might be that Unknown Speaker 8:40 okay, so he shows up multiple, Tim Stone 8:42 multiple times throughout the throughout people's lives. And on rare occasions, there's some like rare outlier occasions where he'll show up with a posse like this, like there he is with a couple of friends. Speaker 2 9:01 Okay, straight up, though. I'm not joking. I mean, mobster, right? Yeah. Because you can't see his face. Yeah, the guy in my dream has like what I would describe as like a ballgame work face where it's Tim Stone 9:12 just like, yeah, that's the thing the face that is described as you can see the eyes typically they're like glowing eyes can't see like, make out features. No mouth. Oh, yeah, that's what's described. Unknown Speaker 9:24 I don't like that. I'm part of this. I Tim Stone 9:28 want to be honest, when I started researching this, the other night didn't make that connection. I did not make the connection that this is the same thing that you experienced. I didn't make the connection. We talked about it in the Slenderman episode. Yeah, way long ago that my brother used to talk about the man with no nose. And I'm like, I wonder if it was Slenderman or if it was the hat man that I need to I need to call him and ask him if it was if the guy had a hat. Hey, Speaker 2 9:46 the guy you were that traumatic experience you had as a child when you woke up and you felt like you saw sort of your room. Oh, I actually had forgotten about it till you just brought it up. Coco Coco TD and would you say that was a normal size hat or Like a large hack, Tim Stone 10:00 like Did he have a big enough head where Unknown Speaker 10:04 the guy is just like job Tim Stone 10:11 hey, like what if we say enough in this episode that I can pretty much guarantee Unknown Speaker 10:23 that's not the promo they wanted. Tim Stone 10:26 Hey, but if it sells Speaker 2 10:30 okay, but you see I'm saying like it's a very mob looking like multiple shadow figures. Yeah. Did we talk about this? Like I think that you know of course people believed in ghosts because I got candlelight. Tim Stone 10:42 Yeah. About that and Speaker 2 10:44 if you go to like a candlelight dinner or the power goes out and you see the Yeah, the stuff flicker on the walls. You're like, Yeah, Tim Stone 10:51 we were talking about that in Orlando because Brady and I went to Disney we did the Haunted Mansion, right? Yeah. Room where it's all candlelight. And I was like, Well, no doubt people believe. Speaker 2 11:00 Shadows. Yeah, I mean, of course, people believe in ghosts. Yeah. Tim Stone 11:03 Cuz you got the shadow light, or the candlelight. And then yeah, they flicker in the shadows just move around. And you're like, Oh, that's a person. That's yeah, it makes perfect sense. Unknown Speaker 11:14 Honestly, with the lights on, Tim Stone 11:15 but so they would say that this guy was clearly the leader that whenever he showed up with a posse, the hat man was clearly the one in charge. And you could tell because of his hat. Speaker 2 11:26 And he brought Vin Diesel and the rock was to clearly bald guys. Tim Stone 11:34 So for a long time, this was kind of where it ended. Like it was like people would have these dreams or these kind of waking nightmare type experiences. Where they would see the hat man. But then something interesting happened around 2016 I don't know if you've heard of this, the Benadryl challenge happened. Do you know what that is? Unknown Speaker 11:54 Is that when you territory take a Benadryl and try to stay awake? Tim Stone 11:57 Well, so this some people learned that Benadryl the like active ingredient and Benadryl it Unknown Speaker 12:04 is meth is Tim Stone 12:07 is dp H, which stands for like the proxy per hydrogen or something like that on our Unknown Speaker 12:20 proxy Tim Stone 12:26 Okay, I have no idea Speaker 2 12:31 that you went for it. I hate that you're like the proxy, which honestly would have covered the PE you didn't have to proxy covered. Didn't have to try to include it in the hydrogen. Also, there's a p at the front, it's pronounced fighter. cheats. Hydrogen, cheese. Okay. What is TP? What is DPH? Do, Tim Stone 13:08 ma'am. So it's a deliriant. So okay. Benadryl is obviously Speaker 2 13:16 an allergy thing where you try to take it you just tried to push through the sleepiness? No. So it's because people have done that with Nyquil. People say you get like real messed up if you take a NyQuil and then you just push through it. Don't let it let you fall asleep. I can't Tim Stone 13:28 imagine taking like a normal dose of NyQuil and being able to sit down Speaker 2 13:34 to power through that is crazy amount of well, I know and they say the other side is free. We try it. No, no. Tim Stone 13:44 That is insane. I can't Okay, anyway, maybe we should Speaker 2 13:47 but only like we'll put two bills on the table and only one was a Nyquil. The other one's a placebo and Tim Stone 13:52 the other person just here's the thing I fall for placebos. Unknown Speaker 13:57 The other one is just a proxy for hydrogen. Tim Stone 14:05 So, so there's potential challenge. Obviously, normally, the normal dose for this is like 50 milligrams, and that's just for like, normal. Like, I got an allergy or like, oh, Speaker 2 14:15 right into my allergy pills. Yeah, that type of type of stuff. That was me realizing I didn't do my allergy, like, Tim Stone 14:21 I'll guess. But when you start pushing that dosage up three 400 milligrams, it starts to make you hallucinate because Speaker 2 14:31 believe it Yeah, it's crazy. When you start taking medication and nine times where you're supposed to does some pretty crazy stuff. File the baby every doctor on the planet could tell you that. Well turns out if you take more than the doctor tells you to stuff happens Tim Stone 14:47 while a bunch of teenagers realized oh, hey, I can trip really hard on Benadryl and that's an over the counter drug. Yeah, it's it's super easy to get their hands on it. Speaker 2 14:56 mushroom pizza, ate all the mushrooms and they were like, I think I feel It Unknown Speaker 15:08 is having an allergic reaction they're literally dying Tim Stone 15:16 so high right now DPH wavy Yeah, I love pot Mushrooms, mushrooms. But the this was an overview of the drugs was really easy for them to trip. Sure. And so they kind of got a bunch of teens are getting into it. And as they started using, they started Unknown Speaker 15:41 calling, drilled for sure Speaker 2 15:49 hey, thanks for listening to this episode. If you like our show, please leave a review. Leave a comment if you're watching on YouTube and go check out other episodes. Here's one of them. I hate the Lonnie Zamora incident you know me just not a big fan of the alien episodes. But if that's your jam, that's out there. So go check that out. It's very fun episode. I think you'd like it. I hated it. So anyway, back to this episode Tim Stone 16:18 they started increasing their tolerance so their dosages had to go up to be able to start to trip. Well, what was interesting is speaking of Speaker 2 16:27 tolerance. What I was just thinking if you take that much Benadryl every day, the experience is not the same. Yeah, you know, yeah, that's what I keep thinking about. Like, I drink like freakin 800 milligrams of caffeine every day. Tim Stone 16:44 Oh, I wonder if caffeine makes you see that man too. Speaker 2 16:48 Bro. I'm not joking when I'm like, I will do whatever it takes and ever see that guy again? Well, also whatever it takes a diversity you for doing this. Tim Stone 17:01 So when a decent size of the population that was doing the DPH the Benadryl challenge. They were there was a population of them on on Reddit, there's a group on Reddit that Speaker 2 17:14 was wondering where this this seems like the tide potters? Tim Stone 17:17 Yeah, a very similar concept. So they're on Reddit. They're kind of and they would kind of every after every experience, they would do a almost like a blog on Reddit about what they experienced on their trip. Unknown Speaker 17:31 Today is Thursday. Tim Stone 17:35 Also known as national Thursday, also Speaker 2 17:37 known as Yeah, now you know, what are tick tock? That's a super nice joke. But Tim Stone 17:46 so they would kind of blog everything that that was happening on Reddit. And as Speaker 2 17:49 Yeah, you got to scroll through all the backstory before you get to the recipe of Benadryl. You know, oh, my Tim Stone 17:54 gosh, I can't stand that. Are you referencing my tweet today? No, Speaker 2 17:58 I'm referencing just, you know, recipes in general. Trust me, because you tweet about it today. Tim Stone 18:04 I tweeted at Google today and told them to blacklist sites that do that Google's fault is it is no no, no, no, no, no, no. Google has the power to bury them in their algorithm. And they should because that's keyword stuffing is what they're doing. And that's against the rules on Google. And so they should not be allowed to be on the first page of keyword Speaker 2 18:20 stuffing is actually what I called my Thanksgiving this this year. It's funny you brought that up so the recipe comes from my grandma who she's also known as the hat man. Ridiculous. Tim Stone 18:38 So so when the dosages started approaching 600 milligrams, okay, more and more of these blogs on Reddit started Speaker 2 18:49 getting darker and also incoherent posts and you're like you're either sick or below ribs. Italian BMT and like Tim Stone 19:04 they're just writing this stuff the hat man. Speaker 2 19:09 Ha ha ha ha jah jah jah jah jah el el because you fell asleep Tim Stone 19:17 they're not doing it during the trip. They're doing like a post. Unknown Speaker 19:20 Yeah, but it was their whole goal for for sure. You think so? Tim Stone 19:24 I don't know. I've never done it. I don't know. Should we try? One of the other one gets a placebo. Unknown Speaker 19:32 Yeah, well gets a vitamin C. Tim Stone 19:34 That's the thing about it, though. To me, that stresses me out because one pill is 50 milligrams and so for them to be taken like Unknown Speaker 19:42 they're, they're taking like, a lot of comfortable Tim Stone 19:45 amount of pills. Anyways. And so they're kind of doing these little Speaker 2 19:50 low pay and take my pills was one either. Gonna dude today's is off. Tim Stone 19:55 They're doing their little blog and at 600 milligrams People started to notice that they keep referencing this dude with like a brimmed hat. That showing up in their hallucinations. Yeah, but before that, it's just like spiders and like basically Speaker 2 20:09 to be clear, it's not like not like it's more of a fedora mobster hat. It's not. So I cowboy hats not like the hats that girls wear to Nashville. Yeah, Nashville hat. It's not though not those. Yeah. It's not the I've never been spooked. It's not the bachelorettes around the corner and the hat man. Yeah, have been spooked by some ukiyo nerds though, because Whoa, there's a posse of them Tim Stone 20:49 so they started realizing that this was the hat man that was happening in a lot of people's dreams. Sure. And then a kind of subgroup of this Reddit was like, hey, like, let's figure out who he is. And so they would intentionally go on these trips and they would intentionally take Unknown Speaker 21:05 to be like, who are tell us your name? Tim Stone 21:09 What is What do you call yourself? And he said, Speaker 2 21:12 You're new here. I'm just used pastor would love to know your name man. Can Tim Stone 21:16 you fill out of this good Speaker 2 21:20 dude, it's so good to see Have you met my friend Tim Stone 21:28 sneaky as youth pastor flex Oh, no. All you gotta do is just felt this car drop it in the hat when? Tim Stone 21:43 Yeah, so they they kind of started chronicling, okay, hey, at 600 milligrams, you start to have a chance of seeing the hat man at 900 UCM every time and so they started a dosage where it was like, Okay, let's just keep moving this up to G and it became a Unknown Speaker 22:00 thing. Are they doing this on their own? By themselves? Tim Stone 22:03 Yeah, they're just kids on Reddit, the Reddit kids. Speaker 2 22:06 What do you do if you've come home and your kid is downing 18 Benadryl tablets? Because like those aren't those aren't easy to open. Yeah, he's got us he's young. Unknown Speaker 22:17 I mean, you gotta make a pile. Yeah. And then your kids just like like freaking m&ms You his hands it doesn't melt in his hand you know? It's just Speaker 2 22:32 and then freakin probably not with water though. They're probably downing him with Monster Energy Drinks probably. Monster an official sponsor. Tim Stone 22:45 Well, they started getting beamed out like here's here's the actual I think this is a T shirt so Speaker 2 22:49 can't take Benadryl because I owe the hat man money and I don't want to see him. Cheese. Tim Stone 22:56 But it started to get maimed out and became like a kind of a joke on Reddit. Sure, but kids were getting like legitimately addicted to Benadryl. Speaker 2 23:04 We know that I did not take 900 milligrams of Benadryl to see that man Tim Stone 23:10 no people do see him naturally. There are natural occurrences of the hot man and then there are these which are Unknown Speaker 23:16 artificial synthetic. Tim Stone 23:20 And so these kids, Speaker 2 23:21 I got an all daddy my hand knows all Patti and Hattie Natty. Natty. Here's the thing. Tim Stone 23:36 This community, he's after Speaker 2 23:39 me more than I'm after him. And that's kind of why the power dynamics. That's where the power dynamic shifts. Yeah, Tim Stone 23:44 yeah. That's interesting. That's an interesting that's actually a really interesting point that I haven't thought about because a lot of these Redditors are the only ones where they get like, positive stories of the hat, man. Speaker 2 23:54 I'm gonna turn on him. Where are you bro? I show up in history. We don't find you he wakes up still sleeps in the hat. So when he lays out a bed, it's like Tim Stone 24:10 he doesn't tilt that for it. He just Yeah, it's like kind of Unknown Speaker 24:13 detached to his head. I assume. He wakes up Tim Stone 24:18 his neck a train drill. From it's like he's like I got a kink in my neck. I gotta go to the chiropractor every morning. There we go. Are there at your odd job hat he doesn't even know what a baseball cap does his job come up to you get real close. whisper in his ear you say? I got an idea Speaker 2 24:41 for sandwich. six slices of pepperoni and six slices of salami, provolone cheese, toasted with spinach, green peppers and onions. Vinegar and oil, salt pepper. Tim Stone 24:58 I call it Spicy Italian Speaker 2 25:05 spicy Italian. He's like, I'll never come to your dream again. It was too late for that. You walk out at length now, Tim Stone 25:19 you immediately sprigs up it goes over to his laptop. And he says, Dear hat Reddit I saw him again Speaker 2 25:29 I saw Jaron again they all know my name Tim Stone 25:38 they know your day. Yeah, they know everyone's name. Yeah, yeah. Cuz they're, you know, demons. So, this this group gets addicted. Yeah. And to both trying to see the hot man and the drug. And it becomes like a Speaker 2 25:53 Is that something you fight? You find your kid? Yeah, you come home your kids down in 18 Benadryl pills. Yeah. And you go, what are you doing? Yeah, well, hopefully not like that. You know? Like, like you. Tim Stone 26:06 Calm down. You go, Hey, Speaker 2 26:08 what are you doing? And they go, I'm trying to see, man. It's like we're gonna take you to the hospital fun little facility. And you might have to stay. It's like summer camp. You're gonna stay there for a little bit. No, you're not going to see your friends Tim Stone 26:25 call the guy in the white coat. Grandpa if it makes you feel bad. Unknown Speaker 26:30 If it makes you feel better doctors like Tim Stone 26:32 keeps call me grandpa. Yeah, I Speaker 2 26:34 told me. Oh, that's the only reason we're still doctors like Cathy's, like fully rigged. Like he's just been here for six months. And actually the first month he quit talking about the hat man, but he's been calling the grandpa and asked me to go home for the last five months. The dad's like now yeah, we gave him permission to call me grandpa. Like, yeah, and the doctor is like, easily 15 years younger than you are. Why is he calling me grandpa? Tim Stone 27:05 He just thought it was funny. Speaker 2 27:09 I just figured repay you? I don't know. The kid looks you in the eye and says I'm gonna see that hat man. You panic. Let's go to grandpa grandpa's house is over. He's gonna drill pills. To friggin pop it out. He's coughing Tim Stone 27:26 I want to see him. Oh my gosh, was probably a good time for disclaimer, don't do this. Speaker 2 27:33 Probably a great time for a Patreon ad. So you can join us on Patreon. Where we have a cold like we it's basically a Reddit just for us to discuss like, you. Tim Stone 27:45 I'm still thinking about I think I've said this in the discord the other day, but I'm still thinking about I listened to I don't know some episode where you mentioned the discord. And you call slack discord with slacks. Yeah. And I think that's the funniest thing in the world. I didn't laugh very hard in that episode. But you didn't really know if I laughed really hard. And I keep thinking about real Speaker 2 28:02 life. What he taught is that was happening outside of this retirement in real life. Tim Stone 28:09 Kind of a bubble here. Okay, this is the you know, okay, so the Benadryl Unknown Speaker 28:14 Okay, glad we're off of our 20 minute side rant, Tim Stone 28:16 the Benadryl people got really into this. Yeah. And it became a serious problem. So much so to where that's why if you buy Benadryl most stores now you need an ID. You have to be 18 or older to buy Benadryl now. Yeah, because it became like an issue. And I loosely mentioned it a second ago, but I do feel like we should say it's like a serious thing. Like people have died from OD on this stuff. And it? Speaker 2 28:42 Well, I'm glad you're telling me this after we did a whole 15 minute bit about frickin 18 pills in her mouth. I mean, it's a punk style. Tim Stone 28:51 But it does make people do. Yeah, really dumb stuff. And don't end it. And it's very addicting. So don't try it. Anyway, so the hat man happens on these drug hallucinations. happens on in dreams and in. What's the sleep paralysis? Have you heard asleep? Or you wake up and you can move? Yeah, it happens a lot with cases of sleep paralysis. And it's become more and more common over the past few years. A lot. A lot of cases have been. The hat made is more common now. Yeah, it's starting to become more and more common because it does seem Unknown Speaker 29:27 like it started. I mean, that that read itself was like 2016. Tim Stone 29:30 Yeah, well, we so what's interesting is in 2016, after the right stuff, a guy put together a website called the hat man project, and where people could kind of submit their stories of their experiences with that man, and they've got 1000s of submissions. It's tough to say how legitimate all these are. I've I've looked at some of them and some of them I don't know, their suspect. Sure the subs, the spelling's all over the place and some of the stories are just like, Ah, this feels like you know, when you're reading something like that, and you're like this feels too perfect like the story feels too perfect to be real. feels too manicured. You know? I don't know a lot of them feel that way. So I don't know how many of them are legitimate. Speaker 2 30:12 But a lot of that in my dream. i It seemed like it was happening a lot when I was in high school. Yeah. So I want to say my freshman year high school was the first one. And then one time at Evangel. Yeah. But like, I don't really is not that I remember. Tim Stone 30:28 Yeah. Interesting. Speaker 2 30:30 So, right. And like by a lot, I mean, like, maybe four or five times total. Yeah. Which is a lot. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was like once a year there for a while. Tim Stone 30:40 That's interesting. Unknown Speaker 30:41 I'm due for another visit. Yeah, Tim Stone 30:43 I mean, that that was kind Speaker 2 30:44 of like the dentist you go a lot for you know, a little while and then you don't go for like 10 years. Tim Stone 30:49 Yeah. And then you show back up and they pull up there. You're messed up. Yeah, but do you really that like no one else knows. Everyone else is like your teeth looks Unknown Speaker 30:57 in the hat ministries being like Tim Stone 31:06 his teeth, he's got so much gums. Floss. That's, I think that's what they do is like, Speaker 2 31:13 do you pray? I was going to a fight yesterday. And that's actually that's actually like, what I thought I was like, dang, how? How cool would it be to just caulk your head like this? To get into a fight, someone squaring up and you just go do you pray. Just punch kid lights knocked out of you, you know, saying like, freakin Tim Stone 31:47 well get the data, like your Unknown Speaker 31:56 friggin beat the heck out of you, man. Tim Stone 32:01 That's really funny. Thanks for checking out our show. If you like it, and you want to support it be a part of what we're doing here, you can do that by becoming a patron. What happens there is you get to be in the community, we have a discord with our hosted producers, we have a lot of fun. We're super active in there every day, you get access to add free content a week before everybody else. And we have a zoom every month with our patrons. We hang out we eat pizza, we get to know you a little bit better. It's a blast. And there's a ton of other different benefits like merch discounts, birthday messages, things like that, that are super cool. If you want to be in that you can just text HiLine to 66866. And that'll get you right in there. If not, we're just super glad that you're here. And thanks for watching our show Tim Stone 32:51 so on this this guy's site, or even on Reddit, a lot of these stories where people say Oh, this happened to me when I was a kid. And so those years and 90s and there was a huge volume of that. So nowadays interesting there's there's still people who was happening. Speaker 2 33:08 Vaguely stuff like that when I was a kid but I wouldn't have associated that. Like because I guess I associated that guy with the recurring dream that happens where you go in and and murder innocent people. Yeah, maybe they're not innocent. Who knows? I don't know the backstory. I just hit me. Oh, guys, I'm just one of the bald guys. But I can remember like moments of like, you know, you think like, I remember one time I woke up. And I thought it was my mom in the hallway right outside my room. And I remember being like, Oh, what are you doing? Yeah. And then there's walked Tim Stone 33:42 away? Yeah, yeah. When was the hat, man? Speaker 2 33:45 I don't remember specifically if there was a hat on my mother. I don't, but I couldn't I you know, remembering that I remember that very clearly. But I don't I remember. I remember it. Thinking of my mom. But maybe it wasn't my mom. I don't know. Interesting. So then a lot of very similar experience at a Hampton Inn in South Bend, Indiana. You know, Tim Stone 34:16 is that real? Unknown Speaker 34:22 No, no, I thought that was funny that it's funny. So, so the man in Tim Stone 34:31 the 80s 90s A lot of people said they experiences this. Sure. So more people started sliding into the chat and saying, Oh, I don't I don't have a story of that man. But like pre 80s like 70s 60s 50s I experienced something similar, but it was more of just like a shadow figure. Like I just want to say yeah, it wasn't hot man. And so that kind of gets us into a handful of theories of what's going on here. Okay. So obviously there's the possibility that this is just a dream. are some figment of everyone's imagination? That's a possibility. Sure. And then the the drugs I mean, Speaker 2 35:06 well, it's the sheer dream that people have like your teeth falling out. Yeah. Tim Stone 35:09 This man or Senator like there's there is a power of suggestion thing where it's like it becomes something in the Zeitgeist and culture like you're gonna see it. Like, like when you buy a new car you see that car everywhere. People are talking about it on Reddit and you spend a lot of time on Reddit, then you start to dream about this guy, because Sure, it's just kind of in the back of your mind. And so if that's possible, and that's, I mean, I would say a lot of people who've experienced this, that could be it. But for cases like yours, like obviously, like you didn't notice no thing. And so there's a couple, a couple of possibilities for that scenario. Okay. One of them. Have you heard of gin? Unknown Speaker 35:47 No. I don't even know what that is. Tim Stone 35:52 Good. So gin are essentially Tim Stone 36:03 Jared are essentially like demons in like Near Eastern. Speaker 2 36:08 Oh, okay. Okay. I know we're talking about what Tim Stone 36:11 a lot of a lot of times today you would think like Genie sugar. That's kind of where it's derived from, but they're more demonic the jinn. And they go back to ancient times, in Latin cultures. They're described as like Incubus and succubus. And so these are the same things. The concept is it comes to you in your sleep, and it wakes you up in your sleep, and harms you in your sleep and makes it to where you can't wake up or hurts you or kills you all within your sleep. Okay. What a lot of people think is that is just an ancient explanation for sleep paralysis. Which if you don't know what sleep paralysis is, sleep paralysis is something that doesn't have a ton of research around it yet, but sometime in like the 90s, early 2000s. Medicine was able to say, okay, yeah, this is definitely a thing where there's some sort of connection in your brain, where when you when you go to sleep, like it paralyzes your body. Yeah. But there's a thing where you wait, while you're still in REM sleep, you can wake up like you can become conscious, but your body's still paralyzed. So you can't move, right, you're still physically asleep, but you're conscious. And there's not a ton of research into this yet. But there's some theory that you can be fully conscious in that sleep paralysis, but also still be in a dream state. So you can start to dream while being fully conscious, right? And so that would explain the shadow figures because you're seeing nightmares in your room in your space. While you're fully conscious. Your dream, Speaker 2 37:42 you're still dreaming, your brain is still creating images. Yeah, yeah. And so Tim Stone 37:47 the kind of explanation for like the jinn and the Succubus and things like that is, that was an ancient culture, who didn't understand all that they just knew that some people would wake up in the middle at night, and there would be something they're sure interacting with them in some way. And then they and they couldn't move. They they had like total power over them. Until they then woke up, right. And then the thing was gone. And so could it be just part of sleep paralysis? Sure. Could it be a demon? Sure. Could it be chin? Sure. Unknown Speaker 38:24 There's gonna leave it open. You know? Tim Stone 38:27 You just got to do your own research. Unknown Speaker 38:29 Could it be alien? Tim Stone 38:30 Aliens? Oh, that's a good question, actually. Because here's something that some people have pointed out. Looks a lot like the men and Black does it not Jaron Myers 38:42 I don't like the way you say. Oh, looks like you know, looks a lot like the Men in Black does it not? Speaker 2 38:52 Why do you say like that? Well, that's how we talk like you're some Brooklyn guy who's just like, Oh, we got him we got him in the block. God redhead Jaron Myers 39:01 it looks a lot like the man in black if you ask me. Like a frickin 50s detective who just like really followed a hunch. No, but looks a lot like the Men in Black to me. Tim Stone 39:17 He does though. He looks just like him. Here's the thing. Some people think it is it is a man in the black men and black aren't aliens. Yeah, they are not. Okay, all right. Let's take a second let me teach you a little bit about the men in black for a second. The Men In Black are totally aliens. People think the Men in Black is a government organization it's not so the whole story of men and black is that the reason why there's this cover up around the aliens is hard to do Speaker 2 39:45 and cut it pretty hard. Cuz you're just like, cuz I don't care. If you could just like go on. I love that. Tim Stone 39:56 The reason why there's like this cover up. It's not the government cut covering it up, it's the AC. I remember, and the men and black are aliens or Androids or something. And they're made to look like us made to look like people we could trust that come and be like, Hey, you gotta leave this alone. But they're controlled by aliens, whether they're Androids, or whether they're aliens and somewhere in skinsuit. But if you if you look at firsthand accounts of people who have experienced men and black, Speaker 2 40:20 their face opens up and they're, like, controlled by the thing or whatever. Tim Stone 40:24 Well, I mean, I don't know about that. But people people will say like, oh, well, I've tried to like, like, there's stories where people will have the Men in Black show up at their home and you're talking about real life stories. In the movie, I'm not talking about the movie. The life of the dreams, Unknown Speaker 40:39 fictional movie, I'm talking about real life I happened and Tim Stone 40:42 they'll offer them drinks to offer them food and they don't know what to do with it. And so like they'll they'll try to eat but it's clear that they've never done it before. Or like, or they'll I'm sorry, have you ever done this before? Unknown Speaker 40:57 How bad do you have to do it? To look like you've never done Tim Stone 41:07 never before. Speaker 2 41:08 That's a fun bit. When you go to a restaurant sit down and we just look at it and go Tim Stone 41:17 cut up the broccoli it just kind of like shove it in your ear a little bit Unknown Speaker 41:32 do disappear the server goes all right. Tim Stone 41:44 Are you ready for the bill? What is Bill? Unknown Speaker 41:49 Whose bill? Tim Stone 41:52 Was the thing like they'll say stuff like that? They'll be super monotone their skins weird. Their lips are weird. Speaker 2 42:00 That's what the YouTube comments say. Skins weird. Their lips are weird. I like these guys, man. Tim Stone 42:12 Okay, and black are the aliens coming to cover up their own. So this is the aliens coming to people in their sleep to either give them a message or to be like, Hey, you're digging into the alien thing a little too much. You need to back off Unknown Speaker 42:25 the conspiracies in the Benadryl? Tim Stone 42:27 Yeah. Have you ever thought about Benadryl? So that's a possibility is that it's actually the minute Black could be aliens could be the minute Black could be demons could be just hallucinations. Or? Honestly, here's what I think. This is gonna be a surprisingly normal thing. You're gonna be disappointed at how not crazy this is. Unknown Speaker 42:51 Okay. That's one of your intro quotes. Tim Stone 42:58 80s 90s is when this got like started to really or I should say, we don't know exactly the timeline. We know people who live were born 80s 90s Sure would reminisce about this when they went back into this blog to say oh X Movie Kid. There was a popular man who wore a hat Yeah, came in people's dreams and killed people in their dreams. Oh, I liked the Unknown Speaker 43:21 first one better. We don't get to see them. Okay, so about that. Tim Stone 43:25 But literally the story of Nightmare on Elm Street as he existed in the dream world, not in real life and dreams anymore fedora and he killed people in their dreams, and then show us the next you stuck in your dreams. His Speaker 2 43:38 skins weird. His lips are weird. Tim Stone 43:44 And so I think what happened? Here's what I think happened. Yeah, I Speaker 2 43:47 think people always that actually tracks because we'll always see Tim Stone 43:51 weird shadows at night in the ribs. I don't want to that has always happened. I think people will always in corners or in doorways. You like wake up at midnight and be like, oh, there's something there. And I think I think your brain tries to explain it do you use when possible explanation was Freddy Krueger then it became a popular one. That became something that existed on the Internet somewhere. Someone took a bunch of Benadryl saw it and made it and like had a hallucination and then talked about it in his Reddit. Speaker 2 44:22 So like if you are intending to hallucinate something Yeah, then you're much more likely probably going so Oh, dang it I just had a good follow up but it's gone now. The guy just the hat man just came in out of my head don't Tim Stone 44:39 say that a little bit. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 44:42 Oh I thought I borrow some more time maybe a comeback Tim Stone 44:55 and maybe you will no no Speaker 2 44:56 for real though. So do you think that when you wake up because As your body is in like a cuz I mean like I'm just thinking like, you know, people were saying like primitively like if you wake up in the woods, yeah. Like your body is on the highest alert. Yeah. And your your brain is doing the fastest assessment that it can. Yeah, because you've been unconscious until this moment and now it has to catch up. Yep. And so it's as also that's, you know when you wake up you're at your highest alert. Yeah. Yeah. Which is why the alarm a lot of times you'll jump or whatever Tim Stone 45:30 which is why I sprint down the hall every time the alarm in my house. Yeah, yeah just freakin going for it. I got a breath from that. But yeah, I mean like you wake up and your your brain is trying to make sense of everything around you and if there's a shadow or something, you know that you're not used to. That's why sleeping in hotels is difficult actually. Yeah. Because you wake up and your brain is like I don't recognize this place. Yeah, we should get out of here. We should go. Yeah, yeah, that's how I ended up naked in the lobbies a lot. Actually. Pretty. I'm not allowed to holidays anymore. Sorry. My brain told me I shouldn't be here. What are you? What are you doing? My brain she was said I shouldn't be here. Please. We agree. You should not be here. My brain grace. Goodness. I that makes sense. That's actually a really good. Yeah. I don't know why you saw him though. Speaker 2 46:34 I don't either. But I would like so. I don't like let's just say next is Halloween. All right, we've lived this month. This is my least favorite month. Because I don't like that scary. Movie Trailers are basically the scary movie. I'm just trying to enjoy a frickin show that I like. And then I got to watch The Exorcist. I didn't I don't want to sign up for this. I straight up that's that's what I'm saying. I did not sign up for this. I don't want that. I do I have to go through every year. Every October I have to go through and I have to block all these things on Twitter. Cuz they show these freaking videos. Yeah. Tim Stone 47:12 And as a scaredy cat. He's Speaker 2 47:15 telling you, I'm sorry. I'm telling you I sleep in hotels rooms by myself. And I do think that your brain goes this is unfamiliar. I don't like it. And so freakin Yeah, it's myself. Yeah. With also the images of Did you watch the brother this week? Not yesterday. Okay, well, it's you know how they every once awhile do an episode like the buddy games what he did. It's an episode but actually the whole episode is a commercial, Paramount's movies. Well, Paramount's doing a new exorcist movie. And half of Big Brother this week was a frequent exercise commercial. And the game is exercise themed. And so the little girl the exercise girl is showing up in the game. Tim Stone 47:52 Yeah. Speaking of complaints, though, Paramount plus driving full driving, because when you land on the the show, yeah. shows you recent episodes. Yeah, it just starts. How come? No one there was like, oh, spoilers. Yeah, they don't care. It happens all the time. Yeah, it drives me freaking Speaker 2 48:11 also that people who are making trailers for movies have also given up on spoilers, because what I'm saying is that the entire month, the Tim Stone 48:18 twist in the, because this is the best part. Speaker 2 48:21 I know. And they're like, we're gonna you know, and that's, that's maybe that's because we don't trust movies anymore. But it really is an issue where they're like, oh, by the way, it's a crazy twist at the end. And you're like, Well, I don't want to watch it now. Yeah, because you gave away the fun part. Yeah. Anyway, that's me. I was real passionate about that. And the next time I see the hat, man, I'm in a fistfight. I'm just gonna get up and I'm gonna actually I'm gonna go to his dreams and I'm a fist fight about his dreams. Tim Stone 48:48 Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna cover Oh, actually, nevermind Speaker 2 48:59 I don't like it. That sounds like you had an idea that you're gonna do to me. That's not a fun time. Just that will give me enough anxiety to last a month. That's great big fan. I'll be all the way in but Happy Halloween Happy Halloween Tim Stone 49:20 right next time you see that happen, you should feel Tim Stone 49:29 things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilam podcast is t i o n podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us. And we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

The Hat Man is a mysterious and menacing figure haunting people’s dreams and waking hours. Imagine a tall, dark silhouette wearing an old-fashioned hat, like something from an old film. Witnesses often describe this unsettling entity as having piercing, glowing red eyes. But what is the Hatman?

Hat Man Encounters: Real-Life Stories

The Hatman has left many people baffled and terrified. Countless individuals have come forward to share their eerie experiences with this enigmatic being. People report waking up in the dead of night, paralyzed with fear, as they come face to face with the Hatman. These encounters have left lasting emotional scars and even physical symptoms resembling PTSD.

Paranormal Theories: Is the Hat Man Supernatural?

Some people believe the Hatman is a supernatural entity, like a demon or a shadow person. These theories often point to the Hatman’s sinister appearance and ability to evoke dread in witnesses. The Hatman is sometimes seen as a harbinger of doom lurking in the shadows.

Psychological Explanations: Sleep Paralysis and Hallucinations

While the Hatman’s appearances are undeniably terrifying, some scientists and psychologists offer an alternative perspective. They suggest that these experiences might be related to sleep paralysis and hallucinations. During sleep paralysis, your mind wakes up, but your body remains paralyzed. This state can lead to vivid and sometimes terrifying hallucinations.

Scientific Investigations and the Role of Benadryl

For those who think the Hatman is just a figment of the imagination, there’s an exciting twist. Some believe that certain factors, including medication, may exacerbate sleep disorders and hallucinations. In particular, the antihistamine Benadryl has been associated with vivid dreams and sleep disturbances. Could Benadryl be a contributing factor in Hat man encounters?

Debunking Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

The Hat Man phenomenon has its fair share of myths and urban legends. It’s essential to distinguish fact from fiction, helping people make sense of their experiences and fears.

Conclusion: The Enigma Continues

The Hat Man remains a cryptic figure that haunts the dreams and waking moments of those who have encountered it. While some believe it to be a supernatural entity, others lean towards psychological explanations. The mystery of the Hat Man endures, making it a captivating subject of study and fascination.

In conclusion, the Hat Man continues to be a mysterious and unsettling presence in paranormal encounters. While some attribute these experiences to the supernatural, others find solace in scientific and psychological explanations. Whether you believe in the Hat Man or not, it’s a captivating topic that will likely continue to intrigue and perplex those who dare to delve into its shadows.

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